Dem Rapid Response

This is very good stuff. And it’s quick, clear and to the point. I’m going to add DemRapidResponse YouTube channel to the blogroll.


95 thoughts on “Dem Rapid Response

  1. It’s almost tragic to watch this loser flail around like he does…..almost.

  2. Romney is as phony as they come. I remember seeing him walking behind Mcain in 2008 on the campaign trail like a puppy dog begging to be the VP on the Republican ticket. Then they chose you know who…Now even Bachman is giving him a run for his millions. He comes across as weak, and trying to be a nice guy.

  3. Romney is such a liar. Google is testing a new program called Google+, which I gather is going to be something like a Facebook with Tweets, or something. I have to go read about it more. One new place when it is ready to spread the message.

  4. “Forever Runnin’ 4 President” Romney should just “give it up”…

    You didn’t have what it took to be governor.

    You, definitely, don’t have what it takes to be President…Duh!

    Bye, Bye! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  5. Dems seem to be tightening the noose around the GOP. They are going gangbusters accusing the Republicans of trying to sabotage the economy. Chuck Shumer just held a conferene call with reporters. Hopefully it get picked by the rest of the media. But how about we help the Dems along with our twitter, facebook and e-mail brigrades.

  6. I love it! They have also talked amongst themselves about the meaning of the 14th Amendment, but said it’s too soon to think about yet.BWD, I wish that you would consider putting on the blogroll…don’t know if you saw that the other day in the comments. I asked Chipsticks as well…it’s up there, but wish you’d check it out and consider it here. Many thanks:)

  7. All the GOP candidates are pretty sadsack. Huntsman is bragging about a $4.1M fudraising effort in just nine days, but self-funded $2M of that number, so in reality he raised $2.1M in nine days – which were nine days directly after his roll out when you figure all family and friends would max out for him, and he has the McCain campaign connections.

    Tim Pawlenty will report a 2Q of $5M – signalling that he is going nowhere, there is no excitement around his campaign.

    Mitt will report $20M raised, which is a solid number and he has the ability to self fund – but the guy is a dud of a candidate who will get eaten alive in a General. This primary is so bloody lame that he’s not getting challenged worth a damn – it’s almost a coronation for him.

    Bachmann is nuts and isn’t a serious threat at all. She might suck up some teabagger money though, but will just bring it back with her to Minnesota, back to her Congressional seat.

    Cain, Santorum, Paul, Gingrich are non-entities.

    If Perry passes on getting in, this primary will be over long before Iowa.


  9. If PBO goes the 14th Amendment route, I see it as nothing but win for him and the Dems. All they have to say is “Look, we tried to bargain, but what the GOP wanted would ruin the country”. And I think it’s an argument that can be made very effectively, and that the public would be receptive to. Then the battle would fully move to the GOP’s quasi-treasonous neglect of any bill that would quicken the pace of economic recovery. It seems that Obama has finally succeeded (mostly) in herding cats.

  10. I think in reality it would be a big time challenge and would eventually go all the way to the Supreme Court and really muck with the economy in the interim. Though with the Supreme Court bought and paid for I think they’d side with Obama in this instance as their corporate paymasters don’t want an economic collapse either.

  11. I love the rapid response team! If the repug primary wasn’t filled with clowns, the dems wouldn’t have to do any push back. Sadly Romney arrogantly sees himself as the r candidate and acts as though he is already running against PBO. These fools don’t seem to realize that they are running against each other. it should have been a repug candidate catching Romney in his lies, but I am happy to see the dems doing it for them.

  12. If they do, perhaps PBO give a speech to the nation, stating the dire implications we face without the debt ceiling. At the same time, list a number of policies that Republicans had championed, but refused to support because he did that would have helped the economy.

    I understand that there is a website up with a running list of these items. In the meantime, I like to see DWS, Pelosi, Gillibrand, Israel, and lots of Democrats in front of cameras (of course, can’t make the networks put them up) discussing the Republicans’ ploy to sabotage the eonomy for their own gain in 2012. They need to find creative ways to get this message out with in the next couple of weeks. PBO can’t do it all.

  13. yep i been on twitter using this hastag #Gopkillingeconomy name a representative from your state who voted down the jobs bill. @Joewalsh8th @Aaron shock of illinois. we need to put their names out their. leave a tweet with a gop representative from your state. we have to help Schumer, he out there alone.

  14. Romney has a habit, when answering a question, of rolling his eyes up [to heaven?] and almost going into a coma before he answers [read lies]. It really bothers me to watch him. I’m sure he rides escalators in reverse. I don’t think he’s brought his sandwiches to the picnic.

  15. It would depend on if Reid could hold his caucus strong. I could easily see Nelson(Nb), Manchin and Landrieu voting with Repubs on this, and wouldn’t trust Tester or McCaskill much on it either.

  16. Now there is an interesting idea. Leave it to a constitutional scholar to think all this through.
    My guess is he does want to bargain – to bargain away outmoded expensive items he doesn’t want for new programs he does want. He will win again.

  17. Agree FORUs50! I’m so well versed in Mitt’s flipping that I’ve become bored with hearing about it, but the music puts a whole new color on it all. Because it is indeed a circus, the whole crowd comprises a circus, and Mitt’s one of the bigger clowns.

  18. Mitt romneys campaign aide said they will raise 15-20 million for the quarter!

    Some people said 40 million. Ooops!

  19. Tulips…I don’t Tweet, so if you want to get all the asshats from AZ for me…that would be sweet!:)ESPECIALLY that idiot Ben QUAYLE!

  20. sure leave me their names i would be glad too , you also africa.

  21. I tend to agree…it’s just too soon to think about that yet though.

  22. desertflower here is what i tweeted. redbird45 redbird45
    #Gopkillingeconomy. None other than Ben Quayle of the great state of Arizona. Ask where is the jobs bill

  23. Well those Rs sure raised alot of money boy… wel at least it will look like a lot until PBO comes out with his numbers, any gueses? i bet it will be close to $150million.

  24. And he just gave France and the UK legit reason to target him. He just signed his own death certificate. I had hope he would have chosen exile so there could have been a ceasefire settlement, but that doesn’t look likely. Which means there will be years of civil unrest and guerrilla warfare from his supporters once he is removed.

  25. Campaign hoped for $60M – Won’t be near $150M.

    Romney’s 20M, Pawlenty’s 4M, Huntsman’s 2M(not counding self-funded portion) – can’t imagine Cain, Gingrich, Santorum did much at all. Bachmann came in too late to make a splash.

    So it looks like President Obama will have doubled GOP fundraising this Q.

  26. That “asshat” called me for one of those virtual townhalls (I don’t know why) this week about the debt ceiling. As soon as they realized I was not supporting his BS, they cut me off. They did that to others too. I sent him a blistering fax (no swears, I promise). Go get that Schweikert too, remind him that Wall Street won’t love his ass if he keeps his position on the debt ceiling.

  27. Thank Aquagranny do you have anyone i could tweet from your state.

  28. I’m sure that Chipsticks has the Tweet list…or was it WIW?? I think she made a list of all the contacts in govt….Aquagranny, can help me out if I forget any…there are SO MANY JERKS to choose from in AZ: David Schweikert,Jeff Flake,Paul Gosar,Ben Quayle,Trent Franks.That ought to do it…Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!

  29. Funny how that works,AG! They only want to hear themselves talk…heaven forbid they had to defend their ridiculous plan on those of us that would give them an earful.Schweikert is my rep…I can’t believe that they finally voted him in…what try is this? Had that “R” behind his name do he must be good…that’s the mindset anyway.Glad you sent the fax:)

  30. Where’s africa? I know she doesn’t Tweet and you offered to help her she would take you up on that…the two of us can live vicariously:)

  31. No…don’t remember if she ever said…NY, NJ? Didn’t she say she had to move for family/stay somewhere for family…I remember yesterday someone posted jobs at Obama headquarters in Chicago and thought she would be great…she couldn’t move away from where she is at the moment…trip over to TOD and see if she has posted over there maybe?

  32. Well BWD look like Tavis and West, have just crushed their faith. Tom Joyner went there this is a must read. Tom Joyner has the biggest AA audience and especiall those who are not into politics. WoW

  33. I will grant you the he has money part, but he doesn’t look suave. He looks confused most of the time. His mind is messy, filled with strange and dusty knick-knacks that cry to be cleaned out and thrown away.

  34. Thanks for helping me Sammy Tom Joyner was on point. This will be explosive for them

  35. WOW – This is an incredible article. He just nailed them. A great find tulips. Very encouraging when folks who are hateful and disrespectful get their due.

  36. I posted in a thread or two ago to expect Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee to face President Obama. It is a forgone conclusion. All the other candidates are just window dressing to make it look like there is a GOP primary race. All the big money and Rove backing is with Romney. He is big business besides he is a MILLIONAIR! They will just be going through the motions folks while Mittens continues to frail, flip/flop, and lie. Of course the MSM will prop him up as some Paragon of Virtue and a savior for the GOP and the nation after he is nominated. YAWN!!

  37. Regarding the story of GOP intentionally wrecking the economy. We can help in the following ways.

    1. contact our Democratic representatives and let them know we want them to echo this phrase, support Senator Schumer and stay focused.

    2. contact our Republican Reps and ask them why they are intentionally ruining the economy? Why won’t they vote for the fair trade bills or construction jobs?

    3. Let’s send some love to everyone who writes about this story, and encourage mainstream media to pick it up. Bob Schaeffer would be a great start.

    There is a call the media link at the top of BWDs blog, and a page of contact for elected officials at

  38. Upthread Tulips suggested

    ” We need a rapid response team here; LOL!”

    although she may have been kidding, if she isn’t, I am happy to help.

    I think it would be helpful to have a list of who we are, our twitter name, our facebook page, what state we live in (earlier postings where someone asked for help in their state and we didn’t know what state that was)

    We could also form support groups, folks who all live within the same state and keep each other informed on local happenings. Teams which share a common interest, like twitter, facebook or energy concerns.

    So…. I have a page of twitter users from here and TOD, we can ad to it as needed, just let me know what you want to do.

  39. Sweet! Romney will not know what hit him if is the nominne. BWD you should be relaxing!!!! Thank you.

  40. Now, he is barking up the wrong freaking tree. Killing his own people and having to have the outside world come in to help is one thing, but make threats against these nations, is a whole different ball game.

    And what’s more, he is a weakened SOB whose power is much much limited in terms of financing such an operation outside his little cocoon. Still, I think what he has done is just given the Europeans cause to take him out.

    Kuicinich nor the GOP can help him in that vein.

  41. “On May 16, with great fanfare, Mitt Romney announced that he “raised $10.25 million” in a single day. The announcement resulted in an avalanche of good press. A database search reveals hundreds of references to his fundraising haul, virtually all of it positive. A sampling of headlines:


    “Romney himself touted the $10 million figure, saying, “That’s a terrific start. Actually it’s more than just a start – it really gives us the boost that we need at this early stage in my effort.” So how was it that, after raising over $10 million in one day, the campaign recently announced it only raised $15 to $20 million for the entire quarter?”

    “As it turns out, the campaign wasn’t telling the truth. Yesterday, the Los Angeles Time revealed Romney’s “sleight of hand“:

    “The former Massachusetts governor’s campaign told reporters in May that he had raised $10 million in a one-day phone-a-thon in Las Vegas. But the amount actually represented pledges gathered earlier and tallied that day, not just funds actually taken in by the campaign.”

    “So the campaign not only didn’t raise $10 million in one day, they didn’t even collect $10 million dollars in pledges in one day. Instead, they “tallied” pledges they received “earlier.”
    The Romney campaign purposely misled the press and the public for their own political advantage.”

  42. Tulips~

    Bobfr worked out a strategy which he called World of Factcraft that will get the job done. He explained it in detail a few months back either here or over at TPV.

  43. I think your question answers itself, WiW…if you’ve never heard of him before, then he’s probably not worth hearing about.

  44. We don’t need a rapid response team here. We are pretty much TROLL free. Now the OFA site is a different story. They need rapid response like there is no tomorrow. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  45. ummmm…………..NO going by the small donations we will be in the same ball park as the Mittens. Mitt I’m sure is supplying his own cash as well. After all he is a multi-millionair. Again like I have proclaimed before. Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee. Karl Rove and McCains will make sure of it.

  46. Hell yes. I will tweet their names. I am just not clear what we put. Tulips, give me the line for John McCain. Once I get that, I will do all our pond scum Congress people from Arizona. I don’t mind doing all the states for that matter, then the rest of us can retweet all the tweets. I am all over this idea.

  47. Someone on twitter (I think) asked when we were going to see “Welcome Back McCotter” jokes. Maybe may of you are a lot younger and don’t know of the show but I thought that was a funny comment. John Travolta was in it as a teen.

  48. I read that article earllier today and circulated it on facebook and twitter. I do have a question about something Tom Joyner said. He said he fired both of them. I know Tavis has his own show and Cornell West gets on the cable shows. Were they regulars on his show?

  49. no – there lots of large donations too that will push the average up. One donation of $2000 and 10 $10 donations averages out to $191. And lots of us small donors gave $50 or $75 . . ,

  50. Romney has a hard time figuring out what he should say on an hourly basis. He has no moral compass, he believes what is expedient and he’s happy to serve whomever he deems his master at any given moment.

  51. Keith~ Late response to what you wrote but Bobfr’s strategy was designed as a tool to be used by US to coordinate push back on articles from the media and/or pundits dispensing inaccurate information about the President’s policies. Similar to the actions which occurred after Rachel Maddow and Mark Halperin’s comments.

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