“It’s almost like they just want to cheer and feel good about themselves rather than have good legislation pass”

John Cole:


Cuomo and the NY politicians were very carefully advancing the issue in a delicate manner, allowing this to be a vote of conscience for the Senators, free from the usual heightened levels of partisan rancor. Things were proceeding nicely, everything pointed to a win for gay rights the next night, and Obama didn’t need to do anything to “lead.” In fact, if Obama had gone up there and delivered what these clowns wanted, and gave a rousing speech claiming he had changed his mind, it would have done nothing but blown up the current negotiations. How many Republicans who were supporting the vote would have backed away, simply because Republicans could not give Obama a “win.” The vote of conscience would be gone, and it would become a partisan battle and the vote would probably have failed.

I swear, it is almost like these idiots don’t understand politics, don’t understand risk and reward, and do not understand strategic thinking. The vote was going to pass- why would Obama do anything to insert himself into the issue and possibly blow things up? Hell, I was worried that just him appearing at the fundraiser would blow things up.

It’s almost like they just want to cheer and feel good about themselves rather than have good legislation pass.




111 thoughts on ““It’s almost like they just want to cheer and feel good about themselves rather than have good legislation pass”

  1. I had no idea Katie left. What’s her next role going to be?

    BTW, could we just start ignore the tantrum throwers? They’re not happy unless they’re throwing a tantrum about something. Let’s just ignore them. They’ll thrash themselves out.

  2. I’m going to miss Katie Johnson. She was a good little worker. I’m sure the Pres will too.

  3. Press Secretary Jay Carney briefing the jackals right now. Giving an update on the meeting President Obama had this morning on the budget and debt limit.

  4. I had no idea Katie left. What’s her next role going to be?

    “About a half-dozen staffers will begin at the premier law school this fall, bringing a rare skill set, a golden Rolodex and tales of the corridors of power to Harvard Yard. The exodus of the younger White House staffers marks the first major departure of junior aides in the Obama administration.

    Among those leaving are Katie Johnson, who until last week served as Obama’s personal secretary….”

  5. I have to say:

    As someone who has taught at a liberal arts college for 25 years (oh my…), I must say that our President is someone who understands effective pedagogy and where “teaching moments” are located in political strategizing:

    It is remarkable that a public figure lets everyone in on thinking through an issue as opposed to simply stating a position. When the Presidnet says that his thinking is “evolving,” I wonder how many people listen and say: “Well, let me think about where I am on this marriage issue? Exactly why am I opposed? Is there another way to think about this?

    Let me think…

    The President is exhibiting an honesty that we say we want in our public figures, but when we get it, don’t quite know what to do with it.

    I don’t get it. Supposedly it is tolerance for “uncertainty,” for intellectual and moral struggle that differentiates progressives from conservatives.

    BTW: If I hear “the base” reduced to the 23 people who attend netroots conventions, I will scream.

    Good Afternoon, Everyone!


    P.S.: I am not naive: I do appreciate that a “middle” position is also a political strategy. So be it. Why not also turn it into a teaching moment??

  6. The problem is that Obama has no true Democrat in the media. If you watch Keith, Rachel and Shultz, they spend half of their time attacking Obama. By the way, I didn’t mention Cenk because I see him as a phony progressive just like Arianna.

  7. I like Coles blog site but the problem is he is a big fan of Greenwald. Greenwald is a professional leftie who likes nothing better than to constantly bashing Obama for whatever he can think of for no good reason.

    So Cole tends to concern troll about Obama. Cole also has a disturbing habit of being Libertarian curious (another Greenwald trait). The guy also voted for the texas dummy…..twice. So how can you trust the opinion of someone like that?!

  8. “I swear, it is almost like these idiots don’t understand politics, don’t understand risk and reward, and do not understand strategic thinking.”


    They like to joke and call it the president’s “11 Dimensional Chess,” but in reality it’s this administration’s political savvy and cunning, something the PL fools sorely lack.

  9. I just heard on the bloomberg channel- the president has drawn a line in the sand on revenue increases.
    I winder how the pl will spin that one?

  10. Fred, Cole is thousand times better than those who claimed to have ‘donated/campaigned/voted/ate fire” for obama crowd in pl sites any day. He and gee gee boy have had funny public spats.

  11. Why are we not seeing anything on the blogs about the warrant for Gaddafi? Not that anyone is going to arrest him, but symbolically it means a lot. I have been seeing constant complaints by so many about our involvement in Libya, but now, crickets. The man is accused of human rights violations, this should be enough to show PBO has done the right thing.

  12. The line where? That there will be revenue increases? Has to be revenue increases? Hopefully the plan is to back to the Ryan Budget framing and make the case that the GOP wants to cut medicare and give tax cuts to the rich – Dems want to keep medicare as (with improvements) and pay for it by raising taxes on rich and by cutting loopholes and big oil giveaways.

  13. Like I said, he is a big fan of Greenwald who is just the sort of “thousand times” worse pl’er you speak of. He can’t help but to have some of that rub off on him and you see it in his occasional Obama concern trolls.

    Besides all that, I just can’t get past someone who voted for Bush twice and thinks some Libertarians have good ideas. Both those are non-starters for me so consider me solidly not a Cole fan.

  14. Yup. With this lgbt hysteric drama from the pl, ryan’s curse and medicare and more such important issues have receded in the rear view mirror. ***k’em all.

  15. That’s how I finally pulled myself off DK as well. The commenters at BJ are a great mix and funny as hell.

    I only post at DK elections subsite now because I am election junkie.

  16. You can say that, again…

    And, if there’re elected officials, especially TeaPublicans and PBHO backstabbers, LET’S VOTE ‘EM OUT!!! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  17. It was anice article by John Cole.I hope the PL read it, PBO did not have to say anything about it at the LGBT, because he new what was going down it worked out just fine.
    Please Stop worrieng abou KP, Shultz. Maddow and the PL do not watch them or pay much attention, let’s stay focus on the facts Obama will do just fine.

  18. Hopefully Kooky Kuchinich will drop that frivolous lawsuit against the President regarding Libya, because it essentially will show that Kucinich is for Gadaffi when President Obama wants Gadaffi gone, not that Kucinich will possess the brains or IQ to reach that conclusion.

  19. Have you seen this post by Karoli? She takes it to the PL beautifully on gay rights, wars, Guantanamo, Libya and tax cuts.

    I Obot?

    It’s time to address this once and for all. Here are a couple of things about me that you can count on. First, when I criticize the President, I endeavor to do so in a constructive way. Second, I will give this administration the benefit of the doubt. Third, there is never going to be a time where I will grunt and say that Obama is just like Bush. This is because that would be a lie of the highest magnitude.

    I understand that it’s all the rage these days to take anger at Republican obstruction and project it onto the President. I also understand that it’s all the rage, and I do mean rage, to take disappointment that he hasn’t moved whatever heaven and earth he should have moved for your personal pet issues quickly enough.


  20. I used to be an occasional visitor at bj, now, after bwd, that’s the go to place for me. The comment mix there is great. And FP’ers are not much into 24×7 emo.


    In a statement OFA fired back,

    “Congresswoman Bachmann talks about reclaiming the American Dream but her policies would erode the path to prosperity for middle class families. She voted for a
    budget plan that would extend tax cuts for the richest Americans on the backs of seniors and the middle class while ending Medicare as we know it. Congresswoman Bachmann introduced legislation to repeal Wall Street oversight – risking a repeat of the financial crisis — and while she voted to preserve subsidies for oil and gas companies she opposes making the investments necessary to enhance America’s competitiveness and create the jobs of the future.”

    Short, sweet and to the point. Michele Bachmann may be a tea party darling and she is beloved by the hard right, but she would be surgically dissected by the Obama team in a fall campaign. Her voting record is chocked full of goodies that are 30-60 second attacks ads waiting to happen.

    Oh that voting record:


  22. Sadly he won’t drop the law suit and all of the house dems who voted against Obama and in support of Gadaffi should publicly apologize but they won’t.

  23. So they’re allies of Gaddaffi then. It is what it is, and they accuse Obama of being the war criminal, when they are the ones siding with a war criminal against the President, and the left wonders why they are not taken seriously.

  24. That is a serious problem. Obama has no allies in the media and Dems/pundits only get invited on shows if they trash Obama. We really need a pro-Dem party network like CNN was for Clinton in the 90s. MSNBC is not pro-Dem Party. They are leftists. Big difference.

  25. They still have to cut the verbiage. She voted for tax-cuts for rich, she voted against seniors, she voted against jobs for americans. Any sentence over 6 to 7 words long is too long.

  26. Had to post this interesting and flattering comment from WSY the commentor is JoRaze. Your morning schadenfraude: DKos’ hits for the past year. The haven’t logged 1M hits per month since last July. Down 15% in visits. They even lost 200K hits in the last 3 months alone. Meanwhile Obama Diary, BlackWaterDog and The People’s View are hopping and on the rise; and of course, WSY, which gets over 100 comments on the morning and evening thread. Add this to the fact that PBO has gotten more donors so far than the last campaign and we’re up to a good start. The pragmati ain’t studying these folk at all.


  27. We must keep fighting its working. stay true to who we are over here and TOD and else where we can win the messages war.

  28. I wonder what is Luis Gutierrez’s reaction to executive action finally happening.

    I have emailed presente.org regarding this credible news article. Let’s see if they respond.

  29. Greenwald is worse than that: he will twist facts and sometimes make them completely up in order to support his bias. He is dishonest and has lost all of my respect.

  30. That is exactly what I have been saying. Spot on assessment. I bet it will be a pretty sight to see her squirm. Bring it on birthers!

  31. 3 years is too damn little for that asshole if you ask me but it is a prefect example of the two justice systems in our society.

  32. I love it that I have AdBlock now, so that on the very, very rare occasions when I do go over there I don’t have to see the ads that support the site. Delicious.

  33. tulips, the link is not working for me. fyi

    Well, that is about as good of a news as it can get about gos. Thanks for sharing.

  34. I woke up to that news. Everything started going downhill after Fox bought the team and owned it for 7 years. McCourt was good for a bit, but now he’s been using it as his piggy bank. Sad state of affairs for one of the oldest franchises in American sports.

  35. People, read this piece (the articles above it are good, too). But the Cantor story is chilling.

    Did Chuck Todd give him a snide comment like he gave the Obamas about investing in their country through treasury bills, as the reason for wanting the debt limit increase.

    Crickets. You bastards.

  36. you know i copied it from the comment i tried also and it did not work i will go back to ask the commentor.

  37. KOOKY kUCHINIC is crazy is he protecting Gaddafy? IT SEEMS LIKE IT, obama knows what’s going down I trust my President.

  38. Blagojevich guilty on all counts except one attempted extortion count and two they couldn’t agree on.

    As a Chicagoan, Blago is weird, yes, and made enemies of some very powerful people. But everything he got for the state was in the state’s best interests: a wonderful CHIP program that even insures the moms, and other issues.

    I think I’m upset about it. No such standard would ever be applied to a Republican. And unlike Blago’s Republican predecessor, no one died because of his crimes. And today the Supreme Court decides that it would infringe on ‘free speech’ if a drug company had to put warnings on their generic drugs. They have all the free speech and we get nothing. But by all means spend taxpayer dollars prosecuting Blagojevich. This is all terribly chilling.

    When you purchase a product, it’s a contract. A contract that the product will perform as expected, in a safe manner. This Supreme Court is destroying that contract. And we have to fight with whiny liberals?

    I think I’m really terrified right now.

  39. That there is a thing of beauty. Lost over half their audience in one year. So how’s that Obama bashing working for ya, Markos?

  40. UN political official said:

    “While we do not have a detailed understanding of the military situation on the ground, it is clear that the initiative, although halting, is now with the opposition forces, supported at times by NATO air power,” UN under secretary-general for political affairs Lynn Pascoe told the UN Security Council.

    Al Jazeera-

  41. Its also show the work and message we are doing is effective. BWD, Chipstick, TIMT,Rootless, Deaniac83, rikyha, Greenlady, we pushed backed and now we see we can be effective.

  42. Blago may have started some good programs but he took money out of hubby’s pension to pay for it. He can rot in prison for all I care.

  43. Yes, Blago did some good things, but a lot of it was done by executive order, bypassing the state legislature. I, like a lot of people, got upset when Bush did it. I would be hypocritical if I didn’t get upset about Blago doing it.

  44. Not to mention that Blago is an insane nutball with a crazy hairdo. He’s almost a carbon copy of Donald Trump!

  45. Wow, DK’s traffic has really plummeted no wonder kos combined DK with Swing State Project, to increase site traffic. If only Black Kos and the other reasonable communities would leave DK, that site would turn into the ghost town they deserve to be.

  46. I don’t know if any of you have seen this, but I’m seeing RED. The billboards are calling President Obama a Republican. Now, I wonder who is behind this?


    These buses are going through mostly predominately black neighborhoods and downtown areas were many people work for the government and commute from VA and MD.

  47. Now, I wonder who is behind this?

    Ans: Dr. Cornel West
    member of the steering committee

  48. Oh, yeah. Thanks, LL and Tulips. Karma is a bi**h. My grandmother used to tell us if you sleep next to the dogs, you wake up with fleas in your ears.

  49. And the response of the people in those neighborhoods will be “Cornell Who?”

    Again, where is the knight in slightly tarnished armor who will come to rescue “true” progressives? Crickets. Dr. West needs to go back to his day job at Princeton and stop pathetically trying to be a king-maker.

  50. He was universally hated by Republicans and Democrats. Mike Madigan is a force to be reckoned with, and Blago did it badly. He wouldn’t work with anyone. Not as if he’s new to Illinois politics. I’m not defending him. I do think Democrats are held to different standards than Republicans (although the last Republican governor is sitting in the slammer and people died indirectly because of his crimes).

  51. Literally? Or figuratively? Is she or some group she’s attached to actually running ads like this?

  52. And in case we forget who important it is to vote for Obama and a robust Democratic Congress in 2012:

    Supreme Court just struck down an Arizona law about public financing. 5/4

    generic drug companies can’t be sued if they don’t print warnings on drugs and people get hurt or die: 5/4

    There is no talking to these people — it will all be Obama’s fault if he loses because he wasn’t deferential enough to them. They are not capable of realizing the damage they do.

  53. That may be the most despicable thing I’ve heard. She is taking money that could help elect a majority and is trying to turn black people away from President Obama.

    I have no words.

  54. So right – the right to decide the Supreme Court nominees over the next five years will be the most important battles facing this country for the foreseeable future. Republicans know this, but the Prof Left are more interested in paying for billboards calling President Obama a “Republican”. He’ll be just fine if they succeed in “teaching him a lesson”, but the rest of the country won’t be.

  55. no worries Sabreen60. They could put up billboards with flashing neon lights on every block in DC and all around the country and it will never have the effect they expect. Putting up billboards calling PO a Republican is nothing. Minorities are taking mental notes of the way PO is treated by folks on both sides and of the names used to call the President everything but a child of God. The name calling only serves to make AAs more determined to have PO’s back especially when a blind man can see that the disrespect has nothing to do with policy. The more folks disrespect him, talk smack about him, try to undermine him. . . the more black folks will support him.

    Those billboards will ensure more folks vote in 2012 for our President. I hope they continue putting them up. It will deplete the GOP funding and will increase minority votes. Win – win for our side.

  56. Like they’ve done before, maybe, some of the state Republicans will vote against him…


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  57. And Republicans are stopping this President from filling vacancies in the courts. Bush packed the courts with nothing but political hacks and Obama is powerless to do what has always been the purview of a President. It’s despicable.

    So when Hamsher and her ilk think we’re no better off, she is not only a traitor to her cause, but to the health of the country. By the time a Republican president got his hands on the next four years, everything will be gone. Everything. And you know what? She’d still be blaming Obama!

    Republicans earned their purity by precisely NOT doing what the PL does. I only wish they had. I only wish Pat Robertson had refused to support Reagan because he didn’t make abortion a felony by 1982. No, they voted and voted and pushed their party closer and closer to the right wing fringe. One election at a time. They made Reagan’s beliefs Holy, while ignoring much of his actual record. And Reagan had it easy — Democrats and Republicans worked together in those days. But the Left has to blame Obama when he’s been up against the damn near corrupt obstruction of unimagined magnitude. Unbelievable.

  58. She’s a Republican, like Arianna (Huff Puff),…Right?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More,, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  59. took a look at the link after I posted and it shows that this is supposed to be led by the Democratic Progressive base. . . I am not falling for that one.

    I think it is being funded by the GOP base. either way. . . a waste of money and serves the same purpose (pushing black folk to vote).

  60. This confirms it for me. The frustrai want a Republican in the White House. It is the only way they can feel relevant again. That way, NONE of their issues will be addressed but they can sustain themselves by fighting for their progressive causes and the elusive progressive president that they will never get. Seriously, they must be nostalgic for the days of the Bush administration.

    I am convinced that the more things President Obama gets accomplished the more whining we will get from the frustrai. I guess they they think the appointment of Justices Sotomayor and Kagan was no big deal.

  61. These ignoramus forget PBHO and FLMO are out in the community, off & on, on a regular basis!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  62. Exactly, Snoopy. Of the things that concern me this doesn’t even register. It’s annoying and disrespectful, but in the end it’s only a huge waste of money for Hamsher.

  63. Hey LiberalLibrarian, in reference to your comment about ” a hug” from the President, II just wrote this on the obamadiary.com:

    Why do I feel a tinge of jealous when I look at that picture of Katie Johnson and President Obama. Well, it’s NOT that it is an “intimate” embrace—on the contrary. I believe I feel this way because the photo comes across as so sincere, so heartfelt, so caring. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get a hug like that from our President? 😉

  64. Well many “progressives” who puport to be “Democrats” are Republicans – like Hamsher, Cenk, Kos, Schultz, etc,., etc…

  65. exactly hopefruit2. That is what I see when I look the folks you mentioned. Repubs all.

  66. I visited the website responsible http://www.epicstep.com/about/

    Reading their Bio:
    Lev is on the fence
    Eugene is a Republican
    Gene is a lefty

    What is EpicStep?
    EpicStep is a platform for creating and funding billboards for the messages you care about. It’s a place where like-minded people unite to make their voices heard via giant billboards for all to see. Billboards are expensive. By splitting the cost amongst multiple supporters, individuals can contribute what they can afford and still make a huge impact.


  67. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/168629-white-house-shifts-from-including-bush-tax-rates-in-debt-talks-

    “President Obama, seeking a Republican agreement to raise the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by Aug 2, will not insist that any deal include an end of President Bush’s controversial tax rates on the wealthy.

    Obama’s tactics are coming into clearer focus: they involve seeking higher taxes not on a broad swath of high income earners but on a narrower band of the super rich, such as owners of private jets. This means that those who earn $250,000 have got a reprieve.

    The White House said Monday that the president is pushing the GOP to agree to eliminate some tax breaks and for businesses and loopholes for wealthier taxpayers, but is not trying to eliminate the across-the-board rates introduced by President Bush.

    Obama still wants to scrap those rates, but with time running out on the debt-ceiling talks, he is making it clear Monday that he has a new range of targets. ”

    Gee, if I’d believed Keith Olbermann I would have thought that Obama had TOTALLY CAVED FOREVER on ending the Bush tax cuts. Luckily I took time I don’t have to actually research the WH’s position. Wish I could have relied on a lefty pundit to tell me the truth. Sigh.

  68. Rolling eyes……………Lot’s of *itching and griping today on BWD. Everyone complaining about what is going on in the PL, Teathug, and Loony Dem world. Is anyone working on the campaign trail? KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!! Obama/Biden 2012!!!

  69. Why are you all having this DEFEATEST attitude? We haven’t lost the Whitehouse yet. Do you see President Obama caving and calling it quits. *UCK these PL pundits. You people are participating as part of the problem. Stop all this obsession with the FAKE PROGRESSIVE PUNDITS. It is almost as if it is a PRIMARY run the PBO must make without an actuall opponent. I come here to get away from all the WHINING like on OFA. GEEEZ. Let me go to the Obama Diary and see if I can get some relief.

  70. YES.WE.CAN! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    YES.WE.CAN…Move American Forward & Win The Future!
    YES.WE.CAN, Again Make History…Obama/Biden 2012!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  71. Tulips thanks for that fantastic news…

    Now, if only there was a vid clip of Beyonce’s endorsement of PBHO, that would be AWESOME! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  72. Hear, hear! Please somebody listen. We must be driving BWD nuts with all the carping. What a waste of energy. The msm. rethugs, pl and teapotty nuts ain’t about to change but we can. We can fill this blog with the subshine of truth nourishing for all who come here looking for positive news ands validation while working to educate anyone we encounter who really want to learn WTF our amazing President has accomplished so far.

  73. It’s a firedoglake ratf*ck. The story of this “new progressive alliance” is that it’s comprised of fdl community members and is in desperate search of a kamakaze primary challenger to President Obama who would lose the primary and then go on to conduct a spoiler third party run during the general elections. They put out an ad in craigslist (!!) soliciting support for this ridiculous plan. As far as I’m concerned, those bus ads and this so-called “progressive” alliance are GOP enablers.

    And yes, Cornel “I rant about oligarchs but celebrate my birthday at the Hong Kong Ritz Carlton with a local chamber of commerce official” West is involved too.

    Where they got the money to run six bus ads is anyone’s guess, and my guess would be GOP deep pockets. Absolute disgrace. This type of nonsense is precisely why the netroots has flown over the cliff from having a positive impact to being a repository of lunacy, giving media megaphones to idiots and crazies.

  74. Those crashing numbers are great news — I guess I should stop my daily checking in to remove 1 more visitor from the 590K monthly total. I click on very few stories and almost never waste my time commenting but continue to have an interest in seeing how they are twisting and misrepresenting things just to know what we are up against.

  75. Yup – none of them ever changed those Republican spots despite their pretenses . . Amazing that some people who are actually Dems line up with and follow those creeps

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