If you have to watch only one video today…

It’s this:
On March 8th 2011 President Obama surprised and took questions from a group of Boston Area College Democrats, Republicans and Independents after his speech at Tech Boston Academy in Dorchester, MA.


77 thoughts on “If you have to watch only one video today…

  1. Thank you for that beautiful reminder of how this President operates. How fitting that you pulled that out today.It would be nice if that was required viewing for everyone, especially those freshman in congress, as well as some liberal Dems, to see how a healthy democracy works. We are MORE than blessed to have this man for this time in our history, and I know looking back many decades from now, this man will go down in history as one of the most accomplished,important Presidents of our time.

  2. This is a GREAT video, I am snagging it and adding it to my video database page. This is my feeble attempt to organize all the video clips I have made and those contributed by all the wonderful folks here.

    If anyone has time to view the page, offer suggestions with regards to organization or suggest more video clips, let me know. Stuff gets better when everyone gives their feedback.


  3. If only all our representatives placed our interests first. Most of us know that it’s never my way or the highway. Good presser today.

  4. β€œIt was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the DAWN of life, the children; those who are in the TWILIGHT of life, the elderly; and those who are in the SHADOWS of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.” Hubert H. Humphrey

    This video demonstrates to me that President Obama “Gets it”, just as HHH did. Humphrey never quit. He might not get all he wanted but when he compromised or gave a bit you could count on seeing him back at the table in the next session to go for more of what he wanted. He was intelligent, principled and persistent, just as our current President is.

    I voted in my first Presidential election for Hubert Humphrey, and in my eleventh Presidential election for Barach Obama. I am nothing if not consistent!

  5. All I can say is Wow! He is so comfortable talking to anyone. I could have listened to him all day.

  6. Nothing on this earth can make me dislike this man. President or not he is perfection. It’s icing on cake that he is the greatest POTUS I have ever witnessed tho. #obama2012

  7. When you’ve lost Rudy “A Noun, A Verb, and 9/11” Giuliani, well then…

    We should make the best deal we can make on spending cuts but not put the country into default… It would hurt our party for ten years if we’re responsible for that. And beyond poor politics, it would be the wrong thing to do.

  8. WOW!!!!! I don’t even know what to say.

    “That’s what it means to grow up…”

    He’s really trying to help us mature as a country.

    All I can say is that I want to heed his call!

  9. Thanks BWD for this video clip. It was perfect for today’s press conference. The reporters should see this so they too get it. Maybe Chris Matthews or Lawrence O’Donnell should see it to use.

  10. This video needs to be sent to every news organizations and right wing hack who refuses to compromise in good faith

  11. This is profound. THANK YOU, BWD. This is a man who understands politics and human nature with an insight that I could only dream of having. He is able to think on a much higher level than many of us. How very lucky we are to have this great President and his superior intellect. I will forever love this man, Barack Obama.

  12. Wow. What an amazing President. By the way, is that David Plouffe standing there listening? That guys looks awfully familiar…lol.

  13. Has anyone heard from *any* of the people running for President? Seems like the Republican message machine was all geared up to spend 20 million dollars on an ad campaign that was supposed to go through to early August that was supposed to soften up voters in swing states and make the President look bad. But our dear and wonderful President has sucked all the oxygen out of the room. Hmmm.

  14. I called my GOP rep today and told them that his party had better compromise with the President and stop catering to extremists. The person who answered was VERY polite (for a change). I encourage EVERYONE to do this. Be a bit angry. It gets their attention.

  15. Just Guiliana. I’m cutting and pasting from LL’s post above:

    “When you’ve lost Rudy β€œA Noun, A Verb, and 9/11β€³ Giuliani, well then…

    We should make the best deal we can make on spending cuts but not put the country into default… It would hurt our party for ten years if we’re responsible for that. And beyond poor politics, it would be the wrong thing to do.”

    Michele Bachmann has also made clear that there wouldn’t be no damned debt ceiling talks if she was President. She would have shut down the government a long time ago (okay, I paraphrase……)

  16. Thank goodness I can come over here to read reality-based individuals.

    I had just posted that video elsewhere and on FB. It’s evidence of Presidential brilliance X3! I’m so glad Nancy Pelosi mentioned this meeting with the bipartisan college students, before the Presser. πŸ˜€

  17. I had lunch with a lady that I worked with when I was a state auditor. We remained friends and after she retired we kept in touch. I don’t know her politics but she mentioned that she does not understand how people can be so selfish to always want their way without compromise. That was one thing that I could agree with. That is what will bring down the GOP. Many seniors I talk to trust this president and I do too. I don’t trust the GOP if they come to power that I will have SS in seven to ten yrs. I paid into it and I want it. I am a single women who will be surviving 85% on SS and maybe a small state pension. The way the people in those states are behaving they have NO problem telling life long state employee to go pound salt, they won’t pay for my pension, yet they pay these teabaggers pensions and healthcare for life after only four years of service.

  18. Yes Thanks BWD the STUDENTS undertud this President, he is simple amaizing, I niticed when he mention the HP they laughed me too.
    I watched the Press Conf. this Am PBO was just so smart you need watch it. the usual suspects were there with their B.S questions looking for sound bites, He kicked Chuckied Taod on the Bullocks so hard. and told Chuckie that 80% of the people are on his side. to do A Balance Budget Approach including Republicans he was great.

  19. This amazing man continues to AMAZE. There is no end to his brilliance and intellect. Not only that he is so darn CHARISMATIC and engaging. Too bad a large fraction of the American public can’t see the wonderful job he is doing in the Whitehouse, but they do LOVE his personality according to recent polls showing his personal likability to be at 71%. Folks that’s over 2/3rds of the nation which would include many Conservatives. ThankGod we have him hired as our HIGHEST public servant. We must re-elect this man. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  20. It is refreshing to deal honestly with the political realities and challenges we face. Lots of emotion flying around, but we ultimately have to deal with reality. Usually that’s mostly a problem for Republicans, but every once and awhile, our side has to face up to inconvenient facts.

  21. ZOMG!! Lincoln sells out the slaves!!

    Perfect example. And yes, whether you’re in politics or not, you hardly ever get 100 percent of what you want.

  22. Well…………..This is only going to continue. President Obama has many enemies, but it doesn’t appear like he is all that concerned with them. His campaign will continue to find revenue streams. He is a HOPE President……Nothing will alter our mood of perseverance, hope, and CHANGE!! Stay POSITIVE sebastian. The UGLINESS will only get worse from BOTH sides. Obama/Biden 2012!! πŸ™‚

  23. Meaning PBO and his campaign and supporters will be attacked from both sides. πŸ™‚

  24. BEAUTIFUL example of how thoughtful, pragmatic, engaged and humorous our President is. Amazing man that I learn from every single day.

  25. This people are so vicious that they have made it their primary goal to destroy this man. I mean it when I say that I am praying for his phsyical safety where these people are concerned. The level of hatred is going to rise between now and Nov 2012 – if you think it’s bad.

  26. The best the Republicans can muster after Obama’s great performance today is “where’s your plan for what you’re willing to negotiate away, in detail, right now.” In other words, give us the answers to the test so we don’t have to do any of the work.

    God, they’ve unbelievable.

  27. Thanks for the video BWD, I think this video is outstanding and should be required viewing for everyone.

  28. Breathtakingly brilliant.

    (of course, ProLeft, Inc will call me a motherf*cker for saying that).

    Luv the Prez. Luv the man even more.



  29. Hey guys just want to share my letter from the President πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    July 15, 2011

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for your kind note. Your thoughtful words join a chorus of millions of Americans who are eager to lead our Nation towards a brighter tomorrow.

    Each day, I am inspired by the encouraging messages of hope and determination I have received from people across the country. With the magnitude of challenges we face, we will only overcome them if our imagination is joined to common purpose.

    The future we leave to our children and grandchildren will be determined by our willingness to shoulder each other’s burdens, take great risks, and move forward as one people and one Nation. With your help, we will build on what we have already achieved and lay a new foundation for real and lasting progress.


    Barack Obama

  30. Thought-provokin’ vid clip that emphasizes that PBHO *IS* “The President of All People” even those who profess to “hate” him!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  31. I posted the video to Facebook as well. Let’s all do it. Free publicity for our President! Lord knows the MSM will never give him a break!

  32. File this under “interesting”. From TPM:

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) met in Pelosi’s office Friday, at her request. No details of the meeting are forthcoming at the moment.

  33. Thanks so much for sharing. I feel like that was a reply to all of us who wrote to tell him we have his back.

  34. Oh my god, the pettiness.

    Adam Green is getting some coverage about how his petitions (sold to a number of people on a good dose of lies about Obama’s proposals and absolutely no understanding of tactics) represents millions of man hours in volunteering and 17,000,000 bucks.

    Even the CNN commentator couldn’t help but note that Obama raised 86m in one quarter, a year and a half before the election.

  35. Hey, let’s be clear: based on the measure of progress by the alleged progressives in 2011 Medicare as passed in the 60’s wouldn’t be DOA in 2011. My, wouldn’t they feel pure? Wouldn’t they feel principled for defeating it?

    Medicare is the perfect example of “celebrate progress and push for more.” Medicare is so much more now than it was 50 years ago. That’s because progressives did not try to do the damage the PL is trying to do.

  36. Hey Obama Grandmama,

    Excellent idea!

    WE can tweet/rt it, FB it, email it, et al to them…

    They could use “some classwork,” and they need “some schoolin’!” πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  37. Okay, is it me or is means testing not that bad?

    I understand the argument: slippery slope and all that. But it seems counter-intuitive to me this would be where the battle lines are drawn. That we’d allow Medicare to go become less solvent over this issue.

    Of all issues, I would think we could find some gray area here, especially since there’s already means testing for Medicare premiums.

    Am I wrong? It just doesn’t seem to be as poutrage-worthy as other issues but heads are exploding at gos because this was the worst thing they could find in the presser to go nuts over. And Adam Green’s finding of one phrase about trying not to hurt current beneficiaries too much or something. As I recall, in context it was just fine with me, and I have a husband on Medicare and I’m directly impacted if there are quick changes (I’m 61 years old).

  38. Thank you for the March 8 video, BWD. Apart from enjoying the President’s naturalness in his ‘teacher’ role, it suddenly struck me anew that he really uses every occasion to work on his long term goal – to put the country on a better, less confrontational path. This kind of a drop-in visit IMO is like him giving interviews to local stations. Here he is reaching out to the younger generation, stepping around the mainstream media. I honestly think if he can educate and ignite the young (especially in bipartisan groups like this one) he can set American politics – not just party politics – on a better path . IMO this president is more than democratic ideals only, he is probably one of a few TRUE patriots in American politics today, and I love how he has set his sights on the young people in different ways (loan revamping, education focus, etc). Not everyone here will vote for him (maybe), but they’ll remember his words, words that will fuel a more thoughtful voter? If he can reach more and more young people with ideas like he’s sharing here we might end up with a more informed, insightful, empowered, and empathetic populace not too far down the road.

  39. Actually, if memory serves, means testing is a Democratic idea that gets floated around every couple of years. So, I share your opinion, no it’s not bad. But if Obama is for it, then well…

  40. I think we need to remember that all this Medicare stuff is aimed at 20 years down the road. By then, I’m almost certain, America will be well into the days of the single payer (If voters won’t remain as stupid as they were in 2012) – And I don’t see anyone getting hurt.

  41. Starm, here’s mine! πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for writing. Each day, I hear from concerned Americans who are struggling in this economy. Their stories encourage me to work harder to ensure all Americans can find good jobs so they can support their families and communities.

    Below are just a few of the actions we are taking to help hard-working American families get through these tough economic times:


    My Administration has taken critical steps to accelerate our Nation’s economic growth so that we are producing jobs at a faster pace. We have already seen significant growth, and there are good signs for our future, yet they are little comfort to those who are out of work or struggling to keep their home. We are working tirelessly to push our recovery forward and promote economic growth, accountability, and transparency. To follow developments and track local projects, visit http://www.WhiteHouse.gov/issues/economy and http://www.Recovery.gov.


    For too long, Wall Street firms were not held accountable, financial dealings were not transparent, consumers and shareholders were not given enough information and authority to make decisions, and Government did not have the appropriate tools to close down failing financial firms without bailing them out. That is why I went to Wall Street before this crisis hit and called for common-sense reforms to protect Americans and our economy, and that is why I was proud to sign into law the most comprehensive package of financial reforms in decades, including the strongest consumer protections in our Nation’s history.

    Wall Street reform brings greater security to hardworking people on Main Street — from families looking to buy their first home or send their kids to college; to small businesses, community banks, and credit unions that play by the rules; to shareholders and investors who want to see their companies grow and thrive. By cracking down on abusive and deceptive practices, these reforms ensure that Americans are not unwittingly caught by overdraft fees or unfair rate hikes, that students who take out loans have clear information, and that lenders do not cheat the system. It also gives Americans free access to their credit score if they are denied a loan or insurance — or given a higher interest rate — because of that score.

    Because of these reforms, the American people will never again be asked to foot the bill for the excessive risk-taking of some on Wall Street. There will be no more taxpayer-funded bailouts. By laying a foundation for a stronger, safer financial system that is innovative and competitive, our Nation will reach a more secure and prosperous future. To learn more about how financial reform affects you, please visit: http://www.FinancialStability.gov.


    My Administration is also working to help Americans who have had their credit lines reduced or interest rates increased without clear justification. During my first year in office, I partnered with Congress to pass the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act. This landmark law took effect in February 2010, and promotes greater fairness, transparency, and accountability in credit card practices. It requires companies to inform credit card holders of payment timetables and accrued interest, and it ends retroactive rate hikes and sudden changes to terms and conditions. To read more about CARD and how it affects you, visit WhiteHouse.gov/3XL and http://www.WhiteHouse.gov/issues/economy.

    These reforms will have a tangible impact on the ability of American families and businesses to achieve their goals. For information on credit and consumer protections, please visit http://www.hud.gov/foreclosure or call 1-888-MYMONEY.


    Many Americans are also struggling to stay in their homes. Access to the American dream continues to be tested by a mortgage crisis that threatens the stability of families, neighborhoods, and our entire economy. While many Americans have received help, far too many are still unable to refinance their mortgages or obtain loan modifications. This crisis has not only hurt home values nationwide, it has also had a dramatic effect on the credit Americans need to purchase cars, pay college tuition, and grow small businesses.

    For assistance with a home foreclosure or to find a local housing counselor, I encourage you to call your mortgage servicer directly, speak with a housing specialist at 1-888-995-HOPE, or contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development at 1-800-569-4287. You can also visit http://www.hud.gov/foreclosure and http://www.MakingHomeAffordable.gov.


    As our economy recovers, we must continue to help those who are losing their jobs and struggling to pay their bills. Every day, I meet with my economic advisors to make sure we are doing all we can to create good jobs and help Americans support their families and pursue the American dream.

    My Administration is helping Americans return to work by emphasizing job training in industries that cannot be outsourced. Recently laid-off workers receiving unemployment benefits have new opportunities to pursue higher education and job training programs, including easier access to Pell Grants. To encourage job creation in the United States, we are cutting payroll taxes and providing incentives for businesses to invest by allowing them to expense all of their investments in 2011. Available assistance can be found online at go.usa.gov/a53 or http://www.Opportunity.gov.

    Together, we can help more Americans find and keep good jobs and enjoy a healthy standard of living. To locate an employment center near you, select your state at: http://www.dol.gov/dol/location.htm. For information on benefits and opportunities for those out of work, I encourage you to visit: go.usa.gov/a5x. To find career resources, you may call 1-877-872-5627 or visit: http://www.careeronestop.org.

    While it will take time to fully repair the damage done by the worst recession in our lifetime, I am confident our Nation will not only recover, but also prosper in the 21st century. For more information on jobs, health benefits, housing assistance, and other public resources call 1-800-FEDINFO or visit: http://www.usa.gov. Thank you, again, for writing.


    Barack Obama

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  42. She’s probably thought of a way out for him whereby he can regain control of the House, and can be seen as an effective Speaker. She’s one smart woman!

  43. I’m more determined than ever. I already believe President Obama will be reelected. I don’t know what the margin will be, it depends on his opponent (s). My concern is the Congress. I want Speaker Pelosi back as we retake the Congress.

    As I’ve told a few people, we’re going to win with or without you, and if we have to go through you, that is what we will do!

  44. See, that’s what I thought.

    So we have Republicans who hate a mandate although it was their idea. And now alleged Democrats who think asking the wealthy to pay more for their Medicare benefits is some kind of outrage.

    I’m confused. Really confused.

  45. As if no changes are going to be made in the next 20 years. As if we have a clue what we will need in 20 years. It’s ridiculous.

    It was Sam Stein who planted the idea last week that with SS and Medicare on the table, it would mean an increase in Medicare age starting in 2013. He said ‘probably’ and never made it clear if that was his ‘probably’ or a sourced ‘probably’. Hey, on a personal note as a 61 year old with no health care, this all became very personal.

    This was never sourced. It was never confirmed by ANYONE and I’m frankly not worried about it anymore. And from everything I’ve heard since, these would be changes way in the future so people’s lives could adjust to such a change. As they should be.

    But every pundit, every analyst, even some people that I respect, took that to be truth and reported it as such. It’s one thing to yell at me and tell me to calm down, but this kind of lazy reporting does serious political damage.

    It just seems like a progressive idea to me to have some means testing but heads are exploding. Just because Obama said it…….

  46. The only “fact” is that nobody knows what’s on the table and what isn’t. And I’m going to wait for the final details and I’m going to wait to hear from BARACK OBAMA – and no one else – what’s he’s ready to sign on. The rest is just MSM/Blogs/Jane Hamster bullshit/

  47. I have such respect for my president; I adore his brilliance. Have you noticed that, in most of the pics that blackwater posts, in the most serious of services and those which are public, there are always those when everyone is laughing, as though to a funny line or joke. Our president has such a sense of humor as to make even the most solemn of occasions amusing in some way to those around him. What a gift…and I love to see the laughing people in the pictures that you post here; those in the crowd, those next to him, the military people cracking up, all of it.

    Thank you, blackwaterdog. And thank you, Mr. President, for injecting humor and laughter for others in your daily work. I’m grateful…always.

  48. Hi LL
    Let me begin with a huge thanks for the efforts you contribute so generously to this site. I really look forward to your fountain of good usable information and your thoughtful posts.

    RE: Spkr Pelosi – She has TanMan in training trying to show him how to get that vote SHE wants through the House. She will be speaking for PBO. And she will get it done, I trust her too.

  49. Oh my Gosh – I FINALLY got to watch this video.. my computer has been dogging me for over a month.. unable to access video, unable to access twitter & facebook somedays and unable to even use IE… and today after going throught LITERALLY everyone in the tech field with HP, with my internet provider, with my local cpu repair guy… TODAY I finally found a tech with my internet provider who RESET and reconfigured my internet connection.. I’ve sweat this for so many days, as I have a pretty new and nice computer and suddenly it went bonkers on me.

    Anyhoo.. this is an outstanding video, I’ll be sending it to everyone I know~ thanks BWD.

  50. Thank you for the kind words. πŸ™‚

    I was going to say that I hate to speculate, but that would be a lie. I love to speculate, although I put my speculations through a rigorous logic check before sharing them. That’s just how my mind works. But, I can’t see any other reason that Pelosi would have a private meeting with Boehner. She’s trying to save his fat from the fire, and get as much of what the Dems want/require in the process. The old Chinese saying applies to the next few months: May you live in interesting times.

  51. Okay, the argument is that means testing makes it no longer a universal program, and a welfare program.

    I can see that as something to consider. But the assumption that it will lead to lesser and lesser benefits is not an absolute certainty and to assume so is patently ridiculous. How is it any different than raising a cap (the wealthy pay more in) or calculating their cost share at a higher rate?

    I think as part of the mix in order to maintain and strengthen Medicare a certain amount of extra payments by the very wealthy is a reasonable idea to consider. It’s already in place, for God’s sake.

    And I agree with BWD — if the left would effing behave, we could have single payer in a decade anyway, making it all moot.

  52. The Prez is just naturally brilliant at everything he touches. Here he goes back to history–at the moment when the country was in peril and Lincoln had a moral dilemma in the face of the civil war; then stresses the centrality of the concept compromise in any democracy, then appropriately injects the media–and how the media can distort and undermine governance by the way they sensationalize and polarize positions parties take. In the end, he gets them laughing even as he delivers a very important lesson in political science and the nature of democracies! I just love it.

  53. Thank you so much BWD for sharing this video. President Obama is amazing! He deeply understands both history and the nature of the American political system. In the example of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, President Obama was able to teach those students the difference between real history and popular mythology. Popular mythology teaches us that Lincoln freed the slaves. Real history teaches us that the Emancipation Proclamation was a limited military document that applied only to states or parts of the states that were still in rebellion against the Union.

  54. You’re welcome!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

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