62 thoughts on “A picture worth 1000 words

  1. Just beautiful. So happy that they were able to meet Mandela, lovely to see them all together. Thanks, BWD!

  2. Wiw here is the lowdown on Louis Guiterrez. He is about to get whats coming to him also, over illegal housing deals

  3. Beautiful pics of the FLOTUS and Family sitting with the man that motivated the freedom of South Africa from Aparteid. Very inspirational

  4. Now that picture made me a little misty – just beautiful. How awesome and inspiring for Sasha and Malia to meet Nelson Mandela! They will honor that experience for the rest of their lives. Who can say no to our beautiful, brilliant First Lady?

  5. I love Nelson Mandela. I have always believed in another life he is one of my grandfathers.

  6. So happy that Nelson Mandela was well enough to spend a little time with our Obama women (hopefully, Marian too). This could top meeting the Pope!


  8. Good Morning Everyone….
    Beautiful, Inspiring picture……………

    Viva Mandela………….Viva the Obamas

  9. Lots of history in that room. President Mandela looks young and spry in that pix. It is wonderful to see those girls meet this great, great man.

    I love everything that he is. This is one of my favorite quotes by him.

    “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

  10. I am so happy that Michelle and her family had a chance to meet with Mandela, he looks good.
    Africa, you are correct, there is a lot of history in that room!

  11. That was fast BWD.

    I was watching NBC the TODAY show. They were not even sure that Mrs. Obama was going to see The Nelson Mandela.


    That is an awesome picture.

    Thank you. Great Job.

  12. OT–but the NYTimes has been pushing Huntsman, who is announcing today, hard.
    I rarely comment there, but did and it made to the top ten in recs though I posted hours after the article went up. So that gave me hope that people will see through his “moderate” image.
    My comment:

    Huntsman has signed up with the Paul Ryan plan to privatize, and thus destroy, Medicare.
    Huntsman has signed up with the Paul Ryan plan to DECREASE taxes on the top 2%.
    Huntsman, by endorsing the Ryan Plan, wishes to shred FDR’s progressive social compact.
    Huntsman supports the reversal of Roe vs. Wade
    Huntsman is mega rich via a family fortune built on the chemical industry which is very busy polluting our planet as fast as possible.

  13. Good. The Republican candidates seem to fall into the categories Of boring, stupid or both.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing such a historical picture that truly let’s us know how important to us the Obamas are!!!!!

  15. Good Morning All

    I just visited the article posted by Africa, stole the wonderful points made by DTTM and posted them in a comment. It felt delightful.

    Also from the previous thread

  16. I bet that picture finds a spot in the Oval Office with the other family photo’s displayed behind the President’s desk.

  17. Welcome back blackwaterdog. You were sorely missed.

    This picture is truly worth 1000 words. I hope it gets some coverage in the U.S. so Americans can see this historic moment.

  18. Its the spirit of people like Mandela that we need to emulate in our struggle to create the change we want so badly. He was compassionate and forgiving but passionate and committed.

  19. I found a story at yahoo and before I put it in my blog I wanted to ask you guys about it.

    The article is written in a way that has quite a bit of critical comments about the actions, but in my area I think the Hispanic community would welcome this.

    What is your opinion? It kinda sound like a unofficial Dream Act

    White House loosens border rules for 2012


  20. Yep – he’s a fraud. They’re trying to frame him as some moderate. He loved himself Sarah Palin. Given 30% of Americans believe Palin is qualified to be President and Huntsman gave her this rousing introduction saying how great and qualified she was – One has to seriously question his judgment.

  21. I think it’s a very good article, WiW. The author clearly did plenty of homework to get a feel for every conceivable opinion on the action. The fact that this memo was released on Friday shows that the Administration didn’t want a lot of attention brought to it. I agree with you that it’s a workaround for the Dream Act and I hope that it helps young people achieve their goals without fear of deportation. Still want to see it taken a step further by letting them become citizens, as I’m sure the Administration does, too. This is incremental and hopefully won’t meet with too much opposition other than people having divergent opinions on the matter.

  22. Great story ! Rachel Maddow brought this school national attention. She had the principal on her show twice. Protesters were in the streets the day it was announced that the school would not close.

  23. Interesting. It doesn’t seem to apply to AZ (surprise) because just the other day, beloved track coach that was brought here illegally at 15yrs old, was deported back to Mexico. Had been a model citizen. School kids loved him, track team were champions in the state,he took care of his grandmother and was active in community.I think someone ratted him out. And as far as Kris Kobach is concerned (refered to in the article) ANYTHING that racist bigot has to say is laughable! It was HE who constructed the disgusting piece of AZ legislation known as SB1070 for his fellow and best nazi buddy Russell Pearce.Who, with any luck at all, will face a recall for his Senate President seat…and hopefully be booted out of AZ politics forever! So don’t listen to anything Kobach has to say about anything….he wants his America white. All others are suspect…which is the reason why he wanted to be able to pull anyone(brown)aside to check their immigration status. Biggest POS ever! I hope this program works….until we have a chance to really work toward the Dream Act…with a much different makeup in the House:)

  24. It made me tear up when I saw it. I’m so glad the school will remain , though not in its original form…. It was an obvious success for those young women. Some folks felt they didn’t deserve a chance, I guess. This is good news.

  25. Let us pray. He is a professional basher of PBO. He needs to go. He is a rat!

  26. You’re so right on that snoopy….I didn’t even catch that:) Delete the DC!

  27. Thank you for that inspirational picture. We can see how much the arc of history is bending and bless the strength, fortitude and courage of all those people who marched and suffered to make a more perfect world. May we show the wisdom and courage of those who have come before us.

  28. Oh gosh this is an extraordinary picture. Look at my first lady and her beautiful little girls right there with a living hero. *tears up* The presidency of Barack Obama keeps me filled with pride, no negativity and fake outrage from the usual suspects can take that away…… Just beautiful.

  29. As a Chicagoan, I concur. He was a holdout on HCR unless he got some deal on [his version of] immigration. He was willing to sacrifice the thousands of people HCR would help in his district because of his pet concern. Then bashes Obama for not doing enough to please him.

  30. We need to hit back hard on Huntsman. I saw a lot of comments yesterday at the Orange Site about how it wouldn’t matter if it was Huntsman or Obama. So we need to hit back, hit back hard, and do it now.

    He is a Republican. He will do the bidding of the teabaggers who now run the party (but I can see them backing his candidacy because what they care about most is defeating Obama). We cannot let these memes stand.

    He will appoint conservative judges. A Republican President stacks the courts for another generation at least. That means all the draconian laws will stand because there will not be a fair judiciary. And the Supreme Court: I shudder to imagine……..

    Doesn’t matter if he’s allegedly pro-choice. His judges will see to it that reproductive rights will be reduced.

    There IS a difference. That a good section of the left doesn’t yet understand that absolutely terrifies me.

  31. Guess he is considered the Latino version of Anthony Weiner! When will the bashers of President Obama learn what goes around, comes around? Well, no tears shed for Guiterrez!!! Go Obama/Biden 2012 – I’m in!!

  32. Thanks for all your feedback. I think I will wait a few days and see if the story is covered by anyone else.

    It is so wonderful having you folks to go to for support, I really appreciate you all.

  33. This is truly a moment in the lives of Malia, Sasha and our First Lady that will be cherished for their continued walk through their life’s journey. Beautiful. Thank you BWD.

  34. This is absolutely wonderful….this story made me cry….Michelle, the girls and Mrs. Robinson, dancing in Africa made me cry…I guess I am just a “big o’cry baby” (as we use to say when I was a kid…”back in the day”). With all of the craziness goin’ on…good things are still happenin’. What a beautiful day this day is!!!

  35. That comment from GOS shows the level of immaturity over there. I used to think some of those people were hard core politically knowledgeable folks. Now, they’re just a bunch of spoiled teenagers in their mother’s basements.

  36. Huntsman is SCARY. He can steal independents and confused supposed disaffected liberals. I can really see the Tea Party getting their act together and joining the Moderate Rethugs and unite to overtake Obama!! YIIKES!!

  37. Because SOME OF US NEED REMINDIN’, EACH AND EVERY DAY, that since day one, PBHO has been consistent, and he was, already, all about compromising, BWD is there anyway for you to add certain videos of PBHO’s, like these three, to the TOAITR’ s sidebar: (They would be “right at our fingertips!”)




    Of course, they’re plenty of others, i.e., ’04 DNC Convention, ’08 DNC Acceptance, ’09 Inaugural Address, ’09-’11 SOTUs, etc.! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  38. You’re very welcome…

    Ok, if you want to wait and see. lol


    And, if you haven’t been “told enough,” you’re a great asset to this blog! πŸ˜‰

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  39. What a beautiful picture of Michelle and the girls with Nelson Mandela. How proud and pleased they all must be.

  40. If you want to watch/listen to FLMO’s Soweto Speech, you can go here:

    http://theobamadiary.com/2011/06/22/johannesburg-wednesday/ (TOD is on the TOAITR’s Blogroll.)

    Her speech was wonderful, inspirational, heart-warmin’ and funny; it brought tears to my eyes.

    And, as always, she was beautiful; she was dressed in different shades of blue!

    YES.WE.CAN…DO.(Much)More, Together!
    I’M IN…FIRED UP & GOIN’! πŸ˜‰

  41. Welcome back, BWD. Keith in C-bus, Ohio. please worry less. Snoopy4eva2 has a great idea. Is it possible?

    Those of us who admire, respect, and support PBO have nothing to fear from any individual the GOP nominates as their presidential candidate. PBO is a phenomenal
    president in every sense of the word. The reasons that drew us to him in support are the reasons that keep us in support. Added to that are the many things he has been able to accomplished despite all of the shenanigans from the other side. PBO has a “mighty” record to run on and he, along with all of his supporters (us included), will defeat any contender.

    I remember the angst that the Media fueled during the 2008 primary and presidential run. They plan to do it again. Those of us who support PBO must remember that the opposition reads these blogs as well. They can plan strategy from it. Whatever they think is our weakness or fears are what they will feed on and who or what they will build up. This noise will become the distraction and probably give that someone or something more hype than could be garnered on his/her/its own merit. Peace

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