No Change Is Too Small To Matter

Hi guys,

Two things very few people will know of, but both are just great IMO.

1. For the first time in many many many years, families of troops who commit suicide in war, will recieve letter of acknowledgment from the president.

(CBS News) NEW YORK – Most families who lose a loved one in the war zones receive a letter of condolence from the President of the United States. But there are a few who do not receive this honor. It’s long standing policy – going back many years – that troops who commit suicide in war do not get the president’s acknowledgment.

The CBS Evening News first reported on this last week, and tonight we have learned the White House is changing the policy. CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano brings us up to date with the father who led the fight to change the rules.

“I had doubts – many, many doubts,” Gregg Keesling said. “We are very pleased.”

Last week, Keesling got the call he’d waited nearly two years to receive from the White House.

He learned his family’s long wait for acknowledgement from the commander-in-chief was almost over.
“My oldest son came down and we had a hug and it was very emotional,” Keesling said. “It was a very good moment that this has been worth it.”

// More, and a video


2. Justice Department Sues Nation’s Largest Mortgage Insurance Provider for Discrimination Against Women on Paid Maternity Leave

WASHINGTON – The Justice Department announced today that it has sued the Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC), the nation’s largest mortgage insurance company, and two of its underwriters, Elgina Cunningham and Kelly Kane, for violating the Fair Housing Act by discriminating against women on paid maternity leave.
The suit, filed on July 5, 2011, in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, alleges that MGIC required women on paid maternity leave to return to work before the company would insure their mortgages. Most mortgage lenders require applicants seeking to borrow more than 80 percent of their home’s value to obtain mortgage insurance, meaning MGIC’s denials to women on maternity leave could cost those women the opportunity to obtain a home loan.
“No woman should be denied the opportunity to receive a mortgage loan simply because she has just given birth,” said Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. “Our nation’s fair housing laws prohibit this kind of discrimination, and the Justice Department is committed to aggressive enforcement of those laws.”

// more


Any #ObamaLovers around? 🙂

And, don’t forget to #AskObama.


129 thoughts on “No Change Is Too Small To Matter

  1. Yes, this #ObamaLover checking in for a minute before finishing some work.

  2. #ObamaLover here! Can that loathsome woman, Joan Walsh, be any more condescending? Anyways, cool stories. Every bit counts.

  3. Mornin’ All,


    10:45 AM – The President meets with senior advisors

    11:15 AM – The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of the Treasury Geithner

    12:30 PM – The President and the Vice President meet for lunch


    4:30 PM – The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of State Clinton
    Have you submitted your #AskObama ‘Economy and Jobs’ questions, yet?

    Show our Prez some love!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  4. Another #ObamaLover here! Thanks as always for the real news BWD. What would we do without you to find out what is really going on.
    And joan w and GG are idiots!

  5. Ms. Chip has a piece on TOD exposing GG as a libertarian liar masquerading as a progressive… the dude has connections to Cato, a right wing spin tank, yet folks fall for his lies about him representing “Obama’s alienated base.”

  6. Who is really falling for this mend though. We all see PBO with our own eyes and few are waiting on the media to tell them what to think. Rush Limbaugh didn’t create an audience of ten million rednecks because he had a microphone. He merely aggregated the rednecks who were already out there.

  7. Another #Obamalover here.

    I’m pleased to announce that in honor of Ms. Joan Walsh and Mr. GG, I have just donated $50, $25 for each of these people, to OFA.

    Everybody please say thank you to Joan Walsh for earning OFA an additional $50. I’m sure that JW and GG will mightily appreciate any additional $5, $10, $20 donations to OFA inspired by their most recent hijinks.

    Thanks a million to everyone who created something positive out of such an offensive turn of phrase. I love Obamabots/Obamalovers!

  8. If you happen to be in a bit of a cranky mood today, and I hope you are, there are a couple of messages you might want to send:

    1. Time does not appear to have heard from enough of us as they are still ignoring us on Mark Halperin’s nasty comment and their lack of action. Please drop another complaint off to
    There are some things we can learn from how people in England are going after the News of the World, i.e. asking stores and news stands not to carry the paper, and going after their advertisers. We can do the same with Time.

    Cont’d next message

  9. 2. There is a hearing in London today on whether, among others related matters, Rupert Murdoch is a “fit and proper person” to hold a monopoly interest in a news station. If you would like to make your feelings known as to whether Murdoch is a “fit and proper person”, please go here and you can sign up to follow Ed Milibank on Twitter, the Labor party Leader stating opposition to Murdoch. Please tell him what you think of Murdoch [preferably without swear words] and give him some support:

    The sign-up is a little over halfway down the page. Murdoch’s News of the World is losing advertisers faster than a cat sheds hair in the Spring.

  10. Good Morning BWD family

    I wanted to share an encouraging and “cute” story from yesterday. My husband and i were in Home Depot yesterday afternoon.

    Good sign #1 – the place was packed at 3 in the afternoon. The home improvement business seems to be booming.

    Cute good Sign #2 – A retired man who works there was going up and down the aisles signing folks up for PowerSaver loans that help folks pay for energy efficient improvements for their homes.

    I was so inspired I wrote a blog post about it. 28 states are participating so there is a good chance you could take advantage of this program.

    PowerSaver Loans Help homeowners pay for energy improvements to their homes

  11. Good morning family..BWD…I don’t know how you always manage to find these golden nuggets of change, but I’m so grateful that you do.They are very important, and they touched my heart.My nephew tried to commit suicide after tours in Korea and Iraq. Things became too much to bear, and at 23 years old, he checked himself into a motel, downed some pills and drank lots of whiskey to wash them all down….trying to escape the ugly stain of war and pain at that tender age. Luckily,a phone call saved his life.I ache for those that never got a phone call that rescued them…or a buddy to talk them off the ledge. I am happy that now they will receive acknowledgement from the President for serving the country in wartime.In a sense,they were fighting more than one battle at a time.I am grateful that for the first time in a long time, we have an administration that truly values the young men and women that choose to fight in the battles our country wages…whether you agree with these wars or not, these heroes answer the call of their grateful country.I am proud of this CIC,who has treated them all with honor and dignity,and their families as well, during these many long years of war.Thank you, Mr. President, for preserving the honor of these young men and women that serve our country.

  12. Item #1:
    This is the right thing to do; glad PBO and his administration is stepping up.Thise who died in this way stepped up to serve as well. My prayers go with their families.
    How wonderful it is that things that many people have long worked and wished for are coming to fruition under PBO’s leadership. I know that he always says that we are the ones that we have been waiting for, but it is more the truth the he is the one that we have been waiting for; the one who can take our collective hopes, dreams, and desires and to make that final push to make them a reality. He, unlike the current crop of presidential hopefuls, ran for president to do something, not to become something. There is a universe of difference in these two attitudes.

  13. ((((((((desertflower))))))))

    Thank you for sharing what must be a painful memory and thinking of those families which weren’t so lucky. Extremely well said.

  14. Good morning all – There was a blog post or article that listed a ton of stuff the Obama admin could do to stimulate the economy that didn’t require congressional approval. Does anyone remember who posted it? I wanted to review that list for when I submit my ? to #AskObama.

  15. “He, unlike the current crop of presidential hopefuls, ran for president to do something, not to become something.”

    Very well said. And I may add, unlike many of our previous Presidents as well.

  16. Yes Thank you Mr President, PBO is a person of integrity, and honor, Excellent Excellent!!!!!. and of course we are ObamaLovers.

  17. Let me share my thoughts after reading this long tweet that DCCC just sent. I really truly believe that President Obama, The democrats in congress and the senate are going to sweep 2012 cause I really feel the ground shifting with public opinion with regards to how warped the ideology of the republican party is. This isn’t your dad’s republican party this is a more radical bunch that are way outside the mainstream and I think people are finally waking up to what the republicans are doing. Too much has happened that has pissed off the whole entire country. Look at what the GOP has done in 6 months. Not only has the GOP in washington have pissed off folks, but you have these radical govenors in all these states trying to take us back to the 1950’s with these radial laws they are passing.

    They have pissed off women with their radical laws with abortion
    They have pissed off Unions Members with their dismantling union members
    They have pissed off republicans in unions and now they are switching affiliation
    They have pissed off Young Voters with their voter id laws
    They have pissed off hispanics with their anti immigration rhetoric and laws
    They have pissed off Gays/Lesbians with their anti-marriage rhethoric and discrimination
    They have pissed off Muslims with their anti-islamic rhetoric

    And now they have pissed off the last part of their base they had. SENIORS with trying to gut medicare/medicaid while trying to give large tax cuts to big oil/corporations and millionaires and billionaires.

    And they have not produced not one jobs bill to help the economy. NOT ONE FREAKING BILL!! Do they really think folks are going to continue to let them get away with this? I don’t think so. They are going to pay DEARLY in 2012. I dont’ care if the unemployment rate is 10%, when voters see the choice between President Obama and the democrats to MITT ROMNEY or MICHELLE BACKMANN and these radical tea party members to run this country I think folks are going to come to the senses or they are going to get what they deserve.

    Take a look at this long list of news articles from the DCCC that shows some of the congressmen are getting an earful from their constiuents about their vote on ryans plan. It ain’t going away..There fingerprints are all over it and if

  18. Thank you,gn. These are the dirty little secrets, the toll of war, that no one wants to talk about. I am so glad that this President has decided to honor those that served their country but could not tame the demons within.

  19. Money quote CEB

    e, unlike the current crop of presidential hopefuls, ran for president to do something, not to become something. There is a universe of difference in these two attitudes.

  20. ****ran to DO something, not BECOME something***** how true is that. Makes a difference, doesn’t it?

  21. I’m glad that these dirty little secrets are coming into the light. There should be absolutely no shame in coming back from a war theater and needing a lot of help to transition psychologically, and it’s really to us as a society’s shame that we have not extended the appropriate services to all who need them, so that we are not losing people to post-war suicide. I so agree with you, in being grateful to President Obama for this policy shift. One reason of many that this is a WH that is soooo worth fighting for.

  22. Thank you WIW, unfortunately it is only for single family detached homes. I live in a townhouse and would love to upgrade my air/heating unit. I think they will extend it to commericail and multifamily in the future.

  23. I agree, and have been saying that all along. It surely doesn’t mean that we can rest on our laurels, we have to fight like crazy, and we will, but the differences could not be starker. This is not the GOP of old..and I wonder if those seniors, who have voted for them for years, are starting to see that the guys they THOUGHT they knew, are wolves in sheeps clothing. They can’t put that genie back in the bottle now…everyone knows they ALL voted for that Ryan Plan to kill Medicare. I don’t care that Ryan is saying it’s actually Dems that are trying to scare seniors, they aren’t stupid…which is exactly how the Republicans think of their constituents…that they are stupid and will never figure it out.Shame on them. They have fleeced them for so long, but not this time! Frankly, with all the happy horse shit coming out of their mouths now adays,I don’t know how they will get enough votes for much of anything in the general….maybe, for once, people won’t vote against their own best interests! Work hard, pound the lies,talk, write, Tweet , call those people in Washington….they work FOR US, not the other way around!

  24. Good morning i will be using #obamalover and heres why. The repeal of DaDt. I will tweet is accomplish ment using the ash tag.

  25. The conservatives have started swarming #AskObama with some disgusting questions. I think we need to get some more reasonable questions in as well.

  26. I work for the state of Minnesota and currently furloughed due to the shutdown caused by the greedy Republicans who refuse to increase taxes on .03% of the richest people. The Gov has cut spending on the least of the population yet the GOP won’t increase taxes on the most affluent in the state. If this does not show people what these blood suckers are really for then I don’t know does. Over 20K are unemployed for who knows how long. Parks are being vandelaized and the state is losing money daily.

  27. I am sorry to hear that you are furloughed due to the MN GOP’s refusal to negotiate. I am a Minnesotan as well and I am hearing a lot of disgust at both Dayton and the GOP which is too bad. Are state employees blaming both Dayton and the GOP equally?

  28. After reading kinoa’s post I am inspired to pester.

    1. Pester your elected officials to make a deal on the debt ceiling. Increase taxes, a balanced approach. Both Republicans and Democrats need to hear from you AGAIN

    2. Pester the leaders who will be meeting on Thursday, even if they are not your elected officials.
    Boehner, Cantor, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, (who did I forget)

    3. Pester Time magazine to fire halperin

    I truly believe your calls, tweets, email and facebook posts make a difference, let’s not let the Republicans get comfortable by being silent.

  29. Well said,gn.This White House always said that they wanted to treat the “whole person”. You don’t discard people when they’re done doing the heavy lifting and come home broken…the healing and care has to continue after coming home, and this President knows that.(unlike the other one that talked a big game and did squat).My biggest concern for them coming home is finding a job….if we are getting out of Afghanistan, these people need to return to SOMETHING….I trust that they will get the psychological help they need, but I do worry about them supporting themselves and picking up their lives again.That’s why I wish that we could push for some huge infrastructure projects…massive railways,green wind farms everywhere, installing solar panels on all govt buildings etc.That’s what I worry about:)

  30. I don’t know, put if you can find the press conference the President had last week…he laid them all out:) Bam! Bam! Bam!

  31. One would think that people would be behind the gov for trying to do the right thing….you can’t negotiate with crazy people, willing to shut down an entire STATE protecting wealthy people alone, while cutting services for most of the people in that state! Get moving on those Republicans,,,like WI did….back up your Gov and put the blame squarely on the shoulders of where it belongs!

  32. talking points memo has a headline up saying Social Security cuts are on the table, even though Nancy Pelosi outright said “cuts are off the table”


  33. Good Mornin’ Askew,

    Here ya go:












    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  34. I’d guess Pelosi is there to show Boehner he doesn’t need to get all of his caucus to vote it to pass. Boehner likes to say “this will never get the votes in my caucus” like he needs the fringiest teabagger to sign off on it.

    Pelosi could say “I can supply 70 votes for this” would mean Boehner would only need to provide 148 votes from his caucus of 242.

    I think if there was a clean raise bill put on the floor on July 21st and all Dems voted for it, that enough GOP would break ranks – would only need 28 Republicans. Rep. Camp out of Michigan has a faction that plays along with the GOP leadership but I don’t think would be willing to default.

  35. There is no source for this information. The author of this article may be making shit. The deal is not nay final. I would not panic.

  36. Snoop! I should have known this would be at your fingertips:) You are an awesome, fact finding machine!

  37. The question is whether or not Boehner would have the courage to put a clean bill up for a vote. His personal ambition would probably get in the way.

  38. I think that PBO wants to get a massive deal here. As you said, there were ways to avoid all this crazy “negotiation”, PBO could have pointed in his press conference how many times that ceiling was raised under Bush without a beep, and the other day Carney said that the 14th amendment is not on the table. PBO wants a deficit deal here. I just hope that he won’t give too much in the name of “not looking at the polls” and “taking the tough decisions” and all that.

  39. Possible. I think she’s there to tell him to cut the bs and get this done…only nicer:) He’s an awful speaker.Just awful. Do you think he’ll cry if she yells at him?

  40. Thanks for thinking of that, gn! Our campaign fund will be filling up nicely, “in honor of” the lesser beings like Joan Walsh. 🙂

  41. because Huffington Post has been working for the republican party for some time now. I think someone should hack that website and shut it down permanently.

  42. He has been very clear that revenue increases must be part of the package. I think he is pushing very hard on the “we gave on some things, time for you to do the same” meme. I think he really means to get revenue increases or paint the republicans as hypocrits. I am hopeful that he won’t agree to anything without some revenue increases, be it closing corporate loopjholes or increasing taxes on the ultra-rich. To be quite honest, although I will continue to support him, I will be very disappointed if he agrees to cuts only in order to get the ceiling lifted.

  43. Oh this is so hilarious, it seems as though the house Republicans are trying to crash President Obama’s town hall twitter by bombarding the President with questions. Nice try guys, you had your opportunity to question the President once before and it didn’t seem to go all that well for you if my memory serves me correctly.

  44. Yes, they are blaming both. Dayton ran on increasing taxes on the richest MN’s but he did barely get elected. Dayton has made cuts to social programs but needs the extra revenue to make up some of the budget short falls. The GOP will agree if they get their social agenda of attacks on gays, voter id, and abortion. These people are crazy. What I don’t get is the public workers see what happened in the neighboring state of WI and can’t see that it could be them.

  45. I’ve been reporting these guys for spam. I told Boehner to get to work and stop going on Twitter and being an obnoxious twit.

  46. The problem is- they send there tweets immediately to msnbc, so they can put it on the tv for them.
    I just saw boners tweet on msnbc to the president.
    Unreal. They have hi jacked the townhall meaning with their own meaning!
    They tried this yesterday when he was getting ready to speak/ they held a presser at the same time.
    They appear to be worried about messaging!

  47. I just looked at the questions for the twitter town hall, What a bunch of stupid effing questions!!!! I hope somewhere in that mess are real questions that PBO will answer. I’m afraid he will be answering the dumb questions asked by repug and idiots in the media instead of questions by real people.

  48. I guess Reid is going to vote on a millionaires tax today. What is the purpose other than messaging?

  49. See what kind of real support there is for it? Or maybe show what kind of support there is for it. It will help us to have people on record voting one way or the other.

  50. Excellent story, albeit sad for your nephew, thank GOD he is still alive. This is what makes PBO so magnificent. Thank God he blessed us with the most compassionate President in our lifetime. 🙂

  51. That’s okay…I’d rather they think they’re making a difference as keyboard warriors than actually out doing the real work of voter contact.

  52. I can nama a couple of dems that will vot against it. Ben Nelson, tester, mcCaskill, will vote against it.

  53. It’s okay. Let people see them for the immature, puerile thugs that they are. Their messaging problem is only going to get worse.

  54. Thank you for the news about the soldier suicide victims (and tey are victims) getting recognition. They break my heart.

  55. The President and his administration should have anticipated tweet obstruction. It was only inevitable. Look at his campaign website Obama for America. Constant trolling!! The Obama campaign will have to continue to find innovative ways to engage the public as the Rethugs continue to TROLL and infest all things Obama. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  56. And you know if Dems were doing it to Rep activities, there would be hollering all over the place and plenty of media coverage.

  57. Well sure! They do not have any ideas of their own, so they get mad at the person who is popular.

    Now, let’s see, did not this happen in pre school?
    I am not saying the GOP is immature, I am just saying they need to grow up!

  58. Any Obama lovers around? Absolutely! Yes. Yes. Yes I am one of his 75 year old fans.

  59. welcome:) Oh…it’s ok. He’ll get a medical discharge and have to figure out what he’ll do.He’s here though, and that’s a good thing.

  60. C’mon Jovie. The Rethugs ARE immature. Have you not been watching the House Teapbulicans the past 6 months. Please don’t sugarcoat their behavior. Their behavior is inexcusable and revolting.

  61. This is what the FL get for telling people to stay at home because the black president is not doing ALL the things they want when they want it. It kills me when I hear people who say they voted for candidate Obama but don’t know if they will again. Really? There are NO do-overs once you get these thugs into office because they will make sure they rig the system to STAY in office. People everywhere need to WAKE UP!

  62. They refuse to accept that Obama can’t govern like a candidate and that he was never a radical liberal.

    If he did govern as a candidate, the media would complain about him continuously campaigning and not getting anything done.

    I also point out these same bunch of liberal loudmouths backstabbing President Obama are the same bunch of folks who defended Anthony Wiener for sexting his penis on Twitter. They wasted time and energy defending a national joke as opposed to defending the President and gaining political points against the Republicans.

  63. Speaker Boner: “Where are the jobs”

    Excellent rebuttal Mr. President, he needs to work on his typing skills.

    And where are the jobs bills Mr. Speaker? Fuckhead, yeah I said it!

  64. The only adult in the room. Thank God we have a President that rises above the jackasses.

  65. Isn’t it rich that SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE JOHN BOEHNER who has introduced ZERO JOBS BILLS IN SIX MONTHS is asking President Obama where are the jobs.

  66. I loved it last week when Jay Carney said that the WH refused to have PBO meet with the republicans by responding that that they already knew what they would say! I don’t blame the president for refusing to listen to more of their hogwash. If he had invited McConnell over for a talk, after the meeting McConnell would have run to Fox to lie about what PBO actually said. I think the president is justified in telling them that enough of this foolishness is enough, and that he’s not putting up with it any longer. The republicans are trying to turn a very serious issue into a political game.

  67. News Corp [Murdoch]: $1.5 billion wiped off value of company today in England following latest NoW revelations. Pressure now firmly on R Murdoch. #Phonehacking

    News Corp’s stock on the NASDAQ has fallen almost 4% and 3 million shares have traded. It has several times been down over 4% during the day.

    18.40 The [British] Press Complaints Commission has released a statement condemning the News of the World for its involvement in the hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone. It also said it supported the Prime Minister’s call for inquiries into the phone hacking scandal.

  68. I read that, OSG! Right now, seems to be getting much more publicity over there than here.Regardless, Murdoch’s head is on the chopping block and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a ripple effect here as well.Takes a while to get over to this side of the pond.Karma’s a bitch sometimes:)

  69. Yes, he did. And self assured. Funny as I watched that (and I’m sure that most of you did the same thing) I answered the questions with the same response that HE gave! Oh, Lord…I’m a political junky and I can’t stop…or a policy wonk, whichever:) Nice that I know that my President and I are on the same page. What I took away from all that, was that he wants us all to challenge ourselves to think bigger, do better, and not just settle for the way things have always been done in the past, believing that’s the best we can ever hope to do.He is forcing us to push the boundaries of what we thought we were capable of doing… exponentially higher. That’s his job…to inspire this greatness in our country and I don’t want to “settle” for the status quo.

  70. “Libyan rebels in the country’s western mountains advanced a dozen kilometres on Wednesday, seizing a town in another step toward securing a key north-south road that would open the way to the capital.

    After a roughly six-hour battle that lasted throughout the morning, rebels drove forces loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi from the town of al-Qawalish…

    An unnamed senior Russian official was quoted on Tuesday as saying Gaddafi would consider stepping down under certain circumstances. His departure, if realised, would meet the rebels’ central demand.

    “The colonel [Gaddafi] is sending signals that he is ready to cede power in exchange for security guarantees,” the daily Kommersant newspaper quoted the official as saying…more

  71. Only coverage I see overhere is from Media Matters. Stocks will plummet if this at all affects his SkyB take-over which seemed like it would be smooth sailing.

    I read that they’re looking into the possibility that the 7/7 terrorist attack victims might have had their phones hacked as well, and even looking into the possibility that Madeline McCann’s parents could have been hacked.

  72. Somebody Tweet the “Audacity of Nope” John Boner and ask HIM where the jobs bills are!

  73. Rahm Emanuel Hits Lobbyists Where It Hurts:

    “The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that at a City Council meeting scheduled for today, Emanuel will propose ordinances limiting the value of gifts City employees receive from lobbyists to $50 per gift and a maximum of $100 per year.

    But, while that may be like shooting an elephant with a BB-gun, the Mayor is taking a shotgun to a far more egregious and insidious influence peddling tactic. He will propose that lobbyists be prohibited from offering and making loans to any City officials or employees.”…more



    Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced today that the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee will hold a hearing this Thursday at 12:00 p.m. on the impact of a default on the United States economy, job creation, and seniors and the middle class. This hearing, the only one in the House of Representatives on this critical issue, will emphasize the pain the American people would face if the United States were to default on its debt.

  75. Somebody on gos is also covering it. They know the 7/7 phones were hacked, but are now looking at the phones of the McCann’s and every victim of a violent crime for the last 10 years. The newspaper was paying policemen for inside information and that investigation will now begin.

    I am pushing it because of Murdoch and Fox News who also cover every imaginable violent crime.

  76. PBO did not say that the 14th amendment was not on the table at the twitter town hall. Rather, he said that we should not even have to reach that question. I believe that it still remains in reserve . .

  77. He was just fabulous — a great way for him to beat the media filter. He was much more relaxed than he is in the press conference setting and able to expand on a lot of his thinking about obscure (but important) items like biofuels and batteries. I just love having a president who is so damn smart, knows so many things, and whose brain can rambled anywhere with quickness and ease. How entertaining it is to think that Donald Trump had the nerve to question President Obama’s intellectual qualifications . .

  78. AG here! That is totally disgusting! We have family in Yuma county but not in Quartzite. I didn’t know about this. We need to step on this. I’m calling my sis-in-law there to see what she knows.

  79. LOOOOOOVE IT! Our AZ state politicians have been totally bought and paid for by special interest lobbyists. I think one of the big things that got people to sign Russell Pearce’s recall petition here was when it was revealed that he took more than $38 thousand dollars in “gifts” from the Fiesta Bowl along with his other stalwart comrades in our Legislature.

    When people are standing in line at food banks here, begging for AHCCCS health care and to keep their unemployment checks coming, they don’t want to read that ‘Lardo’ and family enjoyed first class flights to football games and 5 star hotels, so a special group could get what they want.

  80. All gods and goddesses forgive me but I hope Murdoch gets smooshed like the cockroach he is! I hope we can stick a fork in him and call him: SO DONE!

  81. Let me know what she says…I didn’t know about this either. See it in the Republic? AzCentral? Of course not…they have to tell us how Bristol Palin has changed. AAAHHHHH!!!

  82. Me too…if we’re goin’ to hell for that.we’ll have a lot of company!

  83. Thanks much for that “much faith in me”… 😉

    It’s just that I happen to remember that particular ‘John Podesta’ article.

    But, I had to search for it because my “older” imac, which had all my favorites/bookmarks, was stolen!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  84. Yes, I will do that, again…

    And, I’m a #ObamaLover, too! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

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