“Halperin showed America exactly what he thinks of America’s first black president”

Couple of incredible articles from blackamericaweb.

Michael H. Cottman:


Halperin quickly apologized on the air Thursday. MSNBC suspended him indefinitely hours later, saying Halperin’s comment was completely inappropriate and unacceptable. The network apologized to Obama.

Not good enough.

If these are remarks that political analysts like Halperin make on the set of MSNBC, imagine what people like Halperin are saying about Obama behind closed doors. Halperin’s tainted comments may have reflected the deep-rooted feelings of some of his colleagues who are smart enough not to speak their truth on national television.


Perhaps Halperin is just the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. One Washington, D.C. insider told me that Halperin initially refused to accept responsibility for his screwball comments and tried to blame a producer for his perverted remarks.

Halperin showed America exactly what he thinks of America’s first black president. He revealed to a national audience that he has no respect for Obama or the presidency.

Maybe Halperin called the president that name because Obama stood firm Wednesday and challenged Republicans to help families who are struggling, insisting that Republicans agree to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and eliminate tax breaks for oil companies and corporate jet owners.

Halperin may have been annoyed that Obama – a black man – is pushing back against a Republican assault, and that show of steadfast determination, in Halperin’s view, was objectionable.

Whatever was going on inside Halperin’s warped mind, Obama didn’t deserve to be called a dick.


The only way Halperin will seriously regret his comments will be if MSNBC fires him. MSNBC should send a strong message to all television political analysts that it’s not appropriate to denigrate the president of the United States.

There are many Americans who probably agree with Halperin’s characterization of Obama and are privately hoping that this calamity blows over. But if MSNBC gives Halperin a pass and he returns to his network job to analyze Obama, then MSNBC is no better than Fox.

Where do you think Roland Martin would be now if he called George Bush a dick while broadcasting on CNN?


Tom Joyner:


About a month ago, I wrote a blog about Tavis Smiley and decided to table it because I said some things I didn’t want to publish. You’re probably thinking I went too hard him, but no. In reality, I hadn’t gone hard enough – and I knew it. I said I’d wait until something pissed me off so bad that I would have the words harsh enough to express what I was really feeling about him and his side piece – I mean side kick – Cornel West.

Well, yesterday, when Mark Halperin – a well-respected journalist, employed by a well-respected magazine and a contributor to a well-respected news network – had the audacity to call the president of the United States a dick, that was all I needed.

While I am appalled at Halperin’s statement, I have no expectations of him as a man and know nothing about his character. I am appalled, however, that as editor-at-large of Time magazine, he is responsible for among other things, deciding what stories will be covered in that publication. As the person in charge of political content, it is upsetting to know that he probably has not been objective in his dealings with material I and so many people look forward to (until now) reading each week. Needless to say, I’ve cancelled my subscription to Time magazine and hope you will too.

But I’m even more disgusted with Smiley and West, two brothers who I did have expectations of – and thought I knew. These two have done much worse than what Halperin has done because they set the tone for it, opened the door to it, and must take much of the blame for creating a climate that would make a white, professional journalist feel comfortable verbally and vulgarly attacking the first black president of the United States.


In case you believe I think Tavis and Cornel called the president an offensive name, I don’t. I think they did something even worse. Any black people with any sense know that racists on the job, at school, at church or on the bus wait for opportunities to feel comfortable enough to spew their evil thoughts. If a black person tells a racist joke in front of a racist or laughs at one, it won’t be long before the racist begins to fire off a couple of his own. Mark Halperin and others are no different. They hate the president because he is black, and Tavis and Cornel, by not having the sense to not give them the opening they waited for, went all in. And this is what we get.

So, yes, MSNBC, fire Mark Halperin. I hope he never works again. I’ve already fired Tavis and Cornel. There’s nothing either can ever do for me or with me again.

I’ve got a new D-word for the two of them: Done.


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  1. Awesome they have sealed their faith. Im so glad Tom Joyner spoke out.

  2. “The only way Halperin will seriously regret his comments will be if MSNBC fires him. MSNBC should send a strong message to all television political analysts that it’s not appropriate to denigrate the president of the United States.”

    Great writing in both articles. I only wish Cottman had included Time as well

  3. Halprin is a first rate douche bag. To call President Obama a dick and giggle like a high schooler just shows how juvenile he and the rest of the Morning Joke crew are.

    I don’t recall any leftist commentators calling President Bush a dick, and even if they did, two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s clear that President Obama has gotten under Halprin’s skin by calling the lazy asses in Congress out and telling them to do their jobs and quit appearing on teevee.

    Halprin and Morning Joke need to take their childishness to Fox News. I mean, this is the most disrespect out of any President, and the man has earned nothing but respect because he is humble and respects everyone. President Bush didn’t earn anyones respect because he treated everyone who disagreed with him like shit, and was an arrogant ass. I probably called Bush plenty of names while he was in office, but I didn’t go blabbing it on teevee like Halprin and these poor excuses for political commentators/pundits.

    It’s been long past to ignore the media, they only serve the rich. Donate to Obama’s campaign, because the more donations he receives, the angrier the rich bigwigs get.

  4. I WISH I could find that video tape of Halperin making a snide remark directly to Senator Obama during the “08 campaign. I saw it on his dumb TIME blog “The Page”. But the only way I know how to find it is to page thru his archives, month by month. Anyone have any other ideas?

  5. This is not over like like the tom said Time should have came out stronger. The most popular magazine in the AA community is Ebony, Essence, jet and then time.

  6. The thing is that the Republicans are acting like such stock villains that they’re making it easy for PBO to dismantle them. They really thought their victory in 2010 was a mandate. Sorry, no; when you get the number of votes that Obama and the Dems did in 2008, THEN you can talking about mandates.

  7. Great finds BWD. Tom Joyner is spot on when he said folks like Tavis and Cornel left the door open for these kinds of insults. The PL also left the door open for Republicans to start saying Obama is ignoring Black people. Its disgusting and I’m tired of being exploited for political and financial gain.

  8. What I am very excited about is that everyday people across this country are starting to “talk back” when this kind of thing goes on. It takes a lot for the “sleeping giant” to awake but there has been a pent up desire to tell these haters and neo-Birchers off, across the spectrum. Some people don’t know where to stop. Their mind blindness prevents them from seeing when the cognitive dissonance has become too great between their self promotion and propaganda and the reality for all to see.

  9. Which is why Herman Cain said the president is not a real black man. He is supposedly giving permission to white conservatives to call him that name.

    Somebody will slip.

  10. THANK YOU so very much Tom for saying what a LOT of people feel but don’t have an outlet to express through.

    Halperin called then Senator Obama a “pussy” back in 2008 and now PRESIDENT Obama a “dick”.

    I don’t think anyone will disagree with me into thinking that Mark Halperin and Joe Scarborough and Mika brzezinski and their ilks have called President Obama the word (N*gger) already that we’re all secretly dreading but anticipating because one of these days; one of them will slip and will do so on national television or on a radio show.

    I know I am.

  11. I wish I could find the article again but someone from Politico said that the press likes it when Obama gets a pie in the face (their wording). There are numerous beltway insiders who are always saying Obama is aloof and detached. Good for him! he knows the type of people he’s dealing with and doesn’t need them to like him.

  12. Like President Obama was elected just because he was black… puh-leeaze, what does being black have to do with President Obama’s success?

    And what does Cain mean by “real black man”? What is a “real black man,” is Cain referring to folks like Snoop Dogg, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, and all these other stereotypical black folks?

  13. I wonder and is amazed with how he is able to just take harshness and keep moving. He inspires me to handle things in a more civil way.

  14. I used to hear Tavis Smiley on the radio and thought very highly of him. He seemed like someone with truth to tell. I also had a lot of respoect for Dr West as a genuine scholar. But both have gone off the deep end. West is like a parody of his previous self. When I saw him on Bill Maher he looked and talked like someone whose brain has been fried. He was practically incoherent.

    I have no time for either of them any more. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  15. you can’t link them in with what cain said. They are intelligent black men as well in their own way. they did not come out and claim to be real blackmen. so please don’t start labeling all who had nothing to do with Cain’s comment.

  16. He was a big Hillary Clinton fan and was angered because she was not the nomineee.

  17. I know, but the media always brings them up as stereotypical black men, which is my point. Look at when President Obama brought Common to the White House, they took one of Common’s songs out of context and portrayed Common as a cop killer thug rapper.

    And then when President Obama mentioned Lil Wayne as one of his favorite artists, Fox news went crazy and had a headline that read “President listens to gangsta rap.”

  18. Wow, just wow Tom Joyner. Tell the truth and shame the devil!!! I always wondered how he felt about Tavis and Cornell and totally agree with his words. I will be sharing these articles from both Cottman and Joyner with everyone I know. VOTE OBAMA 2012.

  19. As WIW would say send tom some love tweet email your appreciation for the truth.

  20. Halperin is just another moron. No big deal, there are plenty of ’em running around.

  21. Makesense, he can let harshness, as you phrased it, roll off his back ’cause he’s had plenty of practice at it. Also I’m sure he considers the source(s).

  22. Good comments, especially from Tom Joyner. This incident needs to be a reference point to shine a light on the poison of the punditocracy in this country and reveal who they are.

  23. Sweet music to my ears! Both well written statements that say exactly what I have been thinking.Yesterday was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  24. Halperin did not make a “slip”. These guys are practiced and honed in their choice of words and what they mean. He was making a public gesture of disrespect towards our president, saying to the world, “see how I can diss this guy who is president, because he’s black. I do it to show my contempt for him , and because I can.”

  25. I have said many times. The question asked of Gwen Iffill in 2008, when she moderated the VP debate, now needs to be asked of White Journalists.

    Pres Obama is the 1st Black president. The 43 POTUS’ before him were White, covered by over 90% of White Journalists.

    The VERBIAGE, treatment and total disrespect for pres Obama is beyond reason.

    It is about time that the question Howard Kurtz and many in the media world, asked if Gwen Iffill could be objective for she had the same race as then senator Obama are valid questions. Are White Journalists carry a racial animus against pres Obama?

    The best way to tell, their behavior during TRUMP and the birtherism crap. The bookings of nothing but Bush cronies when OBL was eliminated and ONLY but one Person doe the Adm. The total lack of facts and information when it comes to promoting TBGOPer views. The teabagger anointing. The trivialization of pres Obama’s accomplishments. The 2-3 to 1 tin favor of TBGOPers bookings. The 10-11th case of Obama’s Katrina. The cutting off his speeches and playing segments of what the president said.

    There is something wrong with the way the media is handling pres Obama when compared to the 43 POTUS’ before him.

    I am glad that finally a Joyner is speaking up. We all need to speak up and ask this bias question. Not asking, we are disadvantaged.

    No more. No More, speak Up people.

  26. I think this Halperan thing is the breaking point for most of us. I am so happy to see all the push back. I think the dam has broken open. We are fired up and ready to go

  27. It should be made clear that Tom Joyner’s influence is huge. He is fair and highly-respected. Add to that the bufoonery/jealousy of Cornel, Tavis and Hermain Cain, and you’ve got an explosive situation in that black community where the message from Tom Joyner’s nationally syndicated radio show is this: Vote for Barack Obama in 2012! When Halperin publicly insulated President Obama, he also insulted every black man, woman and child who aspire to be somebody in these Un-United States of America. For every black mother who has spent countless years raising and worrying about her children and praying that they go to college and become somebody, it was a blow. This public reprimand by Tom Joyner was difficult and heart-wrenching, but like the rest of us, he simply could not hold his tongue any longer. He’s right. Tavis and Cornel opened the door for all others to feel as though they could publicly insult and humiliate the President. It’s like the “N” word. Certain Whites feel that if blacks can do it to each other, then why can’t we do it to them.

    Next up to dissolve the frailed relationships with Tavis and Cornell will be Reverend Al Sharpton. But the public break-up of Tom Joyner with these feels will go a long way.

  28. I feel hurt because morning joke has a conducive environment for this disrespectful tone. You think this was the first time that the dog faced Halperin has made these kind of a remarks. No. This is why they started to giggle because they knew what was coming.
    By the way Bill Clinton needs to go to the house also.

  29. Folks, this is not the 1st time Helprin had used these type of verbiage against Mr. Obama. He did it in 2008 on a radio show on Sirus. He interpreted John Edwards as thinking that Sen Obama was a pus*y. He apologized then, saying that he would no longer do it again.

    Yesterday, with the help of Mika, Scarborough, Harold Ford and Giest, he did it again.

    Joe Scarborough just this Monday called the president a Liar,. He had called him a coward and that he was petulant. Words, he had NEVER been heard on TV to describe Bush.

    MSNBC is complicity. Those who keep quiet when evil triumphs, as we all stand by and keep mute.

  30. Joe and Mika were almost no better. They were laughing and having the best time with sumg and proud Halperin’s ugly remark. And I expected some kind of apology or acknowledgement today about the nastiness that happened on their show yesterday, but from all reports—-nothing.
    And can someone please explain to me what in the world has happened to Jon Stewart and why did he call Halperin calling Obama a dick “the greatest thing he’d ever seen on TV.” I’m not sure what point he was trying to make,but man, was he loving the fact that it happened also. We have a bunch of jealous haters out there. The jealousy and hate is wrecking them. They have joined the worst of us, the worst Americans, in the dirty muck.

  31. yeah I can’t find it there. It was one of his own videos where he was waiting for Sen Obama at the end of a buffet line before a campaign speech – not sure where but I think it was Pennsylvania. It was about 30 seconds long. Oh I just thought of something. I think Al Giordano posted it in his The Field blog. Going there now…

  32. Tom Joyner has set a great example for his listeners and the world, and that Is RIGHT Is RIGHT, and WRONG Is WRONG, no matter *WHO* does It. I commend you Mr. Joyner, great job 🙂

  33. Correction: Last sentence should read “Next up to dissolve the frailed relationships with Tavis and Cornell will be Reverend Al Sharpton. But the public break-up of Tom Joyner with these fools will go a long way.”

  34. Yeahhhhhhh, but like one of the bloggers put It on yesterday, she said that Joe and Company need to read Isaiah 10:1-3. They will have to give an account one of these days. The nerve ofsome folks to think God made them special, and just forsaked the rest of us. WHO ARE THEY?? WHO ARE THEY???

  35. well it is important to let them ALL know that we WON’T tolerate this kind of bullsh*t anymore John.NO MORE!

  36. This site has provided information for Us. Contacting the media is no longer as hard. The question now is how do we make the media change and be a tad more reponsive to Us.

    What Tom Joyner said is 1001% correct.

    We as a group must start challenging the racial aninus against pres Obama by the White Journalists that cover him.

    The Journalists, didn’t mind spouting and cheering for war in Iraq. They didn’t mind not having war protesters for many years. They ignored all the marches against war.

    But regurjitating the media own’s debunked birtherism junk, no proble. Ed Henry asking why would the president show his birth certificate at the WH briefing? An insult.

    If prres Obama get a tad forceful, he is a dick. If he lets the Teabaggers have their way, he is a pus*y. If he eliminates OBL, well it was Bush’s cronnies that are paraded on the TV/Cable, for pres Obama’s accomplishments, must never be celebrated but scorned by the media.
    But if Dems are misbehaving badly, then it is turned around and asked, in what way might this hurt pres Obama’s chances in 2012.

    BP, $20B, that pres Obama secured, well that had to be poo pooed.
    So yes, we must act, fight and try and make the media own up to their triple standard.

  37. All these talking heads calling more attention to that full time dickhead and his projections are not helping. People like him make a living drawing attention to themselves. They don’t really care if it is good or bad attention.

    I am glad MSNBC suspended him and I hope they give him the ole Olbermann heave ho permanently!

    But all that will happen there is that Faux will step in because that is just what they do.

    Oh, and this good news for John McCain.

  38. Why are you posting links from hacks like Brooks? I don’t need to be reminded that broken clocks are right once in awhile.

  39. I don’t consider him a “hack” at all. As I said in my post; to illustrate how even back then the Republican party was a party of different opinions not of hate mongers. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and the Tea Party changed all that. THere are many, many columns where David Brooks fairly and accurately represents the differences of Right and Left. Even the one he just wrote this week about management styles is balanced, not that I agree entirely with his opinion. Being able to share an opinion without vilifying the other side is professionalism and for the most part David Brooks does that.

  40. “Where do you think Roland Martin would be now if he called George Bush a dick while broadcasting on CNN? ”

    And the thing is GWB really was a complete dick as president. He embarrassed the whole country many times over with his petulant smart-ass remarks and contempt of other countries and their leaders. But that’s absolutely true that nobody would have said it on national TV – look what happened to Natalie Maines when she dared to criticize him.

    The open racism expressed towards the President of the United States by Halperin and others like him is disgusting to see. But PBO will have the last laugh when he is re-elected next year by a huge margin – probably much larger than his great victory in 2008 considering the idiots who are running for the Repub nomination this time around.

    The prez doesn’t get mad, he gets even.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!!!

  41. I am with you Liberal Librarian! I am glad this all came out in the open. Now anyone who reads Halperin in TIME, or watches him on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, will know that he is not an unbiased objective news reporter, who is fairly reporting on President Obama. Rather, they will know that he is a rabid Obama hater who is also the voice of right wing Republicans. He has been exposed by his own words and conduct. If he had bit his tongue, many people would never have known who he really is. They may have continued to mistake him for a real journalist who objectively analyses the President’s policies.

  42. I strongly believe we must continue to call out and fight back against people who brazenly disrespect and lie against our preaident. At the same time I have high hopes when I see the president receive more than 675k donations from every day Americans and maintain a 70% plus likability rating from every day Americans. Those of us who don’t make money off of hating our President have the good sense to know a good man when we got him. Let’s contine to work together at a grassroots level to spread the truth about President Obama and his accomplishments.

  43. I have set up a series of OFA fundraiser pages on my site under “The O Team Money Bombers.” I have listed people’s personal fundraisers from OFA on the sidebar with their goals. If you would like your personal FR page from OFA to be added for the money bombs, then please send me your OFA fundraiser link to reelectobamabiden2012@yahoo.com

    Also I have revamped the site to hopefully along with this site, and all the other wonderful sites will be useful in our purpose of reelecting the President. I have a full forum there if you have any discussion topics you would want to start of your own, and if any of you would like to personally contribute opinionated writing I am trying to meet that goal as well.

    Video of President Obama surprising a Community Leaders Meeting. http://reelectobamabiden2012.com/

    I wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July ♥ Tori

  44. Why do all these programmes have these pundits/political analysts anyway? Which always leads me to this burning question, which, by the way, has certainly never been assuredly answered by those concerned.
    What exactly is the purpose of a political analyst? Methinks that their analysis is always couched in their ideologies, plus they never seem to be ‘john public friendly’ in their suggestions…therefore most times they are wrong!

  45. And Harold Ford???? I just wonder If He thought he was Exempt from Halpern’s comments. He should have been offended BIG time. These people think that God made them special. God has no special people. Eeeeeeeeeee 😡

  46. Who are they? Nobodies..on tv. If anyone can tell me,after 3 hours of Joe,Mika and Willie on a morning,that you learn something uplifting, then and only then, will I feel bad about not watching!

  47. I found the artilce to be very interesting. It spoke highly of Biden, gave me insights into his character I had not know about and reaffirmed that President Obama makes good choices.

    Whether or not you consider David Brooks a hack, it was a great article and I am grateful to Forus50 for shaing it.

  48. I know it’s off topic, but for all you Tweeters…send some love to the Gov. of Minnesota as well, for sticking up for principles and standing up against the domestic terrorists that are the Republicans in this country right now.

  49. Two excellent editorials, I went back and read Joyner’s piece three times, thank you.

  50. Thank you so much BWD for sharing these excellent articles by Michael Cottman and Tom Joyner. Like Liberal Librarian said, as ugly as Halperin’s calling the President names was, at least it all came out in public.We now know Halperin’s real attitude towards the President. We now know that one member of the so called respectable MSM is not an unbiased, objective analyst of the President’s policies. Halperin can no longer hide; and nor can the media that feature him as an objective analyst. From now on, his feelings about President Obama are out in the open. We know he hates the President. We also know that he is a champion of the Republican agenda, even though he pretends to be a detached respectable journalist.

    I also loved Tom Joyner’s critique of Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West. I wish he had included Harold Ford who sat there, when Halperin unleashed his insults and disrespect of President Obama, and said absolutely nothing. All Harold Ford had to say to Halperin, and the two hosts laughing at his insult of the President, is that he didn’t appreciate the uncalled for disrespect of the President of the United States. Mr. Ford said absolutely nothing! In a way, Ford gave permission, and cover, to Mark Halperin, and the two hosts of Morning Joe, to think that it was O.K., and hilarious, to disrespect President Obama.

    Having said all that, I think It’s time for all of us to start ignoring this idiot, Mark Halperin. He has been exposed. He can no longer do much damage. Our central focus must be on disseminating positive news about President Obama, as well as devising effective strategies to ensure his re-election.

    BWD, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I wish the same for everyone in this wonderful community you’ve created!

  51. The media needs to ask Senator Orrin Hatch what an amendment about abortion has to do with a TRADE BILL with South Korea. This is just outrageous. I hope this gets tweeted to every network and cable station demanding answers from Orrin Hatch. We need to pull back the curtain on this nonsense. The MSM is not doing their job. Enough is enough.


    Trade agreements are an important aspect of any country’s economy, and since globalization of the world’s markets is now the rule and not the exception, it is foolish to hamper with agreements with our most valued trading partners. South Korea is one of America’s trading partners that provide us with affordable products because of cheap labor and the use of our technology and raw materials, and drives their economic engine as well as bolstering American corporation’s profits. The Senate Finance Committee began action on the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement on Thursday, and although it is a trade pact under consideration, Senator Orin hatch (R-UT) attached an amendment to the deal that has absolutely nothing to do with trading.

    The Utah Republican’s amendment to the agreement bans organizations like hospitals that provide abortions from receiving Medicaid family planning funds even if an abortion saves a woman’s life. There is little doubt that abortion is irrelevant to anything to do with a trade agreement with South Korea, but it shows the folly and hateful political wrangling Hatch is willing to engage in to make political points with Christian conservative voters. Mr. Hatch submitted several amendments related to Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act that have nothing whatsoever to do with a U.S.-South Korea trade agreement because his polling numbers are down heading into the 2012 election season. Hatch’s actions are typical of Republicans willing to hold crucial legislation hostage for his own political gain, but tying abortions to South Korea is a new low. The Senate Finance Committee is expected to reject Hatch’s amendments, but his action shows the length Republicans are willing to go through to ban legal abortions in America.


  52. The People’s View makes it plain, the base is solid:

    President Obama’s campaign for re-election closed June with nearly 500,000 donors and just shy of 700,000 donations. And the campaign has barely begun. It’s an answer to cynics, a stunning repudiation of the media narrative, and a devastating rebuke of the purity Left that claims to represent the President’s base. So, let’s review.


  53. I agree NK and think that your next to the last paragraph is right on target. Happy 4th to you and yours!

  54. yeah just saw that but I’ve never read him before. I have bookmarked it and am right now reading some of his archived posts. Very good writer! And he also responds in the comments – one of them in the post above is a comment from a PL. Hilarious.

  55. And, I’m glad Cottman “mentioned” Fox “News”!

    Because they’re, along w/Koch Bros. & Co., et al, *ARE* the “real” BIG “pain in PBHO’s backside” and the country’s, since Jan ’09, they have disrespected PBHO and the Office of the Presidency, 24/7, 365 days a year!

    They need to be “takin’ down” for disrespectin’ PBHO and for “dumbin’ down” America…Grrr!

    But, of course, @StopBeck says, “…enough of Fox News’ vitriol, deceit and irresponsibility.”

    @Colorofchange, @StopBeck and his Twitter followers, and others are the reasons Glenn Beck “got fired” from Fox “News!” (As of 30Jun11, Beck no longer has a Fox show!)

    Now, @StopBeck, who has been hired by @mmfa (Media Matters), IS concentratin’ on “takin’ down” Roger Ailes/Fox “News!” (Media Matters is on TOAITR’s Blogroll.)

    The campaign is called, ‘@Drop_Fox’:


    If you want to join the Campaign, ‘@Drop_Fox’, you can follow on Twitter: 😉 lol

    @drop_fox, @mmfa, @stopbeck, @colorofchange

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  56. That’s just brilliant. Thank you for sharing it. A lot to take in and is the best primer for politics imaginable.

  57. Thank you for reminding me to cancel my subscription to Time. Here’s the email I also sent:
    explaining my cancellation –
    A couple months ago I cancelled my Newsweek subscription when it ran a cover story on “How Obama Failed” in regard to the uprising in Egypt. This was just days after events started to unfold and way before things panned out in a way that showed that cover was misguided but still revealed the editorial policy toward the President. This week we have a Time editor calling the President a dick on TV. Imagine my shock! More of the so-called liberal media showing its corporate/right win true-colors. Henry Luce must be rolling over in his grave! Please refund my remaining subscription fee so that I can donate it to the President’s reelection campaign.

  58. That article was a bunch of hogwash. Biden was and is an excellent choice, but not for the reasons made by Brooks. He is a pundit writer I have no use for. He is another RW schill.
    I do not tweet, but I have been keeping up with BWD and TOD’s sites and a few others. Try out the Extreme Liberal, he has an awesome post up today and so on the dollar.

  59. The GOP Clown Car gets another flat.
    Herman Cain’s Iowa Director, Tina Goff, told TheIowaRepublican.com that she has submitted her resignation and is no longer working for the campaign. In addition to Goff’s resignation, TheIowaRepublican.com can confirm that Kevin Hall has also left the campaign. Hall served as Cain’s Straw Poll coordinator.

    Goff and Hall both worked on Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign in 2008 and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s campaign in 2010. Goff stated that she resigned because the Cain campaign refused to make a serious effort in Iowa, the home of the First-in-the-Nation caucuses


  60. And, imo, they didn’t make things any better today when the republican senators walked out on the debate on the trade agreements–something they’ve been badgering PBO about for months. Senator Hatch has decided to make the trade agreements all about abortion by attaching an abortion amendment to the South Korean trade agreement. He’s doing this to boost his cred with the tea party nuts in Utah. I hope Americans are looking at them as they throw these hissy fits simply because the president told the American people that they don’t earn their salaries. I read on yesterday that in the first 6 months of the 112th Congress, only 18 bills have been passed, with 15 of them being devoted to naming post offices and buildings. The truth is the truth. The republicans underestimated PBO. They thought he’d never have the courage to tell the American people that they, and some of the democrats, are working against us. He did, and now, they’re pizzed and are acting like the kids PBO said they were in his presser.

  61. Shortly after Obama was sworn in, I read that many of the Washington insiders, including the social set, were upset because the Obamas wouldn’t attend the events they attend. I think this was a good call on the part of PBO and FL Michelle because they know how these people feel about them being black and living in the WH. Attending these events would have been disastrous for the Obama Administration, imo, because the smallest thing the president or his wife would have said at any of these events would have been “leaked” to the press and blown all out of proportion. The Obamas have these folks’ number, and they don’t like it one bit.

  62. I think it’s a dog whistle. Cain knows that a racist hates nothing more than a black man sleeping with a white woman. To top it off every time they see President Obama that’s exactly what the racist sees – a black man who is the product of a white woman sleeping with a black man.

    Cain is also trying to play that divisive game of pitting black people against each other. Cain has an identity problem. He’s not comfortable in his own skin. Therefore, he’s trying the “skin color” game. You know, if you have a light complexion you’re not really “black enough”. It’s hard to believe that Cain is stupid enough to try this in 2011, but I don’t think he’s very bright. Just because you own a business doesn’t make you super intelligent. I’ve know some business owners who are good at what they do and that’s all they’re good at.

  63. I live in Middle GA, and it does make my blood boil that this bunch of snobs wouldn’t let this disabled vet build a house in their community because, at 2700 square ft., the house was deemed “too small.” The type of people in this particular community are the ones who always talk about how “c”hristian” and “patriotic” they are but have no Christian virtues or appreciation for those troops they want to use to wage perpetual war around the globe. GA is sort of like AZ, desertflower, in that there are millions here who will defend the right of this group of homeowners to not allow this disabled vet build a house in their development, and they will talk about how “c”hristian” and “patriotic” they are as they do it. GA is, in many areas, a putrid cesspool of hate, prejudice, homophobia, fear, and snobbishness. A group of whites here in Macon bought a house that my ex and I wanted to buy because they didn’t want any n*ggers in their neighborhood. Our realtor was a very nice older Jewish guy who came right back and told us what these people said about us.

  64. I just got back from the store, and on my way I was listening to Schultz on the radio. His guest was former Republican Gov of MN. Mr. Carlson. He said very many interesting things. He put the blame for MN current budget troubles squarely on the shoulders of Pawlenty. He said, in effect, that he was greatly disturbed by the Republicans of today and that a light is being shown on them.He talked about conservatives of old being fiscally responsible, but working with both parties to come together for the good of the people that elected them. He said what is missing now is loyalty.He said they SHOULD be loyal to the people that elected them to office, but now they are only loyal to the party, not the people. Frankly, he sounded sad and disgusted with a party that he thought he knew….he doesn’t seem to like them anymore. I would bet dollars to donuts that there are many “old time” Republicans that are fed up with the direction that the party is going….we need to talk to them, reach out to those that are fed up and disaffected.I’m sure they’re out there…and there will be more and more as these months pass and their agenda becomes clear to all.

  65. Jon Stewart is the Glenn Beck of Political Humor

    Mainly for the degree of ego.
    They both have the largest egos in their fields and maybe any fields of legal occupation.
    Glenn Beck truly is even more full of himself and close minded to criticism from even his closest peers, than the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are, who occasionally show a crack in their armor and an ounce of humility, not so for Mr. Beck.
    Likewise Jon Stewart has never learned a thing from anyone and never been wrong about anything! Again, even the likes of Ed Schultz and Keith Olberman listen up to a select few of their most revered cohorts on the Left and have a bit of self deprecation in their makeup, not so Jon Stewart.

    Because Beck and Stewart are both the wittiest personalities in politics and comedy respectively, it is especially frightening that the one wants to bring on Armageddon and ride the Rapture Wave to Heaven…and the other is cynical to the point of dismissing murder as meaningless on the grounds of mortality is natural.

    These are the two most dangerous people in America. One man tells you to bring on hellfire and let God sort things out and the other just laughs and tells us how silly the whole thing is.

    But the comedian sometimes snaps and shows a vicious bloodthirsty temper and the bloodthirsty salesman can seem like a sweet little cherub sometimes.

    I beg the fans of these sad fools or evil monsters, whatever they are, to the fans, please pick a second favorite to be your hero.

    Please go with Neal Boortz and Stephen Colbert. I BEG YOU!

    PS. Please don’t anyone quote Muhammed Ali in response to this. He said “If it’s true it ain’t bragging”. Beck and Stewart have never gotten anything right.
    PS My quote on Jon Stewarts coldheartedness is the joke he made about how waterboarding victims surely figured out they weren’t going t be killed after the 4th or 5th time. Ha Ha Ha. Waterboarding is murder and resuscitation Jon and Glenn.
    Chip Shirley
    The Dixie Dove

  66. Rumor has it that Obama’s 2nd quarter fundraising haul is going to be upwards of 70 million, which would shatter the previous record for 1 quarter by 20 million dollars. Wow.

    On the way to 1 billion!

  67. Everyone go to #EmoProgs make this one trend….its hot, and its GREAT!!!!!
    Have fun!!!!

  68. Dotster, my sentiments, exactly. Joe and Mika are the hosts of the show. Via MSNBC, they gave Halperin the platform to spew his garbage. More importantly they enouraged it. Yet, MSNBC has not seen it fit to have Joe and Mika apologize for this slur. Equally so, neither Joe or Mika saw the wisdom in apologizing on their own for this nonesense. It is just reprehensible.

    To my mind, both Joe and Mike are just as culpable for this. And make no mistake, this is not the first time they’ve done this.

    I had this thought that while they are saying that the producer pushed the wrong button, I ask them how do they know he indeed pushed the wrong button? Could it be that he was tired hearing them denigrating the president on a regular basis.

    Go figure.

  69. The interview that he did with Rachel Maddow, after his rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, end his charm with me. He kept cutting her off and he kept doubling down on the idea that right and the left are identical.

    I don’t recall a time when Democrats laid of 23,000 workers as part of a negotiation tactic as GOP state reps in Minnesota have done. I am not aware of a time when Democrats played brinksmanship with the debt ceiling. I don’t know who the Democratic equivalents are of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

    His false equivalency and cheap shots at the President turned me off permanently.

  70. So much so that Newton Leroy Gingrich had the gall to talk about going into churhes to talk to pastors about getting some of the black vote. These people must think we are on peanut butter.

    Arianna Huffington their faux progressive is among the chief culprits.

  71. Spot on. You know for nearly two and a half years, we have not made a lot of noise about the many, many abuses heaped upon this president. We complained about some of the double standard issues, (i.e. people openly taking guns to his rally, calling he and his wife racists names, etc.) And because of that these people took the liberties to continue their mess. But I don’t think they are ready for the power of the people they have unleashed in us.

    I would wager that some of them are really astounded at the push back they are seeing. Enough is enough. I think even the young girl from MSNBC was shell shocked at the immediate push back she got when she lied about the president not being supportive of marriage equality.

    My husband swears that her bosses have told her not to disuss that issue on TV again. He said that ever since last Friday, she has never mentioned the issue on her show.

    Go figure.

  72. This quick report is inspirational, awesome (and funny). Thanks for the head’s up.

  73. I think the blue dogs and conservadems would be Republicans in the 1980’s. I mean when Murkowski, Bennett, Castle and now Lugar and Hatch are deemed too moderate you have to wake up and realize the party has been taken over by whackjobs.

  74. Jon Stewart is awful — the mask has fallen off since Obama became president. I agree with you that, if you want your late evening shot of comedic relief, go with Stephen Colbert, who actually seems to have a soul. Stewart, on the other hand, is a cold-hearted cynic, who will happily kill what is good (Obama) with his wit just as easily as what is bad (Bush). And the rally — It was hurtful as it diverted attention from the real rally a few weeks earlier.

  75. Clearly it was not a slip. It was premeditated. He asked for a second delay to be sure that he would cowardly say the word off air.

    But he got caught. And to be sure his apology is a lie. He is not sorry for saying it. He thinks it every day because he cannot stand this president. His distaste for this president is hiding in plain sight throughout his reporting.

    He is nothing but a coward.

  76. Could be. The goal was $60M, and the donor number set to seemingly reach this goal was 450,000 donors and 550,000 donations. They got near 50,ooo donors over the goal and over 100,000 donations over the donations goal.

    However a lot of big money donors will have already maxed out – meaning they’re tapped out for the rest of the campaign season, though free to donate to SuperPACS if they so desire.

    To get to 1B, the campaign would have to average $58M a month between now and November 2012 – that’s virtually impossible. Unless the 1B number is the Obama campaign number combined with the DNC number or something.

    To get 58M a month the campaign would need 2M donors giving $29/month – I guess it doesn’t sound completely impossible when you look at it like that.

  77. My sentiments exactly. For MSNBC and the two hosts Mika and Scarborough to shoulder no responsibility for what happened yesterday, is unacceptable. The network and the two hosts provided the platform which breeds this sort of behavior daily.

    Hence they are all culpable. I know I sound like a broken record, but none of them should be excused.

  78. You so got that! I had a friend call me this morning. She’s totally non political and “independent” She was irate about Halperin’s comment which she happened to hear first hand on the joke show. She said to me: “How can anyone speak about our President like that on national TV!?!” She was really angry and asked me how she could sign up for OFA and where she could go to donate for PBO.

    These nasty people are so double stupid because their ugly is so activating up the real “base” of people who are sick of this shit.

  79. I feel sad for both him and his mother that she is not here to see what her love and work have made. Thank you, Stanley Ann Dunham. And for anyone who has not yet read this book, I highly recommend it.

  80. My lord, that Bachmann is something else. A dollar with a constant, never changing value? Does she even understand how ignorant that sounds, on so many levels?

  81. You are spot on Sabreen60. Amazing the amount of hate going on in our country.

  82. I’m awake now. That is a real wowser of an article. “Battle of the mommies” and “red light politics.” So many good sound bites there. I think I need to print that out, so I don’t forget. Thx for the link.

  83. My letter to TIME (letters@time.com)


    Dear Sir or Madam:

    So this is what it’s come to? Time Warner sends their staffers out not to report the News, but to become the News? To create “controversy” by planning to go on national television to call The President of the United States juvenile names while sweeping the actual news — that the Republican Congress is holding the global economy hostage so that Time Warner executives can continue to dodge taxes — under the rug, hoping that We The People won’t notice the blatant duplicity?

    Congratulations to Time Magazine’s Editor-at-Large, Mark Halperin, for demonstrating so clearly that Journalism is dead and that the ‘free press’ is not free—it is bought and paid for by corporate oligarchs who have been reduced to manufacturing “news” to deceive and misinform citizens in support of their fascist takeover of the United States.

    Not only will I never buy Time again, I assure you that if I see a copy laying around at a doctor’s office or auto service center, it will walk out with me, go straight to the recycling bin, and hopefully reemerge as something actually useful to citizens. Toilet paper, anyone?


  84. 🙂 for sure africatimes. It truly is a clown car, huh? And with another candidate getting in yesterday, it might soon need to be 2 clown cars to fit them all in.

  85. Jon Stewart was commenting on the quickness it took for the apology.

    That was how I had understood it.

  86. I emphatically agree. We need to focus on Time while we wait to see what MSNBC will finally do about this Republican jerk. The more I look at that video, the more I am certain the three of them plus the crew set it up to be on the air and mistakenly thought that “whoops, the button didn’t work” would get them out of trouble. It was all scripted and they were giggling about it from the very beginning of the script.


  87. Repeat Offenders must be fired. I agree with Smilingl8y.

    Mark Helprin is a repeat offender.

    He worked for Bob Dole as a speech writer.

    The media pretends that he is Liberal. He is not, just a petulant over-sized white male who has nothing but disgust and hatred for pres Obama.

    We shall never forget it.

  88. It seems staged to me. They all were IN on their ugliness. They wanted the words said out loud, that was why they , especially, Mika, said, go for it.

    This was from what I have read, about 7 mins into the Mourning Joke Juvenile playground.

  89. Agree we do need to keep a steady bombardment of complaints to Time to oust Halperin. It would be great if everyone would send a duplicate of your great comments above to Time either by email to letters@time.com or by snail mail to Time Magazine Letters, Time & Life Building, New York, NY 10020. I have also written to Time re my opinion and cancelled my subscription and plan to encourage everyone I know to do the same.

  90. Here is my note to Time.com and then I copied Newsweek as well. Just for the embarrasment to Time.
    How could you possible allow Halpern to continue to be in your employ? I am sure you are the laughing stock of the press and the irresponsible corporation to the rest of us? So has it finally come to this-where you allow the rest of America see what your real corporate standards are and it was okay as long as we didn’t know? I am sure you know that Halpern has on another occasion decided to disrespect President Obama even before he became president. We are know by our acts but also by the company we keep. Your corporation has been besmirched if you allow him to stay in your employ. On the other hand, allowing him to stay will say much more about you than it does about him. So which is it going to be?

    I look forward to your action not reaction.

  91. I am maxing twitter too. A lot of my follers have 1000s of followers and they are retweeting too. We have to keep up the pressure and stop those subscriptions. That is when they will get the message. I took it off of my bookmarks. Also @MarkHalpern is his twitter handle I am using that too.Here is my note to Time.com and then I copied Newsweek as well. Just for the embarrasment to Time.
    How could you possible allow Halpern to continue to be in your employ? I am sure you are the laughing stock of the press and the irresponsible corporation to the rest of us? So has it finally come to this-where you allow the rest of America see what your real corporate standards are and it was okay as long as we didn’t know? I am sure you know that Halpern has on another occasion decided to disrespect President Obama even before he became president. We are know by our acts but also by the company we keep. Your corporation has been besmirched if you allow him to stay in your employ. On the other hand, allowing him to stay will say much more about you than it does about him. So which is it going to be?

    I look forward to your action not reaction.

  92. The “Press” is so ignorant they think it’s “a pie in the face” for President Obama when it says nothing about him and every dick thing about Mark Halperin and his mediawhore ilk.

  93. To use his own vulgarity against President Obama..Mark Halperin is “pussy” and a “dick”.. arrogant potty mouth is just trying to project himself on to Obama and it ain’t workin’ out for him too well.

  94. To use his own vulgarity against President Obama..Mark Halperin is a “pussy” and a “dick”.. arrogant potty mouth is just trying to project himself on to Obama and it ain’t workin’ out for him too well.

  95. “Could it be that he was tired hearing them denigrating the president on a regular basis. ”

    The producer is new; but this was my first thought also.

  96. Thank you for that Janice. I wrote Joyner to thank him. I also wrote Smiley and West to protest and reminded them of how much damage they have caused. I rote to MSNBC and nextext, I will write to Time. This level of disrespect has become too much. Enough is enough.

  97. Sorry about the typos. I can’t see my screen; it has gone dark for some reasn!!!

  98. Dan Rather and 4 CBS employees fired for airing a disputed story about Bush’s National Guard service. But Mark Halperin can call a sitting President a “p*ssy” on live radio & a “dick” on national tv but yet he gets to keep his job at Time magazine!

    Mark Halperin Calls Obama a “P*ssy”

    Wed Feb 13, 2008


    HALPERIN [discussing John Edwards’ potential endorsement of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama]: I can tell you, he’s really skeptical of her ability to be the kind of president he wants. But, he kinda thinks Obama is…he thinks Obama is kind of a pussy…He has real questions about Obama’s toughness, his readiness for the office.

    Halperin’s response

    I’m sorry. In a live radio interview this week, I used a word I shouldn’t have. The fact that I was conveying other people’s words is no excuse for my lapse in judgment. It won’t happen again. — Mark Halperin

    Mark Halperin Calls President Obama ‘A Dick’ on Live TV

    Halperin’s apology

    June 30, 2011

    I want to offer a heartfelt and profound apology to the President, to my MSNBC colleagues, and to the viewers. My remark was unacceptable, and I deeply regret it.

    It’s a pattern with this piece of ish! No way on God’s green earth would Halperin have ever called Bush a d*ck on air. It was premeditated and deliberate!

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