“The Obama campaign poised to hit or exceed their Q2 goal of $60 M”

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all having a great holiday weekend. Here’s some nice campaign details from Jake Tapper, believe it or not:

COUNTING THE CASH: After a month of 11 fundraisers – from Miami to Puerto Rico, DC, New York and Philly – the Obama campaign seems poised to hit or exceed their Q2 goal of $60 M raised jointly with DNC. At this point in 2007, Obama alone raised $33.1 million from 180,000 contributors.

While spokesmen are mum on when they’ll drop the top line number, the campaign website says they closed out the quarter with more than 490,000 individual contributors who made 660,000 contributions. (During the entire 2007-2008 campaign, OFA received contributions from 3 million supporters.)

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SWING STATE SPOTLIGHT: NH – A top state Democrat says to expect Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to assume a high-profile surrogate role for Obama in 2012, particularly if former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney becomes the nominee. They say Patrick has a “compelling case” against Romney, refuting his economic record on job creation and defending the state’s health care law, and strong appeal in battleground New Hampshire. Patrick will be back in the Granite State on July 19 for a fundraiser for state Dems.

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TALKING TECH TOOLS: The 2012 campaign will be defined by “mobile social, hyper-local, grassroots community organizing,” says Jonathan Askin, who was a member of Obama’s technology task force in 2008.

“It’s harnessing tools like 4-Square and Places, or tied into Google maps, so people know and can conveniently access real moments of campaign activity – events, calls, phone banks – in real time and real places,” he said. The campaign’s website has already begun to integrate many of these features. “If 2008 was geometry, we’re now in calculus mode. … If geometry is imperfect and edgy, calculus smoothes out the curves so every void is filled. They are going to figure out how to use analytics, time and place identifying information to maximize the value of every person related to the campaign,” he said.

One cautionary note on micro-targeting from Askin: “The campaign is going to have to be very careful to make it seem like people aren’t being used and oppressed by constant communications. How will they use our personally identifiable information? Will it seem like Big Brother is following us for the benefit of Barack Obama?”

TWEETER IN CHIEF: Potus will hold his first Twitter townhall next week, the White House announced Thursday with much fanfare. The discussion will be moderated, with handpicked questions from Twitter users limited to those on jobs and economy. The president will respond in 140-character replies.

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Obama added 102,000 Twitter followers this week (8.9 million total) and 78,000 Facebook fans (21.8 million total).

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  1. Me Numero uno? wow! Happy 4th to everybody, stay save have a lot’s of fun, we will o the same with our families.
    Thanks BWD.

  2. Good morning team! It is nice to weak up to happy and uplifting news this warm Sunday morning. My hope is, whatever came in by way of contributions, I hope it makes the knees of Repugs and the doubting-ever gloomy PL buckle.

  3. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The millions of us against the Koch Brothers and other big Republican donors.

    Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the extraordinary push for this president. I can’t wait to be able to do my part to donate.

    PS: Don’t forget everyone, we need to keep up the push back against the lies and distortions. Collectively we are a force to be reckoned with.

    Happy Sunday everyone and thanks again, BWD for this oasis of the meeting of the minds.

  4. President Obama is coming with all cylinders. He is going to bury their asses. Not only will he have a big coffer of money but also outside groups. I think we should have campaign finance laws in place but you have to play by the rules that are set and I have a feeling that between Obama and his supporters and also outside help, he is going to answer every single lie they put out. That has to be intimidating for anyone running against him.

  5. This is some good news on the donations, and unlike all the repug candidates PBO didn’t have to put his own money into the pot.
    I am happy to see they will have Gov Patrick out there, who better to go after Romney the Liar!!

  6. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…”

    Yes, WE are…

    Lather, Rinse, & Repeat! lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  7. “Obama added 102,000 Twitter followers this WEEK (8.9 million total) and 78,000 Facebook fans this WEEK (21.8 million total).”

    That always amazes me and it is sure something to Tweet about.

  8. This is good news. We’re gonna need all the cash we can get to defeat the Rove machine.

  9. Thats a little far fetched amk. We will be fortunate to make 60m. Wall St. did not donate this time around. We will survive though.

  10. Dearest africa…you do things every single day to help re elect this President. Sometimes money is what you can give, sometimes it’s time,sometimes it’s just fighting back the lies and distortion from those that want to believe the lies. As much as you love our President, YOU come first! Your job will come and you will do what you can in the meantime….not to feel badly or guilty. I had to think about whether to donate money at this time…huge car bills over the summer, and since I teach…no work in the summer:) I gave a small amount until the check comes again in Aug. Would I donate, or feed the family???Hugs, africa….you already do more great things than you know.
    By the way, tulips said that she would tweet for you (and me) because we don’t do that….wanted to Tweet your senators/reps the other night but we didn’t know what state you are in!! Let her know…her fingers are at the ready:)

  11. Wonder why they are combining the DNC numbers with PBO donations? hmmm…………..

  12. Good day to all. It’s a bright, sunny day here in Southern California where I live. I am happy to say that I am one of those new tweeters that follow Obama, can’t put him on my facebook as that would not be wise (I teach in a very Republican school district), but I retweet lots and lots. I’m also one of those new donors, and although I can’t give very much, like Desert Flower, I am doing what little I can.

    Obama/Biden 2012, I believe that he will be re-elected!

  13. Obama campaign preparing to counter critics on Israel stance
    July 3, 2011
    (JTA) — The Obama reelection campaign is fighting back against conservative critics of his position on Israel.

    The campaign is assembling a team of high profile figures who are respected in the Jewish community to counter criticism against Obama and to push back against attacks, Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent reported Saturday in his The Plum Line blog.

    The plan comes as the campaign acknowledges that Jewish voters and donors have defected to the Republican Party following conservative attacks on Obama’s Israel stance, Sargent said….more


  14. Probably will wait to bury Romney’s release. We know Pawlenty raised 4.3M, Huntsman at 4.1M (with 2M self-funded) but Mitt is indicating he’s up around $20M. Mitt will try and get fanfare off of his number to further try and show he’s the only one who could challenge President Obama – so the Obama Campaign will release their numbers on the same day essentially saying “O Really?”.

  15. Probably because President Obama is largely responsible for the DNC numbers given his mega fundraisers raise 30K from big money attendees and only 5400 can go to his campaign, the rest to the DNC.

    Romney will combine his campaign number with his PAC numbers as well to pad it.

  16. Hey, let’s continue pushing the 14th amendment as a tool open to the Prez if Repugs continue to hold the U.S Govt hostage. It seems it is now getting to Repugs. Cornyn, Kyl and McCain are now saying that they would be open to some revenue raisers aka taxes but insist that talk of the Prez using a 14th amendment is crazy! The 14th amendment is very clear–all federal expenses will be paid….it is not a political game for partisans.

  17. Its sad that he has to put together a group of defenders. That’s what members of his own party is for but they are too busy giving Bibi a standing ovation.

  18. Oh, thanks SR. Love ya’lls quick resonses to my questions. 🙂

  19. Oh, Betsy…like I just told africa…we do whatever we are able, and you do more everyday than you know:) Push back hard against the lies, write letters,talk to your neighbors and friends…and volunteer for the campaign. Doesn’t cost anything but time….and makes you feel better than you can imagine! WISH I was in SOCAL…..it was 118 degrees here yesterday (broke a record for this date) Do you have any idea what that feels like? OMG. I call it “stupid hot” which is why no one here has any brain cells left. They cooked them all. A sea breeze would be heavenly! But hey, there is no climate change!! Happy 4th everyone….make it a safe one.

  20. Boy, To think that President Obama is still standing after all this obstruction, divisiveness, and attacks from all sides. Now the narrative is switching from the economy and debt to the Middle East. This crap never ends…………Every special interest group must be delt with. SIGH!!

  21. Last night on twitter, people had this hashtag up to submit your question and a lot of people submitted #AskObama

  22. Though I am exceedingly pleased that the President is doing so well in fundraising, especially from small donors, and I understand full well that a huge coffer is needed to run for the Presidency in this country and will do my part, I nonetheless deplore the fact that this kind of fundraising is needed to run for office. How much better it would be if this kind of money were turned to boosting the welfare of our fellow citizens. Public funding and far shorter campaigns would considerably raise the discourse in our elections. I would think all the disgruntled frustrati out there could put their anger to better use by confronting the system that demands our politicians raise these kind of funds to run rather than attacking the President as if he were the single source of change in this culture.

  23. Interesting,Peter. Sounds like they’re getting a little squirrelly about that option….must be nervous! The thing is, when we fight like they do, but with truth and the law on our side,they will never win the argument. They really, really believe that Americans are stupid and won’t pay attention, which is why, in the past, they have been able to talk BS all the time and no one called them out. The lies were able to become the truth by virtue of just repeating them over and over again. NOT THIS TIME!!!! We are empowered and have seen what we can do together to move the mountains. People ARE paying attention, more than ever, because of the overreaching, arrogant R Gov’s…I never know if I should want to strangle them all or kiss them for exposing the absolute wrecklessness they would force on all of us were R’s to gain control again.I always think of it this way….when a dog bites you, if you pull your arm away, it gets worse…it keeps biting and coming after you again and again. If the dog bites you, and you grab it by the neck and SHOVE YOUR ARM DOWN IT”S THROAT, not only doesn’t it know what to do because you’ve changed what usually happens on it’s head, but it can’t continue to open his mouth to bite you over and over again….it gags.(Yes, I have tried that) WE ARE GONNA GAG THE DOG! GAG THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! See how that works? We’ve already begun. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

  24. Mornin’ DesertFlower,

    Are fires still ragin’ in AZ?

    Or, are they under control?

    NM’s fires?

    And, you have a happy, safe 4th! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  25. He needs to go….he has anger management issues/women issues to be sure. What an embarrassment.

  26. Never heard of JTA…but I have heard of J Street. I think they like what the President is doing.

  27. You have to remember Jovie that PBO won virginia by 7 to 8 points I believe in 2008. More work must be done obviously. It would be nice to capture all the new territory we won in 2008. Example: Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana, New Mexico, and Missouri. Those states had been RED during the Bush years. If the DEMS stop being so “Chicken Little” and storm the airwaves with the TREASON meme then the general public will catch on and those numbers will rise. C’mon DEMS grow a back bone. The Prez has one now its time for some Democratic surrogtes in Congress to get to work publically. The Senator from New York is doin and good job but he can’t do it alone. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  28. Sheila stay in reality of 21st Century politics. If you want Barack Obama in the Whitehouse instead of a Romney, Huntsman, or Bachmann then donate to the cause. We have work to with the hand we are dealt. When we can get a congress in that will work with PBO for camapaign finance reform then these realities of modern political campaign funding can be changed. Until then lets do this. We need to see blue in Congress for any progress. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  29. The more they use Gov Patrick the better! He spoke at our annual JJ dinner and brought the crowd to it’s feet by stating that our party needs to grow a backbone and stand up for the principles we are known for! I agree!!

  30. Huh? These #s are absolutely shocking. Survive, indeed.

    In one 24hour moneybomb online later in the campaign, The President will be able to raise more than his entire amount from “Wall St.” That total “Wall St” # I’ve seen batted around is bogus anyway, since it lumps individual employees who happen to work at Goldman Sachs let’s say, and personally donate to President Barack Hussein Obama. He gets very little from their PACs and other shady groups, compared to Repubs.

    This is the beauty of what Stanley Ann’s son has done. It’s truly a people-powered movement, no matter how much the MegaMedia and “true progressives” try to divide it by claiming he’s a Wall St. sell-out. Any money he can get is helpful of course, but in reality he doesn’t really need ANY $ from “Wall St.”

    Plus, in 2007 at this point, much of the BigMoney was going to Hillary and Chris Dodd, so we’re so far ahead of the game than last time that I almost cannot believe it. The only issue will be complacency, and from what I’m seeing so far, with help from this site and others, that’s not even going to be an issue. Let’s send the “old guard” a message they’ll never forgot!

  31. He’ll be running against a specific Republican, not a generic one. I would wait to see who the nominee is.

  32. Morning to you too snoopy:) Sadly, I have lost track of the fires here in AZ…another one started yesterday from lightening. Most are beginning to get under control, but it is only the start of summer…we shall see. The place is a tinderbox. Yesterday in Phoenix, it was 118 degrees and I can’t remember the last time it rained. People have been without electricity in certain parts of the city….big transformer fire the other day that cut power to tens of thousands, and a microburst(like a mini tornado) took out 17 power poles yesterday in a neighborhood. I can’t IMAGINE what their homes felt like…unbearable heat. NM…I don’t know. Hopefully they contained the fire near Los Alamos nuclear plant….Fires fires everywhere, yet our idiot Gov thought it would be SUCH a great idea to allow the sale of fireworks here as one of her first official acts as gov. REALLY???? She’s an idiot.They aren’t happy until they absolutely wreck everything they touch.

  33. HI love your energy and yes, armed with truths and the law, the push-back always works. Even msm is beginning to feel our wrath as we push back. Can you imagine, Prez Obama has 7 89 m tweeter follower and 21 million facebook followers…that is an army like you cnnot imagine. If all of us get angry and we all tweet one senator, congressman or msm just one tweeter each, we can crash their systems! The more extremism the Rethugs show, the angrier and more engaged our people get. Good job fellas. Keep pushing back.ey, let’s continue pushing the 14th amendment as a tool open to the Prez if Repugs continue to hold the U.S Govt hostage. It seems it is now getting to Repugs. Cornyn, Kyl and McCain are now saying that they would be open to some revenue raisers aka taxes but insist that talk of the Prez using a 14th amendment is crazy! The 14th amendment is very clear–all federal expenses will be paid….it is not a political game for partisans.

  34. Bibi’s position is untenable. I suppose there are hardliners everywhere though….lasting peace would seem to be the best solution for all…his way will never let that become a reality. J Street is a big organization. They will get the word out.

  35. You are correct Esmerelda. PBO probably comes out a little better against a Rethug opponent in polls. Especially vs Pawlenty, Huntsman, and Bachmann. We shall see. Romney would come the closest. But all we need to do is expose his continued lies and flip/flops.

  36. Oh my God!

    You know, here, in TX, it’s hot…

    But, it isn’t as hot as there!

    It”s the same here, fires on top of fires, though.

    There hasn’t been any rain for weeks and months…except one day, last month! 😦

    WE need rain, mother earth and all her “children” need rain

    She’s thirsty…Darn it!

    And, Rick “Goodhair” Perry is an idiot just like Brewer…Grrr!

    He “fights” fires w/rain dances and prayers instead of w/the proper fightin’ personnel and equipment…

    He wouldn’t give funds for pay raises and new equipment, and he laid ’em off!

    He’s an a**, too! 😉 lol

    But, I hope both TX, AZ, NM and other states, like ours, get rain, soon!

  37. Tweeting is much less effective than calling the Reps/Senators. I don’t mean to poo-poo it, but I think folks are getting too wrapped up in twitter as a tool. Just because you a @mention somebody doesn’t mean they’ll or anybody else not following you will ever read it.

  38. Hi Keith
    I am right with you on the treason meme. I thnk if we stay on it consistently for the next several months we can win that war with MSM even if dems do not step up. I wonder if we do not give them too much space. We need to spend our time hitting the repugslugs not PBO or the dems. Rugslugs have escaped all kinds of heat from us. We are a force to be redkoned with and they need to be reminded. Thats what I think for what its worth.

  39. Point taken. In fact, wasn’t there something posted the other day about the importance of actually writing/calling reps as opposed to other avenues? I don’t Tweet, but I surely wouldn’t dismiss it totally as an option. I think it has to be a multi pronged approach to get the word out..email, call, write, attend meetings,etc

  40. Well it is obvious the general public still isn’t aware of what a dangerous game the Rethugs are playing. Democratic leaders need to be coming out and making the public aware that the Teapublicans are purposely trying to destroy our nation’s economy. I don’t think folks are aware yet. Once they feel their jobs and livelihoods are really at risk then they will offer pushback. We need public figures pounding this TREASON meme in the media. Also we are in a HIGH vacaction month and holiday so everyday folks aren’t paying as much attention as we are. You are right desertflower. Time for action.

  41. The only pushback they listen to comes in the form of email and phone calls. And I’m not sure they even listen to that. They are getting lots of phone calls from people who agree with them. This is a place where we are failing miserably—calling Republican lawmakers and giving them hell.

  42. Yea, how’s Ricky’s rain dances working out for you? And all that praying? Moron.Mother Earth needs rain in the right places:) We disrespect her at our peril. Rick probably doesn’t want rain…would wreck his hair.If he just says “I’m dancing and praying as hard as I can” he figures he did his part:) Too many morons ruining states that have NO business being in charge of anything.

  43. I hear ya, Desert! The heat here was just sick-making. We had to grocery shop and like dummies who should and do know better we went out at 3PM instead of 7AM. I thought we were going to both pass out before we got the carts unloaded and into the truck. Then we had to unload back at the house. We won’t do that again!

  44. Hi Snoopy. Big fires southeast AZ are pretty much contained. My nephew’s fire crew went back to their base in CA about 10 days ago and my grandkiddos who were evacuated to my house because of the smoke from those fires are now back home. Our monsoon season is now in play but that means lightening strikes which are causing some smaller fires. So far local crews have been able to put these out.

  45. Heat took your good judgement away yesterday, huh? That was just stupid hot! I try to go shopping early am…if I miss that one, I go at night. In the dark. 3pm was NOT the time yesterday:) I have a trick I use in the summer. I have the baggers put the cold stuff in plastic(sorry, I do recycle them though) and the rest in paper. Let’s me know what to put away first…otherwise, the dozen eggs could be cooked, and the ice cream is a melted puddle.
    Glad to hear the fires are nearly over with.The summer has only just begun though…and I don’t know where you live but we haven’t seen any monsoon rain yet. Monsoon has been disappointing these past few years. Better winter rains, I think. Try and stay cool, ag…pace yourself:) And don’t go out at 3pm FOR EVEN THE MAIL! Happy 4th.

  46. Take heart Sweetie, the rains will come and it will get cooler. I’m an old timer desert rat. I remember once driving from our home place in SE AZ to phoenix in July to get a part for our well pump with my Dad. It was before air conditioned vehicles and Phoenix hit 120 degrees that day. We had jerry cans filled with water to cool our selves and the truck. It was a trip I will never forget because returning home, just outside of Tucson, the rains came, Papi pulled over and we just stood out in that rain until we were soaked, laughing and dancing. It’s a fond memory for me and probably lucky that we didn’t get hit by lightening, lol.

  47. I have to wonder though…I think that even when you DO call and your concern is noted, I really don’t think that changes their minds. Any political party that would make you sign and swear to an ideology to uphold above all else…is NOT listening to anyone that disagrees with them.When Norquist insists that Republicans sign up for NO TAXES, or some other bozo makes them pledge to NEVER allow a woman to choose for herself about her reproductive rights, there IS a problem! I’m not saying not to call,write,attend meetings, etc….but it is very apparent to me that they have NO INTENTION of doing right by the people, but instead, they will do what the PARTY says to do….and the money that follows with it if they all behave and do as they’re told.This is way they need to go…they are loyal to party, not the people that put them in office. They are treasonous traitors, that whore themselves for money and power.Shame the ignorant voters don’t understand they were used and abused…and have been thrown under the bus already (WI,FL,NJ,OK,KS,AZ…the list is endless).Sorry poor and middle class Republicans…they’re just not that into you.

  48. Ordinarily, we would never do that but a set of circumstances forced us to and we were almost totally out of food and needed to fill a prescription,lol. I have a wonderful insulated bag I got as a freebe from Trader Joes to put my cold foods in. It works great.

    Like I said, we do know better but things have been a bit discombulated at my casa recently.

  49. So true and so real desertflower. I wish the Democrats had solidarity like the Rethugs. Looks like all this is going to come down to PBO using the 14th admendment as an escape from their TREASONESS obstruction. He will have to make a prime time address to the American public so they will understand. We can’t lose the messaging war on this one folks. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  50. I am extremely happy as well. I’m sick of the lies already and I don’t really watch all those political shows that once upon a time thought I couldn’t live without. LOL

  51. http://readersupportednews.org/off-site-opinion-section/195-195/6437-john-dean-knows-how-to-get-rid-of-clarence-thomas Per John Dean”we can’t get rid of Thomas bec he is much to much a gnagsta to resign and repugslugs will protect their balance on the court”. But that does not mean we cant keep it in the news, embarass him, push MSM. We might generate some heat. Enough for repugslugs to throw him under the bus even if he doesn’t resign. Just my thoughts.

  52. Oh, DF, thank you so much for those kind words. I live in Florida.

    BTW, I submitted an application to the campaign this morning. I told them it would be an honor to work for PBO campaign, but that difficult family issues prevent me relocating to Chicago. However if they were ever hiring in my state, to give my resume a look see.

    On the payroll or not, I plan to work my buns off for his re-election.

    But thanks again. I believe in this president and the promise he holds for this country.

  53. This is precisely the point I have been trying to make. Republicans have not felt the wrath of the people and so they think it is OK to continue to push their aggressive agendas through.

    Like my dad always said, people will only take advantage of you if you give them permission to.

    In Minnesota for example, I saw one man on my local news last night protesting the shut down. He made a good point that if he and his colleagues behaved the way the lawmakers did, they won’t have a job. He said you can’t sit down to a negotiation and just walk out and say done, while it impacts the lives of thousands of people.

    We have to continue doing what we are doing here across these blogs to push back at these folks.

    E-mail, tweet, facebook, call, whatever it takes, let’s do it, y’all.

  54. YEA!!!! So glad to hear you put in your resume. Even though you are unable to move now, you never know:) Florida will be a big battleground, as usual….you could get a phone call to help locally:) Darlin’, we all do what we can do. Your biggest asset right now is your voice and your passion to see change continue. There is NO stopping you now…you have all you need. You always have. Money will come to this campaign, as it always has…people will all step in and donate what they can and when you are able, you will come in and fill the void that someone else made, and so on and so on…we take care of each other. That’s why we will not be defeated. We know what it is to care for others.We understand that by treating others well, we are all stronger…lifting each other up and letting us all rise to our full potential.Big hugs, and congrats on that resume…..stranger things have happened…Believe.

  55. I read itIf we clog their phone lines and faxes and email boxes regarding the same judge day in and day out, they will have no choice but to throw him under the bus so they can get some work done…. earlier. It is simply superb. I am spreading it around!

  56. What a beautiful memory. I can picture exactly what that was like:) Hell. when it rains during school…classes stop so the kids can go outside and enjoy the rain…kind of like the first big snowstorm back east. I wasn’t hear for the 120 degree day…glad of that. The 118 (no that is NOT a typo) yesterday was enough for me.

  57. Yes, it is…

    The majority of the Israelis and Palestians know it. They’re ready for a change. They want to live in peace!

    BiBi *IS* a bully; he only cares about himself…

    And, those TeaPublicans and DEMs, who “sided w/him,” are ignorant…Grrr!

    But, wasn’t VPJB there, too?

    J Street and others will “take care” of him!

    Yeah, they will!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  58. I don’t think that it is going to hurt to keep Thomas in the news…just know that this election is ALL ABOUT THE SUPREME CT. Do NOT discount the importance of this…whomever wins this election will probably have one, possibly 2 appointments to make.The 5-decisions can be a thing of the past and common sense can prevail…or the corporations will own you, me and life as you know it will be gone.I think it’s really that urgent. Really that stark.

  59. No! I meant 5-4 decisions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH..fingers get ahead of brain.Or, 118 degrees totally fried whatever was left of the good brain cells….sorry.

  60. Hi AG911,

    Thanks so much for that update, I’m happy to hear that…

    Everyone’s back home, safe and sound!

    Now, you can get back to your “old” routine…

    Peace & quiet, and when you want to do it, you can light candles & listen to music all through the house!

    Right? 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!,

  61. 5-4 decisions you mean. However even assuming President Obama is re-elected, and we keep the Senate (to ultimately control the confirmation process which would be very key as well) there is zero chance any Conservative Justice would consider retiring. They’d wait it out four years.

    Bader Ginsburg and Breyer will probably both retire in President Obama’s second term, meaning President Obama would have replaced all of the liberal wing of the court. However Scalia, Kennedy and Thomas will simply wait until the next Republican President is in office before retiring. Roberts and Alito will be there for another 20 years each.

    Now tomorrow is promised to nobody and if a Conservative Justice had an aneurism and died you can bet it would be WWIII to try and get an Obama Nominee to replace them.

    Imagine if McCain had won in 2008 – every liberal justice would have been replaced by a conservative – we’d have a 9-0 bench for the next 30 years as the new thing to do is nominate 50 yr olds.

    2016 is ridiculously important as Scalia and Kennedy will both turn 80 years old in 2016 and the President elected in 2016 (and likely re-elected in 2020) will very likely replace both of them.

  62. LOL! I don’t know about the candles but music and dancing, oh yeah. I love my Grankiddos but after almost a month tending daily to the needs of a four year old and an almost three year old, this old Granny needs a rest!

  63. So, this is why the Republican/AOL sent out their puppet Arianna Huffington all week end long, that the President is not into you Progressives. I hope Dems are smarter than that back stabbing woman.

  64. “That total “Wall St” # I’ve seen batted around is bogus anyway, since it lumps individual employees who happen to work at Goldman Sachs”

    You are right on that bonkers. The thing is it has been repeated so often, folks unconsciously adopt that meme as truth.

    PO does not get get any support from Wall Street. His support comes from employees of Wall Street making small donations to his campaign.

  65. Hi aquagranny911, I hear you. Another tip in shopping: I have my Trader Joe’s bags (I have to shop there because of a special diet of foods for health conditions) so they are so nice to pack my cold items in one color bags(the old red ones) and the other items in the blue bags. That way when I get home ( I am so tired from the heart condition) I put the cold items away first and leave the other items for later until I feel better. Plus I like to organize them in the pantry. When you go to other stores, buy those cheap bags of different color and label them as meats, cheese, bottles, breads, and mis. etc. Then when you get home, you know which ones need your immediate attention. I know how you feel. The weather here in Ca., is very hot now. Hope this might help. Take care of yourself and love those grandchildren. Love you back.HZ

  66. IAll taken in good humor desrtflower, it happens to the best of them too..lol. You made your point. read itIf we clog their phone lines and faxes and email boxes regarding the same judge day in and day out, they will have no choice but to throw him under the bus so they can get some work done…. earlier. It is simply superb. I am spreading it around!

  67. I honestly didn’t think the conservative assault would work — I thought American Jews were smarter than that and could see that b.s. A two-state peace is in everyone’s interest. It’s been said by the last several Presidents. Obama did nothing different than had been done in the past (albeit in much better language) except to incur conservative wrath and lies.

    I still think it may be some very high profile AIPAC large donors and not the American Jewish community at large.

    God, I hope I’m right. Everything that liberal Jews have helped build for 100 years would go up in smoke under Republican rule. And Israel would be not one step closer to being a safe sovereign nation.

  68. Frankly, don’t expect it. Serious constitutional scholars agree you can’t just spring it at the last minute. This isn’t Boston Legal — it’s real life and arguments like this are not just sprung at the last minute. I seriously do not see this President banking all of his political capital by using this as a last resort.

    The way to use it is to get the debt ceiling law repealed because of consitutional objections. And please remember the make-up of this Supreme Court. There is no way Barack Obama plays games like this.

  69. I agree. We push it from the grass roots. That’s how we change the narrative and fill the background noise with progressive frames.

  70. yes there was. And the best thing you can send is a handwritten letter.

    Obviously that is not going to be our only tool — we use phones, emails, tweets, FB — everything. But I’m going to try to write one handwritten letter/week. My handwriting sucks but it will make me keep it short and to the point!

  71. They’re never going to ‘listen’. But the volume alone is important. We have to make it tangible.

  72. “GoodHair” is that and much more, Dips**t…

    Yeah, let it rain so him and his hair can get “messed up.”

    But, of course he wouldn’t be out in it, though.

    He would “melt!’

    He’s nothin’ like our Prez:

    So true, that’s why WE gotta VOTE ‘EM OUT!

    And, I agree…

    Where it’s “truly” needed, Mother Nature “bring it on,” please!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  73. Wouldn’t each of us like to know this wonderful man on a personal basis. Would love to just have a conversation with him, and be able to enjoy that family’s company.. Very proud of him.
    Guess twitter and facebook will have to do.

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