Again? Really?

Did we not see the same thing 2-3-4-5 times over the past couple of years? Every time there’s a big issue on the table, it’s always the same. Rumors after rumors from unnamed “sources”, speculations, trial balloons, “progressives” pants on fire and the sky is just about to fall.

Here’s the thing: this is no ordinary president. The fact that America didn’t get it by now, is quite amazing. This guy never played small-ball in his life and he won’t start now. Unlike the Republicans, who couldn’t care less about the deficit and it’s all just social war for them, PBO really think – and rightly so – that the huge deficit is something we need to fix. Unlike many of his predecessors, this man is a serious, responsible adult. He will not kick this down the road. He’ll try to get a big deal here, because this is who he is. Hey, people can always vote the lunatics back to power next year. We see how good it worked in 2010.

I learned few things over the past couple of years:

1. This president is and always will be held to much much higher standards than any previous president. He’s also much much better than almost any previous president.

2. This president is so far ahead of the country, it’s actually depressing.

3. This president is about solving problems and he despise righteousness or extremes.

4. This president is the greatest defender of the middle class in almost 50 years.

5. The only “source” I’m taking seriously is Barack Obama. And until I’ll hear from him, the rest is just the usual stupid outrage.

6. It’s a waste of time, health and sanity to visit those “progressives” sites. These places are full of hate, racism and poison. People who are so disingenuous that they can never say anything good about anything PBO does, are not worth taking into any account.

Which bring me to my last point: until we hear from BARACK OBAMA HIMSELF that he’s cutting benefits to Medicare and SS (as oppose to cutting waste and abuse, which are everywhere, and we know that) – please try take the panic button down a notch when you post here. I respectfully ask to NOT bring here media spins by right-wing tools, and not link to that other site (seems like I ask that every second week).

As I said, we’ve been through this a few times before, and over the past 2.5 years, Barack Obama has done nothing to justify me not trusting him. He may still do so, but until then – this site is fully behind him.


Today’s schedule:

9:30 AM PBO and VPB receive the presidential daily briefing.

10:00 AM PBO meets with senior advisers.

11:00 AM PBO and VPB meet with Congressional Leadership.

1:00 PM Carney briefs the press.

3:35 PM PBO participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony.


Here’s yesterday’s Twitter town hall, which went so good, the media had to change the subject quickly. People should listen to what PBO said about entitlements (not that it’ll change anything).


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  1. I second you, BWD. Once I found this site, and listened to the common sense you preach, I calmed down 100%. A great big hug for that! And… I first?

  2. Preach it, BWD. He’s setting another trap for the republicans because the people who consistently vote are the ones on SS. Let the repubs go for SS benefit cuts and PBO will stand for none of that, and who will get the votes? He could actually play it either way – He could offer to cut SS benefits on those making over a million dollars, and we could watch the repubs voting against that. I’m sure PBO is 10 steps ahead of them no matter which way they turn.

  3. Thanks for the sane voice to start the day, BWD. Much needed. I’m waiting for President Obama to announce the actual deal – and I’m sure it’s still several days away from being finalized. I totally agree that the media is trying to change the subject – we can’t let that happen. There’s too much at stake, and the Republican alternative is just too awful to contemplate. Pateince actually IS a virtue.

  4. Amen. I am so tired of the hair on fire breathlessness. The President has said over and over that there are cuts to be made and that he will not cut benefits. But hey let’s just go nuts over an anonymously sourced story that admits it KNOWS nothing. Good grief, I guess so many are used to a politician that lies that when PBO follows through on what he said he would do, it just shocks people. Just wait to hear it from PBO and stop throwing HIM under the bus because contrary popular belief, he never has done
    It to us.

  5. I’m 100% with you, bwd, and thank you for all that you do. I know that I say that often, but I mean it with my whole heart every time. I no longer consume certain media products and my blood pressure has thanked me for it. I’m just thankful and grateful every single day to have the privilege of witnessing this time in history with such good people.

  6. All of President Obama’s supporters know better to listen to the lame media. They only print that crap to get people riled up. With Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the room. Medicare/Medicade or Social Security will be hands off period. People with common sense know that.

    President Obama is NOT going to use or play his 2012 trump card to use against the Republicans now. He is smarter than that. What he will do, like he did during the lame duck session. He will carve out some of the cuts already made in the Medicare/Medicade bill from the Affordable Care Act. Just recycling the numbers. Slap them on the table, as his cuts. And use the same ones again. Republicans don’t know the difference, all the see is the word cut. And lose their minds. Thinking they got President Obama on something. Yeah Right. He is still playing chess to their checkers.

    I don’t go to none of the other so called progressive sites anymore. It’s been about a year. Half of the people on those sites didn’t vote for President Obama anyway. They are Paul or Edward supporters. It only took me a few minutes of reading between the lines to know they were not who they proclaim to be.

    So I’m here BWD until you switch to someone else. 🙂

  7. BWD, your words are like music to my ears. Beautifully stated. I feel the same way you do. I trust President Obama to do the right thing. He always does. He is just good inside. He is my rock and my flame. Thank you for this haven from all the madness.

  8. After everything Obama’s achieved, we really should TRUST HIM more than all the crap media out there. He’s got great vision & clear long game – but its really depressing that repugs & media roast him at every turn.

    Here’s an important Reuters job analysis video (below) that you MUST SHARE with all – great graphs on how deep the recession was and the recovery/jobs created are in fact better than previous 40 years, but due to steep climb you have dumb tweets from “where are the jobs” boehn-head!! If can’t view URL, check out video in The Obama Diary.

  9. I’ve torn up my mental playbook (if i ever had one) on the President. Thanks BWD.


    from Remarks by the President in Twitter Town Hall

    over 70,000 tweets during the President’s Twitter town hall

    President Obama’s first tweet from the official WH Twitter account:

    @whitehouse in order to reduce the deficit,what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep – bo

    stay tuned, there’s more…..
    @whitehouse Lots of great Qs via #AskObama – Brian Deese, Economic Advisor to the President, will answer more tomorrow on Twitter. Stay tuned.

  10. I never go to “those sites” and I skip posters who link to them except for the rare post by BWD – who’s screening and level headedness I trust. I also don’t watch “progressive” shows. It’s in their financial interests to stir up trouble to maintain their dwindling viewership.

    Until I hear it from PBO’s own lips I’m not falling for the emoprogs’latest bash PBO meme. They’re always wrong but people fall for their nonsence every time! I honestly don’t get that. There was hard push back on Twitter last night, however.

  11. I think the Twitterati are in full Obama-caves mode. Tell me where he caved? Ever? Extending tax cuts is not a cave, it left more money in the hands of regular people in a time when they and the economy needed that cash. Not getting a public option during the health care debate may turn out to be the best thing for a public option or better yet Medicare for all as this issue continues to shake out in the wash. Every decision this President has made has been thoughtful, pragmatic, necessary, and in the best interest of All Americans, not just the wealthy few. He has given me no reason not to trust him. All he has done is kept his promises, been the same man that he was who ran for office, and worked tirelessly every day to help make America live up to her potential. So for all of those who want to nit-pick around the edges because of this issue or that issue, have at it. Because all you can do is nit-pick, since that is what small people do. While you’re over there complaining about non-issues, my President is Taking Care of Business!!

  12. Hey, all you smart people over here at TOAITR, can somebody explain to me what the “out-years” mean? I’ve heard that term used in conjunction with talk about funding Medicare/Medicaid, but no one’s ever explained it. THANKS!!

  13. It seems as if the Far Left is just as eager to tear down this President as the Far Right is.

  14. BWD your thoughts are so right. In my 2.5 years of watching our President this is my view of him. Through all the trials these facts stick out the most.President Obama is the most thoughtful and pragmatic President ever. I see him in this light, the man has the wisdom of Solomon ways and the Iron will and strength of Samson to take down the gates of the city to lead us all in the right path for our country. So I say to all when the President may seem to be giving in on a issue to the GREED OVER PEOPLE PARTY! He is like a fox leading them to their own undoing. We will come out on top through the pain there is a major gain for us all in WINNING THE FUTURE. YES WE CAN


  16. Here here! I was just thinking the same thing the other day! We went through this on health care, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and every other major issue this president has dealt with. We’ve had to deal with cries of “he’s weak” and “he’s betraying his base”. They ALWAYS end up with egg on their face. I LOVE this site and the fact that I’ve finally found a group of people who support our President ALL THE TIME, not just when he’s doing something they think he ought to do. THANK YOU!

  17. I’m 95% with you BWD. I even begin to have my doubts but Obama does pull it through each time, and usually with a deal that was far better than anyone could have hoped for.

    I say 95% because there’s one issue that I think has gotten pushed to the back-burner that is even more fundamental than the debt, and that’s fossil-fuel independence, and I’m not sure the administration has focused on the issue at the level it requires. I don’t say this only because of climate change – I say it because we’re at a point where countries like Saudi Arabia can’t produce more oil even if they wanted to (they keep claiming they will release more and never do despite prices favorable to them). The world’s oil producers have struggled to even keep production from declining since 2005, and the remaining reserves here and abroad are too small to make a dent even if we drill baby drill for them. That means that no matter what policies the president enacts, high oil prices will constrain economic growth, and I don’t want to see PBO’s good policies get felled by this fundamental but ignored challenge.

    The only answer to this is a massive push toward fossil fuel independence (I’m talking 20x what the stimulus bill had). Now I know Sec. Chu knows this and I’m sure PBO knows this, but they probably didn’t think that congress would do anything and so they pushed it to the back burner. The problem is that this issue can overwhelm any good economic policies that are enacted, so the fact that we’re already well into year three with not much action on this…well I guess I’m hoping they’ve been doing something in secret all this time, but it’d have to be something gargantuan if it’s going to make a difference.

  18. Glad I took off an hour to listen to the Twitter Town Hall.

    Very interesting … give me a US president who explains things over one that fires off talking points any day !

  19. I haven’t read any comments here, just BWD’s summary. All that I can say is I had exactly the same thoughts. I’ll wait to hear from the President. Period. I no longer trust anything as much as that.

  20. Agree totally BWD!!! I just sent an email to Bill Press Show. He is all over this rumor so, of course, all his callers, are angry and talking about ….well, you know. Nothing else needs to be said. Soon as I finish this, I am closing the Bill Press Show…..not listening to the crap.

    Blessed day to all!! We are back home and have our (remaining) grandson with us. Going to be a busy 10 days, but I will manage to keep up with y’all. 🙂

  21. One thing I noticed too late at You Chose: Twitter Search algorithms identified the most engaged-with Tweets from your questions and retweets by a panel of seasoned Twitter users with experience discussing the economy.

    For the next Twitter Town Hall w/ the President, my suggestion is to poll everyone here and at TOD, collect about five to ten tweets that we, as a group, can ReTweet. That gets our voices heard, I think. I know some of you non-Twitter folks can come up with really good 140 character questions 🙂 that we can tweet and retweet for you.

  22. The “professional left” make their money from stirring up “make believe” controversies to gain viewership from those willing to be hood-winked. Unfortunately for them, our President has proved that he is damned good at rope-a-doping and the majority of the public, including Independents, know it.

    Their gig for profit is being exposed, they know it and are in the anger/screaming stage while our President and the majority of Americans are winning.

  23. I want to throw in my encouragement to blackwater dog here! I find myself agreeing with this blogger at every point. Keep it up! We need to hear what you are saying!

  24. Amen BWD, I stayed up way past my bedtime last night watching the freakout….they grab the life jacket and jump ship on every vote. I’m so sick of them…yes, the WH has to compormise with the idiotic congress that the American People gave him.

  25. They didn’t just think Congress wouldn’t cooperate on energy independence, they were certain of it and the 2010 election destroyed all hope that any sensible action would happen, given the Republican’s slavish obedience to the interests of big oil. President Obama has said repeatedly that he is committed to energy independence and you can believe it when he says it. To help him make progress, we have to deliver a Democratic Congress–House and Senate in 2012. There is only so much he can accomplish dragging the Congress behind him like a giant albatross.

    Regarding the debt ceiling, I agree with Brezzydee that PBO will put the streamlining savings from The Affordable Care Act on the table, call them cuts, and the R’s will react in triumph that they bested him. In the meantime, he’ll end up with everything he wanted, including the lifting of the debt ceiling limit. The president will NEVER ask the elderly and the most vulnerable to suffer by cutting true benefits. I believe that from the bottom of my heart. Disregard the alarmists. They are dangerous to your health.

  26. Well these cuts wouldn’t be on the table if the people hadn’t handed the House back to the Republicans last fall.

    Many of us were warning last fall of the consequences of not voting and allowing Republicans to make heavy gains, but these folks just didn’t listen. They just HAD to stick it to President Obama and other Democrats because they weren’t radical enough.

    And it just upsets me how these folks call Obama a right wing Republican DLC corporatist Wall Street lackey and repeatedly praise FDR as a saint. FDR did more to preserve Wall Street than Obama, but let’s not throw facts into the equation!

  27. I’m with you guys on this….let’s wait to hear what PBO has to say. Keith Ellison said the same thing on Morning Joke. He was very good. I haven’t read the article. Is it only in WaPo? I have to wonder if this a trap for Repubs….Eric Cantor was on Morning Joe and he basically said NO revenue increases even with the rumored cuts on the table. Joe wasn’t there so Mika seemed to be coming out of her trance because even she seemed to notice the Repubs unwillingness to compromise and that it was a bad thing. We shall see but I trust PBO to do the right thing.

  28. Oops entered name wrong- new computer – sent a comment thanking BWD and saying I trust PBO! Sorry

  29. I don’t doubt his commitment – I know he knows it’s a big issue. It’s more that it’s such a major issue that it would have been worth going after single-mindedly regardless of what congress was likely to do or not do. It’s partly why I don’t get the fuss over the debt – energy is far more fundamental.

    I remember an interview with PBO before the election, where he was asked if he had to pick one issue to tackle as president, what would it be? He said energy, for exactly the right reasons – it helps our economy, our foreign policy, and our climate. It’s an issue that would have been worth doing more action unilaterally (say via the EPA and DOE). Like I said, this is a much bigger issue than most folks think, because high oil prices make all other economic policy moot.

  30. I so agree with you, BWD. I come to this site for the actual news of our president, which is almost always good news in one way or the other, simply because he is so smart and so dedicated to doing the right thing. I follow links to many sites that are posted in the comments, and truly appreciate being told about them. But I go to no sites that I know are designed to set my hair on fire. I appreciate the feeling some have that they have to keep tabs on what’s being said on these sites, but I don’t have any interest in having the tenor of my days derailed so that the high anxiety bloggers can buy a fancier car.

    This reminds me of the old expression ‘Don’t go to the hardward store when you’re looking for oranges.’ The msm and the emoprogs have found that they make money by getting everyone upset, and they’ll continue that marketing paradigm, since that’s all it is, until people stop participating. I’m all for tweeting and responding and demanding accountability, but, truly, nothing is going to make them stop except finding that people won’t play the game. Glen Beck’s didn’t get booted off Fox because he had a change of heart or ran out of rants. His advertisers decided he was bad marketing.

  31. Seems like it, doesn’t it? But, I don’t know why. Well, maybe I do–some of these guys on the far left are as stuck on their ideology as those on the right. All they want is a big fight. They want a left-wing version of Bush, who stubbornly stands out there and says what they want to hear and makes them feel important and special.

    Their spoiled brats. They’ve got the best president in decades and they don’t appreciate him. Nothing or nobody would ever satisfy these guys. Sheesh–they were even talking about “primarying” Bernie Sanders once. Which would be very stupid (not to mention technically impossible, since he isn’t an actual Democrat.)

  32. This is how people just don’t pay attention. It’s really disturbing.

    Of course there need to be cuts in health care and some tinkering with SS to make sure that trust fund stays funded appropriately, but that does not mean BENEFITS to individuals will be cut. The public has been making that mistake for months now.

    If there were no “cuts” (see cost savings) in the two healthcare programs, our country would have no money left for anything else. That’s exactly why the healthcare bill needed to be passed.

    Of course the media frames it all wrong……..that’s what they live for.

  33. But even if they do make some changes–that would be fine with me. People screamed and hollered when President Clinton made changes to Medicare but it saved a lot of rural hospitals.

    These “progressive” sites don’t just seek viewership by pushing the poutrage. They also fundraise on it. Adam Green, Jane Hamsher are already trying to fundraise off of this and the details aren’t even out yet. And they both are in some hot water for the way they are spending those funds.

  34. I learned during the primary that I was getting upset about what all the news reader and talking heads were saying about the then senator. When the Rev. Wright angst happen and his campaign was declared dead one more time, I learned to not take any of what said serious until the good senator spoke. It saved my sanity and kept me engaged. If it does not come from President Obama it isn’t worth reading or dealing with because people I thought were with him were only for themselves. Please read what he says and all else is just opinion.

  35. I think that this idea of waiting for the deal is sinking in with most reasonable people. The media manipulates us for profits. This much we know. I hope that all of this can somehow result in a change in the media (especially cable “news”) culture. We’ll see about that. All I know is that people are paylng less and less attention to the cable pundits, and they are starting to act more and more like children stomping their feet and having tantrums. I wish Rachel Maddow for instance, who I believe is very smart, could see what a characature of herself she has become. She could have done some good, but has been totally corrupted. The rest of them too. Just reflexive idiots that have NO power that have lost their integrity to the media machine that writes their checks.

  36. The fiscal years that follow the budget for the fiscal year Congress is currently working on. Congress is currently working on the budget for FY 2012, which begins on Oct. 1, 2011. All subsequent fiscal years are “”out-years,” starting with FY 2013, which begins on Oct. 1, 2012, and so on.

  37. “6. It’s a waste of time, health and sanity to visit those “progressives” sites. These places are full of hate, racism and poison. People who are so disingenuous that they can never say anything good about anything PBO does, are not worth taking into any account.”

    Agreed, I visit those sites for the drama, but I will be avoiding them over the next few days. It is going to get really ugly over there and a lot of people’s hatred for Obama is going to bubble up with all kinds of nasty language – over anonymous sources! Again!

    Nope, I’ll be hanging out here and at TPV and elsewhere more than usual for a while.

  38. I have faith in PBO that he will stand by his ideals in all of these negotiations. I also have faith that he will not let the USA default on its debt. Times are chaotic and complicated to such a degree that I surely don’t have the insight to know what to do. I trust PBO to “handle this”.

  39. Good job growth numbers — 157,000 new jobs.

    The doomsayers seem to have found even this sight last night, all based on a totally unsourced and implausible article in the Washington Post!!! I have total confidence in President Obama’s negotiating skills — there will be no “sell out” on social security or anything else.

  40. BWD you are so right, on all points until I see different, he is my President.. will vote for him again.. He has delivered on all fronts in-spite of the constant opposition to his policies which are as you say.. way ahead.. out of the ‘box’, not the same as the publians and some of those so-called dems who are publicasn in disguise.. we have one here in Tennessee.. COOPER.. scared to take a stand alongside the President.

  41. Here is the BIGGEST POINT we should remember There are reams of information that goes to the President’s desk that we or the pundits and even Congress do not get see and read and he gets it first. So the idea that we have the complete picture we don’t. So as everyone says wait and hear the words from the President then you will understand what he is saying about a issue.Because we have all found out when explains it to us we get the whole picture and the choices that he can control and what he can’t.

  42. Last night I was on TWITTER and had a very long “conversation” with a guy who I initially replied to on the #askobama stream because he was extremely disrespectful and ugly to POTUS in his question. Couldn’t help myself, told him to respect our CIC. Anyway, he replied with a bunch of Tea Party talking points. Ended up have long LONG discussion back and for the for almost an hour. It turned out to be very educational for both of us. He has been totally corrupted by RW dogma and Fox News crap.He said he is an attorney. But I treated him with respect; and he started writing sane thoughts because he stopped being defensive and guess what? He agreed with me on almost EVERY point of policy, and had no idea what the President actually stood for until he listened to the TWITTER Townhall. Well, this guy is in the process of waking up right now, and we have to keep talking to these people. I understand the power of social media in a fundamental way now as an aid to break the grip of corporate media on us, it divides us, and keeps us from talking to each other.
    The TWITTER guy understands this now too.
    And WE have to get out there and start having these conversations with REAL people.

  43. excellent point sonjia! everyone else in the media is in it to sell commercial space on their shows and stroke their own egos. PBO and his team are the ONLY ones out there whose first priority is the unemployed and the working class. PBO also plays rope a dope like no one else i can remember. watch, at the end of the day PBO will get what he wants/needs to move this country forward and the far left and republicans will end up with egg on their face. again.

  44. The GOP has no agenda for the common good. So to win in 2012, the party must try to rig the election and disenfranchise voters. This is no way to run a democracy in the 21st century.


    There is a concerted national effort on the part of many Republican state policymakers to make it harder for traditional Democratic voters to participate in the 2012 elections. Under the auspices of rooting out “voter fraud” — a problem that appears to exist largely in the over-active imaginations of GOP activists — Republicans are passing voter-ID measures, closing windows for early voting, and approving new laws restricting voter-registration drives. It’s not subtle, but it is disgraceful. The GOP fears losing in a fair fight, so the party is trying to rig the game.
    Noting a new GOP push in Ohio to make it harder for voters to know where to cast their ballot, Digby joked sardonically the other day, “Soon voting Democratic in some states will be as difficult as getting an abortion.”

    That this might actually affect the outcome of the 2012 election should be a national scandal. That this is occurring with minimal national debate is a national embarrassment.

  45. How many times have the talking heads and so-called pundits predicted what the president would do or say, and how many times have they been wrong????? EVERY single time. These people have cable “news” to fill 24/7, and now they have twitter to manipulate, so they have to say something. What we need to do is to forcibly point out to people where they were wrong after PBO’s true statements and actions come forward. These people keep being believed for some reason, and they know nothing to very little. They use “unnamed” sources…what good are they!!! Some minor level administrative aide to some Senator or Rep who wants a moment in the spotlight.

  46. I loved (snark) the way Press got everybody riled up, and then said, well, we haven’t ehard any details yet, but…
    Show me the details, then I will make my judgement.

  47. The strides just the military has made towards energy independence are simply phenomenal. Use of alternatives at all military installations, biofuels for aircraft carriers and jets, carbon offsets for certain military activities, a goal of reducing fossil fuel dependence by 50% over the next ten years. If this was all PBO did on energy independence it would be a new paradigm for the country.

  48. This is the relevant line from the WaPo story:

    “As part of his pitch, Obama is proposing significant reductions in Medicare spending and for the first time is offering to tackle the rising cost of Social Security, according to people in both parties with knowledge of the proposal.”

    Note there is no word in there about reducing benefits. Reducing costs, yes. Tackle the rising cost of SS. Yes. But not one word about reducing benefits.

    I would liek to see him discuss raising the income cap on SS taxes, which most Americans approve. The Reps would refuse that.

    My hope is that this is all a ploy to paint the Republicans as unserious about deficit reduction, especially since SS has nothing to do with the deficit.

    This also remind me of the time that the WH floated a proposal about having vets use private isnurance for some of their health care costs. They really just wanted to get a measure of the feelings of people out there and rapidly dropped it.

    So, I will, like BWD, trust him until he gives me reason to do otherwise.

  49. Good morning Everyone,I read every thing BWD used to write on anther site,so I have always been uplifted by her blogs.This site is easy on the soul.
    As fot the President I have always seen he as a visionary,He knows where he wants to take this country and I’m wiling to trust him in the drivers seat. In fact I”m actually excited to see what he can acomplish in the next few years.
    My daughter laughs when I say he is from the planet Krypton, because how can one man put up with
    the garbage BO has to put up with daily and still move ahead is amazing, He is no ordinary human!
    I will confess I do go on some site just to be a thorn in the bashers side,,the responses I get make me laugh, Bashers get so angry they will respond in all caps. I don’t attack them I just remind them that no matter what they say he is “The President,” the hate directed at him will not change that simple fact.
    Thanks for hearing me out.

  50. Seriously – there are some who aren’t quite as bad as others, but still, it seeps out since they feed off of each other, and you have to follow ten links to find the original source of the rumor (or actual source which is just otherwise speculating).
    If the Administration did this, it would cause me a great deal of frustration, but so would the idea of him being behind Justin Bieber’s career, but I have about the same amount of evidence for that as well.

  51. Don’t worry, the msm will only be talking about Casey today. And now, everyone is a trial lawyer , have you noticed?

  52. And one milliOn electric cars by 2015 and cutting foreign oil consumption by 1/3 Ed by 2020! Off hand, I would sayvtgat us significant.

    Not to mention, the EPA emission rules for commercial aircraft, imposed yesterday!

  53. I saw a story on the BBC website about this (not OUR media of course) and the picture accompanying the story was of the US capital with a graphic superimposed over it “oil $’s”
    The article pretty much said that because congress is so bought and paid for by big oil that our country is indeed falling behind on alternative energy solutions. And it made the point that the military doesn’t have to do it congress’ way. They do what is cost effective and saves lives. End of story. Lots of hybrid and solar technology is being used right now in every branch of the military. Really enlightening.

  54. BWD,What a peaceful place it is here! Now,Kent Conrad told Lawrence last week,he was going to introduce a plan that both sides would probably agree to,he also said that even Bernie Sanders liked it.He then said ,after Lawrence asked about MC being cut,that “we already have cuts to MC in HC bill”he went on to say tht,he would put it out ths week.,so until I hear the details myself, All the firebaggers need to STHU! They r a disgrace.

  55. I have my full faith and trust in PBO and nobody else. There is no other politician who currently cares more about us (the middle class) than he.

    He has accomplished so much in these two years with the far left yelling at him and the far right hating him.

  56. Well, the green party liberals are in such a kami kazi mode, that all they care about is sticking it to the president!
    Remember, in 2010, lots of people did not show up, sure part if that was bc he was not on the ballot! But some if it was bc they wanted to hurt the president, and they admit that.
    Also, this divide between the gay community(at least the pl and kos peeps) is immature.
    Here is a fact: in 08- the gay community voted for dems and the president 89%- in 10 it was 68%. That hurt!
    Me thinks, part of the freakout is and has been a design dating back tto that same attitude from the 2010 election. Sadly!

  57. BWD, thanks for such an inspiring post this morning can’t say that I had lost trust in the President but I was tad jittery and your post brought me back to complete reality. I know longer watch the talking heads I’ve been 200% more peaceful and I know that I owe the President the opportunity to let us know what’s in the deal once it’s made. I have found our President to be quite shrewd at dealing with GOP operatives LOL, so I’m good! 🙂

  58. I think that’s what I’m going to have to do. A site I normally visit is now swarming with Firebaggers.

  59. Hi japa21. Just read a comment on Chip’s diary which quoted a Sam Stein piece within which a senior White House offical said the WAPO story “over shot the runway” regarding SS/Medicare info. This is heartening.

  60. BWD, you, you. this site you have created is for people who can think,and talk common sense, Yes BWD here we are with you, and are fully beheind PBO, and please please STOP panicking everytime there is any BS and Shit from the PL MSM and right wingers do NOT ever CLICK or visit those other sites that are full of garbage you know which ones, WE must trust Barack Obama he is a great leader and probably the best in history of my life time.

  61. I’m listening to Hal Sparks right now (he’s sitting in for Stephanie Miller) and he is really telling it! He’s saying that what can we expect Prez O to do when Dems sat on their asses in 2010 and handed the reigns to Rethugs.

  62. I’ll just repeat what I said yesterday and what I post to EVERY blog I visit:

    I take President Obama at his word until HE proves otherwise. This is not a stupid man, y’all and I believe he would like a second term to finish some of what he has started in attempting to get this country on a sound footing. If he cuts Medicare benefits or SS benefits he can kiss a second term good-bye. His goal is to help the middle class and poor people. It is not his goal to hurt the middle class and poor people. I think we need to remember this and stop with the knee-jerk reactions.

    Just saying……..

  63. This is like a replay of the “38 billion dollars in cuts” Obama supposedly gave to the GOP a few months back. The 38 billion then turned out to be 200 million, which then turned out to be just cuts in “spending authority”, not real cuts. And then finally the CBO said that spending would actually INCREASE by 4 billion as a result of the “cuts!”

    WAPO or NYT reports a “leak” — The usual suspects wail and gnash teeth —- Nothing actually happens. — Lather, rinse, repeat!

  64. THANK YOU< BWD! That's what I tried REAL HARD to say all day yesterday!!!! You hit the nail on the head…and if there is really ANYONE left that doesn't still believe it..after all these many, many dramas we're had to endure over these last couple YEARS…"Chill the F*** Out, He's Got This! " All WE need to do, is support our incredible President! "Cuz he has your back, so the least we can do is have his!

  65. Maggy, that’s very impressive. Good for you. This is why OFA’s motto is Respect. Empower. Include. It’s no coincidence that Respect is the first one. Your respect really paid off. Nicely done.

  66. Nice job,Maggy! That’s what it’s all about:) Those lopsided cable news.printed media taint people’s minds…so glad that you got to have a true conversation with this person and tell them the way things really are. One step at a time. I hope that he has more Twitter Town halls actually…totally GOES AROUND the MSM, and let’s the PEOPLE be the one’s with the control. Win/win….maybe you’ll keep in touch with this “new found friend” and give him a “booster shot” from time to time.

  67. I know I’ve said this before (which is pretty much why I stopped commenting online, because I’ve said everything before), but it is relevant here. Why do the media and the blogosphere assume that everything the President thinks, says and does in regard to any issue is laid out before them? Do they not understand that most deal-making is done behind the scenes before anything is publicized? Do they truly believe this President actually wants to screw the poor and middle class? Do they truly believe that the President, who is much more intelligent than they and has inside information which they do not have, is not interested in getting the best deal he can possibly get, which, as we know, in this environment, won’t be as good as he or we would like ? Do they truly believe he doesn’t know how to do that and they do? Until the majority of the American public grows the ability to be discriminating regarding all the ” information” thrown at them from all sides, the twenty-four news media and the blogosphere does more harm than good.

  68. As President Barack Obama has often said, there is an empathy deficit in our society. What is lacking, he says, is our ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, to see the world through their eyes. I remember the passage in “The Audacity of Hope” where he states that like it or not he, the new Senator, now had to look at the world through the eyes of George W. Bush. Well, his capacity to see the world as it appears to others, has not changed. That does not mean that he will adopt the other party’s goals. For Barack Obama that ability is the starting point of negotiation, of bringing the opposition to the table so that a real conversation, stripped of posturing and propaganda, can start. It is his belief that Americans, it they look at an issue from all angles and consider all the facts and consequences of their proposed action, will come up with sound policy decisions. That’s where another deficit comes to play: our trust deficit. As a people, we have become so cynical that the mere mention of looking at a program or benefit is immediately interpreted as “pushing millions into poverty” or “caving to the demands of …(fill the blank). We rarely have conversations, on the air or on the internet – instead we witness shouting matches with people delivering the most outrageous statements at high decibel levels or IN ALL CAPS. Listening has become the rarest form of interaction.

    Now, I’m not naive. I know quite well what we are up against. But for the sake of our country and the sake of everyone’s sanity and well-being, it would be wise to relearn the art of negotiation, compromise and building consensus. If one point of view totally prevails all the time against the interests of a majority – or even a minority – we are failing the test of democracy. We are also failing the test of good citizenship and being good neighbors.

    I admire our President. If anyone can sort out the tangle of challenges and deliver for us solutions that lift up all the people, it’s America’s own incomparable genius of reason, Barack Obama.

  69. I agree 100% with BWD, and with what Betsey said upthread about responding to the pundits and MSM hysteria:

    “I’m all for tweeting and responding and demanding accountability, but, truly, nothing is going to make them stop except finding that people won’t play the game. Glen Beck didn’t get booted off Fox because he had a change of heart or ran out of rants. His advertisers decided he was bad marketing.”

    I wholeheartedly agree with what Betsey has said. We’ve got to NOT ONLY stop reacting to the hysteria of the Professional Left, we’ve got to stop supporting them altogether by clicking on their sites and making their revenue soar. Let’s just ignore them and/or give them to finger, and keep focusing our attention on reelecting President Obama and electing for him a supportive and “loyal” cast of Democratic leaders in both the House and Senate in November of 2012 to continue the job that needs to be done to help move this country forward.

  70. Look, I would consider myself far left (or maybe outside of the spectrum), but I have an understanding of our rather-broken system and what can be done within it. I do not consider the perpetually- disgruntled “far left”, as I would think part of being “far left” is the desire for a more loving, supportive and equitable culture for all, and never-ending rage does nothing to contribute to that.

  71. It is no longer un-sourced. All news reports this morning are confirming aspects of this deal. I will wait for the details, but frankly I am not liking what I am hearing.

    I’m listening to this through the prism of my 71 year old husband. He’s hearing social security and Medicare cuts. He’s hearing that ‘entitlements’ are on the table — and that is now confirmed. The devil’s in the details to be sure. But it’s a devastating soundbite.

    No matter what, it appears right now as if Obama is buying into Republican memes that draconian changes are necessary to social security and Medicare.

    Social Security needs the cap raised. Problem solved. And it has nothing to do with the deficit. Do you ever hear those words from the administration, because I don’t. If I’m wrong, correct me.

    If the WP and CNN and MSNBC want to color things, well that’s business as usual. But at what point does this administration start framing things so that people like my husband don’t freak out and wait for me to explain things to them? Something’s going to be leaked about entitlement on the table. Was it also leaked (or even part of the deal) that Republicans must agree to a 50/50 split on revenue and cuts? Did they say that and it just didn’t get reported?

    If that were true, then there should have been corrections this morning. There weren’t. So at the very best, it’s incompetence.

    At the worst, it is Obama playing by Republican rules, accepting Republican memes and will now have to work to ‘explain’ why.

    Someone is going to have to talk me down. And I know no one wants to hear what I’m saying today. But the simple political fact is that the American people DO NOT WANT cuts to entitlements. They want taxes raised on the rich, SUBSTANTIVELY, they want common sense reforms like raising the cap on Social Security. And they want Democrats to not cave on these issues. They want to be represented by the Democrats they elected. That is the only way to get more Democrats elected.

    People get weary. People got weary of Bush’s lies and unnecessary wars and turned on him.

    People are getting weary. We put forth a lot of effort explaining the gov’t shutdown deal in December. We pretty much won the fight. But people are getting weary of complex explanations and will not become more receptive but less receptive as we get closer to the election.

    In all honesty, I’m weary of having to explain everything.

    Soundbites. Background noise that defines the narrative. Here’s what I’m hearing today: Republicans are right. Everything is on the table because of our debt crisis, which is more important than growing the economy. It’s devastating.

    We need to grow our way out of the deficit — we do that with Democratic jobs programs and investments in businesses and people.

    Here are the few simple fixes to SS and Medicare: cap raises and some minor fixes to Medicare.

    The wealthy got wealthier throughout the recession. Bush tax cuts destroyed job creation. Let’s bring in revenue on the windfall these people received over the last decade. Enough is enough.

    The governance of it — I’m not yet sure.

    The politics of it — right now looks awful to me.

  72. Okay, I spend inordinate amounts of time reading and other related material and I have to say that with regard to energy independence, this Administration has done a phenomenal job. And if his FY2012 could have been passed as written, even more amazing things would happen. Have you read the Blueprint for a Secure Energy Future? The work that’s being done to electrify and hybridize not just the Federal Government’s fleet but corporate fleets like Coca-Cola, etc. and his goal to have a million electric cars on the road by 2015…I could go on and on about how this Admin has taken the topic of energy and energy independence very seriously.

  73. I’m not sure they want a fight. What they WANT is to be RIGHT all the time….Like Dr. Phil says, “DO you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” Every little thing should not be an epic battle. After years and years of getting the short shift on just about everything,and having their priorities ignored, they realize that with this man in the White House, there is, at least, a CHANCE that what they’ve been hoping to do to move the country, has the best chance of happening they have EVER had.Instead of working with him, and realizing it’s impossible to everything they want, they sabotage themselves, and actually set themselves up for disappointment….almost as if they weren’t ever really worthy of that goodness in the first place.Weird.If any of them were level headed realists, and could for once take a step back and survey the entire masterpiece that has been created for them…they would be in awe.But they choose to hone in with a microscope at each little “drama of the moment” never giving themselves a chance to marvel at the beautiful masterpiece in it’s entirety that is before them.They will live in perpetual sadness because they want to be right…..and not happy for all the many, truly monumental things that have been accomplished under this President’s sheer determination and perseverance.The man shows more strength and guts than anyone I know.I trust my President more than I trust anyone. He has Never given me a reason not to.

  74. Mileage standards for cars was raised for the first time since the 1970’s. What the Bush admin wanted to put off until 2020 is now a reality.

  75. George Bush ran Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for 8 years, given what he did to the rest of the government I’m sure there’s some “waste” and mismanagement in these programs that can be corrected. And if the trade off of these corrections is Republicans raising taxes, any taxes at all? And the huge Republican in-fight that will result after that? Putting Democrats in a better spot for 2012? Easy choice.

  76. I don’t like this deal either. After last weeks press conference I never expected this to happen.

  77. Other than feeding the President softball questions that he can use to express his views, I have no questions for him. I’m paying attention to what he’s doing and am more than satisfied with his approach to governing.

  78. Good Morning BWD family.

    Agree 100% with comments, we need to trust this guy, he has earned it.

    Read this story at CBS a few days ago, didn’t post it since cuts weren’t an issue of discussion. I am thinking these are the types of “cuts” being discussed.

    “Negotiators said they were seriously considering cuts in Medicare payments to hospitals for uncollectible patient debt and the training of doctors; steps to eliminate Medicare ‘overpayments’ to nursing homes; a reduction in the federal share of some Medicaid spending; and new restrictions on states’ ability to finance Medicaid by imposing taxes on hospitals and other health care providers,” according to the Times.;contentBody

    In addition to trusting the President, we need to be prepared to make sure accurate information about the deal is included. The budget deal of Dec. 2011 was actually good for the average American, this deal will be too. I am so grateful to be part of this community where together, we can help the President.

  79. Good Morning BWD and family. First, thank you BWD for your comments. I am in total agreement with your comments and request. I found this site in the time that I needed to hear sane voices to listen with common sense, practical politeness, and a deep respect for our President, Barack Obama. I also found that BWD presented this site with truth, positive responses, and clearly a respectfulness that was so refreshing. I thank you BWD and I am with you all of the way. Have a wonderful day, and let us listen to President Obama first and then respond with the respect that he deserves. Thank you all, and I love you all back.

  80. That’s great. Good job Maggy!! It takes diligence to change minds
    sometimes, but hopefully you did it. If we all do that, one mind at a
    time, this world will be a better place 🙂

  81. Hi OSG
    I am so with you and BWD. Over and Over he has tried to show us his brillance as he set his traps for thses fools and the press. Over and over some people flack out, do not u/stand, wont take time to stand back and let this genius do his work.

    My money will always be on PBO and if Plouffe is in the game him too. Notice that Madam Spkr is at the table. She will get his back. Chew the other side up and spit them out. There are 4 dems to 2 repugslugs which is a part of PBO’s strategy I think. And if it is I like it a lot. Repugslugs do not have a shart mind at the table only bluffers. He is going to eat their lunch!!!

  82. I wanted to share this email quote as an example of how to advocate for a position without alienating or insulting the elected official.

    I am part of a mailing list called momsrising, they have 2 reps speaking to Congress about Medicaid today, here is a quote from their email.

    *Call President Obama and tell him, “Thank you for inviting MomsRising members to the White House today. Stay strong on Medicaid for America’s families!”

    That is a call I am willing to make. If any of us belong to a group we support but don’t support their anger or attacks on the President we might want to write to them and rephrase their please for help using this sentence as a model.

    Can you imagine getting a call request like this?

    Thank you for your support of working families, I appreciate you calling out the Republicans on tax issues, I trust you to make good decisions on Social Security and Medicare. I know you will do all you can to support middle class families during the debt ceiling negotiations.

  83. Those aren’t the admins sound bites. This is the media. All of it is the media. You don’t know the details but have declared that the president has bought into Republican beliefs?

  84. you know the DEAL that is already signed by Barack Obama where underneath his signature he wrote, “sorry I lied to everybody about this deal.” 🙂

  85. Right on BWD- I totally agree. Radically intelligent reason is what we are getting from our remarkable President, and I for one am going to try and meet him there.

  86. I hear you BWD….I have learned to shut out the MSM when they start with the BS to hype an issue – the debt ceiling, the budget, the wars and what PBO should, would, won’t do….I have learned that this is for their ratings not for my information. I come hear, I listen to Randi Rhoads or Thom Hartmann or Steph Miller , etc. I ignore the HuffnFluff Post and the Orange place because they are all Obama haters. Please, please, please don’t bring the wringing of hands of what “someone says” or “unnamed” WH souce here. I will wait and see what this very capable president will do. He has waited for the right moment to get into the fry now step back and watch him kick some GOP butt.

  87. The daily clip from the Press conference last week.

    Are Republicans willing to compromise their kids’ safety so that some corporate jet owner continues to get a tax break.

  88. A few months ago, polls showed that Americans didn’t care about the deficit. Now there’s a poll that has 59% of Americans saying it’s a top priority and needs to be fixed now.

    That, my friends, is a failure of Democratic politics. That is Democrats not seizing an issue and staying ahead of the curve. Republicans were allowed to define it and the background noise seeped into their consciousness.

    When the Bush tax cuts were enacted, Republicans deliberately put the sunset in, because if extended, the Bush tax cuts would balloon the deficit in 2011. So this outrageous number was a Republican trap for our Democratic President and Democrats in general. It happened on Obama’s watch, although the trigger was set under Bush. I understand the December 2010 deal, I really do. I supported the President, I fought numerous people numerous times to explain what had happened, why it happened.

    But here’s another simple solution: Obama repeats his promise to let the tax cuts expire. End of problem. Seriously. That’s the end of the problem. Republicans will yell “TAX HIKES!” but who cares?

    It’s an Obama campaign promise. The people want it. NOTHING has to happen to change it unless Congress can override a veto and that is not going to happen.

    So say it. Repeat it. Even sell it differently than we sold the extension in 2010: even if the middle class loses a modicum of tax cuts, a robust economy, better employment, more money in your pocket because of a growing economy will make up the difference, and then some.

    I want 50/50 on the table if we’re going to discuss a slowing of COLA rates for seniors who barely make it anyway. I want Republicans to pony up. They’re already talking closing loopholes that have to be balanced by tax cuts somewhere else: that’s not raising revenue that’s keeping taxes in neutral (at best).

  89. You know — the deal that Barack Obama already signed with Boehner where underneath his signature he wrote, “sorry everybody for lying to you about this deal. oops” 🙂

  90. When the frustrati give me evidence that their own lives are filled with love, grace, beauty, and success, then I might pay some attention to any “advice” they offer to the President, but usually perpetual disgruntlement is a sign that something is wrong at home.

  91. I’ll wait for the historical summary on this. Who needs the drama? He’ll buy his way out of it, just like every other of his ilk.

  92. .Thanks, OSG…I read up on that scandal of the century last night….it seems to be gaining some traction over here now as well. That thing is gonna blow! Big Time.Thanks for the link.

  93. I love it when you write like this. Yes, learning how to listen and compromise and experience empathy is something we all can do better. Thanks for the reminder.

  94. Okay, I’m talking myself down a little, and surprise: this comes from gos:

    This was particularly heartening:

    “If you don’t like economics, public finance or numbers, then let me not bury the lede and explain exactly what’s on the table. If enacted, the average social security recipient would get 14 cents less of an increase per month, but only in a month in which the social security benefit actually went up by about $34. So the assertion being made in several diaries is that social security recipients will revolt because their average monthly benefit went up from $1,044 to $1,075.22 instead of $1,075.32. Of course someone would have to point out some highly technical macro economic measuring theory first, and then get them riled about about that monthly dime at a time when they are actually getting a net of more money. So yes, it does look like 11 dimension chess (offering the Republicans nothing of substance).”

  95. BWD, you are such a treasure. I worried for awhile that theintrusive “chicken little” comments on your blog were depleting your energy. But here you are, strong and wonderful as ever. Thank you. You and Chipsticks are my heroes.

  96. Seriously. This is a must-read diary.

    That being said can Democrats PLEASE sell this better than they did ACA and counter Republicans more effectively? Because seniors grab on to this fear and it’s devastating for them and the country when they vote.

    “Benefits will increase slower” is enough to scare a lot of voters.

  97. Faith, please realize that this is all noise. I am 68 years old and on Social Security. Please do yourself and your family a favor. Go to and on the top banner click on ISSUES. That will take you to a page listing all issues, including Seniors and Social Security. Please read this carefully – this is the President’s position. It has not changed and will not change. President Obama, as we all know, is an amazingly consistent person. There is no reason to believe that he would depart from his very bown deeply held convictions and adopt a different kind of policy.

  98. Exactly. I don’t know, maybe it’s old age that has made me mellow, but I refuse to have a hissy fit prematurely. I’m not immune to hissy fits, I’d just rather have them when I know they are really called for.

    “WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is pushing back against a Wednesday night report that the president is prepared to offer cuts to Social Security as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling.

    “The story overshoots the runway,” said a senior administration official. “The President said in the State of the Union that he wanted a bipartisan process to strengthen Social Security in a balanced way that preserves the promise of the program and doesn’t slash benefits.”

    “While it is definitely not a driver of the deficit,” the official added, “it does need to be strengthened.”

  99. Faith, PBO said more than once that there are ways to strengthen SS without cutting benefits, that we can save money and preserve the program for decades to come. Anything else – including all the stories from this morning – are well orchestrated rumors, spins and lies. No one knows anything, and Carney just released a statement saying the president oppose slashing SS benefits.

    As I said, it’s ALWAYS the same. Are Dems AWFUL is messaging? Hell yes. Do I trust PBO completely to do the right thing? Hell yes.

  100. Okay, then I read further:

    TPM has a great analysis of this.

    Responding to a letter of concern from House Democrats’ top Social Security guy the program’s chief actuary explained that moving to “chained-CPI” would constitute an immediate 0.3 percent benefit cut. That may sound small, but the effects would compound, and “[a]dditional annual COLAs thereafter would accumulate to larger total reductions in expected scheduled benefit levels of about 3.7 percent, 6.5 percent, and 9.2 percent for retirees at ages 75, 85, and 95, respectively.”

    So this is not as clear as the original diarist said. So I’m as confused as ever.

  101. I read some of those ‘fears’ and rumors here last night about Soc sec cuts.. and as always found them annoying. I despise rumors.. and frankly it is what some folks thrive on- certainly the far right and the far left love to push them some rumors- especially if they can ‘harm’ the President. The thing is those rumors only succeed in making the folks in the tightest spots fearful.. those living on fixed incomes of soc security, the disabled and the elderly.

    What you said here, bwd is what I’ve stuck to for over two years:

    The only “source” I’m taking seriously is Barack Obama. And until I’ll hear from him, the rest is just the usual stupid outrage.

    Which is one of the biggest reasons I gave up watching pundits or teevee news over two years ago.. or clicking on the AP or other ‘news’ sources.

    They LIE.

  102. Thank you, bwd. Truer words were never spoken. Waiting to here what’s actually happening from President Obama is wise council, indeed. The “progressive” site is dedicated to defeating this president, which makes them allies of Republicans, so who needs them? Republicans, that’s who. I go there to stick the truth in their eyes, like your headline about jobs increasing, which is great news for PBO. Over there it’s crickets on this. No surprise. Ever. Love you, dear bwd! Thanks for being here for all of us,

  103. Thanks for linking the diary. The usual haters have show up in the diary also.

  104. From Sam Stein: “The story overshoots the runway,” said a senior administration official. “The President said in the State of the Union that he wanted a bipartisan process to strengthen Social Security in a balanced way that preserves the promise of the program and doesn’t slash benefits.”

    “While it is definitely not a driver of the deficit,” the official added, “it does need to be strengthened.”

  105. hgerhard – Your words are beautiful…so true and speak my feelings as well. Thank you! May I borrow some of them, to use in a letter to the editor of our little ‘red’ paper? I could never express it so well.

  106. The ironic thing is that the folk over at the great orange satan and other PL’s that are up in arms about the debt reductiion talks are the same folk that helped ensure that we have a Republican congress. Now they expect to get a more progressive agenda passed even though they decided to stay home or discourage others in 2010. For the life of me, I can’t see how working and talking against Democats ensures a progessive agenda.

    In my opinion they need to shut the (*& up. They helped create the problem we are now facing. They made it possible for President Obama to have to negotiate with Republicans. What a bunch of myopic aholes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Sell what? there is no deal yet. Can’t message if Dems don’t know the final details and haven’t approved it yet. Its the same with the ACA sausage making. I actually felt sorry for Dems because they were trying to sell something that hadn’t been made yet. They didn’t know what they were talking about. This time they need to sit down and be quiet, just say negotiations are ongoing and repeat Obama’s promise that they are not cutting benefits.

  108. Good for you, Maggy. You’re stronger than I could have been in the same situation. I do need to learn how to speak to some of these die-hards on the right, and stop assuming that they’re all stupid and/or evil. Difficult.

  109. Thank you, BWD and I could not agree more. I go to other sites to see what is going on as I can sometimes catch up on our state shut down there, and see pooties. This morning I snapped. Even Will Rogers would find this Democratic Party hard to take. Will they be happier with President Bachman? I shake my head in amazement that so many are willing to turn their backs on this President. The people I talk to who are the most vicious are those who were making calls for him long before he became a contender in 2008. There’s loyalty fer ya.

  110. Faith,
    Did you not read this? BWD specifically requested above in her post

    Which bring me to my last point: until we hear from BARACK OBAMA HIMSELF that he’s cutting benefits to Medicare and SS (as oppose to cutting waste and abuse, which are everywhere, and we know that) – please try take the panic button down a notch when you post here. I respectfully ask to NOT bring here media spins by right-wing tools, and not link to that other site (seems like I ask that every second week).

  111. I agree with you,Tien Le. I also think that they are working with the EPA to create a more fuel-efficient environment and drive some of the changes. Plus, they’re looking at private partnerships to help with investing in the new technologies of tomorrow, like biofuels. He’s still pursuing energy advances, just not with Congress, who are sitting on their hands.

  112. HiDesertflower &GOM
    Lets not overlook all of the paid shills the repugslugs are paying to make you think they are progressives who are disatified with PBO. They are spending lots of money to shape peoples thinking against him Beware!!

  113. All I know is, what ever happens, it’s going to be big, and it’s going to be bold. This President doesn’t like putting bandaids on problems. He wants to fix things for the long term, and that’s a good thing! We don’t have time to revisit these issues every session of Congress….Imasmartypants has an excellent piece up this morning…go read it, and I think you’ll agree Whatever happens, rest assured that he will paint the Republicans into a corner they can’t get out of…we shall see:)

  114. My God! Could he have ever picked 2 more exquisite people than Stephen Chu Secy of Energy and Lisa Jackson at ePA. Between the Supreme court decision and Ex Orders they are moving our world on energy. Just because it is under the radar does not mean it is not happening. Pls read You may be shocked. Car, trucks, airplanes, air, water are all under the microscope. I truly love what they are doing to hold oil and gas feet to the fire too. I love it!

  115. I admit to having a psychotic day, on a lot of levels. I shouldn’t unleash my crazy on my wonderful, thoughtful friends at this site.

    Forgive me for a lousy day. I will measure my comments until we have actual information that we can rely upon.

  116. That’s just it…the man actually HAS convictions! His word is good with me.

  117. Yeah. I don’t read a whole lot of comments because they are predictable. When progressives lose their ability to think and let bias rule their decisions then they’re no better than the tea party.

    I do check there for updates on breaking news. I do like to put forth my pragmatism because the thing with blogs is you never know who you’re influencing.

  118. I ask you — when are people going to learn? You cannot trust the media and you cannot trust pundits. They lied and got us into the Iraq war, and anything Obama and anything Bush was a lie. If you voted for Barack Obama, then you need to trust him. He has done EVERYTHING he said he would do despite mountains of resistance. When he tells us we have a deficit deal, I will listen to the details. Until then, it is just noise.

  119. 🙂 We all have those days, Faith.Please, please,please do not get squirrelly….wait for the OFFICIAL WORD….until then,it’s just sh** against the wall.

  120. I appreciate that. I will, however, reserve the right to link to good thinking and analysis, no matter where it comes from. We cannot paint every writer on every blog with the same broad brush.

    The first blog I got involved in was dKos in 2007. There will always be a number of people who start with a well-known progressive blog like dKos although a great level of mean-spirited hysteria has taken over there and was not present in 2007/2008. But I personally still feel it’s important to share my support for this President there, and share many links that I find here with the readers of dkos. You never know who is listening and to abandon it entirely seems counter-productive to me, personally.

    I may have missed it: if we are barred from linking to that site I want to know about it. I will respect that and will cease doing so. If that is that is the case — a rule and not a request — then this site is not as well-suited to my needs as I had hoped. I think ignoring ‘facts on the ground’ is dangerous and that we cannot be as effective in winning this war. I think Barack Obama is the best President in my 61 years on this planet, and maybe one of the best men to hold the office in the history of this nation. But no one is perfect, conditions are complex. I personally have no problem with honest criticism of this President and Democrats as long as it is respectful and always mindful to not do damage to our progress.

    I appreciate the constant flow of positive news that I find on this site. It is a critical antidote to the damage being done to this President in the vast MSM and other ‘progressive’ sites. I would, personally, like a safe haven for open discussion that may lead to the most effective solutions. I personally want to be more than a cheerleader, I want to turn the tide on the horrendous harm being done to this country by Republicans. I believe in Barack Obama.

    I will for awhile refrain from any comments and just read. That I believe will show the best respect for this extraordinary site and the fearless woman who has done so much good by starting and maintaining it. BWD has my deepest love, my utmost respect and my unending gratitude.

    Thanks to all for listening.

  121. President Obama about to speak from briefing room. Looks like a formal statement, because they’re setting up his podium.

  122. All I can say is ‘Amen’, not to use the religious vernacular, but it seems to fit the occasion. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have found a site that I can agree with 100%. It is so refreshing to listen to people who support President Obama as I do. I couldn’t agree with your assessment of him more.

  123. I agree with most of what you said whole heartedly. To learn the truth of things you have to pay attention to whats going on and learn to read between the lines. If you don’t want to look at it or choose to ignore it this will not make it go away. Infact it might even make it worse as the other side and those who claim to progressive will only get louder with no one challenging them. In order to show your support to the president you must confront them head on and challenge their assertions.

  124. TiMT has a piece up on TPV. In it is the following information concerning the hell that has broken loose on the idea of cutting medicare and social sec.

    HuffPost apparently had gotten an email from the White House as it reports:

    The Obama administration is pushing back against a Wednesday night report that the president is prepared to offer cuts to Social Security as part of a deal to raise the debt ceiling.

    “The story overshoots the runway,” said a senior administration official. “The President said in the State of the Union that he wanted a bipartisan process to strengthen Social Security in a balanced way that preserves the promise of the program and doesn’t slash benefits.”

    “While it is definitely not a driver of the deficit,” the official added, “it does need to be strengthened.”

    The response, sent via email to The Huffington Post, provides a measure of assurance to Democrats who were taken aback by the abrupt news, broken by the Washington Post, that Social Security reform was now on the debt-ceiling table. Still, the devil is in the details, and the idea of “strengthening” the entitlement program remains the vague standard for reform.

  125. You may recall that PBO proposed raising the income ceiling on SS during the campaign.

  126. I hate to quote Eugene but…”PBO is rich, brilliant, good-looking, Black and he is President of the US…get over it!”

  127. Agree ONE BAZILLION % BWD!!!

    I have a few thoughts on this:

    1. The Washington Post has unfortunately become the FauxNews™ of print media.

    2. If this was “floated” by anyone at the WH – it was as bait for the GOP – to see if there is ANYTHING that would get them to agree to getting rid of the Bush Tax cuts – which MUST HAPPEN. Think about this – two things that an overwhelming majority of Americans want: Keep SS/Medicare & tax the rich/end corporate welfare – and neither will the GOP even negotiate over. To me, that says it all about their insanity, and this will be the death of the party.

    3. SS/Medicare MUST be on the table to END the contribution cap so EVERYONE pays the same % of earnings, and those who make $106k annually will stop being carried by those who make less.

    The Dems need to do this without the GOP. They nothing more than bullies and thugs who are blinded by greed and power. I’m sick of them holding the entire global economy hostage to their insane whims.

    If tax cuts for the rich and corporate loopholes & subsidies created jobs, we’d have the most vibrant economy on the planet, and zero unemployment by now because these policies have been in place for over a decade. But anyone with a functioning brain stem can see that is not the case. But Republicans have made denial into an art form, and want to double down on their massive fail, all because of their blinding hatred of one man.

    Please see:

  128. BWD What a great post:

    I usually just read through your site, but you are so right on here I had to compliment you.

  129. I think it’s a great idea to contact the White House and Congress and share your concerns…you know, “Make me do it,” right?He is a great man, but he is not perfect. What you don’t want to do is freak out or give up completely or anything.

  130. # 5

    I’ve got my final surgery in two weeks. I don’t give a damn about anything except #5 I can write, pushback, etc, but waste one brain cell of concern about this? No, need them all.

    “They” play Americans so well, sadly. “They” meaning ALL baggers.

    Thank you BWD for your BRILLIANT list.

  131. gobriiklyn, Sam Stein is part of the problem. As you know, he is a reporter for HoffPo and he over dramatize stories to generate readership. He always refer to some “unknown source” or some “highly level admin official”. Last night he was one of the major ones talking about PBO has put SS cuts on the table. Just be careful citing him.

  132. Sorry for the mispelling of your name in the first reply. gobrooklyn, Sam Stein is part of the problem. As you know, he is a reporter for HoffPo and he over dramatize stories to generate readership. He always refer to some “unknown source” or some “highly level admin official”. Last night he was one of the major ones talking about PBO has put SS cuts on the table. Just be careful citing him.

  133. What is done at dkos is not honest criticism, it is drama. Drama which many of us had hoped to leave behind. I have nothing but respect for people who choose to continue to engage that place and others like it for valid reasons, but for me personally, I don’t need to know what’s going on there, and I can tell every person here in advance that dkos is going to continue the self-destructive cycle of drama and sensationalism right through the presidential elections and will take down as many supporters of the President as they can right along with them. Of course there are fine, decent individuals there but that place as a whole is no good, and I’ve totally lost interest in their nonstop freakouts, hysteria, and hissy fits. I’d personally rather *NOT* have what I consider the toxicity of dkos woven through the tapestry of this blog, which is a superior media product in too many ways to count. I treasure your commentary faith, this is my two cents.

  134. I read several posts on The Hill blog yesterday that referred to the fact that Boehner doesn’t have the votes to pass anything having to do with the 2012 budget or raising the debt limit. He has the warm republican bodies, but he doesn’t have 218 votes. This has placed him and the republicans in the position of needing dem votes to pass anything. Steny Hoyer reported that he’s been speaking with Boehner and has told him he’s ready to begin whipping for dem votes, but he won’t do it if all Boehner is offering is a “my way or the highway” agreement. The wider MSM hasn’t mentioned this, but dems have quite a bit of power in these negotiations, and Boehner has to make some concessions or nothing gets through. Booman Tribune also reported that Boehner has been sneaking into the WH to meet with PBO, something else that has flown under the MSM radar. Boehner is in a difficult position. He is accosted on one side by the tea publicans in the House, tea partiers in the country, Wall St, and living up to Grover Norquist’s pledge that he signed. On the other side he has to produce results so that he won’t embarrass himself, has to negotiate in such a way that he doesn’t alienate rw voters and independents, and he wants to keep his position as Speaker. I wouldn’t trade places with him for anything. IMO, the best part of the place that Boehner and the republicans now find themselves in is the fact that they put themselves there. They led their supporters to believe that they could roll PBO and the democrats by using big words and harsh, emotion-filled rhetoric. However these negotiations turn out, the republicans in Congress and in the country will get a lesson in civics and learn that compromise has always been a part of American politics. The way they envision governing is not the way a democracy operates. Had these folks been around in 1787, we would have never had a Constitution or a United States of America.

  135. You are so right. They’re the ones who stayed home to teach Obama a lesson. I also refuse to listen to the noise, and will wait patiently for what’s really going on. Thanks BWD.

  136. Glad to have you here, HvH. Most of us used to go to that other place and got fed up with the sensationalism, faux outrage, and Obama bashing for no good reason other than that the diarist hadn’t received his/her pony from PBO yet. What BWD has created here is a place where adults dwell who support “the only adult in the room” in Washington, D.C. We don’t always agree on specifics, but we do agree to be respectful of each other’s opinion, and on the fact that PBO deserves our support. I have little patience with those who have no respect for themselves or others. I agree, HvH, it is quite peaceful here.

  137. It’s amazing to me that he doesn’t get tired of the constant harranging and disrespect shown to him. I feel so sad and at the same time enraged, that a president so gifted as he is, is treated so poorly by so many.

    I hope he travels some more, just to meet the real people that love him like we do and restore his spirits.

  138. Hey, OSG– I think you live in Ireland, right? That’s close enough to Britain for you to see someone who REALLY is a disappointment and a silver-tongued snake in the grass… who goes around saying how nice and tolerant and socially modern he is, but who cuts the knees off the middle and working classes every chance he gets. In other words, I’m pretty sure you’ve gotten a good enough look at David Cameron to compare to Obama; and to know right away, Obama’s no Cameron.

    I’ve noticed that too: they say they don’t trust the MSM, but they sure seem to believe everything the WashPost or NYT says when it’s in the business of dampening perceptions of Democrats.

  139. Great stuff. Thanks. BTW…there were plenty of people like that during Revolutionary times, too. That is also part of democracy. Messy business, but people who can form alliances and keep cool heads improve their chances of prevailing over frantic fanatics.

  140. I am constantly trying to teach my students the meaning and value of compromise; of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. We were learning about the Great Depression today, and I asked them what was wrong with helping he poor, and less fortunate than us? They didn’t answer my question. It needs to be said that our refusal to look out for our fellow man, is what will destroy this country, no the debt or deficit.

  141. Sorry for the typos. It should read “helping the poor” and “not the debt or deficit.

  142. I was like that during the tax cut deal. I couldn’t believe Obama would pass anything that would eliminate unemployment benefits for those unemployed who would lose those benefits at Christmas. But I worried, and to my relief, I was right. Obama did what he thought was the right thing to do for those unemployed. He didn’t like it, and he learned from that deal. I think he’s going to win BIG in this deal, despite what MSM thinks.

  143. All the folks here are fine people. But some are uber-worriers. We’ve both been here long enough to recognize and bypass their worries, to wish them well, but not internalize.

    Don’t sit here and type if you are freaking out. Try to learn the truth, IF there is any truth at any given point, then go look at the spaciousness of the sky.

    Even BWD admits to overreacting from time to time, but she takes a break and comes back better than ever.

    There is so much ACTUAL horrors in the world. I heard from A Japanese friend today. Hundred of suicides every week due to the post tsunami depression.

  144. I always wait until I hear from THIS President for the “actual factual” and NEVER give more credence to the spin. It’s called “spin” for a reason… because “spinning” eventually makes you “dizzy” and “disoriented”.

    Medicare has been cut before… on the PROVIDER side… and it didn’t lessen services or negatively affect benefits to those who use the program one bit. Matter of fact, patient services became more streamlined while billions were saved by eliminating some HMOs and other Health Care providers that were defrauding and abusing the system. Those are the only Medicare “cuts” I can live with … and those are the type of cuts to Medicare that the “spin doctors” (aka Drama Kings and Queens) either don’t want you to know about OR other assorted MSM addicted propagandists (aka Reactionaries without a clue) just don’t know about.

    So stay focused and don’t get caught up in the “spin”. We’ll all know what we’ll need to know soon enough.

  145. Thank you very much, Sheila, for expressing so well everything I feel.

  146. Howard Dean was just on MSNBC and said “I’m actually pretty pleased with what the President is doing” and went on to talk about ways that $$ can be saved in Medicare and Medicaid *without* cutting any benefits.

  147. Excellent commentary, hgehard! We all need to listen and heed your wisdom.

  148. Oh you’re entirely right…. However, the average Orange Panic Overload regular does not believe that their constant negative mantra had anything to do with the catastrophic election losses in 2010. They live in fantasyland whereby the president just needs to make proclamations (the intransigence of the Republicans notwithstanding) and a progressive wonderland will occur. It is almost pathological in the lack of logic over there.

  149. Well said GN! Obviously thoughtful and decent people choose to visit dkos and other sites that thrive on drama, and I still respect them for their tenacity. Since there are many sites that feed on frenzy and outrage against President Obama, this oasis of sanity should do all it can to avoid jumping on the bandwagon.

  150. Thank you all for your kind words. I was out most of the day as part of my work in the OFA Summer Organizer Program. So it was special to come home and relax for a bit and find all your comments. And, SanPPTX, feel free to use any of my comments in any way. I am so grateful to all of you and BWD and Chipsticks for creating these places of friendship and harmony. Good night all!

  151. Even IF O were an ordinary president, the way some just take wholesale what is being reported and the spin coming from other Democrats, just makes me shake my head.

    It’s not as if they or House Republicans don’t have their own agendas at work! It’s also entirely possible a reporter got the story wrong.

  152. Thank you, GC, for you excellent comment that implores us to always focus on the big picture. I really appreciate your wisdom.

  153. Hundreds of suicides?! That’s shocking. These poor people…not only the tsunami, but the non-stop tremors…the PTSD must be off the chart. And yeah, the PL and frustrati have no sense of proportion at all.

  154. me too — there’s ideology (i’m basically a socialist) and then there’s what we can done given the constraints of our society and our governmental system. Chance of my paradise being established by government fiat are slim to none so I go with looking for as much improvement in our system as we can get, given what it is . .

  155. lets not let our imaginations run wild because there is nothing remotely resembling a “deal” on the table. Just because Faith wants to believe the worst hardly makes it true.

  156. I agree with you desertflower. I voted for President Obama because he impressed me with his intelligence, his compassion, and his ability to focus on solving long term problems. I don’t care if any one wants to label me an “Obamabot,” but I am absolutely sure that what ever compromise President Obama reached with the Republicans is, in the long run, for the benefit of all Americans. I am absolutely convinced that there is no way Obama would sell out senior citizens, or the poor, just to make a compromise with Republicans.

    Sometimes when you are dealing with crazy people you don’t have to act as crazy as them just to show how strong you are. You try to find away to neutralize them. I offer this example for all the parents out there. Suppose some one was holding your precious child hostage demanding a Ransom? Wouldn’t you try to do everything possible to free your child (or any loved one), including paying a ransom?

    It seems to me that Republicans had no qualms destroying the economy in order, so they think, to ensure the defeat of President Obama for the second term. Refusing to raise the debt ceiling, as most reasonable people, including the vast majority of economists, have said is likely to plunge this country in unimaginable economic catastrophe. People receiving SS may not be paid, people serving in the military and other government services may not be paid. The same goes for defaulting on debt payment. Of course default would plunge the fragile economic recovery back into a severe recession, and may be a great depression.

    Why aren’t the people who are unleashing their venom on the President refusing to acknowledge the fact that he is dealing with crazy people in the GOP who have absolutely no shame destroying the economy, all because they don’t want the President to be re-elected. It is is these crazy hostage takers that President Obama has to negotiate with that we should be attacking. If he were dealing with sane and reasonable people then I would understand the outrage against him.

    The reality, however, is that he is dealing with crazy people who are holding the government and the entire economy as a ransom. Personally, I admire the courage and compassion of President Obama, for trying to figure out a way of saving the economy and the country, even if it may cost him being elected for a second term. The fact that his point man in these negotiations is VP Joe Biden tells me that what ever deal was reached is in the interest of all Americans, especially the middle class. That is how much I trust and respect the President and the Vice President.

    Again, for me, I admire and highly respect a president who thinks that preventing the country from going into a severe economic depression is worth more than his being re-elected for a second term. I am determined as ever to support President Obama, and Democrats running for congress, regardless of whether any of my genuine fellow Democrats, who are willing to be so outraged, decide to abandon the President and the Democratic party. There is absolutely no way I would participate in aiding and abating the election of the likes of Michel Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Perry and the rest of the crazy Republican presidential characters. Lastly it is absolutely important to pont out that there is no way we would be in this situation if the outraged, so called progressive, Democrats had not decided to sit-out the 2010 Congressional elections.

  157. Thank you so much Tally for this excellent comment! People need to link to TOD to read you other brilliant comment. It was, IMO, one of the best commentaries on one of the great sites that attracts many thoughtful and informed people who post comments.

  158. GC, as one of your new admirers, whom you probably will never meet in person, I just want you to know that my thoughts are with you. I hope and trust that all will go well with your surgery. Your comments on this, and other sites, have always inspired me. I learn a great deal from your reality grounded wisdom. Most importantly, I greatly admire your humor and your courage.

    In the scheme of things, this new hyped outrage is really minor. Like the other previous outrages, that amounted to nothing, it will soon pass. If well grounded and perceptive people like you continue to consistently support President Obama I am sure he will be o.k. in the end. I will work as hard as I can to see that he is re-elected. But if the majority of Americans choose to turn on him and hand the country back to the Republicans, all I will say is shame on them.

    Again, all the best! Keep strong, and know that people who admire and respect you are pulling for you in this most difficult time! I hope you have a speedy recovery so you can be back soon to continue sharing your wisdom.

  159. I saw H. Dean and he’s right. There’s still waste and abuse within Medicare that can be cut to save money without affecting benefits. As for this “Social Security” rumor floating around… it reminds me of something else that “floats” AND “smells”. Social Security doesn’t even affect the budget, so ANY talk about cutting it by a DEMOCRATIC President would be ludicrous… especially THIS Democratic President. I’m quite sure that PBO knows that even “talking” about cutting Social Security would be politically suicidal for him and he’s nowhere near that clueless. But once again, he’s becoming a target of circumstance by the propagandist MSM, which is looking more and more like a combination of “Extra” and “TMZ” everyday and also a target among people who consistently substitute “reacting” for”thinking”… like Ed Schultz, an over-dramatic, reactionary loudmouth who’s ONLY claim to fame is to repeat every story you’ve already heard later in the evening…. only LOUDER.

    Anyone who makes up their mind without hearing or knowing the details of an issue IS A DAMN FOOL… and Ed Schultz acted like a damn fool tonight… and it’s not the 1st time and definitely won’t be his last. No one knows anything because nothing has been done or finalized yet… so what kind of person makes up their mind based on hearsay?! A reactionary person who’s really not that bright … that’s what kind.

    I saw and listened to Nancy Pelosi as well. And if you or anyone else saw her, you could almost see a “smile” on her face while she was talking… and she and PBO are meeting one-on-one today and if you REALLY know politics, PBO and Ms. Pelosi… you can almost smell “what Ba-rack is cookin”… and I guarantee you that it’ll make the GOTP nauseous while those immature Progressives try to scrape it away while no one’s looking because they’ll be proven to be childishly WRONG… again.

  160. It means using “chained CPI” will cost 3.7%, 6.5%, and 9.2% respectively 10, 20 and 30 years from now, compared to using CPI. Benefits will continue to increase, but a little less so using chained CPI.

  161. Just wanted to join in thanking you BWD for your words of wisdom and for creating this magnificent space that attracts thoughtful and reality based people. Yes, BWD, with all the previous outrages against this President has been subjected to, in the past two and half years, that never amounted to any thing, the least we can do on your marvelous site is wait and see what the President says before joining the bandwagon in dumping on him.

    Personally I am an unabashed “Obamabot.” Based on what he has done, in his brief time as President, I trust President Obama instinctively. IMO, there is no way President Obama, and Vice President Biden, would enter into a compromise that was detrimental to the lives of senior citizens, the poor or the middle class. I am also convinced that whatever compromise they entered into with these crazy Republicans was aimed at saving the country from economic disaster.

    I am really angry at people who are quick to demonize the President while saying absolutely nothing about the crazy Republicans, who used the the fate of the economy as ransom, to ensure tax give aways for the wealthy. It is easy for me sitting at my computer to bash the President for not standing up to the Republicans. You see, I am not the one who would be blamed if people don’t receive their social security checks; or their medicare or VA benefits are not paid; or government workers are not paid;or the government defaults on its debts and plunges the market in absolute chaos. I certainly don’t have to bear any responsibility if the economy plunges the country in a depression with massive unemployment. All I know is, I can sit at home and speculate that Wall street and the moneyed people will never let that happen and the President should say No to everything Republican. But that easy for me to say because I will never be held responsible for what happens. Just as it was easy for some to say don’t bail out the Auto Industry, or the Banks. Those people did not have to bear any responsibility for the consequences of their directives if the President had embraced them. Only the President bares the burden of whatever decision he makes.

    Here is my reaction if I were in President Obama’s shoes. For those who are convinced that the Captains of Industry will never allow a default I would say that they’ve not been paying attention. I have seen companies, that are now awash with record profits, fail to invest that money in creating jobs. Surely if these people can hoard the money and refuse to invest in creating jobs they are just a cable of sitting by to plunge the country in economic chaos on my watch. So, there is no way I would take the risk to let them drive the economy further into the ground. I realize that because of my actions to prevent default, and the most certain economic disaster, I may not be re-elected because my fellow democrats decided to join the crazies. Re-election is not on my mind right now. My highest priority right now is to make sure that the country does not plunge into a depression. It is true that as a result of this compromise with the crazy Republicans: seniors will not get $11 more in their Social Security Check as expected, but they will still get their Social Security checks on time; It’s true that hospitals will no longer be allowed unreasonable charges for medicare, but seniors (including me) will still have their medicare coverage; most importantly, the United States, will not default on its debt obligations and plunge the country in economic chaos. All these things are not worthy sacrificing the grudging support of the holier than thou progressive Democrats who prefer that I go around beating my chest about how well I stood up up against the crazy teapublicans, while the country sinks in a depression, and many people who depend on government, like seniors, receive no payments. Governing is about seriously focusing on the fate of the American people. Governing should never be about puting politics above the well being of Americans. If preventing a Republican engineered second Depression means that I will not be re-elected, so be it! At least I will leave the presidency knowing that I tried my best to do the right thing; especially given the fact that I had to deal with crazy people willing to destroy the economy for the sake of ideology.

    I don’t know for sure if that’s how President Obama approached this Republican manufactured crisis, but that’s the way I judge his reported(though unverified)actions. I wish all of us who claim to be Democrats would have the President’s back. If we were really serious we should have come out strongly, months ago, to push back against Republicans who were determined to hold the fate of the economy hostage in order to push through their idiotic right wing agendas. But, I am sorry to say, we did absolutely nothing as usual. When the President’s opponents have the support of the most vocal opposition, along with the MSM, he is really at a disadvantage. People who cite polls really don’t understand that advocacy and activism tramps polls and sometimes shapes and influences polls. We needed more vocal people (including me) in the streets pushing against Republican policies on SS and Medicare.

    Sorry for the long rant BWD! I appreciate and admire all the hard work you put in this space. I also appreciate the support you’ve given this president for the past two years.

  162. Lucy, Let me put it slightly differently: David Cameron is no Barak Obama. I don’t think there is a head of a government today anywhere in the world that can compare well with President Obama for wisdom, good judgement and leadership.

  163. BWD, you don’t have to remind me, a second time or more about PBHO’s

    I heard you, the first time.


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  164. Amen, amen amen to, yet again, your perfect words of wisdom!!!! The pearl clutching on the left is soooo typical!! Thank heaven for this site and much needed sanity!! Thank you!!!

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