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  1. POTUS look relaxed and geared up for the 4th July celebrations in our Nation’s Capitol.
    Malia’s birthday’s tomorrow too.

  2. Hope he is very relaxed because the next 3-4 weeks are going to be very intense and this weekend will likely be the last “days off” he’ll have for a month+…

  3. That wasn’t much of a long weekend! He looks relaxed and fabulous. As usual! Lovelovelove that man.

  4. Governor Christie bought the public unions in the blue state of New Jersey and got his anti-public union legislation passed. Will Rethugs starts spending their endless millions to by private unions around the nation. It appears they beleive they can make inroads on unions even though it is obvious they want to end them and unions have been a part of the Democratic base. Will Unions turn to corruption to be on the take to by the Teapublicans? Will they sacrifice the fight for the middle class to get their pockets lined? Scarey!! Where is this thought process coming from? Here’s a post I got from OFA on the subject:

  5. here it is folks in this post: This morning on FOX Sunday News, Bill Kristol said that the GOP had a chance to make inroads with labor, especially in the private sector where only 7% of the workers are organized.

    Has Bill Kristol been under a rock! Does he not understand that the nation has watched the assault on public workers? Does he think that there is that much division between private and public workers unionized workers? Does he not understand that some public and private workers share the same households and make-up the same families? Does he think that workers are not mindful of the sentiments expressed in Pastor Martin Niemรถller statement about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group, which could be applied workers: First they came public workers trade unionist, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a public worker. Then they came for the private worker trade unionist, and there were no workers left to speak out for me. To be sure, workers in the United States must unite! Labor is under assault, and Conservatives have proven that they are no friends of Labor. DEMs have an opportunity to build a stronger alliance with Labor as well as to make amends for past transgressions.

  6. POTUS looks ready to celebrate July 4th. Happy July 4th everybody. Happy Birthday to Malia too!

  7. This story from Madison is very promising. People are fired up, if they can flip that senate, Scott Walker will be caged. His wings will be clipped, and the Koch brothers will be knee-capped.

  8. hold your computer mouse over the pictures and keep it still. The description of the photo will pop up. President Obama is at Fort McNair in Washington DC after returning from Camp David.

  9. I’m looking on the website. I don’t see a “donate” button. Can they take donations from out of state???

    I’m not rolling in funds, But I will find a way to scratch up some extra funds to send them some money. THEY JUST HAVE TO SUCCEED!!

  10. Week after week, step by step the media attacks the Presidents base,. Unions, gays, Jewish voters, women voters, white working class voters, black voters, Hispanic voters liberal voters.. One by one. Attack attack attack. Listen for it. Sometimes it is subtle, but it is coordinated..
    That is why I was so enraged by Rachel last week. She stepped right into the RW noise strategy and added her crap.

  11. Kristol is the stoopidest pundit ever; even workdse than Halperine. He consistently misreads news trends and has never understood progressive thinking and what motivates us. He is hardwired the wrong way…

  12. Your are correct it is very coordinated. I know exactly who is orchrestrating this mission. Karl Rove is the mastermind and they are using the Koch bros for financing and of course the entire MSM is complicit.

    Wow it’s amazing just a month ago we all were elated and on cloud nine after Bin Ladens demise and PBO’s approval numbers were over 50% in most major polls. I guess that is what you call an artificial bounce cause everything out there now is 45-49%. The Rethugs know what they are doing and are all in to destroy PBO. According to FOXnews PBO is ripe for the taking. We are a part of his army. We will have to change that meme. I hope Democratic public servants come foward and start telling the truth as to what is going on. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  13. hmmm…………..hope you are right Peter. Hopefully he is misgaging union sentiment.

  14. I need to correct that first sentense folks. Gov. Christie bought some Democratic legislators in that state and turn the tide for that oppressive bill to be passed. Sorry for the miscommunication. Hard for me to see my typing.

  15. More than that they are a test case for the nation for how to confront these repugslugs and beat them. Group action & dedication will beat Rove/Koch every time. Can we donate or do anything to help?

  16. He is the President 24/7, he never takes a real break I realy feel soory for him.
    hardly any vacations at all, just like BWD he, he.

  17. When I see “home for the holiday” I think Chicago … but then, that’s the city of my heart โค

  18. Time does nothing to Halperin except give him a tsk tsk:

    “Mark Halperin will keep his job as Time magazine’s editor at large despite calling President Barack Obama a “d–k” live on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday morning.”

    “Mark Halperinโ€™s comments on air this morning were inappropriate and in no way reflective of Timeโ€™s views. We have issued a warning to him that such behavior is unacceptable. Mark has appropriately apologized on air, via Twitter and on The Page,”

    From Hollywood Reporter story.

  19. It’s a big IF. Dems got a big break when Nygren was blocked from the ballot because some of his 400 signatures were deemed invalid. Nygren was a big time threat for Hansen, but now looks like a “lean Dem”. Only Dem in real peril now is Holperin.

    OTOH Kapanke is finished – but that’s the only lock to flip. Hopper is slightly behind, but it in a reddish purple district so it could save him. Harsdorf polls ahead of the Dem challenger and she could keep her seat.

    Of the six GOP seats in play –
    Kapanke – likely flip
    Hopper – lean flip
    Olsen- toss up
    Cowles- toss up
    Darling – leans hold
    Harsdorf – leans hold

    Dems would need Kapanke, Hopper and then one of the two “toss-ups” while holding all of their current seats.

    Koch/Rove money is flooding into the districts – it’s going to be a very tough slough. Their money and hired boots on the ground vs Dem volunteers. With special elections it’s all about who gets out their vote.

  20. Oh really Time issued a warning! I wish we could take that rag mag under and the net site too. I like taking everyone out of every drs office for the recycle pile. God we a re a sick nation. Where are the outraged democrats? Thats why time isn’t going to day anything. Had they jumberd on tv like the repugslug would Halperin would be gone by now. They make me sick too.

  21. Wow! SR thats much closer than I thought it would be. Is the recall of Walker looking any better?Oh really Time issued a warning! I wish we could take that rag mag under and the net site too. I like taking everyone out of every drs office for the recycle pile. God we a re a sick nation. Where are the outraged democrats? Thats why time isn’t going to day anything. Had they jumberd on tv like the repugslug would Halperin would be gone by now. They make me sick too.

  22. There’s a quote from Maya Angelou that says “when people show you who they are, believe them”. Well, now we know who Time is. The President of the Entire United States was insulted by their Editor at Large, and they don’t think that reflects on them or their respect (or disrespect) for this country. They wouldn’t even suspend him. Well, I have a choice, and I have control over my own actions. I know I will not link to a Time article or buy a Time magazine again.

    They say to invest in what you want to see more of. I’m disgusted by Halperin, Morning Joe folks, Time, MSNBC and Starbucks. And I want to see less of all of them.

  23. Maybe it is time, when you see Time magazines on the stands, to pick up a different magazine and accidentally put it back on top of the Time ones. Tsk Tsk.

  24. Happy 4th of July BWD and the rest of the TOAIR family.
    I am blessed to have a few weeks with my Sailor Home, means more to me than ever this 4th of July for our Independence, My Salior serves in the 7th Fleet in Yokusuka, Japan, he is in awe of the strength and courage, culture and abilities of the Japanese People. I am also in appreciation of their culture, even more so- how America stands with other nations to fulfill our promises. Our national Flag is all over the world, Saying our nation has the power to help others and create democracy for the entire world. Thank You Mr. President for the global perspective you are achieving. I hope and pray daily for the strength you exhibit to be accepted in our nation, we are as one~ the world, GOP wants to stand for selfish corp greed and all the while our President keeps representing what America stands for. I am so very proud of My President, My Son, My Country.
    Happy Independence Day America.
    Go and Celebrate Freedom, and remember those in the world like Tunisia, Egypt, Syria who are finding freedom lately ! God Bless America, Land of the FREE!

    YES WE WILL 2012

  25. Walkers recall can’t happen until he’d been in office for a year – so signatures have not been collected yet. We’ll know a lot more once these Senator recalls happen.

  26. If you have already written to them or called or twiitted, please do it again. This response is inadequate. Email Al Sharpton on this too because Time cannot possibly think that Halperin can insult the Presidnent in such a public way and only get off with a warning. Please let us raise the level of our gaame. I have written them more; and called too. The voicebox was not full yet.

  27. Absolutely. If he tells you it will not rain, take your umbrella. He is such a boob, he sees the opposite of what all proper thinking people see…lol.

  28. Beautiful post – and please thank your Sailor for what he does every day, and thanks to you for encouraging and supporting him to do it. Happy July 4th to you.

  29. With enough signatures, they have been pushing it for 2012 simply because it is a presidential election year. I think I read somewhere that it is possible to recall him if certain conditions are fulfilled.

  30. LL, your moment of zen:

    There is a new commercial over here for tea. An elderly woman is sitting at a table with two boxes of tea in front of her. She points at one and says my husband likes this tea, and its price pops up.

    Then she says, pointing at the 2nd box, and he likes this tea, too, and its price pops up, less than the first one.

    Then she says:”My husband likes tea.”

    “I like gin,” and pulls her full glass out from behind the box.

    Just cracked me up.

  31. Once he’s been in office for a year they can start gathering signatures. And given the recall efforts for the state sens, they have a lot of names and info banked which they can they reach out to once they open their recall window for Walker. However they’re not likely to launch recall efforts right away because gathering the required number of signatures in the Wisconsin winter would be very daunting a task.

    If they are successful in flipping the Senate in August, then it’s splits the congress and effectively handcuffs Walker, which would allow the recall effort against him to wait for the nice weather as his ability to do damage would be greatly restricted. Their plan would be to launch recall efforts in the summer in order to set-up the possibility that his recall election date would then be held in November on the same day as the Presidential election.

  32. Karl Rove’s Crossroads is already airing anti-Obama ads on TV here in MD.

  33. Just when we thought the Prez had enough idiots to deal with regarding corporate taxes, there comes this idiot–publicity hound Bill clinton, pissing right into the tent. The guy is now saying that corporate taxes should be lowered fom 35% to 25%! With these kinds of people for friends, who needs enemies? Bill, your time was in the 1990s—it is Obama’s presidency!!!! GRRRRR.

  34. I completely agree. I tweeted that earlier. If he had an opinion he should have shared it with PBO privately. He is an attention hog and wants to share the presidents limelight. I cant stand him. I think it is so disrespectful. Of course, Wolfe could hardly contain himself.

  35. Actually I think the President might agree with him. Corporate taxes lowered to 25% with ALL loopholes closed would generate more revenue. I believe President Obama has talked about lowering the corporate tax rate to be more fair – as the big ones will have loop holes and end up paying nothing in the current system.

  36. This couldn’t be the reason why Bill wants lower corporate taxes, could it?:

    Thursday June 30 2011
    Former US president Bill Clinton and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair are to collaborate in a new business venture headed by former US government envoy to Northern Ireland, Declan Kelly.

    The former leaders, regarded as two of the most powerful figures in the world, are joining a newly formed company called Teneo which will comprise a merchant bank, a private equity vehicle and an international consulting business.

    The company has plans to open a Dublin office as well as offices in New York, Washington DC, London and Toronto.


  37. I believe the only way we are going to wake up the electorate in masse is if PBO makes a prime time speech from the Oval office and let America know what the Teapublicans are actually doing. He hinted at it in his Presser earlier this week, but we need a total breakdown and acutally call the Rethugs out for what they are really doing and that is destroying the American economy for personal gain. If it doesn’t come from his mouth before too long he will make himself a one term president. No way will the American people be in favor of all these cuts to vital government programs and a default on the debt ceiling if they new the whole truth. PBO can do that in his prime time speech. It would cause a firestorm in the Fascist Media and have the Rethug party in total defense mode. This would get the general public’s attention. Thoughts!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  38. In the SOTU President Obama called for lowering corporate tax rate – http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704013604576104741174061606.html

    In his State of the Union address, Mr. Obama said he wanted to lower the corporate tax rate, now at 35%, “without adding to our deficit.” That means offsetting any cut in the overall rate by ending scores of broad tax deductions, the impact of which would be distributed unevenly across corporate America. The president didn’t offer specifics


    The Fiscal Commission also recommended a 7-8% cut to the corporate tax rate. I believe Germany has a corporate tax rate of 15%. The problem in America is that there is so many write offs and loopholes that a lot of huge companies pay no tax.

  39. That’s strange I have seen articles where President Clinton is encouraging PBO to hold firm and not budge during the debt ceiling negotiations. Which is it?

  40. Keith, I do not think that the President is thinking about being a ‘one term President.’ In fact, he stated one time when someone was pushing that on him, and he said that he would rather be a great one term President than a 2 term one and NOT have doen ANYTHING to make this mess better than what and when he found this country. I am sure we can look and see what he has accomplished just within half-way through his first term. And count on it, he will be re-elected in 2012.

  41. Yea, along with lower the corporate tax rate, he will also eliminate loopholes. It ‘s kinda a swap. He trying to sweeten the deal.

  42. Only overseas:) That’s hilarious! We pretend to be puritanical…that would never happen here.

  43. Also that plays corporation against corporation as some don’t play the loophole/writeoff game as much as others and would their their tax bill cut by a quarter. So that company might have it’s lobbyists lobby for the corporate tax/loophole cut whereas the big ones who are paying no taxes will lobby to keep the status quo.

  44. I’ll just imagine that Lil Bill didn’t mention that the police union in one FL city held a “change your political party affiliation” sign up day because of Scott’s actions against unions and working people! I believe you’re right, Keith. The war the GOP is waging against working people can lead former GOP voters to dems in 2012, and beyond. One thing I’ve noticed by watching the GOP in action for almost 40 years now is that they don’t seem to be capable of viewing issues from a long-term POV. They aren’t thinking about the fact that by attacking unions and working people, they’re attacking them at a very basic level that influences their income, health care, and their kids’ futures, among other things. They also aren’t paying attention to the fact that when people are alerted to what they’re up to on one issue, it makes them more vigilant about all of their moves. There is no way that anyone could have told the majority of republicans in Congress in January of this year that most Americans wouldn’t approve of their move to turn the Medicare program over to the private health care industry. And, when one of their own like Bruce Bartlett says that their balanced budget amendment is DOE and Rand Paul states his willingness to filibuster the debt limit bill to pass it, it shines a lot of light on how unhinged many in the republican caucus in both Houses of Congress are.

  45. And he’ll be called a “dick” and told he needs to take a valium on the Senate floor. And the MSM will play the “he’s an angry black man” meme.

    He can’t say the things that need to be said. We need to be screaming it from our rooftops.

    Look at any MSM article – the comments section is instantly filled with vile smears. LOTE’s are handpicked by the editor, Republicans are notorious for calling their congressmen/women and Senators as well.

    A daily call/email to your congressman and both senators regardless of party should be something everybody should do. Have the numbers by your phone and you could make the tree calls in less than a couple minutes.

  46. This is a HUGE overlooked deal where the President can control a lot of purchasing power. ThinkProgress has a story up where the DOD was responsible for 80% of all federal government energy use in 2009. You have to imagine it would have been the same in 2010 and in 2011 – the purchasing power of the DOD is huge in creating markets for clean energy items and renewable fuel research and development.

  47. Considering the fragile and delicate state the debt ceiling negotiations are in, no high profile Dem–current or previous should speak publically on it unless they have coordinated with the administration. Too many discordant voices have come to epitomize dem disunity and often back-stabbing that oinly opens the door for Rethugs and corporate titans and their media lackeys to exploit.

    One voice is needced on this one. Bill needs to get off the megaphone. Let POTUS do it.

  48. Not mutually exclusive as it might seem. Cutting corporate rate to 25% while closing loopholes and write-offs would actually raise revenues.

  49. So wait! We are going to sit back and allow one twisted man, Karl Rove,.and his co-horts to disfigure and dismember the thinking of unsuspecting people.?! No way. Not this time around. Get ready people . Gear up! Strategies and tactics to work. Power to the people!

  50. Why do we give these people like Halperin, Kristol and most of the beltway ‘old boys club’ so much creedence, anyway? These guys left the building years ago and are simply holding on via writing articles, cable tv spots, and most of all polluting John Public with misdirection and negativity..The only appropriate thing to do is to diss them.

  51. Thanks HZ and SR for your comments. Both posts duely noted.

  52. This nonsense about a balanced budget amendment as a condition for raising the debt ceiling is nonsensical. Why did Rethugs not do it for Bush? They need nto raise the ceiling without tying Prez Obama’s hands hands behind his back. if they insist on it, we push the 14th amendment.

  53. Was that a rhetorical question? (why didn’t they do it for Bush?) I have to check, but I think it was Ezra Klein that did a piece on what a bad idea this balanced budget amendment really is. I’ll poke around and see if I can find it.

  54. In addition to twitter, I sometimes go to the Facebook page for my senator or congress person and post a comment at their facebook page. If anyone has time to look up the Facebook pages for a state that has not been done yet, we have a wiki where you can see what Facebook pages have been found and then add some info that is missing.


    The edit button is in the upper right corner, you then type in the info and then hit Save in the upper menu near the right side.

  55. The issue is Bill spg publicly. All of the media fawning all over hm when he should be speaking to PBO privately. I do nt trust him. He is still Slick Willy to me.

  56. Thank you, what is working. I will spend a better chunk of my July 4 corresponding with these pompous men and women. Thank you.This nonsense about a balanced budget amendment as a condition for raising the debt ceiling is nonsensical. Why did Rethugs not do it for Bush? They need nto raise the ceiling without tying Prez Obama’s hands hands behind his back. if they insist on it, we push the 14th amendment.

  57. At Thursday’s fundraiser in Philadelphia, President Obama was very clear about having 5 1/2 years to go, to finish what he had started!

  58. One more thing, then I am off to work on the blog.

    A few more tips on buying things made in America, or buying local, this time the tips relate to going on a “local vacation”.

    If folks are considering taking a vacation this summer, don’t go to Europe, Mexico or Canada, stay right here in the US. Eat out at local diners instead of chain restaurants, use Craig’s list to find an inexpensive bed and breakfast run by a local family.

    When you go shopping ask the owner of the store if the souvenirs are made in America, just asking the question makes folks think. I have found a web site that lists American products http://www.madeinusa.org/

    Pass along this address to any shop owners who tell you they can’t find things made in the US.

    Actually we can do this all summer in the towns we live in, asking folks to buy american made products is good for the economy.

  59. I can’t support that it say if Obama won’t help we can do it ourselves. Nope they won’t get my business

  60. Thank you desertflower. That video clip with chris matthews, Ezra Klein and david Corn 9sp) Cohn? did it for me. Thank you indeed. You gu You guys are amazing. Incredibly research. Happy July 4th. Let’s get to work; give them hell.

  61. Forgive the typos, can’t see what I am typing…wordpress thing…lol.

  62. believe it or not, I heard about that site on Schultz’s radio show…good stuff.

  63. Thanks ag..was over there earlier, but didn’t see that. Will check that out:) BY the way, guess who has to run to the store? !

  64. I really everyone will @mediafail this one and invite MSM to cover it It is a great story. I have twittered it also.

  65. I totally agree with you, Theo! I already stopped watching all cable news shows, including MSNBC. Now and then I link to Time articles, no more links from me. And no more Starbucks coffee for me.

  66. A president that is all about doing the right thing for Seniors and Children, he gets my vote.

  67. Tien, thanks for the link to the Green Chamber article on DoD and electric vehicles. First, I learnt something new because I wasn’t aware that businesses focused on improving the environment had formed their own chamber. Second, I absolutely hate linking to Huff Post. Arianna’s obsessive hatred of Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner completely turned me off.

  68. I know – someone needs to tell Bill Clinton to stop being so selfish. He had eight years, and those years are over. This isn’t his presidency, and he’s not the one who has to get this stuff voted for in Congress. I’m tired of hearing from him all the time – if he wants to say anything, he needs to get behind the President and offer his words of support. Geez!

  69. I loved that line – and he wasn’t joking. He looked very serious about that timeline.

  70. WIW I wish they would take that phrase out as well. I am totally in support of the effort but I think it will turn a lot of people off.

  71. Don’t get me wrong, I feel your sense of urgency – but it’s ultimately up to each of us to spread the message because there is certain things the President can’t say because of potential global ramifications.

  72. Thanks Desertflower for the links. Ezra Klein was great. The Republican party has ceased to be a party of adults. How can grown men and women subscribe to this idiocy? By the way, where does Dick Cheney stand. Didn’t he say that deficits do not matter? I also remember him citing the Reagan deficits to drive his point home that deficits do not matter.

  73. You’d think that a business would know better than to make a partisan statement that would curtail the business from a portion of potential customers, but for some folks politics is more important than common sense.

  74. Not a problem Peter…we aim to please! (and inform:) Work it everyday.. Losing is NOT an option…and along the way to open the eyes of those that have been closed for so long, is a good thing!

  75. You are so very welcome, Nathan. My pleasure. We have to understand what the facts are and what we’re up against. The best way to do this is to know what you’re talking about. Knowledge is power….we got to help each other out.

  76. You need to use Google Chrome as your browser…will fix that “I can’t see” problem right up!

  77. Thanks for the link. Amk 4 Obama. It seems like Qaddafi is running out of options!

  78. I saw those sorry ads here in VA, too. I can’t stand the thought of people viewing those outright lies for a year and a half.

  79. I just wanted to add one more thing about this debt limit discussion. I think that the term “raising the debt limit” is a misnomer. It SOUNDS like raising the limit on your credit card so you can go out and spend some more.That’s NOT what this means. It means PAYING FOR THE BILLS WE HAVE ALREADY INCURRED. For the supposed party of fiscal responsibility,the ones that always like to tell others that they have to meet THEIR responsibilities…this would seem to be the BIGGEST case of hypocricy EVER! I think that needs to be made clear to everyone we talk to….

  80. ‘Made in America’ *IS* the way to go…

    For us, that’s Movin’ America Forward to Win The Future!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  81. I saw those sorry ads here in VA, too. I can’t stand the thought of people viewing those outright lies for a year and a half.

    Sorry to change the subject, but I just heard that Michael Moore is tweeting to support Bernie Sanders to run against Pres Obama in 2012. I dumped that guy a long time ago. One of his disciples just posted it on Facebook. I had a few choice words for him to think about tonight.

  82. It’s sad that it’s so hard to find things made in America. Even at higher priced stores! I always check the labels, but it’s all from China. I get so frustrated. I usually put it back, but sometimes you need things and have to buy it. Sad.

  83. Hey DesertFlower,

    Thank you, Jovie, WhatIsWorking, and other TOAITR’ers for keepin’ us informed w/all this encouragin’ and upliftin’ news,

    And, y’all providin’ great ideas to pushback against TeaPublicans and their ilk!

    You’re keepin’ yourself busy; you can’t sleep, huh? You suffer from insomnia? lol

    But, I hope you will be able to sleep later on! :Virtual Hug:

    Happy 4th, again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  84. More White House FOURTH OF JULY Celebration details:

    FOURTH OF JULY: President Obama Hosts Independence Day BBQ & USO Concert!

    Livestreamed: Rock band Train and singer/songwriter Amos Lee will perform at White House…

    On Monday, PRESIDENT OBAMA AND THE FIRST FAMILY WILL CELEBRATE THE FOURTH OF JULY by welcoming about 1,200 military heroes and their families to the South Lawn for an Independence Day barbecue at the White House. The party includes a Salute to the Military USO Concert, and a view of the Capitol fireworks, over the National Mall. Monday also marks Malia Obama’s 13th birthday…


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  85. “It’s raining. It’s pouring. The old man is snoring…bumped his head and he went to bed, couldn’t get up the morning….”

    Sorry, you all, but the rains finally came to AZ tonight and I have been out dancing in it. We do bless the rains here in AZ when summer temps are 118 degrees. It cooled things just a bit.

  86. AQ911,

    That’s wonderful and welcomin’ news…

    May it continue as long as it’s needed!

    But, please, WE don’t want any floodin’, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  87. hey,snoop:) I don’t have insomnia…it’s only 9:50 pm here! I thought everyone else was sleeping though…looked like I was talking to myself there for awhile! So many things to do to correct the lies and willful distortions…I go to sleep at night and I can’t shut my brain off…too much to do, too much at stake.It goes around and round in my head. Awful. Did you have a fabulous day today? I hope you relaxed with family, friends…whoever makes you happy to be with! Happy 4th to you, as well…thanks so very much for all YOU do to keep us informed as well….what wonderful teamwork we have here. Sight to behold.

  88. Yea…should we really be paying them to wreck havoc on the environment they profess to care about…it’s sinful. Absolutely sinful.

  89. You know I didn’t even think about the time…Duh!

    That’s right “west coast” time, 2 hours behind, where you live!

    I know what ya mean…

    TeaPublicans and their ilk, w/their talkin’ points/memes, “spinnin’ here and spinnin’ there,” with some of us believe ’em…Darn it!

    My holiday weekend is goin’ fine!


    Not yet, I will be “hittin’ the sack” as soon as I finish read these two articles:

    In The Mean Time, American Exports Shoot Up…


    You know, if BWD hasn’t “highlighted” this Deaniac83 article, she should do it! lol

    It’s always my pleasure…

    And, I agree, YES.WE.ARE! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  90. ah…granny I was thinking of you!!!! What a joyous occasion that beautiful rain was! We run outside everytime, and tonight was no different! It smelled like the desert when it rains…nothing like it. My son said, “Mom, do you hear it? It’s raining out!” sure enough…he heard it on the skylight…little droplets from heaven! Feels much better outside now…muggy, but lots cooler. Glad it rained where you are, too. It was a GOOD day:)

  91. Deaniac has had some awesome stuff lately…actually always:) Keep working, keep reading, keep swatting the flies, and pushing back on the lies! Got to call it a day soon myself….yard work is calling me in the morning and I have to get out there early if I want to get anything done before it gets too hot! If it’s not done by 10am…not getting done. Too hot. Catch up to you tomorrow:) Have a good snooze!

  92. Such incredible children they are! What a beautiful, beautiful family. Happy 13th birthday to Malia….a teenager:) Oh, lord…I pity the boys that have to go through dad to get permission…how unnerving would that be? She’s worth it! Adorable young lady.

  93. Yes she does!

    Don’t “yard work” to hard, ya hear…

    Don’t want you to have a sunstroke; it ain’t worth it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And, you do the same!

    A-ok, you too!

  94. Yes they are…

    If I had children, I would want them to be just like them!

    Me too!

    Poor Malia, how embarassin’, PBHO will be “Interrogator-in-Chief!” :blush: ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. Dear BWD and everyone else on this blog,

    While the newstainers bloviate and attack the most amazing President in the almost 64 years I have been alive – rivaled only by FDR, Lincoln and the Founding Fathers, if at all – a most amazing event is happening in Libya.

    You will never know of that most amazing event because the newstainers and their fellow corporate media script writers and producers have no clue what is actually happening in Libya.

    The Libyan people are 24/7 seeking their inalienable rights and suffering and dying, daily, to achieve those rights.

    235 years after the moment in our history being celebrated this 4 July 2011, Libyans are calling for the following:

    “Update from Benghazi:July 4th, 2011We are planing a HUGE protest on Wednesday that will hold inshaAllah a million ppl. We got a call from ppl in Tobrok, Derna, Al Baydaa, and Shahaat that told us they they will be coming in the bus loads to join us and stand for Tripoli, Misrata, Nafusa Mountains, and all other places in Libya that are still being attacked by Gaddafi & his rats. We are asking all other cities WORLDWIDE to join us and rally for all of the citites of Libya on the same day with us. Please join and help get the word out!!!! Copy and paste this, tweet it, make a youtube vid and ask ppl to join, call ppl and ask them to join.”

    Link: http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/features/2011/07/2011721054895234.html#comment-241662136

    You will never hear of this from the newstainers – never.

    I have posted this message at OFA, TPV, TOD, and here.

    I request all of you who happen to tweet to pass the word.

    You will never know how important what the people of Libya are achieving if you read or listen to the newstainers. NEVER.

    But, that does not matter to them. They are getting the job of their freedom, done. Just as our ancestors did after 1776 and just as those who would not allow our Republic to be consumed by the hatred and bigotry of the Confederate States.

    Be proud, America, because you elected a President in 2008 who has enabled the people of Libya to achieve their own destiny – a President who has rejected ‘nation building,’ ‘American exceptionalism,’ and colonialism and has saved the lives of thousands of Libyans whom had he not acted courageously and definitively would today be buried in mass graves, if buried at all.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  96. Tony Blair should be in jail, with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Maybe this is why Hillary is thinking of leaving the Administration – so Bill can go full tilt into his international business ventures without having to account to President Obama. i no longer trust Bill Clinton.

  97. WIW: can you put tweet buttons on all your stories? It makes them easier to share. I currently copy URL but more cumbersome. They deserve to be tweeted endlessly! Thanks for creating such a great resource

  98. Hey Jovie, why are you referring to former president Bill Clinton as “President Clinton” but current President Obama as “Barack”? Also, I don’t like the spin in that politico article where Clinton says he likes Romeny and Huntsman, especially the part where he calls Huntsman “a real human.” What made you post the link to that politico article here?

  99. newcenturywoman racism hold no BOUNDS. I’m sure Jovie is a Clintonite deep down like many Progressive/Libs. I was too, but say the true colors of the Clintons through the primaries of 2008. It is what it is. Clinton promoting Romney and Huntsman is not helping our cause. Not to mention PBO might get a primary challenger backed by the PL and possibly and secretly by Bill Clinton?

  100. Because Jovie felt some here would find it interesting/informative. If the goal is to only post links that everybody will 100% like than might as well just never post anything.

    Maybe Clinton doesn’t want to risk the fact the Republican Presidential Candidates floor is 47% of the vote regardless of who it is, and given all the dark money and GOP shenanigans that he doesn’t want to risk a President Bachmann.

    President Obama vs challenger Huntsman would be a campaign of ideas more than rhetoric. If we want the politics to grow up in the country that isn’t a bad thing. But then I have faith in President Obama and the Dem ideals and ideas.

  101. This is the last time that I let such comment to stay. If you have problems with Jovie’s posts – You can skip them. Please don’t do this again.


  102. Jovie brings a lot of very good and very important information. Things that we can then spread around. Please, if you don’t like her posts, just ignore them. Thanks.

  103. Bobfr thanks for sharin’ this very important event!

    There will, probably, be some participation on Twitter concernin’ this…

    And, I know you will, continuously, keep us abreast of the Libya’s ‘Arab Spring’!

    Today’s the 4th of July!

    You know, it’s ironic, the Libyans are fightin’ for their freedom and rights!

    But, the TeaPublicans and their ilk *ARE* tryin’ to take ours away!

    That’s why WE have to VOTE ‘EM OUT!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  104. Please come to this room for open discussion and not insults, There are many who do not want to be submitted to political negativity here, This chat is for support, not a MSM floor of rants and arguments. I am surprised on a Holiday and the fact we should support our nation that folks would be insulting.
    On a further point, Yes Mr. Clinton has done his time in office and we are 3 presidents beyond his time, but there are many laws, such as UNSF for cell phones to provide 911 that many states have misappropriated. When Mr. Clinton can push back from his corporate ties to get results, please allow him to do so, his initiative program is for jobs. We are a world economy, America has to come back to being able to compete on a global perspective, we are fading in the lines of trade and commerce and increasing spending. My Son, a Sailor was in the states not a full 24 hours from Japan and is discouraged by the discourse in our social system, he said it was culture shock to him to see so many RUDE people in public. When a young man of 23 can view our public with such disppointment, it is an illness in manners, appreciation of fellow humans that our people are not better to one another. There is much to be said of the opinions of Americans all over the world, we should all do better. When it comes to Global economy, the Yen is becoming stronger than the dollar, how can we compete in a Global world without doing more for commerce on a global scale. How many of you actually are aware of how the fuels get to our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, or How movement of goods is slowed by our ailing ports. There are jobs but no one is capable of doing them, and to bash Mr. Clinton because he has the courage to speak honestly on what he feels Huntmans capabilities are does not mean he supports the man to become President. Mr. Clinton is a Born Democrat. I will always trust him to make the pushes behind the scenes. He has been twisting MSM to his beckon call the last couple of weeks~! Mr. Clinton is as educated as Pres. Obama, so when we think of them fighting together they are both sly as foxes to manipulate folks to get where they need to be. Mr. Huntsman does see the world as a global economy so much so he is fluent in Chinese, How many of us here on TOAIR can say we speak chinese, and there is a solid need for people in our country to become open minded to other cultures and languages. I have spoken here before on what the laws are for UNSF, many states are not pushing the money to the initiative it was created for. How many of you out there know whether or not you can dial 911 in a rural area and the call get through to emergency services. In my state of OK we are still about 5-7 years behind the entire rural communities being covered. So many things Mr. Clinton set out to improve our infrastructure has not happened, since the GOP can go back and discredit the need for any of it, all while increasing the profit margins and giving CEO’s the largest bonus season ever. I for one am glad Mr. Clinton is now behind the scenes to catch alot of those scapegoats and call them out in an ever SO suttle way, shining light without discourse should bring more folks in to the discussion, and only until we can discuss openly will we be able to push through educating those who are unaware of the intentions of the RETHUGS ! Be a Light, not a name caller ! There is no room for discourse when we all want the same goal, A Better America, and Peace and Democracy around the world. YES WE Can Again 2012 !
    Please respect this forum for positive discussion !
    BWD I truly with greatest respect appreciate your tolerance ! God Bless you BWD and

  105. I never understood Clinton’s motivations, I still don’t. Perhaps he does not himself. I also think this society has gotten coarse and ugly. But I blame Bush, the media, corporate power, people’s feeling of desperation, poverty, etc, etc. I ddn’t read the BC comments as beyond the pale. A positive space v an honest one – tricky balance. But I spent five years on DKOS. I KNOW what a negative space looks like. IMO, this isn’t one.

    I am thrilled your son is home.

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