Meanwhile, in the world of the facts…

Private payrolls rise by 157,000 in June

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Private-sector employment rose 157,000 in June, according to Automatic Data Processing Inc.’s employment report released Thursday, in what could be a signal that the recent economic soft patch may not last long.

The headline number surprised Wall Street, coming in more than double the 70,000 increase expected by economists.


Stars finally beginning to align for U.S. economy?

Things are finally starting to look more hopeful for the U.S. economy.

It looks like President Obama and the U.S. Congress may actually be getting down to some serious discussions on cutting the deficit and clinching an agreement to raise the Treasury’s borrowing authority by the Aug. 2 deadline. Heck, Mr. Obama is actually talking about aiming big in the talks, and will push negotiators to double their target to US$4 trillion in budget savings over 10 years.

Meanwhile, the beleagured job market is beginning to show some signs of improvement.

If the politicos can stop acting like children and actually get a debt deal and Friday’s non-farm payrolls can follow through with some job creation strength, then the rally that has been building in the market could catch some heat.


Auto industry, seeing new life, is on hiring spree

DETROIT – Volkswagen opened a plant in Tennessee last month with 2,000 workers. Honda is hiring 1,000 in Indiana to meet demand for its best-selling Civic. General Motors is looking for 2,500 in Detroit to build the Chevy Volt.

Two years after the end of the Great Recession, the auto industry is hiring again – and much faster than the rest of the economy. As an employer, it’s growing faster than airplane manufacturers, shipbuilders, health care providers and the federal government.

The hiring spree is even more remarkable because memories of the U.S. auto industry’s near-death experience are fresh. In 2009, General Motors and Chrysler both got government bailouts and entered bankruptcy, and auto sales hit a 30-year low.

In June of that year, about 623,000 people were employed by the auto industry in the United States, the fewest since the early 1980s. Now the figure is almost 700,000, a 12 percent increase.

Sales are back up, too, and automakers are hiring by the thousands to meet increased demand.

“The buzz is incredible around here about what opportunity we’re going to get if we can build a great product,” says Ben Edwards, who went to work for Volkswagen in Chattanooga, Tenn., last year and is now a team leader on an assembly line that installs tires and seats.

Edwards was working as a general contractor until the housing market dried up. He says the pay at Volkswagen, which starts at $14.50 an hour, is fair and the benefits are generous.

Besides hiring 2,000 people itself, Volkswagen figures the plant, where it will make its new Passat, will create 9,000 spin-off jobs in the region, including 500 at auto-supplier plants that are springing up nearby.

Automakers are hiring again because car sales are rising. Americans bought 10.4 million cars and trucks in 2009 and 11.6 million in 2010. This year, they’re on track to buy 13 million or more, and auto companies are adding shifts to meet the demand.

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  1. I’m disappointed. There is nothing here to get outraged about. Better go make something up. /snark

  2. The daily clip from the Press conference last week.

    “Are Republicans willing to compromise their kids’ safety so that some corporate jet owner continues to get a tax break.”

  3. When the record of this administration is written, we will be astonished at the mighty accomplishments of Secretary Chu. He just keeps working and not bragging or yelling. What a concept!!! Just like his boss. Two great hearts and two great minds.

  4. Holy cow! Rupert and James Murdoch have shut down the New of The World. The last edition will be printed on Sunday. Will this have him be found a fit and proper person to buy more of BSKYB? No. Is Rebekah Brooks guilty of perjury? Turns out Scotland lawyer says Yes! She was in meetings where the payment to police, etc. were discussed.

  5. I hope people are finding this site. It’s the only antidote to all the crazy garbage out there. It’s the proof we all need that this president knows what he’s doing. Between the positive news on this site and the growing people power in the Midwest I think we’re going to be okay.

  6. WiW: The GOP do not give a (F) sorry about safety or any other issues for the American people. The Just care About given the tresure of our country to the wealthiest, and screw the middle class people, so we have to push harder and help PBO.

  7. It’s there a link on this? I hope Murdoch is shut down for the good of the world, the are crips.

  8. Rupie’s hoping that this will stanch the blood letting. If anything it’ll make it worse; you don’t shutter something unless there’s great damage to be done. What News of the World did was unconscionable, and shutting it down won’t stop the legal system from investigating.

  9. Sure hope so. Shutting down that pos rag doesn’t and shouldn’t in anyway exonerate these thugs and police investigation must continue. Ed Miliband must push cameron, who seems to weaseling out by dragging out the investigations.

  10. We need someone to do some investigative reporting in this country to see if they did some of those horrible things here. A girl can dream, right?

    This whole operation is just nauseating. I hope the investigation across the pond continues and with serious consequences, too.

  11. WiW, have you seen this video of Van Jones eviscerating the Grover Norquist no taxes pledge. It’s a thing a beauty. He brings Norquist down to size in under one minute.

    This was posted over at The Obama Diary by JER:

  12. Not to mention all the folks working at NotW now were not connected to the hacking. So they’re trying to sacrifice the brand without the folks who were responsible for it. Punishing the workers now for the sins of Jr, Brooks and the current WSJ CEO who was a major part of the cover up.

  13. I gotta thank this community again for not joining whatever new anti-POTUS pile-on and lie tsunami erupted from the usual blogs and media outlets. It feels great to read content around people who refuse to hop on bandwagons or join angry e-mobs. I don’t read emoblogs at all because I prefer to read fiction created by *talented* writers, but their freakouts seem to bleed over here because people sometimes carry over their obsessions and in my opinion don’t take the content which they choose to read in those emoblogs with the required poundful of salt. My blood pressure thanks you bwd and this community for such a respite from that type of media excess.

  14. I have a question. When will people stop referring to the President as Mister? It’s disrespectful. I find it a lot in NY Times articles. At first I thought it was a missprint but it’s pretty much all the time. I don’t read the Times because of that.I know it’s petty but to me it’s a subtle way of saying they disapprove of him.

  15. Typical Murdoch. I’m not one to harp on looks, but Rupie’s visage perfectly mirrors what seems to be a very dark soul. And he looks like Emperor Palpatine.

  16. Well, as far as the NY Times go, I think their style guide calling PBO by his title the first time he’s referred to in an article, and then as “Mr.” all the subsequent times. This has been the case for all presidents. It also applies to other politicians — “Senator Harry Reid” the first time, then “Mr. Reid” after that.

  17. Yup. BBC/NYT they’ll refer him first time in a piece as President and subsequently use only Mr. It’s an accepted newsies’ custom.

  18. And because I’m anal like that, let’s try this again.

    Well, as far as the NY Times goes, I think their style guide calls for calling PBO by his title the first time he’s referred to in an article, and then as “Mr.” all the subsequent times. This has been the case for all presidents. It also applies to other politicians — “Senator Harry Reid” the first time, then “Mr. Reid” after that.

  19. No one in this administration is a chest pounder when something gets done…they just do their jobs and keep pushing to do the right thing. GWB ALWAYS had to thump his chest and tell everyone in the world what he just did…looking for accolades and recognition.PBO doesn’t need to do that, nor anyone that works for him…they are quiet leaders, moving forward, pushing hard…against many obstacles, to do right by America. If that’s not dedication and true patriotism than I don’t know what is.

  20. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. This is going to be bigger and more far reaching than we think right now….please keep us posted, OSG.

  21. That’s actually true of all the Cabinet members – and part of it is because the media ignores them. Including Sec. Clinton and her many global good works. They just keep working, even if no-one is paying attention. But the people whose lives are being changed for the better know what good they’re doing.

  22. Better “Mister” than just Obama. THAT makes me nuts! THAT is disrespectful.

  23. Someone said that in media, they typically refer to the President (or other leader) by their title the first time, then refer to last name only or “Mr/Mrs/Ms” for subsequent mentions. It lowered my blood pressure over this considerably. Although, I can’t stand hearing them call palin “governor” since she abandoned the post. And I hate it when they refer to other person by their title and then refer to the President as “Mr”. They mean their disrespect.

  24. I was disgusted listening to NPR today. They were speaking about the plan and said that Obama was proposing a bigger plan to get the Republicans to go along. It occurs to me that Pres Obama is proposing a plan to help our economy not Repubs.

  25. It’s their writing style. They also referred to Bush as such, if I remember correctly.

    But beyond that I agree with you. A lot of people in the media don’t give this president any respect.

    I personally try never to refer to the president just by his last name unless it is referring to a quote. For me, it is President Obama.

  26. First, an action alert: Please go to and ask them [actually Jeremy Hunt, Culture Minister] NOT to approve Rupert Murdoch as a fit and proper person to own more of BSKYB, but also ask that he be stripped of his current 1/3 ownership.

    Hunt will have the final responsibility to approve the additional ownership. He has received 100,000 objections to Murdoch so far, and has postponed his decision until September. We need to give him another 100,000 objection to Rupert Murdoch.

    When you click on the link you will get a contact form that does not ask for an address.

    Please tweet this or e-mail it.

  27. It’s hard to believe the jackals actually get paid to ask such stupid questions. They are obsessed with process. Intelligent policy questions are rarely asked.

  28. Second, a bit of an update. We are watching as 5 arrest of News International people are shortly expected. Brooks has not yet been fired. Murdoch, bless his black heart, has closed New of the World 1) to get rid of the furor, but as important 2) because the News was losing money and he will not put the money from the closed News into another of his papers. He never changes.
    He so sweetly says that he will take no advertising from the final weekend editions and couldn’t because almost every advertiser is long gone, but will donate the space to charities who might wish to use the free advertising.
    The employees of the News are being likened to a lynch mob going after Brooks. She left with a security guard.

    Now tell Jeremy Hunt what you really think of Rupert Murdoch

  29. I hope this fans out like tentacles…and more and more is uncovered that exposes this evil empire for what it really is…..and they all fall down!

  30. Right now, each “reporter” (and I say that advisedly) is trying to act like “Columbo”. There are a lot of “what if’s” and “why” and “but you said” and “what changed” questions. Blah Blah Blah

    I know I shouldn’t torture myself with these briefings, but I really like Jay. He does his homework and keeps his cool. He has President Obama’s back. And anyone who can put Jake Tapper in his place is alright with me.

  31. Nowhere does it say that you are not allowed input. A lot rides on this because if Murdoch gets the remaining 2/3rds he will change Sky News into another Fox news. That would be tragic. He would also control the entire major satellite TV system for all of Europe.

  32. Do you remember when Fox had on all those [paid?] retired military officers who were pushing the war in Iraq and outing Valerie Plame?

    The one thing Rupert forgot is that the enemies you make on the way up have to be met again on the way down.

  33. That’s the beauty of “freedom”….I am free to NOT click on a nasty diary, read a nasty comment, are watch a teevee show that is disrespectful to the President. I CHOOSE to stay positive and read, search and spread positive things about THIS president. Thank you BWD and all those that continue to stay positive and have PBO’s back.

  34. Cameron has his own problems on this having been far too friendly with Coulson, Brooks and Murdoch. Cameron is caught between a rock and a hard place right now.

  35. A case study in sloppy and lazy reporting.


    It’s important for reporters to get the details right. Those who praised new-found GOP “flexibility” yesterday got the details wrong, and allowed dishonest Republicans to play them for fools.

    Update: And now a GOP source confirms to Greg Sargent that all of these media reports were wrong, and that Republicans only want to apply savings to more tax cuts, not deficit reduction.

    It’s amazing to me that so many major media outlets were so badly fooled.

  36. I have written a new blog titled When Will the Left Stop Falling for Hearsay? I have included some good info regarding the FY 2012 budget the President proposed and how it helps the poor and middle class-remember he was accused of “screwing them” back in April before the left actually saw his proposal? I also have included the “fact sheet” and his previous position on Soc Security. How many times does the man have to state his position? Please read, comment, and share.

  37. Man, would I love to see him lose his money and have to sell Fox News and WSJ. That alone would help American politics more than anything else to have those propaganda sites shuttered.

  38. It’s quite simple Tori it is a Black Man with all this power that has the finger on the button to control all these finacial and social issues. Even in our Democratic/Progressive ranks that is very frightening to some especially the far left (PL). Its all about RACE love. If this was a Clinton or Edwards in negotiations do you really believe that the MSM would be panicking at every turn and revising the Presidents positions at their convience to meet agendas? Think about it.

  39. Well desrt as we see some things never change. But if we want a good turnout at theo polls in 2012 some things better change with this whinning attitude of the Far Left. SHAMEFUL.

  40. Sad. They just can’t stand that he is smarter and is so far beyond them in terms of…well, everything! There is something seriously wrong with these people.It hurts my heart.

  41. People should post free ads denouncing Murdoch and his evil ways. Make him pay (by way of the free ads) for all the damage he’s done.

  42. They need to figure it out. Fast. That “hopey/changy thing” still works for me….hard moving the rusty crusty Titanic.

  43. Just as most of the obscenely wealthy get their sense of self-worth from their money and their ostentatious lifestyle, so most of the frustrati get their sense of self-worth from their “self-righteous outrage”. Neither of these methods of self-validation are effective at achieving self-esteem or wiping out feelings of impotence, which is why the obscenely wealthy can never have enough money and the perpetually-outraged can never have enough grievances. Endlessly unfulfilled, they seek out more money or more reasons for outrage. One would really like to show them that they have other reasons for self-worth, and most likely they have as everyone has unlimited potential, but this would take massive amounts of patience, time, effort and love and the blogosphere is as unsuited an
    atmosphere for that as I can imagine. As you say, gn, if you can’t join them, ignore them and concentrate on what can be done and how to do it.

  44. Yep, true that desert on all your recent posts. He did tell us in 2008 that CHANGE wasn’t going to be easy and it would take time. Too bad we live in a society with little patience and a short attention span. 😦 Obama/Biden 2012!!

  45. Meanwhile, in the land of facts: White House spokesman Jay Carney commented on the reports concerning Social Security cuts Thursday morning.

    “There is no news here,” Carney said. “The President has always said that while social security is not a major driver of the deficit, we do need to strengthen the program and the President said in the State of the Union Address that he wanted to work with both parties to do so in a balanced way that preserves the promise of the program and doesn’t slash benefits.”

    The media needs a story, so they push it, because it is indeed a huge story. But PBO will NOT reveal his negotiating markers to the public, until it’s a done deal.

    I think it best for some here to pull back, relax, and wait. Please no inaccurate reporting of what so-and-so said on tv. Turn the damn thing off and have a conversation with a real person about PBO. That is how to educate and maybe convince someone who might not share your point of view.

  46. ….and just as you post this DTTM this is what my response to Obamabots whinning about another Ed Shultz tirade over PBO and the negotiations at the Obamadiary: I know its good to recognize and know what our adversaries are doing, but we need to be spreading the good news of the hard working intelligence of the man called Barack Hessein Obama. We won’t see another President like him in the Whitehouse in our life time folks. The Eds of the world are out for ratings, fattening their pockets, and pleasing their masters. They aren’t really concerned with the welfare of the average everyday American, otherwise they wouldn’t have promoted that campaign last fall to keep Dems at home and not vote. Look at the results……a TeaParty controlled House and Governors across the land attacking the heart of the middle and working classes. That my friends is highly counter productive and I won’t give my time, attention, or passion to pundits of their ilk who are only self destructive to our cause. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  47. Beautiful comment, sheila. Even though you may feel as if you’ve said it all, I’ve missed your contributions!

  48. DTTM, and that’s exactlt what I do. Because really, I trust President Obama, because I have found him to be trustworthy, number one, and his accomplishments, says It all for me. President Obama believes In having a relationship with the American People. He lets us know that we all have a say so In Government. President Obama Is a server to the American People. He takes his role seriously, and he Is oh so humble while doing so. President Obama, Is all of the American people’s President, which he said so, the night of his election. We must tune out jibberish, the naysayers, and keep our eyes and ears on our President. President Obama has done some GREAT things In his three years

  49. And really, I’m kind of thinking that while there has been a lot of nasty comments, and he’s been called all kinds of UGLY names, there has been many, many hints, cartoons, and down right blatent references to our First Family, which hurts me ummmmmmm so so deeply. It makes me cringe when I hear It. But you know, although this nasty jibberish makes my blood boil, well not that I’m making excuse for any of this. Please know that I make no excuses for any of the nasties. I guess what I’m trying to say Is: A first Black President, Is just too too painful for some to grasp. It frightens them I think. And we know FEAR, can make you behave angrily. Just a thought.

  50. Shame on all of us — supporters, critics, PL, pundits, MSM, extreme right and left wingers–we effectively neurtalized the impact of the President’s wonderful first-time ever Twitter Townhall event–we allowed it to be driven out of the newscycle in less than 24 hours; in fact, in less than 12 hours, maybe even less than six hours. And for what? A non newstory based on unsubstantiated speculations about Social Security cuts. We (supporters) can’t continue to let this type of thing happen if we expect to return President Obama back to the Whitehouse in 2012.

  51. For actual reporting and reasoned analysis on the budget negotiations, I of course have to turn to… the BBC: US debt limit: Obama says sides are ‘still far apart’.

    And here’s this piece of analysis which we’ve all been saying here, but seems to have escaped the PL and the MSM, from the BBC’s North America editor, Mark Mardel: “Mr Obama’s latest offer of cuts is designed to make a specific argument – that he is willing to go the extra mile but that the Republicans are so entrenched in their narrow political foxhole that they would rather cause another economic crisis than make a single compromise.”

  52. The house republicans just voted to end the energy efficient light bulb program! Well, that otta solve our debt problem??? Jeesh!

  53. Exactly newcentury. We are easy pray. The MSM effectively drove the historic first townhall off the front pages and we let them and fell for their SPIN again. I almost went there myself until my faculties were restored pretty quick. I have complete and total faith in this man, unfortunately there are many that don’t. Oh well we still have 16 months to try and convince folks. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  54. I wonder if the American people really see what the House is doing? Nothing in the realm of job creation whatsoever. Constant drumbeat of slash, cut, and destroy……….WAKE UP AMERICA THE KEYS MUST BE TAKEN BACK!!!

  55. House republicans just voted to end the successor to the Hubble telescope. The James Webb telescope costs 1.6 billion and according to them we are broke and cannot afford it.
    Confused? Don’t be, gallilei had a telescope that he put together with drinking glasses and cost nothing.
    Ahh, the good ole days!

  56. Big headlines at politico says fox news going after media matters. What is fox afraid of? Lol!

  57. SMH, that’s exactly right. This is why I don’t buy it when the emoblogs complain about the WH and communication. Look at all that they do to undermine positive Democratic messaging, every damn day.

  58. Thanks,Keith…eyes on the goal,have my President’s back…that about wraps it up…oh, and fight the lies (always ongoing)

  59. Media Matters will win this one especially with the news about Murdoch’s NOTW behaving unethically and possibly criminally in the UK. Every time Fox has gone up against a group with facts on their side, they’ve lost (Color of Change boycott of Beck, Al Franken vs O’Reilly, etc.).

  60. They HAVE been going after MM for awhile now….because they’re the ones that call them out on their BS all the time…and they are after the guy that started MM…his name escapes me now.

  61. Barney is buying rachels madness and he hangs out with Ron paul. Methinks, he is a green party special interest kind of guy!

  62. I’d like to thank the “left” for again attacking the leader of their party the moment a big political fight surfaced…instead of, you know…attacking Republicans… /facepalm

  63. And the number of people who follow MM is probably about 1/10th or less of those that follow fox.

  64. The “left” is paid by the GOP to attack the President while giving their dismal candidates and congressmen/women a free pass.

  65. Folks he is being primaried again without an actualy primary if you can understand that. At least for right now. He has enemies on both sides folks. There is a lot of political jealousy and envy going on in D.C. folks. Unfortunately the masses listen to this diatribe. Hopefully we come out on top at the end of the day (Nov. 2012). The alternative will be devastating. O_O!

  66. Man gets lab-grown windpipe.
    A 36-year-old man is recovering after surgeons implanted the world’s first wholly lab-grown organ into his body.
    The synthetic trachea, or windpipe, was created by seeding the patient’s own stem cells on to an artificial ‘scaffold’…
    Since the organ was built from cells originating from the patient, there was no risk of it being rejected by his immune system…more

    It will cost a bit on the front side but no more years and years of taking expensive medication after the surgery.

  67. Barney Frank will have to get over it.

    Just watched Chris Matthews show and he showed video of Geithner presenting a copy of the 14th Amendment and making it clear the US will not default on it’s debt. The Constitutional lawyer who was on the show ( IIRC Jeffrey Rosen) and Katrina van den Heuvel suggested Geithner was doing so at the presidents behest to make it clear they’ll use this option if necessary.

  68. You all are invited to attend the #crowplatter party on twitter. when the details come out about the talks. Any media figure or blogger who helped to spread false rumors about the president name can be submitted to eat crow from the #crowplatter.

  69. This is gonna be another case when News is not News.

    Good news never gets attention, only bad news.

    When gas prices go up, the media goes nuts. When gas prices go down, they ignore it.

    When the jobs numbers are below expectations the media predicts impending dooom.
    When the jobs numbers are above expectations, they change the subject.

  70. It can work for the prez too. If the GOP see that he is getting flack on his left flank, they might think they are winning, hence they might say okay, we will accept this because it has given you grief. In the end, the prez comes out smelling like a rose. But, if it does not work as expected, and the prez comes out better as he always does, then we can give the PL some more flak.

    After all the victories Mr. Obama has won, it is getting awfully tiresome to hear the PL huff and puff. I simply refuse to give them the pleasure. They are fools who love to hear themselves speak.

  71. I just watched a video of Al Sharpton take on a Republican from Illinois and Pat Buchanan.

    he was good. Lets all send MSNBC some love for Al, maybe he can keep the show. He consistently comes down on the side of the President.

    30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112
    Phone: (212) 664-4444
    Fax: (212) 664-4426
    Twitter @MSNBC or @NBCNews

    is he subbing for Ed?
    Ed Shultz –

  72. Turned Ed off today. Only listened for a few minutes. Came home from a dentist appt. to find an email from Adam Green. I unsubscribed and sent a scathing note when I did that.

    Heard David Frum on POTUS (Pete Dominic) while I was in the car. He is SO sane and reasonable. Was quite critical of many in ‘his’ party. Also critical of PO—-thinks he is his own worst enemy and often times negotiates in a way that helps John “Boner” do what he does. In short, believes PO could be a much better negotiator.

  73. I diagree with David Frum where he criticizes the WH as being “weak at negotiating” and calls the President “incompetent.” His words are now being used on DKOS in a rec listed diary with a lot of nasty comments towards the President. None of these media folks speak for me.

  74. Nope, they are not going to change, ever. But we’ll have an excellent turnout at the polls despite them, maybe because of them. The American people do not take kindly to abusers.

  75. Al Sharpton is great… I don’t always like him and I’m not religious but I think he stands to be reasonable and more rational comparted to other talking heads. At least from what little I’ve heard.

  76. True, that. That was the one part of his interview that I disagreed with. In some other areas, he was quite complimentary of PO.

  77. well the news report was a total lie and made everyone into a sky is falling.

    Democrats are on message though, being defensive of social security medicare and medicaid.

    the white house pushed back.

    boldprogressives and dailykos are reacting based on a lie. just like they were spreading rumors that obama wants to cut social security before the state of the union.

  78. Please everyone. We need your help over at the OFA site

    A troll has posted a direct threat to the life of President Obama and the so-called moderators are not doing ANYTHING about it. This is what “It” wrote in response to a comment about an article which stated “Obama To Unveil Gun Control
    Reforms In Near Future”

    The Trolls response was, “The communist, anti-American scumbag can have our guns… bullets first and when they are empty”

    Please go and flag the comment. Contact anyone you know who works for the Obama campaign or the White House, and contact the Secret Service.

  79. Done. I watched Sharpton yesterday and immediately emailed MSNBC and asked them to replace Uyger with the Rev. He makes tough liberalism fun instead of dour, whiney and churlish. And he manages to do so, as you noted, without attacking the president.

  80. Every single time. They ascribe the right wing with superhuman powers and claim that the right wing always wins (which isn’t true!) and rather than engaging the field, they run crying that all is lost, turn their fire on their own side and never take an iota of responsibility for hurting their own causes. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. November 2010 was the absolute last straw for me. Which is why I love bwd and the other pragmatic blogs; we’re building our own foxhole.

  81. azgrandma…I looked over there and looks like somebody already posted the link to the secret service. You can call or post the link and send it to them and I’m sure they will investigate. Let us know what happens. Loons.

  82. I think that Dems are making a huge mistake listening to trolled spaces like dfox rather than having President Obama’s back. Particularly because people can contrast this with President Clinton receiving more respect when in fact his policies were waaaaay to the right. As to dfox, these folks don’t need an excuse to say horrible things about President Obama. They are no better than the right wing in my strong opinion, and some of the worst people there are without a doubt right wing trolls, enabled by the ego and hubris of that site owner and his editors. I guarantee if you go back and read from one year ago, you will see many of the same people saying horrible lies about President Obama’s response to the oil spill.

  83. Nothing’s new with that. Neither bold so-called progressives or the emoprogressive sites are allies in any meaningful sense of the word. They receive way more attention than is merited. Way more.

  84. You know what this current crowd of GOP liars want is to turn the United Sates into China, where only a few giant corporations run things, they own the factories, the apartments, the grocery stores, the gas stations, the newspaper and magazine publications, the radio stations, the television stations and you pay them and they get all the benefits, and if you do not like it go jump off cliff. Well some Chinese workers seeing that as individuals that they cannot progress have done just that by committing suicide.

    The current crowd of GOP liars want to steal Medicare from the elderly, they want to abolish a woman’s right to choose and have control over her own body, they want to abolish collective bargaining rights for our Unions, and on top of it all they want to blame the poor, the middle class and the public sector workers for a recession that the GOP created (Thanks to the Dullard “W”), while their beloved “Fat cats” continue to pay themselves exorbitant salaries, bonuses, fringe benefits.

    The GOP is like the “Chicken Littles” always saying that the “Sky is Falling”, like the same ones that were the “Chicken Hawks” (“W” Wars), big talk no courage.

    The United States, favors creativity wherever it can be found. We’re apostles of prosperity and defenders of the free exchange of ideas and when more people in more countries are free to rise, to invent, to communicate, to dissent, it’s not the doom of United States leadership, its the triumph of the American way.

    Generations have worked hard and sacrificed much for the country to reach this point (individuals and our Unions!), and with further hard work and sacrifice (along with our relentless self-doubt) the United States will rise again, we do not tire and we are coming back, no matter what Faux News and their GOP “Chicken Littles” lackies keep saying about our nation. Never Bet Against the United States, watch out GOP, we are coming for you! The win in New York was the beginning but the next will be Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and later the other states of our nation.

  85. OMG…I would call them up and give them a piece of your mind, quite frankly. Last year they sent me a survey to fill out and attached to that was a contribution sheet….I filled out the survey and wrote on the contribution sheet NO WAY UNLESS YOU START SUPPORTING MY PRESIDENT, and sent it back

  86. Howard Dean talking some common pragmatic sense on Lawrence McDonald. Hofefully those on the PL will repeat his satements.

  87. Actually what it said was:

    I need your urgent help. Republicans are gearing up enact their radical plan to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, women and people with disabilities.

    At this moment, Speaker Boehner is crafting a deficit deal that would gut Medicare and Social Security, while slashing benefits for senior and the middle class in order to make sure he protects tax breaks for millionaires. This is unacceptable and House Democrats will not stand for this.

    We need to show our strength on this issue with one, unified voice — and time is critical.

    Sign our petition right now and join me in telling Republicans that Social Security and Medicare cuts are off the table. We refuse to let Republicans balance the budget on the backs of seniors, women and people with disabilities while supporting tax breaks for millionaires.

    Donna, time is running short. If we don’t stand up against these radical cuts right away, decades of progress could be lost.

  88. gn, first time I’ve seen “emoprogressive.” Excellent description.

  89. Howard Dean on the “LAst word” actually said that he likes what the President is doing, and it is possible to cut SS, Medicare and Medicaid without reducing benefits to the people who used them. Dean also expressed optimism that a compromise deal would be hashed out by Boehner and the Presidednt, and he commended Boehner for not subscribing to the far right-wing ideology in his party.

  90. Hi Mary, just saw your post. I agree, and I spread the news to a certain PL site known as the Old Orange. I challenged them to post a poutrage diary attacking Dean for saying what he said. I also called out the two chief architects of dishonesty and manipulation on this particularly topic.

  91. Nancy Pelosi is meeting with the President tomorrow morning..will talk about it @ 11:30 am…..meeting is @ 10am.

  92. Are all their emails like this? Or just this one? If it’s only this one, then perhaps you could forgive them. If part of a larger strategy…gin up the troops using hyperbole…then yeah, unsubscribe. Why do you need their emails anyway?

  93. Isn’t it amazing how all of the people who don’t have to negotiate with the republican tools think it is sooo easy for PBO to do it? Mainstream republicans don’t like Frum because sometimes, he tells the truth. Whatever he thinks would make him more successful were he POTUS is a pipe dream because Boehner and the others would do him the same way. Backseat drivers irk the heck out of me when they “advise” PBO without facing reality or the truth. Frum knows the republicans are over the cliff but pretends that PBO can just roll over them. Heck, he got Fox News upset with him when he said Fox News runs the GOP, and it cost him his job with the American Enterprise Institute. Whomever Frum is trying to fool, it isn’t those of us who face reality and know the truth about the republicans. The republicans inside, and outside, of Congress are no longer in control of their own party. They’ve allowed themselves to be hijacked by the tea partiers, libertarians, and assorted white supremacist groups. I remember reading on Media Matters when Beck “liked” a white supremacist group on Twitter, changed it, and blamed it on one of his staff members. Yeah, I totally believed that Beck didn’t mean to “like” that group. /s/

  94. It is really painful the level of distrust the PL has for PBO. They would rather take at face value a thinly sourced article, in a paper that has been wrong before, over admin officials who go on the record to say that WaPo got it wrong. We’re supposed to believe a “democratic official familiar with the talks” over Carney? That Dem official could be anyone in DC. Usually the papers will use “admin or WH official” if it’s directly from someone at the WH or “senior dem staffer or aide” if it’s from the Hill.

    It is really astonishing that PL like Rachel, Ed and company think so little of the Pres and his values. With friend

  95. I love the purist-left-outrage du jour. Remember when Obama appointed Kagan to the Supreme Court and that was “the last straw” because she was “probably a stealth Republican”, or some such nonsense? HA! LOL.

    This nonsense is never ending.

    Of course the pure-left loves to say: “FDR never had problems with his base!” (As if the old, white, upper middle-class and college educated netroots represent ‘Obama’s base’, but whatever)

    The truth is FDR had more problems from within his own party and base than Obama could dream of!

    *** In 1940 the head of the DNC not only PUBLICALLY fought to keep FDR from running for his 3rd term, this particular head of the DNC (James Farley) then resigned in protest and refused to mention FDR by name during the rest of the election!

    *** Also in 1940, during the election for FDR’s 3rd term, the founder of the United Mine Workers Union, president of the “CIO”, and all around legendary labor leader John Lewis refused to support FDR, saying her had abandoned labor. Lewis then campaigned for Wilkie over FDR.

    Imagine DNC Head Tim Kaine resigning in protest over Obama running again, and then refusing to support him! On top of that, imagine the AFL-CIO then condemning Obama and throwing their support behind the GOP candidate for President! IMAGINE THAT. Well, that is actually what HAPPENED to the Pure-Left’s shining model who they say never had Obama’s problems…..FDR!

    Now, don’t tell the Pure-Left any of this. They are not concerned with facts or history. We are lucky however to have a marvelous President who IS concerned with facts and history. And that’s why he is the only adult in the room, and thank god for that.

  96. gos has a rec diary saying ted kennedy is dishonored by those defending obama.

    when obama did not even do anything wrong!!!!! the media bullshited

  97. Ed Schultz didn’t. Once again, according to him, President Obama is one step away from being unemployed (his words). He said the same thing about President Obama not going to IL to march in the streets (forget about security) with the protestors. He’s a former (?) Repub who keeps talking about how the President will not win another term if he does this or the other. I am so tired of the PL.

    Sorry about venting.

  98. My comment posted before I finished typing but I was trying to say With friends like this, who needs enemies.

  99. All of the descriptions of the so-called press briefng made me laugh. I twittered throughout as each one made their riduculous questions. Tapper responded. I got Chuck and Chip Reed. They are all so stupid and disrespectful. Chuck kept interrupting Jay. Sickening!

  100. Wow thanks for that history darnel. It actually looks like PBO has it better than FDR did in 1940. Amazing FDR won a record 4th term in 1944. I believe we are in GREAT hands as long as PBO keeps functioning the way he is. Thank God he doesn’t pay attentionn to polls and the LOUDMOUTH pundits and blogosphere junkies that continue to attack him. Simply Awesome!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  101. Edwards would dems be treating them this way? That is my questions. Why do dems treat him this way. He will do their bidding or else. Letters signed by this many or that manIf it were Clinton or y demanding.Did they send these letters to Bush. I dont think so.

  102. It’s so wonderful to have a moderated blog rather than skip over hateful drivel. BWD has created a wonderful community consistent with Respect, Empower, Include and Win! Washington can be such a cesspool; anything in WaPo should be suspect since despite a few bloggers it is mostly GOP propaganda.

  103. …hmmm………..Amazing gos would make another unsubstantiated claim when President Obama is a good friend of the Kennedys and actually holds Teddy in great regard especially for his personal Healthcare crusade. We have to face reality as long as PBO is in office the lies will continue to fly and manifest themselves with no proof to back them up. It is the nature of the beast in a society that is RACIST. As long as PBO if performing his job to the best of his ability and the nation continues to move out of the recession all will be well. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  104. Please not with the race stuff. There are some black PLs who feel the same way. I disagree with them but they feel chest thumping and loud fighting is what he should be doing. Obama is a stealth operator. I’m black, too, but I rather not go to “black” as explanation. Clinton caught hell in his day. It’s worse for Obama now not becuase of race, but the country in general is really partisan after 8 yrs of Bush.

  105. Daily Prayer

    Father God, May Your Holy Light shine upon Barack Obama,
    May Your Holy Light surround him and may he and his family be protected.

    May his words carry strength, and inspiration and hope,
    May he be used by You, Father God, to help heal our Nation.

    May his enemies be confounded, their hatred turned back on them, and their wicked schemes be defeated permanently. 

    May You, Lord Jesus, forgive this country its transgressions as we attempt to begin to change our path from wrong thinking and violence, to justice and peace.

    May the Holy Spirit protect Barack Obama from all harm and guide him to victory for the sake of this nation’s and of the world. And So We Pray, In Jesus Name, Amen.  

  106. To be fair, Tien, their more recent emails requesting donations have been very complimentary of PBO, saying that they need to take back the House to advance Obama’s agenda. However, every once in a while they do get hair on fire, and today was just a really bad day to do it. Sure, they didn’t say that PBO was selling out, but it’s easy to read in between the lines that if Boehner was crafting this debt deal, and it would pass, then it would have to pass with PBO’s blessing.

    What upsets me is that the Dems continue to call on Pres. Obama to lead; when he does, they kneecap him based on rumors. Makes me wish that he would form his own political party.

  107. I think that’s the key part that we’re losing sight of here: that it is possible to cut without reducing benefits. We’re not the only industrialized country to be going through this watershed moment in social security; Japan and Europe are looking at even deeper deficits than we are. Social systems have to be reformed to take into account growing ageing populations and low birth-rates. (Of course, a lot of this could be solved by increased legal immigration infusing the workforce and thus adding to the tax base. But, you know, those people are icky. {snark})

  108. I admire what the president is doing regarding the debt ceiling debate. What he’s doing is forcing each side to frame its argument — forcing the legislature to actually do their job. The Democrats have been forced into drawing their line in the sand without equivocation (good!). Orrin Hatch stepped in it by proclaiming that the poor should shoulder more of the burden. It’s been quite a day, and thanks to the president, the American public is getting a much clearer idea of where each party stands. It’s not a very pretty picture for the Republicans.

    President Obama is once again the adult.

  109. One of America’s most eminent constitutional scholars and president Obama’s former teacher at Harvard, Lawrence Tribe says in a NYT editorial, that “We cannot Pretend that the Debt Ceiling is Unconstitutional”… So I think the 14th amendment still remains in play, as a tool that the president can use to force congress to deal. After all, congress is constitutionally prohibited from nullifying federal debt obligations.

  110. I think it’s a reference to “emo rock”–from WIkipeida: Emo ( /ˈiːmoʊ/) is a style of rock music typically characterized by melodic musicianship and expressive, often confessional lyrics.

    emo as in emotion, contrasted with the results-oriented organizing work of PBO or OFA.

  111. Someone needs to ask Ed, “then what”? When Ed succeeds in creating a Wisconsin situation throughout the country, then what? Who do we look to then? Will Ed slink off to that cabin in Canada that he talked about buying last year? Or will he finally put his name in the ring to run for office -the same office he was begged to run for in 2010 and he said “no”? Or will he revert to his Republican roots and decide that there’s more money bashing the stupid Dems who listened to him and sold their votes away in order to line his pockets with more money?

  112. I know right. BWD when are our fellow suppoters going to learn that obsessing over all this fauxprogressive diatribe is counter productive? Our energies need to be used elsewhere in a contructive manner. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  113. Well there you have it. And to think the DESPERATE RETHUGS are contemplating IMPEACHMENT over a Constitutional Admendment. Total LUNACY!!

  114. Exactly. Why are folks still giving Kos hits? WHY?!! I haven’t been there since 2010 and haven’t even cared to take a peek at that cesspool.

    STOP GOING THERE, FOLKS! Seriously, it is as counterproductive as watching Fox News and then running here to tell us what nonsense they talked about.

    Get over the addiction. It’s not helpful and it’s tiring! Support sites that support the President. It’s that simple.

  115. Barney is just awful and, yes, he was complicit in the Fannie Mae fiasco. He has zero credibility no matter how quick witted he may be on the superficial level.

  116. dfox is worse than the right wing because they pretend to be left wing (I have my serious doubts about how left wing they are, starting at the top).

  117. They’re psychotic and have no business speaking for the dead or attaching their toxic drivel to the memory of Ted Kennedy. They don’t speak for him, they don’t speak for liberals, they don’t speak for the base no matter their hubris and presumptions. Do your blood pressure a huge favor and take a break from that place.

  118. Now that you mention it, I have read all of it, beyond the deceptive headline….I wonder why there is so much parsing. What does he mean by …Congress shall not invalidate debts incurred by the federal government and adds that the interpretation goes too far?

    It is as if his entire piece does not move the stalemate in either direction? it is like…on this hand, blah blah blah andfon the other hand, blah blah blah…geesh!

  119. I totally agree, Kels. Don’t go where the atmosphere is toxic. Give them hits or viewing eyeballs, in the case of Fox, and they win and you lose. The hate site speaks to the hate-filled. It’s my confirm conviction that they influence no one who doesn’t already agree with them, although they have areal talent for turning off people, as evidenced by my own experience and their declining ratings.

  120. A quick mention on Rupert Murdoch and his escapades. It is starting to appear obvious that Murdoch’s acquisition of even more of the world’s media, i.e. BSKYB, is probably now dead-in-the-water. I also have a good guess that Rupert and James Murdoch’s insistence on keeping Rebekah Brooks is going to bite them hard on the behind. Rupert has been making some terrible decisions during the last decade, one being keeping Roger Ailes on at Fox, which is also going to bite them hard one day.
    My Google Alerts popped up a strange story about Murdoch losing another Billion in Russia resulting again from trying to buy off people.


    Russian government policy towards Murdoch has never, not even in the lapdog days of the Yeltsin presidency, displayed the favour which Murdoch’s backhanders buy in most countries, including the UK. The most recent Russian method for dealing with Murdoch was to cut off his money supply. The despatch last October of tax police to the headquarters of News Outdoor Russia (NOR), in which Murdoch has a substantial stake, was the culmination of almost two years of pressure against him. The tax claim, sustained by an appellate court ruling in August of 2010, is for the equivalent of $45 million.

    The first police raid against Murdoch’s Moscow premises was in 2008. The charges then under investigation involved alleged corruption of Moscow city officials in return for favourable rents for NOR’s outdoor advertising placards and city tax benefits. Murdoch reacted then with outraged innocence: “The more I read about investments in Russia, the less I like the feel of it. The more successful we’d have been, the more vulnerable we’d be to having it stolen from us. Better we sell now.”…

    Murdoch’s attempted exit from Russia has been blocked since 2008; his $1.7 billion asking price for NOR stake has been far too high, especially after the autumn 2008 financial crash led NOR’s revenues to collapse in 2009. The latest public report in January of this year indicates that Murdoch is now being offered between $300 million and $400 million for his ticket of leave. The state investment bank, VTB Capital, is reported to have formed a syndicate with Alfa Group for this buyout.

    Read more:–the-charming-prince-turns-out-to-be-the-dirty-digger-the-russians-always-knew-he-was-2011-7#ixzz1RVSitxUJ

    BSKYB stock is down about 3% in Britain today and the US market has yet to open.

    British sentiment has turned further against Murdoch on the closing of The News of the Word and feeling sympathy for the 200 people let go from there who were totally innocent of wrongdoing, all done for Murdoch’s profit.

  121. I sure hope his puppet cameron use his power to stop/misdirect /outright derail the criminal investigations. The labor along with the libdem back-benchers (lapdog nicky is a wash-out) shouldn’t let go off this matter. The whole right wing sleaze factor is high on this one. When murdock’s vile news empire collapses is the day the journalism world over will gain any credibility.

  122. The jobs report out this morning is not good, but I’m not going to fall for this nonesense, a situation that has been manufactured by the GOP, Wall Street Excecutives in collusion with the MSM. That is their decided route to taking back the WH in 2012, and as long as they think they will get away with it, they will keep doing it. We the people need to stand up to the bullies in the media, Republicans in congress and Wall Street executives and demand that they stop playing with people’s lives in an effort to gid rid of President Obama. We will not abide by their low-life disgusting rules, and we have this President’s back.

  123. Yeah, the June jobs numbers are UGLY and impossible to try and spin. 18,000 jobs is inexcusable. FAR short of the 157,000 rumors leaked yesterday. The GOP has won and killed the recovery and economy and this puts President Obama’s re-elected in REAL danger.

    It’s too late to claim sabotage – it will sound like whining and excuse making.

    This will also embolden the GOP on their debt ceiling stance greatly and I am very worried about any “deal” that will be struck.

    I think I’ll be off the internet for the rest of today and probably for awhile.

    This is really bad news.

  124. Journalism should gain credibility, but unfortunately, so much of the rest of the world’s and particulary the US’s journalism has moved down to his level and I am not sure they have the honor to move back to a higher ground.

  125. I don’t think there is any necessity to “spin” these numbers. They represent a clear statement of what happens with the Republicans in charge of the money. I just heard the overall number, so I don’t know what the split is between private sector gains and public sector losses. Unfortuantely, thwe media tends to concentrate on the total, not the component parts.

  126. Saint Roscoe,

    I regret that you feel this way – but I’m not falling for this nonsense. Your reaction is PRECISELY what the GOP is hoping for. But we’ve been through this many times in the past when the GOP aided and abetted by the media, has tried to undermine the President, and he has come back to put them in their places fairly and squarely.

    November 2012 is a looooong way off when it comes to politics. An election in November 2012 is not going to be determined by a jobs report inJune 2011.

  127. You are so right. In the words of Tom Joyner “I’m done.” I’m done with dkos and all of the other “progressive” web, radio and tv shows. I really can’t take it any more. I’ve said it before but this time I mean what I say. It became a habit to tune in but now it is just not productive. The last straw was listening to judgement challenged David Schuster repeatedly grill Barbara Lee this morn on the Bill Press show trying to get her to bash PBO and his negotiating and leadership style. It was disgusting! I think she did reasonably well considering but it was truly appalling! I am so done with these people!

  128. The Republicans gained control of the house in January 2011. They promised voters in 2010 that if they were elected, they would immediately bring back jobs. They argued on behalf of the Bush tax cuts, that companies would start hiring if the Bush tax cuts were extended for the millionaires and billionaires.

    They got their wishes on both fronts: So, we ask of the Republicans, WHERE ARE THE JOBS THAT YOU PROMISED?

  129. I agree japa that it’s really time to shine the spotlight on the Republicans and how they have failed dismally at bringing jobs to the economy.

  130. Yes and that is what the pl is hoping for too, they still want to primary him, you know? Or can’t you tell?

  131. The PL is part and parcel of the Koch-sponsored corporate media. Their agenda is one and the same.

  132. Betcha these job losses come from states where the governors are REPUBLICANS.

  133. Didn’t even know that. What time? That should be a good watch.

    But the President is scheduled to give a jobs report briefing ~ 11:30 or so.

  134. What was it bush told this president? He said, your own party will attack you, be ready! Hmmmm! I thought that was strange how he knew something like that.

  135. I bet Ed Shultz will be the first one(with orders from the top) to call for a primary to this president. Be prepared. Oh, and ofa is being assaulted from Adam greens crew and Koch brother trolls. Like never before! Sigh!

  136. I respectfully diasgree. Yes, President Clinton “caught hell in his day.” But his “hell” was exclusively for right wingers. Can you cite me some examples of where so called Democrats constantly bashed Clinton and constantly told him what to do, threatening to revolt? Where was PL outrage when Clinton ended welfare? Where was the PL outrage when he continued Bush Sr.’s policies in Iraq, especially that crippling embargo that killed over a million children? Wasn’t Move-On, now a bastion of progressive that has joined in attacking the President, originally formed to defend Clinton from right wing attacks? Do you really think that President Clinton’s policies were more progressive than those of President Obama? Finally, I don’t think being black exempts one from practicing hidden racism. It is important to point out that there is absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing with the President on Policy. But to start attacking his family background, and calling him names, as Cornell West did, shows a great deal of disrespect that the so called PL progressives never displayed towards Bill Clinton.

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