Sarah Silverman: I would vote for Obama again

Looks like Matt Damon lost his f***-mate. 🙂

Jewish comedian and actress Sarah Silverman performed a stand-up comedy show in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening during which she stated that she would vote for U.S. President Barack Obama again, saying that she has a feeling that he has a plan.




Excellent letter from the LA Times:

As a successful African American man approaching my 100th birthday, I find the rantings of West and other self-proclaimed black leaders to be divisive. Obama, by nature of his unique heritage, is not your average black man; he is neither black, white nor Hawaiian.

His objectives are for the common good. He is truly the people’s president, but the people have yet to come together as one, so he is trying hard to govern a nation that doesn’t yet exist.

Diatribes by West and others will only backfire by turning people who need help against those who can help.

Still, I have hope as I watch people worldwide who are awakening, protesting and hopefully realizing that they must band together.

John Levy



Bully Pulpit moment: Please, I ask yet again, do not bring here all kinds of bullshit from other so-called progressives sites. There’s a different between calling on Rachel Maddow and elevating some screen-name diarist to any level of significance. Please keep this out of here.



“Dramatic increase in the number of small donors to the Obama campaign”

You can’t scare us, and you can’t discourage us and don’t mess with us:

President Obama’s next major fundraising filing will show a dramatic increase in the number of small donors so far this year compared with 2008, his campaign said Saturday.

“We had 180,000 contributors at this point in the last campaign; now it’s well over 300,000,” said spokesman Ben LaBolt in an email previewing the upcoming filing. LaBolt declined to elaborate except to say in his note that the filing will show “small dollar contributors back in greater numbers.”


Obama set a high bar in 2008, raising nearly $750 million. Back then, the campaign boasted of the number of small donors who were participating.

The public won’t have a good sense of the fundraising by Obama or other presidential candidates until after the campaigns file their reports with the Federal Election Commission. Those documents are not released publicly until mid-July, but campaigns doing well tend to leak their numbers early.

In advance of the end-of-the-month deadline for the upcoming report, all of the campaigns are hustling. Obama campaign manager Jim Messina sent an email to supporters Saturday saying, “A lot of people out there are wondering whether this campaign can inspire the kind of grass-roots support that has been the foundation of our success. A lot of people out there are already saying we can’t. So we’ve got something to prove.”



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