We moved to the next level

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say a few words about this past week, probably the proudest week I had since we opened this little place. Just look at what he helped to do:

* We pushed back hard against Rachel Maddow’s blunt lie about the president.

* We reacted within seconds to strike straight back at Dick Halperin.

* And, most importantly, we were relentless in pushing and helping to get here:

I want to thank everyone for being so active, be on Twitter or Facebook, or by writing emails or just talking to people. And I want to thank PBO who got just a bit angry this week, because from time to time, even we need a little shot in the arm.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, get some rest, it’s going to be a looooong year and a half. 🙂




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  1. Enjoy your holiday weekend Ms. BWD, it has been a hard week of pushing back against the lies from both sides.


  3. I’ve started pushing back against @JoeNBC as well. He said this morning that a lot of people are calling him out, but then continued with his disgusting bull. I could name some of the lies he told this morning, but we all can imagine. If we can take down Halperin, maybe we can have some effect over there as well.

  4. I want to thank you BWD for being a fearless speaker for our POTUS. I want to tell you and Chipsticks that you two are this community’s rock….. FANOUT, FANOUT, FANOUT, BRING MORE TO THESE SITES AND LETS GET MORE MONEY FOR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA………

  5. Total donations – 667,220 – It’s 20% more than the original target and 10% more than the revised target.

    Total donor 495,458 – 10% more than the original target.

    It’s been a totally kick-ass week. Literally. Crazy Obots.

    Have a nice week end everyone. I,ll be trying to master the twitter class today.

  6. Thanks amk for the stats. That is fantastic.

    Thanks BWD and have a lovely safe holiday weekend!


  8. Ditto Rhoda,
    I emailed Morning Joe as well about their classless behavior. I rarely catch their show but was curious to see if they would apologize for yesterday’s behavior. But no, just more shameful behavior and attempts blame the president for their reprehensible actions.

  9. Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!

    …I wish there was an edit button.

  10. I you or anyone else is interested, I would like to organize this – e.g., start some kind of effort (Twitter, Facebook, letters etc.) to point out their biases and lies, and suggest that MSNBC not have him on for 3 hours in the morning (1 would be okay, but hogging up the entire morning is disgusting to me). While continually talking about stalemate in congress, I have never heard them say a thing about all the jobs bills filibustered in Sen. plus the trade agreement boycotted by Rs yesterday, plus 0-House jobs bills. They are just liars. The Obama Diary has a list of media numbers to call: “Contact the Media When They Lie” and I believe we should. It was a pretty good “miracle” what happened to Halperin yesterday. We can continue to do it.

  11. It really is satisfying to write to these jerks at MSNBC to tell them how we feel. Going beyond the donation goal was really exciting, especially watching the amount climb all day. The best part of the week was seeing the POTUS tell Congress to grow up and do their job. Have a great 4th weekend everybody. I’m going to Virginia Beach Monday to do voter registration with my team. Thanks for all you do.

  12. Dear Sir:

    I do have further concerns! Your national reputation is most definitely attached to the MJoe show. There are a vast array of circumstances in which the hosts and guests regularly disrespect the president including refusing to use his title which is President

  13. Shucks! Its early. This is response I sent to Starbucks after they sent the standard BS we do not support blah blah blah! I will never enter s Starbucks again TRUST ME!

  14. Believe it or not, except for a dew special comments, olberman and his gusts have actually been fair to the president.
    And al sharpton, is an Obama fan- I hope he gets his own show!

  15. I’m not sure, but I think Twitter is the best way to get messages out because of followers and Re-Tweets.

  16. Yes – I like Sharpton. After Ed comes back, he needs to be on in the morning – take a chunk out of Joe’s time.

  17. Mornin’ OSG,

    Yes BWD do that…

    And, you got that right! 😉

    Have a great day, may your weekend be an enjoyable one!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  18. Mornin’ ALL,

    BWD, it was, as always, our pleasure!

    And, WE want to thank you, once again, for providin’ such a wonderful ‘gatherin’ place, TOAITR, for us, Obamacrats! 😉

    With what WE, all, “witnessed” this week w/the ‘Reelect PBHO’ money bombs and everything else, is this still true concernin’ the country, as a whole, or was it ever true?

    [PRESIDENT] OBAMA HASN’T CHANGED, but Where’s the Country That Elected Him?

    “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN” on education, health, energy, climate change, Iraq, immigration, Wall Street, and Guantanamo Bay. BARACK OBAMA RAN FOR PRESIDENT ON ALL OF THAT, HE WON ON IT, AND NOW HE’S TRYING TO GET IT DONE.

    HE HASN’T CHANGED. But the country that elected him has. WE SEEM TO HAVE LOST OUR COLLECTIVE NERVE.

    WE’VE LOST OUR CONFIDENCE in ourselves, our government, and our institutions. WE’VE LOST OUR TASTE FOR BOLDNESS, our eagerness to experiment, our openness to the future. Enough of us are in hunker-down or angry-protest mode that OBAMA FACES A STRUGGLE FOR EVERY APPROVAL POINT IN PUBLIC OPINION POLLS AND ON NEARLY EVERY ISSUE BEFORE CONGRESS.

    THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT THIS THE SAME PERSON THE NATION ELECTED WITH 53 PERCENT OF THE POPULAR VOTE AND 365 ELECTORAL VOTES. His return to Cooper Union this week would have been a powerful reminder of that even if he hadn’t reminded us himself in his speech.

    At the same lower Manhattan venue two years ago, speaking then as a contender for the Democratic nomination, Obama sounded awfully concerned. WE’VE LOST OUR SENSE OF “SHARED PROSPERITY,” he said, and allowed Wall Street to drag down Main Street. “We’ve excused and even embraced an ethic of greed, corner cutting, insider dealing” that threatens our long-term economic stability, he said. Foreclosures are rising and credit for students, states, and everyone else is drying up. We need, he said, new “rules of the road” for Wall Street.

    OBAMA DESERVES CREDIT FOR PEERING AROUND CORNERS AND TRYING TO THINK AHEAD, not just in 2008 but also in 2007, when he made a similar speech at Nasdaq, also in lower Manhattan. So Thursday’s speech was the third in the series. HE IS ALMOST BORINGLY CONSISTENT. The same cannot be said for Americans. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US?

    THE ECONOMY, of course, IS THE STARTING POINT. At the time OBAMA WAS SOUNDING ALARMS at Cooper Union in 2008, the unemployment rate was 5.1 percent. It was the third straight month of job losses. Economists fretted because the loss of 80,000 jobs was higher than expected. THERE WAS LITTLE DOUBT A RECESSION HAD BEGUN. Gallup found 80 percent dissatisfied with the direction of the country. The federal deficit was projected to reach $250 billion by Oct. 1.

    In retrospect, those statistics are laughably innocuous. Six months later, the economy went into a terrifying free-fall. U.S. households experienced losses of wealth measured not in hundreds of billions (AS OBAMA PREDICTED at Cooper Union) but in trillions (more than $14 trillion by April 1, 2009). For each of the six months starting in November 2008, more than a half million jobs vanished. The current 9.7 percent unemployment rate is down from 10.2 percent last October. The current deficit projection is $1.3 trillion — down from an initial estimate of $1.6 trillion…

    THE GREAT RECESSION COINCIDED WITH THE ELECTION OF THE COUNTRY’S FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT and an outpouring of anger on the right at his attempts to turn his campaign platform into law. That he is a democrat means extra helpings of anger and distrust. While both parties trust the government more when their party holds the White House, Pew says, that trend is more pronounced among Republicans. Right now, only 13 percent say they can trust the government in Washington to do what is right, nearly as low as the 11 percent for Bill Clinton in June 1994.

    That said, the angry percentage — made up of “Republicans, independents and others who lean Republican, and those who agree with the Tea Party movement” as Pew put it — has doubled since 2000. That dynamic has driven the GOP’s elected officials to the right and contributed to an increasingly confrontational tone, not just in protests or on cable but on the campaign trail and even within the Capitol…

    AFTER MASSIVE GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND INTERVENTION IN THE ECONOMY TO STAVE OFF CATASTROPHE, it’s also easy to understand why some people would be wary of more government action — even to address problems that many acknowledge need fixing. The exception to this in the Pew poll is financial regulation, or as Democrats like to call it, Wall Street reform. MORE THAN SIX IN 10 SAY GOVERNMENT SHOULD MORE STRICTLY REGULATE THE WAY MAJOR FINANCIAL COMPANIES DO BUSINESS. People have not forgotten the causes of the financial crisis.

    For those out there who may be wondering, I am not living a detached life in a recession-proof town, tower, industry or household. My husband was laid off late last year and he’s been trying to start his own business. We know dozens of people going through similar transitions. We are all too aware that the post-crisis world can be capricious and inhospitable, even cruel.

    And yet I am ROOTING FOR CHANGE and I’m also rooting for Republicans to be a part of it. Maybe we’ll see a broader appetite to move forward, among the public and GOP officeholders, with the immigration and energy bills that are next in line after the financial bill.

    There are TWO MAIN REASONS I’m ON THE SIDE OF CHANGE. One is PERSONALITY. I’m willing to take calculated risks (Exhibit A, I left USA Today for a start-up – or should I say upstart? – website that turns one year old next week). The other is POLITICS, since I generally APPROVE OF THE DIRECTIONS OBAMA WANTS TO GO.

    But HERE’S THE THING. Whether you thrive on risk or not, whether you approve of Obama or not, whether you love our government or hate it, CHANGE IS COMING. WE’RE ALREADY IN A GLOBAL RACE to lead on energy and other technology. WE’RE ALREADY UNDER PRESSURE to produce a highly educated, top-notch workforce, to reduce our spending on everything from health to the military, to increase our exports and pay off some of our debt. CHANGE IS COMING. We ought to get out ahead of it and try to shape it to our liking.

    Our Prez *IS* doin’ “one helluva job!”

    Without a doubt, CHANGE IS A-COMIN’!

    And, the TeaPublicans, elected or otherwise, and their ilk (Koch & Co., Murdoch/Ailes & Co., Rove & Co., U.S.CoC, SCOTUS 4 (Thomas, Scalia, Alito, Roberts), et al) can’t stop it…

    They can/have put up roadblocks, which WE have to find “legal” ways through ’em, over ’em and/or around ’em…

    But, WE SHALL (and have) OVERCOME ‘EM!

    Yours thoughts?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move America Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  19. I got that form email myself…and then I took the survey they asked me to take, and let them have it again!Told them I, and others, would boycott Starbucks if they didn’t make some sort of apology.

  20. I enjoyed the Reverend for a delightful change of pace. He was rather refreshing.

  21. WOW! O_O What a post snoopy. You kind of scared me for a minute there, but you came up with the cheerleading positive goods at the end. 🙂 Yes We Can, Again make HISTORY!!

  22. Fallows speaks for me on this one.

    Of course Mark Halperin should not be fired for saying on MSNBC that President Obama had been “kind of a dick” … I say that notwithstanding the certainty that if some other “mainstream” journalist had said the same about George W. Bush on MSNBC or CNN, the outrage would never have been allowed to ebb on Fox and the Limbaugh show.

    The real problem is the dickishness of our mainstream political analysis, especially from the “savviest” practitioners. Back during my days as media critic, I argued in Breaking the News and a related Atlantic cover story that the laziest and ultimately most destructive form of political coverage came when journalists seemed to imagine that they were theater critics or figure-skating judges. The ” what” of public affairs didn’t interest them. All they cared about was the “how”.

    In this case, the “what” of Obama’s press conference — the unbelievable recklessness of mainly House Republicans in inviting the largest self-inflicted economic wound in American history — deserves every bit of frustration Obama showed, and lots more. In the long run we’ll have some sense of whether Obama’s typical surreal unflappability, whatever its origins (I have my theories, but for another time), was the wisest long-term response to today’s Republican party — …skip…

    But the real news of the press conference, of course, was the economic, financial, political, and Constitutional showdown Obama was discussing. Not to understand that, and to act as if this was a free-skate program where a contestant should be judged on poise, costume, and sticking the landings, is just dickish.

  23. Thanks, Amk, for the “‘Reelect PBHO’ Money Bombs” update…

    You know, it would have be “nice” to have had 1/2 mil donors…huh?

    But, WE’ll “take this”…This *IS* “nothin’ to sneeze at,” and It *WAS/IS* encouragin’ & energizin’!

    And, you’ll do just fine. 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  24. Thanks BWD for all that you do!!

    I also wanted to quickly mention that a good bit of the poutrage aimed at our President was his choice of Larry Summers as chief of his council of economic advisers. There was so much “reporting” , which was nothing more than speculation, that he wanted a smaller stimulus and that is why we ended up with a stimulus that wasn’t big enough. Even though this was never actually verified, it was constantly repeated as fact.

    This morning on the public radio show Marketplace he was interviewed. The host’s question was something like “it has been widely reported that you pushed for a smaller stimulus package. Looking back, was this a mistake?” Summers replied that that reporting was not accurate, not at all true. It was his opinion that there would be no stimulus too big and the only consideration was political–getting as much as they could through Congress.

    President Obama never had a “honeymoon” even with folks on the left in large part because there was so much rumor and speculation falsely presented as fact. This meme about Summers was so destructive to public sentiment and one of the issues that really kept enthusiasm down in 2010.

    All of this is to say that your website is so important because we are constantly fed misinformation and opinion as if it were news. This site is a real refuge for those of us who are not constantly shouting that the sky is falling. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  25. Jovie thanks for these great DOT updates…

    Lahood *IS* a great asset to PBHO and WH!

    Just like Gates, Lahood admires & respects PBHO…

    And, what’s ironic about that, like Gates, Lahood is a Republican!

    Go figure!

    GO Lahood GO! 😉

  26. Twitter is an awesome tool to message fast. I didn’t see a lot of chatter on Twitter today about morning joke probably because nobody is watching. That’s another way to hit MSNBC where it hurts – shut it off!

    I’m so excited to be a (very) small part of the uber successful fundraising campaign! I’m going to keep making donations and working to make sure Obama/Biden wins in 2012!

    Have a great 4th of July everybody!

  27. Yes a BIG THANKS TO BWD: WE love you BWD so please relax a little this long weekend
    you have done a wonderful job with us so thanks, thanks, and thanks.

  28. I’m always amazed at how many people take as fact the biased opinions of pundits who either can’t get elected/got kicked out of office or who never worked a day in an elected office.

  29. I am so happy to be a part of this community. You guys are awesome and I think not only did we do POTUS proud, but we did each other proud.

    Happy 4th of July!!

  30. My wife and I showed the Vidion to all our senior freinds and they were pissed, so we asked them to all call MSNBC Morning JOE to com plain and they all did.

  31. Hi Jovie
    I tweet and retweet everything you post. You are priceless. Thank YOU!

  32. This week was the best. The hate aimed at our President became a call to arms for us to unite and push back. And push back we did, thank to all and a special thanks to you BWD and Chips for your leadership and providing a central place to inform and motivate the President’s base. What a time to celebrate the Fourth of July, enjoy every one.

  33. Meanwhile back in the real world, MN has shut down because Repubs wouldn’t slightly raise a tax on millionaires (In MN they actually pay LESS than the average taxpayer).

    So here we go……..

  34. Good morning all . I too echo BWD sentiments, we were fierce. like snoopy leave in her post. WE CAN DO MUCH MORE TOGETHER . we proved that !

  35. Thank You BWD for giving us a place where we can all support each other without coming under attack by the PL. Having a safe place makes it easier for us to fight back.
    This has been a good week.

  36. Hopefully Dayton stays strong. Closing parks on July 4th will make a lot of people notice what’s going on here and Dayton and State Dems can get the word out about GOP being in the back pocket of millionaires.

  37. I’d love it if someone would start a group on Facebook – boycott Morning Joe until he and Mika personally apologize for their disrespect of our President – and in the description of the group, in addition to an apology, we demand that in the future they refer to our President as such – President Obama!

  38. Sorry, didn’t mean to do that!

    It’s just a reasonably nice, year-old article of a journalist’s thoughts about PBHO and the country…

    Has the country changed or has it remained the same?

    Because WE know PBHO *IS* the same person from when he was a student, a community organizer, a State Senator, a U.S. Senator, a Presidential nominee, etc. 😉

    Long live PBHO and his ‘WE DO BIG THINGS’ vision!!! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  39. Good Morning BWD Family

    It was an activist week, go team. This was also the week many of us stepped into the work of twitter. I hope folks who have questions or positive experiences on twitter will share them here so we can all learn.

  40. That’s the crux of it, dcsandy. But until the public demands better, our media will continue its war on America. There appears to be no unbiased “news” these days. Even NPR always presents at least two “sides”, even though one side may be factually incorrect. A trustworthy objective news source that only reported the facts without spinning them would be such a boon for the entire country. Maybe the populace would actually learn to think for themselves. Imagine that.

  41. I have included another video clip of our President at the press conference.

    The theme of the video is what can Congress do “right now”

    So I would ask all of us “right now” to spread the word about Republican’s taking the country hostage. Talk about this over the 4th of July weekend, contact your elected officials, post comments on Facebook and Twitter.

    Pushback on Medicare and Social Security made Republicans feel uncomfortable, lets use that same strategy on the Republicans. I have my fingers crossed that we have some folks from Kentucky who can give Mitch McConnell a hard time. Let’s put Cantor, Boehner, and the guy who told President Obama to take a valium on the hot seat.

    We can also send some love to the Dems, tell them we support higher taxes for the wealthy and that they need to stay on message and hang tough.

  42. The statement that Geithner worked for Goldman Sachs is repeated until this day. He NEVER worked for Goldman.

  43. I guess the Gov. campaigned on the notion that the millionaires in that state SHOULD pay their fair share of taxes…they are already paying LESS than the average MN. is.The people are behind him, and from what I read, his convictions are strong and the people back him. We can only hope that as average Americans begin to see what is happening all over the country, they will get angry and verbal about the dysfunction they see.Republicans think they are doing the right thing and that people agree with them…I see it otherwise, and I hope they are ALL in for a rude awakening! They are all in lock step about getting 100% of what they want…that is NOT called negotiating,it’s called domestic terrorism.

  44. I am collecting comments that anyone may have regarding the destruction of the old barackobama website. Many people that were very engaged during the previous campaign have become disheartened about the setup and the fact that with moderation trolls are still running wild while supporters are being deleted in droves. http://www.reelectobamabiden2012.com/

    If you get a chance please list any concerns/suggestions in my forum, and I am going to try to contact Jeremy Bird and anyone else that may listen. The site is not useful for organizing as it once was. By the way I have enjoyed following all of you on twitter. I am new to the scene but am learning quite fast. I am @reelectobama012

  45. I don’t have a lot of faith in American tension spans, but one can hope. And we must keep reminding people of how dangerous these people are.

    In some good news, Planned Parenthood passed the draconian inspection in Kansas! If you are unaware of the story, let me know and I’ll fill in the details.

  46. Seems ole Judge Prosser didn’t do himself any favors when he grabbed the mic away from a reporter yesterday…that guy is a tickling time bomb.

  47. Opps! TICKING Time bomb:) Though, tickling would get him in trouble, too!

  48. Interesting…they don’t even know…kinda like “I don’t need gov. assistance, but keep your hands off my Medicare!”http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/political-animal/2011_07/the_craig_t_nelson_problem030622.php Maybe they SHOULD know:)

  49. Oh, yeah, he also mentions distracted.gov I recommend it for anyone who knows someone who texts while they drive.

  50. Thanks for all you do everyone. I love being a part of the fight.
    After the Halperin remark I donated again then asked my husband
    to donate…so thats two extra donations that we were not planning
    to make. Should we send Halperin thank you notes, cause he sure
    did help to increase that fundraising drive amount. I’m sure many
    people were similarly pissed off and did the same thing 🙂

    Have a great weekend everyone. Nothing like the POWER of the PEOPLE.

  51. This is a really good post at Jack and Jill Politics on what an economist said on Morning Joe this morning. Exactly correct on all points.

    An excerpt:
    Jeffrey Sachs, a noted economist and environmentalist made the point that more than economic and budget problems, the U.S. has a major governance problem – our political system is no longer able to respond to the needs and desires of the people. He pointed out – contrary to mainstream media assertions – the public is not divided on some of the major issues facing the country. There is broad consensus on the following:

    We should extract our troops from the military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and use the money we’re spending there to invest in nation building at home;
    We should increase taxes on the wealthiest 10% of the country who are living extraordinarily well before we inflict more economic pain on the poor, elderly and the young;
    We need a public option for health insurance to reduce costs and achieve universal coverage.

    Sachs went on to note despite the overwhelming public support for these policies, elected officials are unable to fulfill these major public demands because the interests they rely on to fund their expensive and endless campaigns – which includes both the military industrial complex and multinational corporations – do not want any of these things to happen and they are able, with their money and their lobbyists to trump the will of the majority.

    The rest of the Morning Joe panel listened in silence, then collectively noted how depressing his assessment was, no one could see a way out of the morass and the conversation quickly turned to more familiar topics.


  52. And now there is one. If you have the money, please consider a donation to Planned Parenthood. What they do is invaluable.


    From the Wall Street Journal Today:

    “the U.S. manufacturing sector expanded briskly in June. The ISM’s manufacturing purchasing managers’ index rose to 55.3 in June from 53.5 in May. Readings above 50 indicate expanding activity.

    By several indications, the U.S. manufacturing sector appears in healthy shape even as worries of a broader economic slowdown have hit markets in recent weeks. On Thursday, the Chicago PMI also bucked market expectations when it checked in at 61.1, well above economists’ expectations.”
    “The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 123 points, or 1%, to 12538, in midday trade, led higher by 3M and Alcoa, which each rose 2%. All 30 Dow components firmed. ”

    Yepper, the old stock market has risen about SIX THOUSAND POINTS since the NEW GIPPER IN TOWN BARACK OBAMA TOOK THE REINS…

  54. 14th Amendment makes Debt Ceiling wholly Unconstitutional – http://www.thepeoplesview.net/2011/07/obamas-big-leverage-un.html

    Lawrence O’Donnell vid with former Reagan and Bush 41 official is must see.

    I think this is why the GOP will not agree to anything – they know that President Obama will raise it/end it and pay the debts anyways. So they keep demanding more and more cuts knowing that the President would sorta be painted into a corner to still enact the cuts even if there was no ultimate agreement and he cited the 14th Amendment.

  55. Virtually the only number the GOP has is the Unemployment Rate. Every other economic measurement is very favorable to the Obama Administration. The President can’t force companies to hire – they have the money, the market is there.

  56. This is actually a better site for organizing than my.bo. I don’t even go there anymore. That blog is worthless.

  57. Hallelujah!…

    One more for the union and PBHO! 😉

    Fairness for Workers: Obama Administration Moves to Put Union Elections on a Fast Track (Your Action REQUIRED) – http://goo.gl/Fb8tr

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  58. Mornin’ Tulips,

    Yes WE were/are, and yes WE did!

    Have a great weekend…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  59. hmmm………..We had a wave of enthusiasm with donations and a lot of excitement on the blogs and websites over PBO’s most recent news conference. Trouble is Congress is still deadlocked. The only item pending are the tax increases for the rich. If the Dems and PBO balk on the increases…………….well I can only imagine the outcry from the PL and even regular supporters. What we have to remember is that PBO passed legislation to extend the Bush taxcuts during the lame duck session last December. They are due to expire all together in Febuary of 2012. I’m sure this will be used as a big campaign issue that PBO and the Dems can work with along with madicade, medicare and jobs. So what I’m trying to say I hope the public, who overwhelmingly are in favor of tax increases for the rich, will be patient. Unfortunately with the type of mainstream news present in our society I doubt very seriously if that will be the case.

    I have a feeling the Dems are going to be the ones to not carry this debt issue to the default stage and it will appear the Rethugs have manipulated and WON again. Lets see how PBO uses this 14th Admendment issue floating around. I’m just tired of the Teapublicans winning the message wars. They have not budged since the presser and appear ready to carry this to economic catastrophe. Is it true that Wall St. and the Chamber of Commerce are willing to allow their paid lackies in Congress to sacrifice their millions/billions of profits to make one man unemployed? Stay tuned folks!! Obama/Biden 2012!!
    show less

  60. SAin Roscoe , i was hoping you came back on to explain, But he can cut more of their programs correct?

  61. SIGH…..This is what we elected President Obama for and that is to change Washington. He can’t do it alone. In the end the special interests win. I still have much faith in PBO. Even with a skeptical public and wavering economy PBO can still win re-election cause whom on GODS GREEN earth will America trust over him out of the now 8 candidates available at the GOP table? hmmm…………Obama/Biden 2012!!

  62. You might have said that you are in the process of seriously evaluating if MJoe show including hosts and guest meet the high standards for appropriate behavior of your company. The hosts thought Mr. Halpern’s vulgar reference to the Leader of the Free World was hilarious. I don’t and you should not either.
    2nd response to Starbucks

  63. I agree. After November 2012 and fingers crossed POTUS wins reelection, we hopefully will have a majority in the House also. However, long term campaign finance reform is needed as much if not more than any other issue. I am in favor of a TWO TERM LIMIT of all publicly elected officials. That in itself would get rid of career politicians. Perhaps we can get rid of Justice Thomas on ethics violations and get a different judge with both the Senate and House democratic in 2012. We really need the House back along with Obama. One without the other isn’t going to get us too far.

  64. Japan says that they are looking at a V shaped recovery in second half! And in 2012 they are expecting just south of 3% GDP growth!
    Also, Greece austerity measures passed, Germans and French banks have rolled over there debt and they will be receiving 124 billion in bailout funds.

    In other words, external factors are being taken care of and our economy should start improving! Phew!

  65. Have a great holiday everyone. The OFA Georgia team is working hard to make Georgia a Win for the President. Many events are planned through the night of the Fourth, from phone-banking to leafletting to voter registration. One group has even organized an Adults Only Party on Saturday. They plan to phone bank while partying. I plan to phone bank on Monday morning.

  66. It would be up to congress really. President Obama would just cite the 14th amendment, probably in a prime time address and say the debt ceiling is unconstitutional and guarantee that all debts will be honored and direct Geithner to start more borrowing.

    The cuts being negotiated now is proposed legislation to be tied to the GOP’s vote to raise debt ceiling and if President Obama unilaterally raised the debt ceiling because it’s existence is unconstitutional than there would be no real pressure to make those cuts other than what the GOP House and Dem Senate could agree on. However GOP House and Senate could say “Obama had agreed to these cuts, but now abuses power(you know they’ll say it) and will now not address the longterm deficit/debt”.

    Of course Obama and Dems could release their own plan including revenues and say “We cut $4T off debt but GOP will not sign on because it raises revenues on millionaires and billionaires”.

    Basically it would be a debate on cuts without any hard set deadline anymore.

  67. Yes, POTUS has managed the the 6,000 points gain in less than 3 years – what a HUGE accomplishment. There are lots of retirees and baby boomers watching that number. And probably more Republicans in that crowd than Democrats, so if their representatives are wishing for Obama to be one term, they aren’t as they know he’s in charge of their retirement plans and so far he’s doing damn good by them.

    We are now only 1,600 points away from the DOW historic high of 14,174 in October of 2007. Housing prices are going to come back this summer folks. Slow but steady…


  68. Thank you for the education if you can tweet using this hashtag and name a gop representative or senator in your state. #Gopkillingeconomy @AaronShock representative of the 18th district, shows his abs instead of a jobs bill. just a sample Ha!

  69. Thanks for all you do abdul for all you do for the President. God Bless you. 🙂

  70. Get use to this ewok. We will see plenty of this for the next 16 months as Rethugs continue to lie and deceive about their fundraising and where their money is coming from. This is going to be epic folks. We have to stay the course and have faith and hope in our own cause for CHANGE!!

  71. I think the arguement that the Republicans did not bargain in good faith would be very successful.

  72. Ah…the smart meter. I’m sure that it’s a good and useful thing, but the day the meter man came to take out the old meter and install the smart meter…he neglected to let us know that he was at our house and going to do that. My husband saw him at the last minute and unplugged the computer….but the microwave blew out, and I haven’t been able to afford to replace it…the darn thing is built into the cabinets:)

  73. This is only my 3rd post here, but I’m grateful for this site & check in several times a day. I expect people have called their Congress-folks regarding the debt ceiling, but if not, I just wanted to encourage people to do it. I just called all 3 of ours – I was pretty upset, but still managed to be fairly coherent this morning.
    I gave myself a treat first, & called the WH to let them know how delighted I am with our President & how grateful I am every time I hear him speak, as I did with the press conference. The woman who answered the phone was so happy to hear the comments – it sounded like it was not commonplace to hear a rave review.
    10 minutes of my morning well spent!

  74. Just my thought, but I wish the administration would make more of a big deal about the increase in the stock market numbers…6,000 points up in this short time is nothing short of amazing. That means that people’s retirement money IS MAKING MONEY!

  75. This is by no means my original idea but I think it’s a worthwhile frame. Republicans are defending corporate jet tax breaks and ‘second home’ tax breaks because your yacht has a bedroom and a bathroom on it.

    So let’s call the tax code ‘welfare for millionaires”, full of tax loopholes so that the wealthy who have not experienced this recession one bit, can live even more privileged lives at the expense of the middle class taxpayer.

    ‘Welfare for millionaires’.

  76. well…they ARE the biggest takers of govt welfare! They crow about the “little people” taking from and living off the govt, but that’s EXACTLY what THEY do on a grander scale!!! Hypocites that they are.They just think that the average Joe is too stupid to figure that out!

  77. Cororations get tons of corp. welfare….and the millionaires do as well.You slug…what do you mean you don’t have a yacht to write off?! No subsidies for your companies? Less taxes than they’ve had to pay in decades and they still complain…I REALLY hate that sense of entitlement. From anyone.


    THROUGH THE SUMMER, we’ll be rolling out events based on your feedback during the “YOUR FUTURE, YOUR SOLUTIONS” 100 Roundtables Initiative in a series called HOW TO MAKE CHANGE. We’ll update the schedule with emails and on our website with specifics on timing of the events below and for added events here at the White House, and around the country.

    KICKOFF CONFERENCE CALL WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA and Administration Officials – Obama Administration Officials conference call de-briefing the President’s commitment to youth issues and initiatives. President Obama will also hop-on the call at 12 noon on Friday, July 1, 2011. Please note that capacity has been reached by those who RSVP’d, but we will provide a read-out after this call.

    CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Youth Incarceration, Environment, and LGBT Issues – Not something we see in the mainstream media, but check out PRESIDENT OBAMA HEARING REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES from young Americans on how specific policies he supported such as second chance programs, social work, health and human services, the environment, energy independence, national security, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, and LGBT issues have made an impact in the lives of young Americans. Join us for the opening session: “How to Make Change: Civic Engagement” at 4:30 p.m. EDT, July 5, 2011 on Whitehouse.gov/Live.

    TACKLING POVERTY – Poverty is a global challenge that the PRESIDENT [OBAMA] IS COMMITTED TO TACKLING BOTH HERE AND ABROAD. Lots of movement has been made in this arena, but much more is left to be done. What have young Americans done substantively to stop the cycle of poverty in our communities? Xavier Jennings shares some insight here… Join us for “How to Make Change: Poverty and International Aid”, an interactive chat with U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Raj Shah at 1:30 p.m. EDT on July 7, 2011, on Whitehouse.gov/Live. submit your questions in advance by clicking here.

    E-BOOK LAUNCH – As we promised during the “Your Future, Your Solutions: 100 Youth Strategies for Winning the Future” Roundtables Initiative, we will be launching an E-book with results and outcomes from the roundtables you held and ways to connect with each other around the country. Join us for “How to Make Change: E-Book Launch” in July – date and time is forthcoming.

    COLLEGE AFFORDABILITY, STUDENT FINANCIAL AID, AND PELL GRANTS -PRESIDENT OBAMA and Young Americans HAVE ACHIEVED INCREDIBLE SUCCESSES ON ISSUES RELATED TO COLLEGE AFFORDABILITY. From raising the Pell Grant to $5500 and increasing the American Opportunity Tax Credit to $2500 (and fighting hard to keep both), investments in education for our generation are a priority. Listen to what young advocates, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, and President Obama himself had to say about college affordability, financial aid, and Pell… Join us for “How to Make Change: Pell Grants and Financial Aid” webchat on August 2, 2011.

    EDUCATIONAL AWARDS, LOW-INCOME HOUSING, AND GRANTS – What have young folks been doing to alleviate a shortage in affordable housing? How about building 13 homes in 5 years. Not too shabby. Youth Advocate Layla Wright joins us to discuss her Youth Build project in Tennessee, helping communities in Appalachia.

    WE WILL HAVE at least three MORE EVENTS IN AUGUST, including “How to Make Change: Affordable Housing and Impact on Young Americans,” “How to Make Change: Energy and Environment,” and “Closing Session: How We Did It: Success Stories and Scalable Models of Success” MORE EVENTS AND OPPORTUNITIES TO CONNECT WILL BE ADDED THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER!

    http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/30/how-make-change-series (w/4 videos)
    As WE know, PBHO and his Admin ARE “workin’ their butts off” FOR THE PEOPLE…

    While these TeaPublicans, elected officials, and their ilk (Koch & Co., et al), are doin’ their best to destroy America, as WE know it, where there’s no constitution, no democracy, no middle class, no rights (civil, voters’, workers’, women’s, etc.), no regulations, et al…They want to bring back “Jim Crow” laws while they’re at it!

    They’re crazy, nuts!

    That’s why WE have to VOTE ‘EM OUT!

    WE will *NEVER* go back…Right?

    Right!!! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  79. I just heard a “Khutbah”(sermon) at the Community Life Forward Conference of Muslims convened in Atlanta where the Imam expressed unwavering support for the President and the crowd buzzed with approval. I also got an email from Muslim Democrats who are working the Islamic Society of North America convention this weekend and who will be recruiting volunteers for the President and Democrats. I can copy/paste the mail if people are interested.

  80. You’re fighting the Good Fight. Post more often!

    I frankly don’t think about calling the WH. A friendly voice is an excellent idea.

  81. I am frequently annoyed that the WH doesn’t make a bigger deal about its successes.

    I hear it even from my liberal friends who aren’t as obsessed as I am: “what’s he done? Nothing.” Because the Republicans fill the background noise and the WH doesn’t.

  82. The phrase ‘corporate welfare’ has been out there for awhile and always has resonance but probably needs some explanation.

    Here’s how I see it: Republicans set out in 1974 to change how America looks at things: taxes, government, regulation, etc. How to demonize those issues until they became CW.

    So let’s do the same. ‘Welfare for millionaires’ is rampant in the tax code. Deductions to save the wealthy from their fair share of taxes. Their effective rate isn’t even the 35% — by the time they scam the system they are paying next to nothing. Let’s start to change how Americans look at tax breaks — how the system is rigged in their favor.

    Let’s start changing what Americans accept as conventional wisdom. It’s going to take a few decades. My prediction in 2008 was if the Left behaved, we could make serious inroads in American discourse in a decade because we had the best Communicator in Chief ever in Barack Obama. I never could have imagined how badly the Left would behave, and how quickly.

    Here’s my subtle distinction: Republicans call all of these tax giveaways ‘job creation’. Okay, a payroll tax holiday may spur an employer to hire more people (allegedly). But how does a tax break for a ‘second home’ that is really a yacht create jobs?

    Let’s turn it back on individuals.

    We do consulting work for a very wealthy man. He has numerous businesses but I know what he does with his millionaire welfare in the form of b.s. tax breaks: he buys expensive antiques. He doesn’t open a solar panel factory. I have my consulting job because of his stuff, but I would prefer that my husband be able to perform the work he loves because there were more and more people availing themselves of a good economy and could enjoy our services.

    My boss uses his millionaire welfare to enrich himself and no one else.

  83. Yes WE did!

    And, yes it was…

    It was “DY-NO-MITE!” 😉

    You’re very welcome, and WE thank you!

    You enjoy your 4th, too!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  84. I do hope the Muslim Democrats are working hand-in-hand with OFA. What is your feeling on how the community will vote in 2012?

  85. PRESIDENT OBAMA DROPS IN on Community Leaders Briefing

    This summer, THE WHITE HOUSE OFFICE OF PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT IS HOSTING COMMUNITY LEADERS BRIEFINGS. These events, held weekly at the White House, bring together leaders and activists from communities all across the country for an opportunity to discuss common challenges and learn how the government can help them as they work to improve their neighborhoods. Last week, the participants got to hear from a speaker who happens to know a little something about community organizing: The President of the United States.

    THE PRESIDENT RECALLED his time working on the south side of Chicago and noted that these briefings were a means to ensure that activists, organizers, and leaders throughout the country were aware of the ways in which the government could lend a hand.

    Lauren Kelly is Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement.


  86. The Muslim community is by no means monolithic, but my feeling is that those who do vote will vote overwhelmingly Democratic. One of the largest indigenous Muslim communities is the primarily African American Muslim community that follows the teachings of the late Warith Deen Muhammad, the son of Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam up until the 70’s. This community is thoroughly American and supportive of the President. I can’t speak of the immigrant community–many of them voted Republican in 2000 and–some say–provided Bush’s “margin” in Florida. I don’t know if that is a fact. But my gut is that, despite the continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan–they, too, are beginning to see that the Republicans have become sworn vocal enemies of Islam.

    There is a large percentage of Muslims who don’t participate in electoral politics, but I don’t know how large that percentage is. I will include the email I received from Muslim Democrats below:


    Assalamu Alaikum

    In last Republican Presidential candidates’ debate, Republican hopefuls all agreed on one thing, Sharia is a growing danger for America. A Washington Post article said it all “GOP hopefuls trafficked in crackpot Sharia panic”.

    Whether it is a Peter King hearing at the Congress, or the great Republican Sharia freak-out, the elected representatives who are opposing it just happen to be democrats.

    This could be because of your votes and contacts; it can also be because the Democratic Party despite its weaknesses is the party that stands up for the diversity of our country and the constitutional principle of state nonintervention in the affairs of any religion.

    The 2012 election are not far, this is the time to organize Muslim Democrats. We will be at the ISNA convention where we will have a booth for Muslims to sign up and be a part of the campaign.

    We are looking for organizers to mobilize more volunteers and provide electoral trainings. We will be meeting with the volunteers at ISNA as well. Please sign up today to volunteer, if you cannot volunteer than consider donating $10 or more. Our booth at ISNA will cost us $2000 and if $20 of you can donate $100 we will have enough money to cover the cost of the booth and materials.

    Muslim Democrats Booth at ISNA is #400.

    Volunteer for Muslim Democrats

    Donate Now

    (I will try and get more definitive information in the future. But there are estimates of 2-6 million Muslims in the U.S.)

  87. This is ridiculous abdul. Do the Muslims really believe that a Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Palin, or Huntsman will have their best interests at heart. What is with these traditional Democratic subgroups who have issues with PBO? It is staggering!!

  88. Please disregard my above post Abdul. I misread your post. Obviously you stated the American Muslims were unwavering in their support for PBO. My Bad. Carry on. I wish there was a delete function for our posts we want to get rid of. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  89. What is the date of the convention please? I do hope that you will give us a report when it is over.

  90. Excellent Abdul you are on the task. Thanks for your support and help.

  91. Thanks guys. I see that sometimes I am Abdulazeez1 and sometime Mikell Hagood. It’s part of my duality. Apparently, it depends on what device I log in with.

    But, the ISNA convention is taking place this weekend in Rosemont, IL, and the Community Life Conference is happening in Atlanta this weekend as well. ISNA represents mostly South Asian immigrants and their famililes and Community Life is affiliated with the Ministry of WD Muhammad. Islamic Circle of North America is another large group as well as the Muslim Alliance in North America.

  92. No problem, Keith in C-bus, Ohio. I think many of the immigrants are business people and may have seen the Repbublicans as more business-friendly before this new crop of Neo-cons and anti-Islamic Tea Party fascists.

    Be that as it may, the Muslim community has yet to really flex it’s muscle in electoral politics nationally.

    One note, Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota–one of two Muslim congressman–is attending and speaking at the Atlanta conference. I had to leave, so I didn’t hear him speak.

  93. Now the really important question – Do they Tweet? People on this list will want to know.

  94. Thank you all for speaking up loud and clearly. I am over 60, white, Jewish, female, educated, and well over middle class financially. I love this PResident and it sickens me when I am forced to face how much hatred and bigotry still exist in our wonderful but flawed country. I am patriotic, married to a former Marine Pilot, with a daughter that fought in Iraq. I love this country , don’t want to be in another country, but I am so scared for what is happening during this last decade. Of course I noticed that my new PResident was black, but hearing him speak once and seeing his intelligence and wisdom, and his caring for all people … (with his background how could he not) and being well aware of what a mess he inherited… I so quickly stopped noticing his skin.. and started feeling that our country was really moving forward. Times they are a changing!!

    Are we at the point where, like the Israelites going through the desert for 40 years , waiting for the old skeptics and idol worshippers to die off before they were allowed into the Promised land, we have to wait for another generation to just die off before this nonsense of narrow minded, extremism stops! The time is now, to embrace how lucky we are, and get back to the ideals of the “melting pot nation” , all working together for the common good, for people of all parts of our society.. in peace and war, supporting our leaders, the President, and Barack Obama is the man for this time .

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