Let’s show him the money

First, thank you so much for the kind birthday greetings. Love you all.
Right now a whole lot of people are trying to hurt the president and the country. Crooks Republicans, corrupted media and lunatic professional lefties – All teamed up against Barack Obama. We can’t just let them.
So, as we approach the end of the month and the quarter, let’s see if we can make another donation push. Every dollar helps. We don’t have the GOP criminal friends, we have only ourselves.

There’s a big push now over at OFA. You can donate here or through TOAITR page or in any other way. Do whatever you can, please.

Thank you.


118 thoughts on “Let’s show him the money

  1. $50, I’m in! And I joined via the promotion to win dinner with PBO. I can only hope to be so lucky.

  2. Happy Birthday with hopes that you will be rewarded ten-fold for all of the hard work you do to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Power to the [little[ people! Thank you and………COME ON PEOPLE – DONATE!!! Powerful forces are looking to destroy us.

  3. Can’t right now maybe next week but I sure am glad you are doing this for him. We have to get into the habit of sending in what we have so they can win this election.

  4. LL I wish you luck. I put in twice already for that dream, but even if I never get to have dinner with the President, it’s still good to know that there are so many people willing to do their part to help the re-election effort. I cannot imagine that we could go so wrong and not re-elect the best President in my lifetime (now at 68).

  5. Yes, people please donate $5, 10, 15 – every dollar will add up so we can help produce ads to counter the negative!

  6. On Friday I get paid and will get ya then. I promise.
    I just had to fix my washing machine and that cost over 280!
    So, my military pay comes in Friday. Thank god!

  7. I’m in for $50!! Thanks for the reminder as I mean to donate $50/month as long as I can. It seems a modest investment, with a spectacular rate of return.

  8. But but but Richard engle said he just came from Libya and all is normal. No bombs, no sporadic gun fire- nothing.
    This is what engle said on bill mahers show last night and…

  9. I have donated today..$10…but hopefully I will be able to do more this month!!!!

  10. Yeah, a reporter who gets escorted everywhere by a minder. Dead tree media has its problems, but the level of journalism is still miles ahead of the TV box variety.

    And Jovie, I didn’t know you were in the military. Good on you!

    And BWD, belated birthday greetings. You do so much for us.

  11. Making the commitment to a regular monthly donation is a very good idea, because it provides the campaign with a steady source of funds, which allows them to plan and budget with a little bit more confidence. The campaign donation Web site has a link where you can sign up to do this automatically, and you can cancel at any time if necessary. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and your post gave me the just the tweak I needed to pull out my credit card… Thanks Jancey!

  12. I realize this is just rumor and speculation but I think Mark Kelly would have a decent chance if he decided to run.

    The rumor-mill has generated chatter this week that Mark Kelly—veteran, astronaut, and husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.)—could make a run for Senate. He announced his retirement from NASA earlier this week, and posted on Facebook that he “will look at new opportunities” to once again “serve our country.”


  13. Thanks LL for the updates. Good news today are defections around Zliten, strikes at Brega and more weapons coming in. I truly it can end with MQ in custody. It makes my heart hurt for him to get out and not be prosecuted.He has maimed and killed so many people and tortured the rest. He is an awful person.

  14. BWD would you be so kind and follow me on Twitter? I recently signed up and I’m looking for people to follow and to follow me. I will also follow anyone in the thread who provides their twitter name. Mine is @Gobrooklyn

    And Happy Birthday!

  15. He said there was sporadic gun fire in Tripoli, just not a continuous bombing campaign. I noticed he is not staying there but in the other large city which I’m drawing a blank on now, which is in the control of NATO forces.
    And I responded this a.m. with my 3rd donation when I got the Messina email. Hubs will crab when he sees it on the bill, but oh well, I’ll pour him a nice glass of vino and give him a big kiss. Hope that works—-again.

  16. Now we’re talking here.. this is how we fight back in a big way- everytime these ‘pundits’ and their pals lie, spin and manipulate.. pull out our $$$ and support the President.

    Also, A big Smiling Happy Birthday to you BWD- enjoy it!

  17. Yes I donated $15.00 from the link here. I’m doing the best I can, am retired, but sending a lil here and there. I’m doing my part 🙂

  18. “To preserve cash, residents said, his government has recently restricted the amount any individual can withdraw from the bank — including cashing a paycheck — to the equivalent of about $800 a month.”

    Sounds like Gadaffi is raiding the banks for money, or stopping a run on the banks.

  19. BWD,

    I”ve just been reading the many comments on Huff-po and a significant number of the comments are anti-Rachel. Lots of people calling her out. Lots of people saying they have had it with her. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for all you do.

  20. “Here’s an example of some comments on Huff-Po:

    “This is what extreme activism does. It blinds you . You become a zealot and your words become discordant­. To level such charge against the POTUS is ridiculous­, and should have been laughable except that these pronunciat­ions from people who are suppose to be the president’­s supporters have been hurting and the polls keep dropping. Independen­ts hear this subconscio­usly form a perception that even democrats don’t like the job he is doing …. Shame Dr. Maddow”

    another one:

    “Not really fair or accurate to say that Pres. Obama is against what just happened. Actually, that’s a bit of bearing false witness on Rachel’s part, who I otherwise love.

    While it would be nice to see him commit to supporting Gay Marriage, he has openly supported individual States’ right to make such a decision and has decided not to defend the “constitut­ionality” of DOMA.

    Saying that his position is at odds with this is one thing, but to say that he is “against” it is just demonstrab­ly untrue. ”

    BWD, there are many, many comments like these over there. Know hope.

  21. Rebel leaders also told Agence France Presse that they expected deal with Gaddafi soon. There is an underground in Tripoli ready to take over and maintain order.

  22. edwina i read some to and this one is so true. One would think it would be more productive if gay rights activists spent 1/10 of the time they spend bashing the president, on attacking their natural foes: Republican­s.

  23. HBD-BWD! (People will think it’s a secret code)

    I think the best way to dealing with Maddow is publicly as I think she still wants credibility outside of the nutroots, but Lt. Dan Choi wants the attention, he says utterly ridiculous things in order to get the attention – positive or negative, because it means he’s driving the conversation. The calculation is that if Dems and the WH see a food fight on the left with the battles sucking all the oxygen out of the room on other issues they might step in. The best course of action is to ignore Choi and Aravosis completely. They they’ll just scream louder and say more ridiculous things and further marginalize themselves.

    Choi is all about the stunts in order to get noticed, and get the attention. You never give attention-seekers what they want. Ignore them.

    Instead focus on more pressing issues like the debt ceiling negotiations, the republican framing of issues etc. I’m not saying same sex marriage is not a very important issue, I just think there are many sane individuals working hard at the issue and the best thing we can do to help them would be to get Dan Choi off of television – he is a detriment to their cause.

  24. Gotcha.

    (Is there something I’m doing wrong as it seems I unfollow folks that I never actually do. For example when I went to find you on my followers to follow you, I noticed BWD was somehow un-followed and I had to re-follow her)

  25. Not sure , i have been on a while but just got back to using twitter.

  26. I can’t wait and i hope its successful, I hope the people come out more thanking him for his efforts.

  27. I am a monthly contributor – makes it easy for me to do the other work (canvas, phone calls etc) and know that is automatically charged to my credit card each month.

    I encourage everyone here who supports our amazing President to do the same – not that they won’t “get” you again and again = lol – I wind up maxed out before election time – I love the President and NEED him to be re-elected!

  28. I made a $20 donation when I got Messina’s email. I like the idea of setting up a monthly donation – will take care of that next month.

  29. what exactly are the gay PL bashing him about now? I thought the gay community is very heavy in its donations to President Obama.

  30. Rachel is so starving for republicans to come in her show, in order to give her depth,
    Could she want republicans to see her bashing the president?
    Is this job security? Is comcast pushing msnbc right?

  31. She and Megan McCain are best buds. Megan McCain is a self-made pundit because her daddy is John McCain.

  32. I donated $25.00 to the cause.

    By the way, I got a call from the DCCC asking for money. I told them that I was sorely disappointed in that Libya vote and I would be giving to the DNC and OFA.

  33. I think Rachel likes to put stupid Republicans on her show to make herself look smarter and feel like a better person. It’s sad and funny at the same time. She also softballs every time a repub comes on. But I don’t care, she lost me more than a 1 1/2 ago.

  34. In for $25 for now. Do more when able. Happy B-day BWD. Everybody, please spread Benen and Tomasky’s articles. They ARE sabotaging the American economy for political gains.

  35. I just sent an other $25.00,and this is for you BWD HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, let’y go to the top tired of the MSM>

  36. I asked my very Republican cousin if she thought it was fair that the Republicans are refusing to compromise in the debt limit negotiations when the Democrats are bending over backwards to accommodate them. she agreed it isn’t fair. So not everyone is buying into the garbage out there.

  37. Great news, Tien. I hope that Dems and all of us can get this messaging out. With tthe Repubs. overreaching on Medicare and refusing to compromise on the debt ceiling, Dems need to start cutting more ads or doing something to continue the drumbeat.

    DWS is a terrific messenger, IMO, and Steve Israel, as well. Even Pelosi has been good when she does get the chance to get in front of a camera.

    Of course no one does it better than PBO, but he can’t do everything.

  38. She should have Rush Limbaugh on. Because that is who she is being compared to, at least in this column by this old guy at Gannett News Service.

    She didn’t like that too much. Check out her response to him at the bottom under feedback:

    “…….My favorite was the three-hour comedy show by Rush Limbaugh. He airs on about 600 radio stations daily Monday through Friday, so you can get him almost anywhere. (Noon to 3 p.m. EDT) A smaller number of stations carry him on Saturday.
    If you don’t take him seriously, his stuff is the most entertaining on the air. (Even more laughable is that some of my right-wing friends do take him seriously.)

    For left-wingers, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is almost as ridiculous as Limbaugh, but not quite as entertaining. Somewhat surprisingly, on that station Chris Matthews with his “Hardball” generally is pretty fair. He treats……….” —AL NEUHARTH

    “I’m sorry Mr. Neuharth doesn’t think much of me or ‘that station’ I’m on. Instead of just his insult, though, I’d love to hear something substantive about why.”
    — Rachel Maddow


  39. Happy Birthday Girl. Thank you for what you do everyday. You are priceless.
    Sent in donation on OFA and also went “shopping” on their web site. Just have to have a born in America mug, T shirt and a fee stickers. Will sign up to donate each month automatically to the max. Have decided that I will work an extra day each month to give to PBO and locally deserving candidates. Not to be dramatic, but I think this election determines the future of every man democracy in this country. Fired up and ready to go.

  40. Yeah, but why isn’t VP Biden BLASTING the Rethugs for their stalling and destroy tactics of the economy? The Dems need to be on a constant stream of DRUMBEATS to get that message home. Yahoo implies that the Prez is very vulnerable in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. He is WAY ahead of every GOP candidate in those states. Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania is a different story. Neck and Neck!! What we have going for us is the states VERY unpopular Governors and legislators. I guess Yahoo is a part of the corporate DECEPTION machine.

    Is there any news outlet that is truthful and unbiased? MY GOD!!

  41. I think she may be feeling the heat more than that time PBO spoke from the Oval office for a few ninutes and she and KO acted like fools. She flat out lied this time. Lying is a lot worst than just criticizing. It was absolutely no reason for her to do this, considering all that PBO has done for the LBGT community. What was she thinking??

  42. I will donated $25.00 monday

    Whats going on with miss Rachel Maddow is she so passion about this issue that she have no sense of logic. They are not treated fairly and that all matter to her, dam if it hurt the party, Obama care about black issue but he will not talk about them because he know it will hurt the party.
    we all who know obama, knows he will take action on these issue after he’s re-election,which is the right way to go in order to keep the black christian votes, they already talks about his stand on abortion, if he support gay marriage (which he does, if you can read between the line), the leader of most black church will tell people not to vote for obama, I know because they try that mess in my church, but some member push back.
    If Rachel can’t see this is the way real change happen, she not as smart as she thinks, Lincoln did not come out and say he support free black people, he said it is to save the union, but smart people know that slavery was eating at his heart, some people don’t remember history, Blacks bash MLK, we had our Tavis and West back then too. you just did not hear them because they did not have a platform to shout from
    but now they pretend they are the reason MLK is famous, they was with him 100% which is not true, they did him the same way they are doing Obama. they was saying he to nice and weak in the face of hate, but look who won out, MLK is famous and the black panther is hated. so most of us black folks who know history will stick with obama, the ones who don’t will give tavis, and west a voice. Maddow do not know how change work.

  43. Shhhhhhh, don’t tell that to his chief base representative Joan Walsh. You know the coalition he formed last time around is gone poof into la la land.

    I can wait to get a job so that I can start sending in my monthly donations.

  44. Democrats need to watch their mouths. If they say something REALLY bashful about the president, think about what Karl Rove can do with that do their advantage in the 2012 election. They can easily turn away Democratic voters using repitition of Democratic bashing of President Obama.

  45. That is great news. I thought they had to be doing well with putting up a goal of 450,000 small donors before 6/30.

  46. That’s fantastic news, Jovie. It must burn the pl to read this. 🙂

    Just goes to show the real world doesn’t give a shite about rachels, cenks, ariannas,, keiths and other poutrage peddlers.

  47. Happy Birthday BWD!!!

    I can’t believe your fundraising page is up to $3,750 already. Very impressive.

  48. Money quote (pun intended)

    Between January and May, the DNC raised $11 million from donors contributing more than $30,000 compared with just $3 million raised in that category by the Republican National Committee, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.

    Of course, the rehugs will have the 420 (?) groups spending money like water for their candidates. The real base has to step up to counter all that corporate money.

  49. ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
    יום הולדת שמח!
    عيد ميلاد سعيد!
    מזל טוב צו דיין געבורסטאָג!
    Ծնունդդ շնորհավոր!
    Tillykke med fødselsdagen!
    जन्मदिन मुबारक हो!
    Joyeux anniversaire!
    Selamat Ulang Tahun!
    Hauʻoli Lā Hānau
    L‡ breithe mhaith agat!
    Co` latha breith sona dhuibh!
    Happy Birthday, blackwaterdog!

  50. Happiest of b-days, BWD!!! And thanks so much for all that you do. I’m not sure you quite know what a difference your presence in the blogosphere makes to people like me who no longer have to feel angry every time we go on-line.

  51. Weird, though. You’d think with all that money, they could round up crowds for announcement events, spell their candidate’s names properly, pay for some personality, buy gas for the quitter’s bus…oh wait.

  52. OFA should create “One in a million” shirts for their small donor base. With the goal of course being 1M small donors.

    When you think about it it’s pretty crazy that a country of 300M, an active voter base of over 100M and 1M donors to a political campaign is a huge accomplishment.

  53. Well looks like we are going to fall short of 450,000 donations by June 30th. We only have a little over 300k at this time. Hope I’m wrong. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  54. The REAL BASE can not make up for 420 outside groups contributing millions to their candidates. We need our own sub groups and PACS. What the PREZ and Dem have done about not accepting special interest money is noble, but it won’t help us win in 2012. The Supreme Court made sure of that. We need outside monies BAD. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  55. They do Keith! Bill Burton has one and so does miss Kennedy Townsend. And the dem house and senate have there super pac.

    They are all over it’

  56. I know Feingold wants the Dems to fight with both arms tied behind their backs. But I think Dems and Obama actually have a much better chance at getting something done to undo the Citizens United Damage if Dems can fight 3rd party money to a stalemate. Right now there is no way the GOP would give up the advantage they have with Rove and the like.

    GOP would be crying bloody murder in no time if Burton and Co could some how out raise their side. It will be almost impossible though as Dem millionaires give money away to charities and other noble causes. GOP millionaires give money to political parties to try and buy influence.

  57. Anybody connected to OFA is free to offer up the idea – It might have a better chance coming from somebody on the inside, who might have better connections higher up the OFA food chain.

  58. Shoot! I missed it! Happy Belated Birthday BWD!

    I just donated. Thanks for everything!

  59. Yes, BWD, WE must do whatever WE can, and WE must do whatever is necessary to get PBHO re-elected in 2012, and WE must, always,”have his back”…

    I’m a monthly OFA donator of $60!

    But, when I’m email’d donation requests, like the one you mentioned above and this one, I donate extra:


    The Republican candidates for president just gathered for a debate in New Hampshire — and spent hours attacking President Obama.

    It was a wake-up call to anyone who thinks they can sit tight while the Republicans battle each other for the nomination: The campaign to defeat Barack Obama and roll back his entire record is well underway. And that’s the one thing on which all of their potential candidates agree.

    It was seven against one. Since the President won’t be speaking for himself at one of these debates until next year, our best response is to show the Republicans that when they attack Barack Obama, it only makes us fight back harder.

    Please make a donation to support the President and Democrats across the country.

    Robert Gibbs/DNC

    Of course, there are others, like grassroots fundraisin’ pages, ‘TOAITR/OFA & TOD/OFA’, etc., and there’s this one:

    PRIORITIES USA ACTION: An Independent Expenditure PAC …


    And, BWD, I want to wish you a HAPPY BELATED, BLESSED BIRTHDAY, and I hope it was an enjoyable one, w/all those “show me sum luv” trimmings (A celebration, a day off from work to relax, breakfast in bed, a tennis bracelet, etc.), which “brought you much cheer and a smile on your face” that will last you for awhile! 😉 lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  60. Niiiice…

    Let’s keep it goin’!

    GO DWB GO!!! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  61. Thanks Tori,

    Your site *IS* “real” niiice…

    I just donated to your ‘Get His Back’ Donation Page! 😉

    And, TeaPublicans and their ilk have just “lost their minds!”


    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  62. Dead on, Dunn, dead on. I mentioned earlier how painting your guy (the President) into a corner just to satisfy your emotions could hurt him electorally, and then really set your causes back if the other guy gets in. Rachel I believe is still a good liberal, but somewhat immature on this topic.

  63. Regardless of what anyone says I can’t believe any dem would vote for any repub running in 2012. Some will not vote at all to protest, but if they live in a state that let the teaparty in during midterm & see the complete disaster it has caused, well………… In my state florida, they are on the way to undue all the good for the last 30 -40 years. current gov is turning us into one huge block of cement. People are just now realizing & asking, “what have we done” ?

    I’m retired & had my 401 hit hard, it is dwindling rapidly so basically trying to survive on SS, which I share with My President’s campaign. it is not easy, but many are in my shoes. It is what we will leave behind that terrifies me for our children & grandchildren. If republicans are allowed in this country will be back to no SS, it will be privitized, still no healthcare for all, like every other civilized country, no public schools, medicare or medicade, no regulation, far,far too many guns, well could go on forever.

    I still can’t figure out how the mess they have left behind for the last 30 -40 years has been turned into completely Barack Obama’s fault, point being we all have to hold on to his back tighter & tighter with whatever we can do money wise & every other rway we possibly can.

  64. I sent in $150 on Thursday. Nice to see he’s setting new donation records. Looks like the base hasn’t even considered leaving him.

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