132 thoughts on ““Even after being here for 2.5 years, I continue to have hope”

  1. At this point, I no longer even expect anything but the highest degree of excellence from this President, even as legions of people love to spend time second-guessing him and chicken-littling. Thanks a million for the video dear bwd, and yes we can!

  2. Mr. Obama is just Brilliant. So Honest, So sincere, So smart, He is amazing. I Don’t think We deserve such a leader, such a Man, but I thank God Every single day that he loves this country so much that he sent Mr. Obama to us.

  3. “The clear majority of Republican voters think that any deficit reduction package should have a balanced approach and should include revenues.” This is why he’s winning, and will win in the end.

  4. This was another excellent press conference. Aren’t they all.
    I am always mesmerized when this man speaks. His extraordinary intelligence, sincerity, and to be shallow, that voice. As always it is a pleasure to watch him slap around Chuck Todd. LOL

  5. It amazes me how the DC and NY so called Beltway Journos hate to be tagged as Liberal media bias, yet they have NO shame and no conflict in touting and spewing teabaggers and right wing questions directed at the president.

    None of the Journos in the last 17 days that the president has held 3 press conferences have bothered to ask questions concerning the left point of views.

    Shameful idiots.

    Jobs are what most Americans care about. But the last 3 press conferences, Jobs have been the least questions asked . Deficits and cutting which result to shading of more jobs, that we cannot afford to shade are like, well, too bad, the DC/NY Journos could care less.

  6. Chuck Todd continues to disappoint me. I had high hopes do him after the master of journalism, Tim Russert passed, but his is not worthy to sit in Mr. Russert’s chair. It’s amazing that Luke has surpassed many if his older colleagues in fairness and factual reporting, his dad would be proud.

  7. As far as I know, none of the so called “journalists” have bothered to ask the repugs why they voted “no” on 10 jobs bills. They are a disgrace. I have seen children working on their school papers asking more intelligent questions.

  8. When I see how gray his hair is getting I feel sad. I think it will be all white when he leaves this job in 2016 but he will still be gorgeous!

    Any why is it that when a man goes gray he looks cool and when a woman does she just looks old? LOL

    That was a great presser but I have come to expect nothing less from our Prez.

  9. Yeah, my girlfriend loves the grey flecks in my stubble. Just one of the advantages of being a man. 😀 Although there is a country singer—who I can picture but whose name escapes me—who is just gorgeous with her grey locks.

  10. Another amazing performance by this most extraordinary man. It’s heart breaking, though, that the virulent strain of racism that still exists in this country is denying us the full benefit of President Obama’s extraordinary talents by tying him in knots over something as simple and basic as increasing the debt ceiling. I have no idea where he finds that giant reservoir of patience and calmness in the face of so much ugliness . .

  11. I think the president calls on Chuck Todd just so everybody can see for themselves how stupid he is. We firing Todd up on Twitter. Dumb ass.

    The press conference was another brilliant explanation of the facts and the situation. I like how he basically told the press to grow up and get focused. How he can stand being in a room

  12. OK, OT and nonpolitical. Who’s going to watch the Women’s World Cup final on Sunday? It should prove an interesting clash of footballing philosophies: the US with its physicality and Japan with its emphasis on possession and Brazil-like flair. I predict a tie in regulation, with the US pulling it out in extra time. Go ladies!

  13. My favorite line which hasn’t gotten much coverage: that a default would affect interest rates and be a “tax increase on everyone.”


  14. LOL I love the photos; especially the first one. I love PBO; he never talks down to us, and if you listen to him speak, really listen, he imparts layer upon layer of truth. He’s BRILLIANT.

  15. The CBO, however, is saying that deficit reduction would be an economy-chiller in the short run even if there are benefits in the long run.

    That’s what happened to FDR and it almost cost him his Presidency and it took WW II to pull us out of a slump (created by Republican austerity).

    So here is where I wish Obama had a few more progressive economists in the mix. I don’t think his economic team is as attuned to how much damage that can do, the S & P threat notwithstanding. I understand the calculus of it. It then becomes a matter or priorities. The Republicans KNOW that big cuts will hurt the economy — they are pretty effective at helping their constituents forget that it was themselves that advocated for cuts.

    So I have my doubts. I knew that the extension of the Bush tax cuts would balloon the deficit and was frankly disappointed that the Dem’s left that vacuum for the Republicans to fill.

    So if things slow down because of deficit reduction (although the President has said that investment in the future has to be part of the package), that can harm our 2012 chances.

    Just wondering how to counter the spin that a downturn could cause.

  16. LOL You know it’s true, dcsandy. Oh to be inside his thinking brain for a nano second. The first picture tell me all I need to know. SMGDH

  17. Faith, I thought the same think when he said that. Brilliant framing. I also like this little gem towards the end. It just sums up everything perfectly:

    President Obama 7/15/11


  18. 80% of America gets what our President is trying to do. It’s the radical fringe on both sides who are digging in and trying to convince the rest of us that this President is wrong. It’s the 80% that gives me comfort when I read the tired old rusty remarks of outrage on both sides from blog to blog.

    We just keep sending out the truthful positive information. We have to keep fighting for our President.

    I do know one thing, Congress better get this positively resolved for all of us. What a mess!

  19. The Editor-in-Chief of WSJ has just resigned. It seems the noose is tightening, moving closer and closer to FOX.

  20. “The purge is on at News Corp. Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton is resigning, according to The Wall Street Journal. His resignation comes just hours after Rebekah Brooks stepped down as CEO of News International, News Corp.’s U.K. publishing unit and home to News of the World, the tabloid at the center of a hacking scandal that has thrown Rupert Murdoch‘s empire into turmoil.”


  21. LL he was brilliant , Obama called Chuckie Toad and Jake Tapper on their B.S.
    Thank you BWD yes indeed Barack Obama is BRILLIANT, he is magnificent, and by the way please check and give some love to Deaniac83 at People’s View JANE HAMSHER IS calling us MOTHERFUCKERS, because we support and believe on this President, I’am mad as hell as far as I’am concer J.H can go “F” herself.

  22. Thanks once again, BWD, for keeping us focused on the positive. One caution, let’s not lump the deaf in with the idiots. It’s a figure of speech that is insulting to those among us who are hearing impaired. Thanks again for all your good work that reminds us that we have the best president ever.

  23. “…I hope he was looking at Chuck Todd!”

    Me, too…

    And, I hope he turned it on Jake Tapper! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  24. “The president quickly added, though, that if future retirees — today’s seniors would be unaffected — are going to be asked to accept a sacrifice, millionaires and billionaires should be expected to do the same. Republicans, obviously, disagree.”

    Gee I wonder what press conference Adam Green watched.

  25. Yes he was and told Chuckie tha 80% of the People want a Badget Balance Approach
    and that includes REPUBLICANS SWEET!!!!!!! go mr President

  26. LL: Obama had 2 press conf this week , Brilliant he was taking his massage to the American people bacause all the NETWORKS HAVE to covert it many people do not watch cable.

  27. Now that is just cool. There are so many things that are going to change health care forever and eventually reduce the cost to something affordable to all around the world.

    Now if we can get the planet cleaned up and convince people that we must reduce the world’s population to something the planet can handle.

  28. Regrets: “If only I hadn’t opened that 13th account at Tiffany’s!”

  29. BWD
    Can you check out the new Stonekettle blog? It is very good, and if you think it should be passed around or highlighted on your blog please do. I don’t know how to d that, I just post it on my FB page and share it that a\way.
    It is a very good post he put up today. I watched the News conference and thought our President was awesome, Todd is a twerp. Nothing else needs to be said b out that little guy. It must frustrate the hell out of them, that they have to deal with an intelligent man.
    I am so grateful for your site and The Obama Diary and several others. Hugs to you all on this siste.

  30. the organizing for america blog is back with new trolls.

    chucky coo coo still trolls the site.

    after a brief respite shifting into 2012 mode, the site has gone downhill.

    the moderator ignores racist rantings and death threats.

  31. I’m sure all of you realize that one group of very influential people whom are listening to President Obama, and increasingly are making it obvious that the majority of them support what he is trying to do (and avoid) are the business and financial communities – not just in the US, but globally.

    Our President is leading brilliantly and he will succeed because in the end, even if Boehner has to beg Speaker (she always will be) Pelosi for enough votes to pass a bill the President will sign, Boehner will be given zero choice by his masters to do anything less than at least provide a one sentence piece of legislation extending the debt ceiling until 2013.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  32. I thought, until I saw Deaniac’s post this morning, which I could not bring myself to read despite my respect for Deaniac, that silly, little, aesthetically-distasteful woman had left the building. Are her minions still out there also perpetually carping about the President and nothing else, their main goal being to fixate on the ephemeral issue of the day that is not being resolved to their satisfaction (even if it’s all based on rumors), and then find a way to blame that on President Obama? Were they any more transparent, one could walk right through them. These are poster children for the textbook case of toxic personality, who want co-dependents rather than reasonable interaction with independent-minded people. Were that not the case, they would have given up long ago considering their absolute impotence on the political scene.

  33. obama defnitely has the advantage in 2012. he should be fine.

    obama is key to winning back the house and keeping the senate democratic.

    let’s hope we get a nominee who obama leads significantly.

    that should really help with turnout for congress.

  34. An invisible one!

    One that didn’t exist in this world; it was all in his mind…

    That’s how he “rolls!” 😀

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  35. I think O’Donnell may have covered this, as I heard this somewhere else. I would presume that discretionary cuts could lessen the likelihood of a downturn, but considering that the Republicans will be part of the mix in deciding what is to be cut, I am not optimistic. It would seem a large stimulus bill that would put many people to work would bring in more tax revenue, which might offset the money spent on the stimulus package, so you would think this would appeal even to conservatives, but it is apparent that Congressional Republicans do not want the economy to improve before 2012. Of course, were they actually to win the Senate and the Presidency in 2012, the economy would decidedly get worse, as they are incompetent at best and malevolent at worst.

  36. Looking at the roster of potential Republican Presidential nominees, it seems unlikely that any of them could win a general election . Of course, I thought that about Reagan and Bush also, though I believe this bunch is actually worse than either Reagan or Bush, which I would not have thought possible during their terms. The Democrats have the advantage of the actions of all the loony Republican Governors as proof of the bad intentions and incompetence of the Republican Party, which I think should help.


    Earlier this week, PRESIDENT OBAMA SPOKE WITH LOS ANGELES MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, PHILADELPHIA MAYOR MICHAEL NUTTER, AND A SMALL BI-PARTISAN GROUP OF MAYORS on the progress towards finding a solution that both lets our nation keep its obligations and finds a balanced approach to deficit reduction. The President explained why getting our nation’s fiscal house in order must be a top priority, and highlighted how we have a unique opportunity to find a solution that not only raises the debt ceiling so we can pay our nation’s bills, but also takes our fiscal challenges head on by significantly reducing our deficits. THE PRESIDENT UNDERSTANDS THAT JUST LIKE FAMILIES ACROSS THE NATION, MAYORS IN EVERY STATE STRUGGLE EVERYDAY TO MAKE THE TOUGH CHOICES NECESSARY TO KEEP THEIR LOCAL ECONOMIES GOING. He believes that leaders in Washington need to make the same kinds of tough choices and come together to find common ground and show the American people that we can do big things as a nation….



    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  38. They know “what side their bread is buttered on”… 😉

    And, yes he is, and yes he will!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  39. BWD, ? “save the empire” ? “fall on the deaf and idiots” ? I thought we lived in a constitutional democracy and that most of the people who listened to the President’s press conference both heard and understood what he said. Be careful how you use disabilities as put downs, it could backfire on you.

  40. Didn’t work, still leaves off the last part of the URL. You’ll have to copy and paste.

  41. This is fantastic.

    Rep. Ted Deutch spins ‘GOP Wheel of Misfortune’ on House floor


    Rep. Ted Deutch (R-FL) has a solution for determining who won’t get paid if Congress fails to raise the debt limit and the U.S. defaults.

    The congressman brought a large wheel with him to the House floor Friday. Spinning the wheel determines which group won’t get paid when the Treasury runs out of cash.

    “[Republicans are] paying a game with our economy to force through an extremist agenda,” Deutch explained. “That’s what we’ve been battling against. That’s what you’ve been watching. That’s what people all around the country are so incredibly frustrated with. It’s a game that I have right beside me. It is, in fact, the GOP Wheel of Misfortune, except in this game there are no winners.”



  42. Is he a Republican or a Democrat? The TV pic says (D) while the article says (R). Although, I can’t imagine a Repub would say that out loud.

  43. I have on MSNBC right now and it is supposed to be Chris Matthews and Chuck Todd is in for him. Yuck! I am about to turn him off. I have developed a distaste for him especially after his questioning during the press conference.

  44. Please be reminded that dum-dum odious Chuckie Todd is a snivelling little attention -seeking weasel who basks in asking assinine, puerile questions,..just to be noticed.
    God alone knows why and how he has reached these heights in mediarama. My guess is ‘Dumb is the new bright’!
    Plus, he has no shame. He always gets straightened out by the Prez everytime, but he still persists! No shame, I tell you, no shame.

  45. We still need to be aware and counteract the GOP voter suppression laws they are currently enacting in states that are dominated by Republicans.

  46. Con ariist supreme, Madame J Hamster, has apparently sent out an email requesting 10 buckeroos, intimating what she thought she heard at the Prez’s presser. I guess anyone that subscribes to this has to be a dumb motherf*cker,huh?!

  47. She and Green both are starving for attention. They are like two little children who can’t get their way and thus strives to disturb the whole camp. Except that all the sensible kids are ignoring them.

    Soon they will pick up their little collection cans and slither back into their respective holes. Those two are truly the carnival barkers of the day.

    Making up kaka where there’s absolutely none.

    Go figure.



    Remember the old joke that ended with the punch line, “What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is negotiable?” That seems to be the Republican position in the debt-ceiling debate now that House Speaker John Boehner has been forced to renounce any tax increases and, for that matter, any net revenue increases. It also seems exceedingly doubtful that
    Republicans will go along with meaningful cuts in defense spending. Because of this intransigence, Democrats will, in turn, pull virtually any changes to entitlements off the table, and cuts to domestic discretionary spending will be harder to sell to their rank and file.

    Very good article….

  49. Hey Sally, I “hear” what you’re saying. I’m sure BWD wrote that headline using the word “deaf” figuratively (as you mentioned) to refer to people who CHOOSE to be deaf when it comes to hearing the truth. I certainly don’t think BWD is in anyway suggesting or implying that people with hearing impairments are in the same caterory with people who choose to be “idiots” ( because they refuse to listen to the truth).

    I agree though that we can all be a little more careful and sensitive to the concerns of others with the use of “figures of speech.” I also agree that we do have–as you have said–“the best president ever.” 🙂

  50. Hell, WE got her number…

    I unsubscribed from FDL over a year ago!

    Anyway, I’m a Obamacrat/Obamabot/Obot, mofo! 😉 😀

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  51. They made a great movie about Ruby Bridges. I watched it on Youtube and it will make you cry for what that sweet little girl went through. I am so proud that our country has grown so much sense segregation then you look at how the president is being treated and the teabaggers, you see these same people in that movie are still with us today, only thank God there are so far few of them. There are two scenes in the movie that will make your heart ache – 1) when little Ruby explains to the psychiatrist that everyday she prays for the people who said mean things about her and forgives them just like Jesus forgave people who did mean things to him 2) when her teacher stands up to the principal for wanting to downgrade Ruby test scores.

  52. I love PBHO’s BIG, beautiful, heartwarmin’ smile…

    When I look at him smilin’, it “makes” me feel good all over! 😀

    And, he’s “good people!”

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  53. Thanks for this latest Libyan ‘Arab Spring’ update…

    More power to the Libyan people!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  54. I too continue to hope. I thought it brave of my president to say “it may cost me my presidency.” I remember that LBJ thought the same thing after he actually did something for the people…equal rights and Medicare. The Republicans cannot stand helping ordinary folks. We ordinary folks will not go away, I just wish more of us would vote!! I am still behind my now graying guy that gave us such a hopeful campaign.

  55. Llanojake, the actually euphemism BWD intended to use was, “fall on deaf ears” meaning folks who figuratively hold their hands over their ears to avoid hearing truth. Nothing to do with disabilities.

  56. Terrific video, it is on the video database page now under Republicans.

    tomorrow morning when folks wake up refreshed and ready to go, we gotta spread this video around.

    Thanks so much for sharing

  57. You can’t be right all the time Blackwater Dog!

    This press conference was the only adult in the room heard round the world!

    Solid as a rock and just when everybody is listening!

    That’s my President!

    and hey BWD, I stole a little design trick but of a different color, clidk my name,

    GEARING UP FOR 2012!

  58. If the GOP punts on this issue I hope the Obama campaign is ready to run with it and help carry the Dem’s back to House majority with it. President Obama could promise that is he is given a House and Senate majority that his first business in 2013 would be to pass the $4T plan that the GOP was unwilling to.

    And he could too. First pass the revenue raises stand alone though the House. Now the Senate will filibuster. However if he then used the GOP in the House to cut spending that the progressives wouldn’t want. Than you take both to the Senate and pass them as a package deal – two separate votes would be necessary but it would only take 7-8 GOP Sens to pass the revenue raisers, and then 12-13 Senate Dems to pass the spending cuts.

    Run on the fact the Republicans will NEVER vote to raise revenues – they’ve proven as much. 80% of the population believes revenues should be part of the solution. He could further say, truthfully, that if the GOP keeps the House it will be two more years of getting nothing done on the debt issue. And that if Romney beats him, that there will be only funding cuts and the rich will get further tax cuts on the backs of seniors and the poor.

  59. Thanks for lettin’ us know about that!

    I’ve never seen it…

    Where on YouTube?

    Have a link? 😉

    And, unfortunately, although there’s PBHO, Oprah and others like them, racism is still alive and well, here, in the U.S. of A. and around the world…

    But, I BELIEVE, one day, WE SHALL, completely, OVERCOME it! lol

    PRESIDENT OBAMA MEETS CIVIL RIGHTS ICON RUBY BRIDGES… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/07/15/president-obama-meets-civil-rights-icon-ruby-bridges

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  60. NIce read!

    But, WE need to let PBHO know that all the responsibility doesn’t rest w/him. There’s the U.S. Congress, state legislatures, governors, mayors, et al…

    Look at what’s happenin’ in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Kansas, Indiana, Maine, et al! In these states, there are TeaPublican-elected governors. The unfortunates and vulnerables are sufferin’ at the hands of these coo and crooks/liars!

    That’s why, by any means necessary, WE have to find a way to REPEAL & REPLACE ‘EM!

    And, of course, there’s those TeaPublican-elected Senators and Representatives…

    WE have to VOTE ‘EM OUT!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  61. You are a little late. Not flamming, but most of us discovered this a few weeks after PBO announced his bid for re-election. They are in campaign mode so the site is called Obama for America. Yes, their primary MOD Jess has given up on moderation it would appear. I have made TOD my home because of the amount of HATE allowed on the OFA site. This is supposed to be PBO’s personal campaign site and vehicle for on-line fundraising, but you would never know it by the way the moderators have let in turn into a CESS POOL! 😦

  62. They are just transferring hatred of their parents to Obama. Ignore them and embrace the cool breeze of competence that is our President. I am grateful for this site as a way of escaping the uselessness of the PL whine-fest.

  63. It’s looking more and more likely that Elizabeth Warren will not be nominated to head CFPB next week when it finally opens for business. Quite frankly there is no way she’d be nominated and the GOP is making sure there will be no recesses – so no recess appointments.

    However there is rumblings that she might be the recurit to challenge Scott Brown in Massachusetts. At first I didn’t like this idea (of course my first choice would be Warren to head CFPB). However I think if she’s up for it it might be genius. Brown is raking in money, and against Warren he’s rake in crazy money from Wall Street and Banksters – and that is exactly what the Dems would hope. Brown will not be out spent, but you make his money the major issue – how wall street is funding him because he’s a lacky and they’re scared of Warren. Furthermore you give the professional left a race to get behind – they won’t be able to out spend Brown, but they could raise enough to give her a media presence, and boots on the ground.

    Brown won a special election, with all the focus on his race. Now he runs in a regularly scheduled general, and in a Presidential year in a very blue state. Warren’s profile as a fighter for the underdog, with enough fundraising behind her, in a Presidential year might be enough to bump off Brown.

    Brown driving in his truck will not work when he’s getting millions from banksters, caught in that secret camera schmoozing with one of the Koch Bros. Not when you have a real fighter for the middle class with credentials to prove it against him.

    Ideally I think she should have been nominated and allowed to be blocked for the next 2-3 months to make plain that the GOP was scared of her because she was too much on the side of the people. Maybe there are already enough quotes from Republicans on this matter though.

    The key will be to nationalize this race as well. A vote for Scott Brown isn’t just a vote for the likeable guy, but a vote for another seat for the Republican caucus. It’s a vote for Mitch McConnell to be majority leader. It’s a vote for Jim Demint, for Inhofe, for Coburn since the GOP enforces strict party discipline and Brown has votes that show that he votes how he’s told.

  64. I suspect that the voters in 2012 are going to weigh whether they want a GOP president sitting down with this GOP congress to “fix” things or opt for at least the balance of Obama vs. the GOTea. I really cannot imagine that independent voters are going to give the GOP a chance to have all the power and screw things up again. Especially after the spectacle of Wisconsin, Arizona, etc.

    But if voters did decide to give the GOP the White House, the first two years of that administration would lead to the unraveling of “government” as we know it.

  65. I thought I would mention how scary it is for many poor undereducated Blacks/latino/Nat Amer/ or those of limited english to go to the polls with no confidence they will do the right thing.. I think some element of the campaign needs to speak to these issues.

  66. And Romney rakes in…….$500,000. All the bundlers are holding out for Bachmentum, or Plainpalooza or Horn of Pawlenty or Perrymenopause or whatever the latest press cheerleading phrase is in vogue this week.

  67. Hi SR
    I have missed your wisdom! This post is brilliant. I like the way you think. I think it very plausible scenario especially putting her name in nomination to flush the TGOP out. On the other hand, would the repugslugs confirm her to try to save Brown’s seat?

  68. SR, did you see the hearing this week with Chairman Issa where once again the Republicans treated Elizabeth Warren like she was on trial for murder?? It was just awful. Throughout the hearing EW was gracious and patiently answered all of their questions. But most of the questions left the impression that she had done something wrong or was hiding something from the committee.

    Anyway, two really wonderful things happened during the hearing. The first is that Rep Cooper calmly and forcefully called out the Republicans for their rudeness and partisan attacks.

    The other thing was that ranking chairman Elijah Cummings made beautiful and eloquent closing remarks about EW. It was just lovely. You could tell she was very touched by what he said about her. Bottom line, EW is loved and respected for being such a champion for the little guy. And that is why the GOP is terrified of her.


  69. Obama Grandmama, that’s so true…

    The @demgovs, @thedemocrats, Congressional DEMs and other organizations are workin’ to “minimize the damage” that will be caused by these state TeaPublicans’ Photo ID Laws!

    Protect Voter Rights

    Wisconsin and Florida have already enacted dangerous voter suppression bills aimed directly at Democratic voters. It’s no coincidence that these bills are getting rammed through in key swing states just in time for the 2012 election.

    The Democratic Governors Association has launched the Voter Protection Project to inform voters of their rights and these outrageous attacks…


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  70. Mitch McConnell Says Change Constitution Since Voters Disagree With GOP


    Be sure to follow McConnell’s logic chain here and remember to decode Republican language; i.e. persuasion = “ultimatum” and negotiations = blackmail:

    Republicans ultimatums couldn’t force us into doing what they want us to do;
    Blackmailing the president didn’t force us to do what they want us to do; and,
    Elections didn’t get them the majorities they needed to force us to do what they want us to do and they didn’t get enough votes to suspend democracy in every state (e.g. Wisconsin and Michigan); therefore,
    We need to change the Constitution to force people to do what they want us to do.



  71. I saw it and it was priceless! Jim Cooper was just the one to do it. Either Henserly or Henry (they are both runts) actually called her a liar last time she testified. At that time Cummings mumbled some disapproval but Cooper did it right this time. I would love to think Cummings and Cooper had it setup beforehand.

  72. Again I have to disagree that the 2 year extension ballooned the deficit. The deficit was already ballooned from the 10 year cuts in conjunction with the wars. I agree they added to already large deficit but they did not balloon the deficit. Framing matters and to equivocate the two year extension with the 10 years is bad framing.

    That said I agree that the President on down has bought too much into the deficit talk. I was disappointed that it took him so long to mention unemployment in the press conference today. As I said before the over arching theme of any presser, speech, etc on the economy should be unemployment. It is bad framing on the Democrats use republican intrangience on this issue to point out their intrangience on dealing with unemployment.

  73. OFA and the DNC need to nationalize the congressional races in 2012 and systematically educate the voters on the importance of voting in every election. As a nation, we cannot afford to have a political party that is both racist and insane calling the shots in this country. And of course, there is no way to get a single thing done as long as the House is firmly in Republican hands. Unfortunately, the numbers in the Senate will make it tough to hang on to the Dem majority so it will still be very difficult to get anything done.

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