Monday Open Mishmash

Hi guys,

Busy day for me, I hope to be back a little later. Don’t forget PBO’s press conference at 11 ET.

Have a good day.


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  1. POTUS will emerge victorious as he always does, I can hardly wait for his presser!

  2. BSkyB takeover by rupie doubtful

    The culture secretary is seeking fresh advice from regulators on News Corp’s takeover bid for BSkyB, amid the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

    Jeremy Hunt has written to media regulator Ofcom after the 168-year-old paper was shut down.

    Mr Hunt requested a new assessment of the bid by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which also owned the paper.

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg called on Mr Murdoch to “do the decent thing” and reconsider the bid.

    Meanwhile, the BBC understands there is evidence the News of the World (NoW) was paying a Metropolitan Police Royal Protection Squad officer for the contact details of senior members of the royal family, their friends and their relations.

    The BBC’s Business Editor Robert Peston said he understood the paper found e-mails in 2007 which included requests by a reporter for sums of about Β£1,000 to pay police officers in the royal protection branch for the information.

    In other developments:

    The Labour leader Ed Miliband said David Cameron’s version of events on his employment of former NoW editor Andy Coulson as his official spokesman “did not add up”. He said he wanted the PM to explain to the House of Commons apparent inconsistencies.
    The BBC understands Rebekah Brooks could be questioned by police as a witness, rather than a suspect. Mrs Brooks has denied having had any knowledge of hacking while she was editor from 2000 to 2003.
    The chairman of the media select committee, Tory MP John Whittingdale, said the BSkyB bid should be put on hold in the present “poisonous atmosphere”.

    Really nicky boy > You seriously expect rupie to ‘do the decent thing’ ? What has gotten on you ?

  3. That little twirp on cspan this morning, Adam green- talking about primarying the president and fundraising off of the president wanting to cut ss!
    Note to Adam green, he only suggested lowering cola to make it last longer than 2037?
    Of course, if that came out he would not be able to fundraise and get people to sign that stupid pledge he has.

    To many special interests!

  4. That Adam Green is just revolting . . He’s always all about the fund raising. Amazing how many suckers there are out there, willing to send off cash to support the likes of Adman Green. If you want to make a charitable contribution, find a more worthwhile charity!!!

  5. If it is left to the Conservative government and its functionaries, Murdoch will not only get BSkyB, they will give him a peerage–a Lord or something. Do you remember another criminal by the name Conrad Black? He is in an American jail but in London and in Canada, he is still a Lord with all the privileges the title confers…

    Conservatives just do not think the way normal people think. It has happened in the U.S of A recently, when Paul Bremer and George Tenet were given very high honors by W, instead of being sent to the slammer. So, when it comes to Rupie, I am not too optimistic. Already, they are dancing around Reebeker (sp?) even though she was the boss when the kidnapped girl’s phone was hacked and her messages deleted! The coziness between media moguls and politicians is nauseating.

  6. I’m not hopeful that that’s going to happen. There would have to be a mountain of evidence for the FCC to go there, or the administration.

    Can you imagine? We’d be talking about nothing else but “Obama’s out to ruin Murdoch and Fox News!” I can’t even imagine the hysteria. Monica Lewinsky would pale in comparison.

    The DoJ has been rather timid under Holder in my opinion. This ain’t gonna happen unless there are photos of Murdoch himself tapping the phones or paying off a policeman.

  7. Tweet him. I did y’day asking him about electoral record, how many dems he has helped win or was he just smooching off of the donations.

  8. This proves the dishonesty of the PL, and there’s no one who defines ‘professional left’ more than Adam Green.

    I still think the WH blew the messaging of this in the first day, but by Sunday the administration had been equivocal that no benefits were going to be cut, and that even the adjustments were going to cost Republicans dearly.

    He knows that. He read everything yesterday. That he gets up on the tee vee today and lies proves that he is no better than the tea party liars. In fact he’s worse because the President is not his enemy, just not Ralph Nader. Yeah, like Ralph Nader was going to ‘end all corporations’. Yeah, that’s honest governance.

    Adam Green is the lowest of the low.

  9. He’s a little twirp and a jerk… πŸ˜‰

    Once, I found out he was “a crook,” I unsubscribed from PCCC!

    Same thing with FDL/”Hamster!” lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  10. I get angry at Bernie but I can’t lump him in with the PL. His motives really are pure but he understands governance. Every once in awhile he lets his passions poison his words but he is usually someone who can criticize without doing damage.

    Now, any leftie who is singing the same song a lot of us were singing 3 days ago, should be ashamed. It has been made clear that the WH NEVER was going to make serious cuts to Social Security, and even the minor adjustment only if they could exact a serious price from Republicans. That’s why Boehner blinked.

    I think there is a reasonable discussion to be had about what appeared to be throwing Social Security into the mix with few details for at least 24 hours. I understand Obama’s strategy but sometimes you have to understand how Democrats react to this stuff. I question if it’s always worth the risk, and the strategy is the opposite of what Republicans do. And let’s face it — Republicans are better at political theater than we are.

    That being said, the strategy has worked and social security reform of any kind is now off the table in terms of the debt ceiling talks.

  11. That would be wonderful, but I’m waiting for the DoJ to go after state govt’s for voter disfranchisement…it would be great,but now he knows that all eyes are on him and people are scrutinizing everything he does….really, I’d much rather make sure that Americans that are able to vote, CAN!

  12. Unfortunately they get the dollars that are needed by Democrats who stand a chance of being elected and of course the President. They dilute some of his support — how much and whether they do actual damage remains to be seen. They did do damage in 2010 — are they so happy with the results?

    Celebrate progress and work for more. That’s what it takes to return this country to progressive ideals and governance. That is what Republicans started doing in the mid 1970’s and it has been wildly successful.

    I don’t understand Democrats who don’t get it. I really don’t.

  13. So I’m trying to anticipate my husband’s freak outs. For example I read today that Boehner was ready to accept the end of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, extend the cuts for the middle class. With a caveat: that the tax code be changed in such a way as to be revenue neutral and not bring in additional revenue.

    I told my husband to expect to hear that Republicans were ready to give this to Obama and he said “no”. I explained to him that the Boehner scam would not only not solve any of our problems but make them worse and shift more of the burden to the middle class and the poor. Smoke and mirrors.

    Hopefully I’ll avoid one of his hair-on-fire rants before I have a chance to explain.

    We need to understand, however, how this stuff plays with average Americans. I still think Democrats should be better at this.

  14. Well, this is why house democrats freakout on the president. Bc Adam greens of the world continue to blame the president! And yes there is money involved.

    I would like to know who the leak is? The WH decides something and then it gets leaked before they can explain it.

    Probably some house democrat leadership. Ugh!

  15. Thank you for that link. That was so cool. Please keep it up as long as you can for some reason it was a connection of spiritual unity and release. Thanks again

  16. Hi Faith
    I disagree somewhat with your assessment that PBO “lost the messaging”. I think he is much wiser about messaging than we give him credit for sometimes. I liked that the shock waves went out across the nation. Woke up all the seniors, sleeping dems, repugslugs who are on SS and a lot of other people including the lazy MSM. They had to think, struggle with stuff they do not under stand. Give up their fetish with Anthony case. I loved it.

  17. ****Conservatives do not think the way normal people think***** You got that right!!! I would be surprised myself….maybe we can wish for them to fine him so much that it makes him irrelevant. Conservatives want agencies like the FCC so short staffed, that they can’t do their jobs properly, so they can point fingers and say they’re not doing their jobs…govt. doesn’t work. See how they do it???:) Their friends will be taken care of. One way or the other.

  18. They do not want any new revenue bc they hate government and want to see it dismantled!

  19. My biggest problem with Greene and his ilk is that he cover to the repugslugs and dems who oppose him anyway. That is why he kept throwing around his big #750K and working toward 1 million. When you need to impress people instead of give them truth something is wrong.

  20. It’s almost like PBO has to warn Dems ahead of time what he’s going to say so they don’t get bent and know his real intentions….it’s like they haven’t figured him out at all yet. Like they haven’t been paying attention.

  21. Mornin’ All,

    BWD don’t work too hard…

    “Hurry back,” ya hear! πŸ˜‰ lol


    11:00 AM – THE PRESIDENT HOLDS A NEWS CONFERENCE on the status of efforts to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction

    12:00 PM – The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing



    @TownHall: The President held the first ever Twitter Town Hall on Wednesday. He answered questions posted on the social network covering a variety of topics, including the economy, job creation and the deficit. Watch the video above, or check out individual questions with video links to the President’s responses. You can also read the full remarks here…

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  22. I am looking forward to the press conference – I am not even going to state what I hope the President says because I know he is a master chess player and will say what needs to be said without hurting the “negotiations” too much and making the GOP grab mics and state that the President is playing politics with the debt ceiling – like the GOP is innocent – lol!

  23. Yes, yes, I hope so there sholud be an investigation by the FCC here, they are making millions of $$$$ on selling propaganda and B<S in this country.
    Waiting for PBO press conference he will be fine. GO mr President.

  24. That’s needs to be changed…

    They shouldn’t be.

    Yes, let’s do that…I’m all for that!

    Me, neither!

    But, let’s hope, at some point, “a bell will go off in some DEMs’ heads”…Duh!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  25. “Democrats, including the president and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), expressed frustration that they are willing to tackle their sacred cows β€” Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security β€” but Republicans will not budge on taxes, officials said.

    Reid complained that during crunch time for big decisions, Republicans walk away, whether the moment involves the Senate Gang of Six talks, the Biden talks or the Obama-led negotiations, one source said.”

    Republicans have now done this three times in about three weeks. Just when Americans started to pay attention. About once a week, Republicans prove that they are unfit for leadership, they are unfit for governance.


  26. Good on you, Jayne. I hate it when people say, “The President should (do) (say)…” None of us…not even one of us is smart enough to know better than our current President about what to do or say in any given instance. I don’t even ‘hope’ he says or does anything other than take care of himself and his family. He’s got this and I’ve got his back.

    Democrats in Congress on the other hand are fair game.

  27. But, those senior house DEMs should know all about those types of folks…

    And, what their game plan is.

    No excuses for ’em!

    Me, too!

    Maybe, Hoyer….Hmmm?! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  28. Australia–Rupie’s ancestral home–has began an investigation to find out if similar tactics were used in Australia to get stories. Did phone tapping go on there too? Did they buy off the police…and all that sort of thing. The net is widening. Somewhere somehow, they will get this slimeball.

  29. Mornin’ df,

    WE need an ad about Ryan and his “rich” cronies….

    DNC’s DRR where ya at? πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  30. I say phuck them all. The egg is on their face already. Let them spend the rest of their time scraping it off – trying to save their egg crusted faces.

  31. Here is a good comparison chart showing the number of Republican votes to increase the debt ceiling since 1997. As anyone can readily see, the GOP’s anti-debt ceiling increase only started once Obama became president (2009-present). Before 2009, they were voting in the majority for debt ceiling increases. The data is in plain view. The facts are there. No spin or “interpretation” necessary. The numbers speak for themselves.

    This is true of many other supposed stances of the Republican party. They are NOT honest brokers. They are NOT negotiating in good faith. They want President Obama to fail, and consequently want the country the American people to fail. The MSM is an extended arm of the Republican party, and should be treated as such.

  32. Hey df,

    You’re “on a tear,” again! πŸ˜‰

    Those are ao funny but not really…

    BWD post one or more of ’em!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  33. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. I am anxious for this press conference. I have complete confidence in our President. I just don’t trust the repubs and the msm. I do believe he will get the job done.

    Jackie 4 Obama thank you for always posting lighting the candle for Obama. It means alot.

    This Murdoch scandal in the UK I think has legs to keep growing. I sure hope this is one of those times when you can say what goes around comes around.

  34. To me it is like the Dems need to be told in advance what will be done and why. That defeats the entire idea of strategy as once the idea is told there is no strategy. There is only a losing strategy and the other side holds all the cards because when too many people know the plans everyone eventually knows. To me it seems it is a lack of trust of the Dem leader that is the problem. After repeated incidences you would think the style of leadership would be evident to them. It is to me.

  35. Good question and answered by the President. The majority of the people have no idea what the debt ceiling is nor really care unless it affects them personally. We need our leaders to act responsibly because the media won’t tell the truth. They just repeat the lies and let the audience decide who’s telling the truth or seek the truth on their own.

  36. Boy is he schooling those reporters. I love to hear him answer these stupid questions.

  37. He also said that none of the revenue increases are set to kick in until 2013 — how does that help the economy that he has to run on?

    “The stimulus kept public workers in the states in their jobs. ” Yes. True. An important part of the stimulus. Then Obama went on to say that now states have no choice but to lay off workers.

    That makes it seem reasonable. That’s a Republican frame.

    I like some of what I’m hearing and I don’t like other parts.

    Today is a day I need to stay true to my word and just read. I can’t get into fights today. I don’t have it in me. I’ve been up all night working on a project.

    I will report what my husband’s take is on the presser — he really is the epitome of the average Democrat.

  38. If he says things that makes both sides unhappy, he is doing a good job. And being honest. I feel like he is doing that.

  39. You’re probably right. Because he’s saying things that make everyone unhappy. Maybe that’s what we need.

    It just makes me worry…….

  40. He really is the only adult in the room. I am really concerned though that the Repubs will hold fast and PBO will have to sign a short term agreement to avoid a major crisis and then the election will be all about the debt ceiling!

  41. The Republican rhetoric that swept Speaker Boehner into office was good for the midterms, but not so good for governing.

    Check please……


    The Speaker of the House is arguably one of the most powerful offices in the government, at least in theory. It’s supposed to be within Boehner’s power to simply tell his caucus what they have a responsibility to do, and demand their fealty.

    But a leader with no followers is, by definition, weak. Boehner may be the Speaker, but as he’s quickly realizing, he’s taking the orders, not giving them.

    In the asylum known as the House of Representatives, is there any doubt as to the inmates’ power?

  43. Tell me how this should make us happy:

    “Trimming benefits” and “increasing revenues.”I

    Sorry. I’m upset.

  44. That’s why he said he wouldn’t do it, Lightlover. He has signaled to the business leaders and Wall Street that if they want this debt ceiling raised, they have to apply enough pressure on Congress to get it done by Aug 2. There is no other option. When the President says he won’t sign a bill that includes (fill in the blank), people have learned to take him at his word. He won’t sign it. He’s told the public. EVERYBODY now knows that short term extensions are not an option. He will keep telling everyone that if they ever ask again. He does this to get them to stop even considering it. Did you see how definite he was when he said this will get done by Aug 2nd? He will find a way to make that happen. Period.

  45. I didn’t read that way at all. He was making this deficit talks is all about rethugs and framing it as the ball is in their court now since they’re the ones that made it such a big issue.

  46. I heard him say he wanted to strengthen SS and Medicare. Nothing about trimming benefits. You can strengthen it by cutting out the fat and parts that aren’t working right.

  47. Only got to hear the tailend of the presser…

    But, PBHO looked and sounded great! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  48. He mentioned “trimming benefits” yes he did. He did not say trimming benefits in the context of Medicare and/or social security. “Trimming benefits” could mean just about anything. It could be pay freezes for his defense team. It could be a reduction or flattening in federal funding to agencies like NASA or DOD. It’s simply Obama’s way of giving himself and the Democrats cover to show that the Democrats are willing to “sacrifice” their sacred cows, and therefore the Republicans should be willing to do so as well. I think we need to be very careful in not taking his words too literally.

  49. He did say that there are cuts that can be made to Medicare and Medicaid to make them stronger and more effective. We already know he WILL NOT CUT BENEFITS. Ever. There are all kinds of structural changes in both programs that make them inefficient and cause waste and promote abuse and fraud. Those can be fixed.

  50. 2nd murdock paper hacked gordon brown’s personal information.

    The Sunday Times is alleged to have targeted the personal information of the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the time he was chancellor, a BBC investigation has found.

    Documents and a phone recording suggest “blagging” was used to obtain private financial and property details.

    The Browns also fear medical records relating to their son Fraser, whom the Sun revealed in 2006 had cystic fibrosis, may have been obtained.

    News International is yet to respond.

    The company, a subsidiary of News Corporation, owns the Sun and the Sunday Times, and also owned the News of the World which was shut last week amid allegations of phone-hacking and illegal payments to police officers.

    In other developments in the phone-hacking scandal:

    Evidence has been found suggesting a News of the World reporter tried to buy a phone book containing Royal Family numbers
    Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall may have also been targets of phone-hacking conducted at the News of the World, according to the Guardian
    Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt confirms that he is referring News Corp’s bid to take over BSkyB to the Competition Commission. It comes after News Corporation withdrew its proposed undertaking to sell Sky News as part of its bid.
    The family of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler met Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to discuss concerns that her phone may have been hacked by the News of the World. The Dowler family called on Rebekah Brooks – the newspaper’s editor at the time – to resign as chief executive of News International
    The BBC understands Rebekah Brooks could be questioned by police as a witness, rather than a suspect. Mrs Brooks has denied having had any knowledge of hacking while she was editor from 2000 to 2003

    The latest allegations relate to personal details it is claimed were obtained for a front-page Sunday Times report that Gordon Brown had purchased a flat owned by Robert Maxwell at a “knock-down price”.

    Blagging, or “knowingly or recklessly obtaining or disclosing personal data or information without the consent of the data controller” has been illegal since 1998.

  51. Faith please don’t turn into a PL shrill. You know that is not what the President is saying. He is looking at making those programs stronger not decrease personal benefits. C’mon girl get a grip and stay with us. Remember you have to be strong for your Dem husband who will believe all the 5 minute talking points in the MSM. Lets do this. πŸ™‚ Obama/Biden 2012!!

  52. I think we as Democrats need to understand that it is politically unwise for the President to come out in a press conference and act as though he is not cutting anything that Democrats like, while imploring the Repblicans to take the unpopular steps of cutting stuff that Republicans like. So he has to give the IMPRESSION (whether true or false) that he is willing to incur the wrath of his base to do something that may seem unpopular in the short term but will be right for the country long-term. This stance gives him the leverage to challenge the GOP to do right by the country even if it means incurring the wrath of their base in the short term.

    I believe this is what the President alluded to when he mentioned the term “trimming b enefits.”

  53. EXACTLY, or that fancy gymnasium from which Weiner posted photos…and these might be examples that he’s thinking of – but would never openly say it in a presser.

  54. I liked PBO’s response to the question about the poll where “the people” don’t want to raise the debt limit. He said “It’s not their job”, excellent answer. That is what we vote these people into office for, it shouldn’t be up to us to consider the US economy.

  55. Yes. Because we are a Republic, not a Democracy. We don’t all get a vote on every little detail of what gets done in government. We get to vote for the people who will vote for the work that needs to get done. So even when we’ve been manipulated by some push poll question to answer a certain way, there are supposed to be adults who know better. Sometimes this works against us. Notice how Chip Reid didn’t ask a question about how most people want taxes to be raised for the wealthy?

  56. Maybe you need to listen again. The President admitted that the Recovery Act DID reduce the number of layoff, BUT he went on to say other job bills are in Congress that could CONTINUE to reduce layoffs. He did NOT frame it in a “Republican” way that would cause anyone to think that he is in agreement with Republicans laying off public workers.

  57. Perfection really…..Democratic President Barack Obama “politics that were good for midterm election is not good for governing”. *nuff said* πŸ™‚

  58. Of course Chip and the rest of the stenographers would never mention the poll about people wanting the wealthy to pay higher taxes. That would personally affect them and their GOP masters.

  59. Well since YOU nor I don’t know exactly what trimming benefits means all we can do is speculate. So I speculate that trimming benefits means that if I make a billion dollars, SS taxes will CONTINUE TO COME OUT MY INCOME after the first $106,000. Or maybe if means that the benefits for millionaires and billionaires will NOT be the same as they are for the middle class.

  60. Perfection really…Democratic President Barack Obama “This is the United States of America- we do not conduct our affairs in 3-month increments.” *nuff said” πŸ™‚


  62. The PL and their minions seem not to understand one very simple equation, IMO. President Obama is not only interested in securing a second term. He wants to do what’s best for the nation. It would be easy for him to say that Medicare, Medicaid and SS are not even in the discussion. But if you look at the budget then you see that health care cost have to be in the discussion at some point. Even if both wars are ended and defense is drastically cut and tax rates go back to the Clinton era, at some point Medicare will still be an issue that needs dealing with. President Obama could kick the can down the road or take it on. Just as he could have kicked health care down the road. He really didn’t have to take on health care at all. So it seems to me that the President’s goals are not centered around winning elections, but trying to do some things that benefit the nation.

  63. Gotcha!

    But, unfortunately, the senior TeaPublicans, in the House and the Senate, *ARE* “listenin'” to the ‘TeaParty’ “freshman” classes!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  64. a good gos post on rupie and his ills.

    The American Fox News consumer was probably cheering on the downfall of a “European Liberal paper”.

    Until now when they realize that “The News of the World” was their friend.

    Now they’ll deride the closing as Bad Government overreach.

  65. News Corp investors attack Murdoch

    A powerful group of News Corp’s shareholders have accused Rupert Murdoch of “egregious” behaviour and treating his media empire like a “family candy jar”.

    The shareholder group, which includes banks and pension funds, accused Murdoch of “rampant nepotism” and using News Corp resources for “his own personal and political objectives”.

    The institutional shareholders, led by the Amalgamated Bank, said it was “inconceivable” that Murdoch would not have been aware of rampant phone hacking at the News of the World.

    “It is inconceivable that [James] Murdoch and his fellow board members would not have been aware of the illicit news gathering practices. And yet, the board took no real action to investigate the allegations until 7 July 2011, when Murdoch selected two of his co-directors to deal with the imbroglio,” the shareholders said in a legal filing in Delaware, where News Corp is registered.

    The shareholders noted that Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News International and editor of the News of the World at the time of the hacking, was “consistently promoted even while the scandal was unfolding”.

    The legal filing is an update to an earlier lawsuit against the appointment of Elisabeth Murdoch to News Corp’s board following the $615m (Β£383m) acquisition of her Shine Group production company.

    “News Corp’s behaviour has become an egregious collection of nepotism and corporate governance failures, with a board completely unwilling to provide even the slightest level of adult supervision,” said Jay Eisenhofer, a Grant & Eisenhofer lawyer representing the shareholder group.

    “The result has been a piling on of questionable deals, a waste of corporate resources, a starring role in a blockbuster scandal, and a gigantic public relations disaster. It is way past time that the News Corp board step in and initiate serious changes to the company’s corporate governance.”

    The legal complaint filed in Delaware chancery court said: “Murdoch has treated News Corp like a family candy jar, which he raids whenever his appetite strikes. Ignoring the distinction between public and family business, the board has repeatedly permitted Murdoch to: intertwine rampant nepotism in the conduct of company business; undertake actions designed to maintain his control over News Corp; use News Corp resources for his own personal and political objectives; and reward himself handsomely with excessive compensation.”

    The shareholders complain that Murdoch’s personal interference with good corporate governance has led to a so-called “Murdoch discount” that has depressed the value of the shares below those of other similar media companies.

    “The fact that the board has been so passive despite years of misconduct is a testament to how lacking in independence its members are from the Murdoch family, shareholders allege. This has led to a ‘Murdoch discount’ in the marketplace,” the complaint adds.

    The shares were down 5% at $16.50 in New York trading at 3.45pm London time. The shareholder lobby group owns less than 1% of News Corp stock.

  66. Obama should have asked him that question. ‘Do you know polls also say that most americans favor raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires which the republicans are dead set against ?’

  67. I called my three TN reps in Congress and said: “It is clear the R’s are willing and, I think, determined to do to America what OBL and other terrorists could not do and that is to destroy us from within. I am livid, embarrassed and saddened that all my representatives in Congress are hating, bullying Republicans.”

    I was not hysterical or highly emotionally. I WAS matter-of-fact and rather calm. I asked that my comment be shared with ‘the senator/representative.’

  68. Key grafs:

    The president, finally, made a strong case for solving America’s budget problems so that the country can afford efficient, future-oriented federal investment. Not wasteful government spending or a cushy, cradle-to-grave welfare state. Things that increase national wealth over time, such as roads, bridges and medical research. With a crushing bill from Medicare or the full realization of the GOP government-shrinking crusade, such things wouldn’t be possible.

    Is Obama just making a play for the middle? Possibly. But outside of conservative circles β€” in which raising a nickel of federal revenue anywhere, anytime is apostasy and federal budgeting is too often an exercise in ideological fantasy β€” the president sounded measured, diplomatic and fair. If he reaps political benefits from that, he should.

  69. Please remember that the initial message was a supposed leak from an unnamed WH source.
    Then the PL went beserk so I don’t agree about the initial messaging.

  70. hopefruit2 thanks for heads up…

    This should be interestin’ and enlightenin’….Hmmm! lol

    By the way, today, you’re “fired up,” again! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  71. Mornin” snoop! I’m outside sweating my a** off doing yard work! I’ll catch up with you in a bit:) Go Kick Some A**!!!! This President ROCKS!!!

  72. Yea…not really. Pretty pathetic that we are in this place….they made this bed, now they want to go find another nice bed to lie in…this one’s too HARD and MESSY!

  73. I had very upset friends and family, who are seniors, great Democrats and Obama supporters. They were very frightened and upset for a few days. It’s hard to know when people tune out completely or if they’ll ‘stick around’ for the explanations.

  74. That was Bill Daley’s message yesterday, too and I think it’s an important one.

    This is great strategy — make the business community come out of the shadows and act like citizens. The more I hear this frame the more I like it.

  75. Okay. You’re right. I will control my rhetoric but please don’t call me a PL shrill when I have some doubts. We all need to work together.

    My husband was upset with the press conference — he thought Obama was buying into Republican arguments. I’m just relaying what I hear from people who are not as engaged as we are. There’s a lot of what Obama said that I had to remind him of.

    I will work to control my fears if people will stop calling me names. Fair enough? We’re all on the same side here. .

  76. My husband heard “trimming benefits” and went nuts.

    I wsn unable to listen to all of it — did a raise on the cap come up? That would solve so much. Let Repubs call it a “tax hike” — they call everything a tax hike. Raising the cap seems like such a simple solution to me. Am I wrong?

  77. tnmtngirl thank you for doin’ that!

    You know, all Rs need to hear that…

    Here goes, in TX, my two Senators are Rs!

    And, my Rep is a DEM…Hallelujah! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  78. There is absoluely no doubt that Republicans look TERRIBLE on all of this. A weekly speech or presser from the President is sending that message home, big time.

    My sweet husband made the observation that if he was making six figures, he wouldn’t mind paying a few extra months into social security. There was an illustration of what a major league ball player pays in to social security — I think he had made the maximum contribution by the time he got his first pitch, or something like that.

  79. You didn’t miss anything. That was the silliest, sketchiest, most evasive “presser” I’ve ever seen in my entire life. First of all he seemed half-drunk and as if he were fighting back tears big time. He hastily and tersely answwered about 3 questions in all and after the 4th question, quickly said, “I gotta go to the WH now” and left. Basically he sang the same old song about raising taxes is not the way to go and that kills jobs. The best way to solve the deficit problem is the “broaden the tax base,” and cut government spending.

  80. Good on you, Faith for standing up for yourself. It’s hard when someone close to you is experiencing angst, to control your own angst. The Republicans shouldn’t be putting us through this. This whole debt ceiling should be just as much of a non-issue as it was under Bush.

    I applaud the President for trying to get more than just the Debt Ceiling raised with these negotiations. If he can succeed in shoring up Social Security for the future with this…that alone would make him a great President.

    This process is testing us all. I don’t envy our President having to meet with Boehner and Cantor every single day. Yuk. He has nerves of steel.

  81. I loved Harry Reid’s observation that if Republicans don’t get their way they walk out (like three year olds). So the President willing to incur the wrath of some of his supporters really boxes Republicans in. They don’t just look terrible, thety are beginning to look ridiculous.

  82. This is appearing in the media:
    [A] former New York cop made the 9/11 hacking claim. He alleged he was contacted by News of the World journalists who said they would pay him to retrieve the private phone records of the dead.

    I think Murdoch tapped Americans too.

  83. So what does Boehner mean by this?

    “Speaker Boehner held his own news conference this afternoon, just thirty minutes before the next debt meeting is set to begin, where he told reporters that Republicans will not vote to raise taxes. He said instead of raising taxes, “we need to broaden the [tax] base.”

    What does ‘broaden the tax base’ mean, exactly? Making sure some minimum wage earner doesn’t even get a personal deduction?

    This is a new line that I haven’t heard before. What are they up to now?

  84. Raising the cap is a great solution. We’re not going to hear the President say that’s part of the negotiation while they’re on-going, though. It would be nice if it were, but if he’s come up with something else that will help that he can make happen, I’d be just as pleased.

  85. Gee, Mr. Speaker: that didn’t work in 2001. It didn’t work in 2003, it didn’t work in 2010.

    Got anything new that’s based in reality?

  86. Thanks for the recap…

    W/”The Boner” and his message, it was the “same old, same old!” πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  87. The important thing he emphasized was that “there were no personal differences between him and the president because they have the same personality.” The only differences between them were of policy, not personality.

    That was the speaker’s profound response to the burning question that the American people were dying to have answered.

  88. Faith they are fighting PBO tooth and nail. Trying to win the messaging wars. Now they are trying to pin tax burden on the poorest of folks and make them out to look like FREE LOADERS. There was a reason why Cantor was sipping $300 wine at lunch with two Conservative economist the other day. Put two and two together. They want desperately to win the messaging war on the Rich tax breaks, this is their strategy to attack the lower classes. BRILLIANT!! We will see how this flies with the Amercan people.

  89. That’s exactly what it means. Increasing the pool of people at the bottom of the tax code who pay taxes which means getting the poorest of the poor people to pay MORE taxes, …so that the millionaires and billionaires are off the hook. Boehner has just sealed his fate.

  90. I think this is something the Prez will accept. He made reference to it in the presser this morning. It means eliminating loopholes in the tax code, extending middle class taxes and–on this I am not too sure–letting the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire. the last part might still be up for more parsing and finessing–like taking corporate taxes to 25% as recently suggested by Bill Clinton..

  91. I think when most people hear ‘benefits’ in this context they’re not thinking of a reduction in funding for NASA. That’s a program, not a ‘benefit’. I think when people hear “trimming benefits” it’s not unreasonable to assume that we’re talking about social security or Medicare ‘benefits’.

    I don’t think of a pay freeze as a trimming of ‘benefits’.

  92. Exactly….I meant Paul Ryan. They are all the same. TEABAGGERS!! Nutcases if you ever seen any! LOL!

  93. Why Lakoff isn’t on the DNC or the WH payroll is beyond me. He’s the progressive antidote to Frank Luntz, with truth on his side!

  94. Considering the large number of people who are out of work and surviving on unemployment benefits, this rpug talking point of free loaders and welfare queens will not work this time. It may have worked in the past but too many people are dependent on the government right now to buy this BS. They wont win that messaging.

  95. I’d love to see Boehner face the press the way Obama does. The breadth of his knowledge and understanding is astounding, after 8 miserable years of Bush.

    I know all Republicans are partisan hacks but I’m beginning to believe that are also phenomenally dumb. You have to be to divorce yourself from reality like they do. That makes them even more terrifying: it’s not just cynical partisan politics but the fact that they are incapable of understanding the complex issues before them.

  96. That means they’ve been losing traction on their “50% of Americans pay no income tax”. That’s because they barely make enough money to pay any income tax. But they pay every other kind of tax. Let’s be clear: in IL it cost $99 for a license plate. That $100 is the same for anyone who drives a car, rich or poor. Who is that $100 going to hurt more? Who is going to be hurt by increases in sales taxes on everything they need to buy to stay afloat?

    I think it was Bernie Sanders on c-span last week, who took a call from a Republican who said, “The rich are paying more and more percentage of the income taxes paid.” And Bernie said, “That’s because the wealth has been taken from the workers and gone into profits for the rich!”

  97. Snoopy, thanks so much for this. You notice how Cristiane Amanpour seemed uncomfortable with all of that common sense coming from Bill Daley? I think he is terrific. He stays on message and is forceful in his responses to questions. I would like to see more of him on cable and network tv. He is calm and pragmatic just like his boss. That was a pleasure to watch.

  98. oo…this is getting really good. The pressure on Murdoch is rising every hour. Delicious!
    And now Cameron is in hiding I understand. Gordon Brown came out today and said that his phone was hacked by the Murdoch crew when he was PM. You have to wonder if that was done during Cameron’s campaign against Brown. This has real ramifications in UK politics too……Murdoch is on the defensive. Better than the movies. Excuse me, I am going to check the BBC.

  99. Speaker Boehner is starting to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher – incoherent. His unhinged, deranged and just plain nuts caucus is driving him to distraction. The man is just pitiful. I long for the days when we had Speaker Pelosi who worked hard and got things done. She was a leader and the epitome of what a speaker should be.


    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) may be struggling badly, but that certainly doesn’t interfere with his ability to make ridiculous remarks during press conferences. Consider this gem from this afternoon:

    β€œTwo of the biggest obstacles to job growth are out-of-control and entitlement spending and the current tax code. I think the fundamental questions are this: can you control spending without reforming entitlements? I think the answer is no. Do you need to raise taxes in order to get control of spending? I think the answer is no. If you want to see an increase in government revenues, let’s grow the economy and create jobs and broaden the tax base and lower rates.”

    It’s not unusual for Republicans to push economic gibberish, hoping reporters and the public won’t know the difference, but Boehner’s assessment is just bizarre.
    In the larger context, it’s worth keeping in mind, Boehner’s under increasing pressure from his own party, which is none too pleased with his recent efforts to play a constructive role in the debt-reduction process. It’s possible, if not likely, that the Speaker is saying increasingly ridiculous things as a way to get back in his caucus’ good graces.

    In other words, the poor guy is starting to crack. It’s not pretty.

  100. Amanpour has been such a disappointment to me. I thought Daley was terrific yesterday. intelligent, strong and articulate.

  101. Lakoff is brilliant, but he’s boring. Luntz knows how to hold a group’s attention and to get information out of them. Lakoff doesn’t need anyone in DC. to do some focus groups and come up with ideas and then pitch them. I don’t see him doing that type of work. I bet if he did and could come up with our answer to death tax and that kind of stuff, he’d be listened to more than he is currently.

  102. Republicans are idiots.

    We can’t grow our way out of the mess — THAT THEY CAUSED. Remember, Bush inherited a surplus that they squandered.

    Targeted tax cuts are simulative. A tax cut to a rich individual is not. It buys expensive cars, vacations and art work. How to stimulate those people to create jobs? RAISE THEIR TAXES. That’s the inventive to invest — to lower your personal tax burden so that your investments will be taxed as capital gains. If your taxes are cut, theer is no incentive to invest.

  103. Go figure, is right. I hope they have good security. The teabaggers will treat them even worse than they treat Democrats… Seriously.

  104. Peter,I’m not sure what Beohner meant. First of all, the middle class tax cuts do not need to be extended. They are already permanent. Second of all Boehner is 100% against letting Bush tax cuts expire – which is exactly what the President WANTS to do. So I don’t think the PResident is ready to accept anything that Boehner just peddled in his presser.

  105. Faith. re: typing on a black screen. Have you tried highlighting what you think you’ve typed with your mouse before you hit “Post Comment”? Sometimes that makes it come up in a different color. Just a thought. I knew it works on my computer.

  106. Thanks. I actually think it would be good for us to post over there and solidify knowledge…lots of very knowledgeable people here…and I bet they know LOTS of “regular” Republicans. Are there such things anymore? You know…partner up and expand our reach!!!!

  107. there may be some middle class tax cuts that are permanent, but not the ones that were part of the Bush tax cuts. This was precisely the gun over Obama’s head in December, 2010. In order to maintain the cuts for the middle class and to extend UI benefits, he has to agree to the entire tax package.

    Severing the middle class from the upper tax bracket cuts is where we run into trouble. I defended the deal in December and I still do; but there may be better ways to help the middle class if we let the cuts expire — that is the only option without Congress screwing around. .

  108. Hi df,

    Ok, you’ll “catch up” w/me, later!

    But, I know, you ain’t still outside doin’ yardwork…

    It’s 3PM, here! πŸ˜‰

    At the moment, I’m takin’ it slow and easy, my eyes are givin’ me problems…blurriness!

    I need to “rest ’em!”

    And, yeah, our Prez *IS* that and more…

    Our Prez *IS* AWESOME!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  109. Yeah, they “got their nerve”….

    That’s why WE have to DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO VOTE ‘EM OUT…Grrr!

    Let’s JUST DO IT! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  110. So, the DCCC is fundraising off of the GOP hostage-taking. And they finally broke me down enough to where I was going to donate a few dollars. But, get this: I can’t get to their donation page. Could it be that we’re all trying to donate at once and crashing their servers? Apathetic base, indeed.

  111. Downloading Google Chrome solves the problem. It takes 5 minutes and you can use it to browse this site only or make it your default browser. I just did and no longer have to guess what I’m typing.

  112. LadyHawke, you’re welcome!

    She needs to go back “out in the field”…

    She was wonderful at that!

    He’s great at bein’ one of our Prez’ “surrogates!”

    And, yes it was!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  113. Good point. The taxes I meant are actually the payroll taxes, not middle class. But, I think I get your point. I hate the fact that the negotiations have become so public, it as if we are reliving the death panels during healthcare! I wish we did not have these PL bloggers scoring them minute by minute!

  114. Oh my. “No personal differences”? Really? Well, when I see President Obama stand on the floor of Congress or on national TV discussing some policy issue and the tears began to flow then I’ll believe Boehner.

  115. I think Pres. Obama is using the PL-ers to trick the Repubs. He tells them he’s taking a huge risk with his base, then offers them something he was going to do anyway, they think they jerked him around, and he gets most of what he wants. It’s best for him to have the PL outraged. The Republicans are playing old games with someone who beats them every time, but they never get it because “the base” is always mad. Fucking brilliant politics!

  116. Who knows…

    Because if nothin’ else, he could be one of PBHO’s advisor!

    Anyway, did you ever read this:


    But, you know, who says he hasn’t be consulted for his input…Hmmm? lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  117. Yeah, I just got an email from them…

    Try again!

    Just now, I got through to it! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰


    PRESIDENT OBAMA KNOWS THAT THE HARD WORK OF STRENGTHENING AMERICAN COMMUNITIES AND REVITALIZING THE AMERICAN ECONOMY HAPPENS AT THE LOCAL LEVEL – in neighborhood schools and community colleges, at town meetings and neighborhood associations, through new start-ups and small businesses. That’s why the White House is excited today to announce the launch of the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative.

    Strong Cities, Strong Communities is a new interagency pilot initiative that aims to strengthen neighborhoods, towns, cities and regions around the country by strengthening the capacity of local governments to develop and execute their economic vision and strategies. Strong Cities, Strong Communities bolsters local governments by providing necessary technical assistance and access to federal agency expertise, and creating new public and private sector partnerships. By leveraging existing assets, providing new resources, and fostering new connections at the local and national level, Strong Cities, Strong Communities will support towns and cities as they develop comprehensive plans for their communities and invest in economic growth and job creation.

    For more information about this innovative new initiative and its goals, check out the launch video….

    As I mentioned in the video, Strong Cities, Strong Communities pilots a new approach to federal-local collaboration that allows the federal government to support efforts from the ground up in four key ways:

    COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS TEAMS will leverage expertise in areas like health, education and transportation to support the six pilot cities as they capitalize on opportunities and tackle challenges.

    A FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM that will place mid-career professionals in city agencies in the same six cities to work closely with the Community Solutions Teams, increasing the capacity of mayors and their staffs on key priorities.

    A new ECONOMIC PLANNING CHALLENGE grant that, through a national competition, will help additional communities – those without an economic blueprint – design a comprehensive strategy.

    And the NATIONAL RESOURCE NETWORK that, pending funding, will serve as a one-stop-shop for local governments to receive technical assistance from national experts with wide-ranging skills critical for promoting economic growth and resiliency.

    This morning, STRONG CITIES, STRONG COMMUNITIES was announced across the country in the six pilot locations:

    In CHESTER, PA, the Community Solutions Team will help Mayor Butler diversify the local economy, support small business development and revitalize the downtown.

    In CLEVELAND, OH, Strong Cities, Strong Communities will support Mayor Jackson in his efforts to coordinate workforce and economic development and to maximize the economic potential of the Cleveland Port.

    In DETROIT, MI, the Community Solutions Team will partner with Mayor Bing and Governor Snyder to increase coordination and alignment on workforce and economic development issues, and to leverage U.S. DOT’s investments in High Speed Rail and the Woodward Avenue light rail project to spur economic revitalization in the downtown corridor.

    In FRESNO, CA, Mayor Swearengin and the Community Solutions Team will work to capitalize on the coming high-speed rail station to improve the downtown area, and will also build on a successful neighborhood development program.

    In MEMPHIS, TN, Strong Cities, Strong Communities will partner with Mayor Wharton and his team to pursue his vision to strengthen the education system and attract new industries.

    And in NEW ORLEANS, LA, Mayor Landrieu and the Communities Solutions Team will work to integrate existing federal resources to improve the delivery of health services, manage public safety and rebuild public infrastructure.

    Over the coming months, with the support of STRONG CITIES, STRONG COMMUNITIES initiatives, these cities and others across the country will pursue their plans for growth and development, helping to create jobs and improve the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Americans. We are looking forward to working with you, in your community, to win the future by building stronger and more resilient communities and laying the foundation for economic growth.

    Melody Barnes is Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy and the Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. (w/video)

    As WE know, PBHO and his Admin *IS* DOin’ SOMETHIN’, each and every day, to help America and the American people “get back on its/their feet”…

    What *ARE* the TeaPublicans, at the local/state and federal-level, and their ilk DOin’…

    That’s why WE gotta VOTE ‘EM OUT!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  119. Faith – Have you tried composing in a simple text editor like Notepad, then copy & pasting in here? (Windows: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad)

    Business is starting to yank the GOP strings in this mess. Now 3 traditional RW publications have published harsh words directed at them.

    The Economist



  120. Greetings BWD family

    Let’s keep the pressure on the Republicans about raising taxes on the wealthy and closing loopholes for oil companies.

    A review of talking points

    GOP tax pledge killing debt deal

    GOP forsakes middle class, aids rich

    End Corporate Welfare

    Shared sacrifice -cuts AND revenue

    No kicking the can down the road, GIT ER DONE!

    Leave your rhetoric and ultimatums at the door.

    Republicans sabotage recovery and blame Obama

    Last Friday I called 4 Republicans in California, I encourage everyone to do the same. It was fun, most folks have a map of their district at their web site, I looked up the zip code of a town in their district and I was good to go.

    For those of you who live in districts with Republican elected officials it is even easier. let us know how the call, email or tweet went.

  121. I went back to check the transcript from the press conference in regard to a discussion this morning about “trimming benefits.” Here are two paragraphs of what the President said. Make of it what you will.

    So the argument I’m making to my party is, the values we care about — making sure that everybody in this country has a shot at the American Dream and everybody is out there with the opportunity to succeed if they work hard and live a responsible life, and that government has a role to play in providing some of that opportunity through things like student loans and making sure that our roads and highways and airports are functioning, and making sure that we’re investing in research and development for the high-tech jobs of the future — if you care about those things, then you’ve got to be interested in figuring out how do we pay for that in a responsible way.

    And so, yeah, we’re going to have a sales job; this is not pleasant. It is hard to persuade people to do hard stuff that entails trimming benefits and increasing revenues. But the reason we’ve got a problem right now is people keep on avoiding hard things, and I think now is the time for us to go ahead and take it on.

  122. Also, great talking points in the Van Jones video slamming the Grover Norquist no taxes pledge.

  123. I told you folks. Unfortunately this despicable meaness just might appeal to middle class independents. It is absolutely SHAMEFUL. President Obama and the Dems are going to have to come out with more POWER MESSAGING to combat this meme that is getting started. YIIKES!!

  124. That’s because your hubby is a patriot. The republicans are not. They’ll throw all of us into the ditch to make sure that Big Oil, Big Business, and the super wealthy aren’t taxed one cent more or lose out on a subsidy. PBO said that he knows he’ll be affected by closing these tax loopholes, and it’s okay with him if he has to pay more to support this country. If he has to sign a bill that he knows will take money out of his own pocket, I don’t know why so many Americans think that he doesn’t care about us or the country. The only thing I can chalk it up to is the constant barrage of misinformation they are receiving from the MSM, rw politicians and pundits, the PL, and faithless dems in Congress who are just as bad as some rw politicians.

  125. This weekend I watched a Van Jones video from Netroots that was excellent. He talked about Democratic groups worked together and compared it to how the Tea Party has worked together, some valuable lessons for us – even if they are embarrassing to admit. He encouraged us to work together instead of worrying about old disagreements or slights.

    It seemed like great advice.

    Van Jones: Now is the Time to Protect the American Dream

  126. Exactly desertflower. Becoming proactive with the Republicans for Obama will be a HUGE asset toward PBO’s re-election. I knew there were a lot of Moderate Repubs who were not digesting this Far Right extremism that has taken over their party. Especially the influence of the Tea Party which basically is where this is coming from. Hmmmm………

  127. REASONABLE people take him at his word. I think the Repubs would rather go into default and tank the economy than give an inch on tax revenues, and then blame the President for not signing a short term deal.

    I hope you are correct and that he will find a way to get this done by Aug 2nd but the Rs are extremely recalcitrant!

  128. I still say that social security reform should not be something to be negotiated, in private, with a 10-day deadline and a debt ceiling gun to our heads. Social security and Medicare reforms affect at least a full generation and should be afforded serious time to be debated so the best possible choices are made in the national interest.

    There are no two programs that affect the lives of every single American like Social Security and Medicare. I understand hard choices. I’m willing to make them but they should be thought about and planned very carefully and given enough time for people to make adjustments in their lives in preparation for changes.

    Yes I know — we don’t know how drastic the “trimming benefits” are that the President is proposing. I guess that’s my point: we have 10 days until the United States defaults on its debts. No time for debate, no time for alternate proposals, no time for Americans to weigh in. And it’s all happening in secret with strange leaks that we do not know the truth of. As a 61 year old with no health care I feel like there’s a gun to MY head. My very health and existence are in the balance so we can debate whether to raise taxes on someone making either $500,000 or $1,000,000. and have Republicans reject even that.

    Offer after offer to Republicans and they refuse to budge. I do think they will blink. I think the push on businesses to behave reasonably was a brilliant move, from Bill Daley yesterday and President Obama today.

    “hard” things, generational changes should not be handled so capriciously. I feel a bit like a pawn today and I’m supposed to feel bad if I have some questions.

    The PL didn’t tell me to say this. I’m trying not to be shrill, or a shill, or whatever names I’ve been called today. I don’t know the ages of people on this site but as a 61 year old I would like to see these changes given serious debate and to make damned sure that this country’s wellbeing is increased significantly. I’ll even take a chance that I won’t have as much Medicare as my husband has as long as taxes go up to Bill Clinton levels, capital gains back to 35%. Hedge fund managers taxed like wage earners. 50/50 cuts to revenue, not to be readdressed for the next decade. I’ll put my life in Obama’s hands if the deal he strikes creates enough jobs to undo Republican damage and starts to bring my country back to the ideals I’ve treasured my entire life.

    Is that the deal you think we can get from Republicans in 10 days? That’s all I’m saying.

  129. You speak your truth powerfully, Faith. All politics are personal, and you’re speaking from where you are at this point in your life.

    The problem is that we’ve never had an opposition party that held such antithetical beliefs to the Presidential party. This GOP has no interest in negotiating in good faith with PBO. Its base believes that chaos will sweep them back into the WH, and take over the Senate. I think they’re wrong, and the Dems are on message and showing them why they’re wrong. But a Dem victory in 2012 will be built on the ashes of the economy if this GOP has its way.

    A few months ago I wrote a post about faith. Faith doesn’t come easily to me; but of all the politicians I’ve observed in my 41 years, he’s the only one to have earned that simple faith that he will do the best for the most.

    Like BWD said in her new post, it’s going to be a long month. We just have to be here for each other.

  130. (((Faith))), I truly understand your angst…

    A few of my family members will be affected by this, too! By the way, this year, I will be the BIG 6-0. I ain’t no “spring chicken,” anymore! πŸ™‚

    And, you ain’t no “PL shrill!” I *love* your commentary and analyses. They’re very insightful, thought-provoking, informative and much more! πŸ˜‰

    Maybe, if you put your thoughts and feelings in writing, you’ll feel better. You should write a letter to PBHO. He does read some of the letters he receives from us. I BELIEVE yours will be read by him: (Even if you don’t think so, remember, you’re our “Frank Luntz!” lol)

    You can also call or write to the President:
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    Please include your e-mail address

    Phone Numbers
    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414
    FAX: 202-456-2461

    I wish (((you))), “peace of mind!”

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  131. Have faith, Faith…faith in this president. Did you watch Lawrence O’Donnell tonght….his first 20 minutes. Very reassuring. He will not hurt the poor and middle class. First the Dems won’t let him especially Nancy Pelosi. It is so awful that the GOP is playing politics with so many people’s lives.

  132. Then tell your friends the reality of what a rethug admin would do for them. Everyone needs a reality dose, especially the older ones since they vote consistently against their own interest.

  133. Wow! I watched this video and felt inspired! I don’t know much about Van Jones, but he is outstanding in this video. We really do need to find a way to work together, and use that energy to fight the dragon breathing fire down upon us. It really is THAT important.

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