“President Obama Wants to Scrap $72 Billion Corporate Tax Break as Republicans Balk” (Updated with new Souza stuff)

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First, our money-bomb week is in full force: here and here.


Today’s schedule:

9:50 AM PBO receives the presidential daily briefing.

10:30 AM PBO and VPB meet with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

12:30 PM Carney briefs the press.

1:35 PM PBO welcomes the MLS champion Colorado Rapids to the White House.
5:00 PM PBO and VPB meet with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.


You think we’ll hear anything about from the PL?

Obama Wants to Scrap $72 Billion Corporate Tax Break as Republicans Balk

Barack Obama’s proposal to end a business tax break worth $72 billion is among the tensions the president may confront as he meets today with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in an effort to revive bipartisan talks over reducing the debt, three persons familiar with the issue say.

Ending the so-called last-in-first-out, or LIFO, provision, a method of accounting for inventory costs, was among options offered by White House officials for raising $400 billion in revenue over 10 years during seven weeks of negotiations led by Vice President Joe Biden, the people said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to comment publicly.

// more


Few excellent things to read and SPREAD:

Obama DREAMs On

The DREAM Act is dead in Congress, but the White House is quietly moving to limit deportations of undocumented immigrants with strong ties to the US.

Hamstrung by a politically deadlocked Congress, the Obama administration is using executive authority to shape immigration policy instead. Obama’s immigration chief has advised officials to take pause before moving to deport certain undocumented immigrants who are particularly vulnerable or have strong community ties to the country—some of whom may have qualified for the DREAM Act, the bill that provides a pathway to citizenship for certain students, military veterans, and other undocumented youth that’s currently stalled in Congress.


According to the memo, there is a range of factors that federal agents, attorneys, and other officials should consider in deciding whether or not to pursue an individual undocumented immigrant for deportation. The list of “factors to consider” includes whether they are military veterans and their families, have family ties and “contributions to the community,” act as caretakers of the infirm and disabled, are very young or very old, or are pregnant or nursing.

In addition, the Obama administration instructs federal officials to weigh the circumstances of immigrants’ arrival to the US—especially if they came as young children—and whether they’ve graduated from high school, college, or are currently pursuing higher education. The memo explicitly states that no groups of immigrants are categorically excluded from deportation if they fit these criteria. But it emphasizes the need to “warrant particular care” when it comes to particular individuals, while advising officials to target serious felons, repeat offenders, known gang members and immigration fraudsters, and those “who pose a clear risk to national security.”

Pro-immigration advocates have cheered the memo for its potential to blunt the most punitive parts of the existing immigration law through the executive branch, in the face of Congressional inaction on the issue.

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Obama shifts from consensus to instincts on key calls

The Obama administration’s top national security officials were gathered around the polished wooden table of the White House Situation Room to hear Gen. David H. Petraeus argue for a slow drawdown of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

The military needed time, he said, to secure the eastern part of the country as it had done in the south.

President Obama quickly made clear his disagreement. More important, he said, was the administration’s goal of shifting responsibility for the country’s security to the Afghan government, which would let him bring home troops.

As a senior administration official put it, “He asked everyone, if we’re serious about transition, then when? When are we going to do it?”

“Everybody came out of that meeting knowing the president wanted to go this direction,” said the official who described the scene, “even though it wasn’t the pace that Gen. Petraeus was recommending.” A week later, last Wednesday, Obama announced plans to withdraw the 33,000 “surge” troops he sent to Afghanistan.
To some who had attended the meeting, the encounter — and the president’s willingness to overrule key advisors — brought to mind another meeting four and a half months earlier.

On that occasion, Obama and his top advisors were discussing the rapidly unfolding events in Egypt. Most top administration officials had been advising the president against calling for President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

But as the discussion went along, the television monitors in the Situation Room showed an angry crowd in Cairo’s Tahrir Square yelling, “Leave! Leave! Leave!” in response to Mubarak’s televised speech refusing to resign.

Obama watched, and then told his aides, “Look, guys, this is not going to go back into the box.” The president said he would call Mubarak and tell him to step down, and he would deliver a public statement calling for a transition to begin immediately.

The decision took aides by surprise. In retrospect, it seemed a sign of things to come.

In the first two years of Obama’s presidency, his top aides had grown accustomed to a process in which Obama drew out and explored the views of his full team and searched for a consensus — decision by ballot, some called it.

Increasingly, however, that process has changed, according to a wide group of Obama’s personal friends, informal advisors and top aides interviewed during the spring. In recent months, they say, the president has been relying more heavily on his own instincts and feeling less impelled to seek accord among advisors.

// more



Hope still part of Obama campaign message for 2012

CHICAGO — Immediately inside President Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters is a sign counting down days to the election (507 as of Saturday ) and a poster that reads, “Respect. Empower. Include. Win.”

The words are set against familiar Obama blue but carry the feel of something from a motivational bin at Staples, a subtle reminder of the challenge facing the re-election effort taking shape on an entire floor of the Prudential building in downtown Chicago.

Voters in 2008 gravitated in waves to Obama’s promise of “hope” and “change,” transforming slogans into the powerful ethos of a movement. But Obama is an insider now — the target of Republican calls for change — and hope has been buffeted by a poor economy, spiraling national debt and relentless partisan rancor in Washington.

To persuade Americans to stick with him in 2012, an array of strategists say, Obama will have to find the right balance of past and future, emphasizing accomplishments while promising to guide the country out of a still dark time.

“At the end of the day, he’s got to talk about hope again,” said Garry South, a Democratic strategist based in California. “Not in the theoretical way he did in 2008; rather that if ‘we all pull together, there will be a better tomorrow.’ ”

Obama’s team indicates the emphasis will be along those lines, though only hints are given of an overarching theme.

“Elections are always about the future. This president has taken on some difficult issues and fights with the future in mind. We’re pressing forward here,” said David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist.

/// more, and very interesting.

And how sweet is this?

Obama fulfils promise as 9/11 victim’s teen daughter meets Justin Bieber

New York, June 27: US President Barack Obama has made a 9/11 victim’s teenage daughter’s dream of meeting her heartthrob Justin Bieber come true.
For Payton Wall from New Jersey, meeting the teen music sensation was really an uplifting moment after suffering the tragic death of her father in the attacks on the Twin Towers.

Obama brightened her life by making good on his promise to set up a meeting with his ‘buddy’ Bieber, after a request from the teen at last month’s Ground Zero wreath laying ceremony.

“It was so cool. I couldn’t even believe it,” the New York Post quoted her as saying.

Wall got a private sit-down with the Canadian crooner at Macy’s in Herald Square, along with her sister Avery and best friend Madison Roberson.

They met Bieber just moments after a near-riot among fans outside the store where the singer was promoting his fragrance ‘Someday.’

“He just said ‘Hi’,” said Payton, admitting that she was more nervous being around Bieber than the president.




New Souza wonder:


98 thoughts on ““President Obama Wants to Scrap $72 Billion Corporate Tax Break as Republicans Balk” (Updated with new Souza stuff)

  1. Good morning, friends. BWD, SO, SO glad you are back. 🙂

    Okay, need your help. My husband and I did talk as we drove yesterday. His HUGE, BIG complaint/concern about PO is the ACA. He is TOTALLY CONVINCED it will destroy the country; that is the reason businesses are not hiring……all the uncertainty about the regulations……businesses will pay the fine instead of offering health coverage to employees……it will lead to single-payer and therefore cost government BILLIONS and BREAK our country.

    Friends, I need your help. Can you offer me some links, words, etc. that I can give to him. We are at our daughter’s this week (helping put in new kitchen cabinets among other things). Therefore, I won’t be around my computer as much but promise I will check as often as I can. THANKS!!

    And, he is VERY opposed to the DREAM Act. He only wants it because “those people” will vote Democrat. Also says that’s the main reason for the ACA–to get people to vote D.

  2. I watched Bachman on “Face the Nation” yesterday and he let her get away with not answering a whole bunch of questions – she would not allow herself to be cornered – every time he asked a question about an occasion where she lied she went off topic and accused our President of something! She’s trying to portray herself as someone who is reasonable all of a sudden – when asked about her statement that she said President Obama was un-American (which she said many times the witch!!) all of a sudden she says she is not questioning the President’s patriotism – that’s bs!!

  3. ICC issues arrest warrant for Gaddafi

    The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi.

    The court had accused him of crimes against humanity and of ordering attacks on civilians after an uprising against him began in mid-February.

    The Hague-based court also issued warrants for two of Col Gaddafi’s top aides – his son Saif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Sanussi.


  4. On the ACA, one way to look at it is take a look at Massachusetts and “Romneycare”. I live in MA, and none of that stuff has happened. My employer still provides healthcare, the unemployment rate is lower than the national average (I think it’s about 7.8%), and it’s not led to single payer. There is almost universal coverage. The only thing is that health care costs continue to increase but that’s not because of the health care law. Our governor Deval Patrick is putting in controls to decrease health care costs.

  5. There’s an article on Politico today about how she changes her responses for different audiences and according to Politico that’s a sign of how she’s matured as a politician. Lol. I so hope she gets the nomination but unfortunately the GOP big wigs will never let her get it.

  6. Just a reminder that 69,456,897 people voted for President Obama in 2008.

    Most of them were probably even alive at the time. /glare Illinois

  7. Regarding the ICC arrest warrants and report:


    Note the following:

    “… a State policy was designed at the highest level of the Libyan State machinery and aimed at deterring and quelling, by any means, including by the use of lethal force, the demonstrations of civilians against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi which started in February 2011 …”

    Any question that President Obama took the appropriate action to thwart these lethal activities of a State against its people is irrevocably dismissed. He did. Thankfully.

    Yes.We.Can. … DO.More.Together!

  8. Benen has a post about her interview with Chris Wallace, he asked her if she is a ” Flake.”

  9. Yes, she’s been using her “sane, reasonable” voice for the last month or so as she gears up for her big run. She forgets, as many others have, that her screeching, deranged, real self is documented on multiple vids. She said God chose her husband for her—–I would have been mad at that kooky selection—–and God wants her to run for President. I thought he chose Sarah P.? Confusing.

  10. We should be so lucky it would turn to single payer, because single payer does not not have to pay insurance company CEO’s and dividends at a high rate. There is at least 35% total waste in private insurance if that is your only choice with NO regulations. Medicare’s overhead is 5%, so much more of that money is delivered to the patient. And yes, ACA begins to limit the obscene profits that insurance companies make in order to compete in the insurance exchanges.

    Also built into his spiraling costs are the costs of the uninsured who end up in emergency rooms, much sicker than they need to be. Wouldn’t he rather the money that he spends for insurance NOT go to insurance execs but actually get people the health care they need but cannot afford?

    The big fight right now (and the lies about Medicare ‘cuts’) are about payments to providers. Sounds like we’re cheating the doctors, right? According to lying Republicans? Well let me ask you: if you don’t have insurance (like me) and I would need a CT scan, do you know what those really cost? Multi thousands of dollars that would take a month’s pay from me — for one test. There is no fiscal reason that when my husband went to the ER after he and our dogs were attacked (he was fine — he had some scrapes and I wanted to make sure his blood pressure was okay because it was such a traumatic experience), they checked his blood pressure and used soap and water on his wounds. They did x-ray his knees.

    He’s in a Medicare Advantage program and here’s how the bill broke down: $2,784. The Humana ‘adjustment’ was a decrease of $2,300. The actual bill paid by Humana was $484, minus our $50 co-pay.

    If I were to have gone to the ER, I would have been billed $2,784 with no adjustment. So the actual, real cost of the services was $484, NOT the inflated $2,784.

    Let’s be clear — I cannot go to an ER for free, even though that was the lie spread during the ACA battle. They will take my house, garnish my wages if I don’t pay. But should I sell my house to get health insurance? Oh, wait — I cannot get or afford any kind of insurance because I have asthma and a little high blood pressure.

    So who is better off? If Americans are able to get affordable health care under ACA, there will be an explosion of job growth in the health industry: doctors, clinics, nurses, nurse practitioners. The drug companies will do GREAT because everyone who needs meds will get meds. It’s a JOB CREATOR, not a job destroyer.

    And yes, if your really small company decides to pay the fine instead of giving you health care, you go to the Exchange. You find good insurance at an affordable price. So you can work where you want without fear of losing health care, you can start your own business without the spectre of no health care weighing on you. Insurance companies will want the business of employers again, and will compete honestly and fairly. Not the 150% increase in premiums we received in one year before my husband was eligible for Medicare.

  11. In four days there will be a major GOP freakout and calls to rein in the EPA and Obama Admin being out of control. In four days the emoprogs will join in that chorus because the EPA didn’t go far enough and both will work together to kill the regs.

  12. I am one of 5.5M seniors who will get free colonscopies this year. Approx 30% of pre cancerous polps will be caught in time. Plus other free services for seniors is bringing his premiums down. He is now paying $1000 annually for uncompensated care to seniors.

  13. Is there a link to track the number of donors and how many left to meet the goal? It’s not on the main page of OFA, I don’t think.

  14. Because the president does not allow lobbyists in his WH, they go to Congress and the msm instead!

    Can’t you tell? Lol!

  15. There are many instances of small companies being thrilled that they can now offer insurance to their employees due to the ACA. Additionally, Insurance companies have either severely cut back their rate increases and in some cases, have significantly reduced their premiums due to the requirements of the law.

  16. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. Great mishmash and pictures. I think we are finally hearing more about how the Repubs are not really interested in getting our country back on track if it helps Obama. I am Fired up and ready to fight back. Keep the information coming everyone.

  17. via BJ,

    n the corridor where the House minority leader greets visitors hangs but one decoration: a photo of her at the front of the House chamber, lifting the gavel in triumph, on Jan. 5, 2007. That was the day she was sworn in as the nation’s first female speaker, arguably the most powerful post any woman has held in the nation’s history.

    The fact that the pale-yellow walls remain bare suggests that Pelosi has no intention of getting settled in her new offices. What drives her these days is the realization that, with the party’s upset victory in last month’s special election in a heavily Republican Upstate New York district, Democrats need just two dozen seats to take back their majority.

    “I feel comfortable about our ability to win it back,” Pelosi said in an interview, as she approached the six-month mark of being in the minority again. “I have a sense of responsibility to win it back, a plan to do so, and a confidence that it is very much possible to do so.” […]

    The speakership used to be a post with job security. But that is no longer true in an era in which voters are more restive and the political culture is rougher on those who hold power. In the past 21 years, five speakers have been forced out, either by scandal or by political upheaval.

    What makes Pelosi different is not that she lost that cherished gavel — but that she didn’t head for the exit when she did. Pelosi is the first former speaker since Sam Rayburn, more than half a century ago, to remain in the House as the head of her party and to fight to get her majority back.

    She calls it her “faith-based initiative,” and it is indeed an endeavor to make her fellow Democrats believe again. […]


  18. Good Morning All,

    BWD thanks for the, always, great multi-faceted, informative Mish Mash!

    “Shared sacrifice,” some of the wealthy no nothin’ about that…It’s “I got mine, you get yours!”

    PBHO NEVER forgets; he ALWAYS delivers!

    Hope & Change *IS* still what it’s all about!

    By the way, I love, love, love the pics, especially the last one…Our Prez *IS* loved!!! 😉

    GO Souza GO!!! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  19. Good morning TOAITR fam! Another excellent mishmash BWD. 🙂 I really appreciate the work you do for us. Time to post to the twitterz…

  20. Its hard to see anything positive that the democrats have done because the media is loath to print any of it. They are too busy praising Michelle Bachman as the media is being paid pretty well by her campaign to advertise her presidency this comes as no surprise.

    I just cant believe that so many people are going to foolishly vote for her.

  21. The wellness additions to Medicare are wonderful. I know there is demonization of Medicare Advantage, but the wellness care now covered for all seniors had been covered for my husband in his Advantage program. Now, the taxpayer paid for it. When my husband became eligible for Medicare, the Advantage program was a Godsend — we were very poor those first few years and it helped a lot. Now, my husband is more than willing to give up the program if it means millions of Americans will get healthcare. Interestingly, we considered dropping the program because — thanks to Barack Obama’s political will for health care — we could make a determination if Medicare was providing as much as the Advantage program, with a little more freedom of choice (it’s an HMO). To be honest, we stayed with the Advantage program because my husband’s care has been excellent and he loves his doctors. Thom Hartman is wrong when he continually says that all the extra money goes to insurance company profits. They are mandated to supply more than Medicare does. Not saying they aren’t getting a tidy sum from the taxpayers and it should be eliminated, but it has been a good experience for us.

  22. I was appalled at the administration’s terrible job at communicating these benefits before the 2010 election. Were they afraid Republicans would accuse them of politiking so they could continue to politic? The information from Medicare about these new benefits came in the mail the Saturday before the election. I didn’t even know the scope of what seniors were receiving until I received this information. This was a travesty of messaging on the part of Democrats.

    A letter informing Medicare recipients of their new benefits could have been sent. Sebelius should have been out there for months, undoing the damage of Republican lies.

  23. Just one small correction: “really small” businesses are exempt from the fine. Please tell your husband that the ACA is a program that preserves the American idea of private insurance based health care coverage. It just makes sure that no one is left behind because they may have a pre-existing condition, or have suddenly become very ill, or are simply too poor to be able to afford any care. It preserves all the free choice we cherish and requires responsibility from everyone: the insurer and the insured alike. It is a truly unique American system that will guarantee a measure of safety to all people, will allow insurance companies and health care providers to succeed while eliminating profiteering at the expense of all of us.

  24. REAL small businesses are benefitting. The owner of the quilt shop where I work is considering offering health insurance. She may not be able to do it right away, but just the discussion was encouraging.

    When Republicans talk about ‘small business, that is 500 employees. A lot of large businesses break themselves into pieces in order to be considered ‘small’ so it’s a sham. A truly small business is a start-up that needs some stimulus to get on its feet or has few employees and no buying power in the marketplace. This is what ACA is designed to help.

  25. Another story you may want to share is that the AC is holding down the cost of Health care for small business. In CA this snippet.

    Anthem, meanwhile, announced Monday that it would cut in half July 1 rate hikes — to 3% on average from 6% — for nearly 18,000 policyholders at small businesses.

    The insurer acted after California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones reviewed the quarterly increases, calling them a burden for struggling companies. The reductions will apply to small-business policyholders with “Solution” plans.

    Anthem defended its small-business rate hikes as reasonable, saying it lowered them at Jones’ request.
    // snip

    Rate incre\aases of 3% are amazing compared to prior years where rate hikes were 20-30%

  26. I would also say to your husband that it is precisely health care costs that are hurting American business. One of the reasons European countries have by and large grown better than the U.S. has is precisely because health care is not a burden on the employer. There is a commitment on the part of the government to provide health care to all, with some tweaks in various directions that have functioned quite well.

  27. “So, Cuomo had a powerful hammer over the legislature. He didn’t have to worry about an energized Republican opposition hellbent on scuttling his priorities. And he had the people of New York solidly in his corner. All things Obama doesn’t have going for him nationally. Those who want the president to do more on marriage equality at the federal level will have to do more themselves to help create a Cuomo environment for Obama. ”

    I have found Capehart to be snippy in the past on Obama and gay rights. I hope people bother to read the entire article. The above quote is the last paragraph and says it all.

  28. New York republicans are way more moderate than the tea baggers that have over run this nation.

  29. Jay Inslee is about to announce that he is entering the race for Governor for the State of Washington:

    “Beginning at 9:00 a.m PDT., you can visit JayInslee.com/working-washington to watch Jay’s announcement speech, as well as share your thoughts about Jay’s speech and the campaign with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. I hope you can join us!”

  30. That and he has seen which of his advisers have been correct and which have not. His memory is such that he doesn’t forget and can draw direct lines from policy to consequence. His judgment has always been better than most.

  31. A very clever bj post on the emo-progs’ chest beating over Obama and SSM despite the fact of his achievements on the federal level.

    If you actually win, you have failed at being a martyr.

  32. 450,000 seems like a goal set too far and will allow the storyline to be “Obama falls short in fundraising goal”. 400,000 seems at least reasonable to reach given they’re currently at 382,362 and have four days to go.

  33. Thanks BWD it’s always a great pleasure . to click on this wonderful it’s my first click in themorning. So Gaddafy it’s on the run, Bachmann it’s the lead narrative of the MSM .
    I notice the PL seems to be barking at the wrong tree they should be focusing on the reak enemies, we are not and neither is PBO, so I hope they comedown to their senses and STOP bashing Obama unless they want the teaparty to be their NEXTLEADER, SO COME ON pl PEOPLE WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMIES join us.

  34. I am so happy about this, you have no idea. I love Gov. Gregoire, but she’s embattled and while a terrific Governor, she is a lousy campaigner. Jay Inslee is likable and has kept his nose clean with his votes in Congress. To win the Governorship, you must win King County, and he lives in King County and has a King County sensibility to him. Plus he really really knows how to campaign. His opponent makes Scott Walker look like a choir boy, so it’s going to be a very tough fight. We need a tough fighter to win.

  35. That is perfect, amk…We need to embed that into our consciousness: If you actually win, you have failed at being a martyr.

  36. Yesterday sliced and diced President Obama’s speech at Carnegie Mellon into bite size pieces. I will be including them each day for a few days.

    Here is the first

  37. I’am also glad FLOTUS is back, she had a wonderfull productive trip they just love our FLOTUS. I think she will be campaining a lot she is our sicret weapon.

  38. Of course who am I to doubt the machine. Maybe they have something up their sleeves, or are sitting on a whack of donations that came in via snail mail and they have not entered them yet and will slow drip them in to keep the counter moving.

  39. Hi OSG!

    Yes, it is…

    Although there will ALWAYS be advisors per se, he will ALWAYS listen to them, and he will ALWAYS learn from them, our Prez *IS* “comin’ into his own!”

    Have a great day! 🙂

  40. Nice to see that I am not the only one stressed about this #. It is moving at a rate of <1000/2hrs .They are going to struggle to hit 400K in 3 1/2 days.

  41. OK. A bit off-color BJ post on progs.

    Obama will never live up to the fantasy of Dr Dean taking a noisy shit in the bathroom off the Oval Office, with the door open, while he yells at a meek and quivering Joe Lieberman and John McCain that as soon as those retroactive impeachments are voted on 100-0, they’d better fucking well pass every item Speaker Kucinich sends up from the House, or he’ll burn their fucking barns. Cause that’s how politics would work, if Obama really wanted a progressive agenda.

  42. How many did they get yesterday? I think actually setting the target high will get more donations. At this stage, who is going to remember if they miss the goal at the time of the election? I don’t think any of the GOP candidates will have this many small donors.

  43. Oh, they’ll hit the 400,000 mark alright. The other 50,000 at the present rate is doubtful unless people are still suing snail mail as SR sez. 🙂

  44. good I am willing to vote for him as I am not very happy with Christine Gregoir. She’s still way better than any republican though and if faced with the choice I will vote dem against a repub any day of the week!

  45. Ummm – me thinks there is more to his opposition to PO than a concern about ACA and the Dream Act. The comment about “those people” voting Democratic implies bigotry . . Does he spend a lot of time listening to talk radio???

  46. I read somewhere that KLM will use cooking oil to fuel their planes:) rather than fossil fuels!

  47. Hi guys, more incentive to donate:

    I have no chance of winning the dinner but I hope they film it. Does anyone know when it is?

  48. Look at us fussing and worrying because *only* ONE THOUSAND donations are coming in every TWO HOURS! With the contest for dinner on, I am sure that is only the number they can process every 2 hours. Mine will have to go in next quarter as I need my SS money in first and then I do have to mail in a check. I will date it this month so maybe they will count it in this quarter instead of next.

  49. Just saw the picture of POTUS and former personal secretary Katie Johnson. Why did she leave?

  50. Can you remember a time during the first election that PBO’s people set a target that they weren’t able to meet? I don’t.

  51. Speakin’ of treasuries, this should be “kept on the front burner!”

    Eric Cantor’s financial disclosures reveal that he bets against U.S. Treasury bonds…

    And, there’s Paul Ryan!

    FactCheck.Org Concludes Paul Ryan’s Budget Claims Don’t Check Out… http://thinkprogress.org/health/2011/05/09/172071/paul-ryan-fact-check/

    This *IS* why WE gotta VOTE ‘EM OUT!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  52. My youngest brother and his family live in King County, so that’s 4 votes for Inslee. Although he and I are on different coasts, we love talking politics!

  53. Hello Mel,

    Yes she did…

    Yes she will!

    And, without a doubt, yes she is! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  54. Esmerelda thanks for postin’ this!

    Yes it is…

    Whomever wins will be thinkin’ about you. ::Virtual Hug:: lol

    And, hopefully, they’ll be a vid clip!

    You know, they usually tell you the date and time…

    But, I guess this is a apecial deal…Hmmm?!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  55. Thanks amk for lettin’ us know about this!

    Our Prez, along w/UN & NATO, *DID* the right thing…

    A humanitarian effort to save human lives!

    In this instance, that’s what it’s all about…No more Rwandas!

    Bringin’ the guilty to justice!

  56. That is what they di last time. Held them back, let HillBill announce their numbers and then killed her. It was a great move.

  57. I read that on one of the posts on TOD that she is going to attend Harvard Law.

  58. desertflower, thanks for the linked article. It really forced you to think about why, in spite of all the incredible scientific and technological advances this country has made, it is still hard to shake people’s false beliefs. Interestingly, these days, arguments based on falsehoods are treated equally with arguments based on facts. The question that is often asked of people, especially in politics, is what do you believe, and not what is true, about such and such an issue or topic.

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