I had a revelation today

Barack Obama is indeed not from here. You listen to him and then you listen to the tiny-tiny people around him, and they don’t even speak the same language, nor do they share the courage, the level of integrity or the genuine desire to serve the public. You get such man in the WH once a generation, what a shame that he’s surrounded by emptiness.

This will be a very long months. 🙂


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  1. I hear you, BWD. But when I come here and visit other pragmatic blogs, I’d say President obama is surrounded by intelligent, caring, supportive, pragmatic, and loving supporters.

  2. What he said made perfect sense to me. Shared is shared. compromise is compromise. Someone said on Twitter that the Repugs stubbornness is keeping the President from a primary challenger. Didnt they hear what he said.?

  3. So the Dems are closing ranks against cuts to Medicare and SS. Just what he would want. Giving ground comes when there is compromise and that is on both sides.
    What must the left make Pres Obama the enemy?
    The Reps say that their compromise is agreeing to raise the debt ceiling at all.

  4. From a former staffer for a Republican on Capitol Hill:
    Bell: I think the president’s played it very well. His press conference [Monday] was a damn masterpiece. When your enemy is tying a noose, leave them alone. Republicans have yelled and screamed and carried on. They have a budget they’re trying to run away from. All the talk about repealing health care legislation is fading out. And the talk about repeal of Dodd-Frank? Ninety-nine percent of Americans don’t know what it is. This is the defining discussion now, and there will be a referendum on it in 2012. If Republicans have to run on a platform of no changes in rich folks’ tax cuts, versus Obama saying working men and women are hurting? You don’t have to be a genius to figure that one out.

  5. What a great observation. I have said that I am generally luke warm politically. But not since this President hit the scene. We won’t know until it’s over, or many of us won’t, but we will never see another with his huge talent in our lifetime. I can’t even think of a speech by any of the good past presidents I think I could listen to again. But with this President, I like to listen to his off-the-cuff comments as well as his planned speeches. I like the quality of his mind and his emotions. The Irish Times quoted a psychologist when the President was in Ireland who said that emotionally he was “pitch perfect.” Yes, he is.
    He knows himself; he knows what he is talking about. He cares for this country, and I think it is by knowing it, by traveling it, by thinking about it–past and present.

  6. Do not think for a nono-second that Obama hasn’t had a meeting with his own leadership in Congress. It would be insane not to.

    Let Obama look like the reasonable, GOOD COP. The Dems can (for once) grow a spine, (at least the ones who aren’t bought and paid for whores) play the BAD COPS.

    I truly believe he is a Jedi Negotiating MASTER. Unfortunately, he is having to teach the rest of the Dems how to be as good as he is.

    Underestimate this POTUS at your own peril.

    The PL & the FauxEmoProgs all want someone to primary him. Why can’t they see that NO ONE IS THAT STUPID.

    I guess they’re all still blinded by their own personal Hillary disappointment, which is also sad, as she’ll be much better in a life-time gig on the SCOTUS.

  7. LOL BWD… I’ve read that Dennis Kucinich and Alan Grayson have both said no, maybe they can get Glenn Greenwald? Or Jane Hamsher? 😆

  8. BWD, I can’t tell you the number of times I have said about President Obama “Where did he come from?”. He never ceases to amaze me. Like you, I am sick over the fact that he has to deal with teeny, tiny people with no seriousness of purpose.

    The Republicans are so terrified of his brilliance that it has driven them mad. If you listen to the press conference that Speaker Boehner gave and the comments from Majority Leader Eric Cantor you have to conclude that they have lost touch with reality. They are not making any sense. They are babbling and incoherent.

    Today we saw the elegance and grace of a brilliant, charismatic leader. The Republican Party leadership looked feckless and devoid of a moral compass. The contrast could not have been more stark.

  9. I’ve spent a lot of this afternoon bitchslapping firebagging posters on TPM, whining about “Obama caving” and how the Republicans always frame the debate, yadda yadda yadda.

    Apparently they didn’t watch the same presser that we did. We here at TOADITR and TOD saw an adult, a frustrated adult fed up with the games that the Republicans are playing. Yet these firebagger posters want more and more baseless political theater that gets NOTHING accomplished, one even said Obama has to “channel his inner Bush,” why the hell should Obama channel the WORST President this country has ever had?

    I’m thankful for spaces like this. Even though we will occasionally encounter rough days like last Friday, we manage to stick together despite our differences. That can’t be said for the firebaggers, who will dismiss you even if you give a mild defense of President Obama, you’re a “right wing DLC Republican corporatist Wall Street Obamabot.” They’re jealous because this President has proven them wrong and has a record of accomplishments.

  10. President Obama was excellent, reasonable and fair today. I was very proud of him and although for me, this is how fabulous he always is, I kept praying that more people will see what I see. That’s why I love coming here BWD, to read like minded info and opinions and know we are all in this together. I had felt so alone before.

  11. It is so funny to watch. The GOP have been yelling about the debt for months, now when the Prez offers them a BFD (Lol) they run and hide.

  12. Mr. Obama even mentioned that this morning, that he wanted to take care of the debt and deficit, “let’s go!” And as you pointed out, they are running in cowardice because Mr. Obama has taken away virtually every excuse they have and they are being forced to compromise. TOADITR just unleashed a can of whoopass on them, and they aren’t liking it one bit!

  13. “it is too bad he is surrounded by such emptiness.” So true. Imagine what we could be doing in this country if the Republicans and about 10% of the Democrats suddenly turned into sane people.

    There have lots of cases in the past wher there were absic differences between the two parties, but theyalways worked to create positive solutions. There were times when the minority party acknowledged the voters and worked not to destroy everything the majority party worked for, but to modify it just a little so that some of what they wanted was included.

    We are starting to have a poitical system that will be the laughing stock of the world.

  14. There is a large support for the president on twitter. im meeting a lot of new pro Obama supporters .

  15. The new normal is madness.


    Jon Chait noted yesterday that the moving goalposts for what constitutes the mainstream just isn’t healthy.

    The GOP’s willingness to undermine the full faith and credit of the Treasury in pursuit of anti-tax fundamentalism is shocking now, but eventually it will come to be seen as simply part of the process.

    Kevin Drum added that the “new normal kind of sucks.”

    In the same way that Wall Street hoovering up a third of all corporate profits is the new normal. Or that 9% unemployment is the new normal. Or that obstruction, rather than legislation, is the new normal for Congress. Or that massive spending cuts during a recession is the new normal. Or that conducting three overseas wars at the same time is the new normal.

    I mention this, not only because I agree with Jon and Kevin, but because it’s part of how I approach my work — I hate to see the political world desensitized to what often strikes me as madness.


  16. MUST READ, once you do read it, you’ll “get it” like PBHO GOT IT:


    For weeks now we’ve heard about how urgent it is to get a debt ceiling deal done — a deal that should include only spending cuts according to Republicans, and should include tax increases according to Democrats. Here’s a key piece of the President’s press conference today:


    I’m prepared to do it. I’m prepared to take on significant heat from my party to get something done. And I expect the other side should be willing to do the same thing if they mean what they say, that this is important.

    And let me just then comment on this whole issue of tax increases, because there’s been a lot of information floating around there. I want to be crystal clear: Nobody has talked about increasing taxes now, nobody has talked about increases — increasing taxes next year.

    What we have talked about is that starting in 2013 that we have gotten rid of some of these egregious loopholes that are benefiting corporate jet owners or oil companies at a time where they’re making billions of dollars of profits.





    So when — when you hear folks saying, “Well, you know, the president shouldn’t want, you know, massive, job-killing tax increases when the economy’s this week, nobody’s looking to raise taxes right now. We’re talking about potentially 2013 and the out-years.

    That, along with this, laid out the boundaries for the meeting taking place in the White House right now:

    So what I’ve said to the leaders is, bring back to me some ideas that you think can get the necessary number of votes in the House and in the Senate. I’m happy to consider all options, all alternatives that they’re looking at. The things that I will not consider are a 30-day or a 60-day or a 90-day or a 180-day temporary stopgap resolution to this problem.

    That parameter was preceded by acknowledgement that all leaders agree that default is not an option. All leaders. Not just Democrats. All.

    Forget about all the pundit and partisan noise for a minute and pay attention to what he just said. He laid out clear boundaries for the discussion. These are the options available to Republicans right now:

    Bifurcate budget/deficit discussions and approve an increase to the debt limit that will extend our credit for 12 months. Of course, doing such a thing means that the next discussion — barring any debt negotiations in the interim — lands right in the middle of the 2012 elections.
    Give up the Bush tax cuts or bring a package to the table that otherwise places the revenue burden on wealthy earners in the country.

    That’s it, right there. For all of the sackcloth and ashes being worn by the left and right alike, those are the options. Period. And right now, the leverage is with Obama, not the Republicans. He reclaimed the hostage from the hostage-takers.

    This is why, by the way, he is using Republican frames to discuss these issues. As frustrating as that might feel to many, the ones who need convincing right now are conservatives, and not fringe conservatives from the Tea Party. Despite the gnashing of teeth over the fact that he didn’t emphasize job creation or other worthy goals, the fact is that he has a House of Representatives which is, for the most part, irrational. I don’t think anyone expects them to get on board. The only way to deal with irrational voters is to go over their heads to their bosses. Their bosses aren’t the Tea Party at this point; they’re the independents who turned away from Obama to vote Republican because of the noise and heat generated by the Affordable Care Act, Dodd-Frank, and other legislation in the 111th Congress. Those independent voters want good-faith negotiation, and the President just let them know that there is none of that happening right now.

    It’s easy to read online blogs and Facebook posts and Twitter streams and assume the entire world is all one ideology or the other, when in fact, most people come at things with mixed feelings. They like social security but are worried about the national debt, too. They’re worried about the economy and their jobs but can’t put their finger on exactly why the economy isn’t picking up, either. Then they look at Washington DC’s daily theater and say, well gosh…it’s gotta be their fault.

    Wall Street isn’t going to countenance a default. Neither should we. So at this point, the options are to push hard for minimal adjustments to Social Security/Medicare spending while hammering the GOP for hanging onto tax cuts for the rich, or else start calling loud and clear for a clean vote to increase the debt ceiling substantially, while continuing to hammer out some kind of acceptable agreement for everything.

    Today is July 11th. The date to have an agreement is July 22nd. A lot can happen between now and then, but right now I would say odds are pointing to a clean debt ceiling vote with no strings attached, because in the end, progressives are going to be the deal makers, not the tea party. It’s up to them to grab the ring and use it.

    UPDATE: PoliticusUSA has a great piece augmenting this one that YOU SHOULD READ. Here’s a snip:

    AS LONG AS OBAMA HOLDS HIS GROUND, THE REPUBLICANS PARALYZED BY THEIR OWN INTERNAL WARFARE WILL BE LEFT TWO CHOICES. They can either compromise which would both anger their base and help reelect this president, or they can hold their ground and watch their political fortunes go down the drain.


    UPDATE #2: IT’S WORKING, TOO: FROM TEA PARTY NATION (I can’t link you because it’s behind a registration wall)

    JOHN BOEHNER IS EITHER A GUTLESS COWARD, AN ABSOLUTE IDIOT OR BOTH. What floors me is under the circumstances the GOP rank and file has not done something about him. THE GOP HAS THE GREATEST MANDATE IN A CENTURY AND NOT ONLY IS BOEHNER BLOWING THE MANDATE, he may single handedly return Nancy Pelosi to the Speaker’s chair. WE COULD ASK WHAT IS HE THINKING BUT IT IS OBVIOUS HE IS NOT THINKING.

    BOEHNER HAS GOT TO GO IMMEDIATELY AND THE GOP NEEDS TO REPLACE HIM NOW. We need someone who has courage and convictions. We need someone who will not sell us out. In short, we need anyone but John Boehner.

    THEY’RE LOOKING TO ERIC CANTOR FOR DELIVERANCE. Only problem? Eric Cantor is Wall Street’s boy. And Wall Street will absolutely not countenance a default on the national debt.


    BWD, I had one, too…

    But, I had mine…Mmmm, months ago. 😉

    Listen, I’m tellin’ you; PBHO *IS* The ‘Chosen’ One!

    That’s why WE gotta DO SOMETHIN’, whatever is necessary, to help PBHO GET THOSE TEAPUBLICANS, at the local/state and federal-level, OUT OF OFFICE!

    Let’s JUST DO IT! 😉

    Anyway, what are your thoughts about this great analysis?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  17. Excellent!
    That’s so good to hear.

    I’m thinking people are now seeing our president id the reasonable one and the Republicans are not acting in our best interests. Nor are they being honest.

  18. Welll not to be a little know it all- but I knew this about Barack Obama the first time I heard him speak in 2004- then reading his book “The Audacity to Hope” cemented it for me. He will ultimately go down in history as one of the greatest human beings this country produced. He is the best of us imo, and someone I still believe who will be emulated by those coming up the path of leadership- those who are honorable and thoughtful- are paying attention and learning.

  19. “…We are starting to have a poitical system that will be the laughing stock of the world.”

    No, WE are goin’ to re-elect PBHO…

    And, of course, WE are goin’ to “take back” the House and retain the Senate (increase our majority).

    So that, there’ll be a “sane” Congress, who will work with him, to get those BIG things done! lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  20. Tally, first time commenting but couldn’t resist, adding to your post, what they forget every time is the fact that he used to work the streets of Chicago as a community organizer.

  21. well this is just wierd I can no longer ‘like’ this post at the top nor is the facebook or twitter button visible for me.

  22. Yes it is…

    But, it was “all for show!”

    They didn’t “mean” it!

    Checkmate, anyone? 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  23. I hate to put it this way but Hillary’s too old. We don’t need to put a senior on the bench — we need to remake the Supreme Court and we need someone younger.

  24. I would love to see Jane Hamsher crushed. Ugh. With friends like her, who needs enemies?

  25. Ha! Yeah, there’s been a LOT of rumblings about a hero to come in and primary the best president we’ve had since many of us were born. And, you know, if it were helpful for them to just rant and rave about it until they calmed down and realized what we have, it would be one thing. But these guys are getting downright awful. It seems like they analyze every nanosecond of the president to find something to complain about–even before he’s completed a sentence. And, we all know the President speaks in some long, complex sentences.

    They complain about Obama selling us out or throwing us under the bus! How about this: NOBODY in Washington has Pres. Obama’s back besides Joe Biden. Maybe Hillary and a few others on his team. But, I don’t trust any of those snakes in the capitol anymore. They all take turns getting in a whack at him–Republicans of course, but also some very obnoxious Democrats. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  26. Excellent! And so true. Even former Foxer, Major Garrett, was just on MSNBC noting that President Obama is winning the political war here. Not that the political mastery will get any credit among some so-called progressive quarters who have made a career of screaming hysterically.

  27. Lawrence ODonnell just gave quite the speech about how the President is winning. When it becomes available it should be posted. I don’t know how to do that.

  28. And from another perspective, this president turned my Republican sister and brother in law into official Independents who vote Democratic since 2008. They like this president and they see him as — drum roll — the only adult in the room! My husband and I are reliable Democrats and we simply love our president. Period.

  29. BWD U gotta post Lawrence ODonnell opening monologue. boy he makes the people at that other site seem so small in comparison.

  30. I think you just nailed it… The firebaggers just want their own version of Bush. Why would they want a left-wing version of a dictator? I don’t know about you, but even though I would call myself a pretty darned progressive Democrat, I don’t harbor dreams of Hugo Chavez as my leader. They don’t see that President Barack Obama is one of those rare human beings who elevates the discourse around him. Look, I started off in 2007 convinced I would vote for Hillary in the 2008 primaries,although I had nothing but respect for Obama. But by the end of the year (2007), I saw that Barack Obama was a rare — once in a lifetime — human being. Great leaders don’t talk smack. They nudge the people to the right side of history. I am so glad that I voted THREE times for him in 2008 — in the primary, in the caucus here in Houston in Tx’ biggest county (my district came in last at 2 am), and in Nov. I wept as I cast my vote.

  31. Tally,
    Got an email from Adam Green which I promptly unsuscribed from. They asked me to put a comment why I was unsuscribing and I gave them an earful. I told them I did not consider Adam Green a credible progressive, that he sounded more like a teaparty republican and so I did not want to be associated with him. It felt good.

  32. First Question, BWD; Old or New Testament? Well, since you opened the door, I’m just gonna walk right in. Long before President Obama was elected I liked his bid to Paul on the Road to Damascus. When Saul was thrown from his horse and Jesus appeared to him, the Lord said, “it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” Translation, your arms are too short to box with God. Translation, if the Lord said it that settles. Regardless of what comes or goes, He is in control. I am convinced that President Obama was chosen by God for this moment in our beloved Country’s history; and He is not going to let those who wish to see him fail, win. That’s my story and my speech, and I’m stickin’ to it.

  33. Senator Rubio’s Family Involved in Drug Trafficking

    Today Univision reported about Senator Marco Rubio’s family ties to narcotics trafficking. This has been known by some and kept very secretive by others and is something that the Senator refuses to discuss. He also avoided all mention of this during his campaign for Senate.

    In 1987, federal prosecutors in Miami seized the home of Rubio’s older sister, Barbara, and her husband, Orlando Cicilia. Cicilia was later convicted and sentenced to 25 years in jail for conspiracy to distribute cocaine and marijuana and was also charged with bribing Miami police officers. This was part of the famous “Operation Cobra”, one of the largest investigations against a drug cartel.

    Rubio’s brother in law was released in November 2000 because of good behavior. He currently lives in Rubio’s mother’s house in Miami, and is even listed as a co-owner of that house.

    This causes quite a dilemma for Rubio. As many remember, during the last presidential election, the so called “pure conservative” claimed that Obama was a marxist and a muslim because his father and stepfather were both muslims and marxists. Well, I guess if we are going to apply the same “pure conservative” standard, we can make the case, and it would be fair to say, that Marco Rubio is a drug dealer because his family were drug dealers. Sounds moronic, right? So, which is it, Senator?

    At the end of the day, the facts remain. Somehow, Rubio’s political and private life has been, one way or another, associated with unlawful and unethical individuals, thugs and delinquents. Even Rubio’s political friend and ally, the very corrupt David Rivera, does not seem to have drug dealers in his family (that we know of).

    Which Republican presidential candidate is now going to be enthusiastic about bringing Rubio in as vice president? Would you?


    Leave a Reply

  34. Delilah,
    I cried too that night, and my husband and I decided right there and then that we were going to become American citizens. We felt if this country got it right and could elect an African American, this African American, then we were ready to jump on board. May 19, 2009 we became citizens, and it will be my greatest joy to vote for President Obama in 2012. I can promise you that the tears will be running down my face even as I vote! (I’m such a crybaby 🙂 )

  35. BWD’ I think there is a bunch hot air on the air by the nuts on the other side, Let’s dare them to try their ass will be kick so hard , what ever happen to the candidates they supported in the last election all of the lost did they? so LET’S GO as PBO told the GOP today. Do not worried BWD PBO terrific this morning he was in full control.

  36. Don’t forget to Pray

    Today I pray for our nation. I ask that you would give our President wisdom beyond his own understanding and the courage he needs to stand against the hate he receive from those who heart is evil. I pray that you would give him the grace and strength to stand against those who are trying to destroy him. Have mercy on our President and our nation Lord, In Jesus name, Amen

  37. I watch L. O’Donnell’s opening statement and he was on fire alright. He pointed out that the President has boxed in poor Boner and the GNOP. To raise the D.C., Boner is gonna need help again from the DEM’s. I knew when Boner was made Speaker that PBO would play with him like a cat plays with a dead mouse. Boner is not bright and very lazy. Canter is a swarmy fool and is not very bright either. This is going to be very interesting two weeks.

  38. Lawrence O’Donnell’s “The Last Word” has a fantastic and informative segment on the President’s skillful negotiation strategy on the debt ceiling. This is a must see!!! I hope BWD posts it when it becomes available on the MSNBC site.

  39. If anybody bets against this President they will loose, he was asked today if this deal will go trough by August he said YES, si he knows something we do not know.

  40. Thanks for the heads up… have it on tivo so will watch when I get home! Thanks for the preview.

  41. Oh man, I just about busted a vein when that bobblehead asked Obama why the American people don’t understand the debt limit. Maybe because our completely broken media didn’t bother to tell them? Sometimes I don’t know how he refrains from putting on some heavy rings and whacking them all upside the head.

  42. Ohh, Betsy, you’re making me tear up. That’s so wonderful. Welcome Citizen. One of the many things I love about new citizens is that they generally are better citizens than people who are born here.

  43. I wonder if the conservatives who venerate Adam Smith have ever read him.

    “The subject of every State ought to contribute towards the support of the government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the State.”

    Nothing less than what Marx said. But, I’ve never overestimated the intelligence of our new breed of American conservative.

  44. You’re so right. Not only is Obama the only adult in the room, he’s also the smartest person in the room. By a large margin.

  45. nah, as bad as he is, he doesn’t have to pay for the sins of relatives. Most everyone including politicians has a “Billy Carter” in their family.

  46. I will pray that tonight, because lord knows we need him to enter the hearts of these so-called christians who want to harm the least of us for the sake of the very wealthy. Also light a candle.

    I am on my 2nd week of the Minnesota state shutdown with no end in sight. The GOP in MN are like the GOP house. Everytime the Gov gives a little, the GOP retracts are wants to end abortions, gay marriage, etc., which has nothing to do with the state budget. Lord help America!

  47. Betsy — Thrilled that you and our husband will have the wonderful experience in 2012 that so many of us had in voting for Barack Obama for president in 2008 and are so looking forward to having again in less than 16 months . . .

  48. Congratulations to both of you! That’s wonderful.You WILL cry…tears of joy! What an honor. And, like Tien, I think that you both will be better citizens than some people that were born here.

  49. The NRA says they will suit the presidents decision, on an executive order to make it tougher for people who have mental issues and to have a updated background check.
    Yeah, NRA that is a winner- go ahead and suit. Jeesh!

  50. Thank you for the link, FORUS50. Bell was brilliant! I wish there were more Republicans out there saying the same thing.

  51. I think you may be wrong about that. He KNEW and didn’t say anything. How so you think that the poor fools that voted for him are going to feel? At the very least..this will neuter him.I don’t think this plays well for him.

  52. Lawrence was amazing to night — he totally gets our president even though he has had his bad moments like when he trashed the budget deal with that twit, Ezra Klein. Chris Matthews was also very good tonight too. I watched the beginning of Rachel but then tuned her out as her ties to the PL clearly preclude from recognizing the greatness that is staring her in the face and has been on display for several weeks now in President Obama’s many brilliant moves. Too bad that she is weak enough to be bested by the likes of Lawrence and Chris in terms of getting things.

    As difficult as the going is on some days, we must never lose sight of our incredible good fortune in having this amazing man as our president during these perilous times . .

  53. Not that I have a problem with it, but was Rachel just flirting with Nicole Wallace? That was wierd!

  54. Betsy … Congratulations to you and your husband on becoming citizens. Pres. Obama is a great motivator. Before Obama I was aware of politics but not actively involved … Barack Obama hit the scene and I was hooked. It’s his intelligence, his love for this Country, the obvious love for his family and theirs for him, his beautiful smile that commands a smile in return. Yes, this man is above other men. Our President knows all and sees all. Never before has there been a President who truly cares about the entire Country and is doing everything in his power to turn things around. It’s too bad that so many others have their own agendas rather than caring about others. These people were elected and took the oath to protect the Country but instead can’t see the good in our President or in our Country. I hereby promise to never ever to vote Republican in what remains of my lifetime.

  55. This: Second, Schumer said that because more than 40 House Republicans have said they would not vote for any debt-ceiling increase, passage in the House will need support from Democrats. “So you’re going to need Democratic votes for that, and you’re not going to get Democratic votes for a plan that doesn’t solve the problem, just does cuts, doesn’t do any revenues at all,” he said.

    From the moment the GOP took over the House, I had a feeling it would come to this: Boehner having to beg for Dem votes because the radicals in his own caucus would torpedo him. Schadenfreude: it’s not just for breakfast.

  56. LMAO I can’t believe those idiots are still at it with this primary nonsense.

    Let us count the TOP TEN ways in which this is STUPID:

    1) Any primary challenger would have to start fundraising *checks watch*…..7 months ago.

    2) Poll after poll shows this liberal disappointment to be purely anecdotal. To quote Jay-Z, men lie, women lie, NUMBERS DON’T.

    3) They let Hamsher hijack NetRoots Nation at gunpoint and 80% of attendees still approved of him in that straw poll. Hear us ROAR!

    4) Hello, fundraising? Have you *seen* the cash Obama’s raking in so far? #goodluckwitdat

    5) I *DARE* somebody to walk into some Black Baptist Churches and explain to *them* why the 1st Black President doesn’t deserve to even run for 2nd term. Go ahead. I fucking DARE you to screw with the Democratic Party’s most loyal constituency like that. Cornell West and Lupe Fiasco will not save you.

    6) You got 5 MONTHS LEFT until Iowa, geniuses. You’d better get cracking.

    7) Howard Dean has repeatedly stated that he ain’t running. More to the point, Dean knows what a godsend it would be to Republicans and their precious echo chamber.

    8) You really want Elizabeth Warren to stop the very important work she’s doing…..so she can run against Obama? REALLY? Ya’ll know she’s never run for office right? Heckuva learning curve with 5 months left.

    9) Russ Feingold, God bless ‘im, lost to a cot damn corporate CEO in *Wisconsin* just 8 months ago. You need political momentum for a WH run. That is like, anti-momentum. Russ needs to be preparing for a gubernatorial run, not hunting windmills.


  57. That was a very pragmatic, reasonable, and realistic approach to compromise by the POTUS today. However, he’s NOT negotiating with pragmatic, reasonable, or realistic people that represent the GOTP (Greedy Oligarchical Totalitarian Plutocrats). It is commendable as well as an enviable example that PBO has been and is the type of person, the type of MAN, who always operates from a “higher ground”. But sooner or later, preferably sooner, he’s going to have to “reach down” and cast away (smack away, kick away, knee in the groin away, etc…) the Teapublican demons who are obsessively and continuously trying to pull him down into their political Hell world that is ALWAYS below “see” level.

    I consider myself a very patient man… but PBO is definitely more patient than I. Because I’m not even dealing “directly” AND daily with the GOTP as the POTUS has, and I’ve been ABSOLUTELY sick and tired of their self-centered, contemptuous, and austere BS for quite some time. So to paraphrase a past statement by BWD, it’s time for PBO’s “FOOT to meet GOTP ASS”… and THIS time, with a steel toe boot with a platform heel.

  58. Recently, I discovered this. Although this is from PBHO’s 2008 Election Campaign, I *love* it! I BELIEVE PBHO *IS* The ‘Chosen’ One! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!

    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  59. As long as she doesn’t lie about my President she can flirt with whomever she wants.

  60. What you want PBO to do is not going to happen. That is not the type of man he is. You and everyone needs to learn he is the person HE IS, not the person YOU and everyone else WISHES he become. What you voted for is what you got. He is doing the job so let him do the job. The Teapublicans are NOT going to change, we need to VOTE THEM OUT. THE GOP house majority is because DEMs stayed home and Independents were unhappy or impatient so they voted these nut jobs into office. Only we can vote them out by getting more DEMs, Indies, sensible Republicans to vote DEMs into the house.

  61. Excellent quote, LL! My take is that the teabag-Republicans are not real conservative in a classical sense. These are radical right wingers, led by talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and the others. I honestly doubt that any of the teabaggers in the House of Representative, giving orders to Speaker John Boehner, has ever read Adam Smith, or for that matter Edmund Burke.

  62. ROFLMAO!!! I consider myself a very patient woman but PBO is 100 times more patient than me. If I were President, I would have already given Cantor an elbow in his jaw. Ditto for Boehner.

  63. I’d also like to add that I’ve never “hated” anything or anyone in my life… and never could really empathize with anyone who could have that type of emotional response… until NOW. The way I feel about the GOTP is as close as I’ve ever been and I wish I could “shake it off”, but I can’t because their actions won’t allow me to be objective enough to do that. So now, I “understand”…

  64. Well, that effectively destroys yet another GOP talking point about our President being such and such because of who his father was.

  65. Just as we denounce Rachel and them when they do stupid, we should bombard Lawrence with praise. They must hear from us when they do well, too. And most defintely when they do stupid.

  66. Hey snoopy, it was strange- but after several tries I was able to do it. However, I’ve been unable to access twitter, facebook and youtube for a few days now.. I believe it is a server problem and have to get with my internet provider. I had this problem a couple of weeks ago and they (provider) changed my lan settings- but then I was unable to access Internet Explorer- could use firefox and was able to get twitter and facebook that way. But Firefox constantly crashed on me- I mean daily. So now I’ve reset my lan setting to the original.. and once again can’t access twitter and FB. It is the oddest thing, after years with the same provider I’m suddenly having this happen. Same computer for the past year with nary a problem. anyhoo.. it’s minor in the scheme of things- but frustrating 🙂

  67. TWITTER ACTION: Copy/Paste/Tweet:


  68. In the VERY SAME STATE where Gabby Giffords was shot nontheless, Good Lord do these people NEVER learn?!!!

  69. Nicole Wallace is straight and happily married, strange behavior on Maddow’s part if it’s true.

  70. BWD:

    First, thanks for all the incredible work you do to keep us informed, disciplined, and energized. Second, I totally agree with you that President Obama is really once in a lifetime president. If the majority of the people refuse to re-elect him, the country, not President Obama, will be the looser. I just don’t see any of his announced Republican opponents measuring up to him.

  71. Yes they are…

    WOW! Was her life bein’ threatened by her/im? Was her life in danger? If not, she should be arrested for doin’ that to her/im!

    They’ve gone crazy! lol

    State DEMs and other “sane” officials need to “get a handle on this!”

    You stay safe! ::Virtual Hug::

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  72. grayson is on dkos now saying he is running again for congress seat. splatch.. another egg in the face for the ‘progressive’ crowd there.

  73. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you. I also pray for him daily…..his family…..his staff and advisers. I also pray that God will take away the hate so many have toward PO and put tolerance and open-mindedness in its place.

  74. Not only that, but he used our President’s catch phrase “I’m in” on Twitter to let people know that he would be announcing his intention ot run on the Ed Show. This is what he tweeted:

    “Heading on The Ed Show on MSNBC at 10:15pm EST to announce my intention to run for Congress in 2012. I’m in! Are you?”

  75. Rev Al, Lawrence, and Rachel were all great tonight. Ed went off the deep end. He is a firebagger.

  76. There are barely any Dem officials for ANYTHING here. That’s the problem!!! She thought it was “no big deal” beccause her finger wasn’t on the LOADED GUN’S TRIGGER! ANyone THAT stupid shouldn’t be near a weapon OR an elected official!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Jesus. My head aches…dinner,store,gin and tonic.

  77. I received a commerative 50th Birthday Card to send to President Obama. I hope we all get one to send him much love. Although I am not working I plan to send him money that be-fits this mounmental birthday for all that he has sacrificed for us. He is getting so grey yet still very handsome.

  78. Love that!!! We talked about that very thing last night over at TOD!!! I said they bought the $350 wine and the expensive dinner, ate it all, and then stiffed them for the check! That’s what we’re talking about now! Great job, Tally!

  79. That was sooooo rich! And I agree, I dare you to go into a black church ANYWHERE and say that! WHOOO HOOOOO!!! Thank you TheHalfrican for sharing your GREAT thoughts!

  80. Indeed Lawrence was right on tonight. In fact, he echoed what some very smart people on this blog have posited. As he was talking, I was reminded of what one Illinois state legislator who served with the President said: “Never play poker with this man.”

  81. JoJo…a card is great…that grey hair is very becoming, I agree. With all he’s had to put up with, I’m surprised it’s not all pulled out:) That man can NEVER, EVER look bad…ever.:)

  82. Boehner would have enough Blue Dogs to pass something without having to give up very much. The conservadems are more Republican than Democratic anyway. Be careful what you wish for.

    The Republicans may have been offered the deal of the century. They may just accept it.

    We would consider it a victory if Boehner blinked on any tax increases. It could be a Pyrrhic victory. If they don’t accept the deal, they look like the heartless fools that they are. But we go into default. Is that a victory?

    Although unconfirmed I never heard anyone dispute the 87/13 split of cuts to revenue increase. Obama today said that none of those tax increases would go into effect until 2013 so there would be no revenue increases for two years. He considered that a good thing, a good bargaining chip. When do the cuts go into effect? What are the cuts? What is the percentage?

    Obama also said that he would be open to changes in the tax code that lowers all rates and ‘broadens the base’. I ridiculed Boehner earlier today for saying these words. because it appears that the wealthy benefit and it spreads more tax pain on the lower classes. Most people here agreed with me. I didn’t realize that President Obama had already said these words in the presser. Would that be a victory?

    Austerity like this almost killed FDR’s presidency. The New Deal needed time to work, Republicans did their damage, austerity was voted in and it took WW II to get us out of the slump. I know Obama can’t get New Deal-type reforms out of these batshit crazy Republicans, but he has to get enough to truly help this country turn around.

    We’ll see what the deal is. There will be no time for any meaningful debate once it’s struck. I hope the deal does more than just take the debt ceiling debacle off the table. I hope the deal extracts real compromise from the Republicans that helps the health of this country, and begins to help the country grow its way out of this recession right now, not after the election. Delaying many of the benefits of ACA contributed to losses in 2010 because people had not experienced its positive effects and I don’t want to see that happen in 2012. There is so much at stake, more than I’ve ever experienced in my 61 years on this planet. It’s my deepest, fervent hope that we get enough out of Republicans to benefit President Obama, Democrats and the country in 2012.

    It’s my deepest hope that this is true.

  83. I just read where Senator Klein did this behavior before, she carried her gun in public just TWO DAYS after the Tuscon shootings, and even local pro gun activists are condemning her behavior!

    Although I’m not a fan of allowing the government to infringe on Second Amendment rights, folks like her are giving the government more reason to, she’s a PR nightmare for these reasonable pro gun activists who understand responsible ownership of firearms. Rule #1 of firearms safety is never EVER EVER point your firearm at someone/thing you don’t intend to shoot… and Klein claims that she took firearms safety training from her father, smh!

  84. I must have rec’d at least a dozen emails from the PL today asking me to sign letters saying I wouldn’t donate any money to the President’s campaign as long as SS and Medicare are on the table – grrrrrrrrr!

    I am as progressive as anyone and I totally get that unless adjustments are made neither will be around for my son and my grandchildren.

    When will our “leaders” grow up?

    God bless our brilliant President – he is too good for this country that doesn’t appreciate him and how hard he is working to make this a better place for all!

  85. The PL donated a lot of $$$ to Ala Grason campaign and he lot big time he. he..

  86. He wasn’t bad on the radio today, for the half an hour I was in the car. Leo Gerard was perfectly balanced. I need a transcript of how he saw things. He was supportive of the President, laying blame in a very clear, concise way on the Republicans. He was excellent. A good direction against our real enemies.

  87. I wonder how she would feel if some random thug walked up to her, pointed an AK47 at her head and the thug said, “Don’t worry, you won’t die… yes this thing is loaded, the safety is off, but my finger isn’t on the trigger, so you’re safe and not in any danger of death.”


  88. Congratulations Betsy to you and your husband! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!! I cried too in ’08.

  89. I figure they haven’t even read the back of the cereal box, let alone Adam Smith or Edmund Burke.

    You give them far, FAR too much credit.

  90. I was worried about this, but I heard a sample of the president’s comments today on NPR and he really is playing Boehner and Mitch McConnell like lotto.

    He basically said, “I’ll see your $2 trillion in cuts, and raise you $4 TRILLION in cuts; but, you have to approve new revenue.” Either way, PBO can say, I offered more cuts than they did, and they still wouldn’t do it because they wanted to protect hedge fund managers and private jet owner.

    But on the other hand, this is sad. The Republicans screamed, hollered, griped and moaned about the deficit and when time came to fix it, they were like, “Um, well, I really didn’t mean to fix the deficit; I just wanted to blame you for it.” They just look so petty and disingenuous. PBO’s 2012 campaign slogan should be “I don’t speak about it, I be about it” because these Republicans are jokers.

  91. I want you to see the image that I post. When the elders laid their hands on Obama, those prayers get the Pres and his family though these trying times. We will do what is necessary to get the Pres through this election cycle. At the same time, the prayers of the elders are powerful and will guide us all.

  92. egg.sack.lee. I don’t mind you stealing Obama’s catchphrase, grayson, as long as you don’t fucking engage in trashtalking. Let’s see if he can win this seat with his hot air rhetoric.

  93. If we ever needed proof that the WH press corps were a collection of snakes and slimy weasels we need look no further. Where was this sneering cynicism when Bush was standing before them? This president is way to reasonable and decent…We truly don’t deserve this wonderful man 😦

  94. Betsy, I also unsubscribed from Adam Green’s Progressive Democrats. I’m disgusted by their disloyalty to President Obama.

  95. He makes some good points. He’s hard watch, though. I love how the President is the one who every single day is the one who sounds reasonable and the Republicans just can’t let go of their ultimatums. It’s bordering on comical.

  96. When Bush was standing before them, all he would do every presser is crack jokes and get them laughing, they didn’t ask him ANY hard pressing questions… it was like they were at a bar, and not in the press room, shame on them!

  97. I agree Lorraine, Barack H. Obama was chosen by God for this moment in time. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  98. I loved what the President said to Sam Stein today..it was so funny. Ezra Klein reminds me of Sam Stein and vice versa.

  99. Good; he got in via POTUS’ coattails and can do it again. I just hope that this time around, he remembers his constituents and lays off of some of the red meat which is so popular online but which doesn’t translate well with moderate audiences. He talked a lot of sense when he was defending healthcare reform and if he tamps down on the rhetoric and doesn’t forget where he comes from again, I think he could actually have a long and successful career in congress. Yes we can! 2012, onwards and upwards!

  100. And I think you took my comments way too literal. Take it down. I don’t “wish” he’d “become” anything else but who he is… and I take some offense to your stereotyping of me based on what seems to be the type of “progressive” banter you’ve grown accustomed to. I’m not “just” a pro-Obama “blogger”, I worked on and donated to his campaign, met him in person, and worked with a 527 organization to repudiate and debunk all the lies about him during his campaign… and will do it again next year. I don’t “idolize” PBO, I RESPECT and ADMIRE him. There’s a difference.

    So since I’m even more “realistic” than I am patient, I understand that “compromise”, to a certain degree, becomes SURRENDER… and even if it’s not REALLY surrender, it can be misinterpreted as such if those parameters of said compromise aren’t CLEARLY defined.

    So because I am a strong supporter of THIS President, I don’t want anything that he does or HAS TO DO to be misconstrued and misinterpreted as surrendering to those Teapublican “economic terrorists” among the “swing” voters who are overwhelmingly in support of the Democrats’ approach to solving our economic problems “on paper” so the Democratic Party will need to win the House Majority back in 2012 with him as POTUS.

    Because THAT’s what it’s REALLY all about and “unanimously” appealing to the “diversity” of 2008 Democratic supporters will not be as easy in 2012. The “purposeful” misinformation projected by the MSM propaganda machine that also helped to elect a GOTP House majority in 2010 has all but assured that.

    So to be crystal clear THIS time, “figuratively” and “symbolically” speaking, I want him to put his FOOT in the GOTP’s AZZ … in ANY way HE deems appropriate…by any means necessary and available.

  101. So did I. I don’t have any extra money as I gave my quota for this month,but hope to be able to do something at the end of the month.

  102. Here’s a article from “Think Progress” that I had to post. It doesn’t get any more “real” than this….

    The GOP’s Debt Ceiling Debacle
    Jul 11, 2011 | By Tanya Somanader

    The deadline to raise the debt ceiling is fast approaching. Come Aug. 2, the U.S. economy could face drastic budget cuts, a 2.3 percent drop in GDP, a disruption of Social Security, Medicare and military payments, a “double-dip contraction” in an already fragile housing market, a plummeting credit score, an increase in unemployment, and an overall economic regression if a debt deal isn’t reached. Apparently boxed in by his own party’s intransigence, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) walked away from a “grand bargain” offered in the latest talks with President Obama. Though the deal reportedly included the Republican demand for unpopular “sharp cuts to Medicare and Social Security,” Boehner torpedoed the deal over the White House’s insistence on larger, more balanced deficit reduction package that included $800 billion in new revenues to accompany the spending cuts. The GOP’s refusal to even consider eliminating tax breaks is all the more stunning given the excessive number of frivolous loopholes for the wealthy in the federal tax code. While the elimination of such loopholes seem obvious to most Americans, Republican lawmakers remain vigilant in their protection of the wealthy and are exposing their political motivations behind policies that will jeopardize our economic future.

    RESPONSIBLE REVENUE: Addressing our long-term deficit is both necessary and possible with a responsible approach. While the GOP’s slash-and-burn mentality toward spending unduly targets the most vulnerable populations and the middle class, the Center For American Progress note that there’s more than $1 trillion of wasteful spending hidden in the federal tax code which, if cut, is far less harmful to the economy than gouging the social safety net. For instance, the oil and gas industry, whose top five companies made $32 billion in the first quarter of 2011 alone, “stands to collect about $4 billion in tax-code subsidies in the coming year and nearly $40 billion over the rest of the decade.” The “carried-interest loophole” allows hedge fund managers to treat payment for their services as capital gains, which is subject to a 15 percent tax rate rather than a 35 percent tax rate. Eliminating this loophole would raise more than $4 billion . Other blatantly wasteful tax breaks, including ones for the horse breeders, for corporate meals and entertainment, for vacation homes and yachts, and for corporate jets, would save over $12 billion in 2012 alone and more than $75 billion over the next 10 years. On top of that, if Congress ended the Bush tax cuts for those who earn above $1 million a year, taxpayers would save an additional $22 billion a year.

    A PATHETIC POINT OF VIEW: In the series of debt discussions, Obama presented many of these revenue raisers to Republican lawmakers as an opportunity to accomplish one of their main talking points of reining in wasteful spending. However, the GOP is drawing a hard line against the elimination of any unfair tax break and now will entertain smaller cuts to avoid touching tax breaks. Indeed, Boehner’s willingness to even consider revenue raisers was met with serious backlash from within his party. One veteran Republican lawmaker noted it as “another example of the speaker almost slipping beyond the will of the GOP conference.” Even his right-hand man Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), who walked away from another debt discussion over tax increases, made it known that he “was plainly not with Boehner” in considering “tax hikes.” Both he and House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) stated they’d only consider closing tax loopholes in exchange for new tax cuts. While Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) considered the idea of ending a tax cuts for millionaires “rather pathetic,” House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) said, if given a choice, he would rather increase the deficit than increase the tax rate on the richest Americans. Tea Party Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) is leading a growing number of GOP lawmakers who are willing to allow “serious disruptions” . . . also known as a comprehensive economic meltdown . . . to protect the wealthy.

    FANATIC FRINGE: The GOP’s stubborn myopia stands in stark contrast to common sense. Even conservatives are beginning to view such recalcitrance with exasperation. Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks viewed the GOP’s rejection of the “no-brainer” elimination of tax breaks as proof that the GOP “may no longer be a normal party” but a movement of “fanatics” with a “sacred fixation” on tax cuts. Former GOP Sen. Alan Simpson surveyed the GOP’s position and declared, “We’re at 15 percent revenue, and historically it’s been closer to 20 percent.” He added, “We’ve never had a war without a tax, and now we’ve got two.” Hedge fund manager and Ryan’s dinner companion Cliff Asness stated that “if taxes have to go up, let it be on me first.” In a recent poll, 81 percent of Americans approve a surtax on millionaires, with 68 percent supporting an end to the Bush tax cuts on those making over $250,000. 56 percent believe that corporations are not paying their fair share in taxes. The degree to which GOP lawmakers are ignoring both common sense deficit solutions and the will of the American people begs explanation. Brooks attributed the intransigence to the burgeoning “psychological protest” faction in the party. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), however, sees the party’s motivation during the debt ceiling negotiations as quite simple. For him and “every active Republican in the country,” the “single most important political goal” is to make Obama a one-term president.

  103. From my twitter timeline:

    RT @billburton716: RT @ LukeRussert And boom goes the dynamite RT “@politicoalex: Alan grayson: “I’m running” bit.ly/natfdi // You sure that wasn’t gas?

  104. Don’t get too angry at the PL right now. Obama is playing them like bagpipes, and he needs them to make as much noise as possible. NPR played two soundbites in which he said that some of his proposal angers his party as much as any sort of tax hike enrages the Republican base.

  105. LOL Tiger. That fucker better tone down his rhetoric if he wants to even have a glimpse of a win. Wouldn’t be wonderful if the PL goes nutz as he goes more realistic ?

  106. Can you please post the link to that story? I need to ram my point home with someone I am having a discussion with!!! Thanks

  107. That know-it-all Grayson wants to ride the coat-tails of Pres. Obama,but trash him on
    camera every chance he gets…funny he couldn’t get elected in a nonpresidential cycle.

  108. It was 83/17 on the smaller deal — it would be 75-25 on the bigger deal. The Rs really have lost their minds because the tax increases on the wealthy will be greater if the Bush tax cuts expire.

  109. I agree with this 100%. He is a once-in-a-lifetime leader. I’ve seen enough of them to know it in my gut. Despite the criticisms, he plays the long game and garners respect in the process. And, I might add, he is a principled person who doesn’t have a bunch of ethical skeletons in his closet, unlike the past few presidents.

  110. Tell it like it is, The Halfrican! Truth really hurts. Could it be true that the same “holier than thou progressives” who told us, over and over again, that there was no difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush, now want Al Gore to run against President Obama as the champion of the “holier than thou progressives?” I am sure Al Gore, who is a seasoned politician, knows quite well that these are fair weather friends. Any time there is a storm coming they will quickly abandon him.

    By the way, I wish these “holier than thou Progressives” could go revisit Obama’s post on Dkos, in 2006, defending Russ Feingold and Patrick Lahey for voting for Chief Justice Roberts. Although Senator Obama had voted against the CJ, he defended his fellow Democrats for their yes votes, and urged all thoughtful people not demonize them because both of them were dedicated progressives. Personally, I don’t want former Republicans, Libertarians, or the Johnny come lately progressives, trying to make money, telling me who is a real Democrat and who is not.

    Here is what I know: I know President Obama is a real Democrat. I know Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid are real Democrats. I know former President Bill Clinton and Former Vice-President Gore are real Democrats. I know Howard Dean Is a real Democrat. I know Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are real Democrats. I even know that Russ Feingold, Jon Conyers and Dennis Kucinich are real Democrats. I may not always agree with all the people I’ve listed, but I know that they’ve always been there working for Democratic causes, in their own ways.

    Here are some of the people that I don’t know much about, and frankly do not trust: Arianna Huffington, Glenn Greenwald, Adam Green, Don Choi, John Aravosis, Ed. Shultz and of course Queen Jane Hamsher and her entourage. Oh, did I leave out the half of the constantly outraged DKos community led by their leader Markos?

    My bottom line: Many of the people who are constantly demonizing the president, and who are accorded enormous publicity, really have no records of having been actively involved in helping ordinary Americans. Why should I trust them over an Ivy League graduate who chose community service over lucrative jobs in corporate America? By the way, I also include the two eminent Princeton professors: Paul Krugman and Cornel West that I forgot to list among the people who are the most vocal critics of President Obama.

    While I deeply honor and respect their academic achievements, I just don’t see why I should trust their sensibilities. Unlike President Obama, who chose to go back to the community and work for the betterment of people fired from their jobs, the two eminent professors chose the route of safe academia. I know the President, like all of us, has been frustrated by the fact that the jobs situation is not improving as fast as every one expects. But I just don’t agree with any one who questions his commitment to enacting policies that would result in jobs for all the unemployed. His work on the South side Chicago, following the closing of steel mills and meat packing industries sensitized him to what it means to be unemployed. You can tell that every time he tries to answer questions about jobs. That is why I don’t accept the claim that the two privileged Princeton professors care more about Jobs than he does.

    Any way, this is a free country, and if the “holier than thou progressives” believe they have a better person who is ready to challenge President Obama, it is time they produce that candidate. Otherwise, all they are doing is to encourage divisions among Democrats. In the end, the beneficiary of these divisions will be the teabag-Republicans.

  111. I am about to start attacking anyone who mentions primarying President Obama. it’s not even on the plate for discussion.

  112. Maybe this Debt Limit Uber Bluffathon will blow up in President Obama’s face, but as far as I can see…he’s kicking ass and taking names at the moment. The way he’s manipulating the Republicans is fantastic…if only the PL would take a step back from what’s being said and look at what is happening… We’re on track to get a CLEAN debt ceiling raise that will put it into 2013.

    The President is making the Republicans pass what he wanted all along and he’s make them look like children for “only” doing it…if he pulls this off CLEAN…wow, bravo, sir. Minimal cuts? (500 billion or less) still a huge win.

  113. “One of the many things I love about new citizens is that they generally are better citizens than people who are born here.”

    Did you collect this information via a scientifically run polling outfit? And so, you think immigrants hold a higher standard than do American citizens, and are therefore prefered citizens? I’m not against immigration, but what you are pushing at this point in time is not pro-immigration, but rather more of that labor arbitrage that has decimated this country. Go ahead and tell me that I just need to get a degree and thingss will be fine.

  114. “Knock, knock.”

    “Who’s there?”

    War. And it’s not funny.

  115. We are in the (longterm) process of having a political system that is admired by the rest of the world. It takes time, and PBO is working on that, and we need to support those in Congress with the same goals in mind. We didn’t get to this state of dissarray overnight, and so we won’t get out of this overnight. Stay strong. Stand strong. It’s important.

  116. I had to delete one of your comments and edit another one. Personal attacks on other posters are a serious no-no. Please don’t do this again. Thank you.

  117. Now wall street is thinking on downgrading Italy. Man, wall street has them all lined up, until they get what they want. A corporate world?

  118. YOUr statement parallels what I have been thinking and saying to my FB friends. Barack Obama is a visionary, and a man who stands high above the pettiness everyone thinks is standard.. but it should not be. As much as one is able in this money driven political arena , he tries to work for the good of all, and what will be FUTURE strength for this country, not just what is tomorrow. HE can handle the heat, and he will handle it.. JOhn Boehner is caving to the silliest, stupidest, most harmful group to have hit Washington in a long tie. Domestic terroists is about the best description for the right wing today.. Short of a march and in the streets uprising, somehow the people must speak up and elect the right people who should have gotten in in 2010. LEts get our country back Obama 2012.

  119. Adam Smith and Karl Marx were never right. They know not of that which they speak of. You want to talk about American economics? Start with Alexander Hamilton, not Thomas Jefferson (who incidentally practiced Hamiltonian economics as President.)

  120. THAT is the revelation we have when we really see what’s happening and we really think about these circumstances. THANK YOU, BWD. I share your view. This is a brilliant man surrounded by emptiness who still works hard every single day because of an incredible strength, courage and will to see a better day.

  121. You called a post “stupid” and you told a poster that they should change their name because you don’t like it. I have only two rules here: no disrespecting the president and other posters and I will not compromise on them.

  122. I will not response and I hope that this is the end of it, because it’s not the first time you’ve acused me in all kinds of stuff, and if you won’t stop we’ll go our separate ways.

  123. I am with you Grumpy… We are all lucky he is who he is.. and can take the heat.. I sometimes fear for his safety.. Time for all Democrats, or for that matter, all who are not Repubs.. to get behind him and watch the things he can do in a second term with no election fight on his hands!!

  124. It’s OK BWD. No need for you to worry. This progressive will show theirself to the door. I’ve heard and seen enough from you DIRECTLY (beyond your daily posts) to know what you are about.

    Just remember that I won’t just go away. I won’t bother your website, but I will be back in some other way.

  125. I find the statement that our President is surrounded by emptiness and tiny tiny people to be somewhat hubris filled. There are many intelligent, resourceful, skilled, aware, and dedicated people in this country who work to support the President, hope, and change. It might be good to remember the tale of Mr. Gulliver and his travels and how a giant of a man was made incapable by those tiny tiny Lilliputians.

  126. The frustrati conveniently forget their “heroes'” records when they actually WERE in government. Edwards voted for Bush’s main agenda when he was in the Senate. Al Gore was a lackluster VP and urged Clinton to sign welfare “reform”. Howard Dean, whom I supported in 2004, was a moderate Governor in Vermont. This is not to say that these people have accomplished nothing, but what is never taken into account is that all of them are establishment figures and were any of them to ascend to the Presidency, they would be hampered by the same establishment limitations as President Obama, and would probably not deal with them as effectively, since they do not have his balanced temperament and his formidable intellect. I keep repeating: never can I remember a time when so many who know so little have said so much. When “information” is nearly infinite, one can always find “information” to back up anything one wants to believe.

  127. Your comment is awaiting moderation

    You are a master at moderation now, aren’t you? Are you going to delete this entire conversation, or just the parts you don’t like?

  128. Ah… Native Houstonian. It’s so nice that Houston is pretty blue. Harris County came in blue.

    I was excited. Houston gets a bad rap.

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