Elizabeth Warren: “We would not have a consumer agency if it was not for President Obama”

Hi Guys,

The president will be out of public eye today – At least that’s the official schedule – But I’m sure there will be plenty of drama as in every day. Until then, watch Elizabeth Warren trying to explain Rachel Maddow two very important things:

1. President Obama is the hero of this agency.
2. The Republicans *are* the ENEMY. And we should fight *them*. I don’t really expect Rachel to get that, but anyway.

Start watching around the 7:30 mark. Up until then it’s mostly the usual Adam Greed crap.

Have a good day.


110 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren: “We would not have a consumer agency if it was not for President Obama”

  1. The Murdoch Affair hearings start this am. BBC2, Fox, CNN and MSNBC will all be carrying the hearings starting at 7 am EDT. Unless Rupie does outstandingly well, he is toast, and we already know James is toast.
    There was a strange thing that happened on Fox. Shep reported that a laptop had been found in a bag in the garbage can near Rebekah’s house. This is not being reported at all over here and I wonder if Fox is now making things up, or someone has planted something to try to get Murdoch off the hook, and I wouldn’t put the latter past them.

  2. News Corporation chiefs Rupert and James Murdoch and former executive Rebekah Brooks will be quizzed by MPs later about the phone-hacking scandal.

    The trio are expected to be questioned over what they knew about phone-hacking at the News of the World and whether there was a cover-up.

    It is the first time Rupert Murdoch has faced MPs in over 40 years of media ownership in the UK.


    Hope this is the end of the road for this mofo.

  3. Listening to Elizabeth Warren was a very emotional experience for me. It is because of her that I came to the decision to support Barack Obama over my Senator, Hillary Clinton. (an interview she did with Bill Moyers years before the election that I remembered during my torturous weekend before Super Tuesday. It’s on You Tube.) She is someone who tells the truth. I think that’s the thing about her, you can HEAR the ring of truth in her voice. And I think that is what is so threatening to the Republicans and bankers.
    I love that she supports the President so whole-heartedly. She is a warrior. She knows that the President has her back, and visa versa. What a team!

  4. I hope you are all well this morning. Liz Warren’s interview is good. I like the clarity with which she defended the Prez. I also hope those volunteers keep faith with the Prez and stop buying into the PL hysteria. Finally, may the Murdochs get what is deservedly coming to them! They are the worst scum of the earth.

  5. Good chart – reveals a lot, esp. the two things you said: education level and the liberal ID have the highest ratings.

  6. When Barack Obama first met Elizabeth Warren, he started the conversation with two words “PREDATORY LENDING”. This issue has been on his radar for a very long time.

    If you want to hear Elizabeth Warren retell the story of their first encounter please check out the lecture she gave at the Chicago Humanities Festival in February 2011. The lecture is about an hour long. You will be amazed at how much you will learn.

    Elizabeth Warren: Fixing the Banks, Lifting the Middle Class

  7. Wow. No wonder these money ‘thieves’ fear and loathe her. These woman know their game inside-out and would absolutely plug all their holes or loopholes they use to squeeze us all! It is a great lecture.

  8. I cracked up when Press Secretary Jay Carney called the Republican Party Balanced Budget Amendment…..


    Their BBA is basically the Paul Ryan Plan on steroids plus the Grover Norquist no taxes pledge. They want all of this written into the Constitution so that bringing down the government is sanctioned by law.

  9. I really can not understand why anyone would vote for any republican ever unless they are rich and without compassion.

  10. Of course, and once it is signed into law, you have seen how hard it is to repeal or pass anything?

    Also, I am convinced that the liberal elites in DC are attempting to primary this president. If you listen to all their noise… But- they cannot get any takers, the president fundraising has scared the GOP and them and he is still polling very well outside of the liberal elites.
    I put on Ed Shultz last night for three minutes and Joan Walsh said gee I hope the president does not cave on raising taxes. They are trying to blow up any deal before it happens so that they can blame him.
    Remember, the liberal elites (that tge president foes not get along with) want him primaried! Btw: Joan Walsh reminds me of mommy dearest!

  11. Good morning TOAITR family. Today will be real interesting watching Murdoch at the hearings. I hope they all go down and then it moves to the US.

  12. The reporter on bloomberg floated a question to her guest: do you think Murdoch will take the fifth.

    The fifth what? This is great Britain! WTF?

  13. FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  14. Good morning all, and I’m so happy to hear that Rev. Al Is on ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve been enjoying every moment that he’s been on MSNBC. Way to go Rev. Al ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I think it’s ridiculous to even have it. How can you pass negotiate a tax deal in December that you know will raise the debt, pass a budget a couple of months ago that you know will raise the debt and then vote not to raise the ceiling?

    You don’t play chicken to try and get what you want politically with the world economy.

  16. Getty has a new poll out that Romney beats the president in Michigan by 4 points! Stunning!
    The president saves the auto industry and they have a tea bagger governor, but yet they like Romney.

    You see people are just dumb!

  17. You may not play chicken with the world economy, but teenagers would, and that is what the current Republican Party is composed of, teenagers on a thrill ride. They have the same mental make-up, the “nothing will happen to me no matter what I do” type of view of the world. Their ability to see beyomnd their little personal circle does not exist.
    For them, there is no sense of accountability. If something bad happens because of their actions, well, it wasn’t their fault, it must be somebody else’s.

  18. While everyone is busy watching Murdock, I’m very concerned about this “deal” between Harry Reid and McConnell. I don’t trust Reid as far as I could throw him and I’m afraid he is going to sell out PBO in order to protect his buddy, McConnell. Reid should be pushing for a clean bill, instead he’s going along with the repugs to help them save face.
    As for that poll in Michigan and one recent poll in PA, Let em vote for Romney if they can’t see the damage done by the repugs they put into state office, then they deserve whatever they get.

  19. That is great news! They really need to get that nut, King out of office. Christie has the “brand name” that can get her votes.

  20. That woudl be great. Although it is hard to pick the vilest Republicans, King is right near the top of the list.

  21. THanks BWD Excellent news for us,I also watched the interview with Andrea Mitchell
    who I nevr watch, and Elizabeth warren said the samething, because of obama we have this agency.
    Now to the PL (STFU) support this president or get out of our fucking way we are coming
    Mr President we have your back you go SIR,

  22. Yes he did and Elizabeth and Obama are friends, and Obama new her from Harvard.

  23. lol I thought his show was gonna be named The Daily Beast. I was like whoa that’s kinda fierce. The link says he has been doing surprisingly well. MSM just doesn’t get it that democrats are tired of seeing the extremists on the left hostage take our party over the air waves. The professional left does not speak for the Democratic party base. Maddow, Shultz, Cenk, they are all huffopost dkos etc, left wing tools NOT representative of the base.

    Good luck Rev Al. I am liking Lawrence O’Donelle too.

  24. We are going full speed right down the rabbit hole. Wall Street hitched their wagon to these nuts and now they have serious buyers remorse.

    With 14 days to go

    by Steve Benen

    In the meantime, Wall Street, which has long assumed that this entire charade was pointless posturing, is beginning to wonder if Republicans really are crazy. The longer this takes, and the right-wing members saber-rattle, the greater the likelihood of the markets panicking.


  25. Now news that Michele Bachmann is frequently “incapacitated” by migraines, according to former advisers. She takes a steady stream of a wide variety of medications—-(maybe the cause of that freaky wide-eyed stare?). She has had to be hospitalized at least 3 times for this problem. Triggered by stress. Doesn’t seem to be a good idea to me to be running for the presidency, a position loaded with stress, if she becomes “incapacitated” and disappears for days at a time as a result.

  26. New Gallup poll: http://www.gallup.com/poll/148562/Americans-Including-Republicans-Debt-Compromise.aspx

    gos has a great analysis of all the recent polling on the debt ceiling issue. Link if you wish but it’s good analysis: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/07/19/996138/-Gallup:-Republicans-and-independents-want-debt-compromise?via=siderecent

    The gist of it is, Republicans are unteachable. They are unreachable. There was an analysis yesterday that said that all moderates have left the GOP — most have become moderate democrats or independents.

    There was a poll (Pew, I believe) that had excellent analysis of independents. That the CW about how they swing from side to side was not really true: they have strong partisan leanings, if disgruntled. It’s about how motivated they are to vote.

    gos’ conclusion was that shoring up the base encourages these ‘independents’ to get to the polls. The implication was that Obama play to the Hamsher/Green crowd. Not my conclusion of course.

    However, I think there is something to be said about giving progressives a little more. If, indeed, indies are really partisans who are disgruntled then this is something to put in the mix. I think things have changed in the last decade — I think it probably used to be that independents didn’t know which side was right, and there are probably a good many uninformed indies for whom this is true. But it hasn’t made sense in recent years. I hear someone call into Thom Hartman for example and say he’s an independent and then spout Republican talking points. Not all of them are shills. These are voters who have strong leanings either Democratic or Republican, but who are — dare I use the word — dissatisfied.

    Sometimes I wish Obama had given progressives a little more. His economic team is made up completely of centrists. A few progressive voices on the economic team would have gone far, particularly in the early months of the Presidency. I frankly think he would have benefited from the input of a few more progressive economic voices.

    Before you guys get all over me, I know this isn’t going to change the minds of FDL and PCCC and their followers. That’s not who I’m talking about. In fact, they are as wilfully fact-challenged as the tea party. But there are many, many voters out there who would respond with more enthusiasm for voting with a few more bones thrown to the base. Base is not a dirty word — base means the natural group of supporters.

    And then again, there’s my husband’s new mantra: If the Obama team would just keep talking about what they’ve accomplished and find a way to get through, the left-leaning indies wouldn’t be dissatisfied at all.

  27. You donโ€™t play chicken to try and get what you want politically with the world economy.

    And you certainly don’t take a hostage that you’re not willing to shoot.

    These guys don’t believe in the dangers of letting the US of A default on its debt.

    These guys don’t believe in global warming.

    These guys don’t believe in evolution.

    These guys didn’t believe in the Y2K problem, in spite of the fact that we – programmers – saved their respective asses.

  28. She takes a steady stream of a wide variety of medications [against migraine]

    Perhaps these medications were developed with the knowledge of evolutionary biology (like most are).

    Now, that will give her a headache.

  29. The Republican establishment (meaning the big money interests) and their corporate sponsors including the media, don’t want Bachmann anywhere near being a real contender. You are going to see more and more stories coming out discrediting her. Of course, this will fie up the base even more in support of the victimized Michelle.

  30. The deal looks bad to me. It has since Harry Reid decided to unilaterally give spending cuts without getting anything from McConnell in return.

    We can say that we’re not sure what’s in it but I think we know: when Dianne Feinstein comes out to say how wonderful it is and lists everything we’ve heard about this deal then that’s the deal.

    No one is pushing back, saying these provisions aren’t true.

    Here’s what we’ve been hearing:

    1.5 tn in spending cuts (if this follows the Biden negotiations, then these cuts represent pain on our side and from most accounts, no pain on the side of Republicans)

    Debt ceiling can be increased by the President in three increments BEFORE the 2012 election and Republicans get to vote against it. Okay, all of you should know by now that I think the President has won the debt ceiling message. But allowing this to get close to the election with it hanging over his head — that gives Republicans way too much time to figure out how to hurt Obama with it.

    The worst part of the deal: this ‘commission’ of Repubs and Democrats from Congress to come up with spending cuts that MUST be put up for a vote.

    The ‘win’ part of it, allegedly, is that Medicare and SS are taken out of the mix.

    Now, someone is going to have to explain to me how this is a ‘win’ for Democrats and Obama. They should get no spending cuts unless the debt ceiling issue is taken off the table entirely until the election.


  31. Jovie, were Romney the actual nominee at some point, the true facts about his past will come out eventually despite the incompetent media we have today. Once they learned that he preyed upon failing businesses and actually destroyed jobs rather than created them, his star will fall.

  32. Well Rev. Al sure makes the PL heads explode as well as the baggers. I read comments on another web site and they were unbelievable. I love it when their heads explode.

  33. BWD: Thank you for posting the Warren/Maddow interview. I think you are mistaken if you think that Maddow doesn’t “get” it. She asked just the right questions, listened to the answers, and gave Warren the kind of platform that progressives rarely get, and she even provided time for Warren to argue for taking the fight to the Republicans, and to say that she likes throwing rocks at them. And Maddow invited Warren to tease us a bit on Senate hopes. (I hope everybody here has already signed on to the “Draft Warren” movement!)

    Maddow routinely dismembers “conservatives” and nut-jobs like Art Robinson and David Bahati on her show. She does not serve as an untcritical booster of everything the Democratic Party or President Obama do, though; that’s not her job. I don’t think there is anybody better, and very few as good, at television journalism. That does not mean that I think she is always right. In fact, Rachel herself frequently admits she was mistaken–on the air, with documentation–and it’s one of the reasons I respect her so much.

    Thank you, Ladyhawke and Scott, for your links.

    Once again, thank you BWD. This place is among the best parts of my day.


  34. Well,, dotster, we can hope that the stress of running for President will incapacitate her permanently so that she retires from the political scene and protects herself from the stress.

  35. This isn’t a win for Democrats, that is what makes no sense. The Prez put repugs into a corner and gave dems the upper hand. Now Reid is giving the power back to the repugs. That is why I say he should be pushing for a clean bill it is also the reason I don’t trust Reid. He is always giving McConnell power. As for their commission, most of the time these “commissions” don’t accomplish any thing.

  36. I agree, joe. I think Rachel Maddow’s commentary is often colored by her perception of how LGBT issues are progressing or not progressing, which is not strange since these issues so directly affect her life. She was much more critical of the President before DADT was repealed, and now she has the perception that he is against repealing DOMA, so she is moving back into the highly-critical mode. You are right, she does a great job of pointing out Republican foibles and she is worth watching for that reason. I fast forward through her anti-Obama segments.

  37. I don’t even think they speak for liberals at all, because all they do is cloud the issues, and moreover they do NOTHING to hold the GOP accountable. Useless.

  38. I completely agree with Debz. I also want to add that Romney will not be the nominee. His polling in the key primary states keeps stalling after a certain number, usually around or under 30 and, the same goes to his fundraising. Most of his money came from donors who have now maxed out and can’t donate any more, only 6% came from donations of $200 or less. I wouldn’t worry about Mitt that much.

  39. I’m extremely excited at the prospect of Ms. Warren running for the Senate against Scott Brown. She would DESTROY him.

  40. They have become as fact-challenged as the tea party. It’s really stunning to watch.

  41. I think it might have been Jon Stewart said last night that the GOP are now referring to the “Rich” as the “Job Creaters” in every instance. If so I think it would be easier to reference the lack of jobs these job creaters have put out since they have had more expendable income via tax cuts.
    I heard Thom Hartmann say once that when he was younger starting a business in a higher taxed time he was more ready to reinvest money into his business which created jobs to avoid paying more taxes. He talked about no incentive to do that with low taxes.

  42. I thought Rachel said it had been postponed. Wrong? I only tuned in to hear Elizabeth Warren. I’m quickly losing all respect for Rachel.

    I pretty much stuck with her even when I disagreed with her conclusions on certain issues. But I expected her to be intellectually honest and give credit when credit was due.

    She’s lost that ability. She now is as entrenched in FDL and PCCC-land as the mindless minions you follow the dog whistle. I have seen her willfully ignore exculpatory facts in order to support her ideology. I don’t accept that from anyone, no matter what their political leanings are. And for Rachel Maddow to choose to turn off her brain — it’s unconcionable.

  43. This morning on my local Progressive radio station I heard the local host start ranting about how Elizabeth Warren wants Prez Obama to step up and have a fight with the GOP to get his person in place. I thought the interview I heard on Maddow didn’t sound that way at all. He made it sound as if she was dissatisfied with PBO. Seems like a total reinterpretation to me. I am seeing why I do not like extremes either Right or Left.

  44. If that is the deal I agree it is a bad one. And if it ends yp being the deal then everyone Democrat leader is accountable not just Reid. He wouldn’t be going forward with these negotiations without WH and Pelosi input. I can get behind the 3 non votes to raise the debt ceiling. They are symbolic anyway. I cannot get behind Including cuts with no revenue increases. At the least several corporate tax holes and subsidies need to be cut.

  45. Also many of the TeaParty House members are so new they don’t even really know how the government works. The GOP courted them and are responsible for their lack of understanding especially with their own recent behaviors of blocking everything.

  46. Concerning the Getty poll…..isn’t that polling company slanted to the right? I would put as much faith in that poll as in one conducted by Murdoch! All polls are not created equal, and do not use the same kind of respondents. Also…..polls will vary widely and wildly for the next 17 months. Polling right now is silly except for in party polls. Everything else is so hypothetical is has no validity.

  47. “They” may deserve what they get-Romney, but I don’t! And I’d get him too.

  48. THat’s exactly the point and Thom Hartmann is right: people do not use after-tax dollars to invest or start businesses. Once they have taken every deduction they can they spend their money. On stuff. On antiques, expensive cars and obscenely priced baseballs because some overpaid athlete threw it (I loathe professional sports. There. I said it).

    You invest and start businesses in order to lower your tax burden (unless you’re a decent human being and want to make a decent living manurfacturing solar panels). You make those investments with BEFORE TAX dollars so that if you make money in your investment it will be taxed as either capital gains or rolled back into the company. Understand it is often to your advantage to ‘lose’ your investment because that will lower your tax burden.

    If your taxes are low — and believe me, even at a 35% rate, this is a number easily absorbed by the wealthy — THERE IS NO IMPETUS TO INVEST. Your tax burden is low, so you take what you have left and buy shit you like. The only job it creates is for a sales person at Tiffany’s.

    Oh. Let me add this. I was astounded talking to a ‘libertarian’ friend of mine the other day. He’s a high level computer geek making a solid six figures. He has multiple post-graduate degrees and a B.S. in biology. Highly, highly educated.

    He argued with me (I kid you not): that he would have to pay 35% on ALL of his income if Obama raised taxes on $250,000. I’d heard Bachmann make this statement awhile back — tax accountant, my ass!. I explained to him that everyone pays the same lower rates UNTIL they reach a higher rate, and then they pay the higher rate ONLY on the amount above that.

    3 post-graduate degrees. He’s obviously making over at least a quarter of a million dollars/year.

    By the way, this ‘libertarian’ lets his arthritic wife shovel all the snow. He has a daughter with learning disabilities but insisted that the City of Chicago include her in special programs (they live in Chicago but send their kids to a parochial school at a neighboring suburb). I begged him for years to get (and pay for) extra help for his kid, which he refused to do. But takes 6 vacations/year.

    Some libertarian, taking responsibility.

  49. I should add that there are some cuts that I could live with. Ending corn subsidies and subsidies to oil companies are cuts I can get behind. Reducing the money spent on defense contractors are cuts I can get behind. Reducing congressional and White House budgets are cuts I can get behind (I have long felt that the staffing of these entities has gotten too large). I can even get behind cutting the federal workforce if it is done through attrition. The chairman’s mark-up of the deficit commission had a 3 to 2 replacement rate meaning for every 3 people who left the workforce only 2 were hired to replace.

  50. I know you don’t deserve Romney. I’m just tired of these polls in Michigan. PBO saved the damned state, I would expect the majority to vote for him.

  51. Jovi the pools are full of B.S and I do not hink that people in Michigan are that stupid
    oh are they?.

  52. Sharpton’s denying that they’re in talks. So did Ed Schultz until he got his own show. This may be just a repeat of the rumor that started last week.

    I know p.m. carpenter didn’t like his interviewing skills, but I think the comparison was apples to oranges. Sharpton was doing a point/counterpoint with his odious guests — he wasn’t setting out to be Charlie Rose. My husband who, bless his progressive heart, comes from racist South side Chicago roots and disliked Sharpton immensely. But he really liked him the last three weeks. He wouldn’t watch Cenk who drove him crazy, but he liked Sharpton. Interesting to hear that he Sharpton did well with older viewers. My husband is 71.

  53. BWD,
    That’s what my comment was yesterday in your blog; that the whole concept of major financial reform was President Obama’s idea from the very start – not Warren’s. POTUS gave her the big picture concept and the roadmap. Nothing wrong with giving her credit for what she did subsequently but it was always POTUS’s idea from the beginning (as well as his idea to draft her to implement CFPB!).

  54. Hey, SR — that is about the most perfect messaging I’ve heard. Excellent, excellent.

  55. They were pretty stupid in 2010. Obama saves the auto industry and they vote in all Republicans.

    Now I guess the governor had them fooled — I’d hear repeatedly that he was a moderate, so they may have been duped on the governorship. But they voted in all Republicans. Truly stunning.

  56. I was so proud of Warren for making that her first statement to Rachel. She almost seemed irritated with Rachel for not giving the Prez credit. Also I really hope she decides to run for the Senate. i just love her. Look out good ole boys club!

  57. The original McConnell proposal was a win: no spending cuts, but they could hang the debt ceiling around Obama’s neck. That, to me, was a win. The issue of the debt ceiling, Obama can deal with.

    Of course ‘Republicans won’t pass it’. And Harry Reid stepped in, giving McConnell cuts and — I’m really not sure about this — but I think this b.s. commission was added later. I may be wrong about that.

    So I’m concerned. Republicans are going to say ‘yes’ to this even though the leadership is making noises that their caucus won’t accept the deal as now delineated. I think this is a trap — it stops the Dem’s from looking for anything more because they’re afraid it won’t pass. This is Republicans learning from Obama.

    Let’s be clear: Republicans are nothing if not skillful politicians. They’d be batshit crazy even by their standards if they don’t accept this deal.

    We don’t know the exact details but I’m hearing Senate Democrats come out and pretty much say this is the deal and they’re trying to sell it. This is the deal, I’m afraid.

  58. I didn’t hear that subsidies were part of the Biden negotiations. By all accounts, those cuts are the ones that will be in this deal. I only ever heard that the pain was disproportionately on our side. If there were ANY cuts to anything Republicans like — I think they would have been screaming their heads off and they have been frighteningly silent. So yes, I’m worried.

    I agree that if your list is part of the cuts, we can call this a ‘win’. Damn near everyone can. Except it’s a bigger win for Obama because he exposed Republicans in spectacular fashion — better than we’ve seen in years.

    Medicare cuts have to come out. They were there. And even if you want to parse that cutting payments to providers is a good thing (that is SUCH a complicated issue), we learned all too well in 2010 that any ‘cuts’ to Medicare can be spun positively for Republicans.

    This time, if political heads are in gear, there have to be no cuts to Medicare. None. And here is where I can defend our President but I think he errs on the bad side of things. I can always explain what he’s done and why in these cases, but this time we have eliminate the ammunition we give them. It’s critically important. And I’m not hopeful.

  59. A perfect example of the infantilism of the “Left”:

    MPs suspended their questioning of Rupert Murdoch for 15 minutes after a protester threw a shaving foam pie at him.

    The session had been going for two hours when a man lunged towards the News Corp chairman and chief executive.

    He was fought off by a group of people including Mr Murdoch’s wife Wendi. A man has reportedly been detained by the police.

    I’m sure it made that protester feel “righteous”, but it did nothing to advance the cause of getting rid of Murdoch and his empire. Ass.

  60. Did she cover this last night? Does anyone here watch her entire show?

    This was such a big deal. But I can see her spinning that, “See — Republicans are FINE with LGBT issues, so Obama is to the RIGHT of all Republicans.” God.

  61. The House Democratic Caucus has a new video using the voice of President Ronald Reagan to explain why it is imperative that the debt limit be raised.

    That’s an Adult Moment

    Remarks from a radio address by President Ronald Reagan delivered on September 26, 1987, discussing the severe necessity of the United States meeting it’s obligations in regards to dealing with the national debt ceiling.

  62. Ass for sure, but Sky said it was a comedian. Have to get back to the TV.

  63. I agree cuts to Medicare have to come out. The one exception would be if there was a change in how we dealt with prescription drugs.

    The other thing I think the Democrats and especially the President need to do is tie all of this to jobs. I think he is winning the debt ceiling debate but I also feel like that is a secondary debate to job creation. I think every press conference, press release, event, etc with the Democratic leadership needs to have an underlying theme of jobs.

    That is why although I felt he was effective in the press conferences of last week I was not as enthusiastic as some. I felt like there wasn’t enough focus on jobs. Right now we are arguing on Republican terrirtory – deficit reduction. We are doing it well no doubt but the debate needs to shift to our territory – job creation

  64. More like Gaddafi, LL. It was an “anarchist comedian” with a shaving cream pie on a paper plate. I can’t decide if Rupie was playing out-of-it old man during the questions or not because his written speech was delivered with force. That could have been well rehearsed. Watching Rupie’s wife during the whole thing and she is a formidable woman and I don’t think she likes James one bit.

  65. Excellent observations. The Medicare change on Part D has always been to allow Medicare to negotiate prices. That’s not a cut at all, but a windfall for beneficiaries.

    Trust me, if that was part of this deal Republicans would be screaming their bloody heads off.

    We have to separate out general options that Obama raises. This has always been one of them but I would be VERY surprised if this is in this deal.

  66. What the Obama haters have NEVER acknowledged is that Elizabeth Warren herself has no beef with Obama. She understands the limitations on him and she has always tried to work with him to put into effect what both she and he want: a consumer financial protection agency which will protect the American public from their rapacious financial institutions. She GETS it. Obama GETS it. The issue is bigger than Warren and she’s the first to acknowledge it. She is about making the promise work, not about being the one in charge so the promise will work. She understands that having CFPA is the goal, NOT her appointment.

    I admire and respect Elizabeth Warren and despise the way she has been used as a talisman by the Hamshers and Greens of the political world who are far more focused on lining their pockets and building themselves into power brokers than they are on the incremental work necessary to bring the reform we need in order to protect consumers.

  67. Okay, I get the interest in all of this. But do we honestly think that even without Rupert and his evil heirs, it would make any difference in right wing media? Someone’s going to pick up the pieces and nothing’s going to change.

    Now England may actually have a substantive discussion on the evils of that much media power being in the hands of one person/entity. That is not going to happen on our side of the pond. It would never get past the stage of “Democrats are trying to destroy Fox News!” It would get nowhere.

    Bill Clinton opened this door. For this, over anything else, I will never forgive him.

  68. Clinton just put the final nail in the coffin. We started on the path we’re on when the Fairness Doctrine was done away with during the Reagan administration. Fox News was that decision’s logical conclusion.

  69. Thanks for that video, wiw. I guess the DCCC got our message, that we expect the House Dems to start supporting the President, and we were tired of seeing only those who were bashing PBO. Good for them, it is nice to know they listen to us.

  70. PPP/SEIU poll numbers for Obama are horrible. Now they don’t weight for party ID and that can have some effect.

    But the numbers are still horrifying: -7 and the poll was taken 7/14-7/17. I assumed an uptick. Is his message getting through as effectively as we’d assumed? I know in a bunch of other polls we’re seeing the debt ceiling/deficit message getting through. I’m confused.

  71. SR, your comment needs to be tweeted. You have boiled down the last 9 months perfectly. Here’s my attempt to shorten the message….

    Dec tax & Apr budget deals add to debt, GOP = no to raising debt limit.

  72. I disagree faith. Murdock and his pox news and his rw news media has been the bane of democracies world over. It’s unbelievable the so called “developed countries” had handed over their mass media and public air space (I don’t buy the crap that cable teevee is not in public domain) to one veil thug. I m all for the destruction of this punk and his ‘news empire’. I don’t know whether this will lead to his ‘demise’ but sure I am sure hoping for it.

  73. Absolutely. The 1996 Telecom bill took away any chance of keeping the airwaves for the general good.

  74. My own personal take is that it is a combination of the jobs situation and the rumblings of cuts to SS and Medicare. Those in combination scare people. I think the second half was in part by design to expose Republican intransigence. If he had never made the offer of a grand bargain they wouldn’t be exposed for the frauds they are. I think the messaging on the grand bargain should have been less ambiguous i.e. what changes was he proposing? If it was increasing the premiums the wealthy already pay for Medicare I think most would go for that (using the words means test in last Friday’s presser was a mistake in my opinion as it connotates welfare for too many). I also think he should have never offered to change how COLA was calculated for SS. The one proposal to strenghthen SS that I think would fly with most people is increasing the cap that is taxed on the worker side. We could even increase the cap but keep the 4.2% rate negotiated in the tax cut extension thus broadening the taxable income base.

    The real issue in my opinion though is the lack of focus on jobs. Democrats are doing a good job in the debt ceiling fight but they are still arguing within a Republican frame. The more they focus on debt reduction and not jobs the worse Obama’s numbers are going to get. The key is to tie all of this to jobs. It isn’t focus on this and then focus on jobs but rather show how jobs tie to this. They should have done the same with healthcare back in 2009. Healthcare reform affects jobs, Cuts will affect jobs. They need to drive home that the Repbulicans desire to not tax the wealthy is what is keeping us from creating jobs.

  75. HHI LH
    ope you don’t mind if I tweet it. Hopefully some others will too.too.

  76. I agree there should be more focus on jobs, though I am not sure how that is to be done, given the current situation. Raising the debt ceiling is paramount right now, and the President has stated there are quite a few jobs bills out there that are being held up in Congress. I think we can safely assume that he knows full well creating more jobs is extremely important, but with not much help from his own party, and with outright obstruction from the opposition party, I am not sure what he can do except talk, thus leaving himself open to the charge that “Talk is cheap.”

  77. I agree he can’t do much more than talk but I think right now the Democrats need to show the public they get it – jobs are the issue. It would draw a stark contrast to the Republicans who are all focused on cutting the debt.

    I think a big proposal that includes funding a large infrastructure bank through reforming the tax code would have been a political winner

  78. Thanks, Scott.

    I think the reason those with higher levels of educational attainment support PBO has to do with their ability to understand the complex issues that the nation is facing. This is the group of persons that has been exposed to the benefits of a having a good education. I read an article on the Alternet blog a few years back in which research revealed that many who watch Fox News and tend to depend on it for information are not well-educated. The article stated that these are the people who depend on others to tell them what to think/do, making them easy prey for Palin, Dick Armey, DeMint, Gohmert, and the others who are not necessarily crazy but are experts at selling the crazy kool aid the people drink. I think this is why it was so easy for Big Business, Big Oil, and lobbyists to rile up the tea partiers, propelling them to attend those rallies where they were really assisting in their own economic demise. The same people who were complaining about government spending are now the same people who are wondering whether, due to republican intransigence on raising the debt limit, their Social Security checks will be in their mailboxes on August 3. I can only shake my head at the cognitive dissonance of many on the right.

  79. I have been paying close attention to this so-called Balanced Budget Amendment, jovie, and it sounds a lot like a proposition passed in the CA State Legislature–a proposition that some economists say has contributed to some of CA’s budget woes. Republicans in Congress aren’t listening to their constituents, and they aren’t listening to members of their own party. Bruce Bartlett, a former economist in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administrations, has totally dissed the BBA, going as far as to say that it looks like something someone drafted on a napkin found in a restaurant. I suspect that the republicans know they have made a mistake thinking that they know definitively how Americans feel about the deficit, raising the debt limit, and the national debt, and I think that the measures they’re trying to pass now are an attempt to hold onto their base.

  80. I’m one of the few that defend Rachel. Sure she gets on my nerves at times, but as one who often listens to the toxic AM radio to see what the nutjobs are saying, I’m greatful for any liberal voice anywhere, even if something stupid is said now and then. That liberal voice does not include Hamsher and company of course. Some one like Rachel needs to hear from us when she does stupid, as well as good. Possitive reinforcement is a good thing.

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