“How Can We Not Love Obama?”

This awesome piece was written by Stephen Marche in last week’s Esquire. It is such a beautiful, loving letter to PBO (even if Marche is not shy of criticizing him), that some RW blogs – which I won’t link to to save my life – mocked it while waiting for their heads to explode. And their heads exploded alright.


Before the fall brings us down, before the election season begins in earnest with all its nastiness and vulgarity, before the next batch of stupid scandals and gaffes, before Sarah Palin tries to convert her movie into reality and Joe Biden resumes his imitation of an embarrassing uncle and Newt and Callista Gingrich [FIG.1] creep us all out, can we just enjoy Obama for a moment? Before the policy choices have to be weighed and the hard decisions have to be made, can we just take a month or two to contemplate him the way we might contemplate a painting by Vermeer or a guitar lick by the early-seventies Rolling Stones or a Peyton Manning pass or any other astounding, ecstatic human achievement? Because twenty years from now, we’re going to look back on this time as a glorious idyll in American politics, with a confident, intelligent, fascinating president riding the surge of his prodigious talents from triumph to triumph. Whatever happens this fall or next, the summer of 2011 is the summer of Obama.

Due to the specific nature of his political calculus, possibly not a single person in the United States — not even Obama himself — agrees with all of his policies. But even if you disagree with him, even if you hate him, even if you are his enemy, at this point you must admire him. The turning point came that glorious week in the spring when, in the space of a few days, he released his long-form birth certificate, humiliated Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and assassinated Osama bin Laden. The effortlessness of that political triptych — three linked masterpieces demonstrating his total command over intellectual argument, low comedy, and the spectacle of political violence — was so overwhelmingly impressive that it made political geniuses of the recent past like Reagan and Clinton [FIG.2] seem ham-fisted. Formed in the fire of other people’s wars, other people’s financial crises, Obama stepped out of Bush’s shadow that week, almost three years after taking over the presidency.

But even that string of successes cannot fully explain the immensity of his appeal right now. Reagan was able to call upon the classic American mythology of frontiersmen and astronauts and movie stars; Obama has accessed a much wider narrative matrix: He’s mixed and matched Jay-Z with geek with Hawaiian with Kansan with product of Middle America with product of a broken home with local Chicago churchgoer with internationally renowned memoirist with assassin. “I am large, I contain multitudes,” Walt Whitman [FIG.3] wrote, and Obama lives that lyrical prophecy. Christopher Booker’s 2004 book The Seven Basic Plots, a wide-ranging study from the Epic of Gilgamesh on and a surprisingly convincing explanation for why we crave narrative, reduced all stories to a few plots, each with its own kind of hero. Amazingly, Barack Obama fulfills the role of hero in each of these ancient story forms.

While Obama’s story is ancient, it is also utterly contemporary, perfectly of the moment. His gift — and it is a gift that makes him emblematic — is that he inhabits all these roles without being limited by them. He has managed, miraculously, to remain something of an outsider while being the president of the United States of America, the most inside man in the world. He’s African-American, but he’s not African-American. He’s from Chicago, but he’s from Hawaii. One month he’s bailing out the banks, the next he’s keeping Gitmo open. He pushes health-care reform through with an unimpeachable heave of will then extends the tax cuts. He walks smiling through the newly opened White House garden on his way to announce renewed efforts at oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, his “balanced” approach to the economy has led to a slower recovery than other industrialized nations and the war in Libya has been half-assed at best, which is exactly what war cannot be. For two years, he seemed disingenuous and defensive, pushed into roles that his predecessors had scripted, alternately playing savior then monster. But no more. We can finally see who he is, we can finally understand the reality: In 2011, it is possible to be a levelheaded, warmhearted, cold-blooded killer who can crack a joke and write a book for his daughters. It is possible to be many things at once. And even more miraculous, it is possible for that man to be the president of the United States. Barack Obama is developing into what Hegel called a “world-historical soul,” an embodiment of the spirit of the times. He is what we hope we can be.

We love Obama — even those who claim to despise him — because deep in our hearts and all over our lives, we’re the same way — both inside and outside our jobs, our races, our cities, our countries, ourselves. With great artists, often the most irritating feature of their work is the source of their talent. Obama’s gift is the same as his curse: He’s somehow managed to be like the rest of us, only infinitely more so.

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USA Today: In 6 of 9 swing states, Obama has fundraising edge

WASHINGTON — President Obama has outraised his Republican rivals in six of nine key battleground states that he won in 2008, a USA TODAY analysis of new campaign-finance reports shows.
In North Carolina, one of nine states won by President Bush in 2004 that Obama captured in 2008, supporters donated more than $300,000 to Obama during the April-to-June fundraising period, about twice the amount of individual contributions that flowed to the top GOP fundraiser, Mitt Romney. In Indiana, which Obama won by 1%, the president outraised Romney 3-to-1.

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The American Prospect: Why Obama Will Win in 2012




FINALLY: Letting you know that over the past week I banned two people until further notice. It’s the first time I ever had to do such thing, and frankly, it broke my heart. But honestly, as I said just yesterday, I had enough. If you want to whine and bitch and set your hair on fire and attack other posters – FIND SOMEPLACE ELSE. I have very few rules here and I ask you to follow them.

Thank you.

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  1. Good Morning, BWD. This is your home; you make the rules and enforce them.

    Thanks for the space.

    I enjoy dropping in and hanging with y’all from time to time.

    It keeps my heart open. Keep doing your thing. You’ve got a fine community.

  2. BWD, your house, your rules. Just know we stand behind you.

    Now, away from the pie fights and onto something serious. I think the moneymen and Wall Streeters are regretting their decision to bankroll the Tea Party into power. They may not like Obama, but I think they know that he’s the best chance they have at averting a global economic catastrophe. What makes me think this? Well, it seems that the de facto head of the GOP, Grover Norquist, just blinked. From TPM:

    In an interview with the Washington Post’s editorial board, Norquist addressed the question of the Bush tax cuts — which are scheduled to expire at the end of 2012. “Not continuing a tax cut is not technically a tax increase,” Norquist said. Would that violate his anti-tax pledge? “We wouldn’t hold it that way,” he said.

    The people who fund him—the same people who fund the Tea Party—are, in a word, panicking. Their wealth will be as ashes if the debt ceiling isn’t raised and the US starts to default. Now, yes, it was a very small blink on Norquist’s part—but last year letting the Bush tax cuts expire was tantamount to increasing taxes in the minds of the GOP and Norquist. So, we’ll see how this plays out.

  3. Beautiful Esquire article, BWD. Thanks for sharing — made my day. Also, thanks for making the hard choice, editorially. You’re like the good boss cracking down on the misbehaving employees… everybody already knew they were misbehaving. You made the other show drop. Good.

  4. The fauxgressives have been slowly infiltrating the pragmatic blog comments sections these past 2 weeks. There are people over on TOD siding with Cenk right now. It’s ridiculous. Pragmatic blogs are becoming very very influential. Don’t think that the people who got rid of Cenk for Sharpton have not been reading what BWD writes. Don’t think they haven’t been reading TPV and Electablog and others.

    You guys are making a real difference and creating a change in how this President if covered by the media by calling them out, and the fauxgressives know it.

    If you have to ban them to keep this place positive and effective, then that is your right, It’s your blog. If they wanna spread lies and hatred toward President Obama and his suppoters, there are plenty of places for them to do that.

  5. Good day BWD. I humbly thank you for taking the stand that you did on yesterday and I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. After a while, the comments become so oppressive, like the humid heat wave the middle & east coast is experiencing, that it weighs you down and I refrain from commenting. I enjoy the information and facts that you and Chipsticks bring to your blogs. Keep the bar high! You have a lot of supporters.
    Be blessed. 🙂

  6. Norquist is just a lackey for the moneyed interests. He literally has no funding without them—I mean, really, if he had to depend upon regular GOP voters for his funding, he’d be hitting the streets cup in hand. If his backers yank on his chain, he’ll heel.

  7. I wanted to post on a new thread while I have a chance just to say that I really didn’t just make that long post the other day and then hide. The room where I have my computer has no a/c and it’s been way too hot in here (up until this minute) to have it running.

    I want to thank whoever that was who gave me a hug. And I hope to see Faith back and posting soon. Unless I missed seeing her in yesterday’s thread. I did see her post to everybody down the other thread.

    So having said that, now I can read this nice article.

  8. I just finished reading this and it literally brought me to tears. What a remarkable soul he is.

  9. BWD, Thanks for keeping this site a positive place where we can come to see what is really happening without feeling stressed over the remarks of those that fall victim of the controversy promoting MSM.

  10. Agree with everyone else, your home, your rules. Wonderful Esquire article — our President is a beautiful person and it’s nice to know that others see what we see! Thank you BWD for this wonderful site.

  11. Thank you BWD, what a beautiful article by Marche. Yes, let’s all take time to enjoy living in the summer of Obama.

  12. OMG BWD I love love the article by Stephen Mache, “How can we not Love Obama?” I smiled all the way thru.

    Your blog your rules. Peace

  13. Sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. I’ve been very under the weather, lost virtually four weeks of spring and early summer, but I’ve been reading whenever I could sit here, and this morning’s Esquire piece was a touch of heaven. An excellent touch, the most truly literary critique I’ve read of anyone, let alone of someone so perfect as our president.

    The question at the end of the Esquire piece was “Do you still love Obama?” Good grief, do you have to ask? I will ALWAYS love Obama. I thank all the fates, all the deities, all the saints for him every single day.

    Thank you blackwaterdog for posting it. I’m going back to bed for a while in absolute contentment.

  14. LL thanks for the Norquist, It blows my mind that folks working in government would sign a pledge to an individual/group. I just don’t get it

  15. I so agree with your banning the posters. I come here to be uplifted. If I wanted negativity I would go to DU or Kos. thanks for all you do.

  16. Loved the Esquire article. Thank you so much for sharing it. Definitely worth a click to that site to read the last bit (although any picture of Scary Barbie ™ gives me the shivers). I do so love this place and am grateful beyond measure, BWD, that you are willing to do what OFA is not: moderate a blog. I hope you stick around for a good long time because I have no desire at all to go to the OFA blog again. This place is better than that one ever was anyway. Way smarter people, much better reads. I learn lots here and never would have taken on the task of learning twitter without your encouragement.

  17. Ot: the NFL will be ending there lockout today. If any of you have followed this, it is billionaires(owners) against the millionaires(players)!
    I love my football, but man are these guys out of touch.

  18. Thanks BWD for all you do. Love the article by Stephen Marche. I have tweeted it and others seem to like it too. I am moving this weekend and have spent the last month trying to get rid of 30 years accumulation of crap so have not been as active as I would like. I am addicted to this site and The Obama Diary so I still rop in everyday several times. You guys are great.

  19. 2 things:

    1> Glad you’re staying with us! Thank you!
    2> There’s nothing wrong with throwing people out of your house if they refuse to behave.

  20. Just a reminder that there are two legs to the global economic crisis. The US is one. But even more worrisome is Europe. The American Prospect has a must-read article: Europe’s Perfect Financial Storm.

    I have faith that we’ll hike the debt ceiling—and even get a clean hike of it. Greece is an entirely other matter. Get ready; it’s going to be a bumpy few months.

  21. I don’t think it’s going to be clean. I think that PBO actually *wants* a deficit deal. That he didn’t just play the regular kabuki. He wants to do something big here, and looking at the NYT alert – we may hear something soon.

  22. Wow. I often wonder how you find these goodies. Seriously though, How CAN you not love Obama? Never mind all that stuff about having a president you would want to have a beer with. Obama is the guy you want to marry, he’s the guy you want your daughter’s to marry, you want your sons, brothers and fathers to be like him. You also want to have friends like him. He’s just an awesome human being. He is perfectly imperfect.

  23. Is the American Prospect link subscription? I can’t get it to open right.

  24. Darn you NY Times, you completely upended my argument! 😀 Now I’m all a-flutter as to what PBO was able to negotiate. And, again, is it something that Boehner will be able to sell to the Tea Party faction, or if he’s just given up and agreed to a plan that will require it to be passed by a rump GOP and the Dems?

  25. Thank you BWD, I rarely ever make a comment, but I read your blog everyday along with TOD, I want to let you know, this is one amazing blog and You do a masterful job of keeping us positive. The article in Esquire was awesome. I sent it to my facebook. Now I have to check to see if posted, sometimes I am a little illiterate in some of the this stuff goes over the tubes. 🙂
    Everybody have a great and happy day. It is finally cooling down a few degrees in MN.

  26. I think so too. I think he took another GOP manufactured crisis/temper tantrum and is trying to wrangle something out of it. I know people criticized Rahm for saying never let a crisis go to waste but Obama might as well take advantage of the situation rather than get swallowed up by the whole clusterfuck created by Repubs.

  27. I think he also wants to remove a big Republicans talking point going into 2012. They will not be able to play the deficit card on him. And he already took away their “soft on terror” nonsense. It’s just that damned unemployment…

  28. This is great news. Me and my very Republican cousin both agreed yesterday that it would be a shame to come away from all of this with just a clean bill. That would be a great opportunity squandered.

  29. It will surely lose progressives, but I think the selling point will be that is will get moderates from both sides. There will be a risk that is fails in the House though because Boehner might not control enough of his voters.

  30. This would be interesting news if true. There was no way the millionaires and billionaires were going to risk all that revenue being lost by having a prolonged lock-out. Plus they will be the only game in town if the NBA has a lock-out this season.

  31. Yes. They grew up in tightly controlled households—–suffocatingly conservative, male dominant, every move and thought dictated. I always get irked when someone tells me they are Republican because their parents were. I always want to yell back, “Don’t you have your own brain, your own thoughts? Why can’t you make your own decisions? You are a separate person from your parents.”

  32. Thank you for having standards for commenting. This is the first place I visit and sets such a wonderful mood for the rest of my day.

  33. I don’t think it matters, I think this just means the Bush Tax Cuts are not in any deal for the Debt Ceiling and the GOP want to be able to say “Obama will raise your taxes” in a years time when he’s intent on letting them expire. If they said now “it’s not raising your taxes” then they couldn’t attack him on it. I think that language came out when it looked like the Bush Extra Tax cuts might be part of a big deal and they needed to say “it’s not raising taxes” to be able to get it through the GOP House and around the Norquist pledge.

  34. I think with the GOP House in total calamity, and seeing that Wall Street is getting very nervous about the intransigent lot, not to mention with every poll showing that Americans have had it with the Tea people, perhaps, PBO convinces Boehner that he has nothing to lose now but his seat in 2012.

    Secondly, contrary to the PLs that think PBO is this evil sellout, I think the president is not willing to just kick the can down the road for the short-term and then come back to this distraction couple of months from now.

    I believe in my hearts of heart that he wants something long-term and meaningful. While it is interesting to listen to LO and hear him say what he thinks the president is doing, I don’t think PBO comes out and just bluff his way through anything. He’s just not that kind of guy.

    I recall him saying the other day how they had the spreadsheets all across the desks, looking at everything.

    So, for what its worth of my 2 cents, I think that the president will do something, and it won’t be something that hurts the people he fights for the most — the vulnerable population.

    Good day everyone!!

  35. The Bush tax cuts were a massive transfer of wealth from public coffers into the pockets of a select handful of the wealthy and corporations. Ending them and closing loopholes would replenish federal coffers and allow the govt to do a lot of things. If this happens, the dividends to the prez and the country would be huge.

  36. I join Annie in saying thank you for that Esquire piece. It is poetic and soars–just like OBAMA.

    BWD, You have started by day with a bang. Thanks

  37. This might sound strange, but I wonder if this will have a noticeable effect on the economy. I think a lot of (mostly) men will be in lot better states of mind with their football back, and will provide distractions from real world problems.

    Basketball having an season looks much bleaker, and they probably have more direct employees given the longer season and 41 home games – but NFL is Americana.

  38. And it’s a good reminder that not every thought needs to be expressed, as we jokingly remind one of our more loquacious family members. And not everything found on the “internets” needs to be posted, especially with double alarm bells. Priorities and selective process please.

  39. A record number of new inventions are expected to be processed by the US Patent and Trademark Office this year – in spite of concerns that funding for scientific research has slowed because of the recession.

    More than half a million filings are anticipated in fields ranging from life sciences and personalised medicine to solar energy and mobile phone applications.

    The surge of ideas coincides with a major exhibition in Washington DC that examines America’s history of innovation and the belief that Americans themselves have a special genius for scientific discovery.

    “The heritage we owe to the 19th Century is this inherent belief, this optimism in the ability of innovation to solve our problems,” said David Kappos, director of the US Patent and Trademark Office, which helped produce the show.

    “That spirit is alive – every bit as much as it was 200 years ago.”


  40. Probably don’t want to poison negotiations with the added pressure of the leaks. Boehner did supposedly have a pizza and beer gathering last night with GOP freshmen, very likely trying to sell them on something, or at least getting them ready to get off their high horses.

  41. Loved the Esquire piece, beautifully and sincerely written. It is apparent to all but those who refuse to see that President Obama is indeed gifted in so many different areas, a man of many desirable talents. And I loved this line: “He is what we hope we can be.” So true.

  42. I think those tax cuts find their way into funding think tanks and the Citizens United third party political groups. I mean if the taxes on the rich went back up to Clinton levels, I believe that is a 4% hike which is $40,000 on ever million earned. For the uber rich types that fund these think tanks and Roves they make in the hundreds of millions, meaning they’re taxes another $4M (for every $100M) – money that goes to the Government now rather than potentially funding right wing causes.

  43. Thanks for your tough decision, BWD. You made the right one.
    I loved that article by Stephen Marche. He expressed what I feel, but he did it so beautifully. I loved how he showed that the President fit the seven basic plots or archetypes. I taught literature for 30 years, and he is part of all the major archetypes.
    It’s taken the country a while to catch on, but I think it is beginning to. It also took him a while to find his own footing in this goldfish bowl job, but he has. Can you imagine, having the most visible, important job in the world, and having to do it in the full glare of millions of eyes every day? I’ve noticed a growing comfort in him and in FLOTUS this year. They are unique, they are themselves, copies of no one. I am rejoicing in the Summer of Obama.

  44. I just heard on msnbc that Standard & Poors is meeting with the Repub House freshman ——I’m assuming they will try to talk some sense into their thick heads.

  45. More awful news for Pres. Obama and the Dems. From Oliver Willis:

    In CNN’s new poll on the debt ceiling we see that more people support the type of proposal being promoted by President Obama, and not the extremist offering from House Republicans. 34% support the GOP’s position of only spending cuts, while an overwhelming 64% support a mix of cuts and tax increases.

    52% find the President has acted responsibly, while only 33% say the same of the House GOP — while 63% rightly say the Republicans have not acted responsibly.

    If the the ceiling isn’t raised, only 30% say President Obama is responsible, while 51% would blame the GOP.

    When they are asked what to cut and who to tax, people say hands off farm subsidies, pensions for government workers, medicaid, medicare, and social security. A thinner majority (52-47) supports defense cuts, while there is huge support (70%+) for ending subsidies to big oil, increasing the tax on private jets, and increasing taxes on those making over $250,000 a year.

    This is an almost across-the-board win for the positions Democrats have mostly pushed — but the media and the right keeps acting as if the fringe tea party position has any serious support. It is seriously out of whack.

    At what point do the GOP freshman realize that they’re slitting their own wrists?

  46. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family!!!! I have been alittle on edge this morning waiting for BWD. I so worry that all the trash you have to wade thru will some day be too much. I have to say again and again what this site means to me. I don’t participate as much as others but this place is my daily read. You all help keep me going. We must stay on track like the President and not stoop to the tearepubs level. Thanks everyone for all you do for all of us.

    I love this mornings read. It is the way I feel, How can we not love Obama!!!!!

  47. He even fits the classic romance novel. Hero sweeping his gal off her feet and giving the whole happily ever after a new meaning.

  48. Polls polls polls. Quinnipiac has a new poll out on the presidential race in Ohio. Here are the numbers.

    Obama D 47.0%, Perry R 35.0%
    Bachmann R 36.0%, Obama D 49.0%
    Obama D 45.0%, Romney R 41.0%
    Obama D 51.0%, Palin R 35.0%

  49. I wish they would just do an end run around the stupid TP republicans…get the dems on board with some revenues and just let whatever adults are still left in the nut house do the deal…making them totally neutered. They seem to think they’re entitled to run the ENTIRE govt…doing that would send a clear signal. Does Boner have balls?

  50. They won’t believe them….like all these people are making this up. I’m off to call my Republican reps…I am SO itchin’ for an argument! Will let you know:)

  51. Well, from TPM:

    Without going into detail, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) says he’s prepared his caucus — including the most dug-in, conservative members who oppose raising the debt limit under almost all circumstances — that they’ll have to compromise. But he still can’t say publicly, with certainty, that the votes will be there to raise the debt limit before August 2, and thus avoid a catastrophic default.

    Time to fish or cut bait. No matter what Boehner does, he’ll probably get a teabagger challenger next year. I still have a faint hope that he’ll do what’s best for the country, not for himself.

  52. LL thanks,
    I find it tiresome listening to the MSM talk about “conservative principles”. There is no such thing among current republicans. They simply respond to the whims of whomever they believe will finance their next campaign or target them in a primary.

    This Norquist pledge on taxes with no regard to the negative effect they are having on the economy is a prime example.

  53. They have been “close to a deal” for 2 weeks LOL
    I think PBO and Boehner had a deal in mind, but can’t get that little rat, Cantor to agree.

  54. Wow LL. The ground just shifted. I suspect next they will have him making a few phone calls to House Republicans telling them to give the President a clean bill.

  55. Absolutely! He has consistently been taking their talking point away from them. i think that is part of the reason he drives them crazy.

  56. The answer is in the article itself: Update: Norquist and his organization are pushing back against the editorial, after no doubt getting an earful from their far-right allies this morning. It’s unclear if the Post misquoted him, whether Norquist misspoke, or whether he just accidentally said what he believes and now regrets it.

    The GOP really is cornering itself into oblivion out of fear of teabaggers.

  57. BWD,
    I’m sorry you had to kick some people off the site, but I’m sure it was justified. You aren’t obligated to provide a space for people to badmouth Obama. Not in any way obligated. There are tons of places they can do that. And some people feel obligated to bring everyone down, everywhere they go. It’s all they do — spread misery.
    You did the right thing. Stand up for your site and for what you’re doing.

  58. I’m not really sure why Boehner is concerned about a tea party primary opponent. People don’t like to give the heave to well-established, powerful members of Congress. That’s why Reid won in Nevada. And the tea party is losing its creds with ordinary Republicans.

  59. They didn’t believe Reagans guy, or Bush 41″s guy. I doubt they’ll believe S&P. They don’t want to believe. It’s all a big conspiracy to them. All of these money people are working on the evil President’s orders. That was the gist of what one of those fools said the other day.

  60. … I had enough. If you want to whine and bitch and set your hair on fire and attack other posters – FIND SOMEPLACE ELSE. I have very few rules here and I ask you to follow them.

    Works for me. Your house, your rules. Pretty simple, really.

    As for the Esquire article, the author does a masterful job of not only describing Barack Obama, but also detailing what it is about him that makes us proud and makes his haters hate.

    For us, it’s pride. For them, jealousy rules the day. They just can’t figure out how this guy, THIS MAN, can be who he is. As my sweet momma would say, “They just don’t know what pocket to put him in”

    He is large, and he does contain multitudes. Fascinating doesn’t even begin to describe this man.

    And, let’s not forget, it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is tall and good-looking. The men call him ‘a man’s man.’ He loves kids and kills terrorists. He’s a nerd and an athlete at the same time.

    And the ladies? We know he is happily married to Michelle Obama. But we also know that he is one smart, sexy, good-looking, tall, honorable, rich, physically fit (um.. did I say sexy?) man. The best looking president the United States has ever had! EVER.

  61. Thank you for keeping control of this website, bwd. I’m sure it’s a time-consuming and difficult and disheartening job. I’m also sure that it’s exactly what’s needed to keep the infiltrators who live to dishearten us all from taking over the tone and the mission of this site, which is to appreciate, acknowledge and respect our great president. Thank you a million times for this site and for what it does. I have the greatest respect and gratitude for you. And my belief in and respect for our president grows every day as we witness what his opposition is willing to do to our country in order to destroy his presidency. It’s just chilling, yet he just keeps fighting for all of us, like the true champion he is. His fortitude in the face of everything just increases my admiration for him. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!! We are unbelievably lucky to have this amazing man in our White House.

  62. I definitely think it will impact the economy. A lot of money gets spent when people go to these NFL games – there’s parking, food/drinks at concessions, post-game dinner out, etc. Not to mention all of the sports bars who see increased business during games.

    Personally, I am excited to see NFL come back.

  63. Not only innovation but tenacity. 30 years that program lasted, successful in every way. This is what American Exceptionalism looks like to me.

  64. Interesting article at WP about the math on passing a debt ceiling increase in the House – http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/post/what-happens-when-house-republicans-stare-into-the-abyss/2011/03/03/gIQA3IrxRI_blog.html

    here are currently 432 members of the House (with three vacancies), so you need 217 votes to pass a bill. There are 239 Republicans, so if between 90 and 100 of them have ruled out supporting a “Plan B,” Boehner’s best case scenario is getting about 140 or 150 votes from his conference. That will leave him in the range of 70 to 80 votes shy of raising the debt limit.

    Obviously, those 70 to 80 votes must come from Democrats. In April, 81 of them voted for the budget deal compromise with President Obama, but House Democrats are going to be less eager to vote to raise the debt limit than they were to pass a funding bill.

  65. Good Morning BWD family

    Let’s start off with a quote from our President from the press conference last Friday

    ignore jack tapper in the first few seconds

  66. Tien Le, thanks for that wonderful link. I watched Joy’s segment and she did an awesome job! I LOVE the Reid Report and I want to add my voice to yours in a hearty congrats.

  67. Yes BWD we stand behind you all the way, and I still love Obama, because he is the best President this country ever had , I not kiiding either. The article just blow my mind , amazing’ I keep saying over and over no BODY in the GOP will be able to match Obama’s intellectual mind.I” am glad that the people that funded the TeaParty are weaking up.

  68. Politics aside…

    At some point, someone else on television is going to recognize the business model that only Al Sharpton appears to understand…

    The Obama Administration is massively *under*represented on television, especially on shows that purport to discuss policy. They have been alright with this, I suspect, because they have been able to move forward regardless… and this void is only building up an interest in what they have to say, just in time for some event or other that happens in 2012.

    So right now, you can begin finding reasons to interview people, and then start inviting a succession of ever-more-important Administration figures onto your show. You may not ever get the President, but you *could* work your way up to a succession of Cabinet officials and perhaps the Vice President and/or First Lady, who — as apparently only a select few small-time renegades such as Oprah seem to know — might also be a big deal.

    Or to put it differently, at some point the shows that try to lock out the Administration will essentially be locking themselves out of the conversation. Al Sharpton seems to have recognized this point. I’d imagine Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews are picking up on it as well.

    Assuming the Reverend Sharpton doesn’t end up being the only contender in this niche market known as “the majority of the public,” then the real question is at what point a Sunday policy show picks up on it and uses this incredibly obvious tactic — equal time for hugely consequential people, many of whom are stars in themselves — to begin wiping out the competition.

  69. I hope Stephen Colbert rips Adam, the grifter, Green a new one! Does anyone know if this story has forwarded to Mr. Colbert or if it’s trending on Twitter?

  70. She’ll get attacked because she worked for the Obama campaign (might have even just volunteered). That always comes up in replies to her stories on the emoprogs when their minions come around.

  71. We must make this site the best ever and stay strong it’ will be best NOT to be biching or whinning all the time, so let’s stay focus on the real issues and things will be O.K SI SEPUEDE Nation.

  72. You know, it was evident early on that Barack Obama had bested Hillary Clinton during the primaries, but the MSM kept insisting it was neck and neck and it lasted FOREVER, until SHE declared him the nominee at the convention! Once again, PBO will come out of a potential debacle looking even MORE impressive because he will win this thing AND make the Republicans look like the evil, selfish, greedy, idiotic, reckless bastards they are. It’s a thing of beauty, just like his thrashing of Trump WHILE Bin Laden was being killed made that all the more powerful and impressive. Man, this president ROCKS!

  73. Stephen Marche & Esquire being amazing right there. The 2nd paragraph, beginning with the 2nd sentence is absolute perfection. I can’t read anymore, this flawless truthful paragraph will simmer with me for a few hrs before I continue. I love this president.

  74. What a wonderful piece in Esquire magazine. I found myself tearing- up and
    nodding vigourously in agreement while reading it. Truly,how can we not
    love this awesome man? I feel blessed to be experiencing the Presidency
    of Obama. I will continue to work my butt off to get this man re-elected.

    Thanks for this great article BWD…it made my day!

  75. Thank you for this great site and I support your effots to keep it positive and insightful!

  76. I’ve been trying to watch him every day to give him the ratings. I love his “take no prisoners” approach to the teapotty and the liars. Some one said that he was a bit “rough around the edges” but I like that about him. It makes him more real and he asks questions I would like to ask of some of these people. Imho, MSNBC really needs someone like him.

  77. I feel a bit of shame to say that I started out a Democrat because my own parents were staunch Democrats but I stayed a Democrat because of the ideals most of the Democratic party tries to follow.

  78. He shouldn’t even worry about it. His corporate base will take care of any primary opponent. Provided he doesn’t screw this up.

  79. Thanks!
    I could watch that all day. I wish everyone in America could see that. Though thankfully the polls certainly suggest that all that contained in this clip is an approach shared by them. PBO knows this, which is why worries about drastic cuts are overblown. He still needs Dems in the more liberal House as well as the more Blue Dog Senate.

  80. Thanks for the math – I was wondering about that and hadn’t looked it up! However, I’m not understanding why House Dems wouldn’t support the debt limit increase. I’m quite sure most of them would if it was structured in a way that POTUS would agree to sign. Right?

  81. I thought folks might enjoy reading this

    Jon Huntsman Replaces His Campaign Manager


    “It’s not a stretch to say that Huntsman’s highly-anticipated presidential bid has landed on the Republican landscape with a thud. Polls show him down in nowheresville in New Hampshire, where he’s expected to make his first stand (he’s officially skipping Iowa.) Nationally, he’s not doing any better. “

  82. I wish we could do this to our Gov. She’s up to her elbows with Prison Corps that run our prisons here. We’ve had all sorts of scandals and lawsuits over deaths and even escapes from our prisons because of the way things are being run.

  83. I had to shed a few tears over that. I so remember all the early space stuff that was so encouraged under JFK, the people who gave their lives literally and figuratively to this exploration over the years. I am hoping that when PBO can get a breather from all the crap, that he can focus his attention on space, “the final frontier” He is such a far thinker. I believe he will.

  84. Thanks for that link, amk. I’ve always believed that we have so many people here with great inventive minds who keep asking “what if?” Having an environment that encourages that kind of thinking is a powerful thing.

  85. Good Morning BWD & Fam,
    BWD Im really surprised it took you so long. You have the patience of Job. Really the quality of the debate was falling sorry to say. I come many times a day so I follow everything pretty closely.I appreciate the self-policing aspect bec it makes people stop and think about how they are affecting the other members. Each person is responsible for doing it. I think it is a much better site without the hysterics. 2012 is a good ways off and we have to accept that the challenge will be hard and get to work. I used to tell my kids: Crying does not make up the bed! I think we should all remember that.

  86. Yes, I too think that just about every decision President Obama has made has been intended to be long-term and meaningful. I think he gave the GOP enough chances to be sincere, but now he knows he can just say whatever he wants and they will go nuts and be against it. It’s almost comical, really. Too bad they’re ruining our economy in the process.

  87. I think the House GOP is more than happy to slit their wrists over their beloved cause of never-ever-ever allowing a single tax to pass, ever. Their being amazingly unpopular with the entire world only helps to reinforce that “victim-bully” schtick that conservatives have perfected over the past 30 years.

  88. I find it degrading and insulting that this group of idiots (male & female) could sign a piece of paper and think it overrides their oath of office to protect the US. What is more insulting is that not a single member of the “press” has suggested that it ought be an impeachable offense especially if we actually do default. I bet if it were dems doing this mess the media would be all over them. I personally think it is treason.

  89. Just a pre-warning: TPM’s hair is on fire. I won’t link. I swear, I could get whiplash from how often that site changes gears. That being said, when it just focuses on actual news, it’s pretty good. When it focuses on pure speculation, well, like I said, I need a neck brace.

  90. That article was just great. I’ve always considered PBO to be what was once called a “Renaissance Man” that is: cultured, knowledgeable, educated and proficient in multiple areas.

  91. According to MSNBC, Norquist unblinked the blink.

    What I don’t understand about the TP nut jobs is that the Bush tax cuts will expire at the end of 2012 and can only be extended in any form by striking a deal with PBO. The “grand bargain” approach would have been an opportunity for them to get some of them preserved and extended beyond 2012.

  92. Sitting here freezing to the bone in July, and waiting for the EU deal, which is said to be almost a done deal, so about as close as the US debt ceiling increase is a done deal. Angela Merkel must be spitting nails about now, but this will be good for Ireland, Portugal and Greece and perhaps stop the three from spiraling downwards.
    The republicans have to understand what an S & P downgrade will mean for the states, which will also get a downgrade and mean higher borrowing costs blowing state budgets right out of the water. But then I may be expecting waaaaay too much intelligence from tea-P people.

  93. My parent was a Dem and I followed many Dem campaigns from 12yrs to Adult (18Yrs old). It was a “no brainer” that I would register and vote Democratic because they are the party that defends the most vulnerable, thw working class, and poor. They are for justice for everyone, not just their party.

  94. Me too. But you should be grateful that your parents had the values of staunch Dems. I know I have always been and that my mother was able to do things like introducing me to going to town Dem committee meetings. She’s gone now but it provides good memory as to who she really was. . .

  95. Probably because of the compromises that will be made to get to 140 or so Rep votes — it’s a delicate balancing act . .

  96. From the Plum Line’s twitter account, re: The Deal:

    Congressional aide: “Pretty much all of” the info out there now on pending deal is “bad information.”

    God, why is the Left so predictable?

  97. Hey OSG. I was watching the Beeb last night before crashing, and its report indicated that the proposed Greece plan was a bandaid. Is that how you see it?

  98. I was late coming to this site today. I had read less and participated in much less today.

    I am glad that I came back in again. It certainly, gave me a big old smile, visiting this site.

    Thank you all.

  99. You know, I’ve had an epiphany. The PL are like heroin addicts. They’re always chasing the feeling they had from that very first high. They want to feel as important and righteous as they did during the Bush years. It doesn’t matter that Obama is the most progressive president since FDR; fighting “the system” is all that matters. Of course, with every victory that PBO wins, they have to work harder and harder for that high until, well, they’re just strung out junkies under a freeway overpass..

  100. Thanks, BWD, for taking care of the miscreants. Be aware (as I’m sure you are) that the people who destroyed dkos would love to infiltrate this site and destroy it too. Be cold blooded when you spot the obvious bad actors. The signs are things like assuming that PBO will strike a bad deal even before the deal has been struck and not recognizing that a compromise involves, what do you know, compromises!!! And then engaging with other posters and repeating the same theme again and again . .

    One of the many reasons I like our Prez is because he is a very good negotiator and has managed to get so much out of seemingly impossible situations (the lame duck, the budget deal that involved no real cuts). I’ve taken to being downright rude to people who complain about the extension of the Bush tax cuts. So if you assume that PBO doesn’t know what he is doing while also assuming that no compromise is acceptable, then you’re probably not an Obama supporter and you should probably take your negativity to another site.

  101. I guess I have to agree that it is only a band-aid. The EU needs EU bonds and so far Sarkozy and Merkel can’t bring themselves to agree to that. I will assume that extending the current country bonds out to 15 years and lowering the interest rates [the bandaid] will help but will they be called defaults or not is the question. Will a technical default even matter at this point? When they announced they were getting closer to a deal, the Euro went up against the US Dollar, so maybe defaults aren’t important anymore?? The remaining big question is – will this actually help Spain and Italy?
    Watching all this and the debt thing in the US I get the same feeling I had during the big quake in LA – I just want to levitate and avoid all of this.

  102. The analyses from the more reputable sources all indicate that the only real long-term solution is for a stronger fiscal union and allowing the ECB to issue bonds. The US solution of throwing money at the banks was a crappy idea, but it was the least crappy option available. Of course, it was able to be done because the Fed can do the things that the ECB can’t. Europe will eventually have to decide how closely it really wants to integrate.

  103. Don’t forget the repugslug “democrats tax & spend” mantra. I think he is probably enjoying forcing them to break their no tax pledge for a host of reasons. 1)they cannot use it in the campaign 2)he has flushed their idiocy out for the world to see 3) I see this episode leaking down into district races 4) Because given what repugslug governors have been doing there should be a cadre of voters who will resist voting for them downballot. At any rate these are my hopes anyway. Finally given the surge of PBO support already on the ground, our campaign will have a visibility TGOP won’t have for awhile.

  104. I like that they are talking about over the next decade. Many many things will happen between now and then not the least of which is get a democratic House and Senate and fix it the way it should be fixed.

  105. You know, I’m a fan of the football you play with your feet, not the one you play with your hands. 😆 That being said, Sundays would just be odd without the NFL, and it is an economic generator. So let the gridiron begin!

  106. Thanks BWD for breaking it down. This is supposed to be an OASIS in the midst of the RW fuckery (excuse my crude tongue). If I want chaos and foolishness, I will listen to Bill PRess, Ed Schultz and all the other frustrati. I come here to read (I mostly lurk) other folks calm and common sense thought on Prez O and his administration.

  107. Forming the EU was opening Pandora’s box. They wanted a single currency, which they got, but Germany wanted to control the budgets of all the countries – no scofflows alowed. Germany didn’t ever take into account what the banks, including Germany’s, were about to do with de-regulation. Now every bank in every country owns some bad debt from the other bad banks in every other country. There is no way to untangle the mess without the EU bands. Germany, however, is scared their country will end up bailing out every other country even though they should as their banks were the worst offenders. EU bonds will bring Merkel down.
    I have to go listen to the 9 PM news. Be back.

  108. The PIG’s [Portugal, Ireland and Greece] will get a 2% drop in the interest rate on their bonds and the bonds will be extended out to 15 years, which is a penalty to the bondholders. In addition, Greece will default on some of its debt, but only Greece will be allowed to do this. One pundit here says if Greece can default, so can the others. We will have to wait and see how the markets and rating agencies handle this in the morning. Ireland will save 600-800 million Euro under this new deal and will continue to get EU money as long as it sticks to its budget. It is only good for Ireland in the long run.

  109. I am sorry some people got “excommunicated” from the site, but it is probably for the best. I came to this site because I could no longer stomach the other site, I mean if I went by them, they would have me convinced that Pres. Obama was a total failure. It’s smart to get in front of “hair pullers” But hopefully it is just a temporary thing and perhaps once the debt ceiling and budget issue is resolve, they will come to their senses. I don’t even read the papers first anymore. I come here first!

    Thanks for your hard work. I am really going to need this site for sanity and clarity in the coming months.

  110. Exactly, – they thought that he would be the Repubs’ “Obama.” As usual, they were 100% wrong. As stated in this beautiful piece by Stephen Marche, Obama is extraordinarily unique and it’s a virtual impossibility to create anything remotely close to him at this point.

  111. I AM grateful to my family for their Democratic values. I also had an Aunt and Uncle who gave a lot of their life and energy to union organizing in the ’30’s. Their stories are so much a part of my beliefs and ideals. As the twig is bent, the tree grows. I could never stray too far from what I was raised to believe.

  112. The old Be Careful What You Ask For comes into play. The Fox station and friends repeatedly painted PBO as a terrorist evil person and courted and promoted the fear and crazy teaparty ideas. They even bankrolled and pushed for their election. Now when it is required to work together to save our Country and even World they are stuck with what they wanted and groomed and the bad decisions they are making. Problem is WE are stuck with them too.
    I only see kicking the TPrs out of office next time around and replacing them with Dems as an out. Prayers are needed in the short term as well as calls to our Reps to put whatever pressure on we can.

  113. Good Afternoon BWD and Family,
    BWD, I want to thank you for creating this beautiful haven for all us .You have shown much loving patience with us here, and I am so grateful for your consistent actions of keeping the bar very high on your site. I appreciate all of the hard and tedious work that has to go into making a site as this such a wonderful success. Because of your hard work, your tremendous love to speak the truth, carry the facts and to also support the President with a respectfulness is so welcomed. BWD, I hope that I will always enter your home with love in my heart, respect in my feet, harmon in my tone, grace on my tongue, and total honor and respect in my exchanges with my family here. I will always respect your home here with these things that are a core to who I am. Thanks for all that you do to make this a beautiful, positive and forward moving site. I love you back also,HZ.

  114. Painter Lucian Freud dies at 88.

    He had a solo exhibition at MOCA in downtown L.A. that I saw that was just amazing. My favorite story about him is that Madonna want him to paint her portrait. If I recall correctly, he said something like “I can’t paint someone who has no depth.” Love me some Madge, but, yes, definitely not worthy of Mr. Freud’s artistry.

  115. Now that’s what I’m talkin about, BWD! Its YOUR blog. YOUR rules. If ppl don’t wanna respect that, you can kick em the fuck off.

  116. Hey Kels, it was just one person and we quickly set him/her straight, though that individual does have a right to their opinion 😕 . If I may say so, TOD is and will always be home to staunch Obama supporters like you and me and everyone here at BWD! 😉

  117. That is such a smart strategy! Something good coming out of Alabama. Good on them. Thanks for finding that, WiW.

  118. I know my US House Dem. Rep, Kurt Schrader is facing a huge television ad campaign right now against him funded by a group sponsored by the Koch Bros.

  119. Please go to my site for a min, and read in the forum about how the Washington Post has contacted Donna Skinner who created our OFA “Friday NIght money bomb” idea, and is harassing her for info. They already did a hit piece with her name in an article in 2008 trying to make it seem as though “us” small donors are doing something wrong simply because we might break our donations into small donations and give to various people. There is nothing wrong with that. She was the maximum small donor last campaign season. They have called her twice today and since she refuses to give them any info or an interview, they are “begging” her for other small donor names. WTF? What are they trying to accomplish? I have been tweeting them all day. http://reelectobamabiden2012.com/

  120. Bobfr, I hope you don’t mind me pulling your post from The Obama Diary, but this comment is just spot on and shows what kind of fire Boehner and the GOP are playing with.

    He also knows there is no way he comes out of this a winner and he may see a challenge to his remaining House Speaker, but that pales to what happens to him if he does not get a bill on the President’s desk that is veto proof, as you know.

    Intentionally forcing the US to default – which is what Boehner as Speaker of the House would be doing if he capitulates to the teabaggers is way beyond dereliction of duty.

    The President has all the remedy he needs in Section IV of the XIV Amendment to be sure that the US does not default.

    So, it’s not an issue of Boehner winning anything. It’s an issue of is he ready to be prosecuted for treason – along with a bunch of other teabaggers in the House. Because, treason it would be to harm the United States to the colossal extent that defaulting on our debt represents. That’s not hyperbole.

    We are living through possibly the seminal moment of US history in the 21st century—this battle, not 9/11, will determine the country’s contours for decades to come.

  121. I actually remember that Virginia was one of the states listed facing potential problems if the debt ceiling is not passed. Isn’t that Eric Cantor’s state? Wouldn’t it be great if he could be beaten by a Dem in ’12? I’d hope his constituents would take notice of all they have to lose by not passing the deficit and give him an earful.

  122. My radio alarm switched on early this morning (usually wake up to Stephanie Miller show), and I was greeted to a major freak out by some reporter with a radio show (I think his name is Bill Frish, or other). He was on a full rant, and appeared to have spent his entire show bashing the President over the apparent “caving”, and his callers were all wringing their hands, too. I have to imagine most of these people are on blood pressure medicine or they are bi-polar (no offense intended to either group). The sad thing is that their angst is entirely self-inflicted.

  123. And thank YOU, dear BWD, for having clarity about what is and isn’t okay, and for your firm willingness to keep the lines intact. It’s a great thing you’re doing. I appreciate it enormously, and admire your fortitude.

  124. Hi theo67,

    My alarm radio turns on with Bill in the morning but lately he has been given the Rachel-KO-Ed-hair-on-fire-people treatment too. I turn the sound down until Stephanie Miller comes on to turn the volume back up. I do the same with Thom Hartmenn but lately I noticed Thom is giving a more wait-and-see approach before he goes off half cocked. I just don’t have any patience for it anymore like BWD. If I wanted to hear Obama-bashing I’d turn on Rushbo,which I’ll never do. Do what I do, turn tne volume downn until Stephanie Miller comes on for some comic relief and pro-Obama radio. P.S. I listen to Randi Rhodes in the afternoon on my lunch hour. She’s great.

  125. Had to turn off Rev Al as they were reporting that Obama had caved to the Republicans.

    I will wait until I hear what Obama says.

  126. I know people have been raving about Rev. Al, and I admit I haven’t given him a very full look as yet, but what I have caught I have to agree with those who describe him as “rough around the edges”. I appreciate his efforts, but I’m not sure he’s the best spokesperson we could hope for in that time slot. It looks disjointed and is uncomfortable to watch at times. I have doubts whether he’ll be able to snare any new viewers who were not already on board.

  127. I am having a real problem with MSNBC bringing MSteele as a paid contributor. I have to turn it off when he is on. I cannot handle him.

  128. One of the rumors I read on-line was that the deal would preserve the tax cuts for less than $250k earners after 2012 but let them expire after 2012 for $250K + earners unless Congress reformed the tax code (within certain parameters, I assume). Who knows what makes it into the final deal but I can live with a creative idea like that . . . .

  129. Why are we even talking about rumors? Hasn’t the President kept us fully informed about what he’s willing to agree to and not? Why can’t we just wait until the agreement is reached? Nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to.

  130. That sounds right to me. Outrage and anger do seem to have an addictive aspect to them.

  131. Big news on the DADT repeal front — all the military honchos who were required by law to certify as to readiness for DADT repeal will be doing so tomorrow (Panetta and Mike Mullen (if he is still the Joint Chief of Staff). Once PBO concurs and issues his own certification, the repeal will take place within 60 days:


    President Obama about to deliver on another campaign promise in his own way, which is actually more effective IMO than would have been trying to sneak something through with an executive order of questionable legality (what Rachel and company wanted him to do).

  132. Tomorrow is a big day for PBO.

    Tomorrow he has the floor for 90 minutes answering questions from citizens far removed from the Inside Game.

    Tomorrow, he will have an opening statement stating HIS priorities.

    Tomorrow, the legislative body responsible for forming all new law (the House) leaves for the weekend. Essentially, that means, “the floor is yours Mr. President.”

    Tomorrow is key. How many cards does one show prior to the final moment of “cards on the table?” As little as possible. Keep them guessing. But tomorrow will be the tell, the affirmation of principle.

    PBO will affirm these principles, because in my experience studying this man, he means what he says, while having to work within the always elastic bounds of compromise.

    That is what is called “politics”, and somewhere on the planet, this idea has thrived for 2500 years.

  133. I just cancelled my participation in four different groups on Facebook because they became increasingly nasty and accused people of being trolls when they dared question President Obama’s intent and his promise to leave Social Security and Medicare “off the table”. I think we all need to relax and act like grown-ups, whatever happens. Not everyone knows what we do about the PL and the others who are intentionally scaring people for their own nefarious purposes. I spent hours at the Senior Center today trying to calm down folks who are terrified that they will lose their benefits as early as two weeks from now. I have been urging my friends for over a year to put money by if they possibly can and to stock up on food. Maybe it won’t be necessary, but it sure is nice to know it is there if needed. Our President has enough on his plate without us whining and crying at his back. We need to HELP one another, to stick together and to do what we can do to have his back during this troubled time. YES,WE CAN!

  134. Well, this certainly sounds like someone who’s caving.

    That’s why people in both parties have suggested that the best way to take on our deficit is with a more balanced approach. Yes, we should make serious spending cuts. But we should also ask the wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations to pay their fair share through fundamental tax reform. Before we stop funding clean energy research, we should ask oil companies and corporate jet owners to give up the tax breaks that other companies don’t get. Before we ask college students to pay more, we should ask hedge fund managers to stop paying taxes at a lower rate than their secretaries. Before we ask seniors to pay more for Medicare, we should ask people like me to give up tax breaks they don’t need and never asked for.

    But, you know, sources have said that he’s raising the white flag, so it must be true.

  135. If enough of us do it, he will go the way Cenk did. Steele is a loud mouth we do not need on the air disrespecting POTUS. The moment he is on, kill the switch. They will get the message.

  136. Betsy no he has not. Milbank is a liar. Even Al Sharpton showed him the clips of what Pres Obama had said.

  137. I vote for others because I don’t heave time to do everyhing myself. Sometimes you just have to trust the man to do the right thing without us. Worked pretty good so far.

  138. Because it is an interesting idea and it tells us that there are different ways to structure a deal that have not been discussed and that can meet PBO’s goals for a balanced package in ways that are different.

  139. Hi, I’m wondering if someone on this site can help me. I’m trying to find some apologies from people who claimed that DADT would never be repealed and that Obama was scamming us, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?

  140. And it can’t be easily undone when or if another Rethug president gets into office or slipped into law by the sneaky rethugs.

  141. LISTEN:

    Foreign observers during Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency thought it strange how Lincoln had no support in Washington. The famous diarist of the the time, George T. Strong, said after Lincoln’s death: “Maybe NOW we will appreciate him.”

    Today, those old enough to remember JFK talk about “Camelot”. And it’s a fact that even though JFK won with 50% of the popular vote, AFTER he died, over 60% of Americans claimed to Gallup they had voted for him!

    Bottom line; some of us realize we are living during the time of a remarkable President, and choose to appreciate him “in the now” as opposed to 20 years from now.

    On top of everything Obama has done for America, has anyone noticed that his almost unprecedented scandal free administration has gone unreported and unappreciated? Every other President by now has normally had their fair share of scandals, embarrassing resignations, etc. Obama? Nah, he is running a tight ship. Add this to the many things he gets no credit for!

  142. I believe bwd posted a video of Maddow admitting she was wrong about DADT, but I can’t seem to find it. I’ll keep looking.

  143. I love your decisiveness BWD, I thank you. Please clean this place for all of us. If I did some thing wrong myself, take what ever necessary measures on me. I really do admire that. Thank you again.

  144. Thanks – man that guy must never sleep! At least he’s making the useless congress “leaders” go to the White House to meet with him. I remember when Clinton used to go to Capitol Hill quite frequently to pitch something. Ya gotta use home field advantage imho…

  145. Yesterday the MSM had testimony before the commission considering the Support of Marriage Law proposed by Sen. Feinstein. A gay man who had been married for 50 years spoke and then someone spoke against it saying children do better in heterosexual families.

    Well Al Franken begged to differ. Watch his response

  146. Don’t know about that. The very first sentence advances one of the major completely false storylines to dominate America’s public discourse for decades. What so hard about imagining a DemocratIC President cutting services?!? President Obama has cut all sorts of things and streamlined a lot of the US Government, and the last DemocratIC President made massive cuts to services. Yet this “reporter” is doing the classic, “Dems are irresponsible with money while Repubs are the fiscally sound people” schtick that has been so fantastically damaging at the ballot box for many years.

    It’s literally been Opposite World in our public discourse since about 1980, and probably before that.

    Charles Blabington has been one of the worst propagandists at AP for a while now, just FYI.

  147. LL, I think it was you that had a very good explanation of why the DADT/9th district court thing was going on. Was that you? There seems to be a little issue with that and someone over at Political Carnival…if you can post there, will you explain that to the “David” guy what you said so eloquently last week?

  148. Sorry flower, but that wasn’t me. DADT is something I’ve followed only broadly, not closely enough to write about it.

    Then again, I’m getting older, so perhaps my memory is failing me. 😆

  149. Darn! I was sure that was you! No…obviously I’M the one that is getting a little too long in the tooth to remember what happened a week ago:) Besides, you are still a baby…40 something is just getting good…you are NOT too old to remember! Well, the question becomes then, who was it, and who else knows the answer to that DADT/ 9th circuit question?????? ANY ONE CAN PITCH IN:) Thanks for trying,LL ..appreciate it.

  150. All valid points. What I thought was interesting is that the article paints the possible outcomes for Obama and the Dems in such unusually rosy tones. That’s definitely a shift.

  151. Good for him. Seems like he has a lot of support and great mentors to guide him, Those stupid bullies….that young man will leave them all in the dust one day. Karma has a way of setting things right. Thanks ,hopefruit.

  152. Wow, what a talented young man so mature for his age. No wonder the dolts at his school are eating his dust. Grant will be a successful designer. My heart hurts for him that these children could be so mean. I am so proud that he does not care and therefore does not give the bullies the power to hurt him.

  153. Agreed. It goes to show how much the deck is stacked against us, in that it’s so noticeable and exciting just to see any article that covers an issue fairly, and that isn’t a COMPLETE dig against Democrats/Liberals (even though he still got his little jabs in there).

    It amazes to think how dominant Democrats would be if we just had even one tiny little inkling of Journalism performed in our MegaMedia.

  154. markknoller Mark Knoller
    Democratic officials still believe there’s enough time to get a deal agreed to and enacted to avert August 2nd defaults.

    3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » markknoller Mark Knoller
    Officials say the Pres Obama still looking for a deal that includes deficit reduction, entitlement reform & tax code reform & revenue.

    4 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply » markknoller Mark Knoller
    Dem officials says Pres Obama still looking to get as big a deficit reduction deal as he can – and the difficulties remain the same.
    6 minutes ago Favorite Retweet

  155. Thank you very much for posting this, I would have missed it.

    “”I am large, I contain multitudes,” Walt Whitman wrote, and Obama lives that lyrical prophecy. Christopher Booker’s 2004 book The Seven Basic Plots, a wide-ranging study from the Epic of Gilgamesh on and a surprisingly convincing explanation for why we crave narrative, reduced all stories to a few plots, each with its own kind of hero. Amazingly, Barack Obama fulfills the role of hero in each of these ancient story forms. ”

    Amazing. Magnificent. And, most of all: Wow. Just. Plain. Wow. Maybe he really is going to be considered the Greatest President Ever. That would be really, really nice, indeed. I mean, really.

    And this is brilliant:

    “We can finally see who he is, we can finally understand the reality: In 2011, it is possible to be a levelheaded, warmhearted, cold-blooded killer who can crack a joke and write a book for his daughters. It is possible to be many things at once. And even more miraculous, it is possible for that man to be the president of the United States.”

    I am long since tired of how Left critics just don’t and won’t get that he is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and has to be many things. He campaigned to be THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not Che Guevara, and he did so as a centrist who took a lot of conservative positions I did not care for; and, as a far-left third-party voter, I hesitantly voted for a major-party candidate for the first time because I thought he just might be that first major-party candidate in my adult lifetime who could do a good job — when the nation was headed for destruction otherwise — and I had to, chose to, forget about “agreeing”.

    I hate it when people talk about “agreeing” – it just sounds so infantile. When is anyone ever to completely “agree”, especially when it is a question of high executive office? In a nation with so many conflicting constituencies, it is not about “agreeing”; it is about the Best Possible Outcome.

    And we have indeed gotten the Best Possible Outcome: the Greatest President Ever.

    My favorite, maybe the best example, is that I expected nothing on LGBT rights when I voted for him – and, after two and a half years, he is already — very nearly is, and certainly will be — the LBJ (my previous favourite President) of LGBT rights. There have been so many things — the It Gets Better video, the Harvey Milk statement— that are just absolutely jaw-dropping, that I never would have dreamed possible for decades to come.


  156. The scandal-free part is truly amazing. I recall several Clinton cabinet secretaries being in deep doo-doo rather quickly — I can remember Mike Espy (Ag) and Henry Cisneros (HUD) being subject to fairly serious charges (of course I have forgotten the particulars). And of course there was Clinton himself . . And it seems as though the Reagan admin was populated with a scandal-a-day types. The Obama administration, in contrast, is as clean as a whistle more than two years in.

  157. What a brilliant article from Esquire. This is exactly how I feel about Obama. He is larger than life. The kind of leader that will be remembered for a long long time. Thank goodness someone else is saying it. Let’s take the time to just enjoy him.


    I feel so happy after reading that.

    Thank you BWD!

  158. Heres an idea for so many that complain about cuts and other issues. If they don’t like these sorts of things then don’t vote republican and btw this is nothing new. The republicans took the house by storm and the democrats only have a small majority in the senate which means no matter whose president we’ll be seeing more right winged legislation passing. So the best thing that we can do is vote dem and thus much of our probs will be fixed in this direction.

  159. I too have been very glad I am an Obama supporter. I am especially blessed that I just happened to be watching Oprah the day he was on talking about his book Audacity of Hope way before he began running for the Presidency. Hearing his ideas peaked my interest and I read his book then his Dreams book too. I then looked up his legislative record to see he actually walked his talk and have been working hard to support him ever since. I never before campaigned or donated to a politician. I even waited ten hours in line to attend a campaign rally in ’08. I also was thrilled to get two tickets to the Inauguration and attended with my daughter. I am so happy to have discovered this statesman early on so I could be a part of history with his running and officiating. I know I will also contribute to his Library and visit it someday. I plan to work hard to help him get re-elected because it is our blessing to have a man of his intelligence and his excellent decision making as our President.

  160. Actually, what’s really bad is that that was caused by Professional Left-Bagger Arianna-Dittohead Progresso Blameobamabots whining about how he didn’t obey their every order after he “ran as a progressive” and “Bush III” and “Bernie Sanders 2012” and “let the Republbicans win because the country needs to be taught a lesson” and “stay home in November”, and yes, they did indeed stay home in November, and they got exactly what they wanted. As I mentioned above, I switched from third-party to Dem in 2008 because I knew exactly what was going on, and Arianna’s brood ran the other way in 2010 because the black man wasn’t their servant like he was supposed to be (old-style Northern soft racism, anyone?). I call them Left-baggers: teabaggers without the violence, but just as loony, just as whiney, and doing almost as much harm to the country.

    Sorry for the rant, you reminded me of something that sickened me at the time and still does. I was sorry I accidently read a Ted Rall comic a few days ago – he said the President should resign last year because of the Gulf spill and said something equally moronic recently (fortunately I can’t remember what it was).

    I’ve stayed away from the sector since the beginning of the year, does anyone know if they’ve gotten any better? I do watch Dr. Maddow and Chris Matthews pretty regularly, I’m glad the responsible people still seem to know better.

    Dennis Kucinich, on the other hand – a sleazy clown with a history of racism and an extreme anti-choice voting record, and people still think he’s some kind of hero – I can’t stand that kind of cluelessness.

  161. I think that there has been so much progress that many of us haven’t had time to digest with all of the day to day chaos, but the turn around in public opinion and the concrete advances on gay rights in such a short time is STUNNING! The President ALWAYS framed the issue as an issue of human rights, and that is how it connected with people that might have been harboring fears. EVery time he spoke of LGBT rights his messaging was consistent. There was also a lot of activism going on in popular culture: mainstream media personalities including Lady GaGA (yuck) but still…the time was right and I think DOMA will be repealed. Not sure during the current congress, but it might.

  162. Completely nonpolitical. I’m watching the day’s Tour de France stage. The race was in the Alps today, and I must say that I’d pretty much take any drug available to make it up those gradients. Just watching the pain on these cyclists’ faces is awe-inspiring and a bit exhausting.

  163. After reading the Esquire article and then hearing about this travesty it makes one wonder:
    Gov of Fl and repugs in legislature, after receiving a report stating the 197 children died in Fl from abuse. They promptly cut their budget by 40& because they are refusing federal money. I feel sick.

  164. While I have and continue to freak out about the abysmal jobless problem in the country, I am less worried about the debt ceiling deal. However, twitter is going crazy as is the blogosphere. Can someone just let me know if a deal was officially announced yet or not? I don’t want to wade through the rumors unless I have to.

    OT – I am thrilled that Sec of Def and Joint Chiefs will be certifying DADT repeal tomorrow. We are due for some great news and this is it.

  165. No deal on the debt ceiling has been reached yet – it’s more rumors and speculation which are being encouraged by the media of course!

  166. Rumors based on “knowledgeable sources”. There is no deal yet, and the WH has smacked down all the speculations rampant on twitter and the blogosphere, not that it stops people from projecting all sorts of evil “intent” upon PBO.

  167. Norquist can blink and unblink any number of times he wants to, but the cat is out of the bag now, and it’s up to us to keep reminding the voters that for the GOP members in Congress, remaining loyal to the terms of his pledge is more important than doing the right thing for this country and its citizens.

  168. I think you remained a democrat, ag, because you have enduring principles that guide your thoughts/actions Some people can be led quite easily to change from doing what they know is right to doing the wrong thing because it makes them fit in well within a particular group of persons or makes them feel good about themselves in some way. You have your parents to thank for teaching you that principles matter, and that they aren’t bargaining chips. While I was writing this comment, an incident that occurred during the HCR debate popped into my mind. A man was caught on video at a tea party event throwing dollar bills at a disabled man who appeared to be down on his luck. After seeing his behavior in the video, the guy apologized and said he’d never attend another tea party event. He also revealed that the ONLY reason he attended the event was because a neighbor had invited him to it. Without doing any kind of research about HCR or the tea party groups, this man had allowed a neighbor to persuade him to go to a tea party event where he embarrassed himself by coming across as a jerk that taunted and denigrated another human being by throwing dollars bills at him. As it turned out, the disabled man had been a college professor who could no longer work because he had the misfortune of falling ill due to a debilitating illness. He wasn’t a bum at all, but the tea partiers seemed to think that he was, that he was someone who was looking for the government to give him “free” healthcare, and it was quite obvious by the way they behaved that they felt he deserved to be mistreated

  169. Awww what a great story. He is a beautiful child. I wanted to post a comment but didn’t feel like registering. I hope the comments there are supportive.

  170. Heartfelt thanks to you BWD. What a joy to be able to read every comment here today, to be given so much food for thought. Bless you.

  171. That’s my Senator. I love Al Franken! A few heads exploded around here when he was elected. But I had been reading his book and listening to him in the debates and tuning into his radio show. I knew how smart he was. He comes across as humorous, but he really knows his stuff.

  172. Thanks for the link, Tien. Where has this lady been hiding? She is really brilliant. I hope we get to see more of her as a political analyst.

  173. BWD, thank you for providing this oasis of sanity! PLEASE, PLEASE don’t ever let the nonsense prompt you to shut it down.

    The reality is we are saddled with a party that has a history of shooting itself in the foot in the name of purity. This is the party whose “purists” protested against their own party in Chicago, 1968, helping pave the way for the tragedy of Richard Nixon.

    This is the party whose purists refused to support that “wishy-washy” Al Gore and helped set the stage for the tragedy that was George W. Bush.

    This is a party who thinks Dick Cheney merely saying he is for gay marriage is more important, more substantial than Obama ending DADT and trying to end DOMA.

    A party filled with people who claim to be Obama’s “base” even though they are white, male, upper middle class, and college educated. No matter how many polls or demographic breakdowns they are shown to the contrary they insist they are his “base.”

    Our job is to insure that OUR PARTY doesn’t give us another Nixon, or another Bush through their so called purity. We are saddled with a party who thinks a 1 term, yet “uncompromising” congressman like Alan Grayson outweighs Barack Obama.

    Think about that: there are those who see ALan Grayson’s 2 years in congress, during which he accomplished NOTHING to effect the lives of average Americans, was a more enterprise than the historically productive Presidency of Barack Obama. This alone tells us all we need to know.

    Fight the good fight! Have this President’s back!

  174. Saku: nice to see you back! We are so lucky to have BWD’s clarity and fierceness. Wish OFA blog would clone her and moderate the site

  175. The Pentagon is set to announce that the ban on gay people openly serving in US military is to end, officials say.

    Defence Secretary Leon Panetta is expected to certify the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT), seven months after the law was overturned in the Senate.

    After the repeal, the Pentagon had asked for time to prepare troops for the arrival of openly gay colleagues.

    The ban officially ceases 60 days after certification.

    The certification signals that President Barack Obama, Defence Secretary Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen have officially confirmed that the military is prepared.

    Over the course of the past seven months, the Pentagon has produced new manuals and prepared military forces for the change.

    Under the US policy of DADT established in 1993, gay people could serve in the military but could not acknowledge their orientation. The military was forbidden to inquire but was permitted to expel service members found to be gay.

    The end of DADT fulfils a campaign pledge made in 2008 by President Barack Obama, who signed it into law in December.


  176. FBI to contact Jude Law over phone hack claims

    The FBI plans to contact the actor Jude Law following claims that his mobile phone was hacked during a visit to the US, officials have told the BBC.

    It is alleged that a 2003 story by the News of the World newspaper was based on information from Law’s voicemail.

    If the accusation were true, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation could face charges in the US.

    The FBI is already investigating claims the Sunday tabloid tried to hack the phones of victims of the 9/11 attacks.

    It was alleged in a lawsuit filed by Law last week that his phone and that of his personal assistant, Ben Jackson, had been hacked by the News of the World while the pair were at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport.


  177. Don’t forget that the Bush tax cuts went to low income and middle-class taxpayers. That’s why letting them lapse is not that easy . .

  178. I agree, Liberal Librarian! Here is the link for all to share!


    I read it like I believe PO has always meant it. The Folks on Medicare and Social Security will see some sacrifice, not to pay for tax cuts to those who don’t need them, but to move the programs forward so they are there for our children and grandchildren. If our COLAs are less, so what. We haven’t even had one in two years due the the recession, and we have survived! What does not kill us makes us stronger! The hedge fund managers and oil barons and bankers will have to share the burden. If they don’t like it…TOUGH! If we can do it, they can do it.

    The reality is that these folks made tons of money during the Clinton Administration with a much higher tax rate, but not at the expense of the Middle Class. The Defense Department has flat out said that they don’t need or want all the money Congress wants to throw at them. The fact is that these GOP/Tea Party folks are only throwing it at them so they can take credit for keeping programs in their districts that are no longer wanted or needed.

    I’m ready to stand with this President, and to insist that greed no longer be the standard in this country.

  179. An oldie-but-goodie. WARNING: Do not watch if you are easily moved to tears. It nearly choked me up again you now.

    Rachel Maddow on President Obama’s job performance to date

    “the last time any President did this much in office, booze was illegal”

    Oldie-but-goodie Number Two:

    I call this “The Best Possible President We Could Possibly Have” – a phrase that popped out once when I was commenting, as then applied to this when it came out shortly afterwards. It is a long and difficult piece that was widely misreported, then instantly forgotten, at the time. WARNING: Read past the first page – it is NOT Progresso Blameobamabot Left-bagger junk.

    Kabuki Democracy: Why a Progressive Presidency Is Impossible, for Now
    Eric Alterman


    And the best for last:

    President Obama Honors Harvey Milk With Presidential Medal of Freedom

    There may never be a greater Presidential moment.

    I suspect The Great Forty-Fourth will figure out a way to surprise us, though.

  180. Of COURSE, I knew there was something behind the DOJ order a couple days ago – hearing this, I imagine things would have just been held up otherwise. The Only Adult In The Room, indeed.

  181. I’ve said for years that war crimes charges against the preceding imposter administration will come in the second term. Thank you for reminding me.

  182. Thank you.

    Number one threat to the country: teabaggers.

    Number two threat to the country: Professional Left-Bagger Arianna-Dittohead Progresso Blameobamabots.

    The people who whined “Bush III” and “stay at home in November and teach the country a lesson”.

    And gave us the Republican House.

    “He ran as a progressive” (truth content equal to that of “He’s a Kenyan Marxist Manchurian Candidate”) – translation: “He’s supposed to be our servant. I mean, he’s black, isn’t he?”. Old-style Northern racism, the exact counterpart of teabagger’s old-style Southern racism.

    Oh, and I was a far-left third-party voter until 2008.

  183. Oh, and seconded. I don’t come here much, but this is my Break Glass In Case Of Mental Health Emergency site.

    Thank you, BWD.

  184. Thanks, darnellfromla, for this excellent comment. The real scandal, during the first two and half years of President Obama’s presidency, is the way the right wingers, the so called left wingers, and the MSM, have teamed up to relentless attack him, 24-7, using manufactured lies. I am absolutely certain that objective historians will give him high marks for all he has accomplished in such a short time.

  185. Thanks Cjs, for this excellent comment that contains great wisdom! Every time I hear people who love the Constitution attacking President Obama for trying to compromise in order to get things done, I automatically know that they are not serious. In a democracy, it is rare that a political party gets 100% of what it advocates. The idiots who want to primary President Obama, forget that their candidate, to be successful, still has to deal with us “Obamabots” as well as the blue dogs.

    This country would never have been established if it weren’t for the 1787 compromises that gave us the Constitution. You know what, as a person, who believes deeply in human equality, I do not valorize the “founding fathers” who compromised with perpetuating the inhuman system of slavery. They may be be heroes to Michele Bachmann and others, but they are not my heroes. Nevertheless, as a student of history, I realize that the only possible way they were able to create the United States, given the Southern states’ attachment to slavery, was through compromises. Thankfully, the “founding fathers” were able to enshrine some concepts in the Constitution that eventually facilitated the abolition of slavery.

    Basically, what I am trying to get across is that these “holier than thou progressive” are not only politically naive, but they are also completely ignorant of American history; and, for that matter, the history of democratic societies.

    On the other hand, I am sure educated people like Glenn Greenwald, Jane Hamsher, Adam Green, Ed Shultz , and others, know exactly how the political system functions. But they’ve figured out a way of making money by creating panic among their supporters.

  186. The Republican’s only pain center appears to be located in their wallets and not in their hearts or souls.

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