The job creation before & after the GOP took the House

Steve Benen is making the point no one on the MSM would bother to:

Here’s a chart showing private-sector job creation in the latter half of 2010, when stimulus money was still being spent, and when Democrats enjoyed the congressional majority.

And here’s a chart showing private-sector job creation so far in 2011, after stimulus spending largely ended, Republicans took control of the U.S. House and most of the nation’s gubernatorial offices, and the national discourse pivoted from jobs to the deficit and debt


Better late…


112 thoughts on “The job creation before & after the GOP took the House

  1. Bobfr posted this over at and it is a GEM: (he’s fine with passing it around BTW

    Please excuse me for repeating myself:

    Simply, everyone of us, and every Democratic Party Leader and Candidate must be certain that “the official Republican plan is to destroy Medicare” are 8 words every American hears 1000s of times between now and Nov 2012.

    Beyond that the simple mantra is a gift given to every Democratic candidate, to wit:

    The Republicans promised jobs in 2010:

    – instead they insisted on tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations

    – instead they attacked collective bargaining

    – instead they attacked education

    – instead they attacked unemployment insurance

    – instead they attacked women and girls

    – instead they brought the Nation to the brink of default on its debt

    – instead they tried to KILL DADT

    – instead they voted for GLOBAL WAR


    Republican jobs created – ZERO

    Republican destruction of jobs – Large and accelerating

    Republican pursuit of the destruction of America if that’s what it takes to defeat President Obama in 2012 – so obvious even some pundits and politicians have noticed what we have all known since Jan 2009.

    Don’t muddle; don’t confuse – take full advantage of the blatantly obvious Republican attacks on the middle class, on Medicare, on Medicaid, on Social Security and the very solvency of the United States of America and make change happen, Americans.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.

  2. That’s better, BWD. Like the man said, “I will not get in the first punch, but I will get in the last!”

  3. let get this out tweet it email fax what ever get this report out.

  4. Let me get this out of the way once and for all: I am not a robot and I refuse to be responsible for cheering everybody’s up all the time. I’m doing the best I can in a very difficult environment and under a lot of abuse, most of it no one here even knows. I don’t ask for sympathy or pity or even even empathy – I don’t want any of it, I’m a big girl -but there’s got to be a limit to everything. I will not let this crazy “hobby” to hurt my health and the last thing I need to prove is my loyalty to Barack Obama.

    This is not meant directly at you, OSG, I just really didn’t like what happened here today, on and off the board.

  5. Please twitter this: PLEASE.

    GOP House has voted NO on 10 Dem jobs bills, and has yet to introduce 1. #GOPFAIL

    Let’s get #GOPFAIL to trend on twitter.

    Post it everywhere you can!
    Do it until your fingers bleed.

  6. This the exact clear data the every Dem House candidate need to tout every day!

  7. When you’re in charge of the largest employer in America, namely the government, and you say that your top priority is creating jobs, then it seems to me that the first thing you should do is stop laying off your employees! I think it’s important to make the point that public sector jobs are jobs, and the Republicans are deliberately doing their utmost to destroy these jobs. They are causing the problem they are complaining about.

  8. I learned a couple of years ago that with BHO, it pays not to panic. He hasn’t let me down yet. Yet time after time we see hysteria by our friends (and I mean that) on the left. Remember last December? I don’t want to mention any groups, but I’m convinced certain parts of the progressive community use these rumors of “sellouts” as fund raising opportunities. I will not believe any rumors of deals or sellouts until I hear it from his mouth.

  9. I was just going to write about this, tally. I’m glad you beat me to it. This is what we need to focus on now more than ever!

  10. These comparison charts are excellent. I will be posting them around. Thanks BWD!

  11. I think I’ll take all the goodies offered here, Bob’s info,NamelessGenXer’s info,Tally’s info, and all the rest, and fax this to my govt. Reps…..and since I live in AZ…we know who’ll get this:) I think that sending it to the Dems in Washington should be on the list as well….thanks for all the goodies here. Time to get to work.

  12. This is your blog and you are not responsible for cheering people up. But gloom is contagious, so if it happens, it happens. I think the problems occur when people try to have it both ways. Speak the truth, but don’t depress me. And they bitch at each other. I know this blog “trends” emotional, so I am prepared and accept it. If there are times when my own personal problems overwhelm, and there is bad news (for Obama, because that is the bottom line) I’ll choose a “just the facts” blog. Or none. You can’t be everything to everyone. I wish you all the best in the continuing success of BWD.

  13. Please spread this too:

    ” July 7, 2011

    Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 8.7% in June

    Underemployment is at 18.3% — an improvement from May but the same as in June 2010

    by Dennis Jacobe, Chief Economist

    PRINCETON, NJ — Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, is at 8.7% at the end of June — similar to the 8.9% in mid-June, but down from 9.2% at the end of May. It is also lower than it was during the same period a year ago.”

  14. please twitter this and put it on your facebook pages;blogs;sites but make this go viral 😡

    Rep. Ryan Tastes The Grapes Of Wrath 😯 😡

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), a leading advocate of shrinking entitlement spending and the architect of the plan to privatize Medicare, spent Tuesday evening sipping $350 wine 😯 with two like-minded conservative economists at the swanky Capitol Hill eatery Bistro Bis.

  15. As a matter of fact how are emoticons created here? All I know how to create is the smiley face emoticon. People I have posting these charts on other progressive sites until my fingers bleed. LETS DO THIS!!

  16. I agree it is atrocious what has happened since the GOP took over the house. That is the message I want all Democrats to pound again and again and again including President Obama. The 1994 budget showdown is instructive. Make them pay for their intransgience. That doesn’t mean getting out of control like many in the professional left but it does mean calling it like it is and Democrats from Obama on down (including us) need to start doing that more concisely and a lot more consistently

  17. Agree; keep spotlight on what the Dems are doing to to create jobs, etc, then compare it to what the GOP is doing. NO CONTEST!

  18. Well, apparently Ed Shultz has told all his listeners not to vote for president Obama.
    Again? Really?

  19. I hope you will all indulge me in a somewhat long post inspired by the troubles of the past few days.

    In the depths of the Bush Administration, when things seemed like they would just go from disaster to disaster, I can say that I was rather despondent. My life was a bit of a mess to begin with—stuck in a crummy telecom job, just starting my drug therapy for my stutter and not knowing if it would work, embarking on grad school in an attempt to do something different with my life and not end up embittered and hopeless. I was working on my novel, so that was a ray of sunshine, and I had started to take positive steps to turn around my life; however, anxiety was the watchword of that time, and things weren’t helped by what was going on in the world around me.

    I remember the 2004 election. Granted, John Kerry wasn’t any great shakes, but a trained monkey would’ve been a better occupant of the White House than George W. Bush. I try to hate no one, as in most instances hatred is a wasted and unproductive emotion; it clouds reason, and doesn’t allow you to see the humanity in the object of hatred, or the qualities you possess which are the same as the ones you claim to despise in the hated. I’m not perfect; I stumble more often than I stand up; as Hamlet would say, I honor it more in the breach than the observance. But it is a standard, and when I achieve it I give myself a pat on the back and then move on.

    But, G.W. Bush. Good lord, that man wasn’t fit to be honorary grand marshal of the Crawford July 4th Parade, much less “leader of the free world”, a title that he turned into a sad joke, as the only nations that he led were those that he bullied, or bribed, or invaded.

    John Kerry, bless his heart, had a real shot at unseating Bush. It wasn’t a sure thing, but there was a general sense that Bush the Lesser had led us into moral, political, and economic morass from which, if we were ever to extricate ourselves, we would do so with great difficulty, and certainly not with the leadership current at that time.

    We know what happened. Fear won the day—maybe with the aid of a voting machine here and there, or a crooked Ohio secretary of state. The country was in a daze, almost evenly divided—51 to 48 is not a resounding victory, a victory even slimmer in the Electoral College. Enough people allowed tribalism and gut terror and a distrust of someone who seemed effete and distant to convince them to vote for the cowboy who, sure, had presided over the deadliest attack on home soil in the country’s history, but, hey, no one had bombed us since then. (Except, of course, for that pesky anthrax episode. But just brush that away into the memory hole. Winston Smith will excise it from the record.) Appointed once. Elected—barely—the second time. A tired nation shrugged its shoulders, just over half of it deciding that if the world hated us anyway, we may as well give it a proper reason for doing so.

    At that time, I knew nothing about blogs. I don’t quite remember how I found DKos, or Americablog, or Glenn Greenwald—searching, going here and there, trying to find someone, anyone, of like mind. But I found those sites, and many others, who spoke to my anger, my despair, my utter lack of hopelessness at the direction this country was tending. I was never a poster on those boards, or only infrequently, because even then I noticed a vitriol, an inability to accept positions which deviated from the party line, the idea that we were in a cosmic war and all had to march in straight rows towards a common goal. But, at that time, I didn’t care. I needed that groupthink. I needed that clear moral line—Us against Them, We have the moral high ground, we’re the last line of defense against the coming darkness. It felt good to find a group of people as angry and disillusioned as I was, venting, organizing, pushing against the memes being parroted in the MSM. I felt like I was “in the know”, and that soon we’d wash over everyone like a wave.

    The 2008 election was the high-water mark of those sites. Everyone pulling for Obama. A new world about to dawn. The previous 8 years—indeed, the previous 30 years since Reagan—would be made right, and the country would return to a just path. It felt good. It felt like family.

    Imagine my surprise, then my consternation, then my utter disgust when, not even a few weeks after the election, the rumblings began. Obama’s transition team was stacked with too many Wall Street denizens. He hadn’t made assurances that DADT would be done away with by executive fiat. His proposed stimulus would have too many tax cuts. He wouldn’t nationalize the banks. And on, and on, and on. On Election Day, many of us felt that America had turned a corner, that the racial animus which had colored the country since before its founding had, if not disappeared, at least dissipated. Who would’ve thought that the son of a white mother and a black father would be elected President so soon after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.? It was almost inconceivable. Yet, the aftermath of his election also unleashed the country’s ugly id. Other presidents had had vitriol slung at them, of course; politics in the US, a country that never experienced the violent revolutions of the Old World, has always been a blood-sport. The opposing side would always come out swinging. But Pres. Obama got it from both sides—the Right, which was expected, but also the Left, which supposedly “supported” him. “Make him do it” is the famous refrain; but you do that by building a grass-roots movement, like civil rights in the Sixties, not by pontificating on blogs and cable television. You do it by positive action, not by undercutting everything he tries to do as “not good enough”. The past thirty years have infantilized the country, creating a citizenry more interested in pursuing the next shiny thing than getting down to the hard work of governing itself. Benjamin Franklin’s response to the question of whether the new United States would be a monarchy or a republic—”A Republic, if you can keep it”—has never rung more truly. Republican democracies require work, hard work, if they’re to function and maintain their shape, and not become republics only in name. But that’s what we have now, on the Left. The extremists want their Utopia NOW, and throw tantrums when it doesn’t materialize out of Obama’s head like Zeus giving birth to Athena. What they don’t realize is that Obama is the most revolutionary president to hold the office since FDR. The Right does realize the scope of the change PBO wants to engender, which is why it fights him with the strength of the desperate. While the Right does that, the Left cavils and complains, and does nothing to actually help progress—indeed, says that progress can only be made upon the burnt ashes of the Democratic Party.

    I stuck with Daily Kos mostly out of habit, but also because there were still a few good diarists there. BWD was my favorite, and when she was run out on the rails from that space, I followed her to her new space, and I immediately knew it was a place I could call home. It’s not a community where its members try to one-up each other, or pound their chests in their purity. For the most part we can disagree without being disagreeable, have vigorous debate without descending into name-calling, strategize as to how to push an agenda that will in the long run benefit the country, rather than imagine some glorious future in which Paradise has descended from the power of our keyboards. BWD’s site and others like it gave me a political home, but one based on hope and possibility, rather than sites like DKos and Americablog, which appealed to me when I was at my angriest. Anger in small doses can do immense good; when anger becomes the emotion that dominates you it—much like hatred—blinds you, stifles your reason, makes you act out of hurt rather than calm thought. The times are too important for knee-jerk reactions; we’re at a fork in the road, and our actions will redound upon us to our honor or dishonor. Now more than ever we have to be sure we’re doing the right thing, for the right reason, with the right goal in mind.

    The past couple of days have been hard, the news mixed at best. It has frayed our nerves, and made us, in some cases, lash out. I’m old enough now to know that things don’t last forever; everything has a cycle, and eventually runs its course. These blogs are no different. I will be saddened when it all ends, but I hope that it will end because we’ve advanced our goals, not because we’ve given up in despair. For now, and as long as it lasts, I hope to make these sites part of my home; and when the work is done, move on to other challenges, because the only thing sure in life is flux.

  20. Great comment found at:

    Sinking in yet? Is everyone starting to get the picture from the past couple days? The people who you would initially expect to be searching for a safety/release valve in case the GOP forces a default HAVE OFFICIALLY STATED THAT THERE IS NONE AND THAT CUTS WILL NOT HAPPEN. Rope rope rope….

    First, a magic anonymous leak from the WH aides that suggests Obama might agree to SS and Medicare cuts. This is followed by a predictable freak out from Pelosi and the rest of the Dems in the House, who say cuts to bennies are an absolute deal breaker. Then Obama PROMISES last night to veto any debt ceiling deal that doesn’t extend the debt ceiling through at least 2012. Then today the General Counsel for the Treasury releases an opinion letter saying the 14th Amendment release valve the GOP thought would allow them to pin the epithet of “dictator” on Obama is a Constitutional no-go. And now, Pelosi makes an unqualified statement that this COLA nonsense that the “news” media has been batting around like a slightly retarded kitten has been a dead mouse all along. The GOP is feeling the noose tighten…I guarantee it. Kabuki theater indeed. Watch now as the GOP commits seppuku.

    I’m now pretty close to going out on the limb to say we’ll have a clean debt limit increase on or about Aug 2nd. Not quite there yet…after all, Obama and the Dems gave the GOP just enough to save face with the budget deal, so there’s still the possibility of some token exchanges. We’ll have to wait and see.


  21. It was on his radio show today. He replays his show at 6 online!
    I found out from the TOD comments about this debacle.
    He is being pushed by corporate America, you know, make sure the republicans don’t get blamed for the economy.
    Hence, Ed Shultz.

  22. Not a chance. Tea baggers dont like government they have nothing to lose.
    What he can do is declare a national emergency and that will allow him to circumvent the congress and be the president for the next ten years.
    It is his only option left!

  23. I had a similar transition from considering the other side Teh evil and enjoying every criticism of them, no matter how over the top it might have been during the Bush years. But it seems some on the left never grow out of that, they need to feel victimized and they require their daily poutrage.

  24. Greetings BWD family

    Let’s focus our anger at the folks who MADE the mess, the Republicans.

    Things to do that will make you feel better.

    1. Contact John Boehner and Eric Cantor and make some of the great statements listed here. GOP has voted down 10 jobs bills, GOP has a gun to the head of the American people with the debt ceiling talks, etc

    2. Contact Nancy Pelosi and give her an atta girl, let her know we support the Dems and appreciate her efforts.

    3. Find Republicans in your state and call them and complain. If asked for an address, make one up that is in their district. Let them know we blame Republicans for the low job numbers. I just called 4 Republicans, it felt great.

    4. We can go to bed tonight being mad at each other, or we can go to bed tired from all the time and energy we spent putting heat on the Republicans and sending support to the Democrats.

  25. Bad, bad idea. That’s not a democracy! That’s a dictatorship and I don’t care if we have the most brilliant politician every born in this country leading right now, we cannot be in favor of draconian national emergency rules.

    I have been busy at work for the past 2 days but am embarrassed to catch up on this blog and see all the drama here. Cmon guys. If you ever seen Obama panicking then let’s do it too, ok? If he didn’t panic with all the crap he had going on around the bin Laden raid, then I don’t think he’s going to panic over playing ball with the Republican numb nuts.

  26. I think the problem is that we’re perpetually shocked by the opposition PBO faces. We shouldn’t be, this far into his term, but the vitriol is just something we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. FDR was the last president to face this type of opposition, and that was when the only means of mass communication was the radio. With the Internet, everything spreads within a few moments.

    But I’m not panicking, and it seems that Boehner is feeling the pressure. Time to keep it up.

  27. So right on LL! That pretty much mirrors my experience with the political happenings in the last several years and my experience with some blogs. Blackwaterdog has a great blog here, even though for me it sometimes tends to run higher or lower on emotion and I generally don’t get emotional about any bad OR good news.

    So I can’t get that worked up by a jobs report and I do agree with amk that, whether or not she realizes it, bwd does set the tone for comments. BWD got the best ever thoughtful comments when she asked us to name the top 100 things we like about POTUS. When the post is “…a horrible jobs report…” unfortunately, human nature is to follow the lead to some degree so it shouldn’t have been surprising that a mini pie fight ensued.

    Let’s stay on track, less reactionary about every little detail, step away from the keyboard for a few days here and there and stay focused on winning in 2012, POTUS and both Houses. That’s the goal – everything else is a distraction until then.

  28. “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

    President Teddy Roosevelt

    I’ll skip the political debate. But in terms of personal character, for all of us, in our own lives if nowhere else, this statement is worth considering.

  29. I don’t have much time to spend online lately, and I don’t know what has set everyone off here, especially in regard to askew, whose comments I’ve read for years and always liked, but after reading The People’s View, I was curious to know what initiated the current flap regarding the frustrati, so I made a (very) brief visit to DK and glanced around. It is amazing how silly that site seems when one has not been there for a long time and lives in the real world. I forgot how much that it reminded me of SNL’s erstwhile character “Mr. Bill” (I always hated Mr. Bill). Let us be thankful to them for spawning the more positive venues we visit and leave them to their ephemera and their petty spats, having learned how unhealthy and counterproductive is that mode of discourse. I tend not to criticize the President because it is the American system and American mindset that I find most troubling, and I think he is the best the system has to offer, but I believe it is valid to express concern about issues and how they are being handled and to disagree with another. . But let us not do in the manner of the frustrati, who serve only to foster despair and do absolutely nothing to further a progressive agenda. “Know that joy is rarer, more difficult and more beautiful than sadness. Once you make this all-important discovery, you must embrace joy as an obligation.” (Andre Gide)

  30. Standing ovation. I’m definitely taking these wonderful words to heart, LL.

  31. Hello All: Just received my 2012 Obama T-shirt.
    WOOT, WOOT!!!

  32. Hey BWD – just sent you an email regarding boycotting the media. Please let me know what you think?
    Many thanks, Renee

  33. II was just going to say the same thing. Why give the GOP any reason to call POTUS a dictator, they’re doing it already.

  34. sheila, excellent comment. And I like the concept that we can actually be glad some sites got like they did because that spawned this site and others. I think the key difference between criticism on this site and others is tone. Here we might critique an idea, or a strategy or a tactic. On the thread in question there was a definite difference between those who thought the President should be more forceful, angry, whatever, and those who felt he was doing just right. However, none of those critiques ever question th basic character of the man himself.

    On those othr sites, it is even criticism of ideas, tactics or strategies. It is downright chracter assasination. Big difference between those 2 things.

  35. Seems people have worked a lot of frustrations out here today. I think that needed to happen from what I read. LL, your life story was a good lesson and probably echoed what many of us who are over the half century mark (a good ways over for me) have been through. This whole situation reminds me of the last sermon I heard my father preach 40 years ago. When faced with threatening circumstances, he had three words of advice: Don’t Run; Hold On; One Step at a Time.
    We have applied that many times in our lives and it works. It’s not glamorous, it’s not a quick fix, it’s hard work, but in the long run, it does work. I think we’re past running now, we need to hold on, and take some of the steps suggested above. We can’t do everything in a day, everything worthwhile takes time and work.

  36. And a BRILLIANT reply to that article :

    So fucking raise it you c-nt. You just shot down a piece of legislation that would have raised it cleanly: neither side would have won or lost anything other than the confidence it would have given the American people that Congress isn’t so mired in circle jerks and soul trains with each other and corporate America that once in a great fucking while, they actually get something mildly productive done instead of manufacturing crises and playing brinksmanship games as though it’s a form of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Go fuck yourself Captain Orange Glow. Astroturf Frankenstein isn’t smelling like such a grand old unicorn fart anymore now that it’s fucking up the GOP goose-steps, eh Mr. Weeper?

  37. Nicely stated Shelia. Love that last quote from Andre Gide: “Know that joy is rarer, more difficult and more beautiful than sadness. Once you make this all-important discovery, you must embrace joy as an obligation.”

  38. Thanks BWD for the video. Was in Coco Beach today and saw the launch. It was beautiful and I cried with joy for what the space program has been to so many and with sadness that this was the shuttle’s last trip.

    My president has yet to fail me and I by now I have learned not to so quickly give up hope. He is so much brighter than most of us and I leave the governing to him. I trust his basic core values and don’t think he will stray from them.

  39. I wrote a reply earlier that just did not seem to do justice to your incredibly personal and insightful post. I erased it. Suffice to say,you struck a cord with me…maybe others as well.Beautiful job. Thank you for sharing that.

  40. Congratulations on seeing this historic launch in person:) Memory for a lifetime.

  41. Tally,
    I tweeted this and got lots of retweets including Donna Brazile and Bill Burton. (You’d think they would have already thought of it…)

  42. This my show up twice.
    sheila, excellent comment. And I like the concept that we can actually be glad some sites got like they did because that spawned this site and others. I think the key difference between criticism on this site and others is tone. Here we might critique an idea, or a strategy or a tactic. On the thread in question there was a definite difference between those who thought the President should be more forceful, angry, whatever, and those who felt he was doing just right. However, none of those critiques ever question th basic character of the man himself.

    On those othr sites, it is even criticism of ideas, tactics or strategies. It is downright chracter assasination. Big difference between those 2 things.

  43. The GOP governors are killing jobs and that is hurting the economy

    Look at my idiot Gov – refused the 2 billion for the high speed rail and now other states got that money – what a moron!

  44. The second I clicked on it it all came rushing back – I remember that introduction so well – the talk about fear was so powerful to me because I was so opposed to our going to war in Iraq and I remember well how people were afraid to say it because it was somehow “UnAmerican” to oppose that damn war based on a bunch of lies!

  45. Thanks Tally! You’re absolutely right – it’s a must see. Miohele is an amazing speaker – all that with no notes. Love that message about how she was tired of the message from “leaders” about living in fear. It would be good to have POTUS remind people of that time of being told to fear everything. How far we have come with his leadership.

  46. South Sudan becomes the newest independent nation

    South Sudan has become the world’s newest nation, the climax of a process made possible by the 2005 peace deal that ended a long and bloody civil war.

    Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon are among international dignitaries attending celebrations in the capital, Juba.

    Sudan earlier became the first state to officially recognise its new neighbour.

    The south’s independence follows decades of conflict with the north in which some 1.5 million people died.

    Celebrations in Juba began at midnight (2100 GMT). A countdown clock in the city centre reached zero and the new national anthem was played on television.

    South Sudan became the 193rd country recognised by the UN and the 54th UN member state in Africa.

  47. It’s the Ground Game that wins or loses elections. Let’s all find ways to become a working part of that Ground Game: calls made, voters registered, doors knocked, and educated pro-President Obama voters gotten out to the polls at ever higher percentages. To me, it’s pretty simple. The rest is just noise. We will win by getting out more voters than the other guys.

  48. Hope the firebaggers read this and came to their senses.

    This is freaking hilarious

    he aspires to be a member of a cliquish, insider set with the moral flexibility to align themselves with anyone in power.

    This coming from a nut who openly aligned with that pig, grover norquist.

  49. AAAAHHHHHH!!!! That’s it!!!! 4 years later and we still talk about fear! I LOVE her!!! Thanks Tally….post this everywhere…we need to be reminded.


    It is “always” darkest before the dawn.

    [JUDGES 7:15] “Get up! For the Lord is going to use you to conquer all the (VAST) armies of Midian!” [JUDGES 7:7] “I’ll conquer the Midianites with these [THREE HUNDRED]!” the Lord told [GIDEON]. [THE LIVING BIBLE PARAPHRASED]

    [PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA] will be re-elected president in ‘2012

  51. via twitter (h/t sherijr), great breaking news

    Arizona Voters to SB 1070 Architect: Papers, Please: Senate President Pearce Has Been Recalled


    According to Bennett’s statement, Pearce has two options: Resign from office within five business days, or become a candidate in the recall election. Either way, Pearce becomes the first state senate president in recent memory to be recalled in the nation.

  52. Thanks LL, this was a really helpful article. I hope we can work together at this blog to support each other in organizing within our community. A story we need to read often.

  53. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One jackass almost down, so many more to go! If he is recalled, it will be the first time in AZ history that the Senate President has ever been recalled. Could not happen to a more deserving guy.He actually runs this state, not Brewer. Hoping with fingers crossed that if he goes, that she will calm down her rhetoric and awful judgement…he has pushed hard for this extreme agenda. Brewer is an absolute idiot, but she is pushed farther and farther to the right by the likes of this evil man.I’m going to check out Alternet’s story now….they had many more signatures than they needed for this recall….I’m so proud of all the hard work those folks did in his district. Congrats to all of them. Job well done!

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