Saturday Open Mishmash

Hi guys,

I hope we all feel a little better today.


This is completely unrelated, but it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in a while, and I’m sure it’ll delight you too. Have a great weekend.


80 thoughts on “Saturday Open Mishmash

  1. Statement from the President on the passing of Elizabeth Anne “Betty” Ford:


    “Throughout her long and active life, Elizabeth Anne Ford distinguished herself through her courage and compassion. As our nation’s First Lady, she was a powerful advocate for women’s health and women’s rights. After leaving the White House, Mrs. Ford helped reduce the social stigma surrounding addiction and inspired thousands to seek much-needed treatment. While her death is a cause for sadness, we know that organizations such as the Betty Ford Center will honor her legacy by giving countless Americans a new lease on life.

    “Today, we take comfort in the knowledge that Betty and her husband, former President Gerald Ford, are together once more. Michelle and I send our thoughts and prayers to their children, Michael, John, Steven, and Susan.”


    On a related note, could you all please keep the Greater Grand Rapids community in your thoughts and prayers? Not only did one of our own beloved figures die (Betty and Gerald Ford were from the area), but Thursday seven people were murdered in Grand Rapids. We could use your good wishes!

  2. As long as PBO occupies the White House, I will feel safe, hopeful, and positive!

  3. Phone hacking probe: Labour pushes for inquiry to start now

    Labour is calling for an immediate start to the judicial phone hacking inquiry so evidence will not be lost when the News of the World closes.

    News International has strenuously denied a Guardian report that millions of e-mails have already been deleted.

    Number 10 said that it was acting “as rapidly as possible and legally permissible” and that steps were being taken to appoint a judge to lead it.

    It comes as staff are preparing the final edition of the Sunday tabloid.

    Rupert Murdoch is expected to arrive in London on Sunday to take charge of dealing with the phone-hacking crisis that has engulfed his News International group.

    Labour has written to No 10 to urge the immediate appointment of the judge to lead an inquiry into the scandal.
    In a letter to the prime minister on Saturday, shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis asks for “immediate discussions so that by the end of the day we are in a position to agree the appointment of the judge” to head one of the independent inquiries into the scandal.

    And Labour’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman, told Sky News: “Think about what is going to happen at the end of today: the News of the World is going to be closed down, all the staff are going to be disappearing.

    “What will happen to the computers? If a judge is really to find out what happened, not to mention the police inquiry, if all the staff are going off in different directions it would be very difficult for the judge to call on them to come and give the evidence that they know.”

    According to BBC political correspondent Ben Geoghegan, “Labour say their letter has been prompted by reports that millions of e-mails had been deleted at News International in an attempt to obstruct Scotland Yard’s investigations into phone hacking.”

  4. From my twitter timeline:

    Official #ObamaTweeters List On #Twitter ..Check It –> <– Via @marabout40 #news #politics #DNC #OFA #Obama #Obama2012

    Left (Twitter Name) / Right (Screen Name)

    amk4obama (Amk4Obama)
    3chicspolitico (SouthernGirl2)
    Abbenrode (hgerhard)
    ALLSEAN (wesleya17)
    AnotherSlyfox (GOVCHRIS1988)
    aspirational12 or hopefruit2 (hopefruit2) — don’t know which hopefruit2 prefers.
    bardgal (Tally)
    bbkenn92 (Betsy)
    Charmed86 (Charmed)
    crtconsu (copycatcakes)
    glomad67 (theo67)
    itgurl_29 (Kels)
    JamilaJP (QuietObserver)
    JBNARIZONA (Jackie 4 Obama)
    Kahsai (Kasai)
    Katrell86 (Capricorngurl)
    kaydubzhu (collegekay)
    KristyAnn001 (ChristiMtl)
    ladyc10 (cjtown)
    lap58 (LAPalm)
    lapared (askew)
    LiberalPhenom (Proud of Obama)
    lochelle1 (lochelle)
    marabout40 (Hachikō)
    mazzypet (mmmk)
    metaquest (meta)
    moontartan (Walking on Sunshine)
    NavyMom44 (Carol)
    QueenAmon (sabreen60)
    redbird45 (Tulips)
    RoscoeSaint (StR)
    taiping2 (taiping1)
    tienle47 (Tien Le)
    unspokensigns (May)
    zizii2 (zizi)

  5. Happy Saturday Everyone. I feel that better days are coming. We just have to work together for our very survival. Even in Canada we are seeing some of the same cuts in corporate taxes with the accompanied cuts in services because “we can’t afford it”.

    So I am motivated to lend a hand to push back against this flawed policy. Therefore please let me if I can be of any assistance to your cause in the USA, because I identify with the issues you face.

    But now more than ever we to unite against forces which seek to divide, and we need to maintain focus on the goal of re-electing President Obama who has done so much to raise the level of function and discourse in DC, (and he has ignited my passion for securing the future by being informed as well as doing something about it).


  6. Luv ya, man. Keep the comments coming. Checked out your twitter. Awesome! Rock on!

  7. Good morning fam! I want to throw out there for your consideration that it’s going to be a long and exhausting road to Nov 2012 if we freak out over every job report, poll or MSM/pundit lie of the day between now and then. This is a long game. Instead of crumbling into a mass of despair on a daily basis, let’s push back…#GOPwherearethejobs.

  8. Mornin’ Jovie, BWD and the entire TOAITR family!!! I’m looking forward to hearing about tomorrow’s talks from our balanced President.

  9. I love this site! Wishing everyone a great weekend, and remember it is a long game so cheer up!

  10. I think it is the correct approach. At least he will not be blamed for it, I think a couple days of the nation defaulting with an uproar from everyone, will actually take the president off the hook on the economy.
    He can them point to this episode!
    I just wish the house dems would stop this every man for himself routine. It’s embarrassing!

  11. DC Sandy–I agree. It’s also important to focus on what you actually can accomplish. If you’re good at writing and twittering, do that and do it well. If you like to talk to people, start broadening your contacts. Every single Voter Registration Office can give you a list of voters in your area. Walk the blocks and make contact with every Democratic voter in your neighborhood. These people are not only voters, but potential volunteers and they’re often grateful that someone cares enough to reach out to them. Register people to vote. Ask your local Democratic Party for voter registration forms and carry some with you at all times, so you can take advantage of every opportunity. Organize a house party in your neighborhood. If we continually focus on the ups and downs of national politics, we’ll feel overwhelmed and frustrated. It’s important to know what’s going on so that you can fight misstatements, but you’ll get personal energy from accomplishing something practical that you can do on a daily basis. The Republicans don’t expect you to keep fighting. Their goal is to discourage and inspire fear. I say nuts to that. I’m standing tall (as I can at 5’2) and walking strong to support my president.

  12. This is rich: so the GOP weekly address is -where are the jobs?
    Oh, I see! Blame the other guy before you get blamed.

  13. They had two years to do something before this organization closed down. These people at News World have been schooled by the likes of Roger Ailes who learned cover up from the likes of Richard Nixon and Dick Cheney.

  14. Ot: I just saw the new Britney video- at the beginning she has a press conference. She was asked all these stupid questions, finally she pointed to all of them – one at a time and said FU I am out.

    Gosh- I sometimes wish jay carney could do that! Lol!

    Go Britney!

  15. Jovie thanks for the news updates!

    WE “racin'” toward a ‘clean-energy’ future…

    Let’s help PBHO and his Admin to move America forward to win the future!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  16. DCsandy, your are right. The jobs report yesterday was bad. And before Nov. 2012, we are probably going to see some more bad days, some ginned up by the media and the Republicans, some by the very people that are supposed to have this president back. we all have emotions that tend to go into overdrive sometimes. But if there is one thing that I have learned is to practice “Obamaism.” No doubt, I will lash out at the press and the GOP when they have clearly made erroneous statements about this president. And while I am no where near what he does and how he does it in terms of controlling his emotions, I try not to get too high or too low about anything anymore, whether it is poll numbers, rumors of the day, or just plain “asstray” (as we say in Liberia) from the GOP and the press.

    I have been without a job since 2008. And I know those who remain responsible for my employment to date, even after recently getting master’s, are the GOP. Why? Because I look at their record since they came into office. They have not introduced on single jobs bill, and worse, they’ve blocked every bill put forth by the Democrats. So I know where the blame lies.

    I will keep on fighting in the best way I know how for this president. Because I know the alternative, without being too dramatic, would be near suicide for this nation. Whether it is the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court or tearing down Medicare and Social Security, I hesitate to think what the landscape would look like.

    And so, while I can’t donate to this president at this time, I will bleed my fingers typing daily to the newsmedia or calling Congress or whoever I need to. And better yet, I will work to spread the news about what he has done thus far for this country, even in my deep red district.

    Have a great Saturday everyone.

    PS: “asstray = bulls**t”

  17. On a regular basis, WE should ask ’em that question, on Twitter, FB, Email and elsewhere…

    And, WE should show ’em where they are!

    Then, WE should grade ’em! (This is a conservative, right-leanin’ site where DEMs get Fs and TEAPUBLICANs get Bs or better. Maybe, WE can use it to our advantage?)

    Whaddaya think?

    WhatIsWorkin’, how about you?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  18. Yes PBO is a unique human being and yes I feel great , and very confident that PBO will do the right things for our country I trust him a lot.
    BWD a hope you do feel better and do not let some assholes get in your nerves, we have your back.

  19. David axelrod tweets: hey mitt- you were 47th in your state in job creation, now all attacks no ideas.


  20. That’s good…as long as Chris Hayes doesn’t feel the need to add his two cents 🙂

  21. I think yesterday’s freak out taught us a lot about ourselves. We will learn to become more tolerant of unfavorable news (honestly, I didn’t think that jobs report warranted the reaction) and open our eyes more to see how both sides benefit from our freak out.
    The Right benefited because we changed the subject for them (temporarily).
    The Left benefited because they had a feeding frenzy of indignation-based fund-raising.

    How do we avoid that in the future? Well, by always asking ourselves this question: Who benefits if I freak out about this. The answer will always, always be the same: The Right and The Left. Who loses when we freak out? We do. Every dollar given to MoveOn or PCCC and their ilk is a dollar that doesn’t go to elect Democrats across the board. Every moment spent on in-fighting keeps us from hammering home the message that it is the REPUBLICANS who want to end Medicare to fund tax cuts for the rich.

    As an exercise in message discipline, I suggest that every single one of us either tweet, comment, email or make a phone call that reinforces that message. 33 Seniors will pay $6000 a year to fund one $200,000 tax benefit for one wealthy person. Back. On. Message.

  22. Oh..For those that tweet..I found a few tutorial vids, as well as a very useful tool that
    twitter now owns called TweetDeck…It really helps me to see every tweet without opening
    a window to the main twitter page…It’s an instany messenger/ dashboard thingy that runs
    in the background while you’re maybe doing other things.

  23. I’m a big fan of tweetdeck. Only drawback is no scalable fonts, but other than that it is an ideal way to handle twitter.

  24. Steve Benen puts David Plouffe in context

    “[Y[ou know, we’re a long way from 2012. We’re a long way from knowing what’s going on in the world and exactly what the economy is and who are opponent is.

    “I would make a general statement, though, because there is a lot of attention focused on the unemployment rate. The average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers.

    “In fact, those terms very rarely pass their lips. So it’s a very one-dimensional view. They view the economy through their own personal prism. You see, people’s — people’s attitude towards their own personal financial situation has actually improved over time. You know, they’re still concerned about the long-term economic future of the country, but it’s things like ‘My sister was unemployed for six months and was living in my basement and now she has a job.’

    “There’s a — a ‘help wanted’ sign. You know, the local diner was a little busier this week. Home Depot was a little busier. These are the ways people talk about the economy. They don’t talk about it in the terms of Washington.

    “And so their decision next year will be based upon two things, ‘Okay, how do I feel about things right now?’ and then, ultimately, campaigns are always much more about the future, and, ‘Who do I think has got the best idea, the best vision for where to take the country?’

    “I would submit to you that a healthy percentage of Americans, far more than a majority, believe the president has a very sound vision for where the country needs to go.

    “So, you know, people won’t vote based on the unemployment rate. They’re gonna vote based on, ‘How do I feel about my own situation? Do I believe the president makes decisions based on me and my family?’”

  25. Good Mornin’ All,

    BWD thanks for the open mishy mashy, a beautiful violin performance!

    Me, I was fine, yesterday! 😉

    And, you?

    Because PBHO depends on our help to “pushback” against our “enemies,” WE have to learn to always THINK BEFORE REACTIN’ to everything and anything, especially, where the U.S. mainstream media and their ilk are concerned…


    Everyone have an enjoyable weekend!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  26. Thanks for the video Engle has a negative edge to him that I do not like. I ck Libya out on 5-6 sites/blogs every day sometimes several times a day. The FF are on the move & I think they are going to win. We just have to send as much positive energy as possible and ignore Engle. He reports from all the safe places. Aljeezra reporters and CNN are on the front lines.

  27. That is the Rove system. It is all they know. Besides they are traitors and everyone knows it.

  28. I agree 1000% with David Plouffe. And who in this country knows more about how average voters think and what goes into their personal decision-making than David? The Obama machine has more experience, more real empirical data and has their ear closer to the ground than any other organization in this country. They have thousands and thousands of people reporting back to them every single day what voters are saying. Can we even quantify how much more effective and truthful that is compared to traditional polling data? I’ve saved that quote and hopefully will remember to repost it next time there are less-than-favorable job numbers. The unemployment ‘number’ doesn’t matter all that much to people. It’s just a number. We all see with our own eyes that business is picking up. We’re literally not depressed. Things ARE getting better even if the media tries to tell us otherwise.

    I am not worried.

  29. Rightbackatcha, thanks for that…

    WE, all, need to be, constantly, reminded about that particular night. WE seem to forget what our Prez said that night in Nov ’08:

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  30. Extremely well said, and wishing every single member of the only adult family a wonderful Saturday. Prayers to you Africa for employment in your near future.

  31. What jumped out at me, about President Obama’s remarks about the job numbers, was this–

    The economic challenges that we face weren’t created overnight, and they’re not going to be solved overnight. But the American people expect us to act on every single good idea that’s out there. I read letter after letter from folks hit hard by this economy. None of them ask for much. Some of them pour their guts out in these letters. And they want me to know that what they’re looking for is that we have done everything we can to make sure that they are rewarded when they’re living up to their responsibilities, when they’re doing right by their communities, when they’re playing by the rules. That’s what they’re looking for, and they feel like the rules have changed. They feel that leaders on Wall Street and in Washington –- and believe me, no party is exempt –- have let them down. And they wonder if their efforts will ever be reciprocated by their leaders.

    This reminds me of the toxic assets held by the banks and stuff — I’m remembering some of this off the top of my head — so they wanted to deal with this and ran into a lot of resistance. So of course POTUS doesn’t stop at NO, because all this sludge was causing a problem and freezing credit lines. That’s the PPIP (Public-Private Investment Program for Legacy Assets) and Treasury reported a $1.2 billion gain this year. The Maiden Lane transactions specifically dealt with 3 institutions and their toxic assets and that did okay too.

  32. Thanks, amk, for this update…

    God don’t like ugly!

    With help from @mmfa (Media Matters), @stopbeck and his Twitter followers, @colorofchange and others, FOX “News,” here, in the U.S. is “goin’ down!” (Media Matters is on the TOAITR’s Blogroll!)

    Since Jan 2009, Murdoch/Ailes’ Fox “News,” along w/the elected TeaPublicans, has disrespected PBHO and the Office of the Presidency, 24/7, 365 days a year…Grrr!

    They’re “goin’ down!”

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  33. Thanks for the violin video, BWD. I enjoyed it and will pass it on for others to enjoy.

  34. That shooting is horrible, prayers to your city. I just read on twitter that Betty Ford helped 90,000 people at her treatment center. That’s a great deal of lives helped. RIP to her.

  35. Just put “#GOPfail. GOP Ryan plan: 33 seniors will pay $6000 a year to fund one $200,000 tax benefit for one wealthy person.” on my twitter page. Thanks!

  36. Healing and hope to Grand Rapids. My heart to the hearts of all who are grieving today.

    RIP to Betty Ford. She took a lot of criticism and scorn in her day but she was a strong woman who didn’t give up. I admired her courage and also her family who stood by her in her darkest days.

  37. Hola, AMK. Do you think that James Murdoch will also face prosecution in the us under that international statute I have read about?

    I haven’t been able to follow all of this but all I can think is: “How the mighty are fallen…..and “Sow the wind, reap the whirl wind….”

  38. I went to the site, registered and gave Nancy Pelosi an A. You can only vote once per day so it will take a while t bring the Dems grades up.

    I would like to see a place like this that was not Republican based.

  39. good Morning and Afternoon to BWD and the beautiful family here. May each of you have a lovely Sat. Do something to life your spirit, and please pray and lifet up good thoughts for our President’s meeting at the Whitehouse on Sunday. Have a great day. Loe and appreciate all of the good and thoughtful people oon this site.

  40. Love what you are saying here, Tien Le. Let’s turn any bad lemons that they throw at us into lemonade. When the PL, MSM, Teabaggers, Firebaggers, and others give us ‘bad news’ stories about President Obama, instead of going into hysterics we should go on the attack by donating, making phone calls, canvasing, tweeting … doing what ever else it takes to get President Obama reelected along with other ‘loyal’ and ‘responsible’ Democrats (at federal, state, and local levels) who can help him advance his truly progressive agenda.

  41. This reminds me of two things. One by Nichiren Daishonin who wrote about turning poison into medicine (hendoku iyaku). What helped me grasp this concept was the number line. If your situation is -50 then you have the potential (force and power — sort of like the Jedi midichlorian count) to change up to +50.

    Second I think is from EST: Heroes are ordinary men and women who dare to see and meet the call of a possibility bigger than themselves. Breakthroughs are created by heroes, by men and women who will stand for the result while it’s still only a possibility — people willing to create the path to the result while others are still squabbling about the right path and arguing about the right answers — people who will act to make possibility real.

    That quality may be the difference between an organizer and an activist.

    POTUS gets this.

  42. Me, too!

    I know, WE need sites, like that one, and other avenues (i.e., TV, radio) to promote our agenda…

    Of course, WE have blogs, like yours, BWD’s, Chipsticks’ and others to convene it…

    But, WE need a lot more!

    And, there’s Twitter, FB and other social media!

    Like PBHO wants NASA to do, WE have to “think long-term and outside the box!”

    WE have a lot of “catchin’ up” to do!

    Oh yeah, WE can use a “lock-step-like group” of Obamacrats, who would go to that site, to “grade” our Congressional reprsentatives, each and every day, to “move ’em on up!”

    Any volunteers? 😉

  43. “Every dollar given to MoveOn or PCCC and their ilk is a dollar that doesn’t go to elect Democrats across the board.”

    Would you please care to explain why donating to progressives in Congress is a bad thing? Their ilk? Please, explain.

    You don’t like progressive Democrats? What is it that you are trying to say?

  44. Gerald Ford is a socialist/fascist RINO with all of his wanting to help people and whatnot. OK, I need to put down the pipe. Anyone know of the name of a clinic where I can recieve help? 🙂

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