“Barack Obama, the national security president”

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If you didn’t see PBO’s speech at the LGBT fundraiser in NY last night – You should.

Obama: I Oppose Discrimination, “I Was Born That Way”

President Barack Obama traveled to New York on Thursday for several fund-raisers with LGBT donors where he celebrated his accomplishments to date but stopped short of an endorsement for marriage equality before asking for more support.

During his speech at the $1,250-a-plate Democratic National Committee LGBT Leadership gala in Midtown Manhattan, Obama said that he believes “that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country,” but he did not explicitly say that marriage is one of those fundamental rights.

In the appearance before LGBT donors, Obama spoke to some 600 people, where he received a warm reception for work toward repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, issuing the directive not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, hospital visitation rights, a comprehensive AIDS strategy, and appointing the first openly transgender person to federal office, which received the loudest applause.

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West Wing Week:

A bit of good economic news:

Data points to underlying factory strength

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – New orders for U.S. manufactured goods and a gauge of business spending plans rose in May, easing fears of a sharp slowdown in factory activity.

Durable goods orders increased 1.9 percent after dropping 2.7 percent in April, the Commerce Department said on Friday.

An improvement across the board in May and revisions to April’s figures that showed smaller declines than previously reported, pointed to underlying strength in a sector that has powered the economic recovery.



Well, of course, whenever he doesn’t need to work with congress, his awesomeness is limitless:

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) sought to paint then-Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) as too inexperienced to lead the country in a dangerous world.

“Obama and congressional liberals…too risky for America,” said the narrator of a McCain ad that aired in the final month of the campaign.

Three years later, Obama finds himself in a vulnerable political position heading into his 2012 re-election race — thanks in large part to the continued struggles of the American economy.

His saving grace? Ironically, it might just be his leadership on national security and terrorism.


“Beyond his competence, voters are going to have to believe in his leadership — that America will be secure and safe under him,” said Democratic pollster Fred Yang. “And ironically, given the heavy focus by the Obama campaign in 2008 on domestic issues, his handling of foreign policy since he became president will likely be an important asset.”

Remember that presidential elections tend to turn less on the candidates’ position on any single issue than the overall feeling that he (or she) engenders in the public.

Put more simply: Intangibles matter. And Obama’s polling strength on national security could well help the incumbent win over voters who are on the fence about his overall performance during his first four years in office.



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  1. Mornin’ BWD, Faith, and all other fellow TOAITR’ers,

    BWD, as always, thanks for the great, informative Mishy Mashy! 😉

    From Twitter:

    @Shoq: Some calls us “OBAMABOTS.” I call us CONCERNED CITIZENS working with who we elected. @karoli explains:

    I OBOT?

    It’s time to address this once and for all. Here are a couple of things about me that you can count on. First, when I criticize the President, I endeavor to do so in a constructive way. Second, I will give this administration the benefit of the doubt. Third, there is never going to be a time where I will grunt and say that Obama is just like Bush. This is because that would be a lie of the highest magnitude.

    I understand that it’s all the rage these days to take anger at Republican obstruction and project it onto the President. I also understand that it’s all the rage, and I do mean rage, to take disappointment that he hasn’t moved whatever heaven and earth he should have moved for your personal pet issues quickly enough.

    GAY RIGHTS? Yes, despite his DOJ making the decision that DOMA is unconstitutional and despite signing DADT’s repeal into law last year, despite setting policies for government employees that allow same sex partners to be covered by employees’ health insurance, and despite the fact that this president is undoing much of what our last Democratic president did, it’s not enough for some. It’s not fast enough, it’s not right enough, it’s not enough. Period. Fair enough. It’s your right to be peeved, but don’t project that onto me or suggest I’m some kind of robot-being for not shaking my fist hard enough. I prefer to fight that battle on the state level, thankyouverymuch.

    GUANATANAMO? Let’s all repeat after me: Congress killed the Guantanamo closure, not the President. But he didn’t fight hard enough, you say? To which I reply, choose your battles. This was one he desperately wanted to win for a number of reasons which transcend the disgruntlement of some of his left-leaning (former) supporters. But alas, he has an intransigent Congress with a bunch of wingnuts in the House. Everything is a battle. And to be fair, there were some conservadems willing to join hands to block that closure, so he was more or less out of ammo before he loaded the gun. Pick your battles, I say. Anyone who has raised kids knows by the time the second one can talk that every disagreement can’t be a battleground, no matter how much you want it to be.

    TAX CUTS? Okay, here’s a legitimate gripe. I’ll join in this one. I wanted the tax cuts to expire rather than a deal. On the other hand, it’s difficult for me to toss unemployed folks under the bus when the tradeoff was 13 months of extended UI benefits, which is stimulative to the economy and which makes a huge difference to the long-term unemployed. Still, I hate that the tax cuts were extended to 2012.

    WARS? Going back to the campaign promises, which were also part of the overall Democratic platform. I see where he promised to ramp up Afghanistan, hunt down Bin Laden, and end Iraq (Also see this WaPo article with specific numbers. All but 147 out of Iraq by 12/31 unless Iraq requests otherwise). Check, check and check. And now, just as was promised when he agreed to the troop surge, those troops are being drawn down and the transition to Afghan control planned by 2014. Am I happy that we have a presence in Afghanistan? Hell, no. Do I think he’s doing the best he can to unwind that presence responsibly? Yes, I think I do.

    LIBYA? Hate that we have any involvement, like that NATO is lead on it, hate Gaddafi with a passion and have for years, hope that it ends soon. I’m not sure there is a graceful way to decline to participate in a NATO action, nor do I have all of the information at my fingertips to know what led to the decision, but honestly, I wish it would have been a different one…


    LIKE IT OR NOT, THIS GUY IN THE WHITE HOUSE RIGHT NOW IS THE BEST HOPE YOU’VE GOT. You can batter him or you can back him. I choose the latter. THAT ISN’T OBOTIC. IT’S SIMPLY REALITY….

    WE HAVE A SENATE AT RISK, A HOUSE THAT’S WINNABLE, AND A PRESIDENT WHO IS STRONG against the current Republican field. I’m aiming for the big battles, which are with Republicans, not those to the left of me.

    NOW EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO MAKE A DONATION AND BUY THE T-SHIRT. I’ll see the circular shooters on the other side, hopefully after another win.

    “…don’t hurt your human…”

    You go gurl…

    You tell ‘em…A**wipes! 😉 lol

    This *SHOULD* “GO VIRAL”…Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, et al!!!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!

  2. Snnope4eva2 Thank you, Thank you and Thank you you are so right on I am with you.
    gracias ans Yes we can I donates 50.00 on Saturday.

  3. I’m going to ask a question for discussion of this thoughtful, intelligent group:

    Do you think Obama should come out in support of gay marriage?

    We don’t need to reiterate what he has done for the LGBT community — it has been vast, substantive and he should receive major credit for it. Up to now I have been completely supportive of his threading the needle on this issue. At least discussions about it on MSM the last few days have included major gay rights advocates who are totally pleased with Obama’s record so far.

    But lately I’ve been wondering: Polls show a majority of Americans backing marriage equality. The people who are against it are never going to vote for Obama anyway. Would it be smart politically and just plain decent to come out in support?

    At this point I think Obama has blown the window on this. When he comes out in full support — and he will – it will indeed look like the looney left “made him do it”.

    The administration and his supporters spend a good deal of time explaining Obama’s measured, balanced responses to issue after issue. Would it blow political capital to just come out and give something this substantive to the base? Would he be better off shoring up that support rather than expecting some of the wingnuts to change their vote because he’s threading the needle? Isn’t he supportive enough of gay rights to never convince these loons anyway?

    I’m just asking. I’m not sure how I feel and I’d love the input of the TOAITR family.

  4. snoopy4eva2, thanks for sharing that wonderful piece. All I can say is Whow!!. I concur whole heartily with everything that is written. Thanks>>

  5. I agree with Tom Hanks, this president has exceeded my expectations. I was never the most politically savvy person, but even I think that this president will go down in history as one of the bests we’ve ever had. I am so proud of him!

  6. As a California resident I have been hearing many stories about Blue Cross.

    Earlier this year Blue Cross tried to raise rates 40%. It was the lead story on local TV stations for a week. Fortunately we have a great Insurance commissioner (Dem) and with help from Sebbelius in Washington, they forced Blue Cross to delay and eventually pull back the rate hike. Now whenever I read a story about Blue cross in CA, I have to share it.

    Anthem Blue Cross settles lawsuit, agrees to limit rate hikes

    Good news for policy holders in the law suit and good news for small business

    at the end of the story this tidbit

    “Anthem, meanwhile, announced Monday that it would cut in half July 1 rate hikes — to 3% on average from 6% — for nearly 18,000 policyholders at small businesses.

    The insurer acted after California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones reviewed the quarterly increases, calling them a burden for struggling companies. The reductions will apply to small-business policyholders with “Solution” plans.

    Anthem defended its small-business rate hikes as reasonable, saying it lowered them at Jones’ request.” //snip

    In previous years small businesses have been burdened with 25-30% rate hikes so 3% is pretty good.


  7. Most importantly, and I already told chip this, we all should do a fundraiser Monet bomb next week. Of course it should be coordinated, emails, all pro Obama blogs etc.
    Bc that is what the GOP does not want us to do, they fear us fundraising…
    ‘Q’ the over the top lies about every group of the presidents base, the last few weeks!

  8. Was LBJ asked to offer an opinion on Loving v. Virginia? Any President prior to the decision? It should be a court case that follows through the judicial process.

  9. Faith, this my position. If a person is in a very strong spiritual place within themselves (which I believe PBO is) yet recognizes that it is improper to force his believe on others, it is perfectly within his god given right to be where he is. While at the same time doing what he can to make sure government does not interfere into to the personal lives of others.

    Additionally, it is wrong for those in the gay community to try a force their believe on PBO.

  10. imo, he wouldn’t lose much of political capital with indies (forget wingnutz, they’ll never vote for him and he knows that) by supporting gay marriage. I don’t know what’s holding him back, his advisers or his own personal belief.

    My $ 0.03 (adjusted for inflation)

  11. Interesting question. I was listening to David Bender on the Stephanie Miller show yesterday. David has been critical of the President on a number of issues, but he feels, politically, that it would be dangerous for him to come out for gay marriage until after the 2012 elections.

    His reasoning is pretty simple. Although polls show the majority of Americans are in favor, or at kleast not opposed to gay marriage, that doesn’t necessarily reflect the electorate. As he pointed out, it is not what Americans as a whole believe, it is what the people that actually go to the polls believe.
    The people against gay marriage, for the most part (not all of them) probably wouldn’t vore for Obama anyway. However, if he came out for it, that would be a real energizer for them to get out and vote against him. Would it provide as much impetus to those that favor gay marriage? Probably not.

    The people that are against gay marriage have extremely strong feelings about it. I would guess that the majority of those that favor it woudl say, “Sure, I don;t have a problem with it” but not go out of there way to push for it.
    Remember 2004 when gay marriage issues, specially in Ohio, is what probably prevented Kerry from winning. The anti-gay base was energized, and this is an issue that would energize them again.

  12. Another story from California

    Gov. Brown Highlights Job Creation at World’s Largest Solar Energy Project

    The projects Brown visited today are estimated to create 5,390 new construction jobs and 400 permanent jobs in California. Upon completion, these power plants will generate 3,470 megawatts of energy, or 6 percent of California’s peak energy requirement, which is enough energy to power more than 1.4 million single-family homes.

    inlcluded a video of President Obama discussing solar.


  13. @Karoli who’s the author thanks you…


    And, I know your donation will be greatly appreciated! ::Virtual Hug::

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  14. Yea, I think he should, simply because I don’t believe for a second that he’s got anything against it. Not for real. This was politics in 2008 and I understand that (BTW, have you notice that it’s us, “Obots”, who actually never looked at him as the “Messiah”, and we see him as a whole person?) but there’s no political risk now. If I thought that he truly had a problem, I would be puzzled, but I would never ask him to support it – But from everything that I know about Barack Obama, I really, honestly, can’t believe that he’s got anything against gay marriage.

    Having said that, in 2.5 years he moved gay rights forward more than anyone else in decades. He is a marvelous president and I hope that most of the gay community can see that.

  15. Well folks I attended our local Columbus Eastside OFA planning session last night. Enthusiastic crowd of about 15. 🙂 WE are in this for the long haul. We want PBO re-elected and fear the alternative. Starting development of neighborhood teams, working on voter registration, and continuing our efforts to overturn TeaGov. Kasich’s public union crushing law Senate Bill 5.

    Here’s and update on our efforts to get the referendum on the November ballot: We are making progess like our brethren in Wisconsin with their recall efforts. We Ohioans have well exceeded the 231,000 signatures needed to put a referendum on the ballot to vote and overturn Senate Bill 5. The most recent count was over 806,000 signatures and could reach a million. HALLELUJAH!!:) We are going to have a petition victory parade next Wednsday July 29th downtwon. It will be tremondous. Our next step is to register the petitions and signatures with the Secretary of State and board of elections and the referendum will be put on the ballot this fall. Now we work on getting voters out to the polls this November which will be a task since the big election comes in 2012, we must drum up interest for turnout. We have come this far I’m sure we will succeed. 🙂 Again………..Keep fighting and KEEP UP the good fight folks. WE CAN DO THIS, YES WE CAN!!! Obama/Biden 2012!!
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  16. JERRY fucking NADLER just went on the house floor and said the president is like a monarch with all these wars.

    Gee, really?

    So, did NADLER make a stink like this when GW took us into Iraq, which was actual fighting?

  17. Exactly! I know in my heart is for them to have the right to marry and he stated that he will sign if congress brings it up. but he does not have to approve of it personally.

  18. Thanks amk. That is what we plan on doing. Keeping up the ground work. 🙂

  19. Thanks amk. That is what we plan on doing, keeping up the ground work in motion. 🙂

  20. When ever Obama has talked about being against gay marriage, he has been talking about his own, personal belief. He has even stated that the word “marriage” is a religious term, which it is.
    Politically, he has always been for equality for LGBTs. He has alway talked about being for civil unions. I have no doubt that if congress sent him a bill specifically for gay “marriage” he would sign it. Gov Quinn in Illinois just signed the civil union law and I didn’t read about any LGBT people complaining, what I read were stories about couples happy to get “married” The issue of whether Obama should say the word “marriage” is way overblown by the msm and PL.

  21. Something is going on because progressive radio is calming their rhetoric. I was listening a while ago and the guy in for Ed. Was saying we have to stop, we are dividing with our rhetoric, progressives have to listen dems and dems have to listen to progressives. progressive have to have a better approach because we are all fighting for the same thing. I had to stop the car and say maybe we are getting thru to some about their fiery rhetoric.

  22. I read that Kasich is now trying to split the eventual referendum vote into 4-5 pieces in hopes of confusing folks. Is this true, and is there any way to stop this?

  23. I am so tired of these New York PUMAS. Nadler is free to support the republican candidate of his choice who i am sure will do what ever Nadler wants. He also apparently gave an interview to Milbank attacking POTUS.

  24. Yes, the first Tuesday in November Jovie. We are also most likely going to re-elect our current Dem Mayor Michael B. Coleman for a record 4 term. He has been our mayor since being elected in Nov. of 1999. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  25. Wow!! This had not been discussed at our meetings. That is a new one to me. I will see what is up with that and give you an answer. I have no idea. Lets hope that there is. These Teathugs are ruthless. Thanks for asking SR.

  26. Thanks for posting: great piece. It continues to boggle the imagination that so many ignore the ugly elephant in the room and what is really at stake in 2012. Remember Reagan? Bush? And today’s GOP is even worse: just look at Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio. And women might as well forget about access to contraceptives, abortions when they need them, preventive care if they are poor, treatment for STDs (may put some of our philandering legislators at risk!). And the courts will lay out the red carpet for corporations. And if we follow the Texas model welcome to poor education, low wage labor, large numbers without health insurance. And minorities and gays can just forget about any justice.

  27. Debz and Jovie it is called professional envy and jealousy with a little RACISM mixed in to boot. Call a spade a spade (no pun intended 🙂 ). It is what it is. Electorally New York firmly backs the president. Lots of hot jealous air being blown by the New York politicians. SAD…..while they are *itching and complaining PBO is moving on to the next task and taking names later!! 🙂 KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  28. I am beginning to hate a lot of house dems. They did not do this to Clinton in Kosovo!

    Thus, it must be something deeper.

  29. Yep, you are correct Jovie. There is something deeper and I have already mentioned it above. These attacks just propel our beloved President to work harder, faster, and more dilligently. It is amazing that these politicians on both sides of the isle still don’t know who they are dealing with. MINDBOGGLING to say the least. I guess almost 3 years of PBO in the Whithouse has not taught Congress anything. Amazing. LOL!

  30. You’re welcome!

    Yes it is…

    Mindbogglin’, they “ain’t thinkin’ straight!”

    So, WE have do whatever is necessary to change their minds…SPREAD THE WORD/PASS IT ON, online & off, Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, et al!!

    DO SOMETHIN’, WE have to “save ’em from ’emselves!” lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  31. Thanks Jovie you always find positive links for us to consume. You seem to be loosing your PARANOID edge you had for so long with your posts lately. Keep up the good work. 🙂 Love Ya.

  32. Keith, you correct in what you say about jealousy and racism. I know the voters in New York support the President, but Jovie is right also, even though congressional dems did not support much of what Clinton was trying to do, they never personally attacked him the way many are attacking PBO. I just find it interesting that those with the biggest mouths were Clinton supporters.


    From the start of the 112th Congress, Republicans have opted to cut spending in order to maintain tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations and refused to consider any means of increasing revenue to address the staggering national debt. If any American family followed the Republican fiscal model, they would have suffocating debt, bankruptcy, and end up living on the street. The Republicans in Congress are on pace to bankrupt the country, and in effect, put America’s standing in the same category as most third world countries where 98% of the population live in abject poverty so the wealthy can continue living in opulence. The Republicans have assailed Democrats and the president for suggesting that increasing revenue through tax increases on the wealthy and corporations is part of a balanced approach to solving America’s debt crisis that Republicans caused.


  34. Where was the LGBT community when Clinton passed DADT? And after 10 years…. it only took 2 years for President Obama to repeal it

    Did you threaten to primary him or sit home election time? No, Clinton was served 2 terms, yet you expect for President Obama to turn things around in less than 2.5 years.

    The progress made by this President in less than 3years is quite unbelievable, some of the ungrateful people that refuse to acknowledge his progress and want to stay home to teach this President a lesson. I have a simple message for all the LGBT community.

    Go ahead and sit home in 2012 and not vote for him. But be prepared to lose all the following benefits.

    President Obama pushed for the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in his first State of the Union address, and followed through to sign the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act of 2010 into law.

    The President signed into law the FY2010 National Defense Authorization Act which included the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

    President Obama signed a memorandum expanding federal benefits for the same-sex partners of Foreign Service and executive branch government employees.

    The President issued a Presidential Memorandum directing the HHS Secretary to ensure that those hospitals that receive Medicare and Medicaid funds will give gay and lesbian patients and their families the compassion, dignity and respect they deserve in difficult times, as well as widows and widowers with no children, members of religious orders, and others whom otherwise may not have been able to receive visits from good friends and loved ones who are not immediate relatives, or select them to make decisions on their behalf in case of incapacitation.

    President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2011 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. I call upon the people of the United States to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people.
    I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fifth.

    Give the man time to undo things that have been piling on for decades, He hasn’t even finished his first term, it’s not like he has nothing else to do, unlike the previous President. What’s with all the “PRONTO’”


  35. I agree with you that marriage is a religious term that has a different meaning depending upon one’s religious upbringing or lack thereof. Some religions accept gay marriage and others do not. Marriage is a religious rite and a civil rite/right. Yet, they are not synonymous. We should respect a person’s religious beliefs even when they don’t conform to our own or mainstream thought. I have no problem with the president’s position. I believe he has proven that he does not let his personal beliefs limit his mandate as President to represent all Americans.

  36. That’s great news! I work for a small business in the DC metro area. WE also have BXBS. In prior years our insurance premiums were going up at least 20% per year. Our 2011 rate hike was 3% – awesome!

  37. And to tack on another point, this not just about getting President Obama reelected. If that far right homophobic base is stirred up on the marriage issue, it can jeopardize many House and possibly a couple Senate races as well.

  38. The libya bill will failed in the Senate. Meanwhile, dumb ass commentaters are high-fiving each other over the vote.

  39. The democratic house has been against this president since he was elected. Me thinks, they were so abused by bush that they hate the executive branch!

  40. Again we are all on the same page with this. I do remember President Clinton moving to the center before his re-election and Congressional Dems not liking it. You are right they did not publically condemn him either. With PBO it is a whole new can of worms with these people for OBVIOUS reasons that I already mentioned. Perseverance will be the key to PBO and his supporters. Not only that Dems of all persuasions and agendas better get on the Obama train cause if not we will have a TeaPresident residing in the Whitehouse in 2013. The infighting must stop. You’d think the 2010 midterms would have taught us a lesson. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  41. We rail against the looney left and we have every reason to. I am by no means advocating caving to any loons.

    But as a point of discussion, should the Democrats and Obama find more effective ways to fire up their base? We seem to spend so much time explaining the nuance. My husband has said to me, why can’t he just throw the base a bone once in awhile? My husband, more than me, if more indicative of the regular electorate. He pays attention but will react and accept headlines and cryons and sound bites. He’s annoyed that everything needs to be explained.

    It’s just a point of discussion. Even loons with principle appear to inspire. A good line in the sand would inspire the base. Hell, the wingnuts say he’s a far left Commie anyway — why not here and there really give the base something? Just asking.

  42. The 112th session of Congress has been in place 6 months and 22 days. This Session has accomplished nothing except to up the anti Obama bashing. I am awaiting the JOBS the Mr. Bohner and his ilk promised.

    As far as our democratic president Barack Obama, he continues to do exactly as he says he would. I stand with him and refuse to tell him what to do. The American people have bigger problems that trying to be “POTUS”. We trust him to do the correct thing as he usually does. The now very libertarian GOP, American media both the right and the left have other priorities….again I ask where are the jobs Mr. Bohner promised. All I see is the jobs created based on POTUS Obama’s hard fought legislations.

  43. Great news just keeps POURING in. SIGH! Looks like the MSM, Congress (on both sides) and PL all are against the Prez. He has an unpresedented wall of HATE against him and yet I do believe he will persevere. It is just something about DEVINE PROVIDENCE that trumps any hatred that mankind will bring to a CHOSEN ONE!! KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  44. I argue with some of my gay friends a lot over this. For some, it is their one issue. Others understand what Obama has accomplished and that the process HAS moved forward because of what he has done. I frankly am offended that there are progressives who sacrifice the country’s future over this, or any one issue.

    I would however like to see the base unite against our real enemies and not this President. So my question is, is there something he can do to help that?

  45. You mean “not vote for the President?” Newt is an idiot. A condesending, out of touch idiot, to boot. Hey, Newt…go shop at Tiffany’s!

  46. An Ad needs to be taken out in each state asking for better dems to run against the ones in the house now. That will wake their ass up.

  47. Yeah, actually Nadler did. He’s consistent.

    I’m just full of questions today: should Obama go to Congress to continue in Libya? What is the downside that I’m not seeing?

    I would LOVE to see Republicans write the ads against themselves they they support Gadaffi. Because they have (effectively) framed it about Obama not coming to Congress, the symbolic votes against continuing in Libya look like they are against the President and not about what they’re really voting for.

    So what is the downside of Obama coming to Congress and making Republicans go on record saying that they support Goadaffi?

  48. Republians put two ward on the credit card. They can now pay for them with tax increases on the people who have done well in this recession.

  49. Jovie, Unfortunately DailyKrooks banned me….

    But anybody is more than welcome to copy it.

  50. I wish that could be a twitter #hash tag. what has the 112th congress done so far.

  51. Actually, the LGBT community was seriously pissed at Clinton about DAdt. iT CONTRIBUTED TO THE SUCKING SOUND OF SUPPORT FROM dEMOCRATS IN 1994.


  52. Sorry for the caps. I can’t read what I type until I post on this office computer. Sorry.

  53. Something tells me that all this “hating on the President” has more to do with all of “them” than it does with anything the President has or hasn’t done. These people have no convictions, no moral compass to guide them…they are solely influenced by big money and only big money…they would vote against their better judgement, and against Americans just to keep their coffers full. They are hypocrites and liars. The President stands on his principles, and he keeps his eyes on the long range big picture….for the people, not the corporations.This appears to me to be more like “self hate” of themselves , manifesting itself toward the President. Does that make any sense? Regardless, it should be clear to anyone paying attention, who really has the backs of Americans, and it’s not those that turn on him at every move. That includes ALL parties willing to TRY and hurt this incredible President. For all those bashers…you don’t know what you got till it’s gone! Think. about that for awhile

  54. What seemed like such a good idea of Howard Dean to help elect anyone who would put a “D” after their name. I’m sure he never fathomed that they really would be Republicans that look DNC money. But he knew there were some seriously conservative Dem’s.

    We would have been better off with razor-thin majorities that reflected the true divide of the parties. Obama was not placating Republicans, although that’s the rap he gets. He was placating the conservadems of his own party. It was a messaging nightmare because so many of those congress-critter shouldn’t have been considered Dems in the first place.

  55. Agreed,tulips…a “D” behind your name does not a good dem make! ( all the Yoda speak I’ll do today!)

  56. Here’s the soundbite of the day from Chuck Schumer:

    “Democrats, Schumer noted, had agreed to extensive spending cuts painful to their interests, but “when it comes time to talk about things that are painful to them, they walk away.”

  57. Newt should spend more time worrying about his own chances than about POTUS and black voters.

  58. Get the message out Democrats.

    If cantor walked out because democrats proposed ending subsidies to the oil companies and corporations, get the message out and use it as a wedge.

  59. BUILDIN’ A MOVEMENT that President Barack H. Obama can “get in front of”:


    In the coming weeks, people all across the country will come together for AMERICAN DREAM house meetings. Let’s talk about what a new American Dream looks like and commit to stand together to make it happen.

    Find an AMERICAN DREAM house meeting near you. We want YOU to be part of this movement, from the very beginning…

    @vanjones68: “The slogan was never “Yes, HE can.” it was “Yes, WE can.” (Van Jones is on Twitter… Twitter handle is @vanjones68!)

    http://rebuildthedream.com/ (RebuildDream is on Twitter…. Twitter handle is @rebuilddream!)

    Let’s DO SOMETHIN’!!! lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  60. Some of you wonder why the msm is against this president?
    I have posted articles to you all, of how he is taking on big oil and big coal.
    With his hcr law, he took on the insurance companies.

    With wall street reform, he took on the banks!


  61. Deficit talks without revenue increases on the table are not serious.

    Millionaires and corporations are hoarding their ill-gotten gains while the middle class has suffered. They can pay for the wars Boehner/Cantor et al had no problem putting on the credit card.

    If we frame it just about oil companies and corporations, the repubs claim that we’re hurting the ‘job creators’. It has to be about how they havwe taken the treasure of the U.S. when the working class is suffering. That they waged war and refused to pay for it. What kind of patriots are they?

    And my personal favorite: tax cuts didn’t work creating jobs in the Bush years. Why would be assume they would work now?

  62. Thanks I just sent them a message letting them know what I think of their members and also made it clear that I am an Obamacrat.

  63. Someone mentioned that he raised over $4 million at the fundraisers last night.

  64. We hear you! Ruffling those feathers that were preened SO WELL ALL THESE YEARS! Piss on them.

  65. I now think of the word “libertarian” as John Birch Society. At least through all this I have figured that out.


    Ed. Note: At 11:00 AM EDT today, the President will deliver remarks on the need to focus on cross-cutting technologies that will enhance the global competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing and speed up ideas from the drawing board to the manufacturing floor. Watch live on WhiteHouse.gov/live.

    While President Obama is talking about manufacturing in Pittsburgh today, CITIES AROUND THE COUNTRY ARE WORKING TO LINK EDUCATION AND INDUSTRY TO CREATE INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND HIGH-TECH JOBS. This week, we heard from several cities about how an educated workforce is helping to grow the advanced manufacturing economy in their communities.

    Cincinnati, Ohio MAYOR MARK MALLORY tells us about the importance of manufacturing in the local economy:

    Advanced manufacturing is significant to Cincinnati’s economy. GE aircraft engines are designed and built in the Cincinnati area and Cincinnatians created the cutting edge manufacturing techniques involved in the creation of Procter and Gamble paper products found in homes throughout the world. The advanced manufacturing sector will continue to be a key job creator for Cincinnati and I am encouraged by the President’s continued focus on jobs.

    In Atlanta, Georgia, MAYOR KASIM REED says:

    Advanced manufacturing is a vital part of the Atlanta economy through its contribution to our tax base and creation of jobs for our citizens. A recent Georgia Tech study found that industrial employment accounted for about 15% of jobs inside the city of Atlanta. The cross sector partnership between Atlanta’s manufacturing industries and educational institutions provides Atlanta with a competitive advantage for economic investment and growth. Investment in cutting edge emerging sectors is critical for expanding jobs and wages as well as preserving the competitive future of our national economy.

    Greenville, South Carolina lets us know:

    Greenville has one of the highest number of engineers per capita in the United States. This engineering pool coupled with one of the top technical schools, Greenville Technical College, along with Clemson graduates, allows our local industry to innovate at a faster rate. “Education and advanced manufacturing go hand in hand. A strong, linked education system is creating tomorrow’s innovators, which is essential to the stability and growth of advanced manufacturing,” says Mayor Knox White. “This has been proven in Greenville where the manufacturing sector led income growth during this year’s first quarter.”

    In Huntsville, Alabama, MAYOR TOMMY BATTLE shares news of local manufacturing growth:

    Raytheon will break ground soon on a new missile production facility. Another Huntsville company, Dynetics, is nearing completion of a new facility for the production of micro-satellites. This growth is happening in Huntsville, Alabama right now thanks to a highly-skilled, highly educated workforce – illustrating the importance that innovation and advanced manufacturing will always play in the growth of our local and national economy.

    David Agnew is the Deputy Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.

    Despite naysayers and doomsayers, especially those TeaPublican-elected senators, representatives, govenors and mayors, PBHO and Team Obama *ARE* movin’ America forward toward the future!

    Let’s DO SOMETHIN’…

    VOTE ‘EM OUT!!! lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  67. This makes perfect sense to me. I have seen a lot of self-centeredness in the phenomena of “fair weather friends” when it comes to supporting the President. I have to say the people that really “get” what the President stands for and what he is trying to do and support him, are turning out to be MY kind of people. Its not really about the President, its about their being patient, non judgmental, having a balanced view in the face of paradox, a willingness to be open and to change but also a heart for the dignity of those who hold with tradition. Its about seeking common ground but also being fierce in the face of oppression. Its all of you.

  68. But but but Romney said Obama has failed. Then, a kid asked him for change and he had a 5000 dollar wad of 100s!
    Guess he is out of luck!
    Then, Romney said in the debate, we should turn over control if Afghanistan to the Taliban army, but when the president said he is withdrawing troops, Romney basically said, what are you doing!

    Thus, this guy is a fake walking gaffe machine!!!

  69. If WE “play it right”…

    It will be their “downfall!” lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  70. Bravo Keith, Si, se puede! Also try to make sure that all those you register have some form of valid photo ID. If they don’t see how you can help them get this. We are doing that here. We must be prepared for anything the Repugs do to try and suppress voters.

    I am thinking that instead of driving folks to the polls next year I will volunteer to be a poll watcher instead.

  71. LOL! Take that banning as a badge of honor because you spoke truth to lies and hysteria. “DailyKrooks?” or could you mean “DailyKooks?” Looooooove it!

  72. I’m so glad that what I said made sense to you..I felt like I was rambling and not being very coherent:) I agree…those people that understand him, are MY kind of people as well:)


    Posted on June 24, 2011 by Leader’s Press Shop


    Yesterday, Leader Cantor abandoned the bipartisan Vice President Biden-led debt talks that were set to continue in good faith – undermining weeks of work and placing the American economy in serious jeopardy. While Democrats are committed to reducing the deficit in a responsible way that creates jobs, preserves Medicare, and strengthens the middle class, Republicans have insisted on protecting tax breaks for Big Oil and corporations that ship jobs overseas.

    The post includes articles from The New York Times, Reuters, National Journal, and CBS News.


  74. This is what I sent:
    The purpose of this email is to inform you that I will not be donating to the DCCC because of the disrespectful public comments that some democrats have been making about President Obama and his policies, the failure of the democratic caucus to stand up to the republicans who are the real problem, and for the failure of the caucus to support President Obama’s policies such as closing Guantanamo Bay, and most recently, his decision to honor our treaty with NATO and intercede in Libya to prevent Qaddafi from slaughtering his own citizens. I am advising fellow democrats to do the same. I see no reason to donate to an organization whose members do not support President Obama’s, and most democrats’, policies and goals for this country. I will be donating to President Obama and to the democrats in Congress who show support for the president and democrats in this country.

    Margie xxxxxx
    Lifelong Democrat
    in GA

  75. Since I’ve been black all of my life (lol) and have been voting since 1972, I see Newt’s words about blacks voting for republicans in 2012 as a huge joke, and the joke is on him and the other republicans who are buying his BS. If he thinks things just got bad for many blacks since 2008, he didn’t care before then. He just wants to get PBO out of the WH, and I can say with 100% confidence that most blacks have been watching closely as the republicans have disrespected him, us, Hispanics, Muslims, gays, atheists, and anyone else they think they can attack for political gain. I’m sick of them thinking that we don’t pay attention to politics because it’s not true, and it’s something they use to hint that we’re not as intelligent as they are, so, we should let them choose for whom we vote. Ugly is ugly. We know ugly, and ugly is written all over the GOP. Why would we vote for those whom we know have no love or respect for us? The time for the GOP to have begun trying to woo us would have been when Beck called the president a racist. What did we hear from them? Crickets. They haven’t changed since Beck said this. They’ve been users as long as I’ve been voting, and I refuse to be used by them. They may use the tea partiers, but they won’t use me.

  76. And what did he say when he signed DOMA in. Because I believe there is no excuse for that. If he had vetoed it and Congress overturned him then there is nothing you can do but what his reason for signing it and why hasn’t Choi called him out on it.

    But I think the gay progressive corporations are started to realize who they have the best chance with and it’s the President. But we’ll see come 2012.

  77. Faith, I understand and appreciate your reasoning for wanting the President to come out publicly in support of gay marriage. I am however concerned with you repeated use of the term base in reference to the vocal opponents of the President. I wish people would clearly define who constitutes the base of the Democratic party?

    The problem with marriage is that it is mixed up with both religion and the governments of all the 50 states For me, If the President chooses to support gay marriage, he should do so based on his personal convictions and not based on political consideration, or political expediency. Because, in the end, the President has no political power to change state laws. Only the courts can do that if those state laws are found to be violating the Constitution. I am quite sure, reasonable people in the gay community understand that.

    What the President can, and did, was to stop defending DOMA in court. DOMA was enacted by a zealous Republican Congress, and unfortunately signed into law by our beloved Bill Clinton. President Obama cannot unsign DOMA. He is, however, obligated by the Constitution to enforce it, but I am glad that he wisely concluded that he is not obligated to defend it in court.

    Basically, then the President saying publicly that he supports gay marriage is purely symbolic. His public expression would do absolutely nothing to change state laws that prohibit gay marriage; and neither would it overturn DOMA. That is why I am puzzled why this is now a major litmus test, in order for him to earn the support of the so called “base.” Clearly, any objective person knows that President Obama has used his authority as president to advance gay rights, both through Executive Orders and signing bills like the one that outlawed DADT.

    The fact that people are willing to abandon the President over symbolism, instead of substance is, honestly, beyond me. If some one could show me how the President speaking up in support of gay marriage would result in Texas, or Idiana, or Viginia, or Mississippi, etc., change their state laws to allow gay marriage, I would enthusiastically join in making this a major litmus test for my support for the re-election of the President.

  78. Thanks desertflower, granny911, and WIW for the encouragement. I will keep ya’ll posted. 🙂

  79. I think that sometimes people need symbolism. Especially when we’re on the defensive just about all the time, and the news are mostly bad. I can see where Faith is coming from. Sometimes you just need small inspiration. But I think PBO knows that and he’s going to spread some cherries next year.

  80. indeed – the elk is more humane than those folks in Washington holding American lives hostage for their greedy agendas. Sweet story.

  81. Ohhhhhhhhhhh ranman, That Is EXACTLY how I feel. I’m with you 100%. Now that’s how I feel, and I can understand PBO’s conviction on that, I share the same sentiments, and really? I think that Is fair advice 🙂

  82. I do not disagree “that sometimes people need symbolism.” What I am puzzled about is given this President’s substantive achievements in advancing gay rights, why make symbolism such a major issue that decides whether you support or do not support the President’s re-election? I also fear that since marriage has such deeply held religious symbolism, the President also run the risk of alienating his supporters who may have deeply held religious beliefs on the issue of marriage, but who otherwise support gay rights.

    Just to be clear. I strongly support gay marriage. And since I am also not a religious person, I do not fully understand the religious objections to gay marriage. But I know many people who hold them. I sincerely hope the President speaks out in favor of gay marriage. But he must do so out of conviction and not out of political expediency to energize his base. I also hope and trust that the fact that he has not publicly spoken out in favor of gay marriage is because of his religious convictions and not because of political expediency. As the saying goes: actions speak louder than words. As far as I am concerned President Obama’s actions clearly demonstrate that he is committed to ensuring the rights of gay people to be treated equally. But I am also willing to concede to you, and Faith, that sometimes symbolism tramps substance. There is no doubt that his speaking out in favor of gay marriage would be icing on the the cake of all he has done to advance gay rights.

  83. Thanks Keith for the wonderful work you are doing in C-bus, Ohio! I need to move these old bones of mine and start going out to help register voters here SD-CA. I am also on the same page with you, Jovie, Debz and about the hypocrisy of these holier than thou Democrats, like Nadler, who are out bashing the President. They never did the same thing to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, both of whom were members of the conservative Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). I tell you, PBO has brought into the open a whole mess of hidden ugliness!

  84. This *IS* great…

    Leader Pelosi *IS* always pushin’ back against “The Boner” and his Lock-steppers! 😉

    But, just like PBHO, she needs surrogates…

    Of course, there’s Israel, DWS, Van Hollen, Clyburn, and Hoyer (sometimey)! lol

    WE have to keep the PUSHBACK ongoin’…

    WE cannot let up on ’em!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  85. You make a good point, Faith. May be that is what he should have done before he took action, but the problem was he just couldn’t wait on congress to go through infinite debates, when thousands of Libyans were about to be massacred. By the way what is really laughable is that at the time, both Republicans and Democrats were urging him to take action.

    The downside I see now is that the House of Representative would vote against him. Republicans would be joined by the holier than thou Democrats, like Nadler, Conyers and Kucinich, in voting against him. The MSM will then write sensational headlines such as: REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS JOIN TOGETHER IN HANDING OBAMA A HUMILIATING DEFEAT FOR HIS LIBYAN POLICY! I am almost certain, Faith, that all the stories in the MSM would be about Obama’s failure and not about who supported Gaddafi.

  86. lol DailyKoos..has been transformed into a tabloid…….So sad that so many so called intelligent folks have gone into a distraction and became part of the Right Wing agenda

    I called that “IGNORANCE BY CHOICE” added with a Racist Tone that never really supported that black guy, for them it was just a “Hip and Cool” thing to do, so that they could be part of history…..

    I guess they thought that “Yes We Can” translated into “Yes We can change Him”

  87. Thank you so much Kasai for speaking TRUTH! Increasingly, it’s very apparent to me that no matter what this President does people who hate him will always move the goal post. There is always a new huddle that he must jump, and a new test that he must pass, before his accomplishments are accepted by those who are so superior to him in intellect and devotion to progressive values. I am now in my sixties and I don’t remember a president constantly attacked by members of his own party as President Obama has been, except for LBJ on the specific issue of the Vietnam war. But look who we ended up with as LBJ’s replacement: Richard Nixon. Obviously Richard Nixon looks so good today compared to the current crop of Republicans running to replace President Obama. But I am absolutely convinced that this country would have been much better off if LBJ had not been forced to forgo re-election, or if the Democratic party had united to elect Hubert Humphrey. Interestingly, the real base of the Democratic party that stuck with Hubert Humphrey, as they have done with all the Democratic Presidential candidates since JFK, was the African American community.

  88. Sadly, President Obama has been bashed by both the conservative Democrats and the so called progressive Democrats. Look, even under the great FDR, the Democratic party was made up of a coalition of Northern liberals, Labor, Blacks, and Southern Segregationists, better known as the Dixiecrats. At the time, Black political power was really miniscule so Black interests were not that central to FDR’s agenda. Yet, it was this political coalition that enabled FDR to enact the revered New Deal Agenda. If specific factions of FDR coalition insisted that only their agenda items mattered, New Deal Programs, like Social Security would never have been passed in Congress.

    We must realize that the political sensibilities of some one representing rural Nebraska, rural Arkansas, rural South Dakota or Montana are not going to be the same as those of some one representing New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston or Chicago. There are some values that unite Democrats but there are other values that require the various factions of the Democratic party to try to find a middle ground that doesn’t endanger their political prospects in their different regions. Unless, of course, we want the Democratic party to be a regional party of the East coast and the West Coast.

  89. Done Thanks I have been looking for TOAITR folks on twitter. I only found a few. I am putting all of Jovie’s stuff on twitter.

  90. Uh, Nathan, would you please send that post to Debbie Wasserman Schultz over at the DNC, please. I’m serious.

  91. Majii, I deeply respect your views but I am not sure this is a winning strategy to follow. While I think it is important to strongly remind fellow Democrats that we expect them to support the president, I am not so sure that it is appropriate to threaten them with refusal to donate. We cannot afford to ignite further divisions within the Democratic party because that would be a sure guarantee that the President will not be re-elected.

    Personally, I think the best way to put pressure on these congressmen is to organize masses of people to show up in the streets in support of the President. Believe me, I throughly detest these Democrats who are out there stabbing the President in the back, but I still think they are much better than the evil Republicans who are so hell bent on destroying the country to ensure that President Obama is a one term president. Lincoln was right, if our Democratic house insists on being so deeply divided, them we must be prepared for the consequences: our party will not stand and will be defeated!

    Finally, let me say that I commend you on your e-mail, and I intend on joining you in sending a similar message to DCCC, minus a threat to withhold funding. I simply can’t afford to see Republicans maintain control of Congress.

  92. I tweeted it. I have 3 tribes in my family. Thisis such great news. Thanks

  93. I totally agree with you, WIW! Today, i’ve been a bit distressed because I fear we are beginning to emulate the PL tactics. I certainly detest all these Democratic congressmen who are out there bashing the President. But I am not ready to completely give up on them because I think they are responding to the false meme, that is often repeated by the MSM, that the Democratic base is deserting the President. What we need now is not to pour oil on an already smoldering fire. What we need is to pour water on the fire to keep it from destroying not only the Democratic party, but the whole country. Sending positive support to the Dem trying to prevent economic chaos is, in my judgement, similar to pouring water on a smoldering fire to prevent it from spreading.

    I really can’t express enough how deeply I appreciate your efforts in trying to keep us focused on positive actions. You are really doing wonderful work.

  94. Hi Tien Le, If you think these random thoughts of mine will, in any way, help Democrats to be both realistic and pragmatic, and at the same time try to find common ground, I certainly will do that. Especially since I deeply respect your opinions.

    You see, Tien, most of my thoughts are based on my experience, and my limited study of history. Upon reflection, I think all of us (and I submit that I bought into that meme my self) who said in 1968 that there was no difference between Richard Nixon and either LBJ or Hubert Humphrey were sadly mistaken. We found that out the hard way as most of the Civil Rights gains began to be reversed by a conservative court dominated by Nixon appointees. Unfortunately, not having learned from past history, the holier than thou Democrats repeated the same mistake when they abandoned Jimmy Carter and we ended up with Ronald Reagan. Yet again, with our same indifference to history, purity progressives abandoned Al Gore to support Ralph Nader, repeating the same tired mantra that there was no difference between Al Gore and George Bush. We all know how that turned out.

    Recently, I was so amused to see that the same Al Gore, that the holier than thou progressives abandoned in in 2000, because he was no different from Bush, is now their hero, because he supposedly criticized President Obama on global warming. George Santayana’s warning really speaks to Democrats: “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.”

  95. I’m bitterly disapointed in much of those of the left such as Rachel Maddow, someone that would watch her show and like her, now I am someone who will not anymore. She said rather pointedly that Obama was against what happened in NY which I know is not true. I know that Obama believes in this but politics prevents him from taking stances.

    Ahh well I will always support my prez even if I don’t agree with him on everything. To say the least I will not be watching Maddow or any of MSNBC anymore. I’ve said this before but I mean it now as its gotten to be too much for me. Sure I’ll check it out sometimes but rarely.

    My mom has stage 4 cancer and doesn’t have a long time to live and I think its time to spend more time with my mom than spending time on reading and watching depressing cynical crap by Maddow and friends. Its time to boycot them all!

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