106 thoughts on “No wonder they hate him…

  1. So true BWD……

    This is true family values and it just eats them up inside that this wonderful man, husband and father is an African American and also a Democrat. It does not fit their narrative.

  2. The girls are going to have their mothers beautiful legs. Our FLOTUS and her girls are absolutely beautiful. When POTUS is with his family he looks like the luckiest man on earth.

  3. no wonder, indeed. Me? I love to watch him strut! What a glorious family.

  4. I love what a wonderful role model he presents. See you can be successful AND be a father who is present in the lives of his children and still love your wife.

  5. BWD – thank you for these most beautiful photos of our First Family. Looking at this wonderful family definitely makes my heart and soul feel good.

  6. Some many people are watching this family and realizing that working hard, protecting and caring for your family, integrity, decency, are very very cool.

  7. Agree with all. This is a beautiful family—–inside and outside. One would have to harbor a lot of hate to come up with any criticism of any member of this lovely family.

  8. Oh good Lord, I know this is a family set of pictures and they going to church but truth be told POTUS looks stunningly sexy here.

  9. Wow, just brillantlly fantastic.

    I love the pictures.

    Your specialty, amongst other superbly numerous things that you do BWD.

    What a woman?

    What a First Family?

    What a country?

    I am getting ready to watch the futobal, the women World Cup. Wishing our fabulous ladies, LUCK.

    I hope they come out victorious.

    The National Anthem is playing, that means it is going to starting in a jiffy.

  10. I just love this President BWD.

    He feels like part of my family.

    Everytime I see this complete,decent,proud african-american family I am sooooooo glad that there are wholesome family models for young african american black men and women to strive to and to emulate.

  11. Agreed, jojo. This family personifies family values and they can not stand it. The fact that this is an African American family makes them even more crazy.
    Not to mention, our first family is beautiful.

  12. Yes,

    I wish good luck to the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team!

    GO Team U.S.A. GO! 😀

    WOMEN’S WORLD CUP FINAL: DR. JILL BIDEN & THE U.S. DELEGATION ARRIVE IN FRANKFURT TO CHEER ON TEAM USA… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/07/17/womens-world-cup-final-dr-jill-biden-us-delegation-arrive-frankfurt-cheer-team-usa

    @BarackObama: To the women of our national soccer team: Sorry I can’t be there to see you play, but I’ll be cheering you on from here. Let’s go. -BO

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  13. This is an amazing family. The Repugs and the remains of the kkk now in the tea-party cannot stand such majesty and intellect! God Bless the Obamas and those who love and protect them!

  14. Their smiles and laughter come from a deep peaceful place within them. After all they’ve been through…..their peaqce and joy just shine from them. They set an example for every family in the country. I love it that they walk to church instead of arriving in a limo at the front door.

  15. He reminds me a lot of my father! A wonderful man! He would have just loved President Obama!

  16. BWD and Kelly, you should hang your heads in shame for such naught unholy thought about Potus on all days, the holy Sunday. lol. But I am right their with you guys.

  17. All the glory, the honor, the praises all day long they belong to God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The only one true living God. I continue to pray that the Lord leads President Obama into all truths regardless of what the right- wing or left-wing says because in the end God’ s Will, will be done.

  18. I just realized one of the reasons that PBO looks MUCH better in a suit and tie than most non-model men is becaue although he is pretty much a perfect specimen in most ways, his neck is rather long and thin. He looks great in a tie unlike most men who look like they are close to choking. I noticed this because the one thing he doesn’t look good in is an open collared polo shirt. He possibly needs to have those custom fitted so that they fit better in the collar. Just unimportant musings here…:)

  19. The Obamas are just a wonderful, beautiful, peaceful family! Gotta love them!

  20. BWD, Thanks for the beautiful family photos of our First Family. It is so nice to have them representing us as role models of an American family.

    Speaking of family I have been occupied with my own family visit from one of my grown children and his wife and my youngest granddaughter this weekend. I have not heard whether there was a meeting at Camp David or not. I heard earlier that John Boehner refused but figured that was posturing and it could change.

  21. The President looks so proud and happy to be walking with his ladies. I am jealous because the temperature barely got up to 50 degrees here today and there they are strolling in a beautiful and warm summer’s day. I am glad his family can keep the President’s mind off the stupid actions of the stubborn repubs. He looks like he doesn’t have a care in the world at that moment.

    As to the news from London, the London Metropolitan Police Commissioner just resigned over that £12,000 stay in the spa. No news yet on Rebekah being released from questioning tonight.

  22. It’s crowded here in the gutter! I’m there with the rest of you, I’m just not going to say what i’m thinking.

  23. PBO: the epitome of a super cool husband and father. The First lady and the young ladies: Absolutely stunning!

    I have always believed that a reason the rw has detested the Obamas has to do with the family bursting all of the old stereotypes about black families in America today. When I look at the Obamas, I see nothing unusual because it is the kind of family in which I grew up.

  24. I’ll trade GA’s temperature and humidity today for yours! It’s 88 degrees here, which we consider a “break” from the heat of the mid to upper nineties we’ve been dealing with. I’ll gladly take your fifties, osg.

  25. Oh how true!!

    Lawdy look at all that brown skin, it just makes the haters skin crawl!! GOOD!!!

    What a GORGEOUS and most wonderful family the Obamas are! Love them so much!

  26. Oh, Majii, Climate Change has taken hold here. It is the 5th year we haven’t had a summer. You will also have to take the low, dark gray clouds, the rain and the blustery winds. I am seriously thinking of starting a fire in the fireplace to get rid of the chill in the house…and this is the middle of July! Not that I want your 88 or upper 90’s either. Maybe a nice 75 degrees.

  27. When the President is with his family he positively glows!!!! You can see him walk taller and so proudly. He has every reason to do so. They are the poster family of love and values!!!

  28. it’s feels hotter right about now.I am sitting and sweating buckets of water 😆
    p.s I am in Chicago too 😉

  29. Good Afternoon BWD and Family.

    What a beautiful family indeed. We are so blessed to have such a lovely and beautiful First Family. I love also how our President glows with pure joy and peace when he is with his ladies of the Whitehouse, our First Lady and our First Daughters. A big thanks to BWD for our lovely haven here also. I want to thank you BWD for this joy to come here and enjoy this beautiful place. Thanks for all that you do, BWD.

  30. Fred, please try to stay as cool as you can. I am concerned about you. Drink lots of cool water, if possible. Sending lots of cool hugs your way. Love you back.HZ

  31. I could be mistaken, but in the third shot, it looks to me like the leader of the free world just told a really corny joke. 🙂

  32. Just seeing the President in these photos must help to calm a lot of people who were going crazy this weekend over the debt ceiling. He just looks like he’s got it under control. They look fantastic.

  33. Yup.. and this family is a role model not just for African-American families, but for families of all races, colors, or creeds. 🙂

  34. Beautiful, accomplished, intelligent…and brown. As so many others have said, that combination drives the wingnuts even crazier than they normally are.

    ALL the criticisms from the right are ultimately based on the fact that the Obamas are (gasp) not white. So it’s not possible that the Obama girls are smart, sweet, well-mannered and dress age appropriately. (No makeup, no skimpy outfits.) They can’t stand that the parents are also smart, well-balanced, and really good parents.

    For me, it just pleases me no end. They’re a lovely family and you can’t fake the affection they have for one another. (I also envy Malia and Sasha their close relationship with their dad. It’s a great foundation for good relationships in the future.)

  35. Here in western Canada, we’re also cool and showery…but everything between you and me is 40 degrees and up. I’m OK with the cool temps but I’d like a bit of sun.

  36. Oh Granny! We are having our usual 100+ in July but 50 degrees is too cold for me! We whine here when the temp goes below 70 degrees and start lighting up the fireplaces and chimenias!

    Stay warm and dry, Sweetie.

  37. I think you so totally nailed that one, majii. RW want to believe that all black children live in “broken” homes and hang out on street corners with gangs. Also, all Latinos are here illegally and only come to breed “anchor” babies and steal jobs from “real Americans.”

    They do hate it when they are presented with evidence to the contrary.

  38. Hey you guys, here’s another thought for you Sunday afternoon gutter talkers. Donna4obama made a comment last night on TOD about the President’s “sexy appeal” pose when he was in the presence of “His Holiness” the Dalai Lama on yesterday. This may not be the most appropriate thing to say, but our President just cannot hide his sexiness. It just shows no matter where he is … and it seems to be getting more intense each and every day. 😉

  39. Just an amusing observation but does that look like a cell phone in our newest First Teen Malia’s hand? I got a laugh because our oldest Grandson got his first cell phone for his 13th (with lots of parental controls) It seems to be a required teen accessory.

    LOL, I hope she doesn’t try texting in church or Mama Michelle may confiscate that phone!

  40. Fred, When I lived there and it got that hot, I’d fill the bathtub with cool water and lie in it up to my neck just to cool down for a while. Take care.

  41. Hi aquagranny911, I saw that also. However, I think you just might be right on that observation. Malia does not want to deal with mama Michelle in any way whatsoever. But look at the fifth photo, I think our POTUS is singing. You are something indeed, Mr. President. He’s got a song in his heart. Look closely at that photo. Too cute.

  42. I gosh, I would totally love to hear our POTUS sing! It would make my day even if he couldn’t carry a tune but I bet he has a lovely singing voice!

  43. It does the exact opposite to the haters in the GOP, T-Baggers and some loonies on the PL. They can’t stand to see him happy and having it all together. He is supposed to be an angry BM with an angry Black Family–dysfunctional. He just kills them softly with his swagger.

  44. Sometime I pinch myself just at the thought that we could have been this lucky. After centuries of Repugs and racial supremacists peddling the shortcomings and inadequacies of AA and other minorities, and seeing this total debunk is mind-blowing. They are brilliant, suave, accomplished, respectful, gentle, kind, fair and NOT ANGRY or ARROGANT!!! What a combo! What are the chances in a million???

    But, we hit a jackpot. It took 220 years but finally, all kind and loving Americans are able to debunk the rabid haters.

  45. So proud and happy that this gorgeous family is in our White House. They just all make me smile. Love how Sasha just keeps looking at her pretty shoes and Malia is such a young beauty and Michelle – wow. PBO is a lucky guy and so are we!

    Thanks bwd for sharing these great pics with all of us. Made my Sunday!

  46. Seriously! She’s only 13 too, so she make actual grow a bit taller. She’s almost shoulder to shoulder with FLOTUS and POTUS.

    And of course FLOTUS in her Sunday’s best looking absolutely georgeous. I want that dress.

  47. These pictures show the wonderful gene pool of our First Family. Brown Sugar all the way with the Glow of a whole lot of Love. Yes We Can blend a true American Family. Thank GOD for Blessing American with this picture of Happiness at it’s Best.

  48. Beautiful, Beautil Beautiful family the best ever. I watcheched the game with my family and friends, we were sad. however our team USA played their best, and they had their chances, but this is what sport it’s all about competition, so cogratulations to japan.
    it was a terrifc game. proud of our USA team.

  49. I had to leave ofa due to the trolling & everyone responding. Came here, read daily & reply once in a while. Everyone is nice; hope you will bring some of the others here. I do miss a lot of them.

  50. Excellent Comment, Peter! If, god forbid, the majority of Americans decide that they don’t want to re-elect President Obama, the fact is America is still lucky to have had him in charge for four years. I sincerely believe that he has been, as BWD highlights, “the only adult in the room.” He made sure that our country did not descend into a major economic depression. He has repaired our country’s image abroad. And, he has steadfastly worked hard revive education and manufacturing, two of the hallmarks that made this country great.

    I came of age during the presidency of JFK, though as teenager I really didn’t understand much, other than remembering the horror I felt when he was assassinated. I’ve been consciously following politics since LBJ. In my humble opinion, President Obama is the best President in my life time. Sadly, he is also the most maligned, usually over frivolous and shamelessly manufactured issues and lies. Obviously there is one aspect of his life they cannot openly lie about: his beautiful, healthy, and exemplary family!

    I thank BWD for posting these pics that highlight Obama’s incredible family. I wish the majority of Americans were exposed to this site. If they were, they would reject the lies being spread about the President.

  51. I so agree with this, very well stated, Nathan. I feel so much hope for this country’s future. As a black woman, I am well aware of the tendency of people to assume or presume incompetence. No matter, the truth will out, and President Obama is a fantastic example of that.

  52. In so many ways this President represents the best of America.. why wouldn’t we want more. The American Dream come true, and its for a person from a “minority” race (though that will change) , proves anyone in America can be President or whatever you want to be, solid family values, lives up to his vows, learns from the past to embrace a new future, intelligent, wise, poised, … more in 2012 is all I have to say.

  53. Delurking to say what a beautiful site you have created. I followed you on the orange site and was very happy to find you here.

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