The Only Adult And All That…

Well, that was quite brilliant. You can feel *exactly* how brilliant it was by the MSM meltdown. It kills them that PBO goes around them. But what’s really sad is how far better the questions were than in any press conference.

Honestly, who was anxiousΒ when PBO did this: (I was).


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  1. Indeed, BWD, it was brilliant. He never, ever fails to make me proud I worked to help him get elected and that he’s our president.

    The media and the hapless GOP are all whining. He always makes them look like the childish dopes they are.

  2. Can someone give a quick rundown of the Twitterfest? I was on the reference desk.

    And, also, the Murdoch scandal in the UK is gaining steam. It’s featured prominently on the L.A. Times website.

  3. BWD, you should include the zinger that POTUS made towards the Bonehead: “John needs to improve his typing skills” πŸ˜†

  4. I’ll tell you this Liberal Librarian- John EFFING Boehner tweeted a question about “where are the jobs”. Unbelievable, i wanted to reach through the screen and slap him upside his lazy sorry head. Gawd- this is the person who is supposed to be LEADER of The United States House of Representatives.

    POTUS was awesome, answered thoroughly and it was another good way to skirt the media’s bs.. I read that both MSNBC and CNN shut him off before it was over.. so bloody typical.

    I’m a bit ticked by the childishness of the media and by the GOP.. and omg some of the questions (thankfully not chosen) were so stooopid and so mean- POTUS is often the only thing that gives me hope for this country some days.

    I just read that it will be posted at CSPAN later and I’m sure the whitehouse will have it at their site later too.

  5. Key grafs from the L.A. Times piece:

    Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire businessman whose global media empire includes the News of the World, moved to contain what has become a huge public-relations nightmare, issuing a statement Wednesday that called the alleged hacking “deplorable and unacceptable.”

    He reiterated the commitment of News International, the parent company of the News of the World, to cooperate with the police investigation and expressed his confidence in the leadership of Rebekah Brooks, the head of News International and one of his closest confidants.

    But Murdoch’s assurances are unlikely to dampen the public anger that is engulfing his British operations and that could seriously threaten his attempt to expand his footprint on the media landscape here by taking over satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

    A clutch of companies announced Wednesday that they were withdrawing their advertisements in the News of the World, including Halifax bank and carmakers Ford, Vauxhall and Mitsubishi. On Facebook and Twitter, ordinary Britons urged their compatriots to boycott Murdoch’s properties such as the Times of London and the Sun, Britain’s bestselling tabloid.

  6. The newstainers better start looking for other lines of work …. and they can forget comedy …

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  7. I was able to see a good amount of this “townhall”. Yes, the questions were far better than we normally get from msm. In some cases exceptional.

    And President Obama handled this with intelligence, command of the facts and issues, direct replies to the questions asked (which is his way and always appreciated), all the while calling it all on the urgency and importance it demands. From debt ceilings to accessible higher education and a competent 21st century work force.

    His message remains consistent and his tone genuine. I remain continually impressed with this President.

    We certainly did a good job as an electorate in 2008. We must do so again in 2012.

  8. I know your new coinage is supposed to be read as “news-tainers”, but I can’t help but read it as “new-stainers”, as in they stain their pants every time PBO runs rings around them. Works both ways.

  9. I love how he always sounds fresh and supportive. He’s very intelligent, and I noted a couple of times where he paused to simplify what he had to say, but he still said it with grace. I wish I had half his poise. Love listening to him speak to the people. Hope we see more of this!

  10. PBO was brilliant as were the questions, with the exception of Boner’s boneheaded question. PBO was at the top of his game, so proud to be an #ObamaLover!!

  11. Well he did use only lowercase…

    I had to quickly click of my feed to load up twitter to see it when it first appeared. I’m a nerd.

    I wonder if we’ll know how many folks watched/followed.

  12. They shut him off? What could MSNBC & CNN possibly be covering that was so much more important?

  13. I saw most of the Twitter town hall Q&A.

    I almost lost it with the cry me a freaking coean Boehner crapy nonsense.

    Boehner’s number is


    I called and left a message.

    His antic was just disgraceful.

    I forgot to see if the Fatuous C-SPAN carried the event.

    I saw it on MSNBC.

  14. The MSM meltdown yes we just witness the smartest President ever, if any GOP whe will run against this president they better keep up with Obama.
    Brilliant Brilliant , Brilliant, Thank you BWD we watched him.

  15. John Boehner continues to make himself look very small, and very petty, because he is.

  16. I called my congressman too, bill young- a republican. Told him to raise the debt ceiling and to compromise.
    Told him I was 100% disabled vet and that I would lose my benefits if they default.
    Told him he better not let that happen!
    He understood and then told me that he strongly supports the military. Pfffft!!

  17. Well, WE know who had the typo…Speaker John “The Boner” Boehner…it will “go down in infamy”…

    This couldn’t have happened to a “nicer” guy! πŸ˜‰ lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  18. MSNBC cut him off to go to one of its talking heads analyzing the event but did cover the first 50 minutes or so of the event. I suppose that MSNBC decided that we cannot give free air time to this brilliant, empathetic man!!!!

  19. So is Cameron! Now he has done it. Oh and that little sattelite deal he had in the US- it’s gone now!

  20. C-SPAN did not carry it live — had something so important on C-SPAN 3 that I can’t even remember what it was!!!

  21. After last week’s presser I thought, what other current office holder, could get up there for an hour and answer questions like that? Can you imagine ANY of the current Republican hopefuls lasting 10 minutes without making an ass of themselves?
    I have every confidence in this POTUS!

  22. Most of the questions were good. “We did get Boner asking where are the jobs?”

  23. We are so blessed to have this truly amazing man as our president regardless of how many millions are oblivious to his stunning brilliance, decency, and integrity.

  24. President Obama is LIGHT YEARS ahead of the pols when it comes to technology. He did the thing! GO POTUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I appreciated the good and thoughtful questions sans the drama. You do us proud MR. President. Thank you!

  25. PBHO’s First ‘WhiteHouse’ Tweet:

    “In order to reduce the deficit,what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep” – bo

    He made history!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  26. I thought he was still heavily favored to finish the BSkyB deal. Is that the one you’re talking about? It seemed to be getting the sail through from the Cameron Government, but maybe there is too much pressure now not to slow it down.

  27. The business channels are saying that wall street earnings for the second quarter are going to be through the roof.
    And they expect double the jobs number from last month.

    Hope so!

  28. He is doin’ the damn thing! Yes he is. No other President has been cooler.

  29. You can feel *exactly* how brilliant it was by the MSM meltdown.

    I missed it. What was the meltdown like?

  30. SR, Ofcom is the UK’s FCC. They would have the final yea or nay say on the BSkyB deal. From an article on

    Broadcast regulator Ofcom has said it is “closely monitoring” the revelations about phone hacking at the News of the World in reference to the bid by the newspaper’s parent company News Corp to take full control of broadcaster BSkyB.

    In a statement today, the regulator acknowledged that it has a duty “to be satisfied on an ongoing basis that the holder of a broadcasting licence is ‘fit and proper'”.

    The statement stressed it was “not for Ofcom to investigate matters which properly lie in the hands of the police and the courts”, but said that it was “closely monitoring the situation and in particular the investigations by the relevant authorities into the alleged unlawful activities”.

  31. I read it as news-stainers, using the “s” twice. I took that to mean that they stain the news, as in taint, color, etc.

  32. Well, para phrasing that fool msnbc-

    John boners tweet said how dare you raise taxes on the poor American people this would slash jobs and kill us all.

    Or something to that effect!

  33. I agree, wholeheartedly, John. Few people could be so informed on so many topics to be able to talk intelligently for even 30 minutes, say nothing about an hour. Most people have one or two areas of expertise, at best. The Republican hopefuls just seem to know talking points, rather than any in-depth knowledge in areas that someone applying for that job should be familiar.

  34. I do love him but what he said about the space program did not compute for me…lol

  35. LMAO!! BWD you are always nervous when PBO is about to do something innovative and exciting. Bless your heart. After almost 3 years in the Whitehouse and a year before that on the campaign trail you should not have much doubt about our President performing to high standards. Take a CHILL PILL girl. Love ya!! PBO MUST BE RE-ELECTED!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  36. While we wait for the President’s twitter video let’s take a look at a short clip of his press conference on Friday.

    Everybody else has done the tough things, Republicans need to make a deal.

  37. It should be the headline, but wont. TPM headline is that he said he didn’t realize how bad the economy was, so that, is no doubt what they will go with.

  38. I missed it :(((( Had to work. Will it be on video do you think BWD? I am frustrated as I also missed his press conference last week.

  39. Let’s ALL call Boehner’s office and leave a message. I said his tweet was stupid because Republicans ran on creating jobs and once in control of the House they have wasted all their time on social wedge issues rather than doing anything to help the lower 98% of income-earners let alone the jobless. I also said it would be unpatriotic not to raise the debt ceiling.

  40. Jennifer Granholm needs a gig! I guess the Administration figures Ohio is up for grabs still and feel Michigan is lean Dem.

    (Of course Granholm might not want the gig, as I believe she said she wanted to stay in Michigan with her son in HS or something).

  41. finally a press conference minus the bullshit. President Obama answered questions from the voters and not the talking heads. President Obama should do all his press conferences like this in the future.

  42. You can bank on that Debz. Hopefully the Dems will have a rapid response for this distortion that will be broadcast all over the nation. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  43. I’m hoping Jennifer Granholm will have a place in Obama’s administration post 2012. I have seen her several times, and followed her when she was governor. She is smart! She would be a good Supreme Court Justice, or do great in several cabinet positions. Right now, she is a great advocate for the Obama Administration. I love it when she gets all over Romney!

  44. Cantor didn’t expect the backlash for his decision to walk out on negotiations. BAck pedaling. THose guys are good at that.

  45. What were, in your opinion, some of the exceptional questions? I had to work, so missed it. 😦

  46. You could see the President was struggling for diplomatic words… I’m sure it was much more salty in his own head!

  47. They promote the kind of culture (a la Breitbart) that encourages dishonest, unethical behavior. They can’t be surprised when stuff like this happens. They appeal to the lowest common denominator, and employ the seediest elements of society. I hope they burn for this.

  48. Ooops Betsy,

    You can look downthread to find the ‘Twitter Town Hall’ vid clip…

    I typed your name wrong (Betsey vice Betsy)! ::Virtual Hug::

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  49. President Obama really makes the flip-flopping ones, or the”none of your business” ones, look really small, doesn’t he?

  50. This vid clip was removed…

    But, there’s another one! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  51. Btw: this deal pissed off the afl/CIO. Which is probably why they left that crazy tweet today, that sounded just like boners tweet.
    Anyways, I like figuring things out.

  52. How convenient that the twitter town hall happened AFTER last Wednesdays press conference telling the congress to do it’s job, AFTER the Friday update on the status of the debt limit talks AND BEFORE the next meeting with the “LEADERS” of congress to continue talks. I hope this twitter town hall gets lots of local media coverage.

  53. The TeaPublicans’ talkin’ points, memes, et al ARE “comin’ back to bite ’em in their butts”…

    They’re bein’ “hijacked” by PBHO and Team Obama! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  54. The f*cked up bills passed by the house today cuts EPA climate rules totally, cut our clean water, cuts our national parks for use of oil drilling, and stops the uranium ban that the interior dept just issued in the grand canyon.
    They are throwing everything against the wall. My God…

  55. So, what do you guys think Rachel just said about that ruling today? And do you think she lied?

    Answer: you betcha!

  56. Typical. It won’t go anywhere…but it may come back to bite them in the ass during election time:)

  57. I like your take on words, must be all that time in a library Hunh ? Thanks for the laugh !

  58. Hey, guys what is going on? All my youtube video links are black. The videos posted in this thread are black. I went to the youtube site and can’t bring up any videos. I want to see the President’s townhall. Anybody know what is going on? I am Peed OFF!!

  59. Out of the entire Twitter event, TPM chose that to highlight.

    That’s our “liberal media”, y’all.

  60. I am able to pick up videos on other sites like and C-span, but my youtube is not working. What is going on? I love youtube and can’t bring up any videos. I went to some sports sites and their videos work perfectly. I don’t understand why I can bring up any youtube videos or links.

  61. Keith, the three vid clips, except one, I posted, upthread, are workin’ fine…

    I hope they work for you!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  62. What is clearing my cache? I am pretty much computer illiterate.

  63. Breaking News Alert: In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts
    July 6, 2011 10:02:57 PM

    President Obama is for the first time offering to tackle the rising cost of Social Security as part of a far-reaching plan to restrain the spiraling national debt, according to people in both parties familiar with the proposal.

    The move marks a major shift for the White House and could present a direct challenge to Democratic lawmakers who have vowed to protect health and retirement benefits from a Republican assault on government spending.

  64. ummm……….calm down Jovie. You know that won’t pass in the Senate. They are providing so much revenge material it is unbelievable.

  65. Clearing your history, cookies, etc. Hey, try the Iink I posted right above. It works, I’m watching/listening right now. πŸ™‚

  66. She said the court ordered the big bad Obama administration to stop implementing dadt.
    She has a problem!

  67. Nope all those are blank screens guys. I don’t know what is going on. Is something wrong with my media player or something. Any videos that are youtube are black blank screens. I’m perplexed. Snoop your videos posted don’t work for me. I certainly am not a computer geek.

  68. You have to go to and click floor section and scroll a bit.
    I am not authorized to bring you this website any more, as it makes people mad!

  69. Mine are black to Keith. I noticed it at Obamadiary a few minutes ago and thought the video was down or something. Something must be going on at youtube.

  70. Nancy Pelosi said Benefit cuts are OFF THE TABLE

    i have heard no words of this on other news pieces. This is just a rumor.

  71. Yes,thanks starshine that is working fine for me. The Whitehouse video link works. But anything associated with youtube on my computer is not working. STRANGE. I have an account with Best Buy’s Geek Squad maybe I will give them a call.

  72. first of all nancy pelosi said “benefit cuts are OFF THE TABLE”

    when she says that she means it.

    this article is just a rumor just like the talking points memo headline article.

  73. In my personally written script for BO, I wanted him to ask Boner where the jobs were after Bush’s tax cuts.– for 7 years. My own partisan anger showing — I don’t expect it and don’t really want Obama to crawl into that mud.

    Frankly, ALL Democrats can stop with the qualifiers — BO spent as much time on “job creation is slower than we’d like” — stop giving them soundbites. I don’t expect him to be nasty, but the qualifiers like that serve no one but Republicans.

    “Where are the jobs bills from Congress?”

    His answer to Boner was fine and made all the points necessary. But please — stop doing what Democrats always do: stop the qualifiers. Stop weakening your position, thinking it’s going to get you some credit for accepting Republican frames.

    It really has to stop. DWS has got to get Democrats to stop doing that.

  74. I lit the match, but then blew it out. I should know better than to get excited about news items before they’re confirmed.

  75. And oh my God! McConnell said the ‘job creators were struggling’ and needed their tax cuts!

  76. IF the Social Securtiy cuts are true maybe this is a strategic ploy to get the MONSTERS to budge. Looks like we are getting closer to the 14th Admendment solution.

  77. Really – we have to have more faith in President Obama and not hyperventilate every time we hear an anonymous report that doesn’t sound good. Social Security reform could include increasing the cap on deductions, which would help to fund Social Security for more years. That’s a good thing. I’ll wait to hear from President Obama.

  78. Well, what if the president made both of these Programs more solvent? There is still a lot of overhead and waste in both Programs.

    Me thinks that is the only way to get the tax revenue in there, otherwise…

  79. first of all nancy pelosi said “benefit cuts are OFF THE TABLE”

    when she says that she means it.

    this article is just a rumor just like the talking points memo headline article.

    there is no article anywhere on the internet talking about social security.


  80. Don’t get too excited. They’ve said this before and they’ve said it recently. It’s tied to re-doing the entire tax code in Grover Norquist’s image.

    David Kay Johnston just said on the Ed Show that he now believes Republicans are completely serious and will allow a default on our debts for the first time in American history.

    Obama has begun to paint them in the corner so that it will be their fault. But it may be too little, too late. As long as he continues to qualify things on Republican terms, there will not be the groundswell of support like Clinton got in 1994.

  81. sure, though I trust Nancy pelosi a lot.

    Impeachment was off the table and she meant it.

    Same thing here with social security cuts.

  82. Thanks Doris. My Obamadiary vids are black as well. I’m think maybe youtube is ran by Rightwing extremist who don’t want the public to witness the BRILLIANT Twitter townhall on youtube. What are your thoughts, cause this is strange. Glad I am not the only one with this problem.

  83. I’m sorry. But what the hell is WRONG with Democrats and now I have to add the Obama Administration.

    Social Security needs to raise the cap (which is much less percentage of earnings now than it was 20 years ago). THAT’S ALL IT NEEDS.

    Social Security has NOTHING to do with the overall deficit.

    How can this President play to Republicans when the people are behind him on SS and Medicare?

    If this is true, I am furious.

  84. There is ‘not a lot of waste’. There is some waste. There is no inefficiency in Social Security AT ALL. Because the social security cap has not been raised to the same percentage it was 20, 30 years ago, there’s a problem. A simple fix. And Social Security has NOTHING to do with the deficit. NOTHING.

    Obama fixed a lot of Medicare ‘waste’ in ACA. Most of that ‘waste?’ Republican subsidies to private insurance companies in Medicare Advantage.

    And Jovie, there is virtually no overhead. Please. This is very important: Medicare is one of the most efficient programs ever. It’s a little less efficient now than it was a decade ago because Bush privatized part of it. Medicare operates at about 5% overhead. Private insurance operates at about 30% overhead. Please don’t fall for that.

    Social Security has virtually no overhead at all: there is no profit margin, just people processing checks for people entitled to receive Social Security. There are investigators and those assessing disability claims, but virtually no overhead.

  85. Hi Jovie; I was thinking the same thing. I’m not a fan of WaPo; and would like to hear Nancy Pelosi and POTUS speak on this.

  86. The only way I accept social security being put on the table is if hedge fund managers start paying regular income taxes instead of capital gains taxes on their income.

    I mean a total return to paying income tax for these monsters who bet on people losing.

    Only then. And only if Republicans accept 50% revenue increases and 50% cuts.

    They want program cuts? Then they bring back reasonable revenue.

    That’s the only way social security gets put on the table.

  87. this is just a rumor article. no one at daily kos is talking about this.

    there are no articles on the internet.

  88. nancy pelosi said “cuts are Absolutely OFF THE TABLE”

    she means it.

  89. Faith,
    Why do you think the hospitals and insurance providers are freaking out and running ads against this proposal?

    Also, yes raise the cap over 106k for ss.

    Also, you could have no new spending and bc of rising hc costs, Medicare balloons our budge 50 billion per year.

  90. Well, I have government hc and live off of the veterans check. So, I would be willing to take a 10 percent cut as long as everybody pays there fair share.

    The point is everybody has to take a haircut!

  91. Then we will not get any revenue and we will default.

    Ashame! Well, I know I am safe, I am a veteran and no way I don’t get my check(if we default). As far as everyone else, who knows?

    America the beautiful! Uggh!

  92. The is old news. TPM mentiom this today. It may not be true. Journalist are speculating again.

  93. Didn’t he just talk today about solidifying SS, Medicare, Medicaid? I think things can be tweeked and not have us all fly off the handle.That said, SS DOESN’T have anything to do with the deficit…you are absolutely correct.

  94. notices the source is “democrat official”. who is this democratic official?

  95. I take President Obama at his word until HE proves otherwise. This is not a stupid man, y’all and I believe he would like a second term to finish some of what he has started in attempting to get this country on a sound footing. If he cuts Medicare benefits or SS benefits he can kiss a second term good-bye. His goal is to help the middle class and poor people. It is not his goal to hurt the middle class and poor people. I think we need to remember this and stop with the knee-jerk reactions.

    Just saying……..

  96. Pelosi really doesn’t matter. Boehner can lose 25 votes and still pass anything with his caucus alone. And I’m sure there would be 40-50 House Dems that would break caucus and vote for the eventual deal as well.

  97. but remember, when she says “off the table” she means it.

    she said “impeachment was off the table with bush”

    same thing with benefit cuts.

  98. As I said before the source of this information is a unamed democratic official. Uname democratic official could be anyone. It could be the journalist the wrote the story.

  99. only a republican would refer to something as “democrat” this makes the source suspicious.

  100. jovie, you are confusing me.

    we CAN get new revenue without social security cuts.

    republicans have just opened up to revenue increases. eric cantor is one of them.

    wall street will not allow a default to happen. Period. ultimately republicans are going to blink. they are starting to now.

  101. The difference is that she doesn’t control the house now so if Boehner can get the votes for it, he can bring it to the floor. When Pelosi controlled the house she could block any bill she didn’t like from the floor.

  102. Well all the videos posted are functional now guys. I didn’t do anything but wait. Geez how strange. My youtube is functional again as well. hmmm…………Oh well I will finish watching this spectacular twitter town hall. πŸ™‚

  103. Keith it still doesn’t work for me. I thought it was just my computer. Not sure what this is.

  104. I understood that Medicare cuts would not pertain to benefits…ever. And, I work in the legal profession and I have to tell you that there are hundreds of lawsuits pertaining to medicare fraud and waste. These problems are loop-holes and they do exist. Ask Rick Scott why he paid such a huge fine to the government for Medicare fraud.

  105. we were talking about the entire town hall meeting, which was about 70 minutes in length. MSNBC cut away from it at about the 50- inute mark and CNN at about the 60-minute mark. You had to go the White House stream for the full 70-minute program

  106. Uh?? There’s tons of waste in medicare as there are very few cost controls in place on the prices charged by providers.

  107. Warning….

    Daily kos is going ballistic now over Medicare and Social Security with President Obama.

    There are going to be huge shockwaves.

    Even though the medicare and medicaid cuts are good cuts actually.

    And we have not heard from the president yet.

    There will be a spread to other blogs too. Let’s stay calm and weather this.

    Batten down the hatches. Tax Deal redux is coming soon.

  108. I’m honestly done with listening into the media I already know what its going to be about before I even turn it on. I also realize that these cuts don’t come easy and sacrifices have to be made I just hope the sacrifice isn’t too steep or too big for the rest of the country. This move is going to hurt him among his own party and people are going to feel deeply betrayed. Yet I hope that Obama’s effort to compromise doesn’t destroy him politically. 😦

  109. Here is your early morning update on Rupert Murdoch. David Cameron has been forced to open a new investigation into Rupertgate or risk losing his government. Rebekah Wade Brooks, Murdoch’s Exec. Asst., is being called to step down either because she knew about the hacking and has been lying or because she was too stupid to catch on to what was going on under her nose. Not only were crime victims phones hacked, but now it turns out they were hacking the phones of families who had children killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and war widows. The police knew all this is 2005 and kept it quiet, so now they are under investigation also for this and for taking bribes to release pictures, etc in crime investigations. BSkyB stock, the equivalent of News Corp in the US,, was down 2.3% already in the 1st 15 minutes of the open of the market this morning.

  110. I believe PBO is TOO FAR ahead in his thinking and actions for this nation. Democrats, Republicans, MSM, American citizens all do not understand the totality of this man. IF we don’t catch up to who and what this man is we will lose him in 2013. He won’t get re-elected because of our IGNORANCE. AND IT WILL BE A DAMN SHAME. 😦 Obama/Biden 2012!!

  111. Murdoch’s little empire has promoted vile tactics for a long time. I hope the arm of the law shows up as global, and Breitbart gets caught up in this web. I hope the whole lot of them crash and burn – their tactics are deplorable and they’ve done a lot of harm.

  112. I agree with you, Keith. Those who will abandon him if he has to make a deal they don’t like, knowing that he is deeply committed to the future of this country, will have to deal with a Republican president who slides into office on the promise of ending social security and Medicare. I just don’t even understand the panic. After three years, one would think the President would have proven his intentions by now. Yet, people instinctively turn to blame President Obama for compromises he MIGHT make,instead of keeping the focus on Republicans who are the real culprits in this scenario.

  113. We are now learning that politicians have been hacked, including the Chancellor of the Exchequer, which would sort of compare to our Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner. Murdoch’s paper continues to shed advertisers today. The stock price recovered slightly and I have a feeling Murdoch may be trying to support the price. The Royal England Legion, like our American Legion, has now backed away from doing any more fund-raising campaigns with the paper. The News of the World acted much like Fox News in purporting to support the troops while stabbing them in the back at the same time, in this case hacking the phones of the dead soldiers’ families. In the US Fox, of course, is always behind cutting vets benefits. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find that Ailes used the same techniques that Brooks used in England. Those two are Murdoch’s favorites.

  114. May be it’s my old age showing but I prefer honesty over framing. I know people are impressed by the Republican’s ability to effectively frame issues even when they are telling lies 100% of the time. If that is what the majority of Americans want, so be it.

    The greatest quality I admire about President Obama is his honesty and sincerity in communicating with the American people. I am glad he talks to us as adults. I am glad he takes time to fully answer questions and to explain his policies in details. I am glad he is able to admit that the pace of job creation is not as fast as he expected. For him to say otherwise would be to insult my intelligence. I am glad he was able to clearly articulate that his stimulus created jobs, saved jobs, and invested in clean energy and infrastructure. I am glad we have a president who tries his best not to demonize his opponents, though, Lord knows, they deserve to be shamed for their lies and their bad faith. Except that if he chose to go that route, then he would quickly be labeled an angry Black man, and people would loose sight of what he is methodically, and systematically, trying to do to transform this country.

    If people want to vote against him for telling them the truth then they do deserve the people who lie to them using sleek framing and sound-bites based on lies. For example, there is no way I will ever vote for some one who tells me that Health Care Reform: was a “Jobs killer,” promoted “death panels,” was “a government take over” of healthcare . Likewise, I don’t want President Obama to lie to me that the level of Job creation was the best he expected, given the reality of the continuing high employment rate. Or that the housing debacle has been solved.

    Finally, I just don’t want to see genuine, compassionate Democrats copying the antics of the Republicans. This is what I admire most about both President Obama and Vice President Biden. The majority of Americans elected thesm, not because they used sleek framing but because they presented themselves as genuine caring people interested in working to make the lives of their fellow Americans better. I fully understand that my view may be viewed as being politically naive, but that is the way I feel about what makes this President different from many of the others I’ve lived under. He really believes in talking to us as adults and not as focus groups.

  115. What a shocker. I quickly glanced at that place and there are 3 diaries up about “Obama pushes Social Security and Medicare Cuts.” That place is going to be worse than normal for the next few days. Same old crappy conclusions based on anonymous source rumors over and over again. I wish this debt talk shit would finally conclude with SS and Medicare untouched and all of the haters would just STFU already.

  116. Exactly Theo. This is going to be a long 16 months to the election. At the same time it will be here before we know it. If you can understand that statement.

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