56 thoughts on “The Beautiful Ones

  1. Hello everyone πŸ™‚ These certainly are some pretty snapshots, and everyone look so cheerful, nice pictures πŸ™‚

  2. Soccer. Über-Hot men running for 90 commercial-free minutes.

    What’s not to love???

    Oh, and I’d like to point out that MY LA GALAXY handed the above team, the Colorado Rapids, their proverbial ASS less than two weeks ago…..

    ….just sayin.

    ❀ ❀ ❀

  3. It should’ve been the Galaxy in that room. But, of course, they CHOKED in losing to FC Dallas in the semis. I was not a happy man that day.

  4. Love those “On Board” videos of the First Lady’s trip to Africa. She’s not getting much coverage from the American media. Are we surprised?

  5. The only good part was not having to freeze my ass off in Toronto for the final (although I WOULD HAVE.) Who scheduled that anyway??? Open stadium ON THE LAKE???? whaaaaaaaa?

  6. Actually, her trip was covered every night by the big 3 nightly news programs. They were very positive.

  7. I don’t evev know what sport these guys play, LOL! Now, when my Yanks (don’t judge me :)) get to the WH…

    Tally, this is ridiculously OT, but I love your haircut and name. If I had had a daughter, Tally was on the short list of fav names.

    Even if the media did not adequately cover MO’s trip (they would have if it had been Mrs Bush), MY heart was full through my vicarious partipation on the pragmatic blogs.

  8. Eh, they’re footballers. They should be able to play in every type of condition. As a fan all I would’ve needed was a good match, hot food, and cold beer — and a parka.

    What I’m not looking forward to is Man U playing the MLS All Stars in July. “Yeah, let’s get our asses kicked AGAIN. Wheeee!” At least bring my team Chelsea over; then I’d enjoy it.

  9. What a lovely compliment! Thank you! (And it’s not short for anything!)

    They play futbΓ³l/soccer – the most popular sport (both watched and participated in) on the planet.


  10. Yes I must say that David guy over at ABC practically gushed all week over Michelle Obama’s trip.

  11. Yes he was gushing, and even though they all did interviews with FLOTUS, his was the best.

  12. And we must, must, must remember that the viewership for the network news DWARFS that of cable. This is where people get information, that and local news. If the coverage is truly “fair and balanced”, then we come out ahead.

  13. Agreed LL. Seniors and younger people who are looking for a quick update watch the network and local new. They are usually more fair in their reporting and tend to do stories about the first lady’s trip.

  14. Really, we have to look at cable news as we look at any cable channel: it’s niche marketing. Fox caters to the Teahadists; MSNBC vacillates between catering to the emoprogs and the more rational liberals; CNN, God bless it, has no idea what it’s doing, but it’ll keep on doing it! If you want a zillion “documentaries” on the onrushing 2012 Apocalypse, then you go to History and History International; likewise, if you’re of a somewhat emotional political state, you go to Fox or MSNBC. But they’re nothing more than niche programming, as evidenced by their viewership numbers.

  15. Ever since watching The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO, I’ve wanted to visit Botswana.

    Yep, a shallow post is all I’ve got.

  16. Just got off the phone getting more training as a community organizer and feeling so good about the progress we are making and the help we are getting. Then I opened this site and got to enjoy the wonderful video clips and photos. Its a beautiful evening … at least until our next storm arrives later. Wish we could send some of this rain to the drought stricken areas. Now that would really be collaboration.

  17. Well, we’ll see what happens in the courts. Basically Frank McCourt went this route in a last-ditch effort to keep the team in his hands. It was pretty much a given that Bud Selig was going to take away the team from him this week. However, according to MLB’s constitution, putting a team into bankruptcy allows the commissioner to seize it from the owner; what McCourt hopes is that it gets tied up in court and he manages to secure funding to save his ownership. It’s absolutely selfish on his part.

  18. Our local news media reported on FLOTUS, and I was very please, This Flotus is the most caring.smart, warm, with a big hart she is special and she is our secret weapon for the campaing, so just stay calm people let’s not be distracted by pety assholes.

  19. I wish I could join myself , by I am pushing 70’s and I have Multiple Sclerosis,but all my children and family help a lot we do it with $$$$ and calling our friends and neighbors.

  20. you been here and giving your voice of support is just as good in my book.

  21. Didn’t see it on TV but the books are very good. They make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

  22. OSG thanks for that great post…


    TeaPublicans and their ilk “don’t mess with” PBHO…

    Checkmate!!! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  23. I couldn’t bring myself to watch Rachel Maddow. Does anyone know if she apologized?

  24. For those interested in the pursuit of freedom by the people of Libya:

    dragonlance 3 hours ago

    Daffis picture now on wanted pages.

    Being fitted for new stripped clothes.

    Siafs neck size interests more.

    In the east a city of walking dead. Their choise. Uglies work through the night.

    Eastern army moves on several fronts beyond the medias eyes.

    Two armies join hand in hand as reach across the desert sands.

    Lions extend the hunting grounds and a city decides in fear. Before the waning light of coming day a battalion will fail.

    Gold cannot move on camels feet. Daffi looses more this day.

    Berbers feed three armies now and ill winds from the west.

    A new unseen army moves to strengthen coastal ways.

    Too many little boats there are but ground is found for them.

    Many flee the wrath to come.

    A circle now complete and chess game near the end.

    More weapons arrive at night in ally ways of freedom.

    Daffi your clan betrays you now to save their horrible skin.

    Security most will run soon. And then who will answer your call

    All who do will die.

    Pretty boy in hotel is of interest to some.

    Assines come and in numbers.

    Mountain corridors flow strong. Many arms from many places. Medicine and food too.

    A very special dragon assigned now to those on wanted poster.

    Fear the light Daffi. Fear the light.

    Before the light breaks into day what do the the old ways bring.

    Scouts and hunters far closer then you realize.

    Mercs who flee do not make it to border.

    New tribe now hunts.

    No longer friens have your gold.

    Now nowhere to flee.

    Link: http://english.aljazeera.net/indepth/interactive/2011/06/201161962512617429.html#comment-236404905

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  25. Also, important to note that had it not been for President Obama’s leadership, 10s of thousands of Libyans would be in mass graves, if buried at all, and the world would have likely not known or paid attention.

    Remember, folks, this is the guy who did – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan_Am_Flight_103 – and many many other acts of brutal murder throughout the world as well as in Libya.

    We shall never forget.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  26. I watched the beginning and she did not apologize so I did not watch further. She seemed to be lining up to take shots at the Republicans for their bad behavior on the debt ceiling limits talks so at least she was not giving top priority to the NY state debate on same sex marriage. But I had made up my mind that I would not watch her show if she did not open with an apology so I hit the clicker after about 90 seconds into her show and found more interesting things to do.

    I have noticed that Nate Silver has become almost as bad as Rachel Maddow only his medium of choice is twitter. He has written an article comparing and contrasting Cuomo’s and Obama’s leadership style in which he finds Obama to be sorely lacking in positive qualities and Cuomo to be the master pol. Iglesias rebutted Silver’s piece by pointing out that the super-majority requirement in the US Senate made his comparison on apples-to-oranges comparison. Then Silver doubled down with another stupid piece — the stupid child who will not admit his errors. You can find Silver’s moronic arguments by following him on twitter at @fivethirtyeight. He’s another media figure like Chuck Todd who got elevated way beyond his capabilities. He was a numbers guy — good on elaborate numbers-based extrapolations in the political world — but with no credentials that I can see for this new license to act as a political pundit. I mention him because push back is in order and he can be easily reached through twitter.

  27. When all of the frustrati, who know exactly how to achieve leftwing policies, both within the media and outside of it, prove their capability by putting together a viable campaign, raising the appropriate funds to put it into action, running it competently, and getting themselves elected into an actual political position, then I might possibly believe they know something about getting progressive results. Until that time, all their ragings in the hinterland are just tales “told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

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