If one crying baby can change a room…

Here’s what the incredible Chipsticks has done. She took the sweet little ending of last week’s West Wing Week, uploaded it to YouTube, and what do you know, more than 500,000 hits in 4 days and on virtually every show out there. I’m quite sure that more people saw this clip then the fake-man and media darling Jon Huntsman’ announcement.


220 thoughts on “If one crying baby can change a room…

  1. LOL @ Huntsman… he’s flip flopped on his moderate views to embrace far right ideals, and the Republicans will NEVER nominate him just because he worked with Obama.

    Huntsman has revealed his true colors as a Benedict Arnold, running against his former boss. IF he somehow gets the nomination, President Obama will shellack him. What accomplishments does Huntsman have to run on, other than being governor of the far right wing state of Utah?

  2. LOL @ fake-man media darling Huntsman. That roll out was a huge FAIL on soooo many levels.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 🙂

  3. I watched this clip like 5 times yesterday and every time it brought tears of joy to my eyes 🙂 LOVE THEM!

  4. There is no doubt more people watched this video that the roll-out of the super candidate.
    I just love our President, and so happy for chipsticks to have this go viral.

  5. Huntsman is a complete media creation. My theory is that he’s viewed as the sanest of the GOP Primary field and they know they have to create a horse race for the sake of ratings and ad dollars and thus figure they wouldn’t have to worry if the Repub they had to carry water for actually won.

    And Huntsman is claiming that he didn’t do any politicking while Ambassador, meaning his whole campaign team and apparatus was formed without any of his input. He got off the plane from China with a ready made campaign to step into. If we are to believe that than not only is he a complete media creation, but somebody else is pulling all the strings and he is nothing but a puppet candidate for somebody.

  6. I wanted to share my OFA experience from yesterday. Here in Santa Rosa Ca we have a summer organizer – Marie. (we did not have one in 08 because, in part because we are such a liberal district). I met with her and other volunteers to do phone banking to invite folks back to the campaign. Every single person we spoke to said they would vote for President Obama and half said they would work for his campaign. Many folks answered with “well of course I will support him” type of comments. The base is still with him.

    On a personal note, it felt great to be doing this. I love this blog, I love adding stories to my blog, but working with voters directly gave me a real lift yesterday. I invite everyone who is doing similar work to post their experiences here. It will cheer up the entire group and inspire us to do what we can.

  7. He drives a Harley and does motocross – so that makes him cool. He also dropped out of highschool to be in a rock band – but that story is supposed to be endearing which I guess it can be because his daddy was a billionaire.

  8. I saw that yesterday and thought that was so freaking cute beyond belief.

    I suppose kids lkie what they like.

    That little baby felt safe and comfortable as soon as the president held her to his chest,

    I now have a favorite picture of president Obama and the babies.

    Awesome. Brilliant. Fantastic. Beautifully breath taking.

    I just love it to pieces.

    Well Done POTUS, Well Done.

  9. Huntsman is an opportunist. He just couldn’t resist the urge to run against his former boss.

    The man is just as much a media creation as Snooki, Lady Gaga, and all these other pop culture icons. He’s not trusted with the Tea Party base, and of course we on Team Obama can’t stand him because he turned out to be a Benedict Arnold. He’s on a campaign to nowhere, just like the rest of the Republican candidates. The fact that even Newt Gingrich has higher approvals with Republicans says it all about Huntsman’s chances, not to mention that Huntsman is not an attack dog. The Republicans want an attack dog for their candidate, which is why they’ll probably go with Batshitcrazy Bachmann or Mittens.

  10. I think he is just the flavor of the week, it seems they push someone new each week as the next president. If Perry announces next week he will be the media’s new hero.

  11. Reminds me of the Scott Brown campaign, how he drove a pickup truck and used that to appeal to moderates, and the rockband part reminds me of Mike Huckabee and how he plays bass.

    There’s no originality within the Republican Party. Not only are they attempting to copy President Obama despite hating him, they are attempting to copy each other. Pure silliness all around.

  12. I just heard from Hal Sparks, a friend of Stephanie Miller, on her radio show this morning saying that Jon Hunstman’s riding motorbike in the wilderness was not him, but a stunt person.

    I thought that was LOL nuts.

    Oh well another thing that can be attributed to Hunstman as being a faker.

  13. This all just shows how the media is in the tank for the Republicans, when they continue to have the same fake liberal talking heads to attack the President and cheer on Random Republican Candidate X every week. I’m so glad I don’t give them the time of day.

  14. Thank you WIW for posting this and for working. I plan to do my share toward the end of the summer.
    Keep the stories coming.

  15. Good morning BWD and TOAITR family. It is a very beautiful day here in MT. Finally we are getting some summer. I saw that video when Chipsticks put it up and thought everyone needs to see this. This man is so geniune. That is why the Repubs and PL hate him to much.

    Yes we can!

  16. Please don’t forget that his Dad is a billionaire.

    I am sure also, those GOPers who dislike Romney have been helping Huntsman.

    I do agree, the man quit high school to join a rock band.

    He quits his gov job to go to join a popular president, goes off to China as an ambassador. Then he quits that to run against the president who appointed him to the ambassador job.

    Loyalty and protocol, not in Huntsman’s character.

    He goes to talk to Hannity one of the most divisive hosts, while he preaches civility?

    Is Huntsman, Palin on steroids? A real political quitter?

  17. He’s very dangerous if he is the GOP candidate. I hope Perry gets in because than it will become the Perry vs Romney show. I also hope moderates and indies don’t flock to the GOP primaries to vote for Huntsman like they did in Michigan to vote for Snyder – which is what Huntsman’s campaign is hoping for with no Democratic primaries to vote in.

  18. Huntsman hasn’t a chance because as I pointed out, he’s not an attack dog, and the Republicans want an attack dog who will attack Obama to no end.

    Also, why would moderates vote for Huntsman, knowing the man is already flip flopping on moderate values and embracing far right beliefs? And this man has no record of accomplishments, other than being Governor and ambassador under Obama, and we saw how the governor thing panned out for Palin.

    Huntsman won’t be the GOP candidate anyways, his record of working with Obama will convince the base enough not to nominate him, they want an anti Obama Republican for their candidate. And even if he gets the nomination, he’ll have to run Bachmann as his running mate to appease the base, and what moderates would vote for a Huntsman-Bachmann ticket?

  19. Coincidentally, I’m watching the Simpsons where that kid of the town police chief is shown running for the prez and the how the frigging media was building him up.

  20. Obama haters from the “left” are nothing but closet Republicans, no worries there.

    And as I pointed out, even if he gets the nomination, he’ll have to run a far right nutter like Bachmann, which would make the Repub ticket echo McCain/Palin 08… another shellacking by Obama/Biden.

    Bring em on, I’m not afraid of them, and I bet POTUS isn’t either!

  21. Officer Wiggum would make a better Presidential contender than any of these Republican clowns.

  22. BJ’s Cole

    Amid diminishing media interest, Sarah Palin has quit her high-profile bus tour halfway through and returned to Alaska with her family, according to RealClearPolitics.

    The move puts a damper on widespread speculations that Palin’s “One Nation” bus tour, which launched on Memorial Day, was a potential precursor to a potential White House bid for 2012. Palin never made it to her scheduled stops in the key primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

    RealClearPolitics, which originally broke the story about the bus tour, reported Wednesday on Palin’s “extended hiatus.” The remaining legs of her trip, according to Scott Conroy, are “in limbo” as “Palin and her family have reverted to the friendly confines of summertime Alaska.”

    Once a quitter, always a quitter. Yet another meaningless media creation

  23. That is truly great and it is so fulfilling being around all those who have the same goal. Here is the time left to keep our President in the job he does so well guiding this ship of state through trouble waters;502 days and 14 hours to election day stay fired up ready to go. YES WE CAN

  24. BTW Andrea Mitchell was on nightly news last night and said Romney was going to give a little boy a dollar for change and all he had were $100’s. LOL I wonder if the media clowns are going to ask if he can relate to “regular people, the working class” like they constantly ask about PBO.

  25. The boy made a origami trinket out a dollar bill and gave it to Romney, and Romney into his wallet and only had hundreds, a staffer eventually handed him a dollar bill but Romney said that wasn’t enough before digging around and finding a five dollar bill to give the boy in exchange.

  26. What is Working, great to hear your positive experience with your phone bank. I also went to a phone bank last night, and, of the people we talked to, three quarters said they want to meet with our Summer Organizer to talk about what they can do. It was wonderful! I’m going to have a phone bank at my house next Wednesday. Although I have participated in many, many phone banks and Votebuilder, this is my first at my house. Send me some good vibes!

  27. So, Al Gore is slamming PBO for not “leading” on climate change. How about telling his new Chief of News to help Obama rather than slam him for every perceived deviation from the purity line? Now we know why he hired KO in the first place; Gore has joined the professional Left.

  28. Great to hear that!

    Just like you’re a great asset to this blog, you’re one to OFA…

    You keep on doin’ what you’re doin’! 🙂

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  29. That is so funny and so typical. I think her Paul Revere tale was the final straw. She became a laughingstock—-once again.

  30. I just had to have a minor surgical procedure done, and I warned the dr. that I was a big baby, having to take deep breaths etc. I survived and afterward the Dr. showed me that he keeps smelling salts real handy for the “biggest babies”, almost all of whom have been his male patients. Unsurprisingly.

  31. Normally, I wouldn’t link to redstate.com – but just wanted to be sure everybody remembers this story about Huntsman:

    “The reason I will never, ever support Jon Huntman is simple: While serving as the United States Ambassador to China, our greatest strategic adversary, Jon Huntsman began plotting to run against the President of the United States. This calls into question his loyalty not just to the President of the United States, but also his loyalty to his country over his own naked ambition.”


  32. From what I’ve read he was never a ‘moderate’ anyway. Maybe on choice but certainly not on anything else. Huntsman enacted a flat tax, cut spending and didn’t raise revenues and left Utah in a bigger mess than it needed to be. He’s a conservative. Let’s push back constantly on the ‘moderate’ meme that the MSM is pushing.

  33. Wow. I mean, just wow. Redstate slamming Huntsman for disloyalty to the President. I think I need smelling salts.

  34. there was a lot of ‘Huntsman wouldn’t be bad’ going on at the Orange site. We really need to push back and push back hard.

    NO REPUBLICANS. If we allow the ‘moderate’ Huntsman meme to take hold we will completely lose all of the courts for the next generation. If for no other reason, anyone who thinks the damage can be reversed in the next election is too dumb to call themselves progressive.

  35. I don’t necessarily agree. Republicans are masters at understanding who their enemy is and there is nothing they want more than to defeat Obama. They’d be fine with someone the media calls ‘moderate’, knowing they can get any Republican to do their bidding.

  36. I think if it was just disloyalty to the President, it wouldn’t bother them, but by focusing on setting up a campaign when he should have been focusing on his job, that is what irked them.

  37. It is amazing how she was the flavor of the day on that bus tour and now the media has moved on. Goes to show, she is an attention seeker.

  38. I remember early on in the Obama presidency, former VP Gore was asked what “advice” he’d have for our President. He responded something like, “Oh, I would hesitate to give him any advice. He’s doing so well.”

    What always amazes me is that a former vice president should know he has access to the current president, merely by picking up the phone, calling the White House, and asking to speak to him. Does anyone think President Obama would respond to former VP Gore that he doesn’t plan on “leading” on any aspect of climate change? When was the last time Gore asked for any specific “leadership” directly from PBO, when he got a negative response?

    Lazy politicians are just as bad as lazy climate change proponents. Note to Gore: Don’t head for the media – use the power of your former office and good intent to get something going between the two of you.

  39. The thing is, he actually is/was a mdoerate. But he will have to run right, and even if he got elected, he couldn’t really go back to his moderate roots or he would be crucified by the right and possibly become impeachable in their eyes.
    Not that the moderate Huntsman would even compare to what we have in President Obama, and anybody who thinks so is an idiot.


    9:30 AM – The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
    4:10 PM – The President greets Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Leaders, Grand Foyer
    PBHO *IS* The “Real” Deal!

    Kloppenberg’s TRUE TO HIS WORD…


    Every old-fashioned American amusement park had a fun house with mirrors that exaggerated your features. One mirror lengthened your legs, another widened your middle, a third made your face a wavy mask. If you stood in the right place, you vanished into endless distorting reflections. Nowadays, the political stage has become America’s communal fun house, and nobody looks stranger than Barack Obama.

    The president’s critics on the right deride him as a radical socialist seething with anti-American rage. To them, he’s a frightening success who has transformed the federal government, ruined the economy, and undermined national security. To the left, Obama is a tragic failure who squandered his chance for dramatic change: no single-payer health-care plan, no heated battle against Wall Street, and endless war in Afghanistan. If the president is struggling these days, the critics say, it’s perhaps because he’s out of touch with Americans, and even at odds with his own principles.

    Yet OBAMA IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO. PERHAPS THE CRITICS SHOULD READ—OR REREAD—THE PRESIDENT’S OWN BOOKS. DREAMS FROM MY FATHER (1995) and THE AUDACITY OF HOPE (2006) are the most substantial works written by anyone elected president since Woodrow Wilson (who wrote several books before he won election in 1912). In laying out his philosophy, Obama contrasts the GOP’s excessive individualism with the ideal of “ordered liberty” and the rich traditions of civic engagement typical of America in the 18th and 19th centuries. He also criticizes orthodox Democrats for too quickly dismissing market solutions and too often defending failed government programs. Above all, he criticizes the hyperpartisan atmosphere of contemporary public life.



  41. Dotster…did you cop any of those smelling salts on the way out of the Dr. office? I think we have a stack of people here that are gonna need them! Me included. WOW>

  42. I hosted an I’m In phone bank in my apartment last month and it was highly rewarding. Plenty of people say they are in, but we have more than our fair share of extremist (on both sides) in this neck of the woods, so there were those who have gone the disillusioned route. Some have specific objections, like hating this or that cabinet member, who will come around. Then there was the tired saw about single-payer/public option–the wars, whatever came to mind in the moment. I believe those people will come around, too, with help. All in all, well worth the effort.

  43. I definitely remember him signing on to Ryan’s Kill Medicare bill, but I don’t hear ANYONE mentioning that now. Where are the Democrats? Before the Weinergate, Dems were beating the Repubs over the head with vouchers for Medicare. Now, not a peep.

  44. ninten the Rethugs don’t need a attack dog in their candidate. They have plenty of attack dogs in the media both from the far right and left. They are setting up Huntsman to be a puppet for corporate millionairs and billionairs. To me Huntsman is more scary than Romney or Palin. Obama/Biden 2012!!

  45. I think the Republicans will rally around Huntsman or ANY candidate who wins the nomination. Republicans know that somebody like a Huntsman or Romney will have a better chance during the general election. Personally, I don’t take Huntsman for granted. He’s go a ton of money, he’s got the backing of Barbara Bush and the whole Bush machine. Because people don’t know him, he has a better chance of making himself over in whatever image he wants. Should he win the nomination his backers will throw a ton of money at him. There ONE and ONLY goal is the beat President Obama.

  46. My favorite part of the video is his smart-assy look at Michelle – “See what I can do!”. It’s the beauty of their relationship – she makes a face at him, he mugs at her, and they both love the moment.

    I have no concerns about President Obama’s re-election. He’s studied the Republicans for years, he watched them neuter Clinton and undermine his entire agenda, he was ready for their vote-stealing apparatus with boots on the ground in 2008, and he’ll be ready for their updated versions in 2012. Obama for America is up and running well. People who are genuine activists, not just keyboard/camera warriors, are busy and active and excited.

    When he’s in full campaign mode he blows the opposition out of the water every time. He gives them time to gin up their narrative, taunt him, and claim victory, then squashes them like the ugly little bugs they are, all with a smile and a sensible presentation. He’s never ugly because he knows Americans are tired of ugly. He’s never crude, or mean-spirited because he knows we’re tired to death of that. He tells the truth, and he sets things up to create a stark contrast between who he is and what he does against who they are and what they do. He’s not even serious yet and he’s decimated Trump, helped Sarah off center stage, watched the Newtster self-immolate. If he sees anyone in the race who needs attention drawn to him or her, that will happen, and it will be devastating for the recipient.

    It’s too easy to get caught up in the day to day whinging from the loud and pouty – I ignore them, I don’t fear them anymore, and I won’t let them undermine my confidence in the best president of my lifetime (and I started under Eisenhower)

  47. That’s a great thing…

    Onward & upward, let’s keep on viewin’ it! 😉

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  48. I love this video! I’ve watched it quite a few times. Still, averaging over 100 000 views a day shows how much personal appeal the President has. People will see that more and more once he starts campaigning. I know we should be focussed on policy but I can’t but help think that stuff like this helps.

  49. I have replayed this clip at least 20 times. I can’t get enough. Just goes to show you how genuine PBO is and he doesn’t need a whole bunch of props and manufactured media attention to expose his personality and spirit. Gotta luv the man. That baby does too. 🙂 OBAMA/BIDED 2012!!

  50. This is important. I was in the coffee shop this morning, and two 50-something men were talking about the Huntsman roll-out yesterday. They mentioned that he’s Mormon,although they emphasized that it didn’t matter to either of them, and they talked about him being a really moderate candidate and a businessman, plus his time in China. The fact that he worked for President Obama was a positive for them,because it certified his “moderate” status. They are hoodwinked. I was eavesdropping, so I couldn’t poke my nose in and tell them that this Huntsman is far from being a moderate, and he has no real track record that would benefit them as middle aged white males. His business success was fueled by both his father’s billions and outsourcing American jobs to India and China.

  51. Wow OCD what a powerful sumnation about the candidate that is Barack Hussein Obama. You should make this post viral and send it everywhere. Kudos. What an upliftment. Now PBO supporters are concerned about Huntsman……like you said even with media saturation on their side…….he has eliminated Trump, Palin, and Gingrich. Is Romney and Huntsman to follow? Obama/Biden 2012!!

  52. Moderates would vote for Huntsman because they think he’s a white version of President Obama – they’re not paying attention to the daily flip-flop.


    In November, I faced all kinds of pushback by raising a provocative argument: is it possible Republicans would pursue policies that would hurt the economy on purpose?

    Seven months later, it appears the “sabotage” question is going mainstream.

    E.J. Dionne Jr. inched pretty close to it last week, noting that Republicans “have no interest” in working on job creation because “Republicans benefit if the economy stays sluggish.” Kevin Drum wondered whether this will ever be “a serious talking point,” adding, “No serious person in a position of real influence really
    wants to accuse an entire party of cynically trying to tank the economy, after all.”

    That appears to be changing.


  54. It just goes to show you what we can do when the media refuse to do. Good job to Chipstick, Wiw , Blackwater, eclectablog, rootless, TIMT, Deaniac, Angry Black lady, Wee see you all of you have the talent and the will to change the converstation and its changing keep up the good work.

  55. That’s interesting. Well, it’s in keeping with the way they did things in 2010. They rolled out a batch of candidates no one had heard about and dressed them up as moderates and the low-info voters bought it. I should imagine that the campaign has terrabytes of op research on the guy. Plus he’s just so bad at public speaking and couldn’t rouse a crowd if his life depended upon it. So if the white guys are looking for their moderate candidate and think this guy is it, then Huntsman will get the nod. I’m so not worried. His image of ‘moderation’ won’t stand up to the PAC advertising that will paint him as a radical. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!

  56. Yes, Huntsman wholeheartedly endorsed the Ryan plan, and made specific mention that he includes all the Medicare provisions in his endorsement.

  57. Well, I think that these people are seriously misjudging the mood of the country right now. If Huntsman is a billionaire, that isn’t going to play well in contrast to a self-made man like our President. It will be so easy to cast Huntsman as someone trying to buy the election like that woman in California did.

  58. Me, too.If he can get the support of millionaires and billionaires- being one of them, then they’ll sell him as the sane one who could beat the Obama machine. It won’t matter what he stands for.

  59. Someone should let him know that the country voted the deniers in overwhelmingly. So how do he expect to get anything done. What a dufus.

  60. The trick is for them to keep and stay on message. And part of that include us doing our part as we do here everyday.

  61. You are probably right – that and “isn’t he a Mormon?” I think the writer also mentioned he/she would still vote for him – just wouldn’t support his running.

    Hypocritical fools, the lot of ’em.

  62. I’m glad our Democratic leaders are starting to wake up and see the light. If they don’t expose the Rethugs for what they are intentionally doing to destroy this economy our party will have a worse result than the midterms of 2010!! The American public needs to know that Teapublicans across the nation in local, state, and national government have no intention on working to create jobs. It is in their best interest if we had a depression manifest before Nov. of 2012. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW….and we need to tell them from the TOP DOG (PBO) down to the last grass roots supporter on main street. Of course PBO will have to have surrogates hammer the Rethugs on this issue otherwise he will continue to get very if not any cooperation from the oppostion.

    Amazing that PBO wants another 4 years. That said, we should all be GRATEFUL for can you picture one of these Rethug candidates in the Whitehouse in 2013? Yiiiikes!! Obama/Biden 2012!!

  63. To me, someone on DK who has criticized President Obama constantly and heavily and now is saying “Huntsman wouldn’t be bad” is a republican operative. There is NO WAY you can say that President Obama isn’t progressive enough and then turn your coat and say Huntsman wouldn’t be bad. The man is a conservative and believes in supply-side economics !!!!

    Oh, and didn’t Arianna Huffington say she approves of Huntsman ?? Makes you think… a LOT…

    Folks, seems to me Huntsman is the candidate of the corporate establishment. Too bad Mitch Daniels didn’t run. The love fest was to be expected. I’ve expected it for months, and it became so so so predictable after the dismal debate of the other candidates last week.

    That being said, I agree that democrats have strong arguments against Huntsman ( and Romney and the others too). I think democrats should work to make EVERY SINGLE VOTER aware of his ties with big corporations and with the Koch Brothers. Of course, his stance on the Ryan budget and on the tax cuts for billionnaires won’t help him either.

  64. I think Huntsman is a good man. Worked well with the president and is an overall generous person. (NOTE: Huntsman is a good tool to split the vote in the republican party who wants a more moderate voice).

  65. Yes, where’s Maureen O’Dowd (or whatever her name is) who went all over Ireland spreading the nonsense that President Obama couldn’t relate to regular people. Can Romney with his hundreds, or Huntsman with his millions and exploited children?

  66. I am with you, Tien. I am loving that water bottle. I am the consummate walking advertisement for my president. Nevermind that I live in a deep red district, it doesn’t stop me from donning my Obama gear.

    Thanks to my sister who lives in Maryland, I carry regularly my Obama oversized purse or backpack. And for sure, it never fails. I either get the ugly stares or it serves as a complimentay conversation piece. Everyone always wants to know where I got them. And my son always says to them “no you don’t want to ask her.” Because what that does is start an entire conversation about PBO. Depending on which one I am carrying, I’ll tell the person, I have another one, complete with description. Then the conversation moves on to talking about PBO. And I always want to know if they have any ideas about his policies, and if they are talking to their friends. I love it. It is always fun.

  67. DEMs, also, need to learn to DISTRUST the TEAPUBLICANS and their ilk…

    They need to STOP BEIN’ FOOLS FOR ‘EM!

    And, they’ve been BULLIED, BROWBEATEN, MANIPULATED, et al!!!

    They *SHOULD BE* “tired” of all that and more…Grrr!

    30 Years of ‘Starving The Beast’ Politics… http://gocl.me/maHCLE

    DeVos, Koch, Scaife, Walton, ALEC, AFC – The Corporate Royalists and Right-Wing Groups Propelling the GOP’s Assault on the Middle Class: A handful of rich, right-wing families and corporate chieftains are dedicated to returning America to the days when robber barons ruled… http://tinyurl.com/6d2c4yo

    80 Years of Planning: The Kochs + The Family + Birchers = Tea Party… http://tinyurl.com/4gje76a (It’s a DK link. But, it’s truly worth the read!)

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! 😉

  68. Al Gore, for someone who hired KO, actually only has one main gripe about President Obama

    He was very happy about the green investment package (ARRA), people who he appointed, and the EPA.

    He wishes President Obama tried harder to make Senate cap and trade bill pass. He thinks that there was enough votes for the bill to pass. It passed the house with republican support.

    Please link the facts that prove him wrong.

  69. ummm…………….great Jeff. That is what we are not wanting to hear from our own supporters. We don’t need this moderate meme to manifest itself through media saturation. I guess you will be voting for Huntsman if/when he is the Rethug nominee? Those folks who are lazy will be the ones deceived. The electorate that will believe all the 5 minute soundbites about Huntsman and it looks like it is working already. SIGH!! 😦 He is adopting a lot of the far Right talking points to get nominated while the media plays him as a moderate. He is a HUGE phony Jeff. Don’t tell me you are deceived already? You need to research his background, his politics in Utah as Governor, and his service in China under Presiden Obama. C’mon dude.

  70. Just have to hope they don’t back off it when the GOP is all self-rihteous in any pushback and the MSM carries their water. They need to hit them both with facts – no jobs bill out of the House, GOP paying chicken with the debt ceiling when every economist from both sides is saying it needs to be raised or there will be a disaster, holding up FED nominees, blocking commerce secretary and Warren nomination, Senate voting down jobs bill, McConnell saying his #1 priority is to defeat President Obama etc.

  71. Pres. Obama got pressure from McCaskill and other red/’purple state Dem Senators. Mary Landrieu has been a pain on all issues that might go against the oil lobby.

  72. Yes – it’s disingenuous to write op-eds complaining about the President when you have a direct line to talk to him in person, and could probably get a photo op with him, if needed. Al Gore is indeed part of the Professional Left. Why isn’t he complaining about Senators Kerry and Boxer, who actually withdrew their energy bill from consideration, or complaining about Republicans blocking all energy legislation and calling it all “job killing”? They spend a lot of energy attacking the only person who’s trying to do something about their problems. It’s exhausting.

  73. He supports the destruction of Medicare. That’s about as far from moderate as you can get.

  74. Absolutely! PBO is loved around the world and a person would have to be blind not to see how he relates to people. Maureen O sounded like a fool saying he didn’t relate, while the people of Irland were loving the Prez. We will never hear her say that about Romney or Huntsman though.

  75. Al Gore is the man I had to hold my nose to vote for because he is anti-choice, but now I suppose he is a liberal hero because he made a documentary! If he wanted the President to focus on something specific, I’m sure as a former VP he could just contact the WH.

  76. I am hoping that tonight PBO will weave in domestic economic fears/concerns with foreign goals into a concise update which people can understand. With Congress doing nothing and the media wrong-footing on trivia crap, people need to hear from the Big Guy.

  77. Well said OCD. I may be the only person who noticed, but while PBO was campaigning for the last election, his poll numbers shot up, even Rassmussen had him above 50%. No one can equal this man on the campaign trail, even if folks voted for repugs in the election, they still like the Prez.

  78. Thanks BWD: Yes this vidio was on iur local media and on JS Zen, it is so nice to see our President
    taking care of our little kids. He is just amaizing, About the Hunts I am not worried.
    The MSM wants us to believe that on their fucking so call polls every Republican is ahead of PBO do not buy their B.S.

  79. Jon Huntsman presidential announcement gets gazillion views and trillion likes.

  80. Yes I was thinking the same thing Obama haters are Pretending to be “PL” they are Republicans.

  81. By the way there is a great dairy on people’s view site by TiMi check it out, he is going after those assholes at the Orange site.

  82. Remember that cartoon of Romney with multiple mouths on both sides of his face? I think a siilar one for Huntsman willl be accurate.

  83. Yeah – a lot of people are getting deceived by the made up persona and the media spin that he’s a moderate. He’s particularly dangerous, because he’s a quitter like that one from Alaska, and he has no loyalty. He’s already come out as being prepared to throw his religion out the window for power, and he’s not afraid to get as radical as he needs to in order to win the election.

    What exactly makes him moderate? What makes him a good presidential candidate? What makes him generous? What makes him a good person?

    We’ve got a demonstrably good, moderate, generous President already in the White House. And he’s doing an incredible job.

  84. I think we are paying to much attention on those guys on the Orange site, let’s stop that and stay focus on our site. BWD has done a great job in keeping us togetther I think here are a lot of smart people.

  85. I wish people like Al Gore would use their climate change credibility to HELP the President, instead of diminishing him. Makes me furious!

  86. Oh my. 15K views and only 3 likes? And in other news the President Baby Whisperer video is up to almost 600K views.

  87. We can strongly disagree with people without thinking that they’re the Devil Incarnate. We should work hard against Huntsman or whoever because they have very bad ideas and not because we hate them.

    And I agree: splitting the comparatively ‘moderate vote’ could be a good thing. I understand people are anxious but we’ll have to wait for the Republican primaries to play out.

  88. No matter what the number is I would like to hear him say that Americans need to get involved with welcoming the troops home (with love and support), businesses need to hire veterans to get them back on their feet, and Congress needs to make sure they have funding for PTSD and other mental issues.

    It really bothers that all these people are crying for the troops to come and haven’t sent one care package or donated one dollar to Walter Reed. That’s fake patriotism and I’m tired of it.

  89. I also get the car magnets then hand them out to friends whose cars are not yet adorned with 2012 regalia! No matter who the GOP runs the bottom line is the policies that the GOP will push are disgusting and will turn off most of the swing voters and solidify democratic support and attract new voters. We love our Medicare; we want our parents with Alzheimer’s or strokes to stay in their long-term facilities with Medicaid assistance, we like our birth control pills and the right to choice; we want our daughters and sons to get treatment for STDs or preventive screenings with Planned Parenthood; we con’t want to go bankrupt due to illness etc. etc. And of course we all see through GOP attempts to privatize SS: many of us still have not covered from the last stock market decimation of our 401Ks or IRAs.
    And who can resist our President on the trail? Certainly not kids and babies!

  90. Sending you lots of good vibes and positive energy; thanks so much for all that you’re doing!

  91. Dr. Chu is such an amazing part of the Obama administration. I love people like him, positively *doing* and *achieving* not just talking and whining. I remember President Obama bragging that Dr. Chu helped to design the oil spill cap himself. We have some very high quality people in charge of the federal government; the challenge is to just keep them there despite fickle “allies,” egos run amok, and an unprecedented level of disrespect shown to the POTUS. I thank God for people like the Energy Secretary.

  92. It’s over 627,000 now. Incidentally, the comments on YouTube make for quite therapeutic reading if you have time. I have switch to learning some anatomy soon which will be very boring in comparison.

  93. That story earns a yawn from me. I respect the attention which Gore has brought to the global warming issue, and unlike him, I won’t nitpick and purity troll his actions with sour remarks about what he could have and should have done etc. etc. because I know he’s done what he could, and I like to give credit where it’s due rather than counterproductively attack positive efforts. But as for these remarks, I just don’t care. I’m too underwhelmed by someone who ran Joe Lieberman on his ticket preaching sanctimony now. Just whatever.

    President Obama: please keep on keeping on; a lot of us appreciate you.

  94. I looked it up, didn’t find that big number. What should I enter YT search field?

  95. That’s the tell. He could have picked up the phone, yet made a media sensation instead. The fastest way to make a media splash these days is to attack President Obama. I’m sad to see Gore reduce himself *and his issue* in that manner, but what can you do. /kanye shrug

  96. Redstate and Little Green Footballs (!!) have shown more integrity than the large lefty megasites. The world has turned completely upside down. But I have more respect (albeit no ideological commonality) for intellectually honest conservatives than the professional left and sole patrol; stories like that are why.

  97. Click on the ‘view on YouTube’ icon on the video embedded in the post.

  98. Thanks for the link LL. Amazing that there’s a “political party” which sees it’s good fortune in vote suppression/voter disenfranchisement and economic malaise. Crazy times.

  99. I posted that yesterday, either here or over at TOD….. seems like more than just MSM missed that one:) Glad you reposted. Important stuff. Kris Kobach is the bigot, racist author of AZ”S SB 1070. The man can go to hell….which is a step up from where he belongs.

  100. Mitt reminds me a wind up toy. He isn’t even a joke. Dumb as a hammer. Can u imagine him getting a 3 a.,. call. I do not want to think abt it.

  101. Dowd is so hot for PBO she cannot stand herself as my gramma use to say. She hates Michelle. Michelle displays Maureen’s insecurities so clear the world cannot miss them. Sorry MO he is good and taken and no you cant evn think about it.

  102. I think that esmerelda meant that POTUS + FLOTUS and the baby are over 627k views now. Huntsman…not so much (I’m too bored with him to check). That baby video is so cute! Thanks a million to chipsticks and bwd. Made my day.

  103. Al Gore has been an excellent spokesperson for the environment and other liberal issues since he is no longer within the political structure, but when he was within the political structure, his performance was lackluster, even in regard to the environment, and let’s remember that he urged President Clinton to sign the welfare “reform” bill, among other things. One can say and do what one pleases outside the system, but when works within it, it is necessary to be circumspect and to compromise a great deal to get anything done at all. This is not to denigrate Gore’s fine work since he has been a free agent, though I do expect him to understand the reality of working within the system. As for cap and trade, there are many environmentalists who feel the bill is a wash, if not actually deleterious, though I am not sufficiently informed to discuss this in depth (Harper’s had an article several months ago regarding this).

  104. Agreed from start to finish. It’s just more bashing sheila; we’ve been dealing with this for two years, in terms of moving goal posts, unrealistic expectations, and the supposed cure-all of the bully pulpit. What else is new but people stabbing POTUS in the back. And thank you for reminding us of important facts and contexts about Gore’s own concessions to his political realities, while President Obama is held to an entirely different standard.

  105. This is more than Gutierrez has done in all his years in Congress. He’s been bashing the President, but Gutierrez hasn’t moved the immigration bar one iota since h’es been in Congress. Chalk another one down for the President!

  106. Thanks. I’ve just sent it to everyone in my MSM e-mail, bloggers, etc list. Thanks Desertflower. I don’t see how this is not been talked about in the news.

    Do we have contact info for Telemundo? I think this is huge news.

  107. Hey everyone, I was wondering if you can help me find some credible fact links for certain claims.

    There is an open minded daily kos progressive who is being open minded to facts proving that the administration has been a leader on LGBT issues.

    Do you have a link these claims?
    the DOJ putting the much touted new hate crimes law into play. Just one. (a specific example of enforcement)

    The specific cases for DOMA the DOJ has dropped. (if there is a link to all of them that would be nice)

    specific ways the DADT repeal law will protect LGBT from future discharges. Even when repeal is officially gone, how do we know there will be no loopholes the military can find. (link)

    I promise you he is interested in facts.

  108. Right on every count, Jessica. Nice post. You know they love to wrap themselves in the flag and scream about being patriotic…then defund and take away the care these valiant troops need to recover and lead good lives.

  109. They have been in the Congress for donkey years doing nothing but flapping their gums. This president, despite doing the heavy lifting, gets flack from them. I don’t even mind if they have disagreements with the president, but why do they have to prance before every microphone to thump their chests? I have little patience for all that grandstanding.

    Once again, leave it to PBO to clean up the mess after they fall down on the job. Like every major policy he’s worked on this president has done so methodically and without any boistrousness.

  110. Some of them suddenly seem to grow a spine once they leave office. They can also bash this president from afar, but don’t have the guts to tell him these kinds of things to his face.

    Unlike President Obama, who is always careful of how he address others, you won’t find him saying something behind their backs that he wouldn’t say to them in their faces.

    When President Obama had to tell Paul Ryan that his Medicare plan will be hurtful to the American people, he did so politely with Paul Ryan sitting right in the room.

    Go figure.

  111. That’s what I love about this WH and witnessing such a spectacular moment in progress: POTUS’ craftiness. He truly never gives up! Thanks for this link; this information is going to come in handy.

  112. I read today that Kent Conrad is aligning himself with the GOP hostage takers, and I read on yesterday that there are over 40 dems in the House who have formed a new group, iirc, it’s called The New Democrats, that seems to want to do away with the advisory board that will control Medicare costs before it even gets off the ground. I’m sending an email to all fundraising organizations run by dems currently in Congress to let them know that if they torpedo the president’s legislation, they aren’t getting one cent from me. I have only donated to PBO, and I will not donate to help re-elect them to sabotage his presidency.

  113. Not when it becomes known that he supports Ryan’s kill Medicare policy. That will bring his moderate reputation to a screeching halt. And his family biz has a lot of political problems, having outsourced most of their operation to India and China, plus having done biz with iran, supplying them with chemicals for nuclear weapons, plus all kinds of environmental atrocities. I can’t see moderates or independents landing on his doorstep. And the Mormon thing will be a huge hurdle winning the primary votes of the religious rt. who make up the bulk of Repub primary voters.

  114. Like looks out for like! We see that in the way members of Congress vote. Many of them are millionaires, and many of their policies promote the interests of the rich over the rest of us.

  115. HI Jovie

    I found this story 2 days ago, and was going to add it to my blog, but the original story came from the Daily Caller and they are evidentally evil. If it is in the examiner I will go ahead and include it in tomorrow’s blog with a video of President Obama discussing immigrants.

  116. There’s too much information out there about what POTUS has done for GLBT rights for people to still be confused IMO. I found the questions strange actually.

  117. I’m actually glad they missed it, frankly. The more under the radar this is, the happier I’ll be. I want this new policy to get embedded in the enforcement culture to the point where it becomes a non-issue. Next up: Let them become citizens.

  118. Politicususa had a post on yesterday discussing poll results that show that 20% of voters are unwilling to vote for a Mormon under any circumstances. The group most opposed are the less well-educated, and we know many of them form the basis of the tea party movement. My problem with Huntsman and Romney has nothing to do with religion. I’m opposed to them because if they’re elected, the nation destroying policies of the GOP will continue unabated. I refuse to vote for an individual who doesn’t have the nation’s best interests at heart. IMO, Huntsman would have been more competitive against PBO had he stuck to his guns, but coming out of the gate, he showed that his personal ambition outweighs his dedication to the success of the country.

  119. So excited to see so many stories on Republicans sabotaging the budget. We need to send the senators who are pushing the story some love.

    Send email, tweets or facebook love to Schumer from NY or Durbin from Illinois. A note to Debbie Wasserman from Florida might also be a good thing.

    For that matter, we should contact every Democratic Senator and member of the House for our state and tell them to spread this message at every opportunity.

    For witter, email and phone #s visit


  120. Another good one, desertflower.

    Several months ago didn’t one of the publicans say that was their goal? Was it Lindsay Graham?
    I know the publican governors have said as much.

  121. What I don’t like is that there is this ambush from what seems like hundreds of Repub candidates all firing all guns at the President, not at their rivals, and the media reports every slime. I don’t want there to be an accumulation of damage done before President Obama even begins to campaign. Plus all “our friends” on the supposed left slamming him also, the nutroots, Jon Stewart, Al Gore etc. etc. It’s all one-sided now, wtih very little effort made to hit back at all the charges. As usual, most Dems are making themselves scarce, not helpful.

  122. Just watched a bit of Cavuto so you don’t have to. It is the Puma Rothschild woman behind Huntsman. She compared him very favorably to the Great Bill Clinton. And said that Huntsman is not pro-choice, but pro-life. And did you know Huntsman is as great as Bill Clinton. And Huntsman’s religion doesn’t matter to anyone. And he is going to be another great Bill Clinton. At that point my TV blew up.

  123. I carried around a supply of Obama buttons last election. Whenever anyone on the street or in a store or anywhere would say, “Ooooooh Obama! I like!”, I would say, “Do you want one?” And they would say, “Yeah, cool!”, thrilled that they got something for free and a ton more people were walking around with Obama buttons.

  124. It concerns me more that he was taking care of his business and not that of the U.S. I don’t trust that he puts America’s interest first.

    “Huntsman Corp.’s revenue in China surged 57 percent from 2009 to 2010 during his ambassadorship, almost two decades after its entrance there, data compiled by Bloomberg shows. Its expansion in the world’s second-largest economy offers a target for rivals when U.S. unemployment is shaping the 2012 presidential race.”


  125. WIW & Jovie
    I am tweeting all of your wonderful posts. I think if we each did that it would get so much more coverage.

  126. He’s watching all of this – he’s a master politician, he knows exactly what they’re all up to, and he will take them down, graciously, when the time is right. The standard sucker voters will vote against their own best interests because their preachers tell them to, but I’d be surprised if this isn’t the landslide of all landslides. When you consider the sordid depths the Republicans are plumbing, remember the YouTubes of those moments of utter insanity, and think about how they’ll play in campaign ads.

  127. Loved it! Make sure you also watch the First Lady surprising WH visitors and how thrilled each and every one of them was to meet her!

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