Friday Open Mishmash

Hi guys,

PBO will comment on the quite horrible job report at 10:30 ET. I wish I could tell everyone to stay optimistic, but most of you know how worried I’ve been about the unemployment status for a long time now – So I can’t really ask anyone to be what I can’t be myself. Yet, let’s try to hang in there. Thanks.


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  1. I rather suspect the horrible numbers are due to the major lay-offs in state and local government. Just part of the Republican strategy to destroy the country so they can return to power.

  2. Yes, the jobs report IS a result of government (state, city, federal) layoffs because of budget woes. The private sector actually gained quite a few jobs. But it will be spun negatively by those who hope to blame the administration rather than their own actions.

  3. 18,000 jobs is just a horrible number, It’s impossible to spin it otherwise. people don’t care for private/public sectors, and rightly so.

  4. woo hoo Flawless POTUS Obama bout to speak in 30 miniutes. GOP fighting hard for their rich friends while screwing the economy in hopes of potus fail thus we the people suffer……well THAT AINT GONNA HAPPEN. *goes to donate to potus reelection*

  5. It’s 57,000 new private sector jobs and a loss of 39,000 public sector jobs, bringing the net increase in jobs down to 18,000. Over time, these numbers are likely to get worse because many of the job cuts in government employment have not yet been implemented . .

  6. These are just terrible numbers. The President should acknowledge that they are. He should also get out there and tell the public that cutting spending in this type of fragile recovery is counterproductive. After all, the Republicans are using these job numbers to justify their unwillingness to increase tax revenue. If the Dems, don’t push back on spending cuts then the economy will get even worse. Those are unfortunately the facts. The “debt deal” should not go into effect until the job crisis ends. The president should advocate strongly for that.

  7. Good Morning, Everyone. Agreed, limpidus. Theestimated cost of the partial gov shutdown here in MN is $60 million for 2 weeks- 8 days in now. Folks here are blaming the GOP. Gov. Dayton’s not backing down from their extremist social issues demands.

  8. And congratulations to my 18,000 fellow Americans who got jobs last month despite the GOP fighting against them.

  9. Let’s all join hands and stay positive. More important than ever that we stick together.


    July 08, 2011

    Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Department of Labor reported that the economy added 18,000 jobs in June and unemployment rose to 9.2 percent. With 57,000 jobs added by private businesses, this marks the 16th consecutive month of private sector job growth:

    “Today’s jobs report makes it clear: more must be done to create jobs and strengthen our middle class. Republicans must join Democrats to focus squarely on Americans’ top priority – putting people back to work.

    “In the six months since Republicans have been in charge of the House, they have failed to bring a single jobs bill to the floor or offer a clear jobs plan. Democrats have forced ten votes on job-creation measures in this Congress – and Republicans have voted ‘no’ each time.

    “Democrats know that creating jobs must be job number one for this Congress, yet Republicans continue to push their plan to end Medicare in order to give billions in tax breaks to Big Oil and corporations that ship American jobs overseas. And now, they are putting our entire economy at risk – by threatening to let our nation default for the first time, injecting uncertainty into the economy, and demanding we balance our budget on the backs of seniors and the middle class.

    “We are ready to work together on a balanced, bipartisan approach to bring down our debt, while creating jobs, strengthening the middle class, and growing our economy.”

  11. Since when do we let poor jobs numbers destroy us? We all knew that this fight was going to be a long fight with knock downs and body blows. And when President Obama speaks in a couple of hours our faith will be renewed. If we claim to be “all in” well then we should act like it.

  12. Epic Nancy remains epic. meanwhile…. #GOP112congressfails #speakerboehnerfail #wherearethejobsbills

  13. Good Morning BWD family

    from yahoo
    “Businesses added just 57,000 jobs last month— the fewest in more than a year. Governments cut 39,000 jobs. Over the past eight months, federal, state and local governments have cut a combined 238,000 positions.”

    Regardless of the reasons for the low number, we need to remain strong in our message.

    Since the Republican took over the House hiring has stalled.

    No Jobs bill from the Republicans

    Cutting does not spur job growth

    Feel free to add more sound bytes

    The other thing we need to do is try and encourage consumer confidence.

    We need to be upbeat and encouraging when talking to folks in person or online.

    The president has put us on the right course, we just need to hang in there.

    If you can afford to buy locally, do so.

    put money in a credit union instead of a large bank,

    if you have been thinking of making a major purchase (like a car, a remodel, etc) do it now

    ways we can apply pressure to help

    Continue to put pressure on banks to make loan modifications

    Continue to put pressure on companies to manufacture in America

    Continue to pressure Congress to pass bills that will help the economy improve

    The President and his staff will be working around the clock on this, we need to support them and stay positive.

  14. NASA channel has last space shuttle launch. Just take a break from the media, ignore it.

  15. Japan and Greece really effected our economy. Also, all this talk about default has effected the economy. The GOP has a plan and are executing it, the presidents plan is
    long view.
    Me thinks he needs to start thinking in the short term!

  16. I like that Nancy Pelosi pointed out that the Republicans have not introduced ONE jobs bill in six months.

    All by design, Americans suffering is the Republicans’ hoped route to political victory (h/t thinkprogress):

    Bachmann: ‘I Hope’ Higher Unemployment Will Help My Campaign

    Appearing on CNBC this morning, presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) was asked about this morning’s dismal jobs report and whether higher unemployment rates might help her chances of winning in 2012. “Does it strike you that as the unemployment rate goes up, your chances of winning office also go up?” host Carl Quintanilla asked. “Well, that could be. Again, I hope so,” Bachmann replied.

    Throw roadblocks in the way of the recovery, blame Dems, and then return to power to double down on the tried and failed system of low taxation, low spending, continuing to concentrate wealth into the hands of the few, and removing services from the young, poor, elderly, and working classes. I’m hoping and praying that there is a renewed sense of vigor and purpose amongst elected Dems to get on the same page, stop listening to fauxgressives and purity spoilers, and articulate a clear and compelling narrative to the American people about what the GOP has done. President Obama said to not give them the keys, Americans gave them the keys and they are driving this country right back into a ditch! All of the squabbling courtesy of the PL is distracting elected Dems and will ultimately defeat them as well. This is a wake up call for elected Dems as well as the national media, and I hope that it’s heeded.

  17. Wow! I watched the first space shuttle in a classroom in high school. I was a senior and was just amazed at this vehicle.
    Now, the last one. Kind of sad!

  18. I absolutely NEVER say what the president should or shouldn’t do. But IF I were he, I would read every single state where public sector jobs have been cut by Republican Governors and Republican legislatures and at the same time detail which of these states have PROVIDED tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. I know the President won’t do this but I sure wish a Democrat with national recognition would get on every TV show possible and give this information to the public.

  19. I’m just not going to let myself get sucked into the jobs report. We have to focus on helping people understand that the Republicans have done nothing to improve the job market in this country and that they are actively trying to destroy the economy. We keep repeating it and people will hear it.

    On a positive note…moderate Republicans are not just unenthusiastic about their Party’s choices for President, they’re downright sick of the Party itself and are changing their affiliation in numbers not yet reported. Talk to your friends who are moderate Republicans or your friends who know moderate Republicans about their feelings regarding this crop of contenders. I spoke with a volunteer this week who knows several and they are ALL disgusted with their Party right now. We need to encourage that defection and help them learn how the President wants to improve things. They are listening right now. Take advantage of that.

  20. No matter what, ALWAYSl!

    Just received this email from PBHO, others probably received it, too: 😉

    From: The White House – Presidential Correspondence
    Subject: Thank You for Your Message

    Dear Friend:

    Thank you for your kind note. Your thoughtful words join a chorus of millions of Americans who are eager to lead our Nation towards a brighter tomorrow.

    Each day, I am inspired by the encouraging messages of hope and determination I have received from people across the country. With the magnitude of challenges we face, we will only overcome them if our imagination is joined to common purpose.

    The future we leave to our children and grandchildren will be determined by our willingness to shoulder each other’s burdens, take great risks, and move forward as one people and one Nation. With your help, we will build on what we have already achieved and lay a new foundation for real and lasting progress.


    Barack Obama

    You know what WE need to send our Prez some love…

    I did! 😉

    Call & leave a message, here:

    PBHO’s “Hotline” – 202-456-1111


    Go here & leave a message:

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  21. I don’t care if I never work again, I’d NEVER vote republican. I hope those out of work are listening that the gop will not lift a finger for jobs until every american is unemployed and after the elections to see how many more republicans can get elected.

  22. We have nothing to lose by remaining optimistic and idealistic. Optimism and idealism fill one with positive energy that can be used far more effectively in the service of whatever we can do to bring about a culture of universal brotherhood. Worrying about what has not yet happened does nothing to further progress, as it sets up false reactions of fear that close out clear thinking. Moods bounce from one person to another; optimism spreads. Tracking ephemeral data is not helpful (though I know it’s impossible to avoid in today’s inundation of data). The friends and family I know who track their stocks (I don’t have any stocks, so it’s not relevant to me) daily online are in a constant state of agitation. When the uncertainty over raising the debt ceiling is resolved, perhaps the jobs report will be far better, though I believe we have far to go before we achieve a just and equitable society. Voting out the loonies in Congress is imperative, but even more so is changing the mindset of the country, even if it is only one person at a time, and a positive attitude is likely to attract far more people than a negative one.


  24. The GOP will do whatever it takes to sabotage the economy, this has been their agenda from the start. BWD do dot worried there is nothing anybody can do at this time, please let’s stay optimistic for things to get better We do trust Obama.
    In other news I’am hoping Murdoch goes down to the toilet with his corrupt Media.

  25. I hear you Ametia, I am one of those that are unemployeed because the gop won’t increase taxes on the very very wealthy to close a budget gap. These people are crazy to believe that cutting the poor and education is the solution to all government budget solutions.

  26. OOOPS I mean 2012!! Also I want to add that if the public doesn’t realize that unemployment has risen due to state and local jobs being eliminated then it is Democratic public officials job to let us know. Local Dems in every state and local municipality needs to come out and let the public know the truth. Democrats need to be on one page with a central message that the Rethugs far and wide are doing their best to sabotage the economy. Why PBO is allowing himself to fall in this trap I don’t know. I’m sure the entire administration know exactly what the Rethugs are doing. WOW!! Most of us supporters know what is going on and everyone seems to be just watching the Teapublicans get there way. AMAZINGLY FRUSTRATING!!

  27. This is why I try to stay away from twitter; so addicting, lol!

    Great tweet:
    So today’s headline news is, GOP State Governors slicing & dicing state workers jobs, but the President is to blame?”

    Things that make you go, hmm.

  28. I agree. Time to take the gloves off. The President has danced around the edges of accusing the Republicans of sabotage, holding the economy and middle class hsotage, etc. I know he wants civility, but we are dealing with a group of people who don’t give a damn, are ready to drive us not into a ditch but over a cliff just for their own ego and power trips. Civility should be given to those who deserve it. Quite honestly, the current Republican Party no longer deserves to be treated with civility.

  29. From the OFA blog

    Austin Goolsbee just listed the five things that Congress can do to help the private sector create more jobs.
    1. Continue the payroll tax cuts for the workers.
    2. Pass the trade agreements design to create jobs.
    3. Create an infrastructure bank to put construction workers back to work.
    4. Pass the bill to streamline the process for entrepernuers to get their patents approved. 5. Pass a bi-partisan deficit/debt reduction plan.

    Contact your elected officials and tell them you want them to do these things.

  30. It is not good news,But it is always darkest before the dawn. The people do who have jobs now are spending and buying, auto makers are showing profits gas is some what lower, I think there is an underground of confidence not evident in the news (Why report good news ,It might help BO,) that the economy is getting better,It may not seem that way to people who have lost jobs. but overall we are going in the right direction,plus BO made out like a bandit with donations so people do have a little extra to spend. what do you think?

  31. In addition I love Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to tell the truth…..will the completely BIASED media get her message out? I have a feeling that she is the point person for telling America the truth while PBO still negotiates the debt deal, which should not include any cuts in spending, but again the Fascist are executing their plan to perfection. All I can say is WOW with cautious opitimism. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!

  32. Agreed, it’s not like there weren’t going to be any bumps along the road to recovery. I’m not sure about the BLS’s rubric, but this is the second time that I know of that ADS has come out with positive job predictions, only to have them crash and burn the day of the BLS’s findings. Something doesn’t seem to add up. Maybe ADS doesn’t take into account the seasonal revisions the BLS is so fond of. Today’s jobs news sucks, but I’m keeping an optimistic outlook. From what I’ve read elsewhere, increased hiring should improve over the latter months of the year.

  33. The major problem is those Republican Governors who cut state workers. We have to keep that in the public eye at all times. The greed party is the main reason for the high numbers and their attack on state workers. Just keep up the fight we will win the war. 486 days to keep the Best President in office who has the country and its people at heart not his reelection.To lead us to a WINNING FUTURE YES WE CAN!

  34. What you said. Time for PO to really be the ‘angry black man.’ I truly believe the people would say, “Finally”! HE MUST LET THAT MIME GO AND GET ANGRY AND AGGRESSIVE AND BE TOTALLY UPFRONT AND HONEST WITH THE COUNTRY.

  35. It’s not a good report, and there’s no use pretending that it is. Unfortunately, the entire country is paying for essentially grinding Congress to a halt by electing a bunch of people that don’t want to do anything but push their own ideology, to hell with everyone else.

    But this should be used to put even more pressure on Republicans to actually do something other than pass bills taking away people’s rights and more tax cuts for their rich friends.

  36. Obama needs to say something useful at this presser. I am not one to tell Obama what to do. But we can’t have more platitudes and begging of CEOs to hire people. Obama needs a real jobs plan. I’d like to see him do a nighttime address and talk about the NEW work his administration is going to do without Congress to help jobs. Treasury can loan out money as part of an infrastructure bank. The Fed can do some stuff. At this point, Obama can’t keep talking about stuff he did in 2009 to help jobs. He needs NEW ideas or he will lose his re-election.

  37. Please don’t give up the ghost based upon this single jobs report. Look at it critically. The job losses are public employees at the state and local level in GOP governed states. The republicans want to destroy our economy to win the White House. Michelle Bachmann confirms this. We need to push back, not give up. Like Rep. Pelosi keep messaging – the GOP is trying to destroy the US economy. Not a single jobs bill passed in 6 months! This is unacceptable! While the media will try to place the blame on POTUS we need to put it where it belongs — on the Republicans who want to destroy the economy.

  38. No they aren’t. Private jobs only added 57,000 jobs. That is horrendous. The Obama plan to beg CEOs to hire clearly isn’t working. We can’t blame the Republicans for this. Obama has needed a new plan for 3 months now and doesn’t seem interested in doing anything. It’s pretty frustrating to watch him give the same stump speech as a year or two ago with no new ideas or plans.

  39. However, while Nancy pelosi is cool and all, her caucus is all over the map with their messaging.

    Just horrible messaging. One guy blames the president for afhanistan, the next wants to impeach him fir Libya, the next says he does not care about jobs, etc… Every dem for himself philosophy!

    Now, either this is by design or Nancy has no control! Just saying!

  40. 57,000 private sector jobs is not good news. We need the private sector to add at minimum 200K jobs monthly to climb out of this mess.

    There is no need to spin these numbers. They are horrible.

    I am all for positive thinking but we can’t be delusional.

  41. He fell into the “deficit” trap and I don’t know what his advisers were/are thinking. Chasing the “Independents” won’t work if the Independents are unemployed.

  42. No the republicans have stopped the fed from doing it’s job. Barnacle is scared to do anything else!

  43. I agree 100%. It is political suicide for the Dems to cut spending with this job environment.

  44. This is when I disengaged from politics. I mean just because the econonmy added 18,000 jobs people on here going to give up. I mean talking about PBO need to do this and that. The economy slowed down around the same time last year and it bounce back. It will bouce back once the auto plant open back up and the debt is settle. sound like deafetism to me. I am unemploy and I will not give up but if I want to remain sane I got to disgaged from this blog and politics all together. I hope this blog remains postive.

  45. Yes, Sandy we all know this. We have to get the message out to the average American voter. Your precious Rethugs are intentionally destroying the economy. The Democrats in Congress are doing nothing to carry a central message other than Nancy Pelosi. FRUSTRATING to say the least. Does PBO need to upgrade his Financial Advisors? He always been so accurate with his admin hires, but something needs to get done to calm the American Public’s nerves.

  46. Man, those are weakass items. Seriously, none of those items will seriously dent the unemployment # and a deficit plan will actually increase unemployment.

    It’s like the Obama team has just given up completely.

  47. Thanks desraye. You are what this campaign needs. I am not going anywhere. LETS DO THIS!! 🙂

  48. I have not work in all most 3 years, I live off my saving but that is now gone. I will stand by Obama no matter what, but i am fighting back fear of him not winning next year. Because of the media noise and jobs number. So I just Pray to keep the worry and fear back.

    My daily prayer

    Father God, May Your Holy Light shine upon Barack Obama,
    May Your Holy Light surround him and may he and his family be protected.

    May his words carry strength, and inspiration and hope,
    May he be used by You, Father God, to help heal our Nation.

    May his enemies be confounded, their hatred turned back on them, and their wicked schemes be defeated permanently. 

    May You, Lord Jesus, forgive this country its transgressions as we attempt to begin to change our path from wrong thinking and violence, to justice and peace.

    May the Holy Spirit protect Barack Obama from all harm and guide him to victory for the sake of this nation’s and of the world. And So We Pray, In Jesus Name, Amen.  

  49. I most certainly can blame Republicans for doing zero to pass jobs bills in Congress, and for laying off state and local workers. Since when does the GOP get a pass, as if their obstruction doesn’t exist? What precisely is President Obama supposed to do with a political party which sees its political fortunes rise as the employment rate in the country falls? I disagree with this comment.

  50. That’s not an acceptable excuse period. It can’t be just blame the Republicans and do nothing. The Dems control the WH and the Senate. We have to take responsibility as well.

  51. Ivee the word must get out. The Teapublican Governors are fast at work. Not to mention the voter registration supressive laws being passed. We all know this but we must gain power to STOP IT!!!!

  52. Thanks Dun my prayers are with yours. PBO has to come out swinging. He has a FANTASTIC long range plan for our nation, but we need to stop this employment bleeding that the Rethug Governors are executing.

  53. POTUS, again is saying their are job-ready bills for congress to pass RIGHT NOW!

    WTF?! Why aren’t they doing their job to BRING JOBS?

  54. Seriously, this Obama presser is just an embarrassment. This report is disastrous and he is doing the same useless talking point speech he’s done for 2 years. I have just about given up on Obama.

    Streamlining the patent process. Yeah, that is a real job generator.

    Reigning in the deficit by cutting spending will raise unemployment.

    For the first time, I am truly baffled by Obama’s lame ass response to the jobs CRISIS. It is a CRISIS and he is doing nothing.

    He seems incapable of even trying to do something about unemployment.

    I am going to have to tune out politics for a while. I am seriously beyond pissed at Obama. It truly seems like he doesn’t care about fixing the economy. Not one new initiative in 2 years as the economy gets weaker and weaker.

  55. You did a MUCH better job with this than I did! 🙂 Thanks for posting the whole disgusting woman’s rant.

  56. That’s just not true. Those 3 big trade deals will generate jobs; infrastructure spending will generate jobs; he’s the president. HE CANT MAKE LAW! It’s Congress that is stopping everything. Why don’t you put the blame where it belongs GOP obstruction. They hate President Obama so much they are willing to destroy this country. You are like all the other PL: Blame Obama. You should be fighting the GOP!

  57. Great politics, great policy. Pitch perfect, Nancy.

    That’s how it’s done. Every Democrat should be saying exactly this right now.

    All I’d add is a dose of ‘record profits — is that enough ‘certainty’ for them to create jobs?

  58. Good morning all. Why yo all fall into the doom and gloom, i will keep fighting and . When it all boils down to it, its the people fault. progressive sat on their ass and listen to the populous rant of the Pl don’t vote to show this president something and they kicked their own self in the ass. for almost a full year President Obama begged not to give the keys back that we will back in the ditch. Where are we? In the ditch, blaming and gloom on what he should do when we did nothing but cause further declines. thats the truthful meme that needs to be told. American must take responsibility for what is happening. The tea party took the stage with this debt meme and went against him so President Obama moving to it is what the american ppl wanted and ask for, now they see through all of this on one and including progressives even mention the fact that the tea party candidates are responsible for this decline. some fell for their meme and ushered in the most radical right wing agenda in in decades, why because they listened to the doom and gloom about this black president and the left, listened to the mess from the pl over a dam public option and said they would show him, all along he has been trying to reveal to the ppl who these people really are on the left and the right. Now everyone is doom and glooming . Well keep your dam gloom! I am still fighting and will continue and now i must remind the american people all over the internet how we gave the keys back and fell for the fear of the black man from the tea party.

  59. The GOP’s not really pretending:
    1. Throw a wrench in the recovery on the federal, state, and local levels
    2. Blame Dems
    3. Defeat Dems and double down on failed policies

    It’s there, out in the open, like, not even hidden, yet and still there’s this insistence that President Obama is responsible for this situation. I don’t know what more to say other than I hope that elected Dems follow Pelosi’s lead and not that of the lefty media and blogs. The GOP should not be getting a pass for this, with the fire instead launched at President Obama for supposedly being “weak” or out of ideas, etc.

  60. Amen. I’m fighting too. I post on Twitter like crazy and I hope it makes a difference. I thought this would happen, too, if Dems did not get out and vote, but NEVER imagined how selfish and unpatriotic the GOP and Teapartiers turned out to be. They are INSANE. It’s always darkest before dawn, so I’m going to keep on doing my little bit; donating when I can, and passing on FACTS about what’s going on. That’s what I’m going to do.

  61. Why don’t you put the blame where it belongs GOP obstruction.

    Easier to blame President Obama, especially when worn down by the PL who attack him without cease. Even earnest commenters get battered down by it and start to join the pile-on. I was just wishing to not have that stuff imported here.

  62. I should be based in reality. The infrastructure bank he’s been pushing is pathetic. It isn’t even a billion dollars. It won’t dent the unemployment problem. The trade deals and the patent deals will do very little to add jobs either.

    He needs to be bold and he can act without Congress. Tell Treasury to use TARP funds to boost the economy.

    There’s a difference between a PLer who criticizes him on everything 100% of the time and a supporter who is frustrated with him on one issue. He’s failing here. We do him no favors by ignoring reality and pretending everything is fine. It is not fine and it is getting worse.

  63. I refuse to be a defeatist. I refuse to disengage on a tough day. I’m in it to win it. We’re not privvy to what all is being talked about behind closed doors. Yes the President is in a tough spot. That’s why Congressional Dems should be helping him out until the debt ceiling is raised. We all should be calling Congress RIGHT NOW and often. I refuse to be powerless and walk away. That’s what some in the top 1% have designed, and after reading some of these comments, they have succeeded. I refuse to give up or look to one man to solve all my problems—change comes from the bottom up! Call your reps in Congress whether Repub. or Dem. Trust me, they don’t like to have their phones ringing b/c it scares them into action. Be proactive even on the tough days.

  64. Let’s not become like the hysterics flapping in the wind of transient detail. It takes effort to see a larger picture, but all of our faculties are enhanced if we attempt to do so.

  65. I do think he can and will declare a national emergency, put FEMA in charge, circumvent congress and thus there will be no election for ten years.
    Oh yeah, this was not his executive order that made this law available!

    That is plan b. Especially if they default, you watch!

  66. Hello,

    I normally read your posts daily and never reply, but this is a comment for those who are frustrated and publically stating that they will not vote for President Obama because of today’s job report, due to frustration.

    Please note that in 2010, many people did not vote (Democrats and Independents) because things were not moving fast enough. This led to the swearing in of the current Republicans and Tea Party Conservatives we have. They have one mission, remove President Obama! They are grinding the political process to a stall and they have slashed and burned jobs on a state by state level. Moreover, they are so afraid of the changing demographics that they are simultaneously passing voter suppression laws (reminiscent of Jim Crow Laws) to limit the individuals who support President Obama (youth, minorities and females) from voting. Finally the current conservatives have purchased the Supreme Court; the place where the President has the power to place the Supreme Justices for Life. And with all of the things they are doing to DESTROY America, and the American Dream, you want to withdraw support from the one person (President Obama) fighting to help us?

    Please note that when individuals did not vote, in 2010 to teach President Obama a lesson, the results are exactly what is happening. The Republicans do not care if the entire country burns to the ground, as long as they are in power, and the little people believe that there is no need for President Obama. This is not strategic thinking on our part. I am a scientist and rational thinking is not being used today because you are in fear.

    This war with the Republicans is a campaign that must be waged consistently and daily. Yes, battles will be lost, but the war will be won. Our ability to live in this country as free thinking and working individuals depends upon it.

  67. Thank you Snoopy — I’ll use it immediately. I’ve sent good wishes before, but I’m sure it was to the wrong place. Or to a place that wouldn’t do the most good.

    The president needs all the love he can get from people who appreciate all he’s accomplished.

  68. We are only defeated when we claim. Now dammit lets get on our message and take control of our country. with the truth. we are a bunch of well informed indiviuals here and we got skills, so let take the fight to them. organize dammit and fight.

  69. Agreed GN. The GOP is as much to blame as anybody, if not more. They don’t get a free pass. Yes, we can criticize Obama on not emphasizing the urgency and immediacy of a much needed jobs bill, but the GOP has been blocking any legislation he and Democrats propose from day one. The GOP is out to see Obama and Democrats fail and will not cooperate on any meaningful legislation. They should bear the brunt of criticism, as it takes Congress to pass laws.

  70. That’s the 2nd time you’ve posted just nasty comments to me. So, I guess unless I agree with you 100%, it is ok for you to insult me. Lovely.

    I am not joining the pile-on. I am stating my criticism and anger at Obama for not having any new ideas on the job front in 2 years. It’s starting to worry me that he doesn’t adjust to the economy continually getting worse.

  71. Michele bachman was asked on the today show: does the economy getting worse help you get elected?
    Answer: oh god I hope so.

    Ahhhhaaa. That should be a dnc ad. Btw: where the he’ll is Debbie wasserman Shultz?

  72. I want everyone to read askew’s comment where an Obama supporter puts all the blame on Obama and then answer BWD’s question as to why Obama hasn’t pinned the lack of jobs on Republicans. How can we expect the American people to understand what he has to deal with when members of his own party are also pointing the finger at him?

    No demands can be made of Obama unless we look at the Congress he has to do deal with. I read somewhere that we need to be producing at least 150,000-200,000 a month for the economy/unemployment to get better. There is no amount of rhetoric (left or right) that can produce those numbers. A plan to produce those numbers won’t get pass the House and would be filibustered in the Senate. And there is nothing the president can do alone by executive order that will produce those numbers. He needs cooperation from Congress and I see no signs of that happening.

    Obama deals with the cards that he has been dealt. A lot of people still cry foul over the tax deal but don’t talk about the stimulus that was in that package. He saw an opportunity to make a deal and he did. It might be the case with the debt ceiling vote. And for all the people saying that Obama has adopted the deficit talk do you not notice that revenues were added to the conversation? At first it was all about cuts cuts cuts and now its cuts and revenues. The conversation didn’t move their by itself.

  73. Well, she’s right. A few more months like this and Obama isn’t going to get re-elected. We can’t just bury our heads in the sand.

  74. I can understand askew’s frustration. I think what is missing in a lot of people’s perceptions of the president right now is a sense of fire, urgency, willingness to fight for the American people./ I am not saying it isn’t there inside Presidnet Obama, because I think it is. But the people of this country react to images, and, whether we like it or not, the image a lot of people are getting is of weakness. I don’t think he is, and I do think he operates at a different level than 99% of us, but reality is that I don’t think he is striking a visceral chord with people right now.

    At this point, I really don’t care if he goes into a mode where he is considered “the angry, black man”. I think the majority of the country would welcome that from him and support him.

    A press conference, seen by less than 1% of Americans isn’t going to matter. He needs to go for a larger audience. It helps when he is out on the road, but sometimes he spends so much time on what we can do, he forgets about talking about why we haven’t or aren’t doing some of those things that will matter.

    I really would like him to talk a little history. ABout how the policies FDR put in place were working in an economic condition worse than ours, until FDR gave in to demands for reducing the deficit and reducing government spending in 1937 when the depression had a major recessionary dip becuase of those policies.

    And he really needs to invoke the name of Reagan and how the current Republicans wouldn’t even allow him to be part of their party anymore, since he was willing to raise taxes when the debt was getting out of hand.

    So, yes, I still support him, and I think I udnerstand what drives him to react the way he does, but at this point in time, when we are teetering on the edge, the American people want more than words, they want a “fire in the belly” moment from the man.

  75. Treasury can’t use TARP funds to bolster the economy. TARP lending authority ended in October 2010 by law. Now I agree his messaging needs to be a lot stronger but putting forth solutions that aren’t legal is not the solution.

  76. Or in other words, President Obama can singlehandedly negate the effects of the 2010 elections yet we’re the ones who are ignoring reality? Who here is pretending that everything’s fine? The point of contention seems, to me, to be who is to blame (in my eyes, GOP obstruction is the clear culprit) and what can be done about it.

  77. Please excuse me for repeating myself:

    Simply, everyone of us, and every Democratic Party Leader and Candidate must be certain that “the official Republican plan is to destroy Medicare” are 8 words every American hears 1000s of times between now and Nov 2012.

    Beyond that the simple mantra is a gift given to every Democratic candidate, to wit:

    The Republicans promised jobs in 2010:

    – instead they insisted on tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations

    – instead they attacked collective bargaining

    – instead they attacked education

    – instead they attacked unemployment insurance

    – instead they attacked women and girls

    – instead they brought the Nation to the brink of default on its debt

    – instead they tried to KILL DADT

    – instead they voted for GLOBAL WAR


    Republican jobs created – ZERO

    Republican destruction of jobs – Large and accelerating

    Republican pursuit of the destruction of America if that’s what it takes to defeat President Obama in 2012 – so obvious even some pundits and politicians have noticed what we have all known since Jan 2009.

    Don’t muddle; don’t confuse – take full advantage of the blatantly obvious Republican attacks on the middle class, on Medicare, on Medicaid, on Social Security and the very solvency of the United States of America and make change happen, Americans.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  78. If only he was more like George w bush and scared peoples wits out of them. Those 8 great years ruined our country and we may never recover.
    Up next dusting off executive order 12119-national emergency law!

  79. Yep, his advisers are horrendous. But, he is smart enough to know that you can’t just keep repeating the same lines for 2 years and make no new proposals to help jobs and expect the economy to get better.

    He has the power of the treasury. Why can’t he use TARP money for an infrastructure bank? Or come up with even 1 idea that doesn’t require Congress or begging CEOs to do the right thing.

    It seems like he has given up.

  80. Where’s the “insult”? And what “nasty comments” have I posted to you twice? I don’t agree with your comments, I do think that the PL’s running narrative of “POTUS sucks!” pulls people into that pile-on who are otherwise earnest, and I did hope to not see that stuff here so much. Not sure how that’s insulting.

  81. Wow, way to twist what I said and attack me. I didn’t put all the blame on Obama but I did say that our only answer can’t be “Republicans suck”. We have to have an answer of our own. Why can’t Obama propose a massive jobs program? Why can’t Obama come up with 1 new idea in 2 years to help the economy? At some point, the Dems have to own some of this mess.

  82. Huh? if the debt ceiling is not raised then you will the jobs crisis go right back to the last several months of Bush’s term. Look at MN and ask if the GOP wouldn’t tank the economy for political gain.

    And Dems have pushed back on cuts because they have demanded revenues be included in this deal.

  83. Opps arn’t you on the wrong blog? You need to go somewhere where people will agree with you on how bad BO is doing his job.

  84. One more thing: if a republican governor cuts a state Job it has a trickle down effect for private jobs as they spend less(2/3rds pay for unemployment benefits).
    Thus, they know what they are doing? They have better advisers than we do.

  85. I don’t think too many here think things are “fine”. But the reality is that ultimately, the private sector has to be the one to start hiring on a large-scale basis. It took World War II to get he economy to fully recover despite all that FDR did while in office the last time it was this bad. My fear, which seems to be panning out, was always that there never were really as many jobs as indicated during the Bush years. There’s no bubble to employ lots of people all at once, which is what happened with the and housing bubbles. Employers just don’t need as many employees, primarily due to technological advances that eliminated thousands of jobs, and I think that had an even bigger impact than outsourcing. States have also been sending out work for their industries for years, and are now reaping what they sowed in that there aren’t as many local industries that would have hired in decades past.

    I’m not blind, if the rest of the year is like this then all of us are sunk. I can either give in to that frustration or keep fighting. That’s what I think most here are going to do, but it doesn’t mean that we’re ignoring reality, we’re just making sure that we do what we can to inject facts into the current atmosphere.

  86. BWD:

    I posted this comment on the First Read blog and it bears repeating here:

    “Per the AP, the economy added just 18,000 jobs in June, while the unemployment rate increased to 9.2%. The numbers are a devastating blow to the markets, to the American psyche, and to the political psyche in Washington. “- First Read

    Maybe its just me, but this seems just a bit dramatic. The unemployment rate is not good, but the fact that it is hovering around 9% and that we are still adding jobs, versus losing 750,000 a month is not “devastating”. It is evidence that the GOP needs to make good on their promise to “create jobs” from the midterm and work with President Obama to come up with some REAL ideas to address unemployment, not just keep repeating the “cutting taxes creates jobs” talking point.

  87. You are lumping me in with the PL because I dared to disagree with Obama on 1 thing. And it insults my intelligence to suggest the only reason I disagree with Obama is because I’ve been brain-washed by the PL.

    It’s not just the PL that has noticed Obama’s lack of focus on the jobs issue. He has done nothing on this front since 2009. I don’t think attacking people for pointing that out helps Obama’s re-election chances at all.

  88. I take your points, but this is just not a WH which does a lot of drama. And it just feels as if the media keeps whipping people up over and over again and we keep playing into it. I certainly don’t mean to downplay the challenging economic climate, but it really dismays me to see that once again the GOP is getting away with a massively horrific plan because people are choosing to direct their fire to President Obama. We can agree to disagree!

  89. Well u know what Jovie that state with those governors voted for them. they are responsible for their fate.

  90. From CNN Money yesterday:

    “The job market got two optimistic signs Thursday as private sector employers added 157,000 positions in June and fewer people filed new claims for unemployment benefits, according to two reports.

    Payroll processing company ADP said private jobs grew rapidly in June – a figure that was much higher than expected and more than four times higher than the prior month … Economists were expecting a gain of just 60,000 private sector jobs…

    ….ADP’s chief executive, Gary Butler, said that June’s data “are a significant improvement,” especially given last quarter’s 1.9% GDP growth.

    “Given such strong employment results despite poor GDP, I am optimistic we will see improving job growth in the second half of the year,” Butler said.

    …. In a separate report Thursday, the Labor Department said the number of first-time filers for unemployment insurance fell by 14,000 to 418,000 last week. Economists expected 425,000 initial claims.”

    Was it just a huge typo the 157,000 jobs they say were added fo June ? Why such a big discrepancy?
    Something is wrong somewhere. Do they tally differently?

    Can anyone explian this or find a source who can?

  91. Just so you know, people here are informed and don’t buy into professional left whining and fauxgressive hatred of facts.

    This is not Daily Kos or FDL. Take your uninformed rant and your disappointment over there.

  92. WOW. Would you have liked it better if he came out crying and whining? Screaming? Pounding the podium? He’s the President of the United States. His job is to acknowledge the reality, not push fear, sound somewhat hopeful and resolute, and get the job done as best he can. The man isn’t a dictator or a wizard that can wave a magic wand and make everything all better. 800,000 a month were being lost before he came along with this rescue. No matter how small the GAINS, they ARE GAINS! He can’t decree that Republicans get off their fat lazy asses and get to work for the good of the country, not the party. Their number one job is NOT JOBS, it’s to make this man a one term President. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY! Never have. Look at Michelle Bachmann’s disgusting statement this morning. There is a nice little video snippet for your viewing enjoyment. .It is only about the power and control for them.If you’re not wealthy, you’re a leech on society and they have no use for you. See all the cuts in the safety net? Throw your hands up in the air some more,and see what that gets you! This should make you want to fight HARDER, not shrivel up in a heap and blame someone that’s frankly, working his ASS OFF for the people of this country, and you whine. NO WHINING ALLOWED! It IS a crisis….sounds like you are putting the blame SQUARELY WHERE IT DOESN’T BELONG! Sucked you up right in there, didn’t they! ? If you’re so pissed, may I ask what you’re doing to change the situation? Calling your Reps? Senators? Donating? Working on the campaign? Writing letters to newspapers? What? To say that he seems incapable of doing anything about unemployment is just ridiculous on its face…not to mention the entire world’s situation is reflected in our own troubles…You really must think this one man is Superman….that’s a mistake.Maybe you should step away from politics for awhile till you get a different perspective, because right now, the attitude is stinking up the place.

  93. I told you to look up the national emergency executive order. It is his only play left!

  94. IMO askew’s post was fine. It reflects the reality that even the staunchest supporters can feel frustration with the Administration. And truth be told, if July’s report is like this one then this is just going to grow. We always knew that ultimately the economy was going to be the thing that determined the outcome of 2012, and this part of what has to be expected.

  95. No, you seem to be focused on who to blame. I am focused on getting people back to work and obviously relying on Congress to do anything is not going to work. So, let’s think outside the box. Is there truly nothing the Fed or Treasury can do to get jobs going? Really?

    Let’s have Obama give a barnburner of a nighttime national address about jobs and what we can do now. Instead of mentioning these tiny piecemeal bills. Talk about a huge jobs initiative and ask Americans to pressure Congress to pass it. Give us something to champion behind. Stop talking about speeding up the patent process. That doesn’t inspire anyone. Change up the stump speech up. Do something.

  96. Askew, tell us what Obama can do that will get pass congress? You call these items weak yet they are being held up or rejected by congress. So please, tell us what you think Obama should do that would get pass this congress.

  97. That would be 800,000 JOBS a month being lost before this President enacted this rescue.

  98. He’s “done nothing”? SMH. This is not a criticism, this is just lazy lying. Period.

  99. Askew, the President cannot force the CEO’s to hire, unless he holds them at gun point – which is illegal. It seems you are now using left-wing talking points and instead of focusing on the local and state Republicans who are slashing jobs, or the congressional Republicans who are sitting on jobs bills, you keep arguing about the President.

  100. Wow. Cynicism much? That Patent bill would create many many jobs, that’s why the GOP won’t touch it. The Infrastructure Bank could put hundreds of thousands of construction workers on jobs. Again GOP FAIL.

  101. I’ll say one last thing and I am done here for sometime. It’s really too bad that this site has become yet another site where you get personally attacked and smeared if you don’t march in lockstep with posters here. I’ve been a tireless advocate for Obama since 2007 on the blogs, volunteered for OFA and the one time I dare to criticize Obama, I get called all sort of vile names and told to leave the site. This place sure seems like the mirror image of DailyKos at this point.

  102. We don’t need one person to do it, we need every Dem to do it. And will the media listen? maybe now they will. their ears seem to perk up when things go bad for Obama and members of his own party turn against him.

  103. It is happening again folks. A complicit and EVIL mainstream media in cahoots with Corporate America, Wall St. and the GOP to cover up the crimes of the Rethugs. Last time a mass coverup like this happened was in 2001 thru 2003 with the orchrestrated Iraqi invasion. Today’s difference we have a Democrat in the Whitehouse, but the GOP are getting the same results. It is UP TO US and the DEM party to not allow America to sleep on the GOP’s latest CRIME….intentional sabotage of the ECONOMY for their personal POWER GRAB!! WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  104. He did that in his first part of the last press conference. He talks about these things all. the. time. Until congress gets off its ass, you will continue to see those numbers.

  105. The reality is that there is not much Obama can do to bolster jobs without Congressional funding authority. Even the infrastructure bank (which is a great idea) can’t be funded without Congress. That said his messaging needs to be a lot stronger in this area. He needs to be all jobs all the time right now. The starting point of the debt ceiling negotiations should be what can we include in it to bolster jobs not what can we do to bring down the deficit. Every presser he gives needs to have an overarching theme of job creation. There is not a chance in Hades that a WPA style program will get through Congress but it would be good politics to push for one anyway and make the Republicans obtstructionists be the ones to deny US workers that.

    It all comes down to messaging, messaging, messaging right now since he is hamstrung by Congress and his messaging needs to drastically improve. As much as I am not a Bill Clinton fan his 1992 campaign is a good template for this. As the quote goes – it is the economy.

  106. NO askew BWD is no where near like DKos. We have always been positive and upbeat here. I understand you frustrations, but having a defeatest attidude will not bring jobs to America or get PBO re-elected.

  107. Sheila: Thank you for your positive words. I don’t believe that any of us has a reason to be depressed or fearful about today’s job reports. It is still positive job growth. We all must remain optomistic and have faith in our President, with the clear understanding that he can’t create jobs alone. He needs the help of the Republicans, which he is not getting, and the private sector, which is feeling skiddish about the resolution of the debt celiling and deficit issues. Frankly, my faith in the President is never shaken nor should the faith of anyone who believes and supports this President.

  108. I’ outta here too. Talk about adopting Republican rhetoric. I’m off to go blame Republicans because getting myself caught up in a circular firing squad is not going to help with “messaging.”

  109. I don’t have anything against you, but I think that you’re wrong on several facts (“he’s done nothing…since 2009”–patently false, not even touching this insistence that I’m accusing you of being brainwashed or making nasty comments). Have a nice day, maybe we’ll dialogue in a more harmonious fashion another time.

  110. being lumped in with the PL? maybe you notice that you sound exactly like them? we know these talking points and we’ve seen them since he took office.

  111. askew, it’s not just gn who disagrees with you.

    I also believe that you are using PL talking points, and in NONE of your comments so far today, have you fairly and justly attacked the Republican local and state governments for deliberately slashing unions worker jobs, or refusing funds for job-creating rail and construction projects. Not once today, have I read a commment from you demanding that speaker Boehner be held accountable for making good on his promise of jobs, jobs, jobs when the Repubs got elected to control the House in Nov 2010. Not once have I heard you question the sudden departure from thein may from the positive jobs trend earlier in the year. All of your comments have been about bashing the President, saying what he must, should, need to do, but hasn’t done.

  112. STOP IT – you guys can take your petty arguments to another site. We need to offer positive solutions in support of each other and our president here, or we simply become like those we came here to escape from….duh.

  113. I think that both of us have made comments about responsibility for the current crisis and we both are interested in seeing Americans getting back to work. The point of contention is about feasible plans. I’m not sure that President Obama giving a speech is going to be the magic bullet which defangs the GOP. Not saying that this idea lacks any merit, but the inescapable reality is that the November 2010 elections were enormously consequential and the devastating effects of them cannot be easily managed by President Obama. I do take your points and sense of urgency, just not sure that red meat can fix this mess. You’re a little peeved with me today, but I genuinely like your commentary, I just think that you’re off base in this comments section!

  114. askew, You’ve always been a supporter of PBO, so I’m going to be straight-forward.

    When this country and other countries want a government overthrown, with the help of the CIA and foreign operatives, they try to destabilize the country. First they do so by destabilizing the economy – no jobs, no money, no imports or exports. Economic meltdown in hopes the people will become so fearful for their own well-being that they will overthrow the government/leader. The Republicans have learned from this and they are now using on their own country.

    The Republican governors have gone on record as saying they will do everything to help ensure PBO is a one-term president.

    I made many calls during HCR debates. This is what I learned. The word on the Hill is that Congressional Republicans plan to do anything and everything (including blocking HCR, calling PBO a socialist/communist/Kenyan) to ensure PBO is a one-term president. I was also told that escalating medical costs would bring this country down financially – that it had reached that critical of a state, but the Republicans don’t care. Literally, that is what I was told. I inquired as to why the Repubs would allow the country to go to economic ruin. The answer was simple. To ensure a one-term presidency, to make sure that PBO’s presidential record is a zero – nothing accomplished, country in ruins. I then asked the staffer, why would they want to destroy this country to make PBO a one-termer? Because he’s a Democrat? There was a lengthy pause. And the person told me, “no, it’s because of the color of his skin”. My own opinion is the Repubs would make any Democratic president’s life hell, but you see, this is special to them because of the color of PBO’s skin.

    Be very clear on this. What Repubs, and more than likely some Dems, tried on HCR is being tried with jobs bills. Only this time the House is controlled by Republicans.

    So straight-up, askew. Do I sometimes become frustrated by PBO not smacking down the Repubs? Yes. But I’ll tell you this, it would do no good if he did. Can you imagine if he stood behind the pulpit and told the cameras the truth? That they’re doing this because of his skin? It would do no good, only make him look like he was using the race card as a scapegoat. He would be slaughtered by the media, the Republicans and the PL. There are certain truths that have “no place” in our society. And I say this as a middle-aged, liberal, church-lady, white woman who can see what’s happening as clear as day.

    If you feel so inclined, askew, shine some light on the truth. Flood the shadows with Light. Because make no mistake, there is a great darkness here at this place and time.

    If you choose to blame President Obama only and turn a blind-eye to the truth, so be it.

    Peace to you, askew

  115. I never called you any names nor did I attack you. The fact is, it is a bit over whelming for all of us, one day it is ss the next it is jobs the next it is Afghanistan, Libya, israel, al Qaeda, etc.
    One thing after another.
    These issues were all there during the bush administration, but they ignored them and they needed a distraction away from all these problems.
    Hence, the Iraq war, got peoples minds off of all these problems.
    Maybe, we need a diversion that the country can get behind, take our thoughts off all these problems! Just saying!

  116. To the democrats and progressives that are complaining. Don’t blame Obama blame yourselves for teaching Obama a ‘lesson’ the only question I have is are they going to teach Obama a lesson by voting him out of the white house? Whats going to happen to your dreams if Bachman or Romney get in charge? Is the ‘progressive’ cause this self destructive? I think so.

  117. I’m reading this thread and I have to wonder what blog am I on? All these calls for Obama to fight harder, make the case, blame Republicans, etc. Are our memories as short as the rest of the country? Was the last press conference a dream? The one that everyone was orgasmic over? that happened on June 29th. His last speech on protecting the middle class was in April and in between those he has been traveling the country talking about the best way to create long term economic growth. I know these things because they were posted on this very blog. Nancy Pelosi gave a presser on jobs and the economy but was cut off because she wouldn’t talk about Anthony Weiner. Harry Reid gave a good statement but I only saw it at TPM. Chuck Schumer, the message guy for Dems in congress has explicitly said that the GOP is deliberately tanking the economy to make sure Obama loses. So we get a couple of bad reports and all of a sudden all these things never happened. Obama hasn’t done anything or said anything and Dems aren’t trying despite evidence to the contrary.

    Stating these things and acknowledging them is not being delusional as askew and others will say. It is what it is.

  118. Another part of the problem is all the governors who have taken stimulous money and not used it to create jobs, but to shore up their deficits. Many of the southern states now have large percentages of unemployed and they. just. don’t. care.

  119. We don’t disagree, excpt maybe on how we think the President should react. I agree that generally speaking this is a no drama WH. The question here is (and I am not pretending to have the answer) is if there are times to step outside the “no drama” mode and if this is one of those times.

    My personal feeling is that the public may take everything more seriously than it is if the “no drama” mode is put aside.

  120. That is a patent lie, and you should be ashamed. BNWD what are you doing here? This is BS.

  121. The Question that no one asks:

    Why the sudden departure in May from the positive trending job line?

    I have reason to believe that this is related to Obama removing the GOP’s one trump card (national security) after he caught Bin Laden. The GOP and MSM decided that since no GOP candidate could realistically compete with OBama – they would have to manufacture something that would hurt him in the 2012 elections – and they decided that it would be the job market. The job market is being manipulated.

  122. I just don’t see how there can be such a difference between what ADP is showing for private jobs and what the employment report is showing. Something is odd.

  123. You are useless for our cause (at least on this thread). You sap energy and do not think constructively. It would be helpful to make a little youtube video out of that comment on the today show and load it up. Bachmann made a mistake here and it would be up to us to use her unintended honesty to our advantage. Instead you travel in doom and gloom. The fight is over, when it is over, not before!

  124. this blog is not ever a negative place with defeatist attitudes. That doesn’t mean we are not realistic. Most folks here understand that only positive actions will bring about any postive results. Excuse me, but it sounds like you are putting all of the blame in PBO lap and this is just inaccurate and very unfair.

  125. If you feel my words were an attack, that was not my intention. I just wanted to be straight-forward, and I do know you’ve been an advocate for Obama. Take some time away from political happenings and websites. I did so after HCR and it made a huge difference on my outlook. Seriously, I’ve been a much happier person since. But, I think I may have to take another short break in the near future because stress and anxiety are not good for the soul. 🙂

  126. Many on here today remind me of the sites I avoid reading. This is our safe haven. Go away till you get your self under control then come back and help spread help or positive ideas towards answers to the GOP obstruction and destructive plans. We hear negativity from too many places to see it here too. The positivity and constructive ideas is why I come here. What happened? How does venting your negativity help the cause?

  127. Askew, you appear to have changed sides today. I know I am feeling like you are not part of this group with your hopeless attitude and no concrete ideas.

  128. Good, You find the discrepancy odd, too! It’s the 2nd month in a row that the two reports have been at odds.

  129. Everyone just needs to chill the fuck out and keep their heads together!

    This is one of the rough moments Obama talked about in 2008 when he was a candidate, how he would need our help through thick and thin.

    Seriously, the sheer number of people ready to give up on this man is SHAMEFUL, just flat out SHAMEFUL! How come people stood behind George W. Bush when he flat out LIED about Iraq, but are giving up on Barack Obama when he is doing his best to fix what Reagan, both Bushes and Clinton fucked up?

    Is this country REALLY not trustworthy enough of a black man as their leader?


  130. Untrue, he is doing everything feasible to create, promote, jobs. It is the GOP, MSM, and Corporations who refuse to hire and ship jobs overseas, Republican govenors and legislators that refuse to increase taxes to save their states. Instead they layoff public workers and cut services to keep millionaires happy while our seniors and schools suffer.

    I put ALL the blame on the GOP and the greedy millionaires.

  131. Did we already forget the news that BWD posted to this site ONLY YESTERDAY? If everytime some bad news comes out, (that we KNEW would happen) we all have heart attacks, who will be left to stand with the dems? Seriously, it plays right into the hands of those that would want nothing good for the country…cut it out. We have work to do.

  132. bwd, we canNOT expect PBO to pick a real fight until after the debt ceiling is raised. I think he will. Every time I’ve felt despair it’s been because of my own impatience….part of it is because we live in an instant gratification society and it’s hard not to be affected by the chicken littles.

  133. meanwhile MSNBC: Whether it’s due to the current Medicare debate, the end of the health-care fight (in which the GOP clubbed Democrats on Medicare), or something else, Republicans are losing ground with seniors.

    In our combined NBC/WSJ polls for the first half of this year, 44% of seniors identify themselves as Democrats, versus 35% who identify themselves as Republicans. So a nine-point spread.

    But in our merged NBC/WSJ polls from 2010, Democrats held just a two-point edge among seniors, 42%-40%.

    Why is this important? Because last year – when they won control of the House and made gains in the Senate – … the GOP won the senior vote by more than 20 percentage points, 59%-38%. But in 2008, McCain beat Obama among seniors by eight points, 53%-45%. And in 2006, Democrats split the senior vote, 49%-49%.

    …. Something similar is happening in the Midwest, too. Per the merged 2011 NBC/WSJ polls, 42% of respondents in that region identify with Democrats, versus 31% who identify with Republicans. So an 11-point spread. Yet back in our 2010 merged data, the Dem edge was just four points, 41%-37%

  134. Come on people. keep the faith ! Let’s just pull back a little bit, and stop with all the negativity. Too quick to rush for the knee- jerk response?, Yes, that’s us, at times which makes us as bad as ‘them’!
    It is all good. No matter what…,it is all good. if we truly have faith and belief and II mean truly, then we know it is all good….and for the Greater Good.
    Absolutely refuse to fall for ‘their’ rhetoric. That is exactly what they want and planned ..but simply refuse, no matter the low points. Let’s face it we knew from the time they won back the House that it would be problematic,and it is, but we find a way..we find a way!

  135. BWD, I am disappointed in today’s blog as it has produced so many negative comments that are not inline with the philosophy of the blog being a support system where we can go to see positive news and ways to help support our President. Maybe you decided not to monitor the negative comments today or because they were from long time bloggers you let them go, but whatever reason I was saddened to come here today. I hope we can get back to positivity and being helpful not just negativity and criticism.

  136. What is with the pearl clutching here? And why are you blaming the President and his advisors? Bill Daley has nothing to do with this.
    There are 3 reasons why we have a bad jobs report, having nothing to do with the administration, democrats or messaging.
    1 Repug governors are laying off public employees
    2 Congress refuses to vote on a jobs bill
    3 Since repugs are threatening to blow up the economy, businesses are not going to hire new people until they know it is safe.

  137. I thought I would check back in one more time to see if anything changed and instead I find even more people insulting me, telling me I am useless and telling me to leave. I am in tears about the way I’ve been treated here. I thought this was a safe place where I could voice my opinions without being torn to shreds. I thought many of you were online friends and now come to find out that isn’t true.

    I am seriously devastated. I won’t bother any of you again.

  138. I am ashamed and disappointed myself, what happened to “Yes WE can… do more together!”?

    What happened to the will of folks rallying behind the President because lunkheads like Ed Shultz, Glenn Greenwald, Jane Hamsher, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann made up lies about him?

    This is what the Republicans want… they WANT to see us in chaos, that way they can get more support for their guys and win the election next year. Do we really want a President Romney or a President Bachmann in office, along with a House and Senate full of Republicans to do their bidding?

  139. Askew, everything has to start in the house of representatives. The GOP controlled house is doing nothing. The teapublicans in the house only work two weeks a month and fundraise the other two weeks. They have NO incentive to create ONE job and I hope the public who put these ass wipes in office are happy. Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, and now Minnesota have buyer’s remorse for giving power to the GOP who are dragging down their states and now the country. We really need to place blame where blame is due. Not on this President and the Dem controlled senate.

  140. Askew don’t leave. let it roll off. I think your voice and opinionis needed.

  141. It isn’t giving up on him to say that the messaging needs to be better. I think he is doing what he can but the messaging right now is not reflecting that in my opinion. I don’t expect him to turn into a different type of speaker but I do expect him to reflect the concerns of the electorate in his pressers and other events and right now I feel that he isn’t strong enough on job creation in those events. Constructive criticism is not giving up.

  142. Hater to tell you this, but you sound NO DIFFERENT right now than the PL that I’ve encountered at HuffNFluff “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I don’t like the way I’ve been treated,” etc etc etc.

    I was glad to have found this place because I was fed up with the horseshit I was reading from HuffnFluff from “Obama’s base,” listening to them call him a sellout and call for a primary against him. I was glad to have found this place with a bunch of folks also fed up with that horseshit and willing to stand behind the President.

    Now this piece of bad news comes out, and you’re willing to give up on him. Give up and put the white flag of surrender, let the Republicans win, and allow a President Romney or President Bachmann to get elected. Have you not learned from the colossal error of 2010?

    I hate to quote Sharron Angle, but you need to MAN UP. We have a fight to win, and you’re willing to surrender as opposed to fighting when it matters most. Get a grip on yourself and quit falling for the MSM bullshit, this is EXACTLY WHAT THE GODDAMN REPUBLICANS WANT!!!!

  143. Looks like the knee jerk reaction from the pl has landed here. folks i don’t work off emotions. neither should u

  144. askew, It’s unreasonable to think that PBO will come out swinging before the debt ceiling is raised. Just hang on instead of blaming Obama for not blowing up the negotiations NOW. If he doesn’t reframe the issue after then I’ll join you in the criticism. Until then, my advice is just soldier through the next few weeks without allowing yourself to get too low.

  145. Are we trending into friggin’ PL territory here ?if yes, I’m outta here. All this CL’ing about jobs when over 91% people are employed ? WTF ?

  146. Well what can the man do about messaging when he has to deal with the right wing calling him a socialist, and then the PL like Rachel Maddow, Ed Shultz, Glenn Greenwald, and Joan Walsh calling him a corporatist?

    Seriously, I read about the messaging bullshit on HuffNFluff and NEVER thought I would see it here.

  147. askew, stay here. It’ll be alright. I didn’t mean to cause pain with my words, just wanted to be as honest as I could. Breathe, it’s okay.

  148. Jovie you aren’t thinking rationally. With what you suggest finding a distration and not dealing with our problems will make them worse. C’mon girl…….leave the happy juice alone!! 🙂

  149. That’s what I’m talking about amk. I’ve had it with the hair on fire antics, that’s why I left HuffnFluff and came here, now a few folks here are acting EXACTLY like the children I encountered on HuffnFluff. It’s shameful!

  150. I have already discussed what he can do – every presser and event needs to have as an overarching theme job creation. For example I feel every time he has gotten up to discuss updates on the debt ceiling negotiations the first point he made should have been and should be about job creation. Then make that point throughout the presser and then end on that point.

    I also think the idea of a nighttime address is a good one.

  151. The numbers are bad you’re right about that. I’d be real worried if it’s flat line at zero or negative but we’re still getting some kind of positive job growth no matter how anemic.
    We don’t see enough what is happening in the background thanks to the media but things like this are huge.

    Obama announces high-tech manufacturing effort

    He’s not begging CEOs. Asking them to pull their weight and stop sitting on the cash is something he has said over and over again. And it would be a great shot in the arm particularly for the short term. But the reality is 60 to 80% of new jobs are created by small business

    To build this engine like the President wants is going to take time. Having said that I can understand the impatience because a lot of people have run out of options.

    But something like patent reform is huge. It’s not the most important piece but being able to start up in a few months as opposed to years where everything is still pending is powerful especially coupled with the President’s Start Up initiative. That goes for the Economic Council which is laying the groundwork for building networks of public private partnerships.

    We had a strong four months and a tepid two months. That’s the nature of trying to dig out of a thousand miles deep hole put there by an incompetent brush cutter with a fake ranch (no livestock?) and a rubber stamp Republican Congress.

  152. This President has talked about jobs all the time, yet what has the media done?

    They focused on Anthony Wiener, Kate Middleton, Casey Anthony, and now that this jobs report comes out, NOW they want to focus on jobs.

    This President can’t do anything about his message with the media working against him, that’s my point! The media wants sensationalism, which is why they are now selling this freak out meme over more private sector jobs being created as opposed to public sector jobs.

  153. desertflower, I couldn’t agree with you more. How dare askew come on this blog spewing this defeatist attitude and slandering our President with the usual PL memes– “he’s weak,” “he should have …”, “he’s done nothing…” ENOUGH.

    I view BWD’s blog as a haven for positive thinking, discussion, and strategizing — NOT a misery blog like those other PL sites. I think it’s time we ignore akew’s trolling behavior today. I know I will.

  154. gobrooklyn, I agree with you 100%….and it’s not because I’m a “bury my head in the sand” type of gal. I come to this site to augment my energy for getting things done in the real world. I don’t need my energy sapped by those who join the PL in “I want it now” mantra. After the debt ceiling has been raised, PBO will reframe this whole debate and we’ll be all happy again.

    You know what pisses me off but royally? Npw we have folks that expect the president to do not only congresses’ job but republican governors, too.

  155. Add two more reasons. Banks are still not lending to small businesses, and banks are hanging onto to foreclosed property because they don’t want to take the big losses. Banks are also stymied by their own corruption on foreclosures which are being stopped by new laws.
    If houses can’t change hands and businesses can’t use credit cards or get loans, employment languishes.
    The three biggest critics today? Fox, the Wall Street Journal and News Max – all Murdoch owned. The b*stard lost more billions today when BskyB was down over 8% and last I looked News Corp was down over 3%. May he lose every last d*mn cent.

  156. Reading the report about how public sector jobs were lost at the state and local level speaks to me that many of those states have Republican governors like Scott Walker and Rick Scott who would rather give more tax breaks to the wealthy and nothing to the middle class.

    And let’s not forget Bonehead and the House pushing ZERO jobs creation bills.

    And let’s not also forget the Democrats who have stabbed POTUS in the back, yeah I’m looking at you Anthony Wiener and Dennis Kucinich!

  157. askew please don’t leave. We need all the help we can get. I love you. you are a supporter, but are hurting like the rest of us because we KNOW what the Rethugs are doing to end PBO’s Presidency. We must rally together or we will have a Romney/Bachmann Whitehouse in 2013!!

  158. Good. People here can take a leaf out of that messaging and start blaming the real culprits here instead of finding the easiest way out.

    Fir your perspective, the unemployment numbers in most of Europe and Asia is in double digit numbers.

  159. Some of it has to be theater. For good or ill, people feel safer when Daddy looks strong. Part of the great coverage of last week’s presser was because many pundits were glad to see a theatrical show of strength. It may be a bunch of b.s. but it exists.

    I understand this President. I don’t need Daddy to swagger for me. But if your approach is not an effective antidote to the evil of the other side then some adjustments are in order. People are not feeling safe and Republicans are seizing on their fear. It is amazing what Americans will do and believe when they think someone is fighting for them — actually just as long as they’re fighting. After the public relations disaster yesterday with the SS/Medicare ‘cuts’ (or not cuts, or adjustments, or whatever, that can’t be explained because we’re in negotiations so the fear lingers) and today’s jobs numbers, Americans are not feeling safe with ‘process’.

    We can vehemently disagree. We can fully understand that this President is on our side, on the side of the American people in a purer way than we’ve seen in our lifetime. But the measure has to be if your approach is effective.

    When people ask what the President can do in the face of lying obstruction, he has to change people’s minds. He has to replace the background noise with Democratic truth. He can’t do it alone. He shouldn’t have to. He should have a more efficient staff who can channel outrage as if they believe it. Stop qualifying everything on Republican terms, buying into their terms of outrage. Discuss things on your own terms — Republicans do it all the time. Every Democrat should understand that their fortunes lay with a unity to Democratic ideals. Even the MSM can’t ignore all Democrats, all the time. If there is at least some semblance of unity, the unity itself becomes the message. It fills the background noise and pushes out tea party noise. Independents can say they don’t like rancor, but my gut feeling is that they’d rather feel safe. A little outrage channels their fears and they believe that they are in strong hands. Competence isn’t enough. It is for those of us who are engaged but we are not the ones Obama has to worry about.

    My background is theatre. When I would direct a Shakespeare play, I’d be extremely mindful of the first scene — I’d start with effective visuals and movement that illustrated the language. I’d make sure the dialogue was paired with an ‘every day’ sense. By the second scene the audience was no longer intimidated by Shakespearean language, it connected to their comprehension, and THEN in later scenes I could go deeper and more nuanced and even more academic. Once I’d gotten them. Once the audience was comfortable. Once I’d drawn them to my side — that Shakespeare is not rarefied, but immediate and accessible and yes, entertaining. I didn’t talk down to people, I drew them in. I would hear repeatedly that I made Shakespeare ‘easy’, although I never compromised the language because I adore the language. There are ways of bridging understanding.

    You have to know your audience and adjust. Or no one will buy a ticket.

  160. “The unemployment rate is not good, but the fact that it is hovering around 9% and that we are still adding jobs, versus losing 750,000 a month is not “devastating”.


  161. And if Obama “proposes” a new jobs plan what will that get us other than the Repubs in the House saying NO WAY and the repubs in the senate fillubustering? Repubs want the president to fail and therefore they will not allow the country to advance under Obama’s watch even if it means people suffer.

  162. askew, maybe it IS a healthy choice for you to “tune out politics”: healthy for you and healthy for us. Hopefully, you’ll spend some of this “down” time on local politics and less on blogosphere naval gazing.

  163. I remember time after time Obama saying that the repubs have held us hostage…he does fight!

  164. You rock, Marilyn.

    For every doom and gloom, chicken little post we further empower the GOP.

  165. I agree with you gobrooklyn. Askew is talking like he/she doesn’t know what President Obama has to deal with – a hostile congress, blue dogs in the senate, a hostile media and being attached constantly by people who are supposed to be on your side. Don’t you think if there was something the president could’ve done that he would’ve done it already. I don’t think he enjoys seeing the jobless numbers. If Obama wasn’t smart and shrewed he wouldn’t be living in the white house! But there is a limit to even what he can do by himself.

  166. I was on this blog just a few days ago warning everyone that this was coming. unemployment 3’# (sorry for the “told ya so”).
    Anyway: lets look at this objectively: who has PBO targeted recently with executive orders or DOJ actions?
    (kind of under the radar cuz media doesn’t talk about it sshhhh. its a secret)
    1. Wall Street (yesterday treasury going after profits of those players that screw up)
    2. oil companies: subsidies, releasing reserves in cooperation w/ European countries to stop the speculators (another shot at Wall Street)
    3. anti immigration legislation in the states while he is pushing for Dream Act etc. big business likes their low wage immigrant labor force ya know despite their use of it as a polarizing divide and conquer issue.
    4. His support for gay rights and the subsequent forward motion on this issue…despite the brayings of people like Maddow pfff. she doesn’t really matter. This is a big political threat to the RW. Hatred of gays is one of their big polarizing issues that they use
    5. And now word about a possible executive order about gun control..another RW polarize the people issue.
    6.corporate media: I don’t listen to the pundits, do you? How many times has PBO talked to us about ignoring them. Well they push the corporate agenda people. People are starting to turn them off. If they cannot control us through the media they are toast. Just look at how the treasonous activities of the GOP is covered up from EVERY corner of the media. Just look at how they smash every message he attempts to get out with yet another distraction. From the tone of these comments I have just read they still have a huge affect on us. We must break out of it. They should NOT control us. WE HAVE TO FIGHT THEIR NARRATIVE NOT MAGNIFY IT! It is NOT the narrative of the people. FACEBOOK and TWITTER can save us if we embrace them and learn how to use it effectively.

    . And the BIG one folks: Arab Spring: this is Obama’s doing. WH will not say so for obvious reasons, but the world’s people are looking to HIM for leadership to shed the yokes of dictators and oil barons. This is a HUGE threat to international financiers. He is no radical mind you, but he HAS empowered people all over the glove to stand up for their rights as free people. He favors gradual change that comes FROM THE BOTTOM to form effective government. Isn’t this happening now?
    There must be more, (can any one add more?) but needless to say, HE IS A THREAT to the people that have always had power in this country and all over the world. People that have sometimes remained in the shadows, but ever so gradually we are hearing more about them. This man is SO focused on human rights in a very fundamental way. His message of true democracy and the rule of law is always at the heart of anything he does.
    I do not think for a minute he will give the GOP any more than he absolutely has to. His preference is to get it over and move on though. I have NO DOUBTS that if the GOP insists on going nuclear, he will respond in kind.

    Just my meanderings…thoughts? Am I over the top with this? Let me know please.

  167. Get a grip, askew. We’re not burying our heads in the sand. We also don’t need you kicking sand in our faces. It’s a total waste of energy. Do you really think that after the debt ceiling is raised that PBO will throw away his chance for re-election? Seriously, if you need to take a break, please just DO IT.

  168. Americans can pressure repubs all they want and it won’t make a difference…..repubs want to destroy Obama and they do that by doing everything possible to make the economy worse – i.e., NO JOBS BILLS

  169. The irony is, we wouldn’t have needed WW II economically if the Republicans hadn’t won some serious congressional battles and started to scale back FDR’s progressive momentum and demanded some ‘austerity’ instead of staying aggressive on government stimulus. Sound familiar?

    The comparison to FDR is problematic. Imagine if, God forbid, McCain had won and had the critical 4 years at the beginning of the recession. Unemployment would have gone up to 15% and the country would have been so shell-shocked that a major change in course was obvious. FDR came in 3 years after the 1929 crash. Instead, Obama has to take the brunt of everything that’s wrong and a Republican party who are geniuses at laying the blame at his feet.

    Also, none of these progressive reforms had been tried before — the newness, the desperation cleared the field. That being said, there was tremendous pushback and the concessions FDR made to Southern Democrats would be unthinkable now.

    So we’ve had the New Deal. We’ve had Reaganomics. Now it’s about tweaking on the edges, or a return to New Deal approaches that the Republicans have had 30 years turning the people against. SS is relatively sacrosanct, but regulation has become a dirty word. Controlling banks, insurance company and hospital profits — Reagan ended all of that and every President since has walked in lock step (I’m talking to you, Bill Clinton!) This destruction of the middle class is 35 years in the making. Obama intended to turn the tide. Who in their right mind didn’t think the vast majority of Americans would ‘get it’?

  170. Thank you, OSG! Glad to know I’m not the only one who found that incredibly strange. I mean, ADP totally blew that prediction and I’d like to read some explanations as to why. Maybe I’ll check out bonddad’s blog later and he or NewDealDem will have some explanations other than “Obama Sux!”

  171. this one is a classic PL Rove Crossroads disruptor people. BWD? Where are you?

  172. Sorry askew if I’ve been overly harsh. I’ve always respected your voice from DKos and forward. If you’re feeling this angry and deflated just imagine how the president is feeling. Basically, “lame-ass” is what he’s stuck with until the debt ceiling is raised.

    My point is it’s way to easy to get caught up in the moment…truly these last few days have sucked sulfur. Just think about it a minute: do you really think that a black man with the middle name of Hussein came from behind a 20+ deficit to the Clinton machine to be elected president and then fold like a cheap suit? It’s totally illogical..

    Anyway, I respect your voice and I choose to believe that you’re upset and don’t see this site as a mirror image to the GOS.

    Peace and love,


  173. A little perspective: no one is blaming Obama for the results. We all understand that he can’t wave a magic wand and start construction projects on his own. He’s can’t force Congress to do anything. This is the result of not enough Democrats voting in 2010.

    But he can change people’s minds. Democrats can stop buying into Republican frames. Watch almost any Republican when there’s a “he said, she said” panel on any news show. Democrats will qualify half of their time with an answer that accepts the Republican meme as a point of discussion.

    Watch the Republican: they will ignore the question or the Democratic frame (if one is used) and talk on their terms. Every time they open their mouths, they are pushing their agenda. It’s a rhetorical game, it’s a skill. A technique.

    Democrats will start by saying, for example: “The deficit is terrible, We know. We understand…..” wasting half of their answer time.

    Don’t buy into the sky-is-falling deficit meme. After all Republicans created the deficit, Cheney said ‘deficits don’t matter.” I’d like to see every Democrat come out of the gate and say, “Let’s grow our way out of the deficit. The way to do that is for Congress to invest in our crumbling infrastructure that business relies upon, makes use of. Private business can stop taking their windfall profits, which have skyrocketed in this recession, and every construction worker’s tax dollars, and put people to work for the good of the nation. It will be good for the country and good for their bottom line.”

    Push our agenda. Don’t accept their memes. Answer on OUR terms, not theirs.

    The most egregious example of Democrats buying into Republican memes — bringing Social Security into debt ceiling talks. Sorry, but if I have one criticism of Obama, this is it. Unless the concessions are 50/50 revenue and cuts with at least half of those cuts coming from the military — and I mean growth of revenue not exchanges for other tax cuts — then there is no earthly reason for Social Security reform to be part of deficit reduction hostage-taking by Republicans. That is a humongous buy-in to Republican memes and completely unnecessary.

  174. Japan supply line is a major reason. This was expected but hardly ever gets mentioned, even by Democrats.

    The one thing I have no idea how to fight is these corporations hoarding their cash, making people suffer in order to feed their greed and defeat Obama. This message is not getting through to enough people.

  175. Here is why I think you are spot on, gobrooklyn: the last press conference (with which we so elated) is a foreshadowing of what PBO intends do to after the debt ceiling is raised.
    I know I’ve been the broken record re: debt ceiling throughout this thread but if past is prologue then after this crisis is averted the president WILL take it to the GOP. Until then, let’s not poison the drinking water.

  176. “he is doing the same useless talking point speech he’s done for 2 years.”

    Askew, I wonder why he’s been hammering the same points for the last 2 years? Could it possibly be because Congress won’t get it’s shit together and implement these measures?

    Listen, I know you’re frustrated with the jobs numbers today, we all are, but that’s no reason to pepper this post with doom and gloom comments. Maybe take a break and let off some steam in some other way?

  177. Okay, let’s start listing all the job plans we’ve heard about and try to see if we can get behind them and promote them to the rest of America. I’m tired of being just frustrated about the problem, I want to do something. Boots on the ground have to lay the groundwork for more stimulus. We have to build that momentum in red and blue states. Van Jones is pushing a Rebuild the Dream movement. I signed up to go to a meeting Sunday afternoon. Rev Al is holding a rally in DC in Aug during the MLK memorial dedication. I hope millions of people show up for that. I’m gonna try to take a NAN bus from Chicago. I guess my point is, let’s not get too discouraged…there will be good and bad days in this fight so let’s acknowledge the reality but don’t let it pull us apart or lose hope. I have a feeling that after Sunday we will see a lot of “fire in the belly” so to speak from PBO if they don’t agree on a deal.

  178. I can’t see any point in coming up with a “massive jobs program” when neither the House nor the Senate will take it up. All PBO can do is condemn the Congress and hope that they get thrown out in 18 months but that won’t produce any jobs between now and then.

  179. askew, you appear to be in a dark place. I have been critical of some of your comments today but in no way do I want to silence your voice. Please reconsider and I DO textend love and friendship. As I said up thread: your voice is integral to the conversation. PLEASE STAY.

  180. I’m not tweeting as of yet….but we can form a CENTRAL meme with Nancy Pelosi’s numbers. My fingers will be BLEEDING one way or another. 🙂

  181. I feel the same way you do askew, which is why I never comment or post anything anywhere (this is my second post here since it began and I’ve done no others). If you disagree with PBO on ONE thing, then you’re a ‘sellout’. If you support everything PBO does you’re an ‘obamabot’. You can’t win because purity rules on all sides.

    And of course while we’re all fighting with each other Wall street gets another pass from Treasury, banks continue to screw as many homeowners as possible, and health care insurers are raising premimums like mad in hopes that the repeal goes through and they can go back to making billions of the the sick and dying. Oh, yeah, and the teabag republicans can continue their plan to bring the country to its knees on the backs of the middle class and the poor. Remember—they TOLD us this was their plan many, many, many times. Response from Dems……’what else can we give away to make them stop yelling at us’.

    We all are disgusted with the teabags, and can continue to blame them for everything, and rightly so. But what they have accomplished in a little over two years, our side would NEVER, EVER be able to accomplish. Our side has never learned how to go for the jugular, and that’s what our President and the dems need to do–yesterday.

    The current state of our country cannot survive on compromise from our side and phony bipartisanship on the other side. that’s what’s been going on for over two years, and all the rethug teabags have to do is keep it up because they know from decades of experience that the dems always, always, always, always cave.

    I think some new idea’s from the President we all love and support is overdue. I think some backbone–even a little– from the dems is long, long overdue, and I think that all of us need to quite spending so much time at the computer and more time on the phone or in the offices of our members of congress.

    In my county I noticed the teabags have 14 events THIS MONTH. Our side…..I’m still looking………

  182. Askew – I am so, so sorry you’ve been hurt.

    This site in the most emo, reactive one of the sister blogs, and it starts at the top. This is what you get here, along with the good.

    I find it a tricky place to get invested in because my mental/physical health is fragile.

    The photos are wonderful, BWD is a good, hard working person, but these kinds of concerns – a kind of manic-depressive vibe is stressful.

    We’ll see each other.

  183. When he does say something, the GOP AND the media complain that Obama was being mean. Never ever on the substance of what he said.

  184. I think you are missing a lot of the under the radar initiatives that will contribute to job growth, reported on What Is Working, Here, The Obama Diary and other blogs. There is a large mismatch of jobs (estimate 3 million out there with no one to fill) which led to the community college initiative; there are new creative measures to increase small business lending with community banks and changing requirements; the trade bills if passed will results tens of thousands of jobs; all the green investment from companies like Google and Intel will increase the jobs; the energy efficiency initiatives. Solving the debt crisis is key: the president can’t call out the GOP right now without blowing up negotiations but all other democrats have no such restrictions. Everyone should be focusing on GOP sabotage; Congress, which has power of the purse, blocking all jobs initiatives and stimulus measures; blowing continuation of stimulus measures such as payroll tax cuts; and local GOP governors laying off public employees. Highlighting historical parallels, educating public about fallacy of cutback in downturns is also important. The GOP attacks on public spending and Keynesian stimulus economics needs to be countered by everyone. Auto companies are hiring which has a multiplier effect; Intel is investing 2 billion to bring manufacturing of chips back to US: but all of this goes unreported. Our job is to educate, organize, and take back congress. And to support one another.

  185. So do your comments since the start of this thread. That’s why you are getting so much push back. You sound like you copied and pasted remarks from DKOS. I began to wonder if someone else was posing as you,. There is criticizing the president and then there is hyperbole and straight up lying which is what you did. There have been disagreements on this site before but the things you were saying was just over the top.

  186. Also, Askew I hope you don’t leave. We all don’t have to agree on everything. For me, part of my sadness with reading your comment was all the built up frustration from all the negativity I’d heard all morning. Well, truthfully it wasn’t just this morning. I was going through a survey of our readers with a coworker yesterday and there were several comments about voting PBO out in order to improve the economy. It was such a downer going through that trash and then with the PL freakout over SS and Medicare…now the bad jobs numbers….its almost too much. But I think our best resort is to grab the offensive and lay the groundwork for PBO to get things moving. SS was based off of a grassroots plan by Townson (?). FDR always seemed to get behind whatever great idea that gained traction with the people. The people made it plausible; the people made it possible…

  187. I actually agree with you – totally. I think there are many people, corporations, etc. that fear the President. And these powerful people with money are using the Tea Party types to do their bidding. No president has had to contend with the verbal assaults this president has had to contend with. It began as soon as he entered the Oval Office and continues to this day.

    And I further believe that it is not just right wing people; there are those on the left who hit Obama just as hard. You can find them on other blogs and in government, proclaiming that Obama is a corporatist, a sell-out.

    Although I do not agree with all Obama has done, I do believe he has the best interests of all Americans. For so many years we lived with the way Bush governed, we forgot that a president governs for all Americans.

  188. The Dems have never “controlled” anything because we never had 60 Magical Votes in the Senate (that the GOP insisted on) nor a Super Majority in the House.

    It was a miracle getting Lieberman to vote Yes on HCR.

  189. yes. this thing has to blow over. Its been one crisis after another since Republicans won back the House. People are worried about jobs but don’t think of all the jobs that would be lost if we don’t raise the debt ceiling on time.

  190. Try reading bonddad’s blog today. Maybe someone over there has some answers about the huge discrepancy (I have not checked over there yet). This has happened more than one or two times.

  191. Obama is up against a wall- of those on the right who refuse to help him get this done, and those on the left who expect miracles.

    The TARP angle is interesting. I may be wrong, but I think the House would have to pass that. All legislation dealing with revenue must come from the House.

    That’s why you won’t see an infrastructure bill or a jobs bill- the House will never give a win to Obama.

  192. It will be interesting to see the numbers after “Obama’s cutting Social Security!” yesterday.

    With no further details on what if anything is cut and what Obama can extract from Republicans for it, except a confirmation that the WH did put it on the table, we will have to see how seniors react. I’m 61, my husband is 71. and talking him down has been impossible.

    Are we supposed to ignore that? My husband visited friends yesterday, two seniors. They watched Ed Schultz last night. They are terrified. They were terrified all day before watching Ed Schultz — he didn’t tell them what to think, he confirmed their fears. I’m trying to talk them down, but how do I do that when I honestly don’t know what the facts are. That I — a confirmed Obamaphile — is scared, too and doesn’t understand why Social Security had to be put on the table when we were winning the political argument about what Republicans were threatening to do to Social Security and Medicare. That the already muddy waters of the debt ceiling issue were muddied with long term ‘solutions’ that should be a separate discussion, after months of debate, not a rushed decision because we’re at the debt ceiling deadline.

    So there have been calls to those of us who are frustrated asking, “What should Obama do?”

    I ask you — what do I tell my 71 year old husband and his 66 year old friends? How do I answer them when they ask me, “We were at 87/13 cuts to revenue and Republicans wouldn’t agree. And Obama gives them Social Security? Whose side is he on?”

    What do I tell these great progressive Democrats?

    Tell me. And since we’ve been dismissive of ‘messaging’ as an argument. Let me say that ‘be patient’ is not going to win the day.

    What do I tell them? What can you tell me as I’m desperately waiting for Medicare because I have no health care and all I know right now is that my beloved President put Social Security on the table?

    What do I tell them?

  193. Agreed. I doubt so many were willing to give up on FDR after 2.5 years in the white house during the Great Depression. Obama was handed some really bad cards when he took office and is doing the best he can under the current circumstances. It’s amazing how much he has actually accomplished. I’m not encouraged by today’s job numbers, but blaming Obama is the easy way out. A lot of folks forget the government is made up of 3 branches, not just one.

  194. Did you check the rebuild the dream website? They have a lot of events planned for next weekend. I don’t know if there are any in your county but there is an option to host an event if you can’t find one near you. I haven’t checked OFA but a couple of weeks ago but they were having grassroots planning sessions. Unfortunately I had to work late and couldn’t attend the one I signed up for. But I definitely plan to attend the RTD meeting next weekend. Will probably check OFA later today to see what’s going on. If we fight, all of us and not just PBO, we can win this war.

  195. Great comment: undoubtedly a lot of the GOP and TeaParty animus is motivated by racism but there is also visceral hatred of democrats as well. They accused the Clintons of murdering Foster after all. Unfortunately the country is divided and we all fall into the media and GOP traps of using their talking points and miss all the under radar measures that the Obama administration has been pushing and that will slowly bear fruit. He has added 2 million jobs since starting but in addition to GOP sabotage we have also had the Japan earthquake, extreme weather disruption, financial turmoil due to Greece, Spain, Portugal; middle East turmoil and oil disruption price hikes; not to mention other crises like the BP spill. It is natural to make the president the scapegoat, everyone does, but it more constructive to focus on the real enemies of progress, the GOP.

  196. Stop it. Stop saying that everything is a lie. We’re NEVER upset with this President when he’s lied about. We support him. That is insulting and stop lumping our fears into the meme that we’re embracing Rachel Maddow and Glenn Greenwald.

    It ignores facts on the ground. It says we are not allowed to be fearful, to not be worried. We’re not abandoning this President. Are we not allowed to support him and still acknowledge our fears and what we can’t understand? Are we not allowed to question anything, even though what seemed a no-brainer issue appears to have been diminished?

  197. Tell them the GOP owns the Media. Tell them the GOPMEDIA™ is pissed off that POTUS went around them and used TWITTER to talk to the American people. REMIND them what POTUS has SAID about SS & Medicare – that cutting the BENEFITS are not an option.

    TELL THEM – “Cuts” could be the double billing hospitals do, fraud, etc – that hurts EVERYONE.

    Remind them this POTUS is the smartest man in the room, and maybe this is just one more way to make the GOP look like the hostage-taking-f^cks they are.

    REMIND THEM that the GOPMEDIA™ can’t TIME TRAVEL INTO THE FUTURE – so they cannot KNOW that Obama is cutting ANYTHING.

    POTUS still has a ton of cards – most of them in fact.


    REMIND THEM that FEAR is their chief weapon.

  198. That’s how I felt yesterday. And I did cry. A lot.

    I can’t believe I’m back here, talking, when I said I wouldn’t. Migraine and all.

  199. I linked to this diary yesterday and was flamed for it.

    A lot of what appeared hopeful in that diary has been disproven since. It assumes a view of the CPI that was put forward by Alan Greenspan a number of years ago and has been rejected (for what now appears to be good reason) by Democrats for ages.

    I was hopeful, too.

  200. 1. I’d tell them to stop watching Ed Schultz. That’s their first problem. He’s a phony progressive and encouraged people not to vote for Democrats in 2010.

    2. The proposed “cuts,” are a) proposed, not confirmed and b) not cuts to benefits.

    3. Obama has already stated multiple times that he will not support any measure that slashes Social Security and Medicare benefits.

    4. The media needs ratings and controversy brings in advertising dollars.

  201. Don’t leave askew. Everyone is frustrated today and it’s totally understandable. Your voice is very valuable here and elsewhere.

  202. Holy Cow, Ed Schultz scared the hell out of you…don’t you know that’s what the PL does? They brainwash their people…one small unsourced story in one newspaper and all hell breaks loose when Obama has not said a word about it. Don’t you trust this man to do the right thing; he would never do anything that would hurt seniors. Let this play out and you will see that you are worrying for nothing…it always turns out that way when it comes to Obama…don’t let the PL do this to you…they love to put fear into people and get them all emotional hyped up but in the end of the day they have no substance…Obama knows what he is doing and he would never let us down…I trust the man with my life!

  203. Control is not the correct word then. “have a slight majority that doesn’t count because they’re held hostage” is more accurate.

  204. The concept of growing our way out of the deficit has been advocated very little by the Democrats with a microphone. Or it’s buried in the Democrats’ acceptance of the deficit being the Most Important Problem Ever.

    Let’s compare and contrast: Republicans believe that tax cuts for the wealthy solve every problem. And no matter what you ask them, they say tax cuts are the answer. They push their agenda every time their lips move.

    So Democrats believe we should grow our way out of the deficit — that government investment in the infrastructure needed by workers and businesses alike will revitalize our economy, put people to work doing a worthwhile task.

    87/13 isn’t good enough for Republicans. Then stop giving them anything. Say that putting people to work saved us from the Great Depression and has saved us throughout modern history. That working people, even if the taxpayer is paying to fix that crumbling bridge, give that money back at the local grocery store and for school clothes, which creates more jobs.

    At some point we have to say ‘no’. The price we pay to keep Republicans from throwing the country over a cliff is too high. 25% more millionaires in 2009 than 2007. 25% increase in executive pay LAST YEAR — instead of creating jobs they are buying Ferraris.

    Say it and mean it. Don’t offer them social security because we’re running out of dream cuts to give Republicans.

    The solvency of Social Security should not be tied to a weekend discussion because Republicans are using the debt ceiling as a gun to our heads.

    Demand revenue. Demand that millionaires — who did not create jobs in 2003 or 2010 — put some of their profits into American prosperity. That they are not patriots if they don’t.

    If we give them too much, then we affirm that they are ‘right’. If I sound PL-ish it’s because I’m scared. I’m scared because everyone knew (or should have known) that the sunset on the Bush tax cuts was deliberate because Republicans knew they would balloon the deficit in 2011 if they didn’t expire (hence Bush’s deficit projections did not reflect the, well, actual deficit.

    So we defended Obama doing what he had to do in 2010. We knew this would happen. The only way Republicans couldn’t say the deficit ballooned on Obama’s watch is if the economy began to recover. Because the 1/3 tax cuts of the stimulus would put people to work. It didn’t. Actual stimulus puts people to work.

    At some point we say to Republicans, ‘you’re wrong’. Tax cuts do not create jobs, they buy expensive cars and antiques. They didn’t help create jobs a decade ago and they’re not creating jobs now. Instead of the meme, “the stimulus didn’t work”, how about “the tax cuts in the stimulus didn’t work. The rest of the stimulus actually put people to work and that’s we we need — more stimulus.

    What? Republicans are going to let the economy go down in flames if we don’t give in on the very modest increases to social security? What are they doing now?

    Someone yesterday explained how important increases are to social security recipients. A 10% in increases translates to a 7% increase in poverty for seniors. That seniors use all of their social security for food, medicine and shelter. They can’t cut back on video games or a flat screen TV. Their money is used to survive. All of it.

    So go ahead and dismiss my fear, my husband’s fear, the fears of friends who are seniors. I’m afraid they won’t vote or won’t vote for Democrats. The political visuals for Democrats — I don’t understand.

    Help me understand. Don’t insult me. Respect how afraid I am and help me understand.

  205. To be honest with you, I was taken aback by your strong language about President Obama. You came across to me someone who was trolling the site because it was so negative. I think that’s what people are reacting to. Judging from BWD’s response, you also caused her to feel the same stress. She’s very supportive of you, but I disagree with her. You could have brought up the same points in much more sympathetic language and suggested ideas the President might implement that are actually doable. Instead, you have come across as using the talking points of the PL that we came to BWD’s site to avoid.

    I’m sorry you feel attacked personally, but you had to know that people come here to get away from all that negativity, not because they have their heads in the sand, but because they are informed. Read Bobfr’s words, those are the things we need to hear.

  206. Then why is social security reform on the table in debt ceiling talks? There was no reason to bring this up with a few weeks to the deadline. Social Security is major reform and should be debated over a reasonable period of time. And not be negotiated at all because there’s a gun to our heads.

    I’ve defended Obama on social security at every turn. Until now. Until, with a gun to his head, he appears to be asking what else he can give them? Even with that, the closing of loopholes is supposed to be balanced with more tax cuts, according to Republicans.

    They’re not serious about deficit reduction. They only want to take any safety net away from the middle class, and have the middle class and poor pay for more Ferraris.

    yeah, yeah. We don’t know the facts. But why does the Democratic Party allow our fears to balloon? Why is the answer to put something so sacrosanct on the table? WHEN WE WERE WINNING THE POLITICAL ARGUMENT AND THIS DIMINISHES OUR ISSUE?

    My friends know a MSM/Republican lie. They also know that the WH confirmed that Social Security is on the debt ceiling table, and benefits will not be ‘slashed’. I have seen confirmed Obamaphiles, who have supported this President in everything, go over the edge that we’re even discussing social security in these last-minute negotiations. We hear Republicans say where they draw the line. Is there no line for us to draw?

    Then they wonder (I heard this from a very progressive senior yesterday): Does Obama believe what Alan Simpson wants to do to Social Security? Should we re-think all of the defense we gave concerning the deficit commission? Were we wrong?

    This is what I’m hearing. The “MSM Lies” is not a rational argument. Not this time.

    “Be patient” isn’t helping my 71 year old husband’s blood pressure.

  207. MK,
    Couldn’t agree more. The democrats have to point out that given this poor rate of job growth, now is definitely not the time to cut spending. Economically, it seems increased spending is necessary to jump start the economy at this point. And protecting tax cuts for the wealthy in the midst of this is utterly indefensible.

  208. I SAID, that my friends and husband were scared ALL DAY, before Ed Schultz. That he confirmed their fears. I specifically said that Ed didn’t tell them what to think — he was affirming what they were fearing all day.

    Social security is not part of the deficit. I am all for Social Security reform, but not with a gun to my head. Not to be solved in a few days. Not giving Obama an issue that he has to sell to seniors who were scared enough to vote against Democrats in 2010 and were just now coming back to Democrats.

    Social Security is not on the table while there’s a gun to our head. Social Security needs a raise in the cap to be solvent, even though there will be only modest problems way in the future if NOTHING is done.

    That social security needs reform is without question. Why now? Why part of debt ceiling talks?

    You can be an Obama-lover like me, my husband and our friends and wonder why bring social security into this mess? Does it make it appear that social security is part of the deficit? It does, even though it is not. Will be get the deal with Republicans ready to crash our credit rating? Seriously?

    It may end up being okay policy-wise. Politcally, I can’t understand it.

  209. I agree with Nancy 100%. The GOP has yet to put forward one single jobs bill since Boehner became speaker. No matter what the Democrats or the president offer, it cannot pass without significant GoP support in House and that is not going to happen.

  210. Faith – I think you need to get some.

    The one story that all this “SS CUTS” insanity came from was completely UNSOURCED. Are you saying the GOPMEDIA™ doesn’t lie? The facts disagree with you.

    Have you missed what POTUS has been SAYING? NO CUTS TO MEDICARE OR SS BENEFITS. There are other ways to cut.

  211. It’s not the PL that put fear in me. I’ve been fighting them since January 21, 2009.

    The WH bringing social security into this equation — that is not a lie. The details — we have no idea. The WH announced that social security would be part of the debt ceiling negotiations and then left everything to speculation because they were ‘negotiating’. How is that politically smart?

    If this deal is still 87/13, then we lose the political argument. If Republicans don’t have to increase revenue in this deal, we lose the political argument. And if seniors have to give up something that has to be sold to them, we lose political momentum when we had the wind at our backs.

    If hedge fund managers are taxed like income earners in this deal, I’ll eat my words. Gladly. If an agreement is reached that takes any extension of the Bush tax cuts off the table, I’ll cheer and say I’m a Total Idiot for being so afraid. If there are serious cuts to wasteful defense spending, I’ll cheer and put myself in a pillory for my sins of ever doubting this President, even for the the few days that I’ve had questions when I’ve supported him for 5 years. If stimulus funds are part of the deal, I’ll do a major “I’m an Idiot” mea culpa.

    If all we give up is ‘double billing to hospitals’ as suggested by someone, which has nothing to do with social security that is on the table, that would be fine with me — a true cost savings that benefits everyone.

  212. Maybe, just MAYBE, this little FEAR tactic that the GOP is apparently doubling down and going ALL IN on in the last 24 hrs is going to bite them in the ass…..

    Look at how scared you and MILLIONS of other people are now.

    So, looks like Obama must *offer* to give cuts to SS/Medicare to even get the GOP to come to the table to negotiate on the debt ceiling talks….. ? That’s fair HOW??

    How much more like a kidnaper holding the entire country and GLOBAL ECONOMY hostage can the GOP look?

    Would you EVER vote for them EVER???

    If SS/Medicare are cut in any way, the country will be ON FIRE. LITERALLY. Everyone with a functioning brain stem knows that.

    The goal is to make sure EVERYONE with a functioning brain stem know that the GOP are completely insane when it comes to the ECONOMY.

    Remember: GOP House has voted NO on 10 Dem jobs bills, and has yet to introduce 1. #GOPFAIL

  213. Faith said:

    “The WH bringing social security into this equation — that is not a lie. The details — we have no idea. The WH announced that social security would be part of the debt ceiling negotiations and then left everything to speculation because they were ‘negotiating’. How is that politically smart?”

    Faith, If you were playing poker or Bridge, would you start raising or declaring AFTER you have laid your hand down on the table for all to see? Forget politics as politics has nothing to do with what he is negotiating. Politics will be the last thing on his mind and that is the correct way to negotiate something this big and this important.

    I know you are scared and I have been, too over the last years, because my SS gets whittled down by a third by the rotten current exchange of US Dollars to Euro. I lose 1/3 right now of my buying power. Not 1/3 of an increase, but 1/3 of the whole shebang. The last two years we have had no increase at all in SS because there has been no inflation. I hate it but I have managed it.

    If the President were to negotiate a 10 cent decrease to an increase we won’t even be getting, more power to him if he gets something good for us in return.

    I am quite content to leave him to do exactly what he is doing because he hasn’t failed me yet.

  214. Wonder how the republicans will like this?

    Koch Bros. play both sides:

    “”But the pearl-clutching reaction from Koch Industries is entirely phony. KochPAC, the political action committee of Koch Industries, donated $30,000 to the DSCC just last year, when the Democratic assault on the Brothers Koch was in full swing, and gave another $30,000 to the DSCC during the 2008 election cycle.”

  215. And I leave you with this brilliant article before I head off to bed:

    The bitter truth is that no major figure in British public life was prepared to take on and expose the Murdoch newspaper empire. Rival proprietors were silent. Senior public figures did not dare to speak out for fear of exposure and attack in the Murdoch newspapers. This is why, for more than a generation, Rupert Murdoch’s empire has been a spider at the heart of an intricate web that has poisoned British public life.
    Murdoch used his power to immense effect, undermining and attacking our greatest public institutions – above all the monarchy and the judiciary. His employees believed they were above the law and could act with impunity. And this was indeed the case, thanks to the connivance of police, politicians and the press.
    But now – brought down almost single-handedly by the brilliant Guardian campaigning journalist Nick Davies – Rupert Murdoch’s web is unravelling. The media tycoon is fighting for his survival, and as his empire is rocked the reputation of his political client base is collapsing, too…much more

  216. Oh Lord Jesus, have mercy on us all, for we all belong to you. Whether we give you the honor or not. You created all of us, so Lord Jesus, forgive us for whining, and grumbling, and Lord Jesus teach us not to be quick to blame, but rather Lord God, give us strength to move forward. Lord, we thank you for this privilege to be free to speak, and not be stoned for doing so. Lord we thank you for PBO, and Father God I ask that you just keep your hands on him, his Family and his entire administration. Lord I ask that you keep them out of harms way. Then lord bless each one of us here today, and LOrd Jesus fill our hearts with more love. Teach us Lord to have respect for one another’s feeling. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

  217. Maybe this post is not a reply to me…I don’t know…I didnt dismiss anyone’s fears or insult anyone. Basically I was saying let’s get to work pushing our agenda…oh well, its been a crazy day…sigh

  218. Great comment found at:

    Sinking in yet? Is everyone starting to get the picture from the past couple days? The people who you would initially expect to be searching for a safety/release valve in case the GOP forces a default HAVE OFFICIALLY STATED THAT THERE IS NONE AND THAT CUTS WILL NOT HAPPEN. Rope rope rope….

    First, a magic anonymous leak from the WH aides that suggests Obama might agree to SS and Medicare cuts. This is followed by a predictable freak out from Pelosi and the rest of the Dems in the House, who say cuts to bennies are an absolute deal breaker. Then Obama PROMISES last night to veto any debt ceiling deal that doesn’t extend the debt ceiling through at least 2012. Then today the General Counsel for the Treasury releases an opinion letter saying the 14th Amendment release valve the GOP thought would allow them to pin the epithet of “dictator” on Obama is a Constitutional no-go. And now, Pelosi makes an unqualified statement that this COLA nonsense that the “news” media has been batting around like a slightly retarded kitten has been a dead mouse all along. The GOP is feeling the noose tighten…I guarantee it. Kabuki theater indeed. Watch now as the GOP commits seppuku.

    I’m now pretty close to going out on the limb to say we’ll have a clean debt limit increase on or about Aug 2nd. Not quite there yet…after all, Obama and the Dems gave the GOP just enough to save face with the budget deal, so there’s still the possibility of some token exchanges. We’ll have to wait and see.


  219. It’s been a weird day all around, not just on the site but in the real world too. I don;t normally believe in astrology but maybe there is something going on with the moon/planets. Everyone I run into seems down/moody/stressed. I hope tomorrow is a better day for everyone.

    And to the person who is thinking of leaving, maybe you just need a break. The people on this site are very nice and I don’t believe anyone intentionally meant in harm to you.

    Take care and hope you feel better!

  220. 3 Chics is no ways tired. We can’t EVER give up. We knew from the beginning what President Obama is up against. The GOP would rather destroy the country’s economic progress than allow this BLACK man to serve a second term. This is a fight to preserve their way of life as they know it. I’ve been black in America for more than 3 days. We know struggle and understand what it takes to over- come. Look at the Civil Rights movement. Black folks marched until blisters formed on their feet for change. They were attacked by dogs, had high powered water hoses turned on them which peeled their hair out, they were beaten bloody. Ask Congressman John Lewis? He had his skull cracked for a cause he believed in. Some died, 4 little girls were blown up in Birmingham at SUNDAY SCHOOL. But did we give up? Hell to the No! We were in it for the long haul! This is no time to give up. Keep your eyes on the prize, folks!

  221. Greetings Everyone

    Let’s focus our anger at the folks who the mess it, the Republicans.

    Things to do that will make you feel better.

    1. Contact John Boehner and Eric Cantor and make some of the great statements listed here. GOP has voted down 10 jobs bills, GOP has a gun to the head of the American people with the debt ceiling talks, etc

    2. Contact Nancy Pelosi and give her an atta girl, let her know we support the Dems and appreciate her efforts.

    3. Find Republicans in your state and call them and complain. If asked for an address, make one up that is in their district. Let them know we blame Republicans for the low job numbers.

    4. We can go to bed tonight being mad at each other, or we can go to bed tired from all the time and energy we spent putting heat on the Republicans and sending support to the Democrats.

  222. Sorry, askew. I disagree that Obama’s plan is “to beg” CEOs to hire and there is plenty of evidence that the President is working hard to promote jobs while using public / private partnerships to advance new technologies, etc. The GOP has intentionally stalled the passage of trade agreements which could improve exports.

    The dem plan for the stimulus would have been more effective if not for the repub senators watering it down by making it smaller and loading it up with tax cuts. But, the 60 votes that were needed to get it passed required at least 2 repubs.

    Since that time there has been an orchestrated and united effort to keep the economy struggling in order to “take the country back”.

    A lot of money from businesses represented by the Chamber of Commerce and Big Oil and Coal, are in a war to maintain their control over the nation’s wealth.

  223. Ain’t that tha truth!

    But, unfortunately, some of us need *constant reminders* of what happened, decades ago, to two or more class of people…horrid instances & horrible injustices…

    And, in some areas of the country, especially in the south and on Indian reservations, this is still happenin’.

    And, the TeaPublicans and their ilk *ARE* tryin’ their best for continued “repeat performances!”

    That’s why WE have to VOTE ‘EM OUT!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  224. We just constantly need to get the message out that the GOP has spent not ONE MINUTE on job creation! NOT ONE!

  225. Faith, you probably have called/emailed/written your state/federal representatives…

    But, you should, also, post your fears and frustrations, here, too:

    The Gavel… (It’s on the TOAITR Blogroll.)

    Senate Democratic Leadership…

    The White House… (You should do it on a regular basis. I told you, you’re our “Frank Luntz.” ;))

    And, if you can afford it, you should call and leave a message, here:

    PBHO’s “Hotline” – (202) 456-1111

    (((Faith))), in the end, I BELIEVE everything is goin’ to be alright!

    Just BELIEVE!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  226. Co-sign on GN’s “great comment.” We really must not fall into the trap laid by the GOP that is hell bent on sinking the economy and then blaming their destruction on the President.

    It seems to me that the moneyed people are in cahoots with the GOP. They are sitting on mountains of cash and refusing to invest it in the economy and creating jobs. Why is that? By the way I doubt that the President can unilaterally use TARP money to create jobs, and especially jobs of government workers, most of them laid off by the newly minted GOP governors.

  227. Fantastic post Faith, though I’m reading at this late hour. So picturesque and convincing. Maybe the WH does need a bit of theatre, coupled with a rational demeanor. Thanks.

  228. Askew,

    I understand your frustration about the horrible job news, but, responding to you as a fellow family member on this incredible space, I think you being unfair to the President when you keep accusing him of “talking about stuff he did in 2009 to help jobs.” Did you even take time to view and listen to his answers during his Twitter Town Hall when he listed a number things his administration is doing, right now, not what he did 2009, to spur job creation? He talked about investing in Community banks that loan to small business; he talked about direct lending by SBA to small businesses; he talked about the partnership between business, the Community Colleges, and his administration in training people for skills needed in technology. I can go on to include things you so readily dismiss, like the Patent bill, and the trade bills, that would create jobs.

    You say “I am not one to tell Obama what to do.” But then you proceed to do just that: “I’d like to see him do a nighttime address and talk about NEW work his administration is going to do without Congress to help jobs.” O.K may be he didn’t do ” a night time address” but I thought, in Town Hall answers, he clearly spelled what his administration was doing to help job creation “without Congress.”

    I understand that you’ve been a valuable member of this site and a supporter of the president. However, when you accuse the President of having no new Ideas on creating jobs, and even suggest that he has given up on job creation, that really troubles me. It suggest to me that it is you who is giving up on the President. I say that because I deeply believe President Obama has never given up on trying to find ways to create jobs. Yes, the last two months of Job creation sucked, but how about the fifteen moths before when we saw a steady increase in Job creation? It took the great FDR twelve years, and I repeat twelve years, to end double digit unemployment. Actually, if it weren’t for the massive government spending as a result of mobilization for World War II, FDR would have still faced high unemployment in his unprecedented fourth term. Yet, President Obama is supposed to end high unemployment, in just two and half years, despite having to deal with a hostile opposition party, a hostile media, and a hostile wing of his party.

    I hope you’ve not given up on the president. I wish you had unleashed some of your anger and passion on these new Republican governors who are busy taking away jobs from government workers. These imbeciles, in their zeal to “drown government in the bath tub,” some how forget that people who work for the government buy houses, cars, clothes, computers, furniture, etc. Depriving them of jobs is just as destructive as laying off people who work for private business. How come these teaparty/Republican governors being spared criticism when their actions made job creation worse than it would have otherwise been?

  229. My favorite video from Iowa along with Yes We Can video and Dave Stewart’s the American Prayer (we’ll get to the promised mountain)

  230. “Streamlining the patent process. Yeah, that is a real job generator.

    Reigning in the deficit by cutting spending will raise unemployment.

    For the first time, I am truly baffled by Obama’s lame ass response to the jobs CRISIS. It is a CRISIS and he is doing nothing.

    He seems incapable of even trying to do something about unemployment. “

    You do realize that the reason we aren’t inventing shit is because we know that, as soon as we do, someone we’ll steal our idea! Hello? WTF is wrong with you? BTW, did you get the memo about the Senate? And now that the Republicans have taken the House, what do you expect?

    We all know about the the job crisis, but just exactly what are you expecting President Obama to respond to? I’m waiting, and I do have answers (be they right or wrong).

  231. I really don’t care what everyone else says. I think you are being silly. And I’m not above it either.

    Oh heavens, I’ll probably read along and find that this has already been resolved.

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