What the…..??????????

Seriously??? Yesterday I was hoping that we can get to $5000 before Thursday night. it’s Wednesday morning and we are way way above and beyond. You guys are a legend.

Some of you asked if our little page will be part of the race to 450,000. I honestly have no idea, IΒ can only imagine that it must be. But, to be on the safe side, at least until tomorrow night, if anyone wants to donate, please do so through the general page. Next week we’ll set a new goal for ourselves. Thank you all so much.


Busy, busy day, with a press conference to boot:

9:30 AM
The President and The Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
Oval Office

11:30 AM
The President holds a news conference
East Room

1:50 PM
The President welcomes the WNBA Champion Seattle Storm to the White House
Rose Garden

3:00 PM
The President and The Vice President meet with Senate Democratic Leadership
Oval Office

4:30 PM
The President and The Vice President meet with Secretary of the Treasury Geithner
Oval Office

5:45 PM
The President delivers remarks at an event observing LGBT Pride month
East Room

7:09 PM
The President and The First Lady host a farewell dinner for Secretary of Defense Gates; The Vice President and Dr. Biden will also attend
The White House


*THIS* is awesome:


And this is no less awesome. “He is a man of his word”.




149 thoughts on “What the…..??????????

  1. Do we know what the Press Conference is about? Up date on the budget negotiations? It will happen right about the time the results of the vote in Greece are coming in.

  2. Guess I am not the only one awake in the middle of the night. I just love those videos. This is why he is going to win. The everyday folks love him. Just like all of us here. I am going to go back to sleep. I have a long day of fun and then I will be flying back to Montana. Have a great day!

  3. Thank you BWD. These are great videos. “He is a great young man,” the big guy says. It is just like what you see on TV!

  4. The takeaway is they have about 140,000 repeat donors

    Total donations 545577 – Total Donors 406658 = 138,919 repeat donors

    When did they start this campaign ? One week, two weeks or a month ago ?


  6. End of April is when the President announced, I think. It might have taken them a week or two to set up the fundraising stuff. When did they announce the targets? It’s still quite impressive how many donors they’ve got though.

  7. I am one of the repeat donors and I sent an email to OFA to ask if my monthly donation was part of “Dinner with Barack.” No clear answer yet. I just want the Prez to beat whatever Romney raises then I will be completely satisfied.

  8. Congrats on busting that fundraising goal BWD. I am part of their fundraising team as well and yes ALL donations are included in the numbers to meet the 550,000 donation goal. If you make multiple donations you will only be counted once toward the donor goal of 450,000. I hope this makes sense to everyone.

    Here is my fundraiser if anyone is interested in helping me reach my goal by tomorrow.


  9. Maybe try splitting donations, like give 10 dollars today and 10 tomorrow or something. It might help them reach the 550k faster.

  10. I BELIEVE it was the first week of April:

    This video should have more likes than dislikes…

    What’s up w/that?!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  11. Good Mornin’ All,

    Those vid clips are wonderful and hearthwarmin’…They should “GO VIRAL!”

    That woman who had to take a pic of herself bein’ hugged by PBHO *IS* SO FUNNY! πŸ˜‰

    The Iowans love our President!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  12. Greece passes austerity measures

    The Greek parliament has narrowly voted in favour of a drastic package of austerity measures intended to save the country from defaulting on its debts.

    The proposed tax hikes and spending cuts have been deeply unpopular with the Greek public.

    A nationwide 48-hour strike is under way and violent clashes are continuing in the streets of the capital, Athens.

    Greece is heavily in debt and the package is needed to win the latest tranche of a 110bn-euro (Β£98bn) loan.

    There will be a second vote on Thursday for the implementation of different parts of the package, such as tax rises and the sale of state assets.


    I don’t like this at all. People are made to suffer due to bankers’ greed and lawless banking system.

  13. Even more of a question is why more than 5% of the population votes for Republicans.

  14. I thought it was supposed to be about the debt ceiling. I’ll tell ya, a little populist outrage, Obama-style, would welcome. They come out every day with their lies their faux outrage. There is a time for the bully pulpit and I think this is it. Not over-the-top stupid stuff but some focused outrage on what Republicans are doing.

  15. Bill Burton will be responding to that ad that Karl rove has out, TODAY!
    Also, may pending home sales rise 8.2% largest increase since April 2010!
    As a result, IMF says, US recovery could surprise on the upside.

    The kind of news we have all been looking for. Msm misses it!

  16. Here’s Why We Bailed out Wall Street
    While it is still very much a populist rule of thumb on the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ that our respective major political parties threw Joe and Jill Sixpack under the bus with the ‘Wall Street Bailout’ there is continued evidence to disprove that (chronicled in this clip from the Wall Street Journal below). As the most liberal pundits use the bailouts as evidence not to trust and support the Democrats, the political leaders on the far right use the same evidence to push for more conservative small government Republican leaders. God save us from both! As this story shows, the bailed out banks are paying a great deal of their debt to society for their malfeasance. While it’s true that most of this large settlement goes to major investors, a good bit goes to help the bottom line of Freddie and Fannie and in any case, the long run effect will be to help make it easier for Joe and Jill to get a loan!
    Wall Street Journal-
    Bank of America Settlement Throws in Kitchen Sink
    Bank of America announced this morning its $8.5 billion settlement with unhappy investors that bought now-fizzled mortgage securities from the bank. But wait, there’s more!
    Bank of America also tossed in another $6.4 billion in other mortgage related charges. Mostly, that’s to seriously write down the value of its consumer real estate business. Plus, BofA said it will record a $5.5 billion provision for liabilities related to mortgage-related claims, mostly related to claims from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. (But wait, we thought BofA already paid off gripes from those government entities?)
    Oh, and were you looking forward to second quarter earnings next month? Yeah, forget about it. BofA said because of the billions upon billions of dollars thrown into the mortgage security black hole, the bank expects to post a loss of $8.6 billion to $9.1 billion.
    One small silver lining: At least the $2.6 billion impairment charge for its consumer real-estate business won’t reduce Tier 1 and tangible equity capital ratios beloved of regulators.
    And in the bizarro world of Wall Street, all this mess is considered good news, because BofA is putting behind it one of its biggest headaches and stock drags. Bank of America shares are 4.8% higher in pre-market trading.

  17. I had also heard that by doing this other countries will have to bail them out.

  18. LL, When your brain has had its coffee and is functioning, Sky News Live is doing a great job on covering what is happening on the streets in Athens and doing a lot of analysis and interviews.

  19. Mornin’ Jovie,


    That’s what WE gotta do PUSHBACK, FIGHT BACK against those radicals/extremist TeaPublicans who mean us harm!

    And, I want to thank you for that other great news!

    WE’re movin’ forward! πŸ™‚

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  20. WOW, just WOW Thanks BWD we did it over $ 5,000 it feels so (F) good. so Mr President we will have your back. So if the PL do not stop screaming and start looking who your real
    enemies are then you must be blind. ( Do the PL want a Republican in the WH?.
    So Michell Bachman is a total froud, she wants to enf Medicare for us , but NOT for her family, they are a bunch of crooks.

  21. Which is what a good number of economists said. The problems this summer are supply problems from Japan. Which hardly ever got reported.

    I know there is significant pain in this country economically, but when lefty pundits like Norman Goldman keep saying it’s as bad as the Great Depression, he shows his vast ignorance. The guy working for the guy who cuts my neighbor’s lawn has an iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone. The Apple stores are full of people. Restaurants in the Chicago area are full all the time, as are Costco, Target, the shopping malls. Come one. There’s money out there.

    I had been pissed at Krugman for a long time, but I lost all respect for him a few months back when he said housing has to go back to pre-bubble levels to be considered successful. Here’s the guy who decried bubbles and now his benchmark is a growth rate at bubble levels. That’s just looking for ways to frame this President unfavorably.

  22. Patrick Leahy is supporting Jon Tester and I’ve unsubbed from yet another pol’s newletter.

  23. As BWD says, on Twitter, “Watch [President] Obama’s press conference …. Leave behind the “media”. Your life will be much better.” πŸ˜‰



    June 29, 2011 11:30 AM EDT
    President Obama holds a News Conference
    The White House

    June 29, 2011 1:50 PM EDT
    President Obama welcomes the WNBA Champion Seattle Storm to the White House
    The White House

    June 29, 2011 5:45 PM EDTShare
    President Obama speaks at LGBT Pride Month reception
    The White House


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  24. Faith in the late 30s, my mother told me that as a kid, her parents sent her to the store to get free butter. The lines were out of this world.

    My mother lived in that time… She actually knows!!!

  25. Donna thanks for this encouragin’, “should-never-of-happen” news!

    You know China isn’t all that…

    In many ways, it has “stolen” from the U.S and it’s still doin’ that…

    If it wasn’t for Clinton, Bush I, and those GOP- controlled Congresses, at those times, WE wouldn’t be so far behind other foreign countries…Grrr!

    Now, PBHO has to “make up for loss time”…Darn it!

    D*mn ’em…Grrr!

    But, I BELIEVE in him, his Admin, and us… (Congressional DEMs get onboard!)

    So, let’s JUST DO IT!!! πŸ˜‰

  26. I guess it was the Rove ad I saw last night?

    25% increase in unemployment under Obama”

    Okay — Bush created 3 million jobs over 8 years (public and private? Not sure)
    Obama has created 2 million jobs over 15 months.

    Bush left with 750,000 jobs lost/month.

    I mention this because of all the many lies in that outrageous ad, I thought the unemployment number, which is technically true, needed pushback. These are the memes we can’t allow to become background noise for the ‘independent’ voter.

  27. Mornin’ dcsandy,

    Yes they are, and yes they do…

    That’s so wonderful to know and hear…huh?! πŸ˜‰ lol

    Have a great day! πŸ™‚

  28. I love love the videos! Thanks BWD. Isn’t it amazing that we don’t see any videos like that in response to any of the Repugs who are slithering through Iowa? Then again, it’s hard for your base to be smiling and exited when they are perpetually angry and hateful. PBO brings out the love and smiles.

  29. Good Mornin’ WiW,

    Today, Burton has a vid clip to counter Rove’s attack ads against PBHO:


    At the local, state, and federal-level, WE gotta PUSHBACK, FIGHT BACK against these extremist TeaPublicans…Grrr!

    YES.WE.CAN, Do It Again! πŸ™‚

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  30. To answer your question, Mel, Yes, as a matter of fact the PL DO want a Republican in the White House. They make more money and tend to be more relevant with a Republican to bash.

  31. It’s a relief to know that *something* is being done. No, we can’t match dollar for dollar, but we have the better message. Plus the DNC has an ad out, too.

  32. gos is now trashing Jerry Brown. I don’t even wanna know what that was about. Yesterday it was Cuomo was a job killing corporatist within 24 hours of being painted the saint who made gay marriage happen out of thin air. Nutters.

  33. I love that thing and I really think it’s amazing the way they went about crowd-sourcing the concepts and design and making and finding the parts. The way of the future of manufacturing.

  34. Well, I’m glad he made some reasonable statements about the issue. That’s a good thing. I did find it amusing that he thinks bloviating on blogs actually works when it come to how the President issues policy, but okay. Honestly? Like all their hissy fits made the President repeal DADT? Excuse me…he said he was going to do it and if anything those hissy fits made it harder to get done. Oh well, Sully. Baby steps, dude. Glad you can travel now. Maybe getting out of the country will help your perspective.

  35. Damn. Missed the beginning of the press conference. But he’s pissed now and schooled smarmy Chuck Todd on the War Powers Act, what is in our best interests, going after a named state supporter of terrorism against the U.S., and that Republicans would be cheering this action if he wasn’t a Democrat (Okay, I’m reading between the lines on the last point). That the U.S. should be cheering NATO taking most of the load in Libya. He is pissed. He should be.

  36. Update: We have crashed the 555,000 donations goal. It is at 551,237 and now they have set the bar for 575,000 by midnight June 30th. Good work Obamabots!!! OH and in IMHO PBO is kicking ass at the Press conference calling out the dysfuntional and corrupt Congress. You go PBO!!! πŸ™‚

  37. You will like the beginning because he ticked off what HE had done for job creation and then he proceeded to explain about four things that THE CONGRESS COULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW TO CREATE JOBS. In other words why aren’t they doing their part to create jobs. He can’t do it alone. I was out of my seat.

    I have not seen him this angry in a long time. But he is definitely schooling the press. He gave a long answer to the first question, but it was choke full of the facts.

  38. Coffee has been ingested. I’m watching the BBC’s live coverage. The streets look like minor war zones. I just don’t see any of this ending well for any of the Eurozone countries.

  39. Faith, he’s using the bully pulpit! Or, should I say, he’s breaking it apart and using it to smack the press corps about. πŸ™‚

  40. I loved how Obama responded about the question regarding gay marriage. Boy that question is getting fing old!

  41. I expect we will hear nothing about this in the MSM. It’s only news if ACA is deemed unconstitutional. This will be treated like the stock market. When the market is down its because of President Obama and his policies. When the market is up crickets.

  42. Tweet about the Greek crisis:

    Angela Lo Rosso tweets: I just rang my cousins in #Greece They are hysterical and say They have never seen it this bad. #PASOK you sold #Greece to the bankers.

    (PASOK is the governing socialist party in Greece.) Could we be seeing the birth of an anti-capitalist revolt?

  43. Gee, gos is ‘bored’ with the press conference. Because Obama’s knocking it out of the park?

  44. I missed the very beginning of the press conference but Obama’s knocking it out of the park, in my opinion.

  45. Jerry Brown suffers fools as gladly as PBO does. He inherited a dysfunctional state and is trying to set it back onto the road of solvency. Cleaning up everything that’s happened since Prop 13 and all the budgetary propositions that California is saddled with.

  46. They can’t find anything to criticize/take out of context would be my guess. I don’t like watching press conferences, though, too many long-winded questions. I prefer speeches and interviews. I guess I’ll just wait for an excerpt of important parts or a summary.

  47. He is absolutely FABULOUS in this press conference. Everything I could hope for. Obama-style bully pulpit. God, I love this man.

  48. What is gos guys? I keep seeing this acronym pop in posts now for quites some time. Thanks in advance.

  49. “Ok, leaders of Congress, this is why you’re leaders. You need to LEAD. And, in order to do that, YOU NEED TO STAY HERE! Not a week on and a week off. You want Obama to lead….It’s YOUR job, Congress.”

  50. President Obama is kicking butt big time. He just said ……..


    When they can’t do their job they claim he is not leading. Excuse me. He ticks off all of his meetings with the leaders of both parties and the task force that he asked VP Biden to lead. No one can say he has not been totally engaged.

    A total knockout punch.

    About the House of Representatives, they are in one week they are out one week. Stay in Washington and get the job done.


    (Not exact quotes, but close)

  51. Of course, what will matter most is how this is edited for prime time news. However, this is classic Obama (note: I am unable to watch press conference at work). He is a master of timing. He won’t make a big splash to far ahead of something, because the impact becomes diluted over time. This next month should be an interesting ride. Oh, and calling out Congress, and I hope he specially focusing on the House, is really calling out the Republicans. IS he going after the GOP in all this?

  52. One petty reason that the GOP wanted control of the House back was that Nancy made them work too hard. The 111th Congress never took the kinds of time off that the 112th does.

  53. Let me see this Obama ass kickin out in the MSM. YOU GO MR. PREZ!! SOCK it TO THEM. Congress is a bunch of whinning, lazy, inefectual babies!!

  54. PBO is expressing how he is damn tired of running circles around Congress and the press. You go BOY!! πŸ™‚

  55. Serious question: how many bills has the 112th Congress sent to the President for signature?

  56. He made this clear on the Libya issue as well. Virtually calling them effing liars for saying they don’t know what’s going on. What was his phrase? “Reams of paper with information” on the progress of the Libya mission.

    he was kick-ass brilliant today.

  57. Oh, the infamous DOK. Thanks LL. No way do I visit that site. I wouldn’t be here posting now if I did. Talk about self mutilation!!! LOL

  58. That was great, wasn’t it. The House is in section one week while the same is out-of-session that same week. How in the world is anything suppose to get done. The President truly is the only adult in the room.

  59. Well I give the President cred for this action along with Nancy. Nancy’s been around for a while. But when President Obama came and demanded that Congress write the ACA, they had to do their jobs. BTW, now the Repubs are criticizing the President for NOT writing the ACA. However, they criticized Hilary Clinton FOR writing the bill instead of Congress. These people play politics 24/7 and I include some on the fringes of the left.

  60. This is what President Obama was referring to. There is no way a Speaker Pelosi would allow this. And to think that both Republicans and DEMOCRATS in congress are complaining that President Obama is not leading. Unbelievable…..


    House Republicans on Wednesday unveiled a 2011 schedule that will keep lawmakers in the nation’s capital for shorter periods of time, allowing them to travel home more frequently.

    The schedule represents a major change from how Democrats have run the lower chamber over the last four years.

    Under the new calendar, House members will have a cycle of being in session for two weeks in Washington and then spending the following week in their home districts.

    Incoming House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said the new schedule would create β€œcertainty” for members.


  61. “sniff….sniff….. If my corporate Fuhrers have to pay a few bucks to the U.S. Treasury instead of a tax break on my private jet, it’s going to cost some poor salesperson at Sotheby’s her job because I won’t be able to pay a million dollars for someone’s signed baseball. Job-killer!”

  62. I just put my two cents in at gos on how fantastic this press conference was. I wasn’t alone — I’d say 60/40 for the PL’ers. But I had some friends there to be sure.

  63. I *LOVE* when PBHO says, “You have to be able to “walk and chew gum at the same time!”

    Are you hearin’ that Congress? Are y’all listenin’…

    Y’all need to get to work!

    Y’all need to do your job…Grrr!

    And, like our Prez “ask” us to do, “WE need to do our job…”Get on Congress, WE need to tell ’em stop blockin’ his efforts!” (I’m paraphrasin’.) πŸ˜‰ lol

    EXCLUSIVE: Sirius XM’s Joe Madison Interviews President Barack Obama (AUDIO)…

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  64. LL, Tomorrow the Greek legislature will be voting on the cuts. If the riots continue and get worse, the government has to fall. After that we are in no-man’s land. What I expect will happen ultimately will be the creation of a black market-bartering society that withholds taxes from the State, and then Greece will implode and along with it several other countries as well. How fast it happens is unknown. Greece should have gone the way Iceland took, but the French and Germans would not allow it. What does happen now may be far worse for them.
    I see some of the tax withholding happening in Ireland and unemployment getting worse, although Ireland is in far better shape.

  65. What’s infuriating is that the French and Germans were all for expanding the Eurozone, but now don’t want to take the lumps that would be necessary to keep the zone viable. Greece won’t be the cause of the euro’s fall; it’ll be France and Germany’s intransigence.

  66. LL…good question.I can’t sift through this right now but maybe you, or someone else can make some heads or tails…http://www.opencongress.org/bill/all I have to say, I watched the entire press conference and would encourage those that missed it, to find it and watch. He was right on point today…and pissed at the people that laid blame at his feet, when they aren’t working in good faith, or even in Washington AT ALL! I watched on CSPAN, but clicked over to MSNBC and heard Upchuck say that this year things are different…when the Senate is in session, the House is gone and visa versa…I was surprised by that. Was that by design so NOTHING COULD GET DONE in a streamlined fashion?

  67. Overseasgranny, I’ve intentionally kept my head in the sand for a bit, with the exception of here, abl, cesca, and a couple of other places. Tester is a Democrat… why is Leahy’s support of him a bad thing? Again, I haven’t been paying attention to the actions of members of Congress.

  68. It would be nice if good democrats and progressives stopped writing and commenting there altogether. There has been a massive exodus in the past year and I hope it continues. Kos is a MAJOR punk and deserves nothing less for a shitty supposedly democratic blog.

    Also, just sharing that BWD has asked several times that gos related stuff be left off her blog here.

  69. Here’s your semi-regular feature, Libya Updates. Thanks to Twitterers @carolv27 and @al_omari.

    1. The revolutionary fighters were able to capture and control the area of Al-Qaah area south of Zintan, 120 Km south of Tripoli where huge storages of ammunition and weapons exit.

    2. The revolutionary fighters were able to capture huge storages of weapons and ammunition in a desert area 25 Km south of Zintan. The revolutionary fighters were able in the morning to take control of tens of buildings used as weapons storages while Gaddafi forced were sending support to their units in the south. Gaddafi forces responded with Grad missiles and set fire to some of the storages. NATO planes had bombed and damaged some of these buildings but many still are intact, which will enable the revolutionary fighters to make up for some of the shortage in weapons and ammunition they are facing.

    3. The revolutionary fighters said that they were able to make advances in the suburbs of Beer Al-Ghanam north of Beer Ayyad, around 80 Km from Tripoli after weeks of heavy fighting there in Nafousa Mountain where Gaddafi forces were forced to retreat a little bit toward Tripoli.

    4. There are reports of some deaths among the revolutionary fighters and higher casualties among Gaddafi forces where the revolutionary fighters near Beer Al-Ghanam are trying to advance and merge with the revolutionary fighters of Warshfanah between Zaiwya and Tripoli.

    5. These movements and advancements are part of the strategic plan to advance toward Tripoli.

    6. Gaddafi forces are surrounding Tajura area in east Tripoli.

    7. In Ajdabiya, the revolutionary fighters stopped and repelled Gaddafi forces that tried to attack Beer Ayyad from the east. Eyewitnesses reported that 3 of the revolutionary fighters were killed and 7 wounded along with the damage of a rocket launcher belonging to the revolutionary fighters.

    8. Also in Ajdabiya, the revolutionary fighters are centered around the 40 Km area and are patrolling the area there.

    9. In Ajdabiya also, NATO planes bombed heavily the area of Muradah 120 Km south of Brega.

    10. In Sabha, one of the strongholds of Gaddafi forces, Aljazeera learned that there are protests in the Namla Street in Al-Manshiya area while shooting was heard.

    11. In Sabha also, the revolutionary fighters were able to burn one of the centers of the revolutionary commissions in the city that belong to Gaddafi in retaliation to some threats from members of the revolutionary commission to the revolutionary fighters.

    12. Defense minister of Germany told a German newspaper that Germany received a request from NATO to provide the revolutionary fighters with ammunition as part of the logistic support Germany is offering without military involvement in the military campaign. He added that he replied with accepting to provide the requested help. He said this is not considered military involvement from the back door but it is normal for NATO members to request logistic support.

    13. NATO diplomats had indicated that NATO requested from Germany logistic support for the Libyan mission with weapons and ammunition.

    14. The Italian and Canadian foreign ministers announced in a meeting in Rome on Tuesday that it is important to continue the NATO military campaign in Libya and to provide financial support to NTC in Benghazi to accelerate reaching a political solution without Gaddafi.

  70. Obama was absolutely brilliant in his responses to all questions from beginning to end. There is no one who is even in the same ball park, the same planet.

  71. I don’t even go there any more. It is so pointless. There is no honesty there, just a bunch of misfits in a perpetual state of senseless outrage.

  72. A quote to remember. daveweigel daveweigel
    by Charmed86
    RT @lilysea: Bill Clinton said plenty about gay rights, and had gay friends…and brought us DADT & DOMA. I’ll stick with Obama any day

  73. Yep, I’m doing a lot of online assignments so when I get bored (every 5 minutes), I come here or refresh the page. Yes, I should stop procrastinating otherwise it’s going to be an all-nighter (6.45 pm over here).

  74. Yes she did:) We should honor that small request. “They” don’t matter anymore.. “they” are not the voices of the majority of Americans. Why give them the time of day? Really…time to move on.

  75. President Obama kicked some arse in the press conference! At the same time, his closing statement about how the concerns of everyday Americans is on his mind every minute and drives him to work hard for us!! I love this man!

  76. Yes, LL, but we can also put this on the banks and the regulators – the banks for corruption and greed, and the regulators for not regulating anything.

  77. 2 Starshine, Tester is an ultra-conservative “Democrat”. I will grant you he most likely represents his constituency, but he almost always votes with the Republicans. As far as I am concerned, he is a Republican, so it doesn’t matter if a labeled Republican is elected in his place.

  78. BWD – Sorry I missed a deadline, but I just donated. Any chance we can get a Paypal option on the page?

  79. I don’t agree with ignoring our opposition. I like to know what they’re saying, what they’re covering. For me personally, if I simply ignore what they’re doing then I don’t know how to fight it.

    I’m not alone there. There are sane voices. I think it’s important to give my viewpoint.

    I continually say there that if the Moral Majority had acted in 1982 the way the [looney] left has been acting, they would have blown themselves up 30 years ago and not wreaked havoc on this country. Instead, they supported their leaders, created background noise of universal support, voted reliably and in sufficient numbers, and won their prize — after almost 40 years. Not right away. They did the groundwork.

    I’m seeing some comments there using my reasoning. Today, in fact, there was this:

    ” Progressives were foolish To undercut the entire report from the outset by using meme’s such as “Catfood Commission.” There were some terrible policy recommendations in the chairmen’s markup. There also were some great policy recommendations like ending the tax cuts, closing overseas bases, severely cutting money spent on defense contractor’s, taxing capital gains as regular incomee, etc in the chairmen’s mark-up. If we were smarter we would have done what Republicans do time and again – embrace what we agreed with and ignored or denounced the rest.

    By denouncing all of it before we even saw the recommendations we lost a golden opportunity to use the report to our advantage”

  80. That was absolutely brilliant. he was on top of his game today. I think he even got some grudging respect from the idiotic MSM.

  81. Yes, we did it. Kasich is a corrupt idiot being payed by Lehmen and Koch brothers. We are on our way in the Buckeye State folks. We are fighting back. The state Rethugs said we would not be energized enough to overturn this oppressive law. Thank God. Hallelujah!!

  82. You were right Faith. he bullied the pulpit. Didn’t think he would because he would be talking to reporters like Chuck Todd.

  83. Wait a minute. Rachael lies and when we call her on it WE are Irrational?! Oh, come on.


  85. FRAGILE – IRRATIONAL #$%&(())))_((*&%$$#@# Why didn’t GG come out and say it – we are BOTS.

    The hell with GG. Maybe Rachel will think about this.

  86. Ignoring Pres. Obama’s record on LGBT issues — that’s ‘rational?’

    Ignoring that by not becoming the story, Obama assured passage of the NY bill — that’s ‘rational?’

    Ignoring what Glenn Greenwald and Rachel Maddow would have gotten from Pres. McCain or God forbid, Pres. Bachmann — that’s ‘irrational?’

    Fuck them. I will NEVER turn on Rachel Maddow’s show again. I would love to see her replaced by someone who is not just book-smart but politically intelligent enough to understand how progress happens. Shame on her.

  87. No matter what, it’s Rachel and her ilk who are on the defensive. You can pull isolated quotes from two years ago to bolster your position, but if you are dumb enough to not understand that if Obama had said what would have made Rachel feel good at the fundraiser on Saturday night, the NY bill would have gone down in flames.

    To ignore what this President has done for LGBT rights, and taken political hits for it, is shameful.

    Would she have cheered his ‘principles?’

  88. Aw, he was absolutely GREAT today. He put smarmy Chuck Todd in his place.

    Hey, if we’re into sending tweets and emails, let’s keep hitting Chuck Todd on when he’s going to call out Cantor for shorting treasury bills and betting on the destruction of the American economy.

    He thought Obama was only for raising the debt ceiling because he had the temerity to have almost all of his investments in the U.S. of A.

    We’re waiting, Chuckie…….

  89. I value your commentary faith, but I agree with the others. I quite frankly don’t care about the day to day of the nonsense written at that space. I do think that you’re absolutely right about keeping up with what bs is being spewed in order to stay alert to the GOP-enabling memes and narratives which are incubated there. But that’s it. I know that a good portion of the active commenters there are trolls and say crazy things, and I know that a determined (and IMO quixotic) group of President Obama’s supporters are trying to reason with the madness. But IMO it’s good to ocus on what the pragmatic progressive new media is building, than on dfox. I hear your arguments, absolutely, but that’s my two cents.

  90. dks like Tester, who helped kill DREAM. That must mean they HATE undocumented workers!!!

    (that works well withing their line of reasoning, doesn’t it?)

  91. what’s left of the PL continues to insist that obama never worked hard for LGBT issues.

    They are a dangerous bunch.

    At least, Obama supporters are making their voices heard and making them look really stupid. Cornell west has dissappeared since he made that racist remark in late may.

    Pushback was huge. I have pushed back against Dan Choi. We all have pushed back against rachel maddow. She is on the defensive. We are standing strong and together.

    Grijalva actually praised the adminsitration for pushing forward for environmentalists.
    He actually did not bash the president. He was in fact very proud of Salazar

  92. I’m a repeat donor. I got an email from Jim Messina, I think the same time as the emails went out for this drive to give money by the end of the month. I’ve been donating a small amount monthly and at various times since the President officially announced he was running for reelection. I gave $65. i’ve been supporting the President since 2008.

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