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  1. This cartoon is prime example of what Republicans have been doing since day 1. How much more will it take for the American people to wake up. UNITED WE STAND WITH THE PRESIDENT AGAINST THE REPUB DEVILS

  2. With the shouting and bleating of all of the pundits, the poor deluded Tea Party folks, the PL distractors, I am reminded of this from the inaugural speech:

    “We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics who will only grow louder and more dissonant in the weeks to come”.

    Have the voices become loud enough or dissonant enough yet for people to understand what is really going on here? Hello America?

  3. I think the dissonance is beginning to kick in. I’ve noticed that the PL have been increasingly ignored by the majority of reasonable folks during the last several bouts of negotiations by the PResident (e.g., the tax cut deal in December, the averting of the Government shutdown in April, the I/P conflict, the Libya situation). All of these had the same professional left screaming their heads off. A few of them even tried to suggest that the President was wrong for killing Bin Laden (MM I’m looking at you)!!!!

  4. Very prescient isn’t it. No more important time to remind ourselves “Yes We Can”. The entire GOP and the worst “cynics” on the left keep telling us “No You Can’t and You Never Could”. They have no idea what they are up against, right guys.? We, as the President so often reminds us, can do whatever we set our minds and hearts on. It may take the hardest work and the most courage, but yes we can stay strong, work together, believe in the vision of what we know could be, keep building with respect, trust and human dignity, the most amazing community of citizens this country has ever known. Not by walking in lock step, demanding conformity or loss of self, but by sharing ideas, power, and our talents, generously, tirelessly, graciously, courageously.

    Blessings to you all.

  5. Excuse me when I say that President Obama got Boerner by his testicles. First off, NOBODY, NOONE, ZERO, NADA can say that president obama didn’t want to tackle the deficit. He called the GOP bluff on their bullshit. President Obama put EVERYTHING on the table when he knew that John boerner and his thugs in congress wouldn’t back down on their “TAX PLEDGE” I still say he purposely did that to show AMERICAN how the lying GOP party don’t give a damn about the deficit. If the rich and well connected dont’ have to feel any pain they are all for DEFICITS but if its a shared sacrifice, they have a problem. If I were obama I would tell the GOP thugs that their is NO DEAL and that they had better raise the debt ceiling or HE WILL under the 14th amendment They want to tackle the deifict just on the backs of middle class, poor and young children. BULLSHIT. The PL should know by now that Obama plays CHESS while everyone plays CHECKERS. He knew boerner would cut a deal and called him on it. So now if the debt ceiling isn’t raised because of a deal going down in flames and obama has to step in, american will know the GOP is nothing but a fruad party and they all need to be voted OUT in 2012

  6. Probably one of my favorite political cartoons of the past few months. Totally sums up the political discourse in DC right now. BTW, Boehner backed off a more aggressive Deficit plan last night.

  7. Sad but so true.

    The president just needs to use his bully pulpit and educate the Americans what has happened and what needs to be done to have our economy and country fixed.

    The public trusts him than they do TBGOPers.

    The 14 amendment to me is still an option.

    After all the debt ceiling was removed from consideration many years ago by the former rep, Gephart and was brought back by the GOPers in the 1990s.

  8. [DANIEL 6:3] Daniel soon proved himself more capable than all the other [presidents] and governors, for he had great ability, and the king began to think of placing him over the entire empire as his administrative officer. [DANIEL 6:20,22] “O Daniel, servant of the Living God, was your God, whom you worship continually, able to deliver you from the lions?” “My God has sent his angel,” he said, “to shut the lions’ mouths so that they can’t touch me; for I am innocent before God, nor, sir, have I wronged you.” [THE LIVING BIBLE PARAPHRASED] G et O bama P arty GOOD ONE!!!

  9. Good post. Sometimes Obama plays chess and other times he’s playing poker. He called the GOP’s bluff with the 10 year, 4 trillion dollar federal budget cuts plan and I doubt he was at all serious about supporting it. He threw that idea out there to call the GOP’s bluff on “Deficit Reduction” and to demonstrate that they are not all that serious about the deficit. The PL looks at the number and goes “OMG!!!!! Obama’s worse than the GOP!!!,” but they have no idea about Obama’s political strategy. In fact, they have no idea how negotiations go down in DC in general.

  10. ·oooO·.·.·.·.·.·.·.
    ·.·Rock Wuz Here.·.

    FIRED UP…!!

    READY TO GO..!!! 😀

  11. Reading your piece actually confirms what my frustrations have been with the screaming, doubting PL with regard to prez Obama. When the prez says everything is on the table, the PL screams that the prez wants to cut social security and medicare. The truth is that the prez figured out the GOP’s game. As long as the prez excludes a single item no matter how minor or irrelevant it is, the GOP seizes that and makes it they excuse for walking away. This time, however, their fig leaf is blown away. The prez put everything on the table as they demanded and, they still failed to keep their word! Bonner is now exposed, as is his party beyond any doubt. All America can now see them for who they really are and what they are fighting for.

    When they come to the WH, I hope the prez is stern with them and, I hope he insists that they stay until a deal is done, or he will turn to the 14th amendment or even invoke emergency powers because one branch of government has provcen itself incapable of executing its responsibilities.

  12. Good morning, y’all.

    This cartoon reminds me of a comment I posted long ago over at Huffpo that went something like this….

    You learn that you will inherit a historical house because it’s been determined that you will be the best person to restore its integrity.

    Now, the roof on this historical house had been leaking for decades but the occupants could never find enough money to have it repaired, and as long as the damage wasn’t evident from the outside, the occupants could continue to work around the leaks. After all, it didn’t rain every day. Over the years the leaking roof was damaging the ceilings and causing the flooring to warp, and more recently, was shorting out the electrical systems. Casual observers could not see this damage, but those on the inside knew it was happening.

    The money that should have been used to repair and replace the damaged roof and the subsequent structural damages, would instead be used to purchase a big screen tv. That particular purchase would become known as the Iraq War. Later, the big screen tv would be better viewed with two barcaloungers. These would be affectionately named Bush Tax Cuts I and Medicare Part D, a his and hers pair of incentives to keep the occupants at home. Later, the occupants would remodel the tv viewing room and this room would be renamed the Bush Tax Cuts II room. Then, one day, as if nobody saw it coming, the roof blew off.

    So, the person chosen to restore the integrity of the house moves in, makes an assessment of the damages, and calls in the roofer. It is at that precise moment that the previous occupants start yelling “Oh, no. Obama’s a tax and spend liberal because he wants to fix the roof!”

  13. I am sending this cartoon on to my email chain and hope it goes viral today – it sums it all up perfectly!

  14. Do you think Frank Rich will eat his words about how Obama wasn’t going into the negotiations with big demands and negotiating from there? This from the man I thought was making a great deal of sense when he was at NYT. These PL are dumber than dumb.

  15. Yes, he will. How many times has Frank–so-called smartest, most progressive voice in NYt–before left, was wrong on Prez Obama. Each time he wrote him off as being too weak or being naive, the prez always had the last laugh. To date, Prez Obama has defied the PL and the GOP including the old political class. None of these groups has been able to correctly read him or anticipate his next move correctly. Just sit and watch this one–see how it ends. I think he has Rethugs cornered, and they now face their own backers on wallstreet–the one group that has the most to lose if the deal is not done.

  16. I didn’t know that about Gephart. I know that the U.S. is the only country that has a debt ceiling, which is an artificial construct.

    I do wish the WH had been better prepared politically about the extension of the Bush tax cuts, which are responsible for over 50% the deficit. If we do nothing and allow them to expire, there is no debt crisis. That is the truth. The extension of the tax cuts ballooned the deficit — that’s why Republicans put in a sunset in the first place — so they wouldn’t have to project the truth of the effect of the tax cuts in order to pass them.

    Instead of buying into Republican framing of the deficit, the WH and all Dems should have come out swinging and continued to swing from January on. We should not have the background noise filled with “taxing the job creators”, it should be filled with “Bush tax cuts and unnecessary wars that he refused to pay for are causing the deficit. And every Republican at the table now voted for every measure that created the deficit.”

    I am all for cutting waste and redundancy. Let’s start with the Pentagon. I am all for getting the deficit under control — the Bush tax cuts must expire and the problem goes away. How to sell that to the middle class? Tell them that their tax cuts were eaten up by a faltering economy. That they will benefit far more from a robust economy, better job opportunities and a secure safety net.

    The Bush tax cuts and unnecessary wars that President Obama is ending, are the reason for the deficit. Instead of buying into the idea that serious cuts must be made to beloved programs. And the ‘no tax on the job creeators’ b.s.

    In IL, the budget problems were passed on to the middle class in a drastic increase in the state income tax, which wiped out the Federal tax cut entirely. There is no extra money in people’s pockets. Drastic cuts take money OUT of the economy. A good economy means you have a good job, you can buy stuff and send your kid to college.

    I’m just baffled that this isn’t the main message from the WH or Dem’s in general. Instead drastic cuts with no meaningful revenue increase appears to have been what the Biden deal did — 87/13.

    Now, the WH pushing for 4 tn deficit reduction, with 75/25 cuts to revenue increase, with social security on the table, still wasn’t good enough for Boehner. It has been politically smart, it appears on this Sunday morning. It has forced Boehner to actually say that deficit reduction doesn’t matter if one dime of tax increase is on the table. Frankly, if they were going to balk at 75/25, 65/35 would have been a better number and liberals would have been happier.

    I supported the December 2010 deal and I still do. But it was predictable that Republicans would take that to mean that the Bush tax cuts would never expire. Although Obama has said that he will not extend them, that message has not been part of these negotiations and not part of the national political discourse.

    This would all have been easier if the WH and Dem’s had repeated ad nauseum that the Bush tax cuts caused the deficit and letting them expire will solve the problem. Middle class tax cuts can be balanced by a better economy, more jobs, more investment in infrastructure that benefits individuals and businesses alike.

    If we do nothing, the deficit evaporates. If that had been the message in the background noise. The MSM’s evil intentions notwithstanding, they could not have ignored all Democrats all the time. If that had been the message if would have gotten through.

  17. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. What a beautiful Sunday morning. That cartoon is the best way to start the day. I really hope I appears in lots of papers. Sometimes I hate the cartoons in our paper.

    Last night I read thru many other blobs. The PL will never learn that this President knows what he is doing. I am glad I was camping for 5 days and have missed all this stuff. I am back in time to see this President do his thing and show his brilliance. I trust him to do the right thing for all the American people. I do believe the people are starting to wakeup. With all the great twitter pushback you wonderful people are doing. And in AZ they are recalling their Senate President Pearce. We used to live in AZ, my youngest was born there, I have been so disappointed we have refused to go visit until something changes. I do belive the tide is turning. And in Michigan too. They are building a recall there. More power to the people! Yes we can!

  18. I think it’s starting to stretch into the U.S. The head of the WSJ is now part of the scandal, although no ‘crimes’ yet being mentioned in the U.S.

  19. David Gregory is sticking with a list full of talking points obviously provided to him from the RNC. Ugh!

  20. Actually, Pres. Obama “kills them with kindness” He’s always done that. Watching him ‘operate’ is a thing of beauty.

    Boehner is a rank amateur in comparison

  21. One correction – they didn’t sunset the tax cuts. The tax cuts had an automatic 10 year sunset because they were passed via reconciliation because they Republicans did not have the 60 votes needed to pass the Senate filibuster.

    Other than that I agree the messaging has been weak from top to bottom on this issue. The administration and those in Congress have not repeated ad naseum that Bush tax cuts caused this deficit and more importantly the best way to pay back the debt more quickly is to spend money now and get back people back to work

    The blogosphere and professional left commentators go around saying the deficit doesn’t matter. Not true. That $300-400 billion a year we spend in paying interest on the deficit could be used to fund a lot of progressive priorities. They too should have been saying the Bush tax cuts got us here and it is important but we need to spend more to get people back to work.

    The Republicans are like someone who leased the most expensive car on the lot but then decided to lay around the pool all day instead of keeping a job that paid for that car. Now they need to work again but they refuse to pay for the community college course that will updgrade their skills because it “costs too much.” Meanwhile instead turning in the lease on their expensive car they continue to pay on it.

  22. LOL…What else is new – I would be shocked if you had said “David Gregory is sticking with a list full of talking points obviously provided to him from the Obama WH or the DNC!!!”

  23. The President is about to call Boner’s bluff publicly for the whole world to see. He’s also going to render the PL poutrage on SS/Medicare/Medicaid “cuts” irrelevant. Of course that makes the MSM, PL, Teabaggers and Republicans in congress VERY UPSET. So expect to see false rumors and nasty articles in the MSM all day long!!!

  24. Aw, shucks /blushes, grabs suspenders, kicks rocks

    lol, thanks for the shout out, bwd! That cartoon about sums it up!

  25. The head of the WSJ is now part of the scandal…

    Wow, this is *huge*! Thanks for the reportage, faith.

  26. No — the leader of the PL will never eat his words as that assumes he actually believed his own words to begin with!

  27. not that simple since there are tax cuts for the rest of us that are much needed by the rest of us during these difficult economic times would go away with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.

  28. They’ve been doing this before Obama even got elected but rather they have been doing this ever since George W. Bush became president.

  29. Another person who leaves their former life and does what, writes a book about President Obama..

  30. I feel like I’m suffering from whiplash this morning! Ha! I knew that the Rethugs would refuse to do anything positive for the economy if it was part of PBO’s negotiation for the debt ceiling and that’s exactly what’s happened. Now, we’re back to VPB’s original deal. LOL!!! So predictable. PBO really is a master at this stuff and the rest of the group is being taken to school. Bwd, the name of this blog is so right on!

  31. Mornin’ All,


    3:00 PM – The President arrives at the White House (from Camp David)



    … Speaker of the House John Boehner demanded trillions of dollars in government-spending cuts in exchange for a vote to extend the nation’s debt ceiling, prompting White House spokesman Jay Carney to call it a “folly” to hold the nation’s economy hostage.

    It’s not the first time the White House has accused the GOP of HOSTAGE-TAKING. As the Bush tax cuts were set to expire last year, Obama accused Republicans of “holding middle class tax relief hostage because they’re insisting we’ve got to give tax relief to millionaires and billionaires.”…

    A “Real” Negotiator’s Advice

    1. Have a SWAT Team Handy
    2. Assume the Worst
    3. Deploy Tactical Empathy
    4. Allow the Hostage Taker to Save Face


    One of the things the left has done pretty well is to characterize the REPUBLICANS as “HOSTAGE-TAKERS.” Whether they are threatening to…

    1. End tax breaks for the middle class
    2. Shut down the government
    3. Cause a global economic crisis

    …we’ve seen a pretty consistent strategy and have named it well…


    1. [You] must maintain our own balance while taking theirs.
    2. [You] must react fearlessly.
    3. [You] must enter into the very center of the conflict.
    4. [You] must understand our opponent’s intentions in order to achieve resolution

    Eleven-dimensional chess?

    http://immasmartypants.blogspot.com/2011/07/hostage-negotiations.html (Smartypants is on the TOAITR’s Blogroll!)

    Our Prez doesn’t “do things willy-nilly.” He ALWAYS has some type of Sun Tzu plan, ‘The Art of War’, in mind!

    Oh yeah, BWD, I remember that cartoon from another thread. Of course, I don’t remember which one. But, it’s very apropo, again! 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  32. No he’s not having a presser. I’m just saying that by the time the day is over, it will be apparent that Boner backed out because he’s not serious about reducing the deficit – he simply wanted to cut programs on the backs of the poor and middle class, so that he and his rich cronies could continue to enjoy their mighty tax breaks and increase their wealth while squeezing ordinary folks into even deeper poverty. This is not a good message for the GOP going into the 2012 elections. Boner has been punked by President Obama!!!

  33. You left out the part where the extension of the tax cuts helped us middle class who was getting ready to see our wages lowered if a deal was not reached and actually put an extra $1000 in our pockets. Also the deal is widely seen as a second stimulus. lastly Month after month following the deal a huge amount of Americans gained employment, unfortunate the GOP governors then went on a job cutting binge and the GOP corporations have stopped hiring, both things this democratic potus cannot control.

    You also seem to forget POTUS jobs tour where he went around the country toting the need for hiring and his jobs plan. I know its easy to forget because corporate MSM remained crickets about his tour and kept pressing GOP memes and cutting spending etc. MSM told us more about half term gov Sarah Palin bus tour than the potus jobs one.

  34. Ignore the craizies out there, wait for Obama,just watched John Daley he was very good; he sais that Obama want 4 Trillion and wants a balance approch they do not want to just
    kick the can down the road. So relax the toon was very funny.

  35. On top of Boehner caving and a brilliant statement from the WH here’s a statement from the Democratic caucus:

    “The American people get it. They are weary of the theater and the political drama because they understand that it is their pensions, their savings, their mortgages and their 401Ks that the Republicans are playing with. This shouldn’t be about who’s going to be the next President or who’s going to control Congress, it should be about who’s going to protect their savings, their mortgages and their 401Ks in this crisis. Republicans continue to hold in disregard Americans true needs: jobs and financial security.

    “For the sake of the nation, it’s time to forget the politics and vote a clean debt ceiling increase, as was done seven times for President Bush.”

    Now that’s coordinated good messaging from Democrats on this Sunday morning!

    Boehner has admitted that the deficit doesn’t matter to him, if it means that the wealthy will actually have to contribute to the solution.

    And yes, I will admit openly to my friend at TOAITR, that putting 4 tn in savings and even social security on the table, made Republicans blink.

    We don’t have a deal yet. But the WH statement after Boehner acted like the tantrum-throwing child that he is, made it appear to me that they will push back even on the original 87/13 . That is my interpretation — I hope it’s true. We still have no idea what revenue was increased or what cuts were made — this still may be a hard sell to the people and to liberals. Not all liberals upset and disappointed are fire-breathing Jane Hamsher lovers. Believe me. I know my liberal friends. I still have to explain to my husband about Boehner’s walking away today — he thinks he just left and we’re not closer to anything decent. In fact he may be right, but I’m reading it differently.

  36. Yes. The PL are losing their minds over this one. MM sent a tweet to his followers to support Bernie Sanders to primary Obama! United we stand divided we fall. Can’t they see they are doing the GOPs work for them?

  37. That’s pretty much what the WH said and the Democratic caucus said it in so many words.

    Now if all Dem’s could repeat this we’d start to influence the news cycle. No qualifications, no buying into Republican frames. this is OUR frame and let’s get it out there!

    There is no deal that Republicans will accept that raises one thin dime on the wealthy, who got wealthier off this recession. So it’s not the deficit that Boehner cares about, it’s about stovepiping the nation’s wealth up to the rich.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    Blue Dogs — shut up today. Let the Democrats do this right. They’re off to a very effective start.

  38. It’s a pleasure to watch our democratic president in action. His tactics is not for the faint of heart or hand wringers. Sending press sec Carney out the other day to keep pressing the “go big”meme he started was brilliant and like clock work, failing speaker Boehner stepped directly into the trap. Perfection is my president. 🙂

    Now that POTUS has gotten Mr. Boehner in a corner, I hope the Dems in Congress have sense to now speak up and let the American people know exactly what is at stake. GOP fighting for the wealthy Dems fighting for America.

  39. What’s now crystal clear: Republicans don’t even care about ‘reforming’ social security more than they care about tax cuts for the wealthy.


    Boehner is no leader Boehner has no interest in the health of the United States. He does the bidding of the freshman crazies.

  40. I’m still having to talk my husband down. He’s still not convinced that the 2 bn deal with virtually no revenue increases is a ‘win’.

    I’ve tried to explain to him how we’re taking control of the frame but he’s not seeing it yet. But it’s early on a Sunday morning.

  41. “We’re making cuts. Why aren’t you willing to undo the Bush damage that you supported while it was ballooning the deficit? When are the millionaires who increased 25% in this recession, going to help pay for the wars they supported?”

  42. Exactly. When I read that he was retreating to VPB’s original deal I thought, “Wow, they totally got sandbagged. Again.” They’re bringing nail files to a gun fight.

  43. Here is another good piece from our friend, Booman.

    ///Politically, the White House has done a great job of positioning themselves. They’ve put their sacred cows on the altar to await slaughter. They’ve identified nearly $2 trillion in spending cuts. They’ve talked about eliminating tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires. And, after all this, Speaker Boehner says he can’t make a single compromise and he can’t pass anything.

    I never thought that Boehner would cave easily. He likes his cushy job and his large office where he can break the rules and smoke cigarettes to his heart’s delight. But the White House has not only made as many concessions as anyone reasonable could expect them to make, they’ve won the messaging war with the public. Their positions not only poll better, but it’s obvious to everyone that one side is being obstinate. If Obama holds firm on this ground, Boehner won’t have a leg to stand on. He will have to crawl to Steny Hoyer and beg for the votes he needs to raise the debt ceiling. But I’m not sure he can succeed even if he capitulates. How many Republicans are willing to follow him off a cliff? ///


  44. Speaker Boehner and the 112th (DO NOTHING) congress started the session by taking their oath of office and reading the Constitution out loud. But for the last six months they have been making a mockery of the Constitution that they claim should be adhered to at all costs.

    It is congress that has the obligation to ensure our debts are paid. Taking the entire country hostage and forcing a default is a violation of their oath of office. It’s Un-American and unpatriotic. The American people need to understand what is going on here.


    The press so far has been asking whether the debt ceiling is constitutional. The correct question the should ask is whether the Republican strategy of hostage taking violates the Constitution. It does.


  45. Some of us need to remember PBHO’s 2011 SOTU. And, it wouldn’t hurt to remember his last two SOTUs! Here are two very interesting and thoughtful analyses about that speech:


    t’s easy to analyze the less-than-harsh criticisms of the president’s state of the union address as the result of some new political awakening, a nod of acknowledgement to the consequences of vitriolic political rhetoric, and a realization – spurred by the tragic shootings in Tucson – that there is an obvious link between violent language and violence itself.

    It’s possible.

    It’s also possible that President Obama’s address was so flawless that it left no room for genuine criticism; that he silenced any potential critiques by not only agreeing with Republican concerns about the debt, about spending and about jobs, but by then countering the fears of America’s economic decline by proposing practical policies against which even his staunchest opponents couldn’t argue.

    OBAMA DIDN’T MERELY STEAL THE THUNDER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY Tuesday night. HE MARCHED INTO THE IDEOLOGICAL FORTRESS OF THE DEMAGOGUING DEMIGODS AND RIPPED THE LIGHTENING BOLT RIGHT OUT OF THEIR HANDS – then beat them over the head with it as every member of Congress in the House chamber stood and cheered him on.


    And Republicans ate it up.




    As you have seen and you will continue to see, our Prez is *NEVER* unprepared to “counter the opposition!”

    Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ *IS* in play! 😉 lol

    Whaddaya think?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  46. And, here’s the other one:


    Republicans gain political advantage by being better at politics than Democrats. This is a cold hard truth that Democrats are loathe to admit, even to themselves. There are TWO PRIMARY METHODS THAT REPUBLICANS EMPLOY TO LEVERAGE AND CONSOLIDATE THEIR POLITICAL POWER: FIRST, THEY SPEAK TO WEDGE ISSUES that are so emotionally powerful that they separate voters from 90% of their interests and well being for the 10% that motivates them emotionally. SECONDLY, THEY ADVOCATE STRAW DOG SOLUTIONS TO COMPLEX ISSUES creating quick, easily repeatable catch phrases that sound like they might be effective even though they rarely would address more than the smallest fraction of the issue they are deployed against.

    In the State of the Union last night PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA TORE UP HALF OF THE REPUBLICAN PLAYBOOK, NOT BY DISPROVING OR REFUTING THE RIDICULOUS STRAW DOGS that the GOP have used to such great effect for years, HE CO-OPTED THEM, EMBRACED THEM KNOWING THAT THEY WON’T SOLVE ANYTHING but also KNOWING THAT THE QUICKEST WAY TO PROVE THAT WE REQUIRED MORE COMPLETE SOLUTIONS is to include the bumper sticker solutions so that they can no longer be used as an excuse. Several examples are below and I would not be at all surprised if I missed a few…


    FACT: The largest corporations in America pay nothing even remotely approaching the marginal tax rates.

    OBAMA: Over the years, a parade of lobbyists has rigged the tax code to benefit particular companies and industries. Those with accountants or lawyers to work the system can end up paying no taxes at all. But all the rest are hit with one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. It makes no sense, and it has to change. So tonight, I’m asking Democrats and Republicans to simplify the system. Get rid of the loopholes. Level the playing field. And use the savings to lower the corporate tax rate for the first time in 25 years – without adding to our deficit.


    FACT: Discretionary spending is a small fraction of the budget, cuts or freezes of discretionary spending will have a relatively small impact in relation to the scope of the problem.

    OBAMA: We are living with a legacy of deficit-spending that began almost a decade ago. And in the wake of the financial crisis, some of that was necessary to keep credit flowing, save jobs, and put money in people’s pockets. But now that the worst of the recession is over, we have to confront the fact that our government spends more than it takes in. That is not sustainable. Every day, families sacrifice to live within their means. They deserve a government that does the same. So tonight, I am proposing that starting this year, we freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years. This would reduce the deficit by more than $400 billion over the next decade, and will bring discretionary spending to the lowest share of our economy since Dwight Eisenhower was president. This freeze will require painful cuts. Already, we have frozen the salaries of hardworking federal employees for the next two years. I’ve proposed cuts to things I care deeply about, like community action programs. The Secretary of Defense has also agreed to cut tens of billions of dollars in spending that he and his generals believe our military can do without.


    FACT: Medical malpractice costs and the costs of defensive medicine are a tiny fraction of healthcare spending… Texas has some of the toughest tort reforms and also some of the highest costs per capita for health care.

    OBAMA: Health insurance reform will slow these rising costs, which is part of why nonpartisan economists have said that repealing the health care law would add a quarter of a trillion dollars to our deficit. Still, I’m willing to look at other ideas to bring down costs, including one that Republicans suggested last year: medical malpractice reform to rein in frivolous lawsuits.


    FACT: Size doesn’t matter, it really is about being effective.

    OBAMA: Let me take this one step further. We shouldn’t just give our people a government that’s more affordable. We should give them a government that’s more competent and efficient. We cannot win the future with a government of the past.


    FACT: Repeal of DADT proved that Democrats respect the service of ALL those who put on the uniform

    OBAMA: Our troops come from every corner of this country – they are black, white, Latino, Asian and Native American. They are Christian and Hindu, Jewish and Muslim. And, yes, we know that some of them are gay. Starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love. And with that change, I call on all of our college campuses to open their doors to our military recruiters and the ROTC. It is time to leave behind the divisive battles of the past. It is time to move forward as one nation.


    FACT: Earmarks are a tool, they are only as evil as the user, also they are a tiny fraction of spending

    OBAMA: And because the American people deserve to know that special interests aren’t larding up legislation with pet projects, both parties in Congress should know this: if a bill comes to my desk with earmarks inside, I will veto it.


    FACT: Caring enough to acknowledge our faults and work to perfect the Union has been the work of patriots for more than 200 years.

    OBAMA: And yet, as contentious and frustrating and messy as our democracy can sometimes be, I know there isn’t a person here who would trade places with any other nation on Earth.



  47. Good morning to all of you! Two things that hit me this morning:

    I had the TV on and wasn’t really paying much attention and some religious guy came on. I usually ignore or change the channels when they start on a rant, but he actually caught my attention with and explanation of why we are so “weary”….and it is at these times when we feel down and defeated that we must unite and work together for our common goals. He went on with a lot of scriptural stories as evidence to back this up – but I couldn’t help but think that he was using this as an analogy for us to pull together for what is right. Our soldiers are weary and are fighting to defend what our country used to and still could – stand for. We at home must also fight the corruption and stupidity that is ruining our nation.

    Second thing – I was watching Christiane Amanpour and she was actually having an excellent discussion about the potential crumbling of the Rupert Murdoch media empire… and when she started getting to the meat of the matter – will this change the obvious right wing slant of FOX news – the guests got uncomfortable and denied that this has any effect on the American media – and no, just because the UK officials, celebrities etc. have felt pressure by his tactics to be very cautious and not to criticize him or do anything that might be scandelized by his tabloid rags – doesn’t mean it would ever happen here…no, no, no.
    Just then you could tell she wanted to probe this more, but was getting a message to go to break – music – 4 minutes of commercials and then back for Sunday funnies. It just seemed so very obvious, that our media is dominated by and scared to do anything to provoke Rupert’s meme for fear of retaliation by him and his Teapublican followers.

    Great political cartoon – by the way. Sometimes an image like that says it WAY better
    than all the columnists could ever.

  48. Thanks for posting the Sucks to be Boehner article.

    I got a plea for fundraising yesterday from the Republicans. I can’t figure out why. I plan to fill it out maliciously saying I would never vote for them again in my lifetime after the obstruction, lack of seriousness about creating jobs and protecting and growing our economy and little regard for the American people. I will say their ideology did not work in the 8 years of GW and it is time for them to be real and part with their wealthy, greedy partners and do their job for the People of this country. I will have fun with the form.

    I noticed one of those gossip newspapers in a store near the register yesterday seeming to go back to the meme of Michelle Obama is an angry, dangerous woman. It was a main theme last election. You’d think they would abandon it by this time as the people have seen how much she cares about them. Let’s hope most see through the Right and as far as that goes the angry Left.

  49. Unfortunately, the TeaPublican seniors ARE listenin’ to the TeaParty fresh members, both in the House and Senate, who don’t understand the Constitution…

    And, they probably haven’t even read it!

    So sad…Not!

    They’re “gettin’ their comeuppance!” 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  50. Maybe, they’ve been “listenin’ to our Frank Luntz”…

    You think? 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  51. Time to play hardball again with Pakistan.

    The Obama administration is suspending and, in some cases, canceling hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to the Pakistani military, in a move to chasten Pakistan[1] for expelling American military trainers and to press its army to fight militants more effectively.

    Coupled with a statement[2] from the top American military officer last week linking Pakistan’s military spy agency to the recent murder[3] of a Pakistani journalist, the halting or withdrawal of military equipment and other aid to Pakistan illustrates the depth of the debate inside the Obama administration over how to change the behavior of one of its key counterterrorism partners.

    Altogether, about $800 million in military aid and equipment, or over one-third of the more than $2 billion in annual American security assistance to Pakistan, could be affected, three senior United States officials said.

    This aid includes about $300 million to reimburse Pakistan for some of the costs of deploying more than 100,000 soldiers along the Afghan border to combat terrorism, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in training assistance and military hardware, according to half a dozen Congressional, Pentagon and other administration officials who were granted anonymity to discuss the politically delicate matter.

    Some of the curtailed aid is equipment that the United States wants to send but Pakistan now refuses to accept, like rifles, ammunition, body armor and bomb-disposal gear that were withdrawn or held up after Pakistan ordered more than 100 Army Special Forces trainers to leave the country in recent weeks.


  52. I love this article especially how he compared the tea party congress to children. This was very funny. When you have conservative sites like Forbes and the Economist calling out the repugs, that says it all.

  53. Mornin’ desertflower,

    You know what, that “old fart” can wish that all he wants…

    It ain’t gonna happen to our Prez!

    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  54. Thanks desertflower for that…

    With these “crazy-a**” TeaPublicans, WE gonna laugh, or WE would cry! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  55. Thanks hopefruit2,

    That’s only fittin’ for a “jerk” like him, “The Weeper of the House!” 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  56. Morning snoopy:) We LOVE turtles for breakfast! Ain’t gonna happen on our watch! You can be sure if that.

  57. Thanks for posting that, amk…I posted yesterday, but probably got lost in the shuffle somewhere. I think it’s exactly the right move to make.

  58. When I read the story this morning in the Washington Post I just started laughing. Now Boehner like Cantor before him is begging for Biden to come back. They still don’t know what hit them when the President called their bluff.

    And that was just the set up. This evening is the pay off.

  59. HI mtmarilyn,

    Like you, I BELIEVE the tide IS turnin’…

    Although WE still have “a fight on our hands,” so many good things *ARE* happenin’ around the country!

    But, like it was done in Oct ’10, it would be great if different organizations would get together to MARCH ON THE DC CAPITOL to show our displeasure w/Congress, especially the TeaPublicans, for not doin’ their J-O-B!

    And, yeah, PEOPLE POWER! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  60. I don’t think we can overlook the role of the MSM, especially Fox, and rw blogs in distorting PBO’s message. He has been consistent, but the MSM, because it is corporately owned and views PBO’s policies as threatening to it, has consistently distorted what he has said. The latest example was how all of the media outlets seized on the “PBO says he’ll cut Social Security” bandwagon. The MSM led Americans to believe that the president was open to cutting benefits when that wasn’t what he said at all. With the MSM arrayed against him and their collusion with rw politicians, the WH has NO other option than to play the hand it’s dealt, and I believe that PBO played it well. After weeks of balking at the budget negotiations with VP Biden, yesterday Boehner went back to endorsing the agreements made in them and advocating for a “smaller” deal. Making someone like Boehner and the republicans have to back down from their rhetoric and face reality is HUGE, and PBO was the catalyst in accomplishing this. No doubt about it.

  61. Where is the American MSM screaming about the “thugs amongst” us the way it is always so ready to repeat the false claim that PBO uses Chicago thug tactics? /s/

  62. Remember a few weeks ago when McConnell, Boehner, and other republicans were jumping before cameras and talking to reporters begging PBO to join the negotiations? Well, they got their wish, but it sure didn’t turn out like they thought it would! None of the republicans or the shiftless dems should ever use the words weak and PBO in the same sentence again.

  63. So true…

    Yes, it is!

    And, “the Weeper of the House”…Who?! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  64. Unfortunately there are some well-meaning people out there who believe that taxing the ‘job creators’ is the problem. except they’re not being taxed, they haven’t been for a decade and job creation was anemic under Bush before the recession.

    Then there are the people who think that they WILL be rich someday and must vote for Republicans now.

    I’m dealing with this with people right now. I tell them that higher tax rates actually increase jobs because people invest. If you give them all the tax breaks up front there is no incentive to invest. Instead you take your tax break and buy a Ferrari.

    I tell people who think they will be rich someday who must vote Republican now: you can’t get rich if you’re living in an economy destroyed by Republicans. And I would hope that when you are rich you will forego 3 Picassos for two Picassos and give something back to the country that gave you the opportunity.

    Any other ideas on what to tell these poor deluded souls?

  65. Win-or-lose is a good way to think about poker or sports, but in my opinion it’s a poor frame for practical governing. It’s the stigma of losing that makes compromise so difficult (and compromise is essential in a democratic-style government, as opposed to one-party rule or dictatorship). I prefer to think in terms of what outcomes move you toward your ultimate goals, and what diverts you away from them. At least it allows for win-win situations.

    However, I realize that, while the win-lose framing is bad for governing, it’s inevitable for politics, so here’s one way you might put it: The Biden $2 trillion deal is the one Cantor already walked away from. If he (and the Teabaggers he stands for) now come back with their tails between their legs and say, “Yeah, I guess you were right, we’ll accept your original terms,” I’d consider that a win.

  66. You’re right on the correction. However I recall at the time that the sunset was masking the effects of the tax cuts on the deficits, that would balloon if they were extended. They always intended to extend them, of course.

    Ya gotta love the logic: if the economy’s doing great, why eliminate tax cuts? If the economy’s doing bad, we need the tax cuts. Makes my head hurt.

    I agree with you — we need to grow our way out of a recession, not cut our way out of a recession. An investment in infrastructure benefits everyone. Don’t businesses need roads and bridges and water and electricity? Don’t they need supply lines? Don’t they need a modernized broadband, or do Republicans literally want the U.S. economy to fail and create jobs abroad? Because unless we embrace the 21st century then we become a third world country.

  67. I understand that. That’s why I supported the deal in December. Unfortunately the advantages to the middle class have been eaten up because the economy isn’t rebounding as we’d like. We werre left with the choice of either extending everything or letting everything expire. I don’t see that we can have that exact deal again. In a normal government, Obama could make the case to extend the middle class cuts and let the cuts for the wealthy expire but how does he get that from this Congress? It’s a horrible situation.

    So a reasonable discussion is required: are we better off extending the tax cuts for the wealthy in order to keep some tax advantages for the middle class? Is the trade-off giving us the required outcome? Can we sell that we’re helping the middle class enough to continue starving the government of the revenue from the expiration of the cuts? I don’t have the answers at all. If we had a normal opposition party that wasn’t insane, we could say that half a year since the extension isn’t enough time to make these decisions.

    That being said, “The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy are bad and have created the deficit” should still have more of a fighting chance in the background noise with “taxing the job creators is bad.” It hasn’t been an even fight.

  68. I said I supported the December deal. I still support and understand the December deal. But is that going to be the only deal we can ever make?

    That extra $1,000 for the IL middle class went straight to the state because the economy is weak.

    The answer is an Obama second term and winning back the House and replacing Harry Reid. There has to be a better way to get stuff through the Senate.

    Republicans have sabotaged the unemployment numbers by laying off public workers. That has to be repeated over and over as well.

  69. Thanks, I’m readin’ as I’m typin’ this…

    Hell yeah, it does! 😉

    It needs to “GO VIRAL,” online/offline, like yesterday… Tweet’d/RT’d, FB’d, Email’d, et al!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  70. I fully accept blame for being so upset. I was greatly influenced by so many good Democrats around me going crazy over ‘social security on the table’. Obama must have really known that these Republicans would not consider a dime of extra revenue and he had to push them into saying that the deficit was not as important to them as tax cuts for the wealthy. He was willing to risk the wrath of well-meaning senior supporters who were very upset. I’m not talking the haters at gos, I’m talking Obama supporters who felt betrayed with no explanation as to how serious the cuts would be or how much revenue would be raised in the deal.

    I’m a terrible poker player. This was a risky move. A good pushback to Boehner by the WH followed with excellent framing from the Democratic Caucus. If all Dem’s stay on this message then Boehner has nowhere to go but to admit by his inaction that the deficit doesn’t matter to him, the credit worthiness of the United States doesn’t matter to him. Only a new Ferrari for his friends matters to him.

  71. And they’re still pushing it today. The ‘go big’ meme. It will require shared sacrifice. It’s now obvious that Republicans have no intention of sacrificing anything. Those of us who are engaged politically have known this forever but now it’s Republicans who are proving it to everyone else.

  72. “And, after all this, Speaker Boehner says he can’t make a single compromise ”

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  73. I noticed the other day that there appear to be solar panels on the street lights on the expressway in Chicago.

    What a simple, great idea.

  74. This is totally a must read. Not only great information but great framing:

    “but thanks in part to last year’s small business jobs bill, community banks and credit unions are now expanding their lending to small business. If small businesses are borrowing, it means they are planning to hire people, purchase inventory (which means more business-to-business commerce, generating more jobs), and so forth. Small businesses generate 64% of new jobs, and they do not sit on trillions of cash as multinational behemoths do. So if they are borrowing, they are doing so in order to produce and create jobs.”

    And my personal favorite from Deaniac83’s piece: “The Republican Job Blockade”.

    Oh. Lather, rinse, repeat that phrase!

  75. Interesting. I just have this feeling that there has to be a spill over of some of that here.

    What I would also like is to see some of those employees of News of the World speaking out.

  76. Africa, I have no doubt that those who are made “redundant”, or are offered positions they don’t want in another of Murdoch’s papers, will speak out. They’ve seen what sort of loyalty the Murdoch clan feels it owes its employees. Revenge is a common human trait.

  77. desertflower,

    I’m still readin’ it. But, I’m goin’ to send it, here:


    In every way possible, WE have to help PBHO…

    WH and its’ staff need to follow @thepeoplesview, which includes @theonlyadult, @theobamadiary, etc., on Twitter! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  78. Exactly. All of these pundits are free to engage in “what if” and “if only a speech could force the country to see what the GOP is,” and that’s fine (although I admit to losing my temper about it sometimes), but the WH can’t really live in fantasy, and they can’t take the gambles that people who are engaging in hypothetical situations within academic vacuums can take. They have been dealt a hand, and they have to play that hand. As far as I can observe, of course the WH is not close to perfect, but they have played a pretty rotten hand better than any other political actor on the stage which I’ve witnessed with the possible exception of Democratic congressional and senatorial leadership during HCR.

  79. Afternoon friends. Our sermon today was continuing series of They say…….Today’s saying/topic: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” — or change. Scripture was the story of Zacchaeus. One early point was that usually when people ‘wave a white flag’ people see it as defeat. Jesus sees it as an opening for Him to work in that life. Pastor talked about Zacchaeus being a white collar criminal, exhorted money from people; was always about getting more money and more power. Sound familiar? The five points pastor made about a person/people changing are: 1. Awareness. In his mind, Zacchaeus had become “big boss man” but then, thankfully,he had an awareness of “I don’t recognize myself anymore” and then searched out Jesus. 2. Interest. After his awareness, Z. had an interest or open-mindedness and tolerance for Jesus’ leading. 3. Intimate sharing. Following the first two, Z. was open to an intimate sharing with Jesus. In this point, pastor talked about struggle for personal power and control in our lives. He said Z. had a shield of what he thought power was…turns out it’s FEAR that has the control & power. Fear never leaves and the power you want becomes suspect. How do you break that cycle? DROP THE POWER STRUGGLE! The fear will leave. ****( I kept relating this to the way Republicans/Teabaggers/Professional Left operate on a daily basis.) In the intimate sharing, Jesus was able to get “into” Z. and what was controlling his life–power, greed and control. Jesus was able to “walk into” Z.’s life and change him. 4. Transformation. It is fully and freely available. Jesus is not concerned about what you DIDN’T do or HOW you did something. 5. Action. We must share what Jesus did for us personally. Most people are fatalists or ‘cup half empty’ or filled with FEAR (that point again). Jesus is not a ‘coping’ Jesus. He is a ‘transforming’ Jesus. Pastor’s last question: Are you willing to get in a tree and let Jesus transform you? Through the entire sermon, I kept thinking about the Republicans, Teabaggers, etc. and their Christianity, moralistic attitude, family values, etc., etc., etc. Though there is hardly a day goes by, I don’t say “Hypocrites”, I wish I could just scream it from the rooftops and especially to my Republican husband. With all the conversations we’ve had, I am fairly sure he does not see ANY hypocrisy in things they say or do. He thinks it’s the Dems that are hypocrites. HOW do we/I change that and get the message out LOUD AND CLEAR????????????????

  80. Send it around all over the place,snoop.Needs to get the traction it deserves.

  81. Yes, it is!

    And, it needs to go, here:

    @thedemocrats, @dccc, @dscc, @demgovs, @woodhouseb, @dwstweet, @nancypelosi, @repsteveisrael, @guycecil, @@chuckschumer

    “GOIN’ VIRAL,” that’s the way to go!

    YES.WE.CAN.DO.(Much)More, Together!

  82. I have a question: Republicans appear to get a good deal of mileage out of attaching their harebrained ideas to Big Ideas, like ‘freedom’. And ‘opportunity’. And ‘patriotism’.

    Can’t that be part of our frame? That it is un-American to not pay our debts for money we’ve already spent? (I don’t like calling anyone un-American — is there a slightly less offensive description?)

    That Republicans are robbing us of Opportunity with their Republican Jobs Blockade (oh, thank you, Deaniac83 — I LOVE that phrase). Republican bills have cost us 1,000,000 jobs. How is that patriotic? How is that ‘opportunity’?

    That Democrats provided Opportunity through last year’s jobs bill that gave community banks money to invest in small business (thank you again, Deaniac!)

    Freedom. Opportunity. Patriotism. Is it more patriotic to fix a crumbling bridge than buy a Ferrari?

    Isn’t it more patriotic to invest in clean energy than paying off the oil companies with a subsidy dated from 1917 when they were a start-up? Why can’t we invest in American solar panels as the 21st answer to the oil start-ups of a century ago?

  83. As Tally so nicely says, “Send it everywhere till your fingers bleed!” 🙂

  84. Oh absolutely!!!! And to make sure that everyone understands that “raising the debt limit” DOES NOT MEAN increasing the limit on the credit card…it means PAYING FOR WHAT WE ALREADY DID! I have a feeling not everyone understands that…

  85. He has MANY chins:) He just doesn’t have any “chops”…poor deluded old man.

  86. Can’t remember if I stuck it over there. If you want to, post it over there again…double the fun!

  87. You know I don’t Tweet….so Tweet till those fingers bleed:) Love you. thanks.

  88. Our “friend” David Brooks? Come to his senses that his party is dysfunctional. Took him long enough. Better late than never.

  89. Questions.

    How does Boehner remain Speaker after this debacle? It’s becoming clearer that in order to make any deal, the Dem caucus will have to supply a good chunk of the votes. If that happens, I can easily see Cantor leading a revolt.

    And, would this debacle be enough to fracture the House GOP, with half following the Teabaggers and the other half following Boehner? And would the Boehner faction make an alliance with the Dems?

    At the start of the 112th Congress I had a faint hope that the GOP would come to this pass. It seems more and more of a possibility with practically every passing hour.

  90. Jovie,
    I make it a point never to watch MTP, but after I read people’s comments who do watch, I send him a tweet to call him out as a GOP shill and not a real moderator. I castigate him for not calling out the GOP on their lies. It is very satisfying. He is no Tim Russert (even though I didn’t always agree with Russert, he at least did his homework and called out both parties on their lies.)

  91. First, we need to re-examine the “PBO doesn’t use the bully pulpit” and “PBO & Dems do weak messaging” memes. First, that the lion’s share of the deficit was caused by Bush spending policies (tax cut, 2 wars not paid for, & medicare drug benefit), is pointed out repeatedly by PBO, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Frank, Wasserman-Schultz, Dean, et al in interviews and speeches all the time for the last 2.5 years. No, the MSM does not amplify that message, in fact they ignore it. But it is still getting through:

    1) In 08/09 poll shows that 16% blame the bad economy on PBO’s policies, while 40% blame Bush policies and 20 blame the recession (http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2009/08/deficit_numbers.html).

    2) A 07/10 poll shows that, as the headline states, Americans blame Bush not Obama for deficit, jobs, Afgan war (http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-07-15/americans-blame-bush-not-obama-for-deficit-jobs-afghan-war.html).

    3) In 07/11 of this year a Pew poll showed that Americans blame the wars not domestic spending for the deficit (http://people-press.org/2011/06/07/more-blame-wars-than-domestic-spending-or-tax-cuts-for-nations-debt/). And this 04/11 CNN/Opinion Research poll, says that when Bush’s name is added to the poll 55% blame him and the Republicans for our current economic problems (http://www.goanxiety.info/archives/why-do-most-americans-blame-bush-and-the-republicans-for-our-economic-problems.html).

    Do you really think these poll numbers could be sustained over 2-years in the face of Republican counter messaging if Democrats were engaged in a total message fail?
    As for PBO making a big national speech, that would solve no problems at all. In fact, I think it would be counter productive. When PBO leaves DC and goes to a state what he does and says dominates the local media — even on the Fox affiliates. He can tailor the message to that region and help those citizens understand how they are affected. If it is picked up nationally all the better.

    So can we please stop with these incompetence memes that imply the White House does not know what they are doing. Also, expectations about policy are one thing, expectations about actions are a whole different ball of wax. Politically speaking, if your actions are predictable, you’re screwed. Every time the President takes an unexpected direction I love it, cause it’s throwing the Repubs off their game.

  92. Unfortunately, LL there are some batshit crazy congress critters with a “D” after their names. 19 Democrats signed on to Virginia Foxx’s homophobic bill about gays and their partners in the military.

    There are no moderate Republicans left. I think there is a choice between the crazy and the uber-crazy.

    that being said I see your point. But until we see the deal and see it passed, I am forever in awe of what Republicans can pull.

  93. This is a really important point. We need to push this more. The President gave us the ammunition in his presser. We need to make this point all the time.

  94. And, if this earthquake happens, it’s likely that those D’s will just say the hell with it and join the teabaggers. I honestly think we’re on the cusp of something. The waiting is just killing me.

  95. Methinks very close to the July 15 deadline. Frankly, I don’t know what to make of the delay. Usually they wait awhile when news is good (and Obama’s fundraising numbers have always been good). But this seems extraordinarily late to me. Does anyone have a recollection of the announcement being this late in the past?

  96. The point is that President probably will not be abe to just let the Bush tax cuts expire because of the adverse impact on the lower and middle income people. There’s no better way to get stuff through the Senate – Dems wont have 60 votes in the Senate even with a Dem landslide – they’ll still need a few Republican votes.

  97. I actually think that may be true. I have not had a sense that the numbers would be bad at all. And after the anemic Republican numbers there’s no way we didn’t do well.

    I just want to know. I have total faith!

  98. I’ve been saying for years: these conservadems don’t join together in the big tent, they set out to destroy it. They were happy to take Howard Dean’s DNC money but wouldn’t support a Democratic agenda. I’ve always maintained that it was never Republicans Obama had to placate — it was this worthless contingent who made us look like we had artificially ‘humongous’ majorities when we never did.

    We never had 60 votes in the Senate. We had about 53, 54 on a good day. We had a razor thin margin in the House, when you discount the idiots who were willing to blow up ACA over a non-existent abortion issue.

  99. You’re making my head explode:) I’m still trying to wrap my head around what I DO understand, now you had to pile on like that:) Sweet Jesus.

  100. Total faith.I can’t imagine them wanting to strut around big $$$$ in the middle of this.If it’s a big #, may influence the fight.

  101. Did you ever think we would entertain such an idea? What has happened to this country?

    They’re willing to ruin the credit worthiness of the United States in order to defeat a President who has been moderate on budget issues. It’s astounding.

  102. Hey df,

    Ah, that’s was nice to hear!

    Here’s a ::Virtual Hug::

    But, you’re ALWAYS “on a tear,” w/news updates, all through the day, no matter what time it is!

    Thank you for that, “now there!” 😉

  103. Fabulous Anna. These polls are pretty much confirmation that the struggling economy is definately falling in the lap of the Teapubs as far as perception.

  104. Starts in about 1/2 hour!!!!! I stand with the President, and the people.

  105. No problem. It’s an importantt read. What a sensible plan — it should have something for everyone, even a little pain to go around. When did such a plan not have some bipartisan support? Unbelievable.

  106. Bravo, Bravo, Majii! No matter how good the message the President delivers it always goes through the filters and distortions. Often times, his message is completely ignored. A great preacher can preach from the pulpit all he/she wants but if people inside the church are hostile and refuse to listen, the preacher’s great message will fall on deaf ears. And if the vast majority of people outside the church, who are unable to hear the preacher directly, have to rely on the interpretation of the preacher’s message from the hostile people inside the church they will never know how great the preacher’s message was.

  107. Me too, ds. I have said prayers off and on all day. Prayers for wisdom, insight and courage; prayers for open-mindedness and tolerance and please, God, take away the hate the R’s have for PO.

  108. For my time zone, PBHO’s MEETING, w/Congressional Leadership, IS NOW…

    I’m w/you, desertflower…WE support our Prez 100%, and WE stand w/him!

    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES. WE. CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  109. Thanks for the links, Anna! They went straight to my Facebook page. Not all of my FB friends are dems and can use a few facts that counter the Fox and rw lies.

  110. I did also. I feel a good connection to our thoughts, comments, information provided on the issues, and our caring about the news to come out of the meeting.
    Thanks to BWD and our family here for all that we share to lift up this our President, Barack Obama with respect and strength that we send out to him and his team. We are grateful, BWD for this site. You and Chipsticks are our havens of peace, knowledge, and respect.

  111. Bingo, Faith! You’re 100% correct about the conservadems accepting Dean’s DNC money and stabbing dems in the back. The conservadems are the reason I have begun donating only to PBO and dems like Leader Pelosi who support our president. I REFUSE to help the faithless dems undermine PBO or the policies that the majority of dems support.

  112. Correct. What a sensible plan. Which is why no Republican will have any of it. I am not religious, but I pray for people to come to their senses, and do the real work of governing this great country.I pray for our President to deal with all this, and still keep his wits about him. How do you work with spoiled brat 2 year olds?

  113. @AngryBlackLady: The News Of The World Scandal Could Cost Rupert Murdoch His FCC Licenses http://t.co/Po8qzxp via @politicususa

    Murdoch/Ailes & Co., y’all *ARE* “goin’ down”…Grrr!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  114. I’d be very surprised, especially something as subjective as ‘character’.

    These agencies have been taken over by Republicans, haven’t they? Do we really think they would punish Murdoch?

    I can’t imagine how much evidence Holder would need to take on any prosecutions, if it ever came close to that.

  115. Anna thanks for that great insight…

    Point well taken about you should “KEEP YOUR OPPOSITION WONDERIN” what’s your next move on that chessboard! 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  116. I thought Brill was killed in Iraq! Wasn’t he involved in a bombing of sorts during the Iraq war? I am actually surprised to see him, have not seen him since his project–The Brill Content vanished from the talk-show circuit. Anyhow, I hope media matters can challenge Murdoch’s character before the FCC. It would be nice to see his wings in the U.S clipped too.

  117. Good point. Can you imagine what is going to happen in the UK if Murdoch gets BskyB from his Conservative friends?

  118. Hopefully, @mmfa (Media Matters), @stopbeck, @colorofchange, and others will be asked to furnish any evidence/info they may have collected through their research/investigative gatherin’! (@stopbeck is a lawyer. He’s one of the reasons, Glen Beck was fired from Fox…perseverance, persistence & patience! lol)

    http://dropfox.com (Media Matters is located on the TOAITR’s Blogroll!)

    Since Jan ’09, Murdoch/Ailes’ Fox “News,” which is a Communications/PR arm of the TeaPublican Party, has been very disrespectful to PBHO and the Office of the Presidency, 24/7, 365 days a year!

    They need to be “takin’ down”…Grrr!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  119. I keep thinking some of the politicians don’t care if they are labeled Dem or GOP, they just go where it is easiest to get elected. They speak the line when needed and deviate from it when profitable. They wave in the wind to suit their purposes. Their only ideal is winning their seat and getting rich and being powerful.

    OR another idea is the GOP is purposely trying to infiltrate the Dem party so they cannot be a strong front. The money issue and corporations paying re-election bids helps see both sides court the big money. They then become indebted and pawns of the rich and greedy sponsors. That happens to both sides but is more prevalent on the GOP side as it falls into their Small Government, No Regulations, No Taxes, War Promotion, Male Dominance, and Family Privacy Intrusion platform.

  120. Mr. Obama is just to damn SMART for these idiots …. you know what they say :”You can’t out fox a fox” and Mr. Obama is one Smart, Cool, FOX!! OBAMA2012!!!!!!

  121. Exactly, Faith — total myth that Dems had the kind of control of Congress that the PL likes to fantasize about. Every important bill that had to pass the House barely did so IIRC, including HCR . .

  122. Really, no idea…

    Don’t “know” him!

    Fox “News” is tryin’ to “get” Media Matters, again…

    Yeah, right…Duh!

    And, I agree, Murdoch’s ‘U.S. media empire’ wings need to be clipped…Grrr!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  123. He’s using a tactic that disarms his opponent. I can’t tell if he’s a natural or studied this and developed it over a lifetime or both. It’s very impressive.

  124. I’m hoping we’re witnessing the end of Murdoch’s empire. If it’s true that he hacked 9/11 victims mobiles, then there’s no recovering from that. I don’t think people can forget or forgive that – even the rabid right wing tea baggers can’t defend that.

  125. There’s no evidence of hacking 9/11 victims’ phones. What there is evidence of is hacking of phones of family members of the victims of the 7/7 London bombings, as well as of young female murder victims.

  126. Just had to say that I totally took this cartoon and will be faxing it all over Washington. It sure saves writing stuff that never gets read. I wish I could tattoo it on the boner’s butt and on all of his buddies.

  127. Thanks df…

    Ok, let’s see if they’ll do what he asked of ’em!

    Are you “a bettin’ woman?” 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  128. Oh, alright!

    Go ahead w/your “bad self” ….

    But, I know what you mean! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  129. Just an observation: the cartoonist was correct in giving PBO the high ground.

  130. And remember when the PL had a cow because Bill Daley didn’t meet their exact specifications. I have seen Bill Daley interviewed and I am very impressed with him. I think he was an excellent choice for CoS. I thought this was awesome….


    Yesterday, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley if he’s concerned that Obama’s “bluntness drove the two sides further apart” in the debt-reduction talks. I found Daley’s response pretty compelling.

    “I find it ironic that at times people who continually attack the president, beat him up on not only on policy, personality, a whole bunch of things, the minute he takes a tone that is a little more direct, and it was not personal, it was direct in that the leaders of Congress in both parties and especially those who are saying that revenue are off the table period in trying to solve this problem, that somehow that’s going to hurt the feelings of people.

    “This is not a time to worry about feelings, this is a time to get results,” Daley told me.


  131. PHONE HACKIN’: 9/11 VICTIMS ‘MAY HAVE HAD MOBILES TAPPED BY NEWS OF THE WORLD REPORTERS’… http://www.mirror.co.uk/2011/07/11/phone-hacking-9-11-victims-may-have-had-mobiles-tapped-by-news-of-the-world-reporters-115875-23262694/

    God don’t like ugly…

    You “let” Fox “News” disrespect PBHO and the Office of the Presidency

    And, Murdoch, you’re an immigrant…

    WE need to deport ya! lol

    Ya “goin’ down”…Grrr!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  132. Per @WestWingReport:


    Only other event listed for now on President’s schedule this week is Tuesday’s Medal of Honor ceremony for Army SFC Leroy Arthur Petry

    President’s Monday Schedule: 12:00-intelligence briefing; TBD

    There is also another meeting tomorrow between the President/VP Biden & Congressional leadership. Time TBD. #deficit

    PRESIDENT TO HOLD A NEWS CONFERENCE TOMORROW MORNING, in the briefing room, at 11:00, White House just announced.

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  133. OK, I didn’t know that. Wow. I mean, just wow. No way that Rupie didn’t know about this, or the 7/7 hacks. Many Greek myths deal with how the gods punish humans for the sin of hubris. I think Rupie’s turn is coming.

  134. Great great great but it breaks my heart. Why are some Dems working with the wrecking crew?

  135. Yep, desertflower, because we know how quickly the MSM can turn a positive for PBO and the dems into a negative. If the fundraising numbers are really good, I can hear the MSM and the rw screams of, “Elitists are funding the dems/PBO!” forgetting all about the info that was released earlier which shows the number of individual donors at this time in PBO’s campaign is greater than it was when he was running as BO.

  136. “murdoch, you’re an immigrant and we need to deport you”

    Please, please ,please can we send him to AZ Tent City Jail just for a few days, Please?!?

    That pendejo deserves any punishment he gets!

  137. If true, it’s bad, but I doubt it will hurt him very much or for very long. My concern is that if they are hacking victim’s cell phones, then who else has phones they’ve hacked. How did they do that from England? Big Brother isn’t just the Government anymore.

  138. Messages are stored on servers. Hackers can be anywhere. Not so much Big Brother, but random little criminals who sell their services to whomever pays them.

  139. This *WAS/IS* a historical time, Then & Now! I BELIEVE, PBHO *WAS/IS* THE ‘CHOSEN’ ONE… WE ARE ONE NATION, WE ARE ONE PEOPLE, OUR TIME FOR CHANGE HAS COME, and even through dangerous and difficult times, ups and downs, IT CONTINUES…

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  140. Go right ahead, I won’t stop you…

    No one else will stop you, either.

    He’s “all yours!” 😉

    And, yes, he does!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  141. You can say that, again…

    I BELIEVE more “diggin’ will net” other incriminatin’ evidence.

    He needs to be “brought” to justice!

    Koch Bros. & Co., anyone?


  142. Wow. Yeah, Bill Daley was such a bad choice because of something pro-business he did a decade ago and a virtual honorary position on some big bank.

    This is what I’m talking about — that was a cogent, strong, articulate exchange that should, in a less insane world, appeal to both sides.

    Good job, Bill.

  143. “Many Greek myths deal with how the gods punish humans for the sin of hubris. I think Rupie’s turn is coming.” I surely hope so. This guy is the most dangerous force in the world because his so called news empire spreads falsehoods and and extreme right wing propaganda.

  144. YAWN………….Next. Why is this so surprising? That is always the opposition party’s goal to keep the sitting president at one term. President Obama just happens to be so BRILLIANT, CHARISMATIC, and CUNNING the Rethugs and PL can’t stand it. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  145. Hey Faith – thank you so much for all your compliments. 🙂 But you see, job losses ARE an opportunity for the Republicans’ money elite – the more people lose jobs, the more they can lower the wages and crank out more work from every worker. Their goal really is to drive wages down so low that it eliminates the middle class completely and we are left with two classes: the uber wealthy and the have-nothings.

  146. via twitter,murdock’s legacy in UK

    Now three institutions stand weakened: Mr Murdoch is facing the collapse of his BSkyB bid; a Conservative Party, cut adrift from him, faces a moment of internal re-appraisal; and in the cappuccino joints around New Scotland Yard there is apprehension over whether the Met can survive another systemic kicking so soon after the MacPherson report.


  147. Hmmm. I never thought about it like that. I think you might be onto something here.

    Let them do their own selves in? All whilst whistling a tune, and working where people ain’t exactly looking (unless your watching). I do love my President.

  148. Indian teevee news reporting

    Here is how the Indian TV news channel NDTV 24×7 would report the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme. All names (except those of Jack and Jill), are fictitious.

    Prashant – TV Anchor
    Two persons have been injured in a freak climbing accident. Jack and his companion Jill had gone up a hill to fetch a pail of water when Jack fell down and broke his crown. Jill came tumbling after. Live from the hill, our reporter, Amrita Shah, takes up the story.

    Amrita Shah
    Thank you Prashant. Well, as you say, two persons – Jack and Jill – had gone up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Suddenly, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. Prashant.

    Thank you Amrita. What do we know about the hill?

    Not too much. Jack was going up the hill to fetch a pail of water when he fell down and broke his crown. Jill came tumbling after
    [Headline appears at the foot of the TV screen: “hill breaks crown of pail-boy Jack”]

    What news of Jack and Jill?

    Prashant, it seems that Jack had gone up the hill to fetch a pail of water. We know nothing about the pail, or how heavy it was but it seems that Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. I have here with me, an eyewitness to the accident, Mr Shahid Trivedi. Mr Shahid, tell us what you saw.

    Shahid Trivedi
    Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.
    [Headline appears at the foot of the TV screen: “Boy and girl tumble down hill. Water spilled”]

    Jack and Jill. What do we know about them? Are they brother and sister? Are they married? Just what were they doing on the hill together?

    Shahid Trivedi
    Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail a water.

    And what happened next?

    Shahid Trivedi
    Jack fell down and broke his crown

    Go on.

    Shahid Trivedi
    And Jill came tumbling after.

    Prashant, there you have it. Two people innocently going about their business to fetch a pail of water when one of them falls down, breaks his crown, and the other comes tumbling after. Back to you in the studio Prashant.
    [Headline appears at the foot of the TV screen: “Water errand ends in tragedy”]

    I have with me in the studio now, Professor Chandrashekar Belagare from the Indian Institute of Applied Hill Sciences. Professor: a hill; Jack; Jill; a pail of water. A tragedy waiting to happen?

    Well that depends on the hill, the two persons, the object they were carrying and the conditions underfoot. Let us look at the evidence so far.
    Jack and Jill
    Went up the hill
    To fetch a pail of water.
    Jack fell down
    And broke his crown
    And Jill came tumbling after.
    Clearly, one would suspect that if Jack’s fall was severe enough to break his crown then the surface of the hill must have been slippery or unstable. But I think we’re overlooking something quite fundamental here. Who was carrying the pail? Jack fell down and broke his crown and – this is the key – Jill came tumbling after. If Jack and Jill had been carrying the pail together, would they not have fallen at the same time? The fact that Jill came tumbling after suggests that Jack lost his footing first and perhaps knocked Jill over as he slipped.

    Professor thank you very much. So there we have it, two persons – Jack and Jill – went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.

    Later in the programme, Osama bin Laden killed in Abbotabad, and Pakistan launches nuclear warheads against key Indian cities.

    But next up, join us after the break for a studio discussion about hills, boys and girls and whether water-fetching trips should be supervised. We’ll be right back…

    Not much different from american teevee news, huh ?

  149. There is no quote, to this day, that the President wants to cut benefits for Social Security. There is not one shred of evidence that the President wants to harm seniors. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary, including the interview he did the very day after the rumor about him “putting social security on the table” came out.

    And please note: the Washington Post reporter didn’t even bother to show her face at the next White House press briefing to challenge the denial from the White House. The whole sordid affair is ridiculous.

    Please – the media is planning to leak these “rumours” from here to election day. We have to remember that this President has been consistent in doing what he said he was going to do. And it’s up on the White House press page that he promised to reform social security in a way that would secure benefits, not just for this generation, but for generations to come. At some point, we have to stop doubting this man who had delivered what he promised – even when we haven’t delivered what we promised. We can’t fly off the handle with every new rumour – we’ll go crazy. And that’s exactly what they want.

  150. Italy! If it is not one thing it is the next. Now, it’s Italy. Those bush tax cuts have skrewed the entire world and now the republicans want to double down! Ugh!

  151. Seconded!! These are the days when PBO needs our faith and we need to be reminded what this is eally all about. You lifted my spirits today and I thank you.

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