Tom Hanks: “The president has not only lived up to my expectations, he expanded them”

Heads-Up: PBO meets with soldiers at Fort Drum, LIVE HERE NOW.

Always, always, ALWAYS loved Tom Hanks:

It’s a bit early, but Tom Hanks has already made up his mind about the 2012 presidential election. He’s voting for Barack Obama, again.

In an interview with CNN, the actor who’s been on a media blitz promoting a new movie, explained his endorsement.

Host Kyra Phillips introduced the subject, saying: “All right. President Obama, you’ve been a big supporter…”

Interrupting, Hanks said, “And I will be again! Let me take it right now. I’m going to vote for him for his re-election in 2012. I beat to you the punch.”

Phillips pressed the actor for his thoughts on Obama’s “evolving” stance on gay marriage. “Does President Obama need to endorse it?” she asked.

“Isn’t that above my pay grade to make comments on?” said Hanks, before explaining, “I think all of America should endorse the idea because there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Hanks, a longtime Democrat, went on to say that the president has not only lived up to his expectations but “expanded” them.

Said Hanks, “If you would have told me a few years ago that ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ would be repealed and about a billion jobs at General Motors and Chrysler would have been saved because the president was smart enough and strong enough and bold enough to do so, I would have said, ‘Wow. That’s a good president, I think I’ll vote for him again.’”

74 thoughts on “Tom Hanks: “The president has not only lived up to my expectations, he expanded them”

  1. How refreshing to hear someone who actually likes PBO on national television. This really made my day. Thanks for sharing….

  2. I’m dating myself, but my first introduction to Tom Hanks was in that wonderful TV series “Bosom Buddies”. He’s pretty much brought all us Gen-Xers along with him ever since. Glad to hear such a strong-throated endorsement of PBO from a major Hollywood player.

  3. Thanks BWD. You never seem to disappoint with your post and thread content. I have always loved the 3 time Oscar winner. Thomas has a lot of clout in Hollywood. He is our anti-Matt Damon 🙂 Finally someone from the Professional Left speaking out on national television in favor of our beloved President. He obviously is not afraid of any backlash. God love him. You go Tom Hanks, and yes I will probably catch your new flick. 🙂 Obama/Biden 2012!!

  4. LOL “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.” Well we certainly did get one helluva piece of chocolate in the White House!

    Kudos to Tom Hanks; he’s just keepin it real.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  5. Yep, I remember “Bosom Buddies” Lib Lib. On the air from like 1982-1984. It was very short lived but launched Tom’s career. Guess you are ole school like myself. Gen Xers……are fourty somethings aren’t they? LOL! 🙂

  6. Hi Liberal L. It was movie Bachelor Party” for me. Stil one of my all time favorites, though bawdy, it keeps me rolling with laughter. I wasn’t going to ssee Larry Crowne, but now imma hafta pencil this movie in. LOL

  7. One of my library aides can’t believe that I’m going to be 42. An old highschool friend was in the library yesterday, and the aide keeps insisting that we’re in our 30s. There is something to be said for being young at heart. 🙂


  9. Completely idiotic but hilarious movie — with Adrian Zmed! And Tawny Kitaen! And a transsexual! And for some reason I remember a donkey being involved. As I get older I get more nostalgic for the 80s, even with Saint Ronnie as president.

  10. I don’t usually read comments, but I started and couldn’t stop because they’re hilarious. As a New Yorker, I can at least assure everyone a good nap while Pataki talks.

  11. Yep, I feel ya Lib. I turned 48 myself back in May and the youngsters think im still in my early to mid 30’s. I will take that any day of the week. LOL! 🙂

  12. Tom Hanks and I went to the same college. Not at the same time though. He always speaks fondly of his days at Chabot College and isn’t the least bit defensive about it being a community college.

    I like him a LOT.

  13. I have always liked Tom Hanks and my introduction to him was also Bosom Buddies.
    Full support of our President! Eat that, Matt Damon!

  14. Take that Matt Damon! Tom Hanks has always been one of my favorite actors, since “Bosom Buddie” days. He’s the only actor I follow on the twitterz!

  15. I want to rephrase the first sentence in my post. I said that wrong. I was trying to be very complentary of BWD. I love BWD. What I ment to say was BWD you are NEVER a disappointment with your post and thread content. GEEZ…………anybody heard of FOOT in MOUTH disease? BLUSHING!!!!

  16. I have always liked Tom Hanks.

    Loved his sitcom, when he and his best buddy pretend to be women and lived with a lot of women, while his character was struggling to be a writer; Bosom Buddy.

  17. I encourage everyone to read BWD’s tweets of PPP polling showing that Obama is absolutely slaughtering the GOP field in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Oregon. It’ll make for a good pickmeup.

  18. President Obama signed a executive order for the dream act. i heard thru the blogs and not mainstream media. the orange place is silenced. their a diary up about but the naysayers will not comment.

  19. As long as we have an Electoral College, state numbers are what count. And further, electoral matchups by state are what count, not squishy “approval”. As PPP said in its Oregon story, the map looks like 2008, not 2000/2004.

  20. I’m a big 80’s advocate myself. You can usually find my youtube handle (80s4ever63) on a lot of the vintage 1980’s music artists and videos. Love the 80’s fashions and music. I was in the military when Ronald was President. You must have been one of those Reagan Democrats Lib. I am a rank and file fanatical Dem and hated Reagonomics back in the 1980’s. I have never subscribed to the economic theory of Tax cuts for the rich and allow the wealth to “Trickle Down”. The Rethugs have been trying to get us to believe in that and it still doesn’t work. Sorry not a Ronald Reagan fan. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  21. and Jon Stewart too.

    I am a big fan of Tom Hanks and glad he spoke out on his support for the President. This president has done some amazing things and thanks to THIS place and all those that are too many to name, who tell us all the good things that he has done and is doing.

  22. BWD hope you caught my post correction. Sometimes I get ahead of myself typing on this keyboard and make grammatical errors. Thanks as always for all you do. 🙂

  23. Not at all. I loathed Reagan. I’ve been a Democrat since I learned the difference. I remember clearly in 1980 my mom being sad because Reagan beat Carter. We were one of the few Cuban families to be Democrats back then. 🙂 But the sad thing is that the Reagan of the 80s would be too liberal for today’s GOP. It’s just amazing how much further right the Republicans have moved from what was a pretty conservative party under Reagan.

  24. Thanks BWD – Tom Hanks is a man to be admired and as an actor to be respected. KUDOS Tom Hanks!

  25. Nobody knows if this is true. And I mean nobody. It was taken from the right wing hemisphere and dutifully got all our hopes up.

    The bastards!

  26. Tom Hanks will see my hard earned $ as soon as I have free time.I’ll go watch his movie and I love Julia Roberts as well so it’s a win win if you ask me.Hanks for POTUS;Me for Hanks 😀

  27. Yes, you are correct Lib. The GOP today is a direct result of the neglect and abandoment by G.W. Bush. He left the party a shambles with no leadership and incompetency. Then you usher in the first black President in our nations history you get all the racist fanatics out of the woodwork and fearmongoring which created the TeaParty………..and then PRESTO you’ve got the FAR RIGHT loony tune GOP you have today. SAD really. Frankly Id rather see the Republican party of the Reagan era and couldn’t stand them. Go figure…….

  28. Bringing the cost of medical care down.
    Now a good use for toenail clippings:

    DUBLIN firm which has developed a ground-breaking test for predicting the risk of hip fractures by analysing toenail clippings has secured funding of €1.5 million…
    The company anticipates the BQT test, which was developed in University of Limerick, will enable GPs to diagnose patients at risk of osteoporosis-related bone fractures more quickly and cheaply…
    Currently the standard screening method for the disease involves x-rays and requires a hospital visit. Crescent chief executive Ernie Poku says that once the BQT test becomes available, which he expects will happen within the next two years, GPs will simply send off a nail clipping sample from their patient and results will be made available within a matter of days.

  29. Someone on bwd posted a link confirming this. There is a diary on the orange site saying this is true.


  30. Ametia “Forest Gump” is a Tom Hanks classic along with “Philadelphia”. 🙂

  31. I’m on the same page with Tom Hanks. I liked POTUS in 2008, and I like him even more for the job now. No equivocation, no hesitation. Four more years!!

  32. Sorry, I just have this mental image now of some hapless contractor trying to fill in the Grand Canyon… “Have this repaired in no time!”


  33. So true – the job that the President has done, especially in the face of extreme obstruction from the right and obtuse neglect from the left, has made me realize that what I thought was possible with this President was dreaming too small. He’s definitely “expanded” my expectations of what is possible, and like so many others have stated, I completely trust this President to do the absolute best job he can possibly do.

  34. I love Tom Hanks too, and it’s obvious that he and his wife are big supporters of Obama. They’ve been everywhere with him, including the European tour. What I don’t get is that I believe I read that his wife, Rita Wilson, is the new editor of Huff Po, or one of the editors. And after an initial perceived slight improvement after Arianna took her millions and surrendered control, everything seems to be back to the all anti-Obama all the time. At one point yesterday, there were 4 anti-Obama stories in a row on the front page. What up?

  35. I’m stealing this post from OFA’s site by Arizona Grandma……….If ya’ll aren’t sure why gas prices are going down here is why…..PBO working his magic again……….:)It’s the headline of MSNBC – on line.

    “Surprise Oil Release Targets Speculators” Thursday’s surprise release of 60 million barrels of crude reserves is not about keeping oil consumers well supplied. It’s about chasing oil speculators out of the market.
    And it seems to be working.“This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back — this is the tipping point,” said Fadel Gheit, oil analyst for Oppenheimer, a leading investment bank. “The speculators will have to change their positions. Instead of betting on higher prices they have to bet on lower prices.”

  36. Let me tell you, if Bushists could demand four more years, I am going to the mat for our POTUS. I don’t care about the right wing, I don’t care about the media opportunists who allege that they are supposedly on the left. Four more years! Thanks a million to Tom Hanks for reminding us of what a treasure we have in the WH, and that it’s okay to really really like what this President is doing. President Obama has some incredible people behind him, such as Hanks and Stevie Wonder, and Barbra Streisand. We’re in terrific company.

  37. Well hello everybody, although I’m Johnny come lately, and probably everyone has moved on to other sites now, but I still have something to say, and that Is:

    I honestly and truthfully believe deep down In my heart, that Obama WILL be re-elected. And really, I hope I don’t turn anyone off by saying again, that I’m a believer In the Almighty God, and I tell you, I Believe that God chose PBO, and we elected him, because It was all In God’s plan. Now, I don’t care who runs for President In 2012, but I do believe PBO will have his four more years. Look a here folks, I believe that God ain’t through yet. No, I don’t have authority, nor can I peek Into the future, I’m just telling you what I believe. Yes, we must work hard, defend our Beloved President, but we must run and work, and not faint, we must keep the faith, and do what we can do, and what we know Is right. Let’s not turn to the right or the left, but just stay focused straight ahead, and give God the Glory anyhow. Thanks for your seeing eyes, and hearing me out. I love each of you. I just wanted to share what’s In my heart. Okey dokey, later ~~~~~~~

  38. No its not good. It is all about the money. In todays media they really believe negativity sells even if it means bringing good people down. We have seen too many expamples of good people in the sports, entertainment, political industrites get unfairly BASHED in the media. HuffPo will never be a real Progressive/Liberal site. It appears the money is not in promoting Progressive causes but only in bashing the one man who is actually doing the work meet those causes. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  39. I am a BELIEVER Luci. I love God as well and pray everyday. I also believe in the one and only Savior of our world Jesus Christ. Your post says it all so I won’t repeat. Obama forever!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  40. You are exactly right. National #s don’t mean squat. And almost all of the state polls for states Obama won in 2008 show Obama winning.

  41. I don’t understand why there is a test that requires an overnight in the hospital to determine the risk of hip fracture due to osteoporosis? Why isn’t a simple 20 minute bone scan and a urine test enough?

  42. I don’t think they meant an overnight visit, just a visit to the hospital to get the x-ray. Scans are used as little as possible here as they are in demand for more serious problems and far more expensive. They are heading for something that can be easily done in your local primary doctor’s office at low cost.

  43. Me too. I loathed him too. He defined us by who we hate, and not, as President Obama does, by who we care about and by what brings us together. He worked to make poor people on welfare to be the enemy. He brought us trickle down economics and proved that tax cuts for the rich don’t work. BTW. Thanks for the link to that interview. That was great!

  44. Thank you Luci ,and I appreciate your heart. I feel that Almighty God will give favor to the President to continue in this call to bring fairness, love for those oppressed all over the globe, and a beautiful light for being your brother’s and sister’s keeper. I believe in divine goodness and power. And I respect gracefully others to speak their beliefs respectfully as well. Thank you for your beautiful post.

  45. My thoughts exactly! President Obama represents all that is good about America. His moderate way of governing frustrates those who want him to be more dictatorial but we did not elect a king and he is patiently teaching us how to behave like real, responsible citizens in the democracy so many of us have taken for granted for so long. Remember what he said at his election…I am your president, too, yours,yours and yours or something to that effect. I supported him in the primaries and I support him today. He THINKS and BEHAVES like I expect him to.

  46. Caroline..oh yes, Obama represents all that is good about America. Who represents all that is destructive and hate filled?

  47. Thank you, that’s awesome. His friend, Ken Burns, said similar things at a speech I attended a couple of months ago. It was during the Trump bullshit and Burns thinks a lot of this hatred towards the President is racism. He is very wise.

  48. I remember “Bosom Buddies”…

    But, I *liked* him in “The Philadelphia Story” w/Denzel Washington.

    It was a very movin’, heartwrenchin’ movie!

    So glad he’s all in for our Prez… GO, Obama/Biden 2012!!! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  49. WhatIsWorking, Tom Hanks *IS* all in for our Prez…

    WE have to find a vid clip! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  50. Glad Tom Hanks spoke up loudly and positively!!! Hope others who have the spotlight and microphone will follow! Celebrity endorsements won’t win elections but they can bring solidarity and goodwill support among the less informed masses! And give us die-hards a morale boost!!!!

  51. Matt Damon … Get back on board!!!!! Come on dude, would Pres Palin be better????? Please get your head out of your butt!!!!’

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