Wednesday Open Mishmash

Hi guys,

I always try to be honest with you, so I have to say this: I don’t like the trend that I see here over the last few weeks. It’s becoming a bit unpleasant even for me, the “owner” of this place, to just go through the comments. All the whining and bitching and non-stop angst, and worst of all: Way too much use of PL, RW and MSM spins and talking points.
Yesterday we had PBO supporting DOMA repeal, we had a couple of good economic news, good health care news and even more polls saying that the president is beating the Republicans in this deficit fight – Yet here, a blog that its entire purpose is to highlight the enormous good stuff being done by this man – It was 90% bitching over the gang plan which PBO DID NOT ENDORSE, and one bad poll. This is not why I opened this place.

We can and should criticize the president if we disagree with his ACTIONS. But I will not accept the non stop doom over speculations and reports taking PBO’s words and actions out of context.

There are plenty hair-of-fire sites all over the web, and Obama-bashing supply to last a decade. I ask, yet again, to keep this crap out of here and I’m going to be blunt: If we can’t reverse this trend, I’d rather just shut this place down.

Thank you, and have a great day.


Today’s schedule:

9:30 am
The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office

10:00 am
The President meets with senior advisors
Oval Office

11:00 am
The President participates in regional interviews on the economy and the importance of finding a balanced approach to deficit reduction
Diplomatic Room

1:00 pm
The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of Defense Panetta



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  1. FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  2. Absolutely!!! If we don’t stay positive and supportive…….
    Let’s try to keep our comments positive…
    Let’s support our President.
    This is selfish on my part: I have 5 Grandchildren!!!!

  3. This site is very important not just in informing us on things we wouldn’t have otherwise noticed or been connected with but in keeping us grounded in hope.

    Here are two key components to the Kouzes-Posner Leadership model that remind me so much of our President and of Black Water Dog:

    “Modeling the Way – Leaders establish principles concerning the way people should be treated and the way goals should be pursued. They create standards of excellence and then set an example for others to follow. Because the prospect of complex change can overwhelm people and stifle action, they set interim goals so that people can achieve small wins as they work toward larger objectives. They unravel bureaucracy when it impedes action; they put up signposts when people are unsure of where to go or how to get there, and they create opportunities for victory.”

    “Encouraging the Heart – Accomplishing extraordinary things in organizations is hard work. To keep hope and determination alive, leaders recognize contributions that individuals make. In every winning team, the members need to share in the rewards of their efforts, so leaders celebrate accomplishments. They make people feel like heroes.”

    One other thing, the dysfunction and sociopathology that has been allowed to take over the GOP is very real. It takes incredible self awareness and discipline to deal with these “People of the Lie” (Scott Peck). It is crazy making just interacting with them let alone having them in control of so much since 2010. We need to understand that we are dealing with the likes of Saddam Hussein for example. Crazy and ruthless. It is not easy to stay grounded next to people like that but that’s what the President is asking for us to do and BWD as well.

  4. Wow, I’ve been away for a few days and there’s folks posting the doom and gloom here? We’re lucky to have this president. I would ignore the MSM, RW, and PL spin machines. They’re out to sell controversy and undermine the administration and they’re always wrong with their predictions.

  5. Thank you!! I started to notice that I come here less and less, and when I do, I don’t hang around to read the comments like I used to. I don’t think it’s a lot to ask to have ONE clear space where we can breathe.


  7. Agreed, BWD. There is at least one person who always seems to assume the worst about our president’s decision-making process and to post the negative spin associated with those assumptions. It’s disgusting to run into those posts, which belong on other sites. PBO said some nice things about the Gang of Six’s work? Of course he did — it’s only logical that he would praise the work of a disparate group of senators who are at least looking for a solution in this treacherous environment.

  8. I agree. I always read BWD’s posts, but now I often just glance at the comments to see what way they’re trending. If people are posting interesting articles and links, telling positive stories about things like working with OFA, or personal stories that help our community know each other better, then I’m in. (To coin a phrase!) But when I see Rachel Maddow’s name over and over, or the lamenting over the corporate media or the PL, I’m out. I can’t spend energy on the same negative things over and over. And I agree with Sue about the offensive language. I’m no prude, but I do love language, and all the expletives are grating and give the site an angry, hostile tone. And, I would suspect, are off putting to people new to the site.

    There are so many wonderful people involved here, and we’re so lucky to have BWD, this site, this president, this turning point in our history and culture. I’m sure PBO is as unhappy with the corporate media as we are, but he puts his energy into finding a way around it. If we keep asking ourselves what our president would do in a particular circumstance, we’ll all turn into amazing beings! He’s a walking cultural revolution.

  9. BWD, please do not even think of shutting down this place. You are doing an enormously important job and it is greatly appreciated. Some folks get do affected by the professional left and their knee jerk reactions and don’t see the bigger picture. While you are right that they should take their whining to those other sites, we should also do our job in informing them that they are wrong.

  10. Thank you so much for that word of warning BWD. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one getting tired of that quickly. lol And also for your ongoing efforts at keeping this place as special as it is.

    A word of caution to all here. There is no secret that the PL have planned to infiltrate PBO supporters sites to cast doubt and confusion as well as mistrust and unrest. They have been quoted saying they plan to do this and we all know this is how they operate.

    We should all be suspect whenever someone new appears on this site (or any pro-PBO site) when a major battle is taking place and portrays themselves as a supporter who will either pull support if the president doesn’t do something, or who goes into great detail of how their lives will be messed up over some policy decision the PBO hasn’t even made yet. As well as those who push the destructive narrative over and over despite attempts to correct or calm them with facts and reason.

    They are trying to put a wedge between PBO and his various supporters’ groups, whether GLBT, black, white, hispanic, working class, elderly, the rich or small business.

    Doubt, division & fear. These are their markers. Keep them in mind. Don’t succumb.

    Have a great day and ‘Carry on’.

  11. good morning!

    Thank you, BWD.

    I love this site and developing community for its intentional disregard of all the madness generated elsewhere.

    I now know the meaning of “concern trolls.”

    Take care, Everyone!

  12. It’s not one person, it’s many more. Yesterday was a breaking point for me. I run through the comments and had to ask myself: WTF? This is so NOT why I opened this place. This is what I run away from.

  13. Oh my sweet Lord THANK YOU BWD! President Obama has said a gazillion times there is no agreement until there is — an agreement! If I hear one more word about the president “caving”…grow up already! Maybe it’s because I’ve always lived inside the
    Beltway but politics requires compromise. Running a government requires compromise unless you live in a dictatorship, which we do not. Repubs, like Eric Cantor, refuse to compromise with the president and we call them immature brats. Yet, we want PBO to do the same thing! WTH?

    PBO wasn’t just talking about the GOP when he said we have to “eat our peas.” I’m not at the negotiating table but I trust the President to do his best to protect the interests of people like me even when he has to hold his nose and compromise somewhere else that benefits the rich – who are also Americans.

    And can we put the brakes on this whole “hair-on-fire” gnashing of teeth stuff until a month before the election? I was going to say election day but I know drama queens/kings need to relieve their angst.
    I recommend that you not watch the punditry. They’re in this for the money and since BHO is our president, bashing him is how they pay the bills. Why anybody would visit some of the psuedo progressive blogs like DK or HP is beyond me. No good will come of it! If BWD posts a link then OK. There are links to good sites right here on this blog. I enjoy them and get great info everyday without feeling like running headlong into a cement post.

    Thanks, again, BwD. I hope that you decide to maintain this wonderful site.

  14. Agree totally with you BWD. I come here to get my “talking points” as I am surrounded in my real life with negativity.

  15. I have one suggestion BWD, you might consider allowing one or two of your trusted commenters to post articles as well and help you moderate. This way it relives the burden on you and increases community participation.
    I have been lurking and not commenting but there is indeed a few commenters as Limpidus alludes, who seem to have a pattern of posting stealth negative ‘meme-based’ comments bashing POTUS and they are subtle and try to win our confidence before eventually they show their hand a bit more. Of course other negative comments have been there although I am sure BWD sees more negative comments than we do because you are the moderator.

  16. Also, bwd-
    If you have someone close to you that can help you with this place- it may give you come respite from an otherwise stressful but noble job!

    Just a thought!

  17. BWD.. I totally agree with you and would really encourage others to really take a good look at the ‘stuff’ that we leave here. The Man is doing a great job under the circumstances. Haviing to fight outside and inside, it could easily be dis-heartening, yet he keeps on going and keesp on presenting road maps which the republican leadership cannot clearly see. When the dems had a chance to do more they squandered it with in-house bickering and now have to be listening to ‘tea-party’ ignorance in high places..
    Let us continue to support our president, the best I have seen in 40 years of being able to vote.
    The publicans keep bringing up President Reagan, do they remember ‘Reagan-nomics’, if not go look into th earchives.. it was not pretty.

  18. Absolutely. And they’re also trying to take enough wind out of our sails so we don’t try as hard making contact with voters or have less confidence in our conversations with them. Instead, we’ve got to work on building renewed spirit every time someone tries to get us down. They think we’re weak, but we’re much stronger than they are and we’ll succeed.

  19. I agree with that we don’t need the negative crap from the RW or PL.

    I mean this space was opened to support President Obama, without the bloviating of the political hacks in the media. I mean who cares what Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow, Jane Hamsher, Glenn Greenwald, and all the rest of them think?

    The PL poutrage base is rapidly shrinking, that’s why they are dialing up the noise. They know that they are becoming a fast minority, like the tea party. Heck, that’s why I suppose Cenk Uygar got the boot from 6 PM eastern, and it looks like we’ve got the Rev Al to replace him… Rev Al calls out the BS from the PL and the RW, and his ratings are higher than that fat jerk Cenk.

    Keep on doing what you do BWD. We Obamabots got your back!

  20. OT: Our local NBC station did an excellent segment yesterday in the 5:00 hour about the new CFPB. There’s a young woman who is on weekly talking/discussing some “in the news”/”need to know” financial issues. I was VERY pleased with the segment. They covered the main 5 or 6 things the new bureau does to protect consumers. The news anchor asked the right questions or made the right points and the financial gal did such a super job explaining things…….very clear and concise!

    I will be on the road soon for my weekly 5 hr. round trip to see my 93 yr. old mother. Prayers appreciated for safe travels. I’ll have my iPad so will be checking in occasionally. Blessed day to all. And, thanks BWD for your comments. I agreee!!!!!! Bless you!!

  21. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. I agree with BWD we have too much gnashing of teeth going on. Seems like we all love the President but we have great fear too. And that s only natural. But we have a President really understands more than we can hope to. I am not going to worry. I will do all I can to help and then I put the rest in Gods hands. I also am more of a reader but all you who bring information here are so appreciated.

    The Koch brow and repubs want us to be discouraged. If we are they win. We must stick together and we will win. Love you all

  22. That is an excellent good idea. BWD, you should look into having someone else that shares your enthusiasm and passion help you to run the site. Maybe you and Chipsticks can “share” your sites. That way, you can go away for a while and recharge just like the President has to on occasion.

  23. Thank you! I totally agree. There’s a line in Job – “What I greatly feared has come upon me.” It points out the truth that what we dwell on and think about and obsess about is extremely likely to come true. This site is so valuable because it increases the good which we do need. This is not head-in-the-sand thinking. It’s seeing what is, and choosing to focus our attention on the good. St Paul said “Whatsoever is good, etcetc. think on these things.” We have an extraordinary President who is accomplishing amazing things in spite of continual opposition from all over the place. Let’s maintain this as one of the places that honors and supports him!

  24. Remarkable:

    If I am reading the polls correctly (hint: POLLS as in plural), something interesting is happening:

    For the first time in my memory, the mantra of no taxes is losing traction. People across the reasonable political spectrum see the importance of having a robust revenue stream for the good of the country.


    I do realize that people seem to agree on taxes for the wealthy and maybe not for themselves, but that means “trickle down” is also losing its grip.

    Imgine what kinds of possibilities open up once the wall of “no taxes” is removed.

  25. That’s the thing, PBO is polite and extends courtesy to everyone, political enemies and allies alike. He can disagree with people and still be respectful. It’s called “class,” something the Political Left bomb throwers lack.

  26. I don’t like it, but I feel the same way you do.

    You didn’t sign up for that kind of crap, but it found this space – whether it came from DK or anyplace else. I think it can be said that the overwhelming majority of your readers appreciate and enjoy what you’re doing. I’m hoping you don’t quit, because you’re doing great stuff here, and islands of sanity are getting harder to find.

    Question: Can you get access to the referrer logs for the site? That might let us find out a bit about where the hair-on-fire types are coming from. If you need, I have all kinds of time to comb through them.

  27. A long time ago, I let everything “eat my lunch”. Happily, I learned a totally new and better way to deal with stress and my tummy calmed down so much that cramps became infrequent. Now such distress acts as an alert that something is terribly wrong. There is a LOT in this country that is terribly wrong these days! There are a few sites that I can go to and immediately find relief. This is one of them. Here I find hope, encouragement and positive energy, laughter and thoughtful commentary from wise people. I can be my best self here, without being attacked or called names, and I have learned so much. To react to those who want to ruin what we have is to give them power over us. I, for one, don’t intent to give them my power! Our President understands that and he is a master at not allowing these violently negative persons to distract him from the job he has taken on. Can we do less than the man we elected to lead us?

  28. Safe travels, tnmtngirl. It is so wonderful for you to be visiting you mother. My mother has been gone for 10 years and I still miss her. God bless you both.

  29. Thank you BWD for taking a stand. I had stopped making comments, recommending this site to friends, and reading few of the comments because of the behavior you mentioned. Most comments were about the pundits, who really have little power and a small audience, or about what went on on other sites. The gloom and doom comments showed that many people here did not trust the president and were a complete turn-of. I came here first from TOD where there is a more positive atmosphere. However, I do enjoy the top notch real information that I receive here and have been educated on many things, so that is the good part. I liked the mission statement that you featured on your site in the early days, maybe you need to put it up again to remind people of the site’s purpose. Thank You.

  30. The vast majority of posters here are positive but one person can take things in a negative direction and sucker people into discussing things in a similar vein. . .

  31. Good post. What people need to remember is that there are people on the PL who absolutely hate this president and will say or write anything they can to undermine his support.

    Don’t believe the PL Hyperbole Machine folks.

  32. Respect! And I totally agree. It already is hard outside of these walls. By yesterday afternoon I was so mentally exhausted about reading and hearing all the noise about the debt ceiling that I thought my head was gonna explode. I love coming here to have serenity and positive attitudes. Thank You BWD.

  33. FYI – Our President will be doing a townhall this Friday July 22nd at University of Maryland, College Park, MD. I believe it starts at around 11AM, but don’t know if it will be televised.

    And on another site I read that a limited # of tickets will be distributed to the public tomorrow Thursday on a first-come-first serve basis starting at 9AM.

  34. But Jovie I thought everything is tanking. Why would they buy anything new, snark. Thanks for finding all the information you do.

  35. I am thankful for this site and all of the efforts of BWD. Thanks so much BWD for addressing this issue this morning.
    I agree with the thinking of Limpidus, FactPlus, Jane Silverman; my sentiments and you all confirmed my view. I was thinking that I was becoming overly sensitive about some commentors in their sly approach in their views.
    We must keep the faith. Where faith and trust rules, fear and doubt will not thrive and survive. Thank God for President Obama who is working very hard for all of us and a special blessing for BWD who wades through the mud each and every day for the benefit for all of us who come here for the solace of like supporters.

  36. President Obama exemplies the best example for us all. I constantly try to remind myself of the this wonderful man and how he comports himself and treats those in rabid opposition to him.

    I don’t know anyone in my life time that possesses the qualities President Obama exhibits. I try very hard to live by his mantra — by not getting too high or low about anything. And when I find myself getting off on a tangent, I try to remember that.

    One of the things I’ve also learned to do is to ignore comments that I deem toxic. I don’t even spend a minute reading it. Thanks, BWD.

    Some days I may not even comment here, but being at home all day, this place, as well as Chips, TPV, Weeseeyou, is a respite of sorts for me.

    If we count the number of times and get paid each time, people take the direct transcript from a speech the president gives and turn it into what they want to hear, some of us will be pretty rich by now.

    PBO continues to inspire me.

    Thanks for this place BWD.

  37. Gosh- every day the Obama administration has deterred the auto industry request to scuttle the proposed fuel standards of 56 mpg!
    Why? They say it will kill jobs. Of course it will- what else could they say?
    WH still holding firm, but these auto makers will be running Ads in battle ground states slamming the president on this decision he is about to make.

    Question: where are all the green groups backing the president up? Crickets!!!

  38. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON THIS SITE!! There is nothing else like it out there. I look forward to your posts every time I log onto my email. There is enough negativity in the world, especially about our Prez.
    I also download a lot of your pictures to my screen saver. Keep up the good work – take a break when you need to but PLEASE come back!

  39. Good morning BWD. Thank you so much for your morning post. I do hope that you will not give up on us. The cussing and intense attention given to the negative attention seekers is certainly a turnoff. We lurkers have the luxury of being able to scroll right past that stuff, but you as moderator must sift through it. You and Chipsticks at TOD are our heroes. Stay strong. We love you. We appreciate your hard work to keep us informed and upbeat..

  40. I’m with you on all the Obama bashing. Sick of it! I don’t agree with every decision Obama makes. But I know he’s honest and the best president I’ve experience in my life time! The one thing I love about your site is it’s positivity and support for the president. I think before folks criticize him they should ask themselves what they’re doing to make this world a better place!

  41. Thanks BWD. I come to this site to get positive energy about PBO and to maintain sanity from all of the speculation about everthing PBO says. I have been following PBO long enough to not jump to conclusions to quickly, even if he says something that gives me instant pause. I always reserve my comments and it always works it self out in the end.

  42. BWD, is there some way that anyone can help you run the site? I, for one, don’t want you to burn out. And, and, and, we ALL need to stay positive and think about the end goal and how to get there. It’s the only way to get this done.

    We all need to aspire to be ADULTS. So that there are MORE adults in the room.

  43. I mostly come here to get my information and I hope you don’t close this place down…..I don’t know why people get freaked out over speculation, I’ve learned to ignore them and wait to see what is actaully going on.

  44. I agree wholeheartedly BWD. We are being sucked into being outraged by the lies of the GOP, the complicity of the MSM and the agendas of other blogs. We have this ground thoroughly by now. What is needed is a site that points out the incredible work PBO does everyday on our behalf. We don’t need to worry about his re-election when 71% of voters like him, 80% don’t like Congress and most GOPers don’t like their choices in the Presidential primaries. Obama raised record money last quarter and got most from small donors. Romney has nearly maxes out his big donors already and still can’t muster more than 21% love in any GOP poll. By my count of the 93 Promises made by the incoming GOP House majority they have kept three largely symbolic ones and ignored or utterly failed on the rest.
    When the dust settles on this current debt ceiling fight we will crunch the numbers and realize that once again the emotion driven opposition got rolled, just like every previous time. Have faith fellow travellers, we are in good hands and just need to keep putting out the good word.

  45. Thanks BWD. Just a little housekeeping needed sweeping and dusting. You know the routine. 😉

  46. Like you did today, from time to time you will need to get folks re-focus by reminding them of why you created this site.

    BWD you are doing a great job and I hope you continue with this site.I have been reading this site basically since you started, and notice the same pattern over and over. I think whatever you try to something positive, negativity always creeps, it seems inevitable; maybe law of nature (for some). The best you can do is call you the negative folks, get folks re-focused, and keep posting your support for PBO. Thanks for all you do.

  47. Thanks for being so forthright: I come here for positive news of all the things that our president and his administration, our first family, and all OFA and supporters are doing. I don’t care about cable poutrage (Al Giordano of The Field) was my hero during the primaries and elections. I trust our president! You have many lurkers who feel the same way. So feel free to warn and exclude if necessary. We love what you do. Don’tgive up!

  48. this from the auto industry?! Where the hell would they be without him? You think they’d stick with the one that brung ’em, but I guess money’s more important than loyalty, 🙄 Even if they run ads against him, I doubt it will take because PBO has become the face of the auto industry to the American public. They were in trouble, he saved them and in the process, saved million(s) of jobs and now the industry is making enough money to pay back the loans and hire new people. Still, there are always snakes in the grass 🙄 😕

  49. Sorry for error I meant to say “whenever you try to do something positive”

    and “The best you can do is call out the negative folks….”

  50. I need this site to keep my hopes of present and future sanity alive. May I make a suggestion? Please let us also refrain from vitriol from our side. Using 4-letter words to describe the RW or the PL is just as damaging to our credibility as their using them against PBO. Mr. Obama would never do that — and neither should we. Let’s follow his example.

  51. Polls say public swings away from tea party, wants compromise on debt ceiling+*

    A series of polls from the networks (ABC/WaPo, CBS, NBC/WSJ), Pew and Gallup have given us a broad picture of where the public is at with our debt crisis (and yes, they see it as a crisis.)
    CBS poll

    Some highlights from the polls:

    • CBS: 71% shun GOP handling of debt crisis
    • CBS: Support for debt ceiling increase doubles
    • CBS: Compromise should include tax increases (66%)
    • CBS: Only 3% want tax increases alone
    • CBS: Three in four Americans would prefer to see an agreement they do not fully support than for the U.S. to go into default (14%)
    CBS poll


    • Pew: Republicans see no crisis
    • Pew: The public expresses far more confidence in President Obama than it does in congressional leaders of both parties

    • Gallup: 2/3 of Americans would like government officials to agree to a compromise plan
    • Gallup: Fewer than 3 in 10 want lawmakers who share their views to hold out for their desired plan.
    • Gallup: A majority of Republicans, independents, and Democrats favor reaching a compromise

    ABC-WaPo poll
    ABC/Washington Post
    •ABC/WaPo: Americans by 67-24 percent put the GOP ahead when it comes to looking out for the interests of large business corporations.
    • ABC/WaPo: Obama leads the GOP by 18 points in looking out for middle-class Americans, 53-35 percent
    •ABC/WaPo: 58% of Republicans say their leaders are not doing enough to strike a deal, up from 42 percent in March
    •ABC/WaPo: Majorities of Americans see both President Obama and congressional Republicans as not willing enough to compromise in their budget negotiations, but the public views the GOP leaders as particularly intransigent
    •ABC/WaPo: Among independents, 79 percent say Republicans aren’t willing enough to make a deal, while 62 percent say the same of Obama

    NBC/WSJ poll

    •NBC/WSJ: A plurality of Americans—38%—said the debt ceiling should be raised, against 31% who said it shouldn’t. A month ago 39% said the debt limit shouldn’t be raised, while 28% said it should.
    •NBC/WSJ: While 62% of all Americans, and 61% of political independents, said the GOP should agree to raise taxes to get a deal on the debt ceiling, 46% of Republicans—a clear plurality—and 58% of tea-party supporters said the GOP should make no such deal. Congressional Republicans face the choice between an activist base that energized their landslide victory in last year’s midterm elections and political independents, who tend to decide elections in presidential election years.
    •NBC/WSJ: 58% said they supported Mr. Obama’s approach, a $4 trillion deficit-reduction plan over 10 years that would cut federal spending, including on Medicare, and raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy. In comparison, 36% said they backed the leading proposal among congressional Republicans.

    The bottom line from the WSJ:

    Republicans who have refused to compromise with President Barack Obama to avoid a U.S. debt default are heeding the anti-tax wishes of their conservative base but are also risking isolation from many independent voters as public opinion shifts in favor of getting a deal done, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.

    While the public resists entitlement cuts, the pressure for the House GOP to compromise grows every day. They’ll be looking for a face-saving out on every statement they make. And it is for that reason the Senate is where the action is, at least for now. It’s also why the likely scenario is passing something in the House with a mixture of D and R votes

  52. Thank you BWD. It’s about time. I think people have to be aware that their every thought written is not necessarily appropriate for public discourse,but a well put together thought is always well-received for further discussions.
    And yes, this obssession with the PL’s thoughts is so tedious.Let the PL do what they do, and let us do what we do constructively.

  53. This site is is my ” Happy Place.” I don’t ever not want to be able to come here for my daily sanity check.

  54. I think there’s also a few who suffer from Republican PTSD from all of the bad Republican leadership we have had for the last 40 years, and expect the worst from any President.. After Reagan, and the Second Bush some, folks have become jittery, looking for the cloud behind the silver lining, looking for that moment when Obama takes off the mask somehow. They’ve become accustomed to bad, uncaring Presidents and can’t believe that we actually have a good one. But all of Obama’s history shows this is no mask. He chose to serve instead of cash in in one of the roughest parts of town. He ran for President instead of simply waiting for 2010 and a sure re-election, facing death threats and God knows what.

    For the first time since Clinton I don’t worry about my President doing the right thing, nor where his heart is. And he hasn’t disappointed me yet-he’s always pulled a rabbit out of his hat at the end of the show.

    BWD, your site, I believe is under attack from the disappointed PL. No one is going to primary Obama now, and the only way to derail things is to discourage his army (virtual and literal) of supporters, Apparently the Day of Action was very successful as well as his fundraising lately, which means no one will want to make a suicide Primary run against Obama, and no one can afford to.

  55. DWS is a smart lady….she knows that this West character is unhinged so she has smartly decided to pull his chain.

  56. Those tearepub men do not know how to handle a strong woman who doesn’t cowtow to them. She is very smart and they can’t stand it. Go DWS!!!!

  57. Hey BWD family and Hi BWD. I echo your sentiments to the last letter. I have praised you on many occasion and have thanked you for the GOD SEND of a site you developed. It is such a reprieve from the norma VILE we get on most other sites. Heck, PBO’s own personal re-election campaign site is a sespool of hate and trolls running amok!!

    With that being said starting a new thread with the headline: The President is throwing someone else under the bus again! will most likely insight the natives wether you meant it to be sarcastic or not. As much as I love you and this site/blog we have take care how we word are thread titles and topics. That would go a long way toward cleaning up the negative posting and links from other sites and posters going ballistic on this blog.

    I for one have tried to post positive comments and encourgement and let the board know what is going on positive here locally in Ohio. I think every can attest to that. Please keep this site live. We need you and this forum for positive reflection, fundraising, and recruitment for PBO’s re-election. I will give you an example of my efforts toward the solution on this site…this is what I posted in the last thread yesterda: C’mon guys!! All this BITCHING and complaining. We all know what we are up against. President Obama is taking these psychotic wingnuts to the WOODSHED with this Debt deal and everyone is GOING BONKERS with JEALOUSY and ENVY!! President Obama has stated many times the road would be ROUGH, HARD, and TREACHEROUS. He also said we would meet fierce resistance. Why is everyone on this board acting SURPRISED AND SHOCKED? We live in America where RACISM is practically a BIRTHRIGHT.

    Lets focus on the TASK at hand and re-electing this magnificent MAN. His accomplishments, deeds, personality, spirit, commitment to America, family, and GOD speaks for itself. Time to STOP the WHINING and be positive.

    Follow the example of our UNFLAPPLE leader and stop with the HYSTERICS and EMOTIONAL tirades and mood swings everytime you see anti-Obama rhetoric. Do you all see PBO going into tantrums with this totally uncooperative Congress? We will defeat the enemy as long as we STAY focused, diligent, and persevere. STOP THE MADNESS PEOPLE!!! KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  58. Speaking of “eat your peas”….I log on using Google Chrome, and lo and behold, I got on this morning and the word “Goggle” was spelled out using peas! I thought that was awesome!!! I even said, “Eat your peas!” out loud:)

  59. Now, I am also beginning to believe their are some democrats that do not want a debt ceiling raised either!

    Bernie sanders said these cuts the president wants to ss and Medicare are deep cuts and they will never pass the democratically controlled senate! Sorry Bernie, I saw senator Bennett on tv saying it will.

    And means testing Medicare and adjusting cola is not are NOT deep cuts!

    Thus, Bernie and his friends in the media are all about undermining the president!

    Why? If the nation defaults, don’t you thunk Bernie can then blame the president and maybe run against him.

    I think and At least, that is the Bernie sanders plan, with helps from Ed Shultz!

  60. Mornin’ BWD, ‘TOAITR’ers and All Obamabots,

    BWD, please, please, please don’t go! PBHO needs you, and WE need you! :Virtual Hug:

    Although there are other pro-Obama sites, there’s none like yours…I *love* you and this site! 😆

    And, DWS *IS* “doin’ PBHO, DNC/OFA, DCCC, and us proud!” GO DWS GO! 😀

    So, again, don’t go anywhere…Ok? 😉

    Everyone have an enjoyable day!


    Sixth Grader Advocates for School Supplies – PRESIDENT OBAMA RESPONDS

    IT’S NO SECRET THAT SCHOOLS AROUND THE COUNTRY ARE FACING DEEP BUDGE CUTS, often resulting in layoffs of staff and teachers and putting the burden on teachers to purchase much-needed supplies for their classrooms. THE LACK OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES CAUSED ONE LODI, CALIFORNIA MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT TO TAKE HIS CASE DIRECTLY TO PRESIDENT OBAMA IN A LETTER.

    IN THE PRESIDENT’S PERSONAL RESPONSE, he thanked Henderson for sharing his ideas and commended him for his commitment to the community. “In America, each of us can write our own destiny,” the President wrote. “So long as you are willing to dream big and work hard, you can accomplish great things and help others to do the same.”

    Secretary Duncan calls this tough economic climate for schools “the new normal.” To address the new normal, the Department of Education recently offered promising practices to states and communities on the effective, efficient and responsible use of resources in tight budget times. “We have to continue to invest [in education]” Duncan recently warned. “Budgets reflect our values, they reflect our priorities.”

    Read more about James Henderson and President Obama’s response at the Lodi News-Sentinel.

    Cameron Brenchley is New Media Outreach Manager at the Department of Education.

    PBHO cannot do this alone!

    Where’s the governor, mayor, state senator, state representative, et al…

    They need to do their parts to help their city and/or state!

    If they don’t do it, can’t do it or won’t do it, they NEED TO BE VOTED OUT and/or REPEALED & REPLACED!

    So, PBHO can have the help he needs, at every level…local/state/federal… to move America forward to win the future!

    What say ye 😕

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!

  61. …..again my last post was long and involved but I cherish this site and wish it to stay active, but with that, constant and POSITIVE thread titles will go a long way toward keeping a positive narrative and feel to our posting style. Have a good day everyone. God Bless America, the World, and you all!! 🙂 Obama/Biden 2012!!

  62. I would be devasted if you close this site down. It is one of the few places you can go for positive Obama news and as the election draws closer it would be even more vital to have a place like this available. Please disinvite those who constantly complain, whine and have nothing but negativity about the president. However, let the rest of us continue here in peace!! 🙂

  63. Thank you, BWD, for your clarity about the foundational principle of this blog. It’s why I come here several times a day, and it’s why I usually read some of the comments. I stop reading when it gets too snarky, or when I run out of time. Whichever comes first. Seems to me that there’s SO much slime being slung around out there in TV-land (as I call it) that to have one safe place where we can stay positive, hopeful, and friendly to each other and everyone else is not merely a respite, but a model for what’s needed in every place. Thanks for your inspiring and helpful work. You’re the best!

  64. WE need to go “find” ’em…

    @vanjones86 & Co., where ya at? 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!

  65. hopefruit2 thanks for this heads up…

    As much as possible and in different ways, PBHO gets “outside that Washington bubble” to talk to the American people! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  66. You know we have a long time before the Nov. 2012 elections. It may not seem that long, but because we live in 24/7 news cycles, it’s going to seem like a long time. People have begun positioning themselves based on the outcomes they would like to see happen in 2012. We’re going to have to deal with a lot of negative stuff. There are sites where, if we choose, we can fight 24/7. We’re going to need a site like to this one to get rejuvenated. This is a positive place. And there are many posters who provide a lot of valuable information. Some of us are fighters by nature. If you are, go to those sites (you know which ones) and take on the liars and false prophets. But I agree with BWD 1000% – lets stay sane and informed on this site. Lets try to not have knee-jerk reactions and emotional meltdowns.

  67. Well, kinona you have just posted all the major polls and their results in reference to the debt ceiling negotiations. I would say President Barack Hussein Obama has a firm grasp as to what is going on. Time for the WHINING to stop folks and focus on the president’s re-election. PEACE!!! Obama/Biden 2012!! 🙂

  68. BWD . . . you are doing an AMAZING job with this blog . . . I check in several times a day even though I don’t comment much . . . I love the way you provide links to the President’s events so I can hear him speak for himself without the “spin” . . . such a gift!

    Keep doing what you do . . . you are making a positive difference in this country . . . your blog is the antidote to all the garbage out there . . .

    “Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. ” ~Anne Lamott

  69. I was thinking of writing the presidents of Ford and GM asking if they were going to make an all electric car. Maybe it is time the public writes them with a cc to the President. I would much rather buy American than foreign made electric. I was reading that at another site that the only electric scooter is made in China. After watching the Tom Hanks movie Larry Crowne, I was thinking of buying a scooter. Very cute movie.

  70. BWD I understand your frustration…WE must put our energy in fighting all the hatred towards PBO to good use…by bringing positive vibes to this site…God knows we have so many enemies within. If frustrated, about something ..take it to Tweeterland and make your voice heard…We can agree to disagree with respect.

    Thank you for all you do BWD, we don’t want to add to the enormous work you do here. I appreciate and I am grateful for this site.

    I will leave you with this quote:

    “Until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned – well, everywhere there’s war. And until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race – it’s a war. And until there’s no longer first-class or second-class citizens of any nation… Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes – it’s a war. Until that day the dream of lasting peace, world citizenship, and a rule of international morality will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained.”
    — Haile Selassie I

  71. I’m one who can generally roll with things, but I was going to pull my hair out if I read one more post whining about messaging. I’m sorry, for the past six months or so the Dems have never been more cohesive. You still have one or two rogues here and there, but the message IS getting out there. So to hear people still complaining about it was driving me crazy. I understand not sticking your head in the stand, but geez.

    I mean, the Dems are WINNING the messaging war on DEBT! The one thing that republicans have beat us over the head with over and over again for years. DESPITE the media’s best “both sides do it” efforts.

  72. Debbie Downer and Schleprock will always find where there’s positive energy and good information being shared and try to funk it up. Even on the site dedicated to the First Lady’s style and clothes will have some nudnik and his/her petty critique. We are here to think and analyze news and information that isn’t always readily available through other sources. This fixation on polls at this stage of the game seems silly.

    The best antidote to doom and gloom is volunteering with OFA. I do so weekly and participated in the Call to Action on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day with the forecast of scorching days to come yet about 30 volunteers, from a variety of backgrounds, were there. A few of them commented that it was the diversity that clearly demonstrated that we were Democrats.

  73. SIGH!!! Jovie to you and Faith work together? Did you no read BWD’s original post and comments? We do enjoy your positive links on the progress the administration is making though.

  74. The one thing I know for sure is that this president has more intelligence and more foresight than most human beings on the planet. I never waver in my trust in both those attributes when it comes to his dealing with the scum we call the American Congress. The world seems to have turned upside down, with people doing their best to cover up for criminals like the Murdochs and federal judges overturning the conviction of a man posting an assassination threat to our president as free speech (!), it’s a wonder PBO can function at all.

  75. Dear Sue and a few others who believe they have to monitor speech here. May I first say that although our President doesn’t swear when speaking to the citizens, he well tolerated Rahm’s very colorful language and didn’t feel it necessary to change him. Just scroll on down. I am one who is not at all religious and actually find all the praying on this site a little over the top, but I scroll right on down past it and until now have never mentioned it as I am not about to monitor your language or feelings either. That’s why scroll wheels were invented. Mote – eye.

  76. Thanks BWD. I agree. I haven’t posted much for that reason. For those of us that have been an activist for our President for so many years, I have close to zero tolerance for negative. I internalize it and then my whole day is affected. Thanks for calliing us out.

  77. Stick with it BWD. You and Chipsticks do a wonderful job. I visit both sites multiple times a day. I do think there is a line between respectful discussion with those whom one may disagree with on policy issues and over reacting hyperbole. Most discussions are respectful, and the community here seem like caring, thoughtful people.

    However, there is a regular poster–who you have warned before about haironfire “news” blasts–who has defied your request AGAIN in THIS thread.

    I find this poster often misinformed, wed to tv hysteria, and all to often spoiling the purpose of your site, which is to highlight the positive. The poster may not think that is what they are doing, but they do regardless of intent.

    It is no doubt frustrating for you and it is for me, and no doubt many others.

    Could you privately communicate with this poster about your concerns?
    Perhaps that would be helpful to you and the many many people who cherish this site.


  78. I am a daily lurker and post occasionally, I love this site, and remember like in the world of the PL only a minority are voicing their gloom. I guess maybe that is their way of handling the political stress going on in Washington and I am referring to only our daily visitors here, the PL is all about money and Jane Hamsher is probably broke right now.

    When one is engaged daily in the sausage making in DC, and what the disfunctional Congress and that is Democrats and Republicans (not all blame is on our Republican friends) are doing it can be unerving. I suggest to the ones here clutching their pearls everytime that the President has to negotiate with the Republicans, to remember that it was an improbable feat for someone like Barack Husseing Obama to become the 44th President of these United States. Think about that for a moment, and all the wins and accomplishments he has under his belt despite his obvious disadvantage. I always bet on this President, he keeps me calm amidst the storm of this toxic political environmemt. He has our back and when he wins we win. Our President is a Winner. Obama/Biden2012

  79. Thanks Keith, I know I am not crazy. I called Faith out on Obamadiary “oh sister” and Chips told me that she is legit. And I know deep inside she is not. I respect the owner’s viewpoint but I said I would not respond about this again and just to watch with patience.

  80. Keith,

    Jovie brings a lot of good positive information here. She is just pointing out who in the MSM and senate who is not being honest.

  81. I hear ya BWD. There ARE enough Obama bashing propagandist sites fronting as “news” sites to last into the next decade with Huff-in-Puff-ington Post and their melodramatic headlines being one of, if not THE largest of these perpetrators. They have the “formula” down pat…. focus on Obama, stir up ANY controversy about him by posting melodramatic misleading headlines, then sit back and watch the propaganda addicts roll in.

    Even a few of my closest friends who are staunch PBO supporters have been sucked in by “breaking news” (another propagandist tool) that over dramatize unsubstantiated “reports” regarding this Debt Reduction bill and other past stories. Initially, they don’t even consider about the “game” PBO and the Dems HAVE TO play when Teapublicans continue to move the goalposts simply because they have more “players”… they just “react” without the benfit of “thinking”. Because not only do the GOTP have more players, their players cheat and play dirty. So there’s a strategy involved to beat dirty cheaters… and part of that strategy is, as my uncle used to say, “NEVER let your “right” hand know what your “left” hand is doin”… and that Right hand also includes the MSM.

    By reading and listening to some comments, I don’t think very many people realize that it is THE HOUSE that introduces bills and it’s the House MAJORITY that has precedence. That is THE RULE regarding the legislative process… and unfortunately, austere, bitter, macro-economically ignorant Teapublicans NOW represent the House majority. The “Gang of Six” on the surface “looks” bipartisan; but we all know that they are conservative in nature and in reality.

    But what troubles me as well is the immediate reaction to media reports… by the same media that has been less than trustworthy and responsible for years now… especially when it comes to “political reporting”. But Americans love drama… even to the point of it superseding “common sense and logic”… and the media knows this. So keep feeding them “journalistic junk food” and they’ll continue to eat it up… no matter how “unhealthy” it is… because it’s so “tasty”.

    I came to TOAITR because that “junk food” has ALWAYS been an exception, NOT the rule… and there has been some VERY healthy insights as a result. Hopefully that will remain the case despite some posters temporary craving for “deep fried mystery meat”.

  82. This is when School district superintendants should not be getting six figure salaries and perks of a CEO when some of their schools students’ programs and supplies are cut. Maybe budgets should start from the bottom up. What’s left goes to the top.

  83. BWD. Don’t get discouraged by the bed-wetters and hand-wringers. They listen to “liberals” in the news and in the blogs who are forever criticizing the President for not being progressive enough. But they are not sophisticated enough to understand that these same critics never offer any real solutions for how to actually achieve progressive goals in this toxic political climate. I’d like just once to hear how they would actually govern with a Republican House and a bunch of Blue Dog Democrats undermining the President’s agenda.

    We would all like to see a more progressive government but most of us here understand that the political process is messy and frustrating and that all politics requires compromise. For those who missed them, three recent articles on the web addressed the issue beautifully.

    The Reid Report
    Barack Obama and the myth of the progressive ‘majorities’

    Steve Benen, Washington Monthly
    ‘To marry principle to a political process’

    The Reid Report
    JFK’s liberal heresies: would today’s progressives oppose him?

    On a practical note, I do a lot of web surfing every day looking for positive news and in depth analysis about the President from credible sources. I already send an email full of great links to fellow Obama supporters. I would be happy to add you to my email list if you think that might help you weed through all the negativity out there and you can post any links you especially like here on this wonderful site. I would be honored to help!

  84. We cannot shut down sites that are pro President Obama because we lose the tools that help us to stay inform besides it gives the opposition the victory.

    We have a winning team. Do not let the bumps in the road or minor setbacks from the media or opposition cause us to faint or give up. We have to continue to press forward toward the mark which is to re-elect one of the greatest President America has ever elected.

  85. I just checked out Google and yes there are peas! That is so cute. Thanks for mentioning it since i don’t use Google Chrome and would have missed it.



    PRESIDENT OBAMA TURNS 50 ON AUGUST 4TH, and some New York food entrepreneurs are hoping to capitalize on the milestone. Eataly, a restaurant and gourmet food emporium located on 5th Avenue in the Flatiron District, has started a campaign to get the President to visit, holding out the promise of a birthday toast with an excellent bottle of Borgogno Barolo, vintage 1961, the year the President arrived on earth. The wine retails for $1,180-a-bottle, and is made in Piedmont, Italy, at the family-owned vineyard of Eataly’s manager, Nicola Farinetti. The presidential birthday campaign was Farinetti’s brainchild, reports, and so far includes big signs with the President’s photo, hanging from the ceiling and in the windows.


    Farinetti is hoping the signs will start a word-of-mouth campaign, he said. During its first year in business, Eataly has hosted everyone from local politicians to celebrities, but not President Obama, who has visited Manhattan numerous times since taking office (on his most recent visit, the President attended a fundraiser at Chef Daniel Boulud’s eponymous restaurant). President Obama celebrated his 49th birthday with friends in Chicago (including Oprah Winfrey) with dinner at graham elliot restaurant.

    The wine being offered as the lure is truly special: Barolo, made exclusively from the Nebbiolo grape, has been called “the King of Wines” for centuries, according to Eataly Vino manager Niccolo Salvadori, who said the wine is smooth, with hints of big, red berries, dried cranberries and licorice. 1961 was “one of the greatest years in the history of Barolo,” Salvadori said. Farinetti said he “hopes to lead a quick tour of the market and show Obama how the business, which employs nearly 700 workers, was able to launch and thrive despite the recession,” DNA reports.




    *Eataly is at 200 5ht Avenue, New York, New York, 10010. Phone: 212-229-2560.

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!

  87. Me too, me too, me too! I love, and NEED, this site. I come here daily to have my feelings confirmed and read the links BWD shares. I in turn share with an email list made up of friends who ALSO understand what a great president we have. They want to HELP him succeed too.

    BWD is the BEST and I completely agree … there are many sites where one can be negative. THIS site is absolutely necessary to combat them, not JOIN them!

  88. Thanks so much for speaking your mind. Sad to say I have found myself coming here less and less recently for that very reason. At this point I’m all about being proactive and doing what I can to get PBO re-elected and I just don’t have patience for this panic over every little speculation and spin that the MSM and others put out (remember folks, they do have an agenda here). Hopefully we can all keep our eyes on the prize from here on out.

  89. MAKING HISTORY: $142.3 Million for 155 Communities Nationwide

    IN THE SINGLE LARGEST ROUND OF AWARDS IN THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (CDFI) FUND’S HISTORY, Treasury will distribute a total of $142,302,667 to 155 financial institutions serving economically distressed communities across the United States. CDFI Fund Director Donna Gambrell joined Senator Dick Durbin and Representative Danny Davis in Chicago yesterday to make the historic announcement.

    THE 2011 AWARDS WERE GIVEN TO ORGANIZATIONS HEADQUARTERED IN 40 STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA through the CDFI Fund’s cornerstone program, the Community Development Financial Institutions Program, and touch both rural and urban communities.

    They will help specialized community-based financial institutions spur local economic growth and expand access to affordable financial products and services. Chicago’s Fulton-Carrol Center, a small business incubator that houses almost 120 entrepreneurs and served as the backdrop for yesterday’s national award announcement, is just one of many examples of how CDFIs CAN PLAY A CRITICAL ROLE IN HELPING SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS SPUR JOB CREATION and economic growth in economically distressed communities across the country.

    As Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Neal Wolin said, “EVERY COMMUNITY DESERVES TO HAVE ACCESS TO BASIC FINANCIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, from bank accounts to affordable home and car loans. THE CDFI PROGRAM PROVIDES ACCESS TO RURAL AND URBAN COMMUNITIES across the country by investing in local financial institutions that serve these communities.”

    In Chicago, the organizations receiving these awards are doing exactly that. Because of these funds, they will be eligible for larger loans from major banks, which they can then use to make below-market loans to non-profit projects like a charter elementary school, affordable rental housing and a savings and loan association that works with local small businesses.

    For more information on the CDFI Program, please visit Click HERE to view a list of awardees, by city, receiving CDFI Fund investments.

    Sandra Salstrom is the Spokesperson for Tax, Budget and Economic Policy.

  90. Misery’s companion is company.

    Having said, that I agree with your commentary.

    I am hoping that when people, known to this site are flip and flopping that a lot of love and momentary lapse can be excused.

    There is no barometric to ascertain and figure out the political discourse of TBGOPers. It is mind boggling that the press looks the other way. But it is equally mind boggling that up to now the Dems have not figured out a way to effectively combat the TBGOPers.

    We know what they are all about.

    The question is, what are will going and are willing to do about it.

    The most vulnerable Dem in WI, so the TBGOPers thought, won. That is a great thing. That tells me, that many Dems are not as quiet as some would like to think.

    I am certain that come in August, the other 2 Dems would get in and so would the defeat of at least 4-5 TBGOPers. I want 6, I hope it happens.

  91. I agree with you conlakappa, volunteering with OFA keeps one sane, meeting people that are supportive of this President is like adrenaline to ones soul, many people I meet give me a thumbs up and appreciate what I do, because not everyone can volunteer or approach strangers for voter registration.

    I realised a long time ago that the organisers themselves or leaders in OFA are not caught up in the day to day political events, they are busy registering voters, having OFA house parties for the community and supporting the President. Obama/Biden2012

  92. I agree with the post about volunteering for OFA to re-energize yourself. Did you know you can volunteer to (temporarily) house a staffer who has just moved to your area? It doesn’t cost you anything — but it’s a HUGE financial help to the campaign! Focus, focus, focus on re-election!

  93. Tao thank you for this list! I know this is exactly what BWD means. This reminder is soooo refreshing! I too am more of a lurker and I have become somewhat discourage lately by the doom and gloom and sometimes the profanity. I also see how many who comment try desperately to keep things positive, but others continue to pull you back in to a defense mode until it becomes almost confrontational.

    I want so much for this site to remain as BWD invisioned it! I work so hard for this wonderful President here in Missouri and when we fill discouraged we turn to sites like this and TOD for hope and positive energy. His campain motto of Include, Encourage and Empower is what redirects us when we get off track and trust me we are all subject to do that from time to time. But it is also hearing the collective voices of hope from people like you that also lifts us and keeps us going.

    Please don’t leave BWD. We need you. We need all of you. There are so many of us who seldom comment, but trust me, we depend on your positive strength. I love this site!

  94. BWD. I so ♥ you and your site. If I might make an observation about the change in tone in the comment section. I’ve noticed that the negativity is proportionate to the lack of pictures in any given post. The more pictures of the President, VP and first family, the lighter the tone in the comment section. I’ve found myself more than once, in the last couple weeks especially, thinking, “Where are the pictures?” One of the beauties of this site is its focus on our amazing first family and equally amazing VP and his wife.

    Please don’t give up on us.

  95. Hello BWD and friends! I understand frustration and how people get sucked into negativity. But what most influences us is any expression from “the better angels of our nature”. I cannot help but remember how I first found out about this blog. This new world of social media, blogs and tweeting was totally unknown to me. But a friend forwarded me a link to the “Im Grateful” post and I spent hours for many days afterwards catching up with every expression of faith and gratitude celebrating the President I love and respect more than any President in my lifetime. This blog and others I found here became a lifesaver for me and allowed me to completely disregard the hateful noise and still get all the news and analysis to be an active and informed citizen. I believe that we must try to understand opposition and must be prepared to defend our own points of view. But that does not require 24 hours of media hype and chattering from people with very limitied views. The use of language is an individual choice – I am old-fashioned (and frankly old enough) to avoid cussing and namecalling as my personal preference.
    May I make a suggestion. Let’s have a blog entitled “I’m confident …”

    I’ll gladly start it:

    I’m confident that the American people made the right choice in 2008 when we elected Barack Obama to be our President. I am confident that we will affirm this choice in 2012.
    I am confident that President Obama will succeed in moving the country forward and that history will record how one extraordinary public servant, our President, was instrumental in restoring the American Dream and in moving the world towards cooperation and peace.

  96. I totally agreed with you BWD regarding the Whinning, and bitching about the PL, RW, and MSM. We are waisting our time and energy on paying attention to the people whoe we desagree with we are better and smart, as you said we can crotizise PBO when ever we do not agreed with him, but we will not attack him, we have to be resonable, and we have to trust him, ofcourse PBO is not perfect so let’s cool down people and thank you BWD for this wonderful site.

  97. BWD please, please please you have everyright to be upset so my apology to you I have been also part of the problem, Yes we can be better.

  98. Great comment and suggestion!

    I’m confident that things wll work out for all Americans IF WE WORK HARD to support the hard work of our President that he does each and every day.

  99. Agree. I always think it’s a good idea for everyone to keep their religious feelings private. We are a big tent, people from all backgrounds and mindsets, and since we do not all share the same thinking about the importance and role of religion in our lives, I think it’s best to keep those thoughts to ourselves, or we’ll all end up causing needless grief. What we all share is support of President Obama, and I appreciate learning about concrete ways we can aid his re-election and wish we could keep the discussions non-religious. It’s just smarter not to offend each other.

  100. GreatGreat idea – President Obama often says “I’m confident…” when asked about the outcome of various issues. A lot of times I’ve doubted whether what he’s confident about would actually really happen but more often than not, they do. (Examples include START treaty, DADT repeal, healthcare, etc).

    So I will say this, I am confident that any deficit reduction deal that is passed and signed into law by the President will reduce the deficit without negatively impacting the economy and at the same time will protect the vulnerable in society.

  101. Thank you! There has to be a place to go for President Obama supporters to stay level headed and calm through the storm. I’m happy this is one place for that! The election season has just getting started, and it’s going to get 10 time worse, so we all need to get behind the President, and put on our armor, and get ready to fight back. I have the President back, and I know you all have his back too. JUST SHOW IT, BY ACTION!

  102. Dear BWD, I don’t post much, but I love this site. You are an island of calm rationality, and I love the positive responses made by the commenters. There may be a few who come here overwhelmed by the scare tactics elsewhere and when they bring that insecurity, they need people here to ‘overwhelm’ them with reassurance. It is also necessary to bring, as Jovie just did, the talking points of the media and PL sites just so we can ‘know our enemy’ and plan our response. Neither of these two things is the same as constantly coming and trying to start trouble, and I’m sure, BWD, you know the difference. If we as commenters jump all over everyone who posts something even slightly negative, we will be following a path that we don’t like when others go there. It is fine line to walk.

  103. A president who is over-performing and a congress that is under-performing. Simply brilliant. Frank and Gallop can poll but, may be there are some Americans who already know the answer. This the best response I have ever heard directed at a pollster.

  104. As far as Maddow is concerned, it should be obvious by now that she doesnt have a clue what she’s talking about. Certainly she’s smart, but being smart does’nt trump her lack of experiance that say CO or CM picked up as high ranking congressional staffers. Chris O, who I dont normaly watch, tried to explain to viewers the other night that the President knows what “you(the viewers) know”. This was when he offered up the 4 trillion defecit/debt ceiling bill that he knew didnt have a chance because the GOP would have had to agree to 1/4th being revenues. Chris explaained that he was talking to independents and moderate republicans in his continuing and successful atempt to paint the gop as the party of no, no matter how reasonanble and fair the deal being offered. It remined me of how ignorant I though the people on boards like the orange one or RM Jon S and Mahr were when they couldnt understand why the President kept reaching out only to have his hand slapped, as if he didnt know what those bozos knew.
    My favorite example of maddow showing her lack of experaince was when she bitched because Senator Obama wasnt hammering McCain(as HRC would have, she said) over the head with Phil Gramm’s comment about us being a nation of whiners. O and his staff knew there is a shelf life to everything, so they saved that little gem for his acceptance speech in Denver. I remember reading here that E Warren had to explain to RM that O was a hero for setting up the consumer oversight dept that Ms Warren was not going to head and didnt want to.

    BWD please dont shut this down. I missed those comments yesterday but I have seen for some time people trying to be smooth and sneak in the debby downer BS. The way that this place is loved maybe you can find a few trusted friends to help moderate comments or put a hold on comments from new members or past offenders until you or someone you trust gets around to looking them over. Maybe the concern trolls and downright Pl posters will give up and go back to board orange. Having no idea what a board moderator sees when they go to look at a back log of pending comments I may well be showing my own lack of experioance but only because it would be a huge dissapointment not to have this refuge.

  105. Agree—-long time observers of President Obama have learned not to jump to panic every time someone posts some hair on fire alarming statement. Huff Po is not as bad as it used to be when Arianna was more of a presence there, but I used to see their bold headlines declaring that Obama is going to do this really bad thing and I would respond with “What?”, can this be true? etc., and it never was. We should all have learned to take a breath and wait to learn the truth of situations. I know President Obama’s principles, and I trust him to get the best deal he can in every situation.

  106. BWD, I come to this site because WE are suppose to be SUPPORTERS of this great POTUS! I detest the second guessing and negativity against PBO! This man endures DAILY insults and disrespect from both the left and right. Did I forget to mention the hatred and racism this noble man humbly accepts on behalf of ALL of us?
    Since 2004, I have been and will continue to be an unwavering supporter of President Barack Obama!!!
    Obama/Biden 2012
    Yes WE Can, Again!

  107. Also, as important as it is t o get the President reelected it’s equally as important to give him some coattails – a majority in the House! In 2010 because of the professional moaners we lost Blue Dog Democrats. Yes, they were not as progressive as we might have liked, but according to Nate Silver they voted with the party 60% to 80% of the time (Only one voted less than 80%). They were replaced by Republicans who voted with the Democrats exactly 0% of the time! I think we need to stand behind every Democrat no matter how liberal or conservative, until we have a majority and then start pushing on the political stands we don’t like. Hope this makes sense.

  108. I had a wonderful conversation at the reference desk last week. I was helping an older African American gentleman find a couple of books. After finding what he needed, out of the blue he asked what I thought would happen to the economy with the debt ceiling. I just looked him in the eyes and said “I have faith that this president will get the job done.” He smiled and said “Yes sir, the Republicans just want to destroy the country.” I went into how PBO was pretty much boxing in the GOP until they’d have no room to maneuver. I’d like to think that I gave him a bit of an uplift. That’s how we’ll win this upcoming election: talking to people, one at a time, and giving them that message of hope.

  109. Good response LL. The repugs can’t hide the fact they are trying to take the country down and it does upset people. We all need to let folks know that the president will “get the job done”. Thanks.

  110. BWD, I just want to say that you’re doing an extraordinary and historic work for our President with this site. Please don’t let anyone or anything discourage you from this critical work. Thank you for reminding us what this site is here for and why we are here: To support President Obama. Period.

    I make no apologies for my unwavering support of this brilliant President. People can call me an Obamabot or whatever. Doesn’t faze me in the least. I will not waver from my support of him.

    Again, thank you so much for this site. It is a treasure. And so are you.

  111. OK, the DCCC has gotten me to be a semi-regular contributor for a few reasons. First, Dems have built a solid wall of support around PBO the past month. The messaging is finally pitch perfect. Secondly, well, the GOP is bat-shit insane, and the DCCC needs money. And then I just got this in my email from the DCCC, highlighting Rep. Allen West’s email outburst at DWS: “You are the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the US House of Representatives… you are not a Lady.” So today they’re getting $15 in honor of DWS, who is not just a lady, but an ass-kicking one.

  112. Oh my! What are we supposed to do with an “over-performing” president. I imagine poor Frank wandering around saying “Does not compute, does not compute, more polls!”

  113. The Town Hall will likely be on They do a petty good job. Cspan may carry it as well.

  114. LOL I received teh same email. I’ll see your $15 and raise it another $15= $30 to Debbie Wasserman Schutz! Go GET’EM, DEBBIE!

  115. I tweeted your comments. I have some Green groups following me. But you are right why are they so quiet..

  116. You nailed it LL. And even when folks from the opposite party comment and ask questions in a round about way, I deliver the straight facts, as I know it. Give them references to check it out if they need it. I’m not one to shy away from a good debate either. So if they bring the half-truths and negativity, I bring the facts as I know it. That’s all I can do.

  117. I still have hope that the auto industry will see this for the opportunity it is. It would not only open a market in the US, but it would get our industry on the ground floor for super-efficient cars for the world market. If the US auto industry wants to return to its glory days, super-efficiency is the way to do it, as more governments around the world establish higher fuel standards.

  118. Keith,
    You get the most negative post of the day for doing personal attacks on me.
    To clarify, I was pointing out issues about sanders, the media and hardly any cuts to entitlements that everybody is privy to, but you!

  119. I totally loved that google thing when I saw it this AM. I’ve been faxing various Repubs my “Give Peas a Chance” graphic. The picture came off a baby’s bib so I think it appropriate!

  120. And we have to remember: Bernie is NOT a Democrat. He caucuses with us, but he’s to the left of the most liberal members of the caucus. Obviously I’d rather have him voting with us than against us, but when he speaks we have to remember that he’s not a member of the party.

  121. Agree completely. I had to exercise considerable self restraint not to make snappy replies to all the prayering going on here. But I succeeded, so far:-) We come from different backgrounds, and the best thing is to just share what advances the common goal: re-election of this president, getting the house back, keeping the senate, and changing public opinion in the progressive direction.

  122. Jovie, I don’t think I’ve told you how much I really appreciate your links about Green energy. Quiety, resolutely and strongly, PBO is going forward with this and I am just thrilled to read the links.

  123. Thanks BWD, we need to keep this site positive. I’d rather have the comments turned off or moderated than allow toxins to build up here.

  124. I’m confident that the President knows what he’s doing even when I’m lost and don’t understand what is going on. He has a plan and is playing it close to the vest. This always works for us.

  125. Since PBO is the best thinker in the world & we still own a piece of the industry and we still need to compete- I choose PBO!

  126. BWD: Thank you very much for your expression of concern about the comments that were being made on this site. Like others, I had gotten to the point where I had stopped reading the posts because of the negativity that was being expressed here. The reason why I started to visit this site is because it was and must continue to be an oasis of sanity. I am a proud Obamabot. I trust him implicitly. I know that whatever decision that he makes is in the best interest of the country. All of us should be about the business of exchanging good information about our President and his administration, supporting each other and becoming foot soldiers doing any and everything that we can to get President Obama reelected and to elect members to Congress who will support his agenda.

    Please keep up the good work BWD!

  127. That’s an excellent point and something I had not considered. But I haven’t been coming here to read posts lately because the negativity got to me. I like to remain positive, using my energy for OFA and action here in AZ.

  128. Thanks for sharing that LL. I love one on one encounters like this. If I can lift up a PBO supporter who may be feeling scared or worried, it makes my day. If I can plant some seeds of truth in the mind of someone who is a Repub, that makes my day also.

  129. BWD, I love this site and I hope you will not give up on us. I tend to stay away and not comment if there is too much angst. I want to use my energy to support PBO and get more good Dems elected. I cherish your diaries for the positive information I get that I can pass on to my email list.

    I know my language can get salty. I’ve lived with a sailor for over 40 years. I will try to guard my tongue as I know some do find this kind of language offensive.

  130. Very succinctly stated. And as far as I recall reading about organizing (e.g. from Al Giordano, posted 2008 in the runup to the last election)
    H/T smartypants

    it is all about forming winning coalitions. We should not drive away the occasionally faint-hearted, nor the worshippers (both religion and Obama:-), nor the areligious, because we need as many people as possible to profit from this blog. I think that you got a very important resource here, BWG, and I have not seen outright trolls on this blog (maybe you weeded them out quickly enough:-)

    This blog is a place to tank energy, but also serves as clearinghouse for information. And in the latter function some R talking points have to be mentioned to find good refutations, IMHO.

  131. Don’t the Murdocks own most of the News Corp stock? I read somewhere that he bought up shares when his stock started to tank at the beginning of this investigation.

  132. No, but it looks like the Murdoch’s still have effective control with their shares. From Wikipedia: In August 2005 the Murdoch family owned only about 29% of the company. However, nearly all of these shares were voting shares, and Rupert Murdoch retained effective control of the company. Nonetheless, John Malone of Liberty Media had built up a large stake, with about half of the shares being voting shares. Therefore, in November 2006, News Corporation announced its intention to transfer its 38.5 per cent managing interest in DirecTV Group to John Malone’s Liberty Media; in return it bought back Liberty’s 16.3% shares in News Corp., giving Murdoch tighter control of the latter firm.[25] Murdoch sold 17.5 million class A shares in December 2007.[26]

  133. I wish I could see you both and raise but I can only manage $10. Every time this vile stuff happens, it only encourages me to give more and work harder.

  134. One of the things that our team captain talked about at one of our first OFA meetings this year was that we need to at times step away from the cable news, the blogs, Facebook and the internet in general. When you follow the ebb and flow of every single piece of legislation right down to the finest detail you get too emotionally attached to the outcome. She warned us that it can have a negative impact on our ability to remain positive and enthusiastically involved.

    She let us know that the Obama campaign is being scrutinized by the left and the right like no other President before him. The New Media (cable, internet, blogs etc) is a blessing and a curse. Having everything opined in real-time is an extremely difficult way to try and govern but PBO does it day in and day out. We should marvel at his ability to block out the background noise.

    I understand BWD’s concern about this blog because at times it can begin to sound just like “all the rest” out here in this new age media and its what the Team Captain warned us about…following every detail. When the media doesn’t have facts they create them and these “facts” tend to set our hair on fire. BTW that IMO is exactly the Medias intent.

    Trust but verify. If you cannot verify the “news” that you read then at the very least we should give PBO the benefit of the doubt. We hired him to do a job. It would be best if we gave him the space to attempt to do that job.

    They give us “homework” at OFA. We are asked to do at least “one thing” everyday that will help reelect PBO. It can be talking to a stranger, neighbor, a family member or co-worker. It can be a small donation made by you or someone in your sphere of influence to the campaign. It can be getting one I’M IN card filled out everyday. Then we tell these stories when we get together for our meetings.

    Can you imagine what this blog would look like if it was filled with page after page of supporter stories of their “One Thing” to get the President elected each day?

  135. Everyone remember what Lawrence O’ said last week:

    “Nothing is agreed to, until EVERYTHING is agreed to.”

    The 7ish-Gang™ Bill still has to be taken from the SENATE – by being attached to something they have that originated in the HOUSE – sent back to the HOUSE, and the HouseOfCrazy® has to vote on it.

    Now, think about that in the TIME FRAME WE HAVE to raise the debt ceiling….. ok – stop laughing….. seriously, now.

    My thoughts? There is no time. Obama will get a clean bill – like he wanted in the first place. 😀 (Because the Debt Ceiling should NEVER EVER be attached to the budget – you should look at your bank account FIRST before you decide you can afford two wars and a tax cut for the überwealthy – if the Bush/GOP had done that {and weren’t such anti-tax loons}, we wouldn’t be talking about this, but I digress…)

    The Teaps will fight that because they’re morons, who can’t understand basic math.

    SOME GOP ADULT SOMEWHERE – will sit them down and explain that a private family can’t sell US Treasury Bonds to borrow more capital to pay it’s bills, but the Government can. However, a private family (if they have property) can take a second mortgage out on their house to pay their bills, put food on the table, and invest in an enterprise that will generate cash – so they can in future, pay back the 2nd, and MAKE MONEY. Hopefully, this adult can also explain that the US Gov (Fed/State/Local) is the largest employer on the planet with more employees world-wide than any private company. That the GOV can create jobs faster and more cost-effectively (when PROPERLY FUNDED) than any private entity because they don’t have $12million annual+bonus CEOs to feed, stocks to sell, or profit to worry about.

    This adult will then give a basic math class consisting of the following math equation:

    Taxes = Programs = JOBS for people to run said programs = people with a paycheck = people with money to SPEND = larger demand for goods & services = companies hiring to fulfill demand for goods & services = more people with JOBS = more money being spent = economic stimulation = more people paying taxes = more money into system = more programs can be created/infrastructure getting repaired, teachers, police, fire, etc = more people getting a PAYCHECK = more demand for goods and services x infinity.

    Yes, we need to bring back manufacturing, and a billion other things, but until that happens there is STUFF WE CAN DO HERE.

    Of course, we’re talking about the ClownCarCrazies® so I’m sure they’ll willfully still believe in the Magical Money/Jobs Tree that is the every rich man’s back yard. But hey, a girl can hope.

    Of course some LAW ADULT should also explain to Those Who Refute Reality that it’s:

    1. Dereliction of Duty to NOT raise the debt ceiling. The wording and the LAW of the 14th is clear: CONGRESS SHALL ENFORCE (America to pay her bills.) There is no choice. If they refuse, they can and should be removed from office for dereliction of duty. Then they can get a vote by those who are left.

    2. It’s also sedition to willfully crash the US Economy. It makes them a domestic enemy, which they are sworn to protect against.

    3. It’s beyond a conflict of interest bordering on treason to sign a loyalty pledge to ANYONE or ANYTHING that is held above the US CONSTITUTION.

    Those are just three reasons they SHOULD be removed from office.

    After they get a clean bill and raise the debt ceiling, they’ll tweak this bill some more, AFTER they do a JOBS bill which Obama could pound them with not passing until election day – then they’re swept from office, then the Bush tax cuts expire, and we can get some serious shit done during Obama2.

  136. I get so many organizations needing donations, lately my snail mail box seems just as full as my email. *teehee* Today I signed and returned the birthday card that OFA sent for POTUS 50th. I included a card that I had purchased (the ofa one is so cheap lol) with a donation. I can’t believe this stunning man is 50. WOW good genesftw. 🙂

    Also the MLKjr. Build the Dream NMproject got a donation, I don’t really care about the contest, I know I can’t travel to DC but I am super happy to be able to contribute to both these worthy causes.

    My main goal is to make President Barack Obama a 2 term POTUS.

  137. Great comment!

    I’m confident that President Obama is not only doing the best he can in the face of non-stop opposition, but he’s doing more than most presidents have ever done for their country. I’m confident he will win re-election because he’s the obvious, best choice for president and we’re lucky to have him.

  138. Damn, Tally. BREAK IT DOWN!

    And I still say the slogan should be “Obama/Biden 2012: We get shit done!”

  139. The latest is he plans to challenge the signatures in court but that will fail. All signatures have been deemed valid and were certified. He won’t resign. He’s like a bull dog with a bone but his teeth have been pulled. He’s going down despite Bruja Brewer coming out to say all those awful ‘brown’ people will overrun us with out Russell standing at the border with his finger in the wall.

    The recall has been set for Nov. 8 when I believe some sanity will finally be restored to the state of Arizona!

  140. The trolls get slicker, BWD, so we need to get tougher. It’s a sad thing, but your site is going to be a magnet for the terminally irritable. I’ll do my best to jump in when it looks necessary.

  141. BWD, it is not your responsibility alone to keep this site for the purposes you created it and for the reasons most of us are here. It is ours.

    Anyone, and I mean anyone, paying attention knows when someone posts exactly the kind of crap you are describing – we can smell it miles away no matter how ‘sincerely Obama loving and caring and all that’ that folk try to wrap it.

    My suggestion is that when we smell it – we step away. Do not engage. Just let it lay as the turd that it is.

    As others have noted, this site is always going to be a magnet for those whose agenda has nothing to do with supporting the President, Democratic candidates or the American people. So, they’re going to come and drop their turds.

    Just step around them and keep on with all the very positive, interesting, funny, and inspiring words that most everyone here posts.

    I hope you will keep the site active, BWD. It would be ashame if a few losers were able to destroy it.

    Thank you.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  142. BWD,
    I hope you see how much you are loved and respected and how much this site is needed. Look at all this love! Don’t think of shutting down. If you need help weeding out the annoyances, just tell me what to do. You aren’t alone here.

  143. Just thought I’d add a lurker’s “amen” to BWD’s post. The whole debt ceiling “crisis” was designed to be theater by the Republicans, so we can assume that there will be lots of planted “leaks,” misleading “news,” and the usual panic from pretty much anyone who likes to panic. I suspect that the less attention we give to the theatrics, the better informed we’ll be about the actual negotiations. And unfortunately, if my guesses for the negotiations are right, we’re in for much more panicking before we’re done.

    With the Republicans fixed on theater, and the President on results, I think the outcome here isn’t hard to guess. Last time around (for the budget, in April), we got announcements of gigantic cuts, followed by small, long term cuts in the actual laws, targeted to stay away from key programs. This time I think we’ll see something similar, on a larger scale.

    There will be an announcement of unprecedented cuts. The Republicans will rejoice, with their leadership (including the tea partiers) cheering them on. And the professional left will panic, with a focus (as ever) on Obama. The details will be posted a few days later, and after going through the numbers, it’ll turn out that a bunch of huge corporate and high bracket giveaways have been removed or limited, and that (at worst) Medicare and Social Security have been cut only when the recipient didn’t have much use for the assistance.

    Anyhow, regardless of whether my guess is right — Thank you, BWD, for the site, the guidance, and for all that work weeding out the (hopefully occasional) idiot posts.

  144. Perfection.


    BWD – a suggestion – post Tally’s comment on the ‘front page.’

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  145. It has occurred to me that all of the theatrics was, in fact, to get the “base” riled up.Media, PL and element of the base guarantee eyeballs on the TV set which is real agenda. We have to remind ourselves, put up a sticky post-it-repugslug/traitors are paying people full time to infect sites like this one. I hate that BWD has to wallow in the muck to keep it way from us. There is a swarm of rattlesnakes waiting to wiggle in here with venom.

  146. That’s really good advice, Bob. I tend to stay away from here if there is too much angst. I need to keep positive and keep my energy for working for PBO and getting good Dems elected here in AZ and elsewhere.

  147. BWD
    Thanks so much for all you do! Your site is a bright light in the dark shadow of an agenda driven media that is focused on altering the public perception to fit the narrative. You speak the truth, and I wish more would visit your site to see the real good PBO does every single day. Keep it up!

  148. BWD, I have not read the other posts as of yet as I would like to reply to your post. I agree with your sentiment. I come here to see positive news and participate with other PBO supporters. I recognized that I do not agree with all of PBO’s decisions from the start, but I feel he most closely represents what I believe in and feel he is an honorable person and working for all the average people in this country. He believes in Compromise as it used to be the measure of how things got done in government and in my opinion needs to be again. Thank you for providing this place to come and find news. News we might not have known about if we were depending only on the MSM. I have almost entirely abandoned the OFA site due to the trolls so I would be lost if you decided to close this site down. I thank you for this site and hope it can stay open.

  149. I just had a funny thought, I guess Allan West “Angry Blackman act” is what the PL expect from the president.

  150. THANK YOU BWD, I found myself not wanting to come here so much because it upset me so much, so I appreciate this alot.

  151. Thank you for explaining, yet again, what you expect from your House”…….I come here to giggle, laugh, enjoy and be proud of my President! I am all for questioning or discussing why he did something we don’t understand…or even agree with…, but to whine, complain over stuff that hasn’t been done, well there are a lot of other websites for that purpose!!! How on earth can some people who clutch their pearls claim to know exactly what he will do….it’s stupid!! Thank you BWD!!

  152. I love the way Rahm talks…of course, I swear frequently, though not really on here, because I tend to write the way other people do on sites and everyone here doesn’t seem to do it much.

  153. You are much loved and appreciated for this blog. Just look at all the lurkers who have commented today. We are committed Obamalovers!

  154. BWD- can you please *PLEASE* not shut this blog down???!!!!!

    If you get tired of this comments, can you not simply take the less drastic step of DISABLING ALL COMMENTING ?

    Having followed you so closely on DKos, then being relieved to find your blog here once you left there, i would be *so* disheartened if you shut this down — it is honestly the ONLY political blog i follow religiously and regularly, and the very first i always go to. And the large majority of the time (like 95% these days), i simply don’t give a damn what people have to say back to your posting (nor have the time to be concerned about the followup), and i don’t follow the comments — i come here to read what *you* post, not them!!! It’s not because i agree 100% with what you say, or every aspect of your approach — but i do with the large majority of it, and feel i’m in strong concordance with where your heart is at.

    And i am certain there are many, many lurkers who feel the same, and will *never* post a comment, even like this one. I’ve come to trust your take on the news of the day (relating at all to the Admin) more than *anyone* else’s.

    So i urge you – please – to consider *us*, the ‘silent majority’ i would say, in any decision you make in the future. Yes? Thank you much — i appreciate it, and all you do–

  155. BWD – I don’t comment here often, but I do come here often and I deeply appreciate all the effort you make to keep this site a positive place. I hope that you can find the will to continue. I heartily concur with all those who suggested that it’s up to us to keep this site positive, that we can ignore posts that are divisive or negative rather than react and enflame even further, that we should focus on positive and energetic things we can do to move this country forward and re-elect the president, and that we should enjoy this extraordinary president and honor the hard work and sacrifice that he puts forward every single day for us. We should try to be worthy of the president who is trying so hard to make things better in this country. I also want to echo the suggestions that we need to pay attention to strategy. We are engaged in a tough battle here. We should always try to bring our “A” game and remember that the opposition employs the wily, the unprincipled, and the morally impaired. We don’t have the luxury of freaking out or losing heart, no matter what happens.

    Remember in Grant Park, when the president-elect said to those who had not voted for him that he would “be your president too?” He is the president of the whole of the United States, not just of us O-bots. Of course, there will be times he does things we wonder about – because he is responsibly trying to do what’s best for the entire country, including those dastards who are fighting him tooth and nail. I have been a progressive for as long as I can remember – a pinko from the get-go – so, yeah, the president’s positions are sometimes more centrist than I would prefer – that is, than I would prefer if we lived in a society where the right hadn’t managed to turn liberal into a dirty word. But the problem we face is not and will never be with the president. The president is trying hard and accomplishing much that is noble and good. The problem we face is there in every voter who doesn’t understand how interdependent we are on each other and so falls back on fear. The president said he couldn’t do it alone and he was right. We live in a country where seniors who are entirely dependent on Medicare and Social Security vote Republican and voted Tea Party in 2010. Some how, we must figure out how to change that. That is not the president’s fault – I’m not sure whose fault it is – but that is the problem we face. Instead of complaining about the president, we would better serve our country and progressive values by trying to figure out how to convince those Republican-voters to vote Democratic. I admit I haven’t a clue how to do that, but I’m sure some of us know what works.

    And, just as an idea, perhaps we could try priming the courtesy pump by pledging to post only courteous or civil words for one day, even about the opposition. I know we love our snark and it might take the skin off our fingers to try it, but it could be an interesting experiment.

  156. Don’t even think about ending this site. You are much loved, respected and needed in this world of political craziness. We look forward EVERYDAY to reading your posts. It is a positive ray of intelligent thought, truth and appreciation of our President. Whatever you decide to do, ending this site cannot be considered an option.

  157. Please don’t remove your site! It’s the only political site I read, as I think I won’t get a brain explosion here.

  158. Thank you BWD for a safe, sane place where we can retreat and draw a breath of fresh air of reality. I hope we’ll always be able to come here to be able to speak the truth and not have to hear all the crazy speculations of the last five minutes. I’m tired of fighting with the PLs and don’t want to hear it here. Thanks for speaking up again. We love you and this safe haven where we can praise our amazing President anytime we want, without fear of being attacked for it. Have a beautiful day, everyone.

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