“As long as economic recovery would work to the political benefit of Barack Obama, the Republicans have been, are, and will be in favor of sabotaging the economy”

Not a big revelation, but still a terrific and really upsetting piece from Michael Tomasky:

It’s about time the Democrats started saying openly what has been clear for months or even years now—that as long as economic recovery would work to the political benefit of Barack Obama, the Republicans have been, are, and will be in favor of sabotaging the economy. Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin made the point in a press conference in the Capitol Thursday. Noting that his GOP colleagues are coming out against business tax cuts (read that again: Republicans against tax cuts for businesses) that Democrats happen to support, Schumer said, “It almost makes you wonder if they aren’t trying to slow down the economic recovery for political gain.” Well, not almost. Certainly. And I don’t “wonder.” I think it’s obvious. But this is a start.

Washington is a city of conspiracies, but far and away the most pernicious one is the fiction, in which one must participate if one wants to be regarded as a “serious” person, that both parties are more or less equally to blame for the present malfunctioning of our democracy. One hears this all the time at the sort of panels, dinners, and seminars I attend. The topic is our energy future, our fiscal prospects, whatever. Discussion turns to obvious remedies, which inevitably involve the government taking some minimal amount of action, or the investment of a few modest public shekels. The symposiast will then note, sighing forlornly, that we appear to be light years away from consummating even these modest actions. He will then bemoan a vague “lack of political will” or “absence of leadership” as the reason for the inertia.
Nonsense. There’s nothing vague about it. It’s crystal clear. We can’t do these things because of the extreme nature of the Republican Party and the right-wing noise machine that enforces such rigid ideological purity. Period and end of story. I think most people at these panels and dinners know this deep down. But it’s thought impolite to say it. Often it’s a technical violation of law to say it,

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Mitt Romeny, crook and liar:

Mitt Romney released a much-discussed new video today that hammers away at the “Obama Misery Index” and features one Ryan King of Midland, Michigan, who has fallen on hard times. King, a recent college grad, talks in somber, apolitical tones about his economic situation, claiming he has $3 to his name and that he eats bologna sandwiches because they’re cheap.

“Frustration is the big word,” King says, claiming that prospective employers want experience, even for jobs he’s qualified for. “My hands are tied…how am I gonna get experience if no one will hire me in?”

“Is it my fault that I can’t get a job?” he says. “To a certain point, you just start losing faith in yourself.”

It turns out there’s a bit more to King’s story than that, though.

In 2009, King was identified in the local press as the vice treasurer for the Midland County Young Republicans. He seems to have been a local Republican operative since; his Facebook page shows him partying away at the 2011 state GOP convention.

King’s employment history is also unclear. As late as May, he boasted on his Facebook page of getting a job at Quality Marketing Enterprise in Midland, as a marketing accounts rep. “Got the job, booya!!!” he exclaimed.

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You can’t touch the swagger, you just can’t.




This is simply awesome:

86 thoughts on ““As long as economic recovery would work to the political benefit of Barack Obama, the Republicans have been, are, and will be in favor of sabotaging the economy”

  1. New ppp poll: the president beats everyone in Florida and with Rubio on the ticket makes things worse for republicans. Lol!

  2. Not even just the economy; they’ve been holding up President Obama’s first-rate nominees because these folks prove that with competence in federal government, people’s lives are helped. So the GOP has engaged in an UNPRECEDENTED gambit to gum up the works, so that a slew of President Obama’s nominees cannot make it through any confirmations process, through no fault of their own. It has never happened, that an opposition party has been this obstructive. And sand is being kicked into the face of the referees to obscure this situation, daily, courtesy of the selfish, short-sighted, self-destructive professional left. I couldn’t imagine a greater degree of difficulty for presidenting, yet President Obama seems to flourish amidst these severe challenges. This can’t go on. POTUS’ supporters truly need to intervene here.

  3. Of course the Republicans are sabotaging the economy. We all know it here, most Dems realize, and even President Obama realizes it. The question is how to get it out without sounding like whiners. That may sound strange, but it is the truth.

    They key is for Dems to get out there and not just say the Republicnas are not producing jobs, or are making cuts that cost jobs. The Dems need to get out there and yell at th top of their lungs about the jobs bills they want to get passed, and have specifics, and talk about the Republicans won’t even let them come up for a vote. Too many people see Obama as the President, and evn though most people still blame the economy on Bush, Obama gets low rtings on the economy. The Dms, including Obama need to get out there and discuss specific plans to improve the economy and then talk about the republicans obstructing them.

    Also, and I think this is critical. The need to talk about how even Reagan would not be welcome in today’s Republican Pa as even he knew that part of the solution to deficits was raising taxes. What does it say about today’s republicans that they are throwing Saint Reagan under the bus?

  4. This is why when peopl get upset about the President’s approval numbers they shouldn’t worry too much. When given a real choice between Obama and any of th proposed Republican candidates, they go the ight direction. Not that we should consider th lection a done deal, we shouldn’t. But don’t let th overall numbers depress you.

  5. Great comment. When they are in power they bring in incompetents to how that the government can’t work, and when they are out of power they prevent competent people from getting into position to make government work.

  6. Tee hee hee @ Rubio

    @ the video of Capetown dancers: Now that’s how I’d like to be received at the airport!

    What a magnificent welcome for FLOTUS and family.

  7. Steve Benen wrote about the question of Republicans sabotaging economic recovery back in November 2010 and he was a lonely voice. In fact, he got some push back. But things are finally starting to change. I am seeing more and more articles about the ‘sabotage’ question. Maybe we are finally reaching a tipping point with the Republican Party obstruction. It’s great to see Michael Tomasky weighing in with truth and clarity.


    In November, I faced all kinds of pushback by raising a provocative argument: is it possible Republicans would pursue policies that would hurt the economy on purpose?

    Seven months later, it appears the “sabotage” question is going mainstream.

    E.J. Dionne Jr. inched pretty close to it last week, noting that Republicans “have no interest” in working on job creation because “Republicans benefit if the economy stays sluggish.” Kevin Drum wondered whether this will ever be “a serious talking point,” adding, “No serious person in a position of real influence really wants to accuse an entire party of cynically trying to tank the economy, after all.”

    That appears to be changing.


  8. Perfect, The Republican yes have been, are, and will be in favor of sabotaging the economy, YES the are and it shows because they beating down that’s the only way they can beat Obama. It will NOT work. I.am sure who ever the GOP will run against Obama, will try to campaign on that. and I hope the people are noticing it.
    Sabotaging the economy of our country is treason and it’s UNAMERICAN BASTARDOS.
    I confident that Obama will mop the floor with any one who runs against him with the issues. and how much he has accomplished. So yes we can.

  9. Ladyhawke: SABOTAGE, SABOTAGE, SABOTAGE is the word that the DEMOCRATS start using from now on, YES.

  10. I think this is a topic that couldn’t have been brought up too soon. Up until recently, the economy was showing definite signs of coming back, until the first of this yer. Now it is slightly stalled. Since the republicans have been in a psoition to do something about, they economy has definitely slowed down. If you accussed them last year, evn though it was obvious even then, it would have been met with incredulty. Now it can have some resonanc.

  11. I think this has already been posted, but I can never get enough of pm carpenter. Here’s his post on the sabotage issue:


    Eric Cantor, in his own oblivious way, has redefined the art of political compromise:

    I believe that we have identified trillions in spending cuts, and to date, we have established a blueprint that could institute the fiscal reforms needed to start getting our fiscal house in order.

    That said, each side came into these talks with certain orders, and as it stands the Democrats continue to insist that any deal must include tax increases.

    And there you have it. Each side entered negotiations with “certain orders,” yet those from the White House and its Democratic majority in the Senate are illegitimate, and thus obscene, while those from House Republicans are immutable, untouchable, and thus divine.


  12. I also have confidence that President Obama will mop the floor with any one of these power hunger people who are running for 2012. I believe that his accomplishments will speak loudly and clearly to the voters. So let us get those new people ready to vote. Oh Yes We Will.

  13. I feel president Obama is about to come out with another whammy that will make the media, gop and those dems against him look stupid. Its coming yall and soon

  14. I meant to say a subject that couold have been brought up too soon. I think we are all seeing a strategy leading up to the dbt ceiling vote that will portray (accuartely) that the Republicans stand against the rest of the country while favoring th rich.

  15. WhatIsWorkin’,

    Although this was durin’ [President] Obama’s 2008 Campaign, it’s still relevant, today…

    Hil Harper (actor, CSI: NY): “…Barack Obama will be in office for 8 years, and he will go down as one of the greatest presidents in [U.S. history]…” (somewhat paraphrasin’ lol)

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  16. Making health care less expensive. Back to those toenail clippings – someone yesterday asked why the current test isn’t satisfactory. Turns out the current, expensive test doesn’t really work:

    “The current standard for predicting osteoporosis risk uses dual energy X-ray absorptiometry to measure bone mineral density. But studies suggest that the technique doesn’t accurately predict the risk of fracture. Now, two new approaches provide a more precise way to determine whether bones are prone to breaking…more


  17. That’s very interesting. Thanks for responding to my question. Now if they could just find a way to effectively stimulate bone growth.

  18. I called both my TN senators yesterday about R’s sabotaging the recovery/economy; obstructing his nominees and anything else PO tries to do. Said straight out I know a good economy doesn’t work to R’s advantage. My question for both: Is that attitude/behavior example of a PATRIOTIC American?

  19. I would suggest to Ryan King, or any other poor starving republican, that he buy a jar of peanut butter. It’s much cheaper than bologna and certainly more healthy. Boo hoo.

  20. Keith in C-bus, Ohio

    Great news just keeps POURING in (sarcasm folks). SIGH! Looks like the MSM, Congress (on both sides) and PL all are against the Prez. He has an unpresedented wall of HATE against him and yet I do believe he will persevere. It is just something about DEVINE PROVIDENCE that trumps any hatred that mankind will bring to a CHOSEN ONE!! No PBO is not the Messiah, but he sure works very hard for the American people. We just need to hang on for the VERY BUMPY ride the next 16 months. 🙂 KEEP HOPE ALIVE!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  21. We can all help with the Sabotage theme.

    1. Everyone needs to contact their Senator and congess person whether they are republican or democrat and write one of these messages.

    2. For Dems – keep sending a message that the Republicans are sabotaging the economy to win the election. We support you – lets force the Republicans to pass a jobs bill. Introduce a jobs bill every week. Force the Republicans to show their true colors.

    3. For Republicans – why are you sabotaging the economy? Why are you blocking tax cuts for corporations, protecting subsidies for oil companies, and voting against jobs bills? If you are hoping this will help you will win in 2012 you are mistaken.

    4. Tweet the sabotage theme

    5. Add links to the sabotage story to Facebook, find your representatives Facebook page and make a comment

    for contact info for every member of congress visit

    If you find any mistakes, in the contact info. post them here and i will fix it.

  22. One more thing

    I now have SOME of the Facebook pages for Congress,

    Several folks have posted to the wiki for facebook pages. Thanks to Tien Le and everyone else who pitched in (sorry I forgot who else helped you should remind me below). If you have the time to find some of the facebook pages that have not yet been found please follow these instructions.

    1. Go to the wiki

    2. There is an Edit button in the upper right corner, click on it

    3. You will have a cursor where you can start typing. Go ahead and type in the information, don’t worry about how the text looks.

    4. You will also see a menu bar near the top of the page and in the far right end of the menu is a save button. Click Save.

    Thanks to all who participated and to everyone who will help in the future.

  23. It’s just the same crap they’ve been spewing for the past 2.5 years. Nothing new. Let them spend their $20 million. If people are too stupid to recognize the truth from the lie, then so be it.

  24. PBHO *IS* forever movin’ toward a ’21st century’ future:

    PRESIDENT OBAMA LAUNCHES ADVANCED MANUFACTURING PARTNERSHIP… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/24/president-obama-launches-advanced-manufacturing-partnership-0

    MANUFACTURING INNOVATION: TURNING SCIENCE FICTION INTO SCIENCE FACT… http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2011/06/24/manufacturing-innovation-turning-science-fiction-science-fact

    If WE want to help PBHO and his Admin SPREAD THE WORD/PASS IT ON, WE have to RT, FB, Email, et al all their online helpful, relevant info, whether it’s old and/or new!

    You know the White House, White House Blog, and Cabinet departments (i.e. doj, fema, homeland security, health, energy, education, epa, transportation, interior, agriculture, housing, labor, etc.) have Twitter accounts… @whitehouse, @blog44… Right?

    RT ’em!

    Of course, WH Blog RSS feed is on the TOAITR sidebar!

    Let’s DO SOMETHIN’! lol

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  25. And they need to spend some money on some ads. We need to help them push this message daily via twitter, e-mail, facebook or whatever other means.

  26. Yes, WE can! 😉

    By the way, on that For Republicans’ line, don’t you mean why are you blockin’ tax increases …, millionaires and billionaires?

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  27. Oh, I got to work on TX! 😉

    And, you’re always welcome…

    You do great work!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  28. What are they going to do with this ad will the economy improves? Gas prices going down. I see the point of this.

  29. In all seriousness, a bag of lentils is cheap as hell and very nutritious.

  30. The dem. in congress is no help to obama, they are wimp. we obama supporter have to step up and let the dem. in congress know that we are watching them.

  31. I am LOVIN’ that swagger pic! BWD….can you keep that up for awhile:) Does somethin’ to me….

  32. If the economy improves they will credit Republicans even though they have done absolutely nothing. I suspect they are doing this now to help Romney. I read that Rove has been secretly advising him. Hasn’t been confirmed though.

  33. Totally agree with you here. I am amazed at his calmness, did his mother and his upbringing ever prepare him for this job. I am eternally grateful to her for this. I pray everyday that he feels the love and support from this and many other websites.

  34. Just on the local news, about 50 NOW protested at rubios office!

    For supporting -cutting womens rights.

    Excellent work.

  35. Is there any way of keeping a tally of numbers of nominees who have been approved by the appropriate Senate committees and are awaiting confirmation? Would be good to keep posted and to let people know

  36. Alright!

    I like him and Chu!

    Now, they need to confirm the new Commerce Secretary…

    WE’ll be “waitin, waitin’, waitin’ and seein’! lol

  37. And guess who joined the rethugs in that overreach ? kucinich…sob.

    This bwd diary talks about economic sabotage by the rethugs. What about the political sabotage of this admin and this prez by his own party?

    And yay, the old comment box is back

  38. Excellent news. Thanks, Jovie. I was actually wondering about that very thing just yesterday. I like Gary and the Chinese love him and his wife over there. He’ll do very well.

  39. This is a great read, WiW. Dennis the Menace has a stupid quote, as usual, but it’s Michael Steele’s quote that it truly priceless. Want a little salt with that pretzel, Steele?

  40. Many of you have probably read this article. But for those who haven’t, I think it’s worth the read. What the Republicans are doing is not new. However, they are doing it with more gusto against President Obama. Republicans endeavor to make it appear that Democrats cannot govern thereby hopefully ensuring their return to power.

    There is a method to their madness.


  41. I just don’t see them succeeding this time. They are way too full of themselves and have too many radicals spouting off their mouths and they made the ultimate political blunder with the Ryan budget. Openly touting the belief that it is okay to destroy Medicare to give tax cuts to the rich is the height of hubris and incompetence. This time, they’ve gone too far.

  42. via BJ

    “The Republican presidential field looks less like an assemblage of candidates than a collection of fatal mistakes and irreparable flaws, with occasional embodiments of one or more of the Seven Deadly Sins.” — Steve Chapman, Real Clear Politics

    And this is from a right winger.

  43. One of the issues I follow, the response to POTUS’ policy was extremely negative. It’s not an issue that gets a lot of progressive analysis like health care, so there wasn’t much to help me. However, based on a lot of analysis, POTUS’ policy was solid, it just generated an extremely strong reaction. Confused by this, I started looking for a Democratic blogger from one of the key voting states for some perspective. Found one with about a dozen to 20 informative posts. What was going on? All House Reps were new from 2010 midterms and the Dem (who knew the issues, had committee level seniority & a good rep with WH, AND was on some short list for an administrative position) was not re-elected. Wait, there’s a cherry on top: checking Wikipedia to get more district info — well, another blogger I’d been reading for years about political grifters, guess what? One of the worst is from this district.

    I.was.speechless. But it helped connect the dots, gave me the necessary perspective and more appreciation for the Democratic bloggers from that state — they know precisely what they’re dealing with. What’s upsetting is this policy issue, imho, could’ve created a positive success story similar to the Auto sector.

  44. Thanks, Jovie — that’s some pretty wild stuff that our friend Google is working on (driver-less cars!!). It has a lot of interesting ramifications . .

  45. It’s amazing how much the Rs hate America despite their claims to the contrary. They are putting the interests of their Party way ahead of the interests of the Nation and do not care what happens to the millions of Americans who will be victims of their strategy. Think of it — wanting to wreak economic havoc so they can seize the reins of power.

    And why do none of the Dems have President Obama’s back??? It’s in their self interest to do so as they will go down in frightening numbers if he is not re-elected. Almost 8 months since the wipe-out of 2011 and sill no signs of a coherent Dem messaging strategy . . . Surely, they could figure out a way to get the word out on the Rs’ strategy of sabotage.

  46. But Romney is not the nominee.PBO don ‘t know who his opponent will be . It will not matter if they do credit the Republican because in the end PBO will be credit for the improvement in the economy.

  47. I was at least glad that Dick Durbin and Chris Van Hollen publicly stated that the Repubs are intentionally working against the economy recovering, thus hoping to fulfill McConnell’s goal of making President Obama a one-term president. We need to see others say this loudly and clearly.

  48. Oooo I’ll play –

    Greed – Huntsman
    Lust – Romney
    Gluttony – Gingrich
    Sloth/Acedia – Pawlenty
    Wrath – Bachmann
    Envy – Cain
    Pride – Santorum

  49. amk, how is it the old comment box back? I still have black on gray which is so hard to see.

  50. Not to mention they can take the 111th congress’s accomplishments and compare them to the current congress’ accomplishments – it’s night and day.

    Then compare that to what China, S.Korea, Germany, India and Brazil have done while the GOP blocked everything and anything. It’s a world economy and GOP are playing silly partisan games causing America to fall behind.

  51. The dems never had his back, even in the primary days. They didn’t expect his rise would be so fast and still resent him for making it to the top.

  52. Forus – damn, it went back for some time (it was black letters in white background). Now it’s screwed up again. (white letters in white background).

  53. US economic growth is revised upwards

    The US economy grew at an annualised rate of 1.9% in the first three months of the year, slightly faster than previously thought, official figures have shown.

    This equates to a 0.5% quarterly rise. The last estimate by the Commerce Department showed growth of 1.8%.

    This compares with an annualised rate of 3.1% in the final quarter of 2010.

    High unemployment and a weak housing market are undermining the US economic recovery, analysts say.

    Corporate profits, in particular, were blamed for the slowdown from the final quarter of last year.

    US GDP is expressed as an annualised rate, which shows what the three months’ economic activity would mean if it carried on for a year.

    Separate figures from the Commerce Department showed that orders for heavy manufactured goods rose by 1.9% in May, compared with a fall of 2.7% the previous month.

    The rise was greater than analysts had expected.

    April’s drop was due to supply issues following Japan’s earthquake and resulting tsunami in March, analysts said.


  54. I know about those petty, emotion-based reasons — some of those Dem House members just ooze resentment and contempt when they pop up on TV to condemn him for striking a compromise deal. But you would think that they would start thinking about their own survival. Rare is the case when the voters toss out a president and don’t also evict other members of his party from their positions of power (the Senate was decimated in 1980 when Carter was defeated).

  55. Political Carnival says: GOP is legalizing tax evasion! Her new slogan for the ridiculous entitlement attitude of GOP and their mega wealthy friends.

  56. We really need to get our messaging on track. Can we crowd source it? I don’t know, but the Koch Bros funding has made a huge difference. Everyone should see Senator Sanders’ video about messaging on social security dismantling. An excellent case study.

    If we can come up with similar tours de force on the economy, and distribute them widely, it can make a big difference.

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