104 thoughts on “Heads-Up: President Obama’s Press Conference

  1. I just love and admire this President more than any in my lifetime. I am a fan of former President Clinton but BHO is simply the ninja master. GOBAMA!!
    Obama/Biden 2012

  2. I’ll ask this here too,
    without jumping to conclusions, I just want to ask a question about something that struck me from West Wing Week. At about 2:20 some correspondents are doing a stand up in the press room, then the President enters and they sit down. I thought it was protocol for everyone to stand whenever the President enters the room. Can anyone enlighten on this? Was/is this not the case? Has this White House changed/relaxed this policy? or…?

  3. The look in the Baby’s eyes at Obama in this photo is telling; it reminds us of the reverence and respect and love that Obama generates and attracts and important, should be given my those he leads as a default to trump the disgraceful politicizing that is going on in the beltway. Politicains are in a bubble and blind to how they look, how they act and how they are not governing; they desecrate the respect of the office of the Presidency…Mr Cantor of late is the “brat that couldn’t” and i state this with respect to Republicans mainly…the fringe Republicans that are scary to have in power. They take us backwards in life; they are anti-americans and are hurting our image to the country’s demise. Lynda, Independent Florida

  4. No that is still the protocol except in the Brady Press Room. Since it is so small — they don’t have to stand when the President enters.

  5. Boner is giver a press conference now. Is anyone listening. I can’t listen to his voice.

  6. This is a must see video: President speaks to a bi-partisan group of college students

  7. he and Eric Cantor LOVE each other!

    I think that’s the gist.

    We should never put words in Obama’s mouth but I would LOVE to hear reference to the J. P. Morgan report that shows that the vast majority of profits of corporations since 2000 has come from wage and benefit cuts. And it’s gone on steroids since 2007.

    Gee. Stick to that ‘job creators’ line. This report sticks a knife in it.


  8. Good Morning
    I like all of the photos, but I especially like the fourth one where the baby seems be saying hello Mr. President so good to see you.

  9. Washington searches for ‘plan B’ on debt ceiling


    As Republicans continue to play games with America’s credit rating, Standard & Poors gets serious, opening into a window into why President Obama was seeking that big, $4 trillion deal.

    Some Republicans may be having second thoughts, and Eric Cantor may have finally found a way to shut up in the White House meeting, but the debt limit crisis that’s threatening America’s 70-year, AAA rating is far from over.

    The biggest alarm came when S&P followed Moody’s in issuing a U.S. credit warning. But this one came with some demands:
    In other words, a clean debt ceiling hike no longer will do. S&P is no longer confident that in the current political climate, significant progress could even be made on a long term debt reduction deal. So now, it’s either get it done now, or risk having the nation’s short and long term bond ratings reduced.

    Now you can see why President Obama was pushing so hard for that $4 trillion deal. The White House and Democrats have been talking to the financial markets, and they understand that the expectation of U.S. bond holders was that the debt ceiling hike would not become the conflagration it is, but that the inevitable political tension might enable the U.S. to get it’s debt house in order over the long term. Now that it’s clear that Republicans are ideologically incapable of coming to the table in a serious way — so beholden are they to the ignorant, insane extremists among them, or as the folks at The Economist put it last week, the “economically illiterate and disgracefully cynical” crowd that gets its economic advice from Rush Limbaugh and Rupert “phone hacker” Murdoch’s Fox News, it looks like the grownups on both sides of the aisle are going to have to pull one hell of a Hail Mary to save the U.S. from a downgrade.


  10. There are no grown-ups on the other side. At least not in the House. Boehner, whose stupidity has come into focus since he became Speaker, has abdicated power and the question is, can he get it back?

    ANYONE who lives in a Republican district — bombard your congressperson. I send emails to my Democratic representative but it’s imperative to get the calls and letter to the Republicans. It may fall on deaf ears but these calls get counted. If we don’t, then they can say they’re listening to the ‘American people’ because they only hear from their base.

    Let’s be clear — the majority of seats that swung back to republicans had been, well, Democrats the cycle before. They only have the wind at their backs if we let them.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here — this site is phenomenal for actual activism. But this is a critical period and we only ever lose when we don’t vote. So vote with your phones, tweets, emails and letters. Especially to Republican representatives.

  11. Faith Thanks The GOP are CRIMINALS no kidding they are so willing to bring our country down, PBO has the people on his side, I will watching the press conf this AM have a good day everybody cheer up our President is doing fine.

  12. He is probably SPING HIS B.S STAY CALM and wait for PBO CONF he is our own real ” source”.

  13. They speak so reasonable. Thank goodness they are doing all they can be doing. And they are presenting a united front, for Democrats.

  14. Okay, there are reports that the WH is working on the Plan B deal with McConnell and Reid. We know little of actual details but there is movement in this direction.

    The last we’ve heard, and still out there as the best info available for now — is that Reid has sweetened the deal with some spending cuts and no increase in revenue. The initial reporting this morning is that it will be similar to the December deal, where we bargained to not bleed too much, in exchange for extension of the Bush tax cuts.

    I supported that deal then. I still do. But part of this mess was the extension of the Bush tax cuts that ballooned the deficit in 2011. A cuts only/ no revenue plan is a win for Republicans and does little to advance Obama. Sorry, that’s how I see it.

    Especially if the original SS and Medicare adjustments are still part of the deal, as originally reported about the Biden talks and never disputed. Then it’s a political loss for Democrats.

    I don’t know if Harry fucked this up on his own or with help. But coming in to talks with McConnell with concessions was phenomenally stupid. Poll after poll shows that the American people want to see taxes raised on the wealthy. How do we give that away? Notice I didn’t say ‘bargain’ away, I said give away. Because we have to get something back in the bargain.

    As Lawrence O’Donnell has made clear all week, the longer we wait the closer we get to a clean debt ceiling bill. It’s happened before. It usually happens. Making a deal, any deal, is not always the preferred choice.

    Lawrence has also said, nothing’s agreed to until everything’s agreed. It’s speculation but it’s not unreasonable to discuss what we’re hearing. My senator, Dick Durbin, can be wonderful sometimes and a total cave-in at others. He’s looking like he’s leaning in the direction of this new compromise

    Yes, the sweetener may include extension of UI benefits and shielding entitlements from any cuts. It would be a lot like the December deal and frankly, it was not a political winner. We understand it here but politically it was a wash, at best.

    Unless the debt ceiling is removed as an issue until 2013 , entitlements taken off the table and some of the cuts hurting Republicans and not just Democrats, then I don’t like this plan as delineated now.

    I’m waiting for the presser.

  15. Faith, I am also concerned about the latest reporting as of this morning. I hope it turns out not to be true and that the msm is exaggerating or jumping to conclusions. But I admit , I am quite worried about this. Plan B is not a good deal for Democrats at all.
    I also concur with Lawrence that Democrats and the President are in a good position as of now. I hope these reports this morning turn out to be false or exaggerated. I admit for the first time, I am very nervous about the talks.

  16. Well, he’s still talking about raising revenues. That was the main thing I was worried about. I’m not confident in Reid negotiating.

  17. Also, from what that toad Chuck Todd was saying, it appears the Republicans now want to go around President Obama altogether and just pass something.worried about. I’m not confident in Reid negotiating.

  18. Faith-
    You are right to say if you live in a Republican District because I tried and tried yesterday to contact the Cantor phone or email but cannot due to not living in that area. Mine are already in the fold as they are Dems.

  19. “Prove you’ve been negotiating in good faith” by telling us “for transparency” what you’re willing to ‘sacrifice’ in entitlements.

    I hate Jake Tapper.

  20. He’s consitently bringing up revenues, and his answer on SS and Medicare reassures me that he, at least, is not looking to hurt the program. But again, I’m wary of any deals that Reid and McConell work out between them that . Can’t see typing, forgive any mistakes. And not in favor of constitutional amendment.

  21. Two things he specifically referenced as being given serious consideration was means testing for wealthy SS recipients, and provider payments.

  22. Talking about cutting ethanol subsidy cutting, and cuts to things like oil industry.

  23. Chuck Todd just asked a really insulting question about how things got ugly this week and if PBO had any regrets over it. Chuck Todd is incorrigible.

  24. Why is means testing anathema to Democrats? It’s already in place — my husband’s retired stockbroker buddy pays more for Medicare than my husband does. Why is this bad?

  25. And then he interrupts the President. I use to like Chuck, now I really “hate” him. And I don’t usually say that about anyone.

  26. Hey TOAITR family. Is anyone joining Obama for America in the National Day of Action tomorrow? We will be registering voters in South Dekalb County Georgia in metro Atlanta. There are reports of 125,000 unregistered African American voters in this county alone. There is at least that amount in neighboring Fulton County where Atlanta is located. At last count, there are 43 events scheduled for this weekend in metro Atlanta.

  27. Essentially wiping his as with idea of Balanced Budget Amendment. Sorry to be crude, but lol. Again, the problem is not the President, it’s the compromises that Congressional Dems might be tempted to take if they don’t hold firm.

  28. I dunno, it’s done in other programs. Essentially wiping his as with idea of Balanced Budget Amendment. Sorry to be crude, but lol. Again, the problem is not the President, it’s the compromises that Congressional Dems might be tempted to take if they don’t hold firm.

  29. I agree with everything you said but one thing. The extension of the Bush tax cuts, while adding to the deficit did not balloon it. The deficit was already ballooned because of the 10 years of previous tax cuts. I think it is a mistake to equivocate the two years of extension with the 10 previous years.

    All of that said the Reid/McConnell approach does not look like a win from what we know if it so far. It needs to be a 50/50 approach with Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid protected from any benefit cuts.

  30. Why do the reporters feel they can interrupt the President. They have no respect.

  31. I admit to being about 6 minutes behind. The President started on time and I wasn’t prepared for that.

  32. Because straight out means testing would turn Medicare and SS into welfare programs thus making them easier to be used as a wedge issue. Agreed we already do a back door means test throught the SS payout formula but it is still better if everyone has access to the benefit

  33. nice to see you Abdulah and THANK YOU for working for the President;our Country and US.
    Keep on finding those voters and get them register TOMORROW

  34. I’m sorry, that’s just not a good argument to me. They’re already attacking SS and Medicare now, that argument just seems defensive to me. If means testing will ultimately benefit the program, and I think that needs to be studied carefully for the pros and cons, then I’m not going to be against it just because Republicans are going to attack us for it.

  35. I have sent a FAX to Cantor’s office – 202 225 0011

    Boehner – 202 225 0704

    McConnell 202 224 2499

    The vast majority of American people want them to solve the debt ceiling and deficit problem with additional revenue, not just cuts to essential safety net programs. Where are the jobs bills you promised in 2010?

  36. Faith, I am always amazed at his calmness among the noise and chatter. I always feel calmer when he speaks. As usual PBO puts things in perspective, Pitch Perfect 🙂

  37. I thought he was great, but he did not say he’d veto the weakest plan, just to raise the debt ceiling like he did before….this worries me as it might set the stage for him accepting the McConnell/Reid compromise…I so wish President Obama a win on this and I’m still HOPING he will.

  38. I usually miss these because I’m at work, but got to work from home today and watch it live. As much of a supporter as am of the president, I’ll admit I usually am too tired at the end of the day to go back and watch these afterwards.

    Anyways, I too thought he did a great job, did a great job of stating his position, smacking down (politely) rude reporters, and making mincement out of Republican arguments. My favorite part was when he reiterated that the issue at this point wasn’t convincing the public, because they were already convinced. Rather, that congress (repubs) needed to actually listen to those people, especially as even a majority of republicans agree with his position.

  39. His best presser yet on this situation. By emphasizing that polling shows the American people are with HIM on tax increases, I think his position is clear: a deal must include revenue increases. He will not stray from that view because he already has boxed in the Repubs on their anti-revenue stance. He said as much today. And as for entitlements, clearly raising the medicare age is an idea, but just an idea, and that would be the most controversial. But means testing medicare and raising the SS cap would be popular. Bottom line: the rich are going to have to sacrifice, period. Got it now, Rachel Maddow, Hamster, Jon Stewart? Couldn’t be any clearer.

  40. You can almost tell how he’s benefited from ‘practice’: he’s completely comfortable, at ease in himself and the country. It’s a sight to behold.

    The haters will hate and look for hidden meaning in the one kernal to hang their hate on. They’re worthless. But for the vast majority of Democrats and half of the independents, this is a great way to communicate to the American people.

    Well done, Mr. President. Well done.

  41. Good morning folks. Missed the presser, as usual—too early for us West Coasters—but glad to get some play by play here.

    The country is about to burn, and the GOP will engage in more pantomime. Boehner has stated that there will be no vote on the debt ceiling until after votes are taken on a Balanced Budget Amendment. He knows it won’t pass, but is too piss scared of his teabaggers to actually bring the hammer down. How this clown became Speaker of the House is a damning indictment of the 2010 voters.

  42. I’m afraid of that too but I didn’t expect him to play that card in front of the press, like the odious Jake Tapper tried to get him to do.

    It’s a possibility. Although I always understand, I think there’s room for discussion of how much to capitulate when it comes to this WH.

    The presser didn’t give me any reason to add to my fear and I actually feel a little better about where he’s at.

  43. And without the President doing anything direct (in fact he rather killed him with kindness today) Boehner goes there all on his own.

    There is nothing in his plan that makes him look good, except to teabaggers. He does Obama’s work for him.

  44. The BBA is like the federal ban on abortion: it’s a shiny object to pull in the troglodytes that has no hope in hell of being enacted. But they fall for it every time, and think “If we just work harder we’ll get enough votes to pass it”. You’d think that at some point the suckers would wise up. But, then again, that’s why they’re suckers.

  45. See, I don’t really have a problem with these theatrical votes — we just did it in the Senate on raising the tax rates on millionaires. As long as they aren’t poison pill amendments, but standalone grandstanding a little theatre is to be expected.

  46. I listened to the entire press conference. The President was absolutely convincing. I hope that What is Working will make videos with some of the most outstanding statements reflecting the President’s views on shared sacrifice and on the responsibility of Congressional leaders to do the necessary work to help the country. These clips could then be shared on the social networks. This President comes across as a very reasonable leader with a broad perspective and with a willingness to do the hard work of negotiating solutions. What a contrast to his opponents who come across as bullies and grandstanders without a conscience!

  47. Henry Ford was a racist and an anti-semite, but as a businessman he knew his wealth was inextricably linked with the well-being of his employees. He wouldn’t get rich and stay rich if there wasn’t a mass consumer market to buy his cars. I don’t think that equation has changed in the intervening 100 years. But what do I know? I’m not an acolyte of the dark science of economics.

  48. I felt sad to hear him say that sometimes they won’t pass things just because he suggested it. I know he knows why that is. It just sounded so wistful. A really good presser overall.

  49. People aren’t talking about little hints he made during some of his answers.

    1.He isn’t going to gut entitlements. Raising the Medicare eligibility age is in the mix. I’m am of the mind that while that seems horrible at first blush, it has been suggested that he is talking about 2035. Now by that time, the ACA and other health care improvements would have kicked in, so waiting on Medicare for 2 extra years in 2035, will not place a person in the same situation as it would mean raising the age now.

    2.Clearly unemployment benefits are in this discussion and he wants them extended another year.

    3. He mentioned home owners still underwater and doing something for them.

    4.He’s tired of having the deficit thrown in his face every time he wants to make investments, so let’s deal with the issue and take it away, or lessen it’s impact.

    5. He mentioned jobs several times and that he wanted to get to job creation and other big issues.

    So clearly, President Obama has not lost his mind. He knows that voters want jobs addressed along with other issues and he intends to address those issues. He also said he was confident he was going to win in 2012 which was a big kick in the hindquarters to folks like Senator McConnell who have a sated priority of seeing him defeated.

    I’ll be glad when this mess is over and we can move on. I have a serious case of debt ceiling fatigue (DCF) and would really like to move on. But it’s Summer, and each Summer seems to bring one drawn out issue. Health care in 2009. The oil spill last year. Now we have the debt ceiling.

  50. Chuck Todd is the worst of those WH reporters (and he has some serious competition so that’s quite a trophy for old Chuck).

  51. I hate to go to the typical Obot metaphor of chess, but PBO really has methodically removed GOP pieces from the board until he’s almost at checkmate. And the GOP knows this, and it knows that it has no answer for PBO.

  52. Great performance as always by our amazing President. But how sad it is that there are so many put jobs in position of power who would willingly destroy our country. And what about those disgraceful enablers of the TP nut jobs like the odious Chuck Todd?? He is the worst . .

  53. I received a HR yesterday for simply stating what the polling showed. Some people have become unhinged. Ok, they’ve become even more unhinged!

    I really wish for no cuts. I wish all we could do was raise taxes on the wealthy and big business, but polls show that tax increases only isn’t a majority position. (Armando called me a Beltway Dem for linking to that poll)

    What is most sad about this is that we have lots of people who love to run around waving this poll or that one showing that the Public Option or some other progressive solution/idea is popular. They say President Obama and Congress should act and vote accordingly.

    But what happens when President Obama takes a position that squares with most of those polled, but not the poll waving faction? Well their fidelity to polling suddenly becomes less true. Reality really can be inconvenient sometimes which tends to expose many Situational Progressives.

  54. Mornin’ BWD and fellow Obamabots,

    TGIF, as always, those are AWESOME Souza pics…

    I *LOVE* ’em, all!

    But, that one showin’ a woman’s excitement at seein’/meetin’ PBHO, and PBHO doin’ a fist bump w/a young visitor “stand out” to me!


    10:00 AM – The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

    11:00 AM – THE PRESIDENT HOLDS A NEWS CONFERENCE on the status of efforts to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction

    12:29 PM – The President calls the crews of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the International Space Station

    1:30 PM – The President meets with Ruby Bridges and representatives of the Norman Rockwell Museum and views Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With”


    Although WE know PBHO GOT THIS, as Starm’s post, in the last thread, has reinforced that, here’s @capeheartj “take” on the ‘debt ceiling’ situation:


    THERE IS SOMETHING INCREDIBLY DEPRESSING, not to mention cynical, ABOUT THE SO-CALLED PLAN C OUTLINED BY SENATE MINORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL (R-KY.). THE NATION IS STARING DEFAULT IN THE FACE, AND HE’S MORE INTERESTED IN PLAYING POLITICAL GAMES to save his party from blame than safeguarding the full faith and credit of the United States. Sure, President Obama would be given the authority to raise the debt ceiling. But then Democrats on Capitol Hill would be hammered on the campaign trail next year for casting votes to allow the president to raise the national borrowing limit.



    “NOW IS THE TIME FOR OUR POLITICAL LEADERS TO PUT ASIDE PARTISAN DIFFERENCES AND ACT IN THE NATION’S BEST INTERESTS. We believe that our nation’s economic future is reliant upon their actions and urge them to reach an agreement. IT IS TIME TO PULL TOGETHER RATHER THAN PULL APART.”




    Does McChinless and the rest of the elected TeaPublicans truly “hate” PBHO, the “ordinary” American people, and America that much?

    So far, as public servants, everything they have/haven’t said and done, in the last 2+ years, “shows” us, they do…

    That’s why THEY NEED TO GO!

    And, as always, PBHO was “on his game,” at this presser!

    Once again, he “schooled” the WH press corps!

    He did his usual “trussin’ up” of Tapper and Todd! 😀

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  55. I think it’s because he’s had so much practice lately, but his tone was even deeper entrenched in the sense, “Of course this is the only reasonable approach. You have to be little crazy to not accept these truths”. But with no sarcasm, no insult — just that it’s obvious that he has the sensible approach. And people elected to Congress should be at least that smart. He dared them to be as smart and serious as he is about doing the work of the American people.

    My favorite presser yet on this issue.

  56. And he’s still doing it. Boehner got to go ‘first’ today, thinking he’d score some points. What a boneheaded idea that was. Obama buried him, while praising him. Brilliant.

    And we’re still not done playing chess. I love your metaphor, LL, about removing the pieces from the board, piece by piece.

    We’re not down to the last pieces yet. Excellent metaphor.

  57. I’ve been saying this for weeks: Obama having the debt ceiling around his neck is now a good thing!

    He’s shifted the thinking about the debt ceiling — to raise it is to maintain the credit worthiness of the U.S. By the time he’s through with the messaging he’ll be a hero for raising it.

    This is not a problem.

    Now if it’s this hybrid deal being floated with only cuts and no revenue increase (Obama actually hinted at that today), then I think that’s a Republican win. I agree with Lawrence O’Donnell that the longer we wait the closer we get to a clean bill. I know Obama doesn’t want that, but McConnell’s plan is a final measure, and if as reported would not be a win for Democrats.

  58. Well those who take a breath and think things through will be able to see his thought process and how he is going about things quite logically.


  59. West Wing Week is really full this week. I particularly enjoyed the part where Medal of Honor Awardee (they HATE being called “winners” and a lot of vets will correct you if you use that word) Sgt. Petry asks the President for very practical advice about how to write with the left hand without smearing the ink. Obama earnestly explains how and there is a great sense of the ease he feels around people and they feel around him. It’s awe-inspiring for most people to be in the Oval Office, I would think, but when you see film of people meeting him there they seem to become comfortable almost immediately. Just where did this guy get a reputation for being “distant” and “aloof”?

    I’m on Twitter at @CFWard57. Let’s all follow each other so we can plot the reelection of this fine President.

  60. I would think so, John, though the financial industry itself seems like a big circle jerk of “information” (for want of a better word) constantly-changing hands.

  61. In light of all of the GOP antics to delegitamize voters and make it harder to be able to vote in many states, is there any kind of strategy we can use to help the newly registered voters be aware of potential changes requiring them to have IDs etc?

  62. Polls and public opinion should not solely dictate the decisions of the elected politicians. There are matters that necessitate informed decisions that those in the public voicing opinions have no knowledge to base their opinions on. I want my representative to have a background that tells me they are a thinking person that can access information and historical decisions as well as actually understand the consequences of the decisions made. The general public is not always informed especially in light of today’s media and the outright lies they get from their representatives. If that representative makes bad choices the constituents have the opportunity to vote them out. Just look at the recalls happening in WI.

  63. Yes LL, the GOP knows PBO has took away their debt/deficit trump card and trumped them with it. And they are mad. 🙂

  64. We are apparently losing some people who claimed to have supported President Obama in 2008 but are pledging , well, you can look for yourselves:

    http://techpresident.com/blog-entry/some-more-about-grassrootiness-obamas-second-quarter-fundraising-numbers (h/t to a certain FP’er)

    I wonder how ones varies the hours worked by any of us last time? I certainly punched no time card and , at times, my availability was variable. I guess this is just another official PL site as there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of how they actually go about helping us change public opinion so things we do not like are less of an option.

    Does any campaign hold everyone from cycle to cycle? Shouldn’t we expect a certain amount of attrition given the decisions that have to be made when there is competent governance taking place? Someone is always going to be mad at every decision in a country this large and diverse.

  65. Sorry it went to moderation. It’s the one with the PBO speaking to the young folks. See BWD next blog

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