Yea, but where is Matt Damon???

Check out the list of Hollywood donors to PBO:

Among the more than 550,000 donors to the president’s 2012 reelection bid were big-name movie stars including actors George Clooney, Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, Michael Keaton, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. Filmmaker Steven Spielberg and his wife, actress Kate Capshaw, also gave to the 2012 campaign, according to the latest Federal Election Commission report. Jennifer Garner and Gwyneth Paltrow both contributed under their married names —Affleck and Martin, respectively.

30 Rock” actor Alec Baldwin, who has often toyed with a potential political run, also shelled out cash for Obama’s second-quarter fundraising haul. And several other TV actors — such as “Monk”’s Tony Shalhoub, “Glee”’s Jane Lynch, “24”’s president Dennis Haysbert and sci-fi stars Scott Bakula and Richard Dean Anderson — joined Baldwin in contributing to the president’s reelection bid.

Comedians Will Ferrell, Carl Reiner and “The Simpsons”’s Yeardley Smith also doled out money for Obama, whose campaign attracted a record-breaking $86 million in donations.

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143 thoughts on “Yea, but where is Matt Damon???

  1. Awesome pic, bwd! I’m seriously not surprised that left coast artists are once again coalescing around President Obama, stepping up to the plate. Grateful to each and every one of them, and also extremely grateful to every single $5, $10, $15 donor to the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign. What an amazing coalition of supporters us “dumb m-f-ers” turned out to be, lol.

  2. Richard Dean Anderson, enough said. I’ve loved him since his days on General Hospital when I was much younger.

  3. LOL Howdy, gn. Lemme guess Baby Jane’s prolly hittin the bottle pretty hard with all that $$$ going to PBO’s 2012 campaign. BWA HA HA HA

    Matt Damon’s prolly checking out his next WINNING movie script, since the “Adjustment Bureau” BOMBED!

  4. Hey great to know – thanks BWD!

    Unlike us dumb mf’s Damon probably donated to those progressive paragons Hamsher, Green and/or Greenwald. They’re like way smarter than the president! /snark

  5. lol, President Obama is funny as all heck, and I just gotta say, there’s lots of truth to that joke…it was like Matt Damon was trying to remake Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (freaking awesome movie!) and completely failed. So let’s not talk about disappointments, Matt! Now, Talented Mr. Ripley, perhaps if he’d just released *that* movie and trash-talked the POTUS, he’d have some wiggle room.

    That was such a great speech; my favorite parts were the Born in the USA entrance and POTUS clowning chronic media attention-seeker The Donald.

  6. Well gosh, President Obama is such a tremendous disappointment to everyone! Stimulus, auto bailout, averting a Great Depression, finreg reform, healthcare reform, student loan reform, crack/cocaine sentencing reform, appointing two liberal and persuasive women to the Supreme Court, one latina and one jewish, DADT, EPA advancements…it’s like he’s gotten nothing done, 😉

  7. OMG my mother loved MacGyver too! I have to say, he was pretty impressive: he’d think and build his way out of situations with a minimum of violence. MacGyver was the business.

  8. dcsandy I was thinking the same thing! After all they need the money more than PBO.

  9. And how ’bout the guy who plays the grapes in the Fruit of the Loom commercials!
    Thanks, BWD for the photo of PBO with Dalai Lama.

  10. Wonderful to see this image of a meeting between to men of peace, two healers of the human condition.

  11. Wow. Carl Reiner, Speilberg, all these senior citizens, I wonder as Adam Green professes, they decided to give before or after the so-called talks about Social Security in the debt ceiling debates.


    What will be his excuse tomorrow? Lol, oh, lolololololol — oh, somebody stop me!!

  12. Thanks BWD for all you do for this site. We love you and Chipsticks. You all give us so much to look forward to each day. Thank you so much.

  13. Could this really be true?

    Cenk Uygur was thrust onto the MSNBC schedule in January, when Keith Olbermann‘s departure set in motion several host changes on the progressive channel’s lineup.

    Now TVNewser hears Uygur may be moved out of the 6pm hour, possibly to be replaced by Al Sharpton.

    When the host changes happened earlier this year, the 6pm hour was simply known as “MSNBC Live,” a telling sign that MSNBC was trying out Uygur.

  14. BWA HA HA Lawdy, BWD. You went there, indeed! I’d ask mama, why you love the Mac, and she’d say in her best southern MD. drawl,” ’cause he’s good with his hands…I mean his brains! LMAO

  15. I sort of knew that Uygar wouldn’t last long, especially considering all he does is bash the President. Uygar claims to speak for “the left,” yet is an avowed Reaganite who would have been praising any (R) who would be doing what President Obama is doing.

    If Uygar gets the boot, he’ll probably end up as a special contributor on Keith’s show where they both will bash the President and no one will care. I think MSNBC is finally getting the hint that the PL rants and poutrage are NOT wanted, which is why Larry O and Rev Al are finally calling out the PL lies. Good riddance to Uygar and the REAL dumb motherfuckers of the left (yeah I’m talking Hamsandwich, Green, Greenwald, Maddow, Shultz, and anyone claiming to speak/whine for “the left”).

  16. It was very funny, however I think Matt really likes PBO, he wiil come around I hope.

  17. MacGyver was totally “Da Bomb” for my Kiddos. I bought the whole series for my Grandson and he loves it. I think he carries Duck tape and a few other items in his pocket at all times just in case he needs to save the world, lol!

  18. Maybe Jane hamsher can call those people a bunch of M%#&ers as well. ha.ha.hahahaha.

  19. Please some children might be watching just kidding I like all of them. Some more than others an old guy that’s what my wife says.

  20. OMG! Can’t we have “like” buttons here? That was totally outstanding! I hope you know just how much I ♥ you BWD and appreciate what you do for all of us here and our Prez. You are amazing and truly wonderful.

    I “LIKE” you 16 trillion times!

  21. I’d heard the odious Cenk was on vacation. Al Sharpton earned his chops, that’s for sure. My husband wasn’t willing to get past Sharpton’s move to the national stage when my husband just saw him as an opportunist and a grandstander.

    Guess who watched his show every night and was mightily impressed. My husband wouldn’t watch Cenk if you paid him.

  22. keith has pulled his punches. There was a little outrage this week but it’s clear he does not want to alienate the pragmatists and not just be a magnet for Obama-bashing audience.

    I admit to clicking between Keith and Lawrence. I’ve wanted to give Keith a chance. If Keith would understand the danger of unthinking Obama-bashing, he’s a great writer and could be a real asset in progressive media. So I wanted to give him a chance.

  23. Africa, I think you have made my day! I can’t tell you how much I despised that Cenk Stink guy just from reading his crap at the “dark side’ I so want the good Reverend Al to have a permanent slot at MSNBC. I’ve been watching him and I sent emails of encouragement for them to keep him.

    This would just be so great!

    PS: I read your post at TOD and I bless you for your fortitude and courage to post the truth for people on that site. ♥

  24. I’m beginning to believe that Keith was let go from MSNBC because he’s too much of a loose cannon. His Worst Persons segment was too over the edge, especially when he used sexist/misogynist attacks against Bristol Palin, and when he would make Special Comments attacking the President. Like President Obama has time to pay attention to what Keith Olbermann is yelling at him?

  25. Indeed. He goes there and throws stink bombs. At least, now if this is true, the space is feed up fo us to hear something other than a bash PBO fest. Of course, I never watched him before the Rev. Al. subbed for him in that hour.

  26. LOL! You made me laugh. I was one of the fortunate ones to win a ticket to hear Dali Lama speak and actually get to personally greet him, when my university put names in a hat and drew them out.

    He is amazing and being in his energy aura is more than I can describe in words.

  27. If KO is pulling his punches, it’ only to raise his viewership. Once the numbers go up he will be back doing the PL thing. i used to love him but he lost me when he call the President a “jack ass”

  28. I too, am hopeful that the Rev. Al gets the spot. That Cenk was a flaming factless bomb thrower. I don’t particularly put my all in these pundits, but, it will be sweet justice to cart off this self-aggrandizing man to his little hole back on the Internet or over at gos, where he is idolized.

    I take them all with a grain salt, and often would commend them when they get the story straight, but will similarly let them know when I think they’ve misstated the facts.

    Per that diary at gos today, I think that sunshine is the best disinfectant, as they say. And with Chips having given us the evidence of that woman’s hypocrisy, I thought I would spread it far and wide, even if meant having to face ugliness. So far, except for this one guy, the comments have been generally good.

    I guess some of her defenders may just be too ashamed to come out and defend the truth as it appears in black and white.

    Go figure.

  29. IMO, for once, MSNBC has a host who actually does his homework (Rev. Al,) and who doesn’t mind informing viewers about what is, and isn’t, true. I remember watching Cronkite, Brinkley, and Murrow, and I know neither one of them would have allowed anyone, republican or democrat, to come onto his program and lie to the American people. Truth is the missing ingredient in much of MSM today. I tried to watch one of Cenk’s first programs on MSNBC, but I couldn’t because he came across as valuing sensationalism and emotion over facts. There are truths, and there are lies, and in my case, when any network or host pretends that both sides are lying, both sides are doing this or that, or both sides are the same, that network or host is pushing a corporate or personal agenda. This sends a clear signal to me that the network or person doesn’t value the truth, and this is why I haven’t tuned in to any network news programming for information going on three years now.

  30. LOL Indeed he is. My mama didn’t live to witness PBO’s rise to the presidency. I know she would have moved heaven & earth to get him elected, hasdshe survived. LOL And she would have evoked MacGyver to help out for sure!

  31. And on an unrelated matter,reviews of Palin’s undefeated are in and they are brutal. Empty theaters, people walking out after 20 minutes and, get this…blaming the Deathly Hallows for a stiff competition. One reviewer gave it a D minus, a bunch of reviewers gave it a positive score of zero–whatever that means. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

  32. Not completely off-topic, but Aaron Sorkin is coming back to television, this time HBO, with a show called “More as This Story Develops” which will be about a fictional cable news network. Olbermann was followed around for research on the show until he left MSNBC and then Matthews was. Jeff Daniels is the anchor lead, Sam Waterston will be the network President.

    Sorkin, or course created The West Wing, which is probably one of my all time favorites, up there with MASH and Roseanne.

  33. The Republican Party is resurrecting the soundly debunked idea of a Balanced Budget Amendment for the federal government. The BBA is a gimmick pure and simple. As President Obama said on Friday, congress doesn’t need a BBA, they just need to do their jobs. That’s already defined in the Constitution.

    I expect the GOP to blanket the airwaves tomorrow proclaiming the merits of the BBA. Unfortunately, I don’t expect the media will do their homework and challenge their outlandish claims.

    Steve Benen has written several posts about the BBA, but my favorite is below. The title says it all. Actually, I think the title of the post would make a great tweet to cable and network television. Also, there are some great talking points for letters to the editor.


    Bruce Bartlett has explained, more than once, why this little gimmick would be a dreadful mistake, but he revisited the issue yesterday, calling the latest version of the Republican plan “mind boggling in its insanity.”

    In short, this is quite possibly the stupidest constitutional amendment I think I have ever seen. It looks like it was drafted by a couple of interns on the back of a napkin. Every senator cosponsoring this POS should be ashamed of themselves.

    Again, that’s a group that includes literally every Republican senator, including the so-called moderates who are presumed to be sane.

    BTW, Bruce Barlett sounded the alarms about the Republicans and raising the debt limit over a year ago.

  34. Matt Damon was tooo busy doing gratuitously violent films.

    Seriously, he wanks on about being true progressives and he slaughters 200 people in snuff flicks.

  35. Rev. Al’s rough around the edges as a television product, but hopefully he’s improve over time (become more comfortable/less obvious with a teleprompter for example). His heart and politics are definitely in the right place and is a dramatic improvement over Cenk.

  36. I thought they were still married. i really need to keep up with TMZ or Access Hollywood.

  37. Yeah, they think this will allow them to wrest the messaging away from the Administration and Dems. It’s a gimmick when they can run around saying “Look we tried to change the constitution to mandate balanced budgets – that’s how serious we are”. Potentially playing political gotcha games with McCaskill, Nelson, Webb, Tester etc.

    No doubt the MSM will try and push it as a big deal counter punch landed by the GOP when it doesn’t pass or is vetoed.

    We see how well the 2/3rds majority budget issues work out in California.

  38. I don’t know how to break this to Cenk, but that photo of PBO was not in the oval office. It could have been in a hall, could have been in the media office. Cenk needs to get his facts straight.

  39. Funny you should ask..When I saw “Matt Damon”..I thought, “what now?” A few months ago I read a quote of his about President Obama that was really a whine about something he’s not doing but I can’t remember what it was, although, I do know it wasn’t looking at the whole picture.

    Those “stars” who are contributing have so much going for them and I thank them for giving money back in the form of actually helping our country. It’s too vital not to and it’s too vital to have a megaphone and use it to whine like Peter Fonda did at Canne about Pres Obama & BP for crap’s sake. Totally getting it wrong, of course.

    Thanks Blackwaterdog for this news!

  40. Yes, but it was in fun not in spite. Now the jokes about Donald Trump were not spite but certainly more pointed.

  41. In fact, he needs to learn his geometry or one of the kids puzzles with shapes.
    You know the ones that say “This is an oval, this is a rectangle”

  42. OMG! Thank you, Amelia! I had no idea, PBO was on the Matt Damon case! ROFLMAO!@

    I wrote downthread about seeing something Damon said about the President that wasn’t looking at the whole picture.. The way President Obama handled this was a thing of Beauty!

  43. Really? Well, I don’t watch television anymore and have a faulty memory about them. Frankly I’d forgotten about Jennifer and I watched Alias religiously.

  44. BWA HA HA HA Maybe Cenk’s had time to think about that WH geomtry, since he’s been off the air for a few weeks, hmm?

  45. Like somebody said, I think Matt loves this president. Occassinal whine is whatever. We’ll see where he comes out on 2012. Rev. Al is awsome. It would be great if MSNBC heard from us to give him that spot. Some liberals say stupid stuff occassionally. Then there is the stupid-evil like Hamsher and company. Rachel, Keith and Mathews don’t belong in that company at all.

  46. Since the unhinged, deranged and just plain nuts Republican Tea Party members didn’t believe the list below that it was imperative that the debt limit be raised (they just didn’t think default was that big a deal), Speaker Boehner had to enlist the services of Boy Wonder “Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan” to talk some sense into their heads.

    President Barack Obama
    Vice President Joe Biden
    Director Economic Council Gene Sperling
    OMB Director Jack Lew
    Congressional Budget Office
    Democratic Leadership and Members of Congress
    The American People
    Economist from both sides of the aisle
    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake
    Treasury Secretary Geithner
    Wall Street & Financial Institutions
    Simpson Bowles Commission
    Corporate America
    Small Business
    Chamber of Commerce
    Standard and Poors
    Global Investors
    Mayors from across the country
    Bruce Bartlett (Regan administration)
    Former Republican members of congress



    Right-wing freshman Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) said he found the presentation, particularly the parts about skyrocketing interest rates, “sobering.”

  47. ” The Department of Justice is urging the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to put its decision from last week on hold, so as to keep “don’t ask, don’t tell” enforceable until the law is officially repealed by President Barack Obama and key military leaders.

    The court last week ordered the ban on openly gay service members to be lifted in all U.S. military operations around the world. R. Clarke Cooper, the Log Cabin Republicans’ executive director and an Army combat veteran, called the government’s move “troubling” in a statement Thursday. The organization is the plaintiff in this case, which was originally filed in 2004 and refiled in 2006. The case went to trial in U.S. District Court in Riverside, Calif., in 2010.”

    So basically PBO wants to sign off on it officially first before the court goes any further.

  48. OT..We all need to expose this the same way we all bought attention to the grifters and scumbags(Hamster:) GG, Adam Green etc) all hands on deck for this! Thanks…and big Hollywood Hugs to those stars with smarts and deep pockets:) I’m looking at YOU George Clooney!!!(I could actually look at him all day!)

  49. Thanks, Ladyhawke….if you get a chance, go read the piece over at Politicusa on the TP ignorance…and the Republicans that now have to enlighten them….and the fracturing within…

  50. The Department of Justic has asked the court to keep DADT in place until the certification is completed, so that the military has time to implement the policy.

    Here’s a Talking Points Memo article about the brief that the DOJ filed:

    “The President strongly supports repeal of the DADT statute that the Court has found
    unconstitutional, a position shared by the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” it reads.

    “As the President has stated previously, the Administration does not support the DADT statute as a matter of policy and strongly supports its repeal. However, the Department of Justice has long followed the practice of defending federal statutes as long as reasonable arguments can be made in support of their constitutionality, even if the Administration disagrees with a particular statute as a policy matter, as it does here,” it says.

    But, the government argues, instituting repeal abruptly would disrupt the Pentagon’s ongoing policy review of DADT, to be completed in December.

    “The immediate implementation of the injunction would disrupt this review and frustrate the Secretary’s ability to recommend and implement policies that would ensure that any repeal of DADT does not irreparably harm the government’s critical interests in military readiness, combat effectiveness, unit cohesion, morale, good order, discipline, and recruiting and retention of the Armed Forces,”

  51. Lol, I read one local review here that gave it a minus star on a four star rating system. After her ‘reality’ show bombed, why did anyone in their right mind think that people would pay to see a movie about her?

    I hope all the people involved with this fiasco lose everything but their underwear.

    Sorry, I do tend to be a bit vindictive.

  52. Thanks df, I hadn’t seen that post. PoliticusUSA is a great site. I really enjoy their political analysis.

    The sentence that stood out to me was this:

    However, the end game will most likely avert catastrophe, outrage Tea Partiers, and DELEGITIMIZE THE G.O.P. FOR DECADES TO COME.

    The Republican Party has come undone. It is in disarray. It has imploded. No credibility. No morals. No leadership. I heard that Mitch McConnell wants to change the Constitution because elections haven’t worked out so well for the GOP.

    They manufactured this crisis and it will definitely delegitimize their brand. The debt limit debate has revealed that they love rich people and tax cuts more than they hate debt/deficits. And they hate President Obama more than they love their country. They are a disgrace.

  53. The good Rev Al may be a bit “rough around the edges” but he speaks truth and he challenges those who lie. I so enjoyed him. He is a huge breath of fresh air on MSNBC and they could sure use some of that.

  54. I’m definitely against gratuitous violence and I’m no fan of the purist left, but Matt Damon’s films, while often violent, are not snuff films. Snuff films are much, much worse than anything Damon has ever made. Look up the definition of snuff film if you doubt this.

    I like Matt Damon’s work while I am disaffected by his recent political statements, and I am against slander in any form against anybody.

  55. You’re absolutely right, although the PL is such a non-factor that I’m not sure they’re worth the effort. Eric Cantor’s investments that in effect bet against the American economy: now THAT’S something to publicize.

  56. I’ll drink to that analysis! We have 18 months or so until election time. I want to know how far down the flippin’ crazy rabbit hole these guys think they can go without Americans totally knowing they have lost, not only any moral compass they may have had to do the right thing, but lost their shit all together. Who knows, we all may be thanking the batshit crazy TP’ers for exposing the big fraud that is the Republican Party.Truly, they are a disgrace.

  57. You bet that should be publicized! I wrote to Lawrence the other day and asked him to PUT THAT OUT THERE!

  58. Methinks if pulling his punches by not being so bombastic against the President, then that’s who he’ll be. It’s a business. For all of them.

    He still has had his criticisms but they are not damaging like he’d become on MSNBC. However, over the top is his M.O. It’s just that he’s less damaging now and as long as he’s on the air I’d rather he be this way. I still expect him to go over the top.

  59. No matter how often you’re a guest on TV it is not the same set of skills you need when you’re a host. He’ll get better. We were surprisingly impressed with him the last two weeks. A good balance, I thought.

  60. Here’s how it’s going to play with the public (the 65% that aren’t complete loons):

    This is what you guys are doing when we’re close to blowing up the world economy?

    Bring. It. On.

    It’s a sop to their base. Frankly, not unlike Harry Reid’s bill to raise the tax rate on millionaires to 90%. We have our symbolic votes, they have theirs. The hi-larious difference here is that Democrat Harry Reid proposed a bill that would actually do something about the deficit.

  61. Marriage equality, maybe? Not pulling everyone out of all wars instantly?

    Something like that.

  62. Huh. What you just posted — didn’t make it into any rant on gos. Gee. What a shocker.

  63. This ALEC thing is REALLY big. Go to that webpage people! It is not just the Koch Brothers. They are only part of this. There is a conspiracy against all government by these people.Many corpoarations are members and contribute monitarily and by actually writing the legislation, right in the board room. They have moved quickly with all of the new GOP governors, and the TP is intimately involved. For instance all of the laws enacted in WI and other states were all written by ALEC. The creator of this group is a far RW Christian. This is a conspiracy, I think, that spans the entire GOP at ALL levels. Rachel has talked about it a bit, but I would imagine that corporate media is keeping a close look at how much this is covered. This represents the marriage of RW ideology with BIG corporate money, and groups of corporate people writing model legislation that is taken by members of ALEC back to their states and localities to be enacted. It is all about privitizing government and taking working people’s rights away. (union breaking legislation). Also, all of the voter laws that are being enacted are written by ALEC. This is war people, and I am sorry to say it scares the crap out of me. They are the reason the public option was dropped, and single payer was never even considered. These people are at WAR with the American people and our President is the ONLY roadblock to them.completing their plans on a national level. A second term for him would stop them in their tracks. That is what this debt fight is about. That, I believe is why this campaign started so early. Notice how the media covers for the tea party? Notice how they do not mention PBO’s accomplishments? Notice how the media runs their little games of “depress the democratic vote”. WE ARE THE only ones that can stop this. Sorry to alarm anybody, but this really is serious. I encourage everyone to read about this and help us take action.

  64. I don’t have the knowledge about this that you do, but what I have seen/heard/read other places, I agree 1000% with everything you said. It is WAY scary.

  65. Pm Carpenter is normally spot on, but I disagree. Rev Al is da bomb! And, it is about time that there is some-one speaking truth, some-one with facts, some-one who does not let the guests gloss over, some-one standing for the president,and finally, a person ‘of colour’ at that time of the evening!
    Go Rev Al! Give ’em hell! They deserve it!

  66. True dat, Chip! Ed Schlz at 10.00 pm at night,just when I am winding down, booming through the tv is simply disturbing, and annoying. Sorry,but I am just not feeling him…too much put on, affected poutrage!

  67. Not only is this shameful, it is scary. That we would have these ignorant people holding the fate of the American people in their hands is just simply terrifying and nauseating at the same time.


  68. More posturing from these people. How many times do they need the President to stand before the American people and tell them and the press to stop engaging in reality show fanfare?

    What’s really sad is that it appears that the Republicans are great at throwing stink bombs, but when it comes to actual governing, they fall way, way short.

    They just want to stand in the public square and shout fire, all the time. This is getting rather old and terribly exhausting.

  69. StarGate. he is one of my favorite actors and I guess its always a relief to find that one of your favorites is also aligned with you politically. But, isn’t he Canadian?

  70. I used to be one of those who watched Ed and then when be told people not to vote he lost me. Then too much bashing of our President. He has been a good outlet for the unions. But I won’t listen to him again. I am glad Rev Al is getting a chance. He has been a great surprise.

    I am sending this via my droid. We have had a huge storm go thru, wind rain and lighting. We are without electricity. Not awhile lot I can do.

  71. I am torturing myself right now by watching the hearing in the House of Representatives this week with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake. I really wanted to hear what he had to say. The man is brilliant and he has the patience of Job.

    The contrast between the questioning could not be more stark. The shallowness of the Republicans is just remarkable. They all managed to get their canned talking points out. And they all seemed to have very selective memory loss about exactly what caused the mess we are in.

    Apparently, January 20, 2009 is when everything went to hell in a hand basket. There were more statements from them than questions. I lost count of the number of times they mentioned the problems with entitlements. Ron Paul basically gave a speech.

    The Democrats on the other hand focused on the facts and the reality of our current predicament. Ranking member Barney Frank was awesome. The Democrats got Chairman Bernake to confirm just about everything President Obama has been saying about raising the debt limit and getting our fiscal house in order.

  72. Thanks JD for wading in here so I didn’t have to give Jenny a more graphic description of what a real “snuff” film is. I hope she will do some research on this.

    I agree with you and Matt Damon is only an actor after all. A player who spouts his lines and moves on to the next role.

  73. Those PL who are bashing Obama, Need Palin as their President, Just like the states
    ( who listened to PL and the lying Media)that put those republican in office and now out protesting, its crazy, its like you forgot who are for you and who are against you. Obama said,don’t give the keys back and what did they do? Now they are shouting help obama help! He can’t help it a state issue. its more then the Presidence at play here people, the supreme court is on the table too. PL, have no shame for trying to give more control to the Republican for many years to come. because they are the Republican base.

  74. I think Mr. Reverand Al Sharpton could get good ratings in the ten or six slot.
    MSNBC should give him both slots. He could go live and record at six and then re-broadcast at 10 in the Ed spot and get higher ratings than Schultzie!

    Maybe cable needs to discover African Americans…? Hmmmm?

  75. LOL@discover AAs! These cable stations got some ‘splainin to do with exclusion of POCs from anchor and primetime spots.

  76. She says what we have all noticed. Clinton passed cuts in SS and Medicare in his first term and not a word of protest from the left.

  77. Maggy…you laid that out pretty damn well…People, take that website I posted, and send that sucker all over the place. THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! Maggy said it perfectly. They are at war with the American people.We need to fight this tooth and nail!

  78. The Hollywood contributors sure make the baggers heads explode. The comments and pictures on Politico’s web site are unbelievable.

  79. Matt Damon should be somewhere, on his knees, “askin'” for God’s and PBHO’s forgiveness! lol


    PRESIDENT OBAMA’S 2012 CAMPAIGN MANAGER ANNOUNCED AN EPIC FUNDRAISIN’ EFFORT OF $86 MILLION FOR THE FIRST QUARTER, SETTING UP AN EVIABLY HIGH BAR and leaving his contenders wondering: where is all this money coming from? As it turns out, much of the money comes from “bundlers,” defined by Talking Points Memo as “super-donors who are very rich, max out their personal fundraising amounts, and then call on their wealthy friends to do the same.” 27 bundlers alone raised more than half a million dollars.

    If you peruse the full list of rich bundlers, some of the names will strike you as very familiar: Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue. Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks CEO. Ari Emanuel, talent agent, Entourage inspiration, and brother of Rahm Emanuel. Jon Corzine, former New Jersey Governor and Goldman Sachs CEO. But apart from the star power, what does this illustrious list tell us about the president’s campaign so far?…

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  80. Some good news about our changing times…military march in San Diego’s Gay Pride parade today:)

  81. ummm………… you ds, but we are closer to the election than 18mos. Try 16mos and down to almost 15. 🙂

  82. Thanks donna d4o for postin’ this!

    Although is a conservative site, like the daily caller and the, it did us a favor, Rep Jackson is just “voicin’ the truth,” PBHO is treated differently because of the color of his skin…

    What’s so ironic, WE have “allowed” the TeaPublicans and their ilk to use their “fearmongerin’/hatemongerin'” strategy on us to keep us from “talkin'” about covert/overt racism against people of color or doin’ anything about it, that is blatantly “shown,” each and every day, in the halls/on the floor of Congress!

    It’s “shown” on Fox “News,” which isn’t even a news organization, a communications/PR/propaganda arm of the TeaPublican Party!

    And, at times, it’s “displayed” on other cable news networks!

    Makin’ it seem that that’s normal; that it’s no big deal!


    WE shouldn’t care when they say, “Oh, they’re usin’ the race card!”

    So what!

    Who are they?

    With their apathetic selves, when they say or do anything demoralizin’ and destructive, pushback against ’em *IS* a very good thing!

    Speakin’ of Fox “News,” you’re “goin’ down”…Grrr! 😡


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  83. Check out this video on YouTube: Bruce Springstein for Obama 2008 in Cleveland: why we need to support him, it takes all of us. And he uses the image of the Crossroads before Rove sullied it. The Rising. And like all the crowds on the campaign trail for Obama this is America: rainbow nation, good, excited, hopeful. Yes we can!

  84. Hi df,

    Have you seen this:

    @karoli: Here’s my intro post about #ALEC Exposed Pls RT, spread the word. I will be writing more as i read docs.

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  85. And, do you remember this: 😉

    DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Walton, ALEC, AFC – The Corporate Royalists and Right-Wing Groups Propelling the GOP’s Assault on the Middle Class: A handful of rich, right-wing families and corporate chieftains are dedicated to returning America to the days when robber barons ruled…

  86. Check out this video on YouTube: Michelle at UCLA on what it means for Obama to be elected, what it means to be told no but to do it anyway. The change that will come here and in the world through our perseverance. What it means to a 10 year-old girl in SC. Yes We Can!

  87. Labour leader Ed Miliband has called for new media ownership rules to limit the “dangerous” concentration of power in Rupert Murdoch’s hands.

    Mr Murdoch had an “unhealthy” market share that led to “abuses of power”, Mr Miliband told the Observer.

    It comes as Mr Murdoch’s company, News International, placed a second round of adverts in national newspapers saying how it will address wrongdoing.

    It shut the News of the World last week amid phone hacking allegations.

    With that closure, The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times and 39% of digital broadcaster BSkyB remain in the News Corporation stable.

    Under pressure from the entire British political establishment, Mr Murdoch dropped plans to buy out the rest of British Sky Broadcasting.

    Calling for new ownership rules, Mr Miliband said: “I think that we’ve got to look at the situation whereby one person can own more than 20% of the newspaper market, the Sky platform and Sky News.

    “I think it’s unhealthy because that amount of power in one person’s hands has clearly led to abuses of power within his organisation. If you want to minimise the abuses of power then that kind of concentration of power is frankly quite dangerous.”

    He told the Observer that current media ownership rules were outdated, describing them as “analogue rules for a digital age” that do not take into account the advent of mass digital and satellite broadcasting.

    Go Ed, No, the other one. Close down this fifth columnist mofo for ever.

  88. Yep, I think this is the last blow to her fragile but over-inflated ego. Hopefully the obsessing media will now let her disappear into obscurity. The fact that the noose is tightening around Murdoch and hopefully FOX can only help!!!

  89. LOL – latest intertubes rumor is that, in an uber-genius move, Jane’s taking her seven remaining lemmings and going to support Ron Paul.

    Then again, I’m just a stupid m*therf*cker.

  90. Rebekah Brookes now arrested. The noose just keeps tightening. Hopefully very soon, heads will begin to roll at Dow Jones, WSJ, FOX and the rest of the rotten hate machine that the Murdoch-Ailes axis has come to represent.

  91. From Twitter: BarackObama Barack Obama
    To the women of our national soccer team: Sorry I can’t be there to see you play, but I’ll be cheering you on from here. Let’s go. -BO

  92. I laid down for a little nap figuring nothing would happen with the Murdoch Affair on a Sunday, and wake up to find that Rebekah Wade Brooks has been arrested.
    Now, the police could have invited her in to aid them in their investigation, but in this case decided to arrest her. Her solicitor says it was pre-arranged, but in England even an arrest can be pre-arranged. We will know better what is happening later if she is released without charge, or released on bail to appear again later. The other arrestees were released on bail to reappear in October. If she comes out on bail, she has a serious problem.
    There is another side to this and the conspiracy theorists are asking if this arrest was made by the police so that she will not be able to appear at Tuesday’s parliamentary healing in front of the Select Committee. The police themselves will be testifying at a different committee of the Parliament also on Tuesday. And it turns out the head of the Metropolitan Police is himself now in trouble for possibly accepting a bribe in the way of a £12,000 stay at a luxury spa.
    What a tangled web the Murdoch’s have woven for us.
    Although I have my doubts that any serious wrong-doing will be found in the US investigation [and may I be very wrong on that!], I don’t see the way this is developing will leave Murdoch a “fit and proper person” to own all the newspapers and TV stations either in England or in the US or Australia.
    What was the character in Snoopy – the little boy who was always followed by a cloud of dust and dirt? That is how I see Murdoch, followed around by a cloud of deceit and wrong-doing.

  93. Matt Damon can go take a shyte in the ocean. And if it weren’t for Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio, my copy of the “Departed” would go straight into the thrash. I will never watch another Matt Damon movie. Ever.

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