Heads-Up: President Obama to make a statement at 4:40

Here and on any other network that will agree to leave whatever the hell they’re doing now, and show it.


More good economic news:

U.S. Job Creation Index Highest Since September 2008


117 thoughts on “Heads-Up: President Obama to make a statement at 4:40

  1. LOL Don’t hold your breath BWD waiting for the other networks to air PBO’s address. Gotta be Ballon Boy or penises… /snark

  2. In Central Florida and I know you have heard by now that Casey Anthony in not guilty on the first three counts, but counts 4 through 7 she is guilty. This really have my head spinning because at least it should have been child abuse. The State of FL put on a very effective case and the state attorney office should be commended. Just was not effective enough for the twelve jurors. I am here just venting. Thanks for allowing me.
    I will watch our President shortly.

  3. Oh and get this, the GOP will be having a press conference first.

    Yes! The GOP will be coming on 10 minutes earlier than the president hoping the networks stay with the senate GOP.

    You just cannot make this shit up!

  4. Seriously, this is the same political theater bullshit that the Republicans pulled with the pending government shutdown.

    They want to play this whole thing out until the very last minute, and it’s shameful. The Republicans care more and more about partisan party line politics as opposed to working to fix the economy.

    Of course, fixing the economy would mean working with President Obama, and that would mean that the Republicans would cede their whole platform of “Obama is a Marxistsocialistfascist who is destroying the economy, you have to trust US because we know and he doesn’t!”

  5. The jobs news is excellent, blackwaterdog! On the Repubs’ jump-the-gun press conference, I hope the quick response team has something for the president to add to his planned remarks to puncture whatever balloons the Repubs have to blow up and float above their poor heads. Perhaps they’ll be forced to have another press conference afterward to backpedal. (“We never said…”)

  6. POTUS is going to open a can of whoop ass on them, and they’ll whine and pout about him being a bully, when they’re the ones going around the media circuit bullying him!

    Pure Rovian projection on their part.

  7. Absolutely classless. MSNBC and CNN aren’t showing the GOP press conference. They are just filling time waiting for Obama to appear.

  8. I loved the news that TARP had a $10bn profit.


    Let’s take that money and invest it in infrastructure jobs. We don’t need Congress’s approval for that.

    Judging by Chuck Todd’s twitter, the President isn’t going to be announcing a deal today. Just more meetings.

  9. Okay
    tienle47 Tien Le
    @DWStweets When are you folks going to start going on OFFENSE instead of always playing defense against their lies? Broadcast OUR message.
    5 hours ago Favorite Reply Delete
    @DWStweets Time for some offense. Enough with non-stop reacting. We have a much better story to tell and the people are with us. 21 minutes ago

    I’m just sayin’.

  10. I’d rather have them do nothing but raise the debt limit than have them pass through draconian spending cuts that hurts the middle class/poor.

  11. POTUS saying both sides need to cut the crap and work together! 😀

  12. Is there some other whitehouse.gov/live feed because I’m getting some panel discussion, not the President.

  13. you actually had to click the link on the Whitehouse livestream to get the President…

    It’s over now, it’s Jay Carney giving his daily press briefing, but POTUS essentially said that he wants both sides to put partisan politics aside and work together.

  14. Thanks for that:) I did what Tien did and missed the whole thing….when I figured it out, Tapper was asking one of his ridiculous questions.

  15. Graphs are nice. But how about names of companies that are hiring people and what kind of wages they are paying. Otherwise we might be getting excited about folks working at McDonald’s.

  16. Listening to Carney. Sounds like Obama has said no to kicking it down the road. Wants some big things when we raise the debt ceiling. Oooh watch him work

  17. Anne work is work. In this economy and a entire political party trying to sabotage the it any job growth is good job growth even if its fats food. Dear Heart we need anything we can get for numbers. The good paying jobs are being left unfilled by the big Corporations whom are sitting on trillions. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  18. They won’t believe if they didn’t believe it before. Ryan is desperate because Dem messaging on his plan worked very well.

  19. I am sick about that verdict also. I tried not to be affected by it, but I believe that verdict is unbelievable and was a huge miscarriage of justice. No one on the jury must have had any common sense, no one willing to stand their ground for justice for that little 2 yr. old.

  20. So – President Obama asks both sides to come together and work it out.

    Now – we back him up. We call our Senators and congressional reps, We say
    Taxes need to be part of the agreement
    We need to invest in education and infrastructure
    GOP tax pledge is hurting Americans
    GOP supports wealthy and harms middle class.
    Dems need to speak with one voice
    Polls show 60% of Americans want tax increases on Wealthy

    As I watched the panel (because like several others I didn’t realize I had to click on a link) I listened to Cerid Richmond say we have to be contacting our elected officials and let them know what we think.

    Today …. we let them know and ask all our friends to do the same.

    from the pesty one……


  21. Here are mine (the President’s message was very clear today)
    1. Shared sacrifice -cuts AND revenue
    2. No kicking the can down the road, GIT ER DONE!
    3. Leave your rhetoric and ultimatums at the door.

  22. Sanatorio and Mitt they are both out touch with reality I do not why people pay much attention to those idiots.

  23. Big meeting at the WH on Thursday to discuss a deficit deal:

    Invited guests:

    Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid
    Sen Whip Dick Durbin
    Sen Minority Leader Mitch McConnell
    House Speaker John Boehner
    House Whip Eric Cantor
    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
    House Assist Minority Leader Steny Hoyer

    Cantor has announced that he plans to attend the meeting but only to tell President Obama that no deal that in any way touches tax benefits will not pass the House. Boehner says that he is not sure whether he will attend but if he does it will be to second Cantor’s message. What a gang of crooks those House Reps. are!!!!


  25. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!By George, I think she nailed it on the head!! Good for her…who can we send that to??

  26. I love President Obama and I trust that this effort will end up working for us, but I don’t trust Republicans. I worry that they will, somehow, get too many cuts that will hurt average americans.

  27. I suggest we ignore the responses from the GOP and concentrate on our message to Republicans and Democratic leaders.

    We need to be bombarding the leaders listed above with calls, tweets, facebook email.

    Republicans – tax breaks are back on the table
    Democrats – we support you, hold the line on taxes, polls show America supports increasing taxes.

    The more the Republicans squawk, the more that inspires us to talk back. Get on Facebook, ask your friends to contact your elected officials, talk this up in the lunchroom at work. We made our voices heard on Medicare, lets do it again on taxes.

  28. I don’t think they are – because there is a faction within the GOP caucus that is sane(Rep. Camp alluded to this in an article where he was reaffirming to Wall St that GOP was just posturing), but obviously outnumbered. However this camp along with the Dems could have the numbers to pass raising the debt ceiling and in the very least Boehner will have to put one last vote to the floor, if not a completely clean one. The CoC, and big banks certainly don’t want a default – it’s all negotiations. If the other side thinks your willing to walk away you’re in a much better position to make demands.

  29. They won’t default because of their bosses,Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce.

  30. GREAT SUGGESTION WIW. I have a question for the board….Can our BELOVED President Obama still win re-election with all this obstruction, lies, and total media bias? What do ya’ll think? We know the results of his first term are there, but will the American people realize his accomplishments without any help from the media or even some in our own party? hmmmm……………

  31. Thanks for posting this desertflower. We are on the same page. I was just about the post a comment on that Thomas Bishop item. It’s a great site with amazing writers.

  32. In the metro area I live in, many jobs are listed at Monster, craig’s list, and Indeed.com. Enough for everyone? No, but there are still many jobs available. From what I’ve seen, employers don’t seem to be paying as much as they did 5 years ago, but I’m pretty sure it’s not within the President’s rights to tell businesses how much they should pay their employees.

    The Republicans ran their campaigns on “jobs bills and creating jobs”. So, folks were dumb enough to vote for them. Not one job bill. Republican governors publicly stated they were going to do everything possible (including stalling the economy in their states) so PBO would be a one-term President. Florida, if Gov. Scott hadn’t turned down funding for high-speed rail, would have created 40,000 jobs.

    Does it absolutely stink that the unemployment rate is still high? Yes, it does. But, maybe we should spend a little time putting some heat on the Republican Reps, Senators, and Governors, rather than making all PBO’s fault.

  33. 50-50 is a starting point, but a good one to start at. Because then the GOP comes in at 100-0 and the call for bi-partisanship and negotiations would end it somewhere at 75-25.

    Also I’m in an optimistic mood at the moment, but I’m thinking that maybe the GOP is painted into a corner a bit here. They can’t get away from revenues, and can’t get away from kicking the can down the road. I think GOP senators are more open to revenues than the House is, in part no doubt because only 11 GOP senators are up for re-election in 2012. I also suspect that the GOP senate thinks the increased revenue vote could be hung around the neck of Tester, McCaskill and Nelson and increase the odds that McConnell and the GOP could take the Senate.

    One thing I hope is that the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich are not on the table. I want those gone by President Obama’s pen in a years time. Any deal reached now that doesn’t effect the fact the Bush Tax cuts expiry date in a years time will be something I could likely swallow, factoring in the end of the Bush Tax cuts to the final deal.

  34. ABSOLUTELY! I got his back and so do thousands of others who will hit the ground running for his reelection and already have if they are signed up with OFA. Sooth your worry by getting out and working for PBO and your local Dems. If you do that you will be too busy to have time for much worry.

  35. Incoming, bwd! The gos has a rec listed diary freaking out that TIMT linked your diary about why we should appreciate PBO and it’s made the rec list. I’m sure there will be tons of those anti-Obama “Democrats” posting nasty crap here as we speak. Just wanted to warn you that you’re making people who don’t want this president in the White House very upset with your blog when it gets visibility on gos. LOL!!! You know you’re doing something right when they come after you like this! GOOD WORK!!!!

  36. Here goes the oil speculators again. It is up to a two week high at 97/barrel!
    It has gone up 8 bucks since the release of the spr.

    Not good!

  37. HEY YOU ALL!

    I hope I got some attention here. Deaniac at TPV used the phrase:”CIRCLE OF TRUTH” to describe how we are sharing information from blog to blog and how people are getting the positive messages out. Forget MSM, we are much stronger and we’ve got powerful voices because we believe in what we are doing.

    We can STAND and we will deliver victory for PBO and Dems in 2012. The CIRCLE OF TRUTH will not be denied because we will facebook it, we will tweet it, we will email it, phone it and talk it up everywhere. Person to person, no contact or conversation too small, no contribution too trivial. We are more than them and we can do this each and every day.

    CIRCLE OF TRUTH! Join us all together. SHARE THE TRUTH!

  38. Yes I actually just came from posting on that thread and setting a few folks straight. It appears that the diarist (bobswern) mistakenly assumed that BWD’s post about Romney’s flipflopping and the DEMS rapid response ads were about his diary. So he actually thought that the Obama camp paid posters on BWD’s site to respond to diaries on sites like DKOS!! Talk about some serious paranoia. Anyway surprisingly, the diary is NOT getting a lot of positive responses.

  39. No body posts “nasty crap” here because BWD doesn’t tolerate that and the rest of us would eat trolls for breakfast with salsa on the side.

  40. Their is a whole army of Koch brother bitches, they are called tea baggers!
    I bet you all greenwald is a tea bagger!

  41. Quite the ego he has. I mean isn’t he the diarist who just genuflects at the altar of Krugman and posts about it a few times a week?

  42. bob swern’s fefes are hurt since some of you bad, bad, bwd’ers called him some bad names.

    tch, tch, tch, guyz.

  43. Yeah, just going to buy it low and wait until it goes back up again. Basically the reserves were released to show folks that he did everything, because before he released them the GOP were asking why he didn’t and how he should. It’s one less talking point they’ll have, now will have to double down on “more drilling means lower prices” – which is a total lie given any new drilling would take two years to get into the market.

  44. It’s a laugh riot – he thinks there is a “Dem Rapid Response” to him!!!!

    He doesn’t seem to get that the post was completely unrelated to him – that there is a Democratic Party Rapid Response team to push back against REPUBLICAN and REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE lies.

  45. me neither on those Republican snakes but Obama has been adept negotiator so far despite the rants of the PL to the contrary. Remember the last budget deal had no real cuts when all was said and done. And the tax deal had a ton of goodies for the low-income and middle-class.

  46. There’s no measuring Bobswern’s ginormous ego. His ego is so big, he cannot see straight. And color me skeptical on his claims to having been a Democratic operative. . .

  47. Gas prices go up if the economy is recovering. I learned this when I was earning my bachelor degree in finance.

  48. Totally, LadyHawk…fabulous stories/amazing writing. I visit SEVERAL times a day!

  49. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I just laugh so hard at this BS..these folks are W A Y crazy!

  50. lmao

    i mentioned bobswern and took shots at him.

    but how could he jump that far????

  51. murdock and his sick f..ks.

    Families of 7/7 bombing victims may have had their phones hacked by the News of the World, it has emerged.

    A solicitor representing some of the relatives said one family had been contacted by police and told their phone may have been hacked in 2005.

    New allegations have also emerged of payments to the police by the paper.

    The tabloid’s owners have passed to the police e-mails which appear to show that payments were authorised by the then editor, Andy Coulson.

    Graham Foulkes, whose son David died in the Edgware Road blast, told the BBC he was contacted by officers on Tuesday after his details were found on a list as part of the police inquiry in hacking claims.

    Mr Foulkes, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, recalled how his family had waited for a week after the 2005 attacks for news of David.

    “My wife and I were kind of all over the place, we were chatting to friends on the phone, in a very personal and deeply emotional context – and the thought that somebody may have been listening to that just looking for a cheap headline is just horrendous.”

    He said police contacted him on Tuesday when they became aware of media reports that 7/7 victims’ families may have had their phones hacked.

    Mr Foulkes said he would like to meet News International’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, to talk to him about “the power he has”.


    It’s high time governments world over stood up this this punk and jailed him for his treasonous and other nefarious activities.

  52. I’m cutting and pasting your points and sending them to my Republican senator.

  53. Normally, yes, absolutely. In this case, however, it is pure speculation. The speculators are driving all commodity prices up purely for their own profit.

  54. Watching british pm on cspa 2, talking about troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. He is pretty good. He also said for every one US troop removed 2 afghan army troops will be put in place!

    Also, last night, rebels in Libya got to 30 miles outside of tripoli. Our msm and congress keeps repeating it is a draw , but it’s not.

  55. Boehner is not going to cross Wall Street. If he does they’ll crush him. All those goodies he enjoys now along with what’s he’s expecting after he leaves Congress will disappear. And Tom Donohue along with the Koch brothers would make his life a walking nightmare.

  56. bobswern is one of those “glass half empty” people. I occassionally go over to gos and I’ve yet to see the person post a positive diary. I couldn’t image having to be around that person for any amount of time. Talk about a debbie downer.

  57. Ratings agencies criticised by European Commission

    The European Commission has strongly criticised international credit ratings agencies following the downgrade of Portugal by Moody’s.

    The Commission said the timing of the downgrade was “questionable” and raised the issue of the “appropriateness of behaviour” of the agencies in general.

    Earlier, Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Lambridinis said the agencies’ actions in the debt crisis had been “madness”.

    Ratings agencies have downgraded Greece and Portugal many times recently.

    The three main agencies are Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch.

    German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told a news conference that he wanted to “break the oligopoly of the ratings agencies” and limit their influence.


  58. Yes, and by a larger margin than ’08. The 27%-ers make a lot of noise, but the tide has turned. NewsCorpse? They tried to manufacture ‘good news for John McCain’ every single day of that campaign. Epic fail.

    Also, too, imagine any one of the unintelligent, inarticulate right-wing extremist candidates in a debate with *this* Prez. They are collectively toast.

  59. Yup snoopy. A whole of buncha corrupt b..turds in financial industry should have been behind the bars by now. Screw the legal loopholes. Let them fight out it for years from behind bars.

  60. Hey AG911,

    You got mine…

    That’s SPOT ON! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  61. That “old” flip-flopper is at it, again…

    They’re confused! 😉 🙂 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  62. Morning snoopy (though it’s night around here !).

    It’s high time this goebbels of 21st century is brought to justice in common public interest.


    10:45 AM – The President meets with senior advisors

    11:15 AM – The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of the Treasury Geithner

    12:30 PM – The President and the Vice President meet for lunch


    4:30 PM – The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of State Clinton
    Have you submitted your #AskObama ‘Economy and Jobs’ questions, yet?

    Show our Prez some love!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  64. If you happen to be in a bit of a cranky mood today, and I hope you are, there are a couple of messages you might want to send:

    1. Time does not appear to have heard from enough of us as they are still ignoring us on Mark Halperin’s nasty comment and their lack of action. Please drop another complaint off to letters@time.com

    2. There is a hearing in London today on whether, among others related matters, Rupert Murdoch is a “fit and proper person” to hold a monopoly interest in a news station. If you would like to make your feelings known as to whether Murdoch is a “fit and proper person”, please go here and you can sign up to follow Ed Milibank on Twitter, the Labor party Leader stating opposition to Murdoch. Please tell him what you think of Murdoch [preferably without swear words] and give him some support:


    The sign-up is a little over halfway down the page. Murdoch’s News of the World is losing advertisers faster than a cat sheds hair in the Spring.

  65. dfox is just no longer my cup of tea. Despite the presence of some very wonderful people, I think that the editorial tone there, as set from the top down, is hostile to progress and plays into people’s egomania to get them working against their own best interests. Despite scraps thrown here and there to President Obama’s supporters (that this doesn’t describe an entire site which claims to represent the Democratic base is a problem in itself), that place is just no good for progressives.

    Yet it is a free country, and if that site owner and management want to play purity politics and spend this exciting, wonderful time in politics disproportionately hosting miserable, mean-spirited fauxgressives, and third party anarchists, I say let them alone to do so. Some people are just unhappy and they are literally scared to feel satisfied about anything, because they fear that celebrating improvements means that no more will come. Liberal regressives. It’s a free country, no one says that we have to read them or spend time around it; misery loves company and as we can see, there’s clearly a desire among the prima donnas at dfox to feel as if the only adult in the room family is still monitoring foolishness like bobswern or seeking to control content over there.

    All I can say is that this impression is mistaken, and a very large slice of this community does not care about dailyfox, much less is trying to “answer” some person’s writings over there. One would think that they would be happy that so many Obamabots have left them to create their sewer in place of what dkos used to be, that the President Obama supporter presence is so diminished so that they can scream their poison into that megaphone and dominate conversations with their negativity, but again, some people just are never satisfied with anything.

    I thank bwd and the entire community of pragmatic progressive blogs for such a wonderful respite, and I love that we have our communities and gathering places, while using twitter to confront the madness when the mood strikes, but can chill out here and live a fauxgressive-free blogging lifestyle otherwise. 🙂

  66. Seriously, politicsusa is a wonderful site; there’s an entire, beautiful world of positive, progressive, pragmatic spaces all over the internet, some of which receive few hits while we concentrate attention on sites which are less worthy of that attention. Thanks for the linkage!

  67. Which only proves there was not much important to do if these guys have the luxury of playing partisan games. The GOP is using the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction on Americans since it worked on the Sockets.

  68. I will, Snoopy, although everyone subscribed to this one will get the message.

  69. Excellent point. The Ryan budget messaging was Dems at their absolute finest. I hope to see more and more of that coherent messaging delivered by a cohesive party, all at least somewhat on the same page about an issue. The Ryan budget was a game-changer and it was so incredibly gratifying seeing Dems, starting with the President, create a clear and contrasting picture for the American public. Yes we can!

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