47 thoughts on “We’re keeping our promises

  1. Brilliant – I love this man! I love his boss! I love this site, and BWD and all you wonderful people who keep hope alive.

  2. Whoopi Made that point this morning on the View, she showed a clip when President Obama said what he planned to don in july 2010 and Whoopi and joy pointed out that he is doing just that, and that the dems and the repubs are against anything. They also mentioned that he will be at the broadway premiere of Sister Act.

  3. Yes it is…

    It made me teary-eyed!

    And, yes, let’s make it “GO VIRAL”…Tweet/RT it, FB it, Email it, et al!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  4. Thank God for Biden. He takes a lion’s share of credit for what happened yesterday. The best prez-veep team ever. Biden has redefined the role of the veep and taken it up several notches. An astute choice by PBO. As always.

  5. I just got back from a month’s trip to Europe. I was in Italy on a tour then in Switzerland with some of my family vacationing. What I observed is that the Europeans I came in touch with are thrilled with Obama as our President and think of him as a world leader. Many I sat next to on trains offerred their opinion with no prompting.

    On the other hand, on my tour with American citizens the mainly older Americans blame President Obama for all of our problems. I think most of the travelers fit the Conservative Republican mold. There were a few of us that were in the scrimp and save mode in order to be able to travel which fits the Dem mold more.

    I also talked with a psychiatrist and a general practitioner from both countries. I asked if they have to wait a long time for appointments in their countries due to having their medical social plans? They both said NO and we discussed both good and bad points of the systems. We even got into the miniscule points between Switzerland and Germany’s plans. They seem so sane! Why is it our country citizens can think our way is better when so many cannot afford to go to the doctor or lose all they have when they encounter a medical problem here?

    Glad to be back and back on our forum here. I didn’t miss the Left and Right screaming though!

  6. I think our politicians and media have trained us to act like dogs selfishly protecting a bone we might not even want or need. Kind of a “I got mine, back off and get your own” mentality. Pitting American against American has been a tridition since at least the irish started coming over here in the 1830’s. Get us to squabble over the scraps so we don’t notice the huge steak the big guys are eating.

    As for Europe, I suppose they have endured so muc war and destruction over the past century that they are just really tired of fighting with each other. Not to mention they took to heart our own ideas of Democracy and the FDR’s Four Freedoms.

  7. Great! The pubs just walked out of the debt talks blaming Biden for saying he personally wants to raise taxes on ever American!

    At least, that is how it sounds. Our lazy ass msm does no push back! No dems on tv to discuss this all important matter.

  8. Aaand here it comes, pushback from the MIC.

    The top US military officer has said President Barack Obama’s plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan is “more aggressive” than he had advised.

    Adm Mike Mullen said leaving troops in place was “the safer course”, but said he supported the president’s decision.

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Mr Obama had kept a pledge to begin withdrawals by July 2011.

    On Wednesday Mr Obama announced the withdrawal of 33,000 troops from Afghanistan by September 2012.

    In a series of interviews and congressional hearings on Thursday, senior US officials lent their support for Mr Obama’s decision to remove about one-third of the US troops from Afghanistan by the end of next summer.

    Defence Secretary Robert Gates acknowledged that the president took waning domestic political support into account when taking the decision, the AFP news agency reported.

    ‘Broken momentum’

    At a House of Representatives committee hearing, Adm Mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said Mr Obama’s decisions were “more aggressive and incur more risk than I was originally prepared to accept”.

    “More force for more time is, without doubt, the safer course. But that does not necessarily make it the best course,” he said.

    “Only the president, in the end, can really determine the acceptable level of risk we must take.”

    In a Senate committee hearing, Mrs Clinton said the 10-year-old US military effort in Afghanistan had “broken the Taliban’s momentum”.

    “We do begin this drawdown from a position of strength,” she said.


    Thanks Hillary for getting the president’s back.

    Cue rethugs and pox news lies and poutrage.

  9. You know their relationship is genuine and free of any pretenses. You can tell by their body language and the way the speak of each other. Indeed of all the years I have lived in this country, I too, have never seen such in the White House.

    They share mutual respect and likeness for each other. I listened to VP talk about POTUS the other morning on the Tom Joyner show, same thing.

  10. That’s not bad. Yes, Mullen gave some statements that can be cherrypicked, but far less damage than I would have anticipated.

    The military always wants more, for a longer period of time. That may make things ‘safer’ but a sometimes the end of the mission in sight is its best safety.

  11. It is the wonder I have had about this very rich country. But the more I think about it, I am reminded about how a large of the population, over and again, vote against the own interests. Seniors, for example, vote in record numbers for Republicans, the same people that, without any compunction, are willing to strip them of their Medicare benefits.

    I am at a loss for words.

  12. Now THAT’S Effective messaging, Mr. Biden. Sincere, concise, clear, positive, supportive. A goalpost-changing messaging in the right direction.

    Can I be wistful for a moment, imagining a world where every Democrat would have said this today?

    Do you know how easy this all would be if that were true?

    Let Keith Ellison and Peter deFazio then say that they hope that success will continue in this direction so that more and more troops can come home even sooner. Would that be so damned hard to do?

  13. I see it as more of CYA, you know, if some thing goes wrong. You don’t publicize your disagreements with your own president. If you disagreed with the prez’s decision, you do the honorable thing by quitting the job.

  14. Republicans can’t figure which side of this issue they are on. Remember that anything PBO touches, even if it was a policy supported by the GOP, it becomes null and void. So now, Republicans who like to tell us that they are the only ones with the market cornered on the safety of this nation are finding themselves boxed.

    Go figure.

  15. From Boehner today: “These conversations could continue if they take the tax hikes out of the conversation.”

    Then it’s not a conversation. Then you are not working in good faith with the POTUS who won a national mandate in 2008 and the Senate still in Democratic control. That is not a conversation. That’s thuggery. I wouldn’t accept that from a three year old, much less U.S. Congress.

  16. Happy thursday everyone 😀

    From my twitter timeline:

    RT @Shoq: As I understand it, it’s better to risk our lives to a #GOP Senate & White House, rather than support a Democrat who isn’t Jesus #p2

  17. It was a great address but I was mildly annoyed at the camera zooming in and out.

  18. Thank you for posting this, WIW. I’m afraid that it won’t work for me, but I hope this gives relief to others needing help. As AZ was considered one of the hardest hit states, they set up a program here last Sept. I tried to get them to work with us, nearly impossible. The person that set up the program here had so many stipulations and hoops to go through, that hardly anyone would be eligible to participate.My loan is a Fannie Mae loan. Not eligible.In fact, when I last spoke to the woman in that office, quite a bit of money was given to the state, and, to date, only ONE person has been helped. ONE. I want to know, what the hell they did with the money that was SPECIFICALLY EARMARKED to help people here?! It is infuriating to say the least. Good luck to others that are struggling…I desperately hope they get the help they need to get them through this time and begin again.

  19. I agree. Joe Biden was my choice for President to get us out of these wars because I’ve heard him speak about what needed to happen back in 2007 (before I knew anything about Obama). After IA in 2008, I was behind candidate Obama. I am so glad he picked Joe Biden as VeePee. He’s the best!

  20. There was a Congressman on Stephanie Miller’s show this morning who had just returned from Afghanistan. Stephanie had been making all sorts of uninformed charges about the President playing the middle ground on Afghanistan, and why can’t they just use “Team 6” like with OBL. Well, the Congressman really explained it well and talked about the many risks that are being managed with the gradual draw down, even though he believes we could go a little bit faster. He also mentioned that we could keep 150,000 troops there for ten more years and there would still be some risk in pulling out – so the arguments from the right that we’re imposing risk by pulling out don’t hold water either. He mentioned that the President is balancing on a very fine line.

    I’m glad to see that Stephanie and her crew agreed that the situation is more complex than they are equipped to analyze, and that governing is hard.

  21. Yeah – it’s funny watching them oppose the President on the troop withdrawal because they want war, all the while trying to oppose the President on not pulling out troops faster. They don’t know which they want more – to oppose him just for the sake of opposing him, or to support their love of war.

  22. We need to tweet your plea to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She needs to whip the Democrats into shape. If they think they’re just going to sit back and wait for President and Mrs Obama to do all the work again, like they did in 2010, then they need to know that’s not going to work. they have all the ammunition they need with the evidence of three years of Republican opposition, including this year of the Republicans neglecting the needs of Americans and doing every other nonsense thing in the book – including swearing their allegiance to a foreign country (Cantor). They should all be ashamed of the spectacle of Congress applauding a visiting leader who was insulting their US President while their US President was on an official state visit. it’s not a lot of work that they need to do – but they need to start doing it.

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