Tuesday “most masterful rope-a-dope ever seen by a president” mishmash

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Today’s schedule:

10:00 AM
The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office

10:30 AM
The President meets with senior advisors
Oval Office

2:15 PM
The President awards Sergeant First Class Leroy Arthur Petry, U.S. Army, the Medal of Honor; The Vice President also attends
East Room

3:15 PM
The President and the Vice President meet with Congressional Leadership
Cabinet Room


All kinds of cool stuff:

First, obviously, this Lawrence O’Donnell long and awesome segment from last night – is not to be missed.



Washington Post Editorial:

Mr. Obama’s debt deal advice: Give peas a chance

PERHAPS THE president’s pea-dissing will not stand him in good stead with the health-conscious, vegetable-growing first lady, but otherwise President Obama got just about everything right in his news conference Monday. Liberals should acknowledge, as he said, that progressive government depends on controlling the national debt. Conservatives should accept that achieving a deal in a divided government will require some give and take, including on revenue. And, yes, it is time for everyone involved in the budget debate to “eat our peas” — to stop talking about how hard this all is and actually get something done.

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NYT Editorial:

Ideology Trumps Economy

There is a huge gap in logic at the heart of the Republican intransigence on a debt-ceiling deal, and President Obama helped to illuminate it on Monday.
The party claims, as an article of faith, if not evidence, that the government’s growing debt is the reason for persistent unemployment and economic stagnation. And yet Republicans are spurning the president’s compromise offers to reduce that debt by trillions over the next decade because he is sensibly insisting that any deal include some increase in tax revenue.

“Where are they?” Mr. Obama asked at his news conference. “I mean, this is what they claim would be the single biggest boost to business certainty and confidence. So what’s the holdup?”

The holdup, of course, is that Republicans are far more committed to the ideological goals of cutting government and taxes than they are committed to cutting the deficit.

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Gerald F. Seib, WSJ:

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But perhaps most important, the big deal would clear the decks for Mr. Obama to focus on other pursuits, without having deficit problems constantly nipping at his heels. If he wins a second term, you can be sure he would rather think about alternative energy, education and immigration than be nicked and cut at every turn by deficit problems.

So those are the factors motivating Mr. Obama. But how would he handle a failure to get that big deal?

For starters, his talking points practically write themselves: I offered three dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in tax increases, and Republicans turned me down. Because Republican leaders wouldn’t accept any tax increases, everybody will pay more for Medicare and Social Security and get less in benefits down the road.

And ultimately Mr. Obama has one time-honored tactic at his disposal: He can use failure to run, Harry Truman-style, against a “do-nothing Congress.”


Chris Cillizza:

Obama as dad-in-chief

President Obama took a paternalistic approach toward congressional Republicans in Monday’s press conference, using a more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger tone to urge GOP leaders to get something big done on the country’s debt problems.

“It’s time to pull off the Band-Aid, [to] eat our peas,” Obama told reporters gathered in the White House briefing room for the second press conference in as many weeks focused on the onrushing Aug. 2 deadline to cut a deal on raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

Obama repeatedly emphasized that while both sides were going to have to make difficult political choices to get a debt deal done, those sort of hard decisions were part and parcel of governing. Such a compromise would convince people that “this town can do something every once in a while.”

Boil Obama’s message down and you get this: Adults sometimes have to do things that they don’t want to do. This is one of those times. So, let’s get it done.


Obama has a leg up in this fight thanks to his ability to command the attention of the national media whenever he likes. Obama is set on turning this debt fight into a broader argument about what it takes to be a responsible adult. And it’s a fight that could well serve as the main frame of the 2012 presidential campaign.


And, I had to bring here this comment by goblue72 over at Baloon Juice:

Healthcare reform that included largest expansion in Medicaid in several generations. ARRA Stimulus with massive spending on green initiatives. Saving the American auto industry. Two liberal broads appointed to the Supreme Court – a Jew & a Puerto Rican. Lilly Ledbetter. Ending DADT. Finding Osama bin Laden and putting a bullet in his head. He even appointed some Asian physicist nerd from BERKELEY to be in charge of our nuclear program fer chrissakes.

All the while dealing with an economic DEPRESSION, with the opposition party being composed of down-and-out neo-Confedrate traitorous scumbags and the entire corporate kleptocracy allied against him.


Let me repeat – MoFo WON the Presidency. While Black. With a Muslim name.

But no – some white dude in his pajamas and a keyboard knows the politics better than he does.


118 thoughts on “Tuesday “most masterful rope-a-dope ever seen by a president” mishmash

  1. mmmm I love peas, especially with a little prosciutto and a lot of butter.

    But I love this Prez even more than that.

    Can the smart people please run the country? The answer is Yes. We. Can.


  2. Here are two words we need to be throwing around when we tweet, e-mail, facebook or call about these petulant Republicans:

    “Republican intransigence”

  3. Can someone explain to me why is Alan Grayson (who has bashed our President repeatedly) co-opting the president’s “I’m in” slogan to announce his intention to run for congress? And why are all his Old Orange supporters, the majority of whom can’t stand this President, responding in kind “I’m in!” to his diary soliciting campaign donations?

    If you despise someone that much, why are you using their stuff to advertise your stuff?

  4. Alan Grayson is an opportunist. He obviously didn’t get the message last fall when he was kicked out of office for bashing the President and appearing more on teevee and ignoring his constituents.

    I hope a better Democrat beats him in the primary, and as much as I don’t like Republicans, if a Democrat can’t beat him, I hope a Republican does. Grayson didn’t have the balls to primary the President, because Grayson has no platform and is a nobody outside of the political blogs. Grayson bashed the President and now wants his help, well phuck Alan Grayson, PL tool that he is!

  5. Since he frequents the place, perhaps one of PBO’s supporters who’s still over there can write a diary and ask him this question.

  6. Alan Grayson initially got elected on Pres Obama’s coattails and now he’s trying to get back in again on his coattails.

    Its funny – the guy claims that he lost because Democrats did not fight – well he was “fighting” so why didn’t people vote for him.

  7. One thing that was brought up in the comments section was literature on hostage negotiations. I followed a link provided by a commenter and I was truly amazed at how much relevance that information had to the situation we face with the GOP holding the country hostage. It was absolutely what has been going on and the strategies used in those kinds of situations seem like what the President has been doing.

  8. I saw a screen grab of Michele Bachmann’s campaign page and guess what , she’s done the same thing.

  9. Good morning everyone. HOPE you all have a great Tuesday. Love the articles above and epecially liked Lawrence’s segment BWD. It was as good the second time I watched it as it was last night when I saw it for the first time. I only wish Lawrence would be that supportive of the President all the time.

    May today bring movement on the debt ceiling talks so that the President can move onto all the other critical issues before him.

    I am posting the candle link for anyone interested in lighting a candle for our wonderful President.


    I’m off to the twitters to see whats happening in the blogosphere.

  10. The analysis by O’Donnell is brilliant. In fact, it is funny to hear Bonner saying the debt ceiling must be raised and that it jeopardizes the economy–a position that was anathema to Repugs throughout the year. And, it is great to see the very people who decried the deficit all this time, now fleeing from a big reduction. That, for those who have always seen the prez as a masterful; chess player, is a stroke of political genius.

  11. Mornin’ Jackie,

    Thanks for the link, I’m goin’ there, now!

    And, you have an enjoyable day! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  12. He is a loud mouth who speaks when he should be listening; screams when he should be thinking. i sometimes wonder why he is considered a Democrat.

  13. Yes, I’ve been suspended from posting there, but a few folks have commented in his diary and asked him what exactly is he going to run on – especially seeing that he lost by 18 points in the midterms, when Democrats in swing or Republican Floridian districts lost by an average of 4 points.

  14. O’Reilly Warns Michele Bachmann On Debt Fight: ‘You Are The Renegade Here’

    I know BWD will hammer me for posting right wing crap, but I post this to make the point that when even Bill O Reilly is being the reasonable one on this whole debt/deficit fight, you KNOW that Bachmann and the Tea Party Republicans are really delusional and out of their minds!

  15. I’ve noticed that everyone who comes out strong against the President usually go down in flames or have to eat their words. Gingrich,Weiner and Grayson and Santorum, and of course the Donald, just to name a few.I quess they have not learned not to tug on superman’s cape or spit into the wind.

  16. Toon~ I stumbled across that site recently. What a find! The commentary is insightful, well-written, and doesn’t pull its punches but highly amusing at the same time because he’s telling the pure, unadulterated truth!

  17. “Republican intransigence”

    Are you sure that expression isn’t too elitist ?

    I mean, I know that Res Publica is Latin and means, roughly “that which matters to the public”.

    But then, I am a college educated white male in his fifties (and a filthy commie European to boot) /snark.

  18. I like Chris Cizilla’a comment about the Adult thing to do. It really is high time those who lead (and the rest of us) began practingg adult behaviors and conversations. I say practicing because I don’t believe its natural for us and our young people are proof. Most of them behave very childishly well past their 20’s.

    I’m praying President Obama will remind us and inspire us to take on the position and power of being an adult. For example allowing people who differ in opinion to voice that opinion Peace

  19. What a great mishmash!!!! When I heard Lawrence last night I was almost in shock. Looks like reporters and pundits are finally seeing the light. The repubs will do anything to defeat this President even if it ruins this country.

    Have a great day everyone!

  20. Chris Matthews was good last night too. Dare we hope that some of the talking heads are actually starting to get it????

  21. lol..caught him trying to ride the wave of Pres. Obama’s momentum back into
    congress…Then if he gets in he’ll be all over the “Liberal Networks” telling POTUS how to do his job….Phukin Phony..!! 😀

  22. I just read this comment in the NY times on “Ideology trumps Economics” and it is so true about the so called “tax cuts” and it being an” entittlement” program to the rich. This should be tweeted loud and clear.

    ” It seems the Republicans need to learn that political correctness is an equal-opportunity folly. “PC” is insisting that preserving tax benefits for the wealthy is essential, but prosperity for the rest of the economy is not. Tax cuts have become just as much an “entitlement program” as Medicare, but one with far less moral justification or societal benefit.

    Whether it’s a tax cut, or a benefit increase, it’s government spending. Is it better to keep spending on those who refuse to put their wealth to productive purpose, “Just give us a bit more, we promise we’ll unleash prosperity!” or to give jobs to those who pump every cent they get back into the economy? As long as we’re waiting for the trickle-down to arrive, the boat can’t float.”

  23. Nintendo~ I thought it was interesting that when asked for proof that we didn’t need the debt ceiling raised, all she offered was the statement, “Well, if you look at the books..”
    What books? And after O’Reilly boxed in her in a corner showing that the leader of her own party acknowledged that the debt ceiling had to be raised, she reverted back to her talking points AND moved the goal post to include health care…

    Unfortunately, (and if you place a lot of faith in polls) she’s gaining traction and appears to be the front runner.

  24. The Repbulicans are acting like teenagers playing a game of chickem in their souped up roadsters (boy does that date me). The President, and suddenly most of the Dems, are acting like people who know this isn’t a game.
    As I have said before, it is time to stop using the “drive into a ditch” analogy and talk about how the Republicans want to drive the country over a cliff.

  25. How about Republican bullheadedness. Seems like even “real ‘mericans” might understand that.

  26. They’re simply giving praise where praise is due. It won’t be long before the next thing that they disagree with comes down the pike and they’ll be right back to bashing the POTUS, questioning his decisions, or telling him what to do or say and how to do or say it…

  27. The support of Grayson is pretty much a clear indication to me that I will have many disagreements with the person who supports him. The man is a loudmouth, blustering, obnoxious fool. He undermines what he says he supports by his own behavior and he turns off more support than he gains every time he opens his mouth. Anyone who thinks that his brand of politics is the way to go, doesn’t strike me as a very intelligent person. I suppose I’d rather see Grayson than a Republican in that seat, but not by much. I’d much rather see an intelligent, thoughtful Democrat who knows how to advance Democratic goals while selling those goals to the general public so that they support them too. Grayson will never be able to do that.

  28. Obviously Grayson doesn’t understand how HIS behavior contributed to not being re-elected. For people like this it’s always someone else’s fault.

  29. That’s good if she’s the frontrunner, she’ll be an easier opponent for POTUS to shellack, seeing as independents and moderate Republicans don’t want to vote for a crazy Tea Party wingnut as President. It would be almost like a national equivalent of Chris Coons vs Christine “I’m Not a Witch” O’Donnell.

    And yeah, it was telling how Bill O’Reilly stuck up for not only Boner and McConnell, pointing out that even they want the debt ceiling raised, but also for Secretary Geithner. Bill O’Reilly is a blustering asshole, but he does occasionally know a losing battle, and the debt ceiling is a losing battle. Too bad batshitcrazy Michele would rather play Tea Party wingnut politics “Blah blah blah Obamacare needs to be cut to raised the debt ceiling,” but then again she has as much a chance of becoming President as the Texas Rangers have at winning a World Series.

  30. Good morning < yes Alan Grayson is an opportunist. I said that a long time when he was in congress he was always trowing red meat to the Orange site, and they bought his bull-shit. The donated a lot of $$$$ for his re-election and LOST I'am so freaking happy.
    PBO yes he was a masterful on the prez Conf. yesterday O"Donnell at MSNBC did a great job last night I just watched the clip Thanks BWD PBO called the GOP"s B.S let's Go
    Fuckers. sorry I just love this President.

  31. Grayson was an opportunist and will always be one he advantage on Pres Obama’s coattails on 2008 he is an Asshole sorry, And please let’s NOT pay attention to the Freaking Orange site anymore they crazy I had enough allready and I’am too old for this Bullshit Yes we can Mr President.

  32. Honestly, I think the corporate owners of the media are finally encouraging some pushback because they are truly frightened about the debt ceiling and the very real and very dire consequences republicans will cause if they don’t get in line. It was all fine and dandy when they thought they could bully the President into keeping their taxes low and cutting off social spending, but they are finally realizing that the President is not going to be bullied over this and that any failure will fall squarely on the shoulders of the republicans. Not only would that devastate the economy (and the media owners’ portfolios) it would lead to colossal republican losses in the next election and probably for decades to come.

    They unleashed this beast of ignorance, intolerance and extremism as a means to an end. The end was to enrich themselves. It has worked quite well for a long time, but it became necessary to up the extremism every election and now they have gone so far that they actually have many elected officials who really believe the crap they have pushing on the public to get votes but never intended to act upon. Now they are desperately trying to educate the willfully uneducated and get the true believers to see that their beliefs were just a con. I think they are truly scared by the Tea Party idiots they themselves promoted and got elected. They thought no one could actually believe that crap they were selling and now they are finding out, to their horror, that they do. So it is time to unleash the attacks against them and hope that it is in time to save the day.

    This is what happens when you use nothing but “yelling louder” and the “bully pulpit” to sway public opinion. It might work for a while but it generally leads to some sort of catastrophe when you have unsophisticated people, who don’t really understand what is behind the talking points but just react with emotion, leading the show. It takes longer and is much harder work, to make people understand the reasons you stand for what you do, the advantages of your stance and how that will improve their lives, but it will make lasting converts who truly understand and aren’t just jingoistic supporters without enough understanding to even know that crashing the world economy in the name of “our way or the highway patriotism” would hurt them.

  33. I read that NYT piece, too, and it struck me as odd that the author focused solely on cuts to discretionary spending and made no mention that the President also said that the cuts would include cuts to Defense. Looks to me like that piece was more about promoting the Dem’s offering for a debt reduction plan.

  34. I always refer to them as “repugslugs” and “traitors”. I would like for ppl to think of ugly slow moving slimy slugs and to understand that what they are doing with obstruction, the damage they ae doing to the homeless, the sick, children and seniors is treason.

  35. News International tried to “thwart” the original inquiry into phone hacking at the News of the World, senior Met police officers have told MPs.

    Ex-Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke said while probing the claims in 2006, he came across “prevarication and what we now know to be lies”.

    Assistant Commissioner John Yates said the firm “appears to have failed to co-operate” during his review of the case.


    A police investigation began in 2005, triggered by stories about Prince William’s health in the NoW.

    In his evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Clarke said: “We pursued it as far as we could through the correspondence with the News of the World lawyers.”

    But he added: “This is a major global organisation with access to the best legal advice, in my view deliberately trying to thwart a police investigation.”

    In other developments:

    MPs will vote on Wednesday on a Labour motion urging News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch to withdraw his bid
    News International’s chief executive Rebekah Brooks, chairman James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch have been asked to appear before the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in the Commons next Tuesday. So far there has been no response
    Home Secretary Theresa May said she had confidence in Mr Yates, who is facing calls for his resignation
    Labour leader Ed Miliband has a meeting with the family of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, whose phone was allegedly hacked, and tells them his “heart goes out” to them. They have called on politicians to “stand up to the press”, their solicitor Mark Lewis said


    Hope this mofo and his goebellsian network gets burned completely.

  36. Beautifully stated, lilaf1. It really is hard to imagine that they didn’t know what they were getting with these whackos that got elected. Can they really be that stupid? Or were they just so arrogant as to believe they could control them? They’ve let the Genie out of the bottle now, though, and I don’t see them fixing that any time soon.

  37. I have seen ladies speak; I have met some of them and, believe me, Michele Bachmann is no lady.. She is a skunk.

  38. I assiduously try to avoid comparing anyone to the Nazis, but the German conservatives in the late 20s / early 30s thought they could harness Nazi energy to gain power, and then shunt them off to the side. Obviously, it didn’t work. I hope US conservatives learn that lesson soon before things get worse.

  39. “if a Democrat can’t beat him, I hope a Republican does”


    Grayson is a loudmouth who didn’t think about what he had to say before he said it. But he didn’t lose because his district was mad he was bashing Obama — I only wish. He lost because of tea party insanity.

  40. CIA’s ‘fake vaccine drive’ to get Bin Laden family DNA

    The CIA ran a fake vaccine programme in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad to try to get a DNA sample from the family of Osama Bin Laden, media reports say.

    The Guardian newspaper says CIA agents recruited a Pakistani doctor there to organise the vaccination drive. The paper says he has since been arrested.

    The CIA has refused to comment on the report, which comes as tensions run high between Islamabad and Washington.


    The “project” was started in a poorer part of town to make it look more authentic, the paper said.

    According to the report, the CIA launched the campaign after it tracked down a Bin Laden courier to the compound in the town of Abbottabad.

    Before launching an operation on the compound, US officials wanted to match DNA samples from people living in the compound with a sample they had from his sister, the report said.

    Separately, the New York Times also cited an unnamed US official who said that a vaccination programme was set up as a ruse in the town, because the CIA was struggling to learn whether Bin Laden was truly hiding in the compound.


  41. Guess we’re really going to have to hope that there is some serious recruiting by the Democrats in these districts to capitalize on buyer’s remorse. I hear tell that re-districting is going to help keep some of them in office, but I have a hard time believing that will help all of them.

    I think the biggest untold story in all this is just how many Republicans are leaving the party to become Independents. Independents can’t vote in primaries in most states, so that might make even more crazies showing up on ballots. If these independents can be persuaded to vote Democratic in the general elections, that just might help us.

  42. “Tax cuts have become just as much an “entitlement program” as Medicare, but one with far less moral justification or societal benefit.”

    Excellent — welfare for the wealthy (to paraphrase you)

  43. A little Libya news.

    PARIS (AP) – France’s foreign minister said Tuesday Paris has had contact with emissaries from Moammar Gadhafi who say the embattled Libyan strongman is “prepared to leave.”

    Alain Juppe said that while the contacts do not constitute proper negotiations, “everyone (involved in Libya’s civil war) has contacts with everyone else. The Libyan regime sends its messengers all over, to Turkey, to New York, to Paris.

    “We receive emissaries who are saying, ‘Gadhafi is prepared to leave. Let’s discuss it.'”

    Full article is here: http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_16026/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=XgxE75SL

  44. I always respect your remarks, ninetendo, and I think Grayson was mostly bluster and little substance, but at this point in time, I think I would vote for Joe Lieberman over a Republican (I know, he essentially IS a Republican) because he at least supports a more progressive agenda (e.g., repeal of DADT) some of the time, which beats none of the time.

  45. It’s precisely because Obama has put so much on the table that pundits are looking at him favorably. And yet everything they repeat is exactly what Obama wants them to say — to hell with their motivations. Even the far right loony pundits have only one thing to say: we don’t want tax increases. Which is precisely what Obama wants them to say.

    Someone like Chris Matthews, who is a Democrat, would have cheered the President if he’d ‘fought’ or drawn a progressive line in the sand. But it would not have won over the editorial boards of the WP or Chris Cilizza. The President’s message — that adults compromise, that he’s been willing to compromise on damn near anything, could not paint Republicans in a better corner or shown them in a more unflattering light.

    It’s all great. As long as Republicans don’t accept the ‘deal of the century’. If they truly don’t, an assumption Lawrence O’Donnell made perhaps all too clearly last night — then it’s a win akin to Obama’s bold move with bin Laden. If not bigger.

    Did Lawrence give Republicans a blueprint on how to get this back? What if they accept the deal with changes to social security, Medicare and Medicaid in exchange for some tax increases now. This is of course speculation but the ‘sources’ say part of the deal was to bargain away an opportunity to demand bigger tax increases in the future, make the middle class portion of the Bush tax cuts permanent, and this odious “broaden the base” crap.

    I don’t think Republicans can go there. I actually think they’d rather have a clean bill on the debt ceiling right now and be able to keep this deficit talk an albatross around Obama’s neck until the election. This is what Obama wants to avoid so he should be able to shame them into some kind of deal.

    Devil’s in the details.

  46. As much as I dislike Grayson, purity is a luxury we can’t afford. If a saner Dem beats him in the primary, then all well and good. But if he’s the Dem nominee, then I would encourage the voters in his district to hold their noses and punch his name. At least no one can say that he’s a Blue Dog, and buffoons are a dime a dozen in politics.

  47. The mastery of rope a dope is a skill which I recognized in our President a long time ago, however to win the fight you have to step up and throw some hard flurries of punches at some point.

  48. I said the exact same thing last winter during the tax cut extensions fight: that the PL would go right back to attacking the President in the New year.

    And I have been vindicated multiple times. The PL attacked POTUS for doing nothing in Libya, then attacked him for getting involved; they attacked POTUS for not getting involved in the Scott Walker/Wisconsin fiasco; they attacked him for killing Osama bin Laden 🙄 and now they’re attacking him on this debt limit fight.

    You’d think that the PL would get tired of consistently being wrong, but like the Republicans, they take pleasure in making the wrong calls. Heck, I was mad that the Packers crushed my Steelers in the SuperBowl earlier this year, but I’m not spending my time fuming six months later, these folks have been fuming for three long years because POTUS hasn’t enacted their ideological fantasy land into reality.

  49. I want to see the “Tea Party” freshmen in Congress who are refusing to raise the debt ceiling exposed to the glare of the national spotlight. I’ve heard from President Obama, and I’ve heard from John Boehner and most of the Congressional leadership. But I’d like to hear from the individuals who are actually threatening to blow up the economy. I want them to be put in the hot seat on national TV and be asked if they understand the consequences of their actions. I’d like to know their names and see their faces. I would like them to be told about the economic crash they’re about to cause and I’d like them to accept full responsibility for it.

    Does anyone have contact information for reporters in the national news media, so I can send them this suggestion?

  50. POTUS will throw punches all in due time, when it’s actually time to campaign for his re-election. He’ll throw those punches at whomever his Republican opponent is, and when he does, they will HURT big time!

  51. a night owl, I posted a video from Michele Bachmann upthread when she was on the O’Reilly Factor, talking about how she was vehemently opposed to raising the debt ceiling because there was no compromise to “defund Obamacare.”

    Yeah, she’s not a “Tea Party freshman” per se, but she is in charge of the Tea Party caucus, and I suppose she’s the main culprit behind the other Tea Party wingnuts in the House opposing raising the debt ceiling. O Reilly grilled her, said that she’s a renegade since Boehner and McConnell have BOTH agreed that the debt ceiling needs to be raised, all she did was say “Well look at the books” and resorted to the same old talking points about Obamacare. Bachmann and the rest of the Tea Party Republicans care about nothing more but enriching their own wallets.

  52. Actually I don’t think so. What they are doing is looking at their stock portfolios and home values going down a big black hole. Their grown kids out of work and no end of the misery in sight. Further all the foreign markets will be affected so they can’t even move their money overseas.

  53. Good Morning BWD family

    Here is the video clip of the day from the President’s Press conference. Any help in getting it out is appreciated.

    “If we don’t pay our bills the recovery will get worse”

  54. Thanks, I’ll go watch it. Yes, I know Bachmann is out there, and that she claims to speak for a significant number of rank-and-file members. It’s not so much that I want to know their reasons (which I know are bogus), but if the economy is going down because of these individuals, I want the whole country to know who they are: their names and faces. I want the whole world to know whether or not they even understand what they’re threatening. They shouldn’t get to hide behind Michele Bachmann and Eric Cantor. Are they proud of what they’re doing, or ashamed?

    I just want to send a suggestion to reporters in the national media to put the spotlight on them and start holding them accountable. Any contact info would be appreciated!

  55. From the Boston Globe:

    AT HIS nationally televised press conference yesterday, President Obama showed his determination to solve an egregious problem – and it isn’t the debt ceiling. As fiscal negotiations have dragged on, what’s scaring businesses at home and lenders abroad is not simply the possibility that America won’t pay its bills; it’s also the growing awareness that America can’t pull together in a crisis […]

    Obama frustrates many Democrats by refusing to enter the partisan fray. But his commitment to
    devising a middle path is all that’s keeping Washington from chaos. Fortunately, GOP House Speaker John Boehner and Democratic leaders have been willing to come to the bargaining table, but their rank and file members aren’t fully on board. It’s vital that all members of Congress heed Obama’s call to leadership. More than their political future is at stake.”

    I maintain that if Obama hadn’t gone as far as he’d gone — no matter how much it hurts me personally — he would not have received the virtual universal positive coverage he’s receiving. I found this Boston Globe editorial to be particularly important, even going to the level of showing everyone how this country has ceased pulling together in the crisis and it is squarely on the backs of Republicans. That is huge.

    However, if this deal is heavily weighted toward progressive pain with little actual sacrifice coming from Republicans, then the victory may be short-lived. Obama will have solved the debt ceiling problem, made some progress in actual debt reduction. He will have taken debt talks off the table until after the election — he can make great headway for that reason alone. But austerity doesn’t help job creation. The tax increases — according to Obama himself — won’t kick in until 2013. Will the economy recover quickly enough to keep taxes at status quo over the next two years? Enough to not hurt Obama and Democrats in 2012?

    The strategy is brilliant but this far from being played out yet.

  56. I am about to leave for the Oakland OFA office. If by chance anyone on the blog is also going there today, look for a short middle aged woman with brown hair. It would be fun to actually meet someone from this blog “in the flesh”.

    Have a good day of blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and general online agitating.

    don’t forget to call the Republicans and Democrats and hammer home our talking points.

  57. Here are the names of all the Republicans that signed Norquist’s
    No tax Pledge” This should be a start as to the loons you need to know about!

  58. One thing about the Boston Globe piece: the false equivalency of Democrats and Republicans is ridiculous. But I think the piece on the whole points a finger at Republicans. And I’ve been worried for some time about how, because of treasonous Rush Limbaugh and his ilk, if this country could pull together behind this President in a time of crisis. That I should even entertain such a thought is a sorry commentary on American discourse.

  59. ” A short middle aged woman with brown hair.” You left out a few things: dynamite work ethic,digger of truth AND facts,heart as big as the universe and a tireless supporter of the goodness of the President and all he has done for the country and the world. There. Fixed it. That will make finding you a whole lot easier:)

  60. 2005/ 2006, when Bush was still president and his poodle Tony Blair who probably helped run interference. Now that there’s new sheriff in town, I hope Rupie goes down.

  61. I agree and we need to start putting their names out on the progressive blogs until the lazy azz msm starts putting their names out there. Is there a list anywhere?

  62. I’m not worried about this one. This is something that would fly through Congress if we retain the Senate and take back the House.

  63. I usually don’t like peas that much, but that kind of sounds good–peas with prociutto and butter.

    Oh, and that Balloon Juice comment was fantastic.

  64. No, he had lost his “swing” district from neglect and decided to go down in flames and take other Florida Democrats with him with his radical “pants on fire” antics. The right-wing loved him for giving them a poster child to plaster on ads 24/7 and pasted to flyers to represent all of those wild-eyed , irrational Democrats.

  65. The MSM will do everything it can to undermine Bachmann. Trust me, the coporate overlords do not want Bachmann with 5,000 miles of the Republican nomination. I think you will see more and more negative stories about Bachmann, Cain, and all the other fringe candidates. What you won;t see are negative stories about Romney, Huntsman or Pawlenty.

    Of course, this will allow Bachmann to take on the victim role, like Palin did, which will actually increase the motivation of the TPers to get out and vote for her.

  66. wow. talk about parroting the same talking points again & again while totally not answering the question. Pity that doll face for an anchor just let her ramble on & on instead of just cutting her off.

  67. Didn’t they also sign a pledge to the Constitution of the United States? Or do they work for Grover Norquist and not for the American people?

  68. Hi Ladyhawke

    I had seen it then lost it so thatnks so much, I will add it to the list.

    A general note to everyone, please post things you think will be useful, even if I already have it – it never hurts. I appreciate you guys SOO MUCH.

  69. I have family in Yuma. My Sis-in-law says there are some real dizzy biscuits living in Quartzite. They better be careful or they will lose all that lovely lucre from the tourists who flock there every winter.

  70. I think, Tien Le, that the corporatists thought that they could control them, and that the teapublicans would be so grateful for the millions they spent on their campaigns to help get them elected that they’d listen to them, but it has not turned out that way. When one is serious about governing, quality matters as much as quantity. Sure, the GOP regained the House but with major headaches. Boehner has a significant percentage of his House membership who think nothing of defying him or the corporatists who helped elect them.

  71. Well…they Corporate folks can just put their money in someone else’s campaign instead then. They aren’t obligated to support this crop of freshman legislators. Or even the Republicans at this point.

  72. I totally agree with you, Sheila. I want every Democrat in Congress to win, including Blue dogs. Regaining the majority puts the Democrats back in control of Congress.

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