The president is throwing someone under the bus again (Updated with Video)

I’m just not really sure who got stabbed this time, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.


President Obama support the Respect For Marriage Act – the bill to repeal DOMA



The president has “long called for a legislative appeal for the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, which continues to have a real impact on families,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters at Tuesday’s briefing. He said the president “is proud” to support the Respect For Marriage Act, “which would take the Defense of Marriage Act off the books for once and for all.”

The bill was introduced in the Senate by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.).

In February, the Obama administration announced that the Department of Justice will no longer defend DOMA in court.

On Wednesday the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the new bill, which would repeal all three sections of DOMA — which federally defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman — including section 1, which is the name; section 2, which instructs states not to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states; and section 3, which prohibits the federal government from recognizing legally performed same-sex marriages.


Couple of good economic news:

Housing starts rise 14.6% to five-month high

Retailers’ weekly sales rise 4.5%



Here’s the president’s statement about the budget negotiations from earlier today.

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  1. But but but Rachel said: and she will be happy that the first openly gay judge, nominated by the president, has been confirmed!
    But, she will not mention any of these!

  2. Just one amazing day after another with President Obama at the helm.

    The only people under buses are the newstainers and professional whiners – whom continue to throw themselves under the bus of credibility every time they open their yapping mouths.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  3. I don’t understand the need for President Obama to prove his homosexual cred, I simply don’t get it. He is the President of the United States but he continues to have to prove something to a certain group, what other President in our Nation’s history had to do the same.

  4. And I told you all That secretary chu is testing hydrogen fuel cells on military bases! This was just agreed to today. The DOE will take readings of this new energy source for the next two years on a five year plan.
    Weat point is one of these bases!
    If the msn was doing their jobs this would be all over the news
    Secretary chu did it, he got fusion power!!!

  5. Regardless of how much Liberals, progressives and the PL claim to trust the Prez and his judgment; no matter how many times he has come through with sound judgments and decisions, there is always this knee-jerk reaction to everything he does. There is always this tendency to question, doubt and he is rarely given the benefit of the doubt. This is what I am again seeing on these entries after the Prez said he is going to look at the balanced bi-partisan proposal. it gets tiresome sometimes when people who have little information and no access to the calibre of advisers and political acuity of the Prez to be making such definitive and sweeping claims literally minutes after his statement.

  6. “The president is throwing someone under the bus again

    I’m just not really sure who got stabbed this time, I’ll have to get back to you on that one.”

    That made be LOL and I needed that…thanks!

  7. My comment was meant for the other thread regarding Debt ceiling talks, not about DOMA. I know BWD is being sarcastic….

  8. President Obama did not endorse the gang of six proposal because he had not seen the details yet. However, he did endorse their balanced approach which is what he has been advocating from the beginning. By identifying all of the parties on board with the balanced approach, he just magnified the intransigence of the House GOP.

    Obama tries to box in House GOP

    “So here’s where we stand. We have a Democratic President and administration that is prepared to sign a tough package that includes both spending cuts, modifications to Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare that would strengthen those systems and allow them to move forward, and would include a revenue component. We now have a bipartisan group of senators who agree with that balanced approach. And we’ve got the American people who agree with that balanced approach.”

  9. Yeah, thanks Ladyhawke. This is why I think people who are quickly to hyperventilate always need to slow down. The man understands his job and most of all, he understands the way his opponents think and play. Thanks for that link.

  10. Hope it’s legal to repost Eclecti11’s post on the other thread — there wasn’t a link. Apologies if I’m doing something wrong (be nice to the old lady).

    Ladies and gentlemen, following is the 1st report on the Deficit Cutting plan agreed upon among “The Gang of Six” and endorsed by PBO with more details to come.

    And FYI, the “”Cap Cut, and Balance” Bill offered by Republicans that has a 0 chance of ever becoming law passed… with every Repub voting “yea” and all but 2 Democrats voting “nea”. I want to know who the 2 Dems that voted “yea” for this dead on arrival bill were.

    Now, here’s the latest results on the Deficit Cutting plan from CNBC…

    Senate Group Unveils Deal On Major Deficit Plan
    Published: Tuesday, 19 Jul 2011 | 1:44 PM ET
    By: AP

    Leaders of a bipartisan “Gang of Six” senators said Tuesday that they’ve reached agreement on a major plan to cut the deficit by more than $4 trillion over the coming decade in what could be a bold entry into a debate on the deficit long bogged-down by bitter partisanship.

    The deal, which was quickly endorsed by President Obama, caused stocks to add to their gains.

    More than $1 trillion of the deficit cuts would come from tax increases reaped as Congress overhauls the loophole-choked U.S. tax code. It would also repeal a long-term health care program established under the last year’s health overhaul and force up to $500 billion in cuts from federal health care programs over the upcoming decade, according to documents provided to senators at a Tuesday morning meeting but not publicly released.

    “The reaction was extremely positive,” said Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D.

    The Gang of Six plan is separate from a politically freighted effort to lift the nation’s borrowing cap and avoid a first-ever default on U.S. obligations. President Barack Obama and Capitol Hill Republicans, however, have failed to reach an accord on what kind of spending cuts to pair with any increase in the borrowing cap as the government teeters toward a possible default in two weeks.

    The group’s effort was sealed after Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn rejoined the group after winning concessions on additional cuts to costly federal health care programs. Coburn left the group in May, which dealt it a big setback and delayed an agreement since the two other GOP members of the group—Mike Crapo of Idaho and Saxby Chambliss of Georgia—appeared reluctant to release the plan without Coburn’s backing as well.

    The group has been laboring for months in an up-and-down effort to reach an agreement that largely mirrors the work of President Barack Obama’s fiscal panel, which proposed $4 trillion in cuts over a decade.

    The fiscal commission plan won positive reviews from many lawmakers but its plan failed to win a vote in Congress.

    The Gang of Six plan calls for an immediate $500 billion “down payment” on cutting the deficit as the starting point toward cuts of more than $4 trillion over the coming decade that would be finalized in a second piece of legislation.

    Most of that savings would come from four years of caps imposed on the day-to-day budgets of cabinet agencies set by the annual appropriations bills. It would also curb the growth of Social Security benefits by moving to a lower inflation adjustment for annual cost-of-living updates.

    The tax reform outline would set up three income tax rates: a bottom rate of 8-12 percent; a middle rate of 14-22 percent and top rate of 23-29 percent to replace the current system that has a bottom rate of 10 percent, with five additional rates topping out at 35 percent. It would reduce but not eliminate tax breaks on mortgage interest, higher-cost health plans, charitable deductions, retirement savings and tax credits for families with children.

    The idea is that a bipartisan plan would gain critical mass in the Senate, powered by the endorsement of conservatives like Coburn and liberals like Dick Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate and a member of the group.

    Both Republican and Democratic leaders, however, remain wary of the effort, since it would raise revenues by about $1 trillion over 10 years and cut popular benefit programs like Medicare and Medicaid. But many rank and file senators were enthusiastic.

    “This a concrete way to reduce the deficit and assure that we are on a long term plan that will bring down the debt to a reasonable level,” said Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas.

    Like the deficit commission, the Senate group’s plan calls for a fundamental overhaul of the tax code that would slash special tax preferences and deductions as a way to lower tax rates—along the lines of the 1986 tax reform measure signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. In addition to skimming some of the revenue to reduce the deficit, advocates of the plan say it would spur the economy and fill federal coffers further because of such growth.

    The measure also calls for tight “caps” on the daily operating budgets of federal agencies, as well as a major overhaul of programs like Medicare, Social Security, and farm subsidies. The details of the changes would be left to congressional committees to draw up.

    For instance, the Armed Services Committee would be assigned $80 billion in savings from military retirement and health care accounts, but the Agriculture Committee would only have to find $11 billion over 10 years.

    July 19, 2011 at 2:04 pm

  11. Here’s the quote from the TPM writeup:

    President Obama heaped praise on a deficit-reduction proposal produced by bipartisan group of senators known as the “Gang of Six,” calling it a “significant step” and arguing that members on both side of the aisle are beginning to coalesce around a balanced approach involving cuts to entitlements and tax increases.

    “We’re in the same playing field and my hope is that we start gathering everybody in the next couple of days” on an agreement, Obama told reporters in a brief appearance in the White House briefing room Tuesday.

    “…We’re seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus around [the Gang of Six proposal]…but there are still a lot of difficult negotiations to get something done,” he added.

    Notice the bold. There are still tough negotiations to be had. It’s a start, not an end.

  12. I think the AP story took a rather wide latitude with the phrase “endorsed by President Obama”. He endorsed the willing to compromise, as the TPM quotes downthread indicate. He in no way said that the Gang of Six plan was his plan.

  13. “Like the deficit commission, the Senate group’s plan calls for a fundamental overhaul of the tax code that would slash special tax preferences and deductions as a way to lower tax rates—along the lines of the 1986 tax reform measure signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. In addition to skimming some of the revenue to reduce the deficit, advocates of the plan say it would spur the economy and fill federal coffers further because of such growth.”

    In simple language: revenue neutral. Tax rates are lowered and loopholes are closed. Including that terrible ‘loophole’ of mortgage interest deduction.

    Sorry, guys — there are really only cuts in this deal and no real revenue increase that I can see.

    If I’m wrong, explain it to me. I’m all ears.

    The Reagan 1986 plan is what set this monstrosity in motion. This is not a good thing, and led to no real debt reduction.

    “advocates of the plan say it would spur the economy and fill federal coffers further because of such growth”

    Translation: “lower taxes help the job creators.”

  14. OMG How can he keep throwing someone under the bus while Elizabeth Warren is helping him!! I’d like to see him throw Adam Green under the bus.

  15. This is a good comment.
    When I listen tO the president, he always makes sense, it’s the media that likes to mind fuck us all!

  16. OK, there’s a bit of panic setting in here. We have to stop, breathe, and actually read what PBO said. He did not endorse the Gang of Six plan. He did endorse the willingness to compromise. He said there are still tough negotiations ahead. Please, please let’s calm down and not react like other sites. The AP write up quoted nothing of what PBO actually said.

  17. I need everyone’s opinion on this. Is this subliminal negative messaging by Chuck Todd? After the presser – with EVERYTHING that was discussed – what does he tweet?

    This: Carney was Moscow buro chief for Time so that’s why he regularly uses Russian-Soviet-ish metaphors

    Maybe because I was raised in the day and age of all of the negative Soviet propaganda and duck and cover drills. I don’t know. But to me it seems like a deliberate attempt by Chuckie to spin a negative image of Carney into the minds of people reading his tweets.

    Maybe I’m being too paranoid. But I just don’t understand the purpose of that tweet at all.

  18. Re: DOMA

    Here is how intelligent people respond to the latest developments regarding ending the Defense of Marriage Act:

    Human Rights campaign:

    “We thank the President for his support of the Respect for Marriage Act. He has repeatedly expressed his desire to see the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act repealed and his Justice Department has taken the historic step of ending its defense of that odious law in court.”

    Freedom to Marry:

    “Freedom to Marry applauds President Obama’s strong endorsement of the Respect for Marriage Act and the repeal of so-called ‘DOMA.’”

    This is what an unintelligent reaction to the latest developments looks like:

    “Choi Slams DOMA Hearing Witnesses As ‘Exclusively White And Privileged”

  19. Anyone left-leaning is against it. Even Republican seniors are against cuts in benefits. the COLA adjustment is a cut.

    A 29% top income tax rate is a windfall for Republicans and will NOT fill our coffers. Unless you believe the Republican meme that all those people are going to go out and create jobs.

    I have already emailed my Senator, Dick Durbin. I will email the WH as well. If this is the deal they’ve signed on to, and that’s what AP specifically reported, this is not good.

    Any ‘reforms’ to Medicare and Social Security that cut benefits, without being balanced by some real increase in revenue will keep seniors from voting Democratic.

    Any other way this helps us, politically or in terms of policy or in helping the economy?

  20. Jovie, the msm keeps missing all of this stuff. Amazing isn’t it? Just think how informed the public would be if the msm gave us, you know, information. Secretary Chu has done so much yet he is ignored. How sad.Actually the msm ignores what all of the cabinet members are doing.

  21. You are soo right Bobfr , right now Adam Greed is making a nice income of those whe want to buy his B.S oh.oh I have been getting some request from the Orange site about supporting this and that just delete them.

  22. Okay, this is actually getting humorous. This is from some blogger at the WSJ and we know what that means, but this was actually funny (in a pathetic sort of way):

    “I’ve already had one top House GOP staff director express doubt, [about signing on to the deal] but we shall see. If Senator McConnell’s (R-KY) proposal is added, giving the President the authority to raise the debt limit in increments of $700 billion, $900 billion, and $900 billion, subject to a disapproval resolution from Congress, we will have a way out of the implacable positions on the debt limit.”

    So let’s review: Loopholes get closed but tax rates go down. Seniors take a COLA cut. There’s something else about 500bn cuts to health programs. But it’s not good enough for Republicans. Let’s saddle Obama with a controlled debt ceiling increase. Phenomenal.

  23. That AP story is paraphrasing what he said at the press conferences which I watched. He did not endorse the gang of six proposal. He endorsed their approach. That said the administration needs to get a hold of the narrativie here in my opinion

  24. There is a lot of panic about this Gang of Six thing. PBO only said that they are on the same playing field. This deal will need to go through negotiations, and it wont pass in the next week or two. Agreed, everyone does need to calm down about this.

  25. The negative commentary from the pseudo left is meant as a distraction, a way of siphoning off energy and shifting the eyes of the president’s supporters away from the main prize–his re-election. Sure, it has a racist underpinning–they’re not even subtle about it. And sure it’s intended to shift attention and dollars to themselves. And that’s the point–shift to them and away from the real game. It’s beastly hot, which makes it hard to feel energetic in the first place, so what better time to sow just enough dissension to ensure a little more gloom and discouragement among the troops. It’s fifth column propaganda intended to undermine and disaffect.

    Well here’s one way to defeat them and get an energy boost in the process. Shut them out! Then find a place to start registering voters. This weekend our county fair begins and I intend to be there to register new voters amid the tractor pulls and 4-H exhibits. I’m just about done with a four month Spanish class, so I may even be able to say how great our president is in Espanol. If somebody asks what our president has done, I’m ready and if they want to argue about it, that’s fine too. This is where or energies belong–with real voters whose lives are actually affected by our president and whose votes count. There is nothing about the pseudo left that feels authentic to me. They’re poseurs and any moment I spend thinking about them is a moment lost.

  26. Agreed it is a bad bad plan but right now nothing has been agreed to and I don’t think it will be agreed to. Like I said though the administration needs to get a hold of the narrative here

  27. Faith, you are beginning to pollute the site now with your relentless reports from Todd and the WSJ. The reason we come here is so we do not hear that bool. it is not just depressing but it has been found to be wrong every time. The prez has won each time.Spare us all that stuff.

  28. I think of it like the eye of the Dark Lord Sauron (Lord of the Rings fans, anyone). If we can keep it distracted maybe we can get stuff done.

  29. Maybe we will soon hit the Bull-Shit ceiling (otherwise known as cognitive dissonance becoming so great we see right through the dissembling) that Jon Stewart mentioned.

  30. Getting rid of the AMT is a good thing. From what I am reading, there are two paerts to this plan. The first is an immediate reduction of $500 billion, though not stated how. Then a process for another bill to do all the other stuff. My issue with it, is if the first $500 billion is all spending cuts, where is the guarantee that any of the rest will ever take place.

  31. Exceptional democratic POTUS Barack Obama is the man I voted for and more. His presidency excelled all my dreams. Imagine his 2nd term after the “make Obama a one term potus” crew gets a dose of stfu from we the people. I can’t wait.

    Jay is so perfect, I love him too. 🙂

  32. I accept that criticism and I apologize. I linked to it to show how happy Republicans are with the plan and I don’t know how to prove that unless I use their exact words. I think how Republicans feel about this plan is important. Don’t you?

    But I accept that we don’t want that kind of thing here and I will refrain.

    Read the proposal I linked to above and let’s have an honest review of the proposal. It is gaining traction and we should know what it says. Whether it’s been verified that the WH is behind it (that certainly could be the usual odious AP spin) there IS an actual proposal and there’s quick activity on it. Let’s discuss it.

  33. Faith, dear, I respectfuly ask that you’ll take it down a notch. And please don’t link to WSJ crap. I get that you’re upset and I respect your feelings, but this site is about supporting the president and he did not endorse this plan in any way. If you’re that upset maybe it’ll be better to take a step back, because frankly it’s becoming unpleasant.

  34. Maybe you could make the same point in some other way. I wasn’t feeling the same way you are but also am focused more on your tone than on your issue.

  35. Rachel Maddow, Dan Choi, Dan Savage, etc. To name a few must be doing a flip flop and singing, I was wrong?

    No, I will not hold my breath.

    In the mean time, the AA community that supported president Obama at a higher percentage than any other Dem group, are the most hurt in these bad economic time.

    I am not talking about West and Smiley, they are in a group all to themselves.

    I said it once and I will say it again, the TBGOPers today are viscous. They want their way all the time. They can for they have an awesome wicked right wing echo chamber that egg and cheer them on. The far left spout their viciousness and the MSM would go where the right wingers are. So the Dems, especially this ADM need a well oiled machine to help them out.

    That why I like what BWD does and what this site means to me.

    The BS on the right need a counter balance, 24/7.

  36. I totally stopped watching Rachel when she revealed herself to be a low life liar….I don’t know what happen to her but it’s not pretty.

  37. You would think people would be focus on “the law” and not “personal approval” from the President…it’s so weird looking at them begging for his approval instead of fighting for rights granted via laws.

  38. I do but do you remember the last negotiations the Prez had with Boehner and everyone went off on the Prez saying he had cut funding to Planned Parenthood and Cancer Centers and all? It turned out that the Prez had sent these Repugs to cleaners, saved Planned Parenthood and that what had initially appeared to be cuts turned out to be an increase of some billions of dollars! Give him the benefit of the doubt. He is not just the only adult in the room, he the best politician in the USA bar none!

  39. I’m reading the proposal. You have to read the proposal. You’re attacking me with apples when I’m peeling an orange.

    Just the proposal. I’m not saying anything’s agreed to. The proposal exists as a .pdf file here:

    Click to access gangofsix_plan.pdf

    I guess we could not discuss it until the President has decided. But frankly I don’t get that — we have an actual proposal and I’d like to discuss it. If that’s not welcome, I’m fine with that. Just seems a little silly to me.

  40. Peter, there’s politics and there’s policy: those of us who are engaged completely understand that we did quite well from Obama’s December 2010 deal. But a lot of people don’t know that. A lot of people — good people, progressive people, Democratic people — only remember that Obama extended the Bush tax cuts. I work hard to put this in context for people and it’s discouraging to see how many people don’t know the facts.

    Lowering tax rates for everyone sounds great. But a top rate of 29% — a lot people are only going to remember that. It’s politically devastating and it’s following exactly what Reagan did. Jane Hamsher didn’t tell me to say that — it’s true. I don’t find that helpful politically and I think it’s a disaster in terms of policy. The tax rates are spelled out in black and white in the proposal.

    I see very few ‘wins’ for Democrats and Obama in this proposal and I want Democrats and Obama to win, and win big. I see an assumption in the proposal that by adopting these right wing ideas, businesses will magically create jobs in America and a family making $250,000/year is going to say, “Yea! We saved 6% on our upper tax rates. Let’s open a hardware store on the corner!”

    I am very willing to wait to see what the WH says about it. I hope if crisis is averted because of this proposal if it’s adopted pretty much in its current form, Obama gets all the credit from Wall St. and everyone else. Or will they just be emboldened by this and expect more.

  41. I have to admit that I am getting very anxious clicking in here almost every day to find Faith on a tear.

    I’m older than you even, Faith. There are things very relevant to my life in all this. But there is no sense discussing all kinds of impressions here; particularly when most of it comes from the media, of all places.

    If we were gonna have a seat at the table, then maybe we should have all these discussions. But we don’t. Write to Durbin and for heaven’s sake write to the horrible other guy. But take a step back and see that you are only stirring up negativity here, please. I ask as a blog friend.

  42. I agree. But you also need to realize that there might be another entirely different reason why the WSJ is gungho on this. They may be doing it to give cover to Repugs who are holding the economy hostage because—Wallstreet realizes that it has more to lose if the extremists force the govt to default. They may not be cheering for the Prez for the same reasons you and I might be. The Prez plays Chess like no one else…fath faith…no pun

  43. Each member of the GOP House of Representatives took this oath:

    “I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

    1) There is no mention of taking a no taxes pledge from some guy named Grover Norquist.

    2) There is no mention of surrendering your judgment to some guy named Grover Norquist.

    3) There is allegiance to the Constitution and the American people not some guy named Grover Norquist.

  44. You haven’t noticed how over the moon I’ve been Obama the last 10 days? But are we now only noticing what bothers us and not celebrating the good news. I’ve been thrilled with the messaging, I’ve been thrilled with the tactics. He is everything I’d dreamed he would be, with a coordinated message between the WH and the DNC that has been a joy to watch. I have said that repeatedly for the last 10 days – 2 weeks.

    So when you say ‘every day’ you haven’t read a word I’ve written in the last 10 days.

    I wrote to Durbin. I wrote to Kirk. I do that all the time.

    That being said, read the proposal:

    And before you attack me for linking to the Hill, it’s a .pdf of the actual proposal. Because there was nowhere else to find this information.

    I mean this sincerely — when are we supposed to discuss the proposal?

  45. It seems people like the pl and what Kos and hamster and green, oh my!
    It also seems that the constant bashing from the far left has it’s effect on some people.
    Nobody is going to like this, but Clinton reformed Medicare, balanced the budget and not a peep from the far left!


  46. Everyone read this magnificent piece by my Sweetie – the man of my dreams – the man I love (O.K. – I’ll get to the point) Steve Benen about the latest in PBO’s fight for the civil rights of LGBT community. It’s a thing of beauty!!!

    The last 2 paragraphs? Perfection!

    “I realize there are still a sizable number of people in the LGBT community who are unsatisfied with the pace of change, and consider President Obama someone who has ignored, and even betrayed, their interests. Some have even vowed not to lift a finger to help with the president’s re-election effort.

    I suspect many social-conservative activists, furious with the steps Obama has already taken to advance civil rights for the LGBT community, must find this inexplicable.”

  47. The plan freaks me out too Faith. I was unhappy to see that it is gaining traction again. However, there isn’t a chance in hell that proposal passes the House. Nancy isn’t going to let the House Dems vote for a bill that hurts her members in the coming election. And truthfully, I don’t think they’d get 60 votes for it in the Senate either.

    At this point, I have to stop sweating the details of these plans and remember this is a negotiation tactic by the WH to look reasonable.

  48. SCORE! GOAL! TOUCHDOWN! THREE-POINTER! (O.K. – I can’t think of any more….)

  49. That means we will have this for our homes and cars only if we keep this president to continue down this path. I pray we don’t mess up like we did with Jimmy Carter. If Jimmy Carter were re-elected we would not have had a 9/11, or having to fight wars for oil.

  50. Some possible good news from the Obama admin –

    Millions of women may soon gain free access to a broad menu of birth control methods, thanks to a recommendation issued Tuesday by health experts advising the government.

    An Institute of Medicine panel recommended that the government require health insurance companies to cover birth control for women as a preventive service, without copayments. Contraception — along with such care as diabetes tests during pregnancy and screening for the virus that causes cervical cancer — was one of eight recommended preventive services for women.

    President Barack Obama’s health care law already requires most health plans to provide standard preventive care for people of both sexes at no additional charge to patients.

    However, short of repealing provisions of the health care law, it’s unclear what opponents can do to block the recommendations. The final decision, by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, is expected to be issued quickly.

  51. Ok, on a quick read—it’s my birthday today, and I have other things on my mind 😀 —the proposal doesn’t seem too awful. There are actually some positive things about it. It talks about entitlement reform and strengthening, not gutting. It addresses escalating health care costs, which have to be addressed if we’re ever to actually bring down our deficits. It talks about continuing investments in R&D which help the economy grow. And getting rid of the AMT is a BFD. I think it’s a good basis upon which to make changes.

  52. Faith,whilst i agree your posts reflect your joy at times, I will be truthful and fell you that your anxieties and constant reference to speculative stuff do project an angst, which I choose not to indulge in, as it sets off a negative aspect which I do not need. Let’s wait,hear,see…and then discuss,okay?!
    Keep the faith,my friend. We all have to hold this mantra dear to our heart. Hugs.

  53. Welcome back, askew.

    Like I said, on a quick read it doesn’t seem like a bad place from which to negotiate. So I respectfully disagree with you and Faith. But, you’re right—this goes nowhere in the House, as it has dreaded revenue increases. The Teabagger faction isn’t anti-tax: it’s anti-gov’t. Anything that brings money into govt coffers is anathema to them, even if it’s used to reduce the national debt.

  54. Faith,

    It is good that we read the proposal and I see no harm in discussing while we must keept in mind I am sure there is going to be changes to it. I know that PBO will not do any harm what-so-ever to current SS seniors, however, there might be some changes to hopefully strengthen SS as the president has been talking about. He will not nor will the DEM in the house and senate allow for any weakening of SS, medicare, and heathcare. You can take that to the bank.

  55. Ask yourselves how many times you have doubted or second-guessed the Prez only to find out that he did his job better. Frankly, I have to tell you, not a single one of us here, not in the entire United States or the world, is there one person with the political acuity of Prez Obama. He is years and years ahead of all of us in his ways of thinking and acting.

    This guy beat the golden standard of politics in the Democratic Party when no one gave him a chance; he beat the golden standard in the Repugs when he beat a war hero and, he won a Nobel prize when no one expected, he got Osama bin Laden—not to mention that he graduated magna cum laude. How much more do you need to feel reassured safe in his hands? Show me anyone in that room who has equal credentials…

    Relax; give it a couple of days. If you do not like the final product, make up your mind then….

  56. Oh no! Just think of how many GOP-ers are gonna pee themselves over this one!

  57. Happy birthday LL! I’m sure you’re glad to be 25 FINALLY! Can’t wait to be in your shoes:)

  58. Agreed. I watched too, and I tend to believe what Obama said, not the AP’s interpretation. Is the vid posted here, because all can see for themselves what he said, that he approved of the format, cuts and revenues, not the exact details.

  59. President Obama is the president for all the people and just why would one group of us insist that he has not done enough for their particular group. It is becoming disheartening to listen to some of us. He is doing his job and if most of us would have done ours such as voting be would not be in such a dire position. It is going to take time to make a crooked line straight. This site is for moral support and to share factual ideas. And why would anybody quote from a hacker owners printed paper. It’s been too much confusion about nothing relevant to the support of POTUS. Just think if he was not our President. I shudder to entertain this thought. Let us keep this a positive spot to come for a sense of calm. Love you guys and thank you.

  60. I think the plan is bad all around as it comes almoast exclusively from a Republican frame. The way to reform SS is not to cut the increase in payments but rather to increase the income base that is taxed i.e. raising the cap.

    The hard caps proposed in the plan are not the way to run government. Government spending can but cut or slowed but programs should be evaluated on their merits rather than be subject to a hard spending cap.

    And the underlying problem with all of this is that we are discussing it in Republican terms. Not one word about job creation and that is where our focus should be. The President, the Democrats in congress, the chattering class, and us all need to make job creation the underlying theme to every one of these pressers, interviews, etc

  61. I think the problem is that you said President Obama has endorsed the plan. No such endorsement has happened. President Obama made that clear at his appearance today. I can’t remember his exact words, but he said something along the lines of this is an encouraging start and no details have been agreed to.

  62. Happy Birthday Liberal Librarian!!!!! I really hope you have a great day!!!!

  63. There is no way the Gang of Six deal can get through Congress in the 13 days. It’s not even a concrete proposal but in it’s idea stages, and cutting $3.7T will need more than two weeks of negotiations and spelling out. I guess there could be a short extension on the debt ceiling, but that’s just keeping the damn thing hanging over the economy.

    Hell given the rules in the Senate, Rand Paul could block this by himself given the time left.

  64. Happy Birthday LL
    I hope you have a great one. I am with you. So many if, if, if thats a signal right there to cool it. Oh ye of little faith! PBO is the best negotiator in the world. If I was in a fight I would want him on my side and we are in a fight. A nasty low down dirty fight so I am thrilled that he is on my side. No matter what comes out I know in my heart he got the very best he could. Who can look 10 yrs down the road on anything in this day and time? Malia will be 23 yrs old, PBO will be 60 yrs old. I say lighten up. There is no telling what PBO will do with his 2nd term but I know he has a plan. I love & trust him. .

  65. In my opinion a good deal does not require the GOP be in tears. Obama can only work with the. Congress he has. The message I get out of any bad deals here is not to blame Obama for not getting the impossible. The message I get is Vote Democrat 2012.

  66. Faith I think you have to look at the actual taxes paid. As far as I understand, top income people rarely pay their nominal % due to so many loop holes. Even lowering the tax rate could get the effective tax rate up, if enough loophole plugging is done. The devil is in the details.

  67. My memory of what the President said last week is that they’re ready with all the facts and figures and spreadsheets anyone needs to make a big deal happen. He’s clearly not concerned about that aspect of it. I’m guessing because they did the Sasha and Malia thing and did their homework early.

  68. Its called money and lots of it from MSNBC. Apparently she lied when she said that the show would be the exact same as always.

  69. Rand Paul probably promised his young sons that they would meet President Obama’s girls (which they wanted) once he was sworn in to the senate. Maybe he hoped that his boys would convert the girls into hard-core right-wingers in no time!

    /// “Father and son, age 47, have different styles. Asked what he wanted to do in Washington in a Wednesday morning television interview, the senator-elect said that his kids were hoping to meet the Obama girls” ///

  70. How can he do that when the media runs the narrative and will do everything to change it to suite their own purpose.

  71. I think I will take that advice, myself, blackwaterdog, and retire from the political scene for a while, neither watching nor listening until the debt ceiling crisis has been resolved. I am not particularly politically astute, I’m too lazy to research the latest analysis, which is why I come here — and I, like the rest of us, do not know all of the details – so my comments are worth little. Why obsess over something that is decreasing the quality of my day-to-day life. when I have nothing positive to add to the discussion? I have absolute faith that the President does not want to cut benefits and will only do so if he believes it is necessary to avert something worse, but he may not have any good options open to him. What makes me very sad is that an informed and engaged electorate could have averted this by making better decisions in the last election. Those who voted for Republicans, both at the national and state levels, and those who did not bother to vote, bear some responsibility for this fiasco The Republicans proved themselves totally incompetent the last time they were in power, and they have only gotten worse since then. The bluest of Blue Dogs is far better than the most “moderate” gop. With an electorate like this, who needs terrorists?

  72. I bet some people aren’t considering the fact that Obama might have endorsed it due to the fact that this would guarantee that the republicans would go against it.

  73. An interesting link –

    The $1T in extra revenues is assuming that the Bush extra tax cuts for millionaires expires in 2012 (with tax cuts for <$250,000 made permanent). So it's $1T over and above what will be collected when the extra tax cuts for the rich expire.

    So this revenue increase, added to the Bush tax cuts expiring for the rich savings over the decade would be $1.7T in revenues over the next 10 years.

    Sounds like a lot of the numbers being used by the GOP here are smoke and mirrors to try and make it look like they are cutting taxes because the rates go down. The $1T in revenues comes from closing loopholes, which isn't "raising taxes". If the loopholes were closed without the reduced rate in taxes of course much more would be brought in, but in reality the 35% corporate tax rate is much higher than even Germany who I believe is a little under 20%, but without any loopholes.

  74. Shhh! That is the sound of catholic/conservatives heads exploding! Thanks to ACA (nobody REALLY knows everything in ACA)I think Secy Sebilius is the shark in the tank and shes got his back!! Women’s health is on the agenda and he is going to protect it.

  75. Hi SR
    I am glad you are around today to flesh out some of the mud. My strength is not numbers. My faith is based on PBO. But your explanations really help alot.

    BTW, thanks BWD for all you do. I know there are those who trip out a little bit from time to time but you handle it so beautifully

  76. Thanks for the useful info. But my question to you, as you are a rational problem-solver in our small community…You are the black President having to deal with the likes of Rep. Joe Walsh and his constituency (see Chipstick’s latest thread).

    Now what? Not easy….

    The point is, Roscoe, Faith, Japa, none of this will be pretty, or easy, and I think PBO is aware of that….

  77. How many of you saw that video from Boston where the Prez dropped in to have a word with the young dems, indies and repugs…when spoke about compromise and how the Huffpo would have reported Lincoln’s position vis-a-vis slaves and slavery? Oh how quickly we forget!!!

  78. Germany nominal corporate tax rate is 29.8% with the effective rate being around 20%. The nominal 35% rate we have is too high because it adversely affects small businesses. They pay closer to that 35% than large corporations who have the resources to game the system. That in turn makes competing with those corporations more challenging. Wyden-Gregg proposal in the chairman’s mark-up had a nominal rate of 26% with many loopholes closes.

    For personal taxes it had 3 brackets on 15%, 25%, 35%. The issue I have with this new gang of 6 proposal is more on the personal side. The highest personal rate, 29% is too low. I like the 35% highest rates with loopholes closed.

  79. The Republican terms is all spending cuts.The Democrats is spending cuts WITH tax revenues. Obama and the Dems have done a good job in moving the conversation back to the left. The polls show it. Not one word about job creation – hyperbole. Obama has talked about jobs, House Dems have talked about jobs. The Senate Dems have talked about jobs. Somehow no one seems to hear them.

  80. Nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. Obama has not endorsed the Gang of Six plan. In fact his team hasn’t even gone over it yet.

  81. We will read many things the next two weeks, most of them almost irrelevant to what is going on. One headline on said” “Don’t believe public pronouncements. The real work all goes on behind closed doors.” That’s true. We can speculate and speculate, but as Lawrence O’Donnell says almost every night: “Nothing’s agreed to until everything’s agreed to.”
    I like that the President is coming to the press every other day or so and making a statement. That way Boehner and McConnell can’t undercut him.
    Did you hear that Brian Ross of ABC was attacked by one of Michele Bachmann’s staff members? I read there’s a video of it on ABC .com. It was not accidental, or in passing.

  82. Boy there was a BIG bit of cognitive dissonance revealed with the whole Elizabeth Warren thing. This “Obama is a Wall Street sell out” narrative has been going on a LONG time. ALL of the PL, including Cornell West, Travis, AND most revealing the Tea Party used that theme throughout this whole presidency. Arianna Huffington got the ball rolling with her constant condemnation of Tim Geithner,and of course Summers (glad he’s’ gone never cared for that guy). Anyway this past week we learned: Romney is the favored one with Wall Street contibutors,the announcement of Cordray, the wails of betrayal from the usual suspects,over Elizabeth Warren, Eilzabeth’s subsequent full throated support and partnership W/ Obama in creating the agency. AND it turns out that Cordray never worked on Wall street at all, but Elizabeth did as an attorney!! Ha ha ha. Talk about being punked! That is several narratives all at once that were put to bed. I think its disgusting how they lie and distort over at MSNBC just like Fox news really. People like Rachel should be ASHAMED!

  83. This is like the healthcare debate awhile ago. Only then, I did not have this site to come to to keep me grounded and sane. Here, I learn things and there is no yelling and screaming and calling the president names. Just lively debate and logical thought out discussions!

    Thanks so much guys!

  84. You know I was out for a while and I come back to this. Please people. BWD is right. Stop buying into the hysteria. Haven’t we learned this yet? Come on!!! This is NOT helpful. We do not even know what the President thinks about the plan. He said “hard” negotiations. Lets trust him okay? I have never had a reason not to, so why should I now? Its just ludicrous. There will be changes to this for Democrats to sign on. End of. Story. I am tired of getting emotionally jerked around by the media. Not gonna happen any more. They have proven themselves to be WORTHLESS. Why should they control me? I will get the information from a reliable source and make up my own mind. Thats what most voters do.

  85. Faith, here is clearer, more honest reporting from Reuters, and I just heard Obama say that they had not read it, so no endorsing has been going on. Do not take the AP as the gospel. They’re a mess. The Reuters article includes these Obama quotes: “very significant step, urges Congressional leaders to START discussing…:hope tomorrow they start talking turkey….getting down to the hard business of crafting a plan….hoped the proposal could form the basis of an agreement” No endorsements.,0,7498607.story

  86. Thank you! Now, all of you who are hysterical, take a vallium and let the process play out. The Prez is working for all of us…believe it.

  87. And, next time you hear any of the talking heads claim that the Prez has thrown someone under the bus, tell them this:

    The Prez does not have a bus. He has Marine One, Air Force one and the Beast. The Prez is too busy and if there is ever a need to throw anybody anywhere, the Secret Service is paid to do that…Reduce their metaphors to literal nonsensical meaning and drive them insane……

  88. I think we’ll get a once sentence raise the debt ceiling which will pass the House with Democratic votes, and the Senate with all Dem and enough GOP votes, and then the deal will emerge a compromise between the gang of six, and the President’s plan (with Pelosi tweaks). The end will reveal, once again, that Obama has won.

  89. Well, the Republicans in the House with 5 Ds voted to pass ‘Crap on the middle class and Run’ bill …. Interestingly, 9 Republicans voted NO along with 181 Ds.

    We know this trash has zero, as in ZERO, chance of ever becoming law.

    But, the value of it to all but a few lame Democratic candidates come this time next year, is incalculable but enormous.


    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  90. It’s just astounding that 5 Democrats actually voted for the GOP Cap, Cut and Balance bill also know as DUCK, DODGE and DISMANTLE.

    Last night Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed Robert Greenstein of the Center for Budget Policy Priorities to explained the implications of the GOP Balanced Budget Amendment. I would love for those 5 Democrats to watch that interview and read the post below and explain why they still think it was a good idea to vote for it.

    Greenstein Statement on the “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act” That the House Will Consider on July 19


    The “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act” that the House of Representatives will vote on next week stands out as one of the most ideologically extreme pieces of major budget legislation to come before Congress in years, if not decades. It would go a substantial way toward enshrining Grover Norquist’s version of America into law.


  91. C’mon guys!! All this BITCHING and complaining. We all know what we are up against. President Obama is taking these psychotic wingnuts to the WOODSHED with this Debt deal and everyone is GOING BONKERS with JEALOUSY and ENVY!! President Obama has stated many times the road would be ROUGH, HARD, and TREACHEROUS. He also said we would meet fierce resistance. Why is everyone on this board acting SURPRISED AND SHOCKED? We live in America where RACISM is practically a BIRTHRIGHT.

    Lets focus on the TASK at hand and re-electing this magnificent MAN. His accomplishments, deeds, personality, spirit, commitment to America, family, and GOD speaks for itself. Time to STOP the WHINING and be positive.

    Follow the example of our UNFLAPPLE leader and stop with the HYSTERICS and EMOTIONAL tirades and mood swings everytime you see anti-Obama rhetoric. Do you all see PBO going into tantrums with this totally uncooperative Congress? We will defeat the enemy as long as we STAY focused, diligent, and persevere. STOP THE MADNESS PEOPLE!!! KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  92. President Obama has never made any pretense of liking DOMA. He came out months ago with his opinion that it was seriously flawed and likely unconstitutional. It was Diane Feinstein who introduced this bill. President Obama is building cred with the Senate, the way I read it.

  93. Hi Keith When you read this article it dawns on you how far out of their depths these teabaggers are and that is very scary. That these people are in control of the lives of 352M people is horrifying.So yes we really do have to maintain our cool, our devotion to making US better by supporting the most magnificent president most of us will know in our lifetimes.

  94. Yes, five D’s voted for it, and ~ 7 R’s voted against.

    But take heart, this POS going to pass the senate, and in the one in 1000th chance that it does, our President will veto it – as he promised.

  95. Yes 5 dems I think with 9 repugslugs voting against it. I hope I am correct.

  96. I think watching PBO from here on out is going to be extraordinary! I think we will see masterful stagecraft, negotiations and outcome. I will be glued to this site for all of the ins and outs with SR’s explanations.

  97. I think Sauron is tied up in London at the moment, dodging whipped cream pies.

  98. Evenin’ All,

    bwd, you’re too funny! 😉

    Thanks for this encouragin’ updated news, which includes a vid clip from our “forward-thinkin'” Prez and one from his “take no prisoners” @presssec, WE should concentrate more on the positive not the negative…

    And, best defensive *IS* bein’ on the offensive!

    So, when linkin’ and/or quotin’ conservative/right-leanin’ sites, which includes WSJ and AP, WE should “consider the source,” and WE should “take it w/a grain of salt!”

    Is our Prez and Congressional DEMs perfect, no.

    But, every moment of the day, WE should consider the alternative…The TeaPublicans, at the local/state and federal-level, and their ilk and their radical agenda…Darn it!

    That’s why, by any means necessary, WE GOTTA VOTE ‘EM OUT and/or REPEAL/IMPEACH ‘EM & REPLACE ‘EM!

    Let’s JUST DO IT! 😀

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN”! 😉

  99. LL,

    Although I’m a little late, I want to wish you a very HAPPY, BLESSED BIRTHDAY…

    And, I hope today was an enjoyable, celebratory one for you! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  100. I don’t know if what he was doing was illegal per se. Basically it sounds like he’s an open source believer who was making the 4M articles available to all and didn’t collect a dime from it.

  101. Congressional democrats are a joke. This president is reacting to last years election, in which the independents, you know- middle aged white males, said they were afraid of all the new spending dc was doing.
    These white independents, like the president personally, but not his policies!
    So, regardless what the progressive blogosphere says, today’s independent voters are center right.

    That is all-

  102. Perry vs Bachmann???

    Who would have the edge among southern evangelicals?

    The fight probably will be epic.

  103. Seems bizarre to charge him with mail fraud. Seems bizarre that he was taking the files in the first place. What possible good would it have done?

  104. I think Perry easily because the knives are out for Bachmann already and I suspect she’ll get out of the way and either eventually head back to her CD with a huge sum of money transferred from her Presidential warchest or maybe hope for a VP gig where her migraine issues wouldn’t be such a major issue. You can’t have somebody with incapacitating migraines having the nuke codes and potentially on the other end of a 3am call.

    Somebody has oppo research on Bachmann and already using it – Pawlenty? Romney? Or GOP establishment because they know she is unelectable and would hurt down ticket races?

  105. Rachel is a very highly educated individual and can speak with authority very well in her areas of expertise. I just wish she’d bone up a bit more on economics and take a closer look at the progress PBO has made on issues related to gay persons. I’ve been voting since my first year of college in 1971. I’ve paid close attention to the positions of presidents on many issues, from JFK to PBO. Not ONE of them had the moral courage and belief in the principles they said they held/hold dear that are expressed in the Constitution to EVER utter one word that indicated that gay persons are Americans, too–until PBO ( I must clarify though, that in the case of some of these presidents, the GOP had not ramped up the bigotry against gay persons the way it is doing today.) I am speaking about this from a personal and professional POV. I taught U.S. History, civics, and other social studies subjects, and one of the things I’d always do until I retired in 2009 was have a short daily discussion of current events. My kids were so hooked on these discussions that if there was a day on which I felt I had to cancel them because I needed more time to cover certain material, they’d make it their business to ask whether we’d discuss current events later in the class period. I never shied away from discussing any topic because I was teaching in a small GA town, or because my co-teacher was a dyed in the wool conservative with a penchant for trying to undercut me by criticizing me behind my back in the faculty lounge. I didn’t care. I had been her teacher at one time in history. My belief was, and still is, that censoring discussion of some topics doesn’t encourage students to think critically, and it doesn’t foster intellectual curiosity. Had I lost my job because of this, I would have reminded my administrator/superintendent that I was in the classroom because I CHOSE to be there, and that other companies in the business community in the area and the head of the Business Department at a local college had tried to woo me away from my teaching job by offering me money and scholarships, but I turned them down. PBO has spent political capital and has placed his chance at a second term in office on the line by being willing to staring the republicans in Congress and conservatives across the nation in the eye to send a very clear message: Gay persons are Americans, too, and are just as deserving of all of the rights that others enjoy under the U.S. Constitution. In the interest of fairness, reality, and the truth, the only conclusion I can reach about those who claim PBO has thrown gay Americans under the bus is that they are pursuing another agenda and are spreading misinformation about PBO as a means to achieve it. In light of recently revealed information about certain of these individuals, there are indications of strong ties to self-interest and profit, among other things.

  106. Jonathan Turley disapproves and gets personal about Rev Al’s spot on MSNBC. http;// Shame he doesn’t do this with the crazies,liars,racists and disingenous individuals we suffer through daily. Go Rev Al. Methinks Jonathan needs to be twittered!

  107. Support your President! He is smarter than any of us out here and has integrity to spare. It doesn’t help him do one of the most difficult jobs (if not THE most difficult job) in the world when he is constantly being criticized and second guessed before anything is concrete. He is the PROW of the ship, heading us in the right direction, cutting through all the garbage that clutters the waters , trying his best to get all the oarsmen headed in the right direction while being attacked by arrows on both sides. COOL IT!Support one of the finest presidents you will ever see in your lifetime and believe me, I’ve seen too many before him.


    Stocks posted their biggest one-day gain since March yesterday as investors focused on upbeat earnings news and hopes rose for a deal in Washington that would keep the United States from default.

    IINVESTORS SNAPPED UP SHARES AFTER PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA BACKED A BIPARTISAN DEFICIT-CUTTING PLAN that he called “broadly consistent” with his views. Lawmakers have until Aug. 2 to agree on a plan that will lift the borrowing limit before the Treasury is unable to pay off its debts…

    Read more:

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  109. Yes I do…

    And, yes he is! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  110. And, it’s goin’ to be their downfall…

    Good riddance! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉


    DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS AGREE THAT GETTING OUR FISCAL HOUSE IN ORDER IS ONE OF THE CRITICAL CHALLENGES FACING AMERICA. To address it we are going to have to make tough choices, bringing to the table a commitment to examine every area of the budget and every loophole in the tax code without presumptively taking any of the options off the table. But it is critical that we not bring down our deficits and debt at the expense of economic growth, innovation and job creation, or place the greatest burden on older Americans and the most vulnerable. That is precisely what the House’s Cut, Cap and Balance plan would do – a proposal that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney described as “duck, dodge and dismantle.”

    The House plan fails to achieve a balanced plan to reduce the deficit, which is precisely the approach that has worked successfully in America in the past and has recently been recommended by a number of different fiscal commissions…

    Representatives from both parties will continue to talk about reaching the largest deal possible. THE PRESIDENT IS PUSHING EVERYONE TO COME TO THE TABLE, put politics aside, work through our differences and prove to the American people that we can still do big and difficult, but necessary things.

    Jason Furman is the Principal Deputy Director of the National Economic Council.

  112. MAKING HISTORY: $142.3 Million for 155 Communities Nationwide

    IN THE SINGLE LARGEST ROUND OF AWARDS IN THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (CDFI) FUND’S HISTORY, Treasury will distribute a total of $142,302,667 to 155 financial institutions serving economically distressed communities across the United States. CDFI Fund Director Donna Gambrell joined Senator Dick Durbin and Representative Danny Davis in Chicago yesterday to make the historic announcement.

    THE 2011 AWARDS WERE GIVEN TO ORGANIZATIONS HEADQUARTERED IN 40 STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA through the CDFI Fund’s cornerstone program, the Community Development Financial Institutions Program, and touch both rural and urban communities.

    They will help specialized community-based financial institutions spur local economic growth and expand access to affordable financial products and services. Chicago’s Fulton-Carrol Center, a small business incubator that houses almost 120 entrepreneurs and served as the backdrop for yesterday’s national award announcement, is just one of many examples of how CDFIs CAN PLAY A CRITICAL ROLE IN HELPING SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS SPUR JOB CREATION and economic growth in economically distressed communities across the country.

    As Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Neal Wolin said, “EVERY COMMUNITY DESERVES TO HAVE ACCESS TO BASIC FINANCIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES, from bank accounts to affordable home and car loans. THE CDFI PROGRAM PROVIDES ACCESS TO RURAL AND URBAN COMMUNITIES across the country by investing in local financial institutions that serve these communities.”

    In Chicago, the organizations receiving these awards are doing exactly that. Because of these funds, they will be eligible for larger loans from major banks, which they can then use to make below-market loans to non-profit projects like a charter elementary school, affordable rental housing and a savings and loan association that works with local small businesses.

    For more information on the CDFI Program, please visit Click HERE to view a list of awardees, by city, receiving CDFI Fund investments.

    Sandra Salstrom is the Spokesperson for Tax, Budget and Economic Policy.

  113. Agree with the positive spot being important, that is the reason for many of us coming here. I do not agree with the notion you cannot link to WSJ or any other place, if the information found there is relevant and can not be found on a source you like more. That amounts to sticking the head in the sand.

    We should be very careful not to run with MSM or PL *interpretations*, though. We know, or should know by now, how they gin up outrage by slightly and not so slightly changing the tone of what was said.

    What we should do is all we can to convince our family, friends, co-workers, that taxes are required for a balanced approach, that government is required to keep ‘Big Companies’ in check and level the playing field for normal people. The more success we have here, the better the deals will be, which Obama can get.

  114. Sixth Grader Advocates for School Supplies – PRESIDENT OBAMA RESPONDS

    IT’S NO SECRET THAT SCHOOLS AROUND THE COUNTRY ARE FACING DEEP BUDGE CUTS, often resulting in layoffs of staff and teachers and putting the burden on teachers to purchase much-needed supplies for their classrooms. THE LACK OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES CAUSED ONE LODI, CALIFORNIA MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT TO TAKE HIS CASE DIRECTLY TO PRESIDENT OBAMA IN A LETTER.

    IN THE PRESIDENT’S PERSONAL RESPONSE, he thanked Henderson for sharing his ideas and commended him for his commitment to the community. “In America, each of us can write our own destiny,” the President wrote. “So long as you are willing to dream big and work hard, you can accomplish great things and help others to do the same.”

    Secretary Duncan calls this tough economic climate for schools “the new normal.” To address the new normal, the Department of Education recently offered promising practices to states and communities on the effective, efficient and responsible use of resources in tight budget times. “We have to continue to invest [in education]” Duncan recently warned. “Budgets reflect our values, they reflect our priorities.”

    Read more about James Henderson and President Obama’s response at the Lodi News-Sentinel.

    Cameron Brenchley is New Media Outreach Manager at the Department of Education.

    PBHO cannot do this alone!

    Where’s the governor, mayor, state senator, state representative, et al…

    They need to do their parts to help their city and/or state!

    If they don’t do it, can’t do it or won’t do it, they NEED TO BE VOTED OUT and/or REPEALED & REPLACED!

    So, PBHO can have the help he needs, at every level…local/state/federal… to move America forward to win the future!

    What say ye 😕

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  115. Really late, but a very Happy Birthday to you, LL! You’re just a “baby”! Isn’t being “mature” fabulous?!

  116. Amen. I’ve been saying that all along. In fact, I’m giving them all a call tomorrow to see what’s what! I especially want to ask that little snot Ben Quayle…seeing as he signed old Grover’s pledge….what an arrogant sob he is.

  117. You are exxagerating. I have not read a single hysterical post here. Some angst, yes, but no hystery. Go to dkos and fdl for that:-)

  118. Mornin’ to you! Still got 6 minutes of Tues, night left for me….hope I didn’t sound snarky, but i really think she needs to see the vids of EW….I don’t know why she came to the conclusion that she was “self serving”. Hope she sees these and changes her mind about this extraordinary woman. Gonna hit the sack, but I’ll see you tomorrow! head over to TPV and get in on the “to do” list for the Respect for Marriage Act…good stuff! Night, snoop:)

  119. Please refer to the President as President Obama and not Obama. Thanks in advance.

  120. Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed Senator Kent Conrad last night and he asked how they could possibly get this deal done by Aug2 considering they will need to get it scored by the CBO. Senator Conrad answers that question. It’s the most detail I have heard from someone who should know what’s in the gang of six plan. It will be in the form of a budget resolution which will simplify the process and CBO scoring.

    The Last Word 7/19 segment “Gang of six gain momentum”

    It’s a long segment and Senator Conrad is at the end.

  121. Thank you, Sheila for this excellent comment. All of us must heed the wisdom of both you and BWD. It’s always a good policy to wait to see the actual details of the agreement between Democrats and Republicans. We must also always remember that the media loves to incite controversy. But, as mature adults, we must do our best not to buy into the media hype.

    Equally important, we must seriously take time to reflect on the reality of the current state of our politics. Because of the Constitutional framework that enshrined the concept of divided powers between the three branches of government, the President has no choice but to try to deal with Congress. Unlike other presidents since the Civil War, President Obama is dealing with the most crazed ideological zealots dominating the House of Representatives. He is trying to avert an economic catastrophe while his opponents are willing to sacrifice the country because they think that that is the only sure way to deny him a second term. For me I’ve resolved not to buy into any hyped news aimed at undercutting and demonizing President Obama when he is already dealing with crazy intransigent people. I say that as a person who is on medicare. I am absolutely certain that both President Obama and vice-President Biden, who has been his lead negotiator with congress, are doing all they can to protect the middle class. I am also prepared to sacrifice a little for the good of the country so long as SS and medicare are preserved for the next generations.

    I don’t know about any one else but I am going to trust the President’s wisdom in this situation when I don’t have all the facts. I may not completely buy into every aspect of the deal. But that is life. In such a deeply ideologically divided country, like ours, It is highly unlikely that any one will ever get 100% of what they want. I am also going to work hard for the re-election of the President, and to ensure that Democrats regain the majority in Congress.

  122. Thanks, BWD. I’m getting sick of the knee-jerk reactions when nothing has been approved yet.

  123. It’s not like I know Dr. Warren, but I think she would stay and fight if she thought she was the only one for the job.
    I have to confess something here…over the weeks that this debt thing has been playing out, I’ve been so concerned about how it will play out in re entitlements, that mine was one of the signatures on that petition thing. Ironically, I gave Obama ten dollars that same week, too. I am really hoping the deal is clean enough that I don’t really even have to think about following through. (Not that I pledge things willy-nilly either; I was just trying to demonstrate to POTUS my level of commitment to the social safety net in hopes it would keep his resolve strong.) Of course, I can’t speak for everyone on the list

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