A serious word


I understand we’re all upset, but the way someone as good as askew been treated in the previous thread is a serious no-no. If we can’t accept any criticism of PBO – from people we know are true supporters – then we’re just validating the nonsense the professional left is saying about us. That’s what I meant when I asked that we’ll try to hang in there. These are tough days, and honestly, it’s a struggle for me too – but we built something here and there’s no reason to destroy it because we’re going through a difficult period.

askew, I personally apologize. I understand how you feel today, I even agree with some parts of what you said, but I do hope that you won’t give up on this place, and more importantly – on the President.


Here’s something pretty:

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  1. Askew,

    Please stay and not be run off. As frustrated as ALL of us are, it is human to lash out even at those we truly care about. We all care about the President and want him to do well. Just remember the GOP are doing everything to prevent him to succeed and that includes creating jobs. Just look at the grey hair and the lines in his face. I believe he is hurt sick of the jobs news but he can not turn it around by himself. He needs your help and all those that voted for him. Things will turn around inspite of the GOP.

  2. I apologized if my words came across as hurtful. Listen, we all need to have our minds open to understanding what is going on in this country.

    One Love, bwd family.

  3. Now that everyone has let out their frustrations . Let organize. we can pull off the biggest internet fight in the century. We need to categorize our action into groups of whatever you can do. We need to have a group of petitioners, emailer, phone callers, video maker, tweeter. The action needs to take place on a designated day for the entire day we need to floode every aspect of communication. So now let commit to our action.

    Target- The tea party, republicans ,if we just tune the pl out we will take back the party from them. they are just attention grabbers who will fall into place.

    We must bring america out of the amnesia state.
    remind them of the 2010 elecition and what was promised, then show them what has not been done.
    Msm cannot control the message. so bring the ideas and lets get started, if we take this weekend planning and deliver action next week we will control the news cycle. ideas people. Chipstick BWD, wSy the peoples view , extreme liberal, Angry black lady. lets get to work.

  4. Sorry, I refuse to back down from or apologize for my post from the previous thread from askew, it’s a bit of tough love.

    I refuse to back down from supporting this President, and I will continue to give tough love towards those who do, including posters like askew.

    I understand that this President can be criticized, but askew’s post reeked of the horseshit I worked to escape from posting on HuffnFluff, talking about “giving up on Obama” and “how he’s not going to be re elected.” Those posts I read daily on HuffnFluff, now to read it here is disappointing.

    If askew is willing to support the President without the hysterics, that’s fine. That’s what this place is for. If askew wants to continue to hair on fire hysterics and work against the President, take it to HuffnFluff, DailyFox, and the other sites who want to work against the President. It is what it is, a house divided cannot stand.

  5. Its over nintendowill10 let move on. Bwd said her peace let get focused.

  6. We have to also target those Dems who have worked against the President. Anthony Weiner is gone, but there is still Dennis Kucinich and Conyers, who are suing the President over Libya.

    We need more Democrats in the media defending the President and his agenda, that’s also another reason for this freak out. There are virtually ZERO Democrats on teevee pushing back against the Republican horseshit and lies.

  7. The NBA and NFL are in lockout, arguing about, wait for it, collective bargaining. Coincidence?

    Minnesota government is in lockdown, arguing about, wait for it, tax cuts for the rich. Coincidence?

    Me thinks not!

  8. Me neither. Even though, he is not my president.

    This absurd freaking out over job nos. here just got unreal for me. I come from a place where the job nos are in 60’s to 70’s and all this ‘oh, no, those nos. in US are oh, so terrible and Obama is doing nothing about them’ is friggin’ moronic.

    I blame bwd for this and don’t care if I get kicked out for saying this.

  9. Its a combination of things that are producing this pickled situation.

    I hope all the democrats are messaging asking boehenr and the republicans where are the jobs.
    the president could at least say ill sign any jobs bills that come from republicans or democrats.

    Messaging is going to be a real make or break.
    askew I hope you heal soon. We will all be hoping for your comback. Im sorry this had to happen to you. I was hoping people would listen to blackwaterdog and stay together but some people just didn’t heed.

  10. Hi all,

    Peace! Instead of looking only at the problem and assigning blame here and there, instead of interpreting every piece of good or bad news as a predictor for an election still more than 15 months away, let’s spend more time on the solutions. The President mentioned a number of bills now before Congress that could help with job creation. Let’s all look at these bills and call, email, tweet and otherwise communicate to every Congressional representative – Democrat and Repulican alike – to push for the passage of these bills. I always feel better when I can do something about a problem rather than just give in to discouragement and hurt. I have full faith in this President – he has never disappointed me. He needs us more than ever.

  11. stay focused. BWD we need ideas for the fight. Shejir think we should start action on Sunday and Monday.

  12. No matter what’s happenin’, I’m a “p” optimist… ๐Ÿ˜‰


    From the OFA blog

    Austin Goolsbee just listed the five things that Congress can do to help the private sector create more jobs.

    1. Continue the payroll tax cuts for the workers.
    2. Pass the trade agreements design to create jobs.
    3. Create an infrastructure bank to put construction workers back to work.
    4. Pass the bill to streamline the process for entrepernuers to get their patents approved. 5. Pass a bi-partisan deficit/debt reduction plan.

    Contact your elected officials and tell them you want them to do these things.


    PBHO CAN’T DO EVERYTHING BY HIMSELF! (Forgive me for my “shoutin”! lol)

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. If President Obama was strong enough to face the nation after a horrible jobs number report, the lest I can do is stand with him. Those of you that want to leave because of bad news, then that is your choice and you will be missed. But those of us that are going to stay, we must be stronger. Barack himself has said many times that this fight will be tough, but if we stand together and stand strong we will win. Iโ€™m in this fight with Barack for the long haul, we are both going to fight until we canโ€™t fight anymore. And if some of you want to sit on the sidelines and cry, please go do it somewhere else. This website is for fighters.

  14. Having read the previous string of posts on this brohaha, I am ammazed that the spirited and the respectful disagreement of askew’s basic comments are now considered attacks. Having been in the trenches of other sites, the comments at askew are hardly vicious. Some people just cannot handle having their opinions being challenged and there should not be apologies for that.

  15. Bwd could you please sign those trade deals and another stimulus just like the first would help. Jeesh!

  16. Come on amk. Bwd will not kick you off. She realises that everyone gets a little jittery and frustrated at times which causes tension and conflict. Do stay, as I really look forward to your daily input. LET”S ALL GIVE EACH OTHER A CYBER HUG…BREATHE DEEPLY …AND MOVE ON.on to getting our teeth into the pro-active stuff!
    Power to the people!

  17. Thanks for this post. I’ve lurked here for ages (and back at dkos before you left) and want us to focus on things that matter. Because if we can help organize to help get the economy back on its feet, we’ll be getting PBO’s back in the process, so it’s a win-win.

    That’s why yesterday I posted about how besides the deficit-reduction nonsense that’s currently dominating the discussion in Washington (which will only hurt the economy, not help it), the real big issue is oil and energy. The economy can’t grow with oil prices this high. Period. And this is a fundamental, geological limit: peak oil. Sec. Chu knows this – he used to give talks about it before he was Energy secretary. The DOE had a great study, The Hirsch Report in 2005 that the Bush admin tried to cover-up because they didn’t like its findings.

    This is absolutely essential, and I didn’t want to argue with folks who told me that electric cars or biofuels or whatever are the answer – they’re not – no set of alternative fuels will solve this problem. (They can help, but they’re maybe 5% of the answer – not enough to make a difference – and alternative energy like solar, wind, etc. will only be a small part of the picture too. Not that we shouldn’t try, just that we need to understand the real physical limits we face.)

    Despite how unpopular everyone thinks Carter’s programs were, they were the right approach – massive conservation, public transit, etc. I think PBO is much better at connecting with the American people than Carter, and he could come up with a 21st century version of Carter’s plan and sell it to us to get us on the right track. A massive energy plan would also be a huge jobs win. And an environmental win.

  18. I sent Senator Hoyer (my Senator) a reply to his tweet. I told him that we need STRONG Dems all over the TV telling the truth about how Repubs are cutting first responder jobs and cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy and the Repubs in Congress have refused to even debate job bills.

    BTW, this is JUST one month’s job report. Don’t panic and have a little faith. I refuse to believe the Repubs will win in the end. There are recalls of Repubs going on all over the country. Lets just keep working in whatever way we’re able.

  19. I’m sorry bwd. You’re the one that sets the meme here that job nos.is the one makes/breaks this president and then get upset if that no. isn’t always on the rise. As a businessman of over 25 years and having over 50 people on my payroll all those years,I know how hard it is to create jobs and more importantly, how harder it is maintain them, especially during recessions. I have seen up & down business cycles in my lifetime and this is the worst of times to do business. To wish for continuously rising jobs graph in these time is just indulging in magical thinking.

  20. We have to be able to disagree without being “disagreeable” and personally attacking one another.

    Please join us in Obama For America Money bomb Friday’s. Something we started during then Senator Obama’s campaign when he was running for President. The FR links are on the left side of the page. They are all personal OFA links of hardcore President Obama supporters that have been around since way back when the campaign began. No donation too small. Just choose whichever one touches you. http://www.reelectobamabiden2012.com/

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following many of you on twitter. I am @reelectobama012

    Happy Friday :<)

  21. BWD so you know we will never give up this place , I do not know where this idea is coming from. And you do not need to apologize at all, you are doing a fantastic job, and we thank you so please, please stay calm we will have your back we are in this together.

  22. Hear,hear. Concentrate on the fvcking solutions to the problems instead of being the problem.

    Critics are dime a dozen. Who gives a shite about them ?

  23. And the choir says AMEN !

    We’ve got 15 months to go. Don’t freak out now. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    Fired Up and READY TO GO !

  24. Criticism is fine; statements such as the dubious announcement that President Obama hasn’t done anything or had any new ideas about unemployment since 2009 are hyperbole and fact-free. I don’t have anything against askew, but if this is the type of content that is the preference here, so be it. Have a nice weekend everyone.

  25. Please , please stay calm BWD you said it best remember # 5 The only “source”
    and until we hear from Obama, the rest is just the usual stupid outrage, BWD just remember that.

  26. People, the last hour before dawn is always the darkest. The moment the president concludes the debt ceiling deal and the fears of the U.S defaulting lift, a lot of positive stuff will happen, including greater lending, hiring as well as spending. Be positive. If anything, you have the Prez as your role model to follow. Look at what he is battling; look at the forces dedicated at bringing him down. Still he wakes up everyday, does his job without the slightest dent in his morale, not just working for you Americans–employed and unemployed, but he still shoulders all the world’s problems. This man does more away from the cameras than many of us know. Can you imagine how many calls he is taking from worried leaders of foreign countries as he confronts an obstructive, destructive GOP plus a noisy PL?

    Hang in there; this too will pass. Believe me. The Prez is concerned, he is sober and he is unfazed. The best you can do to help him is to have his back., not expose it to conniving Rethugs.

  27. I stand behind what I said: The unemployment numbers will decide the next election. This is just the way it is. We can throw logic and trends and smart explanations all day long – If people are out of work, they’ll blame the president, and It will be a terrible catastrophe if he won’t win next year.

    I really don’t think I should prove my loyalty to Barack Obama. I ate more crap than just about any of his supporters. But he was wrong to adopt the deficit narrative and that we need to tighten the belt in the mid of a recession. It was a well laid trap by Republicans and their media tools, and he fell for it. I don’t know what his advisers are thinking, I can only guess that it’s all about “Independents”, but “Independents” wouldn’t care if they’re out of job. So in that respect I do agree with askew, and I’m sorry if you blame me for expressing my opinion – But since I’m secure enough in my belief, trust and support of the president, I’m secure enough in expressing criticism from time to time.

  28. This.

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    Freaking out only emboldens the opponents. Haven’t people learned anything from 2010 ?

    Life is tough. Deal with it.

  29. Thanks for saying something BWD and for the few people who said something. It does mean a lot to me to see some people stand up for me and I certainly hope that I was never this mean to anyone who dared to criticize Obama here.

    I am not trying to be a drama queen, but people said some horrid things to me in the last thread and some more piled on in this thread. There’s nothing respectable about being told to leave the site multiple times, called a jerk, told I am useless, implying that I am brainwashed for disagreeing with the president, hysterical, etc. One of the main reasons I left DK was because of how mean the site had become. Until the past couple of weeks, I thought this site was a refreshing change from that. But, people have become increasingly mean here and it is so disheartening to see it. We should be able to criticize Obama without getting personally attacked and it’s too bad that can’t happen here any longer.

  30. Let’s not repeat history and run to the GOP with the help of the MSM! They did Carter in on so many fronts. We have the Internet and twitter to counter the negative. Lets not start eating our own to make a point.

  31. Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 8.7% in JuneUnderemployment is at 18.3% — an improvement from May but the same as in June 2010by Dennis Jacobe, Chief EconomistPRINCETON, NJ — Unemployment, as measured by Gallup without seasonal adjustment, is at 8.7% at the end of June — similar to the 8.9% in mid-June, but down from 9.2% at the end of May. It is also lower than it was during the same period a year ago.


  32. Please stay around we do need you, criticism and all. I personally did not take it as a criticism just frustration and if you can’t be safe amoung friends to voice your frustration there where are we as a community? Please people….listen then give Askew some hope and lift up her spirits just like we did for BWD. Remember? No one attacked BWD when she was frustrated…don’t do it to our other friends here. Thanks!

  33. You know what? You’d have been just fine if you had said your piece ONCE and then left it alone. Consider this a teaching moment. *S*

  34. I have not gone back and read the comments that caused you grief, but wanted to let you know that your support of our President is appreciated. I am sure the comments stung more because of your love of the President and what we endure every day with the media and pundits in their horrific criticism of him. Hang in there Askew. If the President can take the heat that he does on every given day, we can endure as well. We all need each other and the President needs all of us.

  35. akew, for what it is worth, stay. Without wanting to sound alarmist, this country is at a critical point, and the next few weeks will go a long way towards dictating our future. I think you see that probably the only way PBO doesn’t get reelected is if the economy collapses.
    I think you were probably wrong in the statement nothing has been done, but I think you are correct in being concerned that not enough is being done. I don’t agree with some that you were blaming the President for the situation. I think you were giving an honest critique of how you saw the President responding to the situation.
    Making a crtitique is not the same as not supporting or blaming. It is obvious that you are supportive and are very worried about what will happen both in the short term and the long term.
    There have been times when many of the regulars here have been blasted, such as Saint Roscoe, Jovie, Faith, and even me once upon a time.
    This President brings out a strong emotional redponde from so many of us, that it is difficult not to respond emotionally. But that tends to run its course over time.

    Stick aorund, I won’t promise fun over the next 17 months, but it sure will be interesting.

  36. Some excellent food for thought from iamasmartypants….as usual, right on the money! Something to realize looking at our current stahttp://immasmartypants.blogspot.com/te of affairs:)

  37. I don’t understand why everyone is reacting so strongly to the jobs report. The ADP report yesterday which tracks private hiring was very strong. This report includes all the layoffs of state gov’t employees going on. The important thing is that private hiring is strong and all credible economists say the economy is on track for a robust recovery.

    Why is everyone having such a hard time seeing the forest from the trees?

  38. There is little doubt that the whole debt ceiling issue, and the possible threat of default, is having an impact in many ways. Once settled, there should be an immediate psoitive impact. But this is part of the reason the GOP is playign ahrdball. They know that if the ceiling is raised, employment will go back up.
    I think the fear for many progressives who don’t want to see the economy go down the tubes (for moral reasons more than political ones) is what will be given away to prevent it.
    To me, the problem with some progressives is that they have too high an opinion of people and believe that if it does go under, the people will blame the Republicans. It don’t worjk that way folks.

  39. Yup gn. The meme that Obama is doing nothing or not doing enough is one bullshit I will not buy. He is way ahead of his thinking on the jobs front and is the first pol to tell the truth about those manufacturing jobs not coming back ever, either in US or anywhere. The jobs are now in manufacturing support roles, which I can vouch for as engineer and a business owner, and those roles require education in a different role. He is the first pol to see it.

    If people are living in 1950’s & 60’s america, they are fucking idiots.

    If I sound harsh today, I am not sorry about it. Them is the breaks whether you like it or not on the jobs front.

  40. Sorry, I can’t agree. In-fighting does no good when the PL does it and still does no good when this site does it. Attack Republicans, everything else is wasted breath.

  41. When emotions are raw, then tough love some times, should be gingerly tapered off.

    But we must also be hard as nail to know that defending the president, we must but accepting that we all many have different ways and ideas, a more grown up skill.

    Please don’t take it so hard. Speak your mind just gingerly when emotions are raw.

    I would like to report that I called the WH today, offering my ginger love but asking them to put the 14th amendment back on the table.

  42. Bumps in the road, will occur.

    We just need to find ways to keep finding some thing better amidst all they bad reporting.

    Heck, the economy has slowed down, but it will pick up again.

  43. Oh well this too shall pass.. *hugs everybody* ๐Ÿ™‚

    Proud obamabots, obamacrats, democrats, liberals, the real base remains flawlessly better than PL’s firebaggers & the boehnerGOP #makeboehner1termspeaker #Nancygetyourspotback

  44. I want you to stay askew. We need all the supporters we can get. But I saw your delivery in your initial posts on the last thread and that is what set everyone off. You can offer concern and constructive criticism without going ballistic on the Prez. And please stop adressing the Commander in Chief without his title. At least the MSM puts a Mr. before his name. It is President Obama. Thanks in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I think its the tone that was taken by a small amount of commentators this morning is all. Misery breeds misery or something like that…. lol we good tho.

  46. dkos hasn’t exactly been getting better, either. Its a long, hot summer, and as John Cole pointed out, our political discourse just seems to get worse every summer.

    Everyone’s so entrenched in their frustrated positions that we’re all lashing out at the slightest provocation imho. ESPECIALLY when you’re talking about jobs and a “jobs program” that Obama can’t get through congress so long as Teahadists run the House. Nevermind that the GOP ran on JOBS JOBS JOBS in 2010. (whatever happened to that?)

  47. I will respect your wishes, BWD. You’re right, askew has always been a great supporter of PBO from all of the comments I’ve read at DFOX, The People’s View, here, etc. Everyone’s frustrated right now since we all expected a decent jobs report today and it fell flat. However, I will say that I come here for the positive energy surrounding this president. As soon as I read MB’s gloating piece about the poor employment numbers over at GOS, I came here for an island of reason. Instead, I read more “sky is falling” comments. I don’t mind reasonable criticism of the president, but I will stop coming here if I read more “we’re all DOOMED!” comments on this site. I can get that elsewhere. I come here to stay grounded. FDR’s supporters didn’t bail on him 2.5 years into his first term during the Great Depression and we shouldn’t be writing Obama off at this point either.

  48. I took great comfort today knowing President Obama was speaking right about the time Atlantis launched the final time. Thanks for posting the launch video BWD!

    Godspeed Mr. President, NASA and Atlantis and her crew.

  49. I have known askew to not be a PL’er; BWD is right about that. Askew has always been a staunch supporter of President Obama. I think that is why certain comments drew blood and I’m not so sure they weren’t intended to do so.

    I think coming from that other place can easily put one in the wrong frame of mind. I too have been puzzled about how President Obama has handled the mediocre job creation, but he’s also been doing Congress’ job for them and that consumes his time.

    The Dems have once again thrown it all to President Obama. Just like the Bush tax cut extension, they could’ve taken care of the debt ceiling before November 2010! They did neither, and so it has been left to the Executive to handle Congress’ business.

    I love Nancy Pelosi. She was a very effective Speaker and unfortunate paid the price for a weak Senate. But this statement of disavowal from her about debt ceiling proposals was pure CYA. She is at the table, how the heck is she and Reid not involved? Are they struck mute until they hit the cameras? I think not. I think we have a situation similar to what took place with Republicans and the stimulus. They negotiated to get certain things included, then voted against knowing it would pass, then they promptly went to their districts/states to take credit. The only difference with the debt ceiling issue is that certain Dems want to hide their fingerprints on the deal and President Obama takes the hit.

    This is what we’re dealing with. Every solution, all the messaging, all the energy must come from President Obama. From jobs, to the debt ceiling, to legalizing pot, you name it, and every constituent group expects President Obama to lead their charge and then if he doesn’t,they want to walk away. Where is our progressive Mohamed Bouazizi?

    How can I help myself by helping President Obama? That is what I ask myself. I refuse to wait to receive rather than to give. Even if giving means that I persuade one person on Twitter or Facebook instead of firing-off a negative diary or taking flame bait from the PL. A PL that reads this blog, hates it, and in some cases , believed we had formed a Rapid Response Team to react to their outbursts!

    Sorry for the long comment, but I hope everyone will understand that disappointment is part if war. Yes, war. We are at war with the Republican Party. Some of us (though not all) are fighting for our damn survival and we don’t have time for those without the stomach for fighting, and we react unkindly to saboteurs. I do not think askew is a saboteur, but is tired and hurt. I hope we do not turn askew into , well I will not mention any names, but those who love to proclaim how hard they fought, or how big a check they wrote, but now they see clearly and they will not be repeating their mistake. I hope askew returns and is rejuvenated and will be brimming-over with plausible solutions.

  50. eh, i’ve been browsing yesterday’s stuff and askew’s posts were kinda in the “If Obama just did this, everything would be okay so why isn’t he doing it” vein.

    that said, what kind of site is this if there’s a huge blowup over ONE PERSON not showing starry-eyed adulation for Obama in one blog post?

    next time somebody vents about something around here, try TALKING to them……calmly…….without insults or innuendo………….you might be surprised.

  51. I’ve read the argument that Obama isn’t going to get re-elected due to the poor jobs reports and I’m skeptical that this is the case. For one I’m still waiting to see one republican that can beat Obama. The one is Romney but the problem with Romney is that his base really isn’t fired up about him, he’s too middle of the road and things like making his VP Bachman is simply not going to cut it to people like the middle. Whats more is that Romney is a total flipflopper and no one knows where he stands or anything.

    If Bachman wins you can almost be sure that Obama will win but its still not going to be easy. The key to winning elections is more than popular vote you need the states. Florida is very pissed at republicans right now and have been showing their frustration with them for some time. The republicans can’t win without this state or lets say it would be very difficult. To say that they are just going to blame Obama for the economy is simply not true. Polls show that more people blame Bush and many still blame the republicans more than the democrats or Obama.

    Obama did fall for the tightening the belt trap but its a common trap for most politicians nowadays to fall in. It happens because the media plays republican sound bites and people fall for it each and every time. Remember though that we need to stand by our president and not let ourselves waver in our support for him.

  52. You care so deeply, and like the principal of a school, you set the tone. Extremely emotional reactions WILL be triggered by your voice here, well beyond the facts themselves. Nobody doubts anyone’s loyalty, but mood is contagious, and displacement happens.

    You created a wonderful space. I pray you get past this rough patch.

  53. Thanks Fred.

    Why is everyone having such a hard time seeing the forest from the trees?.

    My guess all this talk about SS being on the table has set off people. It’s got nothing to do with the jib nos. per se.

    And the man hadn’t even said friggin’ anything about cutting the benefits.

    As John Cole said y’day,

    “I know that I am contractually obligated as a blogger to immediately freak out about this”

  54. Yup; it’s one thing to say, “hey, it might be a good idea for POTUS to try something new, here’s what I think: [insert idea here]” and QUITE another to claim that President Obama has done nothing on the jobs front for years despite all evidence to the contrary, or to claim that we somehow cannot fault the GOP for their clear plan to drive the country into a ditch for political gain. Just, no. Like I said, if this sort of thing is the future of this space, then so be it. I’d counsel against it, but, at the end of the day, everyone’s doing the best they can.

  55. I don’t see it about making a point. This isn’t a symbolic issue anymore, like it was in Carter’s time (though had we solved it then, we wouldn’t have energy issues now).

    This is a matter of getting the economy growing again – the only way is to deal with energy. If we don’t resolve it, just watch what happens – we’ll have a sputtering economy no matter what other policies are implemented, and we’ll never get more than a quarter or two of strong growth at a time.

    Btw, we misremember history – Carter wasn’t done in by the GOP, he was done in by the hostage crisis. Before that, there was wide public support for him and his policies.

  56. I don’t feel like I need to apologize for saying that I feel we need to keep our blog positive and post ideas we can use to help support our President. I did not say we could not criticize our President I only said I thought this was a place, a shelter from the ongoing criticism our President faces each day. We can find that everywhere. I will let go of the fact that I felt criticized for expressing my feelings and continue to come here and let others say their piece, but hope it does not turn into the bash the President sites we do not like.

  57. Okay askew, and I do you hope remain here. I was quite frankly taken aback by your comments on the TOD because I felt it was so unlike you (I normally look forward to reading your comments). But I guess we all have our ups and downs and no one is perfect. Starting with my self I have frequently lashed out in anger towards those who I feel are unfairly criticizing the President – including BWD. This is not a positive trait and I will work towards more restraint in the future, while keeping the focus on the Republicans and their enabling friends in the left& right corporate media.

  58. Askew, you are no drama queen. and we’ve known each other forever. This is a blog that often reacts with its heart and that gets tough to withstand. I’m continually on and off it, depending on the content, although the photos are lovely, the posters are fine people, BWD has a heart as big as the ocean that separates us.

    Whatever you do, I’ll see you around.

  59. So gallup feels comfortable enough to quietly release revised June numbers, because everyone is focused on July’s 9.2%!! Then next month, July’s numbers will be quietly revised with everyone anxious about the August figures! And so on…..

  60. If Nominee Bachmann isn’t enough to light a collective fire under the entire Left’s ass, then we deserve President Bachmann and her “anti-sharia” executive orders.

  61. askew…I apologize if I offended you. I am not sorry for saying you are wrong! You basjed Obama for not doing enough when really there is NOTHING sunstantive he can do without congress, specifically the repubs in the House and Senate. His hands are tied by the hostages who want to make things as bad as possible so they can win the WH in 2012, even if it means people are hurt (collateral damage). Obama can go out in the country and make his case but it WILL NOT CHANGE A THING….repubs do not give into publis pressure…Reagan taught the repubs that it is all about PARTY OVER COUNTRY and they stick to this playbook no matter what. Use your energies against the real enemy…help get out the vote in 2012 so that we have a congress that gives a shit about the people.

  62. ok guys heres my tweet #Gopfail= no jobs bill, no economy= no work= more golf= more retreats with Koch Bro= more $ for Gop= tax breaks for big oil.

  63. “Askew has always been a staunch supporter of President Obama.”

    That is correct – and I need to keep that in mind. The GOP and lying media will not succeed in dividing us.

  64. Askew is a smart, reasonable, strong person. I’ve respectfully challenged her opinions here before, and she respectfully listened. And she has stood up to much, much worse on that other site, in defense of President Obama, which made her one of my favorite posters there. I think her reaction here was a combination of growing personal unease plus the fact that the “attacks” were coming from people she considered friends in a place that she had thought was a “safe zone.” I for one say let’s cut her some slack.

    (p.s. I think Askew is a ‘she’ but if not, I apologize and stand corrected.)

  65. I very much agree. I can understand frustrations on both sides, but I don’t think askew’s posts were worth some of the responses he got.

    Can’t see what I’m typing suddenly, so forgive any mistakes.

  66. that said, what kind of site is this if thereโ€™s a huge blowup over ONE PERSON not showing starry-eyed adulation for Obama in one blog post?

    This is actually not really a site for “starry-eyed adulation” and I disagree with your characterization of as such, as well as the cause of what to me was just a difference of opinion. What’s going on here?

  67. You know one thing I like about President Obama…..whether the news is bad or good, he comes out front and tells us IN PERSON. He does not send an aide to do this, like a previous president I could mention. He takes the heat…..this is a bump. Read the other information from Gallup etc. Write Democratic Senators and encourage them to speak up FOR the president, tell them that attacking him only empowers the Tea Party. This is not a death blow today…..these numbers need to be ascribed to incompetent tea party Republican governors. and legislatures.

  68. Jeff, I have no doubt President Obama will be reelected. People like him, including those disappointed in how they see him handling the economy. Also, Republicans matter. I don’t subscribe to the idea that if unemployment is high (and we all know it will be), that automatically means the Republicans win. Then again, I believe Carter was done in by the hostages, not the economy (but I was a little kid then, so what do I know?).

    We need to understand that this election is about taking back the Congress. In order for that to happen, President Obama needs to duplicate his 2008 electoral victory, if not exceed it. I expect the popular vote margin to shrink, but the closer he can get to 400 EV’s , the closer we get to returning to Speaker Pelosi.

    I’m not at all worried about Bachman. In fact, I hope she wins, or Perry does for that matter. They will rally around them the media will go all gooey on the nominee, they’ll talk about the typical August surge for the Republican nominee, and then we’ll win. Just like last time. I have confidence in the fickle electorate that they will not want a Bachman or Perry anywhere near the nukes. If either one of them wins, Independents will hand us the Congress.

    The Republican establishment knows this to be true. They are looking for a candidate that can stem the loss of congressional seats. I think Romney is their best chance, but he is a serial liar and it’s all on tape. We’ll have to fight hard, but we will win, even if that means we have to go straight through the PL which is fine with me.

  69. I am usually a lurker but have to comment on all the bruha that has gone on because of the Jobs report.
    Well I don’t know about everybody else but I am very happy about the jobs report. No matter how you look at it Jobs were ADDED! Sorry I had to stress added(I did not mean to shout :-)). There is something I have learnt from life, no matter how bad you think something is it can always get worse, the only thing that you can control while you are going through trials is your attitude while you go through it. You can choose to stress over it, get some migraine and high blood pressure while you are at it or Smile though you probably should not be smiling and look for ways you can help improve the situation.
    Even saying a prayer alone is no small thing, what about researching possible ideas/solutions and sending them to the White House, going on twitter and telling those naysayers that “we added jobs Hallelujah Thank God Almighty we Added Jobs!”
    Everything happens for a reason you may not see it now but it does. So Cheer up friends jobs indeed were added.

    Just think what it would be like if the report stated that the US economy gained no private sector jobs and lost 100000 public sector jobs…….I would probably say at least it did not lose 200000 jobs ๐Ÿ™‚
    But my point is be Thankful for small mercies perhaps then you set yourselves up for bigger Miracles.

    Forget how the media will spin this or how the republicans will spin it, they always spin everything both good or bad negatively when it concerns this president. He cannot win for trying. This fight cannot be all about this president, or else he would not have been elected. It was impressive how Americans used their creativity and tech savviness to inform each other. Refused to allow lies to rule the day and overcame all kinds of stumbles the candidate or members of his campaign made to elect this president. Alone he would have been useless with the people he was undefeatable(not sure if that is a word) This is still true about his governing and his re-electiion.

    Enough from me now, I now go back into Lurkitude ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Wow, I absolutely agree with you about President Obama having to do Congress’s job. Truth be told, I don’t believe he ever should have needed to even get involved to this extent, just like I felt that the Dems should have been able to handle the tax issue last fall. But if he hadn’t, then the whole thing would have been a big muddle. In a sense the Dems play right into Republicans hands when they hide behind President Obama for every major congressional decision and then refuse to go out and defend the hard choices he has to make at the end.

    I also agree that askew is frustrated. And as I said in the other thread, we have to be prepared for more of even the most hardened supporters feeling this way, and be ready to answer with facts in a reasonable manner.

  71. I totally agree with The Halfrican. I can’t comprehend why there would be a blowup over what Askew wrote. i thought it was fair commentary and should invite thoughtful discourse, which i know we are all capable of.

  72. hey pal, u feeling better?

    I have faith the messaging will pick up and obama and america will end up standing strong after the debt ceiling.

    Let’s have a calm discussion what’s going on. Both you and everyone. We will make it through this.


  73. Good analysis, except for ‘Obama did fall for the tightening the belt trap’. I am fairly convinced that Obama’s rhethoric is preemptive. By showing (and I assume also having) concern about the debt he takes away the main republican argument, that Democrats are bigtime spenders and not to be trusted with money. Well of course they make the argument anyhow, but it does not stick in public. Obama’s likability values are still high despite the economy because he appears honest. If he would just stick to the position of many progressives ‘debt? what is that? never heard of. Does it matter?’ that would not be the case.

  74. My heart is very heavy today. My daughter (21) just got told she didn’t get a job that she thought she had a very good chance of getting. She’s in tears and I felt so bad for her. Do I blame the president for this, no, but I do blame the GOP for obstructing 10 jobs bills democrats have tried to pass since January 2011. I do blame the GOP for not passing 3 trade deals that President Obama got with other countries and the Senate won’t pass, at least not yet. There have been plenty of opportunities for the GOP to get jobs done and they haven’t. That is what makes me sad today.

  75. Please stay, Askew. I appreciated your comments at DK and was so stoked to find that you were here as well. I may not always agree with you here but I thought your observations were fair. We need to have sensible and thoughtful discussions without things dissolving negatively.

  76. Askew, it seems I have been one of those grief-givers. Sorry about that, it was not my wish to offend you. I read the comments rarely, so did not recognize your name, otherwise I would have phrased more carefully. But I did say ‘useless (at least on this thread)’ not ‘useless’. So even though I could have emphasized it better, I clearly meant that your comments on that thread did not help the attempt to keep the republicans out of power by getting this President re-elected.

    I understand that there are times where one thinks the way you wrote. But I think one should not write these thoughts in a public place. In politics there are so many self-fulfilling prophecies. Criticism of the president would have to reach him, if it is supposed to be useful at all. Criticism on this blog will not reach him, but it may well demoralize others. I thought the idea for this blog was to have a bastion against Pl etc. and to exchange useful information and analysis.

  77. Hi BWD & friends!

    What a lively discussion today. Given your opening BWD, I read the previous thread. I thought everyone was assertive in putting forth their point of view, including Askew.

    Askew characterized comments offered by What Is Working as “weakassed,” then later characterized PBO’s statements on the jobs issue as ” more platitudes and begging of CEOs to hire people,” “just an embarrassment,” “baffled by Obamaโ€™s lame ass response,” “seems incapable of even trying to do something,” “truly seems like he doesnโ€™t care,” “Not one new initiative in 2 years.”

    This is emotionally weighted language which discounts the person addressed or discussed, and will engender from some a response in-kind. While BWD expressed frustration and anxiety about this issue, she did so, unlike Askew, without using language that put anyone down.

    Further, in his/her frustration, Askew has forgotten one tiny, little constitutional requirement: All bills relating to revenue, generally tax bills, must originate in the House of Representatives (Article I, Section 7, clause 1). (This means both collecting and spending revenues.) So, the president and the Senate cannot do anything at all about creating jobs, without the House. So no, the Treasury cannot just give PBO money for an infrastructure bank. Whatever the president’s new or old ideas maybe for creating jobs, the bill that creates and funds such a program must originate in and pass the Republican controlled House.

    Those are my observations, here is my opinion. The issue of job creation is not isolated. It will not be solved as a separate issue. As long as the House is holding job creation, the debt ceiling, the 2012 budget and any thing else they can hostage to protecting the privileges of the top 1%, there will be no jobs or economic stimulus bills. And as long as, the only branch of government “held accountable” for this is the President, you won’t get any bills either. Unless and until those of us unhappy with the performance of the House start making our voices louder than the Tea Party – after all there are more of us – we will be stuck right where we are. Every citizen has the right to petition the Speaker of the House (2nd in line to the Presidency) and the House Majority Leader. Send your comments to those offices. Do you have a republican representative? Do you know anyone who is unemployed? Even if you and they blame PBO for their plight, you STILL need to let your member of Congress know you expect them to stop taking hostages and create jobs.

    Finally, these comments may come late in the discussion and that may mean it took me too long to write this. I try to edit myself, because I am interested in a conversation. If I don’t agree with you persuade me. However, I do not find repeated statements of frustration persuasive. So, as the song says, “don’t be offended this all my opinion, ain’t nothin’ that I’m sayin’ law.” BWD love ya, girrrl. Peace out.

  78. The unfortunate reality about jobs, and I think the President knows this, is that job growth will continue to be too slow, UNLESS some new industry or technology takes off (i.e. the internet in the 90’s). Prior to the great recession, 70% of the economy was driven by consumer spending. Well, now that millions are out of work, and consumer credit is tight, there is no way we can reach that same level of consumer spending to drive the economy. Pre-recession, the other big drivers of the economy were housing and Wall Street, which as we all know by now, was all a house of cards. The housing mess, unfortunately, will have to run its course and fix itself. The President cannot do much at this point, to make an impact there. Getting people back to work is ultimately what is going to fix the housing problem. PBO knew this, which is why he pushed hard for clean energy and rail. He was hoping to help create that next new industry or technology that would create the jobs needed to replace those that will not come back. GOP controlling the House has made it harder, as they have not passed a single bill that realistically creates jobs and can pass the Senate. BWD is right that unemployment will decide the 2012 election. But what we need to remind voters of, is that the GOP’s solution to unemployment, is the same formula as the Bush years: tax cuts for the wealthy and big business, deregulation, etc. If we allow this proven recipe for failure, to be the winning argument in 2012, then perhaps we (i.e. Democrats) do not deserve to govern.

  79. Thank you jackie. It makes it a bit better. Times have been really tough on so many fronts.

  80. Pres. Bill Clinton speaks at Campus Progress National Conference.
    Pres Clinton has much praise for Pres Obama during this 51 minute video. Clinton explains much about what has occurred during the past 3 years, changes that have taken place, how little the public know of these changes. Very positive.


  81. Amen! And, absolutely refuse to allow ‘them’ to puppet you by doing what they do,which is pushing our buttons.! ‘They’ are orchestrating the whole scenario, with us predictably falling into their hands. Let’s get pro-active, folks. We have all said our piece, apologised, forgiven,hugged and made-up. Now to the business at hand! Power to the people. Our orchestration begins….

  82. askew, it’s all about divide and conquer and it’s everywhere, even on this totally pro-Obama site.

    Please do NOT leave! You have a reasonable voice and you have lots to offer all of us. I am, personally, reserving judgment about the debt limit negotiations until there is some actual agreement reached. If, indeed, PBO has fallen for a trap set by the GOP, I will express my anger and frustration along with you. If, otoh, he traps them instead by offering EVERYTHING, including reductions in SS, Medicare and Medicaid and they still TURN HIM DOWN, then he can announce to the country that the Republicans have refused to negotiate and are taking the country to the brink of total economic destruction and the American people must contact their legislators and demand they raise the debt ceiling immediately.

    That’s my hope for the best.

    BTW, Randi Rhodes read a letter from President Reagan asking that the debt limit be raised that painted an extremely dire picture of the USA defaulting on their debts. Maybe PBO will read that first and then make his announcement as I’ve described above.

    Anyway, please STAY!

  83. I want you to stick around, askew. It was a bad news day, and everyone reacts differently. But the one thread that binds us is that we all care so much. We all know how important, dire even, all this is, and it can be frustrating to the max when the news isn’t what we want to hear. I understand your anxiety, and I understand those who were defensive. I remember other times when all seemed in upheaval and all was lost—HCR—-and I tend to be on the optimistic side again now —-I’ve seen the track record. “I’ve got this”. And —–I would miss you a whole bunch—-you’re one of the names where I stop and pay close attention to what you have to say. Let’s keep doing our part to make this turn out the way we all want it to, the goal we all have, all in heart and soul.

  84. You mean Steny Hoyer??? He’s a rep rather than a senator and is the assistant minority leader in the House (second in command to Pelosi but apparently they don’t get along). He’s a bit of a blue dog but very powerful so any contacts that you make with him are hugely important . .

  85. I am sticking by this President because he stands for the things I believe in, because he knows so much more than almost anyone out there, because he cares, because he listens and respects everyone.

    I am sticking with this President and hope all of you do also – we have our work cut out for us but if we don’t allow ourselves to get distracted by one bad jobs number or the like we will be fine.

    We need to constantly remind everyone that the GOP is doing EVERYTHING to sink the economy now so that the President isn’t re-elected.

  86. He primaried Carter for that reason but more because the Dems knew that Carter was a goner .and was going to take down the Dem Congress with him .

  87. Yeah – I know — I found Askew’s posts quite offensive — there’s ways to criticize that are constructive and then there is what Askew did. I’m a little bit surprised to see BWD’s defense of that kind of slamming of PBO. .

  88. I think President Obama is the last person in the world who would want to be worshiped or idolized or to have everyone agree with him. If I recall he has often indicated that he welcomes criticism from all sides so that all views can be taken into account.

  89. And the use of some unnecessarily demeaning rhetoric like “lame ass” etc. was not the “constructive criticism” one would expect from a so-called supporter, sorry.

    GN, I read all your responses and they were restrained and respectful and I’d like to say how much I appreciate your thoughtful and articulate posts.

    I want to be just like you someday, but right now I fail woefully at restraint and intelligent response to obviously wierd, head scratching stuff that blindsides you when you least expect it.

  90. Actually Askew, I just read the “exchange” on the other thread and you dear friend were the one who actually used the “mean” and demeaning words!

    The responses to you were actually quite tame and restrainedI

    Your supposed “criticism” of PRESIDENT Obama were glib and full of unnecessarily demeaning rhetoric and non-factual and exaggerated generalizations.

    The victim act you’re putting on is head-scratchingly disconcerting.

    And what is with this over-arching need to “criticize Obama”? What exactly is supposed to come of it?

  91. Exactly Obama Grandmama! There are so many places to “criticize” this president and the sudden urge to add that to this safe place is mind-boggling to say the least!

  92. So true Sebastian! Where is everyone? Why is President Obama being forced to do other people’s jobs?

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen a President literally abandoned with everyone demanding he perform every single task including that usually assigned to other branches, Party honcho’s, etc.

    There are distinct roles and structures typically designed to support the President; Where is everyone? Why is everything been dropped on President Obama’s lap?

    Where is the support for this President from his party? Why aren’t party elders been dispatched to do the push back the President obviously shouldn’t do in his role?

    This is insane.

  93. President Obama welcomed *constructive criticism* not demeaning, non-factual, bogus-meme laden hysteria!

  94. I’m not just sticking with President Obama, I’m standing proudly, solidly, unapologetically and unyieldingly behind him!

  95. Yes, I agree. By “criticism”, I do not mean the insane blatherings of RWNJs and their ilk, but criticism from those who use facts and who are genuine. I kinda think that the President sometimes privately agrees with those who criticize him, but can’t do much with the hand dealt to him. If he could wave a magic wand and make everything ok for everyone, including those who hate him, he would, but he can’t. He’s trying to be everyone’s President, white, black,Hispanic, Asian, straight, non-straight, Dems, Repugs, Indeps, etc, and that necessitates compromise, and unfortunately results in criticism from all sides, plus he is a politician who has to win an election. I am not American and I don’t live in the USA, but I have been rooting for him since the Democratic primaries. To me, he is still The One. I apologize if I have offended anyone.

  96. I was horrified to hear that 19 Democrats — 19!!! — voted for Virgin Foxx’s Bill of Bigotry about not allowing gay service members to marry.

  97. Because the job numbers are very damaging to this President, politically. Whether that is warranted or not, job numbers dominate the economic story.

    Although there’s a dandy chart showing job creation with stimulus and the job creation after most of the stimulus money was spent. We have ammunition to fight back with.

    And of course the fact that Republican governors are gutting their work force. I’ve been predicting that this is a direct way to drive up unemployment and because Republicans know how to stick a knife in, they would lay this at Obama’s feet. Democrats should have been ready for this with some effective messaging. They appeared to be caught off guard (huh?!?). Some were okay, some were fumbling. It all felt defensive.

    We were expecting great jobs numbers — everyone was. It was a kick in the gut yesterday, after a potential kick in the gut the day before. Whether any of it pans out — these were two bad days politically and we don’t like to give up even one news cycle if we can help it.

    BWD gets to air her fears as well. She aired them in a way that I feel connects us with no doubt about her support for this President or a whiff of doubt about her motives for a better, progressive country.

  98. I’d like to add something for Democrats to ask Boehner: How are we going to employ all the workers laid off by Republican governors? Who’s going to employ them. Every person laid off represents less revenue coming in — fewer shoes bought, kids dropping out of college because their father was laid off by Scott Walker.

    You want tax cuts for the job creators? Then they get tax cuts WHEN they create jobs, not your pie in the sky promise that has no basis in fact.

  99. Okay, the patent thing is not going to create jobs in the next 15 months. trust me. I’ve worked for patent lawyers. Even a streamlined process is expensive, difficult and still must meet stringent patent requirements which are necessary for the integrity of the system. Then you go into production. It takes years. It’s a good idea but not an immediate help.

    The trade agreements are a wash, I’m afraid. We’ll create some jobs but we give stuff up, too. The trade policy genie is not going back in the bottle anytime soon. Another big thanks to Bill Clinton.

    What progressive policies did Bill Clinton enact? The deficit reduction helped — with a raise in taxes for the wealthy. But I honestly can’t point to anything else he did that was progressive. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  100. Especially since a President is very limited in what he can do about jobs, directly. A President facing the virtually treasonous obstruction of Republicans, with a good dose of help form conservadems, it’s amazing this President has been able to get anything done.

    If the looney left had chosen to not be looney and supported him from the beginning, like Republicans do for their Presidents, the 2010 debacle would not have happened.

  101. Depends on the deal. The buy-in of Democrats to Republican frames on the debt ceiling is not helping. If this deal involves cuts and a retraction akin to what Congress enacted over Roosevelt’s objection around 1936 (?) then we’re in trouble. I frankly see no evidence that this deal isn’t going to be heavily weighted toward cuts, many of which will be disastrous for an economy that needs to grow, and very little to fix our revenue situation. Because that’s what’s truly broken — our revenue situation.

    We have never run wars with a tax cut — Bush did that for the first time in history. I don’t expect to return to Eisenhower-level taxes but Reagan starting starving this government in 1980 and only Bill Clinton turned that a around a little bit.

    Let’s be clear: an individual tax cut for the rich buys stuff for the rich. What creates jobs? HIgher taxes — in order to avoid paying taxes people invest in businesses where, if the business is successful it’s investment income and not personal income to be taxed as regular income.

    Lower the individual tax burden and jobs are not created, jobs are lost. Unless you count the sales girl at Tiffany’s. There is no incentive for individuals to ‘create jobs’ if their taxes are low — NONE.

    So we were at 87/13 cuts to revenue and even though this was better than Republicans were willing to accept in January, now it’s not good enough. Tax increases, only if they are offset by other tax cuts, so they bring no new revenue into the system.

    And now social security has been put on the table by our President in debt ceiling negotiations. A deal that has to be struck in a matter of days, instead of the matter of months that true social security reform should be afforded. Trust me, there are millions of Americans who will only hear that social security has been cut — they won’t be interested in the details. A political battle that I don’t think we needed to have to fight.

    Hey, I’ll be fine with that if the deal is 50/50 cuts to revenue. If the hedge fund manager loophole is completely closed and they pay full income taxes on their bets that businesses will fail — what a great way to make a living, you bastards. Oh, and I want a jobs bill, too. The infrastructure bank to fix our crumbling infrastructure that all Americans and all American businesses rely upon to function in the 21st century. In fact we’ll help the ‘job creating’ hedge fund managers by actually taking that tax increase and directly funding jobs of decent Americans. Or sending them to college. Or putting solar panels on every street light in America. Directly. We’ll promise.

    And if ‘fixing’ social security doesn’t include a substantial raise on the cap, then it is not a serious proposal.

    I want all this in the next 10 days because everything is tied to the debt ceiling vote.

  102. I had the same thing happen to me the day before, but it was truly explosive yesterday. I wasn’t going to say anything here, but here I am.

    Tensions are high. Fears are high. Everyone can take a step back and understand that we have important friendships here — that everyone here wants this President to succeed.

    If there are criticisms of this President, please don’t assume we are Jane Hamsher wannabes. It’s insulting, it’s hurtful. And it’s not true. Extremes of any kind are dangerous. I would venture to say that most of us are here not just because we love President Obama, but because we are pragmatic people who look at the entire picture. That includes the politics of things and the struggles of how to convince people to vote for this President and stay committed. The last few days have been difficult for us who are dealing with our friends, families and co-workers.

    The jobs numbers were bad and unexpected. Putting social security reform on the debt ceiling negotiations is a political head-scratcher. We can’t always assume that everything this President does is brilliant or even politically astute. That doesn’t mean we don’t want him to succeed — in fact some of our frustrations are because we see success becoming more difficult. We want the wind at his back, we want the country to understand and support him.

  103. My husband and I are 75 years old, have lived in 5 states over 52 yrs. of marriage and agree that we have never experienced a President of President Obama’s quality in our entire lifetime. His intelligence, decency, self control and dignity surpass all others we remember and his vision for our country has never been so clear. This is a president who envisions the U.S. of Tomorrow, not yesterday. That is his job. We should all remember the words of a recently naturalized citizen: I just don’t understand why Americans are always complaining; they have so much to be thankful for.

  104. Thanks for your “take” on this “What Congress can do to help PRIVATE SECTOR create jobs” list…

    Other options?

    Concerning the trade deals, PBHO is tryin’ his best to improve on/”clean up” Clinton’s messes like he has been tryin’ to do w/Bush&Co.’s messes. But, of course, there’s Congress…Grrr!

    Seizing Opportunities to Support American Jobs, American Values in Trade… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/03/18/seizing-opportunities-support-american-jobs-american-values-trade

    Me, neither!

    And, you’re right about Clinton. To me, he sucked/s! ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol (Despite him bein’ called, “The Black President,” he didn’t help the disenfrancised… Poverty IS “alive and well!”)

    Even after Clinton’s 8yr-term was over, he still thinks he’s “President.”


    You know, whenever I hear the words, ‘PRIVATE SECTOR’, I hear these words, ‘PROFITS OVER PEOPLE’!

  105. Re-reading this comments thread, I’m going to say my peace and then let it go. There is critique and then there is chicken littling and claiming attack when others disagree with that. I would hate to see people hesitant to confront comments threads like a few which took place last week because we all hold each other in affection or people are scared of being perceived as “attacking” someone. That would stifle some valuable positive voices which bring so much to this space and makes it one of the few which usually doesn’t jump onto netroots pile-ons. We shouldn’t sacrifice that wonderful quality.

  106. You are so spot on Caroline! Even though I have not lived as long and could not possibly claim to be as wise and smart as you clearly are, I too see this President for the extraordinary human being he is and the epitome of what a dignified, focused, intelligent, decent, empathetic, caring, hard working, measured and successful leader is!

    It blows my mind how the best human traits as embodied by this spectacular President have been spun as negatives!

    Never mind that in any of the republican candidates, the slightest hint or semblance of any of the wonderful traits President Obama possesses in abundance, are played up and celebrated.

    I wish my fellow Americans would open their eyes for goodness sakes before it’s too late!

    President Obama is our last chance at puting back our democracy, country and the world back on the right track.

    As supporters, let’s stop with the disrespect and demeaning in the guise of “criticism”. It is amazing how some have fallen for the crappy narrative that not falling prey to the psycholigal manipulation to “criticize Obama” instantly becomes “wide-eyed adulation”!

    Well, this crazy Obamabot will embrace that!

    I’d rather be guilty of ‘wide-eyed adulation” than falling prey to the meme of the resentful, hateful manipulators who insist that chipping away at President Obama – the man, his mind and his character – all in the name of “criticism” is now a mandatory requirement to prove ones political independence or “progressive” bona fides.

    I remain a proud and unyielding Obamabot – no disclaimers and no if’s and but’s about it!

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