$86 Million. Yea, not fired up at all…

It’s the same old story: The beltway totally underestimate us. Fast forward couple of months, the beltway is left with eggs on their face. It’s boring. πŸ™‚
Please make sure people watch this Messina vid, because the details are just great and the contrast with the Republicans fundraising machine could not be bigger.

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  1. I just received the same e-mail from Jim Messina. I’m a proud contributor and a part of that 552,462 doner total. OFA and the DNC have combined their totals which comes out to a great figure. I pray for the movement to continue to grow and continue to be financed. God Bless America, PBO, the Democratic Party, and the at large world. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow!! Truly great news! That is what commitment to re-elect one of the greatest presidents and vp’s looks like. No matter what the DC chatter says, the people know better.

  3. Something told me we had a huge fundraising month. πŸ™‚ And lol at the ongoing attempts by various lefty organizations to spread tall tales about POTUS supposedly abandoning safety net programs. They want some of this cash for themselves methinks!

    Congrats to proud Obamabots and Obamalovers for keeping heads cool and fundraising numbers red hot. Yes we can, yes we did, and yes we will, do more, together.

  4. CNN was all aflame yesterday about how “The Left” is all upset with Obama then talked about this far left internet group that’s talking about not supporting him.

    That’s right. One small group represents “The Left”.

  5. That chatter is the product of a self-reinforcing bubble consisting of a very small clique of people who generate a ton of media content and are trying to promote themselves as the voice of the base and thus indispensible. What’s sad is seeing organizations like Move On join that bubble. I feel the same way that you do: I’m so PROUD to be part of this effort to once again sit sane leadership in the US whitehouse after a nightmare decade, and I will most certainly be bragging about playing this small part to my future grandchildren when POTUS is inevitably the stuff of historical legend and awe.

  6. Oh nooooo!!! We are definately NOT fired up! This is the sleeping giant they will be waking up!!

  7. My greatest hope is that all of the folks who slammed President Obama and threw tons of punches at his supporters as well, who signed all of these pledges to shoot themselves in the feet and displace such a fabulous POTUS, who chose to pile on and join the angry mob, who donated money to the organizations which fundraised based upon hysterical prnouncements that President Obama is the second coming of Bush “hide your grandma, hide your disabled nephew, the eeeeevil sellout POTUS is taking away erry’body’s safety net up in here”—-I can only wish that these people keep their word and INDEED, sit down, stfu, and petulantly sit out this election already, as they’ve promised. None of these folks can credibly call themselves President Obama’s base of support any longer IMO. And hopefully the media can stop pretending that they speak for millions rather than simply speaking for themselves.

  8. WOW just WOW. I had picked 68m. hey! turn it around and its 86m. I as so fired up especially after the GNOP raised the white flag yesterday re: debt limit. LOL!

  9. Flashback..!! πŸ˜€

    FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! πŸ˜€

    +############### ++++ +++++###########++

  10. Everyone, please listen to the podcast at the link below from PoliticusUSA for an amazing analysis of the debt limit negotiations. It is a goldmine of talking points that need to be tweeted nonstop today and everyday for the duration of this crisis and beyond. A good example would be:

    When will GOP put the country first??

    Remember, President Obama wanted a clean debt limit bill just like we have been getting since it was introduced. It was the GOP that decided now is the time to hold the country hostage to get their way. Their brinksmanship is why we are here today.

    They got cocky after the negotiations in December and the budget deal in April. So they pressed their luck and decided it was ok to jeopardize our economy for their political gain with the debt limit.

    The problem for them is that they have a fractured caucus with unhinged, deranged and just plain nuts members. They are eating each other alive. There is no leadership. They are violating their oath of office. They have abdicated their responsibility as elected officials. What they are doing is Un-American and unpatriotic.

    And yet, they keep saying that President Obama is not leading when the exact opposite is true. In the podcast you will hear this: Since when is it President Obama’s responsibility to lead the GOP caucus. They can’t lead so they transfer the onus onto President Obama? Go figure. There is nothing of substance left in the Republican Party. They are imploding.



  11. And any house democrat that gets pushed from special interests to get on tv to bash the president, are in fact fundraising against the president. In other words, they want that money for themselves.
    The president will have a lot of coat-tails, I just sometimes get the feeling the house democrats are going rogue!

    That is all!

  12. GN,
    I laughed a hearty guffaw thinking about that “very small clique of people who generate a ton of media content” This morning as I read that email from Messina. They can continue to insist that they are the base and will punish/primary the president but their voice has just been drowned out by reality (or my laughter).

  13. Hey Koch brothers and your evil band of Galtian suckers, how you like us now? We are gonna defeat your Citizen’s United asses. You ain’t sen nothing yet. See that 98% sixty nine dollar average? We are gonna thump your toxic billions like you’ve never seen before.

    Consider this a fair warning. Next time we will not be so civil!

  14. Good morning BWD and all. $86 million in 1 Quarter. That is absolutely astounding. We must not let the msm control the narrative on this magnificent feat. Great Job everyone. :)) :))

  15. Jim M. looks a tad sunburned. *S* At least he’s been out of the office and around the lake some of the time. I’m glad to see he’s not chained to that computer.

  16. Jovie, thanks for the update on that race. I was looking for the results and I knew if I come here and see your post you were going to have the info as usual. Thanks again>>

  17. Yes I was thrilled to receive that email from Messina this morning – knowing it was great news!

    Yeah we’re not fired up at all – Thanks BWD!

  18. This is historic as it is history-shattering. It is quite simply what wordsmiths call a juggernaut! Take all the money GOP presidential hopefuls raised and add their NRC and NRCC and they are not even close to what you Obamabots did!

  19. In fact, I made a comment yesterday that I thought the majority of Democrats were behaving really well through all the debt ceiling negotiations — they were able to voice their concern over cuts to Medicare and Social Security without damaging the President.

  20. It’s just so outrageously stupid. If they’d worked with the President, kept the door open to discussions, they could be part of the solution, even moving things a little more left if they wanted. Instead they came out with pitchforks and actually hurt their cause (if indeed they actually have any real causes other than their own self-promotion).

  21. Last I’d heard last night all of the fake Democrats in the WI primary went down as well. Despite all the outside money.

    What passes for news baffles me. Every election over at least the last decade, there’s some organization in VA that puts out robo calls that either tells Democrats the wrong day to vote, or that their absentee ballots are in the mail or something that will keep Democrats from voting.

    Don’t remember the name, but it’s always the same organization. They’ve been fined repeatedly, sometimes they get away scott free. They did it again in WI yesterday. They always say it’s some ‘glitch’ or something. The same people. election after election. And IF it gets reported, it’s as if the news people had never heard of this before.

    But ACORN gets destroyed by Republicans for non-existent voter fraud, when election fraud is rampant. In fact, the restrictions on voting by Republican legislatures should be considered illegal election fraud, in my opinion.

    This, guys, is why we need to keep Democrats in power. The courts, stacked by Bushies, can do great damage. We need to restore balance to the Federal court system, and for that we need not only a Democratic President but a 60-seat majority in the Senate.

    That’s going to be tough. But we need to fight for that.

  22. I think their “cause” is to stuff their private bank accounts with cash $$$$, and what easier way to do that than by sitting back and ginning up poutrage!!

  23. Crickets from the MSM…if it were the other way around, it would be headlines all over!!!

  24. Willard Mittens Romney was to have raised $40-60M. He was under $19M.

    $86M, wow.

    That is awesome.

  25. Is this the most an individual politician has raised in a single quarter – from individual contributors? Is this a record shattering amount, and is the number of small donors a record too? I know our President has broken several records, but is this among them?

  26. I wonder how much Bachman raised this quarter? She’s supposed to release her numbers no later than Friday.

  27. Also, great News for WI Dems, all 6 who had fake Dems engineered to take the REAL Dems out by the wicked lying TBGOPers WON.

    JaniceH in CA also Won.

    Mitch McConnell and cry me a freaking Ocean John Boehner have both abdicated their constitutional right, the former saying, it up to the president, and they in congress will just vote NO on the debt ceiling, while the latter, orangeman Boehner said, actually, that the debt ceiling is pres Obama’s?

    These are the so called leaders of these USA?

    They are seriously poop bat butts.

  28. Drum roll!!! Woot.

    Yes, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. By gosh, thank you guys so much for this job well done.

    To my mind, many of those people who continue to proclaim themselves this president’s base and criticize him for ANY and EVERYTHING he does, know deep in their hearts that they do it to line their own coffers. They are self-aggrandizing, money grubbing, talking-head wannabes.

    But in our little way (although I have yet to donate), without the extreme bravado, have collectively worked in ways unseen to see this president elected. I am so happy this morning. I woke up to this great news, after being informed yesterday that someone else was hired for a position I applied for.

    This lifts my spirit. Thank you, thank you!!

    Let’s continue to emulate our president, as we quietly go about our business to re-elect him. We are not on TV or on the blogs telling everyone that we are the ones who will make or break him.

    President Obama never raises his voice, he just gets stuff done. All we have to do is to continue making a liar out of them. Believe me that is one of the most fraustrating thing for self-inflated egotist.

    And as for the criticis on the right, this too, will drive them bat sh*t crazy. Someone over at TOD said that Joe Scarborough was so shocked when he heard the news that he wondered aloud how the Republicans would compete with the president without any FEC regulation or something to that nature.

    See what this kind of effort will do to people?

    That he would even fix his mouth to utter such garbage with the unlimited Rove and Koch money dumped in to the laps of Republicans, as well as other monies from God knows where that does not even have to be disclosed, was enough reason to tell you that the shock and awe of the President supporters’ fundraising abilities, rendered the man temporarily insane.

    Go figure.

  29. I’d like to tell the Professional Haters on the Left to pay some attention:

    The tea party and their elected whack jobs are acting the way you would act if you’d gotten Ralph Nader and his ilk elected. Let’s follow the logic and the comparison:

    McConnell caves. He caves in a way that puts the entire raising of the debt ceiling on President Obama (to be discussed later). In this proposal, there will be no revenue increases. BUT there were also be no spending cuts in this deal. Just a way to hang debt ceiling increases around Obama’s neck. (An argument Obama is winning anyway and will continue to win).

    Tea party is going NUTS. They want EVERYTHING. They want it NOW. No Compromise! Absolutely NONE. All spending cuts, no revenue increases even on corporate jet owners. Not a dime. Just decimation of food stamps and the end to Medicare.

    Who do they sound like? The conservative version of Jane Hamsher, Adam Green and Glenn Greenwald.

    How’s that working for them? God, I only wish all conservatives had been that impatient and that vocal and that unreasonable in 1984 and beyond — we never would have seen the likes of Bush.

    Now, McConnell can change his mind from the beginning of a sentence to the end of the sentence. There is tremendous pressure. But the only other choice is either to raise revenue in order to get any cuts at all or the country defaults. Only the very deluded (unfortunately, about 40+% of Americans) believe that Republican demands are reasonable, that it isn’t common sense to raise revenues from those who have taken wealthy welfare from the taxpayers for a generation and particularly in this recession.

    Wow. Just wow. We’ll still see how this plays out but wow.

  30. Hahaha I am laughing so long and so hard this morning about the mcconnel savagary going on on the right wing websites for his “cave in” to obama. if they only knew that obama doesnt suffer fools gladly and he hasn’t even begun to extract his own pound of flesh for them wasting his time on this nonsense. my bet: we get a clean bill to raise the debt limit, just like PBO wanted in the first place.

    Awesome fundraising numbers, ! makes me very proud to continue to support this president. nothing could sum up the different between the dems and repugs than those numbers, 500k+ small dollar donations for PB vs. self funded millionaires and amorphous undisclosed pac money on the other side.

    ALL IN for 2012!

  31. If you put the president’s fundraising total in the context of tough economic times, it’s even more impressive. A lot of people are hurting, deferring purchases, worried about jobs and paying bills, and otherwise strapped for cash. Yet they still gave and gave in tremendous numbers. It takes a lot more commitment of the heart to fork over money when you haven’t got much to spare than when you’re flush. To me that says that the desire to re-elect the president isn’t only wide, it’s deep and people are willing to sacrifice and come out of their comfort zone to make it happen. First you donate, then you take a few tentative steps to volunteer and the next thing you know you’re part of a growing army. Massina’s statistics on the number of volunteers and people reached is just as impressive as the fundraising numbers.

    Voters in Wisconsin and California just showed that not only are we fired up and ready to go, we’re on to the tired tricks the other side is pulling. It would be great to see the donations to OFA spike whenever the R’s and PL pile on him. Maybe they’ll eventually learn that the more they talk, the bigger his coffers get.

  32. Wow wow wow. This is fabulous. We the people will keep our voice out there. We will be heard. The msm and th PL do not speak for us. We will win. Great job everyone!

  33. Anything can change. Until this is settled let’s be humble with our victory laps. But that’s not to say we can’t celebrate the progress that has been made over the last several weeks.

    Tie the debt ceiling around Obama’s neck so Republicans never have to vote on it? We should welcome that. Obama has already started to change public perception of the debt ceiling, which was no easy feat. This is the stuff Americans hate to focus on, but he did it. If not overwhelming support the tide has changed dramatically since a poll taken in May.

    Most important — if, please God, the McConnell proposal is what I think it is and is accepted, then deficit reduction will be on Democratic terms. This President is not going to stop talking about debt reduction. The proposal contains a high margin from Congress to pass anything. That means that nothing passes, pretty much. But Republicans will have taken themselves out of the equation.

    I want to see more commentary and explanation of the McConnell proposal before solidifying any opinion. And it would have to pass Congress — that is still a major issue since batshit crazies are running the show. But they either accept it or they raise revenues.

    Now, in all fairness, I’m hoping that at that point the President pulls back some on Medicare and Social Security changes that represent any benefit cuts and just improve the system. There’s an excellent diary on social security with a great chart. I’ll link to it because I wasn’t able to just copy the chart. Don’t link there if you don’t want, but please don’t call me names because I found it there. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/07/13/994124/-Social-SecurityEnough-GOP-Lies-A-Chart-Worth-10,000-words?via=siderecent

    The chart, in essence, says that raising the cap literally solves the problem. I’ve been saying that but I didn’t know how clear it was that this is true.

    I’ll accept my Medicare and social security being used as a pawn if we get the success we appear to be getting. I will accept it, gladly, just like my husband accepted that he will have to pay more for his Medicare (either by elimination of subsidies for Medicare Advantage or having to pick up a Medigap policy) if it meant that ACA would be enacted and millions of Americans would be able to get health care. But this delicate dance the President has had to do — he needs to make sure he shores up the support of seniors.

  34. Some of that $86M was mine. I’m delighted, but, for the sake of democracy, don’t get complacent; Messina anticipates $500M in PAC/SuperPac money on the other side; I’d bet on more, because the RW knows that if PBO wins another term (and if Dems take the House and improve in the Senate), the Rethugs are cooked. Even if Rethug voters don’t much like their own candidates, they will be pushed by the Koch Brothers et al. Remember: the Koch Brothers alone control a fortune so vast that they could write a check for ten times that $86M, and never miss it. A hedge fund manager who makes $5B in one year and does not want to pay more than the 15% tax rate can write a check for a billion dollars and still come out ahead.
    Don’t get complacent. All of us need to work harder and more effectively; we can maybe take a week off in mid-November. Maybe.
    But get on over to OFA, and get active, if you are not already.

    I’m prepping a slide show for our county fair and for our state fair. A lot of the best pics and best talking points in that show come from here. So, thank you, BWD and everybody for this community.


  35. I don’t think we can over-estimate how important these numbers are. That is deep support.

    I would have done cartwheels at 60m.

    Now the comparison to Republican numbers (almost 2-1 Obama outraised the Republican field) because they have Citizens United. I frankly expect that people will use their money unfettered rather than tied to a campaign. But there have to be some liberal groups as well who form some groups, right?

  36. the washington post really set the PL off the deep end. I have a feeling the PCCC fell for that lie in a way that has them saying they won’t vote for the president.


    meanwhile mcconnell gives a huge opening on the debt ceiling. πŸ™‚

  37. I think we have to look very closely at how we can improve the Senate. This is a major uphill battle.

  38. Murdoch has just withdrawn his bid to acquire the rest of BSkyB. This will not stop any of the investigations that have now been launched.

  39. That was all a bit of a mess. To this day there are no confirmed sources on what exactly the President was willing to compromise on social security and medicare. He did certainly confirm outright that he was willing to do so. And I must agree with Nancy Pelosi that those are not negotiations that should be made with a gun to our heads and a 10-day deadline. What was particularly impressive to me was that Democrats were able to walk a fine line between saying that cuts to these programs were unacceptable, without doing damage to the President. If all Democrats had been doing that all the time (like Republicans used to do until the tea party took over), we never would have lost the House. Imagine — just imagine if Nancy Pelosi was still Speaker…….

    No one ever disputed the 87/13 original split. No one disputed the 75/25 of the newer proposals — that’s a lot of cuts to raise in revenue. As much as I appreciate how important it is to Obama to get a deal of any kind, the devil is in the details and there are lines that have to be drawn in order to maintain support. This was a difficult 5 days or so for seniors who were starting to come back to the President. He has to be mindful of that as well. It’s kind of an icky argument to have to make: Social Security and Medicare were pawns in the negotiations but see — it worked. It’s a little harder sell when the President has said he’s willing to bargain with these items. If it keeps the Republicans from getting drastic cuts it’s a huge win. If it’s tied to revenue increases it’s a win, but a harder sell at 75/25 than 50/50 would be. There may be some seniors who don’t forget that their social security and medicare were pawns in the mix. I know. I’m still doing damage control but I’m getting through. Because at least my frightened friends and family WANT to believe in this President.

  40. I hope they continue to investigate. The lid needs to be blown off this guys empire. He has strangled the media business and I hope the “shit hits the fan.”

  41. Congratulation to the “real” Wisconsin Dems who won all their primaries yesterday and to Ms. Hahn who won in CA-36 in a red district.

    We have only just begun in our fundraising. I am looking forward to our birthday money bomb on the 4th.

  42. Yes — they’re are mostly capitalists, just trying to manipulate things enough to pull cash out of those poor suckers who are dumb enough to give to someone like Adam Green

  43. Larry O did an excellent job once again pointing out how skilled a negotiator our POTUS is.

    And enough with the “lines in the sand” hogwash, that’s hogwash from Ed Shultz and the PL. They wanted lines in the sand during the tax cuts extension fight, and they were WRONG.

    I believe what Larry O believes… that Obama was NEVER going to agree to $4 trillion in cuts, he threw that number out there knowing that Republicans would also never agree to that big a number in cuts. Low and behold, they’re backing down, and it looks like we’ve gone full circle to getting what POTUS and Dems originally wanted… a clean bill that does nothing but raise the debt ceiling, while the Republicans get nothing but the wrath of the Republican establishment.

    I’ve learned thus far NEVER to doubt the negotiating skills of our President. He’s not going to allow any package that makes cuts to SS/Medicare benefits, or really any package that would doom him politically in the long haul. He is way too smart and intelligent for that.

  44. So proud of all of you and BWD let’s not stop and countinue our strenght fot support of our President. Please stop paying attention from the other side the PL want McConnell and Bohner in charge if that’s what they want.

  45. Yes, I think in the end, even if the public associates raising the debt ceiling with Pres. obama, they will first think, “Well, we don’t want to hold off on Social Security checks, do we?”

    Every time–every single time–people flip out over the president, based on rumors or just vapid suspicions. And every time he in one fell swoop he makes both the GOP and far left look like foolish children.

  46. Wow. Who can compare to President Obama? There is no one. I know I’ll get flamed for the link but this diary isn’t about charts that I can find somewhere else. This is someone’s experience at a call-in town hall in Nebraska:


    For the record I do not get mired in the comments. I glance through (sometimes). But this particular report is very, very heartening. It’s interesting how CBS wrote the headline about Obama’s saying (in answer to a direct question, mind you) that social security AND OTHER checks (the ‘other’ checks didn’t make it to the headline) would be in jeopardy if the debt ceiling were not raised. We watched the MSM trying to spin it that Obama was choosing not to pay social security — God, they are despicable.

    But that’s not how it was taken by seniors or the children of seniors in this Nebraska townhall. It appears that these Republican-leaning constituents fully understood who was to blame.


  47. It was a good day for Democrats.

    In all fairness I think CA-36 is purple at best but I may be wrong. I know Jane Harman was too pro-military to please me but I don’t know if it’s a red district per se. I may be wrong.

  48. I thought/hoped the number would be about $80M based on the number of contributions and am thrilled silly that the real numbers exceeded my optimistic projections. Rock on, real base!!!

  49. And, I have also read that the cuts Obama may have had in mind regarding medicare were more related to defunding programs that pay for questionable or even wasteful services to hospitals. Those cuts would most likely make Medicare more robust and even more efficient. But, who know for sure what’s actually going on.

  50. A small correction (and we have to be careful with our wording): it was never 4 tn in cuts. It was a debt reduction package of 4tn that included revenue increases.

    We have to be careful not to fill any background noise with a 4 tn in cuts meme.

    My only problem with Lawrence was that he laid everything out. He even said he hoped the GOP wasn’t listening so that they wouldn’t figure the game out. Gee, Lawrence!

  51. Those cuts have been in the mix for a long time. There is some pushback, of course, from hospitals who make their profits off these un-needed or redundant tests.

    Anything that decreases benefits is the issue. All Democrats can understand making the system more efficient and eliminating waste. Hey, ACA started by just going after the fraudsters like, well, the Governor of Florida who actually got elected after defrauding taxpayers for a huge amount.

  52. I am very impressed and happy with this amount. It’s a lot more thathe 60 they were trying to achieve. And it should (but won’t) put to rest that POTUS is losing his base. But everytime they push that theme we have to be prepard to push back. Forcefully.

  53. Ed Schultz is an idiot. He’s not smart, he does no homework. and he’s intellectually incapable of understanding complex issues. Unfortunately he has a blue collar appeal that is a niche that isn’t filled by another progressive commentator. He doesn’t think before he speaks.

    He’s the one who for weeks thought Obama was a failure if he didn’t join the protests in WI. God. He watches way too many movies and thinks that’s how real life works. Even the organizers in WI (except one or two that Ed found to be the ‘voice’ of WI on his radio and TV shows) didn’t want Obama to come. They didn’t want the story to be about Obama but to keep the focus on their specific problems with their specific Governor and legislature. But that’s way too deep for Ed Schultz to understand.

  54. The ‘base’. Jane Hamsher, Gleen Greenwald and Adam Green who are no better than teabaggers at slanting the news to feed their bias.

    It’s so obvious: if they’d celebrated progress they would have been respected by the Democratic power structure and would have had a voice to ask for more. Just like Republicans did for 35 years, until they’d earned their teabagging dream.

  55. Good Morning BWD family

    So much good news to wake up to. I had one more story I wanted to share.

    Yesterday I spent about 3 hours phone banking for Janice Hahn. The comment that struck me the most was folks who said “We have been getting calls all day – stop calling”. Now setting the technical issues aside, (we should have a database that takes folks out of the call list after they have been contacted) – that is a great complaint.

    There were MANY folks making calls for Janice yesterday and in the days running up to the election. This is great practice for OFA. As I watched Jim Messina’s video I was not just impressed by the $$, I was impressed by the number of offices, one on ones, and volunteers.

    It felt great to step away from the Web and talk to folks who could cast a vote and make a difference. This might be a good time to repeat a few suggestions that have been made over the past few weeks

    1. Let’s post the volunteer activities we participate in at this blog. Reading about these types of activities will inspire and encourage everyone at the blog (it’s not boastful to say you went to a meeting or made phone calls, it’s inspiring)

    2. When the PL or Repubs do something outrageous, we can donate AND OR volunteer. How fun to march into an OFA office and know that you are there in part because of the stupidity of McConnell or Green.

    3. If anyone has questions or confusion about OFA volunteer opportunities, don’t hesitate to ask them here. When I first joined the blog I was the “Queen of the Dumb question”, and everyone was happy to help.

    4. Finally I wanted to repost a portion of an article by Smartypants last week. She quoted an artcle by Giordano

    Activism is the practice of preaching to the choir, rallying the already converted, and trying to convince other “activists” to do your work for you (say, call your Congressman, or write your Senator for or against a piece of legislation). Activists like to make declaratory “statements,” hold “meetings,” invite other activists (usually fairly hegemonic of the same socio-economic demographics as them), engage in group “process,” make “decisions,” veto (or attempt to do so) others from taking initiative outside of the groupthink that too often happens in activist projects, declare “party lines,” enforce them, and claim that one is part of a “movement” even when there is no evidence that one really is.

    Organizing is something completely different: It is based on attainable and quantifiable goals (be they small, as in, “put a stop sign in the neighborhood,” or be they large, as occurred last year: elect an underdog as president of the United States). Here’s a simple yardstick by which to measure: If it doesn’t involve knocking on doors, making phone calls or otherwise proactively communicating with people demographically different than you, it’s not organizing. If it doesn’t involve face-to-face building of relationships, teams, chains of command, and, day-by-day, clear goals to measure its progress and effectiveness, it’s not organizing. If it happens only on the Internet, that’s not organizing either…

    I had never read this article and it really made an impression on me. I hope it will inspire others to become organizers.

    smartypants article

  56. Of course the GOP aren’t listening, that’s why they are feeling the wrath of the Republican establishment for caving away the store. It was Erick Erickson at Redstate that said he wanted to burn McConnell at the state for caving, and the Tea Partiers aren’t too pleased either.

    I would be wary of being too hard on Larry O, he’s virtually the only pundit in the media defending POTUS and his negotiating style while Keith, Rachel, Ed, and the PL continue to berate and bash POTUS. Larry O also has experience in Congress dealing with matters such as the debt ceiling, so I would trust his word over Keith, Rachel, Ed, and the rest of the PL who are blowing hot smoke out of their asses.

  57. From what I read, CA36 was a huge blue district and the Republicans didn’t have a prayer of winning there. And according to a poster from another blog that lives there, the Republican was virtually unknown other than the occasional flyer on a telephone pole.

    And neither the DCCC nor the NRCC spent a huge amount of money in that district, it wasn’t even a contest per se. Any Democrat would have won there, though I read there was a bit of a beef between the eventual Dem nominee and a more progressive Dem that ran against her during the primaries, but even that wasn’t a huge factor in this special election.

  58. This is cool. I assume Rachel will lead with the story tonight:

    ” [Outserve] is the association of actively-serving LGBT military personnel. With over 3,300 members and 42 chapters worldwide, it is the one of the largest LGBT employee resource groups in the world. OutServe works to support a professional network of LGBT military personnel and create an environment of respect in the military with regard to sexual orientation and gender identity.

    Cool! Members of OutServe were invited to attend the signing of the bill that took the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy out of Congress’s grubby mitts last December. And now, as DADT finds itself rotting in the dumpster of history after 18 years, Sue Fulton has been appointed by President Obama to join the U.S. Military Academy Board of Visitors. Yeah—that’s West Point”

  59. Same with RMaddow and the NY Gay Marriage bill. If PBO would have stated his unequivacal support for the bill on the eve of the vote, the GOPers that voted for it would not have, and IT WOULDN”T HAVE PASSED. Period! End of story. What about this does she not get? Is it willful ignorance or just the game she is playing as a part of the corporate media? I have not forgiven her for this, and I will not be watching her show again until I hear that she realizes her mistake. I will not miss every opportunity to tell other folks this is how I feel either. Same goes for the whole mess of them. They FAIL at politics IMO
    Sad that Rachel is just adding to the corporate noise machine instead of making a REAL contribution to” progressive” values. Oh, and I am having a really hard time calling myself a “progressive.” The PL has defamed that moniker for me..

  60. Pelosi Remarks at Press Conference with Women Members of Congress Calling for Deficit Reduction Agreement that Strengthens Medicare and Social Security

    I recommend you skim the remarks and read the Q and A. The first question has a great quote from Nancy about how proud she is of the President. The last question Kathy Hochul, the newly elected Congresswoman gives a great answer.


  61. WIW: I have so much DEEP respect for what you are doing. YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Your focus on ACTION and spreading the FACTS: exactly what we have to focus on from today until November 2012. I have been referring people to your website, local Dems and others that have questions. You are simply amazing! Your total dedication and your ability to focus through all of the noise is just the role model that we all need. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!!

  62. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/congress-hears-outcry-from-business-lobby-on-debt-ceiling-and-deficit/2011/07/12/gIQAiVGpAI_story.html?hpid=z1

    Time to declare victory, accept the McConnell proposal (unless there are some serious poison pills in it, but so far so good). Get a clean bill on raising the debt ceiling. Yes, Republicans will be able to sell that Obama is EVIL to their base for raising the debt ceiling, but as long as Obama continues to be as effective as he has been about the consequences of not raising it, it is no longer an issue until the 2012 elections.

    Make noises about a better debt reduction package. But please — let the debt ceiling raise go through. It’s enough to get damn near everything we need to move forward.

    Thoughts? Am I wrong?

  63. Mornin’ fellow Obamabots/Obots,

    Hell yeah, WE are FIRED UP…

    I know, some of us have received an email and/or mail correspondence about PBHO’s 50th Birthday…

    Let’s celebrate it w/a bang by donatin’, if you can afford it, $50 (or less) for a “Aug 4th Money Bomb!”

    Whaddaya say πŸ˜• πŸ˜€

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  64. WiW, it was a good day for Democrats yesterday.

    And don’t forget that all the ‘fake’ Democrats were defeats in the WI recall primaries yesterday, handily.

    All it takes is Democrats showing up to vote. Why is that so hard?

  65. Thanks Rock for that flashback. Those 2008 campaign seens brought back memories. πŸ™‚

  66. This is what I’ve been talking about: this is how great messaging is done. And frankly, there have been few ‘hair-on-fire’ outburst throughout this.

    I have to assume a great deal of credit goes to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. I would not have been surprised to see the usual screaming and attacking that we’ve seen way too many times. Instead there were clear messages from the Democratic caucus about strengthening Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, being obtusely critical of any discussions of whether serious cuts were on the table; and all the while not doing damage to the President and his bargaining position.

    Is anyone on board with me being happy Anthony Weiner isn’t around to hog the air waves and call the President names that then become the story?

    Celebrate progress and work for more. Why is that so hard for the PL to understand? Don’t they realize that they’d have a place at the table if they’d do that? They’d actually get closer to what they allegedly want than by being destructive?

  67. Actually OFA (Obama’s personal campaign legions) raised 47mil of personal small donations. The DNC added another 37mil plus. Did you all not listen to the video? This 86mil is a combined figure. As they say……IT’S ALL GOOD!! πŸ™‚

  68. I might actually pick up the phone when the DNC calls (at least once a day) and tell them that if they continue to work this effectively, I’ll actually send them a few bucks. I will not, however, if the DNC does not pull together to work for incremental change in a positive manner and not do damage to the President.

    It’s just stunning to me that there has been this kind of message discipline throughout this very difficult period. Leo Gerard (which union is he head of? I forget) put the blame squarely on the Republicans, did mention that he had some questions about what was apparently on the table, but did it in a way that didn’t damage the President. Raul Grialja, the same thing.

  69. I’m a little hesitant today. I heard the President say that he would NOT approve anything that kicked the deficit decisions down the road. Am I wrong?
    Until I hear a response from PO about this new weird suggestion about the debt ceiling, I’m am holding myself in check.

  70. I guess Boehner is saying it can’t pass.

    So default is better?

    Or will we get the original deal? I want to see the debt ceiling off the table until after 2012.

  71. I read that too Faith, and thought the comments were heartening that it the President gentle comment about SS and other checks might not go out if this is not resolved. However, the RW radio folks are countering it by calling it fearmongering and there’s plenty of money, yadda, yadda, yadda. But it is getting attention of the seniors, disabled, vets, etc., who are also teabaggers. The don’t tread on me as long as you leave my government check alone.

  72. I think he said he wouldn’t sign anything that kept the debt ceiling hostage down the road. I may be wrong. Yes, he wants to tackle the deficit in general but I’m unsure if he meant he wouldn’t sign any debt ceiling increase without a full package. I may be wrong. Thoughts?

    There are noises today that he’s still pushing for a big deal, BEFORE the debt ceiling is decided and yes, that makes me a little uneasy. I’m afraid that a big deal with a 75/25 split and Social Security and Medicare in the mix won’t actually do enough to impact the deficit especially if the President is good as his word that no revenue increases will kick in for two years. I don’t think that’s a good deal for the economy, the U.S. Treasury or Democratic electoral fortunes in 2012. I think it throws a lot of people out of work, onto unemployment rolls and does nothing to increase revenue. The President on Monday was clear that he was talking about taxes not increasing until 2013. He said nothing about cuts being held off until then. He’s a careful man. I don’t think this was a mistake (sent me a bit over the edge of Monday).

    I’m not doing any cartwheels yet. It appears that Boehner could not get McConnell’s proposal through the House so there may be ‘compromise’ from Republicans back to the original deal, which was 87/13 cuts to revenue (that figure has never been disputed but never actually confirmed either). Republicans could claim ‘compromise’ and that’s a soundbite I don’t like giving them. I think it increases unemployment, does nothing to stimulate the economy except close a few corporate jet loopholes. It’s a start but maybe not enough to help the economy and thereby help Democrats in 2012.

    Still plenty to unfold.

  73. We have to remember folks that while this 86mil is a tremondous figure for a quater and we have doubled the total Rethug contributions it still does not match what the Teapublicans will be getting as far as unlimited cash through any means necessary due to Citizens United.

    That being said I pray that Dem and Progressive/Lib groups have been forming their own PACS and outside subgroups to raise cash for Dem campaigns. We will need it once the GOP elect their nominee. Remember the Supreme Court has created this atmosphere so it is legal. I know President Obama has made a pledge not to accept PAC and Special interest monies, but how else will we compete? These small donation figures are staggering, but will pale in comparison once Coporate America gets started with their unlimited cash cow to the Rethugs.
    I know the PL is raising their own cash. Hope that doesn’t take away from potential legit doners to PBO and other Dems. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!

  74. It’s all good, but not the same as Obama raising 86m.

    Was the goal, then 60m for Obama and he raised 47m? I’m just asking so I know how to process all of this.

  75. Combined Obama personal and DNC: 47m for Obama, 37m for the DNC.

    So is this on track? Podcasts don’t run very well on my creaky old computer so I didn’t know this right away.

    Is this okay?

  76. That’s even what they said in NY — Obama, stay out of it. Obama got as close as he could to be helpful that fateful Saturday night before the vote. There would have been Republicans that balked just because Obama would have been for it. Who would Rachel have blamed then?

    She hasn’t gone back to sanity since. New York has an administratively strong governorship, who could wield great power over projects, etc. A President can’t just dole out stuff like the governor of NY can. And although it’s been painted as if every Republican vote was because they had seen the light, a lot had to do with deals, projects, etc. It was also a coalition of groups on the pro-marriage side who understood how to effective change. Something the DCCC and the other PL groups could emulate if they really want progress.

  77. I would expect that. But if anyone should know that fear works, it’s Rush Limbaugh.

  78. That’s right…

    You betcha! πŸ˜‰

    Off-topic: Amk, you have a safe and successful trip…

    And, WE’ll “see” you on your return! πŸ™‚

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  79. Okay. So you’re saying 60m for Obama was the goal?

    Then I’m afraid he didn’t make the goal. 47m personal and the rest to the DNC.

  80. “I know, because I’m one of those Democrats that’s been having a flippin’ hissy fit almost every day, and you know that’s true because I’ve written 65 other letters pretty much telling you what I think. It’s taken me a long time, but I get it now. I know where you’re going.”


    I could have saved my friends on the left a lot of aggravation if only they would listen to me when I tell them that PBO is NOT the enemy and they always remember….

    Patience is a virtue
    Virtue is a grace
    Put them both together
    And you’ll have a happy face πŸ™‚

  81. Ed is a loud blowhard, and figures that loud poutrage will make people incensed.. The louder he blows ..the less people listen. I personally think he does this because that is what is expected of him, and what people want to hear. How wrong can you be.
    God, who really needs that at 10.00.pm in the night.?! Geez, I am already winding down at that hour, so let’s just leave Ed to his ranting, raving loud self,shall we?

  82. BWD you were asking about the Numbers. They were busy counting all that money HA!

  83. You bet…

    Ain’t that tha truth!

    So, WE just keep on “keepin’ on donatin’,” and doin’ whatever is necessary, by any means necessary, to re-elect PBHO and a “sane” Congress!

    Right? πŸ˜€

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  84. β€œFrankly, the base has just vanished.”
    — Keith Olbermann – December 7th 2010

    Keith Olbermann’s last broadcast on MSNBC — January 21st 2011

    Obama raises 86 million dollars from a record amount of donors — July 13th 2011

    Why the hell anyone on the left still listens to the “Special Comments” of that self important blowhard is beyond me.


  85. $60m was the combined goal for OFA and the DNC. So $86m is more than golden. πŸ˜€

    But, I really hope that liberal superPACs start gearing up. Perhaps closer to the primaries.

  86. Good news! Gotta keep at it though. PBO does not want this debt ceiling to consume our time again soon especially around the next election. MM is just trying to hang the whole raising the debt on PBO so they can use it for an election theme. PBO point blank said he would not support having it come up again in a short time frame.

  87. Great news. We will keep working to bring our President his second term. We are grateful and with more gratefulness to come. Let’s keep moving.

  88. Another tightening of the noose around Rupie. From ThinkProgress:

    Another United States senator has joined ThinkProgress’ call for a Department of Justice and SEC investigation of News Corporation. Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) writes:
    I am writing to express my deep concern regarding allegations that News Corporation and its subsidiaries bribed foreign law enforcement officials for information to advance their business interests. If true, these allegations may be a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977. […] Further investigation may reveal that current reports only scratch the surface of the problem at News Corporation. Accordingly, I am requesting that the DOJ and the SEC examine these circumstances and determine whether U.S. laws have been violated.

  89. Okay, Faith is back from the ledge:

    In Presidential election cycles it is normal to lump personal and party money in the figures. George W. Bush had held the previous record, at $50m, combined.

    These are great numbers. Just great.

  90. LL, Barbara Boxer has now joined in the call for News Corp to be investigated in the US. Australia is already moving on this as well. There is no safe haven for Rupee anymore.

  91. LL, they’re already geared up:

    @billburton716: The $86m the President raised with 550k donors is still less than the Koch brothers said they’re going to spend… from just 2 donors. (Bill Burton is on Twitter.)

    Priorities USA Action… http://www.prioritiesusaaction.org/welcome

    So, WE need to keep on donatin’! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  92. Thanks LH for lettin’ us know about this…

    Will listen!

    And, WhatIsWorking may want to add this “gem” to her blog’s ‘Talkin’ Points’ List. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™„

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  93. That’s why, along w/the TeaPublicans, WE have to keep “callin’ ’em out” about our displeasure!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  94. All what you said…

    (((Africa))) sorry about that job. Your dream will be fulfilled!

    You must BELIEVE that!

    And, for you and other Obamabots, all those extra ‘special’ donations are “given in your names” until… ::Virtual Hugs::

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  95. That was supposed to be about Lawrence O’Donnell!He is the only one with direct experience in Congressional negotiations.

  96. Credit goes to Al Giordano who wrote that article in 2009. He is an organizer’s organizer…top shelf and one of the best writers on the planet.

  97. Complacency *IS,* definitely, not a good thing…

    And, Joe, besides the elected TeaPublicans, at the local/state and federal-level, and Koch & Co., WE are up against this:

    DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Walton, ALEC, AFC – The Corporate Royalists and Right-Wing Groups Propelling the GOP’s Assault on the Middle Class: A handful of rich, right-wing families and corporate chieftains are dedicated to returning America to the days when robber barons ruled… http://tinyurl.com/6d2c4yo

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  98. Not that I have “a good-payin’ job,” but, the same here! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  99. Ed Schultz is just trowing read meat to the PL, and he knows it I never watch his show
    Never. Never doubt Obama he is a master in what he does yes he takes a lot of insults from the PL the are despicable.

  100. I have never trust harman she is too neo/con for my test, she is always attacking PBO.

  101. My understanding of the goal is that together they were hoping to raise 60 million.

  102. Faith,
    I think you’ve bought into the meme that when the President says everything is on the table, that means he was going to agree to cuts in benefits. That is absolutely NOT true, and he’s made that clear both in the press conference, through Jay Carney and also in his television interviews. Don’t worry. President has the seniors’ backs and they will realize that if they don’t already. There are areas to streamline both SS and medicare to ensure their longevity, and that’s what he wants to look at. NOT ANY REDUCTION in benefits. One of the areas I’m guessing is just in streamlining the reporting process to use technology to find savings in the process of delivering those benefits.

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