Ass, meet your kicker!

Okay, that press conference was sweet. And the professional left freak out over us not willing to accept their nonsense anymore is sweet. And ex-Scalia-clerk ruling health care reform constitutional is sweet.

Greg Sargent: Obama picks fight with GOP over tax cuts for the rich

The primary goal of President Obama’s presser, which just wrapped up, was obvious: He was clearly out to pick a major public fight with Republicans over tax cuts for the rich. Obama mounted a surprisingly aggressive moral case for ending high end tax cuts, casting it as a test of our society’s priorities, and argued — crucially — that anyone who fails to support ending them is fundamentally unserious about the deficit.

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Chris Cillizza: Obama the confrontational

President Obama had a simple message for congressional Republicans in a press conference Wednesday: Stand up and lead.

Obama, often in harsh and stark terms, condemned the approach that House and Senate Republicans have adopted in the final stretch of the negotiations surrounding the increase in the nation’s debt limit.

“They’re in one week, they’re out one week,” said Obama of Congress. “And then they’re saying Obama needs to step in. I’ve been here.”

He repeatedly challenged Republicans to make compromises in order to adopt a truly “balanced approach” to the debt deal; “Call me naive, but my expectation is leaders are going to lead,” he said.

Obama’s confrontational approach toward Congress extended beyond the debt negotiations — seeping into answers he gave on job creation, the broader economy and Libya.

On each issue, Obama cast himself as the adult in the room and Congress as an irresponsible child — unwilling to sacrifice their desire to score political points for the good of the country.

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politicususa: Obama Seizes The Bully Pulpit And Tells Congress To Do Their Job

Obama described the debt ceiling deadline as, “The yellow light is flashing but it hasn’t been a red light yet. . . . By August 2, we run out of tools to make sure that all our bills are paid.” If the U.S. defaults, “the consequences for the U.S. economy will be significant and unpredictable.”

The president hinted that his two daughters have a better work ethic than Congress, “Malia and Sasha generally finish their homework a day ahead of time. . . . They’re not pulling all nighters. They’re 13 and 10. You know, Congress can do the same thing. If you know you’ve got to do something, just do it.” Obama then contrasted his schedule with that of Congress, “I’m here. I’ve been dealing with Afghanistan, the debt crisis, Greece. I’m here. Congress is in one week, out the next.”

Obama then delivered the money quote of the press conference, “We have meetings and discussions and … [then] they decide they’re not happy with the fact that at some point you have to make a choice. They all step back and say — ‘The president needs to get this done.’ At a certain point they need to do their job.” Obama then hinted that Congress might be kept in session until they actually do their jobs.

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And, if you didn’t read Andrew Sullivan’s excellent defense of PBO’s gay rights record and work, you should.



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  1. Sullivan is right. PBO is a constitutional scholar. He knows (as do you and I) that marriage has always been a state issue. It can become a federal issue if a case is appealed to the Supreme Court. Does anyone really think that the SCOTUS as currently constituted would overturn an anti-gay marriage statute?
    And as Sullivan said the insertion of the Prez into the state-level campaign would make everyone feel good but wouldn’t do a damn thing to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.

  2. President Obama was on fiyah! Let’s all countdown to congressional whining because he hurt their wittle feelings in 5…4…3…2…1….

  3. that was all kinds of awesome. he came in there ready to give a spanking. He can’t use that “i’m in a bubble” line anymore because clearly he knows what’s being said.

  4. Never seems to occur to media that the way in which they ask a question has a lot to do with the answer they get. I thank them for some great set ups this morning, so our President could educate them and provide his perspective as media sure doesn’t do either.

  5. “Corporate Jet Owner” seemed to be the buzzword early in his planned statements. That’s something we should jump on and start using to help frame the issue.

  6. BWA HA HA HA PBO reminds me of my papa, when he used to break out his belt to issue an ass whooping. He’d be half smiling, half serious, tapping that butt, and talking with each tap. did-in’t


  7. I don’t think Congress can ever catch up with Malia and Sasha at this point. The girls are way ahead.

  8. This was PBO’s best presser ever. He called out repugs but also the so called “progressive” dems for supporting Gadaffi. Not to mention that he mopped the floor with Chuck Todd. You go Mr President!

  9. And comparing them to Malia and Sasha was a nice way of calling them children, not even up to an actual child’s standards.

  10. I’ve got to watch this again…I missed parts of this when it was live….I missed chuck todds question and President Obama’s answers

  11. I have always said “underestimate at your own peril” That was a masterpiece of a press conference.

    In fact, I’d say it was the most elegant ass-whuppin’ President Obama has issued to date.

  12. Fringe left is pushing the same sex marriage issue hoping it becomes like the birth certificate – enough of a distraction that Obama Admin deals with it. They’re really ramping it up because they know they lose leverage after the debt ceiling deal is reached and voted on.

    There is a lot of focus on the same sex questions/answers today from the usual suspects – ignoring the economic message, which was the point of the presser.

  13. I can relate. My Pops is a talker before the belt (which was hand made my my granddad), I use to say, please just use the belt already, explaining was the worst of the punishments.

  14. Right now, the President is on fire! Right now, republicans are scrambling. Right now, the American people can see who’s leading, and who’s not doing their job.
    A+ Barack!

  15. HA HA HA HA I miss my pop; he passed last year… Which says alot about old fashioned spankings, I’;m still alive to talk about it. My daddy used to say, the quickest way to your brain, is through the seat of your pants.

  16. #congressdoyourjob repeal bush tax cuts. leave a tweet. He gave us the line now lets use it. please everyone leave a tweet. BWD i would like to use your words ASS meet your Kicker! PBO

  17. Chuck Toad asked that gotcha and PBO didn’t answer it, so the Toad passed it over to his Murdoch WSJ slimy cohort to ask it again.

  18. Essentially, he mentioned all the meetings he had with Congress and said this issue is about politics.

    I’d just like to thank Kucinich and Conyers for helping the GOP push their silly memes. Bravo on helping the Republicans in the bashing of the president.

  19. Ametia, my thoughts are coming your way in a golden hug in loving memory for your Pop. You take your time in your space to remember all of the wonderful things you have to bring to your memory about your Pop. Love you.

  20. Debz, he wore the first belt out on Chuck Todd. His bottom should be hurting by now. Mr. President came out swinging. I love it!


    “They need to do their job,” barked the president of Congressional trolls. If his daughters, 13 and 10 years of age, can get their homework done ahead of otherwise guaranteed disaster, then surely the grown men and women of high elected office can settle, on a timely basis, a debt-ceiling dispute that’s been charging down the foreseen tracks for months.

    Jesus, I pity him. Obama is now having to publicly scold and even ridicule the infantile, recalcitrant yokels of the United States Congress, just to get them to do their bloody homework, for which they draw government paychecks.

  22. isonprize, that was a’ Royal Ass-whuppin’ by the President today. I love your words “elegant”. Put this one done in the books. And he gave it to them with that million dollar smile. Now that is something to write home about.

  23. What never ceases to amaze me is how Obama’s opponents are always, well, amazed when he lets them rope-a-dope him and then he knocks them out. His political timing is the best I’ve seen in the years that I’ve been attuned to politics. And the fact that he did it during a press conference, where the press would be forced to cover him, was a master-stroke. I think it had more punch because of it, than he would’ve had during a stump speech.

  24. “They can still fly on their corporate jet, they’re just going to have to pay a little more [to the U.S. Treasury.]”

    Truly sweet.

  25. BWD, love the title of this post. Great. We have a President who can work hard, a leader who can and is leading, a CIC who keeps his promises of making sure the the mission is clear before he send the men and women in harms way, and a just plain FINE I AM In CHARGE HERE. You got that? Well, let me repeat myself, “I am a Leader who is Leading.’ Next question here.. Love our President. What a presser.

  26. I think I am going to go down the road with our beloved VP. “That was a BAW.” You know what I mean. The President did a ‘BAW’ this morning.

  27. And this is why he gives so few and why he isn’t in the press spouting off his mouth every time the whiners act up. This is so much more effective this way.

    Thanks, BWD for posting the presser. I’m looking forward to having the time to watch.

  28. I enjoyed it when he said, “Promise made, promise kept” about being in the lead in Libya. (watching it live was torture because it was out of sync). He totally schooled that reporter about what exactly he promised about it being a matter of days. Less than two weeks we were in the lead then we transitioned to NATO operations. Exactly like he said he would. Period.

  29. Martin Bashir on MSNBC — just kicked Republicans’ asses.

    Dylan Ratigan tried to trip up Steve Israel, who messaged even better than Republicans because he’s telling the truth. Straight out of George Lakoff’s playbook (why this guy isn’t on the WH payroll is beyond me). Strong, concise, principled and quietly passionate: about common sense, framing discretionary spending as if if you cut it all it wouldn’t even help. And not to benefit millionaires and corporations on the back of the middle class. Brilliant.

    I am one happy Democrat right now.

  30. Everyone should make sure they read this article by Sullivan. It is excellent and right on.

  31. “And the professional left freak out over us not willing to accept their nonsense anymore is sweet.”

    Oh, damn, I missed it. What happened? Please tell, I love a great laugh at those Bozos’ expense.

  32. Woot Woot! I’m still smiling! He was so awesome today! The best part is that I’m visiting my Dad in New Mexico who ALWAYS votes Republican and “thinks” he doesn’t like PBO but as he spoke I explained to my Dad was is happening and for the first time my dad was actually understanding. I think the kicker is Medicare. I explained to my Dad what the Republicans are trying to do and my dad was TOTALLY understanding. I will continue to educate my family and friends with truth and facts! I’m so happy today!

  33. The very fact that this is necessary is a disgrace. The hypocrisy of the GOP is just breathtaking. The debt ceiling was raised at least five times during the Bush administration.


    A group of 235 economists, including six Nobel Prize winners, wrote to congressional leaders today to call for a clean, immediate increase in the nation’s debt ceiling. “We, the undersigned economists, urge Congress to raise the federal debt limit immediately and without attaching drastic and potentially dangerous reductions in federal spending,” they wrote. “Not doing so promptly could have a substantial negative impact on economic growth at a time when the economy looks a bit shaky. In a worst case, it could push the United States back into recession.” Congressional Republicans blew up debt ceiling negotiations last week in order to protect tax breaks for the rich and corporations.

  34. That was a very cleaver way of put it so people can understand who is for who? Are they for the American [eople or the ‘Corporate Jet Owner’s’ No Body on the Washington press is going to fuck around with this President Kicking ass just perfect.

  35. Good Job!:) When all the BS gets filtered out…this is what you get. Keep doing what you’re doing….

  36. Salon got a piece about how the obama fans pushed back against rachel maddow.

  37. Makesense, it was thrilling. He kicked some butt on both sides of the aisle. The dems are always doing that too. But, but, but, the president has to do it. cowards and liars.

    Thrilling day.

  38. They’re trying to carry on because he hasn’t had a presser in 3 months. 3 Months! Oh, the slacker!


    What is amusing, even as they’re trying to make a big deal out of Obama not coming out in full support of same sex marriage, is then they play the clip of what he said, extolling his record and comparing to the last 43 Presidents. Brilliance.

    I keep imagining Bush fielding questions like today’s with no knowledge about anything. How anyone that prvileged could be so breathtakingly stupid is beyond me. Good job there, Mrs. “I won’t bother my beautiful mind” Bush. God.

  39. I’ve always become frustrated while trying to search for information on Media Matters, glad they now have this site.

    Thank you for the link, desertflower. Bookmarked!

  40. It was FANTASTIC! I was jumping up and down saying YESSSSSSS!!!!! And then I fell out when he used Malia & Sasha as an analogy – PURRRRRFECTO 🙂

  41. Oh it was soo cool the wat he hendle Chuckie Baby, and the big smile of the President
    said it all Screw you Chuckie.

  42. It has to do with some smarmy reporter for Salon reporting that Rachel and Glenn Greenwald are calling all of us calling out Rachel’s lie about the President, ‘irrational’.

    Rachel had to reach to an off-the-cuff statement by Robert Gibbs in 2009. Even the smarmy Salon reporter had to admit she was scrambling for support on that one.

    Point is: write. email. tweet. Every time we commiserate here amongst ourselves, do something positive. If you can, donate (I can’t until I’m sure I have another paycheck, damn it. It’s driving me nuts). But if you can type a reply at TOAITR, you can send Rachel Maddow an email. You can send support to the President and yes, give constructive criticism if you think it can help. Put up signs. Help OFA. Put yourselves out there.

    It’s my new benchmark: at least once a day I will crawl out of our comfortable bubble and do some work. It feels great.

    I’m finding that some of my balking gay friends are listening, because it’s me. Because it’s personal, because they know me. Because I won’t insult them but respect their frustration. I’m not gay, but my brother was gay and lived through perilous times to be who he needed to be. My background is theater — I’ve been a part of the gay community my entire life. So I’m not combative — I give my reasons. I have two, very committed lesbian friends who supported Obama even though they had fully supported Hillary, and fall into this disappointment mode. I ask them, would McCain be better? I lay out what Obama has done. Celebrate it, then ask for more. Help us establish a beach head in progress and then push for more. I remind them that every time they disparage this President, they set back their cause. They can’t afford a Republican four years — the Supreme Court will be gone, even for their adopted children.

    To be honest, my South side Chicago lesbian friend didn’t like the ‘black guy’. Which I never let her get away with. I tell her that I want to be “best woman” at her wedding, and she gets there faster by supporting this President.

    I’ve already changed a few minds. I remember my brother, who died December 5, 2000, saying that if one progressive brought 5 votes to Democrats, we’d win. Every time.

    Celebrate success, then ask for more. Don’t negate the success, or we’ll lose this generational battle. Is it enough? No. Is it moving in the right direction? YES.

  43. It was stunning. He wasn’t just talking about the repugs, he was talking about the dems too. They are always saying, well the president needs to speak out on this. Why, so he can take slaps for you because you are too cowardly to stand up and do what you were elected to do. forget the repugs. We expect them to fight the president, but the dems are unwilling to do anything that might hurt their own reelections.

  44. I thought that at the end of the presser, when Peter J. and Chuckie were doing wind down, you could tell that Peter and Chuckie were pretty pleased with the president.

  45. I just saw a pro-Republican ad on Medicare on MSNBC (please — waste your money there. PLEASE).

    The best they could come up with was a quote by Ryan saying that seniors NOW are safe and for the next 10 years. The implication is that if you’re 55 and under, you’re screwed.

    They are counting on the few soundbites carrying the day. But a lot of seniors are paying more attention — the 2010 elections woke a few of them up.

  46. The tide turned today. This was not just another presser. This was the President showing them, again, who he is.

    Watch out.

  47. Brilliant, Jaw-Dropping Presser. The Professor-in Chief really schooled

    the unenlightened today. Or in other more succinct words “ASS meet your Kicker”…A more

    Shakespearian phrase I’ve never heard. Thanks for that BWD 🙂

    I get goosebumps just listening to the awesomeness of this man.

    And he keeps raising the damn BAR…..higher and higher. No wonder the dumbed-down

    press has to wear mental sneakers in order to catch up.

  48. As I said upthread, he does this.every.damn.time. Why his opponents haven’t learned speaks volumes about them.

  49. Oh, you’re very welcome! I have been frustrated there as well…lots of info, just not organized in a way that’s easy for me to grasp, I guess. This one is MUCH BETTER! Glad I stumbled on it for us…

  50. Gracias Emilina: medicare is the Kicker for old folks like me pushing 70’s I do understand and so my younger children and grandchildren.

  51. Hey BWD,

    Your phrase, “The Only Adult In The Room” *IS* really “catchin’ on!”

    “…On each issue, [President] Obama cast himself as THE ADULT IN THE ROOM and Congress as an irresponsible child — unwilling to sacrifice their desire to score political points for the good of the country.” ~ Chris Cillizza (W.Post ‘The Fix’)

    A few maybe “gettin’ it”…

    Ya think?! 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  52. Best presser ever — Interesting sky-is-falling take from Ezra Klein:

    Klein is bright but, like Rachel Maddow and Nate Silver, is totally lacking in wisdom and is too easily swayed by the noise around him. I would be surprised if the Republicans are truly willing to fall on their swords over this — we’ll see but I don’t think that Klein is right as, in the end, the Republicans do have Wall Street masters, who will trade off the corp jet write offs for the unimaginable financial losses that would be associated with a default.

  53. Timing is everything! When I read people wonder why PBO doesn’t come out for this or that issue…I know he is waiting for the right time. Then step back and watch out!

  54. As I’m sure many of you have noticed, overseasgranny and I get into little dialogues about what’s happening in Europe over the debtor states which are on the verge of insolvency and downright collapse. This is happening in rich, prosperous, supposedly “egalitarian” Europe, with the 4-week vacations and cradle to grave social security. But Europe caught what could be called “the Anglo-Saxon disease” of deregulating everything, and a lack of enforcement of the remaining regulations. So, for a couple of decades, people became very very rich, and it seemed like the party would go on forever, and the heavy hand of government was a thing of the past.

    There was an old saying in 19th century Europe: “When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold”. Replace “France” with “Goldman Sachs”, or any other too-big-to-fail entity, and you end up with where we are now. Except it isn’t a cold. In the first world of the EU and North America battle lines are being drawn. One would think that those who made the most off of the past 20 years’ binge would wake up and say “Ok, it’s been fun, but everything’s about to fall apart”. But they aren’t. They’re doubling down. They don’t just want to keep what they have, they want guarantees that they’ll get more. Because they deserve it. Because they drive the economy. Their needs come first, and if it means that the poor and middle classes can’t get decent educations, or a minimum of health care, then so be it. The ideology of unrestrained capitalism must be served. I thought that was a uniquely American point of view; the debt crisis in Europe has shown me that it’s the point of view of an international class of the wealthy that wants to preserve its lifestyle at the expense of everyone else.

    But, I think they’ve overplayed their hand. The 2010 election, and the imposition of austerity in Europe, were their high-water marks. For, as much as they try to subvert it, we’re still democracies, with the potential to change policy on a dime if the voters rise up. They’re rising up in Greece. There’s buyer’s remorse all over the US. There’s a chance here if we can seize it — not for a socialist paradise, but for a society that’s more fair, more just, where everyone is of worth, not just those who fly on corporate jets.

    I’m far from a believer in 2012; the world will wake up again after the Winter Solstice as it did before. But it’s not hyperbole to say that how the 2012 election goes will determine what kind of world we’ll have for the next 20 years. Yes, it’s that important.

  55. Amen

    One of the reasons i make so many web pages, gather twitter names or edit video is because as Faith said

    “at least once a day I will crawl out of our comfortable bubble and do some work. It feels great. ”

    So if anyone needs a video clip, don’t feel guilty for asking, it makes me feel wonderful.

    BTW – Tien Le you clip is FINALLY done. sorry for the delay, next time use the other email I sent or just call.

    I just love this place and my online family, what a wonderful day to celebrate together.

  56. I would like to compliment you on your “Democrats Need A Marriage Counselor”. That was an excellent piece of writing! I would encourage everyone to read this over at the People’s View….not to be missed.Thank you so much for your reasoned and rational approach. Maybe we can take heed in our passion, and do the same. Many thanks.

  57. Perfect in so many ways….He IS The Only Adult In The Room….almost ALL the time! Funny to see others writing it…or just now catching on:)

  58. Andrew’s defense was great but he forgot one….we signed onto a UN Declaration of Gay rights and that would NOT have happened under another president.

  59. as long as one is not prediposed to disliking him or not trusting him for some unfounded reasons, it seems impossible that any reasonable person can listen to this man and not feel that he is a great person and great president; so smart, so caring, so sensible and reasonable, and that we are in far better hands with him as President than any of the people who will be running against him. Those who are constantly criticizing him and twisting his words and intentions should be ashamed for their disingenuousness and selfishenss.

    I copied this from a blogger at the NYT. My sentiments exactly.

  60. Because his opponnents are busy roaming the country chasing big ass buses with half-term quitter governor-Palin, Birthers-Trump, and Wikipedia history revisionist fans-Bachmann. ****looking directly into your eyeballs-MSM****

  61. That’s a wonderful comment. So spot on. I looked at him today and my heart went out to him. So much goodness, so much wisdom, such a beautiful human being.

  62. I actually stayed on to listen to Chuck and Peter, because I was captivated by their tone of awe.

  63. Indeed – they work AT the White House, get a daily press briefing from the WH Spokesperson (oftentimes with quotes direct from the President), and are paid to simply educate the public on what’s happening at the White House. And they complain that the President is working, so he only fits them in for some TV time once a quarter. Crazy!

  64. LL. For what it’s worth, I like to hear what you and OSG have to say about all this. I have understood more from this post than was ever clear to me before. Thanks for IS important, in so many ways!

  65. Amen to that:) In my 9 Presidential lifetimes….he is our best hope for a just and better world. I love this man.

  66. This is an excellent article – please tweet this to get the word out. What these Republicans are doing, and how they have hoodwinked 40% of this country – it’s shameful and criminal.

    Booman makes mention that he’s always felt that those who support Repubs aren’t evil, they’re just misinformed. Well, now that we’ve discovered our power in Twitter, we need to reverse the misinformation. And help to cast a light on the negative stereotypes and stigma that have been the Repub currency to power for way too long. It’s just shameful.

  67. DesertFlower, I’m going to kick it up a notch pretty soon. Just when Europe is going to be on its ass for years because of what the banks have done and the regulators didn’t do, we are, with Climate Change, about to enter an era where the water wars and food wars take firm hold. You are about to see the biggest migration out of the Middle East and Africa that you can imagine, and happening just when Europe can least afford to deal with it. If we only had a leader with the foresight and ingenuity like Barak Obama over here! The dolts in office in almost every country can’t even imagine what tomorrow is going to be like, much less what is coming a few years down the road. If you have never voted in your life, you had better vote in 2012 and beyond.

  68. I was under the impression that the Repubs were bluffing over this debt ceiling thing, until I saw the letter they sent to Geithner with their “prioritization” and “interest only” proposal. Then, I realized that there are actually some Repubs who believe that we don’t have to raise the debt ceiling, and that nothing bad will happen. I blame the leaders of the Repub party for allowing the crazies to take over and dictate what they will stand for. These are people with no understanding of how government works, how debt works, how economics works, how the global fever can wipe out trillions of dollars just on the hint of crisis. They don’t understand how to govern, or consequences or their constitutional duty. They are so blinded by ideology – and it’s even scarier that they actually believe it.

    Geithner did an EXCELLENT job refuting their lies and misunderstandings with quotes from their own heroes, which may help them to hear what’s being said. But I’m now convinced that some of these Republicans are actually just 100% insane, and have no business being in positions of power. And they are harbingers of what we would face if a palin or Bachmann or Cain (or any of these spineless losers, actually) were to ever get near the White House as President.

    Thank heavens for President Obama.

  69. Okay, I HAD to turn off Cenk. What a jerk. I’m all for knowing what my opposition was saying, but when you try your damnedest to find fault with today’s presser, then you really are a troll.

  70. Cenk is a Reagan ass kisser, a closet Republican. He does more and more to help the President fail than Rush Limbaugh.

    Like Deaniac at TPV says, at least Rush Limbaugh has the balls to say that he wants Obama to fail.

    Also, Cenk’s ranting just shows how thin skinned he is. President Obama really got under the loony left’s skin, which is sweeeeeeeet! :mrgreen:

  71. Which is why Democrats have to create their own, truth-oriented noise.

    Steve Israel was effing brilliant on Dylan Ratigan earlier today. Great messaging, stayed on message even when the usual efforts were made to pull him off.

  72. The Republican knee-jerk response, doing what the ‘American people’ told them to do. They looked the craven, idea-challenged jackasses that they are.

    A landslide of Americans voted for the President we saw today. But by all means, let’s forget about them.

    There is NO WAY this President gets blamed if Republicans take us over the cliff.

  73. It’s becoming predictably hilarious — the way the press pushes the Republican flavor of the week. While this constant, focused, decent President pushes forward against obscene obstruction.

    Today, most brilliantly.

    We need a designated Rachel-watcher because I won’t allow DISH to log my clicker on her show. I would like to see if she spins like Cenk did earlier today.

  74. Wow. Just wow:

    “Republicans are ruining the quality of life for at least 50% of this country so the 1% whose quality of life couldn’t get any better have a little extra money to put into their offshore accounts.”

  75. Just like those “You Are Here” maps at the mall, when reading negative comments about Obama, I know where their heads are located. An ass kicker just might help dislodge some of them.

  76. My mom was like that, too, Lorraine. She’d talk to us in a way that made us ashamed of the thing we’d done, and we’d be wondering when she’d finish her lecture. My dad, OTOH, was the one who’d reach for that belt and give us a few well-placed whacks! I miss them both. The funny thing was that as I was growing up, I vowed to use neither method but ended up using them both. I turned out to be more like my mom, though. I’d lecture my daughter until she’d want to scream. When she became an adult, she thanked me for making her do the right thing.

  77. Don’t like the physical punishment talk. Break the chain. It does not have to continue from generation to generation. It’s harmful, no matter the denial, in about 1000 ways.

  78. Frankly, I understand Ezra’s fear. These are the most frightening people to pollute the halls of Congress in over 100 years. They ARE capable of this. They ARE capable of watching the world economy plummet, only looking for slogans to blame Obama.

    Remember, they take no responsibility for the Bush years that led to this morass. They are running ads blaming Obama for a 25% increase in unemployment, because he inherited this mess from Bush and yes, the deregulation that Clinton signed on to in the late ’90’s. They. Are. Sociopaths. And there are many of them in the United States Congress.

    There is a whole generation that has no idea that people of both parties used to take governance seriously.

    There was an interesting Marist poll today that showed the vast majority of Americans still blaming Bush and Wall St. for the economy. Congress, third and Obama a far fourth, at 8%.

    We have to be mindful of polls that over-emphasize tea party sociopaths. And be ever mindful of the short attention span of Americans and NEVER coast.

  79. And let’s be ever-mindful of not letting our crazies take over, either.

    No, Ralph Nader, you will not be able to abolish corporations, that have existed since the late 1700’s.

    I want my government returned to more sane, progressive policies — the ones I grew up believing in in the 50’s and 60’s. But these extremists, on both sides, must be marginalized if we are going to return to sanity.

  80. He was really scrambling today to make the President look bad. It was clear, if it wasn’t clear up to now, that he is out to ruin this Presidency and that is his overarching goal.

    Chris Matthews on the other hand sounded like all of us here today — this was a game changer today.

  81. Thanks, northanger!

    It will be the ONLY Ed Show I’ve watched in over a year.

  82. They’re in one week, they’re out one week,” said Obama of Congress. “And then they’re saying Obama needs to step in. I’ve been here.” Sweet job those house members have. And taxpayers are paying them dearly for the privilege of saying “no” to the man the people put in. We voted for him for a very important reason. We want to bring progress and success back to this nation. You don get it by doing nothing. Kick ’em out! Kick all those whose vocabulary is limited to “no”. The people will come out yelling and screaming. Obama 2012!

  83. You got me to counting: I’ve been through 12 Presidents!

    And I’ve never seen a more progressive President than this one.

    I love this man.

  84. Interesting how they forget Obama’s mandate and only focus on the lies that got them elected in 2010.

    They do say that Boehner is the laziest man in Congress.

  85. Vote and petition, vote and petition, vote and petition. March, yell and give them hell. Take it to Washington and call all those teapartiers out. Come out, come out, wherever you are and face the angry people or do they have guts!

  86. I can’t find the article, but I did read one that said Cuomo worked quietly behind the scenes for ssm. Who knows, maybe PBO is doing the same?

    Anyhow, here’s a video from U.S. Senators:

    A Message of Hope from the United States Senate

  87. Things may be about to change on climate change? Do you mean the climate, itself, or legislation?

    Sorry to ask for clarification but most everything seems to be flying right over my head today.

  88. Ten years ago my husband said that in years to come, wars will not be fought over oil, but will be fought over water. I hope both you and he are wrong. 😦

  89. I gave her an occasional pop on the hand or swat on the behind, and it didn’t hurt her. I’d never spank or whip any kid the way my parents did myself and my brothers because I don’t think it’s necessary.

  90. Oh ye of cryptic comments!

    ok, gimme a hint… does it have to do with random hacks of kindness?
    (yes, I checked out your blog)

  91. I totally agree with Sullivan. Marriage is a state issue; until the Supreme Court steps in to say that state laws that bar gay marriage are unconstitutional, the federal government, DOMA notwithstanding, can do absolutely nothing to change this reality.

    The President is wise to keep doing things that are under his authority to advance the rights of gays. I also think that he is wise not to interject himself in what is going on in different states with regard to gay marriages. I’ve said this before, and I will say it again, the President saying out loudly that he is for gay marriage will not make states like Mississippi, Texas, Idaho, etc., allow gays to legally marry. I understand that it would be a great symbolism for gay rights. But it could also backfire in sates where they hate the President with a passion.

    For me, action speaks louder than words. The fact that the President has taken numerous steps to advance the rights of gay couples, including his directive that the Justice Department stop defending the constitutionality of DOMA, tells me all I want to know about the President’s position on gay civil marriages. By the way, all marriages are civil marriages, even though the vast majority people also choose to invest their marriages with religious meaning. I understand that there are churches ready and willing to give religious sanctions to gay marriages. So, basically the issue is whether those churches will be granted authority, by the various states, to allow religious gays to be married and thus be accorded the same civil union rights granted to heterosexuals.

  92. She was actually supportive of the President and his ass kicking (my words) at the press conference; to me, she’s been much more serious and not so goofy. I think all our tweets and emails really got to her 🙂

  93. BWD – all of this posting is just AWESOME!! What I absolutely LOVE about this President is that while the left wring their hands and get frustrated, while the right stamp their feet and call him names, he just calmly goes about doing his job and waits and then……powee!

    Is he awesome or what?

  94. Hehehehe….I am so loving BWD avatar……Like the rope-dope

    ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

    it was TKO indeed

  95. Uh, just went to check the website. It’s ‘not responding’. Has it crashed?

  96. Oh, please tell all. I can sure use some hope. With a possible 9 meter rise in sea levels which would destroy most of Ireland’s larger cities by 2100, I could sure use some good news for a change.

  97. I hope he has access to what is being discussed.. I personally am angry with the nonsense said about the PResident.. so I hope he has a good barometer of the discourse.. he is right on when he gets angry, and he knows how to handle it. Thank God he doesn’t fly off the handle or get too petty.. HE continues toimpressme, as he has from day 1.

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