“First U.S. troops have left Afghanistan and would not be replaced”

Hi Guys,

Weekly address: It’s Washington Vs. the public.


This went extremely under the radar yesterday:

U.S. drawdown begins in Afghanistan

KABUL (Reuters) – The first U.S. troops have left Afghanistan as part of President Barack Obama’s planned drawdown of about a third of the 100,000 U.S. forces there during the next year.
Facing growing political opposition to the nearly decade-old war, Obama announced in June the withdrawal plan, which was a faster timetable than the military had recommended.
The first 10,000 troops will come home by the end of the year, but Obama left the details up to his commanders.
U.S. Lt. Col. Wayne Perry, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), said about 650 troops who had completed their rotation in Afghanistan left on Wednesday as scheduled, and would not be replaced.
“As part of the drawdown the first U.S. troops have left Afghanistan,” he said.


Powerful, powerful clip:




Finally, I hope everyone is paying attention to the fierce that is ChipSticks over at The Obama Diary, because she’s doing the best job I’ve ever seen of exposing the fraud, the lie and disgust that is the unprofessional left.


98 thoughts on ““First U.S. troops have left Afghanistan and would not be replaced”

  1. What? Hamsher and Greene have been peddling hate for Prez Obama only to collect dollars and line up their own pockets? Is this allowed by law? how egregious! What does it take to shut down their little gig?

  2. Happy weekend, friends. Let’s keep hope alive, pray for our president and stay strong. So thrilled to see the first of our military leaving Afghanistan. I saw it yesterday, but, of course, as BWD says, it went under the radar of the MSM. Sad, but what do we expect?!

    Since we don’t have a topic yet, this good news from me. Some of you will remember that I asked late Thursday night about the EID Muslim stamp. I had gotten one of the typical Forwards……”President Obama DIRECTED the USPS to issue this stamp so please boycott it…….”I did a ‘reply all’ with the link and the factual info. One of the ladies answered and we ‘talked’ back and forth all day yesterday. In her second email, she said that except for her church volunteer work, her main work this next year is going to be getting our president re-elected!!!! Guess what? That church–same church we attend!!!!!!!!!! (large UMC here in Knoxville) God is good……all the time, God is good!!! 🙂

  3. I knew about the troops leaving, but our msm is busy carrying the water for the GOP.
    Case in point: yesterday the president said reforming Medicare and ss with means testing for the wealthy, and negotiating drug prescription rates for Medicare part d.
    Well, mike vicqera just aid, that the president is going to make seniors pay more in Medicare, and they showed seniors golfing.
    Whoa! Who is mike vicqera? Shawn hannity cousin? Gee wiz!

  4. And you would think Rachel and bill maher would have mentioned it? Nope! Not a peep! That means they really don’t care and it is just another angle that they can go after the president!

  5. I make it a practice, whenever I get one of those emails, to collect the facts, do a reply to all and get the facts out.
    Some of the time I get not very nice replies, but I don’t care.

  6. I just want to say “good morning” to all of you in the reality-based community. For 8 long years I woke up each morning with fear and apprehension. Since January 19, 2009, I have welcomed each morning with hope (with a little frustration aimed at the media and PL) and strength. Gee, I wonder why…

  7. Great idea. I wish I thought about that before I got them to unsubscribe me. I would have relished doing that each and every time, nevermind the ugly replies.

  8. When this is old news to us here, the media will breathlessly start reporting it. Whenever that happens, my very quiet husband always say, “but we already know that.” My answer, always the same is ‘I know.’

    All because, these news readers and stenographers have no insight about how to do their jobs. They concentrate on the trivial, even when they have an opportunity at a nationwide press conference to ask the president a sensible question.

    Instead, they want to get into school yard gossip. Anytime Jay Carney can prompt a reporter to ask him a sensible question, you know that we are in deep trouble.

    This president is doing what he said he would. He continues to inspire me.

    And lord yes. Chips is is exposing those fraudulent so-called progressives one layer at a time. Soon, it will be difficult for anyone to ignore what they are doing.

    What they have unwittingly done is unleashed a sleeping giant. We are not going to take their nasty lies, insults and disrespect directed at our president anymore.

    Thanks to you BWD, Chips, TPV, Wee See You and all the other sites that’s given us a platform to work for this president.

  9. Good morning all. just remember this. Why would you sign a petition that tell the only progressive dem running you will not vote. Then turn around and give money.

  10. The media (and the UNPL) will not feature a news event unless they can use it to attack the President. Sad, isn’t it? The MSM and UNPL are very similar to the GOP in congress – if the President appears to be for something, they will take a position against it and attack him from that angle, regardless of their true or original position.

  11. Thanks for the wonderful news about the troops, BWD. I have friends with a son in Afghanistan and I he is one of the people coming home. I will call tomorrow to find out.

    I tell you between you, TPV, and Chipsticks’ TOD, President Obama has his back completely covered. Not only do you highlight neglected news, but you also constantly expose lies, and challenge manufactured controversies, aimed at undermining the admirable work President Obama is doing.

    BWD, in my book, you deserve a medal for having the courage to start this blog that has attracted some of the most pragmatic, thoughtful, and informed, people who are actively engaged in politics. I truly appreciate the community you’ve created. I especially benefit from all the comments and the shared links that enables me to keep abreast of what is happening that may not necessarily make it into the papers. I’ve recommended this site to friends and I hope they are deriving the same benefits.

    Again, Bravo for all the wonderful work you put in in keeping us informed about all the positive things President Obama is doing. Thank you also for your patience with us whenever we get into heated conversations and probably go overboard.

  12. Morning, all. Of course the msm is ignoring the draw down because it doesn’t fit their meme that PBO has escalated the wars, has no plan, blah, blah, blah. So ridiculous how all the Rs are suddenly against Afghan after cheerleading it for 10 years. Morning Joke has been promoting a special he’s doing Monday on the Afghan war. See they want to make it look as if PBO is not keeping his promise.

    Registering new Obamacrats today at our Black Expo celebration. Should be a blast.

    BWD and Chips put the damn media to shame.

  13. Good morning BWD and wonderful TOAITR family. It is a beautiful day and this is the best way to start it here with all of you. We get the news we don’t see anywhere else.

    The video with Ruby Bridges is very poweful! Everyone should watch it! For those of us who have lived lives without such conflict my heart aches at the violence and hatred depicted in the picture. Smartypants at her blog has a picture of Sashas first day at school. Shows how far we have come. I don’t know how to imbed but she is on the blogroll.

    Have a great day everyone.

  14. I went over to the OBAMADiary, and the data left me speechless:

    Accountability Now PAC, treasurer Jane Hamsher

    2008 election cycle
    171,329.- $ receipts (all below 200.-$)
    65,905.- $ expenditures
    0.- $ to federal candidates
    (unclear from opensecrets website whether something to state or local)

    2010 election cycle
    113,695.- $ receipts (all below 200.-$)
    209,470.- $ expenditures
    0.- $ to federal candidates !!!
    169,992.- $ to nine ‘strategic consultants’ !!!

    these ‘consultants’ are, ordered by amount gotten:

    41,250.- $ Jeffrey Hauser, executive director
    24,460.- $ Benjamin Tribbett, executive director
    24,000.- $ Jane Hamsher, founder of Accountability Now PAC
    24,000.- $ Glenn Greenwald, founder of Accountability Now PAC
    23,547.- $ Marisa McNee, management consultant
    14,500.- $ David Meyer, management consultant
    together 151,757.- $
    and three further entities below 10,000$ each, which gets the sum up to 169,992$..

    Honi soit qui mal y pense

    So of 209,470$ spent in total, 151,757$ went to six people in the PAC, including its founders. That is a staggering administrative cost of 72.4%! I read somewhere that your administration is considered lean if it uses 10% or less of the income. These figures here tell us that this Accountability Now PAC was founded to aliment the six persons named (for sure No 1 to 4) and they also tell us that Jane Hamsher and Glenn Greenwald have a vested interest in keeping the outrage machine running.

    These are rather damning numbers and I hope they will be spread far and wide.

    One silver lining is that money given to Hamsher will at least not be used efficiently against Obama:-) But people giving it to Hamsher would of course be much wiser to give it to OFA, which would advance their cause instead of hindering it.

  15. I am now thinking and comparing bwd’s (and chipsticks’) labor of love (despite our pressing bwd to take some money to cover the basic costs and her pig-headed refusal of our offers) against that profiteering firebagger hamesher dame and the professional perpetual poutrage peddler, gg.

    Fuck’em all.

    (Pahdon my french.)

  16. I love your french amk. When it comes to the PL and MSM, I speak your french too!

  17. I should have said “pahdon,my fucking french”. 🙂

    Hey, hf, hope you’re doing fine. (My french was kicking in there before ‘fine’ but I didn’t want bwd to kick me out 🙂 )

  18. Dear Jovie, this is going to be the meme. This is what they did in 2010 and the lead-up to the election, painting the reduction of subsidies to Medicare Advantage as ‘drastic cuts’ in Medicare. And it worked. This is their new fear to peddle.

    This debt ceiling nonsense should have proven to the WH that when Obama is engaged in messaging and the vast majority of Democrats know how to reinforce the message, we win the message wars.

    Republicans had enough people fooled and afraid in 2010 to convince them that any taxes on the wealthy meant a tax increase for them. Now, the vast majority of Americans want taxes on the wealthy raised.

    So even if Mike Viquera and the others buy into the Republican frame that Obama wants to raise Medicare costs ‘on seniors’, messaging that makes clear that only the very wealthiest Medicare recipients will pay a little more, we’ll win.

    Besides, IT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. Over a certain income amount, seniors pay more for their Medicare premiums. That’s been true for about 20 years.

    We can blunt this, easily. As long as DWS and Obama do as well on messaging as they’ve done the last few weeks.

  19. Thank you BWD: I find Unfuckingbelievebable that with all the B.S from JH and GG bullshit
    the left is falling for just nuts, I did not think they were that dumb sorry. I hope the left weaks up and see those guysHJ and GG Adame Green as frouds. and joint us , if they want progress we can help. Come on guys are listining?????

  20. What is sad is that many of them think that they are helping the prez or that their money is included in the contributors and donors! Imagine how big the list would be if all the donations being skimmed off by the PL all went to the prez!

  21. Jovie I would like to remind everybody that 80% of Americans are with us and PBO, so those guys on the MSM are trowing read meat to the left for ratings, so let’s stp waching those assholes, Remember all the press conferences that PBO has had , he is tlking to the American people that DO NOT WATCH CABLE OR HAVE CABLE., I konw many of my senior friends do not have cable.

  22. You are so right, Africa. We’ve got to spread the word about those fradulent “progressives.” I just posted a similar comment on Chipstick’s obamadiary.com:

    Let.The.Revelations.Begin. One by one we must continue to expose Jan Hamsher, Adam Green, Glenn Greenwald, et al for what they really are: lying, vindictive swindlers of the worst kind. Every time a cable or network pundit brings one of those con artists on their TV show or radio program as a so-called “progressive” to spew their lies and garbage, let’s call them out using every means necessary—twitter, email, telephone calls, faxes, letters, petitions, and even face-to-face call outs where possible. We mustn’t let this go. We must keep the heat on.

  23. That Cartoon is so true, it is chilling.

    In 2000, Cantor was elected to congress by less than 300 votes.

    Cantor is beatable. Why oh why the Dems do not think that way and put a strong person to get the lying crude idiot out, I don’t know.

    Cantor has lied about being shot at. He has lied about getting treats. Then he invests in with firms that bet against the US dollar.

    He has gone to Israel and told Netanyahu that him and TBGOPers are get-keepers for Israel against pres Obama.

    Enough Dems, get a strong person, run against Cantor ad get him out.

  24. Extreme Liberal has written a piece on his site dealing with Adam and Jane the Shame. check it out. I think this is an opportunity for us to push back these slime buckets. I sent both of the articles to the typical hot shots at msnbc. We should send both of the pieces to nbc news and gossip whores like chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell.

    If we bombard the news media, eventually someone will cover this. This is a great opportunity to expose these frauds. CNN has a bunch of gossip whores also.

    It is time we gave it back to those harpies.

  25. You’d be surprised how deranged these people. On our side, the people who should be celebrating progress. It’s amazing.

    Bill Maher had Mark Maron on last night, who started with Air America in order to ‘bring down Bush’ (his own words). What was particularly illuminating was that he said that all those many years ago, he’d have the same problem with the Left that we’re having now. He’d do a story and someone on the Left would email him with “but you didn’t say……” He’d email back, saying “I said 95% of what you wanted to hear.” “BUT you didn’t say…….”

    His point was, what we’re seeing now is nothing new. It’s what he expected. And yes, it’s dangerous.

    Now I know why the Left has been unable to seize and maintain power. Now I get it. This isn’t new against Obama — this is who they are. They have consistently blunted their own progress because things were not ‘perfect’ enough. When you take Maron’s 95/5 analogy you can better understand (and anticipate) how they’d feel and scream if there had to be a REAL compromise.

    But things are different now. Barack Obama has awakened a section of the broader base, the pragmatists/progressives who understand what Republicans understood 35 years ago. Who are willing to work very hard for the long term cause. Who celebrate progress and ask for more.

    We know our base is awful about voting reliably. But let’s imagine that everyone here and everyone they influence now understands that every election is vitally important. If we start voting reliably, get others to vote reliably. We’re not going to see great turnout right away but we’ll be an important force to be reckoned with and our numbers will grow. This is how it’s done. Obama reaching out to even newer voters — that’s the key.

    We’ve become our own force — the pragmatist/progressive who understands how important it is to be keep working. Just like Republicans did in the late 70’s.

  26. Lawremce even had it displayed on his topic page last night. Even the twit Chucie had the nerve to use it. It has definitely caught on because it is so and because it has gradually become obvious.

  27. Tweety has used a few times it too. BWD I think you SHOULD patent your trademark. I do a google search on TOAITR and I only pull up articles dated 2011 or late 2010 – so it clearly started with BWD’s site.

  28. It is going to be very difficult for the Joke or any one else to try to convince the troops who have come home and their families that the draw down is not happening.
    That cartoon is great! No better description of Cantor.

  29. Thanks Nene
    Most Amer do not know this history of Cantor the clown. I lived in VA for 40 yrs. He can be defeated! Dems need to put him on the list of 25 at the top of the list.

  30. I want to do something I’ve meant to do for a couple of days now – Thank you all who tweeted and e-mailed at the very start of the Murdoch scandal because we helped make it happen and made it come to the US. Without the attention it would have taken longer to come to the surface of the dumb media. I see CNN will be carrying the Tuesday hearings live and it should be quite the show. I looked at the Board of Directors of News Corp and the majority of them work for News Corp; there are a few outside directors. They are all looking at lawsuits and must all be very nervous about now with the shareholder suits being filed.

  31. So last night I sliced and diced the press conference from yesterday. Here is my favorite.
    I will post a web page with all the clips in a day or two. This press conference was a glimpse of how he will take it to the Republicans in Nov. – it will be wonderful to watch.

    Obama: I will keep on working and trying, I hope this debate has focused America’s attention.

  32. And how about that. Plouffe just took a cue from you. He just sent out this e-mail with subject matter: You should watch this video.

    And guess what? It is none other than the one you posted yesterday, BWD:

    Talk about making a difference, eh??

    If you haven’t sent this out yet people, let’s make this go viral. I sent it to all my usual suspects yesterday.

    Yes, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  33. Thanks WIW!! That’s good stuff – he is so incredibly thoughtful, well spoken, pragmatic and calm in the midst another stupid problem the ignorant, lazy and greedy Repugs put in his lap to solve.

  34. The video clip breaks my heart. I can’t imagine being a small child and having to enter school that way. It completely out of my comprehension that people could treat a small child that way and yet I’ve seen the footage and it’s totally unbelievable. I guess that’s why it irks them that there is a black man in the White House. As far as Hamsher, the more she keeps putting herself out there, the more likely she will be exposed. Admittedly, my local newspaper is a Republican rag, but still they had a story about the petitions delivered to the campaign headquarters. Considering there are probably 100 democrats in my county, I find the placement of the story in a prominent section of the newspaper interesting. It certainly wasn’t to get our attention. I eagerly await the Letters to the Editor hyping the end of Obama based on this story.

  35. I have never understood exactly what all these internet PACS actually DO. They seem akin to insurance companies in the healthcare industry raking in dollars as middlemen without providing any real services. It is sad that so many people are suckered into giving them money when that money could be much more effectively spent elsewhere.

  36. I just came from The Obama Diary blog and read about these fake progressiv frauds Jane, Adam and Glenn lining their pockets from fake outrages and fundraising in this manner. I unsubscribed from PCCC over two months ago never sent any monies their ever, their emails always sounded like they were hustling and lying. I emailed the Diary link to Ed Shultz and Anderson Cooper telling them that please do not say that these people represent me as I am a registered Democrat. Only OFA is getting my money, I have a monthly standing order for donations to OFA and my spouse wants to bless the President with a monthly contribution as well. Obama/Biden 2012

  37. I was also annoyed to read Krugman’s column saying the President plans to make draconian cuts to Medicare and Social Security and to raise the Medicare eligibility age, without providing any of the details. What are these draconian cuts of which he writes? As for raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67, that is not meant to kick in until 2035, and the President is bargaining on there being universal healthcare by then, which I think is a smart prognostication, even if it only happens state by state. It has begun in Vermont. Our healthcare system cannot continue on its current trajectory, and by 2035, many of the most virulent rightwingers will have died off. They are not replacing themselves in the general populace. Also, may I point out that Krugman was one of the most ardent Clinton supporters. Where was Krugman when Bill Clinton signed cuts to Social Security and Medicare and where was he when Bill Clinton signed the welfare “reform” act? The White Dog progressives will also hopefully fade away, as their children are far more comfortable with diversity, be it racial or sexual.

  38. I watched the move about The Ruby Bridges story on Youtube. It came out in 1998 according to the person who posted it. It will make you cry but it was a very well done movie. This little 6yr old had so much courage and love from her community. Her mother taught her to pray for the adults that were saying the most vile things to her. Her teacher who was from the North was her champion and hero. It is a must see movie. I like that the president said that her courage made it possible for him to be where he is. I like that PBO understands the contributions of those before him – young and old. Unlike the Smiley, Judge Thomases of the world who do not and think their successes had nothing to do with those that scarificed so much.

  39. And I’d think you’d be surprised, Jovie, by how many people really do read their AARP newsletter and the AARP website, which they trust far more than Cable Media. AARP has a reputation for sussing out the facts and presenting them in a fairly unbiased manner.

  40. I particularly liked Maron’s point about the perpetually-dissatisfied having anger as their modus operandi, always looking for a hook to hang it on.

  41. Hee. I tweet this clip to anyone I could think of, including the WH communication stuff. Told them they should put a lot more stuff like this.

  42. Plus, the President hasn’t said anything about what HE plans to do. All he gets to do is sign the bill. He can signal what he’ll sign and won’t sign, but that’s all. So Paul Krugman is engaging in fear-mongering and disinformation.

  43. I highly recommend sending a link to Chips’ article to everyone on your ‘progressive’ email list. Let it propagate as it will.

  44. I knew that FDL paid themselves first, so I thought this story was old news. Boy, was I wrong: I had NO IDEA they spent nothing on campaigns.

    Extremely important work, Chipsticks.

  45. This is just it. And these are supposed to be responsible journalists or whatever they call themselves. What’s more, they have been dead wrong time after time. But that does not stop them.

    I am sorry to say, but all these people with their intellectualism, have shown to me that they too, just go with the flow lots of times. There was a time that Krugman was beating the drum about the economy negatively in every way.

    Then about a month or so back when we got the very good news about the unemployement dropping to about 8 percent, he changed his tune. And then the minute it edged up, he was right back to his hair on fire pieces. No doubt, the economy is bad, but these people with their half-baked facts have just made it impossible for me to take them seriously.

    I know some of them are “experts,” but I take them all with a grain of salt. Everyone of them with their multiple degrees, pultizer prizes or whatever. Call me a cynic, but this is just me.

  46. The acronym PCCC sounds similar to DCCC, it is Progress Change Campaign Committe,and DCCC is Democratic Congressional Campaign Committe and I believe many democrats thinks that PCCC is from the Democratic Party or a segment of the elected representives, I do not know how I got on their email list to begin with I assumed it was shared by OFA since that is the only entity I was linked to, but without any research into what this PAC was I read their emails depending on them for up to date info on what was going on in Washington. I am getting educated here and from other blogs and I am now doing my own thinking and not relying on reading what these PACs are selling. I am sure I am not alone here. That’s why twittering and facebooking our friends is important we are the media. I used to read GOS but after last November I quit their and Ms. Huffington.

  47. Indeed. I have done just that. Hey, can you or someone show me how to grab the screen shot from the article Chips wrote about exposing Hamsher and Greenwald. I need to copy that table into a piece I am writing but I can’t get it to paste. Just don’t know how.


  48. OSG, thank you too, for updating us with the information. I am so fascinated by this scandal, because I believe deep down in my belly that this thing spills over into his operation here.

    What I am waiting for is to see if some of those that were forced out of Fox News or NY Post for not following their letter to the law by distorting the facts, are brave enough to start talking.

    I do believe that if we have one or two to speak out, we will see the floodgates open.

    Also, wasn’t there some kind of controversy about Judith Regan (think she is an author) and something about Ailes telling her to lie under oath? Anyone familiar with what I am talking about? I’d like to see Media Matters or some other outfit dig a little deeper into this kind of thing.

    Thanks, again for the updates. Looking forward to Tuesday when they go to testify.

  49. Lawrence did a story but turned it on them. He explained how PBO can use it as psychology against the repugslugs. It was very interesting! I would suggest going to MSNBC to watch it. I had never thought of it as helping PBO exactly opposite of what Greene/Ham thought they were doing.

  50. Do you think there could be some of the glass half full, glass half empty personality involved in those accepting compromise and seeing it as a step forward vs those never satisfied, always complaining with nothing is good enough?

  51. Yes I saw that – and I noticed that since then, the poutrage on this particular (at least on Old Orange) has died down considerably. Perhaps the thought that they were actually helping the President didn’t sit well with them so they are tampering it down.

    Now they’ve moved on to a few other pet issues – Liz Warren, and torture.

  52. Yes, he did . What has happened to Lawrence O’Donnell? He has been awesome this week and even went so far as to say (more or less) that PBO is the best communicator of Democratic Presidents in generations!

    I think we need to send him lots of approving messages as encouragement for him to keep it up.

    Fired up, he was!

  53. Great job as usual BWD. Could you send a tweet about the Dems needing to explain that the debt ceiling needs to be raised to pay for debts already incurred. Too many people still think it is for spending to come.

  54. Something tells me that the WH has TOAITR and TOD sites on their radar 🙂 🙂 🙂

  55. africa…I think I remember that Judith received $$$$$…a bribe! 10 million?

  56. You can do it yourself! 🙂 Really, join our Twitter team. It’s a massive, massive tool. Just the best way for people like us to influence on-line.

  57. As with most images in websites, you can right-click and ‘save image as’ I usually rename the image to something I’ll remember.

  58. Mel,

    it is up to the pragmatic left to slowly and unobtrusively infiltrate the mind of the PL followers with the truth. It won’t happen by itself:-)

    If you meet one you could say: “Did you know that three quarters of every dollar donated to Jane’s PAC go to her, Glenn and four employees of her PAC? Makes you wonder what the real purpose of the PAC is. Don’t they say – money talks?”
    Then you look pensive and continue: “Now I understand why she is always so shrill. She needs the outrage going, otherwise the donations would go down – and with that her income.”

  59. The EID stamp was in circulation before President Obama became our President. What is the big deal about this. No President has anything to do with the circulation of postage stamps unless he is deceased and will appear on one at that time.

  60. Thanks Tien. I went ahead and simply used the links from Chips’ stories, “Here We go again. I wanted to post a diary over at gos. I know BWD does not like us bringing up the name of that place here, but I feel so strongly about these fraudulent people.

    Oh, well.

  61. DF, thanks. That is exactly what I was talking about. When I first heard about the scandal across the pond, this is the first story I thought about.

    Now that the FBI is involved, who knows what might come of the operations here.

  62. Obama holds talks with Dalai Lama despite China protest.

    US President Barack Obama is holding talks with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, despite strong criticism from China.

    China’s foreign ministry earlier urged Mr Obama to cancel the White House engagement.

    The private discussion was intended to show Mr Obama’s support for Tibet’s identity, the White House said.

    Mr Obama’s last meeting with the Dalai Lama in February 2010 also drew strong condemnation from Beijing.

    An aide to the Dalai Lama said the talks – which were expected to last half an hour – were held in the Map Room rather than the Oval Office, which is traditionally reserved for visiting heads of state.

    Announcing the meeting earlier, the White House said in a statement: “This meeting underscores the president’s strong support for the preservation of Tibet’s unique religious, cultural and linguistic identity and the protection of human rights for Tibetans.

    “The president will highlight his enduring support for dialogue between the Dalai Lama’s representatives and the Chinese government to resolve differences.”

    It comes just hours before the Dalai Lama is scheduled to leave Washington at the end of an 11-day Buddhist ritual.

    China had warned the US not to receive the Dalai Lama, saying that Mr Obama “could harm US-Chinese relations” if the talks went ahead.

    A Chinese foreign ministry statement said: “We firmly oppose any senior foreign government officials meeting with the Dalai Lama in any way.”

    The White House has not commented on Beijing’s displeasure.

    The Chinese authorities have long vilified the Dalai Lama as a “splittist”, although he has repeatedly stated that his goal is for meaningful Tibetan autonomy rather than independence.


    That’s my man.

  63. could Adam Green have got our e-mail addresses from Daily Kos???? If you ever signed up for DKOS that creep, Markos Moulitsas, would have your e-mail address and could easily be selling e-mail addresses to the world of firebaggers . .

  64. If I’m not mistaken PBO met with him before. I think China knows this is a man of steele and he will decide what, when, if he is going to do anything. I like that about him.

  65. You’re so welcome. The DoJ AS WELL AS the FBI is involved now…they have to follow this scandal to its end. No matter WHERE it should lead!

  66. How totally touching and heart melting the testimony from Ruby Bridges! How gifted we are to have such human beings among us. How gifted and blessed to have a president who welcomes Ruby Bridge to the White House!

  67. Another good piece on this site…one thing you might not LIKE TO HEAR, Bwd….Rush has now used the words…TOAITR!!! Icky! Good story though…worth the read.

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