Gates to President Obama: “You’re getting pretty good at this covert ops stuff”

It may have got lost between all the dicks of today, but I thought this farewell tribute to Robert Gates was quite moving.



67 thoughts on “Gates to President Obama: “You’re getting pretty good at this covert ops stuff”

  1. It is evident from these photos that the President of the United States, Barack Obama and Sec. Robert Gates have a mutual respect for each other. Thank you, Sec. Gates for your service. And thank you Mr. President for choosing him for your service to the country, Mr. Gates.

  2. Thank you Jayne, you stated it so much better than me. That is what I was trying to say. Beaautiful Jayne.

  3. So now Sen. Pat Roberts is saying PBO should “take a valium”. He’s a choad, that’s granted, but the GOP panic after yesterday reminds me of this Gandhi quote: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Keep hitting. Don’t let up.

  4. He proved that they don’t work chris matthews put out the numbers of bills passed by this congress. wait wait wait. 18 and 15 of them was to rename buildings. If the media continue to point out stuff like this it proves president Obama point andit also show how one sided the media is in their reporting.

  5. I wondered how many bills this Congress had passed yesterday. Wow, 18, with 15 being to rename buildings. How this country isn’t in a state of anarchy is beyond me.

  6. It is so fitting after a day that started so disrespectful to witness the respect between these two American patriots. Thank you God for giving us two men that reminds us of what honor really is in this age of greed, lies and selfishness.

  7. Yes secretary GAtes was truly surprised by the Medal of Freedom. A well deserved honor. He even sniffled a little during his speech.

  8. I must admit, I didn’t have much confidence in PBO’s choice of Secy. Gates and had my suspicions about Gates in the beginning coming from the Bush-Cheney Admin as the Director of the CIA especially. But he turned out to be a pretty decent guy, a better than most Secy. of Defense and has always been very respectful towards the Commander in Chief. They accomplished a lot together and I wish the best for Gates in his future endeavors. I just hope that the lure of easy “tattle-tale” money doesn’t turn (coat) him into another “Huntsman” down the road. So be cool Secy. Gates… “be cool”.

  9. I don’t think he will, he doesn’t seem the type to do a Huntsman. He seems like a gentle, decent man. He plans to write two books during retirement, apparently.

  10. 2016, I’d consider Gates. I knew he was a decent man when both sides of the isle had a lot of respect for him. I thank God that the Bush disaster administration picked him and I am glad he stayed on through this administration.

  11. I lover our President and I was very suspicious of the Gates choice as well for SOD. It becomes more apparent everyday that PBO knows how to hire people that will accent his brilliance. What a bueatiful ceremony for a Patriotic and respectful Servant. Obama/Biden!!

  12. Many on the progressive world hated Gates.

    It turns out, who ever advised pres Obama to keep him, did the pres and our nation a good service.

    I like Gates, anyone who speaks truthfully is a OK in my book.

    Good Luck with your retirement, Mr. Gates.

  13. Really, could the Republicans possibly be any more disrespectful to this President? You are so right LL — clearly President Obama has hit a nerve, and he needs to KEEP HITTING! A press conference every couple of days sounds about right to me!

  14. And Coburn accused him of demagoging and politiking.

    What the eff are THEY doing?

    I need to find the link. But here’s the gist of what I read earlier today: Repubs put in writing months ago that their benchmark would be 85% spending cuts, 15% revenue increase. Obama gives them 83/17 and NOW they want everything.

    This may be the most insane example of treason I have ever seen. Seriously. Wall St., their Republican lackeys — blow up the economy, Wall St. will wait it out until Republicans regain power and drive the final stake in the heart of this great nation.

    I do not believe what I am seeing.

  15. So did Huntsman up until a few months ago.

    That being said, I think Gates is honorable.

  16. If The Dennis decides to run for President again, drag this headline back out:

    Rep. Kucinich takes the side of Syria’s murderous dictator

    “DENNIS KUCINICH claims he was misquoted….This much, however, appears to be uncontested: Mr. Kucinich, who has fiercely opposed the U.S. intervention against Libyan strongman Moammar Gaddafi, traveled to Damascus over the weekend to huddle with Syria’s dictator, who is desperately seeking to avoid being isolated and labeled illegitimate by the outside world….But Mr. Assad still has a friend: Mr. Kucinich. The Cleveland lawmaker chose not just to meet with the ruler but also to hold a “press conference.

  17. Congressional Dems need to run on this big time in 2012. Show what they did in the 111th congress and then what the GOP obstructed in 112th Congress. Also HCR and Financial Reforms that were boogeymen in 2010 will be seen as working by 2012 and not doing all the horrible things the GOP said it would do.

  18. Gates was forced on the Bush Administration – there was behind the scenes battles between the Cheney Neo-cons and the Scowcroft Pragmatists (who made up Bush 41 FP).

  19. US extends drone strikes to Somalia
    First drone strike in Somalia reported to have wounded senior al-Shabab militants…
    The closure of Shamsi airbase [in Pakistan] is unlikely to end the [drone] strikes. The CIA has moved its drones to bases across the border in Afghanistan, and some strikes have already taken place from there, according to a senior Pakistani military official.

  20. I wish Sec. Gates the best during his retirement. Any one who doubts the impeccable judgement of this President, need only to look at the people he appointed to guide the country: VP Biden, SoS. Hillary Clinton, and SoD, Robert Gates.

  21. Thank you for your honorable service to this country Secretary Gates. Enjoy your well earned retirement.

  22. During the ceremony Sec. Gates said it was Leon Panetta who suggested POTUS keep him on board so when POTUS asked him who he would recommend he returned the favor and suggested Leon. It was a very cute moment.

  23. I wish Secretary Gates all the best in his retirement and thank him for his service.

  24. I would say no in much the same way as Colin Powell distanced himself from where the party has gone.

  25. They are moderate republicans. Strong on national defense, socially liberal, and education policy is a priority.
    In other words, a conservative democrat!

  26. Hi dcsandy,
    I’ve been meaning to mention how much I love this gravatar. May I ask where you got it?
    It is brilliant!

  27. I know Harold Ford is a creep but he’s unbelievable in this clip after Halperin. Defending Halperin and then talking shit about jobs etc like that has anything tho do with points POTUS was making on raising the deficit ceiling. Senator Obama even campaigned for this effin asshat.

  28. If Congressional Republicans succeed in “blowing up the economy,” they will be handing to President Obama the opportunity to rebuild it–brick by progressive brick, with hundreds of millions of desperate and angry citizens at his back. Universal healthcare, quality public education, environmental protection, financial regulation, the whole progressive wish list, done the way it should’ve be done starting from scratch. It will be ugly and painful, but he will eventually succeed, and go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents; they will be known as traitors. Someone should paint them a picture.

  29. I think that will reach 493,500. Not 500K but an AMAZING number of donors this early!

  30. Was that a suggestion by outgoing Sec. Gates to incoming Sec. Panetta that he may be in the office for more than the next 2 years? Sounded like it to me.

  31. I’ve been so busy with work, have had no time to read BWD or The Obama Diatry. I’ve been going through withdrawals.

    I made 2 donations in two days, I’m hoping it will help improve my chances to get a dinner date with President Obama and VP.

    But I’m sure everyone else is hoping the same 🙂

    I just read about the whole thing with Halperin, what a total wanker.

  32. I think it will be between 50M-60M – A lot of max out donors would have already got in.

    (If by money bomb you mean how much was raised this quarter)

  33. While it could be seen as an endorsement of sorts (indicating that Pres. Obama would be in office longer than two more years), I don’t think the Obama Campaign would try and run with it at all. I think the joke was just more targeted to the fact Gates planned to retire a couple of times and kept getting asked to stay longer.

    I think Panetta is a short termer, as he’s in his 70’s I believe. I think Gates deserved to retire and President Obama new he couldn’t get his choices through this senate and Panetta who was already confirmed to be director of CIA couldn’t really be blocked to be Sec. Def. and then GOP’s hero Petraeus was an easy confirm to the CIA.

  34. I don’t think any of the donors are maxed out at such an early stage, SR. Why would they do that ?

    I was talking about this 650 K money bomb. On average $ 50 min to $ 80.

  35. Plunge on corn prices may ease food inflation.

    The price of corn suffered its biggest fall for 15 years on Thursday, prompting speculation that the high cost of food may start to ease.

    Corn prices fell 10% after a US Department of Agriculture report that farmers are sowing unexpectedly large amounts of the grain.

    The price of other crops, including soybeans, also fell on speculation that future stock levels will remain high.

    Corn prices recently hit a record, helping to fuel inflation worries.

    The report said farmers in the vast crop regions of Iowa and Minnesota had been planting substantially more grain.

    Corn futures, which were just under an all-time high of $8 (£5) a bushel at the start of June, finished 9.9% down at $6.29 on Thursday. At one point, the price was down almost 12%.

  36. I think this 650K deal is the amount from the quarter – so from the last three months of fundraising.

    The big money donors – they max out at $5400 right off the bat (2700 for primary, 2700 for general). Some of the tickets to the campaign rallies are $30,000 – $5400 to the Obama campaign and the rest to the DNC.

  37. France and thus I think the EU is really pushing to crack down on speculators – both food and oil. They want it to be for the actual folks who do it for cost certainty for their industries and not market players who do it for the profits they feel they can make.

  38. The PL has been quite quiet since yesterday.

    See in Philadelphia, when we make our voices heard loudly, the voices of cynicism falter back.

    We are all one and strong.

  39. I was there. That’s how it went. And I posted the video so you can see for yourself how it went. And a lot of the crowd ate it up.

    And thanks for sending me some new readers!

  40. Oh wow. At first, I thought that was a sarcastic, made-up “interview,” but now I see it’s real. She has an interview on YouTube where she’s talking about it.

    I coined a phrase recently and this Dkos woman is a pristine example of it…she’s reached Peak Progressive!

    She threw in a bunch of pissing off the “base” talk for good measure. 665,000 donations and counting, and they’re talking about pissing off “the base,” and she has the gall to say that she and her group “fight harder for Barack Obama” than anyone else?!?! Pathological. Peak Progressive, indeed.

  41. 493 697 donors at midnight in Chicago although the ticker at the top says 493 949 donors and 666 171 donations. In any case, very well done guys.

  42. Total donations – 667,078 – It’s 20% more than the original target and 10% more than the revised target.

    Total donor 495,458 – 10% more than the revised rate

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