Gallup chief’ head explodes: President Obama is overperforming!

This is hilarious, and Smartypants is quickly on it:

Could it be that a lot of people recognize that we have an over-performing President and an under-performing Congress? Could it be that some folks see who is “the only adult in the room?” Could it be because the opposition party that finally gained control of the House hasn’t passed one jobs bill since getting elected – while the President goes all over the country doing everything he can alone on that front? Could it be that the “party of no” strategy combined with a willingness to take the entire global economy hostage in order to protect tax cuts for the wealthy does not fare very well up against a President who is willing to compromise with a balanced approach? Could it be that Americans are aware that this President walked into the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and has worked tirelessly to do everything he can to reverse that – while the opposition has only one goal: make him a one-termer.

In other words, could it be that the American public still has an ounce of sense left?

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181 thoughts on “Gallup chief’ head explodes: President Obama is overperforming!

  1. He is shocked! Shocked! I tell you. Yep, they will remain perplexed till they see PBO taking the oath AGAIN on Jan 20 2013. Dumbasses

  2. In other words, could it be that the American public still has an ounce of sense left?

    American common sense being alive in enough people is the only thing between us and disaster.

  3. The President has said since day one this is a LONG haul situation. It will take HARD work to get out of the mess. I think people are catching on. Life is not lived in 24 hour news cycles, in spite of various talking heads. I knew eventually the public would start realizing what has gone on and what is going on. This is why we shouldn’t listen to either the far right or far left. They just have knee jerk reactions and no real thought.

  4. PBO is always keeping ’em guessing!! How dare he not conform to past polling data!! LOL

  5. I’m with Lawrence O’Donnell on this: the closer that we get to Aug. 2, the more likely it is that we’ll get a clean raise of the debt ceiling. I have no doubt that PBO wants to tackle the hard work of getting our fiscal house in order, but I also have an inkling that he doesn’t want to do it in a rushed fashion. Obama performs kabuki; the GOP performs melodrama.

  6. Could be the American public now has a memory and can compare what the more recent presidents have done and haven’t done, and President Obama comes out on top. Since Nixon, the presidents, except this one, have been a disaster for the US each in their own way. PBO hasn’t failed the citizens yet.

  7. Reminds me of my first coast-to-coast bicycle trip (1986) …

    One day, in Utah, I met a young guy (probably 17, 18 years old), who, upon learning that I was from the Netherlands, began to profusely apologize for Ronald Reagan.

    Perhaps it’s unwise to underestimate the decency of ordinary Americans, even if they live in “fly-over country”.

  8. Sounds like this guy is afraid Gallup’s polling won’t get hyped if it doesn’t confirm the MSM’s chosen narrative regarding support for the President.

  9. Chuck Todd was beside himself when he had his pollster on today to talk about their new poll. Can’t believe that PBO is at 47%. With all his R thugs have thrown at PBO and blocked in Washington and the states, they can’t believe their junk isn’t working.

    President Obama is just smarter and he’s sincerely working for the good of the country and America is finally seeing through the R lies.

  10. Toon, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather when my girlfriend told me that her father was a Democrat. Church-going, rock-ribbed Hoosier; as a Left-coaster I just assumed he was a Republican. You’re right; the US is filled with millions of decent people. Get them riled up with injustice and unfairness, and they’re an unstoppable force.

  11. I will say this our President has that gene I will talk the talk and walk the walk and keep my Word. The rest fail to understand that concept.They get so blind with rage that their ideas are not taken front and center they become tone deaf also. So when they slow down the breathing and take to really see and hear that is when the Truth hits they see before the New Lion of Washington who learned from the Lion of the Senate TED Kennedy the way to rule in that town. Remember Ted told us all President Obama was for real and told us we would be happy he was elected President. Well folks stop the worry and just keep working for we have the Real Thing A True Leader.Yes we can do it again.

  12. I remember during the campaign the then Senator Obama saying many times that the American people are smart.

    Abraham Lincoln said “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

    On April 26th of this year, Former White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, who is on the speaking circuit these days, talking down potential Republican challenger Donald Trump:

    “The American people are smarter than the candidacy that (Trump) is offering.”

    The only people who are clueless are the mainstream media (disappointed because they don’t have a scandal to spin), the corrupt and racists Republicans, the out-of-touch and racists teabaggers and the subset of the Republican party now known as the “Professional Left”.

    The rest of us who live in the real world know truth when we see it and respond accordingly.

  13. However much people are distraught by the slow pace of economic recovery, however much everyone is fighting to hold on to their piece of the pie , however much the extremists on both sides are screaming, the fact remains that President Obama is the clear voice of reason, the public servant looking at the present and the future, the only one understanding and explaining the consequences of actions taken now. It is my firm conviction that the vast majority of the American people are looking for just that: a President who will steer the ship of state through rough waters, always keeping the long view and moving towards the greater good for all the people.

  14. And in due course, the DSCC will get some money loving from me. This:

    Senate Democrats today unleashed a torrent of criticism against the GOP’s Cut, Cap, and Balance Act which passed the House late last night via a heavily partisan vote, re-branding it as a political scheme that would “kill medicare” and one that would never pass in the Senate.

    “Let me make this as simple as I can: the Republican scheme to cap, cut, and kill medicare is dead on arrival in the senate,” declared Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) at a press conference in Washington. “[It] would wreak havoc on our country’s seniors, the middle class, military preparedness, and our country’s standing in the world – their plan to cut, cap, and kill medicare is the Ryan plan on steroids.”

  15. PBO restored my faith in the Presidency. This poll restores my faith in the American people. And it’s about time, I might add. :-)) Americans may have voted in the Tea Party, but they seem to be waking up from that.

  16. It was lovely, desertflower. Girlfriend unit and I went to McCormick & Schmick’s, our bill was $50, and $30 of that was paid for by a birthday credit from the restaurant. Plus my bartender charged me for only one drink. 😀

  17. These same people were shocked when Obama won Iowa, won the nomination, and beat their best buddy John McCain. They’ll be shocked when he wins his second term and takes his place among the best presidents in our country’s history.

  18. An over-performing President and an under-performing Congress. A sober, thoughtful President and a psychotic schizophrenic opposition and still, they do not understand why he is popular. How about, he speaks to Americans like grown-ups? Well, I loved the smack down from smartypants.

  19. Mostly, I confess to being bored by O’Donnell’s show, but he really has proven invaluable to my understanding of what’s going on…subtextually in re the debt ceiling situation. I guess I understand why he’s on TV now.

  20. Somewhat OT, but important. A simple change in wording in pre-election surveys increases actual voter turnout strongly. The basic message is that you should not ask ‘Are you planning to vote?’ but instead ‘Do you plan to be a voter?’ The research is published in Proc Natl Acad Sci, a verrry respectable Science journal, by Bryan et al., and is titled ‘Motivating voter turnout by invoking the self’
    H/T Keith Pickering at dkos

    Since Dems had 2010 problems to increase their turnout enough, this info should be spread far and wide. The explanation is that the first question asks people to perform a chore, and the second one asks about their self-image, which is much more efficient. People do many things to be consistent with their self-image:-)

  21. The “village” has followed republican talking points for so long the can not believe that Americans may have other ideas. That we think deeper thoughts than just what will fit on a bumper sticker. When PBO said he wants to change how Washington works, this is what he meant, that everyone should actually think for a change.

  22. THANKS BWD!! This is the type of headline that promotes positive response. As you can see from the first 20 posts. You and We are catching on. Gallup is surprised?, but we OBAMABOTS aren’t. Hey, Mr. Gallup Chief you are PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!! LMAO! KEEP HOPE ALIVE I’M OFF TO WORK FOLKS!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  23. This just shows that the American people trust President Obama more than the lunkheads in Congress.

    I mean we have the House Republicans, who bitched and moaned about the Democratic majority not doing a thing for jobs. Now that the Republicans have had the House for quite some time, they are now pointing the finger at Obama, saying “It’s HIS fault!”

    PBO said “Nope, get back to work,” and the House Republicans bitch and whine about him being a bully.

    PBO gets it. He is fed up with the games that the Republicans and the PL play. When he wants something done, it had better be done quick, otherwise he’ll stick a foot up your ass, just as he has been doing so the past couple of weeks with Boehner and Can’tor.

  24. From the intro and discussion of the Bryan et al paper:
    “Why do people vote? Mass voting is essential to a well- functioning democracy, yet theorists have often pointed out that, from the standpoint of individual self-interest, voting is irrational. Just the probability of being killed in a car accident on the way to the polls far outweighs the likelihood that the average American’s vote will influence the outcome of most elections.

    Previous research has shown that people have a strong desire to see themselves as competent, morally appropriate, and worthy of social approval. They also see voting as appropriate and socially desirable. Thus, being the kind of person who votes may be seen as a way to build and maintain a positive image of the self—to claim a desired and socially valued identity. Accordingly, people may be more likely to vote when voting is represented as an expression of self—as symbolic of a person’s fundamental character—rather than as simply a behavior.

    We tested this hypothesis in three randomized experiments.
    Because voting is a private action, people who vote may receive little or no recognition from others for doing so. This may help to explain why many people do not vote. The present re- search suggests a way to ameliorate this problem. By highlighting the implications of voting for one’s self-concept, the use of noun wording may offer an alternative incentive to vote: positive self-regard. Indeed, many behaviors that policy-makers seek to encourage are similarly private, including environmental behaviors such as energy conservation and recycling. Such behaviors may be ideal candidates for research extending the present results.

    Although participants responded strongly to this subtle language manipulation, they did not do so in a rote or mindless fashion. The effect we observed depends on the fact that voting is something most people feel that they should do. The noun wording, we contend, simply ascribed symbolic significance to this behavior, suggesting it had implications for the kind of person one is.

  25. And, surprisingly, I am noticing a push back here and there in the media on the tea party. The media gave the nutty tea party credence, used them to stir up controversy and ratings, and now, belatedly but sufficiently frightened at their insane, destructive, obstructive statements and behavior, are beginning to reveal some truths about this whacked out political faction. I have heard many cite recent polls which reveal the tea party is standing out there all alone, at odds with the majority of the American public.
    And I have always believed, or just had to believe, that it would dawn on more and more people that we have a most remarkable human being serving as president at this time, a real gem, a man of unmatched character and determination who is critical to the future well-being of this country.

  26. Based on this comment from the Gallup CEO, don’t be surprised if the polls in the next week or so are different.
    The lengths and depths these Teapug people are willing to go and sink to are immeasurable. So let’s not be too surprised if their poll numbers for PBO suddenly dip.

  27. Yes *Proud* and *Wesley*, not only do I agree, but I just want to add: Listen, our President Is a believer, and lets also remember that this Is kind of like, when David slew Goliath with a sling shot. Little David and big Goliath. God has the whole world In his hands, and that Includes the Democrats, Republicans and all the rest of us. God Is not going to see his people lacking. Ummmmm to God be the Glory. See God chose this President, and we elected him, this Is God’s doing It’s gonna be Alright. He’s got you and Me In HIS hands, Yeahhhhhhh 🙂

  28. All of the comments are so refreshing! Do you plan to be a voter? I like that.

  29. Oh, it’s gonna happen (PBO’s 2nd term) because even at 47% in the dog days of summer, there isn’t a repub in the field that he can’t run rings around.

  30. Yes Luci119 it is like painting by Leonardo da Vinci of the Hand of GOD reaching down from Heaven touching man with one Finger,Well that Touch was to Barack Obama’s mom along time ago to give birth to Him.That anointment is before your eyes today.As they say GOD does not make mistakes.Just live on and pray on it will be alright.

  31. Here is another good piece from Booman on the President’s endorsement of the Respect for Marriage Act (and repeal of DOMA).

    “His record is one that has to be respected. I know that the job of a good organizer is to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, but there are a lot of people who, perhaps frustrated by the slow pace of progress, made a lot of very unfair personal attacks on the president. They ought to apologize. Obama’s record on gay rights is excellent. It’s better, for example, than JFK’s record on civil rights.” ///

  32. Senate Dems: GOP Cut, Cap, Kill Medicare Plan is Non-Starter

    Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer, Tom Harkin, Barbara Mikulski and Barbara Boxer warn that the House Republicans’ “Cut, Cap, and Balance” Act will be quickly defeated in the Senate.

    Note: This clip is under 3 minutes, but it is awesome. The entire press conference from today was terrific. It was about 20 minutes. I am trying to find the link. I love these senators.

  33. LL – You are so correct. One has to hope for enough common sense to keep us from going off the cliff (as in: putting another Republican in the White House). (Shudders.)

  34. It is not a shock.

    Most of the people writing and conducting polls are White folks.

    Humans are creatures, wired to prejudge.

    And their judgement, be it coming from the far left or the rightwingers, the people making those pronouncements are whites. They judge pres Obama based on their biased background, real or reel.

    During 2008, same thing. Mr. Obama was not to win where he won. But he did.

    Wolf Blizter on CNN in May, was pimping a lower approval rating for pres Obama, while he was ignoring CNN’s which had pres Obama higher.

    To my dismay, WolfB said, that other polls had pres Obama much lower. So instead of using 54%, he reported that pres Obama was in the mid-upper 40s.

    Now, that was CNN, not being bias.

    I say, bull pucky.

  35. And we will be watching, too. They can do all their research, but they better not tinker negatively with PBO’s numbers.

    Even for some people who never voted for this president or agreed with his policies, one thing is for sure: They see that he is working for the American people.

    I am glad to see that one of the most wonderful things PBO and his advisors are doing, they are taking his message directly to the American people.

    No filter from anyone else trying to explain to us what we just heard the man say. People are able to listen to him and make up their own minds.

    The Republicans promised us jobs, and thus far, they have delivered zilch.

    I was walking this morning, and thinking how these people deliberately dragged their feet on the debt ceiling issue, precisely because they did not want anyone talking about jobs, much less creating not a one.

    But having jumped through all these hoops to hurt PBO, he will end up serving a second term, and they will stiill be seething.

    PBO continues to inspire me.

  36. “The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, the largest US public pension fund and an influential campaigner on corporate governance, has taken aim at the dual-class share structure that preserves Rupert Murdoch’s family power at News Corp.
    The two-tier structure that gives the Murdoch family almost 40 per cent of the voting rights in a global media company where it owns about 12 per cent of the equity was “a corruption of the governance system,” said Anne Simpson, senior portfolio manager, of Calpers Global Equity and its corporate governance chief”….more

  37. Rahm is cookin’ in Chicago:

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Tuesday announced the creation of a new resource for the city’s immigrants, called the Office of New Americans. The office, as defined by Emanuel’s 2011 Transition Plan, will serve as a hub that connects immigrants to existing services from the city, community organizations, private institutions and schools.

  38. That is a fabulous idea. We have church groups and others that do this kind of thing here in AZ but having a central location where folks can get access to resources will be so valuable to both new immigrants and to the people who want to help them.

  39. And if it does, some of us will be writing them to ask them why the sudden change. I have already sent the link to SmartyPants article to people in my e-mail list and made exactly the point you make, but with one added point. I told them that we will be watching them, as I noted in my comment down thread.

  40. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand… the Gang of Six plan is beginning to die among the House GOP.

    As time goes on, and conservative interest groups and members of Congress rip into it, support among Republicans for the Gang of Six plan to reduce deficits will begin to wane. In fact, that’s already happening.

    In a publicly released memo meant to undermine support for the Gang of Six plan in its current form, House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) laments, “it increases revenues while failing to seriously address exploding federal spending on health care, which is the primary driver of our debt. There are also serious concerns that the proposal’s substance on spending falls far short of what is needed to achieve the savings it claims.”

    Full article is here. The rope-a-dope continues, and we, hopefully, get closer to a clean debt ceiling hike.

  41. But he’s a terrible negotiator and this getting what he wanted in the first place proves it. At least that what Adam Green and twelve others told me.

  42. So true, Toon. Those of us who don’t live on the coasts get mighty tired of being lumped in with the Tea Party. Even here they are a minority in most states. The vast majority of Americans are not idiots. It’s just the idiots get all the attention. We are not uneducated or unsophisticated as the PL likes to portray us. We don’t all live in small towns or have inbred prejudices against minorities and immigrants. Some of the most intelligent, thoughtful, capable, caring, wonderful people can be found in the vast central areas of our country.

  43. Yes to this. Most people do not want the extremes in charge from either end of the spectrum. They aren’t looking for a firebrand who vilifies their friends, neighbors and relatives for not agreeing with them on everything. They want someone who has a steady hand, an intelligence and the competence to keep the long run always in the front of his mind. Americans don’t want a president who only cares about today’s news cycle. They want someone who will work for them to change the path the country has been heading down for the past 3 decades. And the only person in Washington who seems to understand that is the President.

  44. The village has huge contempt for Americans outside of their circle. They don’t think we have any brains and will just eat up whatever they are selling unquestioningly. When the President treats the people like adults who not only can understand but want to understand nuance, people react with relief that finally someone in Washington gets it. That’s why people like him. He shows us respect and we respect him back for it.

  45. Prime example of your theory….Wisconsin! First Democrat recalled has won re-election 2-1 in the polls. 8 more to go. (2 Dems,6 Rep)

  46. And those of us who continue to support him through thick and thin!

  47. Yes, Jovie. Barbara Boxer is my favorite senator from my state. Her office always responds back with answers to my specific questions.She is a tough cookes fight and all. Love her working hard for the people.

  48. The answer is PBO’s base will never abandon him.

    From Gallup….

    Pollsters are not sure why Obama has fared better than expected in the polls. Newport offered two possibilities. “One theory has to do with personal characteristics of the man,” the Gallup executive said. “The other has to do with the nature of politics today.” Under that theory, Obama has “kind of a rock-hard coalition that are never going to abandon him in approval ratings, and therefore that is why his approval ratings will be propped up no matter what happens.”

    I’ve been saying this for awhile. No president under the economic conditions has ever had an approval in the mid to high 40’s. He’s teflon and it’s driving both the far right and left mad.

  49. More from Dem Rapid Response

    Debbie Wasserman Schulz

    DNC Chair Calls Cut, Cap and Balance Ryan Plan on Steroids

    Go Debbie, go Debbie, go Debbie

  50. You are not giving the President much credit, if it was all God’s finger. I for one do not believe that everything is pre-ordained. Barack Obama succeeded because he was working hard and smart for many years and because he really understood the value of organizing. It is him that made the choice of not pursuing that lucrative legal career and instead to work as a community organizer. I do not think it appropriate to consider him a tool of some higher up’s intentions.

  51. Sophie all I’m saying is if GOD had not given life in the beginning the President might not be here today to lead us all.

  52. Me too. At first I was rolling my eyes and then the more I thought about it being asked to me, I thought, “hmmm, I definitely would prefer to be asked in a way that doesn’t sound like a chore.”

  53. He hasn’t started campaigning yet! There is SO much material to use against the GOP in the next cycle. It boggles the mind. I am feeling so much better about taking back the house too. YES WE CAN!

  54. I am so impressed with her. She is going to be on Wolf Blitzer tonight, didn’t say when. From her twitter @DWSTweets

  55. Could I be wrong in thinking that a part of PBO strategy was to eat up a lot of time with the Biden meeting, let Congress flounder until repugslugs came out with a plan. Then embrace it because if he loves it the repugs will fight it. Then get their backs up against the clock and get a clean debt raising bill. Is that very far off the mark? Is anybody thinking about it that way?

  56. A must see news briefing video…….


    July 20, 2011

    Four Democratic senators spoke to reporters about the House Republican “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill, which passed in the House the previous day. The senators said that the bill would dramatically alter Medicare and Social Security benefits. The legislation includes $111 billion in cuts to the 2013 budget, a cap on overall federal spending in future years, and requires Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution as a condition for raising the federal debt ceiling.

    (26 minutes)

  57. Smiling, if you’re off the mark, then many of us are. This is a quote from a TPM story on conservatives running away from the Gang of Six plan: And, perhaps most telling of all, a Senate GOP Leadership Aide told Politico, “Background guidance: The President killed any chance of its success by 1) Embracing it. 2) Hailing the fact that it increases taxes. 3) Saying it mirrors his own plan.” Like I’ve said before: do not play poker with Barack Obama. He will leave you broke, naked, and on the bus—but will give you the bus fare home.

  58. Too true! It does cut me to the bone at times when people seem to think that everyone who lives in AZ is a raving, racist, teapotty lunatic. There’s lots of good people here. We were hard hit by the economic recession and lots of folks were too focused on just trying to survive to pay enough attention to politics. But they’re waking up now and we are taking our beautiful state back from the loony toons.

  59. Thank you, Sophie. Again, can we please tamp down the religious references? We have all manner of people supporting President Obama, here and elsewhere—-all religions, all different levels of enthusiasm within each religion, and many who are not religious at all. Please, people, don’t alienate other supporters. Let’s just stick to politics. And I also don’t like talk of God meddling in politics. The rt. wing crazies use that all the time, that God has chosen them to run for President. No, he hasn’t. And he’s not deciding football games either. And I agree that President Obama paved his own path, instilled with values passed along by family, who weren’t religious by the way. Please—-leave all manner of religious thought out of these political discussions.

  60. Trunks just came out against the gang of six proposal. No matter what the president decides, some Dort if special interest will say NO. It is pathetic. Special. interests have never been so involved since Jan 20,2009!

  61. Hi LL
    Your response was priceless especially the “bus fare” part. I had not heard that before. I just keep watching him to see if I can figure it out. Why did he tell them what he wouldnt signa short term deal when he knows that is what they will send him? But I know he has control and that is what is making them crazy. They know he is going to FORCE them to raise taxes. I love it.

  62. So many in Washington and the media are such two faced, self-serving liars that they just can’t fathom that everyone isn’t just like them. They can’t ‘get’ PBO because they keep expecting him to act like they do.

    I think the American people are ‘getting’ our Prez big time. They are learning to trust a President again after the Bush years that eroded their trust of any in Washington. PBO is genuine, real, a true LEADER!

  63. Pollsters are not sure why Obama has fared better than expected in the polls. Newport offered two possibilities. “One theory has to do with personal characteristics of the man,” the Gallup executive said. “The other has to do with the nature of politics today.” Under that theory, Obama has “kind of a rock-hard coalition that are never going to abandon him in approval ratings, and therefore that is why his approval ratings will be propped up no matter what happens.”

    Gallup, he added, will be conducting research to get a more definitive answer to the question.

    Fucking idjits.

  64. Absolutely! When I was working to get sigs for the Russell Pearce recall, I had opportunities to talk about PBO with many people across the political spectrum. Responses were positive, even from people who said they were registered Republicans.

  65. Rev Al has been having teapotty people on his show and he says he will keep doing that so he can challenge them and their ideas. He does that really well, lol.

  66. I like it because it makes sense that it is more likely to elicit a positive response. “Why, yes, of course, I’m a voter. I’m a good citizen.”

  67. We plan to go after the Baby Quayle and that awful Schweikert here in AZ with all we’ve got and Jeff Flake better think long and hard about going after Kyl’s seat. I’ve got a real sweet tooth for going after these three and throw in Trent Franks for the cherry on top!

  68. Thus, the efforts to try to chip away at his different bases of support——campaigns to provoke disappointment——-all to no avail. We know better than those trying to meddle.

  69. Can you say bias? All their head scratching and questioning tells me that any results from Gallup should be changed at least five points toward the left.

  70. BWD, if you haven’t already read this insightful, cogent essay by Norbrook, I hope you will. It is relevant in so many ways. The final paragraph states:

    “The lesson is that fame does not give you influence or power. That’s just as true in a politics as it is in a hobby. Being the person who can be relied on to “get things done,” who shows up and works, helps out, and can deliver on their promises does. The “big name” bloggers who are solidly on the purity kick are complaining because they’re being ignored? That’s because they’re not really that famous, they haven’t done the work it takes on the ground – and no, blogging isn’t it – and they most certainly haven’t demonstrated any capability of delivering on their threats or promises. They can scream all they want about it, but it doesn’t change it. You see, the answer to their question “don’t you know who I am?” is “No, not a clue. Never heard of you.” And it drives them nuts.”


    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  71. Smiling, you are not the only one. From I heard Biden was doing meetings with the Repubs, I knew PBO was running the clock. I remember during the 200i campaign that PBO said Biden would bore everyone to tears when he was the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee because he would just talk and talk and talk.

    Plus, I think since Biden is white, it made the Repubs feel more comfortable with him and made them feel collegial. Then Cantor stabbed Boehner in the back and the tea party congressmen just went crazy. I think that the President wanted a long-term deal but knew that if he was for something, the Republicans would be against it, so he would get what her wanted originally, a clean debt-ceiling vote, anyway.

  72. Agreed. Looking more and more like the clean bill the only adult in the room asked for in January. Seven months and miles ahead of those yokels.

  73. I agree, too, Smiling, and I think I said something similar a few weeks ago when the Budget Office said the deficit would eventually take care of itself. PBO gets a clean vote on raising the debt ceiling and then lays down the cards for his royal flush one at a time. A little tweek to SS to keep it sound for another 50 years. A tweek to Medicare to get it to fit into Affordable Care. A tweek to the Defense Department because wars are just not going to be fought like Dick Cheney loves them anymore. A tweek to every department to stop waste and fraud and duplication and inefficiency. And a tweek to end the tax loopholes. THEN he will give them their bus fare.

  74. Sure looks like it is headed there!!!!!!!! It’s impossible to see how any of these half-assed plans that are now pending could garner enough support to be enacted. While it’s good to see the “gang of six” hard at work and at least trying to find a solution that moves closer to the middle ground, I’m underwhelmed by what I am reading of their work product.

  75. OK. That is it .

    Jovie, as long as your !!!!!!! appear on this otherwise rational blog, I am taking my energy elsewhere.

    You are consistently overwrought and reactive. You are consistently somewhat right and mostly wrong. I don’t care how many links you provide to Department of Energy good news. Thanks, but I can get that myself.

    Sorry, BWD, but in light of your first post today, Jovie continues to be unhelpful to our discourse.

    No more !!!! for me.

  76. Americans: are not that stupid, we can clearly see that Obama is doing everything he can
    to take our country in the right direction. Just remember when he came into office the country was in a very bad shape here and around the world, many people do not credit for anything this President has done it’s been only critizism it’s very sad.

  77. LL I hope so, Lawrence O”Donnell seems to know a lot about how congress works.

  78. I notice that Cent has not posted at Old Orange in a while. It appears that even there folks find his ranting, hit-n-run diaries a bit much.

  79. A little off topic, but I was wondering what ever happened to all those birther bills that the red states were trying to pass? There seems to be no interest in those “important bills” anymore.

  80. Please DTTM – stay don’t leave. We LOVE having you here.

    And before long, you will not even notice Jovie’s “!!!!!” but her posts are VERY informative 🙂

  81. Barbara Boxer will be on L O’Donnell’s Last word at ~ 8:45PM tonight for those who are interested.

  82. Good on Al. I never like Cenk. He is a phony PL who could not careless how much he hurt the Prez. Good riddance.

  83. I like Boxer a lot! I also like Harkin because he cared about people with disabilities before it was considered fashionable or politically expedient(I believe his brother is or was impaired.)

  84. The dude is a Reagan fan: what progressives do you know of idolize Reagan like a saint?

  85. Lawrence O’Donnell was a Senator working in the Financial area in the past.

  86. Actually, he was a Senate staff member, but did a lot of the work of writing bills, and of course had was involved in the wheeling and dealing to get stuff passed.

  87. I so agree with you aquagranny in particular when you said they think he is just like themselves. That is why the media always got it wrong when they said why he was doing something and what he’d do next. They were wrong because they didn’t realize he was true to his word, that he walks his talk.

  88. With all due respect dotster, as you yourself said….”We have all manner of people supporting President Obama, here and elsewhere..all religions, all different levels of enthusiasm within each religion……..”

    If religious people share their beliefs, it is theirs to share, and are not suppressing anyone else with their beliefs. To banish their religious statements, just leaves those without religious leanings to comment. Seems pretty unfair to me.

  89. Chris Matthews had on an IL US Rep on last night called Joe Walsh that was very loud and obnoxious. He was GOP, I think he must have been a teaparty member from his wish to not pass the deficit and from supporting the Cap vote in the House. I could not stand his shouting and obnoxious manner. I hope CM does not use him again.

  90. That’s great. I would like to see this happen in cities all over the country.

  91. I just think it’s a healthier atmosphere to adhere to the separation of church and state when discussing politics. Religious belief is personal and can offend when others don’t share the same. It is my liberal Democratic thinking that religion and politics need to be kept separate. It is the right side which has abused that belief and has made a real mess of things, shamefully using religious references to trick voters into voting against their self-interest, that God is on their side. I should think everyone, no matter what their religious thinking, should be able to discuss politics without referencing religion.

  92. To each his own, live and let live, as the sayings go. I find no fault with it as long as there’s no pressure to accept. It’s where some of us live. After all, many of PBO’s staunchest supporters are the black Christian churches, and he has at times mentioned his faith, yet he does not wear it on his sleeve. Also consider the vast amounts of prayers going on with regard to his safety, health, and success in his mission. Prayer comes in all variances. Let’s let people speak positively, as they are wont to do. We can disagree, with the same commitment to furthering PBO’s agenda.

  93. I don’t watch Matthews. Did CM challenge this jerk, keep asking hard questions of him, have facts to smack him with? That’s what Rev Al does.

  94. This is an excerpt from President Obama’s SOTU address, it is relevant to what is happening right now in this debate about cuts and taxes…

    ” I recognize that some in this chamber have already proposed deeper cuts, and I’m willing to eliminate whatever we can honestly afford to do without. But let’s make sure that we’re not doing it on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens. (Applause.) And let’s make sure that what we’re cutting is really excess weight. Cutting the deficit by gutting our investments in innovation and education is like lightening an overloaded airplane by removing its engine. It may make you feel like you’re flying high at first, but it won’t take long before you feel the impact. (Laughter.)

    Now, most of the cuts and savings I’ve proposed only address annual domestic spending, which represents a little more than 12 percent of our budget. To make further progress, we have to stop pretending that cutting this kind of spending alone will be enough. It won’t. (Applause.)

    The bipartisan fiscal commission I created last year made this crystal clear. I don’t agree with all their proposals, but they made important progress. And their conclusion is that the only way to tackle our deficit is to cut excessive spending wherever we find it — in domestic spending, defense spending, health care spending, and spending through tax breaks and loopholes. (Applause.)

    This means further reducing health care costs, including programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which are the single biggest contributor to our long-term deficit. The health insurance law we passed last year will slow these rising costs, which is part of the reason that nonpartisan economists have said that repealing the health care law would add a quarter of a trillion dollars to our deficit. Still, I’m willing to look at other ideas to bring down costs, including one that Republicans suggested last year — medical malpractice reform to rein in frivolous lawsuits. (Applause.)

    To put us on solid ground, we should also find a bipartisan solution to strengthen Social Security for future generations. (Applause.) We must do it without putting at risk current retirees, the most vulnerable, or people with disabilities; without slashing benefits for future generations; and without subjecting Americans’ guaranteed retirement income to the whims of the stock market. (Applause.)

    And if we truly care about our deficit, we simply can’t afford a permanent extension of the tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans. (Applause.) Before we take money away from our schools or scholarships away from our students, we should ask millionaires to give up their tax break. It’s not a matter of punishing their success. It’s about promoting America’s success. (Applause.) “

  95. When PBO gave them kudos to working together it was like the kiss of death. GOP reasoning, “If PBO thinks it’s good, it must be bad”.

  96. Great news. Cenk was unwatchable. He is such an uninformed, or misinformed person, and just irritatingly stupid. Rev Al is 1000 times his superior in interview skills, background information, listenability and just about everything else that counts in broadcast journalism. Now if only Ed could be replaced as well.

  97. What is the story of FAA v union rights and the authorization bill the repugslugs are holding up?

  98. The FAA shuts it’s doors Friday if we cannot get a funding deal. I tell you all, this republican congress is trying to blow up government!

  99. SAY IT< GRANNY!!!! You got that right! Did I say that I detested these jackwagons? As useless as tits on boar.(sorry, can I say tits?) They're on my "to do" list tomorrow….

  100. She didn’t call names she described behaviors that upset her. There is a huge difference. Please don’t be coy. That really isn’t becoming to a person as intelligent as you. I think you sometimes like to bet a bit provocative because you enjoy it. You have a lot of important things to contribute here but I’m guessing you should not push your luck too much more here.

  101. Happy Belated Birthday, LL! Hope you had a wonderful one. I love your sense of humor. Although we are faced with some of the craziest people in Congress, we now and then need to chill and laugh.

  102. Hi aquagranny, just stopped by BWD for a breath of fresh air. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    That’s better. Thanks BWD for your comments in the Open Thread.

    Saw you here, had to say HI.

  103. LOD was chief of state for the Senate Finance Committee in the early 1990s when it was chaired by Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. He worked on HCR in 1993/94 and was centrally involved in getting Clinton’s deficit reduction/tax increase package through the Senate early in the Clinton years. He is the rare journalist who actually worked in the field he covers and knows what he is talking about. He was also one of the main script writers for “West Wing.” Once he started doing real journalism (after a brief flirtation with the PL), I started watching him again and find his perspective on what’s really happening to be enlightening.

  104. agree with EDP — I don’t mind the spiritual references at all. It’s been interesting to me to see that we have strong believers on our side . .

  105. Another reminder of just how awful Chuck Todd is!!! He just badgered and badgered her to specifically endorse means testing for medicare. She stayed on message.

  106. Wow…Just Wow!! There are plenty of Christains that love President Obama and are Democrats, disallusioned Rethugs, and Independents. We all have a place at the table in the Democratic Party or even better the Obama table. While one should not get offended over non believers being amongst us supporters, one should not be offended by God fearing and believing supporters of the HIGHEST order. Thank you for your support of our wonderful president and his agenda dotster. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  107. C’mon Granmama dear. Chris is a part of the PL we are all talking about. None of them are PBO supporters or really Progressive for that matter. I hope you wake up with the rest of us and finally realize it is in our best interests to leave the PL pundits alone.

  108. There is nothing wrong with pointing out that many of Obamas strong supporters are also strong believers. There is also nothing wrong with mentioning that the poster belongs to that category. But there is something wrong with reciting prayers (or something very much like that) here on a political blog, IMHO. We agree to disagree on our beliefs, for sure. But I hope we could also agree that we should not wear our beliefs or lack thereof on our sleeve:-)
    Let us take Obama’s example also in this respect!

  109. Same here. I’m glad Cenk is out. I found his tirades against the president grating. Now if Schultz would follow suit.

  110. BWD, thanks for that request of Jovie. I am all in favor of freedom to express, but this poster discourages me from wanting to participate, and your constant policing of Jovie no doubt discourages you.

    Of course I will contribute to this wonderful community. Yesterday I lost my temper with Jovie, but I have a feeling you may do something about this poster. Regardless of what useful information is posted by Jovie, there is an equal amount of posts which are more like inaccurate tabloid headlines. All news does not have to be good, but always better to discuss policy after it has been decided.


  111. DTTM,
    It drives me nuts too. Breathlessly reporting garbage on TV – seriously, what is the point? One of the main reasons I like Obama and how he manages his administration is NO DRAMA. And if we want drama on blogs we can go to HuffPo.

  112. Lawrence’s views on the president’s strategy are insulting at best. He believes the president really doesn’t want a four trillion dollar tax cut he’s just posturing because he knows the teaheads will object. The inference made is that the president is playing to the independents, moderate democrats and liberal republicans. The president is trying to work out a plan to save this country and if that is what political posturing looks like so be it.

  113. Seems like Jovie. It looks like that comment in question was cleaved off from a post that BWD has deleted, which is why it’s stuck at the bottom of the thread.

    Knives are out for Jovie it seems. I don’t know why mentioning FAA being blocked by GOP and Trumka coming out against Gang of Six is somehow screaming tabloid headlines, but it’s the usual calls from the usual suspects. I think it would be really easy just to not read Jovie if you don’t like what he brings, but I guess it’s easier to whine about and make “Jovie goes or I go” statements it and just add more drama/garbage to BWD’s plate.

  114. Not only was he a senate staffer but he was staffer who did the brain work. I remember him saying how stupid members of congress tend to be. I like or dislike his show depending on the subject matter which has been very good when ive seen it the last couple weeks. When he’s bashing the President, i’ll find a movie or something else that doesnt piss me off. Lifes to short to put up with these guys when they’re making MY head explode.

  115. Maybe getting a gravatar would be to everybodies benefit, so your posts here would be easier to identify so your detractors could better spot your posts and then skip them.

  116. Matthews is a centrist democrat just like I am who voted for the President and has said repeatedly the he’s rooting for him. He P me off at times ,somtimes mightily but he’s reasonable 98% of the time in my opinion, and hardly an ideologue. Like LO he’s got the experiance that Shultz,Maddow,Olberman, that Kos clown and the Adam Greens dont. I try not to miss him or Sharpton now that he’s full time. I can certainly understand why Granny respects him and I certainly wouldnt condecend to tell a grandmother what she should think about CM. or any other person for that matter.

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