Heads-Up: President Obama Speaks In Iowa

at 2:05 PM ET here.



OFA money-bomb continues here.


PBO gave an interview to Joe Madison this morning. You can listen here.


Seem like Americans mostly agree with PBO’s decision about Afghanistan.



6 thoughts on “Heads-Up: President Obama Speaks In Iowa

  1. Good morning BWD and wonderful TOAITR family. I am in LA with my Repub family. We don’t talk politics. So I come here to keep my sanity. I am sorry I won’t get to hear the President. Keep up the great work everyone.

  2. PBO is realy good with babies, come on all moms a must VOTE for him he will be terrific
    for our future generation, and small donors if you have some more change let’s go all in.
    Thank you BWD for the update.

  3. Hi mtmarilyn. I hope you will be fine with your family. Enjoy yourself in your space. We will miss you, but hopefully you will be able to hear the speeches when you return.

  4. How can you not be supportive of a man that can carry so much weight of the office and the world on his shoulders, be upbeat, and against so much phony obstructionism, keep working.. and making progress FORWARD. We are an impatient people, and we are spoiled and don’t appreciate what we have in the USA.. and we are sitting back on old laurels , but we need to regroup, re-evaluate and look to the future using the President’s uncanny vision. Obama 2012.

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