Homophobic President Fights DOMA In Court

Obviously, it’s not as important as PBO actually attending Rachel Maddow’s wedding, but hey, it’s something:

DOJ: Court Should Find DOMA Unconstitutional

Today, the Department of Justice filed a brief in federal court employee Karen Golinski’s federal court challenge, supporting her lawsuit seeking access to equal health benefits for her wife and arguing strongly that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional in terms unparalleled in previous administration statements.
In a brief filed on behalf of the Office of Personnel Management and other federal defendants, DOJ acknowledged the U.S. government’s “significant and regrettable role” in discrimination in America against gays and lesbians.

The summary of the DOJ argument that Golinski’s case should not be dismissed begins simply: “Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, 1 U.S.C. Section 7 (‘DOMA’), unconstitutionally discriminates.”

Unlike in other cases where DOJ has stopped defending DOMA in accordance with President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision that Section 3 of DOMA — the federal definition of marriage — is unconstitutional, DOJ lawyers today made an expansive case in a 31-page filing that DOMA is unconstitutional.

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Michael Tomasky is just awesome.

Why the GOP Loves the Debt

Republicans portray themselves as champions of fiscal responsibility. But as Michael Tomasky argues, they need the debt to push through their radical and unpopular agenda.

/// Go read it and spread it!


Wonkette: Mitt Romney Visits Abandoned Factory To Spread His Message of Doom

OH HEY, MITTENS. There he is, our weird stale friend Mitt Romney, hanging out in an empty field in front of an old, abandoned factory building. Is that the safest thing for a rich old white guy? No, but that is his campaign strategy! After cruising around the bombed-out parts of Detroit saying it was proof that the auto bailout was a total disaster for everybody, Romney is doing his production of “America is Terrible Part II” over in Pennsylvania, standing outside a shuttered factory where Obama once gave a stimulus speech in order to prove that factories everywhere hated Obama’s miserable stimulus dollars.

Predictably, the factory shutdown was not because of the stimulus, but Mittens just really wanted to stand in the same spot where Obama stood, just for a second, so he could also feel like president.

From the Washington Post:

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski (D) said in an interview that Obama’s policies did not lead to the factory’s closure. The plant reportedly had longtime financial troubles.

“I don’t think Mitt Romney should be criticizing our community and this economy, because he has no clue why this plant closed — and it had nothing to do with President Obama,” Pawlowski said.

We are excited to see which terrifying place Mitt visits next and what Obama policy he blames for it. A trailer park full of children with rickets because of health care reform? A school full of illiterate seventh graders because of support for education funding? That would make an excellent third part for a “trilogy of doom.”


153 thoughts on “Homophobic President Fights DOMA In Court

  1. So much goodness….so little time! Thanks for posting these important news items…that article from Tomasky is as good as it gets. Spread that far and wide, is right:) and yeah, that homophobic President is something else:) The haters can kiss my grits!

  2. Mitt Romney, just what can you do about a habitual liar. Flip flopper=LIAR. expect the same bullshiggedy.

  3. And about the gay issue- politico headlines that the house is suddenly silent on gay marriage.
    They are either giving up or they are reading the polls!

  4. I don’t get it; why is President Obama called homophobic? Because he doesn’t believe in or endorse homosexual marriage? Strange and make no Earthly sense.

  5. I hope people will finally recognize the Shock Doctrine being played out right here in America. I’ve been trying to get them to see it for the last two years. We’ve had the shock phase, then people were in awe. Some still are. But we’re fighting back now. Let’s work together with the unions to stand up to these creeps. We’re holding our Grassroots Planning Session at a local Union Hall. Now, if we can get the professional left to stop whining long enough and grab a mop, we just might be able to win the Senate, House and get the best president ever reelected. Thanks for helping to expose the fearmongers for what they are really up to.

  6. Yea…they are in such disarray now that I here that before he was killed, he was thinking of changing the name to something else…thought they were “marketing” themselves wrong.I think that the curtain being pulled away ( a la The Wizard of Oz) is revealing quite a different internal picture than what was thought to be. Not to dismiss them totally, but they are not the mighty they once were.That’s a good thing.

  7. Yea…if they will help AMERICAN WORKERS…Republicans say NO! Tweet THAT!

  8. Someone’s prayers have been answered at least for now…………Whooohoooooooo!!!



  9. Tune in….let’s give him some ratings…hopefully we can git rid of Cenk for good

  10. Good for the White House..it seems that Valerie is out there.. at the Essence Festival….
    Good for her:-)

    I am backstage talking w/ White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and My man Steve Harvey. Headed to the stage now.

  11. Do any one know if the ratings has tanked over at MSnbc because of their doulble dose of hate this week.

  12. Finally, we have a voice in tv. Now, rev al will have on people who bash the president but rev al will not personally insult him, moreover the premise of his show will be to stick up for the president!

  13. I would be great to see a ratings spike for Al over Cenk – send a message to MSNBC. I’d love to see Current TV put a first run show opposite of Rachel as well, but Olbermann will never let that happen.

  14. Proof positive that even with this good news, the guy who wrote the wreck list diary on gos implies something sinister in one of his comments in the thread — asking if anyone notice that the story was a Friday evening dump.

    It was good to see several others push back to explain that it was nothing nefarious, instead it had something to do with the courts schedule or something.

    And they say the teabaggers are nuts. Go figure.

  15. Oh, LOL! I was like I KNOW A CELEBRITY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Giggling like a loon at Al filling in for Cenk. Kossacks must be mortified. HEH. DOJ/BHO not homophobic. Kossacks must be mortified. HEH. I can’t check. Last time I scanned it, KO was asking for Kossack’s help with a special project: Bring down Beck. I despise Beck, but somehow, DK and KO collecting dirt on a talking head. Too Mean Girls for me. I’d rather Beck failed because of his beliefs.

    So, today: us = 1000, Pl =0

  16. That’s all they got? HAH. The stench of the desperate. They should make the Republican Clown Car larger…

  17. I am tweeting it everywhere..lol so that they can give AL rating…Hope that you all can help me spread the word out…..I would love for Cent to be replaced…..MSNBC only cares about ratings………….Wouldn’t that be a slap in the P/L faces, if they replaced him…lol

  18. I can only imagine what the conversation is like at the event this weekend following the nasty slur by the No. 1 GOP hack. They have really made a whole lot of people mad and have unleashed a genie that they will see never going back into the bottle.

    We will be on them like white on rice and never allow them to insult this president again without them feeling the wrath of our collective

    Not this time. Never again!!

  19. That’s right. Banish him to the wilderness. He has nothing, zilch to bring to the discussion. I have never ever watched him. My disgust for him grew over at that place when he postied his hit job diaries and high tailed it out of there leaving a mess of people going at one another.

    My hubby watches the evening MSNBC line up, but even he won’t watch the faux progressive.

    I would like to see the Rev. Al’s ratings go through the roof.

  20. Me too Africatimes…..We can do this…….The power of Tweeter…we blasted the Media for Halpern, we pushed back on Rachel..and we will continue to push back all this nonsense.

  21. Oh K. Thanks for responding. I knew it was a snark title but the PL uses that term so liberally, like the fairy tale the boy that cried wolf.

  22. I am maxing twitter too. A lot of my follers have 1000s of followers and they are retweeting too. We have to keep up the pressure and stop those subscriptions. That is when they will get the message. I took it off of my bookmarks. Also @MarkHalpern is his twitter handle I am using that too.Here is my note to Time.com and then I copied Newsweek as well. Just for the embarrasment to Time.
    How could you possible allow Halpern to continue to be in your employ? I am sure you are the laughing stock of the press and the irresponsible corporation to the rest of us? So has it finally come to this-where you allow the rest of America see what your real corporate standards are and it was okay as long as we didn’t know? I am sure you know that Halpern has on another occasion decided to disrespect President Obama even before he became president. We are know by our acts but also by the company we keep. Your corporation has been besmirched if you allow him to stay in your employ. On the other hand, allowing him to stay will say much more about you than it does about him. So which is it going to be?

    I look forward to your action not reaction.

  23. we also need the msm to stop being one sided and tell the truth about what the republicans are doing and what the president is doing to save our country

  24. I agree. The same frevor with which we pushed back at the last two incidents at MSNBC, we can carry over to the others. We need to hone our message and collectively push back until they hear us.

    That a CNN news reader can suggest that the White House just go ahead and “cave” on the debt ceiling discussions and not be challenged is some of what gives these people the ease with which they can distort the facts on on a regular basis.

  25. Wonderful KasaiI love Valerie. She is a very tough lady. I am so happy PBO has her behind him 1000%. Tell her hello for me.

  26. ***CRICKETS*** But, but…but… the POTUS should, should, should…..

    Take it to the ER, Rachel. EYEROLL.

  27. It kinda caught me by surprise too…we are all a little “gun shy” ya know!

  28. There is an amazing transormation taking place on this site. Many of us came here as refugees from other sites, disappointed in the blatant biases against our president and discouraged by what the 2010 elections had done to our country. Now we’re all warriors, fighting against the stupidity and meanness and defending our president against any who would attack him.

    Last night at a summer concert I heart the piece, Summon the Heroes, by John Williams. This site has “summoned its own heroes” and we are all now gearing up for the battle of our lives to not only re-elect our president, but to save our democracy from the Romneys, Perrys, and Bachmanns of the world who want to destroy it.

    The tone here has changed from one of musing to one of action and we are fighting back and taking names as we make it clear that we will not take the lies and slander any longer.

    This is how we become strong and this is how we win. It’s exciting to be a part of it.

  29. Greetings everyone

    Sorry to be late to the party, yard work on this hot California day.

    so…..first thing

    The incredible story about politic 101 by Milt Shook

    Twitter account is @miltshook
    No Facebook as far as I can tell
    email milt.shook@gmail.com

    At the risk of repeating myself, lets send him some love :->

    Maybe someone can follow him on twitter, we could also invite him to join this blog, he is sooo good.

  30. New York Passes Historic Green Jobs Financing Law

    The so-called “On-Bill Financing” legislation will create 14,000 living-wage jobs, cut carbon emissions, lower utility bills for working families, and enable moderate-income homeowners to access safe loans for retrofits and use energy savings to repay the loan.

    included a video clip of President O talkiing about weatherization


  31. Two things on oil prices-
    They have climbed back up after the spr release, regulators feel the IEA tipped off investors, thus rendering the release in sufficient
    And, daily gas prices have inched their way upward since the president has gone after big oil in the presser.
    Gas was going down a penny a day, it has now risen almost 3 cents since the presser!

    I tell you, big oil is fucking with us and the WH!

  32. I know many of us would like to be able to make a contribution to increasing jobs but aren’t sure how. As a teacher, I can’t go out and hire someone, start my own business, etc.

    We do have the ability to make a difference, we can “shop local” and “buy American”

    shop local means going to the local hardware store instead of Home Depot, going to a locally owner bookstore instead of amazon.com. For every dollar spent at a ocal story 45 cents is invested locally, for every dollar spent at a chain store only 15 cents is invested.

    Buying American made products can be tricky, since it is hard to find things made in America. Over the next few days I am featuring stories about stuff Made in America.

    Here is the first one originally from ABC news.

    Made in America: Buy US Swimwear — Help Bring Home Jobs

    the video just cracks me up, it also serves as a freightening reminder about how middle aged ladies like me, look in our swimsuits.


  33. Some damn fool is in big trouble:

    By AP, WASHINGTON – A two-seat plane had to be escorted to the ground by an F-15 fighter an after straying into a restricted zone around Camp David in Maryland, where the president is spending most of the Fourth of July weekend with his family.

    Not much more than that so far.

  34. He’s Congress time enough to make a deal. If congres can’t make a deal ,then he will use the nuclear option.

  35. Didn’t just happened last time PBO was at Camp David??? Hmmm there’s something wrong with this picture…..it can’t be just an isolated incident..

  36. Also the governor here in Illinois was endorsed by President Obama and we signed the same bill here in Illinois

  37. gas here has went down from $4.46- to now $3.99 i got gas yesterday. i don’t see a spike just a decline.

  38. I know your title are snark, BWD. My comment wasn’t about the title but the PL calling the President homophobic because of his stand on homosexual marriage, I think they use the word like the boy who cried wolf.

  39. Hello BWD and family here. First, thanks to you BWD for continuing to keep this site a beautiful and safe place for all of us to comments with knowledge and respect. We support you, and we will support our President. I am elated about Rev. Al. I know he will be fine. Let us put the rating over the top. We continue to pray for protection for our First Family. Remember there was a tight incident when the President was there celebrating Sasha’s birthday. Our prayers are with you, Mr. President and our First Family. I hope and pray that they will look into this very clsely. Our prayers and good thoughts go to our President and family, and staff. Everyone have a great weekend.

  40. …………I mean extinction………..poster blushing. 🙂

  41. Hi WIW
    I really love this idea. This is a great way to take some of the weight off the president’s back.

  42. gossacks are SO HAPPY about President Obama. They are actually recgonizing he did a great thing for him and that he REALLY DOES CARE for the LGBT community.


    Many cynical members are saying “I am donating to the campaign and fired up and ready to go”

    I hope this is the start of the PL dying ( in terms of their rhetoric and attitude towards the administration)

  43. That was beautiful to watch. I love the fact the message is gwetting out. That Dent guy tried to wiggle out but the folks just cornered him. Keep spreading the word; light fire under Repug seats…let them feel the heat.

  44. I’m fine with it. Let’s show the Obama Campaign they don’t need that dirty money with so many strings attached. Wall St. goes all in with the GOP who wants to default on America’s debts and crash the economy – let Wall St. show exactly who they are. They’re part of the problem in America anyways and when President Obama is re-elected they can’t expect a seat at the table.

  45. Agreed. I think they think we’re stupid. We need to be relentless and not let anything stand in our way of getting this message out.I want a govt. that works for its people. “NO” is NOT an option! Lying is NOT an option! Purposeful obstruction is NOT an option! THEY work for US, not the other way around. Glad the message is getting out:)

  46. My screen has gone dark hence can’t see what I am typing. Forgive the typos. Somehow now, the Rethugs are complaining that the Prez released some strategic oil reserves to protect Americans from profiteers during the holiday—but now they are whinninng that he should not have! Mr. Obama is damned if he does and still damned if he doesn’t! Guys keep fighting and pushing back. This Waterdog forum is becoming an important weapon in the Prez’s arsenal. Happy July 4th all of you; have a happy and peaceful independence day.That was beautiful to watch. I love the fact the message is gwetting out. That Dent guy tried to wiggle out but the folks just cornered him. Keep spreading the word; light fire under Repug seats…let them feel the heat.

  47. I feel ya SR. Thanks for your response. Its the poor, working poor, and the middle classes vs BIG MONEY and corporate America. The battle is on. You can see the stark lines in the sand being drawn for this 2012 campaign and I believe the majority will be on our side to say the least. 🙂

  48. I wonder how many of the Sunday talking heads shows will broach the SABOTAGE ISSUE tomorrow. It’s long overdue. Connecting the dots could not be more obvious.

    1) The Republican Party majority in the House of Representatives have introduced ZERO JOBS BILLS in six months. All we heard from them during the 2010 midterms was the importance of jobs jobs jobs. Someone in the MSM should be asking them to explain why no jobs bills.

    2) The Republican Party senators are blocking THREE TRADE BILLS that will produce badly needed jobs. Senator Orrin Hatch has added an amendment to PREVENT ABORTIONS to the South Korea trade bill. Someone in the MSM should be asking why these bills are being blocked and to explain the relationship between abortions and the South Korea trade bill.

    3) The Republican Party is holding the country hostage with the debt limit talks because they want to make draconian cuts that will hurt the middle class and impede economic recovery. Someone in the media should be asking why they are protecting oil company subsidies and tax breaks for the wealthy while sticking it to the middle class.

    Bottom line, the MSM should be asking the Republican Party to explain why these three issues don’t constitute sabotage. Because if the roles were reversed you can bet they would be accusing the Democrats of sabotage without hesitation. In fact they would be throwing around the words “Treason”, “Un-American” and “Unpatriotic” like confetti.

  49. Why is my type dark on the screen? It started a week ago. I have so many typos and spelling errors due to I can’t see what I am typing. I see Peter is having the same problem. hmmm………….

  50. Don’t hold your breath Ladyhawke. They all are lying in the same bed. The GOP, MSM, Wall Street and The Chamber of Commerce. They all have agreed to let the economy capitulate to WIN in 2012!! Disgusting, and the MSM will not report on it.

  51. @Jackie-What has impressed me the most is that
    step 1- we whine and gripe amongst ourselves
    step 2 -we decide to do something about it
    step 3- we DO it
    step 4 -we feel satisfied and fulfilled that we contributed to the process/outcome/result.
    Step 5 -fired up and ready to rumble again
    Great stuff,people!

  52. I keep thinking we are going to see a prime time Oval Office chat with the American people.

  53. Exactly. She is now White House correspondent, at that. The other day, she was the one who asked the president how people are supposed to believe there is a problem with the debt ceiling given that the treasury has changed the deadline date four times. POTUS promptly handled her.

  54. Senator Chuck Schumer is my hero for speaking out so forcefully on the sabotage issue.


    This morning, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the third highest-ranking Democrat in the chamber, issued a media advisory, letting reporters know about a news conference he’d host. The headline said Schumer would point to “fresh questions about whether GOP is out to tank economy on purpose for political gain.”

    In other words, the New York Democrat was prepared to triple down on the “sabotage” line he’s been brave enough to trumped.

    And sure enough, Schumer, once again, went there.

    On a conference call Friday morning, another reporter asked Schumer whether he believes the GOP’s committing sabotage (my words, not the reporter’s). Here’s his response.

    “It’s a thought you just don’t want to believe in, because that would be [horrible],” Schumer said. “But every day they keep giving us more and more evidence that there’s no choice but to answer the question ‘yes.’ They give us no choice but to come to that conclusion.”


  55. O.K. desertflower, the story in that link was hilarious! Just to show my ignorance, I didn’t know you could get high on viagra!

  56. Candy Crowley has john McCain on again this Sunday!
    Sunday, has effectively given McCain a bully pulpit!
    Anytime he wants on one of these shows, viola!

    He must have broken a record!

  57. Wow, nice. The contituents sure know what they are talking about and arent taking no Bs from that idiot, dent. We really have to fight back with all we have got.

  58. It is happening to me too. I wrote to BWD to find out why but she noted that it might be something to do with the prorgram of nwordpress itself. I am still expreiencing it and, I know nena has hinted at having the same probem….

  59. As President Obama said “…The only to match their millions of dollars is all of you. Millions of voices who are ready to finish what we started in 2008.”

    So let Wall street throw their money away at losers instead.

  60. Exactly, John McCain will be able to get all of the GOP talking points and outlandish claims out without being challenged by Candy Crowley.

  61. SC we can push AL we have not watched MCNBC for a long time, but if AL is on we will.

  62. Bravo Jackie! We are ready to battle both the PL and the teapublicans. Like you, I am really happy and excited to be part of this family.

  63. Wow. All the more reason for the Democrats to keep pounding this message over and again. Repeat verbatim that the Republicans are trying to sabotage the economy and do it ad nauseam.

    One group preach this message.The other one go on the offensive about Medicare over and again.

  64. Linda this is so darm perfect and to the point maybe the DNC can use it.

  65. WIW, Thank you so much for the hard work you put in to keep us informed! More importantly, I really appreciate your determination to keep us focused on positive news and actions.

  66. Fortunately, John McCain has next to ZERO credibility with the majority of voters. His former campaign managers are now working for Jon Huntsman. That alone should give you an idea of how effective they are.

  67. In fact they would be throwing around the words “Treason”, “Un-American” and “Unpatriotic” like confetti.
    I think those are exactly the words we should be throwing around because those are the words the MSM will pay attention to if we use them enough.e

  68. One of the (many) things that p*ssed me off about Corney’s rant was that he total ignored the strong black women that the Prez has put in positions of power, see also Susan Rice. It’s like that doesn’t even matter to him.

  69. Anyone else having trouble sharing this site to Facebook. I have not been able to do so for 2 days.

  70. It’s not just McCain. It’s the “three amigos” back together again. McCain, Lindsey Graham and Ass*ole Lieberman.

  71. We should tweet your exact words

    “I want a govt. that works for its people. “NO” is NOT an option! Lying is NOT an option! Purposeful obstruction is NOT an option! They work for us, not the other way around”!

    Short and sweet and oh, so true.

  72. Maybe our twitter campaigns should focus on repeatedly asking the media why they aren’t doing their jobs, and pointing out specific stuff that is not being reported. Surely, they can’t ignore us forever?

  73. That’s a pretty old article…Feb 2010. And as predicted the Republican House is doing its darndest to undo everything.

  74. to ask your question. put #AskObama in the search box and click to find then submit your question

  75. chrome doesn’t have a lot of personalization add-ons like FF. For example, I’m am now running a FF add-on that allows to set my sites to be viewed in the same color and background set by me. No more eye irritating background changes for me.

  76. Great idea theo, we need to push for Dems to be on the Sunday talk show, and push the concept of Republicans intentionally sabotaging the economy.

  77. “Obviously, it’s not as important as PBO actually attending Rachel Maddow’s wedding, ”
    She doesn’t believe in marriage.

    Maddow is actually a resident of Massachusetts (she only works in nyc). And even though she’s been living with her significant other since 1999 and and gay marriage has been legal in MA since 2004, she has never proposed marriage and has no plans to get married.


  78. I tried to post the link 2 times, but it never posted. I think that you should check The Vermont Country Store…google it . Lots of things can be had that you thought they didn’t even make anymore! Don’t know if everything is MADE in the USA, but the store itself has been around forever and is an American business.

  79. Thank you! Hello to the Caribbean!!! I lived in St Thomas growing up as a kid…miss so many things. Best fried chicken I ever ate was during carnival….I can still taste it:) Keep those words in your head and heart…and spread them around!

  80. John McCain has no nothing…here in AZ people don’t much like him, but he’s like an old shoe….ratty and old, falling apart, but you know they’re still in the closet. Sick.

  81. You have to use Google Chrome to get it to work….I had the same problem, as did many others and this change seems to be the fix. I sympathize because I couldn’t see a darn thing and felt bad because of the spelling errors I could never see to correct! See if using Chrome helps..

  82. What a HYPOCRITE and BLOWHARD Rachel is then. All that RAMPAGING over PBO and she has no interest in marriage.

  83. Yes she is Keith…Her state had same sex marriage law for a while, she just doesn’t want to, just like Keith all that hot air..and doesn’t even Vote. I believe the word “hypocrisy” was created just for them and their P/L followers. The fact that Bachman husband called the gay community “Barbarians” and not a word from R Maddow, yet she blows hot air for something that PBO never said….Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!

  84. If that was Jenny’s personal opinion (Rachel doesn’t believe in marriage) it should be noted as such. What Rachel and her partner do with their lives should be no one else’s business. We shouldn’t care how long she and Susan have been living together, or whether they are married or not.Does anyone ask you? The obsession with what one person thinks, especially this person, is really not the issue.If you want to call her out on saying what she did the other night about the President “not approving” that’s one thing…and she deserves to be called out on that….but her personal life? That’s personal and shouldn’t be questioned.She is in a committed, loving relationship with her partner and has been for some time.That should be the end of that.

  85. And sorry Jen…I would never quote Wikipedia….we all know how that can be changed to suit someone’s agenda. Bachmann and Palin fans have made that into an art form.

  86. With respect…I couldn’t careless of her personal life…What becomes personal to me is;As long as she’s obsessed in what PBO has or has not said regarding the LGBT rights or how he thinks in regards to SSM. …is fair game…just like she scrutinizes PBO’ s life and lies about it, i have the right to question her in the matter.

  87. I’m not calling her out.

    I didn’t say anything negative.

    Not being into marriage isn’t negative.

    Does anyone think any less about George Clooney because he’s doesn’t believe in marriage – no.

    The truth is gay marriage will become legal in a few years, after Obama replaces the currently 75 year old Antonin Scalia, thereby shifting the supreme court into a progressive orbit.

  88. It has to do with fund raising. There are some republicans fundraisers who are gay and some who are straight but who have gay children. They have finally decided to make a stand against the gay bashing.

  89. Imagine that. Rachel not responding to the very people she needs to chastise and confront. Bachman and here husband will be on a LGBT hatefest along with their other CRUDE social ideology on the campaign trail. We will see how Rachel treats them vs PBO. I will have to get the news from ya’ll since I don’t do the MSM. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  90. Exactly, why is the media tiptoeing around the obvious. They have abdicated their responsibility to educate and inform the public. WE all know what they are doing and the American people need to get the facts and let the chips fall where they may.

    The problem is that the Republicans can dish it but they can’t take it. The minute President Obama calls them out for their obstruction and reckless behavior, they whine and cry like babies because pulling back the curtain on them just hurts their feelings.

    I think our own LOCAL MEDIA can be our most powerful weapon to get the message out. I really get emotional when I see how we were able to push back on Rachel Maddow and Mark Halpern. Our voices were heard and it was a thing of beauty.

    Our goal should be to MAKE FACT CHECKING AND TRUTH TELLING COOL AGAIN. It has to be a 24X7 undertaking from now until the 2012 election and beyond. We have to be relentless and keep the pressure on the media until they actually start doing THEIR jobs.

    I know that so much of the media is owned by the Republican Party, but call me naive, there has to be a modicum of journalistic integrity, ethics and pride left for us to tap into.

  91. It’s a different browser. Google “chrome”. 🙂

    Download and instal it. Then, run it like IE or FF.

    You can also try ‘slimbrowser’ (an IE clone but you need to have IE already installed in your ‘puter for this to work). This slimbrowser (about 3 MB) also does not have problem in bwd’s comment box.

    Firefox is the only one that automatically spell-check as you type.

  92. Ladyhawke said:
    “I know that so much of the media is owned by the Republican Party, but call me naive, there has to be a modicum of journalistic integrity, ethics and pride left for us to tap into.”

    I don’t think there is anymore, Ladyhawke, I really don’t. I will tell you this, however, CNN in the US is nothing like CNN International, the latter doing a pretty good job of reporting. And Murdoch has a good news station in Sky and EuroNews. They are aiming their US stations with a complete bias to Republicans and have no integrity, no ethics and no journalistic pride whatsoever. They do know how to do a good job of reporting the news, but in the US they don’t want to. They are giving the US soap opera news and lies.

  93. Thanks for your sobering comment and insight. In addition to owning the media and having the power to decide what gets covered, the Republican Party is trying to dismantle unions, disenfranchise voters, eliminate regulations, ensure oil companies continue to get subsidies they don’t need, keep tax loopholes that benefit the rich, never raise taxes, on and on. What a sad state of affairs. This is no way to run a democracy in the 21st century.

    The media firewall has been a thorn in President Obama’s since the campaign. It is worse than ever now. Every now and then the facts break through the firewall. I was very heartened to see Republican Rep. Dent get hammered by his own constituents. It’s a thing of beauty. http://youtu.be/qrxTmCq97Oc

    The American people have to wake up and make their voices heard. President Obama was right when he said:

    “One voice can change a room, and if one voice can change a room, then it can change a city, and if it can change a city, it can change a state, and if it change a state, it can change a nation, and if it can change a nation, it can change the world. Your voice can change the world.” — Barack Obama

  94. Ladyhawke, I think what we need is for ALL the Dem blogs to get together and have a “The US media feeds us lies and [cr*p] instead of news” day once a week for as long as it takes to change them. If every blog and every Tweet hits on this, it can’t be ignored. I’d love to see one solid week of it to launch, but that is probably asking too much…but maybe not. There are so many facets of this that it won’t even be boring. All it will take is dedication from the blog owners and a desire to change things.

  95. I’d like to speak up too for Firefox…….I’m FF5 now. I’ve had no trouble since the beginning when I switched my background to white with black text. There are some really wonderful add ons for FF. The spell-check is just one, but “Readability” is another. When you switch there when in an article, it takes out all the backgrounds images and leaves just the text for printing. I use that a LOT with the links here.

  96. It looks like this is starting already as of today. Checkout the latest open thread at The Obama Diary (Happy Sunday People). ProudofObama and Utaustinliberal are taking it to the Sunday shows with twitter. It’s awesome.

    We just need to get everybody to do the same for all of the cable, networks, print and websites until we get their attention. Also, as I said before local media is key. That’s why PBO always takes the time to circumvent the media firewall by giving interviews to local media.


  97. Banks Easing Terms or Debt on Some Option ARM Loans

    Two of the nation’s biggest lenders, JPMorgan Chase[1] and Bank of America[2], are quietly modifying loans[3] for tens of thousands of borrowers who have not asked for help but whom the banks deem to be at special risk.

    Rula Giosmas is one of the beneficiaries. Last year she received a letter from Chase saying it was cutting in half the amount she owed on her condominium.

    Ms. Giosmas, who lives in Miami, was not in default on her $300,000 loan. She did not understand why she would receive this gift — although she wasted no time in taking it.

    Banks are proactively overhauling loans for borrowers like Ms. Giosmas who have so-called pay option adjustable rate mortgages, which were popular in the wild late stages of the housing boom but which banks now view as potentially troublesome.

    Before Chase shaved $150,000 off her mortgage, Ms. Giosmas owed much more on her place than it was worth. It was a fate she shared with a quarter of all homeowners with mortgages across the nation. Being underwater, as it is called, can prevent these owners from moving and taking new jobs, and places the households at greater risk of foreclosure.


  98. Start that Twitter thing going on this. Make it the start of Take It To The Media Day.

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