My name is Barack Hussein Obama, and I AM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

I just had to. 🙂




96 thoughts on “My name is Barack Hussein Obama, and I AM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

  1. Just watched it. He is aweeeeeeeesome. Especially when he made the point that so many people out there are suffering and can’t make ends meet. He has every right to be angry, and his eloquence in why he’s angry was just beautiful.

  2. Okay people. Its confirmed. The press is offiicially in the tank for the GOP. What do we do? Boycott?

  3. Oh BWD you are soooo good! I love Michael in the American president and for you to have so perfectly approximated this performance with POTUS today makes my day!!!! Thank you; thank you. You are such a darling. your political acumen is just superb. Thank you.

    Prez Obama was on fire. Oh, my God…Bonner is cooked.

  4. I can’t boycott. I already turned off my T.V. and deleted my bookmarks for MSM on my browser.

  5. Someone should put the last 2 minutes of Obama’s press conference in a time capsule.

    Did anyone else notice during Obama’s extraordinary finale that you could’ve heard a pin drop in the press room?

    Obama may not realize it, but he just created a few ads for 2012.

    GO OBAMA! Today seems like a good day to give some $$ for 2012, dontcha’ think?

  6. I have a lace edged hankie all ready for Boehner. after Nov. 2012, he not only won’t be Speaker, he’ll be lucky if he doesn’t lose his seat in the House to a Democrat!

  7. Absolutely. I know Chips has the know how, and she has had some success with her vids going viral so hopefully somebody could get in her ear. We need to get this video out to spread far and wide because the Press is too worried about having a horse race and having drama so it fills headlines and minutes on their 24 hour networks than telling the truth.

    We don’t need the mainstream media anymore. But we do need that 3 minute video. Ideally folks would watch the whole thing, but that’s not realistic anymore.

  8. Everybody we should flood the speakers office and all the ways they communicate with our total displeasure.We should do it with e-mails,phone calls,and most to those who tweet all tweets that cause a trend to keep those who tweet for the speaker and the RAT CANTOR all up in arms mad.They don’t get to disrespect our President by not taking his calls and get the hell away with it you will see my tweet as @ALLSEAN I plan loading up for a fight on twitter.YES WE CAN BEAT THOSE FOOLS AND ALL THEIR TEA PARTY BS.

  9. The president was ON Fire.

    Cry me a freaking Boehner actually said that he had the same responsibility as the president?

    Under which constitution is this possible?

    And the wickedly fatuous press, once again sat there and NONE ask the orange man, where in the Constitution, he pulled that LIE from.

    I would have to watch the press conference again tonight.

    It was just brilliant.

  10. Yes, the final 2-3 minutes of that presser were absolutely riveting. That is a piece of must-see TV. There is something about President Obama at those moments that is magnetic. I mean, when young people spend their night waiting in nasty weather to see a politician give a townhall – you know this is no ordinary politician.

  11. BWD I love the title. Speaker Boehner needs to realize that you don’t treat the President of the United States this way!

  12. I read that Boehner is getting blasted on Twitter, his office is deluged with angry calls, and even his website server was disrupted for a while.

  13. John Cry me an Ocean Boehner, his number:


    His voice mail is full.

    He also has this nimber too:


  14. David Frum is on next on LOD. He’s already been on Twitter saying that Boehner is incompetent. Dying to hear what he has to say in an extended format.

  15. Just read this at the OFA website

    ZINGER from Rep Nancy Pelosi:

    “Speaker Boehner’s ‘adult moment’ is long overdue”

    BWD – you are truly a trend setter

  16. I love this scene and I think about PBO every time I see it. This truly is the best president since Lincoln and we cannot rest until we retake the House so this great man can fulfill his and our dreams!

  17. OMG! you got that right…..Bet someone will regret that he disrespected President Barack Hussein Obama by not answering his phone callS….especially in the middle of a heat wave…Mr. President you never cease to amaze me and continue to earn my respect and trust.


    I can’t stop laughing, this is too good to be true. First of all I truly believe Boehner 100 percent when he says that President Obama moved the goal posts. If President Obama was able to get Boehner and Cantor to agree to 800 billion dollars in tax hikes, why wouldn’t President Obama try to squeeze another 400 billion dollars in tax hikes out of Boehner and Cantor’s asses?

    And what is so crazy is that Boehner and Cantor are now on record as agreeing in principle to billions of dollars in tax hikes, the same tax hikes that they said that the tea-party were against in the first place. Add to that, the Professional Left and the hair on fire brigade almost messed up the trap that President Obama had set for the Republicans with their Obama is selling us out routine.

    And now Boehner, Cantor, and turtle have to go to the White House tomorrow and beg President Obama to take his foot out of their asses. Watch how all the media will now claim to know what President Obama was doing all along.

  19. Boehner your 15 minutes are up….and I am Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States. Beauuuuutiful!!!!

  20. They were warned.

    They didn’t pay attention.

    He owns them now.

    A thing of beauty that press briefing … a thing of historical beauty – not the movie (which I love) but the real deal, today.

    Enjoy my dear friends, enjoy. Moments like this in history are rare.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  21. He was awesome!!!! He stuck it to them and all they could say is no new taxes …how can they think they can win with that when so many poor and middle class people are suffering!! I had to take two days off work cause I could not offer the gas to get there….I could give a hoot about your stinking airplane being taxed!!

    Go Mr. President…you did the right thing!!!

  22. Thought of this scene too. My favorite clip from my favorite movie from my favorite screenwriter.

  23. BWD, I love the heading. I just purchased a beautiful pillow for the small sofa in my study that is placed in the center of the other pillows, and it reads,”They Call Me, Mr. President.” He is standing at the podium pointing that beautiful long finger with that “look” and it just gives that room command when you enter it. When I enter the room, I look at the pillow as I open the blinds, and say, “They Call Me Mr. President.” Praise God from whom all blessing flow. Lord knows we have received a blessing in this wonderful and brilliant President.

  24. But WH officials also say the plan on which agreement was close is still on the table and can be adjusted if negotiations were to resume.
    2 minutes ago markknoller Mark Knoller

    WH officials say Pres. Obama regards the breakdown of the talks as a “missed opportunity.”
    2 minutes ago markknoller Mark Knoller

    Tax revenue plan also called for limit on itemized deductions for income earners above $250,000/year.
    4 minutes ago » markknoller Mark Knoller

    WH officials stressed that every plan that was tentatively agreed to had a tax revenue component.
    6 minutes ago Mark Knoller

    WH officials said there was agreement on $800billion in new tax revenue and WH was seeking another $400-billion on top of that.
    7 minutes ago » markknoller Mark Knoller

    The middle class tax cut would be extended in any case but the upper income tax cut would not if other objectives not achieved.
    13 minutes ago Mark Knoller

  25. Nena17115, the message I continue to get is,”The person you are trying to reach is not accepting calls as this time, please try your call later. Going to e mail now.

  26. BWD, thank you for bringing back memories. Loved this movie. Love my President tonight and everynight and day. We have to hold on to this President. Thanks again, BWD for all that you do for this site!

  27. I gotta say, BWD, I’ve been seeing a lot of people biting you and it’s kind of starting to irritate me because they’re not giving you credit! You were the original trendsetter when most everyone else went all firebagger. 🙂

  28. A fine suggestion. I’d do the last 3 min in order to include the build up. Those mins are going to be watched millions of times in the weeks, years ahead.

    And, WIW – I so admire all you do everyday! Thank you!!

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  29. I am The President of the United States! Priceless! I am hammering Boehner left& right on twitter,I also left message,I said:You Fail,You took Grover& Tea baggers over the country& in 2012 you will lose your speakership for it.I also called him a coward

  30. I totally agree! People really need to, at least, see those last three minutes of the news conference! Watching the whole news conference would even be better because it really captures the intelligence, courage, and compassion of this President. This is a President who is sincerely looking out for the interest of all Americans.

  31. To The Halfafrican,

    We love PBO; therefore, please take your distasteful comments to another blog. We do not and will not your dialogue. I apologize BWD for addressing the issue on your blog but I could not tolerate that comment.

  32. If You Want to be a Leader, Then You Got to Lead

    Tonight, the President held a press conference to provide an update on the ongoing budget negotiations to get our fiscal house in order and reduce our nation’s deficit to help our economy grow. Unfortunately, Speaker Boehner walked away from these negotiations as they worked towards a big deficit and debt reduction package.

    Tomorrow at the White House, the President will meet with members of both parties, including Leader Reid, Leader McConnell, Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi, to continue to hammer out a deal to ensure that Congress acts to reduce our deficit and prevent America from defaulting on its obligations.

    Here are a few highlights from tonight’s press conference:

  33. BWD and others here, you did not oversell this press conference. Wow, that was stunning. President Obama took Boehner and the Republicans to school. Every moronic question from the press corp, including Norah who I thought was smart, was turned into an opportunity to show that the Democrats were the adults and the Republicans were children. The last 3 minutes of the press conference needs to be the next DNC ad. It just damns the Republican party.

    By the way, Grover Norquist went on CNN and begged the Republicans to take the McConnell deal. The Republicans are starting to panic because they know they will get 100% of the blame by independents if we default.

  34. Absolutely! We need to shame the “morons” in the MSM. They are doing a great disservice to the American people.

  35. Lol, that was beautiful, I watched that press conference and I was like did the President just say what I thought…oh my goodness; love him! Obama/Biden 2012

  36. TheHalfrican take your fowl language and attitude over to jane hampsher and those who bash our President.We here support our President Obama and we Respect to the HIGHEST DEGREE.

  37. Yeah, he must be getting a serious earful from his rich friends who are panicking at the idea of their investments crashing because the Republicans refuse to raise the debt limit due to Grover’s stupid pledge.

  38. Just went to the BBC and saw this update on the Norway terrorist attack: At least 80 people died when a gunman opened fire at a Norwegian island youth camp, police say, hours after a deadly bomb attack on the capital, Oslo. Awful, just awful.

  39. Thank you so much BWD for creating this space. If it weren’t for this site I probably would have missed the President’s incredible news conference. Recently I decided not spend too much time watching television news. That way I could keep my BP down and also spend time reading.

    Today, your astute assessment of President Obama, as “The only Adult In the Room,” was clearly vindicated. Thank you again for creating a space where many of us, who agreed with you, and had faith in this President, could gather and share our views. The President did a masterful job today. He clearly exposed the Republicans who are not serious about solving the nation’s economic problems. But I also think that you deserve the kudos, from all of us, for sticking up for him when a whole lot of other sites were constantly demonizing him.

  40. Ironically, it was probably helpful that the crazies on the “left” really lit their hair on fire, thereby making PBO look like he was making tough decisions and bucking his own base.

  41. a right-wing Norwegian terrorists although initial reports characterized it as likelyy an Al Qaeda attack.

  42. Damn, everybody just fast forward to about the 28:45 mark in that press conference and tell me what follows isn’t the type of powerful populist rhetoric you usually only hear in the movies!

    I’ve watched this press twice now and goddamnit, this man is one of the most brilliant (not just smart, but BRILLIANT) men I have ever seen.

    What say you, BWD? The last minute of the presser, BHO at his best?

  43. EPIC WOS!!!! Fracking EPIC! we just need to make it go viral now 😉

  44. Death toll is up to 91 now and it appears he is a lone wolf hard right wing person like McVey and the Oklahoma City bombing. From a couple of reporters questions he may be an evangelical Christian fundamentalist as well. He planned this for years and even bought a farm deliberately to cover up all the fertilizer he was buying for the bomb. On the island, he told all the kids to come together and used the bombing in Oslo as an excuse, and then he started killing them with an automatic hand gun.

  45. BWD, you are absolutely right.

    Even though this is “just a movie”, even though the pictured “President” is a white guy instead of a Son of both Africa and white America, even though the point he’s making is miles apart from the current controversy …

    This clip hits the nail on the head; from now on it’s about character:

    Do we continue to define this “issue” in terms of politics, or in terms of the voters, who write letters to the President with their real and present concerns.

    I am very sorry for all the people on this blog who are not much into Christianity, but in my view, this was what Christ meant when he said (Matthew 25):

    35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

    36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

    37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

    38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

    39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

    40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

    [Emphasis mine]

  46. We must COME together,Americans of all creeds to fight for the rights of “the least of these.” That is what this moment in history is all about. Lead us Mr. President.

  47. Well said, Toon Moene. Whether you’re Christian or not, those words are universally true. We define who we are by how we treat the most vulnerable among us. It has always amazed me that the Republicans can claim to be (and be believed) as the party of Christian values and Democrats as Godless. That’s got to be among history’s biggest con jobs. The R’s have made it clear that their most important value is supporting millionaires and everyone else can suffer, starve or die. The president could not have made the difference between the parties more stark. People have to start paying attention to this and vote accordingly. Their lives are quite literally at stake.

  48. Thank you for that link. The honest truth is out for all to see. Repugs are the KKK is suits, sitting at the core of govt. They cannot hide it any more. The Prez has drawn them out and their hatred can be seen by all. They would rather destroy this country. My hope also is that Napolitano is following what is going on in Norway and revamping her team at home to be more vigilant. These thugs are not just in Congress and Wallstreet, they have their loonies around the country. God help us all.

  49. Just a comment on some of the White House media corp on this press conference and others. I tend to disagree with some commenters on the blogs that the media tends to ask dumb questions when the result is that POTUS smacks it out of the park with his answer. To me,, those are questions that he likes them to ask. Just like setting up the ball on the tee. Further, it’s difficult to say that the press doesn’t know that they are asking one of those set up questions. To me, most of the time they DO know how they are framing it intentioally giving him the opportunity to hit back. Without the “dumb question” setup it’s hard for a person to say what they want to say.

  50. Racism. Extreme politics. Extreme religion. Each of these alone will bring evil. Put two or three of them together and you have the man in Norway screaming “You all have to die” to children, or the Taliban, or Al Qaeda, or fundamentalists of every religion, or neo-nazis, and on and on. Everyone ought to be born with a dial so you could turn down the extremism when necessary, however, it has probably been this way since the first Neanderthal bumped into the first Homo Sapiens and they decided to breed or fight.

  51. That’d be great fun….but, remember the old saw “when a political party is self-destructing right before your eyes, just stand back and let ’em have at it”…I paraphrase of course.

  52. The MSM is so sold on the AQ Moslems meme, they are no longer capable of assessing any event; doing due diligence before they run to the presses. Even the so-called prestigious NYT! The sad part is that they will not even bother to issue an apology. They will continue to ignore the real danger–the blue-eyed, blond fundamentalist Right Wing Christian who either still loves Nazis or the KKK. They are terrorists alright, but they are also the last we are primed to suspect.

  53. The most important thing you can do is to convince your Republican friends, colleagues, neighbors, family that the Republican party is out to hurt the country and that Obama is doing his best to protect it. If and when they lose the elections, you can ignore their BS.

    And to convince somebody you have to find an angle from their point of view. That is, you should not be confrontational, because then they pull up the draw bridge and do not listen any longer. You need to sneak the truth in, so to speak. It is more difficult than righteous indignation, but ultimately more rewarding.

    Twitter parties may be fun, but do not help much.

  54. It sure sounded like it. But OFA has been steadily ploughing away all the time. They just do not make noise.

  55. But, I have seem some people on this blog who have stated that they are not Christians, and that is fine with me. I respect that very much.. But I have read some comments coming from some of these beautiful people’s hearts who do not profess to be Christians and their hearts and kind and responsible words were spoken with the gentleness of Christ’s words in scripture. I know and have friends who are not Christians who can make Matthew 25 come alive with how they follow those words. Yet, I also have friends and Christians who make those words in Matthew 25 seem like nothing. So I really do take to heart that people are tired of the “so called right wing people parading around in front of peoples faces with their so called family values and Christian values and are doing the opposite of Matthew 25, or nothing at all. They to me, are devaluing Matthew 25. They are not living out one of the most beautiful scriptures as it applies to how we use our character in our Christian values. That seems to be the biggest problem. How can you devalue a child, a homeless person, a person in prison, a widow, in need (where there is no family to take care of her) or a senior who has no money to buy healthy food to eat, or medicine to take, and stand up in church and sing that great hymn on Sunday morning? That to me is what is disgusting to those who look at Christians and say, how can you talk to me about family values? You do not treat your family like that. I think that is going to be one of the greatest judgements on us as a people when that question is presented to us. Just how can you? You can’t, if your heart is right. That is just how I feel about it. Not trying to offend anyone. I love everyone here, and I truly mean that, and I have never seen not one of you in person. So how can we say we love Jesus whom we have never seen, and have seen many everyday, and with hold the goodness of the simple things in life from them? It does not make sense to me.

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