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  1. His core values! ❤ Seattle loves Obama. I still see 2008 bumper stickers on cars EVERY day. It makes me smile every time I do see one. I want to honk and wave!

  2. I’m seeing new 2012 bumper stickers showing up with greater frequency. I’m thinking we’re “all in” here in Illinois, proud and defiant.

  3. The whole interview was sweet! Thanks BWD. How fortunate that the reporter went to school with POTUS’ mother and that she had an opportunity to share that with him!

  4. :-), that was nice and Interesting, especially to hear PBO’s response with excitement. It probably made his day 😀

  5. That is so cute that she went to school with his mother!
    It is also refreshing to watch these local interviews where the reporter is polite and respectful unlike the national media.

  6. E-mail to the Main Stream Media NBC, CBS, ABC

    Even though there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States. You should care about the country and tell the truth, so people can be informed to make the right decision. I never seen more blatant distortion of the news because of greed. This is what our corporate media, have come to. How low we have fallen. You fail us on the wars and for that, we will always be digging out of that mess without an end. Terrorism is here to stay because of Lies Bush told and the Media went along. Stop carrying the Republican water to destroy this economy just to gain the White House, if not, we will always be digging out of this mess without an end just like the wars. For not been truthful with the American people you help brought terrorism and many dead and maim American bodies here. and your untruthfulness will help bring depression to our border. For what reason other then selfish greed.

  7. I’ve had mine on my car for several months now. I still have Illinois plates even though I’ve been living back in Omaha, NE for almost 8 mopnths now. I don’t see many here, butonce in awhile I do.

  8. for some resason, when i type a comment, i can’t see the aanything so i’m “typiing blind”. i don’t know why this is.

  9. That was sooo cool. I bet this is the one tid-bit about his day’s work that he will gladly share with his family over dinner!. What an honor for the interviewer! How often does one get to interview a sitting prez who is a son of one’s schoolmate? wow!

  10. I recently went through a similar experience. I was advised to install google chrome. It solved my problem. Do the same, it will clear the darkness easily lol.

  11. I just recieve my yes we can poster in hebrew. i poster given in supoort of the president stance on israeli and palestine. Israeli who support President Obama! I thought he was having trouble with the jewish vote Ha!

  12. Thank you BWD for this wonderful clip. I already shared it on Facebook and tweeted it. I loved the question on the paper naplkin and especially the President’s response. I understand the whole issue about messaging and I share the frustration over the Republican attempts to stall/reverse the Recovery. But, for the life of me, I cannot get it in my head that any reasonable person would prefer a Romney, a Pawlenty or, God forbid! a Bachman as President, regardless of what the UI figure turns out to be. On this subject I also believe that the government should revamp the methods used for arriving at the UI rate each month. The discrepancies between different reporting agencies and independent surveys are just too great. I think we need to get the technology experts to come up with a better system.

  13. It wasn’t showing up for me with Firefox but did with IE for whatever reason. (it’s an enjoyable interview)

  14. I’m from Seattle and I LOVE Obama! BTW I had no idea he was in Seattle or I would have tried to get his autograph. Ahh well they probably wouldn’t have allowed me to go near him lol.

  15. uhhh…………Recent Blomberg poll give the President 60% Jewish support down 8% from this time last year, but still quite good. We must stop taking in the MSM trashy deception.

  16. I have the same problem but it’s a wordpress issue. The background is a dark grey, so I can still see a little bit. I’ve gotten used to it because it’s been like this for a while now. I will install the google chrome as advised.

  17. The interviewer does not look old enough to have gone to school with PBO’s mom. WOW!!

  18. This was a good interview and nice to hear that the interviewer went to school with PBO’s mother. When President Obama mentioned core values that he received from his mother and that one of them was wanting to help people, I immediately remembered an article I read that quoted something he said. I wrote the quote down at the time and now would like to share it here with you.

    “It’s faith that reminds me that despite being just one very imperfect man, I can still help whomever I can, however I can, wherever I can, for as long as I can, and that somehow, God will buttress these efforts.” PBO

    This is the President we have, and we’ve got to cover his back. Peace

  19. Great interview. Short and sweet! She’s obviously a supporter.

    But I have to say, somewhere there is a sound technician whose hair is going gray!! Why wasn’t she properly mic’d up??

  20. I loved the excitement and the happy emotions that he showed when the interviewer told him that she went to high school with his mother. He always speaks so gentle, and lovingly about his mother. Oh, for her to be here today to see what we are so blessed to see. We will promise to treat him with the same respect and love as best we can, Ms. Dunham. Thank you for the gift.

  21. What touched me was how polite and respectful she was to the Prez. Then she began with a personal touch that just made the Prez light up. I think it was so professionally handled, sound problems not withstanding.

  22. It was a great interview and I, too, loved the beginning about his mom. Very personal and personable and clear especially about the social security issue.

  23. What a great interview. It was really very emotional for me. I just got back from 5 days camping and I read “A Singular Woman”. The story of Ann Dunham. What a great book and what an amazing women. Everyone should read this book!

  24. I’m confused.I read somewhere that he didn’t want to do the $4trillion/10 year deal…he wanted something SMALLER. Wait…who really wants to deal with the deficit again????

  25. Maybe they had a chat about his mom’s schooldays after the interview.
    That would have been nice and maybe inspirational for him coming at this trying time.

  26. Read past the headline. I have no idea why he’s leaving the talks. He says he’s amenable to the original Biden deal of 2 tn in cuts, which was 83% cuts and 17% revenue but I don’t think we ever heard what the revenue increases were.

    I love this quote from the article: ‘In a statement released by the Ohio Republican Saturday night — just a day before talks with Obama — Boehner said the “White House will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikes.”

    This may play to his base but not the other 2/3 of the country. He also insinuates that Obama isn’t serious about debt reduction because he insisted that the 4 tn deal be 2/3 cuts and 1/3 revenue.

    And who isn’t serious?

    Maybe it’s possible that Obama actually said no — you want a big debt reduction package, we are raising revenue, seriously.

    Interesting to see what plays out.

  27. Heads are exploding on this sight….with a few people who are making good sense that the defense wastes tons of money even if 50% of the budget moved over to education or the debit they would still have the money to operate. Good move PBO.

  28. The cite I am talking about is The Hill. The comments are so funny if they were not so pathic. These people must be paid Koch brother bloggers to say negative anything.

  29. I do not believe politico they are a mouth piece for the GOP, wait for Obama tomorrow or whenever they finish with their , My only ” source” is Obama.

  30. Hi MtMarilyn,

    I am going camping the end of the month through the first week of August. I am camping in WA state. One day we hope to camp in Montana..any good places you’d like recommend?

  31. It was a great response, but wait the PL is going to tell us that Obama is selling out.

  32. I much rather wait for PBO to tell us what is going to happen, speculations, speculation do not work for me.

  33. Everybody please stay calm and wait for PBO to tell us, so tired of speculations.

  34. I took it to mean BONER telling the President, “My way or the highway.” No?

  35. Faith…your question of “who isn’t serious?” was my question as well….the plot thickens. I take from what I read that they will still meet tomorrow. I hope that the President has some ace in the hole that will show America how pathetic these guys really are….

  36. Totally!! The comments are really something. They are quite pathetic. Goes to show that they really don’t understand what this whole thing means. They are delusional, to say the least.

  37. President Obama has essentially backed Boner into a terrible corner. Now that Mr. Boner is on the record as wanting “smaller” deficit reduction package, the Repubs can no longer claim that Obama is the spend-it-all President who wants to drive up the deficit. One more GOP trump card removed.

  38. Not to worry, Mel…..I’ll wait for the President…I think most everyone (here) is livid at Boner and his cohorts. You know…the domestic terrorists. Nothing against the President…hope he shames the hell out of them and makes them all wonder what the heck happened.

  39. AAHHHH:) Does he have an ace in the whole? I worry the Boner, who is no smart cookie to begin with, will have NO judgment left and do something really stupid. I think, though, that the President and his staff have probably anticipated several scenerios in dealing with these assholes….

  40. Exactly. By shooting for a 4 tn reduction, PBO showed what chickenhawks the repubs really are and how bogus is their concern for deficit.

  41. It’s Boehner saying “My way or the highway”, not President Obama. I think the TPM article makes that obvious, and the White House response is absolutely clear and compelling to anyone with a heart. Democratic surrogates need to get on the Sunday TV programs to point out that the rich won’t be suffering from having their taxes raised a bit and loopholes closed. Just because the Republicans keep saying the phrase “job-killing” in front of tax cuts doen’t mean that’s a fact. Why is it morally acceptable for the poor and middle class to make all the sacrifices?

  42. 7.1 mag. earthquake hits Japan…Tsunami warning issued.Bless these people please

  43. I get that…they’re hypocrites..AS USUAL! How do they come to some agreement and not have everyone BUT millionaires pay their share? How do you have no tax increases? Shouldn’t happen that way…as we all know:)

  44. I can’t find the link where I read that the Heritage Foundation was saying that the President couldn’t use the military as his personal ATM to take care of his “pet projects”. They were making reference to PBO’s statement the other day that the military is SO overfunded, that we could take a small % of that funding and make a world of difference in helping other social programs that would actually make a difference for people.

  45. Boner virtually admitted that the deficit was less important to him than raising taxes on the wealthy.

    We’ve been saying it for months. But Obama appears to have backed him into a corner where he actually said it.

    I’ve been saying Obama made the larger number contingent on 2-to-1 cuts to revenue but I was wrong: it’s 3-to-1 which is 75/25.

    If Boehner is going to balk at 75/25, Obama might as well have gone for 65/35. I’m not defending the loons of the base, but that number would have made progressives a lot happier. A little better politics. The message (as of now — these things change) is that Republicans have now proven that they are not serious about the deficit if it’s going to raise taxes on the wealthy. They’ve said it specifically, because the whole thing is through the prism of debt reduction.

  46. What’s just mindboggling is that Mr. Boehner walked into this trap with almost no resistance. I can see how Pres. Obama plays this: “I wanted $4tn in deficit reduction, contingent on tax increases on the wealthy and closing tax loopholes. The Republicans couldn’t sell that, so they agreed to the Biden plan. Keeping tax cuts for their wealthy supporters was more important than the long-term health of the US economy.”

    The ads write themselves.

  47. Thank you, Faith:) I understand. So now what? He made that admission,but we still have the same issues to deal with. I’m trying to see a way that PBO could further make them twist.

  48. I see, LL….but the problem still remains, how does PBO deal with this that makes it clear to the country that the R’s have NO INTENTION of working on the deficit…how does he fix this problem and do what’s right for the country when the R’s have no intention of doing ANYTHING for the country…just protecting their own. How does he do that? What are his options when they really do have a gun to America’s head?

  49. Closing grafs of the AP article on the Boehner announcement:

    House Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, one of the original Democratic negotiators in the Biden talks, placed the blame on Republicans for the failure to agree to a larger figure.

    “It’s disappointing that the Republican fixation with protecting tax breaks for corporate special interests and the very wealthy prevented them from agreeing to a balanced and broad deficit reduction plan to help our economy and our country,” he said.

  50. The country trusts PBO more than Boehner. He does a solo presser again, laying out the various options, and why they went for the small reduction–because Boehner couldn’t convince his own caucus to tax the rich fairly. And the Dems seem to be on message, as far as I can tell from the AP article on Yahoo.

  51. Funny you asked that question? I’ve been asking that for years!!!! My daughter swam from the time she was a little kid…swim meets were all we did. When she got to high school, she was still swimming and we made a big push to get a pool built at the HS…(to no avail) The parents/ and swimmers used to joke that if they played poker, maybe they would be taken seriously…because apparently “poker players, not swimmers” were REAL ATHLETES!

  52. Let’s hope they stay on message. Some of them have a bad habit they can’t seem to break…or learn from their mistakes.

  53. Dems are smart cookies, once they stop bickering. And, what’s key, is that those were the closing grafs. That’s what readers will remember.

    Oh yeah, it’s on, and the GOP won’t know what hit it. That’s what happens when you hand policy vetoes to Teabaggers and the Koch Bros.

  54. I hope you’e right on the “GOP won’t know what hit it part.” I’ve really had quite enough of their BS.We have so much to do. Don’t have time for all this posturing.

  55. I think it’s all been a wonderful Kabuki dance directed by the Obama administration. We’ll see how it plays out over the next few days, but I think it’s safe to say that the GOP yet again underestimated PBO and thus failed.

  56. Boehner walks away from the “Grand Bargain” is how this story is playing in the MSM. This is hilarious. The blame will be summarily placed on the shoulders of the Republicans for the whole debacle. They passed up an opportunity to dismantle the welfare state because they didn’t want to have their fat cat benefactors taxed slightly more. In addition, now they are still left holding the bag on the Paul Ryan plan to destroy medicare. Dems will run on two important facts: 1. Republicans are not serious about deficit reduction; 2. Republicans want to kill Medicare. This is GENIUS.

    One last thing… Do you think that Dems (who Boehner desperately need to raise the debt ceiling) will agree to the smaller package without some serious contentions from the Republicans? Hell no. I sense that a new payroll tax cut will be included or some sort of stimulus measure before Dems go along with spending cuts. Genius!

  57. Good thoughts. Will the public understand all this? I certainly hope so.

  58. Whats so funny about this whole thing is that the republicans now are saying about Boner the same things that the professional left has been trying to say about Obama. Calling Boner a caver and having no spine, etc. Reading it on conservative sites like yahoo and other sources.

  59. Of course the public will not understand this. That’s what politicians are for…. They are supposed to “educate” the public. If I am Steve Israel from the DCCC or Patty Murray from the DSCC, I would start running commercials next week saying:

    “The Republican Plan for America — NO TAXES ON MILLIONAIRES at all cost and KILLING MEDICARE. Any questions?” Simple.

  60. White House response was good but I wish they had added a statement at the beginning about getting people back to work. Solving our fiscal problems is imperative and the main way to do that is to get people back to work. Every statement from the White House, from any administation official, from any Democrat interviewed, from bloggers, from us needs to tie Republican intrangience on this issue to jobs not being created. They are too busy worrying about preserving tax cuts for the wealthy to do the work of the people

  61. “Every dollar given to MoveOn or PCCC and their ilk is a dollar that doesn’t go to elect Democrats across the board.”

    Would you please care to explain why donating to progressives in Congress is a bad thing? Their ilk? Please, explain.

    You don’t like progressive Democrats? What is it that you are trying to say?

  62. For all of you wondering what the future may bring, I urge you, whether you understand the language or not to watch this young Libyan girl leading chants against the horrible terrorist Gaddafi:

    If that young girl can lead, everyone here can do so in whatever way each of our talents and experience enables us to support and propel President Obama to four more years of exceptional service to EVERY American – even those too stupid and hate-filled to realize he is actually trying to help them.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  63. Bobfr…my. That was inspiring, powerful and adorable all at the same time. A MUST SEE. How long can that evil man maintain his grip? Libya needs to be free. They long to be free. Soon, I hope.

  64. Let me be more blatant. Since there were several responses in support of this comment here with no disagreements or calls for explanation, I’ll query this again… to all of you.

    “Every dollar given to MoveOn or PCCC and their ilk is a dollar that doesn’t go to elect Democrats across the board.”

    Would you please care to explain why donating to progressives in Congress is a bad thing? Their ilk? Please, explain.

    You don’t like progressive Democrats? What is it that you are trying to say?


    Perhaps, someone here can explain the animosity between here and those at MoveOn or the PCCC? Regardless of the answer, you do need to explain yourselves.

  65. The above quote was written by…

    Tien Le

    “Every dollar given to MoveOn or PCCC and their ilk is a dollar that doesn’t go to elect Democrats across the board.” – Tien Le

    Just wanted to make sure that people know where this comes from.

  66. Read Smartpants blog (in links) from a few days ago: basically they gin up outrage over things that are not happening, poorly sourced, or just part of tactics to generate income for their project. They do not motivate or organize people for change. Better to contribute to groups like OFA that do the hard more productive work of organizing. These groups all whine about Obama and give congress and GOP a pass.

  67. Well, that was a fail. You did not answer my highlighted questions. You didn’t even come close. Next.

    Nothing against you taiping, but I’m looking for explanations here. Trying to refer me to an endless tail-chase does not cut it with me. I understand that you can point out instances of “progressives” saying whatever. What I do not understand is when someone HERE says that we should not support progressives in Congress.

    Answers, if you please.

  68. I will support Liberal Democrats by donating directly to DCCC and the DSCC and the DNC. I will support President Obama by donating to OFA . I may also send some donations to individual candidates. But I will never again donate through organizations that have been viciously attacking President Obama. I will not donate one single dollar to either MoveOn or PCCC. I will certainly not donate via DKos or FDL or CRADO. I don’t need middle men/women in order for me to support progressive Democrats. I just don’t want to share my very, very, limited dollars with people who never cease to constantly attack fellow Democrats. I for one will never support any so called progressives who are out there undermining the unity of the Democratic party. I really do not care for the “holier than thou progressives” who routinely attack fellow Democrats, and consequently facilitate the election of rabid right wing Republicans. I sincerely believe that if it hadn’t been for the “holier than thou progressives” undermining fellow Democrats, or urging Democrats not to vote in 2010, the country would not be in the predicament it’s now in. Blue dogs or no Blue Dogs, Nancy Pelosi would still be Speaker. Congress would still be focused on Job creation rather trying to avoid the catastrophe of failing to raise the debt celling.

    Obviously, I am not presuming to answer on behalf of taiping, who, I am sure, is capable of answering you differently. But I just wanted to share with you the mind of a pragmatic progressive who is utterly disgusted with the antics of spoiled, self serving, “holier than thou progressives,” who have spent more money, time and energy attacking the President than they have attacking right wing Republicans. While I respect the right of members of Congress to differ with the President, I don’t appreciate them leading attacks on him, thereby promoting division within the Democratic ranks. If the “pure than thou progressives” think that the country would be better off with a Republican president instead of President Obama then I’ve absolutely no use for them. If the “pure than thou progressives” think that a right wing teaparty Republican Congressman/Senator from Arkansas, Virginia, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, etc., is better than a conservative Democrat, then I’ve absolutely no respect for their political maturity. And that is why I would not waste my meager dollars donating through middlemen that are preoccupied with undermining the President and the Democratic party.

  69. Is that a dare lookingglass ? Ok. I’ll take it. Nothing wrong with progressives in congress (if you can believe in such congress critters) as long as thy work within the system. Most of the time they’re out there running to the media whining about their own party’s admin based on baseless allegations. You cannot ‘progress’ much if you’re doing same side goals, all the time, can you now ? If you cannot work within the party discipline, then get the fuck out and run as an indie. Basic politics 101.

  70. Extremely smart, and extremely talented political party, indeed, once they come together and stop fighting. Excellent insights for these past few days, LL.

  71. MoveOn? You mean the group that make money through vicious lies about PBO? The group that once in couple of monts invent some new “Obama is going to kill Social Security” bullshit, and then send mails asking for money so they can “stop Obama”?

    I will not donate to these jerks to save my life. And it doesn’t make me any less progressive. In fact, I’m far more progressive than all of them. I actually believe in “progress”.

  72. Because…

    “Obama is the same as Bush and we need to primary him from the left”

    … is total bullshit, adds nothing to the heroic efforts of this President to undo the damage done by 30 years of Voodoo Raygunomics, and displays the willful ignorance of the far left towards what he has accomplished and continues to accomplish every single day, despite the hatred and lies that are heaped upon him daily by the Carnival Barkers on both sides of the aisle.

    If that doesn’t work for you, how’s this:

    I unsubscribed from the PCCC just the other day when I received their email accusing the President of selling out SS. Really? When did that happen? Did the deal get signed? Did I miss it?

    Hint: Resorting to FOXaganda tactics in an effort to scare *me* with their “sky is falling” talk is an EPIC FAIL.



  73. “Boner virtually admitted that the deficit was less important to him than raising taxes on the wealthy.”

    EXACTLY, Faith!

  74. Taking you at face value, lookingglass, and assuming you are not a troll, we are on the same side.

    Unlike the far right, which has the 27%er sheeple believing 100% of the propaganda they spew, the far left is trying to sell its propaganda to salient humans who think for themselves.

    As for me, I research candidates’ policy positions, voting records, and public statements then contribute (or not contribute) based on that research.

  75. And I Tumbled it. Unfamiliar with Tumblr? It’s the next thing, like Twitter but with unlimited text, inline photos, videos, etc.

    Not a bad idea to stake out some territory there that has Barack’s back in prep for ’12 General. right?

    I know I seem harsh to the souls around here that are kinder and gentler than me, so you may not want to click if my harshness (or atheism) is offensive to you.


  76. I was referencing you to discussions on the topic. I unsubscribed from both because the are enemies if progress, have no sense if tactics or getting things done, and specialize in poutrage over fake controversies based on leaked information from people trying to derail progress in moving things forward. As a doctor I am very happy with HCR. Public option never had the votes and organizing people against the bill made the purity brigade feel righteous but did not help real people. Ditto with the lame duck negotiations. They would have thrown out the unemployment benefits and payroll tax cuts to next congress which would not have done anything since it doesn’t involve a woman’s uterus. I support my president 100% and will max out to OFA, then the dems after that. Divide and conquer is the GOP agenda.

  77. You said it better than I could. Ditto ditto ditto. Obama2012 and democratic house and senate 2012

  78. I did not know that they were constantly attacking PBO.Dumbasses. Look, all I know is that we need more progressives in Congress, and I support that, but I think that we can agree that faux-gressives need to step back. Lord have mercy, we seem to be under attack from all sides. No worries though. We will triumph.

  79. Jean Enersen was one of my favorite television journalists when I lived in WA. I guess she still is! She is reasoned, reasonable, polite, but incisive. I’m delighted she got this interview, and that you shared it with us!

    BTW: i put a big “12” over the “08” of my “Obama 2008” bumper sticker many months ago. The old one is faded, but I’m not going to cover it up–just put the 2012 sticker below it on the tailgate of my truck.

    BTW 2.0: OFA has great 2012 t-shirts for $30 donation. But you can donate more, and you should……I know I did, and will.


  80. Really? Is that what happened with Joe Lieberman? Because last I checked, even though he CAMPAIGNED against our current President with the OPPOSITE party, and yet somehow, he’s still part of Kool and the Gang. No reprimands. No punishment. Just alot of backward-ass sucking up to him. This guy was even primaried from the Democratic Party by his own constituents. But nope, last I checked, the guy is still Senator, and the Democrats still seem to be kissing his feet. We’re talking abiout Connecticut here!

    Try that one on for size. And that is just one example of a lame Democrat and the Democratic Party’s failure to even try to be progressive as a whole. Make no mistake, the progressives are fighting an uphill battle. A battle that must be fought and won, and so we fight onward.

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