#BeforeBlackPresidents: Liberal blogs spent more time attacking Republicans than Democrats.

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Welcome to another day of drama…

Weekly Address (Which I suspect was taped BEFORE last night…)


And the *real* Weekly Address 🙂


Andrew Sullivan:


The Republican refusal to countenance any way to raise revenues to tackle the massive debt incurred largely on their watch and from a recession which started under Obama’s predecessor makes one thing clear. They are not a political party in government; they are a radical faction that refuses to participate meaningfully in the give and take the Founders firmly believed should be at the center of American government. They are not conservatives in this sense. They are anarchists.

// snip

Coming from abroad, this country seems as if it is beyond dysfunctional. It looks like a banana republic on the verge of economic collapse. Now that Nixon’s dream has come true and the GOP is fundamentally the party of the Confederacy, it was perhaps naive to think they could ever accept the legitimacy of this president, or treat him with respect or act as adults in the governing process.

But this is who they are. I longed for Obama to bridge this gulf in ideology. But he cannot bridge it alone, especially when the GOP is determined to burn the bridge entirely, even when presented with a deal so tilted to the right only true fanatics could possibly walk away from it. And so the very republic is being plunged into crisis and possible depression by a single, implacable, fanatical faction. Until they are defeated, the country remains in more peril than we know.




Great thing happened yesterday, and was basically ignored, but here’s PBO signing  the certification stating the statutory requirements for repeal of DADT.




Finally, there was a really awesome Twitter party last night, under  #beforeblackpresidents. Some of the best tweets: 

The debt ceiling was raised SEVENTY-FOUR times without incident. SEVENTY-FOUR TIMES.

Silly women from the secretarial pool wearing cheap clothes weren’t considered presidential.

It was ok to be casual in the Oval Office

No-nothing representatives didn’t make videos calling the President a liar.

A POTUS could tax the rich at 91% and be called a Republican–not a socialist!”

middle names were irrelevant. 

DADT was law & pre-existing condition exclusions were here to stay.

Deliberately sabotaging economic recovery was not considered a legitimate option 4 the opposition party.

The President would get the credit he deserved for killing Bin Laden and rescuing the economy.

 The Democratic party actually had the president’s back.

A President wasn’t attacked by GOP, Professional Far Left and Teahadists.

NO ONE screamed ‘you lie’ at the president during a state of the union address.

Congress would throw a parade to honor Pres. who took down Osama bin Laden. Now they scorn him!

people with 3rd grade educations didn’t constitute a political movement.

Losing 1 point in a poll wasn’t considered a sharp decline in approval ratings and losing your base.

Being a pirate was a safe, lucrative occupation.

 Being a community organizer was noble and honorable.

Osama bin Laden could sit around & watch videos of himself. 

 if you tried to bring the US to it’s knees you were a terrorist. Now you’re just republican.

 A President Could Make A Courageous Deal With The GOP & Not Be Called A Sell Out.

 filibusters were the exception. not the rule.

Children didn’t run to hug POTUS and FLOTUS.

 GOP wanted to change the Constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to run for POTUS.

The President’s Performance Approval Polls wouldn’t be conducted everyday by the media.

A POTUS Could Have His Phone calls Returned By An Alcoholic House Speaker.

 Liberal blogs spent more time attacking Republicans than Democrats

exercise was good and we got medals for it but now exercise is an evil, socialist plot.

We never had to ask parents permission to hear a message from the President.

We Would Cheer A President Who Created 2.2 Million New Jobs After the Worst 30 Years of GOP Economic Terrorism.

 we didn’t have every news organization itching to bring the President down.

 Presidents did not have to show the their birth certificate to Donald Trump.

nobody needed to “take their country back””.

 A President Could Enjoy His NCAA Bracket Pool Without A right Wing Frenzy.

We didn’t consider “defunding” the Pres. teleprompter.

And the best: 

#beforeblackpresidents Presidents were ugly!!!!



182 thoughts on “#BeforeBlackPresidents: Liberal blogs spent more time attacking Republicans than Democrats.

  1. I could not agree more…..

    Until they are defeated, the country remains in more peril than we know.

  2. pm carpenter has a way with words……

    Obama strikes with unprecedented ferocity

    Not even when Bill Clinton was getting his guiltless butt impeached by predatory partisan enemies has a U.S. president so utterly mutilated his political opposition — so righteously denounced the “inexcusable.” Barack Obama’s just-delivered evening announcement was brutal, beautiful, unfaltering, fiercely determined and bloodily retaliatory.

    He … has … had … enough.

    On such acutely personal notes as “I couldn’t get a phone call returned” from the House GOP leadership and that he had been “left at the altar” several times now, Obama blasted with a bittersweet fury at those deranged, reckless pseudoconservatives who have now led the nation to a devastating precipice.

    You watched it, too, most likely, so I won’t rehash further. What I will conclude with, briefly, is merely to say that any critical assessments of Obama’s presidential “weakness” can now, and should now, be laid to a permanent and deserved rest.


  3. Morning, Loved the #beforeblackPresident twitter party. These republicans are beyond crazy. Hopefully the media is happy now that they’ve seen some “emotion” from the President and I don’t blame him for being extremely frustrated with the foolishness of the republicans.

  4. Prez Obama irks all these haters because he has exposed how mediocre they all are. They managed to monopolize everything because they always rigged the game. Now we can all see how phony and corrupt they are and they hate it. They are greedy, selfish, conniving, treacherous and would destroy America in a minute if it profited them. They are nothing short of ‘modern-day Bennedict Arnold or Judas willing to betray America for 30 pieces of silver.

  5. WOW. Some of those made me so sad. I really hoped we wouldn’t have to be subjected to this stuff. AND I really hoped the President and his family wouldn’t be subjected to it.

  6. From an Atlantic piece:
    “Obama stressed that at today’s session he will push the congressional leaders for ideas on how to keep the government from failing to meet its financial obligations. “I want them here at 11 a.m.,” he said. “Tomorrow, they are going to have to explain to me how it is that we are going to avoid a default.”

    Folks, I think we are seeing another moment similar to the one when the President authorized the OBL mission. Popcorn?

  7. Good Morning BWD and everyone!! I saw the Twitter party last night and enjoyed every bit of it because the truth was being spoken 🙂

  8. I missed the early morning but retweeted some of those later ones. Such bullshit that he has to deal with and yet as we have come to know through his intelligence and grace, he doesn’t even think about what it will cost him to be in the middle of this battle. Unbelievable to see the anarchists eat away at the fabric of our democracy. I can’t recall anything similar in my lifetime and for sure it is racism at its core.

  9. My GOD, IMAGINE THIS IS 2011 and this is what this wonderful articulate,intelligent,well-meaninged man with heart has to put up with. Americans should be ashamed. Sometimes I wonder why he even bothers,but we all understand that he has to live his purpose and contribute as only He could. Long live the President.

  10. Dear BWD,
    Love, love the twitter party. Reading it all the way through really gives you a stunning wake up call to how difficult the President and his family have had it and yet all you see from them is an elegance, graciousness and inner strength that is so moving and beautiful to see. I am so proud to have him as our President and his family as our first family. BWD, you are doing an amazing job and thank you for giving me a place to go to for solace.

  11. Maybe I just woke on the right side of the bed this morning, but I’m full of renewed hope. PBO took no prisoners in his speech last night, and I truly believe that Mr. Speaker is on the ropes. Of course, there’s a better-than-50-50 chance that the deal we’ll get on the debt limit is only that — nothing to address the deficit — but wasn’t that all we were wanting when this whole thing started?????

    And to boot — it looks like we have awakened a sleeping tiger — the voters!!!!

  12. Good Morning Everyone

    Let’s keep that twijtter party going. Send the tweets as email, post them on Facebookm mention them in blogs, and memorize a couple to share with neighbors this weekend.

    Another talking point I saw last night

    “When the going gets tough, republicans walk out.”

    So as you may have guessed I have been slicing the press conference from last night.

    Here is the last 3 minutes, more to follow soon. If folks can only watch a short clop of the President’s remarks – this is the one.

  13. I place much of the blame on the media for this current state. They gave these tea partiers credence, aired every insane town hall shouting fest where some urged a march on Washington with guns to “take their country back”. They gave legitimacy to the emergence of this “radical faction”, didn’t even blink when some showed up at an Obama appearance with an assault rifle. The selfish media, more concerned with provoking opposition to President Obama for ratings, gave legitimacy to these radicals when they deserved scorn and condemnation. And now we all are having to pay for the consequences, having to deal with this obstructionist and idiotic tea party freshmen class, who may be the most unqualified and undeserving people ever to serve in our government.

  14. Speaking of racism, this snark says it all:
    mattyglesias mattyglesias by theonlyadult
    Looking forward to upcoming congressional hearings on radicalization of Nordic-Americans.
    6 minutes ago Favorite Undo Retweet

  15. Has anyone noticed. When they revealed what was being cut, their was no cuts to benefits of ss or medicare recipients. So the sky is falling left need to recant their mess and we should not let them get away with causing controversy for no reason.

  16. Yea, the main thing was raising Medicare age to 67 over a span of many years. It’s really not that bad. By that time, America will be well into the universal health care days.

  17. That whole thread took my breath away. Literally, made my heart skip beats. I hope that there is some way that you can keep this up here for the duration, and we can refer to this again.Andrew Sullivan’s words were sobering and true. The Tweets were amazing, and frankly poetry. You could make those entire Tweets a poem for this moment in our history…for all the generations that will follow, and when the next generation should see these, they will be confused and embarrassed that Americans thought so little of the incredible man that we have elected to do this work of the people.Shame.Shame on us.
    I hope that no one stops Twittering, stops calling, stops emailing.Anarchists and domestic terrorists have NO place near government, except maybe the inside of a Federal prison.

  18. When they also claimed that the president was going to raise the ceiling without revenues. This was so unfair to accuse him of this. What makes worse the rumors were spreaded by right leaning communication. Washington post and the Hill. The main reason why the talks fell is because our President refuse to allow them to do both lies that was spread. I don’t the left.

  19. “Causing Controversy for no Reason” is what they exist for. It is the bread and butter of their being…their re’son detre. You cannot take that away from them..lol.

  20. Lawrence Odonnell last night said something that was so true. He told Chris van Hollen. He knew all along what the president was doing he was not worried he then ask chris why the Dems was worried. To lawrence credit, he was the only pundit, who had faith in the president.

  21. Peter M i have a question. Lets say the president use the 14th amendment. will he be able to ad revenues of his own because he used this amendment or is only for the raising of the ceiling?

  22. I truly believe the President is going to get double of what he wants,from the Gop , for putting people thru this frustration.

  23. #beforeblackpresident- liberal dems was the one’s who raised the ss age to what it is now. Nobody protested.

  24. Ladyhawke, It was a home run for PBO and no one has been able to find the ball he hit out of the park.

    BWD-Thanks for the Andrew piece. Boy he sure does flip flop, but I like it when he flips our way.

  25. The main reason why there is all this frenzy EVERYTIME about process and policy, is that the right wing army are able to whip their troops via blogs, their msm corporate slaves,analysts,pundits to regurgitate the disingenous meme, until it seeps under the public’s skin and everyone starts to overreact, hyperventilate, quarrel,fight, namecall.!
    This strategy works everytime, but, we must be alert, disarm them, keep the faith…and most of all stop falling right into the Rovian trap.

  26. The pundits are much like the frustrati when it comes to the President. They are continually believing and reacting to rumors of betrayal! selling out!!!. When those rumors prove false, as they always do, the don’t pay attention or they downplay it as something close that was averted due to their screaming about it. Then they move on to the next unsourced, unfounded, and inevitably false rumor that fits their hair on fire modus operandi.

    When you continually talk about, hear about, read about and think about the President and betrayal, weakness, capitulation, etc. it gets into your mind as the truth because the words become enmeshed with the person. It doesn’t matter that the words bear no resemblance to truth. It’s like being told over and over that carrots are bad, nasty, horrible tasting and ugly. If you hear it enough those words become indelibly etched in your mind in association with carrots and no matter how many times people tell you that carrots are actually a sweet, tasty, nutritious vegetable you won’t be able to believe it. Your mind has created a strong connection between unpleasantness and carrots. That is what has happened to many of the frustrati. You can even get them to concede, on occasion, that they were wrong about a certain instance, but the overall impression they have of the President won’t change because the connections in their brains have been made too strongly with the negative words.

  27. I feel like the American people made a big mistake in electing too much Tea partiers and too little reasonable Republicans. You will see in the next election, they will all be cleaned out again. My problem is why elect lunatics in the first place? Remember when PBO asked people not to give the keys back to rethugs, but people didn’t listen. Now, we are going to default and who’s fault is it? THE AMERICAN VOTERS! Lets call a spade is a spade, it is true. That is who I blame.

  28. My guess is that it would only allow him to raise the debt ceiling to enable the Federal Govt to meet its obligations and to protect the credit integrity of the United States.. I think all matters concerning raising revenue fall under the purse strings which the constitution vests in Congress. I hope there is someone on here who could expound this better if not, my suggestion would be for you to raise the question with Deaniac! He is generally very good with these matters.

  29. Before a Black president, 43 POTUS before him were White, most of the Journalists that covered them were Whites, none was asked how their collective pigmentation affected how their ethnicity affected their biases.

    Before a Black president, name calling, and accusing him of being a different faith that the one the Black president had pronounced as his own, was never an issue.

    Before a Black President, just 9 days after his inauguration, Dick Cheney on Jan 29 2009, started accusing the president of favoring the terrorists, without any proof and the MSM ran with it.

    Before a Black president, after the election, the president was allowed to govern. From day one, the TBGOPers went on a campaign mode and said NO was their policy, 2010, unfortunately, the nation rewarded their duplicity, electing nearly 700 obstructionists across USA, a record for the GOPers in our history.

    Before a Black president, No TV/Cable station has declared itself THE OPPOSITION to a president, Fox did and it’s head office, news corp, donated $2.25M to the TBGOPers groups; while the press sat MUTE.

    Before a Black president, Radio, TV.Cable, print and periodicals, didn’t regularly called the president, Dick, pot-head, racists, Mau Mau, man child, Muslim, Jihadist, etc without severe consequences, today, how obnoxious can one be is the norm.

    Et cetra, et cetera.

  30. Thanks i just wanted to Know. The president is going to make them pay for this hysteria, and he will do it in a masterful way.

  31. That’s the saddest part of all of this — where we are now is the fault of the voters. Largely out of racism, they knowingly elected people to Congress whose main mission is to destroy from within.

  32. Hey Dorothy! i been missing you. i see you on sometimes , never able to catch up. glad you are here.

  33. For the Sander’s for President crowd, here is a post from Danny over at Benen’s excellent site. As usual the hair on fire brigade had it all wrong. To quote Danny:

    Just to note that the breakdown Obama now gave was actually 1 trillion discretionary spending cuts, 600 billion entitlements and 1,2 trillion revenue. And that’s a 3:4 breakdown revenue:cuts – not a 1:4 breakdown, not a 1:5 breakdown, not a 1:8 breakdown. (Note that some of the revenue may have been in the form of “cuts to tax code spending”, so actors could plausibly call a part of the new revenue “cuts” as well)

    That’s a reality check on just how much Obama ever really “caved” behind closed doors. Sure, there’s been a lot of leaks all pointing to Obama’s extraordinary concessions, but when Boehner walked out, the offer on the table from Obama was 3 parts revenue:4 parts cuts… And keep in mind that there are cuts that progressives actually like, e.g. to defense spending.

    Doesn’t sound like caving at all.

  34. Here is the four minutes from yesterdays presser – it’s from WhatisWorking’s youtube account so she deserves the credit for chopping it and getting it out. Her site should be on your daily stop list and you should follow her on twitter @whatisworking11 if you are on twitter.

  35. I don’t get your post DTTM, who said the Prez caved? I don’t see anywhere here but if you see it elsewhere then that is wrong. The important and yet never have been imagined for by the US congress is “not increasing the debt ceilling” this never happened before…You see that is the problem of electing a bunch of farmers and six graders (no offence to farmers) but thinking screw this next season may be the harvest will be fine is a farmers attitude but this is the debt ceilling we are talking about which is not seasonal. But do they really know that? I doubt it.

  36. It would only be raising the debt ceiling because it would essentially be calling the debt ceiling unconstitutional – there would be no spending cuts or revenues in the move. Anything else would have to come from legislation through Congress.

  37. Before a Black president, toting a pistol near a president’s motorcade was unacceptable in Maine or New Hampshire.

    Before a Black president Toting AK47s, and hand guns, about 12 people in AZ, near a president’s event was prohibited.

    Before a Black president, being an unabashed racist was scorned at. Now spouting racist rants against a sitting president is encouraged, rewarded and even praised by many on the right.

    Before a Black president, states, such as, TX and Southern CA were not flirting with secession, today, hey, the Black president is n the WH, why not, no matter how Unconstitutional it is.

    Before a Black president, more states were finding new ways to expand the electoral system. Since the election of PBHO, with the most garnered votes in our history, close to 40 states have severe restricted measures, passed or in the verge of being passed to suppress voters from participating.

    Before a Black president, many governors from both parties were not coordinating to destroy the president of USA. Not in TBGOPer world since 2010.

    Nothing makes haters see the devil incarnation than many TBGOPers seeing a Black man in the WHITE HOUSE, but, folks, race has nothing to do with it.

    Until those on the right, LOVE America more than they hate a Black man in the WH, America, we have problems.

  38. I didn’t see WiW posted her clip already up above. My computer is really acting up today and pages are loading all funky. Anyways it doesn’t hurt to post this vid again (or 100 more times to make sure everybody sees it).

  39. One more thing to add to that list.

    No other american president was as well respected and as well liked (kennedy included) by the rest of the world than that black guy with a funny name (barack ? gimme a break) and even funnier ears.

  40. I thought it was already doing up to age 67 if you were born after 1960? I thought that Reagan had already done that. I was born in 1956 and I can’t get full SS until age 66. What’s one more year for people born say in 1980 and up?

  41. So true. The American voters – Independents and Republican voted these nutjobs into office. Also the new voters did not bother to vote this time around. There is no excuse for this laziness because that’s all it is – laziness. Then they whine about “the government”.

  42. I agree they are funny because they are all so true. But I don’t see President Obama getting down by it. He continues to be a man of not just intelligence but iron will. He seems more disappointed in the childishness than anything else. He also knows that the Jane Hamsherites on the PL are not his allies in any sense. Nor are they mine. Any candidate they would pose to run for office has automatically lost my vote or donations.

    As for President Obama – I’M IN! Fired Up. Ready to Go! Obamanos!

  43. DTTM is referring to the pre-emptive poutrage that we witnessed on the PL blogsites (not on this site), indicating that the President was “caver-in-chief” for all the capitulation to the GOP on the debt ceiling negotiations.

  44. I really believe the problem we are experiencing is that many on the right wing are enraged by the idea of cooperation. The political extremes focus on competition as the way to solve all of life’s problems (conservatives) and cooperation to solve all of life’s problems (liberals). At the extremes they take good concepts and turn them into parody. Most people know life takes a little of both. The reason the PL seems fake to us is that rather than seek cooperation and chastise the Right for its lack of interest in the simple art of political compromise – the choose to berate the President for not being competitive enough. They want red meat, hard-knuckle competition as much as any right-winger.

    What will be fascinating to see is whether the refusal of the GOP to do their constitutional duty will have an impact of Pres Obama’s tactics. Will he keep coming back to the ideal of a bi-partisan solution, or will he need to just wait to the next election cycle to get anything done. If so, we need to step up and give him a rational Congress to work with.

  45. Well, they MAKE the govt ineffectual ON PURPOSE so that their talking points of saying the “govt is too big” “the govt doesn’t work” “the govt is the problem” fits….

  46. I don’t see this problem as a black and white issue, I know I am black but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. But I do not mean that could be the case. I am just not into race issues. People are naturally okay, however they could make big mistakes like this one for example.

  47. @Nena please tweet both of your truth spot-on comments…and @amk (how is it going in south africa)..how true!
    P.S One good thing from all this ruckus is that it sure brings out the best thoughts on paper from us.

  48. This morning I had the exact thing on my mind this morning. Before Barack Hussein Obama as president, I have never seen a president treated so disrespectfully. People made fun of Bush because for the first time we had a president appointed by the SCOTUS, his speeches were that of an uneducated person, he made no sense, and he was an utter embarrassment when he went abroad. The United States was a joke for the first time in our over 200 yrs history. When the PBO was elected he traveled across the world to show other countries large and small, American’s were not totally off their rockers, that they could vote for an intelligent leader and one of another race. The world felt confident with American again with PBO at the helm. Monday is going to be interesting now that the world see Americans put idiots in charge of purse strings and is willing to go down in flames and take them with them all because their president is smart and just happens to be black. We live in serious times.

  49. Saku, whilst I respect your thoughts,and I will say I am not one that kneejerks to race normally,please try taking a deeper look and then ask yourself what other reason there could be that this hardworking great man has to undergo all this pressure,disrespect and blatant disregard..

  50. WOW THAT’S MY TWEET- presidents were ugly. It just came to my head suddenly all at once and was not meant to be just about physical beauty. but something about the heart, the spirit, the want to do good. And everything against him is so ugly and base and raw hate unbelievable.
    THANKS BWD for allowing me to share!

  51. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that. My memory was that the Republicans had a message and the Democrats didn’t. The Republican message was jobs, jobs, jobs. Plus they ran a bunch of unknowns who represented themselves as moderates. Plus the media covered all the tea party demonstrations and rhetoric like it mattered and it made for an environment where the swing voting people who normally vote in mid-terms were willing to give divided government a chance. Add to that the people on the left who normally don’t vote in mid-terms staying home, partially because there wasn’t anything interesting for them to vote for, and you end up with this crop of people who misrepresented themselves to get into Congress and elected Governors. Only now have people begun to realize they were duped. This whole thing was an orchestrated ‘big con’ by the Republicans and it worked brilliantly in the House and in certain States. And if they hadn’t shot themselves in the foot with people like Christine O’Donnell, they would have taken over the Senate, too.

    We can’t afford to forget this history and how this was done by generalizing about racism. We must keep track of exactly how this happened so we keep it from happening again.

  52. Mornin’ All,

    BWD thanks for this Thread of Enlightenment and Truth…

    Of course, PBHO *WAS/IS* brilliant, yesterday, today and always! 😉

    Some Twitterers got it! 🙂

    And, despite what’s happenin’, here, in America and the world and w/our fantastic Prez, at the helm, and w/us helpin’ him, WE SHALL completely OVERCOME, someday!

    Just like PBHO, I BELIEVE that!



    THE PRESIDENT AS FOODIE PROMISE KEEPER: Delighted diners are driving hundreds of miles to experience Magic Mountains and Volcanoes…

    THE MOST THEATRICAL–and political–OF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S RECENT LUNCH STOPS OUTSIDENT THE WHITE HOUSE HAS CAUSED A NICE UPTICK IN BUSINESS for Ross’ restaurant in Bettendorf, Iowa. President Obama was fulfilling a campaign trail promise that was almost three years old when he visited on June 28th, and owner Cynthia Ross-Freidhof says the impact is still being felt.



    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  53. Before a Black president, states, such as, TX and Southern CA were not flirting with secession, today, hey, the Black president is n the WH, why not, no matter how Unconstitutional it is.

    Uh…no. Watch How the States Got Their Shapes on the History Channel and you’ll see that Texas succession has been on the front burner since its inception. Succession in California is nothing new either. There are secessionist movements in many States that have rich histories that flair up from time to time. Even Hawaii has one.

  54. ladyjazzfromtrinidad:

    I do respect your opinion too. But I am not ready to be frustrated about the oposition (right or left) into thinking that all these hardship that continue to be imposed on this Prez is because of his race (I am not really ready for that), however, you have every right to be frustrated. Disrespect of the Pez is just stupid, but listen he who disrespects you is always a looser, but you need to be the grown up in all of these. I love PBO because he gives people the benefit of the doubt and I trust him, because he right and he is the reasonable man in the room.

  55. Yeah that twitter party last night rocked! People are so clever. Is there anyway to archive the whole thing for later? It’s a keeper.

  56. Hello TOAITR family. Today my joy at PBO’s evisceration of the GOP is more than tempered by a heart-sickness at the events in Norway. Again, fanaticism strikes those who should be most precious in our society, children. I don’t have children, but I’m a children’s librarian, and they could’ve been kids that come to my programs. In general I’m against the death penalty; but I’m more than willing to admit that I could quite easily tear that terrorist apart limb from limb right now. We will never have a decent world until the fanatics are crushed, so that the majority of us who just want to build better lives for ourselves and the ones we love can get on with that most basic of business.

  57. Good morning, I could not sleep last night and i could not stp thinking about PBO, Yes he was pizzed yesterday and it showed. I’am confused in 2010 the GOP took control of the House with the help of the (PL) and they run on one single issue DEFICIT REDUCTION. O.K So PBO took them on and they walked away wow , the GOP only agenda is to make PBO a one term president, and we have to double our efforts this will not happen.
    WiW this is a perfect clip vidio it should go viral please.
    Thank you BWD.

  58. And the secessionist movement in my lovely Southern Cal is to secede from California, not the country. Ever since I moved here in 1986 this or that politician has talked about splitting California into two. It won’t happen.

  59. You know I have felt the same way for a long time that this whole “tea” party thing was a media creation with dire conseqences. People like Kelly O’Donnell and Chuck Todd, David Gregory, all of Fox News, Olbermann, Maddow, et. al. just kept on focusing on them and not at all on what was really going on in the rest of the country. Combine that with the PL’s constant negativism of President Obama and the dems in Congress not supporting him, the Dems lost the House and now we have this disaster. The final icing on the cake of despair, is the emergence of the Republican cult rendering them incapable of governing. No matter what happens, the next year and a bit will be a day to day fight unless the media begins to do its job and supports our democracy and republc form of government instead of being lock step and barrel with the “anarchists” as Sullivan calls them. Can you imagine where we’d be if we had had anyone but President Obama as president?

  60. Thank You for this BWD!!!! I am sending this out and spreading the word to all like me who don’t tweet! One personal one – beforeblackpresidents – i was never in love with a president!
    Love my FLOTUS too!


    John Cole had a paragraph a while back that always stuck in my head.

    I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW BIPARTISANSHIP IS EVER GOING TO WORK WHEN ONE OF THE PARTIES IS INSANE. Imagine trying to negotiate an agreement on dinner plans with your date, and you suggest Italian and she states her preference would be a meal of tire rims and anthrax. If you can figure out a way to split the difference there and find a meal you will both enjoy, you can probably figure out how bipartisanship is going to work the next few years.

    John wrote this on February 5, 2009 — just two weeks after President Obama’s inauguration.


  62. You know, when its all broken down for like that, your start to appreciate all the sh** this president deals with. Some of those things I had forgotten about. Just reading that list made me angry. But even more determined.

  63. I think that it was a perfect storm: racism among both republican voters and democratic voters; fear of the economy and the need for jobs which the Republicans ran on and the Democrats didn’t; and the democratic congressmen and women running away from the President, and campaigning on ????; and finally the MSM who focused solely on the GOP and spead their message, not just FOX news, but all the news, even MSNBC.

    What’s happening in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida is not being reported that much, and has severely affected folks there; we have to spread the news via twitter, continue to bombard journalists to do their jobs; and continue to pressure our Congressmen and women to fight with the president and have his back.

  64. Shared on FB. It so beautifully illustrates exactly what I’ve been saying for some time. Of course, to point this out to anyone on the far-left the usual response is an indignant, I’m not a racist.” Sound familiar?

  65. Well said…

    And, repetition is a good thing!

    You can ask Frank Luntz and the TeaPublicans about that! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  66. “They want red meat, hard-knuckle competition as much as any right-winger.”

    Tao, you hit it. This is typical of American society in general. Bravado, machoism, instant gratification, entertainment, in-your-face rudeness. A healthy society cannot exist in the face of hedonism. Too many have decided that caring and cooperation is the stuff of weaklings. It’s a sad state of affairs when a government ceases to care for its citizens from whom it bleeds tax dollars, and too many of those citizens give it up freely, to harden their ideologies and isms.

  67. Wow. This was so beautifully put by P.M. Carpenter. Thanks Lady, for the link. I really can’t get enough of what this president did last evening.

    PBO continues to inspire me.

  68. Mtg. has concluded after about 55 minutes. It doesn’t sound like much could have been accomplished. Stalemate continues.

  69. You nailed it!

    And, for decades, they’ve “gutted,” “defunded,” “demanned,” and “Bush burrowed” all federal agencies…Grrr! 😡

    That’s why, by any means necessary, WE gotta VOTE ‘EM OUT and/or REPEAL/IMPEACH ‘EM & REPLACE ‘EM!

    Let’s JUST DO IT! :fight:

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  70. Lib Lib, So. Cal wanted to split the state in two when I lived there in 1962. They could never figure the water thing out, however.

  71. I tend to think the same way as you Saku. That it is not always about race. Bill Clinton was trashed and hated by the GOP and religious right. They are the ones that put into the minds of everyone that Bill Clinton was “slick willy” a slimmy politician not to be trusted. No one cared because the economy was doing well and he was re-elected inspite of the affair he had and near impeachment. Carter (another Democrat) was “weak”, “reckless”, although he was a very religious man who was one of our best presidents. Technically, if PBO were “white” he would still be hated by these people but not treated with this utter disrespect of not showing up when asked or returning phone calls, or being a citizen, asking for his birth certificate, not accepting he is a christian although he goes to a christian church, etc. The only difference between Clinton, Carter, and Obama is “color/race”.

  72. That is the straight up truth BWD.

    In 1965 when Medicare was passed LBJ had a 68 seat to 32 seat majority in the Senate! He had a 295 to 140 majority in the House. Compare that to President Obama’s 60 seats in the Senate when he took office, with seat number 60 being Joe Lieberman who endorsed and campaigned for McCain!.
    Here’s the link…

    If you look at the rhetoric of people who have given their lives to to the civil rights movement and labor movement and war on poverty, you find that they remain steadfastly supportive of our first liberal president since Carter and they keep their criticism constructive and civil. For some reason many Lib-talkers seem to rage at PO at every percieved bad move and some seem gleeful about it.

  73. Dotster, me, too.

    The media indeed sanctioned this madness when they allowed these people to roam free and utter ugliness day after day.

    None of the so-called big three network anchors had the temerity to stand up and call bullsh**t what it was. After all, they are supposed to be the serious journalists. Most of the others we see on TV, I personally consider, news readers and regurgitators.

    From the very start when people even questioned President Obama’s birth right, I kept waiting for one of these people to give a long commentary after one of their broadcasts and say that this kind of thing has no basis in fact and no place in our discourse.

    But not one of them stepped up to the plate. They covered this news with the false equivalency as if it were true. Bob Scheiffer only called out Donald Trump for his antics, which he said was bordering on racism, after President Obama, himself discarded with Trump.

    The issues abound regarding the double standard that this president has endured and for many of us, it has left a bitter taste for the process in this country. I sent countless letters to these “newstainers” complaining about people openly taking deadly weapons to the president’s rallies, without any response.

    In many ways, to my mind, lots of people in the media, despite this president’s brilliance and lntellectual heft, has never legitimately accepted him as president, just as much as the teapartiers and some Republicans have not.

    Never in the more than three decades I’ve lived in this country have I seen a president subjected to such scrutiny, abuse, disrespect and from some, blatant racism..

    Just like the media, many in the president’s own party are guilty of this. But that’s a discussion for another day.

  74. “…Can you imagine where we’d be if we had had anyone but President Obama as president?”

    “Armageddon,” already…

    So, I’m happy WE have PBHO, now and later! 😀

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  75. Saku, it is PRIMARILY about race. It’s generally more acceptable to disenfranchise people of color in all aspects of life, even the Presidency. With PBO at the helm of the supposed “exceptionalism” of the USA, a good portion of people feel the office has been superficially diminished, just as when POC move into certain neighborhoods. I know that I am intelligent, capable, a great neighbor, I maintain my property better than most (always have), I work and toil, am law-abiding, dress well. Yet I have experienced white flight on several occasions. It is very in-your-face. Even when there are political differences, the conversations are still tempered when the players are all white, allowing for the accepted, traditional practices of politics and governing. Look at any round table political discussion, and note how comfortable the players are with one another. Compare this to the obvious clumsiness of the discussion as result of Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to the Presidency. His success is anomaly to the history of this nation, and most people were not ready for the symbolism. Even well-meaning people trip over themselves, not always certain of the correct phrasing to avoid offending anyone. The discussion of race has not really happened, just alluded to at crucial times, mostly pumped up by the lousy, clueless, inept MSM. And ill-meaning people are never going to allow that discussion to take place in any meaningful way. So, yes, this is about race, because frankly, to a majority in this country, you are and I are inconsequential.

  76. Thanks for all you do, WIW.

    That’s exactly what I did after reading them. I sent them not only to my media list, but to lots of other people.

  77. So. Cal. needs to be building MANY major desalinization plants right now, but I guess there is no such thing as Climate Change and besides who wants to trash up the beaches with things that just make unflavored and non-carbonated water.

  78. Hey Saku…sorry is there was confusion. My post was a quote from a poster from another site.

    My point is that as the quote specifies, the Sanders Krugman Kossack Anger Machine was completely wrong–as usual–about the details of the deal in terms of the cuts vs. taxes ratio.

  79. But isn’t is sad how gullible and easily manipulated they can be? The same thing they accuse the teapartiers of doing. They are just predictable reactionaries.

    Let’s see how many of them will recant their hair on fire poutrage. I doubt we will see any of them do that. Their egos won’t allow it. They will just move on to something else.

    Hey, Tulips, where can I read about the information regarding the deal?

  80. Hi WiW,

    Will do!

    And, as always, thanks for all the great work you do, each and everyday! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  81. For some of us, it is a no-brainer.

    But it is not just the right wing. Some people on the left with their own agendas, do the same thing. They accept as fact anonymous leak and run with it, also causeing those who follow them to be alarmed.

  82. no other rational explanation for the hatred other than the existence of deep-seated racism in surprrsing parts of our society . .

  83. Agree with all but one sentence: “A healthy society cannot exist in the face of hedonism.” What in hell is that supposed to mean?

  84. The President’s debt talks broke quickly – after about 55 minutes. The talking heads seem to be taking the weekend off so no lame Chuck Todd, Norah O’Donnell, Chris Cilizza, or Kelly O’Donnell to tell us what happened.

  85. Interesting thread. As Sullivan wrote, we are dealing with anarchists in the Republican party, not responsible people.

    A stew of ignorance, anger, and yes, racism fuels the R Party. I’m a 46 year old white guy with a fancy degree, and as far as racism goes, it is a hard charge I try and not use but in terms of the appalling treatment of PBO; it must be acknowledged. P.M. Carpenter correctly fears that our politics are as divided as they were in the dreadful 1850’s, were the country was falling apart because of the slavery debate.

    I have never seen a centrist, practical, ADULT President treated this way. It is shocking, but not surprising when Rush Limbaugh runs your party and Murdoch/Ailes spread the fear via FOX.

    Think about this:

    The vile, cold blooded killer of nearly 100 teenagers in Norway is
    1. white
    2.rural/business failure
    3. a right wing Christianist, excessively pro-Israel, and virulently anti-muslim
    4. his target were those like those in our Democratic party: multi-ethnic, multi-gendered who believe in tolerance
    5. in this country, he would listen to Rush, watch Sean, and vote for Perry or Bachmann.

    Downright depressing.

  86. I understand the feeling, but you cannot crush fanatism. People need to be educated well, which will minimize such attacks (it will never go to zero, unfortunately).

  87. ps–the guy wrote that he wanted to create a “Euro version of the Tea Party.

    Case Closed.

  88. Truth- #BeforeBlackPresidents- all truth and there is so much more.

    A President who finally got rid of Osama bin Laden, who finally ended DADT.. who saved the auto industry and millions of jobs- A President who is the most reasonable and adult person in the room… and members of his own party (Senator Bernie Fool Sanders) are suggesting he be primaried.. what BS. The roots of the treatment toward this man, this President- those roots are all about racism.

  89. I am sorry, but I don’t have a twitter account. I will not be getting one. But those who do, and if they wish to utilize any of my comments, please feel free to do so.

    I appreciate what you do here BWD.

    I have not known any one like you, ever.

    Thank you.

  90. You are so correct Africa- the media have attempted to legitimize every ignorant racist act and word uttered by folks. they not only spread it but they’ve gone so far as to manufacture it. Not only did they give the ‘tea party’ a voice- they made a “star” outta ms quitta.. they attempted to create Trump into an actual Presidential candidate.. and they’ve allowed the PL to pretend to be Obama’s disgruntled base night after night on teevee.

    What is remarkable is that not only is he still standing- but all that he has accomplished in spite of all the crap circling him. And we will prevail and give him a second term.

  91. Perhaps, I should have written and worded it differently, those in TX and Southern CA were scorned at and looked at as fringes. When was the last time that a gov, of TX was speaking outwardly about secession? He NEVER said such during GW Bush. The Southern CA flirtation, didn’t make national news during GW, why not?

  92. I have just now seen your commentaries, a tad late. I don’t have a Twitter account. Those who wish to use my commentaries, can.

    Please do.

  93. You mentioned Donald Trump in your post and I was watching MSNBC a couple days ago and he was brought up as supporting Michele Bachmann yet still considering an independent run for the Presidency. Youch!! That is surprising given the smacking he got at the press dinner. We don’t need a third party adding confusion and splitting the votes.

  94. I am afraid that racism and hatred for it’s own people will be hung around America’s neck for decades to come. Yes people of all races voted in the first black president but racism and hatred still runs deep in this country. They hated the first or nonwhite, you name it. They hated Hank Aaron in 1974 when he broke a white mans record. They hated Tiger Woods in the 1990’s when he broke records in the white man’s game of golf. This is the M. O. of white Americans in all facets of society. There was time that the so-called liberal media marginalized these racists – of any race – when it reared it’s ugly head. The media now embraces it on GOP/TEABAG side and marginalizes and brings down the people THEY don’t like on the other side.

  95. How will we be able to manage without having Chuck, Norah, Chris and Kelly to tell us blah blah blah about what we should think about (fill int the blank)? Not having those gasbags around this weekend suits me just fine. I guess they needed the weekend off to figure out how many different ways they can report that both sides do it. I expect the a pox on both their houses meme to be in full force on the Sunday shows.

  96. The raw truth, the president didn’t have 60 Dem senators when he took office.

    He had 59, Al Franken was not seated until, July 5 2009. By that time, the senators, Kennedy and Byrd were seriously ill. Kennedy Never was in the senate again, util his death, Aug 25 2009. It then took weeks to get a replacement. Byrd was in and out of the hospital, until his death in June of 2010. This pres has had 94 DAYS, that it, with 60 Dem senators. 12 of those senators were either Lieberman or conservaDEMs.

    Even Jimmy Carter had 62 Dems and North East GOPers in the senate. He had 350 house Dem members.

    Only History would, hopefully, accurately, characterize what this president has endured.

  97. No thinking person of any color, ethnicity or religion can deny that the playing field is far from level out there. The miracle is that a man with the myriad talents given to THIS President has the courage, the patience and the wit to accept this job in spite of what he had to know he was facing when he ran! I’m a 66 year old Caucasian grannie on Social Security and I have his back! Yes, We Can!

  98. The unfortunate result of dogmatism and religious hate.

    The reason, Church and State MUST be separated.

  99. I agree with all you have to say, but in one area, Sanders. He is a self proclaimed Socialist. To him, he would disagree with a Nader presidency.

    I dislike his language. Sanders is a well educated man, finding better formula verbiage wise to communicate, should NEVER be a problem for him. But speaking as he does, gets him on TV/Cable and the radio.

  100. i agree with you, Tien. I think it is dangerous to blame this all on racism. It does have apart to play but I think the Republican messaging along with the MSM coverage legitimizing the teapartiers along with the jobs not recovering as quickly as people wanted mainly contributed to the 2010 election results. We now need to be sure we turn this around in 2012. Like PBO said the people voted for divided government not dysfunctional government.
    For the first time I am experiencing typing black on black. Forgive me whatever mistakes I have made.

  101. Wake up Saku. It is all about RACE. I don’t know how old you are, but all you have to do is take a look at our history in the United States. A Black man was eleceted in an enormous fashion and easily, but the aftermath of that election has been every bit color coded. There is a large segment of America no matter the political affiliation that can not stand someone with dark skin occupying the highest office in the land. It is what it is. The media has long since shown their true colors and now we are even more so witnessing the true colors of our own Democratic pary. Albeit during the primaries of 2008 the Clinton’s got pretty ugly. SAAAD! 😦

  102. There are so many states trying to make it harder to register to vote and requiring photo voter IDs and discouraging college voters, and poor voters that we will need to see if we can figure out how to solve this problem prior to election time.

  103. Hi LL,

    W/him “takin’ it out on” the truly innocent ones, it’s so sad about what happened in Oslo because of one man’s “sick” beliefs.

    I’m sendin’ my condolences to the family and friends of the victims!

    Yesterday, w/my thoughts and prayers goin’ out to them, I lit a candle for the people of Oslo!

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: OUR HEARTS GO OUT TO THE PEOPLE OF NORWAY… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/07/22/president-obama-our-hearts-go-out-people-norway

  104. We don’t know what was accomplished. Speculation is not good at this time. They could have agreed to go to their respective corners and flesh out their ideas. Let’s wait until we hear from our President.

  105. The Media going to try very hard to bring Obama down, we havn’t seen nothing. The media knows they have to stop him because he going to bring them down in his secound term. Obama not going to hold back from telling them off, he will call them on their lies, their childness, silly news storys, and how they are in the pocket of the Rich,they knows that. All will join in, Cable News, ABC,CBS,NBC Most of the so call News bloger. This going to be a wild ride people. Hold on to your pants, hat is to easy, there, nothing easy about this upcoming fight.
    Obama Vs Media forget the Republicans. The real fight is the Media. We have to get out and talk with/ to people because the media is going to try their damest to make Rommy Mr. President . The Media is the Opposition party the Republican are their children.

  106. oh come on, the people who voted for the Republican all had jobs or were retired — it was pretty obvious in the demographic breakdown of the polling data. They weren’t voting for candidates who cleverly used racist code words (TAKE BACK OUT COUNTRY???!!!!) because of their deep concern about the economy.

  107. I wonder what his platform be? The presidents birth? no, that’s settled. The economy? how he’s a business man and can fix this? no, he’s filed bankrupsty for a CASINO where the house always wins. Family values? no, too many marriages and he hit on his own daughter…too creepy, too stupid, and he has no money.

  108. This has been my thought also……in his second term this president is going take all of his haters on, the media both left and right and lastly those in the party.

  109. politico POLITICO
    BREAKING: Boehner wants plan by Sunday afternoon – to avoid spooking Asian markets, he tells GOP colleagues

  110. Watching “Castaway”, w/Tom Hanks. The “hair on fire crowd” makes me think of “Wilson” the volley ball person he created. Hehehehe!

  111. Wow…that was some serious Eye opening Diary..Thanks Limpidus
    I usually don’t read comments…but surprisingly…they were more positive.

  112. On an unrelated issue, I am just wondering how no one has bothered to explore the fact that Rupert Murdoch managed to control what the British PM could say or not say, using his plant–Coulson and across the Atlantic, put Tony Snowe to take care of GW and Cheney. I think Murdoch has more dirt on Americans than he probably does on Brits. Remember the wiretaps? How much o0f this did Murdoch and fox listen in?

    And is the FBI tip-toeing around the issue the same way they tiptoed around the criminality that happened during the W era?

  113. LOL @ Boehner, he doesn’t want to get an eviction notice from China, he better pay up.

    PBO message was loud and clear last night, hopefully is starting to sink in


  114. Ladyhawke, It was a home run for PBO and no one has been able to find the ball he hit out of the park.

    LOL. I love that. 😀

  115. So scary to think if President Obama hadn’t been our president now, WOW! I normally don’t like to quote Chris Matthews and I’m not more like paraphrasing that the American people always votes for what the country needs; In this instance I know he’s right and helps me to understand how the president always says he has faith in the American people…us like you Mr. President.

  116. What’s funny is that FDR was attacked by a minority of liberals in his day as capitulating, too moderate/conservative, too corporatist, not radical enough, etc. And a number of them wanted to primary him in 1936.

    I strongly suspect that 60-70 years from now there will be screaming that Democrats aren’t like Obama and another Obama is needed.

  117. I’ve wondering about that last presidential election 2008 ,I encourage a lot of ex-felons and people who normally don’t partake in the political process and they did!

    With all these new laws I had been wondering what we could do to offset that ,will it be through the courts or more campaign donations or special fund to offset costs for birth certificates/identifications and not to mention more earlier voting because many college students won’t be able to vote where they go to school.

  118. some on the PL are thinking about Bernie Sanders, who said he is thinking about he could support in a primary challenge (which won’t happen). Bernie Sanders depends on the PL for support.

    Those people think HE is actually running for president (who would be running as third party). A few diaries of Draft Bernie for 2012 came up on the orange site. So delusional. And right after President Obama gave the best smackdown of Republicans in a long time. The messaging war has been won in the polls. Yet these PLs and jane hamsher want to ruin our country and President Obama?

  119. I will be adding this video to my video database. So glad to see an ad in spanish which willb e available to counter the vicous attacks of Karl Rowe.

    If anyone knows enough spanish to let us know what it says, that would be cool.

  120. Amen, bwd. And seems like a lot of these big “liberal” blogs aren’t about liberalism at all: it’s all about using drama and sensationalism to turn a buck! I don’t expect the credulous audiences there to ever catch on, bless their hearts and their $10 checks to Hamwald, but I can’t thank you and the other site owners in the progressive blogosphere enough for providing us with such wonderful alternative spaces! We’re our own solution, and it feels terrific.

  121. Don’t know how to use Twitter but maybe someone here will tweet this for me…

    #BeforeBlackPresidents Liberal Black Intellectuals focused more on taking the GOP to task instead of tearing down the president in their own party.

  122. Hedonism—-“the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life”. In other words, Sophie, pleasure for pleasure’s sake is unrealistic in this life that holds for everyone times of toil and pain, as well as bounty and comfort. Too many I find suffer from the inability to accept disappointment bravely, and wish instead a life tailor-made to their whims. That’s what the HELL I meant.

  123. … and don’t forget… there were no highly profiled Black Teapublicans who had the collective intelligence of a trained weasel with the noisy charm of a wounded coyote… being pawned off as “legitimate” politicians… when in reality, they’re ONLY being used as “walking, talking lawn jockeys” for the GO(T)P… that are placed out in front during the day and put back in the garage at night.

  124. thanks very much for sending folks over, limpidus – it was a significantly positive day of dialogue, and I’m sure the presence of folks from off-site contributed greatly to the tone.

  125. thanks very much for sending folks over, limpidus – it was a significantly positive day of dialogue, and I’m sure the presence of folks from off-site contributed greatly to the tone (hat tip to anyone here who was engaged)! And thanks, BWD, for the tweet; I am fairly sure that’s the first time I’ve been RTed via DK ;).

  126. Thank you so much DMitcha……….by the time I finished reading it, I found myself tearing up, I saved it in my favorites, not only an observation of “self ” to me that was a piece of history lesson.

    Thank you

  127. I totally agree with you, dotster! The MSM is at fault for failing to alert the American people about how extreme the teabag-Republicans were. Today, Andrew Sullivan was spot-on. These teabag-Republicans are “not conservatives.” They are “anarchists.” They are not interested in building the country. They prefer chaos and destruction! They believe that chaos and destruction, as long as it takes place under Obama’s presidency, is their ticket to regaining the Presidency and winning majority in the Senate. The MSM have failed to alert the people about real nature of the teabag-Republicans.

  128. #BeforeBlackPresidentWe didn’t have Tavis,West preaching that a sitting President shld focus on one race, while MLK preached uniting all

    #BeforeBlackPresidentWe didnt hv ObamaCare,Justice 4 Blk Farmers/Natives:LatinaJudge,Equal Pay 4Wmn,Consum/Protectn,I thank U Mr.President

    #BeforeBlackPresidentBill Clinton had more respect 4 rightwing policies (NAFTA, DOMA, Welfare Deform) than a President trying to reverse

    #BeforeBlackPresidentMedia inturrpts PBO speech with”BreakingNews” A Tweet from Wasilla or Teabaggers with hateful signs & loaded guns

    #BeforeBlackPresidentGOP thought slavery was a thing of the past, until Teaparty started re-writing history to accommodate their needs.

    #BeforeBlackPresidentThe Media would chase a bus tour to nowhere and deny equal time to more serious news concerning this country

    #BeforeBlackPresidenteven the dumbest person could be selected to VP & become the star of the GOP, while the Media goes gaga over tweets

    #BeforeBlackPresident:No 1 workd so hard in a day:Show BirthCertificate,Visits families hurt by hurricane,attends WHCD, while taking OBL

    #BeforeBlackPresidentno one ever ran over your car, because you had PBO bumper sticker, or called u a lover N—Lover

    #BeforeBlackPresidentwe never heard someone say He’s a muslim or a terrorist, yet a black man brings down Al-Queda and the most wanted OBL

    #BeforeBlackPresidentit was ok to fly over Natural distaster (Katrina) Instead questions:.. What took him so long to console families one on one

    #BeforeBlackPresident:We never had a cable channel dedicated on hating a sitting President 24/7, yet Murdoch scandal goes unnoticed


    Uh yeah, and here are a few that resonate with me, personally:

    “The President would get the credit he deserved for killing Bin Laden and rescuing the economy.”

    Reagan had a schlong the size of Manhattan according to the media for invading Grenada. GRENADA. Let that sink in. We fought a rag tag bunch of islanders to “rescue” a few hundred medical students, losing 19 Marines dead in the processes = “Big Ronny”

    Obama takes out terrorist #1 in the world, without so much as “Cairo the special forces dog” scraping a paw? Feh…

    “The Democratic party actually had the president’s back.

    After Bill Clinton, who actually gave us DADT and DOMA, got caught dropping doodling an intern, MOVEON.ORG was FOUNDED SPECIFIALLY to urge congress to merely censor him and “Move on.” While today, a President with a nearly jesuit-like personal life is GETTING RID of DADT and DOMA, and this same group hammers him.

    “exercise was good and we got medals for it but now exercise is an evil, socialist plot”

    Do some of you remember the “President’s Council on Physical Fitness?” Do you remember actually having to run laps and do sit-ups because THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES SAID SO?? I do. Now the FLOTUS says eat a fucking veggie now and then and THAT’S socialism? WTF?

    And lastly, in the days of Reagan: A president could hold a recieve a baseball bat and comment on “using it on congress”, comment on how a Dirty Harry movie inspired his foreign policy, or have 3.5 TONS OF JELLY BEANS delivered to the inauguration.

  130. I second your every expressed sentiment Tao!

    I must also add to the before the black President tweets:

    Before black Presidents:

    Governors at the very least showed up at the airport to meet the President when he visited their state. They also went to D.C when the President convened a meeting with all Governors;

    But now they blow off the black President and are no shows at scheduled and traditional White House Governor meetings;

    Even Governors belonging to the President’s own party – Democratic Governors (New York & California!).

    The one in California cannot find the time to drive 30 minutes to the airport to meet and greet the visiting President (3 times!), but will FLY to Los Angeles, wife in tow bearing tacky red, white and blue flowers, to meet, greet and party with the VACATIONING/HONEYMOONING young english prince and his new wife.

  131. Excellent points Darnell. This is why I truly dig being here. Not just because it’s a Pro-Obama blog site… but beause of the insightful intelligence that truly defines it.

    PBO may just be “too good” and “too evolved” for this country bruh. Only time will tell…

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