DADT is dead. One more campaign promise kept.

Hi guys,

I don’t know if you remember, but last month, when PBO had that big LGBT fundraiser in NYC, he said that “in a matter of weeks” the Pentagon will certify that the military is ready to end ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ once and for all. Well, “in a matter of weeks” means “in a matter of weeks”, and today, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will make the official recommendation , and in 60 days this awful, awful law will be dead and buried, never to be seen again (Unless characters like Dan Choi and the rest of the fake-progressives will convince people, yet again, not to vote next year, and then they’ll just deserve whatever comes). 



Today’s schedule: 

9:30 AM
The President and The Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office
11:00 AM
The President participates in a Town Hall on the on-going efforts to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction
College Park—Ritchie Coliseum, University of Maryland
1:35 PM
The President meets with Prime Minister Key of New Zealand
Oval Office
2:20 PM
The President and Prime Minister Key deliver statements to the press
Oval Office
2:45 PM
The President meets with Secretary of Defense Panetta and Admiral Mullen
Oval Office
Closed Press
3:30 PM
The President meets with Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and Mrs. Eikenberry
Oval Office


I have to say that with all due respect to the proven political skills and the enormous experience of a guy like Lawrence O’Donnell – I don’t think he gets this president the way he think. IMO, anyone who really know this man, understand that he’s not engaging in the usual Kabuki in this deficit circus – He is dead serious about doing a big deal, as he shows again in this column he wrote for USA Today:

/// snip

….That’s why people in both parties have suggested that the best way to take on our deficit is with a more balanced approach. Yes, we should make serious spending cuts. But we should also ask the wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations to pay their fair share through fundamental tax reform. Before we stop funding clean energy research, we should ask oil companies and corporate jet owners to give up the tax breaks that other companies don’t get. Before we ask college students to pay more, we should ask hedge fund managers to stop paying taxes at a lower rate than their secretaries. Before we ask seniors to pay more for Medicare, we should ask people like me to give up tax breaks they don’t need and never asked for.

The middle class hasn’t just borne the brunt of this recession; they’ve been dealing with higher costs and stagnant wages for more than a decade now. It’s just not right to ask them to pay the whole tab — especially when they’re not the ones who caused this mess in the first place.

Raising revenues: a bipartisan position

A balanced deficit deal that includes some new revenues isn’t just a Democratic position. It’s a position that has been taken by everyone from Warren Buffett to Bill O’Reilly. It’s a position that was taken this week by Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, who worked together on a promising plan of their own. And it’s been the position of every Democratic and Republican leader who has worked to reduce the deficit in their time, from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton.

There will be plenty of haggling over the details of all these plans in the days ahead. But right now, we have the opportunity to do something big and meaningful. This debate shouldn’t just be about avoiding the catastrophe of not paying our bills and defaulting on our debt. That’s the least we should do. This debate offers the chance to put our economy on stronger footing, restore a sense of fairness in our country, and secure a better future for our children. I want to seize that opportunity, and ask Americans of both parties and no party to join me in that effort.


West Wing Week:


Wall Street Reform first anniversary:

This must be one of my fave Michelle Obama photos. It moved me to tears. Just look at the variety of faces and colors. Sometimes a picture is worth even more than 1000 words. Well done, Samantha Appleton.


And, thank youChristine for this hilarious shopping bag:

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  1. Wonderful news about DADT (as well as DOMA)! If Mr. Choi wants to continue to be a killjoy about the smallest details (The race of the testimonials, really?), let him. There are going to be many gay couples thrilled at the news as it is, as it should be. That’s progressiveness.

    Seriously, I can’t thank you enough for this sit. It’s nice to know there’s still a place for calm, reasoned discussion (with moderation to keep things from getting out of hand). Beats a site that shall not be named that has been littered with so many negative diaries that have resorted to downright screaming and namecalling over RUMORS.

    I am confident we can get a deal passed, and not a deal that the GOP can go on gloating about either. It may be not be the best (Not that anything would satisfy the PL), but it avoids a terrible crisis thanks to giving the GOP the keys to the car and they pull a Miss Daisy and back it into the ditch.

  2. Such wonderful news for the LGBT community. I am proud of our country for the latest in civil rights for all.

    Michelle has the gentlest of hands when touching others. We are fortunate to have this family in the White House.

  3. I love the little hands on our First Lady, and the little girl leaning toward her under her arm. There was a picture of PBO from the City of God with young boys draping their arms around him that I loved, too. Human magnets, the two of them.

  4. Can we all say consistency. Yep, PBO keeps his word, yet again. What’s new, eh?

    The pretenders, bashers and hair on fire folks just choose to make hash out of everything. By now we all know how predictable they are.

    I have never seen a more reactionary bunch.

    Oh, I know it is listed in the daily schedule, but don’t forget Townhall today, 11 EST.

    Great day everyone.

  5. Good succinct summary by PBO in the USA today. Anybody knows what their circulation is?

  6. Good Friday morning everyone. Great article and photo. BTW, my daughter bought several of the bag and gave it to her FLOTUS loving friends filled with other goodies. 🙂 I love it.

  7. Enjoy ur weekend everyone..!!

    ·.·Rock Wuz Here.·.

    FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

  8. Our First Lady is starting to look like the mother of the world. Another Mother Teresa in her own way.

    I had a Dan Choi follower call at one of my phone bank this week. She started out all big and ruffled, but by the time our call ended and I told her that President Obama has done more for the LGTB community than any president in history, she calmed down a bit. “Well”, she said, “I’m still not going to work for him, but I will vote for him”. I think they are mostly full of hot air. I think I’ll call her again next week to see how she’s feeling now. We may just get another volunteer!

  9. Hello Blackwaterdog,

    Thanks for keeping this blog sane. I took a bit of a break after last month’s job numbers because I didn’t think it was healthy to get so emotionally affected day to day. I’m pleased about the positive developments since like the fundraising, recent polls and now DADT. It’s just a reminder of how important a long-term perspective is.

    You do an amazing job on here and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it.

  10. First, let me thank you BWD for the work you put in keeping us informed of what the President is doing. Second, if people used the same standards they’ve used in evaluating other presidents, President Obama would be described as bold and courageous when it comes to advancing the rights of the GLBT community.

    People who always praise LBJ for advancing the Civil Rights of African Americans, conveniently omit pointing out that it took four presidents to advance the civil rights of African Americans. It began with President Truman who, in 1948, under pressure from Blacks who vowed to refuse to be drafted in a segregated military, issued an Executive Order desegregating the military. It was the reluctant President Eisenhower who, in 1957, sent federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to enforce the Supreme Court’s 1954 “Brown v. Board of Education” outlawing segregation in public schools. And, of course, it was JFK, in response to the relentless Civil Rights protests that culminated in the famous 1963 March on Washington, who submitted the Civil Rights bill which was, in the aftermath of his assassination, eventually signed into law by LBJ in 1964.

    What President Obama has done, in two and a half years, for the GLBT Civil rights is really breathtaking. It took more than sixteen years, and four presidents, before African Americans were finally accorded some basic rights of citizenship. But of course it took another year after the 1964 Civil Rights Act, before AA could fully exercise the right to vote. And it wasn’t until 1968, 20 years after Truman ordered the integration of the military, that Congress passed a law outlawing discrimination in housing. By the way, as most Black people know, most of these laws sound good on paper; but when it comes to implementation it’s still a struggle.

    Given what President Obama has done for the GLBT community, I just don’t understand why people, like Dan Choi, viciously hate him.

  11. Kids are innocents and they are drawn to the goodness and kind heartedness of Michelle and Barack Obama.

    DADT – awesome news. I always thought that was a useless law.

    PBO said quite clearly there is no agreement until there is an agreement. So I was amused to see so many people fall for the “reliable source” BS that a debt ceiling / deficit deal was done and, of course, the president “caved” on everything including the kitchen sink. Now, does that even sound like him? Nope! I’m going to wait until the White House makes an official announcement.

    The emoprog poutragers will never be satisfied so I ignore their tantrums that just happen to always be attached to a fundraising appeal. Color me surprised!

    Thanks for another great mishmash BWD! Happy weekend to all!

  12. I have one of those shopping bags!! I bought it at Whole Foods. (Made in China which I try to avoid but I had to have it.)

  13. “The Shopping Bag” was a big soldout hit here in Metro Detroit. My sister surprised me with a Christmas gift of the Michelle bag. I confess I am a collector of all Obama memorabilia it’s almost embarassing. I have every magazine where either of the 2 appeared on the covers since 2007.

  14. People I know who are constantly outraged by the imagined and yet to occur wrongs of the president are both self-focused and, unfortunately, easily led. Outrage begets outrage and some people actually like igniting negative feelings in others–it gives them power and enhances their ego. The beauty of this site is that it not only provides a safe haven for lovers of our president, but it also makes us smarter so we can undermine the outrage arguments with solid facts. I’ve found that those who are anxious to pass their own outrage onto you are stopped in their tracks if you offer solid information in rebuttal and show how strong you are in your own support of the president. You may not change their mind, but at least you’ve slowed their march toward infecting others. So I come here to be strengthened and armed for battle, because a battle is exactly what we’re fighting every day. These years of the Obama presidency are our country’s last best chance to save its democratic foundation and, frankly, its soul as a just society. We can’t fail.

  15. That comment by LiberalLibrarian in an earlier thread- that some people got addicted to the feeling of righteousness they got from screaming at the Bush administration, and they’re trying to get the same high by screaming at PBO- was absolutely on the money. Outrage addicts.

  16. Bill Press and 99% of his callers are totally off the cliff this morning. “We don’t know the details yet, but it certainly looks like PO has sold us down the river.” Get that? Bill Press (and his callers) KNOW, they KNOW what the deal is so they are “DONE” with this president. People won’t go to the polls and vote for him……someone/anyone needs to primary him….blah blah blah………I am going to take a shower–literally. 🙂

  17. I read this this morning and it was very informative.

    I am not on Medicare nor do I manage a parent’s bills so I wasn’t aware of the current structure of out of pocket expenses, etc. Also reading this I understood for the first time that “overuse” didn’t refer to seniors’ habits but to the implement companies, drug companies, and hospitals who over prescribe if they think the system will pay for it. It also seems to me that the group most vulnerable to financial devastation, those that are the sickest, have new protections under the reforms.

    Along with Medicare fraud enforcement these changes sound potentially good and reasonable, not anything like the voucher system (total destruction of Medicare as we know it) would look like.

  18. Two quick catch-ups on Murdoch. The whole article is worth a read, but it looks like the Evil Empire was possibly pinging cell phones:

    “Scotland Yard, which is still reeling from allegations that it turned a blind eye to the scandal, was also asked to investigate another explosive claim: That journalists bribed officers to locate people by tracking their cell phone signals….more

  19. And the Evil Empire had a TV subscription deal, like BSkyB, going on in Australia, which has now also been postponed until September and that means it is most likely dead in the water:

    “Embattled News Corp. suffered a fresh setback on Friday when Australian competition regulators said its bid to expand its pay-TV operation in the country raised “significant” monopoly issues..more

  20. He is Bill Press; part of the PL that never forgave PBHO for beating Hillary. Somehow Hillary got over it, they never did. Why don;t just trust the Prez. None of these hollering heads has the access to info and advise that the Prez has. Wait for the deal to emerge, signed and sealed. Remember, nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. How many times has the Prez sold anyone down the river? Yet how often have you heard such stoopid claims? By now we should all know that this is how the PL makes its money. Remember Hamsher and Green?

  21. Here is a good summary by the Prez himself:

    President Obama at USAToday:

    A balanced deficit deal that includes some new revenues isn’t just a Democratic position. It’s a position that has been taken by everyone from Warren Buffett to Bill O’Reilly. It’s a position that was taken this week by Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, who worked together on a promising plan of their own. And it’s been the position of every Democratic and Republican leader who has worked to reduce the deficit in their time, from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton.
    There will be plenty of haggling over the details of all these plans in the days ahead. But right now, we have the opportunity to do something big and meaningful. This debate shouldn’t just be about avoiding the catastrophe of not paying our bills and defaulting on our debt. That’s the least we should do. This debate offers the chance to put our economy on stronger footing, restore a sense of fairness in our country, and secure a better future for our children.

  22. I visited the site that shall not be named yesterday to get my daily update from this great diarist named “Brit” on his series “Fall of the House of Murdoch”. Its an interesting series of diaries from the British perspective on the effects of Murdoch’s influence peddling on politics in the UK.

    Sadly I ventured into one of those rumor-mill diaries and just left in disgust. I didn’t bother to comment because there is no interest in fact or reason, just emotional screaming and threats to primary the president.

    Life is complex enough and involves enough actual difficulties without creating manufactured fears and the associated anticipatory anxiety, angst, anger and drama these individuals seem to thrive on. They just seem generally miserable for miseries sake.

  23. Choi is a Republican who just happens to be gay. That explains a lot of his nasty attitude toward this President. In keeping with Republican attitudes towards our president, they simply hate him just because. Mark my word, once DADT and DOMA are off the table, Choi will quickly move on to another issue of grievance – be it torture or some other contrived nonsense.

  24. Nathan,
    Excellent reminder on the history of Civil Rights. There is this tendency to behave as if these rights were gained and implemented over night. No one in the history of mankind has ever gained civil rights improvements immediately or without struggle.

    What would be nice is is if Mr. Choi would just say thank you and then shut the $@#% up.

  25. Catch our POTUS Obama’s fierce, super cool walk at the start of west wing week. *sigh* what a stunning man. I need that FLOTUS shopping bag in my life, too cute.

  26. Black Water Dog, Just to pile on a little bit more… YOU ARE AWESOME. Thanks so much for keeping this site! It’s one of 3 or 4 I check before I get my day started. I know you don’t ask for money, but please know that I would gladly put some $$ aside for the privilege of being among the sane who “reside” here. SERIOUSLY, I would pay for this!

  27. BWD I agree with your take on PBO’s debt deal stand vis a vis Lawrence O’Ds take. My clear impression is that the President is sincere and serious about cutting a balanced debt reduction deal because he senses that it will be another historical policy achievement. He also knows that the Republicans sense that as well and will valiantly resist it with all their might. Of course the President is also quite aware that if they reject his deal they still have to raise the debt ceiling anyway and that still leaves them with a political problem of their own making since they started this fight. But the President has proved time and again that the mere politics of it is not what drives his ambition and focusing only on the politics of the negotiations as even well meaning pundits like Lawrence O’D are doing, is in fact what is wrong with DC.

    There has been very little discussion of the substance of possible deals and what each would do for the country in the short and long term. Some policies may not be political winners in the short term but long term are far reaching and of critical importance. Not a single major policy that changed the trajectory of the country’s economy and destiny has ever been popular in the current or short term. A reform of the tax code would in the next 10 years become a progressive talking point and historical achievement. Taking a dose of cuts even to popular programs to achieve such long term positive goal is what an astute negotiator would be prepared to do.

    At the end of the day I have my doubts that the big deal will be accepted by the opposition but I don’t think a clean debt ceiling raise will happen either. The Reid-M’Connell deal will however help the Republicans mitigate their perceptions of having caved and is likely the fall-back but will be very unpopular with the poutrage club for precisely that reason. So whatever happens the poutrage club will never give Pres any credit for anything and I don’t care myself, I just wish they don’t blow a vein in their livid anger at anything Obama and hurt themselves.

  28. Good morning, BWD.

    Thank you for posting the beautiful picture of our First Lady, Mrs. Obama. I could care less about homosexuals serving in our armed forces, nut the picture of first lady is, priceless. She is the mother to the World.

  29. It’s available at every hotel and motel across the country, for one thing. And usually the only paper now available at convenience stores, gas stations and rest stops across the country. I always read it when we’re on vaca or on the road for whatever reason. Like their crossword too—-challenging enough but doable.

  30. I just lef the Kos site and boy are they steaming!!! Some of fhese people are so stupid that they can’t see that the reason President Obama has to negoitiate with Repubs is because they (along with the PL) helped encourage people to stay home in 2010. I remember reading there where some of them thought letting Republicans win would be just what Obama needed. Now all we see is the whining that comes from what they did. Their stupidity led to a republican led house and many state governerships. Now they are whining because nothing they want appears to be getting done. How is it that they can’t see that they did this to themselves? I’m truly baffled by it!

    Unfortunately so many innocent people are suffering because others are so mypoic (on the left and the right).

  31. Nathan, Most of the time I feel like the people actively supporting PBO are like the French Resistence fighting back in WWII. The Republican “army” is filled with very powerful people and very ruthless people, people like Cheney, Choi and the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch. We really are in a battle for the survival of democracy in the US. Neo-Conservative is not a term with little meaning; it is the name of destruction of all of what America used to mean for the world. At this moment, PBO is all that stands in their way and they will attack him at every level and for every action he takes.
    Although there is a resurgence of overt racism involved in this, PBO could just as well be white for all the Murdoch’s and Cheney’s care. It is what he stands for that they hate and he stands in their way for the control of a most powerful country.
    We are the little guys in this mighty battle, but PBO is proving that when we band together and stick together, we will win. Yes, we can. Choi is all about dividing us again to lessen our strength.
    Exposing the Choi’s and Koch’s and Murdoch’s for what they are is like turning over rocks and seeing horror underneath, but we just have to keep exposing them for what they are. Do expect Choi to come back with something else because we don’t have him on the run yet like the Murdoch’s now are. Choi’s mission in this was not just gay rights, but bringing down the President first and foremost.

  32. Gosh, these people are just out to control media in the whole world. It appears as though the only continents they have yet to touch are, Africa and Antarctica. Of course I could be wrong.

    I read somewhere that the FBI was inviting Jude Law to provide information on his hacking charge against News Corp.

    I don’t begrudge the Murdochs for their riches, but having a complete monopoly over the press, would seem to stifle competition, which leads to the very problems we’ve seen with his operations across the world.

    How can a single company have such an ironclad grip on the one entity that is supposed to allow people to speak their minds freely?

    This is disturbing on so many levels.

  33. USA TODAY remains number one in total daily print circulation in the United States. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations’ FAS-FAX report, USA TODAY’s daily print circulation was 1,829,099 for the period ending March 31, 2011.
    USA TODAY is the newspaper leader in single-copy newsstand volume, selling more than 425,000 copies per day.
    USA TODAY’s subscription copies held steady versus March 2009 at 299,140.
    USA TODAY has one of the largest average-issue print audience of any national newspaper, with 3.2 million readers daily.

  34. “How can a single company have such an ironclad grip on the one entity that is supposed to allow people to speak their minds freely?”

    Because we stopped paying attention and we let them. Keeping a democracy means being involved in it every minute of every day. It is that important. Social media is going to help us do that.

  35. The national debt is serious. It’s a gigantic number and we can’t keep kicking it down the road. Eventually it will sink this country if nothing is done about it. I’m not sure why some “progressives” don’t get that.

  36. Which means, three million people read Obama and will presumably/hopefully discuss it with others. Great!

  37. Sigh is right Kelly. Smooth, smooth smooth. What else is there to say.


  38. My morning post below…BWD thank you soooo much A. For all you do at your site and distantly second, for honoring me on your roll…Have a Wunnerful Weekend!
    The Dixie Dove.


    Here is the link to the most truthful and ‘keeping it real’ website that follows President Obama non-stop!

    To all the bitter disgruntled Liberals here’s a tonic for what ails you! And I am proud and pleased as punch to be a part of this community and included on the blogroll! THANK YOU BWD!

    The Only Adult in the Room

  39. I check in over there from time to time over the past few weeks. Same shit, different day. I mean, how many “Obama SUX” diaries can you read until you get sick of the same old shit? When I see 2-3 of them on the wreck list I just click to another site. Life’s too short to spend meaningful time on a blog full of racist, Obama-haters.

  40. I agree with you, kefauver. We need to put our financial house in order. The good thing about it is that this does not require anytthing radical. It takes only reason and a willingness to figure out some relatively minor adjustments to both the spending side and the revenue side to achieve lasting stability and decreasing debt overall. The President has it right – we all need to accept some responsibility and some sacrifice. Let me add that I am on both Social Security and Medicare. I have no fear that this great President – the one who thinks about the average American and his/her struggles every day – will do anything to put me in any danger of losing security in my old age. I trust him completely and I only wish that extremists on the right and the left had half the sense and decency of President Obama.

  41. You should go over the Kos and see what those folks are saying about the article. UNBELIEVABLE! I’m sure if you know anything about that site, you won’t be amazed.

  42. In case anyone didn’t know, VP Biden now has a Facebook page. I’ll be following him as I’m quite a big fan of him as well as PBO.

  43. I believe President Obama when he says he will veto a short extension unless there is a good deal in place that will take effect as soon as possible since it is now impossible to get a deal done in time for the Aug 2nd deadline. I think a clean vote will pass with almost all democrats in the house, and all but the 80 tea party House members (I think, with 218 needed to pass).

  44. The “elite left” is in rare form today. I swear, there are days where I don’t know who is worse: the teabaggers or the purist left.

    One thing is for sure; if Obama succeeds (an he will) it will be IN SPITE of the drama-queen left, not because of them.

    This President needs our support. Let’s make sure we give it to him!

    2012…I’m in!

  45. Get one if you can. Mark my words, that will be a collector’s item one day:)

  46. They’re always worse than the teabaggers, because the teabaggers don’t pretend.

    What I still don’t understand is why isn’t anyone running against PBO? Primary his butt, let’s see you! Clowns.

  47. That photo of Michelle Obama with all those children is great for so many reasons. And, more than anything, it really points to what our future country will look like. It will be a lot of people who may not look alike, and yet at the same time, they all look like their part of one big family.

  48. Bingo. “The teabaggers don’t pretend.”

    The teabaggers hate this president and they say so. The other cowards hide behind their pretty words on paper disguised in columns and punditry.

    And Darnell, for sure — IN SPITE of these “drama queens,” this president HAS succeeded on so many levels: Stimulus, Healthcare, DADT, Budget discussions, and much, much more.

    It is precisely because of this that they predictably lose their heads every single time. They want him to fail at something so they can say, see, we told you so!!

    Ain’t gonna happen.

  49. That site has been worse than ever the past few days. It’s terrible, because it used to be a pretty positive place–but maybe it just seemed that way because I was so angry at Bush and the Republicans.

    I don’t know what these people want. If they had it their way, it would just be Obama fighting with Cantor for months and getting nowhere. Do you all remember the Dr. Seuss story The Zax–where those two stubborn guys refuse to step aside so they can both move forward? Then the world moves past them and builds a highway around them. That’s what would happen to our country if we took their bait and went in for a death match with the tea Party.

  50. I am starting to believe that “faux” outrage is all they have to live for. It is what made the orange site popular so he needs it to be relevent and prosperous. The same with KO. Once Bush was gone, he had no one to be outraged about on a daily basis. His shtick became stale so he turned on PBO where he lost ratings. The same with Cenk, RM and Ed. The PL is a very small group and listening to them only helps the RW nutjobs.

  51. “with all due respect to the proven political skills and the enormous experience of a guy like Lawrence O’Donnell”
    I have been disappointed at Lawrence lately. He is sounding like a big egotistical know-it-all. I was just beginning to enjoy his program, but his recent attitude on many subjects is annoying to me. There are some parts worth watching, so I have been flipping back and forth for a few days, trying to get some of the good parts.

  52. I don’t buy the argument that the PL gave Clinton a pass 15 years ago – the internet was much different than and not everybody and their (grand) mother was on the internet. People of like mind couldn’t readily feed off each others outrage, because there was only maybe 2-3 people in their neighborhood who would agree with them. But with the internet those 2-3 people from each community find a common meeting place online and all of a sudden you have thousands of like-minded true believers to gin up each other and think they are a much bigger percentage than they are by locking themselves in their echo chamber of choice.

  53. Those two little hands gently resting around the FLOTUS neck just make me melt.

  54. I agree that times are different and the Internet changed everything, but even now, in retrospect, they’re giving him a pass, claiming that he was to the left of PBO, which is a total BS. Hell, they forgive him for DADT, and but they don’t forgive *this* president for not cleaning DADT mess faster.

  55. The PL’s stoopidity is mind-boggling. They latch onto a small part of what the Prez is addressing, have no inkling as to how big the issue is and how much else the Prez must take into account, then they race to the press and scream their F***ng heads off. And then when they are proven wrong in the end, they do not even have the nerve to admit and apologize. The worst of the lot is the LGBT. Of all the minority groups the Prez has helped, this group has gotten so much–compared to Lations, Blacks, Jews and the rest, including seniors–yet they still are the worst at giving the Prez grief.Yesterday I sent Jed Lewinson an angry email telling him to Primary the Prez if he has such a low opinion of his capabilities–this was after it was rumored that a deal was impending and he came out screaming–This is an epic cave in. .

  56. So true. Just because something is put into law, the states do not always implement it or are forced to follow it. Look how long the black and poor farmers had to wait for justice. Look at the racist attitudes being displayed in the 21st century. You would think after what what this country has gone through of discriminating against blacks and asians, they would know better by now. We should not have to add GLBT to the 14th amendment or any other group. Discrimination against anyone is wrong.

  57. Mornin’ BWD, TOAITR’ers and all Obamabots,

    BWD, your mish mashes *ARE* always great and informative!

    PBHO, our “Energizer Bunny,” will *NEVER* stop until America is #1 in outeducatin’, outcompetin’, outbuildin’ the world, again!

    And, our Prez wants to do what’s best for America and the American people…

    That. is. all!

    That’s a wonderful pic of FLMO surrounded by children of every race…The Faces of Innocence!

    Here’s a follow-up to vid clip ‘What Wall Street Reform Means for You’:


    If possible, everyone have an enjoyable, relaxin’ TGIF and weekend! 😀


    Next Up…

    July 22, 2011 11:00 AM EDT

    PRESIDENT OBAMA PARTICIPATES IN A TOWN HALL on the On-going Efforts to Find a Balanced Approach to Deficit Reduction, University of Maryland

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  58. Hi BWD! Thought that bag would give you a cackle! Wow, that lovely picture of our First Lady with the kids! Yep, First Lady of Fabulous indeed! We’ve made it to Friday, our heads didn’t explode, but theirs did!

  59. Please Ignore El Grandioso Don Choi I’am sick of this guy < he should apologize to PBO
    along with the crazy JH they are all phonies just making noise,the should thank thank this PBO his did it on his on time table because he promised, and he came trough, so thANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT.

  60. I will never, never click the orange hateful site as lonf as alive I’am very happy here
    Thanks BWD.

  61. Peter the few loudmouths in the media that claim to represent the LGBT are not the LGBT in it’s entirety. I would wager that most of the LGBT are respectful and supportive of this president – you just don’t see or hear them on cable and internet blogsites. Just as the media will give egomaniacs Cornel West and Smiley a platform to speak for the “Black” community who they do NOT represent in any way shape or form.

    The majority of anti-Obama critics in the media or blogosphere are Teabaggers, GOP operatives posing as left-wing liberals, or bitter racist PUMAs who were lifelong Democrats until a Black person assumed leadership of the party. None of these people can honestly claim to speak for Obama’s base, any community or individual, but themselves.

  62. I believe overprescribing drugs does far more harm than good and I would like to see this for-profit habit discouraged. It would be great to begin by banning the advertising of prescription drugs, though I do not see that happening any time soon.

  63. But, Saint Roscoe, they forgive him now and perform contortions to rationalize what he did (Glass-Steagall was foisted on him by evil Republicans – oh, no, it was not – WJC was most complicit). And don’t forget – they were even anxious for HRC to be elected President to restore Clintonism (after all — that was the essence of her campaign).

  64. No, you’re right. It was a positive place at one point in time. Remember action diaries? Remember diaries by Democrats or by those supporting Democrats running to unseat crooked incumbent Republicans in various districts and states? Those have all but disappeared. Now that place is one big “Obama and Democrats SUCK” echo chamber. Unless you’re writing something positive about Kucinich or Grayson, you’re getting shit on for daring to support Obama and the Democratic Party. I wish Markos would go ahead and change his mission statement to the GREEN Party.

  65. Though I tend to believe that pursuing the ideal is not only noble AND practical, it seems absurd to search for the ideal in politics. If we truly want a more enlightened culture, we must work to encourage individuals to become more enlightened; only then will we have a more enlightened political structure. What can be done politically NOW is to fill more seats in Congress with Democrats, even conservative ones because conservative Democrats, despite all their shortcomings, DO tend to vote with a more progressive agenda some of the time (e.g. Joe Lieberman regarding the appeal of DADT) rather than never. Once there is a comfortable majority of Democrats in both houses of Congress, then we can work to push them toward a more progressive agenda or replace them with Democrats who support a more progressive agenda. At this point in time, it is futile to support a third party (and I’ve gone that route myself in the past), as all that will do is give more power to Republicans, who will do so much damage that the time needed to undo what they have done will be extended. We are still living with the aftershocks (unfortunately having only grown stronger in time) of the Reagan “revolution”. Can you imagine what another Republican President can achieve in further dismantling the structure of our social justice? Politics IS pragmatism in action and a reflection of the culture in which it operates. We can use it to achieve improvements in our society, but if we truly want deep change, we need to deeply change the American mindset. Now how to do that — ah, the ultimate question. The only example of idealism I’ve seen in politics in my lifetime does not have to do with content, but rather with form: President Obama’s unfailingly respectful treatment of everyone within his political arena. It may not bear short-term results, but were we all to practice it, I guarantee it would bear long-term results.

  66. Smartdemmg, I too, went there everyday to read Brit’s diary. I generally read him and hightailed it out of there. He gave a very good report on the happenings about News Corps’ scandal. Too bad he is going to Bosnia and won’t be reporting for a while.

    He was very, very good at reporting and analyzing the whole sordid affair.

  67. Point well-made. Thank you Hopefruit2. It is easy to get angry with an entire group when, in fact it is a noisy and uninformed, unreliable few. Thank you for that reminder.

  68. Ideally, I would like to see no cuts except for the war department and a higher tax rate for the wealthy and corporations; however, I am not naive enough to believe that is even remotely possible at this point in time. I also agree the deficit is a problem. Common sense tells one that large interest payments are a waste of money that could be used for more humane purposes.

  69. I would love one, too. My sister in Maryland has given me two POTUS bags — one is a backpack and the other is an oversized purse-like bag.

    I would love to add FLOTUS’ to my collection. I too, would love to know where I can get one. I will send my sister on the prowl.

  70. Not to mention, it is a lucrative business for them. The shame is on those who waste their time and money on them.

    Go figure.

  71. I have my issues with Clinton (repeal of Glass-Steagal) but to be fair to him DADT was the most progressives step he could make at the time. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1994 made into law a an absolute ban of gays serving in the military that had been in place since 1982. That 1982 ban was an executive order. What Clinton’s executive order, DADT, did was allow gays to serve in the military as long as they kept quiet about it. It was a progressive modification to an existing law. Without DADT gays would not have been allowed to serve at all.

    As for your point in the opening I agree President Obama is serious about a big deal. I hope that some of the details that have been floated are just negotiating gambits or bad information because while I believe a big deal is important a I feel big deal should not include changes like chained CPI for SS or raising medicare to 67. Requiring wealthy seniors to cost share more for Medicare I am all for. Raising the cap on SS I am all for. I don’t think those are really on the table and that is where I agree with Lawrence O’Donnell.

  72. I think you make a good point, Saint Roscoe; the noise machine was not yet in place during Clinton’s terms in the way it is now and no one was following his every move, which, in a way, was all to the good. However, I still believe the white guy got a pass on much that he did, partially because of the impeachment scam which rallied most Democrats to his defense. He was influential in continuing Reagan’s policies and moving the entire country to the right. President Obama has the Democratic Party that Clinton bequeathed to him, and to pretend President Obama is responsible for the conservative politics in place in our country today is not just facile but ignorant.

  73. Thank you for the continuing good news, blackwaterdog. The best way to deactivate the negative is to accentuate the positive.

  74. I totally agree with both you and BWD. At the beginning, Lawrence’s analysis was enticing and entertaining, but after about three days, I started to question whether he really understood the President. While I am sure that there is some political strategy in play by the President, I also believe that he means it when he says he wants a big deal. And he’s emphasized enough times that he doesn’t want to harm the most vulnerable people – he has been saying that and talking about the need for entitlement reforms for a long time now. I know that whatever deal he makes, especially with regards to the entitlement reforms, will be smart ones that don’t impact poor and elderly. I also think that the cuts he makes won’t be immediately implemented unless they don’t impact the economy in the short term while its recovering.

    I’ve watched him. I’ve read his books, and I’ve even read his political strategy book that outlines all the plans of his policies (I have become a nerd) – and he’s been consistent. He’s proven himself over and over and over and over. And he’s earned my trust, and I’m not going to sway until he gives me a reason to abandon that trust – which I don’t expect him to do.

    The other reality is that he’s got a Congress that is intent on screwing him over in every possible way – from the left and the right. And in every outcome, I take that into consideration, as well.

    But Lawrence is wrong with his analysis. It’s just too cynical. It may be true for other politicians, but this man is no ordinary politician.

  75. They used to be available at my neighborhood Whole Foods but I think you can find them online too. I saw a 50something white woman yesterday carrying an Obama bag I hadn’t ever seen. I guess she didn’t know that she was supposed to be among the disaffected in the base…

  76. If she’s not searching for a new outrage, maybe. I do calls as well and have talked to gays and lesbians [demonstrable by who else is living in the house/their ages; not a flag or anything] and they have been supportive. One man told me that they were likely moving full time to NC and planned to volunteer there.

  77. It’s been a while since I posted but I do check in from time to time. And it seems like so many people are going crazy with all of this speculation. Until a deal is reached and the Whitehouse confirms it then we can talk about what is in it.

    And regarding the PL they are a complete joke and waste of time. Everytime it’s Obama sells us out, Obama does this, Obama does that. It really is getting old and tired.

    And some need to remember that the PL always turns on Democratic presidents especially Obama TThey hated Carter now they like him, they hated Clinton now they like him. The PL like to lose and they like to bitch and complain.

  78. And regarding former President Bill Clinton. I liked the guy as president but I always pointed out his mistakes. Taking out Glass Stegall, DOMA, Welfare Reform (there was a better way to reform it), Telecommunications Act, NAFTA (lacking proper protections and standards), also the lying.

    I still think he was a good president in some ways because he balanced the budget and got our fiscal house in order, lead us through peaceful times and handled Kosovo in a great manner.

    But to say that Obama is to the right of him is a joke. And Obama has not done anything close to the mistakes Clinton made.

  79. Hi Africa,
    I missed that, I didn’t know Brit was leaving for Bosnia–I will miss his diaries. A couple of other diarists are also doing daily diaries on Murdoch but I liked the continuity of his work and the fact that he is an actual journalist is reflected in his writing style.

  80. It seems to me that you are violating the rules of this site by reporting on the comments of that other site. Alk you are doing is transferring that toxic waste to this site. Every one knows and can expect what is sgoing to saod there. Frankly, who cares. Remember this site is about commenting on the upbeat and the positive and providing useful information.

  81. Yeah, DADT was so early in his administration, and I think he thought it wouldbe a compromise that would permit gays to serve, so long as everybody just didn’t talk about it. Of course it didn’t help at all. I think it wa ssupposed to NOT be an outright ban, but didn’t work out that way.

    The things he did that the left really should hate would be–yes–relealing Galss-Stegal, DOMA, and the Telecommunications Act of 1996. I wasn’t so big on his welfare reform, really, and I do hat the Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act. But, I guess Sonny deserves more blame for that than Clinton.

    Still, Clinton was light-years ahead of Bush-Cheney.

  82. forgive the misspellings. For some reason, when I typed my comment it appeared in black, which made it difficult to see.

  83. I don’t blame Clinton for DADT. It was a very different time. But I resent – boy, do I resent – so-called “progressives” who now just choose to forget about DADT and DOMA, and they blame the guy who is actually getting rid of them.

  84. The day after the hearing and shaving cream pie incident happened I was at a weekly gathering of friends when one of them mentioned she thought the pie incident was too convenient of an event in changing the subject as the inquiry was closing in. It definitely changed the subject and the media knows how to do that. I hadn’t heard any thoughts on it possibly having been a staged stunt until a day or so later, but this was conjecture too. Notice how Rupert was given a recess at that time though and the inquiry was stopped?

  85. Sometimes I wonder if people get addicted to the emotions involved with opposing their perceived injustices. Then when there are good times with little to oppose they are so used to those feelings they find things to oppose to continue their old ways with the addictive feelings. Not sure if this is making sense or not as I am sure there is a better way to say it. Just thoughts about addictive behaviors.

  86. I know! How sweet are they? And the little blonde leaning into her from the floor? Totally dead from the cute.

  87. Yep. I peeked at his Twitter and he’s been hyping up Gary Johnson for President. Did he ever even ENTER?

  88. Nor are mine. I’m not sure if they are even aware of people who speak in their names without proxy being given.

  89. Most commentators go on their own experience and LO has direct experience in the Senate. PBO is politically astute and does play chess over checkers, BUT the one thing they all miss about PBO is that he actually means what he says. He does want a BIG deal that doesn’t just tinker around the edges but bends that arc into the future. He looks at things as how they will impact the long term and commentators and other politicians usually ascribe his motives based on their own past experiences with others. PBO is like no other politician. I actually think of PBO as a statesman not a politician as he is looking at what is good for this country and us regardless of how the politics play out. That is the missing component in the commentators viewpoints. As you said look at PBO’s records and you will see he walks his talk.

  90. I think that they cannot understand that they HELPED to create the problems that exist in Congress and in states all over America today, stevan, because they never step outside of the rageaholic echo chamber they inhabit, and because they are not willing to become adults that examine the result(s) of their actions, acknowledge their mistakes, and work to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. There was a post at TPV a few weeks ago in which Deaniac addressed the remarkable absence of analysis, logic, and critical thinking skills found on blogs like the one you describe in your post. Knee jerk reactions that have their bases in emotions or are tied to the egos or desires for profit/fame of the bloggers/writers/blog owners seem to be what drives the blog, and truth, analysis, logic, and facts are not as important as driving traffic to the blog.

  91. Question?

    Why have the minorities always suffered the most in each recession?

    I wonder what the factors are that’s all.

  92. Thank you BWD. I just saw some person on tv this morning bashing the President who has helped him in this area of his being able to live his life more respectfully and peacefully as a citizen.

  93. Wow! That speech and news conference was out of the park! The American people know now who the Only Adult in the Room is.

  94. “Sadly I ventured into one of those rumor-mill diaries and just left in disgust. I didn’t bother to comment because there is no interest in fact or reason, just emotional screaming and threats to primary the president.”

    I hear you on that. And sadly, I went in and tried to counter some of the bilious nonsense I saw, but…no avail. So, I decided, “I’m done with all that.” I’ve had enough–enough with reading bone stick stone nonsense from loudmouths who are too busy screaming and throwing rocks at the wrong target, who are making up stuff and not being truthful, who are sticking to memes that have been thoroughly debunked….

    The tearing point was this:

    I’ve had it from these smug, cynical jerks who are too busy spouting untruths and who seem perfectly fine with letting the country slide off the edge just so they can keep tittering their nonsense. I’m done with them.

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